Shaq retires after 19 seasons

by Kevin McCormack

How else would he do it? Shaquille O’Neal just announced his retirement over Twitter (@Shaq) via a short video announcement:

Update: The AP has a brief story and here’s my small tribute via the All Ball Blog.


  1. Lakers Fan. says:

    Shaq sucks you all suck.

  2. shooter32 says:

    By FAR MY FAVORITE CENTER…noone made a impact in the post has much has he did…the man took being a POWER center to a whole other level…He’ll be miss just not the same without SHAQ DIESEL

  3. Brian B. says:

    Good luck Shaq Fu …19 years of effort and laughs… I’m feeling all those rap albums from your hip hop days.Respect my brother.

  4. z says:

    get shaq to replace charles barkley….please!

  5. christian gem says:

    i think, an all star game for Shaq with his former teammates will be a good retirement and closing game for him. He would be team up to Kobe Bryant(teammate from LA), Dwayne Wade(from MIA), Lebron James(back in CLE) and Kevin Garnett(from BOS). that would be a great game!

  6. MIA - OKC says:

    The big Diesel will honestly NOT REALLY be missed. In fact, we entirely forgot about him until this announcement. Now, I am not saying this out of spite, or hating. I mean, even though he is an amazing big man, he wasn’t as amazing as people like Kareem, or Magic, or Robertson, Patrick, Bill, or even Wilt. Even dwight howard who is 22 is looking better. If he retired 2 – 3 years ago, he would have been missed greatly because his contribution was great. However, he has made no contribution since, and will not be missed nearly as much as if he retired earlier. In the end, he still was a good center, probably one of the last true big man the league will see for a while (with the exception of Dwight Howard an Tim Duncan)

    • Joe says:

      Shaq averaged more points per game and more blocks in his rookie year than Dwight Howard did in his 7th season in the NBA. Please don’t get it twisted.

  7. wdf says:

    i love jesus
    do you?

  8. Zire says:

    we wil mis u shaq…one of the greatest ever played the game..!..we”ll miss you big fella

  9. Get real says:

    SHAQ! Man 19 seasons! You started playin ball before i was born! I hope the NBA sees you again and I’m definitely looking forward to you Hall of Fame induction.

  10. GermanShaqFan says:

    Thanks for every single year. Greatest center and personality to every play the game. From your time in Orlando to the glory days in LA and Miami to the great last All Star game in Phoenix and the farewell in Cleveland and Boston I have always been and will always be a great fan of the Diesel. The MVP press conference, the alley hoop vs. Portland, the tears after the first ring, the sweep of the Nets, the Three-peat, the first titel for Miami,… memories that will stay forever.

    There can only be one true Superman.

    The game will never be the same

  11. Ryan says:


    I just want to start out by saying thank you. You not only provided an amazing presence as a professional. You have also proved to the public that you are an amazing person off the court.

    You gave me many years of memories. From looking through the old basketball cards year, after year. To the guest appearances, old movies, your professional personality off the court as well as when its on the line. Not to forget all the amazing moment on the court from Orlando to Boston year after year! Your the man!!!

    I have to agree with 3-D Dennis Scott. You need to be a TV annalist. We love your personality and your to much fun to watch. The fans of the NBA need you.

  12. billy says:

    Happy retirement, Shaq! In my opinion, he was the last great icon of the 1979-1998 era which included Magic, Bird, Hakeem, Jordan, Malone, Rodman, and Isiah to name a few. While I won’t miss his rap albums or movies(except for Blue Chip, that was pretty good), I will miss his larger(literally) than life persona, and his talent as probably the best big man in the NBA since Kareem.

  13. Michael says:

    Shaq!!!! The greatest Big Man, The Greatest person and personality! Best wishes Big Shamrock;)! Thanks for all!!! I’m gonna miss you fellow!


  14. Kevin s says:

    not the most dominant center but absolutely the most powerful … I hope he does become an announcer and settles unfinished business w chuck with a back smack.. chuck is a funny dude tho,,,, lbj needs to earn respect but chuck has no rings so should give it to him either way…

  15. DJHan says:

    SHAQ! Thx for letting us see all the funny and best moments of yours, Goodluck with ur future and hope you’ll be guests in the NBA’s finals and all star games every year! All the best Diesel.. From all the way from Singapore here.. (;

  16. LVL says:

    omg omg omg .No more hack-a-shaq, no more free-throws, no more making them when it matters.
    One man army. Done did it, and then some. You can`t teach that.
    Time to write a book, eh?

  17. knicksfan says:

    What a great career, although some people say he should of retired sooner, he obviously loved the game so much and for that reason amoung many, many others he will go down as one of the greatest of all time. A job well done shaq! Hope to see the big fella commentating!

  18. theo8 says:

    one of the greatest ever played the game..!now its time for him to get some rest..we”ll miss you big fella

  19. ShaqHalftimeReport says:

    Shaq better be a Commentator. Hes very funny

  20. milto says:

    I never were a “fan” of Shaq, but today, after hearing about his retirement, my first thought was, that the NBA is losing one of the greatest player, it’s history had…
    So now I say: Thank you very much, for 19 years of filigran basketball πŸ˜‰
    you’ll never be forgotten!!!!!!!!!!

    greatings from luxembourg (Europe)

  21. David says:

    😦 Shaq you are THE MOST DOMINANT EVER, period..

  22. Ben says:

    Most dominant big man ever to plate the game!

    You have always been the kind of player i want to be.

  23. FERDI says:

    shaq. i will miss you man. i watched you since 1995 and enjoyed every game. you did more than playing good basketball. you are a great human beeing. your personality was an important inspiring ideal for me and many many other people. good bless you. and now enjoy your life out of basketball court .

    p.s. donΒ΄t forget to make us surprises from time to time.

    Best wishes from the heart

    ferdi (Germany/Turkey)

  24. Kevin P says:

    Shaq, you had a great career. But God has been merciful to you because you are still alive. Get saved from your sins now before it’s everlasting too late… otherwise your life would have been in vain.

  25. Nmr33 says:

    U r a legend, we’ll miss you!

  26. Alexandro Dibene says:

    Good luck Shaq, and we hope to see you again involved with nba in any way.

    Your career was awesome!!!

  27. Mental1981 says:

    It would be sacrilege to hang Shaq’s Jersey in Boston. I’d rather see it on fire. That Jersey is to be hung in LA or Orlando, or Miami, in that order of precedence. Otherwise, it would be better if he was never recalled as a Celtic.

  28. JAY says:

    Wow man I just wana say it was fun…you made basketball fun for me and for all of us in l.a. fun again especially in high school…for all my hater backed up my words! Your are my favorite and will always be a LAKER you built staples and will get a statue(even before kareem)lol….you did it the way wanted and no one I mean no one could ever guard you one on one straight up! Let’s petition for a shaq night at staples to celebrate this great man’s career! Thanks and L.A. IS STILL THE CAPITOL OF CALIFORNIA! CAN YOU DIGGGGGGG ITTTTTT thanks bro

  29. Angel says:

    Imma miss Shaq with his free throw drama

  30. KobeFanPro says:

    So long Big Diesel. When you were in LA….the triangle was true to us. YOU’RE THE GREATEST BIG MAN OF ALL TIME IN MY OPINION MAN! have fun in retirement!

  31. lilah says:

    look like rick ross man gonna be missed

  32. bryant says:

    thank you for the memories. hope only the best for you and your family bro. hope you end up being a bigger success off the court than you were on it. peace.

  33. I definitely will miss this guy. For all those younger than 28yo like me. There is not NBA without Big Diesel, Big cactus or whatever name you call him. The one thing I always liked about shaq is that he was back in the 90’s and early 00 the biggest guy in the NBA he would intimidate all other players in the paint but he is a cool individual. Dennis Rodman was crazy he would make ridiculous stuff like paint his hair between games. Shaq? do crazy funny stuff remember that dance in the last all star game? maybe the most infamous moment is the rap on his friend Kobe. I indeed believe that if the Lakers were to sign him one more year even at his age he would be a great contributor and have the Lakers in the finals. Apparently Kobe and Shaq have their own play. Remember when they won the MVP for the all star game? A tie Kobe and Shaq when Shaq was with the Suns wow seem that was long ago. I would remember Shaq, I know his face wont fade away for many years maybe like Jordan, Abdul Jabbal. I will remember him as the big guy with the big smile and great personality.
    Is hard to look at the 2011-12 season and not seeing Shaq in a lineup. I started to watch NBA with Shaq in it even when Jordan and Ewing were in. Well I guess we have to look at the next great big guy. Curiously starting his career in Orlando as Well yeah Super Man Dwight Howard although he has been in trouble with too many technical fouls. Shaq, well Shaq was Shaq. Would greet an opposite player n the hallway, and humiliate him in the paint

  34. Natly says:

    My bad I meant he’ll not hell

  35. Natly says:

    Shaq was amazing all his career.Its sad to see his career end. I think hell be unforgotten for his great work.
    I hope he gets better from his injury.
    Good Luck To the Hall Of Famer

  36. Dewayne Villa says:

    Cool and Good luck Shaq. However, still wanna see your dance at the next season ALL * GAME though!!!

    Villa from Barcelona, Sapin..

  37. JMox says:

    Best big man to ever play the game. A total inspiration and legend. Good luck Shaq! The game wont be the same without you.

  38. Gj says:

    u were a great playa

  39. Dewayne Villa says:

    What a LEGENDARY!!! Good luck Mr Shaq…Please become a coach please. An American National Basketball Team Coach would be a fantastic new alley Sir. Love you and love watching you playing from Barcelona, Spain.

  40. I-Love_Shaq says:

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  41. Blackprince! says:

    thanks mans since i saw u first jam i was adicted to basketball i play i wacht basketball just 4 u my respect to will an russel but you were the next best thing since jordan

  42. berkay says:

    he is the Diesel …
    he is the SUPERMAN…
    he is the most DOMinanT CENTER EVER 4 all time …
    RESPECT Him Half Of Fame…
    Will Miss u SUPERMAN….:(

  43. DESIWOMAN says:

    We’ll miss you shaq! you’re going to be one of the most remembered athletes in history! Great athlete/entertainer! πŸ™‚

  44. Fastbreak says:


  45. George says:

    damn, my favorite player…makes me kind of sad….now iam gona hang up my shaq jersey…
    thx shaq & stay the way you are (human)

    George from Germany

  46. Dewayne Villa says:

    What a smart dude. For the love of the game, yes, this is the right time for Mr Shaq. However, the companies that makes your bball shoes gonna miss you and lay off some employees soon. Love you still Shaq and you should go back to school to obtain at least a baball coaching certificate so that you can be an America Basketball Team Coach in the nearest future. You will certainly be a good fit for that position….Please do

  47. luis says:

    shaq you will be alwys remembered as a hall of famer, an allstar, but mostly of all you will be tha one that along with mj and kobe that made the sport as beautiful as it is now, thanks shaq, Portugal will miss you, keep on inspiring lives

  48. it has been a wonderful 19 tears in the league knowing of you, but I actually started watching the games around 2000 and its been a joy for me watching you develop into this wonderful person on and off the field. thank you ,enjoy your retirement.

  49. Dj Silver says:

    Kevin McHale OUT!!! SHAQ IN!!! Entertain our nights on TNT and NBA TV!! :DDD

  50. Lakers Fan. says:

    He was one of the worst and dumbest players of all time.

  51. Chris P says:

    Thank god… the guy HAD to retire. it was just embarrasing watching a professional play like a amatuer. especially shaq..


    Lebron sucks.. JS

  52. Ali TEAM FUTURE says:

    shaq u are the best ever i will miss you with all my heart.

  53. PEDRO says:


  54. Nuvitzki says:

    Shaq, you love this game!!! I’m a Spanish fan, and I follow your steps at all the places you have played.
    You have been a especial player, you bring smiles, enjoy moments and also suffer, sometimes, to all the people that feel you.
    Due your fabolous career and your charismatic personality, we will remember you forever!!
    The next season when you leave the field, you will become a LEGEND!!

    You rules!!! excuse me for spelling mistakes!!! I hope that you can understand me!!

    Albert from Spain!!

  55. Jag says:

    Oh, finally the Shaq era is over. Thanks for the wonderful basket ball memories you provided us Shaq.

    For someone like me who came from a different continent who started watching the NBA from 1998, SHAQ is NBA. The most Dominant, unguardable in the Paint, most charismatic on and off court.

    My interest in NBA faded once Shaq started to fade somewhere in 2009. There were glimpses now and then. but I would always remember your time with the Lakers. I hope it got extended, but for some idiotic forces.

    I really hope you make it up with Buss and the Lakers hang your jersey. If your jersey is not retired, the whole concept of Hanging Jerseys will be a joke.

    Thanks Big Fella for all the entertaiment you provided. You the Man…..

  56. Mike Peters says:

    one of the greats!

  57. Edward II says:

    Shaq, thanks for all your amazing dunks! You really game an icon to follow during my teen ages. I’ll never forget the first time I saw you playing as Orlando Magic, and your great fellowship with Afernee Hardaway and Horace Grant. What a Years! Everything led to build your championships as Laker. Great carrer! Great Player! The Great Shaq Fu!
    Gracias Amigo!

  58. Jan says:

    When MJο»Ώ ended his Career in the late 90s,ο»Ώ Shaq was the Beddest dude in the league. I remember his Lakers days. I mean there was so many victims of DIESEL (Sabonis, Rik Smits, Bradley, Ostertag, Divac, Dudley, Geiger… You choose).

    For all of you youngsters who did not see him play in his prime, I can tell you When he was in the paint it was like man vs boys.

  59. Javar Madison says:

    Ima miss Shaq he is my favorite player I hope he gets put on the show on tnt wit kenny and Charles

  60. LC says:

    Sad day…so long for the ORIGINAL SUPERMAN, not the fake D. Howard…Shaq is my favorite of all time. Now time for him to join Kenny, Chuck, and Ernie…Man that would be comedy everynight. Would they ever talk bball? Or clown each other. TNT…Get it done…

  61. Mark L. says:

    Mr Shaq I will miss watching you on the hardwood. I pray that God will bless you in everything that you do. Shaq please do camps all over the US for our youth. This is a member from the famed ”910” church where your mother attends.

  62. shaq_36 says:

    shaq is my hero to me he was the best center in the game and kobe is not better than shaq and this day june 1st shoulbe now a holiday

  63. skumec says:

    Thanks SUPERMAN

  64. sirc sataram says:


  65. ioio says:

    thank you shaq for all of the memories, you always will be the best,hope we wont lose you

  66. Cibertecno says:

    Boom “SHAQ” ka la ka!!! Good memories!!! Best regards to you and your family. See you around Big Fella!!!

  67. Rob says:

    BEST BIG MAN IN NBA HISTORY IN HIS TIME. We will never see a player like him again. Thank you Shaq for the memories a big man can show the fans. You were the funniest guy in the NBA and will always be remembered for your greatness. I hope to see you on TNT and NBA TV. Good luck Shaq.

  68. DR Jam says:

    Thank you Shaq. don’t worry, the NBA is in good hands. And in terms of colorful personalities playing Center we got it covered as well, Howard. We love him, we loved you too. Greatness can and should be emulated, not copied. I hope you find joy in seeing a newer generation emulating you.

    Say hi to Penny Hardaway.

    PS: I’m glad you finally retired, because like MJ, I think the low stats were starting to affecting everything.

  69. danila says:

    sorry…..leaves a whole epoch ……. sad to tears…. good luck SHAQ!!!

  70. hopem says:

    i enjoyed watching the big diesel, shamrock, superman, AHHHHH because he had fun doing his thing. He got it done and had fun along the way. wish he would have retired a few years when he was healthier but that would not have been shaq-gotta push it to the limit!! awesome career-hall of fame here he comes!!!

  71. AveryDalNegro says:

    Great career, terrible finish. Should have retired after he got the title in Miami. The stat sheet just looks ugly now with 6 teams on it.

    Not many players in the modern era (post 1990) who have played over 10 SEASONS, won a CHAMPIONSHIP, and done it with 1 TEAM.

    Here’s the exclusive list

    *Ginobili will join next season…Wade most likely in a few seasons…Olajuwon played 1 season at Toronto…Pippen finished at Portland…Jordan at Washington…

  72. A.B says:

    Good luck in your future endeavors big man! Gonna be missed. Godspeed. Hoping you ll be at TNT!

  73. JASON says:


  74. Renato says:

    Thanks shaq you will one of the best players in my book im gonna miss you man

  75. KobeShaq3peat says:

    wish you all the best bigman you are one of the most if not the most dominant center ever….and who could forget all the all star memories you gave us….good luck the nba won be the same without you…

  76. jesse bowland says:

    thanks for all the great game when i saw you play in pittsburgh with cavs it was amazing to see a man i looked up to as a role model your the greatest player, movie star that their nba will never be the same without BigD wish you the best seen you when you get into the hall of frame wish will be this year since your that good
    thanks again for all the great games.

  77. heatles says:


  78. nate says:

    A great career ended early, believe it or not, by a steady flow of flagrant fouls…none of wich were called by the way, david stern changing rules so he couldnt dominate and corrupt refs. that being said, even with a the cards stacked up against him he still retires as the greatest center to ever play the game. Please dont say wilt or kareem were better, remember they were guarded by 6 foot 6 white guys for the majority of there careers. Shaq you were the best player of a generation and you will not be forgotten.

  79. Braz says:

    Just one season in green…but lots of memories.
    He will be missed.

  80. big diesel fan says:

    its perfect!!!! shaq can go to tnt since kevin mchale is going to huston!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  81. Jeff says:

    Please sign with TNT with Charles…. I think you have the best sports personaily there is…

  82. Lex Lee says:

    Shaq on Dancing With the Stars! IT’S ON BABY!!!

  83. Reimsky says:

    Top 5 5’s all time

    1) Wilt
    2) Bill
    3) Hakeem
    4) Kareem
    5) Shaq
    6) David
    7) Patrick
    8) Elvin
    9) Robert
    10) Dwight

  84. Travis says:

    An amazing basketball player and possibly an even more amazing person in life… Shaq thank you for being such a great inspiration both on and off the court.

  85. dhreamchylde says:

    OMG Shaq!! You, EJ, Kenny and Charles on TNT!! That would be the Best Damn Sports Show on TV for next year. Do that man. πŸ™‚

  86. A great, great player. strong enough to carry whole organizations in his prime and strong enough to support others trying to do the same when his legs began to go. personally i hoped there’d another spring for Shaq. stay visible big man. the world loves you!!

  87. NickGallis81 says:


  88. Magicpat says:

    I’m gonna miss you.
    A french fan

  89. ahfrow says:

    I like the big fella’ but I still don’t like the Lakers,,,,,,,
    Thanks Big Shamroq! All-Star weekend won’t be the same anymore….God bless!

  90. Mert Kagan says:

    It is really gonna be hard to see him walk away from the court. He will be missed. There has never been a man like him throughout the history of NBA, who could both manage to make the game of Basketball fun and competitive. I just wished that he could finish off with a better ending but he went through serious injuries this season as being the last and probably the most important season of the Diesel.

  91. olegrady says:

    i have been with you from the time you enter the league, wish you the best. I think you should make a movie, call it….legend of the shaq lol lol. superman will never die

  92. Pieter says:

    Will miss you Shaq, the best big man and the most fun to watch. Thanks for all the epic moments! Big love

  93. Karol says:

    wish U all the best πŸ˜€
    4 me Youre the most dominant pleyer & I love this game because of You Big Fella.
    I was with U since Your first game in Orlando.
    Thanks for all great moments xD
    Sendin’ some luv πŸ˜€
    Ill miss U !

  94. Dre says:

    Thank you Shaq for entertaining us all these years. You will forever be one of a kind.

  95. Nick32 says:

    Good career shaq. Thanks for the memories Diesel. Number 32 will be set as a retired number in the NBA. Great championships especially when you helped Miami win it’s first ever NBA Title. Best of luck to you in the future big man and hope to see you in some tv shows.

  96. met4150nic says:

    man i knew that the day has come to this T_T i wish you best of luck mr 4 time nba champ and the true superman of the nba period! πŸ˜€

  97. John says:

    One of the greatest of all time…….kobe would not have been able to win all those rings without the diesel

  98. Hamzah Azam' says:

    FInally he retired

  99. Big Snacks says:

    What a wack end to a beautiful career. I wish you would have left last year. But i’m with the person above We will mis you shaq. No one can come into the league and dominate the midle like you did. You have changed NBA rules and you force them to give more support to the back board so you would stop bringing them down. You Are The Man, so playing or not playing your mark on the league will never be forgotten. Enjoy the rest Peace

  100. teddyberar56 says:

    Congratulations, Big Fella. You have provided the NBA fans with 19 seasons of fun and terrific basketball. i have enjoyed every year all the way back to the NYT Sunday magazine article about you. Loved you then and love you now. You are an inspiration to those that want to be dominant big men in the League. Good luck to you!!!

  101. Nate says:

    Dang, an end to an era! Pretty soon Duncan will follow, then KG, and Kobe…. sad. : (

    • Jake says:

      Yeah those guys were all in their prime when I started to really follow basketball closely and it’s sad to see them go. I guess you could say that with A.I. leaving the NBA last year that was the beginning of the end.

  102. Shaq Foo says:

    Shaq, thanks for all the great memories!

    Most Dominant Big Man of ALL TIME!

    Thanks Shaq!! Enjoy your retirement.. πŸ™‚

  103. STFU_ALL says:

    TYVM for the great games shaq!

  104. Alex says:

    You will be missed big guy

  105. Alexanity says:

    So this is how you end a career ? Original but I think he deserves more than this. Congratulations on you career and the best of luck. Stay healthy and funny :))

  106. Heat says:

    Dwight Howard is the new superman

  107. LETS GO MAVS! says:

    glorious career with the big diesel he’s one of the big men who played the sport!!!

  108. Oskar says:

    One of the most dominant centers in the history of the nba
    Shaquille Oneal
    I’m going to miss you man!
    Please play with the celbrity team on the all-star weekend sometimes πŸ˜‰

  109. Michael says:

    I’m gonna miss Shaq’s game but we’ll see you on TNT and NBATV.

  110. Ramone G. says:

    We deserve it Big man! The most dominating force the League has ever seen. We will see you again in 5 years when you go to Springfield. Rest up Diesel….you will be on VH-1 soon with your own show…. Ramone G. Detroit,MI

  111. alessandroempire says:

    where will they hang his jersey?? LA?

  112. I will miss Shaquille’s dominance and sheer power underneath the basket.

  113. Bekyarski says:

    The Most Dominant Center to ever play this game, I can’t believe that was it for him, I’ve always wanted to come to USA and watch him play, and now I will never get the chance… That’s a sad day for every basketball fan all over the world, That was the last Great player/great entertainer in NBA, I’m gonna miss you, Shaq, but you will always be #1 in my heart

  114. zuba says:

    I was hoping for the ring with the Celtics so that you can retire with a style, but looking back at your contribution and accomplishments in the game is enough to say that you are the best center who ever played this game. Hope to see you on TV commenting games. Thank you Shaq. You are true inspiration

    • Brian says:

      Shaq is one of the best but not best center of all time Kareem, Wilt and Bill Russel are the best ever

  115. Blueprint says:

    Please get into TV/broadcasting Shaq. I’ll miss your shenanigans if you don’t 😦

  116. Del M says:

    sup homies,

    me n shaq used to throw it down in L.A. Have a good life man, Ill miss ya

  117. rush_ says:

    He was one of the most dominant players this game ever seen. The most entertaining one too, for sure. Haha, his crossover in the all-star game. See you around, big diesel.

  118. mark says:

    Good luck big fella and thanks for all the highlights and great quotes over the years.

  119. PHX13BCN says:

    Legendary. Shaq Forever

  120. Stan says:

    I second Ruben’s idea – he would be great in a studio setting. He’d be even more fun having his own blog here at or ESPN.

  121. David says:

    Its been an amazing career for him, God I hope he becomes an announcer.

  122. Keepnitreal says:

    Were gonna miss you Diesel. BOOM SHAKALAKA!!

  123. AndReSbAiReS says:

    Man… he surely will be missed… The AllStar game will never be the same =(

  124. Doug says:

    One of the greatest of all time and my favorite player ever… Will miss the guy! I hope that the Lakers retire his jersey (even though he ended his career in Boston)

  125. Galum says:

    One of the greatest centers ever to play the game and definitely one of the most recognized basketball players.

    Probably the only one who might be a better commenter then Chuck πŸ˜‰

  126. BJ says:

    Big Shaq Diesel , tha train took us on a beatifull ride true NBA city …you showed us a lot trueout the years …thnx for al tha memories now …not the end your plays …presence…and statue will always be remembered enjoy your retirement and may god bless you and your beautifull family for ever …thnx again BJ v Laar (Holland the Netherlands Europe)

  127. gotballs24 says:

    well, good decision on his part…. after his great accomplishment in basketball inside and out the court its a great way to end the day.

  128. Dr. Ken says:

    An announcement he should have made 2 years ago, at least. Fully expected to see Shaq being wheeled out in a wheelchair each game to sit beside the players. Could have gone out with a bang instead of hanging on for these past few years and then going out with a whimper. News flash “Shaq announces retirement vis Twitter”. Bigger news flash – “Who cares?”

    • Biased much says:

      I care, as do many others. He will be missed.

    • Shaquiao says:

      @ Dr. Ken

      I dont even want to begin to say how stupid this guy’s comment is. You obviously dont recognize greatness when you see it because Shaq is definitely an all-time great. His revolutionary style of play and tremendous championship pedigree is something that every basketball fan (young and old) ought to recognize and appreciate. I dont care if he went out playing behind a younger lesser known player off the bench, his legendary personality and presence in the NBA will be extremely missed. He hung around because he loved the game… and loved it enough to take a pay cut and share the spotlight. “Fans” like Dr. Ken need education in there basketball history because if you dont care that one of the most dominant bigmen in basketball history has retired than you obviously are either too young or too ignorant (ie. a bandwagon fan who only knows kobe, lebron, and KD as great players) to know what you’re talking about.

      Here’s to a great baksetball-changing career, Shaq will be missed on the court but definitely known off the court.
      Here’s also to Dr. Ken and his education in a sport that he obviously knows little of and “fans” who would even think about agreeing with him.

    • Jolan says:

      agree that it should of been 2 years ago, but i don’t blame him for keep on playing till now. He could of done it after the playoffs atleast, not the day after the first game in the finals!!! and it wouldn’t shock me if the only reason he is retiring is to get a litte more attention on himself after being in the shadows all year. it also wouldn’t surprise me for him to come out of retirement after a year or so of recovering, if he doesnt get to fat like charles. and i think he still can be a good backup centre for some teams if he could stay healthy.

    • kerrie says:

      Are You Always this Ignorant or are you just having a BAD day? Thanks Shaq For a Job WELL DONE!!!

    • Abdu'l-Karim says:

      BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Shaq is one of the most dominant players of all time and made an impact on games even this season. You, sir, are the picture dictionary definition of hater.

    • HeatWave says:

      Why do idiot people make statements for the sake of attention? If you don’t like Shaq just shut up and be quite because we don’t care to hear your negative comments. Trash talking is one thing but trying to down a legend just shows you know nothing about ball and shouldn’t even be on here. Please grow up.

  129. BigFella says:

    this guy was a beast , had memorable performances and will remain among the greatest big men! btw i wish he becomes a commentator

  130. patrick says:

    he had an amazing carerr later big man hope to see u commentating

  131. yup says:

    Bye SHaq, didnt get the sixth ring after all

    • ELJEFE says:

      He only got 4 rings, 3 with the lakers 1 with the heat. How the hell was he gonna get 6?

      • Rafa Leles says:

        Shaq ans Chuck Norris can do anything, even change the world rules…So, he can win the 6th ring at any time. Be awere!

  132. Marko says:

    Atleast my shaq rookie cards just doubled! I’m rich!!

  133. Finally! says:

    He’s one of the best! He’s a top twenty player ALL TIME!

  134. joe says:

    great career shaq, best of luck, oh and welcome to the hall of fame baby!
    .celtics for life!

  135. desiman says:

    About time too, thought he was gonna retire 5 years ago

  136. Ruben says:

    i’m gonna miss the Big Fella.

    hope he gets a job with Kenny, Sir Charles…

    • Mike Young says:

      Diesel better get signed on with TNT and kick Charles outta there.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Nah keep Charles… Can you imagine Shaq and Charles going at it? That’d be great.

        Shaq thanks for everything man, when I found out I was very sad. Crazy to think at the pace life is going and how it stops for no man. You did a lot in this leaague and you’ll always be remembered man. Keep your spirits high and stay close to the game you love.

    • Truth says:

      Congrats to Shaq! Phenomenal career, phenomenal individual. Wish him all the best in the future. He will always be a part of the NBA.

    • Milton A. says:

      Shaq!!!!!!!!!! i wish you the best in life… thanks for the memorys… back in the 90… everyone will say MJ… you were, was and has been my favorite player. You will be miss but i know you will be around.

    • LUIS says:

      it would be very good not only for shaq but tnt too to have such a charesmatic guy on the network.