Nowitzki Injured in Game 1

MIAMI — For the Dallas Mavericks, the only thing worse than losing Game 1 of The Finals would be an injury to Dirk Nowitzki.


Nowitzki showed up to his postgame press conference with a bandage on his left middle finger. And when he was asked about it, he revealed that he has a torn tendon in the finger, suffered when he tried to knock the ball out of Chris Bosh‘s hands (and called for a foul) with 3:44 left in the fourth quarter on Tuesday.

“I thought I stripped him clean,” Nowitzki said, “and then I kind of looked down and I couldn’t straighten my finger anymore.”

The good news is that the injury is not on Nowitzki’s shooting hand, and he seemed to downplay it. He said an x-ray taken was negative.

“I guess it will be all right,” he said. “I have to wear a splint probably for the rest of the playoffs, for a couple of weeks. But it will be all right. It’s on my left hand, so I’ll be all right for Thursday.”

LeBron James downplayed it, too.

“Dirk’s right-handed,” James said. “He’ll be all right.”

Nowitzki led the Mavs with 27 points on 7-for-18 shooting in Game 1. He was 1-for-2 from the floor and 2-for-2 from the line after the injury.

“We’ll take 7-for-18 every game we can,” Dwyane Wade said about Nowitzki’s performance. “There’s going to be some nights we’re going to play the same defense and he’s going to hit those shots. We can’t get down about it and guys can’t get frustrated. You understand he’s one of the best scorers and shot-makers that this game has seen.”


  1. ronnie says:

    go jkidd..go get yourself a ring, too!!!

  2. ronnie says:

    t’was just 1 game. dallas played it close til they couldnt score in the last mins. dirk wasnt even at his best. guess what, wade lebron bosh &co. are scared of dirk &co. cos dallas is a really strong dangerous team!

    my son &daughter believe..i believe! go mavs..go dirk..go get yourself a ring!!!

  3. okay, first off everyone keeps saying the heat didnt play a good game and still won, lmao isnt that kind of strange cause the mavs didnt have a god night either and it was a very very close game in MIAMI!!! you dont think home court plays a role? the heat is a dirty team, saw d-wades fowl flop warm up, saw lebron get dunked on by jet so he took him out, saw bosch hit some wide i mean wide wide open jumpers from free throw land…their bench is not gonna be there for them like they were in game 1…. now the mavs are all about adjustments, you look at the whole playoffs for the mavs, they would be down and then make adjustments, watch how much trouble the heat has covering our pick and roll in game 2! the jet will be on the runway, jj will be hitting the shots that were barely off, dirk will hit for 40 or more, the matrix is gonna keep doing what he does, and j.kidd will be there hitting 3’s and keeping them cool…plus i called this series before the season even started, i already know the out come….dallas in 6!!!!!!!!!!! mark my words, everyone watch what happens when we blow them out in miami, and all those big ego’s fall apart and start blaming each other just like the lakers….love your favorite team dont jump on the band wagon…i been watching the mavs for 25 years…and will be at the american airlines center watching the game with all the loyal fans tonight!!!

  4. Dirk4FinalsMVP says:

    Bandwagon Heat fans lol … ’nuff said. Notice how quick they are to forget that the Heat haven’t had the best postseasons either. In fact, they were SWEPT in 2007 … the year after they won the championship. LeBum has been a postseason choker too so you can all quit trying to act like he’s God or something.

    As I told the LeBum fan at work, it was the first game and the Mavs weren’t hitting their shots. If you think they won’t come out with guns blazing in game 2 or that the Heat will sweep … dream on. It ain’t gonna happen.

  5. kenxin says:

    miami heat is overated!they are bullies..from the start of the season..players cant win a championship alone they had to leave to join some other star players..what a shame for a player comparing MJ..thats why not deseving to win..too bad for dallas..they are the last to be bully by the Miami SH*t!

  6. DAVIDZKI says:


  7. MIA - OKC says:

    ok, now first of all, it will be interesting to see how this injury plays out for Dirk, and if he can rebound from this injury, which I think he can. Secondly, if you r not a Heat or Mav fan, you got no rite to condemn anybody, since your team aint make it (aka. LA and BOSTON). If you were a Mavs fan from the beginning of the season, we can debate reasonably without ridiculous reasoning. Also, for us Heat fans, lets respect the real Mavs fans and the players. besides, its the hate we thrive off of. and for all the super heat bandwagoners tht are cursing all the othr teams suck, you just stupid. Now, I will say Heat in 6, cause I can’t see Mavs not winning a game, or even two games.

  8. Spurs fan a.k.a K-rob says:

    For those of yall dissin’ D-Rose he’s 6’3” lebron is 6’8” -6’9” if a guy has at leat 4-6 inches over you….you will not be able to shoot over them comfortably..more than likely you will get your shot blocked….imagine if Rose was like 6’6” -6’8”…lebron would have his hands full… …..Rose needs some help offensively too ….once Rose gets his Pippen It’s gonna be interesting

  9. Mike says:

    I’m so torn between these 2 teams. I always kept my mouth shut about the Heat because I had this horrible feeling that they were going to be ridiculously good next season, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see that it’s their defense which has got them this far. And as a Spurs fan I always love-hated Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs but that seems to have washed away now. Dirk deserves a ring, so does Kidd and even Terry for his loyalty. I think I’ve just convinced myself, I just needed to put it down in writing. The Heat will have their chance for the next decade or so. Go Mavs!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I realize this is off topic, but it has to be said…

    I get such a kick out of the Laker fans hating on the Miami Heat. The three players joined together so they could compete with teams like the Lakers who perenially stack their team. The Lakers pay thier players more than any other team, they have the highest paid player in the league in Kobe Bryant, and obviously committed to buying titles. The Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, Spurs and Pistons have dominated the last 30 years of Basketball by stacking their teams. Who cares HOW they did it, they are/were still packed with all-star talent. I don’t care what “stage” of their careers they are in, they still bring all star experience and leadership (along with above average skill at the LEAST) to their teams. I am by no means a Heat fan, and I dislike the precedent it may have set, but all you Laker fans need to take the blinders off. Other teams are allowed to win, other teams are allowed to stack, there is not a monopoly on winning (yet). So please stop crying, it is pathetic. Watch and appreciate how the Heat actually play. They have become a good basketball team. Deal with it.

    • MITCH says:

      Agreed, plus i think the fact that these three guys took less money showed how serious they were about winning…i wish they were on the NY Knicks…i have no problem with guiys wanting to win..i think thats the point…winning is everything in sports its not T Ball

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Dirk took less money and stayed in Dallas so his team could sign better help.

      His choice isn’t better because he stayed, but the point is Heat aren’t the only one’s who took less money to get a champ.

      There are other players sacrificing money in order to win.

  11. Truth says:

    Haslem is 31, Mike Miller 31, Bibby 33, Howard 38…. The Miami Heat are not only young, but much more injured than the Mavs. Miller, Bibby and Haslem have dealt with their share of injuries and struggles all series. The Mavs are in their 30s, but rejuvenated and hungry. 1-1 headed home… it’s quiet for all you bandwagon fans.

  12. Truth says:

    If Dallas wins the 4th Quarter, this series is going back to Dallas tied 1-1

    • MITCH says:

      thats a big IF, as no one sems to be able to beat the heat in the 4th quarter, it took time but seems miami has learned how to win down the stretch

  13. Aaron17 says:

    The mavericks are to old to handle the heat. if u look at game 1 u would see that miami started to really play with about 4 minutes left in the 3rd. they did not slow it down after that, the mavericks were to tired in the 4th to keep up with the heats run and energy. plus miamis bench really made a big difference, they hit down open shots and were there when the big 3 needed them. the mavericks faced portland, los angelas and okc. BUT they havent played against the heat defense the whole playoffs, they were stunned at how good the heat were this time.

  14. MITCH says:

    both teams played great defense. Miami did what it has done throughout the playoff…win the fourth quarter with even better defense and some clutch shots. i do not see that changing

  15. Joel says:

    Is amazing how the people comment about the game with out any knowledge, the criticism and the envy is something that the looser have in their blood and i can bet you those that like to talk trash about players, those individuals have to go to a bar to watch the game because they no have cable or internet because they live looking other people success and fortune. Get in the game!!!!

  16. Joel says:

    Anyone here know something about basketball or you guys are the one that have to go to the bar to watch the game because you no have cable and i can bet you anyone here know nothing about basketball so shshshshshshs and enjoy the finals.

  17. voice of reason says:

    dirk was hurt adnt he game was still close yall act like the heat blows everyone out each game they should be concerned about how the mavs was missing layups and easy shots the whole game that wont happen in game 2 they should be used to the rims by now look forward to the dirk vs anthony matchup that the heat keeps throwin out there it will be a different gameplan dallas just needs to worry about rebounding and that shouldnt be a problem cuz when wade and bron start crashin boards cuz there team cant rebound that will leave dallas open on the break all game cuz the rest of miami team is garbage

    • MAC says:

      The rest of the team is garbage??? They cant be if they are playing for a championship Did you even watch the game? Or are you just going off stats and what you read on these blogs?

      • MITCH says:

        amazing how everyone misses layups and wide open shots against miami…maybe they are worn down by their defense and having to guard the miami players…i do not think its coincidence thst everyone has bad days against miami.

  18. HeatHater says:

    I think Lebron is gonna cry again and wanna move teams again after the mavs win in 7

  19. molestedtwineggs says:

    why most of you hated the new big 3 combination… where in fact that’s the trend in NBA basketball.. for having a lot of good athletes… does it matter if nba draft 2003 joined forces? then whe should call carmelo anthony too…

    lakers, spurs, celtics have many all stars then, even suns has Nash, Carter and Hill

    so don’t bother, lets see in the next seasons new big 3

  20. Michael B says:

    The Mavs lost game 1 because of lack of bench production and Rebounding. They actually played better defense then I thought they would play. Miami should be concerned because as poorly the Mavs played on offense. Dallas had a chance 2 win. I say dallas wins the next 2 games and game 4 will be a toss up or Dallas wins.

    • MAC says:

      The Heat were horrible on offense too. Trust me they will not have another bad game like this. The Mavs defense is not that good.

  21. 1234SWEEP says:

    not in this era kidd and mavs and dirk will win a championship…miami is the dominant force to win this series…if dirk and kidd will be legend super friends will be an icon of basketball of this generation…sorry mavs…maybe in your next life you’ll going to win a’s been quite obvious that heat will going to dominate the series more than they dominated their other opponent…try to get grant hill in your team next year mavs so that you’ll be a team of desperate nba players who’s looking for a ring that’s over already…a legend without a ring is like a bird without a feet.Only the head is high but the morale is low…walking without direction even the head is way up high…keep dreaming mavs…dream is for dreamers only like mavs dreaming a ring getting nothing, aspiring something that’s over already….

  22. ely says:

    @jojo_cadiz in your dreams

  23. James@wade says:

    For does of you who are in favour of the marvs i salute ya ll too, coz the game had just begun, i wanna give a shot out to my boy ray up in houston, i ll like to c ur comment holla!

  24. chibulls11 says:

    boring nba finals…..dont give nba any more money

  25. Jame@wade says:

    Guyz you have all spoken,now its my turn to spark! Its been a good journey so far for the heat and there ll be no regrets cause nobody thought they ll make it this far. I also use this opportunity to acknowledge the marvs on tthere performance. These are great teams in hunger and desperate for the trophy. But all the favors goes to the heat, a dynasty is abt to be built in nba, stay tunned guyz and pls stop knocking your heads on the pole, thnx

  26. leCheat says:

    Everyone that thinks this series is over after 1 game is an idiot. I think the mavericks will bounce back in game 2 and get a win in miami. Sure miami is good, but they only have their 3. You have to make 2 of the big 3 really work for their offense and that preferably would be james and wade. They are what makes miami go. Let bosh get his 25 points but make it difficult for james and wade to score, frustrate them. They gotta get into their heads somehow. And dallas has a better coach who is going to find a strategy to win 4 games in this finals series. Dallas in 7 games.

    • MAC says:

      There is no one on the Mavs team that can contain both Wade and James at the same time. You say that Miami only has their 3..well Dallas only has Dirk if you really think about it. The next scorer was Marion and he was under 20. There is no way that the Mavs will be able to contain Wade and James througout the whole game. They both can score at will..especially LBJ.

  27. czar says:

    when they defeated the boston that’s it its all sweet sailing going to the crown

  28. KOBE5rings says:

    pathetic LbJ fans can’t handle a win. oops its Lbj first W in the NBA finals, now I understand.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      NO DOUBT!!!. His FIRST WIN in the Finals and his fans claim he’s better than Jordan … That is just pathetic!

  29. Heat for 2nd ring says:

    Miami didn’t play well and still won… Way too many missed free throws. Miami will play better than this on future games.

    Miami 4-2…. Let’s GO HEAT ! ! !

  30. Ed says:

    can someone tell Mike Bibby that he is not a 3 point shooter. He is much more effective in his mid range game just like when he was in sacramento.

    • Mr. eleven says:

      Yes he is…way back he is in sacramento, he is the role key player that time. if he want to help the miami, let him bring that 3pts threat to the game and let her sacramento moments to shown up and give the miami another boost for Championships Title.

  31. Jay says:

    LMAO @ the Mia vs Chicago series being competitive, maybe I was seeing a different series altogether but it seemed as though with the exception of game 1, the Heat were in control 90% of the time, so if that’s competitive than I need to start watching a different sport….

  32. imnohater101 says:

    ok come on dont hate on both teams i dont like both of them and i dont hate both of them and i got to say game 1 is just game 1 anything can happen but i got to say lebron has gone through many expectations. He left cleveland to have a ring and he doesnt need to be blamed for that and cleveland would sure do something about lebron being close to the ring. and dirk is a very great player who deserves a ring lebron is youn and talented. dirk is aging but still got the game this wont be a walk in the park for both team

  33. paulhhh says:

    injured finger? that’s nothing compared to kobe’s broken fingers… i think 3 or 4 of kobe’s fingers are either broken or injured… and he still shot’s the ball well… that injured finger won’t contain dirk… he’ll score if he has to

  34. 1234SWEEP says:

    lebron shows the world how great is he as a player…he shows to the fans that he’s deserving to be in miami eventhough the people in cleveland hated him but deep in their heart they’re cheering for lebron..lebron is great but he need to prove it by winning a ring…hope dirk is okay so that he can play to his high level of performance so that the series will be interesting…no injuries for both teams so that we can see who will prevail…good luck to miami..

  35. detrut says:

    Heat and Mavs are not my teams but is Miami the medias and Nbas team or what??Just an observation, through out the entire game only eric spoelstra was interviewd at game breaks, All the huddle listen in segments only the heat, Halftime story dwayne wade, and commercials only about heat or one of the big three. Not once and I repeat not once did Mavs coach or players were included in any of the media activities of the game..hmm

  36. edwin smith says:

    Let me help you guys under stand something: Dirk is a shooter that and that is where it stops. Here is a 7 footer averaging under six rebounds a game. This is not the mark of a superstar. The best all-around player on the team in terms of scoring, rebounding and defense is Marion. I know it breaks the hearts tof the media and those hood-winked by the same, but the bottom line is this: It is impossible for a team the suceed when the opposing team’s third best player is better than your best player. Sorry to break your hearts but the truth is the light.

  37. haters says:

    Lol ppl are mad cuz lebron is playing really good… HA!!!

    N U CAN CALL him anything u want he still playing good n nobody cant deny it 🙂

  38. JP says:

    Food for thought…. I wonder how many bandwagon Heat fans will change there team in the next 2-3 years when some superstars like Dwight Howard and Chris Paul create another power house team? Im guessing about 1/4 the other 3/4 are Lebron groupies.

  39. 316 says:

    lets wait and see!

  40. Point Guard 21 says:

    In my opinion the officiating last night was quite POOR for an NBA finals game. The majority of the calls were in favour of the Miami Heat. I really think the league should look into doing a better job for such a great event!!!

    • MAC says:

      The Mavs took more free throws then the Heat…so find another excuse to use other than the REFS

  41. brux says:

    mavs will be a winner, dirk is very unstgoppable, he shot many points and he is very tall. very fast and furious..

  42. SYDALE says:

    It’s only one game… and it was close all the way through… Miami just made a run at the end and kept holding Dallas off… Anyway, the Mavericks only need to take one of these first 2 games in Miami to win the series…

  43. Hunter says:

    The Mavericks need to pressure all the role players and contributing players and leave Wade and James to carry the team for the first 3 quarters. If they let the three kings get the bench and other scorers involved then it will be a short series.
    GO MAVS!!

  44. krp29t says:

    First both teams sucked at shooting, but miami found away to get it together towards the end. Mavs will not have another night of bad shooting. The bench needs to score more and Terry needs to calm down and wait for shots to come. The mavs will come back and win game 2 and wil win the finals in 7. Even if the Heat wins they will never get the recognition of being a good team because they had to buy 2 superstars just to win. Bosh and LeBron are both sellouts, they get no respect. Go Mavs we will win champiionships not buy them

    • MAC says:

      How is Bosh and LeBron sellouts and they were FREE AGENTS!! By my understanding I recall that being free to choose whatever team you want to go to. Look if LBJ and Bosh would have went to the Mavericks, you would be not talking about how they “get no respect” and are “sellouts” would be rooting for them also…please stop with the ignorant comments.

  45. bigboy11 says:

    why is it every team Miami beats needs another scorer,rose needed another scorer, dirk needs another scorer now when they won the western conf they perfect, i keep telling people that if OKC could play a little defense they could have taken that series to 7 games or even beat DALLAS they were leading in 2 of them games in the 4th and caught Dallas in 1 where leading big in the 4ht with 3mins to go

  46. Lee says:

    game 2 will be big for the Mavs, if they win, they’ll have a big chance to win it all but if the Heat wins, it will be Heat in 6 or 7.. Hope the Mavs win, Kidd deserves a ring, Miami will win it next year

  47. Rock says:

    The bottom line is that if Dirk is not the Dirk we saw against the thunder, the mavs stand no chance. The heat have two top five players, if one has an off game the other is bound to pick up the slack. Who does this for the mavs? Last night Dirk was not at his best, and the mavs suffered. As someone mentioned earlier, the scary part is going to be when the heat let go of the bums they thought would help them over the summer and improve their roster even more. I am not a heat bandwagoner nor a heat hater; I look at what they did from a personal standpoint. If many of us had the chance to go be multi millionaires and play with our best friends, on the shores of south beach, most of us would do it too. Heat will win the title this year; question is how tough will Dirk make it?

  48. leonard says:

    My team didn’t make it. I’m with “who is the better team wins” because that’s how its been going anyway.
    There is not much anyone can do about that anyway except the players and coaches themselves. So don’t
    stress yourself out. Just watch and enjoy.
    LeBron is smiling and dancing right now even though there are 3 more games to win. I hope he keeps dancing to the end but if not he be and real sport and congratulate the mavs before he walks off the court and the commissioner doesn’t need to have a chat with him like the losss against Orlando a few years ago.

  49. AK Heat Fan says:

    Its this simple the Heat are way too fast for the Mavs. If Mike Bibby could hit a shot game 1 would have been over before halftime. The zone is the best thing the Mavs can do, but turnovers fuel the Heat and thats what they did with the ball last night. The Heay play suffocating D and I don’t think Dallas will be able to adjust. Lebron + Wade =championship so to all you Lebron/Heat haters get ready to see a celebration! I’m calling it now Heat 4-0 sweep…..Sorry Dirk No Championship for u!

  50. simple.. dirk and jkidd deserves a championship ring coz they are kegend in which they made a name and history in NBA and so as heat coz they have the talents so ill congratulate both teams in making the finals and they are all winners.. so gud luck guys u deserve a champioship ring!

  51. rockhard says:

    so wat if cleveland will always hate on james he has a new home now were ppl love’s and adore him cuz remember not everybody gnna love you!!!!!! and honestly i blame cleveland how much pain should one man go tru cum on ppl u could see it cuming!!!!!i think he has find a home and he’s happy,confident and most have all he has the help that he deserve and trust!!!!! this is it HEATS IN GAME 5-6 GO HEATS GO HEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Patrick says:

    You will be right if they do it again, same way with a solid defense.
    Lebron play great I.Q. basket ball, and Wade show his experience.
    Mav’s will change something, and may be more buckets in game two, but who will stop Lebron…without taking fault.

  53. bigshotb says:

    I just want to know where did all the miami fans come from suddenly? They all show up when they are in the finals, everybody wants to pick them on 2k11 now gtfooh…..half of the nba will be bucks fans if something amazing happens to that roster and they are one of two left standing.

  54. NBA Fan says:

    Go coach Spo! Proud to be Filipino!

  55. Predmester says:

    I’m not a Mavs or a Heat fan, but Dirk at least a skilled player. LeBron and Wade can thank their preformance for advenced DOPINGS whit all the young players….

  56. stavren says:


    LBJ wouldnt have left cleveland if hed give a damn about cavs hating on him…instead he needs those haters to hate. thats whats giving the the trophy this year. keep on hating fellas Heat in max 5

  57. HEATvs Mavs says:

    Let me put this loud and clear for all the MAVERICKS FANS.

    HEAT Defense > Mavericks defense

    Defense wins championships.

    That being said. The HEAT had a Sub par performance and STILL managed to close out and beat the Mavs.

    What does that say about the Mavericks?

    Here is looking foward to game 2!


  58. Gustavo says:

    Before I saw game 1 I was sure this series was going to go at least 6 games. Not any more. The Heat team that played yesterday was not the same team Dallas played in the regular season and even they saw that. This Dallas team without Butler as another scoring threat will be NO match for the Heat. If the Heat beat Dallas Thursday this series will go 4 max 5 games. Heat in 4 , 5.

  59. Heat for Mavs says:

    This game in not representative of what this series will be like. There is no way that either team will shoot below 40% agian. Any team could have run with it just by putting togther one quater of good shooting. The thing with the Heat these days is that you know they will come together on the forth, thanks to all the critisism they got throughout the season. At this point, it’s automatic for them, almost instinctual. It’s a completely new wind they get on the 4th from a basic, urgent feeling of wanting to avoid impending ruthless ridicule by millions of haters that are crouching by waiting to be proven right. Yes haters, you are to blame. Hate creates monsters… 4th quater monsters. That being said, if the Mavs could have put one or two quaters together, the Heat could have been too far behind by the 4th to pull a win. The Heat should still keep it cool when they win if they want to sell some Jerseys…

  60. mvp says:

    it’s just game 1, chicago won game 1 over miami by 21 points..but still managed to win the eastern finals… stop boasting around miami fans… mavs is a strong team, you might just eat your words…just because you got three star players…why lebron cant win championship alone like kobe..haha!

    • HeatWave says:

      Yeah but the hype was on Dallas winning five straight road games. Also as I recall yesterday they were saying that Mavs realize how important game one is. Anyhow, this really is the beginning of the end IMO because Miami is a team that just needs to learn how to beat you once and then your pretty much done.

    • MAC says:

      Kobe didnt win any championships on his own..He needed help from Shaq, Gasol, Odom..oh yeah and Artest..he even had Robert Horry and Derrick Fisher was even contributing..Im so sick of people trying to downplay LeBron just because he exercised his right to move around as a FREE agent! The Heat are not the only team either with three starting All-stars…please stop being bitter because your team is at home watching the Finals like the rest of us.

  61. marcsison says:

    dallas sucks! I predict a 4-0 in favor of miami

  62. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    Great Job heat only 3 more wins left to be the champs and only 3 losses you can afford thank guys. Bosh-Wade-James you guys did enough to win and to the team great job Miller, Bibby (stay positive), Rio, UD (HUstle hustle hustle hustle hard), Joel Anthony (relax a little but great job), Howard, Magloire, Eddie, Jame Jones, Dexter, Dampier (I would like for you to play against your former team), Big Z and the Coaching Staff. D WADE WICKED GAME ….BRON TENACIOUS D AND NASTY DUNKS CB CRAZY I LIke your shots man keep it up

  63. Real Maniac says:

    LBJ still garbage, quitter

  64. moneyball says:

    double team lebron all you want Dallas, the heat will still win. our bench is stepping up and that means we don’t need lebron to score in the clutch.

    but, you need a new scoring source besides dirk. I saw when the mavs were down they were going to dirk over, and over, and over, and over again. it’s not going to work. you saw what happened to derrick rose.

    heat in 5 or 6.

    • Nuckel head says:

      Nothing happen to D Rose, he was a one man team going against a 3 headed monster. Excuse me, one of them looks like E.T. If D rose had someone else to step up, bulls would of been in the finals.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Why does every team need to have 3 allstars to win? huh…

      • K says:

        But their not! Could’ve; would’ve; should’ve we’ll never know! The one thing we do know is for the 2010-11 season, Miami is playing for a World Championship and Chicago is not! Your singing the same song Boston, LA, OKC, Orlando, Portland, New York and every other team that’s currently on vacation; wait until next year; hell, what else can they say?

      • HeatWave says:

        Boozer, Deng, Noah, Krover? Those guys are capable of scoring but defense shut them down. As I recall Bulls fans were screaming 3-0 before the ECF. Stop making excuses already.

      • Mr. eleven says:

        @HeatWave ma man, well said dude. before the bulls-heat series, they emphasized that there COMPLETE TEAM WILL BEAT THE 3TEAM HEAT, and now they’re making excuses that the 3allstar beat them who only had ONE AllStar, your just like KOBE who gave the damn BLAME to his team mates. so funny right? damn funny… ANYWAY SORRY FOR YOUR LOST AHAHAHA!

  65. DallasMIAVRICKS says:

    Roast those HORSES at Game FOUR… Sweep!!!! : )

  66. LeQuit says:

    Even if he got the right, Cleveland willl always hate LeQuit.

  67. jaco says:


  68. Davidson says:

    LEZGOW MAVS!!!!!!!

    GAME 6! DIRK FOR MVP!!! =P

  69. heatchecktv says:

  70. Patrick says:

    Dallas bench was not there. No Peja, no Terry no Barea, and it is not only because the very good defense of Miami.
    Jason Kidd was good, as usual, and Marion Chandler Haywood did a good job, but not enough Bucket, poor %.

  71. rands says:

    heat 4-0

  72. Dan Gilbert says:

    My prediction:

    Games 1 & 2- Miami
    Games 3 to 6 – Dallas

    2011-2012 Champion = Cleveland

  73. jojo_cadiz says:

    Go MAVS………DIRK GO. Mavs will win ( 4 – 2).

  74. HARRY says:


    • Usuck says:

      Maybe you will be the one get FRUSTRATED.. hahaha

    • DJ says:

      Denial is the first sign of having a problem. The Heat D is to much for Dallas. You should seek help now before the Mavs go down 2-0 and you still Believe they will come back and win. Just trying to help you not look so silly.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I mean …06 finals….mavs were up 2-0…and miami came back and won 4 straight….so its POSSIBLE…dont doubt so soon

  75. DALLAS fan says:

    I hate the fact that terry is smiling on cam but they are down 9 points 2 minutes left at the 4th quarter

  76. heatchecktv says:

    My Prediction –

    *Game 1 DAL 84 — MIA 92 : James 24p 9r
    Game 2 DAL 95 — MIA 102 ; James 42p 8r 8a
    Game 3 MIA 90– DAL 100 ; Dirk 33p 7r
    Game 4 MIA 112 — DAL 110 (OT) ; James 45p 10r 7a
    Game 5 MIA 92 — DAL 98 ; Dirk 37p 9r
    Game 6 DAL 97 — MIA 101; James 36p 8r 8a

    Finals MVP — Lebron James 33.2ppg 8.2rpg 6.5apg

    • HEATvs Mavs says:

      You really thinkg the Mavs will win 3 straight against the HEAT?

      Dont think so.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        lmfaooooo this how you know people are IDIOTS on this blog….where do you see the Mavs winning three games in the above post??????? Maybe im BLIND or your THAT DUMB!!!

        Too funny! You some addition fool, if he posted the Mavs winning 3 games, and Miami won 3 that would mean it would END WITH A 7 GAME SERIESSSSSS

        You lose your privileges to speak….smh

  77. DWADE says:


    there is no way brandon haywood and tyson chandler could
    keep up with wade and lebron…

  78. heatchecktv*Game 1 DAL 84 – MIA 92 : James 24p 9r Game 2 DAL 95 – MIA 102 ; James 42p 8r 8a Game 3 MIA 90– DAL 100 ; Dirk 33p 7r Game 4 MIA 112 – DAL 110 (OT) ; James 45p 10r 7a Game 5 MIA 92 – DAL 98 ; Dirk 37p 9r Game 6 DAL 97 – MIA 101; Jam says:

    *Game 1 DAL 84 – MIA 92 : James 24p 9r
    Game 2 DAL 95 – MIA 102 ; James 42p 8r 8a
    Game 3 MIA 90– DAL 100 ; Dirk 33p 7r
    Game 4 MIA 112 – DAL 110 (OT) ; James 45p 10r 7a
    Game 5 MIA 92 – DAL 98 ; Dirk 37p 9r
    Game 6 DAL 97 – MIA 101; James 36p 8r 8a

    Finals MVP – Lebron James 33.2ppg 8.2rpg 6.5apg

  79. heatchecktv says:

    *Game 1 DAL 84 – MIA 92 : James 24p 9r
    Game 2 DAL 95 – MIA 102 ; James 42p 8r 8a
    Game 3 MIA 90– DAL 100 ; Dirk 33p 7r
    Game 4 MIA 112 – DAL 110 (OT) ; James 45p 10r 7a
    Game 5 MIA 92 – DAL 98 ; Dirk 37p 9r
    Game 6 DAL 97 – MIA 101; James 36p 8r 8a

    Finals MVP – Lebron James 33.2ppg 8.2rpg 6.5apg

  80. Unbelieveable says:

    Its unbelieveable that so many people on forums make my head hurt trying to read what they post.

    This is why people should pay attention in school.

  81. hand down man down says:

    It’s just one game, we shouldn’t over react. I’m a Heat fan though so I’m happy about the game 1 but I still want to see a dominant win by the Heat so we can be sure.

  82. HeatVsMavs says:

    Oh man. I love how all the Mavs fans are making excuses now. LOL.
    You hear that? yea, the sound of silence…

  83. Kobleed says:

    Its just one game? At least Miami is one step closer in closing this out.

  84. watcher says:

    67 shots? Wow. Almost on par with the Heat’s 68 shot performance in Game 1 of the ECF’s. I’d hate to admit it but the Mavs got a serious case of stage fright. 3 billion years of bench experience was totally unsighted in this one. Still think the Mavs are best placed to win this thing, as basketball itself will likely rear it’s head instead of its ugly, ugly cousin that masqueraded as a ball game today.

  85. thecatalyst says:

    this is going to end up the nail in the coffin……. huge lebron fan called championship in june ’10 played out well all season now hitting their stride….. love dirk too unfortunately age will show more and more as these very physical games progress. heat improbably took all their rounds 4-1 even over a very physical celtics, and fast, defensive equal bulls.

    this leads the end result 4-1 heat over mavs in finals. thank you

  86. ely says:

    well, i know excuses will come right after.

  87. IcanSEEit says:

    I can smell it… hmmmmm 1-0

  88. heat_fanatic says:

    there is always a reason for every lose, the heat has a terrific defense, that’s why they won game 1 and that’s the key to championship.

  89. ron says:

    cmon dirk if kobe can win with a broken finger you can too! lets go mavs!

    • I'm MJ says:

      Derrick Choke can’t win with 10 fingers….

    • HEATvs Mavs says:

      Last time I checked…Kobe is sitting at home watching the Finals on his big screen T.V.

      Dirk cant do it by himself. Right now, HEAT defense is too strong.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        the game was close all game, you acting like the Mavs got blown out. For dallas to still be in the game late into the fourth quarter with the bench not doing much shows how dangerous dallas can be

        I thought Jason Kidd, Stevenson, Marion, even Chandler and Haywood played GOOD BASKETBALL…they tried to help Dirk

        The fingers should be pointed at JJ Barea, Jason Terry, and Peja…they missed alot of shots they usually knock down!

      • sean says:

        lol kobe aint watchin hes probably fishin haha

      • Mr. eleven says:

        @LAKERS 2011 3PEAT,

        dude, we are not like bulls fan that when they won game 1 blown out, they are all laughing just like they already won the series. we celebrate the heat game 1 win, because they shown the same thing for all their close game to boston and bulls where the clutch time, final qtr rampage, overcoming the other team lead. we saw is again last night, we celebrate even it is the game 1 because WE BELIEVE IN THEM that in all close game, court advantage or not is still they show the clutch and grind on the final minute(s) of the game. WE TRUST AND BELIEVE ON THEM. Go Heat! Make it 2-0 and remain undefeated in home court. goodluck to dallas also.

      • HeatWave says:

        @ 3Peat, You can never blame a loss on a bench player, that’s why they’re on the bench. Blame goes to the starters for not doing their job.



  91. mike says:

    James, Wade, and Bosh = GAME OVER

  92. Ian says:

    I think Miami played their best but Dallas missed many open shots and they will make them next game. Barkley says its Mavs in 6 and I’m with him.

    • alsor33 says:

      Charles Barkley is a hater lolz…ever since LBJ wnt 2 miami..

      • Usuck says:

        Charles Barkley just want LeBron to be like him…
        RINGLESS Charles.. LOL

      • DJ says:

        If you think the Heat played their best then you are smokin some good stuff. The Heat played terrible by their standards. This game was about 70% of what they are capable of.

    • HeatWave says:

      Actually I think Dallas played their best and just couldn’t get open shots. Heat D was like a blanket thrown over the court.

    • Eddayyy says:

      Are you for real? They didn’t shoot well and their defense was OK. Miami’s capable of beating the Mavs but in Game 1, Dallas defeates Dallas.

  93. Chad says:

    The winner of game would win the series! I’ve never been worried about James and Wade scoring 50 per game. But it shocked me how their defense tortured Dallas. I’m still hopeful though that Dallas can make more of their shots in the following games. They got to work on their offense (at least 85 points per game) and limit each of Miami’s “insignificant” guys (Not James/Wade/Bosh) to below 10 pts (each).

    • Chad says:

      Should be “The winner of game 2…”

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      I agree, James and Wade will get theirs….and maybe even Bosh

      The key to stopping Miami is stopping the throw-ins. Chalmers hit about 3 or 4 threes, that CANNOT happen….Miller scored and also Haslem scored….you cannot let their role players score, those little bit of points from them make the difference at the end of the game

    • sean says:

      the miami heat defense was good, but if you watched the game the mavs missed a lot of open shots they couldve made

      • HeatWave says:

        As did Miami. Not the best shooting night for both teams and that’s when you need your D to help you get more attempts.

  94. krid says:

    here’s what i say about mavs.terry,chandler, and peja suck.they played very clumsy on offense.and im gonna put a stress on terry,if u put an nba title trophy tattoe on your bicep,make sure you work 4 it.You dont just suck in offense bt worstly on defense.Here’s what people say about your Defense,LAZZZZZZZY!!!!you’re not gonna get whats in your tattoe if your playing like that

  95. burning rubber says:

    A solid game from the Heat tonight. Great defense, nice offense and good bench production. If they play like this the rest of the way, they are going to be champs. If the Mav’s decides to improve on rebounding, getting loose balls, limiting TO’s and bench production they may have a chance on challenging these Heat team. There is still a long way to go but it’s going to be cut short if the Mav’s don’t match the intensity of the Heat. Dirk needs help like Rose, The question will be “WHO?”. Who will step up for the Mav’s?

    • hehar says:

      ever heared of j.terry, j.kidd, & t.chandler? are u nuts?

      • sean says:

        he said WHO will step up. not that they WONT step up or that hes asking who possibly could step up
        do you know how to read?

      • HeatWave says:

        Chandler!? LOL, yeah he can step up if he get’s 10 ally-oops. He’s a good defender but not a solid scorer.

    • LOLakers says:

      Yeah Derrick Blows sure needs help alright! Psychiatric help after the beatdown his Bulls*** team took from the Heat! They burst his delusion of being a legitimate MVP and showed him what a horrible player he really is when he can’t rely on his speed! And now they’re doing the same to Dirk Ohs***ski and exposing the fact that he’s really nothing special compared to Lebron, Wade, and even Bosh!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I really hate you…and that takes alot to say because you are a heat bandwagoner and truly have no KNOWLEDGE of this game!

        Stop with all this Derrick needs help and Dirk now needs help like come on people ….Bulls were a good team, and the Mavs are an even better team. These guys dont NEED to add any other allstar to their rosters. If anything the Bulls just need a 2 guard (becuz Bogans is at heart a benchwarmer, maybe 2nd string player, not a starter by any means) somebody like Rick Hamiltion, a savy veteran who can score would be perfect. But Dallas needs no additions…

        Like it really amazas me that when the Heat beat teams then all the sudden that team needs help or more, better players…

        THE MIAMI HEAT have James and Wade, THOSE ARE TOP 3 PLAYERS IN THE LEAGUE, basically the BEST OF THE NBA with a TOP 10-15 player in Bosh. This team has a SUPERIOR advantage on any team at the 2 guard and 3 guard position.There arent enough STARS in this league for every team to JOIN UP.

      • D.Rose my man says:

        This guy needs some serious help and knowledge of the game…

    • HEATvs Mavs says:

      Was not a solid game for the HEAT at all. 4th quarter basketball won the game for them.

      It was a SUB-PAR performance for the HEAT. This was NOT their best.

      But yet they,managed to beat the mavs…

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        actually is was the BEST their bench has EVER played….and those guys wont always play that well…so count your blessings

      • Witness says:

        i love your screenname 3peat lol

      • HeatWave says:

        @ Laker 3Peat, Miami’s bench has been pretty solid for the past five games bringing in an average of about 20pts. To say they got lucky last night is a nice way to coverup that Dallas has weaker defense than Chicago.

  96. Gene says:

    LeBeron must be stopped. thats all I have to say,…….and he WILL be stopped.

  97. wolverine says:

    miami will finish the dallas in game 5.

  98. JAWO says:

    nice game!!! i like!!!
    GAME 7 will decide who’s gonna win!

  99. the genius says:

    beat down ur retared . dirk has become significantly better since 06 every person says it from his d to his post game to his driving. its a fact nott up for debate. that being sed lets go heat!!!

    • shevy says:

      Im glad somebody else said that….Dude cant be serious about baskeball with that comment. NO DEBATE needed on that….by the way…LETS GO LAKERS…LOL!!!!

  100. Andre_twista says:

    This is the wort news the Mavs could get. The only way for them to bet the His to Nowitzki really steps up and plays the best ball he can. The bench will also need to play much better. In a game that the Heat dindt play they best ( if they play it, they are unbeatable), the Mavs should have take advantage.

    Just one question. I´m a recent NBA fan ( about 3 years) so I stiil have some trouble checking fouls. In this play Nowitzki travelled? I got that feeling

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      I honestly dont see Miami playing any better than what they did last night and thats because of the Mavs defense.

      For a road game, the Mavs played excellent defense majority of the game and just good basketball all around for about 3 quarters. In the fourth their lack of production from the Bench is what gave the game away. For a good stretch they missed shots on about 4 ball possesions.

      The Mavs “can” turn this around, they have to do better on the turnovers and REBOUNDDDDDDD. At a critical point in the fourth quarter they were down 3 points, and they let Miami get about 3 offensive rebounds on the same posession (they got 3 new 24’s) until Haslem makes a 2pointer with a foul, that put that game up 6.

      Mavs have tooooo rebound better, and Dirk most be more aggressive, he didnt get to the foul line alot in this game

  101. boyangas24 says:

    Miami is unbeatable at home!! They did won game 1 with poor execution, when the big 3 plays terrific on game 2 they will put Dallas on a brink!..

  102. Beatdown says:

    If this Mavs team had the 06 version of Dirk, I’d take the Mavs in 6. But his ability to finish at the rim has declined for the past few years.
    It’s only game 1, and it gets interesting from here. I predict both Mavs and the Heat wins 1 away game to tie it at 2:2 after the first four. The winner of game 5 would be the winner of this series.

    • jax says:

      did u not watch the ‘drive of the night’ video attached?

    • Tim@Miami says:

      This Dirk is better than 06 Dirk, but Miami is way better tan 06. The NBA look very unbalanced. Look at those two teams, they won the previous series pretty easy.

      • sean says:

        the NBA is definitly unbalanced if you look at other sports all the playoff teams have winning records and yet teams are making the playoffs going 37-45 in the NBA its because all the stars are loading up onto one team instead of spreading out

    • shevy says:

      Dirk from 06??? LOL…another person who dont watch Basketball. When before recently, have you ever seen Dirk attack the Basket? Attacking the basket in 06 from Dirk, yeah right….You would have better luck finding video of Shaq running the Point. Sometimes I wonder what guys be looking at when it comes to Sports.

    • HeatWave says:

      06 Dirk’s last name was GoBrickSki, four more games and it will be GoFishSki.

  103. Tenki says:

    Big news for die-hard and bandwagon Dallas fans from 28 teams as well. Things are much better for the self-proclaimed king in LeBron than the “Self-Proclaimed Champion”. Jason Terry better find laser treatment for his tattoo if he doesn’t want that label. Or better yet, he can keep it for posterity, although not in a good way. Keep hating on Miami, just bring it. Where are you Heat haters?

    Give It To Me Again! -Dan LeBatard

    • Mike says:

      We’ve seen game 1 of these finals but everyone is preaching the good word like its over? It was the same when the bulls won game 1. So you’re effectively doing the same thing as all the bulls fans – and you very well know what happened to the bulls after that. So dont go poppin’ that bubbly just yet – a miami fan should know better….. too many people sing and dance about winning one battle. If Lebron stands on that podium and holds up that trophy at the end, I’ll stand next to the heat supporters and congratulate him. But until then he hasnt won anything. Agree?

      • D.Rose my man says:

        agreed bro, im no miami fan at all but im not gonna be one of those ignorant fans cuz lebron still deserves a championship.

    • sbfern says:

      Why are people saying it wasnt the Heats best game, but they won? They had an AMAZING defensive game. Offensively both teams choked, but Miami played one of its best if not the best defense all year. I would not have thought they could hold Dallas to such low scoring. Props to Miami but they played their butts off to beat Dallas. I dont see Miami playing any better in defense. If Dallas plays like they did against the Lakers, no stopping Dallas. And for those of you who say Heat in 5? out of your minds? you really expect the Heat to win 2 road games? at least say 6 to make you seem like you know what you are talking about!

  104. Jeffx says:

    It is a shame about Dirk’s finger, but it is all part of the game and you take the good with the bad. My team are no longer in it (Bulls), so I hope the injury doesn’t hamper Dirk as I would like to see a very competetive Finals, like the Heat had with the Bulls. It does seem this year though that the Heat might have just a little more than the Mavs. Good D on Terry he was almost insignifiant tonight and the Mavs will need him firing if they are to have any chance.

    • tom says:

      your an idiot, mimai-chicago series was not close at all. miami thrashed them, bulls were almost crying and d-rose got completely showed up by lebron, he’s a phony. bulls will never recover.

      • Mett says:

        Mavs need scoring from more players than Dirk or they are through. Terry didn’t show up, and Kidd is going to have to score more if he is still capable at 38. Regardless, down the stretch, Lebron, Wade, and Boah are too much to handle for the Mavs, so we should see a repeat of the Celtics and the Bulls series – Miami in 5.

        Can you believe that Miami will actually get “better” next year? Scarey!

        And I don’t know about all this talk about Wade’s shot being off becasue of shoulder issues – he looked pretty good to me despite the slow start.

      • Ismaeel says:



      • shevy says:

        I dont know what series you were watching. Im not a Bulls Fan, but do you forget they won game 1…..and had the lead in 3 of the final 4 games in the last 3-5mins….one by double digits. Ill give the Heat credit for overcoming and eventually winning. But to say that series wasnt close at all sounds like a blind man watchn and someone who doesnt really know the game!!!!!!!!

      • Mike says:

        I totally agree with shevy… its looks as though many people dont understand bball too well…. the series was close – but unfortunately the heat were clutch

      • sean says:

        actually jeffix, your the idiot at the end of the series the heat won 4-1 but if you actually watched those games chicago couldve won any of them and it was a close series
        watch the games before you just look at stats and call people idiots, idiot

      • Mr. eleven says:


        are your crazy? before the heat-bulls series started, your bulls fan told us that heat aint a Team. that you told us that 3 team cant beat a whole team(bulls). but did you see what happened? rose got a good players behind him, its just the heat defense that lock them all down, even to d-rose who shots are poorly, too many turnovers and critical foul to give. guess your blind you dont watch the series on focus. youre just making excuses coz youre a sore LOSER!

      • Nuckel head says:

        Shut up, the bulls rip them apart in game 1. Could not close them in the fourth quarter because there was only only start in the bulls line up being defended by 3 monkeys. Where would LBJ be if every team had 3 Stars. Idiot!

      • ed says:

        Chill out Ismaeel,

        it’s just a game. Not life and death here. Don’t make excuses for your Bulls. They got stomped by the Heat. Where were you when the Bulls swept Miami during the regular season and everyone was putting the Heat down. What about your team with the best record in the NBA. Weak teams don’t have the best record. They just didn’t bring it. They have good players, they just didn’t bring it. They wimped out. Take it like a man if you are one.

    • Ok says:

      Let me get this straight you want a competitive finals and you also want a series like the bulls and heat?

      there complete opposites, the bulls heat series was in no way competitive, all the head had to do was let rose take his thirty shots a game while shooting 40% or less and it was all over.

      • I'm MJ says:

        ECF is very competitive game. It’s a tight CHOKING match up between Derrick Choke and Carlos Loser…

        it’s very difficult to judge who is more choking….

      • Mike says:

        Of course it was competitive…. Lebron and wade hit some big shots in the end to win it for them…. Just think if rose had hit the game winner in game 3 the series would have completely changed… So it was competitive… And you can not tell me that when you were watching game 5 with a couple minutes to go that the heat were going to win – it wasnt planned by the heat to be down 12 in the 4th. Lebron was 5/16 before getting hot – the series was competitive… the heat just have 2 superstars instead of just 1.

      • Jboogie says:

        You guys are all funny! You act like that series was easy for the Cheat! ha. They struggled against the Bulls and every game was close, except the first. The Heat are a good maybe great team and it was close all series, but the Bulls blew it. Not saying that they would have won it, if it went any longer, but you Heat fans have to relize that the Bulls are gonna be there every year from here on out, for awhile. Its gonna beat a riverly for years to come!! And you better hope the Bulls don’t get another star player, or its over next time!!! Just another 2 cents

      • HeatWave says:

        @ JBoogie, Yeah Bulls will get some new players, but Miami will be hunting for a young center too. It will be a good rivalry for some years though.

    • LOLakers says:

      LOL! Derrick Blows is the worst “superstar” I’ve ever seen! What a joke! Take your fake MVP and shove him because he doesn’t belong in the NBA! Maybe the WNBA LOL! The Bulls*** series wasn’t close the Heat dominated them!

      • Jboogie says:

        Your funny and must not know too much about the game. How could a team get dominated when it came down to final minutes in order for a team to win? And with that team not making shots they normally make? I give it to the Heat for winning the series but by no means was it a dominat win! Plain and simple.

      • Mike says:

        Is it really neccessary to say something that stupid?

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        You are a disgrace… know nothing about BASKETBALL..and shouldnt even be allowed to talk on these blogs

        To say D-Rose is a fake MVP? Tell me who is more deserving…when he SINGLE handly took the Bulls to a 62 win season WITHOUT noah and boozer playing for most of the season.

        Just dont even talk anymore, you are purely IGNORGANT

      • K says:

        Ok; why are you people still talking about a series that’s over (Miami v Chicago)? Chicago lose their 2010-11 season is over, done, never to be played again! Who cares if that series was competitive or not; because at the end of that senseless argument, Miami still won; PERIOD! Miami is playing against the Dallas Mavericks for a World Championship; that’s all that matters now; not some team that’s already been sent on vacation!

      • sean says:

        right… lol which sport are you watching again?

      • cp3 says:

        (srry for the spelling this is on my iphone) derrick rose got no help are u crazy the bulls got no help drose chocked in this seris and the 1 game they won wasnt even because of drose it was taj gibson or sum other guy of the bench drose sucks didnt deserve mvp as much as i hate to addmit it lebron did better stats and the only reason the record wasnt better was the first 16 games or so where da heat failed lol well i guess i shouldnt be talking trash about drose cause my fav player cp3 got out in the first round but at least he gave his team a chance to win he actualy did good ppl say the reason the bulls win is drose its the opposite the reason drose win is the bulls sure drose gets alot of point but look at his shots per game 23 not got and he makes like 35% of them that sucks the reason the bulls win is defense offensive rebound and the uglyest man in the nba joakim noah or whatever his name is he plays with great effort and puts it all other drose is just fast and a good flopper

      • sbfern says:

        Hahaha! guys Heat fans are showing up after many years of absence. I am glad to see this because as a Lakers fan it does get old winning EVERY single year. At least i now see there is something to shoot for next year. There are better teams than the Lakers example Miami and Dallas two great teams. But what i dont like seeing is that you guys take the credit away from Derrick Rose, he has rightfully earned the MVP of the league. True they did lose against Miami but it was mostly thanks to a Wade 4pt play and his defense at the end of game 5. Bulls also blew game 3 away so it could have been a bit more competitive than it showed to be. Lebron was named MVP twice but did not make it to the finals and when he did the got destroyed by the Spurs. It is exactly the same situation that Rose just went through. Anyways Rose is the true MVP, Lebron is clearly the BEST NBA player. if Lebron does not play in the regular season, Chris bosh and Wade are able to take Miami to the playoffs, without Rose the bulls would just be a team. I am following the same reasons why Steve Nash beat Kobe as the MVP. Kobe was clearly a better player, but Nash did more for his team. Dallas will definitely strike back. Chandler needs to man up and play like a center because there is a huge mismatch there.

      • yourjustdumb says:

        Uhm i dont even know what to say to you cuz clearly you know nothing about basketball and the NBA. Don’t even talk if you gonna disrespect D.Rose like that. Like everyone knows Rose pretty much carried the bulls through the entire season and him and Luol were the only consistent ones and you can honestly call him a fake MVP. Take yourself outta the basketball world cuz you just a disgrace and i dont wanna read crap like that.

      • buda says:

        Yall are killing me. Aren’t there any true fans of the game. Don’t be stupid, the Heat/Bulls series was competitive and yes I was rooting for the Heat, but the Bulls made the series exciting and Derrick ROSE does blow. Blows right past any single covarage and a whole lot of double and triple. Stop being fans of a city and be fans of basketball. Yes miami has 3 stars, look at any of the great teams ( lakers, celtics) bird, magic and dr j weren’t by themselves everyone needs help even jordan did to get those rings. Show a lil b-ball IQ real ballers please respond

      • QuestionMark says:

        This literally is the stupidest comment ever, tell me how the Bulls had the best record if Rose can’t play? oh wait, you just gonna say something stupid and ignorant so forget it.