Kidd, LeBron share common pain

MIAMI — For anyone who’d wonder why LeBron James would ever leave Cleveland to hook up with a pair of All-Stars in Miami, we present the curious case of Jason Kidd.

A decade ago, Kidd was LeBron. Kidd did everything for the Nets, leading them in scoring, assists, steals and was second in rebounding. Kidd hauled the Nets to back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals and came up empty. The Nets had no shot in 2002 against Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and the Lakers, who won in a sweep. They had a fair shot against the Spurs in ’03, and tied the series 2-2, but things fell apart in the closing moments of Game 5 and that was that.

He became an unrestricted free agent two weeks later, and all the contenders who could afford him wanted him. Kidd’s best offer came from those very same Spurs with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. But Kidd — or rather, his now-ex wife Joumana, who wanted TV opportunities in New York — decided to stay with the Nets.

He has not made it back to The Finals until now.

“I thought we were going to go on a roll in New Jersey and win three or four (titles) in a row,” Kidd said. “But teams change, things change, the game changes.”

Kidd did reap the individual benefits of being a one-man show in New Jersey, as he was a three-time All-NBA first teams selection and he finished second to Duncan in the 2002 MVP voting. But he had no title to show for his work and the burden of doing it all for the Nets became old. Like Kidd.

“I was shooting, rebounding, I was trying to do everything,” he said. “If my team was going to win, I had to score, find the open guy, defend and help rebound. But now, my work load is smaller.”

And he’s older, now 38. Just a hunch, but if the Mavericks lose this series, Kidd will always wonder what if he signed with the Spurs. And that’s a chance LeBron didn’t want to take last summer. The paths of Kidd and LeBron have led them to here, the NBA Finals.

But whose road would you rather take?


  1. heatchecktv says:

    My Prediction –

    *Game 1 DAL 84 — MIA 92 : James 24p 9r
    Game 2 DAL 95 — MIA 102 ; James 42p 8r 8a
    Game 3 MIA 90– DAL 100 ; Dirk 33p 7r
    Game 4 MIA 112 — DAL 110 (OT) ; James 45p 10r 7a
    Game 5 MIA 92 — DAL 98 ; Dirk 37p 9r
    Game 6 DAL 97 — MIA 101; James 36p 8r 8a

    Finals MVP — Lebron James 33.2ppg 8.2rpg 6.5apg

  2. markminator says:

    You are a fool man, what do you think? Why do players play a game? Of course to win not to be loyal… You should be loyal if the owner of the team is putting all his effort to make you a winner and vise versa…

  3. markminator says:

    If DAN GILBERT used all his resources to put a BIG 3 in Cleveland, then I think Lebron would have not left that Team… So don’ t blame LBJ, he only want to win a championship man, that’s suppose to be every players attitude…
    I think Charles “BARK”ley always mocks Lebron because he envy him having a good shot for a ring… you know what i mean

  4. hothunk says:

    wahahaha! hey!!! TRIBINSKI! what the hell are you predicting MAvs Goes down thats the right prediction! YOU LOSE MAN! eat dirt

  5. cant handle the truth :> says:

    hahahah looooser mavss! ahahah hey mark cuban? hahah whos laughing now? hahaha what a joke old guys hahaha

  6. J'son says:

    Jason Kidd’s path of course, even without a ring yet for a few more days he is still one of the most loved and respected person in the league that you can not buy not even with championship rings. Go mavs!

  7. JMan says:

    First off, I would never destroy Lebron for leaving Cleveland, I would want to leave Cleveland as well. Let’s don’t get things twisted, don’t say, Lebron took less money and that makes things all better because he’s making Millions folks, he’s already made so much money he can’t spend it all. Second, these three got together and said, you know what, lets get some easy titles, lets get together and run this NBA. They don’t deserve anything they get together because of how they did it. Boston did it with guys late in their careers, not in their prime. These guys did this for one reason, to try and win EASY titles. So now you’ve got all these young fools in the NBA that instead of playing the game how it’s suppose to be done, they are lopsiding the talent and now the NBA will begin losing teams because it won’t be financially able to keep them there. Stars all getting together because they want to guarantee the title. GO MAVS. Mavs are a true team, bench and all and deserve the success. Mavs in 4 .

  8. Gavranko says:

    Oh,forgot to congratulate Shawn on an amazing find.I actually thought the two were the exact opposite.Now I’m not so sure :D.

  9. Gavranko says:

    I REALLY,REALLY,do not know what to say about The Finals.Although I’d much rather take LeBron’s path,since I prefer the easy way out,I admire Kidd’s way,although since leaving NJ he HAS been a journeyman and has destroyed every inch of loyalty left in him.Don’t get me wrong:he’s devoted to his game,he wants to win,and is in the moment.But loyalty is binding;he’s not bound.
    Anyway,as for tonight:
    There are a couple of points to be made:
    1)Heats’ lack of depth:”WOOT?Mike Miller,Mario Chalmers,Joel Anthony,Bibby,Dampier,Haslem,and you’re saying they’re not deep???”.Yes.They’re all underperforming(even James Jones).All they need is ONE of them to step up,and that doesn’t happen to often.Granted,they get like 80pts from the big three,but imagine if they found a way to cover Chris Bosh?Ouch…LeBron or Wade?DOOM!!!(although highly unlikely since they’re the best players of the two teams).
    2)Mavs’ lack of physical strength.Shawn Marion’s strong.Tyson Chandler’s very strong.Dirk’s not weak either.Kidd is still feisty.NONE of them can stop LeBron,Wade,who just might combine for huge points in the series.Big advantage for Heat.
    Granted,these two arguments condradict themselves,because the first one is based on the Mavs stopping the Heats’ best players,and the other one on the Mavs being UNABLE,but it’s that kind of paradox,what can I say.We’ll see in a couple of hours :D.
    My wish:Mavs in 7(I want it to last for as long as possible)
    My guess:Heat in 7(If you don’t think Erik has an offensive ace in the pocket,you’re fooling yourself.You REALLY are.)

  10. GMAN says:

    I just hope everybody keeps picking the Heat!!! Dallas has been the under dog all throughout the whole playoffs. Look at where they are now. GO MAVS!!! KIDD IS THE MAN!!!!

  11. Rich says:

    Superstars joining together to get a ring. Heat was not the first one to do that. Celtics did that when they won their last ring. Lakers have been loading their team too. There’s Carmelo joining Stoudemire. Boozer joining the Bulls. Now there’s talk of CP3 wants to join a contending team; and Dwight might do too. If you ask me, it’s not a good precedent.
    Strong teams just gets stronger, Average teams will get weaker once their only superstar jump ships. Bad team, relatively, will just become even worse. This trend should be put to a stop.

    • K says:

      Rich I like what these superstar players are doing; why wait until the end of your career before you start trying to put yourself in a position to win a ring. Nobody wants to go down in history like Charles Barkley; Karl Malone; John Stockton…… Every team that’s won a championship has had more then one star; LA, Chicago, Boston…….. This thing with Miami isn’t the first of it’s kind. The difference is that all three of these guys are still in their prime and that’s why their situation is so scary! However, I’m pretty sure this kind of superstar player movement will be dealt with in the next CBA that will be negotiated during the upcoming off season. Miami’s big three could very well be the last of the joining of the mega-stars in the NBA; although, I hope not!

  12. steve kelly says:

    I was born and raised in Cleveland and have been a die-hard Cavs fan since the beginning of the franchise. Though I am deeply saddened by the departure of the greatest player in basketball today, I have no ill feelings toward Lebron as a human being or a player unlike most of my city. However, I’m old school and have more respect for Kidds journey vs. Lebron’s because Kidd still went to a rebuilding situation vs. constructing an instant dynasty. Back in the day Jordan, Barkley, Ewing, Magic, Bird etc. wanted to compete and beat the best, not join forces to beat everybody else. That made for a more widespred and exciting league. Much love Lebron! Heat in 6

    • Lucky Lady says:

      yeah but nobody said that about the Celtics big three, or Shaq or anybody else who moved from team to team. LeBron did not create the blue print for this. D-wade is really the only other superstar on this team hello Shaq-Kobe..Jordan-Pippen and so on. I was tired of watching the Lakers win everything somebody had to step up. If it wasnt for Miami, the Celtics would be champions again because they would have beat Chicago and Dallas.

    • K says:

      Steve I agree with what you said; however, this season hasn’t been a waltz in the park for the Heat; the big three has had to play their way to where they are right now. They put a huge target on their backs this past summer with some of their comments after they all signed with the Heat. It’s been an exciting and very competitive season for the whole league because every team wanted a piece of the Heat. The Heat dealt with all the naw-sayers and have shut a lot of peoples mouths which makes what they have achieved so great!

  13. Jessa Girl says:

    The only way that Kidd can win a championship is when he is going to sign with Miami next season.

    Miami is going to be a champion in succession in 5 years. If Kidd can’t beat it then he should transfer to Miami.

    There’s a saying: If you can’t beat them then join them.

  14. Tim says:

    Don’t compare James to Kidd. Kidd has been in the league a lot longer, and went through many obstacles on and off the court. Kidd was never considered the greatest player at the time in NJ, like Lebron is being treated right now. Kidd definitely deserves it more, because he played his role perfectly, for 15 years.

    He only got traded to Dallas because things were uncomfortable in NJ. I still don’t know how Lebron left Cleveland, I thought he considered them his hometown team. I guess not.

  15. Lady Eagle says:

    People show their true colors when they are under pressure. The Cavs owner showed his character when LeBron acted so ungraciously by not giving adequate notice. Free agency means exactly that that. One is free to go wherever he wants as long as the other team will have him. The great thing with adversity is that if it doesn’t kills you, it makes you stronger.

    The problem most other teams and fans have with Miami Heat is jealously. A majority of them wanted to have at least one of the big three free agents and came up empty. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  16. Clevelander says:

    I live in Cleveland and I think that James (or any other player) can and should sign to play with whatever team meets their goals, whether those goals are financial or something else. Basketball is a business. Of couse when in a business situation, one should behave professionally, which James didn’t. BUT, he’s only like 25. That happens at that age, especially since he doesn’t really have the kind of guideance in his family that many of us are blessed to have.

    That said, I think the Cavs organization kind of gets a bum rap. The organizatin did all it could to put together a winning team, including taking on a HUGE salary cap tax because of a huge payroll. Granted, a few mistakes were made (i.e.letting Boozer sign with Utah), but the last few years the biggest problem was that no one wanted to sign long term with Cleveland when James essentially had a short-term contract. Plus, not many young men actually want to call Cleveland home when they could be in Miami, LA, NYC, etc. I think the Cavs did all they could to get help for James, but it just wasn’t a good situation. And the Cavs organization really wasnt at fault for it either.

  17. Law064 says:

    Hey Scottie Pippen was smoking Cocaine when he made that ridiculous comment@ paiyakinmosya. I say Lebron had the right to go where he wanted to. Clevland fans should blame the Owner who failed to bring enough help for Lebron. Kidd has been great and we’ll see if he finally get a ring this season. Good luck to them both tonight

  18. 13 says:

    jason kidd

  19. long memory says:

    Shaun both roads are not bad. But if the goal is to win a championship, I’d say lebron was unselfish enough to give up money, didnt care about legacy, didn’t matter that it was wade’s town, scrutiny…. He was thinking champoionship. Kidd’s path is not bad either. i think Earl the Pearl put it the most simple – He said “If any basketball player were to go up to a crowded park where if you lose, you’d be sitting a long time, You would want too go up to that park with the best guys you could find. And thats what Lebron did. going back to cleveland wouldnt have been bad, chicago with rose would’ve been good, the knicks would’nt be a bad choice, But He did what was BEST.

  20. TRIBINSKI says:

    My Prediction
    Game 1 Dallas Def Miami 92 – 89 Dirk Nowitzki:29pts 12 reb 4 ast 2 blks
    Game 2 Dallas Def Miami 108 -103 2OT Jason Kidd: 17 pts 11 reb 14 ast 6stl
    Game 3 Dallas Def Miami 97 – 93 Dirk Nowitzki: 32 pts 9 reb 5 ast 2 blks
    Game 4 Dallas Def Miami 115 – 92 Dirk Nowitzki 38 pts 10 reb 5 ast 4 blks

    Dallas Mavericks Sweep Miami Heat : NBA History Heat 14 loss streak to Mavs after 2006 NBA Final
    Dirk Nowitzki Final MVP

  21. Joel Stapley says:

    I’d hope to have learnt from the mistakes of those who went before me. I wouldn’t want to repeat Kidd’s mistakes with staying with a dying franchise. I’d much rather be in Lebron’s shoes.

    Some call it loyalty or honor…to stay with the team that drafted you. i view the NBA as a job, like any other, and those employed therein should pursue the careers path they see fit. If that means changing the “company” (or team in this case) that you work for, the fine.

    Blindly staying with one team because the ping pong balls landed and you were forced to work for them (aka “drafted”) isn’t loyalty. It’s foolishness.

    • Jorge says:

      That’s the best comment I’ve read in a long time.

    • Sean says:

      if you look at it that way yea, if you look at in the eyes of magic johnson, michael jordan and larry byrd, its loyalty

      • Kyle says:

        Pretty easy to say when you get drafted by LA, Chicago, and Boston and have multiple all-stars around you, not so much when you get drafted by NJ and have Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin or Cleveland and have Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao. Those teams made finals appearances in years when nobody from the East deserved it, and even then probably exceeded their respective talent levels. Joel Stapley nailed it. If you dislike LeBron there are plenty of reasons to continue doing so besides the fact that he left Cleveland (I would have left too).

        There’s no denying that he’s worked hard to get where he’s at and he was entitled to leave. How he did it, whether The Decision was his idea or not, shows that he’s completely out of touch with the common fan (seriously Bron, how could you not see that breaking up with the city of Cleveland after 7 years on national television – in an hour long special for Christ’s sake – would not be received well by the public?).

        I don’t believe he ever intended to give any team but Miami serious consideration (this team reportedly began forming in ’08 at the Beijing Olympics when Bron and Bosh were still under contract with their respective teams – further evidenced, in my opinion, when LeBron made a big stink at the start of the ’09-10 season about how every team should retire MJ’s number 23 and that he would be changing it next season, when in reality he knew he would have to change it anyway to go to Miami). While players are bound to talk about playing together and the league allows it, it would be nice if somebody had let Cleveland and Toronto know so they wouldn’t be left standing at the altar with nothing but a trade exception.

        Other reasons to hate LeBron (now that I’m on the topic, lol):

        He looks like he gets shot 91 times/game – I honestly don’t know how he’s survived this long. Seriously, you would think that a 6’8”-6’9”, 260 lbs athlete like LeBron freaking James could take even a light hit without laying on the ground for 20 minutes. We get it, LeBron, you got fouled. The refs’ already blew the whistle. Now are you gonna get up and shoot free throws or should we cut to commerical? Have a little pride, in anywhere but the NBA you would get laughed off the court for this crap.

        Poor sportsmanship – if he doesn’t hit the ground, he hits up the refs for calls. I’m so sick of seeing his mouth moving after anything that comes even remotely close to a foul. Trust me, LeBron, you’re getting enough calls. This league is so spoiled with the touch fouls they call now (on a side note – can you imagine what MJ would’ve done with today’s rules? LeBron’s good, Mr. Pippen, but he’s not that good).

        Do you remember those little skits that Bron had the Cavs do before every game? The ones where LeBron would pretend to be taking a picture of his teammates doing something silly or things of that nature? Ya, those skits. Man I hated those. And the dancing on the sidelines just because they had a good team. I used to say: “Dance when you win a ring!” Man I hope I can still say that in a couple weeks. If not I’ll hate him even more.

        He also sulked off the court after losing to Orlando and cried to the media about how he’s spoiled them with his play when they questioned him about a poor showing against Boston. He allegedly had Nike confiscate all footage of him getting dunked on by a high-schooler in one of his camps, only to release it after the public found out anyway and began to criticize him. He undermined Durant’s 1st scoring title (saying that he could win it every year if he wanted to) when it became apparent that he wasn’t gonna be able to catch him. He’s spent much of the year excusing why he wouldn’t win MVP over Rose, repeatedly stating that it’s only because he’s teamed with Wade, and not Rose’s brilliant season, that he wouldn’t win it again. He tries to undermine the success of others and make sure that everyone know just how great he is. We get it, LeBron, you don’t have to tell us. What he says may very well be true, but I hate that he has to say it.

        Oh, and through all this he has the audacity to claim that much of peoples’ distaste for him and his team is racially motivated. C’mon man, just shut up already. You really can’t see any reason why people don’t like you guys? Must be racism then. Moron.

        Lastly, I hate LeBron because he’s so good. He’s probably the most gifted athlete in the world with talent and skill to match, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little jealous. If he was someone I admired or respected even a little bit as a person I would probably he happy for him and his successes. As it is, I hate the fact that someone so conceited and childish was fortunate enough to win the genetic lottery. I hate that the next 6 years of playoff basketball will be about whether anyone can beat the HEAT, and whether Bron can match MJ’s legacy. More than anything, I hate that when it’s all said and done, LeBron could very well be the epitome of greatness in the sport I love the most, and I just don’t feel like he deserves it.

      • Kyle says:

        Oh ya, forgot to mention something, just to get everything out there:

        The “accidental” bumps into both Mike Brown and Erik Spoelstra when things weren’t going well for Cleveland and Miami, respectively, are just more of the same for Bron. In both instances he was placing blame on the coaches for their struggles, therefore deflecting it from himself. When questioned, he claimed he didn’t see them. Whether you believe that a person with LeBron’s court awareness – with ample time to size up where he’s going and in a moment of obvious frustration – accidentally smacked his 260 lbs frame into a person he’s supposed to show respect to – twice – is up to you, but given what we know I’m not inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        Despite all this, I know that there is good in LeBron, just like everyone else. It would be wrong not to mention that LeBron has contributed greatly to charitable causes (even proceeds from The Decision went to charity), although if I want to continue nit-picking it’s also true that the vast majority of athletes contribute strongly to charities – most of which make alot less money than LeBron. To not do so would be very bad for his already tarnished public image.

        He’s also recently shown more signs of humility and maturity – he was very gracious in victory in each series so far. He referred to Boston’s Big Three as Miami’s inspiration for coming together and Derrick Rose as “the MVP” (even though many thought that LeBron could have won it) and being very difficult to contain. In both instances, though, his team had just won the series. In the last 2 series that he lost he acted childish afterwards, but now that his team is stacked he can afford to be gracious I suppose. Regardless, credit where credit is due and all that. At least there’s a chance that he’s growing up.

      • Kyle says:

        Lol – forgot about the karma Tweet when Cleveland lost by 50-something to LA. More gloating from LeBron. Ya, they’re struggling without you – you’re great. We’ve established that. But it’s also important to note that they were built around LeBron with shooters and defenders but nobody else who could create. Once Bron was gone, there whole offense was gone. They also dealt with a ton of injuries, but I’m straying off topic here. Karma. It was funny how LeBron got hurt for a few games right after that – talk about karma. Anyways, thats probably it. That is, at least until I remember something else or Miami loses and LeBron starts blaming his coach or the refs or his teammates. Either way, enjoy the finals. Go Mavs!!!

    • shaqduece34 says:

      Well said. They should put on a billboard in Cleveland.

  22. paiyakinmosya says:

    I like kidd and i want him to win championship but this season.. nah .. Heat would win this series in about 5 or six games and that is not the end of it. Heat will be the next dynasty here in the nba next to the chicago bulls ( no offense to the spurs ) and lebron will be the greatest player in the nba for all time ( as to what pipens said about LBJ and jordan ) .. BTW if the heat would get Kidd for the next season. Probab;y Kidd will win championsips by then .. Thanks to all

  23. François de Champlain says:

    yeah a common pain.. they have been both crushed by THE SPURS!!


    • Jake says:

      HaHahaha!!! I love this comment. I wish J-Kidd could give Duncan some of the water he’s drinking though because Kidd doesn’t seem to be aging nearly as fast as Duncan.