Home cookin’: Mmmmm, Dwight Howard

Hot dogs and burgers.

Turkey legs, chicken and spare ribs.

What could be a tastier item on a Memorial Day barbecue menu?

If you live in Orlando, how about an extra big helping of Dwight Howard?

The Orlando Sentinel’s Josh Robbins caught up to the first team All-NBA center at his holiday cookout (which he spread word of via Twitter) where Superman said once again he is not looking to fly the central Florida coop.

“I’m not trying to run behind nobody like Shaq or be behind somebody else,” Howard said, referencing Shaquille O’Neal‘s decision to leave the Magic following the 1995-96 season and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I want to start my own path and I want people to follow my path and not just follow somebody else’s path. I want to have my own path, and I want to start that here in Orlando. But I can’t do it alone. Not only do I need the right teammates, but I need the city behind me. That’s the only way it’s going to get done. We can change this small city that we have — this small market that we have — and we can make it a big market.”

In fact, according to David Pingalore of Local 6 in Orlando, Howard spent the weekend working on hammering out a new contract with the Magic.

“I just got tired of everybody asking me, ‘Where am I going to go? Are you going to stay?’ Everybody in Orlando is asking me,” Howard said. “So it was like, ‘You know what? I want everybody to get their minds off something that is not gonna happen.’ “

All season long, as the topic of his possible departure has been raised, Howard has insisted — sometimes angrily — that he wasn’t preparing to pull another ‘Melo-Drama type escape.

Talk about your home cooking. Howard putting his name in ink on a new deal would certainly be the way to end all the speculation.

But will it happen and, if it did, what would we have to talk about next season?

Hello, Chris Paul?


  1. BarneyStinson says:

    Dwight, go to Portland Trailblazers! you have plenty of role players out there. . . Aldridge, Roy, Batum,Wallace, Fernandez, Miller, Matthews and Camby as a Back up center. . .

  2. Aurik Sarker says:

    I like how the Lakers fans want Howard to come to LA to join Kobe, yet they hate on the Heat for getting LeBron to play on their team with Wade

  3. King K.A says:

    DID I JUST READ SOMEWHERE THAT SOME OF YOU THINK KOBE!!!!!! SHOULD BE COMING OFF THE BENCHHHHH!!!!! You people are just getting ahead of yourselves; just because the Lake-show was swept by the Mavs doesn’t mean that the greatest player, for the last decade, in the NBA suddenly grew old or incapable of playing at a high level. People only, ever, think about the here and now. It’s because the Mavericks and Heat are in the finals that people seem to think, all of a sudden, that Dirk is the best offensive weapon in the league. Not to take anything from the big German; who is probably in the top ten all time on the offensive end of the court and a future HOF (and deservingly so) but, Kobe has the best combination of footwork; shot making ability and killer instinct in the entire league. The only thing Dirk has above Kobe is his shooting. Which; if you ask Ray Ray, doesn’t qualify you as the best offensive threat in the league. Dirk didn’t beat Kobe, the Mavs beat the Lakers. They were just a better team than the Lakers this year. THAT’S IT!!! Kobe is still going to be a premier offensive threat in this league well into his late thirties and early fourties. If you model your game after the best to ever do it, you tend to be in that conversation for a while.

  4. Ginobili says:

    I never understood why big time players don’t take less money. You could have all the
    Miami’s you want. They all have Nike or Gatorade deals too. What, 85 million not enough?

  5. The Rocker says:

    Dwight come 2 Boston man

  6. Heat Dynasty says:

    hey Dwight, go join the Heat. Big Z is going to retire after this season and probably Dampier soon too, so there will be roster room, plus good backups with Anthony and Magliore. Udonis will always have your back, plus when you have lebron, wade, and bosh up front it will be finals every year, baby! no brainer

  7. m rivera says:

    why is everyone forgetting how BYNUM HANDLED HOWARD!!?? DURING THE SEASON?

  8. voice of reason says:

    bynum is garbage no way would orlando trade in a lexus for a kia we dont want gasols lazy soft a$# la has nothing for us dwight is stayn so deal with it

  9. pepejohn says:

    r u all kidding me? bynum and several players for dwight? bynum and maybe 1 player for dwight. i am a huge bynum fan. if he got the ball like dwight does he would start in the all-star game in the east. he would be a monster putting up 25pts and 15 rebs a game average. dwight would have to fight with kobe and gasol for the ball. they would say if you want the ball have to hit the boards. he would lead the league in rebs and blocks. but be the 3rd option on offense unless he keeps working on his game.

  10. Queenbee says:

    Hate him or love him, but if you know basketball, you know that KOBE BRYANT will go down in history as one of the best players in the NBA. He is a student of the game. He is a student of the game. Maybe Orlando can do like the heats and buy themselves a championship team. Don’t hate on Kobe. He got game baby.

  11. I want Dwight with the Bulls. Hometown and we need a center bad. Boozer sucks and Noah doesn’t have any D or O. No one on our team can ball with Rose.

  12. kobe hater says:

    kobe? best player in the league? i dont think so,.. his a one man show,.. kobe???nahhhhh…

  13. lakerblood says:

    it’s funny that people who commented here kept saying DO NOT GO TO THE LAKERS. envious people. just plain scared because if ever that deal went down (w/c is a bit impossible) the lakers will be contenders again. we’re sorry that for the past 10 years, half of them were won by lakernation.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      The lakers are the Yankees of basketball, its funny how Lakers fans never acknowledge this. If you pay the most money for your roster year after year you should be expected to win. The Lakers almost double the salary cap because they can afford to pay the penalties. What is the prupose of a salary cap if the teams with the most money can get around it by simply paying a fee? For me every year the Lakers do not win is a failure as they should win every year with the amount of money they spend to recruit their players.

  14. TrueMagicFan says:

    As one of the few real Orlando fans hear, I say dump both richardson’s , nelson, duhon and try to get CP3 and D west or another decent pf, get a defense 2 guard to stop the likes of wade, johnson and allen and some big men. and waive allen. Clark show potential, arenas is the only other player on the whole roster to show up for any of the ATL series so dont trade plus u cant get anyone to take him as wizards will tell u. GO MAGIC!!

  15. miamiheat2011champs says:

    dwight howard is one hell of a basketball player and any team would be lucky to have his skill, but am i the only person who thinks his crybaby attitude and anger issues are annoying?? i used to think dwight had a great personality and was a genuinely funny guy… but look at him!! cry me a river, build a bridge over it, and jump off!!! :*(.. not to mention the fact that the man is dumb as a box of rocks!! he’s almost as stupid as shaq’s retarted a$$. listen to his interview!! he has no concept of what his team did wrong… all he can say is “we didn’t play hard” (over and over and over). “when teams play hard they don’t make mistakes”?? jordan wasn’t surrounded by all-star players?? (hello!!! pippen: all-star, rodman: all-star, toni kukoc: all-star, steve kerr: all-star three point shooting contest winner [c’mon]..). as a matter of fact.. what championship team didn’t have at least two or three all-stars?? big dummy!

    • GARY says:

      portland trailblazers walton and who….milwaulkie bucks lew alcindor and who? big dummy?

  16. REX13 says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!dwight if you will go to L.A PROmise you will be the champoin you need to follow shaq path……

  17. Joel says:

    Dwight go to LA to become a tag team of Kobe and I’m sure you will get a championship ring, if you will staying in Magic I’m sure you will going to retire with no a championship ring, Dwight give your fans a exciting game next season for joining the LA team and I’m sure you will get the MVP award and also it’s very exciting to watch Miami versus LA, Kobe versus Lebron and Wade 2 is to 1 and Bosh versus Dwight, Dwight go to LA DEFEAT THE Miami heat! Dwight and Kobe tag team is the best in next season…………………………………..

  18. Lebron>Kobe says:

    its not OK for Dwight to leave Orlando because he has a really good core and coach there. the only thing that messes up the team was Nelson’s Dissapearing act during playoff time. heck that is why they use Turk most of the time to set plays. but CP3’s case was different he’s drafted by a bad team and worse a really bad owner that has no dedication to winning rings or moving forward. only seeking revenues to pay rent. and a crappy GM. that is why CP3 should leave NOLA and go east and team up with DWIGHT

    there is nothing wrong with Orlando. only Jameer and that lame Los Orlando Sentinel Agents

  19. Lakers.org says:

    you know? every team that has beaten the Lakers won the championship in that season? thats a cold hard fact for ya fellas.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      wow so the entire history of the nba all you got to do is beat the lakers? Didnt the suns beat the lakers a few years ago? if recolection serves me correct Pheonix didnt win a championship? That was just in 2007. So you mind not making up your own stats? thanks

    • OKCKD35 says:

      oh wait, didnt pheonix also beat LA in 2006 playoffs? pretty sure that was the MIA, vs Dallas finals

  20. LAKERS says:

    and comeon drop the trees man look? how many years do we have to wait to have another ring or another kobe? 6-8 years. and compared to other teams w/c have to wait decades just to be on the finals. and how many careers have the laker dynasty have broken? hmmm malone. reggie stockton? nash? iverson? webber? bibby? divac? mutombo? and the best thing about being LA is that we have David Stern.

  21. stop talking nonsense about leaving a team without a will to win championship.,did lebron have stars that can suport him?why dont blame also mo wiliams and west for leaving cleveland,james badly needed amare during that 2009-2010 playoffs but what the general manager did?they acquire a old jamison.so all lebron haters stop talking!

  22. LAKERS says:

    as a Laker fan Dwight coming to LA is a bad idea now that Kobe is old and weary and Phil gone. and the Brown system of trying to get the ball to Kobe’s hands w/c always fails.

    Dwight’s future and legacy now lies in Orlando and Orlando needs to get CP3 as the only WEAKPOINT IN ORLANDO IS JAMEER NELSON AND ARENAS

    comeone LA people drop the weed, and face reality the Dynasty is over and the Kobe era is over no more phil so that means kobe wont get his rings anymore.

    btw the Lakers conniving with the Orlando Sentinel to write bad raps about Howard failed anyway.

  23. what says:

    so.. it’s not ok for D12 to leave but it is for CP3?

  24. heatchecktv says:


    My Prediction –

    *Game 1 DAL 84 — MIA 92 : James 24p 9r
    Game 2 DAL 95 — MIA 102 ; James 42p 8r 8a
    Game 3 MIA 90– DAL 100 ; Dirk 33p 7r
    Game 4 MIA 112 — DAL 110 (OT) ; James 45p 10r 7a
    Game 5 MIA 92 — DAL 98 ; Dirk 37p 9r
    Game 6 DAL 97 — MIA 101; James 36p 8r 8a

    Finals MVP — Lebron James 33.2ppg 8.2rpg 6.5apg


  25. 3peat says:

    Go in LA Dwight!

  26. rex fernandez says:

    seems kobe really needs BIG help in order to get ring…..you now want dwight..wow unbelievable…gasol and bynum and odom still not enough,,,

  27. DR says:

    Kobe should come off the bench and score 40 or hit the game winning shots – that would be a fitting end to a stellar career. Dwight does need help in Orlando – either get another superstar at 2 0r 4 – or find another team to have a decent shot at the Title. The Big 3, twin towers, dynamic duo and supporting cast have all been proven – there is no shame in leaving for a better chance at the title.

  28. kobe sucks says:

    how about d12 + D.rose??

  29. the pacifier says:

    Howard to Chicago!!

  30. joblagz says:

    i rofl at all your comments..
    yall must be on crack..
    some even wrote an essay lmao..

  31. angelOFtorment says:


    if you wanna make or want a championship ring there are 2 teams which is 90 percent of making it to the finals and have a chance to win a championship ring…BOSTON and LAKERS…….

    if want a path stay in orlando until you hang up your jersey….but if you want a legacy then demand an entire orlando magic GM to make or have you a championship caliber team….get CP3 and BILLUP and Deron williams….get some supporting player like bynum,barbosa and bell or even odom ORRR if orlanda fail to make your team a championship caliber then you must demand a trade in on trade deadline…. FEBUARY 2012

    make it or loose it D12

  32. weigop says:

    go to miami!! we dont have legit center!

  33. MC says:

    go to boston………

  34. Jason says:

    The Magic should try to get Chris Paul. A point guard is what the Magic need. They’ve got the best big-man in the league and a terrific point guard would add to their dominance!

  35. ibin says:

    get cp3

  36. markyn says:

    d. howard for bynum.cp3 and ariza for artest,blake & brown..go get vujacic back to lakers,he is a clutch player needed if lakers are trailing to opponent…

  37. slavy says:

    Howard go to LA best move out there. Chris paul join him too and theres the 2012 NBA champions. LA get rid of everyone other then Bynum,KOBEE,Odom and Brown, everyone else sionara mofos. D.Fish alot of respect for u but u getting old. Just imagine CP3,Kobe, Lamar,Bynum,Dwight, damn thats the West ALL Star team, not even Miami would be able to beat LA now. SO CP3 and D12 DONT listen to all that BS about being quitters and all of that, but do something thats good for U and come get a ring with LA. If your current team isnt trying to sign any great players to make ur team better and be playoff conteders mayb they dont care about winning as much as U!

  38. d-wade time says:

    Dwight howard is 25 he is still young and honestly i think he should stick with orlando for another year and decide about his future when he becomes a free agent he shouldnt commit to orlando just yet he should see what orlando managment does and if they bring him the players he needs like cp3 and the bench players then he should sign a 3-4 yr deal with the magic honestly it would be inspirational and so much better for him to win a ring in orlando a team who aint won a ring yet and lead them to dominance ………he wants to start his own path u people need to understand he doesnt have anything to with what lebron james or shaq…………he has pride he doesnt wanna go la where there has already been to great centres who have dominated he wants to start his own dominance in orlando

  39. Teriac says:

    they need a new pf sf and sg. they should develop gilbert arenas back to his allstar form and make jrich a great sixth man. they also need a solid bench and continue their great three point shooting

  40. Andrew says:

    comon dwight take your talents to the windy city we need your talents help us beat the heat. You will surrounded by a team that plays with alot of heart

  41. orlandopinoy says:

    Thank you Dwight! The NBA needs more players like you. Go Orlando!

  42. PINOY@ LAKERS FUNS says:

    PinoyMe@Lakers 4ever …YAh!! he is true…go to L.A .. f u like to win CHAMPION…L.A is the best team ever…there are many teammates like..kobe bryant, pau gasol, derrick fisher, ..gO!!!! HOWARD ..

  43. Jorge says:

    Howard should join Charlotte just like CP3 will.

  44. hahaha says:

    He said his “prefer” to stay with Magic. “preference” does not equal to “commit”.

    Anyway, if management fail to support him in getting close to championship, he have full right to move to better place. Afterall, Dwight is just another salary man.

  45. Mysteries Fan says:

    I believe D12 will do fine staying with the magic, fans of the lakers should look at the facts lakers cant land a great player like CP3 or D12 come on… how much are they over the cap space now? If some how they wavie or trade players away maybe but cant win a title without phil jackson MJ cant kobe can not be fights with mike brown and players like kobe wanting to do it his way for years with phil jackson. D12 is being a real man stick with his guns and wait for help can payoff like Dirk and other players if they only got a back up centre for howard would have done so much better this season…

  46. LeBosh says:

    Dwight is a quitter!! He hates Orlando obviously. I hate the Lakers.

  47. Ted A. says:

    Dwight should have come to NYC I know he wants to win but if we had him with Melo and A’mare we would have a squad.. NY will get CP3 and Dwight will only have a team with no players with the will to win but himself. Come to NYC man we will show you love!!

  48. Antrion says:

    D Howard all you have to do is come to Chicago with D Rose and together with the team they have now you would win you a Chip or two.

  49. JACK77 says:

    dwight howard will play for the lakers next season….that’s the ugly truth my friends…….

  50. TRIBINSKI says:

    All i can say that that Dwight is not a QUITTER unlike LeQuitter James…

  51. Alonso Zamarripa says:


  52. Flafan says:

    Shaq didnt leave for better money or market he was force out. Orlando had Penny and thought he was the next MJ how wrong they were. Dwight never going to be that go to guy. He just need to go to a team with a go to guy im not a laker fan but that would be the best fit for him. Just rebound and block shot.

  53. ko12 says:

    i hate the lakers and i dont want howard to go there, just stay in on orlando and wait for chris paul to win some championships

  54. Mavs4Life41 says:

    Stick with Orlando Howard it will Pay Off look at Dirk, he backs his team all the way and they are in the finals stick with them stick it out you will get there, you bring more pride to the game the nba and more importantly to your self if you have loyalty to your team and your fans, mad respect for staying in orlando your the best center and defensive player in the league hands down

  55. MIACB#1 says:

    Dwight dont focus on markets go out and win a title. Move to Portland with LaMarcus and Roy or OKC with KD and Russell, If MJ couldnt win a title by himself you cant either

  56. Spurs fan a.k.a K-rob says:

    The lakers would be fine with Jameer nelson I hate the lakers

  57. Stephen says:

    You realize that if Howard ended up going to Golden State with shooters that can make their shots and run the floor where he would not have to always play offense they would be very scary. I can’t imagine if you had Dorrell Wright, Steph Curry, and Monta on the outside. GS would certainly shore up that defensive line in the front court and the back court could just keep stealing and running.

  58. Spurs fan a.k.a K-rob says:

    I’m glad he’s staying unlike a lot of guys in relationships nowadays……Do not go to L.A….the got all they need they we need other good teams to make the league interesting….a few good teams makes the NBA lame a lot of decent teams make it wortth watchin Yeah CP3 is the perfect combo for Dwight’s style alley oops all day…

  59. Mike says:

    thanks dwight for not giving in to stacking teams like the trend has been. You are a real competitor and I’ve got tons of respect for you. After a lockout, Orlando will be the team to beat.

  60. Mr. eleven says:


  61. ggggfffff says:

    ive got 10 bucks on howard joining the wizards, man no one knows basketball like me

  62. Howard; I had decided that i would no longer like the magic anymore if they let you slip away. This is a at small market, but Miami is just as small.. They have fairweather fans that only shows up when they have a winning product.. Teams like Detroit, Chicago, Boston, and even New York have die hard fans regardless.. With that being said, If you stay in Orlando, I think you could single handedly change the market in Central Florida….I have the utmost respect for your game, but even moreso as a “real” man.. Keep the NBA fun and fair…

  63. Dwight’s staying, CP3 will be joining him. Amare and Melo will join Olando soon. And, if Kobe wants, he can be 6th man of the team.

    The Olando Dynasty is here.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      What CP3 to OKC for Perkins and Sefolosha? Starting 5 for OKC CP3 at PG, Westbrook at SG, Durant SF, Ibaka PF, Collison C. Harden 6th man of the year!

  64. bverilo says:

    Dwight Howard should sacrifice money and go to the Miami Heat! Yeah!

  65. JJ says:

    Duhhh the Lakers can’t sign him because they are capped out duhhhh. Are you people so retarded that you have never heard of a trade?

    • GARY says:


  66. JJ says:

    Well the good news is that Dwight will have plenty of time to reflect on this decision at this time every year until the Magic trade him.

  67. dr mike says:

    Yeah you can change that small market just like Tim Duncan did in San Antonio. Oh wait, San Antonio is still a small market. Their NBA chamionship runs were the lowest rated in NBA history. And in San Antonio, a big endorsement deal is standing next to Honest Al at his used donkey lot.

  68. brandon says:

    Good. Now the stupid Laker and Heat fans will shut up about him coming to their teams. They’re capped out. Best for Dwight would be to stay in ORL, get the management to get him better teammates, and not become the NBA’s next villain.

    Also, Monta Ellis is not leaving Golden State.

  69. macdaddytre says:

    Yeah, why would anyone want to go to the Lakers and win championships and make millions like Shaq did? I am sure that having all that fame and fortune would be ruined by the fact that some lame media personality would accuse him of following in Shaq’s path. Hear that D Rose? Better leave Chi town before someone says you are following Jordan.

  70. Brandon says:

    this reminds me of the Dwayne Wade commercial where he said hes going to get traded
    Dwight’s going to New Yrok with Cp3 to join melo and amare if so that would be a dominant team to rival miami

  71. @Lakers Sucks says:


  72. guizera says:

    good job dwight! stay in orlando and carve your name as the greatest player in franchise history! Im sure you will a ring in orlando!

  73. DirkNowitzki says:

    dwight shouuld come to mavs 🙂

  74. matt a. says:




    • bverilo says:

      Lakers won’t even make it to the Finals ever again for the next 6 years at least, that’s a promise 🙂

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      I want what you’re smoking.

    • GARY says:

      The projected salary cap figure used for the upcoming season is $58,044,000, which is the same number from the 2010-2011 season, though it could very well be much lower than that if the owners get their way at the negotiating table……HOWARDS SALARY 16.647 MILLION….. LAKERS DRAFT IN 2011=NO FIRST ROUND PICKS AND #11 IN SECOND ROUND….JACKSON WAS THE FIRST RAT TO ABANDON A SINKING SHIP.

  75. Teddy says:

    I honestly was hoping for a chicago trade , but I must admire the man for sticking to his team! A rare thing now days, A man is not defined by his intentions but by his actions!! Good job

  76. Dewayne Villa says:

    #12 stop making noise. A good players needs a good players around him. You certainly don’t have great players around you. You now need a rim though. Go to Lakers, you will be the Champs next season.

  77. Michael says:

    The Spurs could really use one more dominate big guy. If Howard could keep his temper under control and start making free throws, he’d be the perfect Spur. That is the one missing piece standing between them and antother championship, at least in the next couple years before the others get too much older. Then they can rebuild around Howard after Duncan is gone.

  78. Kwesi Wells says:

    True leadership qualities

  79. BOUNTY says:

    Dwight Howard to Boston next season will definitely guarantee him a championship how bout that ppl

  80. Alex says:

    i am not trying to get of topic but where do you think Monta Ellis is heading?

    I hear rumors abour Joakim Noah for Monta Ellis

  81. Orlando Sucks says:

    Have fun being loyal to Orlando and never winning anything. You will be the only one proud of yourself

  82. OrlandoKi says:

    Dwight is one of the nicest guy in the nba and i dont want him to leave Orlando. I wish otis smith would surround him with proper supporting cast so he could get his ring then.. BTW i hope Dwight would be part of this elite squad. http://sportales.com/sports/top-10-nba-defensive-players-of-all-time/

  83. Marcos says:

    I guess that his path will be that of Patrick Ewing with New York,he can just ask Ewing how it feels to be an elite player,one of the best 50,and not having a single ring!!!

  84. Lorenzo says:

    Today, may 31st is my birthday and I can honestly say this has been the most “meaningful” gift that I have received. Thank you Dwight howard.

  85. Ammaar says:

    COME TO BOSTON!!!!!!!! WE HAVE THE PERFECT PLAYERS FOR EVERY POSITION BUT YOURS!!! ! and if u come we’ll get banner 18 and become the best team of all-time!!!!!!

    • DONTbeSTUPID says:

      howard on celtics??? that is not a good decision..
      first, celtics aren’t on their reign now.. i haven’t seen them in the past months to make a mark in today’s NBA.
      it would be like another Orlandos…

      if i were howard… go to Lakers..
      you only need to swallow your pride. thinking you can still bring Orlandos at the top. dont be so Idealistic.. every season orlandos come to worst..

      Lakers still is hot.. even though theyre not at the top.. they are still making the “MARK” in today’s NBA..
      now if you want to be the MARK on the future’s NBA…
      try negotiating with the LAKERS…

      • cymru says:

        Lakers Hot and Boston not!!! and i thought both teams only managed the semifinals, oh wait they did, and the lakers got swept. Clearly both teams are not hot at the moment, infact with the loss of your manager and Kobe another year older if they wanted Dwight they would have to change most of there roster.

  86. Lucky Lady says:

    I hope that Dwight stays in Orlando because I am from here and a Magic fan, but if he leaves he does not owes the city or Orlando anything. These players get with other teams to beat their competition. Teams like the Lakers, Boston, and San Antonio will keep getting better and win everything if other GM dont step up and get better talent. Someone said it better, Dwight will be ringless just like alot of other hall of famers if he does not change teams or another super or allstar comes to Orlando. I hope he does not go to L.A.

  87. Miami fan says:

    howard need to join a good team with at least one more all- star if he want´s to be a champion
    almost all champion teams had at least twwo all-stars or more support

  88. cp3toCharlote says:

    sorry guys cp3 will go to charlotte because of mj 🙂

  89. Warren says:

    Dwight doesn’t want to join the LAkers… he doesn’t want to be swept again.

    I am with dwight, staying in Orlando and paving his own path will solidify his legacy with or without a championship.

  90. itdoesn'tmatter says:

    well i don’t know if lakers can make him a better player or not. actually the reason why dwight gets space for his low post offense its because of the 3 point shooting capability of orlandos bench it really stretch the defense of any team well lakers made a solution about that in 2009 finals. but if you put howard to a team with horrible 3point gunners. he will always recieve a double team. and lakers doesn’t have a lot of shooters just like orlando. dwight is perfect for olando and orlando is just perfect for dwight so if he want to drop his rebound and points and dunks. he should join another team though if he join lakers he will have a big chance to get a ring. just a chance. well i don’t care about lakers just go to other team dwight don’t EVER go to lakers :))

  91. rizzy says:

    I’m sorry but did we forget what happened to Garnett? Go ahead Dwight follow whatever path you wanna follow, but I can guarantee you that you will be crying all these seasons and you will not win in Orlando. LA dont need u anyway, we got LO, Pau, and Bynum…we was just off this year..

  92. niceman614 says:

    D howard is by far the best center in the game he’s gotta go somewhere else the magic are way to inconnsistant….they better make a move before he pulls a lebron and be in da championship with the bulls or lakers in a few years

  93. MAGIC ALL DAY says:

    Lakers, Bulls, Nets, Knicks, Boston and everyone else FALL BACK. D12 took Orlando the the Finlas in 2009 as a youngster and he can most certainly take them there AGAIN – and you guys KNOW THAT. Once he gets to 70% FT shooting it is OVER. CP3 is the guy to talk about, and he may even want to check out CENTRAL FLORIDA as HOWARD himself makes his middle market a BIG MARKET. D12 is staying, you WILL have to deal with MAGIC games on ESPN, ABC, TNT in MAY-JUNE. GO MAGIC- GO DWIGHT – THE CHIP IS OUR IN 2012!

  94. Real Maniac says:

    That’s right Howard, much respect. I hope you get there because that is what will bring your legacy. Although some try to quit on their team. I have a lot more repect for you then them because you stick to your guns. Let’s go !!!!!!!!!!!

  95. ORLANDO FAN says:

    REGRETS will be at the end DWIGHT… It’s not about FOLLOWING another path, it’s about not wasting the time… just what Garnett said to LeBron ” If I know this was this good, I may have done it a loooooooong time ago” … Look at where LeBron now…. and also, Even Superman needs help sometimes…..

    • McDaddyJeff says:

      Dwight doesn’t have to leave if he feels Orlando Magic is dead serious about winning a championship, and not just being one of the top contenders. He has to help the team though in recruiting talent that he and the team feels will help them win one.

  96. Sean says:

    good job howard he is doing what lebron couldnt do and that is stay loyal to the team and city that drafted you #1
    it doesnt mean something for everyone but when ur the number one pick it certainly does
    glad to see someone in the NBA still cares about this!

    • Mark says:

      But for some if its not working ,#1 pick or not you shouldnt feel you need to stay if management is not getting the players you feel will help you. Turkoglu is bench player at this stage of his career. Arenas is not a backup. They shouldnt have arenas and Nelson. Arenas is not good for them cause hes shoot first. P.S I know management consults Howard for trades, If he cosigned for Arenas and Turkey he cant be upset because neither player was playing well prior to the trade….

  97. osso says:

    go to houston you wont win a championship but youll get my team back on track

  98. Michael Scorn says:

    Orlando needs another superstar. Agent Zero wasn’t the answer. I say somehow packet JRich, Jameer Nelson, and Arenas and get another superstar. Chris Paul would be perfect.

  99. sawaname says:

    Dwight is not going anywhere, he is going to stay not like shaq did looking fo a bigger marke, I hope otis smith will do a better decision this off season trying to lure chris pau, paul has no future in LA in the shadows of Kobe the Crocodile, I hope someday Dwight would join this List http://sportales.com/basketball/top-five-nba-players-in-all-time/ but right now i think he is not yet ready for this.

  100. WhereWinningHappens says:

    Oh, but little did you know dwight, you might be following a similar path to that of miller and malone. Which is good i guess, in a way…

  101. BringBackBasketball says:

    Howard fouls too much and isn’t even called for more than half of the offensive fouls he should be. The NBA needs to start playing basketball. LeBron, stop taking 3-4 steps every time you touch the ball. Dirk, stop switching pivot feet all the time. And Howard, get some skills rather than just clutch and grab your way to get the ball. Refs, stop calling stupid technical fouls and start calling traveling.

    • tom says:

      yeah your onto it, all the superstars are getting away with anything. its just not basketball, that and every game is definately rigged for ticket sales and interesting storylines

  102. PinoyMe@Lakers 4ever says:

    Hey, Dwight…… Wanna win championships? i’m saying CHAMPIONSHIPS!
    Leave Orlando now, join Kobe and you will be CHAMPIONS!
    I do hope CP3 will join Kobe as well.
    Go Lakers!!!!!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Yeah good luck trading away Artest, Odom, Bynum, Gasol and Fisher, for CP3, and Dwight, that leaves what, starting Barnes, and Ratliff, that would actually make them alot worse, just because CP3 and Dwight are big superstars, doesn’t always means they can help a team win, but before signing means thinkong of how much money will be spent on them, and L.A can’t afford anyone as of now, so have fun getting them.

      • gary says:

        and they would be double the cap…lakers have the highest payroll in the nba….jackson left because he could see the future….swept in the first round in 2013

  103. Miami says:

    I personally think what Howard said is so silly. You do not want to run behind another star but you ask another start to run behind you. If that is a matter of pride then why should CP want to run behind you. I personally think his team is way better than you team. You guys have no improvement in last years instead you get worse every year unlike NO. Good Luck!

    • OldSchoolHeatFan says:

      Exactly!…I like Dwight…he’s a funny guy…but that’s why he’ll never win a championship. The same reason Lebron would have probably never won in Cleveland…it was all fun and games.

      Dwight Howard doesn’t know how to get serious…it almost seems like he’s TRYING to get serious now but he’s going about it the wrong way. Talk less about “stars” and “following” and talk more about “comittment” and “leadership”…maybe then talent will gravitate towards your team.

  104. Celtics fan says:

    Dwight Howard & Chris Paul both should go to NEW YORK KNICKS and he’ll have a chance at a championship!

    Imagine that xD
    I rather seem him not go to the lakers -_-

    • WOW says:

      That is stupid. Melo can not be the 2nd best player on a team, or it will implode. CP to Orlando would be monstrous, could you imagine a 1-5 pick and roll situation, with a legit 3 point shooter in the corner? unstoppable.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Have fun winning a team with 5 players, CP3, Fields, Melo, Amare, and Dwight because getting CP3 and Dwight means having no bench, plus NYK are already over the limit by getting Melo and Billups.

    • tom says:

      how could any team have chris paul, carmelo anthony, amare stoudemire AND dwight howard at the same time??? your so stupid! that’s a team someone would dream about making on NBA2K11

      • underdog says:

        yah… you can’t even pull that off in 2k11 unless you try turn on the option of forcing AI’s to trade even of they don’t like it

  105. Boogs says:

    Dwight is the MAN! I love him!

  106. biebs says:

    thank you for not destroying beautiful orlando by taking your talents somewhere else.

  107. jp says:

    Good for you Dwight. The league needs more players like you.

    • For REAL says:

      Yeah we have to watch punx like lebrick run out on their teams!!!!!!!

      • VM says:

        hahahaha. it’s been a year. get over it already like holy smokes

      • Mark says:

        How about LeChip. You say he ran out, i say he made a great decision.Look where hes at in year #1 with the heat. How long would it have taken him to reach the finals with the Cavs? He could possibly win as many rings as Mike if this season is any indication. Stop hatin. P.S. not even a LeChip fan but letz be real here

  108. HeatWave says:

    Don’t like Howard but gotta respect the man for sticking it out. Especially after this season.

    • DeBrosh says:

      how can you not like him? he is probably the most likeable person (and D Wade of course!) in the NBA.

      • HeatWave says:

        I guess just how he mocks other players (Not just James btw). But I still like to watch him play. Just would never sport his jersey, lol.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        D-Wade Likeable? Really? Out of all the NBA players i probably hate him the most, he’s a huge crybaby, whines and complains on the court, cant stand they guy. How are you going to call out a title before the season then make the statement “The heat are right where everyone wants them, losing games” boo hoo get a frickin tissue, seriously, then to break down in tears over a loss to the celtics. then when they beat boston in the playoffs they all huddle up and have an ego stroking session, ridiculous, in this one year i have lost all respect for D-wade!

  109. rockhard says:

    who care’s

    • You Do!!!!!! says:

      ……….. Youre the one who read the article and posted the comment!!!! ………………..

  110. joe says:

    Going to LA would ruin his future. If however CP3 joined him or at least poeple stopped speculating that would ruin everyone else. Let him be him!

  111. Ahmad says:

    He is not going to win a chapionship……Orlando doesn’t have luxury to sign a big named free agent to join Howard! In order for him to win a championship he is going to have to leave Orlando!!

    • Rebound says:

      It’s salary cap room that allows players to be signed. None of the big teams have any cap room left unless they dump a lot of their existing players, and that includes LA Lakers. If Dwight is going to LA, it would have to be the Clippers on a trade for Blake.

    • KB24 LAKERS says:

      In exchange for bynum and some future picks and current unneeded players for howard

      • gary says:

        dude, i want what your smoking

      • Phil says:

        thats right….LA get some players that did not use in the playoffs….they need players that they can use to get on the track….LA must do something on this…..

      • tom says:

        um its dwight howard we’re talking about here!!?!?!?!? how on earth does a trade work with a few random lakers that they never use for dwight howard!? doesn’t make any sense at all

    • QuestionMark says:

      Orlando’s main mistake was to sign big money on Arenas and Turk, trading them away for CP3, or dumping them will free up alot of cap space to sign CP3, and a good PF and a backup C.

  112. Shaquille O'neal says:

    Aww c’mon Dwight! You gotta follow the big Shaq! I was counting on you………..

    • Larry says:

      I think Orlando should try everything to get CP3 for the PG, a young PF and Kobe Bryant for the sixth man. I think they would make a run to the ECF with this kind of team.

      • what says:

        What did you say Kobe as the sixth man WTF?

      • SERIOUS LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

        Look man immaa quote you “Kobe Bryant for the sixth man”. Dont be a donkey kobe is never coming off the bench!

      • alex says:

        lol, i think kobe would retire 1st rather than come off the bench!

      • Andrew says:

        hahaha kobe as sixth man are u ok dude should i call u a doctor

      • tom says:

        your an idiot, kobe is the best player in the league. 6th man? so stupid, do you know anything about basketball?

      • Fred says:

        Kobe Bryant 6th man? First, while the lakers are still winning games Kobe wont leave. And Kobe will never come off the bench because Kobe is one of the greatest players ever and what coach in his right mind wouldn’t start Kobe. What a stupid thing to say.

      • underdog says:

        6th man might be a bit harsh even for me a Kobe hater… kobe might just turn into Grant Hill role when he gets older… kobe’s skills are fading constantly and we all can see that. I doubt he would agree to be benched even if he becomes 40, he would try to break Jordan’s record if he gets at that age I would guess coz he’s a Jordan copycat and very egoistic… he would find other teams to play with or not play at all if he’s going to be benched…:)

      • Slimm says:

        Lol.. wait a minute, wait a minute, in my Allen Iverson voice, “I’m the best player in the league, I don’t come off the bench…” lol… I just had to do it but yeah, me personally I think this is the perfect setup for Chris Paul or Deron Williams to roll with Dwight in Orlando

      • McDaddyJeff says:

        Kobe won’t leave LA … He would be a LA lifer. As soon as he feels he won’t be able to win another championship he would retire.

      • On the Run says:

        Kobe played his first years in the NBA coming off the bench, so I don’t think there would be a problem getting back to his old role depending on the situation. And I think he can’t carry all the load anymore.

      • Ghost24 says:

        lol kobe a bench player??
        that’s the dumbest thing i’ve read here…

    • DeBrosh says:

      to LA in exchange for ?

      • niceman614 says:

        bynum and shannon brown and draft a young athletic point

      • underdog says:

        eenk.. bynum and shanon brown plus a Lakers draft pick would not be advantageous even for a bit for the Magic… but if they pull off another “under the table” deal like they did with Gasol… they might get Howard… getting Howard from Magic would need atleast 2 of Bynum, Gasol, or Odom… at least 2 role players and draft picks

      • GARY says:

        the salaries match, but lakers don’t have a 1st round pick and orlando would have to be brain dead to make that trade…..keep dreaming…lakers are 45 million over the cap, and kobe is fading, why do you think phil jumped ship?

      • On the Run says:

        Exactly, Gary. And if I was Pau Gasol I would jump too and take my talents anywhere else cause the near future of his franchise seems to be as dark as Mordor.

    • R4 says:

      First of all we can talk about where everyone is going when we know there is going to be a season. You heard it hear first… There is going to be a strike in the nba for at least half the season maybe even a full season. First of all, if the new cba has a hard cap salary there will not be a team in the nba that can sign three big name players because they will not have the room and second, when the new cba centain like Lakers, Heat, Magic and Knicks who love to live life over the luxury tax will need to find another game play. And I hope they take out guaranteer contract so players that don’t want to earn money for a living will need to find work else where. I just can’t wait for the new cba it will bring balance to the nba once and for all.

    • gary says:

      this years salary cap 58.044million…the lakers salary for next year 93.4 million good luck making trades to get cp3 or howard….fantasize all you want, maybe walton for howard and cash, or how about fischer strait up for cp3? i know barnes and a ball boy for blake griffin……

    • tom says:

      why would la get howard?? are you kidding me? they don’t have anything to trade with you stooge. some people have no idea about basketball

      • DJ says:

        You mean people like you Tom? If Orlando Doesn’t trade Howard he can leave freely at the end of the season and they will get nothing for him. If they trade him to LA for anything at all(draft picks or players) it will be better than what they will get if he just decides not to resign with them.