Blogtable: Finals Predictions

We asked our stable of scribes to weigh in on the 2011 Finals before Game 1 tips — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Who wins this thing, how do they win it and in how many games?

David Aldridge: This comes down to three things: will the Mavericks make shots? Will Tyson Chandler stay out of foul trouble? And can the Heat force turnovers? The answers are 1) Yes, but probably not enough, given Miami’s ability to close out and force contested shots; 2) No, because LeBron and Wade will be able to break down the Mavs’ perimeter D enough times to force Chandler to come over and help; 3) Yes — even against the great Jason Kidd. Kidd is still deadly with the skip pass and finding weakside shooters, but the Heat’s ability to produce deflections and steals is incredible. And if Miami gets into transition, Dallas is toast.

It all adds up to a competitive, tough series that Miami wins in six games.

Steve Aschburner: You can say that the Dallas Mavericks have been built for this moment in ways that the Miami Heat still are building. You can point out the many offensive threats the Mavericks have, beginning with (and lingering on) Dirk Nowitzki but not ending there (can you say “3-pointers?”). You can cite Jason Kidd as the most savvy point guard the Heat have faced in the playoffs, beyond Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose, and Tyson Chandler as the most formidable center – the two positions where Miami is weakest. All of that may be true.

But in a mosh pit of stifling defenses, Chicago vs. Miami, it was Miami’s that was left standing. The resurrection of Udonis Haslem has transformed them, toughening up the Heat inside, cleaning up messes before they even exist. Mike Bibby and Mario Chalmers at least won’t be out-quicked against Kidd or J.J. Barea. Oh, and then there are those three fellows unmentioned here till now. Chris Bosh is playing better than he has all season, and LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are matching migraines for the Mavs – with the ability to get to the foul line as a hat-tip to 2006.

Heat in six.

Fran Blinebury: The Lakers proved that if you don’t guard the Mavs at all at the 3-point line, they’ll fire away like they’re making a run on stuffed teddy bears at a carnival booth.  The Thunder proved that if worry a whole lot about those 3-point shooters, that guy named Dirk will tie you in pretzel knots and steal your wallet.  The Heat have enough active defenders in LeBron, Wade, Bosh and now Udonis Haslem to always keep more than one body on Nowitzki and be able to still get back out to the 3-point line to close out on the long range shooters.

At the other end of the floor Miami has too many offensive weapons that are now in sync.  They’ll still prefer to do most of their damage in transition. But the Chicago series showed that the Heat are now capable of making the right plays late in a half-court set.

Heat in six.

Micah Hart: Do you believe in fairy tales? Because that’s what a Mavericks win in these Finals would be: A by-the-numbers sports movie from beginning to end.

Think about how often you have seen this plot play out on the silver screen:

1. Opening: Team humbled by big bad rival.
2. Team culls together a ragtag bunch of over-the-hill choke artists, almosts and could-have-beens for one last shot at glory.
3. Hires a coach who many think can’t win the big one.
4. Meanwhile, big bad rival gets, well, even bigger and badder.
5. On the brink of failure, everyone begins to wonder if the team has missed its chance; team is written off.
6. Miraculously, team bands together in playoffs to knock off one opponent after another, often in absurd and increasingly unbelievable scenarios.
7. Climax: Heroes topple the hated villains, showing that in the end good always triumphs over evil.

I choose to believe that real life will imitate art this year, and the Mavericks will beat the Heat in six games (though surely it’ll go seven in the Disney version).

Which reminds me — someone needs to find out Barry Pepper’s availability.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Heat in 7. Dirk Nowitzki is the MVP of the playoffs so far and, more to the moment, as impossible a matchup as exists. But Miami has more unstoppable offensive options, plays better defense and has homecourt advantage. In other words, it is the team everyone worried about since last summer, no matter how many people foolishly tried to dismiss early in the season.

Shaun Powell: How could you not like Dallas? The Mavericks gave the defending champion Lakers a beatdown, then told the snotty young kids from Oklahoma City to wait their turn. We saw marvelous play by Dirk, the best German import without four wheels. And saw Tyson Chandler puff out his chest. And Barera constantly finds a way to drive inside, even though he doesn’t look old enough to hold a license.

But: Miami is taking this. In six, max. LeBron is on a rampage. And just to be safe, his right-hand man will change his first name from “Maverick” just so he won’t get caught in the crossfire.

John Schuhmann: After three rounds of terrific basketball, I couldn’t be more excited for this series. One team has been playing lights-out offensively and the other has been locking down defensively. And both have been at their best in the clutch.

How scary would it be if the Heat win a championship in their first year together, with a flawed supporting cast and LeBron James just 26 years old? The Mavs’ obviously have more urgency. Since the Lakers in ’04, there hasn’t been a team more unlikely to return to The Finals the following year.

Dallas has the urgency-factor, for sure. But I doubt that’s enough to overcome Miami’s home-court advantage and superior defense. Heat in 6.

Sekou Smith: No team in these playoffs has diagnosed and exploited weaknesses better than the Mavericks did on their march through the Western Conference field, and that includes draining 66 more 3-pointers (a 198-point edge) than the opposition. And no team has locked down and pressed the life out of opponents defensively the way the Heat did while steamrolling the competition in the Eastern Conference field, they broke the defending Eastern Conference champion Celtics in the conference semifinals and knocked out Chicago’s reigning hoops trinity of league MVP Derrick Rose, Coach of the Year Tom Thibodeau and Executive of the Year Gar Forman in the conference finals.

Yet for all of the time you’re going to waste analyzing the metrics, matchups, trends and styles, this series, as it always does, comes down to the superstars. The Heat boast two and potentially one more to the Mavericks’ one.

Heat in 7.


  1. rasheed says:

    mavs defeat heat……thats all

  2. IcanSEEit says:

    you don’t give a damn what team people liked and cheer…
    get a life


    @MAVSIS are u blind? The HEAT are a complete team with the 8 man rotation, then u are saying you have no idea?
    some folks mentioning the bench players are the huge advantage for the MAVS, The bench players are not a factor for the heat that’s the truth because they’re satisfied of the 8 man rotation, why should they use the bench if the BIG THREE can handle the entire game?

    If JONES, HOUSE and MILLER are in the MAVS i think they can give more percentage of winning against the i right MAVSIS?JONES- 3 point champion,, HOUSE- one of the 2008 champions if i’m not mistaken, MILLER- most accurate 3 point shooters in the league last season..BUT IN MIAMI JONES & HOUSE are a coach DNP’S,it’s because the 8 are too much for the MAVS..

  4. MAVSIS says:

    Can you list the reasons why you think Heat is a better team? List, why you like them. Because I have no idea! I like skillful team basketball just like Mavs and I cannot think of one reason why I should like Heat.
    List, but be specific, don’t just say Lebron, Wade, Bosh, whatever, give reasons, I am curious.

  5. lb6 says:

    Come again?? where are those dallas fans that said Mavs will sweep heat in 4 games. Not happening.

  6. Jose says:


    Mavs are one point ahead after first half (of first match).43-44

    Big one and a half (Terry) are beating Big three and a half (Chalmers). Both “halfs” have played great the first half.

    It seems like Mavs will win the ring!!!! (lol), jejeje

    • Nick says:

      I don’t hear the fat lady singing yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hold ur horses budddy.
      It ain’t over till its ha ha ha

  7. eijiboi says:

    i want heat to win…

    But for my own opinion its hard to say both teams are deserving..maybe heat was over hated and mavs was underrated at the start of the playoffs but both team have a good run. they prove they can win the title but sad to say only one will take the crown..

    who will take 2-1 or 2-0 lead probably will take the title…

  8. Jose says:

    Mavs are ahead at the end of the first quarter of the first game!.

    Go Mavs!

  9. Travis says:

    GROW UP!!!!! Lebron has done more in his short CAREER than DIRK has in his long suckey career!!!!!

  10. Mr. eleven says:

    MIAMI 7-0, lol because after heat will beat them 4-0, Mark Cuban, Dan Gilbert, TRIBINSKI, Micah Hart, and all Mavs fan will BEGGING for another game, so that will game 5 to 7. They will all failed to SEE their Team WIN at least ONE hahaha. I’m so sorry if all Mavs fan will be upset. Wake up people this is the reality, Miami Heat will win in game 5/6. Mark my word! And don’t forget this name “Mr.Eleven”

  11. RBS says:

    You can do it, Mavs in 6 or 7…..prove it they’re wrong….

  12. Tim says:

    Mavs in 5

  13. Go MAVS !!!!! says:

    Actually, I would prefer to watch Heat and Thunder game in finals. Unfortunately, it is not possiple. Due to James and Bosh’s cowardices, I hope mavs get championship because they have only one star DIRK !!!!
    P.S lebron !! plesae give up that bad habit when you get hard faul, your face looks like crying such as small kids!!! come on you are 27 !!!

  14. Jessa Girl says:

    Miami in 4.

    Finals MVP is Joel Anthony

  15. Philippines HEAT says:

    The best of the best Player in basketball ists in the Finals,..,the horse kick of the mavs,.,.in the both side The 3fire of Miami,,. but in any sports one its not good for three,,.thats all!! MIAMI HEAT at 6,..,.

  16. Egatangan says:

    DALLAS IN 4..


  17. Egatangan says:

    DALLAS IN 4.

  18. Egatangan says:

    MAVS IN 4!!!!


    Heat is really overrated…sucks

  19. Logic Man says:


    No logic to your comments. If the NBA were fixed it would be the Laker’s versus the NY Knicks (the two biggest, most important markets).

    Further more, all series would go a minimum of 6 games (most would go all seven) as this would generate the most revenue.

  20. Mavs Fan says:

    I love how miami fans are backing up their team. It is just so funny. First off lets get one thing straight, mavs are THE BEST road team. They took out the lakers in the first two games in los angeles. Second, who on miami heat can guard dirk? No one. If gasol, odom, ibaka, durant whoever, couldn’t guard him i dont think anyone in miami will. And if anyone talks about the 2006 finals, well, that finals would favor dallas. Wade will be way too overconfident while dallas will have revenge as their mentality and will surely come out stronger. Everyone talks about how Miami handled drose, so they could handle kidd. LOOK AT THE EXPERIENCE level. D rose choked in a place where kidd would’ve kept calm. Dallas is full of veterans. We don’t need big three’s or anything to win. Chicago may have good bench, but their starters stink. Basically u have all big guys and one person who is an outside shooter. That’s y they lost. Celtics are getting way too old, that’s y they lost. But let’s just see what happens. Miami still could win. The games haven’t happened yet. Dallas will lose if they choke. But still, no one can say miami will win just cuz of the big three. Dallas has a talented team without any big name players.

  21. patrick says:

    Just wanted to post this. Makes me think NBA is all set up and run by money. How can ESPN and NBA miss this??? Doesn’t make any sense to me. Anyone care to share their thoughts?

  22. ken34 says:

    the heat will win , because you guys are forgoting that they are facing one major heat critic aka Mark Cuban , after facing the celtics and the bulls both major critics of the heat they will prove themselves time and time again t’ill there critics come to acknowledge that they made a huge mistake making disporprtinate attempts to keep the heats down and from my gut I know that the are refusing to be taken down and for granted by others and tHEY are constantly perservering to attain the goal they have set for themselves wich is an nba title .They will take all the crap that they’re foe have thrown at them eat it up and and turn that stuff into extreme amount of energy . They refuse to be stopped by people who see nothing but there own point of vues of them ANDS that why they play dirty . Remember the critics of michael and kobe so here we go again . Dear friends the Heat are burning with fire withen them they’ll will fight, struggle,fall and get back up but no matter what I believe that these guy on the team will make the statement clear :(THEY ARE HERE TO WIN) BECAUSE OF THE FIRE THAT IGNITED IN THEM.

  23. Dallas41 says:


  24. Stephen says:

    It is a good thing that they have been wrong in almost every round. Grizzlies-Spurs, Dallas-Lakers come to mind. There are more.

  25. Ivanpinoy says:

    almost miami will win in this series coz of this article..haha

  26. Katwarp says:

    I think it’ll be more like Dallas in Six or Seven games depending on how Lebron actually plays. In previous matchups with Lebron, he has been held off to his lowest points ever in games. Don’t doubt the Mavericks just yet.

  27. Awe says:

    again the best team we will this exciting series, Regardless of whatever happen on the court, am giving this one away to the MAVS

  28. LABRYANT says:

    going to be a great series…going 7..depends on how Dallas can contain the BIG 3 and if Miami can get some production from bench…all in all i say Miami in 7….

  29. Albert Allego says:

    If the Mavs with their size advantage, especially Haywood and Chandler, covered the lane monstrously and patrols like a rascal on the zone they have the chance.

  30. Nick says:


    2011 NBA CHAMPS……..That will be the headlines in about 10 days

  31. Raven1083 says:

    Nice prediction by the expert but i do believe that the ball is round and it is still anyone’s ball game the heat may have a lot of offensive weapons in the form of big three but i still believe that basketball is a 48 minute game and anything can happen i do believe that the team with the bigger heart will win the series so i am choosing Dallas in 6

  32. ofer says:

    i from israel and i watch nba playoff evry year. i dallas fan! so you ready?
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttsssssssssssss gammmmmmmme tiiimeeeeeeeeeeee arrreeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaaaaddddddddddy????????? come on dalla!!!!!!

  33. FlashIsGreatest says:

    I am going with Heat in 5 just to keep true to the pattern that has developed. Heat have won every series in 5 so I think that it will continue. Plus Wade is most likely going to come out with a bang this series to make up for last. Spo is going to start him with the ball just to give him confidence, I know it. He is going to use that and execute and the Heat are going to wreck the mavs.

  34. BbasketBall says:

    MAVS 4 – LAKERS 0

  35. DIRKwillRULEtheFINALS says:

    stop the debate.. it will be DIRK’S time.. BULLS next year.. CLEVELAND on 2013.. before THE SELF PROCLAIMED KING “LEBRON” gets a title.. hahaha..

  36. VNV says:

    I wonder how is Kidd not a super-star. He is old, yes, but his skills are not hampered by age. He may not run like rabbit for the whole game but that is hardly needed. As I can see it from a super-star point of view the series is tied. 2 superstars vs. 2 superstars and a half but the team with “just” 2 superstars have undeniably the better bench. So its pretty much a tie.
    Prediction – if the series is 5 games or less then Dalls. Otherwise – Miami.

  37. Nick says:

    Definetely Heat in six. LeBron has been hungry for a ring since his draft, so one may ask :”whats different this year?”
    Well, this year he isn’t with the CAVS. It doesn’t have to be just a one man show. Yeah, Baby, 2011 is gonna be
    King James’s year, and he has plenty of help now,,,,,,,,,,Bosch and Wade to name a few. So Wade will tell you:
    BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! Mark Cuban, eat your heart out;;;;;;;; Your club shall never win a ring as long as you own
    it.Yeah, does 2004 bring back memories

  38. Chris says:

    People are ridiculous. Bosh IS a superstar period. People are talking like there’s only 3 good players on the heat lol. Haslem, Chalmers, Bibby, Jones, Anthony and Miller are terrible apparently…

  39. CHANDLER6 says:


  40. CHANDLER6 says:

    Dirk has all the back up he needs………this is a new team, new coach. All that hog wash of the Big 3….give me a break……………………..MAVS in 4

  41. leonard says:

    I’ll just sit back and enjoy the series. Trying to figure out who will win takes away the fun.

  42. Robert says:

    If DWade is heathly and on his game. Miami wins big time.

  43. baron44 says:

    looking the starting five heat have the advantage… but the key will be miller and haslem, If miller or house could contribute by hitting 3pt bomb Dallas will be in trouble.. and if haslem could duplicate his performance in 06 againts nowitzki its over for the mavs… but the way i see it, mavs is now a different team… with kidd and shawn marion on the lineup, kidd leadership and guiding the mavs dirk can now focus in scoring and do his damage to the opponent and for lebron knowing marion its gonna be good match-up lebron will get his points for sure but how many shot he will take before he get his avg is the question… About wade, i do hope he is really 100% for sure heat will need him…For bosh the he better bring “A” game or else dirk will eat him alive… Chadler and haywood will be the key for dallas defense as long as they disrupt the hard drive of lebron and wade dallas “D” will be fine with the help of Kidd, Marion and others..
    For Dallas Bench its gonna be Terry, Barea and Peja.. as long as Terry and Peja keep hitting those long shot and Barea keep penetrating those defense by hard drive, Dirk, Tyson and Haywood will be benefited….

    My prediction I will go to Dallas ( GAME 6 OR 7) as they always say AGE BEFORE BEAUTY………….

    • Luke says:

      Didn’t they used to call Dirk- Irk (because he has no D)? How about Jason Terry?
      Haven’t they always said that defense wins championships?
      I give you props for plotting your own course, though 😛

      Wouldn’t the experts know? Oh, right, they’ve been wrong all season (Or they’ve been playing the croud all season..notice there are not even 1/3 of the amount of heat haters voicing their opinion right now?)

      You guys better keep Chandler on bosh, and not allow a switch, before you ever think about winning this series. You know Irk can’t guard him.

  44. Brydon says:

    Mavs in 4!

  45. Rich says:

    Regular season and past games results don’t matter now. Both teams will lay it all on the line. HEATplaying with 3 of the best individual talents this season and MAVS playing with a solid all around team. This kinda reminds me of Pistons-Lakers 2004, with the super-star studded team heavily favored.
    MAVS have to play perfectly in both ends of the floor for them to have at least a chance of winning. And chance does not necessarily translates to certainty. HEAT just have to show up and score their normal points from their big-3 and almost always win easily.
    … This is the first time in the post-season I don’t feel good about my MAVS. But what the heck – I’m rolling with my MAVS all the way baby ! LET’s GO MAVS !

  46. Christina says:

    Pretty sure that none of the experts can accurately predict how this series will go down unless they were to pick one of every scenario. A guy who can’t even produce the correct name of a player… Barea… most certainly does not know the accuracy of how a team is playing at this moment. I am also pretty sure that everyone has been praising the Offense of the Mavericks and the Defense of the Heat,,. not the other way around. Basically, The Mavs or Heat may or may not win this year but either team is very deserving of the championship. However, don’t believe any of the analysts in what they predict. They couldn’t be more incorrect on their reasoning as to how they came to their conclusions.

  47. netinfant says:

    As long as the Heat team doesn’t think they are a better team over the Mavs, then they will win. Like the Mavs back in 2006, they thought they were winning for sure but end up they lost…… Always be ready for the worst case scenario.

  48. el stone says:

    I’m hoping for 2 things: a good, close series and a Dallas victory (LeBron and the Heat will have plenty more chances to hoist the trophy).

    Is that too much to ask?

    • Jose says:

      good approach!,

      It would be nice to see Novitzky and Kidd getting the ring. They deserve it.
      Big three will have several more chances in the future.
      But it looks like Miami want it, and want it now:P

  49. Juango says:

    Heat will win, just because they haven’t lost a game @ home during the playoffs. Mavs are about to play a different Miami team than they did back in those 2 last game when they met. Just because the Mavs won those 2 against the Heat don’t mean that they’re going to win, just asjked that to the Bulls and Celtics. IMO, the Mavs are going to play the Chicago bulls from the 90’s, sorry Dirk, but you’ll be another Carl Malone. Dirk is great but need better back up.

  50. MAVSIS says:

    Simple as that. Mavs will probably win. Somebody mentioned above something I completely agree with – MAVS = REAL MADRID of NBA (beautiful, skillful game) and HEAT = tasteless circus show. I know that officials and refs will be against the team, but we believe that they can win. And if not, we will stand proud, no matter what. GO MAVS, DIRK, BAREA, KID, TERRY, MARION, STOYA, CHANDLER!!!

  51. Martin from Austria says:

    Let’s go Heat!!! No matter what’s the point difference, as long as you win. I don’t care for the score if you win 4 times against the Dallas Mavericks in these finals at the end of the day. Also, Miami Heat, please do this for my birthday, which is coming up on Thursday!!!

  52. Vic says:

    People take a look at this first and then feel if it is going to be that easy for the Heat to win the championship|1610612748,1610612742;season=r

  53. heat fan 123123 says:

    heat in game 5 cuz they have a pattern they let the other team win 1 game

    • Vic says:

      Really? Thats It? May they should use the Liar Liar pants on fire tactic and maybe they will crush the opposing team faster!!

      What the hell?? Why does the moderator allows these DUH fans post comments here. Please be intelligent with your comments. It shows your maturity and your dedication to the game as a fan of your team. So Far most of the Heat fans sound like they have nothing inteligent to say about their team. Duh we gonna win cause we bring the heat! DEE dee dee. Please!!

    • HEAT in 6 says:

      The debate should not be about who will win the championship! It is already given that the heat will win it either via sweep or 5 games.. The Title of the debate should be: WHO WILL BE THE FINALS MVP LEBRON JAMES OR DWYANE WADE? i will go to LEBRON though..

  54. DALLAS says:

    Dallas will win , 5 games.

  55. Vic says:

    Everyone but Shaun Powell in the stable is betting on Miami. I hope for their credibility and ability to see what nobody else does that Miami does win the finals, Other wise I hope you all have a lot of A-1 Sauce to put on your feet when Dallas wins it all and takes your credibility along with their new NBA Championship trophy. Mos of them betting on 6 to 7 games. That being the case makes this not a cinderella storie or good wins over evil. It makes a real threat for the rest of the league. That the Mav’s won’t win the series so what any of the other teams in the league would give anything or take back anything they have done wrong just to be there playing against whoever it might be. Yeah Maimi has to star players on which their entire fanbase is relying to win the championship. What does Dallas have and entire team of skilled athletes that are seen as a threat. It seems to me that for someone who they think is not even old enough to hold a drivers license (JJ Barea) they sure give him a lot of thought. Lets give credit where credit is due a walk on free agent that had to figh his way up and that the lakers had to resort to violence to try to stop his excellent game. C’mon you have to admit it, the Heat is worried that the Mav’s will extinguish them in 4. However may the best team wins without having to act like a Laker in the court. Lets cheer for our favorite team and enjoy the series for its entertainment value and the enjoyment of the sport by the fans. Go Mav’s!!!!!

  56. Blacksheep says:

    I have to agree the Mav have not seen a defense as good as the Heat plus they are good at recover I just thing all the open 3 they been getting they will not get as many vs Heat I got them winning in 5 or 6 games to much Bron and Wade and a sprinkle on Bosh to finish it off

  57. dwade fan says:

    Miami will destroy the mavs. NO CHANCE . DWADE FINALS MVP.

  58. BeatDaHeat41 says:

    lets go mavsssssssssss

  59. Possessed41 says:

    I hate it! Everyone thinks that the mavs will be eliminated just as that!I hope they can prove them all wrong!

  60. OriginalHeatFan says:

    I dont want to make u guys depressed or anything but this time the panelists are right, they have disagreed with miami and put them down the whole season but after beating the celtics and bulls the panelists have become believers lol. They want to sound like they know what their doing because up until now i have been laughing at how terribly wrong their predicition have been, unfortunately they have finally been convinced. Here are the negatives to the mavs, they havent seen a lockdown defensive team yet, jason kid is olddd, the mavs bench wont be able to put up 40 or 50 each game due to miamis defense, mavs have one superstar miami has 2 and a half, shawn marion is old, tyson chandler wil get into foul trouble no doubt, and i think miami will find a way to stop dirk they are just too good defensively. You guys actualy think they will have a lot of trouble with dirk? they stopped drose, they stopped pierce, allen, kg, boozer, noah….they have stopped two championship teams 4-1. Bulls>OKC and lakers, Boston>than OKC maybe not the lakers
    So this time the analysts will finally be right lol took them a year but now they can finally sound like they know what their doing again. Dirk deserves it but it just wont happen for him. 😦
    Good predictions! Heat in 6. Lebron finally gets his ring 😀

    • HeatWave says:

      That is a good analysis and really hope it’s true. My nagging feeling is that these guys have been wrong all year and it will hold true to the end.

    • Jose says:


      to see so many negative points about Mavs, I think you are rather generous about the series going to game 6.

      I agree with you on some points. I also think Heat is currently better than Mavs. But I don’t think Dirk will be that easy to stop. They will stop him, but just not as much as to completly outshine him , and not always.

      I think the key for the Mavs to last more than 4 games is Marion. He has been irregular this season, and this playoffs, so far.
      If he performs a good series (I think he is perfectly capable to), this will goe to game 5, or maybe even 6. If he doesn’t , Heat will win in 4.
      Dirk, Chandler, Kidd, Terry, Barea..’performances are predictable.

      Good luck!

  61. Keep silent and watch the playoffs says:

    The last time Miami Heat win against the Dallas Mavericks June 2006 game 6.

    Last day of May seems a good start for an epic series.

  62. Levi Montana says:

    Im a Bulls fans so I have no choice but to go with the MAVS!!! But the I bot a lebron hater ANYMORE, but to me it just seems like Dirk year. He got that swagger about himself. He is hungry for one. Unlike Lebron when they won against Boston wit the big celebration Dirk after WCF anfter the trophy ceremony he walked straight off the court not even giving a report on how they won the serious. The man on a mission. Then people forget about the hunger of th Jet and Jkidd. It really going to come down who wants it more. And I honestly dont think BOSH going to have the same series he had in Chicago. Dirk is a good defender his length is going to bother Bosh and we all know Bosh cant defend Dirk I rather see Lebron on Dirk then Bosh and Stevensen will Contain Dwade.

  63. MIAMI 3:16 says:

    Miami all the way!

  64. ver says:

    Game 1 Mavs will win
    Game 2 Heat will win
    Game 3,4 and 5 Mavs will win
    no body will beleive just wait and watch until the game is over.
    everybody pick Heat because of the big 3. i dont think so

  65. mikE says:

    Trust me the bulls will come back. trust. trust!

  66. ElKabitenyo-DWade4Ever says:

    Heat will defeat Mavs 4-2 only if Kidd, Terry and Marion will step up every game, otherwise series will end on Game 5. Heat will silenced all haters and the sweetest is we will have the first Fil-Am coach to win a NBA Title, something that all filipino will be proud of…

  67. Jessa Girl says:

    Miami in 3.

    Only 3 because Mavs won’t play in game 5 anymore because they will surrender. They will have no more face to show up in the basketball court.

    Game 1: Miami 116 , Dallas 83
    Game 2: Miami 123, Dallas 64
    Game 3: Miami 106, Dallas 58
    Game 4: Forfeiture, Dallas never showed up

  68. Randall says:

    I don’t mind people picking the heat, but for all of them to pick the heat like this is really unfair to how the Mavericks are playing right now.

    They could easily win this series, both teams are on a high level and nobody knows how it will go, because both teams play good and have great 4ths.

  69. Mick says:

    I love to hear what will these so called “analysis”/”experts” will say when the Mavs got the ring!

    Mavs all the way!

  70. kiddcantell says:

    oopps ive read, heard & watch this all before… counting out the mavs right away…
    hope their pedictions are correct this time…

  71. Heat in 5 says:

    Miami will win this in 5. Maybe 6 if dallas is lucky.

  72. Me against the world says:

    Like in the beginnig of the season, everybody disses this Mavericks team, but somehow they’ve managed to overcome all the adversities (Dirk and Caron injuries), had a 27-4 start (typical regular season sucess by Mavs standarts) and finished with the second best record out of the west. Now it’s a common practice to say that West teams defence is irrelevant when caompared with east team defenses (unless you’re talking about the Spurs, who changed radically their game this season, but people still see them as defensive stallwarths), that Dallas uses to many jumpshots and that jump shooter team (or perimeter oriented team, like pundits like to call it these days) cannot win it all. Well to dance tango you need 2 people, and to play basketball you need 5 guys, and that BASKETBALL team, that seemed to understand all the laws and flaws of this game is the Mavericks, with a fluid and dynamic ball game, controlling the flow of the game, making smart decisions when it counts, and dictating tempo of each play like its as easy as a walk in the park, and even if their main philosophy isn’t defence first, no one can deny the excelent job that they’ve (Chandler, Marion, Haywood, Stevenson and Corey Brewer ) done disrupting the other teams offense (Aldridge, Wallace, Brandon Roy-who-might-not-be-as-finished-as-people-think, Gasol, Bryant, Odom, Durant, Westbrook, let’s face it the east have the best defenses, but the west has, undoubtly, the best offenses). IMO, no matter how athletic your opponent is, how good his defence is, when you run the ball through every player of your team, you maximize all the playmaking skills of Kidd, Terry, and Nowitski, and give open/easy shots to every one, and are closer to win it, because making the other guys box out, box in, cover the perimeter guys than go back to cover the interior… nah…remember the ball is tireless but the players aren’t. This is gonna be a very hard fought battle, and for everybody who likes history and facts, in the last 13 seasons, only 3 NBA finals were won by an eastern team. Go Dallas (Dirk, Kidd, Marion, Jet, Chandler, Carlisle) fullfill your destiny as 2011 NBA champions!

    • Levi Montana says:

      not the fact people diss da Mavs they just go under the radar. That way they dont have to deal with the adversity. Then it was easy to count them out with evverbody wanting to see how the Heat will play. like even the Lakers were counted out at the BEGINNING of the year.

    • Viper139 says:

      Signed 🙂

      Dallas will win it – just watch

    • HEAT in 6 says:

      everyone dissing the MAVs? are you serious? whats the color of the sky in your world? it is the heat that is being dissed and overHATED but look at where they are at now? Sad too say Dirk and Jason will never win a championship.Heat in 6.

    • K says:

      Wow, when you started out saying “dissed,” I was for sure you we’re talking about the Miami Heat! There was no more hated of a team this year in the NBA then the Miami Heat; but then you said the Mavericks and I started worried what planet were you from? Find another argument because trying to compare Mavericks over the Heat for the team that has been “dissed;” more then any team “EVER,” is absolutely no comparsion; MIAMI WINS THAT TITLE HANDS DOWN!!!!!

  73. Nobody77 says:

    It’s sad to see how “athleticism” alone can carry a team like Miami into the finals. If you take the “Big 3” (even tho its more like 2,5, Bosh did a surpricing job considering his rather strange gameplay). D-Wade and LeBron live completely of their athletic abilities rather than great shooting and skill…. Get the ball…. drive… lay up/dunk…. if not possible… fake till defender jumps, draw the foul, if not fauled , put on a Hollywood acting show holding your eye or something and go to the foul line… I wish the Mavs to win the final, alone for the fact that they are more of the real deal over the “look at my shiny diamond earrings while I answer post game questions to the press” Bunch of metrosexuals…. They are the Real Madrid of the NBA, much talk, many good names and rather poor skill… But they can jump high, and sometimes they even make open dunks… Right D-Wade? 😉

    • Lucky Lady says:

      Hey get off of my babies, you just want to be a metro-sexual, stop looking so hard

    • K says:

      Wow!!!!! I hope you fell better now since you got that off your chest. Sounds like you’ve been holding on to a lot of anger towards the Heat! I don’t know what playoff series you’ve been watching; but LBJ hit a lot of key outside shots in the games that I was watching. As a matter of fact, Chicago’s defense did a hell of a job keeping him and DWade out of the line during their series. I agree both LeBron and DWade need to work for more consistency with their outside shots; but their no different then Jordan and Kobe when they first got in the league; couldn’t make a outside shot to save their life, but by the time they reached their thirties, they just simply adjusted their games and continued playing at a high level. I have no doubt that both LeBron and DWade will do the same; but right now, if athleticism is what’s doing it for them and it can help them win a championship; then I say, “shake what yo’ mama gave you” until you can’t shake it no more!

    • Jose says:

      Hey, Don’t compare REal Madrid with Miami Heat!. Its basketball team is about to lose in semifinals,lol. That make them different, lol.
      It is a good thing I am not with either Miami or Dallas, lol. Because I am absolutly sure Miami will win this series, and I would really like Dallas would.
      But I think we can be happy ;both teams facing each other can be a great show.

      Good luck everybody (if possible:P), regards

  74. BX Maverick says:

    Mavs in 5 .. it going to be sad for the heat

    • riverock_14 says:

      heat in 5.. even sadder for the old mavs.. this will be their last chance, and it’s as far as they go..

  75. InstallerX says:

    Mavs in 4! Sweep the Heat. Heat should try not to get swept and say they’ll win at least 1 game. Mavs beat a full strength LA Lakers! and a much tougher, faster more potent offense in Thunder. Heat yep they won with luck as they beat an injured Rondo and Celtics and Bulls were not the same after they lost Asik. I say Heat win if any of the Mavs gets injured and the refs call the fouls in Heat favor.

    • Luke says:

      Much faster potent offense in the thunder? Yeah, if you count Kevin and Russ taking bad shots all game long and not moving the ball to be potent offense. Just goes to show you how bad Mavs defense is that they still scored over 100 points

    • K says:

      Why in the heck do people keep posting cramp about the fouls calls; especially with this upcoming series? Dirk gets just as many; if not more, favorable calls as both LeBron and DWade. All three of these players (Dirk, LeBron and DWade) are in the same category; their superstars and they know how to draw fouls from the officiates. Focus on something else; because all three of them will get their fair share of calls in this series.

  76. B-Money says:

    Miami in 6.. if we talkin realistically Heat is deeper than Mavs + Lebron on the roster! if we talking some sci-fi things that the Great Martin S. producing, Dallas has a chance in Game 7

  77. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    Heat I will be rooting handle your business and good luck dallas

  78. Sean says:

    The speed of both LeBron and D-Wade will be a headache for the Mavericks all series.

    Heat in 6

  79. Bea says:

    Lets Go Mavs

  80. The Rocker says:

    go Heat D-Wade Finals MVP

  81. Bea says:

    Well predictions are Heats will beat Mavs . Nobody believes in MAVS now . I will say to those that did not have faith or believed in MAVS . David defeated Goliath and made history . Nobody believed in US to find and kill Bin Landen and US did it , So nothing is impossible if you believe and I do Believe in Mavs . Since the begining we were not the faves and we beat all those great teams with a team work . God Bless the Mavs and bring that championship to home (Dallas) Dirk for MVP …They have “3 kings” and we have a team . Team who works together to meet their goal. I love you mavs Lets go fight and WIN!!

    • HEAT in 6 says:

      David has edge over goliath because Goliath have a sword and spear but David have God’s blessing. Yes nothing is impossible in the same way that the heat overcame all the boos , the hate and people saying that; no the heat will not win since they dont have chemistry, no the heat wont win because lebron chokes, no the heat wont win since their coach cant execute in close games.. Look at the heat now! where are those bulls fans chanting overrated in Heat vs Bulls series game one? Nothing is impossible and the heat just proved that..They have the talent and they have the heart to overcome those obstacles and they will have the ring!..

  82. tim downey says:

    heat in 4

  83. ahfrow says:

    I can’t believe it, 1 out of 8 predicted the MAVS will win! All these experts (except for Micah) better make sure they said their sweetest words so that it wouldn’t be hard to swallow once the MAVS wins the NBA championship. =)

  84. Guinnyss says:

    Heat 4-1, 4-2 if Bosh fail to spark. Mavs fans keep talking and you might get sweep. You think this is OKC that let MAVs come back to life after DOWN in deep double digit in game 4 and 5? Better get a reality check, OKC had that series. old Mavs can’t beat the Heats. QUOTE ME ON THAT.

  85. MavsBeatHeat says:

    Mavs beat Heat in Game 7

  86. Phil Whisenant says:

    Heat in 5 games if they loose on at all.!!

  87. Renzzz says:

    Dallas in four! GO MAVS! you all deserved it! 😀

  88. NbaHatesMavs says:

    Damn you dont even want to post my comments. so its true. :)))))))

  89. Heatin5 says:

    Heat in 4-5. Mavericks are old and slow, Dirk has no help, and will most likely blow big shots anyway. Looking forward to another series of meltdowns, a la “Mavericks lose a 25 point 4th quarter lead in game 4, Dirk misses go-ahead 3, Mavs now trail 3-1.” Looking forward to it, indeed.

  90. NbaHatesMavs says:

    Looks like its been Decided. My MIAMI HEAT will be the MAVS watever happens.

    -The NBA hates Cuban and the Mavericks
    -Miami will get to the foul line like 40+times in 1 game.
    -When Joe Crawford officiates, say your prayers Mavs.
    -See those “expert analysts”, of course they know who’ll win, they know whats going on inside of the League itself.
    -NBA is building up another Dynasty, pretty much like the 90’s Bulls. And MJ as LBJ. When that happens=$$PROFIT

    So even if Miami plays terrible, they will win. They have the refs,stern, and the whole organization. SORRY MAVS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!

    • K says:

      Your HAHAHA at the end of your comments was you laughing at yourself; right? You do understand that Dirk get’s his share of phantom/ superstar/ cry baby calls; just as much, if not more than both LeBron and DWade put together. The referees very rarely; if ever, decide the outcome of a game; players do that with their play. Four, maybe five referee calls maybe questionable during the course of a game, the other calls are just fans or coaches thinking with their hearts.

  91. L337 says:

    Yeah, you can say that talent beats teamwork. But if the refs won’t be giving the HEAT those phantom calls and gazillion free throws. Mavericks have a legit. shot.

    • tim says:

      lmao phantom calls haha so true

    • Phil Whisenant says:

      A shot at what? Not being shut out would be a mirid blowing!

    • K says:

      L337, Dirk gets more phantom calls then LeBron and DWade put together! So if Dirk gets 30 FT attempts and LeBron and DWade gets 15 apiece, then the foul calls should be a wash. The referees won’t decide this serie, no matter how bad or how good they call the game. This series is going to be decided by players making plays at the right time; be it Dirk; LBJ; Kidd; DWade or some other unsung player. These guys are to good to allow the referees to mess up this series, they’ll adjust to how ever the game is being called.

  92. GoMAVStrong says:

    In your sweetest dreams dude =)

  93. jay says:

    Dallas in 4.

    So what if the Heat has 3 superstars? If the game had 3 balls then they would have the advantage.

    And Dallas was always the underdog since the first round which means I would go where the panelists don’t go, since the panelists were wrong so far.

  94. bball fan10 says:

    people think lebron is on a rampage? dirk is on a rampage. the heat have no one on there roster who can contain nowitzki. they just got done giving the defending lchamps a beatdown. come on now.. the whol mavericks team is cliking at the right time. and as long as dirk is scoring,(which he will be) and the bench chips in 30 to 40 pts a night. the mavs will win. dallas in 6.

    • Luke says:

      Take me back.. Didn’t Haslem do just that in 06? What makes you think that he can’t still?

  95. TRIBINSKI says:


    My Prediction
    Game 1 Dallas Def Miami 92 – 89 Dirk Nowitzki:29pts 12 reb 4 ast 2 blks
    Game 2 Dallas Def Miami 108 -103 2OT Jason Kidd: 17 pts 11 reb 14 ast
    Game 3 Dallas Def Miami 97 – 93 Dirk Nowitzki: 32 pts 9 reb 5 ast 2 blks
    Game 4 Dallas Def Miami 115 – 92 Dirk Nowitzki 38 pts 10 reb 5 ast 4 blks

    Dallas Mavericks Sweep Miami Heat : NBA History Heat 14 loss streak to Mavs after 2006 NBA Final
    Dirk Nowitzki Final MVP

    • Redeemed says:

      Are you kidding? Mav’s SWEEP the Heat?!!
      My friend, you gotta’ to lay off of WHATEVER you’ve been smokin!
      Ain’t NOBODY sweepin’ NOBODY in THIS series.
      I don’t agree with the experts that claim the Heat will take it in 5. That would mean two out of three wins in Dallas, and I just don’t see the Mav’s giving that up on their home court.
      More likely than not, the Heat hold their home court, take 1 in Dallas, and close it out in game 6 at home.
      However, it would be great to see it go to 7. What an awesome game THAT would be. But if it DOES go 7, the Heat win it on crowd support alone. Heck, both teams would fight to the buzzer with broken bones stickin’ out of limbs if they had to in game 7.

    • riverock_14 says:


    • FRM says:

      Go Heat Go!!!!

    • HeatWave says:

      And they all lived happily ever after. Great story, but stay tunned for the real thing.

    • Nick says:

      Keep dreaming my friend….It’s a wishful thinking.But ur right about one thing though, it will be a sweep……..

    • Mr. eleven says:


  96. Rahul says:

    This series is impossible to judge.dallas has beatan miami twice this season, yet it doesnt matter cause miami is a different team.i really want to say heat in six , but its really hard .dallas is a great road team and if they split the 1st two games in miami ,it will prob be advantage dallas and maybe dallas in 7 .if they dont then its the heat to win in 5 or 6. homecourt doesnt matter wen the two best road teams play in the finals .anyones game, finals mvp can go to anyone from lebron to dirk to wade . enjoy the series everyone, it will be very tightly fought.

  97. RichardLoveHeat says:

    These people have the best grasp of the game of basketball. I don’t think they won’t unanimously pick HEAT if this team has no potential. Heat in 5!

    • HeatWave says:

      I know Miami can win this but don’t listen to these guys.
      Same ones that Said it would be LA vs either Boston or Chicago this year.

  98. Carlos says:

    Heat in 5… It will be awesome to see them win the title the first yr, a period that was meant for adjustments and changes… this might be the beginning of a dynasty… feel the heat

  99. Jed888 says:

    Kudos to Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs, they have proven that in these playoffs, they are far from the “most likely to be upset” image that they had in the 1st round. But Miami’s defense will probably prove too much for the Mavs and stun them if they get too confident simply because they swept the Lakers. If the Heat win the first two games at home then it’ll be HEAT IN 5. But if the Mavs snag 1 of the first two, it’ll be HEAT IN 7. Either way, odds are against the Mavs, and it’s looking pretty unlikely that they’ll be able to overcome it this time. One thing is for sure though, the Mavs HAVE NOT faced a defense like Miami’s in the playoffs. Go Mavs! Go Heat! … But mostly go Heat!

  100. T-Mac says:

    May as well have titled it “Heat are going to win”

  101. GoMAVStrong says:

    wew.all in favor of miami.hahahahaha.LOL. because of the big three?
    lets see.A team can win without big superstars like the Miami have.
    GO MAVS! Playing as a Strong Team.thats all they need =)

  102. jayke83 says:

    Dallas in 4.

    • dedefr says:

      ARE YOU NUTS? you think that dallas will win in miami twice in a row to open the series?

  103. Eric says:

    Mav in 6. Jason Kidd is the true point guard and will not be as turn over prone like Rose. Mav is going to out-gun the heat.

    • OriginalHeatFan says:

      haha heres the funny thing bro, drose is probably the best point guard in the league i mean hes the mvp…look what lebron and company did to drose they SHUT HIM DOWN, u think a 38 year old jason kidd can somehow rewind the clock 10 years for 7 games? no wayyy.

  104. beattheheat says:

    mavs in six.. i just don’t think that miami big 3 can handle the mavs.. no offense to the experts.. the heat bench doesn’t seem to post any matchup threat to the mavs..

    • beattheheat says:

      let me re-phrase the “no match-up threat” comment.. i mean the mavs have an answer for the heat’s supporting cast..

      • jimmy jones says:

        That’s how the playoffs been the whole time for the heat. People saying that since miami doesn’t have a bench they were going to lose. Everyone though that the celts where going to beat tne heat because of their bench. What happened. Same with the bulls. The game of basketball is all about defense and considering the fact that mike miller is feeling it and ud is back i think our 8 man rotation is decent for a bench. Miami doesn’t need a bench considering the fact that lebron stays in the whole game.

      • Gman says:

        heat bench are not needed that much anyway. These guys alone on their own teams last year were playing big minutes. Together, i doubt they use up as much energy.

    • the wiseman says:

      Miami’s bench didn’t pose any threats to Chicago’s bench either but look how that ended up. People don’t seem to realize that Miami will have Wade, Bosh, and James on the floor for most of the game so the pressure is on Dallas’ bench to match up with the Big Three, which they can’t do, as much as Mavs fans would like to believe it.

  105. Rheynn says:

    Mavs in 6.. Mavs called it “RevengE”

  106. paluhainmoako says:

    its obvious that mavs has a tremendous fire power but nothing is going to stop one of the top five players ever played the nba and that would be lebron james.. the heat would finished that in 5 to six games cause if it is 7 i will give that to dirk . . there is no argument on that . Go Heat and btw lebron is aint overrated he is over HATED. stop hating please.

    • sure? says:

      LeBron being top 5 is BS..

      rings aside, there far many more players who recorded better stats than LeBron

      • Luke says:

        Like who? Wilt Chamberlain? Havent you ever read the big book of basketball? If you were 7’0 in the 70s playing basketball, when racism was still strong and there werent a lot of athletes in the NBA(read about Kermets Haymaker), you could score 100 points too. Wilt also quit games because he didnt want to have more than 4 fouls.
        Who else was as good as Lebron at age 26??!

  107. Penwyn says:

    What would all those panelists said when Mavs end up winning?
    Come on Mavs!! Show some game to the heat and these panelists!!

  108. HeatWave says:

    You would think i’d want to hear all these expert opinions in favor of Miami, but I don’t. Fact is these guys have been wrong all year and logically that streak will continue. Well fingers crossed and eyes closed I’m still confident in Miami, but I feel that the “HT crew curse” will carry over to Heat.

    • Blueprint says:

      I agree completely. Frankly, it seems like a large number of them fail to consider this series from a team basketball standpoint, choosing to focus on individual players’ successes more than the team dynamic.
      In my opinion, with the wild cards in play for both teams, a more concrete factor would be the coaching. Which coach can create a line-up or play (DWade and LeBron pick and roll, other 3 players on the other side anybody?) that the other coach cannot stop? Which coach can utilize their players the most effectively against fortunate match-ups?
      As the pessimist I am, I would say….Heat in 7. Dallas has terrific shooters, but jump shot teams can’t maintain high percentage shooting under stifling defense. Plus, the 3 home games in a row could prove to be a curse for Dallas. The 1st and 2nd games of the series might be taken by the Heat, and in order for Dallas to have a strong chance, they’d have to defend home court for 3 games in a row, a tall order against a fabulous road team in Miami.

      • Blueprint says:

        Never mind. Just read an enlightening series of articles that highlighted several key aspects of the series.
        It could go either way in my opinion. It’s even harder to factor in Dallas’ zone defense and their pick and pop with Terry/Barea and Nowitzki in my mind now, much less whether LeBron and Wade will attack the rim against zone defense. Too many factors ><

      • HeatWave says:

        Yes this is a tough series to call. To me it’s reminiscent of the 08 finals. Two revamped teams that are rivals. Boston was the underdog in that series and came out on top, so you can see where I’m a little nervous for Miami.

  109. bonik. says:

    im with DWade, he will redeem his self from his past playoffs game, i think he will show up and be the finals mvp for miami.. he will prove that MIAMI is his team, period. trust me, he will all win this.

  110. bonik. says:

    may the best deserving player and team win! 🙂

    • celtics says:

      Every1 is Sweating the Big 3 of the heat, But dont realize the threat that the Mavs have. they took out the 2 time defending champions, along with a young OKC Thunder team with Alot of talent, though most guys are under-rated.

      Mavs bench are quick, relieable, they can shoot,steal all over defensive and offensive experienced is up huge, compared to the rebuilding heat franchise, the idea of the heat signing mike bibby in my eyes was a lame idea no point in signing him shoulda kept the last guy they got rid of. Mav’s may have not won a championship in a very long time. or close to it but this year in the post season they showed whos boss, they showed it in the playoffs by sweeping the Lakers.

      The heat do have a great squad but not much defensively compared to offense, as of Lebron.. guy sucks at free throws which he will need during these finals along with his entire team, Best Hope Lebron doesnt give up like he did vs boston while he was with cleveland, he completely gave up.. looked as if he wanted the celt’s to win.. now this time there much closer but still gotta beat the Best of the West..

      good luck 2 both sides butttt


      • rods says:

        heat is now ahead 1-0. when mavs beat lakers in game 1 i was still hoping that the lakers will still win the series but turned to illusion. this is the mavs best shot to the much awaited ring or else they will have hard time coming here again in june next year. heat in 6 or 7

    • Babster says:

      I’m going for the HEAT and if MAVS win it’ll be pretty cool to since this is Dirk and Kidd’s last chance. If you guys think Dallas is the underdog, its hilarious. LeBron’s the most hated player, and heat are the most hated team! HEAT are over rated and are over hated. Is it lebrons fault for leaving? Its totally legal. Not like he killed someone or raped someone. Well anyways, DIRK gets all the calls he needs (not saying lebron and wade dont; its just dirk gets more)

      HEAT IN 6.