Who Ya Got In The Finals?

MIAMI — In our rush to take our talents to South Beach, the hideout crew completely whiffed on our most important assignment of The Finals experience.


Forgive us for being distracted a little bit. But Scottie Pippen hijacked our weekend with his comments regarding LeBron James being the “greatest to ever play the game,” over Michael Jordan, “the greatest scorer to play the game.” We also got caught up in some of the ongoing coaching news fallout  — Lakers’ boss Jim Buss regrets not consulting Kobe Bryant before choosing Mike Brown as Phil Jackson‘s successor, HT fave Kevin McHale is apparently headed to Houston and before the week is out the Pistons, despite denials from unnamed sources, could join the coaching search crew by shuffling John Kuester out the door for perhaps Mike Woodson?

And then we woke up to Dan Le Batard‘s passionate detailing in the Miami Herald of the curious case of the team everyone (including members of the “national media”) loves to hate:

Joy is usually enough. Gratitude, too. But that’s not all you’ll find here. “Thank you!” is glued to “Bleep you!” The joy is mixed with anger, defiance and hostility. Grace, humility and civility are noble but not quite fun. And sometimes sports make us irrational, emotion trampling logic on the way to the party. Burning cars in a championship riot? That seems like a way to protest something, not celebrate it. It also speaks to a larger unhappiness in the homes and lives away from that arena.

If LeBron James ends the season holding up the trophy, our city runs the risk of becoming so unhinged that it will put off even more people from sea to shining sea. When we throw things at [TNT’s Charles] Barkley, a beloved icon, and shower him in curses during the Chicago series, we are just giving the media and America the snapshots and ammunition to smear all of us as barbaric, bandwagon baboons.

There is so much criticism in the coverage of this team that the Heat players get ripped for overcelebrating against Boston, changing the narrative almost immediately after the triumph. What is going to happen if a defensive, angry city overcelebrates with a radiator’s hissing relief after an entire season of abuse?

Slow down brother.

They do have to play the games first.

And it’s time to dig in and get your predictions on The Finals before things kick off, Game 1 is Tuesday night here at American Airlines Arena (9 p.m. ET on ABC):





  1. heatchecktv says:

    Game 3 Prediction: MIA 101 DAL 97 POG: James 30/8/8

  2. heatchecktv says:

    My Prediction –

    *Game 1 DAL 84 – MIA 92 : James 24p 9r
    Game 2 DAL 95 – MIA 102 ; James 42p 8r 8a
    Game 3 MIA 90– DAL 100 ; Dirk 33p 7r
    Game 4 MIA 112 – DAL 110 (OT) ; James 45p 10r 7a
    Game 5 MIA 92 – DAL 98 ; Dirk 37p 9r
    Game 6 DAL 97 – MIA 101; James 36p 8r 8a

    Finals MVP – Lebron James 33.2ppg 8.2rpg 6.5apg

  3. heatchecktv says:

    My Prediction –

    *Game 1 – MIA 92 – DAL 84 : James 24p 9r
    Game 2 – MIA 102 – DAL 95 ; James 42p 8r 8a
    Game 3 – DAL 100 – MIA 90 ; Dirk 33p 7r
    Game 4 – MIA 112 – DAL 110 (OT) ; James 45p 10r 7a
    Game 5 – DAL 98 – MIA 92 ‘ Dirk 37p 9r
    Game 6 – MIA 101 – DAL 97 ; James 36p 8r 8a

    Finals MVP – Lebron James 33.2ppg 8.2rpg 6.5apg

  4. Ice Pogi says:

    I’m not surprised by win of MIAMI….
    Reg season….

    Celtics 3-1 Miami
    Bulls 3-0 Miami
    Dallas 2-0 Miami

    Miami 4-1 Celtics
    Miami 4-1 Bulls
    Miami ?-? Dallas

    Pick your POISON!!!!

    Let’s Go HEAT

  5. LOLakers says:

    So NBA is this the best you’ve got? LOL! Even the offensively challenged Bulls*** were a bigger challenge than Phallus! Wow I guess the only way any team’s gonna see a trophy in the next 10 years is if Lebron hires them to polish it for them LOL!

  6. Swan says:


    First of all Miami had some problems during regular season and everybody was hating Lebron and said that Bosh was unenthusiastic as well. What I´m trying to tell you is the fact if Miami win wont because referees or externals factors. If Miami wins will be just because they were better playing basketball… that´s all… rather than any excuse. There´s no excuses. A good winner know the value of win and a good loser knows the value of a lose….That´s all..

    Win or Lose It´s just a game….Dont add excuses against Miami Heat team cuz all that you wrote before sounds more like If Miami would win will be just because ..blah..blah..

    Say the same to Michael Jordan. The won cuz blah, blah, blha….WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? You are Lakers fans. Heat fan never use those arguments to discuss. Bye.

  7. NbaHatesMavs says:


    Wait!?! What? Did you even read my comment from start to finish? I’m a HEAT fan. WTF are you talking about? Epic FAIL. LOL!

  8. Swan says:


    You had the chance to win in 2006 and you left it go. You were 2-0 in that occasion and in third quarter you were winnig by 13? or 15?…Come on! Learn to lose will become you a better person. And the superstar in Dallas is Jason Kidd rather Dirk Nowitzki. Just get your hate away from you!!! You will get wound after all this…!!!

  9. NbaHatesMavs says:

    Looks like its been Decided. My MIAMI HEAT will be the MAVS watever happens.

    -The NBA hates Cuban and the Mavericks
    -Miami will get to the foul line like 40+times in 1 game.
    -When Joe Crawford officiates, say your prayers Mavs.
    -See those “expert analysts”, of course they know who’ll win, they know whats going on inside of the League itself.
    -NBA is building up another Dynasty, pretty much like the 90′s Bulls. And MJ as LBJ. When that happens,$$PROFIT

    So even if Miami plays terrible, they will win. They have the refs,stern, and the whole organization. SORRY MAVS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!

  10. NbaHatesMavs says:

    Looks like its been Decided. My MIAMI HEAT will be the MAVS watever happens.

    -The NBA hates Cuban and the Mavericks
    -Miami will get to the foul line like 40+times in 1 game.
    -When Joe Crawford officiates, say your prayers Mavs.
    -See those “expert analysts”, of course they know who’ll win, they know whats going on inside of the League itself.
    -NBA is building up another Dynasty, pretty much like the 90′s Bulls. And MJ as LBJ. When that happens=$$PROFIT

    So even if Miami plays terrible, they will win. They have the refs,stern, and the whole organization. SORRY MAVS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!

  11. Really? says:

    Is not like LBJ did not sign one extension with Cleveland. After a little while, you have to give the guy a break. Heat haters hate the Heat because they think it is unfair that so much talent should go to one team… Well, they dont be surprised if they wstart snatching rings.. its only a matter of time.

    • HEATvs Mavs says:

      People tend to forget that other teams in the NBA also want to build their “Superteam”

      The Knicks anyone? Dont they want Chris Paul for their “Big Three”?

  12. Really? says:

    I sincerily feel terrible for anyone that has the time and energy to hate someone they don’t know and has no direct impact on their life. Poeple, just enjoy the game! Can you not find someone in your life that is trying to take advantage of YOU, or your family or friends for you to hate? Maybe someone who has personally insulted you or hurt YOUR feelings? Dont you think it is kind of rough to channel so much hate on someone trying to pursue his dream? To Cleveland: If you were so “honorable” and “humble” and “loyal” and “respectful”, you would say “Thank you LBJ for all the great moments you brought us.. and sorry we could not get you the supporting cast to win a championship in 7 years.” and “to us you will always be a champion, and we hope you fulfill all your dreams”. How is that for some respect? Heat in 6.

  13. long memory says:

    Before I make my prediction I want to acknowledge ALL those people who said Miami COULDN’T get to the place where they are right now. A prediction can go either was and I’m not mad at all those who predicted Boston or predicted Chicago throughout the season all the way up into the playoffs. Because Those were good teams and they had a good shot at being in the finals. What I was upset about was those of you said Miami “COULDN’T” be here. See what I believed happened was ….You guys let your dislike for Lebron, Your dislike for the Heat and the media microscope on this team CONFUSE your basketball knowledge. Imean Here’s one example ; After watching Miami take out phili and boston and the WAY they did it – then watching the Bulls have some problems with Indiana and Atlanta what do you think the “prediction” would be?? I said Miami but Barkley, Kenny Smith, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Many here on nba.com, All picked the Bulls!!?? why? Because they WANTED the Bulls to win. This has been happening all year.. Even some of the Best basketball players past and present let their hate TWIST their knowledge of the game. They said. MIami needs a new coach. Miami’s bench doesn’t have enough. Lebron and Wade are too alike. Miami is too weak at the Point guard and Center. The list goes on and on about -not miami “Wouldn’t” but why Miami COULDN’T get here. You got writers talking more about the scottie pippen quote after game 5 then How AMAZING game 5 was. You got analyst given a hundred reasons why the Bulls lost without Miami being mentioned AS the reason. Alot of people want to Crawl away or talk around the fact that they’ve been eating Mud these playoffs!! They will be Rooting for the Mavs SO HARD! – If Dallas wins the new hate will be “Told you they “Couldn’t” win a championship – If Miami wins the hate will be “well thats what they were supposed to do” (like LA Boston wasnt supposed to either) SO here are just a few Mud eaters

    Sekou Smith (read all of ya articles.)
    David Aldridge
    Steve Aschburner
    Fran Blinebury
    Charles Barkley (The commerical was funny but the Finals makes Charles feel more stupid)

    Bloggers Lakers 2011-3peat -keitho-lol heat is a bust -mjbehancourt-HEater-Ruben-medula-LAW064-mikelaw-karmababy-belmont-thegreatone-mamba-simplythebest-derriso-ctran-afafgsghf-sarkies-angela-grant-enrique-ritanielson-mustang720-L337-Shaun-tata-heatsuck-yanick-lakeshow and many others. (funny how alot of these people had L.A too lol)
    your hoping dallas wins (and they have good shot) But Miami just being in the Finals makes yall wrong.

    • HEATvs Mavs says:

      “If Dallas wins the new hate will be “Told you they “Couldn’t” win a championship”
      “If Miami wins the hate will be “well thats what they were supposed to do”

      This statement is so True.

  14. gheko says:

    To simple: Yeah you are perfect and lebron is not….you all lebron haters are hypochrites…..loosers.

  15. lebron u are the best in the world. shut down dirk. go heat. woohoooo

  16. josh says:

    Humble, I’m sick of the word. I love Lebron and I love Dirk.
    When an ego is justified, I love it.. if D-Rose had a strong (public [and I say public because noone puts up that many shots without thinking they’re that good]) ego then I would find him to be a much more likeable character, not that I dislike him… I’d just like to see more attitude.

    I can’t wait till the game… I honestly think that this entire series will be based on how well Miami can defend Dirk.
    Mavs in 6

  17. Vipre says:

    The Mavs are using all of their offensive powers but not the heat. The heat need to give its bench players some playing time. They need to give James Jones and Eddie House some playing time if they are to win this finals. The Mavs no doubt will come out gunning from behind the arc. The heat need to show that they have those guns too. I haven’t seen Eddie House played in this post season. If the heat continue to not exercise their team to the best of its ability, it will cost them the FINALS.

  18. Rip Greenfire says:

    Look at y’all, callin’ each others haters about all the hating and “Hate you” and crap like that. Who cares? Can we just watch some basketball please? I looking at a decent matchup here that should be exciting. I would be lying if I said that I don’t care about the outcome (because I am a Heat hater, and I’m not afraid to admit it,) but I am a basketball fan first and foremost, and this should be good basketball. All I’m saying is we should watch some basketball and have a good time. If you’re too much of a fan of your team to not enjoy basketball even when your team is losing, then you’re a hater, a hater of the game. So, no hate, let’s just watch these games.

  19. GOHeat!!! says:

    What are all you Cav fans LeBron haters thinking now??huh?? LeBron had no chance of winning any kind of title in Cleveland . Heat in 6 or 7! Go LeBron, Wade, & Bosh, and shut Dirk down!

  20. its fair says:

    i simply dont get it… why do they hate lebron when he doesnt even commit a crime….
    hes not bin laden or something… come on people… let the man play the game the way he wanted…

  21. LeBron is the best player in the league and he couldn’t do it by him self in 07.
    what makes you think dirk can do it?

    as a heat fan it respect dirk and tell you he is the best power forward in the game today, but you are not beating 2 of the top5, no top 3 players in the game today.

    HEAT in 6!!!!
    LBJ is MVP!

    and when he wins it and he is in the press conference he’s gonna shut out to all his haters: the cavs fans,the Idiot of the year:dan gilbert, Mark Cuban hatin’ on LBJ’s decision, and that bum desawn stevenson for calling him overrated.

    • josh says:

      I see where you’re coming from in saying that Lebron couldn’t do it in 07 so what makes anyone think Dirk can.
      But have you been watching Dirk? Sometimes he is simply unguardable.

      My other problem is comparing the Cavs 07 to Dallas (putting Dirk and Lebron aside), the current Dallas team, starters and bench are awesome.

  22. TRIBINSKI says:

    My Prediction
    Game 1 Dallas Def Miami 92 – 89 Dirk Nowitzki:29pts 12 reb 4 ast 2 blks
    Game 2 Dallas Def Miami 108 -103 2OT Jason Kidd: 17 pts 11 reb 14 ast
    Game 3 Dallas Def Miami 97 – 93 Dirk Nowitzki: 32 pts 9 reb 5 ast 2 blks
    Game 4 Dallas Def Miami 115 – 92 Dirk Nowitzki 38 pts 10 reb 5 ast 4 blks

    Dallas Mavericks Sweep Miami Heat : NBA History Heat 14 loss streak to Mavs after 2006 NBA Final
    Dirk Nowitzki Final MVP

    • HEATvs Mavs says:

      The mavericks fans are in denial now…Stage 2.

      Wow talk about being delusional. Really you think the Mavericks will sweep the HEAT? Based of ONE player?

      LOL. You will eat crow soon.

      Gotta love them Mavericks fans. They are still wounded from the crushing 2006 defeat.

  23. allaround baller says:

    Mavs in 7 gonna be a true story

  24. HEATvs Mavs says:

    I think its funny how all the Mavs fans think that Dirk, BY HIMSELF will win this series.

    They neglect the fact that we have

    1. Wade
    2. Lebron
    3. Bosh
    (I can stop right here)
    4. Haslem
    5. Miller (Who even though silent through most of the regular season and warm during the playoffs, can explode at any time)
    5. Anthony
    6. DEFENSE

    Lets look at the Mavs.
    1. Dirk
    2. Terry (Coming from the bench)
    3, …………..

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      You’re a Heat fan aren’t you? The Mavs can play D too, and you’re a fool to put Joel Anthony as a factor and not put AT LEAST Kidd, Chandler, Marion, and Barea.

  25. D3$TROY3R says:

    heat take the series on 7 game… LJ6 mvp.!

  26. it's all for entertainment says:

    honestly I never found LeBron to be arrogant. Immature at times (Orlando VS Miami ECF) and insensitive (the Decision). But that’s what people in the spotlight do, deal with the impact of their bad decision making the best way they can. Do they regret being in the spotlight? Hell no! I have nothing but admiration for how these players bounce back from a bad gamble, still get to keep their dream job, and continue entertaining us (which is what this game really is for),

    I’m hoping for a game 7 on this one. And I honestly dont care who wins as long as its an entertaining series.

  27. Heatchecktv says:

    Game 1 Prediction: Heat 105 Mavs 101

  28. Heatchecktv says:

    Game 1

    Lebron to put up 42/8/8. Statement game.

  29. Heatchecktv says:

    My prediction is the Heat in 6.

    Lebron to put up 30/8/8 to win Finals MVP.

  30. DAVIDZKI says:


  31. DAVIDZKI says:


  32. DAVIDZKI says:


  33. GilbertHEaT! says:

    To all the Miami heat fans, leave “Dirk’s revenge” alone, coz he/she is actually the wife of Dirk noringski.. LOL

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Oh, so you must be Wade’s wife or boyfriend?

      Make sure to pump your man Wade’s ego cause he’s been 3rd place on the Big 3 lately …

      Make sure Wade doesn’t catch you with Lebron or jealousy might tear your team apart. LOL!

  34. Big D says:

    All of you Mavs or Heat fans that think this series is going to be won in less than 6 games are not being realistic and you’re just plain nuts if you think either of these teams are capable of sweeping the other. You’re blinded by your love for your team. These two teams are polar opposites of each other as far as style of play but both have the ability to close games out and they’ve proven it on a few occasions. I think we are going to wittness one of the greatest playoff series in NBA history. Who ever it was that said the Mavs offense is going to get shut down by the Heat is just hoping that is what happens but i think he knows better. Maybe the Mavs havent faced a team that can play defense like the Heat have the past 2 series but the Mavs played some pretty good defensive teams and swept one of the best. Yeah, people say the Lakers were falling apart as a team but they just so happened to start falling apart when the Mavs offence started shredding thier defense. Also maybe the Heat havent faced a team that can move the ball and score like the Mavs offense. I’m not trying to say the Mavs are going to have thier way with the Heats defense, however, I am saying its the Mavs offense/bench that will win them the series in 7.

  35. this is it! I think says:

    This a perfect NBA finals match up. Miami’s promise is 4 wins away while the Mavericks will get their own sweet revenge. For me It`s all gonna go down between how the big 3 operates in the series and if can the Mavericks give Dirk enough fuel to do what he did versus OKC or will they give Dirk enough help? That’s what I think! Let’s get this game on. Best of luck to both.

    THIS IS GONNA BE LEGEN!!! … WAIT FOR IT … DARY!!! It’s gonna be LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha lol random

  36. Listen my up very well Dallas Maverick, we gonna introduce you the ball in your hole

  37. King K.A says:

    I’m so disappointed in the media. Why does the issue of Lebron’s free agency “decision” have to dominate headlines at a time like this. This series should be about more than that; we have a finals rematch between the Heat and Mavs (which has been due considering the way the Mavs went out in 06) and all we want to talk about is a single players decision? (which, by the way, he had every right to make). Grow up! and realize that the league doesn’t revolve around any, one, player. DAMN!!! HEAT IN 6

  38. Angel_Killer says:

    This will be a very good finals. I hope Miami heat wins it all! Lebron is the best player this season. What a match up, Dirk and Lebron in the fourth. This is NBA, amazing!

  39. Chitauri says:

    I don´t feel Jason Kidd could do something against this….If you want to play basketball play with heart. That´s all I can say.

  40. Great One 22 says:

    Guess what everybody?!?!? LeBron James has ZERO rings!!!! Oh my, how discouraging! I wish he would grow up and collect a trophy! Oh well, it’s not happening anytime soon (CHUCKLE, CHUCKLE! LOL!)

  41. TheTimeIsNow says:

    Whats up with udonis haslem hes only played 1 good game thats it!!!!GO MAVS

  42. Desmond6678 says:

    I believe every player should have ego while playing basketball, this is the power to drive you through the games and win it. LBJ might be too loud, but he has his way to go for his game. Respect to all players in the Finals, respect the games, let’s enjoy this Finals!!

  43. gyfted says:

    The Mavs are using all of their offensive powers but not the heat. The heat need to give its bench players some playing time. They need to give James Jones and Eddie House some playing time if they are to win this finals. The Mavs no doubt will come out gunning from behind the arc. The heat need to show that they have those guns too. I haven’t seen Eddie House played in this post season. If the heat continue to not exercise their team to the best of its ability, it will cost them the FINALS.

  44. Mary says:

    I´m DRAG QUEEN and let´s taboo step aside. I´ve been playing basketball sometimes when Im not with my makeup.

  45. Preston says:

    I see a lot of people here trying to call the outcome of the game before it even happens. Why don’t we just hop off this blog and actually wait until after Game 1(at least) and see what happens eh? Thank You.

  46. Chuck Person says:

    The heat will play super awesome defence and not only shutdown the mavs on the court but off the court so hard that they will win the championship in 2 because mavs forfeit. yeh

  47. bj says:

    go heat…burned the mavs….

  48. Jaz41 says:

    The Time is Now for the Mavs. Go Mavs!!!! We love our guys in Royal Blue 😀

  49. The best basketball we played here in Coral Gables baby…(I´m bench). In my backyard I have a basketball board. And I practice almost all days MTF!!!

  50. Marv says:

    Let’s face it people, LeBron made the right decision to join the Heat. If the Heat wins this championship, it’s the start of a new dynasty as long as the three (Bosh-Wade-James) stayed healthy and together. KG and Ray Allen should have gone and join with Pierce to Boston earlier within their career, maybe they would have won more championships by doing so. A single superstar with a great supporting backup is not enough to win the championship Lakers = Kobe and Bulls = Rose proves that and don’t even mention that Michael Jordan won those six championships without great help, that’s being disrespectful to some great players such as Pippen and Rodman. Heat in 5!

  51. cool aid says:

    yall are haters, yo lebron gon get that ring g, ya feel me? ya dig? yall can just stop it yall, you aint got nothing on my homeboy, man shut the system down ! we up in this building!

  52. herward says:

    they hate lebron james ‘coz of a simple reason…LBJ DID NOT WENT TO THEIR FAVORITE TEAM!!!LOL

    • ely says:

      totally agree!

      • Great One 22 says:

        Well, if that is the case, wise ones, it is clear who YOUR favorite team is…LOL!!!! Biased fans give me a laugh every time! LOL!!!!!!!

      • herward says:

        im not a biased fan, im just an AVID FAN OF LBJ…don’t be bitter!!!we all have our favorite/bet team!!!LOL

      • luci says:

        i dont really hate him but i dislike him for his “the decision” drama. and i don’t want him on my team because there’s a chance that he’ll make another dramatic exit in the future if he fails to bring the team to a championship.

  53. TRIBINSKI says:

    I think Miami in 9 games…

  54. Brickell says:

    I often play tennis in SouthBeach….other day I saw Boris Becker rallying the ball ( practicing).

    • Gregory says:

      Dallas 4-2, the world will be stunned to fine out that Lebron is actually human. Anybody that has been watching the entire series on both sides can only come to one conclusion MAVS…

  55. I´m rich latino and I love The Miami Heat….Im student… and this whole enviroment is unbelievable…

  56. Mavs4life41 says:

    You all can say what you want about Lebron being the beast of the playoffs and the Mavs being mentaly week but have you seen the playoffs at all Dirk is ruling them there is no argument that you can provide that would trump the fact the Dirk is the TRUE BEAST of the playoffs, as far as lebron goes hes gonna get his but the rest of his team will melt, around the mavs our baskeball iq is higher, our bench is deeper, our play matchups are better besides stevenson-dwade, and marion-lebron, bosch cant touch dirk, chandler is gonna mop the floor with anthony,kidds gonna make bibby choke all night long, and carlisle is a far better coach than spoelstra. The mavs play unselfish basket ball with great ball movent and the heat only have lebron who can consistanlty put up points for his team, bosch might be on a good run now but he is no match for Dirk and you all know it. Mad props to the heat they will put on a great effort but will come up short.


    LETS GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I know it all! says:

    The mavericks just have way to much firepower for heat. If the Dallas starters can’t get it done J.J, Terry, and Peja will take advantage of the Miami bench. Dirk is going to average about 30 ppg in the series, Then Terry, Peja, Kidd, JJ, and Stevenson, will give you about 10-12 3pts every game Dallas just has to much for heat to handle.

  58. They should make test´s drug to Dallas Mavericks…I don´t know…It´s smell like too much confidence….yao

  59. ely says:

    @Joe Reznik, yeah Saturn is playing in the NBA.

  60. ely says:

    Let’s just sit and watch the game.

  61. tsiko ski says:

    Whoever came out hungry for the title, they’re the one who’s gonna win.

  62. Jason says:

    The way the Heat have been playing, it’s hard to beat them. They’ve beat two top teams in the East. Miami’s key to succes is defense. No matter how good Dirk plays, Heat’s defense will be able to overcome Dirk and his offence. Heat have been able to shut down every player they’ve played against. You people have to take into consideration how good Heat’s defense is. No one has been able to get up big numbers consistently against the Heat this postseason. When it comes to slowing down LeBron and Wade, that’s hard. LeBron and Wade will get the Mavs’s bigs in foul trouble. No one has been able to stop LeBron so far. If he keeps this up, he will get his first ring leaving Dirk waiting in line for his 1st. HEAT IN 5 OR 6! GO HEAT!

  63. Jowell Chua says:

    to all the doubters and critics out there who are AFRAID of Lebron, If the miami gets their championship the whole team must have their ring sized for their middle finger and put it up in the face of all these haters lmao!

  64. Mavs in 6! says:

    I just hate the fact that the Heat don’t have a “true” team. There is a good chance that they could win the finals but this team seems to be breaking every unwritten rule of the NBA. They go out and get Bosh and Lebron and resign Wade, but basically they threw a bunch of scrubs together to make this team. I know that people will say things like “well Bibby, Haslem and Chalmers aren’t scrubs” but really how much production have they had this playoffs? What I’m talking about is the fact that you see Lebron and D-wade combine for 60 some points yet the Heat can still lose the game. Every championship team in the past has had a good team with a good supporting cast but the heat are ENTIRELY carried by the big 3. It completely takes the team aspect away from basketball and I can’t stand it.

  65. Saravana says:


  66. Bad Mama Jama says:

    Its time, it finally time! D NBA’s 2 most deserving future Hall o0 Famers r about to take this one home. Thats right kids, we b talkin bout Dirk n J Kidd. Kidd has just enuf left to make it happen & Dirk: well lets just say he aint even close to done yet! Don’t u people forget either, theMavs r doin this without their second best player, thats d scary part, they get even better next year man.

  67. bostonfan says:

    im not a fan of both team but im a real basketball fan… looking forward for this series, it is really an interesting one.. i am a boston fan and i wont be biased with my predictions… and that will be heat in 7(simply bec of their homecourt advantage)..
    it will evenlly matched that this series will be decided bec of the homecourt… their is no player in the heat who can matched up against dirk, haslem can check hin at some point but not totally shut down,but in the other side the combo of lebron and wade will be just too much for the mavs, there will be nights that they can be stop but i dont think they can/will be stooped in the whole series.. shawn marion is a bit slow for lebron, deshawn stevenson can check dwade at times but i dont see any shutting down though… terry doesnt have defense so i tink he’ll end up guarding the point.. mavs have a great bench but like in the series in bulls they will see limited minutes beacuse of match up problems.. peja stojacovic for example will be a defensive liability just like korver in heat-bulls series so his shooting wont be that much factor, he will have some 3’s but not much like in the playoffs… barrea is quick but obviously DRose is more explosive and yet drose has been checked by heat defense… x factor for the heat mike miller,hes a good rebounder and if he finds his range like wen he was in memphis it’ll be trouble for the mavs… x-factor for the mavs tyson chandler, he’s 7-footer very athletic, he shpuld have some easy nights against heat’s smaller big men… cant wait for this series

  68. Anon says:

    So out of the 41% who voted for mavs to win in 6/7 games, who actually believes they can win? Is the 41% the percentage who doesn’t like the heat at all? haha

    • Great One 22 says:

      What kind of question is that? That was epically random and illogical. Any poll or stat can be twisted in any way that someone wants. The same question could be asked of any of the other categories listed…The stats don’t lie son.

  69. cool air says:

    Dirk isnt even that good

  70. Beffie says:

    As much as i want the Mavs to win the finals, it’s the Heat who will win it.

  71. PINOY BENTE TRES says:

    From the start of the season the miami heat are hands down favorite with the trio of lebron, dwayne, and chris. Being a Filipino I would love to see Coach Spo win an nba title. . . But my sympathy goes to the mavericks trio of dirk, shawn, and most specially my guy jason kidd. . . this is their very best time to win the NBA crown. It will be really really hard for the mavs to solve the puzzlle of the miami heat big three but if the mavs kidd and marion found the fountain of youth for just this series alone. . . We are in for a great series…

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      My sympathy goes to you for being a Heat fan.

      Mavs are gonna show they are the best TEAM and play the BEST GAME!

  72. lebron will shut down the dirk. heat will kill the mavs. they some bums. go heat

    • Law064 says:

      @lebron the next jordan. Your name is a LIE!!!! 2nd I don’t think Lebron will guard Dirk unless he wants to sit out most of the game in foul trouble. Bosh or Haslim will guard him then if that don’t work look for Joel A to try and slow him down. I see Miami doubling him, they can’t play zone vs them because you saw what they did to the Lakers zone. Just a FYI putting Lebron on Dirk=Bad move.

  73. @Simple-great comment says:

    @Simple – i cannot reply to your comment at the top. I firmly believe you shared the greatest concept why Lebron is hated. I feel the same, I will not root for a great player who is so proud of himself and proclaims himself as king. I would go for humility and greatness any day of the week. I don’t care how many rings a player has, it’s how they play the game.

    • HeatWave says:

      It’s how they play the game? Then you should be falling over Lebron as he practically plays all positions on the floor; defense or offense. More like you don’t like anyone to over celebrate their accomplishments in life because you are not proud of yours. No disrespect but only a person who’s unhappy with themselves hates to see others happy. Peace.

      • Great One 22 says:

        That’s just about the dumbest EXCUSE I’ve ever heard. I do appreciate the effort to back up your idol though. How considerate of you to verbally protect an athlete that could care less about you and your life! Lame.

  74. Patrick C. says:

    For Scottie Pippen to pop off at the mouth with the mumbo-jumbo he popped off earlier this week shows the lack of respect he truly has for the “Greatest Player of ALL Time” in Micheal Jordan. Lebron will never be Jordan. He will never get the rings that Jordan has. He will not get his ring this year. Dirk will be the NBA Finals MVP. Dirk will bury rainbow jumper after rainbow jumper on the Heat, seeing how the Heat just like the rest of the NBA don’t have an answer for the unguardable “Big German.” JET will fly off the runway and completely dominate as the 6th man he has been for the Mavs all year. J.J. Barea will run circles around the Heat defense, or lack there of. Yes it will take 6 or 7 nut the MAVS bring the hardware home to DALLAS!!!!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!

  75. ely says:

    just remember, just remember, Dallas haven’t won a game vs Bulls DEFENSE this season. Who beat the BULLS in ECF? boy haven’t watched it. so uhmm OFF will win the trophy over DEF?

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      All Heat fans say reg season matchups don’t matter … now you are throwing out reg season games and using algebra to get Miami on top?

      How about shooting and rebounds and less turnovers get the MAVS over the Heat … yeah, that might work!

  76. Joex_dvo.city philippines says:

    Since the Lakers are gone and fishing too early I have to go with the Mavs and risk my 1000 pesos v.s the Heat in the championship series, your my team now Dallas don’t bring me down!!! Let’s go MAvs!!!!

  77. moneymaker says:

    both teams have good defense. but mavs will hurt dem with their shooting

    • Law064 says:

      @moneymaker I agree Dallas wouldn’t be in the final if they didn’t play D. @juneil have you watched any of the playoffs? Portland is better than the 76er’s that was the 1st round for Dallas. Then they played LA(Defending Champs) and swept them. Then they played OKC, all their opponents were good teams if anyone had is easy it was Miami. I can’t wait til tonight’s game then all of you here can make comments based off game 1 not off a regular season series or the previous opponents of these 2 teams. Good luck to them both and may the best team be crowned.

  78. Dallas number 1 says:

    Dallas in 5. Defense will win it for them. Miami relies on pure offensive firepower. Dallas, on the other hand prides on both offense and defense. Basketball is a team game. The 2 stars and a half of Miami can’t win against a “TEAM”, a hungry team at that

  79. lakersfan says:

    ne one who thinks dirks going to shoot 6-30 is a complete retard i mean literally you ate stupid for breakfast

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      That is more likely a Wade stat that a Dirk stat if you WATCH the GAMES!!!

  80. Jeff says:

    It just amazes me how many Lebron and Heat suck ups.. oops i mean fans are now coming out of the closets. I really hope your amazing God (Lebron) and his beloved Heat acomplish their mission, because if not we’ll see just how many of you go back into the closet with sealed lips or excuses as to why they did not win the title. Honestly I’m tired of all the talk about the Heat and Lebron (King) James, Lets play the game and see which team is crowned World Champions, and then just then mabe you can either brag about how you knew all along the Heat would win or cry your little South beach sandy eyes out wandering how could this so called King once again lead his team to defeat. Lebron is so overated!!!

    Mavs In 6

  81. ely says:

    They’re just jealous so jealous that Bron chose to bring his talents to MIAMI. What if, he went into your team?

  82. ely says:

    So far, judging of character, LeBron is better than the superstars you idolized. No gambling issue, rape case, etc. compared to some SUPER ATHLETES

  83. Joe Reznik says:

    What is the difference between Saturn and Lebron?

    Saturn has rings!

    • JR says:

      That’s Right! Wahahahaha! Friggin weak Lebron. Hey Dirk whip that Miami Butt of Lebron

  84. James says:

    Miami has not once faced a team like Dallas in the playoffs. None of the other teams had near amount of offensive fire power that Dallas has. Plus, the players that Miami have been going against primarily rely on dribble penetration to the basket, i.e. Rondo, Rose. Mavs can space out the floor and use the zone defense to clog up the middle because Heat can’t make any jump shots and need to make layups first to get in rhythm which the mavs defense will shut down. Dallas in 6

    • Juniel says:

      defense wins championships buddy and dallas is only known for offense and the heat played harder teams than the mavs the lakers were ur only good team which was a flock!

  85. go heat goooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. sambo says:

    Heat will beat all you texan hicks in 5…..What the heat did to the bulls was undoubtabley the best basketball any team has played all year….if the bulls were playing dallas after their performances last round i would still be extraordinaryly confident….but the heat and the way they played…..man….wouldnt even surprise me if dallas get swept…

    Plus i got big money on the heat….:0

    LEBRON JAMES: 40 POINTS 10-15 FG 13-14 FT 2 FOULS

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Who has the highest PPG average of this playoffs?

      Try again … you mixed up the number there based on the play so far.

  88. HeatVsMavs says:

    Everyone said the HEAT couldnt beat the Celtics. They said look at their season record against them. The Celtics big three were better. Lebron couldnt close out. He was not a finisher.
    Look what happened. HEAT in 5.

    Everyone said the Bulls defense was too good. The Bulls have never lost 2 straight in the reg. season. The HEAT had not beat the Bulls in the reg. Season. Rose, Leagues MVP was too good. The HEAT couldnt close games.
    Look what happened. HEAT in 5.

    Now everyone is praising Dirk. People are still hating. Even the voting people think the Mavs will win. Look at the reg. Season record.
    Wait and see what happens. HEAT in 5 again?

    I’ll tell you one thing, do you biased mavericks fans really think the Dirk will be shooting above 40% again? The MAvs are a shooting team. NOT a defensive team.

    HEAT defense > Mavs defense. Defense wins championships.

    That being said, the HEAT have to take care and score as well.

  89. If the mavs had the same team four years ago I would pick them simply because they had many star players in their prime:Jason Kidd,Dirk Nowitzky,Shawn Marion you get the picture. Now they’re just too old, Lebron and Wade will cream on the open court. GO MIAMI!!!!!!!

  90. kardo says:

    The bottom line to all this chatter is, love and worship Lebron if he is on your team, hate him if he is not.It all comes down to jealousy, you are just jealous that we got him! When the Heat become the Champs, they will have their rings fitted on their middle fingers.

  91. lebronheat2011champs says:

    laker fans suck there all jealous about the heat cuz they know lakers will never hold a trophy again cuz the heat are goin to keep winnin …if u thnin about it heat r only goin to get better because in the off season there goin to get a better big man all u kobe lovers im sorry but the lakers r done lebron james is the leader of the league go heat!!!

  92. Let´s Go Heat!!! Defense, defense, defense

  93. King K.A says:

    Miami in 6. As for all the Lebron haters; C’mon REALLY? Isn’t this getting a bit old. We hated on them through their trials during the season and yet they stuck together and shut us up. It’s been, almost, a full year since “The decision” and that’s what the public is still lingering on? Chill the F* out and enjoy a great finals series. No body committed any crimes here.

  94. the Heat says:

    Jason Tray is the factor.

  95. SteveKieran says:

    Mavs will win! Its true that the mavs cant compete with the heat’s ATHLETIC ABILITY with the combination of Lbj and Dwade however the heat only run if the other team gets many turnover with kidd having them as a point guard TRUST ME they won’t. The mavs have Dirk noone can guard him. Even i have KG hes the only one who guard Dirk not even Dwight. When they played in the season Mavs won the series for a reason the heat didnt run as much as they do on the other teams, mavs will make it a slow tempo game but will run in times having marion,kidd,terry and barea not to mention brewer. Chicago won the series against heat too in the season but they came up short in the conference finals and the reason why is they shut rose down and chicago was playing a fast pace game. NOBODY beat miami playing fast pace. Mavs can play a very good slow tempo game having Dirk, peja, terry, barea, and kidd. Yes, kidd can hit threes actually hes one in the top 5 three point made in the NBA. Kidds a VETERAN he cant afford to this series not now and he knows it and he will FIRE up his teammates the JET too. You know what im talking about the TATTOO that he has on him. Mavs are the underdog. Heat are hated by people because of LBJ. If you know these FACTS the MAVS REALLY arent the UNDERDOG their coach know it. Nevermind butler hes no good going up against this heat team. So there you go think what you want butr the mavs will succeed im not a mavs fan im a BASKETBALL fan. PEACE!

  96. rhein says:

    Eddie House take Jose Perrea

  97. MJ WILL RULE! says:

    MAV’S are GOING to WIN!

  98. Swan says:

    I´m not sure if Dirty Nowitzky or Jose Perrea can do something at the head of Miami´defense

  99. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    and by the way heat 4 more wins and only can affors 3 losses to succeed thank you for all of your hard work guys very inspirational.

  100. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    i mean every body is pulling for Mavs (all 29 teams wow)….i would be a very big disappointment on the league if Miami win…I DON’t mean to sulk but you guys are not true to the game…I am tired trying to convince you guys…you guys are too stubborn and one sided. WADE WON BY HIM LEADING THE TEAM SHAQ was there but not a big factor on both ends Mourning was a factor on defense and we didn’t receive any calls in that series back in 06. NBATV had the games on did you watch them again we won by WADE’s hands eh facilitate and the team made ok attempts to put the ball in the rim but everytime it got close wade took it upon himself to score…I am not going to say who will win but i I will support my team all they way Lets’ go Leaders the moment you all have been waiting for D WADE LEBRON and BOSH>>>Lets go team heat: UD JOEL JJ MAGLOIRE BIG Z DAMPIER DEXTER EDDIE BIBBY MILLER HOWARD RIO and coaching staff let’s bring it home for all the haters and fans alike……………………GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEAAAAATTTT

  101. Stevenson will get Terry´s role in 2006 finals.

  102. zoe pound says:

    thanks for another ring dallas damm yall sweet

  103. MavsForTheTitle says:

    Mavs in 6.

  104. Henry says:

    GO DIRK!!

  105. Heat in 5 says:

    Heat will win in 5 because LeBron and Wade are too talented to loose. I think LeBron can guard any player from Dirk to D-Rose, so he will not be as effective as he was against the Lakers and the Thunder. Miami will let one down in Dallas, but will not loose a single game in Miami. GO HEAT GO. Miami in 5.

  106. Can't wait for the finals to start! says:

    The Mavs are strong, but the Heat are unpredictable.
    It’s mostly gonna be a bunch of tough games. I guess the Mavs will be able to win once with 15points difference or so but than again going to strike back for a tough fight in the following games. I’m not sure whether the mavericks are going to win the championship but I hope so because it’s gonna be a fight of veterans against well not so young Heat anymore but still a team with variable performances – able to become a dynasty but not yet there. The Heat lack the great team balance and chemistry that makes the mavs almost unbeatable thorugh a best-of-seven series. The mavs having players willing to make sacrifices for their team, the starting five as well as the players sitting on the bench. So the bench might be the difference especially in guarding lebron and dwade. The mavs overall team spirit is gonna beat the heat. In terms of basketball being a team sport I really hope the mavs are going to win the finals as a result of a great team performance.

  107. Babe1193 says:

    I hope and pray the MAVs win this year’s NBA champsionship … for the sake of Dirk Nowitzki / Jason Kidd / Mark Cuban…
    All three gentlemen showed genuine love for the game !!! Go MAVs !!!

  108. East Bay Fan says:

    MAVs in 6 !!!

  109. Lauri says:

    I truly wish that Mavs win so that Dirk and Kidd won´t have the same story Stockton and Malone had at the end of their careers: one of the all time greats who couldn´t win NBA Championchip.
    I don´t think it´s wrong if the Heat win because no matter what, they have those super friends. Love them or hate them, they sure know how to play but I wish Mavs in 6 or 7 games!

  110. SaveOurSonics says:

    I’m not entirely sure of my predicitions, the Mavericks can be unstopabble offensively but I think the Heat have too much athleticism, stellar defense, and two superstars and one all-star to help these guys win it all, I hope the Mavericks win because I want Nowitzki and Kidd to win a championship but my gut says Heat in 6.

  111. i wish tuesday nite would hurry up and get here. all i have been thinkin about all weekend is the finals. lebron james u are the best player in the world and u will bring the heat their second title and ur first to many more to complete ur legacy as the best player to ever play the game.:) go heat:)

  112. Joaquin Miranda says:

    Im a Bulls fan and I dislike the Heat but in all honesty, I see the Heat winning in 6, they are too good. Then again, the Mavs did take down the Lakers and the Thunder with ease, but I still have to know if that was due to amazing play by the mavs, or simple suckness from those 2 teams, I WANNA SEE THE FINALS NOW

    • LesGoMavs says:

      You say that because heat garbage your bulls. Just watch and wait

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      If you watched the games you would know it was amazing play by the Mavs that beat OKC.

      The Lakers fell apart, but the Mavs shot unbeleivable in Game 4 vs Lakers.

      So yeah, MAVS CAN PLAY!!! You’ll see …

      • Zohan says:

        Mavs should transfer their franchise to Euroleague, they can win in NBA because Heat will dominate the league in a decade.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Zohan, you are all talk before you even play game one.

      Prove it! Euro league is how you describe Hollywood LBJ’s flop on Rose (you tube it to see how Hollywood your acting team is!)


  113. True Basketball Fan says:

    To be honest the people that hate Lebron do it on the basis that he is allegedly not humble and he is not a man of honor.. Lets be real basketball is an uptempo sport that is always full of moments that can either appreciated or not appreciated. Its unfair that after all that Lebron has done he will always be labelled as a villain. So Lebron, Wade and the Heat Let your game do the talking! Haters Hate and Winners WIN!!!

  114. i dont like lebron says:

    It would be great if the Mavs won as they have two mature veteran players in Dirk and Jason Kidd. They deserve to win for their longstanding commitment to the Mavericks alone. Lebron is young and has plenty of time to further annoy us with his talents. Yes, Lebron is a force both offensive and defensively and maybe he is one of the most effective players physically in the Nba, but he lacks the maturity and grit of a Dirk Nowitski or a Kobe Bryant to carry a team. He chose to sulk and play horribly during the eastern conference finals for the Cavs in 2010 and when things didn’t go his way run off like the sore loser he is to join his best friends in Miami.

    Lebron, the NBA could also stand for No Boys Allowed and you will not be ready for any rings until you grow-up so keep acting like the egotistical 12 year old you are, sit down and let real men like Dirk show you how the Finals are won!

  115. Kevin says:

    I feel like its the first time in recent years that a team is rooted against by like,29 teams.

  116. Felicitat says:

    Ok, this series apparently seems very easy to get for the Heat. But nothing to look easy in life it isn´t it. In theory I can believe that I´m the best women´s conquering but always there´s someone better who would take away the award. What I´m saying is the fact that before play a game first you have to empty your mind and just be. Let be yourself and get in the invisible silence….Matrix….The mind factor, Peja the x factor, Mavs crowd the result factor; Factor:


    Heat in 4.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      All that blah then you say heat in 4? Be real! Heat haven’t swept anyone yet and they’re not starting with the WC Champ.

      Mavs swept Lakers defending champ, so now they are gonna sweep your Heat! Take it!

      Mavs in 4!!!

      • Zohan says:

        Miami will not sweep Dallas because Mavs is already in the trash bag, Heat would dump Dallas in 4.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      So you fools put your money on a Miami sweep then?

      If you have any left after buying all those James jersey’s lets see you put some cash on a sweep suckers!

  117. Arnold says:

    I think, that Mavs need to win this tittle becouse is the last chance for Nowitzki and Kidd. :/

  118. rockets says:

    Lets go Mavs in 6,maybe 7. Lebron should go back to Cleveland at least he won’t be hated there

  119. kb24fan says:

    just want the KIDD to get his…im sure the super friends will get their multiple rings in the future…but not this one…

  120. Coconut Grove says:

    Dwyane Wade is fast!

    Lebron James is furious!

    Together, they are FAST AND FURIOUS!

    On May 31, the Unstoppable Force will meet the Immovable Object!

    The end result: basketball entertainment at its best!! Go Miami HEAT!!!

  121. Nadia says:

    No matter how goog Lebron and D-wade are i say Mavs this go around..they are gttn older and this could be there last chance literally they have everythig to lose at this point makn it dis far aint good enough.if the heat lose they’ll be back next year hungrier than b4 becuz thats just how they are theyve got time..Mavs in 7 becus heat aint goin out without a fight..I’ve called EVERY bracket so far lets see if im correct this time!

  122. Heat Check says:

    Lebron, Wade and Bosh and the rest of the heat will beat the mavs in 6. Lebron will surprise people with his shot and defense on dirk. watch and learn kids.

  123. Nick says:

    I think Jason Terry will be the unsung hero of the series because of his clutch shots at the end of games.



  124. Mike says:

    GO MAVERICKS! I like their team, they’ve been underestimated all year and now they finally have a chance to prove themselves. I’d like to see some more impressive moves from J.J. Barea and some hot shooting from Terry. Of course, Dirk will most likely stay on fire he is so consistent and so underrated in this league. If Chandler can play strong D under the basket without allowing the Heat to get to the line (that’s how they beat the two past teams), Mavericks definitely can take it in 6. I’m a Celtics fan and I like D-Wade, but LeBron just ruins the entire image of the Miami Heat for me, he does not deserve a ring.

    • Magnum says:

      Everyone deserves a ring if they came out on top.

    • Sigmaalbany123 says:

      I don’t see why you said that Miami won the last 2 series because of free throws. No one has shot more free throws this post season than Dirk. Free throws are all part of the game.

  125. Chicago faaaaaaan1 says:

    A wery long a tough series i’m not able to atually predict what’s gonna happen since it always comes down to the wery smallest margins, but i would like to see the mavs win not cuz heat beat the bulls(which was a deserved victory stop talking about refs) no because i would like to see dirk and the mavs get a ring not cuz they deserve because of their careers but just because i’m rooting for them anything other than a 7 game series would be a disappointment it’s a final and a final is nothing without an epic game 7. That’s what i really liked about last years forth and back all the time that’s a nice finals series. Anyway James and Wade are two of my favorite players so as a bulls fan i’m not hating on them.

  126. germanboy says:

    though am writing to you from Germany I dont believe this series is something the mavs can take this series. The same problem will hit the mavs as hit the bulls when playing against the hit, lack of offensive variety. Terry and Dirk will have to score at least 30 each to have a chance and that is quite unlikely, while on the other side Bosh got on fire and Flash has not emptied half of his tank so far while lebron can still stay consistent. Might be some tough games, but mentally I feel the Heat is stronger and more versatile.

    Haslem will be also a key role player along with Miller and Anthony. When Miami was missing Haslem during the regular season it had a negative impact on their game, now the other way around. Sekou is smart that he inserted his name as one of the possible key driving factors in the Finals.

    If Chandler had some post offense or Marion some back-to-the-board game or off dribble penetration or something then I would give Mavs a good chance, but they are only alley-oop or putback guys off rebounds so not much they can get in the heated pressure…

  127. i hate miami says:

    i hate the miami heat as a team because they have too many good players, realistically they should never lose and win every game by 20+. i think the heat win just not sure how long it will take. GO MAVS!!!!! pull off a miracle

  128. kODY11 says:

    I got one question who is guarding wade? please dont say jason terry. dont say marion he has lebron and beaubois or kidd hahhaha…..good luck Dallas…..heat in 6

    • wow says:


      • Jessa Tolentino says:

        Lol… Stevenson is just a clown. He can’t guard nor he can’t shoot. If he is with the other teams he would have been a waterboy and not a player.

    • LesGoMavs says:

      How about kidd? I think most of the time, stevenson be the one who’ll guard bibby than kidd.

      • luci says:

        yes, definitely kidd. he was the one of kobe and durant’s primary defender during the past series and we’ve seen what happened to them.

  129. kewl says:

    Resilience is the name of the game and the mavs just proved it so far. Dallas in 5 or 6.

  130. macdaddytre says:

    Heat in 5 and all the talk will hush

  131. RileyHeat says:

    Dirk is an amazing player but the Heat will be able to contain him. Heat in 6

  132. Jessa Tolentino says:

    Bibby – Kidd = in favor of Kidd – same oldies

    Wade – Stevenson = very much in favor of Wade

    Lebron – Marion = very much in favor of Lebron

    Bosh – Dirk = in favor of Dirk but not that much

    Anthony – Chandler = slightly in favor of Chandler

    so it means Miami got an edge on every position

    • wow says:

      actually….its a landslide win for dirk here…
      dirk has improved d…although not great…certainly better than bosh…
      offense…dirk is way better…
      bosh can only hit face up jumpers…
      he doesnt even have a post game…
      not even a post game facing the basket…
      he drives so awkwardly…

    • and...? says:

      Miami bench: Haslem, Miller, Chalmers
      Dallas bench: Terry, Barea, Hayword, Stojakovic,
      Dallas bench>Miami bench

      Bench is just as important as the starting 5.

      and how does Miami get a edge on every position when obviously Kidd>Bibby, Chandler>Anthony and maybe Dirk>Bosh…?

    • uoykcuf says:

      lol you bias fool

  133. andrew says:

    james will choke, he does every year, proven fact! dirk is on a mission, hes UNSTOPPABLE, mavs in 6. lebron is a big baby, he will once again cry like a litte baby

    • Magnum says:

      You just describe Dirk and the Mavs with that ” chokeness” on their previous years. I know, you’re gonna tell me they’re different team now, well same with James with his new team.

  134. Jessa Tolentino says:

    The Heat will win the series in game 7.

    Nobody can stop Dirk in the Heat Line up but also nobody can stop lebron in the Mavs line up.

    But another thing here is, Heat still has Wade and nobody can stop him from the Mavs lineup.

    Aside from Dirk, no one else from Mavs is consistent.

    And don’t forget, Heat still has Bosh who can contribute 30 points in any given day.

    So Miami in 7 games.

    • BigAl says:

      Actually Haslem and Bosh are going to be really important in defending Dirk. These two veterans know how to get it done unlike Ibaka who is still young and developing his game. Im predicting that the heats will probably be able to keep Dirk under 30 for the entire series.

    • ajsdf says:

      actually it will depend on how they run the offense for miami and dallas.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Dallas has a lot of consistent players who have been more consistent than Wade lately.

      Kidd, Terry, Marion, Barea have all been real consistent against OKC while Wade had many off nights against Bulls.

      Something to think about.

      • Law064 says:

        Have you heard of the Jet?? The Mavs have more weapons than the Bulls had, Miami has more weapons than OKC has so this series will be good. Don’t count out the Mavs or the Heat. I see a 6 or 7 game series. I pick ahhh I really don’t care who wins, I’m watching the finals just because this is the last stage and hopefully this season won’t be the last due to a lockout. The Mavs had to deal with a young and talented team OKC Durant,Maynor,& Westbrook. The Heat had to deal with Rose only so let’s see how this series play out. No matter who wins I just hope this is not called like game 7 last year. Good luck to both teams.

  135. CelticsFan says:

    Miami’s obviously going to win the championship, but thats only because of Lebron’s decision to not to take his maximum pay check in order to play in South Beach alongside Wade and Bosh. The NBA created the salary caps in order to prevent one team from acquiring too many superstars. If every player in the league did what Lebron did, then we could have a Lakers team with Rose, Bryant, Pierce, Gasol, and Howard, or a Knicks team with Chris Paul, Wade, Ginobli, Garnett, and Stoudemire

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Why does everyone want to give Heat the trophy already before they play game 1 of the finals?

      Hello, they still have to earn it and go through a danm good Mavs team to get it.

      So good luck but we still got ball to play!

  136. TRIBINSKI says:

    Dallas in 4 game.. sweet sweep sweet revenge…quitters dont deserve championship… i bet after miami loss lequitter james will request trade for lakers coz quitters forever be quitter..bad Karma is waiting or you… the big difference between nowitzki and lequitter james nowitzki never quit.. he is loyal to his team.. dirk deserve all … goooo mavs beat the QUITTERS..

  137. D-Wade & King James too good says:

    wow , these haters just wont stop, remember the heat werent supposed to beat the Celtics, and the bulls because their bench is apparently awful, remember LeBron was supposed to choke come clutch time, Hater get ready o cry because it’s time 4 LBj and the heat, whether u like it or not

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Maybe some people don’t hate, they just like Mavs better … ever thought of that?

      It’s like Marion said, this isn’t about them and what they’re doing, it’s about us and what we’re gonna do.

      No offense or anything, you got your team and I got mine … may the best team win!

  138. D-Wade & King James too good says:

    I cannot believe all these haters, well the hate is not working because as i woke up this morning i woke up realizing LBJ and wade too good 4 the mavs. Heat get their second and Lebron Furthers his legacy

  139. igo4heatthatburns says:

    all the finals hype and thriller, i cant wait to watch the finals and let this question be answered: will the heat’s big three win a title no.2 for miami or will the dallas mavericks table to unplug the superstar juice of miami’s big three and get the title they’ve been dreaming about? i go for the heat. im not a heat fan, but i want the heat to win this year’s title. why hate bron so much like the haters wants to crucify him or ask stern to ban him from the league? i mean, let the guy play and hope he loses to the mavs this finals. i mean, the sport was meant to be an entertaining sport and not a riot cause.. why don’t we chill enjoy this great match up. 😀

    Go heat.

    above all, lakers next year. haha 🙂

  140. Mr. eleven says:

    1. miami haters = boston/bulls fans
    2. lebron haters = cleveland fans
    3. CHARLES BARKLEY = calling himself “SIR CHARLES?!” Who unprofessionally insulted the Heat Team!!!

    Miami in 5/6…

  141. erick says:

    I’m not really an NBA fanatic but i pick MAVs to win this series…

  142. tombrayo says:

    I think the reason everyone hates lebron is because the way he teamed up with bosh and wade. You don`t lead a team on that your coming back when you know very well your already going to miami before last season even started. And if the heat win it will not be that special MJ would never team up with some of the best players in the league because he always wanted to beat the best. It would mean more is lebron could have won a ring on his without teaming up with wade and bosh. I really dont think hes even the best player in the league if you ask me wade is better than lebron. It really doesnt matter because lebron will never be as good as MJ because one thing MJ never did was lose in a final something lebron already has done. Im gonna say the MAVS win this series in 6 or 7 games their vetran leadership will overcome the heats 2 and a half men.

    • Dankenkit says:

      Listen to Jordans interview, he says things like, he wonders about free agency, kids have different oppurtunities, its not a bad thing……etc. So we will never actually know what jordan would do in free agency, because he never had the oppurtunity. As for him saying he wouldnt call bird and magic to team up, we really dont know because, I take it as a remark to belittle anyone who threatens his greatest of all-time title. He does this a lot for example calling 1. Kobe a top-10 guard. Guard not player, guard. 2. Saying he would score 100 points in todays game, because everyone was bringing up kobes 81. 3. his hall of fame speech. and i think that what he said about calling magic and bird is another statement to bring someone who he feels threatened by down. Dont get me wrong, i love jordan and he is the greatest of all-time. But dont get caught up in his mind games, he says things to make himself look better. Fact is Jordan never had an oppurtunity to do what lebron did so we will never know for sure. Also, dont believe everything he says because he said hes gonna retire three times and told the truth only once.

  143. MJ WILL RULE! says:

    The Mav’s are gonna get there revenge!

  144. domski.com says:

    to all the heat haters congratulations, they deserve it. LBJ & Flash! well they’ll get moments but this time its gonna be the Mavs no matter how they underestimated them. the Heat are just really overrrr hype and overrrr rated. good for you King.

    • Juniel says:


      • ajsdf says:

        the celtics were a battered and beaten team. to claim that they actually provided a challange is retarded. saying that okc was too young and almost lost to a amazing 8th seed, shows your intellect of the game (which is none). chicago did not have a all around team they could only rely on rose to produce big numbers and create his own shot. the lakers were not a fluke. their team chemistry was out of sync and no one but kobe could actually produce. they just were not that hungry for another trophy. trailblazers are not garbage, they are pretty bad in the west, but they are better than most teams in the east. i think you need to calm down and actually look at facts, instead of bluttering out your opinions.

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        West coast had overall wins over East coast … so maybe it’s tougher to win the WCF? I probably is … but we’ll find out who’s champ soon enough!

        GO MAVS!!!

  145. yonix says:

    All i can say is BOOO!!! dont cry Lebron ” THE KING-KONG ” James after dirk and the mavs will have their 1st NBA title…

  146. Usuck says:

    It’s show time!!!

  147. pat carter says:

    I feel the Heat, because its the course, players have awakened courtesy of Garnett/Ray Allen to determine their own destiny. If a franchise can’t surround great players with help after they have helped your franchise,city to recoup millions. I am for them moving own, they are not “chattle property”. For the former players who are hating because of the time/money these guys are recieving,and live in many of them were not as good and did not accomplish what some of these guys have in final apperances and more. Remember we all love Michael because of the exposure of the game at his time. I love him Bird, Magic, Dr J, but the reality is Bill Russell is the standard bearer of rings, but many young people weren’t around. And they don’t even mention him as if the league started with MJ. It will be fitting for what is about to take place, it is only the begining.

  148. robert says:

    The Mavs are mentally weak. They will choke once again. The Heat will win this game in 6 or 7 games.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Mavs have been shooting better than anyone so far in the playoffs, and have won all sorts of games in the 4th Q and you are saying they are mentally weak?

      You haven’t been watching their games obviously. Dirk has the most clutch 4th Q’s this playoffs.

  149. Realist says:

    It’s going to be a long, tough series, with probably almost every game being close in the last 5 minutes, but I believe we will have too many match-up advantages to lose 4 out of 7. Wade, Miller, LeBron, Haslem, and Bosh will provide too much floor spacing and open up the driving lanes late in games. Miami’s defense has been much better in these playoffs, letting a team score 100 only once, and I expect that to stay that way, despite the Mavs stellar ball movement. Too many one-way players is what the Mavs have in my honest opinion, with Barea, Terry, and Nowitzki unable to play very good defense, and Stevenson, Chandler, and Marion unable to play very good offense unless they get offensive rebounds, and I highly doubt rebounds will be a problem for the Heat what with LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Haslem, Anthony, and Miller swallowing up a lot of rebounds. Heat in 6.

  150. Jason says:

    Man, I wish I could watch the Finals :(. Im a huuge fan of the NBA, (go Warriors!), and might get to see one game, maybe. So all you Lebron haters and Dirk brown nosers better watch and enjoy every minute for those of us who dont get to watch it!

  151. kobs24 says:

    im not a lebron fan and also not mavs fan but i bet my money over the heat. dont care if lebron hoist the trophy this time but next season he will cry again. .d wade pls go to your hometown with d rose, you and d rose will have the chance to win a bunch of trophies. .hope?lol

    • Zambowie says:

      Chicago doesn’t need a Dwyane Wade. They need a Lebron James lol. They need a beastly SF and a C

      • BigAl says:

        I hope you’re joking.. luol deng is one of the most underrated small fowards currently playing in the nba. What they need is a beastly PF that cost much less that boozer.

  152. Heat Fan says:

    We are ***ALL*** Witnesses!!!

  153. EmJay23 says:

    JAmes Jones must have some minutes. He can knock down 4 or 5 threes in about 12 minutes in the game if he gets an open look. This guy is really sharp.

  154. Ali says:

    All u HATERS will burn after THE KING and FLASH lift the Trophy. Heats in 5 and Dirk who? come on Dirk is a really good player but definately not in the League of Lebron and Wade. They couldnt handle Wade when he was alone so how do they expect to handle the combination of the 2 especially when Lebron is playing like a BEAST.

    • bernard says:

      alone… he had shaq and alonzoe thats not alone thats crazy help…. about as much help as maybe bosh and lebron, before you comment make sure you know your facts

      • John says:

        alonzo mourning was a bench verteran in the series, shaq was the only help and wade had the highest scoring average in the finals since jordan. Thats more alone than anything else

    • Brydon says:

      Uhh… the Mavs were 2-0 in games played against the Heat this year…

      • JustPlainMe says:

        So what if the Mavs were 2-0 in the regular season? The Bulls were 3-0 and look where they are now… HOME lmao

      • LetsgoHeat says:

        SOOO!?!?!? the Bulls were 3-0 against the Heat this season but in the playoffs they lost 4-1 so i dont really think that it matters if they were 2-0

      • Magnum says:

        Same argument used by the bulls and celtics fans and for those games, the Mavs still has Butler. On the other hand, the heat got back Haslem and Miller from injuries plus the addition of Bibby. So yeah, what you said is pointless.

      • wow says:

        for those who think dirk is mediocre compared to wade and LBJ…just to remind you…
        Dirk is a definite HOF at this point…having won MVP….
        and having his touch…
        if only heat fans were a bit more knowledgable…
        i like LBJ and Wade…but good plays arent just alley oops…
        where were all the heat fans last year…

      • kardo says:

        we were there all the time. don’t question our loyalty to our team. don’t question the loyalty of the fans of the detroit pistons of the world…they are there all along. if your team is not doing good at the moment, why go to the arena and pay for your seat with all the financial hardships that we have right now when you can just sit in your couch and watch the game for free?bandwagon fans are those who keep on jumping from one team to another. we never left the heat, we were just in hibernation when your 2nd best player was beasley (the dude is good though). to say that the heat fans deserve the championship the least is palin $tupid.

      • Dankenkit says:

        Um the Mavs were 2-0 in the regular season in 06 also.

      • turndowntheheat says:

        kardo, you sound about as fair-weather as they get. You really had to “hibernate” when your team didn’t win a title for a “whole” 5 years??? I’ve been a Nuggets fan basically forever, and I still went to games back in ’97 when they only won 11 games. And that was over ten years ago, and we still haven’t won a title… So, PFFFFFT on you, whining and bitching and moaning cause you “only” have D Wade. It’s amazing that the best teams always have the absolute worst fans… Seriously look at the Pistons, the Lakers and the HEAT. The former incited the ugliest event in NBA history, and the two latter will NOT stop complaining until they have every advantage.

      • Louis says:

        Mavs 2-0, Chicago 3-0, Boston 3-1, your point is? The Mavs played the Heat in Novembe and December when they weren’t playing good team ball. This is a totally different team now! Heat in 5!!

    • Joe says:

      D-Wade was alone in 2006. If you think he was alone when he had a dominate Shaq and Alonzo Mourning a hall of famer and still think the was alone. I don’t know.

  155. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    King is here
    Man down !

  156. bonikLBJ. says:

    dirk is humble, but his fans? not so much.. all of you will soon bow down to the KING!

    • Joe says:

      Yeah Mavs fans aren’t humble……………. HaHa

      Mavs in 6

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      That statement you just made was very humble…

      Yeah, not so much … Heat and their fans are the least humble in the league, and all sports second only to maybe Yankees and Lakers but giving them a run for the money.

  157. HeatWave says:

    I’ll never understand the hate towards James. If someone dislikes him I could understand, but people simply just hate him. Anyhow my prediciton for these finals is Heat in 5 or 6 with my main reason being that Butler is not present and now Haslem, Miller and Bibby are. So it will be very different than when they first met beginning of the season.

    • Simple says:

      Hating LeBron is actually quite simple.He lacks character ,honor ,possibly due to the lack of proper education.Who knows.But hey ,he is the one attracting hate.He is the only one responsible for all the hate.If his actions were…let`s say humble then there would be no hate.Take D.Rose for example or Durant.It is impossible to hate those guys because they behave as a professional bball player should behave.All this LeBron glamour and crap is because he chose to be a diva instead of a humble player.This pretty much defines you as a person and for me ,that`s all that matters.I will embrace a less greater player that is humble and that has a healthy character over a “freight train diva” everytime ,and that`s because there are other many great things in life.Basketball is just 48 minutes on the court.Rest of the time is what defines you as a person.Being an athlete is just a small part of your life.The fact he decided to leave Cleveland shows us that instead of having honor he preffered to possibly win some rings which let`s be honest….its just some gold on a finger.But the memories ,the feelings and the legacy are lost.Why do you think Jordan is still perceived as he is still playing every night under the spotlights?Because he had more than rings and stats ,he had heart and he would`ve still been talked about even without the rings.Unfortunately LeBron ruins the perception that young fans have on the game of basketball as everybody can see on all the comments around this site or on any other basketball forum or blog ,so expect more LeBrons in the future.
      And to be clear about this ,he is a very good player.He has the edge because of his body just like Shaq had.
      The end.
      Heat in 6.

      • Colt says:

        Lebron did something to make himself happy. And if it bugs u, then screw off. I got nothing but respect for someone to go for their dreams and disregaurd what the media or anyone else says. He obviously wasnt getting anywhere in Cleveland, not bashing Cleveland or anything, but one-man shows dont work. Idc who wins, both teams are very deserving of rings. LBJ needs one finally. Dirk and Kidd are long over-due. I say may the best man win, but quit looking for everyone reason to LBJ. Life’s unfair.

      • Mr. eleven says:

        Another Draft chance for Cleveland. goodluck on getting Irving at 1st, and Kanter at 4th, solid PG and CENTER so let go of your hate to Lebron, learn to respect of what he decided. Well to Cleveland team, goodluck! Go Heat LOL!

      • HeatWave says:

        Well if this is about character I don’t think it’s good character for anyone to hate another person simply because they are not humble. So really what does that say about the people who hate him, they are probably worse than him. Like I said dislike I can understand, but hating takes time and engery, and to exert that towards someone you don’t even know is well, not smart to say the least.

      • Nobody says:

        I’m sure winning the title(s) is more than just gold on the finger. LBJ is the best athlete in the NBA right now and having no rings when he retires is simply wrong.

        Compare Jordan and Kobe with guys they defeated (e.g. Malone, Stockton, Barkley, Nash, C Web, and on). Those two are/will be considered legends in the NBA because of the titles they’ve won. Even when those titles are with the help of other superstars. Without a title if LBJ had stayed in Cleveland, he will only be remembered as one of the best players without title. Nothing more.

        I still wished he stayed in Cleveland and win a title with them. But when it’s not possible, he did the right thing by choosing the best alternative.

      • media head says:

        did lebron commit a crime?, i think you got it backwards, he is one of the good guys, never gave anyone any reason to think otherwise until “the decision”, no gambling, no rape charge, no calling anyone a fake tough guy, and he never even acknowledged the hate publicly, just took it in stride and kept playing to win, only hakeem in recent memory has one a chip being the only superstar unless you count detroit having none, he did what he had to do to compete with the lakers and celtics of the world, and me being a lifelong laker fan, i cant knock him, the lakes and celts have been stacking up their rosters ever since i can remember to bring a chip, and michael jordan created this nba landscape, todays stars are mearly playing in it, so blame jordan for the uber-star, not lebron

      • You must not be an athlete, because size in professional sports is talent. Size is no more special that speed, strength, sports IQ, and so forth. Every professional athlete has the advantage of size. The fact that they are all grand in size is their talent. Do you think if Dirk were shorter he could shoot over ppl the way to he does, look at Magic Johnson playing point guard at his size is an absolute advantage, he can see the floor better than any point guard, but we don’t deny him of being the greatest point guard ever because of his size. Come on dude. Lebron is only a man, and still a young man; he made a decision regarding his own life, his own, career, and his own legacy. I think it says more about his character that he was man enough to do what he wanted no matter what we as fans thought and will forever think of him, because in the end he has to be content with his own.
        Heat in 6. And this off season will be more exciting than the previous.

      • LBJ forever!! says:

        Are u serious? How do u know his character? U live with the man? the fact that “the decision” raised two million dollars for charity is totally lost on everyone huh? Oh and excuse him for wanting to be a champion at his profession. I really dont’ know why its not considered honorable to go after what you want in life. If he had been traded it would have been another story. But because he chose to exercise the power that he had over the situation he”s wrong huh? NOT!!!!

        And I dont know what humble means to you simply. lebron has been in the league for 7 years now. Never a hint of trouble. Always has the right thing to say concerning others, always putting the team above himself. Not pretentious; arrogant; or disrespectful!

        So u guys hate on with ur fabrications. This first ring of many for LBJ will be sweet but not as sweet as number 7!!!!!!!

      • B-baller says:

        I is very obvious that you do not remember the Jordan era. He was booed everytime he touched the ball in big away games, Jordan was not tryely appreciated by all until after the bulk of his career when he stopped winning all the championships. Just like Kobe, Many many people hate Kobe, because they feel like the lakers and Kobe have scorened them and their team, after Kobe gets old and is over the hill the majority of NBA fans will truely appreciate what he brought to the game, This same concept applies to lebron. Lebron will always be my hero, because he destroys kobe and the lakers. he has for most of his career. Im very dissapointed I have yet to see a kobe – lebron finals,

        As for this discussion, Portland took the Mavs to 6 games, The lakers died off faster than bacteria, and the thunder did not have th eexperience to win. The Heat will decimate the mavs.
        Heat in 5 or 6.

      • MJ ALL DAY says:

        I think it is hilarious, Everyone hated on Jordan when he was playing and now want to act like they thought he was the greatest all along. MJ had affairs off the court, so you can not say his character was the greatest. But who cares… You probably read people magazine while getting your nails did and gossipping like a little girl. The fact is Lebron is a great ATHLETE. The heat are going to be considered one of the greatest teams of all time. When it is all said and done; no one will remember the B.S. Just the rings. And all you haters will flip sides and be telling your grandchildren about how James was one of the greatest of all time.

      • MavsForTheTitle says:

        You have EVERYTHING wrong, Simple. It’s not LEBRON’S fault, it’s CLEVELAND’S fault. It’s not Lebron’s fault Cleveland had no backup plan, it’s not Lebron’s fault Dan Gilbert is a stinkin’ owner, it’s Lebron’s life, no one else’s.

      • Helder07 says:

        The lack of character is what you dispose in your comments. Let’s be honest you’re some cleveland cry baby pointing all the hate you got inside you, or perhaps some runned over laker fan, but it doesn’t matter, just don’t bring all your hate towards the greatest player still playing, period. If that’s what you beleave, go see his last interview when he responds to scottie pippen, or see what he did in response to a fan that was talktrashing about his mother, 2 great exemples this season. He didn’t reacted like Joakim Noah ( I like this player, and all the team ) to a heat fan, and him is the personize of humility. I hope not, but let´s see what rose or durant does in a couple of years when they went free agent and they look at themselves and they have no ring to be remember their careers. The ring doesn’t matter, what matter is what the ring stands for, that is acomplishment and sacrifice, and above all be there at the moment. That’s what basketball players are made for… cheers

      • Fan of the Sport says:

        I disagree with almost all of what you’ve said, but the main thing I’m going to point out is that you’ve called LeBron un-educated, yet you’ve made about a dozen spelling and grammar mistakes… Hypocritical much? If you’re going to insult someones intelligence, look in a mirror

      • Luke says:

        Actually LeBron did have a proper education at a very nice private Catholic school in Akron. You would leave the Cavs too if you were one of the best players in the NBA on a team going nowhere. No Jordan would not be talked about the way he is if he didnt have the rings, he just wouldnt. Stop being so quick to judge people you dont even know, you cant judge someones character over tv or the internet, you hae to know someone personally, and since you dont know LeBron James personally stop questioning his character because you dont have any idea what he is truly like.

        Mavs in 6 or 7

      • Luke says:

        oh and if you really want to question character, look at Jordan, Calling Chamillionare a F*cking N*gger when he asked for his autograph? comon now

      • HeatWave says:

        @ Luke, man you are so right. What gives with that not even blowing up? MJ is one if my favorite players but I know he had a very bad attitude off the court. People don’t know James nor do I but I’ve seen enough to know that he doesn’t deserved to be hated(outside of Cleveland).

      • Simple says:

        Well…some of you obviously got it all wrong.First of all I don`t hate LeBron or the Heat or any of that other crap you are saying.I was just pointing out why is he so hated.It is what people think of him and it happens that I didn`t had anything better to do than just put it down for others.My personal view of LeBron?He lacks character yeah…I stand by that because that`s what I think not because “oh gosh I am a hater” but because that`s what he made me feel about him with all his on court actions and “the decision” to leave Cleveland.That doesn`t mean I hate the man.Have a problem with that?Thought so.
        I didn`t say he was un-educated ,as some stated.I just said “who knows” as in who knows why LeBron lacks character and just put education there…like in “who knows?”.Could`ve been…weed or head bump or anything else that could lead to that.Got it now?More explanations needed?
        He acts on the court as he is shooting a stunt movie,he dances like a cheerleader with the bench mates in the middle of the game ,he talks trash outside the court and many other things.For me that is lack of character especially from a role-model.Just as you all say it was his decision to leave and he is entitled to do it ,so am I in thinking that he lacks character.So no problems here right?Good.
        What did I say about Jordan?That he is still talked about and would still be even without the rings…because he fought hard even though he kept on losing and he stayed with his teammates and never gave up.That ,for me at least, is character and healthy competition.Nothing else…yet some of you talk about his off the court actions or about that Chamillionaire and the “get the f out of here n”.Well…no offence…but really?Who the hell wouldn`t say that to him?Is he like Jesus or what?What did he do so great to deserve anything else but a bashing?Rapping about disrespecting women and spending money on stupid things and getting high and killing others?Wtf is wrong with you people?You said it like “oh my…how can that happen…Jordan saying that to Chamillionare!!”.Wow.Really sad.Because of black people like those many other ones have to suffer because they send negative messages through their music and lifestyle.I know lots of black people willing to say things to rappers like him because they make them look bad.Pretty obvious huh?
        Of course ,some of you also thought that I was comparing LeBron to Jordan.Getting old already.I didn`t compare anyone…Hell…Instead of Jordan put Bill Russell.Is it better now?Relaxed?Ok ,take it easy now.
        Regarding his size…the meaning of what I said was quite simple…here is an extended version of it for everyone…LeBron has great body and because of that and the fact that he knows how to use it efficiently gives him the edge making him better than the other players.That was the meaning.
        So ,the hate.Well…the hate comes from the following : Cleveland drafts LeBron ,invests money and hard work to make him the best player in the NBA and he decides that he wants to leave.All that = hate.Someone said hate is as wrong as lacking character…depends.When you raise your baby and do everything you can to help him be the best he can be do you expect him to leave you and disrespect you?I suppose not (and please don`t start the obvious “LeBron is not a baby but an athlete” or “would you hate your baby for leaving you??OMG” because it means you don`t get the idea).Basically that`s what happened with LeBron and Cleveland.Imagine Wade leaving for Chicago for example.Ooo I am sure the Heat fans would`ve been so glad and appreciative.Is it all clear now for everybody?That`s where all the hate is coming from.But hey…the fact that other teams and owners and fans decided to bash on LeBron…that`s just stupid.It is all between LeBron and Cleveland.Why should anyone else care or even worse…hate the man?Because they are scared?Sure…Heat can win 10 championships in a row.That`s disturbing for the rest of the league isn`t it?Oh yeah.That`s why everybody hopped in the Hate express.But please…for the love of God…stop reacting to every comment and opinion as if HATE is the main reason of saying anything about LeBron.As I already said before…I don`t hate the man ,I actually quite like him despite all the acting and stuff.All I did was to say why people hate him and why I think he lacks character.That`s all.If you don`t understand that then…bad luck for you I guess.Don`t get overprotective with your hero…who knows when he is going to leave again…baah..just kiddin` ,messin` with you.But the thing is many of you take this personally and you start insulting people that have contrary beliefs which is kinda stupid.Kinda like religion…yeah.Dangerous.Take care now and enjoy the finals!

        Heat in 6.

      • tim says:

        who is doing the hating?? if you dont like him that much get him out of your life… stop watching

    • MJ ALL DAY says:

      Maybe you should write a book about it…. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Who cares dude.

  158. Zohan says:

    Finally Jason Terry has the chance to hoist the trophy and share it with the rest of the Mavs, especially when he brings them to the tattoo artist he sanctioned to put ink on him. Kidd will be the second greatest point guard after John Stockton not to win a title. Dirk Nowitzki should’ve bought the ring Artest sold at an auction.

    Anthony – 2 points, 5 rebounds, 10 blocks
    Dirk – 30 points, 6-30 FG, 6 fouls

    Miami in 4 30+blowouts. Big Z is the MVP. Go Heat!

  159. Lionel Ng says:

    Can’t wait for the finals anymore. This 1 will be legendary and Dirk will be the best player in the series. Let’s go Mavs. Stay hungry and humble.!!! We got this one.