Better late than never for Udonis, Miller

MIAMI — They are reunited again, playing for a championship, wondering how they can possibly beat Dirk Nowitzki when 11 years ago they couldn’t even beat Mateen Cleaves.

Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem were much younger, and definitely healthier, when they played for the University of Florida and lost to Cleaves and Michigan State in the 2000 NCAA title game. Right after that devastating defeat, they went their separate ways: Miller to the NBA as the No. 5 overall pick in the 2000 Draft by Orlando and Haslem on a basketball journey that began in Europe.

Last summer they were free agents, and it took some financial sacrifice by both to arrive here together.

“We talked about being teammates again at some point, joked about it, but never thought it would come about,” Haslem said. “Now, not only do I get to play for a championship, I get to play with one of my best friends.”

Just like at Florida, they find themselves playing important roles — in a sense, anyway. The Heat obviously are all about the Big Three. But it may take more than that to beat Dirk and Dallas. It may take something from Haslem and/or Miller, a pair of X-factors who spent much of the year in rehab.

“Strange, isn’t it?” said Haslem.

Yes, strange indeed, how fate churns and turns. The Heat envisioned Miller, UD and the Big Three as a strong five-man unit that would arrive at this point, the NBA Finals. Instead, Miami made it this far largely without much from Miller (wrist surgery) and Haslem (foot surgery). Which was fine against the Sixers, a broken-up Celtics team and the Baby Bulls. Not Dallas, with a superstar and a veteran team.

Haslem and Miller returned in the East finals against Chicago and were a big boost for Miami. And now Haslem will be asked to supply defensive help on Nowitzki. Miller must do his best Dirk imitation by knocking down jumpers. If they do that, then it will make life easier for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. It will bring Miami that much closer to a title.

“Our job is to do more of the little things,” said Miller. “Me and UD are easy to play with. We can spread the floor for those guys.”

If Miller makes the Mavericks pay for doubling on LeBron, then you know what? This. Series. Is. Over. Same if Haslem mixes it up inside. If they don’t, then the series swings in Dallas’ favor. Haslem knows that.

“It’s gonna take more of a team effort, at this stage,” he said. “We saw what Dallas is capable of doing.”

Haslem already has a championship ring from when the Heat won it all in 2006. Miller, in his 11th season, just made it out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time as a pro. Both will take the floor Tuesday night with a stinging memory from a decade ago.

“We have some unfinished business here in Florida,” Miller said.


  1. bigboy11 says:

    everyone is praising Pat Riley for bringing the big 3 to Miami but i think it is the players them selves planned it years ago they had the same type of contracts that expired at the same time,that is why a lot of these ex NBA players who are media people dont like Miami heat they did not have the guts to make a big 3 by themselves. great comment@heatwave. rondo was the greatest point guard before he played the heat, when Boston lost the first 2 games he was healthy,when Miami lost the first game to Chicago nobody said that they need more shooters . another thing these media pro seem to forget is that Miami closes out the best on 3 point shooters remember what they did to ray Allen,kyle korver

  2. King Midas says:


  3. ZBO says:

    Young, have LeBron, Chris Bosh, and D-Wade, great defense.
    Doesn’t have a deep bench, doesn’t have a stable point guard or center, has only 2 lights out shooters.
    Has players with experience, has Dirk Nowitizki, has a good bench
    Old (may not be able to keep up), only has 1 maybe 2 consistent scorers, shaky defense.
    Thus, we cannot make a prediction. We are saying Heat in 5, Mavs in 4, etc but it is to close to determine. The closest prediction I could make was Dallas in 6, the Miami Heat won’t be able to slow down Dirk. Unless they find a way to slow him down, which I would say Heat in 5, Mavs are gonna win it in 6.

  4. Guinnyss says:

    LMAO… let me edit that.

    Well we get booooo everywhere we go, only some arenas give us props when we do highlight dunks etc. Every hater is just mad because Heat made it to the FINALS so fast and Mavs look like easy pickings. Yes, we are a Dynasty in making an after this summer with new addition to the roster, you people going to have a real reason to hate.

  5. Guinnyss says:

    Well we get booooo everywhere we go, only come arenas give us props when we do highlight ducks etc. Every hater is just mad because Heat made it to the FINALS so fast and Mavs look like easy pickings. Yes, we are a Dynasty in making an after this summer with new addition to the roster, you people going to have a real reason to hate.

  6. Spurs fan a.k.a K-rob says:

    What makes LBJ and D-wade great is for what their team lacks..they do more than make up for it

  7. Spurs fan a.k.a K-rob says:

    Lebron is not the best player on the planet….he is in the discussion though as long as kobe is around he’s second best….gonna be interesting series….I want Dallas to win cause I want Dirk and Kidd to get a ring..but if if My boy Wade get’s number 2 that;s cool too. This heat team will be a dynasty especially one they get that bench upgraded and get a post presence….You have a dream combo of LBJ and D-wade to of the top 3 players in the league LBJ argubly the best player in the league and an allstar level player like Bosh with Hsalem and Mike Miller ….At least 3 rings

  8. ShutUp says:

    Other players joined up in their 30s not when they were in their primes. James and Wade are two of the top five players in the NBA no team has that. However its kind of sad that everyone who supports Miami loves saying its us against the World, everyone hates us blah blah blah. Get over yourself especially HeatWave he loves putting his opinion into everything and he is always the first comment I see like does he sit on 24/7? Do you actually have a life?

  9. Steff says:

    Another Gator grad, Corey Brewer, will play a bigger role in this series than either of his fellow alums, logging minutes playing D vs. LeBron.

  10. Javi says:

    With a healthy miller and UD next year the heat is going to be unstoppable even though the heat may win one this year. Not only do they make the heat so much better but they make it easier for lebron, d wade, and bosh. When UD came into the bulls series in game 2 the whole team changed…..their attitdue, toughness, rebounding and focus. Thank God he was able to come back this season! There isnt a more exciting lineup in the nba then D wade, lebron, haslem, miller, and bosh. This lineup/core will be together for at least another 4 seasons as well as there all under contract!

  11. bverilo says:

    Y’all be sure to watch tonight, it’ll be the start of the Miami Heat dynasty! #LetsGoHeat !!!

  12. karibkween says:

    Less than 36 months ago an Olympic team featuring this very same trio were America’s darlings; in fact non-collaboration on the drive for a US Olympic gold medal on the part of any of this trio would have produced just as much hate (maybe not so much on Bosh) as they’ve experienced since their decision to collaborate for the Miami Heat organization. If any of these players had been seriously injured during the whole process, as has happened with many international players, who play for their national team, would Americans feel any sympathy for them or their organizations? All the talk about LBJ abandoning the poor Cavaliers; would there be any sympathy for the same Cavalier organization if it had lost LBJ to a freak accident during the Olympic process?

    So what is it that makes the Mavs’ and D-No so much more appealing and deserving? I’ve got a few ideas but I’ll keep them to myself. GO HEAT!

  13. His Story man says:

    No team has ever lost the first three finals apperarances. So when Dallas lose this contest they will win in their next finals appearance in two years when they return to the finals after Kidd retires next year and Nash reunites with Dirk .

  14. His Story man says:

    Only three teams (Lakers, spurs and bulls) all dynasties have ever went 2-0 in there first two apperances. Should Miami win there will be dynasty in the making. Thus says history. Lucky celtics are the only exception.

  15. Miami #1 says:

    To all the people making excuses:

    Was Rondo hurt in the first 2 games? Which Miami won. Wasn’t the Bulls the best defensive team and the team with the best record during the regular season? Stop making excuses. You guys probably hate Lebron because chose Miami over your team.

  16. edgardelfin says:

    No more excuses…Whoever got the o’brien trophy, both teams deserves it…

  17. Vlad says:

    Aren`t you tired of it????
    Since the season started all these critics and…hmm…experts…they talk and talk and talk about the Heat. They almost beg people to hate and boo LeBron for the whole season. They can`t wait for the Heat to take a few losses so they can have their fun.
    Now when they look like a suitable candidate for winning it all, THEY HAD NO ONE TO PLAY WITH?
    Now when they celebrate beating a team that knocked them out every year in the last 3, celebrating it is a crime? Is something to condamn?
    What`s next? Geting criticised for casting a shadow on the wall, or consuming oxigen?
    When will you people just give up, get a life, stop being so bitter for nothing, stop acting like spoiled brats who don`t have enough candy?
    This is not coming from a LeBron fan, not even a Heat fan; i`m just sick of this “let`s find out something to criticise about the Heat,if not,let`s invent it” atitude.
    I wish they win in order to just make you so called critics shut up. I do hope you have the decency to keep quiet if they do

  18. msingyheat says:

    Heat vs mavs in regular season over last 6 years… mavs 12 heat 0 = important!
    Heat vs mavs in playoff finals over last 6 years… heat 4 mavs 2 = priceless!!!

    Which of the two appears to be more relevant to the current situation? Go ask dirk if he’d swap all those regular season wins for those 4 finals wins and see what he says… Heat in 6 AGAIN!!

  19. tonite is going to be awesome. i cant wait. go lebron and go miami heat. kill the mavs.:)

  20. AusRob says:

    I’d like to see Miami fans post legitimate arguments as to why Miami will win it all instead of this “yeah Miami gon’ do it! Itz our tyme 2 shyne!” rhetoric. I think people are forgetting just how big the scalps of Portland, the Lakers and OKC actually are.

  21. bakukang says:

    hey. gapa discusion kamo arong kaan. iyo iyan ang basketball. halaton nio nasana ta maabot man yan. ang ibig sabihon kaan talgang dakul pa ang nag kakagusto sa basketball.

  22. South Beach Boy says:

    lets go heat… Prove all the haters wrong…. besides I personally hate reggie miller and chuck, cuz of the way they hate on the heat. they shows bias against miami.. its incredible how reggie jump out of his seat when narrating the game after a good play against the heat… lol… reggie face it, miami will be the champions

  23. asdf says:

    these are the two teams which played best the entire postseason.Even though i think dirk has been the better player overall, i think miami has the better chances of winning the series. It’ll suck, i dislike miami and it will be even worse since no matter what happens, if the Heat win LeBron is going to be given the mvp no brainer by the nba, even if wade can play like the best of them (2006) on the finals.

  24. Tyggs says:

    Cmon! Charles went to Houston for a chance to get a ring. They were a little too late for it, and lost to Utah. Garnett and Allen were traded. But they have a say to where they are going. But maybe just in time for 1 ring and maybe too late for multiple rings. Melo did the same when he was traded. The big 3 saw the mistakes of the past and did something about it earlier than the others.

  25. TRIBINSKI says:

    My Prediction
    Game 1 Dallas Def Miami 92 – 89 Dirk Nowitzki:29pts 12 reb 4 ast 2 blks
    Game 2 Dallas Def Miami 108 -103 2OT Jason Kidd: 17 pts 11 reb 14 ast
    Game 3 Dallas Def Miami 97 – 93 Dirk Nowitzki: 32 pts 9 reb 5 ast 2 blks
    Game 4 Dallas Def Miami 115 – 92 Dirk Nowitzki 38 pts 10 reb 5 ast 4 blks

    Dallas Mavericks Sweep Miami Heat : NBA History Heat 14 loss streak to Mavs after 2006 NBA Final
    Dirk Nowitzki Final MVP

  26. we will win because MIAMI HEAT are a team of winners and LeBron said that he will give all he has in him for the win

  27. Sid says:

    Miami baby. haters be hatin’ . Heat be winnin’

    This series is a match up Dallas will be fighting to win. Lets prepare for one of the more bloodthirsty finals. Its gonna be one hell of a game tomorrow.
    Looking forward to seeing Bosh, LBJ and Wade hold up the trophy at the end of it 🙂 LETS GIT IT!

  28. cant handle the truth :> says:

    hahaha haters know that if those 3 namely james bosh and wade will come together and work as a team ,,, NBA WORLD will deal for the next 10 years of miamis rein ! hahahahahah face it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just accept it, before you get heart attack hahaha

  29. BURN BABY BURN!! says:

    all i can say is…


    imba Lebron…

    imba Wade…

    roaming Bosh…

    tank Haslem…

    support Miller…

    GG in 48 minutes…

    4 – 0 in best of 7


  30. boom says:

    I hope it will rain threes for dallas in this series..

  31. mecha123 says:

    These 2 are very importsant to the team and for me they are part of the starting five predicted by pat a year ago with bosh , LBJ and wade . lebron would be the point guard BTW .. Heat will surely win the series against mavs and will win it between 4 and six but will never reach 7 .. and this .. i hope that the heat would still have these two players next year. if miller would hit the dager and ahslem would be healthy , miami would be a very very dangerous team to match with.

  32. treblig says:

    the reason why they criticize lebron because of fear that miami can defeat their favorite team, that happen now, celtics and chicago are out of the camera so that the critics go to mavs now, but infairrness to mavs, this team is good. i like kidd, kidd is smart player, but i like too wade and lebron, good luck both of them and sportmanship will see on both of this team.

  33. melvin2 says:

    its bcoz ray allen and kevin are already not at their peak when they joined pierce. they’re not even considered on the top 5 or 10 when they were signed by Boston..but Bosh & Wade are at Lebron’s level when they vault in at miami.

  34. LebronJamesFan says:

    LeBron James is in it to win it!

    • LebronJamesFan says:

      Give credit to the current best basketball player on the earth! Stop and think again haters. James didn’t betrayed anyone. He just wants to enjoy basketball with a better cast and also to play with his best of friends. Other famous players also did what LeBron does.

  35. jiggy says:

    I dont think haslem really thinks about that after winning an NBA title

  36. vyns says:

    to all LBJ haters and none believers, tonight is the start of a new dynasty…..
    history will repeat itself: MIAMI in six!!!

  37. Marv says:

    It’s the reality all the haters should face, there is a very big chance that the Heat will emerge victorious in this finals. I’m rooting for them to win even though they defeated my fave team (Boston Celtics) a single wade or a single LeBron cant beat my Celtics (proven in the past) but two of them combined in a single team? That’s overkill! Just wished that KG and Allen both joined the Celtics earlier while they are at there prime.

  38. JKey says:

    As much as I have liked Udonis Haslem, I still want the Mavs to win. I don’t follow either team, so really if either team wins, I’m happy if either team wins (well done to Miami if they clinch it), but having watched only a few games and highlights, I’d like to see the Mavs win it and for Miami to take it next year. Send Kidd and co. out on a high.

  39. Kyle says:

    Duh! KG and Ray was traded. they wouldn’t have a choice.

  40. Diego da_mailman says:

    I agree with Desmond, it’s not the first time that a player changes team to win the ring and it won’t be the last. I just don’t like the way LBJ have made it.
    Basketball, to me, have ever been about teamwork. Everybody knows LBJ and Wade are unguardable, but time after time the rest of the team have improved playing his role as well. The supporting cast was not so bad as they say at the beginning of the regular season.
    Over the years I think Dallas have recruited good role players to support DIrk and Terry and nobody noticed that. I’m thinking about Marion, Kidd, Chandler and all the others. All CONSISTENT players with a great coach and a good play. It’s not just about Dirk, it’s teamwork! Everybody waiting for a Dallas’ playoff meltdown but it seems there’s still some match to wait… Stop easy criticism, just one team win the ring, but this doesn’t mean the others worked so bad..
    Greetings from Italy!

  41. MeNaC says:

    i can never see my!!

  42. ghghg says:

    Mavs in 6
    No one can stop Dirk, Jason Terry will outscore everyone combined on that Heat team not named Lebron Wade and Bosh, Bosh will be shut down by Tyson, and JJ Barea will run circles around the Heat. Best way to stop the Heat-zone defense, which the Mavericks do best. They are the best zone defense team in the NBA. Wade is hurt, he even admitted it.

    Sure. The Heat have arguably the best player in the NBA in Lebron. But the Mavs have the best PF in the league in Dirk, and the best bench in the NBA, not arguable. The Heat beat a nobody 76ers team, a banged up, injured out of mentality Celtics team, and an exposed one man team Bulls team. The Mavs are different. Double Dirk? Goodbye, 3 point splash, which has been consistent for the Mavs, Double Lebron? 3 pointer, maybe. Depends who’s on or off, inconsistency. Tyson Chandler will rebound at will, leading to second chance points. Jason Kidd will get his way with Bibby or Chalmers. Should be a good series, nonetheless.

    • Danny07 says:

      You’re an idiot, Wade never admitted that he was hurt. If you think Mavs are going to easily penetrate through the Miami Defense like the other teams then you’re easily mistaken. You can’t talk about the Mavs outplaying the Heat, just shut your mouth and watch the series. All you Heat haters like to find any excuse to talk bad about the Heat. The Heat beat the two best teams in the East in FIVE GAMES. Everyone thought we couldnt make it past Boston, but guess what, “YES.WE. DID.” KEEP HATING, IT JUST FUELS US UP MORE. IT’LL MAKE WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP EVEN SWEETER FOR US.

    • ElKabitenyo-Dwade4Ever says:

      Haters will be haters, that’s what they are. We don’t hear those excuses during playoff, Celtics was a heavy favorite and Bulls as well but Heat proved them wrong. No question Dirk is a great player but Haslem, Bosh and LeBron will create tough shot for him. D-Wade can handle Jason Terry, JJ Barea will have hardtime with Chalmers and Eddie House. Heat will end the series in Game 6.

  43. Guinnyss says:

    They all jacked up, Lebron raised over $2 million for the boys n girls club but who mention that? no one, funny how the kids are the future but the focus here is to hate Lebron from leaving a dead beat team that did NOTHING for him. Look how Lakers took care of Kobe brought him Shaq and Pasol. Cetics bring big three for Pierce but who Cavs brought to Lebron? oh yeah, the great Jamerson. Cavs had Lebron for 8 years and did nothing for him, i bet other GM’s was picking out there hair season after season wishing they had Lebron so they can BUILD around him AND that happen with Heats. Another funny thing is how people talk about if Lebron leave business this or business that because Lebron made business great downtown etc but who’s selfish now? you people only wanted him to stay for YOUR business but what about his PERSONAL GOAL??? like a relationship, you never know what you got until it’s gone and that happen to the Cavs. Hopefully next time they get someone half as good a Lebron they will trying harder to make him stay and not bank on the idea that “HE WAS BORN IN CLEVELAND, HE WON’T LEAVE HIS HOME TOWN” retards.

    on this topic these reporters are idiots really, especially the ones that don’t like the heats. but watch the game and draw your own conclusion from facts you see yourself. MAVS can’t stop the Heats, no one can, it’s going to be a 4-1 series. 4-2 if Bosh don’t play his role. NEXT YEAR??? OMG, quote me on a 73 or more win series. Riley is going to get a center and a point but more a center for next year. So heats haters, brace for shock, i know this year was a big shock thinking we going to fail because this year should have been all about jelling but we above that, we are pros with high IQ for the game, we make teams mates better so the rough bump is over a long time ago. You haters just failed to see it because you was busy hating and not watching the game you love.

  44. Alex says:

    Should be a great series. 2006 finals rematch!

  45. rands says:


  46. rands says:

    go go go heatttttttttt

  47. rands says:

    let’s go heatttttttt!4-0

  48. XTIAN says:

    If they can only guard Dirk the way the old spurs (especially bruce bowen) did, maybe they can neutralize dirk

  49. Aesir says:

    LBJ, CB, they have there own goals and dreams to become a champions so why the haters of miami still criticize them like charles barkley are jealous with LBJ when in your old days you don’t have any support in your team mates like the BIG 3 so stop making some bad comments in LBJ u fullfil ur own dreams Charles u must support LBJ and CB to have a championship ring. to those haters of LBJ and CB they sacrifice a lot there hometown, salary, etc. so show some respect in their decision

  50. nad says:

    1 thing why lots of haters….hate MIAMI.. it’s because they know that putting this 3 kids in 1 team is going to be a rule the NBA world, that sacrifice BIG salary to have a ring not a big money…. CHARLES knows that because he dont have any ring. he is jealous that he dont even think about that way before because why? MONEY matter? nyhahahaha… sorry Charles..

    BASKETBALL players should thing for the championship ring, not money……that D-Wade,L-James,C-Bosh…..

    Sorry haters but they are thinking real LEAGUE and not MONEY making….

  51. AusRob says:

    The first two games will be important for both teams because either of them could be in for a rude wake-up call. Dallas could get stung by a flourish of points in a dominant performance by LeBron and/or D-Wade. The Heat aren’t exactly a complete team, they have three All-Stars but the rest of the unit has been cobbled together out of the NBA’s spare parts box, however they still have the firepower to knock down big shots and clamp down on defense. It’s what’s gotten them so far already.

    Similarly Miami could be in for a rude shock since Dallas is at a higher gear to any team they’ve faced. Whether or not you think of the facts as excuses, they still are facts. Philly just didn’t have the personnel to contain the firepower the Heat bolster, Boston’s getting older and perhaps are now too old to compete with the League’s younger teams, and the Bulls were displaying warning signs particularly against Atlanta. Ideally Miami would be up 2-0 after two games, being 1-1 isn’t the end of the world, but you certainly don’t want to be down 0-2 heading back to Dallas.

  52. InTheMiddle says:

    Media and Fans are the reason why these players are all Millionaires so they have the right to bash them. Unfortunately but real. Every movement, every bad things, it will be all reported. sucks to be famous.

  53. Desmond6678 says:

    A fair comment. people just criticize Miami from the beginning, especially LBJ. But this is a TEAM effort to make Miami come till this stage. Pat Riley sacrificed to space up the cap, the Heats still make the playoff but can’t compete with others in the playoff, this was a long term plan, which had change Miami to become a team to beat. The ultimate goal for every NBA players are to get the RING, so there was nothing wrong that LBJ & Bosh decided to go Miami. Talking about betrayed the Cavaliers? Oh no, LBJ was playing at his best in Cavaliers, he reach the Finals once, but the fans doesn’t seems to appreciate. Clear up your mind and put yourselves (those who hate Heats) into LBJ positions, you want to be a legend with no ring? or become a great teams to win multiple championship. There’s still way to go in this Finals, both teams deserve their spot in the Finals, lets enjoy it no matter who wins the title.

    • Melvin says:

      I agreed with u Desmond, LeBron and Chris just want a ring. They did nothing wrong. If they insisted to say LeBron is betrayer, then why i cant see anyone saying Kevin Garnett is betrayer when he go for Celtics? Why no people saying Ray Allen is betrayer when he go for Celtics too? Celtics also formed a Big Three that time. Miami Heat shud get the same respect as Celtics does. Just basketball game, hope those hater can wake up and stop critic the Heat.

      • ElKabitenyo-Dwade4Ever says:

        LBJ and Bosh are free agents and legally can choose where they want to sign-up and play while KG and Ray Allen was traded, McHale convinced by Ainge which was both from Celtics. That’s the reason Jerry West traded Pau Gasol to Lakers. Conspiracy?

      • Raphael says:

        Because Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett got traded to the Celtics. They didn’t leave their teams behind opting out of a contract while they were franchise players of those teams. That is a big difference loyalty wise. (Also, they did not demand those trades Kobe style but let the GM’s take the decisions).

      • MAX says:

        Your english is terrible

      • Usuck says:

        @Rafael It’s the choice of a player if what team they want to play especially if they are free agents…
        They are thinking of their future not idiot like you.. lol

    • LeQuit says:

      No matter what u bark, HEATERS are CHEATERS

      • WildSchatz says:

        Cheaters? Really? Please explain how the Heat are cheaters, I’d really love to hear your reasoning….Oh wait, you are just one of the many that spout nonsense because you do not know any better. Get over yourself and accept the fact that your team’s GM and front office dropped the ball. Stick to what you know you little sheep.

      • Usuck says:

        @LeQuit you must be a Cleveland Chandeliers fan … LOL

  54. HeatWave says:

    Way to downplay Miami’s win over Boston and the Bulls. No recognition for the Bulls being number one anymore or a defensive force huh? Rose was just too young with no help right? No credit to Boston who had game give in their hands, only to be stunned by James. They were just too old and injured. Question, why was none of this mentioned until Miami won? Just keep reaching in the bag-o-excuses for reason to figure out why the team you all had pinned as a fluke is now the ECF champs. To my fellow Miami fans, be prepared for writers, critics and haters alike to play the Butler card if Dallas loses. But good luck to both as I think it is anyone’s series to take.

    • T.J. says:

      Good comment. I think the media couldn’t wait for Dallas & Miami to have a playoff meltdown. Some critics don’t understand that the regular season & the playoffs are two different times. As a Miami fan, don’t let the excuses downplay your team’s success. Like you, i think this finals should be a thriller & good luck to both teams. Peace & enjoy the finals.

    • Usuck says:

      yeah just what I think, Butler might be their excuse.. LOL

    • Chris says:

      Well said mate, the media inc Charles Barkley the knob want the Heat to fail!

    • msingyheat says:

      brilliant comment! exactly what i was thinking!

    • bhall says:

      love this comment! couldent have said it better myself!