Pippen: “MJ Greatest Scorer, ‘Bron Greatest Player … To Ever Play The Game”

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS (DALLAS OFFICE) — In Chicago, Scottie Pippen‘s name rhymes with winning.

Six NBA titles have a way of making that happen.

But Bulls fans had to cringe this morning when Pippen suggested, on ESPN Radio’s Mike And Mike In the Morning, that LeBron James, and not his former teammate, Michael Jordan, could end up being the greatest all-around player the league has ever seen.

No, seriously, Pippen said it:

“Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game,” Pippen said. “But I may go as far as to say LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game because he is so potent offensively that not only can he score at will but he keeps everybody involved. You have to be on your Ps and Qs on defense. No guy on the basketball court is not a threat to score with LeBron James out there. Not only will LeBron dominate from the offensive end as well, but he’s also doing it on the defensive end which really makes him the complete package. He’s able to get in those passing lanes, shoot those gaps and create transition opportunities where he is pretty much unstoppable.”

You lost us at “but,” Scottie.

And maybe it’s a generational thing. Maybe we’ve romanticized the Jordan era the same way our predecessors did the Magic-Bird era of the NBA or the old school crowd did the Celtics’ dynasty.

LeBron over Jordan right now, before LeBron actually gets his first ring?

That’s a tough sell here at the hideout. We know it can’t be going over well in Chicago. Not after last night.

What say you?


  1. Kevin says:

    All of you are stupid.

  2. PottieSkippen says:

    LBJ isn’t even the best player on the Miami Heat.

  3. luci says:

    whoa. slow down. so lebron who was a 3× All-Defensive First Team at the mid of his career is better defensively than jordan who was a 9x All-Defensive First Team, with a smaller body but in a much more physical era? very poor judgment.

    • Francisco says:

      physical era? that is NOT TRUE.look at stats about stars shooting % in 80’and90’s and they were better than nowdays which means that today is harder to score due to defense, compare malone to dirk 52% for malone only 47 % for dirk, and probably dirk is a better shooter, magic 52% and he was a point guard, barkley 54%.TODAY IS HARDER TO SCORE, STATS DO NOT LIE

  4. Hickups says:

    SACRILEGE!! This is SACRILEGE!! How dare you Scottie! You dare?! HANG HIM!!!

    Ok I had my fun. Lebron IS going to be one of greatest player EVER just like what MJ did when Larry Bird and Magic retired or what those two did to Kareem and others and so on and so forth. It is almost always certain that someone is going to out do someone at some point. BUT NOT NOW!! If only he stayed in Cleveland a lot of people here would given him more respect then maybe this debate would be a little rough. Common most of the greatest of the greatest did stay loyal to their team. Its just in the future when you debate if Lebron IS the greatest player ever, the move he made leaving Cleveland will always come up. After all this is entertainment and the fans is what matters most

  5. Marv says:

    To compare LeBron “now” with Michael Jordan is a bit absurd. MJ is so synonymous with NBA that even the silhouette of his head on a red and black background is well acknowledge. Lets not forget that even LeBron petition the NBA officials so that no one uses the Number 23 to pay homage and respect to Michael Jordan. LeBron might be the greatest player this era but he has to win at least 5 championships to be compared to Kobe and 6 or more championship to be compared to MJ. Then lets talk on how he sizes up with his Airness and how he shape the game as we see it today.

  6. wouldnt you want to know..!! says:

    why is everyone comparing how many championship rings kobe, lebron and jordan has.??!!!
    lebron is just halfway through his career, kobe has been playing longer than lebron has. jordan already finished his carrer. why wont you (pipol dat compares number of championship rings) wait till the guy finisihis his career before you start opening your mouth about all the stuff you are saying…+ basketball is not an individual game, no one can win a championship ring if you are the only player in your team that can score a lot, yes im reffering to leBron. + bill russell played for a long time with players that is nearly as good as he is so stop comparing how many chamoinship rings please..Go heat..!!
    lakers sux..!

  7. Paul Jr says:

    i agree scottie pippen… i have a question??? why do u think michael jordan is the best player of all time?

    • olegrady says:

      i am a lebrom fan hands down but if we were to compare the king and his airness it would be after lebron care ends just to be fair. lebron is undoubtedly the best player in the league right now but if you watched the last two series, he has elevated his game. I just can’t what to see what he does against Dallas.

  8. 4Eva Nda Game... says:

    ”Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to ever play the game.
    I may go so far as saying LeBron James (may be) the greatest player to ever play the game.” – Scottie Pippen.

    Scottie does have a point…

    Therefore, LEBRON MAY BECOME the best,
    most productive combination of all those things that we have ever seen.

    However, JORDAN (has already) TOOK ALL THOSE GIFTS,
    and translated that into making TEAMMATES BETTER…
    lifting HIS TEAM to NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS!! (Think about it).

    But at the end of the day,
    IT’S ALL JUST OPINIONS (Nothing more – Nothing less).

  9. Lord. says:

    I don’t know, what is wrong with you all ppls. Stop comparing !! Now is now. Past is past. Don’t take the oldies to compare the newbie. Just on the tv or go to the court and watch the show… Dallas and Miami that’s it!! Who will take the tittle. Will it be The Dallas Mavericks or Will it be The Miami Heat. 🙂

  10. RoLand says:

    HeY you Guys .,,, I am LEBRON JAMES FAN you cant blame the person if he will team up with WADE & BOSH.,,Why do people didnt react or over reacted when the celtics get the big 3 of pierce,allen and garnett?all I can say tHat aLL LEBRON HATERS I KNOW YOU HATE HIM BCOZ OF HIS ALL AROUND PLAY AND WETHER U LYK IT OR NOT LEBRON JAMES IS THE GREATEST PLAYER AT THIS TIME BCOZ FOR ME IF WE TALK ABOUT BASKETBALL THE IMAGE OF BASKETBALL IS MICHAEL JORDAN ! ! ! GO HEAT GO ! ! !

  11. PIPPENS NEW NAME..... says:

    SCOTTY TRIPPEN! The will never be another Mike. You youngsters that think its LeBron have no clue what you are talking about. LeBron was still drinking from his mother’s t*t when Jordan had to start using two hands to display all of his rings… and its likely that anyone who thinks LJ could ever touch MJ was too.. Mike could STILL probably wipe up the court with that kid.

  12. victor says:

    MJ in 14 years in the nba

    6 NBA Championships
    5 MVPS
    6 Finals MVP
    1 NBA defensive player of the year
    9 NBA all defensive team

    When Le Bron’s accomplish look like this come back and continue this debate

  13. paulo Gonzalez says:

    I think Pippen has nothing to do with his life and is bored, you can tell just by taking a look at this nonsense comment that only gives him a chance to be noticed for 5 minutes when his time has gone ages ago.

    GET A LIFE !!!!!!

  14. give lebron a ring and he is better then mj!I don’t care that mj has 6! it sucks that the are almost 400 haters on this blog.
    so what mj played throgh the flu, lebron is playing the best bestbasketball in his life with ALL these haters on his back.
    get any players who have ever done that and tell me about him.even mj could’t of done that.

  15. Hamdizzle says:

    Scottie to MJ is Luigi to Mario, hes just jealous, Lebron may be very athletic, but he is nothing compared to Dwyane or Kobe, Dirk is unstoppable, so LeChoke doesnt deserve a ring

  16. isabela says:

    MJ is the best.

  17. seth says:

    my goodness Scottie said that? he is the last i thought would ever say that! why is it that whenever a player achieve something, you immediately compare him to MJ? first with Kobe. Now its Lebron. its a total disrespect to MJ who worked so hard to achieve the pentacle of basketball to be easily compared to these two two players. Comparing lebron who just reached the Finals to MJ who had six rings, 10 scoring titles, best defensive player, 5 MVP’s and never been defeated in the finals is really funny! Its a blasphemy actually!

  18. Dan Gilbert is the Source of this all hate.. he is the one who started all this trash talking and hating lebron.. all yah guys just symphatizing with him.. he is a rich man.. he knows when he lost lebron.. he will lose all his possessions.. no more sell out arenas.. to keep lebron.. he should recruit guys who are all star calibre.. just like what mark cuban is doing.. recruiting those former all star like peja, kidd, and other more.. you should hate Dan Gilbert.. not lebron.. he is just a player who wants to win a Ring.. Gilbrert.. you are not the owner of lebron’s head.. what a shame for you!

  19. Sigh says:

    The thing is the NBA is probably going to go on lock next season. One of those reasons are the big three’s forming. Smaller markets lose value and bigger markets get more and more value. Reason’s why I hate the Heat, Boston, Knick’s, etc.

  20. akismet-c0da20d76e834e2583f283607b20e313 says:

    Talk to me when Bron-Bron can play minor league baseball. THAT’s athleticism.

  21. Jeremy says:

    An intersting comment to say the least. Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time; 6 NBA Championships, 5 MVP’s, 14 selections into All-Star, Rookie of the Year and NBA Hall of Fame inductee are just some honours he received. LeBron: 2 MVP’s, Rookie of the Year and 7 selections into All-Star.
    First thing is that however you choose to look at this, to play at the NBA level for the game of basketball is a worthy acheivement in itself. And to be fair, looking at this comment, one must have an un-biased opinion. It is worth mentioning that Jordan’s averges were: 30.1ppg, 6.2rpg, 5.3apg and LeBron’s are: 27.7ppg, 7.0apg and 7.1rpg. This set of statistics alone compliment Pippen’s comments: Jordan was the greatest scorer by just under 3 points difference. The point Pippen my be raising thought is that LeBron is younger, more agile, has a very well-equipped team and coach and can very easily become a legend is his own right. (Please note: Jordan’s teammates, coach and age were also of the highest quality – no bias intended). Could LeBron – given the right circumstances – compete with Jordan as one of the All-Time greats?
    You could go as far to say that Kobe Bryant is up there to be compared with Michael Jordan. He averages: 25.3ppg, 4.7apg and 5.3rpg yet he has 5 NBA Championships and 13 selections into All-Star. Is this statement by Pippen one based on pure admiration for a young, upcoming and potential champion or is this one just based on publicity and seizing the moment to say “I picked it!’?” Only time will tell.

  22. the final word haha says:

    comparing players isn’t easy because teams keep getting better every year, especially at defense, Larry Bird and Magic, didn’t have to play against defense like Jordan had to play against, and after teams figured out how to deal with guys like Jordan defensivly,,,, C Bryant came, and even though teams had a better idea of how to defend someone like coby, he still scored 62 in 3 quarters against dallas, witch is somewhere close to Jordans highest scoring game, if coby was left in for the 4th quarter he might of had another 80 point game, witch MJ never had,,,,, the reason Coby B shoots more difficult shots, is because he has to, because team defense has gotten so strong,,,,,, Coby was the Best,,,,,,, even though Jordan in his erra was amazing,,, but Coby is on his way down, he isn’t the best anymore,,,,,now it’s Labron,,,,,, and Labron was just born to be dominate,,,, he is like Shaq and Coby all in one,,,,,, I just hope the Lakers and other teams don’t have to watch Miami win for the next 6 years, because D wade is also great,,,,, the rest of the league must really be shaken up, wondering how to deal with Miami for the next 6 or so years, i think every team in this off season is trying to figure out what star they can get to deal with Miami,,,,,,,, all i can say in ending is Go Dallas

  23. Nap says:

    Better said: MJ is the greates player ever played.. no disrespect to Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. Kobe’s the greatest player at this time while Lebron is the most talented and gifted player ever. But no matter how good you are, your greatness will forver be measured by your character.. Lebron will surely have a rough time in getting back the “respect” that he once had…

  24. XYRUS says:

    i will agree what scottiel’s belief, but MJ’s performance during his era was amazing, now its LEBRON time… there’s nothing to compare between the two greatest player because BRON have not yet a ring, he has a great plays in there!…..

  25. Frooz says:

    Just a little word to all those saying they hate Lebron because he went to Miami, and that he’ll never be as good as MJ because he needs Wade and Bosh to do it : don’t forget basketball is a team sport, and that in team sport there’s TEAM. Lebron is a smart guy and will probably be one of the best ever. He wants to win and he just did what he had to do. I bet in less than 3 years everybody’s gonna love him again because come on, this guy is amazing. Btw I really hope the Mavs will make it, Lebron will have other chances. Go Lebron, Go Mavs, Go NBA!

  26. bmoney says:

    I think a little of Scottie’s jealousy and frustration came up there cuz he thinks Jordan didn’t share the ball as much as Scottie would’ve liked.

  27. Kikosan says:

    I’m a Jordan and a Chicago fan during the 90’s. I’m not really a Lebron fan, and I have to admit he’s really an amazing all around basketball player but his personality sometimes overshadows his talents.
    I just feel that people react too quickly and make too much fuss about the smallest things without even fully understanding what was said. Please take note that Pippen was not speaking in present terms because used the words “may be the greatest player”. He didn’t say “is the greatest player”. The word “may” also means it’s not guaranteed that it will happen in the future. It may happen or not.

  28. Juliosus says:

    While I may disagree, it’s kind of hard to argue with the guy who played alongside Michael Jordan for a decade.

  29. slavy says:

    DJ Mbenga is better then lebron.
    DJ=2 rings

  30. Nel1823 basketball fan says:

    Jordan can’t win 6 rings w’o Pipen, Rodman, Great team mates + Great coach Phil Jackson (it took MJ 7yrs. to get his 1st ring and how many years took MJ to get 1st final appearance in 1991)

    Kobe can’t win 5 rings w/o Shaq, Pau and clutch team mate Fisher and Horry + Great coach Phil Jackson (Shaq was in his prime at that time and kobe and the lakers did not make the 2005 playoffs , kobe wins his 4th ring win the most skill bigman Pau arrive,)

    and do you think

    LeBron at 22yr old can win his 1st ring w/ this finals team mate against experienced Spurs (Duncan, Ginobli, Bowen and Parker + the clutch Horry w/ how many rings? I think he got more than MJ and Kobe )

    (2007 Finals Roster)
    Shannon Brown, Daniel Gibson, Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Žydrūnas Ilgauskas, Damon Jones, Dwayne Jones, Donyell Marshall, Ira Newble, Sasha Pavlović, Scot Pollard, Eric Snow, Anderson Varejão, David Wesley wow….

    I’m a really a big fan of MJ, Kobe and Lebron because they are all unbelievable players…But lets face the truth they can’t win rings by themselves they need help…and i really don’t understand why there are people so mad on LeBron and the HEAT, its not LeBron fault if he didn’t stay in CAVS, I think the CAVS organization did not done their job to keep him, they rely to much on LeBron he carry the CAVS for 6 or 7yrs and he manage to bring them to their first final appearance. maybe some of the haters are jealous because LeBron did not choose to play for their team.,(crazy)…I’m basket ball fan from Philippines

    • FlashIsGreatest says:

      While it is true that Jordan didn’t win without other great players, it it also true that Wade and Bosh(well sort of Bosh) are SUPERSTARS. You have to make the distinction between superstar and great. Wade is top 3 and Bosh is up there as well, especially as a shooting big man. So I mean, although Jordan had great players, they aren’t really of the same caliber so it isn’t really the same with LeBron.

  31. get real says:

    he could be greater than MAGIC but never MJ. to be able to be greater than MJ, he should atleast have 6 rings, 5 mvps, an a lot stuff more 🙂

  32. Abu al-Husam says:

    Wow, I think whoever makes a comment like that, even if it is Jordan’s teammate, has a really bad memory. I think he’s forgotten how Jordan would dominate games at will. As a scorer, as a defender, as a teammate, he was the difference. Not to take anything away from LeBron (even though I’m not a huge fan), but he really can’t even be compared to Jordan. Jordan’s achievements are enough of a statement – then, add to that actually having seen him – dismantling great defenders and teams single-handedly. Led the league in scoring 10 times. How many times has LeBron? His highest career scoring average was over 37 for a season (his second season, I think). What’s LeBron’s highest? 31 ppg? I really don’t see how Scottie could make a comment like this….. it doesn’t seem realistic or founded. Does he really believe that?

  33. Nel1823 basketball fan says:

    Jordan can’t win 6 rings w’o Pipen, Rodman, Great team mates + Great coach Phil Jackson (it took MJ 7yrs. to get his 1st ring and how many years took MJ to get 1st final appearance)

    Kobe can’t win 5 rings w/o Shaq, Pau and clutch team mate Fisher and Horry + Great coach Phil Jackson (Shaq was in his prime at that time and kobe and the lakers did not make the 2005 playoffs , kobe wins his 4th ring win the most skill bigman Pau arrive,)

    and do you think

    LeBron at 22yr old can win his 1st ring w/ this finals team mate against experienced Spurs (Duncan, Ginobli, Bowen and Parker + the clutch Horry w/ how many rings? I think he got more than MJ and Kobe )

    (2007 Finals Roster)
    Shannon Brown, Daniel Gibson, Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Žydrūnas Ilgauskas, Damon Jones, Dwayne Jones, Donyell Marshall, Ira Newble, Sasha Pavlović, Scot Pollard, Eric Snow, Anderson Varejão, David Wesley wow….

    I’m a really a big fan of MJ, Kobe and Lebron because they are all unbelievable players…But lets face the truth they can’t win rings by themselves they need help…and i really don’t understand why there are people so mad on LeBron and the HEAT, its not LeBron fault if he didn’t stay in CAVS, I think the CAVS organization did not done their job to keep him, they rely to much on LeBron he carry the CAVS for 6 or 7yrs and he manage to bring them to their first final appearance. maybe some of the haters are jealous because LeBron did not choose to play for their team.,(crazy)…I’m basket ball fan from Philippines

  34. kk says:

    ifyou guys will only be honest with yourselves you will admit that lebron is the single most dominant player the nba has seen. ( i am a kobe fan) ive read comments about imitation, rings, having help and all sorts of things, but tell me this, who honestly believes jordan at his prime could compete and accomplish as much in todays nba (with all the talent, and equally athletic players) as he did in his time. the game has evolved, and sadly for old skool pple who love to compare thier game to today’s, the level is wayyyy higher. this is why Lebron is a better player than Kobe or MJ in both thier primes. he is not the greatest yet tho, but pippen is right to say that he has the potential of being that

  35. KJ says:

    Lebron will never be better than Jordan!!!Period Jordan would never have quit on his team and go join Detroit. He beat those guys just like he beat the Knicks. Through hard work and winning with what he had. The Heat are a manufactured Championship team. Any of the Bulls teams of the Jordan era would have destroyed them!!!

    Scottie Pippen named to the top 50 of all time?…Because of Who…So is Dewayne Wade Scottie Pippen now because of Lebron?


  36. Real Maniac says:

    Scottie was drunk. Somebody need to take him for a psycology brain test some of those neurons may not be working properly. Let s face it, I thought Kobe was the next Jordan. Now we already looking for another replacement of Jordan.

  37. Jerwin says:

    LBJ better than MJ?
    oh c’mon …
    start from ROOKIE MOMMENT.
    LBJ 20 ppg almost 6 rpg 6 apg
    MJ 28 ppg 5 rpg 5 apg

    MJ 6 C.Ring
    LBJ nothing but stats ( you have great stat but you dont WIN any CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS? ) your stat is none sense crap >:)

  38. Steve0 says:

    If There was no Jordan then we wouldnt be comparing LeBron to Him… Nuff Said

  39. Cris says:

    I understand pippens respect for baby ‘bron brons all around and complete talent. but to say he is the greatest player ever? i think not. He is not even the greatest in the league right now. Kobe Bryant is the greatest player in the league right now. Lebron james is the most well rounded but lacks the exerience of a MULTI champion MVP. Lebron is a great player, a great player whom has a list of LEGENDS in front of him. and if we are going to talk about lebron james as the best ever, what do we say about his teamate who is just as clutch offensively and defensively and more importantly has a ring already?

    • Heat Fan says:

      Your DELUSIONAL. Kobe is most certainly NOT the best player in the league. You can’t stop the L-Train

  40. Abe says:

    Jordan > Lebron…. C’mon man, Jordan is the more dominate offensive player and the better defensive player, he actually won dpoy, countless defensive teams. Lebron has just recently become a good defender, and we aren’t even going to bring up the rings and other achievements. Lebron is the better playmaker but that’s where it stops

  41. T.Bain says:

    The argument will never be Rings alone, there are too many factors that goes along with it to be “Greatest of all time” Stats, impact on the sport, accolades and most of all your competition! Michael is who he is not just to basketball but to sports in general. The man is an Adjective to sportscasters from all sports. Hence the catch phrase “He’s the M.J of this and that” You guys tell your age just by the stupid comments in response to this topic. Bill Russell has 11 rings yes but played on a team that had a monopoly on talent in a 9 team league nor was responsible for winning all 11 hence he doesn’t have 11 finals MVP’s. Wilt on the other hand has the stats but not enough rings to seal his case as “The Guy” Played on a talent stacked Laker team and only got it done once!
    Kareem being the last person worthy enough to debate on this issue with considering he has the Rings, MVP’s and Stats to go along with it makes the best all around case. What kills Kareem is that no one wanted to be him, no one pattern their game after his, he wasn’t fun to watch, Magic made the Lakers “The Lakers” not Kareem. Kareem benefitted off of being in the league so long which allowed the inflated all time pts leader stat, and even more so Kareem’s college success more carried over into his professional career that gave his an elite sentiment to the public. Like I said M.J is just M.J I stand a better chance breaking down why everyone else doesn’t add up than to try defending something that is above any reproach. Look at the the NBA drafts before MJ then the drafts since MJ, It was unheard of to draft a guard with a #1 pick if big men were available Period MJ changed that. “You can’t win without a big man” MJ changed that. “A scoring champ never wins rings” MJ changed that. 100% is the chances you have on betting that man is going to win the series for you in any finals! ( = Perfect) He played against the best won, accomplished everything. Lebron! I wish you luck!

  42. AVC's New Order says:

    Queen James Better than MJ…..It’s a crap….Eventhough MJ is surrounded by good players when He won championships, during the times when he was not winning rings, .he still believed in his team and waited for the right time to win championships. Not like Queen James where he looked for help and instead of believing in his team, he jumped ship just to win rings….Let’s say eventually he has to leave Cleveland but man at least make your exit like a true player and a gentleman…he put all the Cleveland fans and the whole team guessing as to where he is going and all the while they thought he would stay in Cleveland but look what he did.Look at Kevin Garnett…he stayed for a long time in Minnesota and believed in his team but when it’s time to move on, He made his transfer to Boston without any fuzz not like what QUEEN LBJ did……

  43. nbaster says:

    Lebron greater than MJ. Derrick Rose MVP over Lebron in prime. By this logic herefore D Rose = greatest player of all time.

  44. Filipe says:

    Come on man. Lebron is not even better than kobe…

  45. sangers says:

    this is so silly. has Lebon ever won or come close to winning Defensive Player of the Year?

  46. Jorge says:

    nobody is better than M.J. nobody.!!! Lebron is a great player maybe one of the bests in all time, but not better yet than M.J., Kobe, Larry, Magic, Abdul, and all this guys..

  47. lebon>kobe says:

    lebron>kobe look it up nuff said kiddies

  48. A.i says:

    why da hell does everyone have to be compared by rings there are soo many great players who have and had the same stats as them who havnt won a ring iverson avergae the same amounth of points during the playoffs as jordan did and iverson 6ft iverson has won every single thing award int he nba but a ring and well blocks and rebound and stuff but he is a 4 time scoirng champ defeisive player oof yea rookie of year broke records 1 time leauge mvp 4 time mvp hell be in the hall of fame and even if jason kid loses these finals he will be in the hall off fame soo many great players everyone shouldnt be compared beacouse of a ring it is amazing when they qwin the finals and are the best but sometimes not every great player can win whatr if jordan was as good as he was with no rings?








  50. jc928 says:

    One thing Jordan has over LeBron – Jordan has never lost a FINALS series.

  51. Josh says:

    It’s funny how all of the LeHaters always use the “no ring” comment for derogatory purposes. MJ didn’t win his first ring until his 6th season, when Scottie Pippen took his talents to the next level. Im definitely not getting into the debate about who’s better because I am a huge Lebron fan, but even more a fan of the game. Saying King James is better than Your Airness or even debating the subject, kind of feels like blasphemy to me. But if you must debate about this subject please come up with more clever points of why one is better than the other besides using the ring talk. Save that discussion for the tie breaker round or something, not as the opening for the debate.

  52. forALLuJordan/KobeFANS says:

    LISTEN UP if u think kobe bryant is better than lebron james dont ever speak on here again cuz u clearly have no place in this conversation and u deserve no credibility for anything u say. kobe has 5 rings? lebron has 0? ok? dan marino has 0 rings eli manning has 1? is eli manning>dan marino? ur all dense as hell u need to find a life instead of trying to hate on lebron james all day long with ur wise lil facts that u think automatically puts lebron james out of question for the #1 spot when his career aint even over yet. also, if kobe is so great, how come he got swept this year? the lakers had no injuries, had their full cast+the best coach of all time in any sport kobe has NO excuse he lost because hes not on Lebrons level, when lebron james takes the cleveland cavaliers deep in the playoffs consistantly his whole career. when lebron leaves cleveland, coincidentally cleveland loses 25 games in a row? the worst losing streak in sports history? it must be cuz anderson varaejo was injured that whole time…u guys are hilarious, get off the hate train, ur all witnesses whetehr u like it or not cuz i kno ur all watchin miami everynight even tho u cant get enough of “how much lebron sucks”

  53. jongpc says:

    Pippen is a better player than Lebron!

  54. Joshua says:

    Mr. D
    “lew alcindor in milwakee had someone by the name of oscar robertson, THE BIG O!!!! not a good example cuz THE BIG O is one of the 5 greatest players of all time sooooooo but i get bill walton in portland…….”

    Bill Walton had a man by the name of Maurice Lucas. Better than a “superstar”, he’s a HOF’er.

  55. sandsc says:

    rash and silly comment from pippen. he didn’t even get the part right where he said lebron could score at will. jordan was probably the best at that, then it’s kobe. lebron’s not even close to kobe. you’re right. no ring, and probably the greatest to play? he couldn’t even win in cleveland and needed wade and another other guy to improve his chances of getting one… which i doubt will happen this year.

  56. BigEarn says:

    I say, you use the phrase “here at the hideout” way too often!

    And Pippen should know that MJ has also been more than just a scorer…

    • Sekou Smith says:

      We can use that phrase as much as we want BigEarn, it’s out hideout!

      • BigEarn says:

        Hey, it’s your hideout, it’s your phrase, so use it whenever you like. 😉 But keep an eye on it. Too much is too much, as they say…

  57. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    is this even an arguement. Jordan is better. Kobe may be the closest but its a MILE. or even more no one in the new ERA could even win 6 rings 2 3 peat much less have 10 scoring titles.

  58. kapirazo says:

    Goodluck HEAT!!!

  59. Andrew says:

    Lebron might be physically and stat wise better than Jordan. But mentally Lebron is no where near Jordan. Jordan won 6 titles with the determination to build success with one team. Lebron sold out of his home town, to join Wade which he has no heart and determination. Lebron vs Jordan, if you had to bet your life on it, you would be crazy not to go with Jordan. Mentally on 10 levels above Lebron.

  60. Lee says:

    his airness would have been pissed! not yet James, you may be the king but Jordan is God in basketball

  61. kokontraPANGIT! says:

    when mj heard that lebron team-up with 2 all-stars, his reaction to lebron is “lol”

    MJ never join with larry & magic..

    …and remember, MJ said that kobe is better than lebron,.

  62. pokerpro08 says:

    Lebron is NO WHERE NEAR where Jordan was right now,…..nor can he touch his greatness. Does anyone REALLY remember how GREAT Jordan was????? Lebron cannot dominate the way Jordan has ! Jordan is a winner, and he also won the dunk contest. Did you all forget the day and the way Lebron and the cavaliers went out against Boston last year?!?!? The only reason Boston lost to Miami this year is because of that horrible trade they made (perkins to OKC); Boston ALLOWED Lebron to beat them this year, because they did it to themselves. Lebron is a good player, don’t get me wrong,…..but I have no respect for the way he went out with Cleveland, and THEN lest we forget how he PROMISED,….I say again PROMISED (on national TV) that he would be in the dunk contest…….and he hasn’t even done that. The truth is……you all miss Jordan so much that people would rather be drunk with Lebron’s hype……and that’s all it is….HYPE. Wake up people! The truth is Jordan is the greatest….and the truth doesn’t need to be believed in order for it to be true. WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH!

  63. Fuzzino Rogers says:

    Scottie must have dropped his crack pipe when he made this comment. He would be nothing without MJ. Did he win when Mike was playing baseball? Case closed.

  64. NBA fan says:

    I think it’s obvious that Pippen went out on a limb and made a prediction. It’s just a prediction, and I don’t think it’s a completely bad one. Lebron does have the physical skills, the natural talent, and the basketball IQ to be the best all-around playere ever, and I think Mr. Pippen knows a litle something about being all-around.

    Since we’re talking about “best players”…

    ..if Jordan is the best “scorer”, and Lebron is be the best “all-around-player”, then Kobe is the most “skilled player” in my opinion. This is really the Mount Rushmore of great wingmen. MJ’s face has been there for ages. Kobes position is solidified even before he’s retired no matter how you look at it. Lebron’s isn’t done yet, but the third stone is already looking like Lebron. Only time and multiple rings will tell if that will indeed becme Lebrons face.

    We’ve seen this before, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hil…the list contiues. Good luck in the finals Lebron, but I think Kobe ain’t done yet. I hope I get to see them play against each other in the finals before it’s all said and done.

    We don’t even know if the Heat will win, there’s a guy named Dirk. And even if the Heat wins, we don’t even know if Lebron wil get finals MVP..there’s Wade, and even Bosh. The dude averaged 23 pts in the series while playing with 2 guys who dominates the ball, he can win it like Big Game James did….that is, if the Heat wins.

  65. jonathan miranda says:

    michael jordan the greatest player ever to play basketball. pippen is just d shadow of michel jordan

  66. matt says:

    i say just one thing
    MJ= 6 rings
    KB24 = 5 rings
    lebron = 0000000000000000000000000000 rings

  67. ScottyandMJfan says:

    I’m a huge MJ and Scotty fan so when I read this I thought “ffff how can this be? Scotty! what are you saying”
    So I came up with my own interpretation just to keep my basketball planets aligned as I like them;
    I don’t think Scotty suggested at all that LeBron doesn’t have things to deliver (like a huge stream of championships) in order to complete the recognition. In this regard he chose his words carefully a la “may be”.
    I feel a whole lot better now – that was close 🙂

  68. Ron Bananola says:

    Le Bron should prove him worthy of that accolade…unless he matures…and not walk away from the game…then he could be…but for now he must win one championship to prove it…Kobe and Dwayne have done it so far…Case close.

  69. JB says:

    i dont agree with pippen comment….without MJ ur nothing pippen never get a single ring….MJ is best ever period…

  70. Matthew Atom says:

    This coming from a player who would’ve been about as relevant as say Corey Brewer,without MJ.I’ve unframed my pic of him carrying MJ off tha court (flu game),and my complete set of MJ gatorade is now missing tha one that has that pic on it.Shame on you scottie.

  71. jose says:

    MJ won the first three-peat with the company of Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, B.J. Armstrong, Cartwright and Perdue. Anyone can imagine that other person not called Michael Jordan could win 3 titles with these teammates?. The maximum Lebron aims now is to be the best os his team, and still i have doubts. Pippen you´re famous because you had the privilege to play the best ever seen, otherwise you were remember only for your family, don´t forget it never.

  72. Clyde says:

    Pippen needs to edit his comments, ” Lebron has an opportunity to be the best”; Lebron has the tools, he has to display them in multiple, successfull championship runs. MJ accomplished that, over and over again. MJ made everyone who played beside him better, just by being on the court. Pippen found that out the season that MJ retired. MJ played defense, stealing, blocking, pressing, bigs, swingmen and point guards. Lebron’s defensive game is maturing nicely. Kobe still is the closest thing to MJ that we have seen, big shots, big plays, big numbers, finding ways to win championships. Lebron has much to accomplish to change “opportunity” to “may be the best”. It starts by defeating Dallas which will be a challenge.
    PS- When MJ played with Pippen and Rodman- Bulls won 72 games and a championship. Best record of all times.

  73. reemz says:

    all thos ring talk the rings didnt make mike mike made the rings point blank its a bunch of bench players that benefit from a TEAM WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP but mikes stats put him above and beyond the flu game dropping 60 plus on bird and for the most part mike did his damage in the early years and he had real comp that jacked him up it was hard for mj not to mention 72-10 mike proved taht year the bulls made it with out him but failed to get past orlando that he was the missing link next season came back 72-10 lbj is good but will never reach mike lack of loyalty and character did him in and pippen smdh mike made pippen into what he was lbj could have done the same with any one on the cavs but thats not the type of player he is being great on the court is the ability to make everyone on your team look like all stars and we can all agree mike did that and did it well

  74. ballar says:

    you guys do not know what your talking about not only championships matter you cant just name a bench warmer who wins championship thats not what people mean by saying you need championship to be the greatsest you also need some statistic to with it.

  75. aldayalnight says:

    Lebron has the talent no doubt, but he is missing one of the most important things to being great. The thing MJ,Magic,Bird, Kobe now has, That ruthless competative nature He has his moments but The greats wanna win every single game and hate to lose. Alot of times you see Lebron, he looks like he doesn’t give a @#!$,

  76. hey u slugs. lebron is the best ever so shut ur mouths. kobe is a bum. lebron will be the greates ever. mj is jealous

  77. Evofriend says:

    I took a time to read hat most of you said but i can say this
    Micheal is the greatest because

    Michael is called greatest of all time because he done twice what they call three-peat
    Maybe the fact that MJ carried on for years the bulls until they get together (showing leadeship)
    Maybe because MJ was called by his pair the greatest make him the greatest
    Maybe because no one won the title against him in finale (barclay, wilkins(slam dunk), kemp, malone, bird, thomas, magic, drexler etc…)
    Maybe because MJ prove that even sickness could not stop him in finale
    Maybe because MJ was a success offcourt and on court
    Maybe because no one predicted michael will be that good even after his college year
    Maybe because MJ went against many wall (lakers, pistons, celtics, ny knics, warriors, cavaliers)
    and had to beat them to become better then them
    Maybe because MJ knew the only way to be reconise as the best of all time player was to beat them
    Maybe MJ is the greatest because no one has his killer instinct
    Maybe MJ is the best because everyone still want to be like mike (ask kobe Bryant)

    I have a lot of respect for Kobe bryant but for me he does not have an identity of his own like MJ,
    bird or magic ,isiah thomas or Lebron, He is a very good player and he will be a hall of fame no
    doubt about that but he is not a MJ definitely a better copy then harold miner that could not
    support the pressure and quit.

    Now lebron james is a bit the new kid on the block and the nba always need to have a king for the
    game someone that will carry on the nba torch like bird, magic, thomas did before MJ. most of these
    guy stayed in their team grown in them and help the franchise reach the stars. We, fans always love

    our players to reach to the top after going trough pain, faillure and rise again to overcome them.
    And the fact that Lebron did not bring his former team to the top will unfortunately always affect
    his reputation has someone that could be better than MJ even after he win rings (and let get real he
    will win a lot of rings). And the heat as a leader in d.wade and they won championiship not so long
    ago, wade won rings before him and regardless of what he bring to the heat game they were champions
    before he came

    And he has the shadow of a quitter on his reputation, leaving clevland was a good thing for him (i
    am pretty sure he had what he take to make them champion though) but he look like he decided to
    shortcut the path of what make player so love and consider has god of basket ball for a ring (he
    forgot that legacy put you among the great, a ring make you a champion). Us fan loved michael bird
    thomas magic, because they had to overcome their faillure, deception and pain to become great and in
    my eyes, this is why lebron will be maybe (almost sure) the greatest of his era but he wont beat or
    be MJ.

    I thnk that lebron should win the title to silence all the hater even if i have explain why he is
    hated, but for the legacy and exemple Dirk and the mavs should win it because he has show us what it
    take to be a leader and a great champion. Whatch out for D.rose he show a lot of respect and took
    the blame of the exit on him he show leadership

  78. hisaob says:

    If only Jordan didnt leave basketball for a couple of years, the bulls could have won 8 straight rings.. Then there would be no further argument whos who. and not a player could dominate at ages 34-35 and carry his team to a championship.. Lets see what happens at there late careers..

    And seriously the heat has 2 jordans and a better pippen in bosh. No excuse of not winning this june..

  79. Johnku says:

    @ KEVIN Lebron dunked from free throw line in
    a game and he is better that MJ? What the crap you are talking about. How much more if MJ has the same body frame as LBJ. MJ can do more exciting plays and clutch than LBJ.
    MJ 4ever… Kobe next…. LBJ?.. I respect you.. but few more steps..

    • Kevin says:

      Give Jordan’s nuts sum room to breathe … Lebron never won six titles … Jordan never dunked from the freethrow line in a game… and you know what? … Kobe didnt either

  80. Sqwizz Ali VDC says:

    Furthermore. Without MJ. Pippen you would have 0 Rings and a mediocure Career. Thats on Some real ish. Jordan redefined the game. Played in a better era of SKILLED players, not necessarly only High Flyers. Not to mention a Softer League where they call a FOUL for everything. Marshmellow soft. Mj has been an all-defensive 1st team .

    CAREER 1,072 1,039 38.3 .497 .327 .835 1.60 4.70 6.20 5.3 2.35 .83 2.73 2.60 30.1
    Playoff 179 179 41.8 .487 .332 .828 1.70 4.70 6.40 5.7 2.10 .88 3.05 3.00 33.4
    All-Star 13 13 29.4 .472 .273 .750 1.70 3.00 4.70 4.2 2.85 .46 3.23 2.40 20.2

    Dont forget 2 years of chillin when they could of won those 2 years as well. Step your Basketball I.Q Scottie Maurice Pippen

  81. kenny says:

    it’s hard to argew with a hall of famer but scottie is crazy James wasn’t able to do it in cleavland and he was not the best threw out his whole career like Jordan was I don’t even think that James is the best in the leage thats derick rose or kevin Durant

  82. Mockey says:

    The ultimate goal of any team sport is to be the last team standing. If you score 100 points a game personally but don’t win the championship does it really matter? I think the thing we’re looking at here is not who the greatest individual player is but who the greatest team player is. The number one statistic of that is rings. So yes one could argue that Bill Russell and not MJ was the greatest player ever. After all for every point MJ scored one could argue Bill Russell prevented a point but defense isn’t as quantifiable as offense so therefore Bill Russell never gets mentioned as potentially one of the greatest players of all time although I think he clearly is in the top 5. Now LBJ has alot of career ahead of him and maybe one day he can be mentioned as of the greatest team players of all time. But his name isn’t even on the table yet. Not until he has enough rings to blind you when the sun is shining just right.

  83. Sqwizz Ali VDC says:

    Pipen, what you tryna do get a statue of yoursef in Chi-town? My ninja, get it correct. LBJ is a Great Player, I wont take that away from him. But as far as G.O.A.T to play the game. You smoking that Wiz Khalifa Green.

  84. Josh Free says:

    Like i said…Scottie must B Blazin that Miami crack rght now…

  85. numbers_is_king says:

    To get the debate right Numbers are important otherwise it all becomes subjective. Let’s skip the no. of titles debate since Pippen’s concept is who is the better all-around player.

    Now check how many NBA records Jordan holds versus Lebron. Let’s do a simple count of how many mentions they have in the same NBA record page vs Lebron. A simple search on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NBA_records. Then count the exact NBA stat records to be sure… it ends up a bit less than these but you get the picture:


  86. lazard12 says:



  87. zaren says:

    honestly ive never seen jordan get blocked that way frequently in a game. let’s face it lbj will never get close to the competetive nature of michael jordan. He is the ‘HIS AIRNESS’ who plays the game as if its his last!lebron james is not even the best all around player of this season, try comparing kevin love of the minnesota timberwolves just give him the enough support cast and that type of man would win a championship

  88. Kasra says:

    People say Kobe is better than Lebron because he has 5 rings. Then explain this: Bill Russell’s 11 rings are somehow not as important as Michael Jordan’s 6 rings? The competition during Bill Russell’s age was good too. Lebron is going to be a better player than Kobe Bryant when he retires no matter what, but we’ll have to wait and see

  89. zaren says:

    this is my first time to comment here, just look at lebron’s turnovers and the way that he got blocked especially in the last seconds to win the game not only in the playoffs but in the entire season. Haha its so funny to hear that someone that jordan treated as a close friend and wing man during their era would say such a thing!mj is the most competetive basketball player that i have ever seen end of story.

  90. koby23 says:

    to jwhite. the 2004 detroit pistons did it without a true superstar. billups and rip never became big time names until they won it all. big ben just have his fro and d, prince aint all that, and a washed up rasheed wallace at end of his time. that team won it from their d and almost did it in 05 when they came up short in 7. if miami gave and trade for lbj and cb1 then its all good, but they went to miami via free agent. what does that tell you? love that they came together, but don’t feel the same for them as they was before they made to move. win or not, lbj will never be up to mj’s shoes. kobe only gotten close because of shaq the 1st 3 and pau the last 2. i don’t think you could compare the three of them. they all played in different times and with mj playing to kb24 and kb24 to jbj at the end of their times. hands down that mj would always be the better player with the players he had with him campare that to kb24 and lbj.

  91. miguel says:

    back on time i was michael jordan hater,but he shows to the world his talent and avility to win under any sircunstances.so he earned my love and respect. so far no other player in the league can be compare whith his greatnes. so PIPEN y feel sorry for you and yor coments. be gratefull ,you share legacy whit the greates player of all time. finish line I LOVE BOSTON CELTICS and NEW YORK KNICS< and I hope any of those two teams wins a championship agayn

  92. Laker4ever says:

    pippen is a loser drunk piece of s

  93. VetBomb says:

    Jordan had a great players around him “90’s BULLS were a great team” that’s why he won championships, young MJ never won a championships by himself with average players just a DAMBALLHOG!!!!! Iam saying this to the Jordan lovers that he is mr. perfect because his not. Pippen has a valid reason to say LBJ is more all around player than Jordan but not the GOAT yet and I dont think he will be. To say Kobe’s championships are not valid dam strait haters!!! It’s like saying Magic’s championships don’t count because he played with Kareem. I’m not a LBJ fan but dam he is that good he put Cleveland in the map and yeah with no other Superstars besides him impressive! I’m laker fan but after watching game 5 this Miami Heat is scarry, I dont think they will beat the MAv’s because they have a better team all around.

  94. Ty says:

    I grew up watching the greats such as Bird, Magic, Zeke and Mr. Air himself. The game has changed since then. The League has made it easy for players to score. The NBA has toned down the defense and charged up the offense. The players these days don’t have to work for a ring. MJ worked hard for the first 7 years before he got his first ring, but he stayed LOYAL to Chicago. These players has no loyalty to the organization. Its all about money money money. In other words…LaBron will one day be a great player, he may break records, but as far as the GREATEST….he tainted his legacy the way he did the Cavs. No one in the history of the NBA has had a televised press conference to announce what team he was going to. MJ could have went to the Knicks and the Bull knew it, but the MJ and the Bulls talked everything out and MJ remained with Chicago. Overall….MJ helped his players become better players and his teammates helped him become the GREATEST player. The Bulls was built from the ground up…Miami is a pre-fabricated championship team. It’s hard to become the GREATEST when you have great players as teammates. LB will be a great player, but never the GREATEST!!!

  95. HeatStroke says:

    If you throw the championship argument out the window, and look at the two players for who they are and what they brought then i think you’ll understand what scotties saying. Lebron is an absolute beast who can guard 1 through 4 and shut down any opponent instantly. If u go back to lebrons cleveland days he was the defence, it was almost as the rest of the team tide there self to lebron and he made them look good. Jordan was and will be the best scorer to ever enter the NBA, he was so slender yet he moved so agile and flawlessly and wasn’t afraid to get in the face of other teams. Thats how i see it as ; lebron as the most complete player and jordan being a ruthless offensive scorer that no one can compare too

  96. The Real His Airness says:

    …A bald reaction of a teammate of more than a decade..hey dude? dont you know that you only became SCOTTIE PIPPEN because of MICHAEL JORDAN? If you should remember, you have had the times to be creative enough to prove you belong in the center stage when Mike was away. Im not surprised of you and James because you needed a superhero to win a CHAMPIONHIP!!! when you were at houston and portland, youre game sucks..and may i remind you that you owe that to Mike when youre on top of youre game

    • Kevin says:

      Get off Jordan’s D and B’s … he couldnt even dunk from the freethrow line in a game like lebron

  97. Kevin says:

    Lebron dunked from the freethrow line in a game … so that makes him better than Jordan

    • Jude says:

      I can’t believe people are still talking about this… but it is rightly so. I myself can’t sleep thinking about this nonsense. Anyway, to reply to those who said LBJ is not DWade’s sidekick… you may have forgotten Miami is Dwade’s. Regarding the Combo of Kobe and Pau as one of the best… my bad. But i believe you will agree they had a good run. But being one of the best… i agree highly debatable.

      If i would be asked regarding seeing the playoffs run of Miami… yes, i watched it. But i’ll be throwing the same question to you guys because you may not have seen the games… perhaps only LBJ highlights. For Miami’s playoff run… Dwade has been the catalyst… LBJ is being overrated and highly marketed. Remember… Miami is Dwade’s?

      If there would be players that can be compared to a certain degree to MJ… Kobe will always be 1st on the list. It may be so hard to accept… but LBJ will now be known as Dwade’s sidekick thus to be compared to Pippen not MJ. Batman will always be Batman… and Robin (LBJ) will always his sidekick.

  98. singlanvai says:

    Allow me to quote the Heat’s Pat Riley who made this comment during one of Michael Jordan’s championships years: “No one will win anything in this league until Jordan retires…” My question is: Can Riley say the same about LeBron James?

  99. MICHAEL JORDAN says:


    • Francisco says:

      the problem Michael is that SCOTTIE acomplished the same thing without you that you acomplished without him, after you went to play baseball the bulls won 55 games and lost in the playoff in a 7 game series, and you took all credit, not fair Michael

  100. Dele O says:

    I am old enough and young enough to have been priveleged enough to see michael in his prime. MJ is the greatest of all time period. His ability to close games, his ice cold composure in the face of defeat and his insatiable appetite for winning are what set him apart. It is not so much all the accolades Michael racked up, it was that look in his eye. He knew, the other team knew, everybody knew the game was over once Michael decided it was over. I have yet to see anyone possess that and i dont think I will.

    • koby23 says:

      no other nba player would be like mike. the nba has its time of players. started with miken to russell and wilt. elgin baylor and jerry west to the big o and kareem. pistol pete to the ice man and dr. j down the list to magic and bird. mj in a league all by himself. there was stockton to malone, sir charles, the dream and reggie miller to the bad boys pistons. mj ruled them all when he came of age. houston rockets would have never won back to back if jordan didn’t go play baseball. it would and could have been eight for mj from 91 to 98. he had it in him and no one could have stopped him. do you think lbj could have done that? kobe couldn’t do it with out a big man. jordan didnt have anyone to compete with like magic and bird.

  101. Sosa says:

    umm i could of sworn jordan won his 1st ring at 28 while lebron is pursuing his 1st @ 26…. so that 6 rings to 0 rings is no valid argument….and no1 is saying lebron is better than mj. he said he may be the best all around player ever wen its all said and done…like wen he retires! fools

  102. ariel says:

    are you crazy scottie?or your out of your mind?jordan is jordan and he is the greatest of all and the best of the bests…

  103. zayvado says:

    All i want to know is…..why is it everytime someone does something extraordinary in the nba we have to compare him to Jordan?
    first kobe…he fell short then derrick rose, he got eliminated now Lebron….if someone was unstoppable in a game then he had as
    they say ” a Jordan like game”….There will never be another Jordan what he did was inspire a nation every man women boy and girl wanted to see Jordan win and he delivered in every situation…and after being retired over a decade he’s still dominating the game every basketball commercial, superstars now support his jordan brand shoe, thats a tough mountain to climb look how close kobe got, to see his body begin to deminish its sad for these players to covet the success of another player…
    lebron’s now in his 9th season and still doesnt have a ring. will he win a ring yes…. 6 rings, multiple mvp’s both regular season and finals mvp muliple olympic golds 2 three peats…c’mon the man retired and then came back for another three peat… who does that? lebron also teamed up with dwade and bosh thats almost like cheating you just stacked your team. which Jordan would never have done…Lebron isnt even tired at the end of these games why? derrick rose is exhausted hummmm? is it because of the three SUperStars i dont know you be the judge.

  104. kko says:

    Too bad that those words came out of Pippen’s mouth inspite of the fact that Jordan made him what he is today or to paraphrase it,without Jordan,Pippen wouldn’t have belonged to basketball upper-echelon.I have never known Scottie to be smart with words. Let us not forget what happened the two years MJ left the Bulls to play baseball and Scottie was the team leader.

  105. ism says:

    All these “Who is better?” debates are truly ridiculous. LeBron, MJ, Bird, Dirk, Kareem, Magic, Kobe…and so many others are simply BBBEEEYYYOOONNNDDD a point where you could objectively put them in a row and say: He is #1, he is #2….
    Michael Jordan was stellar. LeBron is stellar. Jordan achieved more and is – in the eyes of the public and seen historically – the bigger superstar BY FAR. But this doesn’t make him a better player, and it doesn’t have to stay this way. LeBron is a superstar as well who has already gotten a lot of attention, maybe he will one day be recognized almost as much as MJ outside of basketball circles, but comparing these two different players with the goal to say who “is better” is simply CHILDISH. Period.
    Barkley has NO ring, Dirk has NO ring. How many players with one or multiple rings are there that you would put above Dirk or Chuck? See: rings don’t mean everything. You can say MJ was a greater player than Tracy McGrady or Carmelo Anthony, but comparing him to LeBron and saying he is “worse” or “better” is really impossible to VERIFY.
    Rant over.

  106. jpope81 says:

    Scottie, I respect you a lot. .I even saw you at the United Center get honored with a bronze bust at halftime. . please Pip, take it back. . .Don’t be fooled by the perofrmance he put on the Bulls; well and the whole playoffs so far.. pls take it back.

  107. euge says:

    MJ has Pippen as the only Pippen as formiddable backup whlie LJ has Bosh and Wade.

  108. jose says:

    Here in Spain in the times MJ played, thousands people in my country didn´t sleep only to have the privilege of seen the best player has ever existed. I still remember as if ocurred yeterday, his first final against Lakers, 35 points in a half against Portland, Phoenix with the great Barkley, Seattle and the other two against Utah specially the last with the steal to Malone and the last basket. If Lebron with Cleveland had won 6 titles, perhaps I would comtemplate any comparation, but he has decided to get the easy way and play with another two franchise man, Wade and Bosh.
    Also, in my opinition the man to follow in the future is Kevin Durant.

  109. rokec says:

    All I can say is that Scottie needs to go to some hospital and get his brains checked!

  110. Mike says:

    Sometimes I’m like “YEAH LBJ IS THE MAN!” but then other times I’m like “WHERE IS LBJ!?!??” a GOAT candidate should have certain qualities to them … idk maybe….

    1) Never give-up attitude
    2) Accepts responsibilty whether you win or lose
    3) Consistancy throughout the career …

    Idk someone could probably make a better list, I’m just throwing this out there … I think LBJ’s the man just because he’s so reliant on his atheletism.. I can’t wait till he’s into his 30’s mid 30’s to see if he can actually adapt and still be a threat via a job shot that I don’t find very scary atm =)

  111. Bullboy2011 says:

    I wish people would quit comparing Kobe and Lebron to MJ. Lebron quit in Cleveland last year. OH yeah Kobe also quit on his team. Would either Lebron or Kobe play with the flu? Lebron had to go to Miami to even get this far.

    Pre, Pau Lakers didn’t even make it to past the first round.

    MJ stayed in Chicago for 14 years. There were times where he carried the bulls multiple times. Game 4 1993 NBA finals against the Suns. Jordan dropped 55 points in that game. His leadership and desire to win. Not to mention he one of the best all around players ever. Also MJ could mentally break down everyone he guarded.

    Lebron is nowhere near what MJ was in his prime.

    If the 96′ team who won 72 wins faced this current Heat team in the playoffs. The Bulls would sweep them with ease.

    Now I am a little upset with my bulls getting beat but hey they played their hearts out. Note to John Paxson get Ben Gordan back. Miami we’ll see you next year.

    • zayvado says:

      i love it well said….Lebron will win a ring…rings idk but if he does they want be three peats and he’ll also share the platform with the likes D-Rose, KD, and don’t count out kobe just yet.

  112. WhyScottie?Why? says:

    I love the way people say MJ was a ball hog and isn’t as good a contributor to the rest of the team as Lebron…..get real. MJ took a rag tag bunch of nobodies an turned them into the greatest dynasty of all time. He never quit on his team…unlike Lebron.

    People say Lebron had a rubbish cast around him in Cleveland which is why they didn’t win…..riiiiight. That’s why they had the NBA’s best record huh? Because they were crap huh. Again….get real.

    And Scottie…..Christ I’ve been a fan of you for years, after these way off key comments, I can safely say you’ve surely forgotten a little too quickly just how good Michael was – if it wasn’t for him, I truly believe you’d be half the player you turned out to be. I hope the

  113. R@y says:

    John Daron
    May 27, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    “Level of difficulties, I guess you never watch basketball or jordan Highlights. You are ignorant ! Kobe is a Jordan immitator to start with. LBJ is in the bottom of the pile, having yet to accomplish anything. In Jordan days no one can ever said I can guard him. Everyone wanted to try and none prevailled. As for kobe, he got stopped by Paul Pierce, Ray allen and this year by an old veteran Jason Kid. Name one player you know who could guard Jordan. LBJ can be stop which I am pretty sure Shawn Marion will do in the upcomming series.”

    I could not have said it any better John Daron…oh and scottie clearly has been paid to hype up the upcoming finals series, thats all those comments are about becuz everything he said after “but” is exactly what Michael used to do.

  114. Dre says:

    Pip is smoking something seriously. MJ made a lot of Hall of Famers retire without rings. He dominated every finals and never lost in the finals. MJ was a great defender- 98 finals clutch steal before the shot and not to mention the clutch layup. 2nd alltime in steals after 15 yrs and Stockton who’s 1st played for like 20yrs. Defensive player of the yr award too. So he dominated both sides of the game. LBJ hasn’t got a defensive player of the yr award yet. LBJ, Kobe, Magic, Bird all lost in the NBA finals before and some multiple times. MJ never lost the NBA finals and the #’s he put on Phoenix in 93 are ridiculous. 91 against the Lakers was sick. Flu game in 97. MJ showed when it counted. All the stats are pointless if the end result is a L. The finals is where it all counts and no player has been as dominant as him ever. MJ was like 35 and still was like the best player in the league. even thats ridiculous. His NBA resume is thick and I’m not just talking about rings. Stop the comparisons

  115. Jake says:

    Lebron doesn’t have Phil Jackson, I know people say the only reason Phil Jackson is a good coach is because of Jordan, Bryant, and Shaq. HE IS A GREAT COACH.

    • Jake says:

      I’m not hating on Spoelstra he is a awesome coach. But he is the youngest coach in the NBA.

  116. Jake says:

    I think that LeBron is a better all around player. I think Kobe is not. I don’t think the “He doesn’t have more rings than him argument.” Works at all. MJ had Pippin, Rodman, and Worm, James had Mo Williams. Don’t hate lebron because he went to the heat with Wade and Bosh, Celtics did the same thing. I do agree that because of that more players will do the same, Carmelo, CP3, and so on, that will make the league unbalanced, thats why you have the draft. The teams that don’t have 1, 2, 0r 3 stars will get a better pick in the draft. One more thing is that someone that played with MJ throughout his career is saying this, thats a HUGE statement from Pippin. MJ is definatly the better scorer, but there is a argument wether or not he is a better all around player. GO HEAT!!!!!!

  117. Alex says:

    Scottie Pippen is just Jealous to MJ’s accomplishment. Lebron without a ring is being compared to the GOAT is an insult to the NBA and to Basketball fans as well. Come on Scottie, WAKE UP, MOVE ON.

  118. Pablo says:

    MJ changed the NBA! He made popular the NBA all around the world. There is no discussion, MJ is much more than a basketball player, he is the NBA.

  119. hieu says:

    hakeem won 2 championships all by himself!

  120. Renato says:

    I agree that Michael is the best player in history of basketball.I believe James is a very athletic player,and has been fantastic this year,especially against the Celtics.But he still has too much to accomplish.basketball is about titles too, not only of course but its a very important criteria when you compare great players.For now,and im not saying forever, Kobe Bryant is the greatest in the league,and again,im not saying he´s playing the at highest level,we have guys like Nowitzki and James himself,who are playing better,but Kobe is still the greatest,for all he has accomplished.Maybe some years from now,Lebron will have this status.

  121. jumpman23 says:

    I think there is only one active player in the NBA that could be compared to MJ and that player is Kobe. He has shown that he can cary a team and win a championship, and Lebron could not do that with the cavaliers. I still agree that Lebron is an excellent player but i would give him more credit this season if he did not have Wade and Bosh with him.

  122. mrmorgan says:

    BOY Stop; nba fans have detected jealousy from scottie towards jordan. He may be upset at never being able to win a ring by his self back in portland. As far as Lebron he can never be jordan for a number of reasons.

    1. Jordan has an accomplished college career.
    2. Jordan was loyal to teammates and fans.
    3. Lebron gave it an honest run with the Cavs only to take a shortcut with the Heat.
    4. Jordan has six rings. Lebron has been in the nba since 04-05 = 0 rings.

  123. kambing is the GOAT! says:

    who wouldn’t agree that KAMBING is the GOAT???? baaaah!

  124. Aying MAN says:

    Come on PIPPEN! Watch the games before you comment! You’re just jealous Jordan is way way better than you! Lebron is able to do that because he’s bigger! His moves don’t have art! They’re elementary simple! Michael Jordan is the art of Basketball! He’s the STANDARD! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I BET Lebron won’t get any of that RING unless he’s teamed up with another 4 STAR PLAYER.. HEY PIPPEN! READ THIS, AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUTDOWN!

  125. flyfra says:

    MJ cannot be compared to a human.

    • entity.Z says:

      That is correct. MJ is an android placed on earth from my dimension. He is one of a long line of sports androids, including Lance Armstrong, Tom Brady, Barry Bonds, Manny Pacquiao, Usain Bolt, and the most advanced model, Tiger Woods.

      Lebron may exceed MJ’s performance over time. Android technology is not perfect yet, and the limits of human accomplishment have not yet been reached.

  126. guest na iantut says:

    i got bored reading when kobe is put in the mix…its a comparison between jordan and lebron people.

    jordan—> played with a flu and still win, clobbered hard in detroit, didnt qiut and finally worn them pistons out, 1st 3peat diff set of supporting casts, 2nd 3peat another set of diff casts meaning he can truly lead a team into championship/s…and the list goes on…

    lets go to..
    lebron—> (seriously im a lebron fan but i cant think of anything worth writing down…) but his no ball hog like mj, leads his supporting casts like mj…willing to seat it out if they know they already have the game….unlike…nevermind….)

    in conclusion…
    i guess pippen really got his head hit hard on that beam….

    …and to the kobe/laker fans……….u guys suck….statistics say that laker/kobe fans dont play the game, they just like to like w/o any reasons…(i just made this up 😛 ) i go for both teams the mav’s vets deserves it the way the three stooges deserves it.

  127. noyb says:

    Scottie is entitled to his opinion. My opinion? Lebron can’t even put on MJ’s Nikes!

  128. john doe says:

    Bryant lovers are nervous. The King has the spotlight for the next ten years. I’m lovin’ it!

  129. D Great says:

    Before is Dynamic Duo of Bulls.

    (The New Generation)Dynamic Trio of Miami Heat. The King, The Flash & Big Bosh will work as One Team! We all Know that Black Americans are so Talented like M.Jordan.

  130. jacob beyond says:

    even endorsering a product..MJ is the famous..

  131. Paulo says:

    LeBron James is 6’8 Michael Jorda 6’6…..lebron james nids superfriends…and michael jordan make scottie pippen superstar…………cmon….scottie pippen maybe your smoking crack….

  132. John Q says:

    Nah Nah, i do not agree what the scottie said, MJ is always the best of all time.
    scottie doesn’t has the right to give such comment while he never been a best player of all time ever.
    i’ll be pleased if it is said by the greatest player like kareem, wilt, etc.
    Scottie, you are nothing but a nuts teamates, through your ability shown a useless player during the time scottie in Blazers and the time when MJ is not around in chicago bulls, it couldn’t lead the team to get a single ring.
    MJ is always the best and greatest player of all time that has ever live, secondly is Kobe.

  133. Jordan says:

    MJ never had to join a super team to get his rings. enough said

  134. cons says:

    I thought Kobe was MJ’s heir……

  135. Tim says:

    1. M. Jordan = 6 rings
    2. K. Bryant = 5 rings
    3. L. James = 0 ring

    doing ring comparisons is stupid. in that case wade will always be better than lebron because he has 1 more ring that him

  136. Bill says:

    And where is Bill Russell in this discussion?

  137. Paulo says:

    you know what?? nobody cant compare LEBRON JAMES TO MICHAEL JORDAN….oh cmon???? its the truth…….

  138. Tyty says:

    Hahaha, Uhm, RELAX. Don’t ever say LeBron is better than Michael. He has the potential to be just like a few others just that he’s higher, and well, better. But people seriously need to relax on comparing every dominate force in the NBA to Jordan. Let Jordan keep his name and stop tryna’ steal what he left.

  139. All in for Kobe says:

    I think this is stupid, all of it! Come on guys, yes I am a huge Kobe fan, I think he is a great player, and I think that even while being at least 6 years older than any of the other teams superstars (except for the mavs which is a team i really respect) he shows so much, gives so much, and can actually win a game, but that’s not the issue here, to tell you the truth I used to like LBJ, he is a great player, and its really fun to watch such a guy controlling the game by himself, which is something that once Kobe was able to do (not anymore, at least speaking of the last season) and MJ as well, but seriously? what about Steve Nash? or Jason Kidd? or Kevin Garnett? and many other players who are actually great? Its not about comparing players, squads, teams or GMs, its not about the best player to play the game, its not even about the rings! Its about a bunch of amazing players, that makes it so fun to watch an NBA basketball game, it doesnt matter who is the best player in the world, or of all time, you cant have such an argument coz simply they lived in different times, WAAY different! All what I wanted to say is that, yes LeBron is a great player, actually one of the greatest, but I knew for a fact that with an another half star on his Cavz team, he would have got a ring by himself, he could have proved himself without having such a superstar party around him, I mean, come on, Wade is one of those amazing players I was talking about, maybe not Bosh but Heat would certainly not be able to do what they did to Bulls without him especially in game 3 and 4.
    Right now, best player is LBJ, 6 years ago (maybe less) Kobe, 13 years ago MJ? really? what about KG, SN, TD, DN, JK, and all those players? there are teams, players, superstars and there is no need to keep wondering who is the best, because at the end of the day, you might just be having a bad day on the day of game 7 and lose the finals, enough with those stupid arguments about MJ KB LBJ… etc. Its getting old and nobody will ever get to an agreement, whats wrong with saying that LBJ is a great player? doest it have to be “the best player to ever play ball” ?

  140. aircarlos5 says:


  141. godbless.the.haters says:

    haters keep finding holes, a buncha sore losers 🙂

  142. zhards says:

    maybe scottie is envy to michael because michael is the leader in their team and not him

  143. zhards says:

    lebron is better in his time but compare to mj?i dont know.mybe we will compare him to mj wen he get 6 or more championship rings..the better thing to do for him is to find ways on how to get a championship ring.this is his 2nd chance. hope miami wont be swept

  144. qwerty says:

    Stop inserting KOBE is this topic cause he is not worth comparing to LBJ and MJ. REMEMBER MJ AND LBJ BOTH went to a Bad team and carry the Team on their own to the top. while kobe joins LAL while they are a contender and basically gets hid 5 rings with the HUGE HELP. and CANT DO IT ON HIS OWN is that a sign of greatness?

    And about championship. You can win championship rings if your GM FORMED a pretty good team. and Pippen said ” MJ GREATEST SCORER,BRON GREATEST PLAYER T0 EVER PLAYED THE GAME” its individual that’s why it has “PLAYER” YOU MAY BE THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD BUT IF YOU DONT HAVE A PRETTY GOOD TEAMATES YOU CAN”T WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. BASKETBALL IS A TEAM SPORT!!!

  145. Todd Portacio says:

    No Way Man It’s still Jordan whether individually or as a team. Didn’t you see how Jordan performed in the clutch compared to the King of Cleveland. No not ever will King Heat will be the greatest to play the game

  146. mayhem says:

    Jordan > Lebron Just watch the Jordan documentary and you’ll know why he is by far the greatest player to play in the NBA

    Still a HEAT fan! GO HEAT. want LBJ to win a ring,.

  147. ED .V says:

    Are u nuts Pippen . you are already forget that Jordan was the best defender . .Who came from behind to block a player without fouling.
    Wake up Pippen . Stop being disrespecfull .Lebron got his game from Jordan,

  148. raps24ever says:

    yeah many people have said that throughout the course of the season.

    early season
    – big three wont have chemistry
    – wade and james cant play together
    – they have no bench cant play in the highest level

    mid season
    – cant compete with nba’s elite team
    – spoelstra cant handle the heat

    post season
    – miami will be crushed in the playoffs
    – cant beat boston
    – cant beat chicago.
    – bron choker not cluch

    so now where is boston? where is chicago? what happend to those who beat the heat consecutively this season? why is lebron cluch now? where are those that said they cant beat the top teams in the nba.

    every negative thing has been said to this heat team, but still all the haters and all the doubters have been proven wrong. all i can say is continue to bash coz those words are the fuel to the heats fire. Heat 2011 NBA Champs Baby!

  149. perry says:

    take that list scottie.. mj has accomplished more. perhaps we should wait until lebron’s career is over before we say he’s better. or better yet wait until he won a championship. in addition, personally, mj has a better personality and a better teammate. i dont understand how pippen made such a comment.

  150. Chris Prior says:

    I agree with Pippen 100%. Pipen played with Jordan so he knows him very well compared to most people or nba stars themselves. Jordan like he said didnt get other players involved as much as Lebron did and Lebron plays defense way better than Mj did. So if you think Jordan is the greatest player your right for now until James gets his first ring then James will be the best because he got his goal out of the way and he will just play basketball after that one ring.

  151. Daniel says:

    Comparing Lebron to Jordan is hilarious. How quickly people forget…

  152. wohwohwoh says:

    The only thing not GREAT about Jordan is: he left to play baseball for 2 years.
    If he did not leave the game at the time, the BULLS would have won 8 straight, they were the UNBEATABULLS with Jordan, Pippen, and a Horace Grant, or Rodman, a Paxson or a Steve Kerr….
    Leborn is not even close at this point of his career, just wait till how the BIG 3 of Miami can do in the long run… before any comparison should be made. I love Pippen, but he is being silly this time.

  153. Ramir Torillas says:

    i don’t think so… cut the crap Scottie… how dare you say that…
    i know you are a good player but far from being great… you are just an average player i see everyday… but michael against lebron… no way man…c’mon scottie wake up!!!

  154. realist says:

    No one will ever do it the way MJ did ever again. the reason why he is so great and everyone wants to compare is because the way he dominated his era was so unbelievable. and uncomparable to any other situation. so pippen coming out and saying that dumb sh:t is completely irrelevant to the ‘now’. i wonder if pippen didnt get enough face time when he was in the shadow of MJ because every now and again he comes out saying stupid things like this all the time.
    having said all that, if its about the rings then lets count. but if its about talent, then lets see the statistics. because the 2 categories are different. you cant compare players by these and expect a final result. NOT TO MENTION THE RULE CHANGES THAT EVOLVED THE GAME TO WHAT IT IS TODAY. THE game of bball in the NBA was completely different when MJ was on his prime. it was a lot more physical. there was no ‘hand-check’ rule. no ZONE D. No 3 step rule, that allows players like Lebron to take 4 steps and make a basket. which in my world when i grew up was called traveling. THE GAME HAS CHANGED PEOPLE!!! THEN AND NOW CANNOT BE COMPARED ANYMORE!!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS!!! lets stop comparing every good player that emerges to Michael Jordan. because lets be honest. no one will ever be Michael Jordan. ever again. not to mention they play different positions.

    • junski says:

      I think Pippen is too jelous with all the accolades MJ had on their Bulls days. It is quite unrealistic to say that Lebron is the better player when he has not won any ring yet.MJ is the best player of the 90`s. And we may say that the past decade belongs to Kobe. You cannot question it with his 5 rings. I`m sure Lakers will reach greater heights next season.

      We will witness in next 2 weeks or so how will the MAVS destroy Lebron and the Heat. Dirk will bury them with his unbeleivable shots. You cannot question the depth of the supporting cast of Dirk. He is an intelligent player and an unselfish player. Lebron is a quitter and a self-centered player Sorry Coach Eric, i know you are a half-Filipino but i don`t really like Lebron. Go Mavs!!!

      Junski from Antipolo Philippines

    • Behemot says:

      So? LBJ needs to defend in these new rules, right? And he’s bloody good at it. MJ never got a ring without Pippen. How many games less did Chicago win when MJ left and how many less did Cleveland win after LBJ left? Got the point? I am not saying who’s better, just want to create at least a little bit of doubt in your mind.

  155. Josh Free says:

    Scottie must B smokin that Miami crack rite now

  156. Pistolero says:

    Some of the arguments are plain funny. Kobe being best player in NBA right now?? Hell, he cannot even win a game on his own with gasol, odom, bynum, artest. Best player right now is either dirk or lebron, enough said. kobe may be the best player in the past decade, even that is arguable.

    secondly, comparing kobe to lebron. after the first lakers dynasty broke up, the whole franchise laid on kobe’s shoulders. the next few seasons before the current team was formed, did any other laker player go to the All-Star game? No. For the cavaliers, lebron played so well that mo williams ended up in the all star game (after many hiccups but still) basketball is a team game, lebron made his team mate better, for kobe, it made himself look better (81pts etc etc)

    thirdly, as i said basketball is a team game, the only way to win is to get the best players on your team. certainly applied to teams who won championships. reason why we hate miami et al is because we are afraid of the inevitable, that is they actually can win championships. we always love the underdogs, no one likes superpowers.

    fourth, do u guys even watch heat v celtics/bulls. do u even realise who has been the better player throughout?

    fifth, jordan v lebron. jordan at his prime is definitely better than lebron now. wat about jordan at aged 26 vs lebron now, lebron wld probably win (marginally though). rmb jordan is essentially a scorer, lebron a playmaker. in other words, the play ends with jordan but starts with lebron, thats the difference between the two. i think the ring argument is really poor, in other words, scalabrine is better than lebron.

    in conclusion, i think lebron will be the biggest contributor in the history of nba, nt necessarily the best player. the impact he brings on and off the court is phenomenal.

  157. EZRA says:

    I think that mangoes are the best fruit. Except on weekend mornings, when bananas are. Bananas can be sliced on cereal, but on a hot day, mangoes are so juicy and sweet. Strawberries are delicious, but mangoes are the best fruit ever. hmm, maybe some things just don’t need to be compared and ranked for all time?

  158. JDUBB says:

    M.J. was a great player no doubt about it, maybe even the best. i wouldn’t say his dubbed title as the Greatest NBA PLayer ever is untouchable. yes he won 6 rings, but if you think he basically did it on his own, you are kidding yourself. Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman aren’t any scrubs.. i would even argue that if Pippen and Rodman weren’t in Chicago, that Jordan would be lucky to have 1 or more rings.

  159. Mark says:

    come back and talk about this again when Lebron James gets 6 nba titles, 5 mvp trophys, and 6 NBA finals MVP trophys.

  160. A basketball fan says:

    I really cant back pippen on his comments but I can say this the G.O.A.T, Kobe, and Bron are all great players (NO DISRESPECT TO THE OTHER PLAYERS LIKE MAGIC, BIRD, THE BIG O etc) regardless if you look at who had a better team or who has more rings they are all great players. They all possess skills that keep you at the edge of your seat on a nightly basis while watching the game. Why do you think whenever they play your home team the attendance goes up? I mean i am from the great white north and notice it. It is a lot different when the lakers or heat come to town compared to the sixers. Bottom line these guys dazzle and amaze us with their skills. So to say Lebron sucks or Kobe sucks is just your opinion but in reality they dont suck or else they woouldnt be in the NBA.

    Also, to say one player is a better scorer than the other is difficult. When you look at basketball over the years the game has changed dramatically. The era of Magic and Bird and later Jordan personally was the most physical time for basketball when it literally was “no blood no foul.” As compared to now where there may be more rules in place to protect the players but i personally believe now adays the players are getting faster, taller, and given the ability to jump higher. I mean maybe im wrong but i do not think Magic or Bird on a nightly basis had to face as much competition on a nightly basis as the players now do. SO to say that it was harder to score back then than it is now is out of the question the game has changed far to much.

  161. Sean says:

    I’m very disappointed with Scottie.. If he thinks lebron is the greatest of all time, then i think he is a Moroon!

  162. Drose says:

    MJ was a great with 6 championships. Let me count LBJs.Oh wait he has none. Is LBJ a great? No.I don’t need any more arguments. And Pippen even though you were a Bull, Im saying, did Bron ever get Defensive Player Of The Year Award. No.
    Did Jordan? Yes. So that proves the better defender.And there shouldn’t even BE an argument about offense. MJ, by a long shot.

    I am a Bulls fan so obviosly I hate the Heat and voting for Mavs and Im putting up posters in my school.

    LETS GO DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT TH HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Marcelo says:

    I do appreaciate Scottie as a basketball player, but his comments were off the marks. MJ is far better than Lebron.

  164. Vandyke says:

    Scottie Pippen has completely lost his mind!!! The stats that JM posted says it all. Jordan is the best that all of us will ever see for the rest of our natural lives. Im not taking anything away from Lebron’s talent but when one talks about Michael Jordan, I don’t think we should ever mention another player’s name in the same sentence with MJ. Scottie Pippen is so jealous of MJ’s accomplishments and the amazing way he played the game. SCOTTIE, GET A LIFE!!!

  165. Michael Jordan -- incomparable says:

    Michael Jordan is and forever will be the greatest player to ever play the game. When you hear “Michael Jordan”, you remember basketball, he is the Legend, no one can beat him. When you hear LeBron James, you remember Cavs. What were the Cavs? Nothing. Miami? What? With Wade and Bosh? LOL! LBJ is where he is at now because of Wade and Bosh. His winning capability depends on his All-Star teammates and not with what he has on a given team. If he won championships with the Cavaliers, i would say Pippen may be right. Michal Jordan is incomparable. He is what he is.

  166. Haroldken21 says:

    We can’t just compare on how many rings that jordan has, but because of LeBron’s teamates in CLE their not so tough,
    its just like LeBron doesn’t have a mate that has talents like him so the result is still loosing , unlike the chicago jordan,pippen,Rodman,Paxon and the bench their lineup is so balanced thats why they win becaus not only jordan is scoring and talented but pippen and some of his mates are so we can compare on how they play not just how many ring they have ok?

  167. KB24AllDAY says:

    LBJ maybe a great player but its very inappropriate to say that he is a better all around player than MJ… its just we should wait until LeBron retires then finally we could compare their resumes… as for now… We can’t compare LBJ to MJ.. and we shouldn’t compare Kobe too…

  168. Joaqui says:

    Alright guys
    MJ is the best player of all time you guys wanna know why? bec. not only is he amazing in court also outside the court he was a bench player in high school and look at him now!
    Kobe is the greatest player of the league 2 or 3 years ago and seriously the 14th drafth pick and now he has 5 rings
    Lebron is the greatest player of the league now he is also the best all around player i’ve ever seen (since im only 13 i regret not seeing jordan play live but i’ve seen many highlighted games of him)
    Mj is the best because of his humility, respect, loyalty, and determination, dont forget his leadership it still affects player to this date remember when mj commented on the bulls that they could win 6 more rings thats what triggered rose and thats how he became MVP

    im a Lebron fan, Kobe fan, Mj fan i give much respect to all of them
    if lebron whats to be beside the greats he has to win 3-4 championships and maybe another mvp XD

  169. Madinina says:

    Overall LeBron is dominant both side of the court, probly the most “dominant” player of all time. But to be the GREATEST of all time its also about “Impact”. Its about how you lead your team from the bottom to the top. LeBron got 2 super stars by his side, Beleive me life is easier that way. Remember he couldnt make it in Cleveland when he was forced to carry the weight all alone from the first to the last minute of every games. Now he got Wade & Bosh to “Share” the work. Im not tryin to down grade or underrate his accomplishements but Jordan didnt have Isiah Thomas & Pat ewing by his side, Kobe didnt have Durant & Nowitzki in 2009 & 2010… The way you win a championship ring is more important than the ring itself, thats why LeBron aint the Greatest of all time.

  170. BigPoWoW says:

    Lebron is very good.
    Once he wins a ring he can be called great, and I think most people agree it is just a matter of time.
    Once he wins multiple championships, say 3 or 4, then we can maybe start the comparisons to MJ.
    Until then there is nothing to discuss. MJ is the ultimate winner (of his era). Lebron, as talented as he may be, has yet to prove he belongs in that category.

  171. Lovesores says:

    this blog is unfair.. i wrote about dan gilbert.. but it was erase.

  172. William Foson says:

    May be in six or seven years from now we will be able to compare Lebron and MJ. Until then, let’s all savor the moment and enjoy the NBA finals between the MAVS and the HEAT. Much as I would like Lebron to win a title and prove to his doubters that he made the right DECISION, my heart goes out to the old warrior JASON KIDD, who like the energizer battery keeps going and going. For the sake of Kidd, I want the MAVS to win. The nucleus of the HEAT team are still young and super talented, so may be next year. WF

  173. Axel says:

    Comparison after the first Ring? With this team around. Failing to lead a team without 2 other allstars taking the load away. No way. The comparison was over when the decision was made! Even pippen can not be serious that the whole world demand a sixth ring for KB24 to reach the level of the alltime great. LeBron is an awesome player but didnt proof anything right now and this whole miami decision show his leg of leadership. without wade (still #1 in south beach) and bosh the “kings”- team would came short just again.

  174. MJ-not michael but magic says:

    hmmm, I’m surprised Scottie forgot about a player who was able to fill each position on the floor, from 1-5, and he always did great. LeBron is 3rd best all-around player, after magic and big O

  175. stanley says:

    i like lebron but Pippen is clearly trying 2 get a buzz 4 his up coming book… lebron dominates on both ends of d court & MJ didnt? r we talking about d same MJ that was d scoring champ & all nba defensive team every year? yall trip’n w/yallselfs 2 put lebron on MJ’s level. ppl keep saying lebron had no help but d cavs was d 1st seed 2yrs n a row. does that happen on a 1 man team? d only reason they would get bounced outa d playoffs is bc their best player couldnt deliver under pressure. just like lebron, everybody & their momma knew MJ was gonna have 2 ball w/d game on d line but time after time after time after time after (u should get d point by now) MJ came thru… maybe yall need 2 go on youtube & watch “come fly w/me” & all of MJ’s other movies 2 refresh ya memory

  176. Sainaa says:

    Dont agree!!! Jordan is the greatest player, he won multiple MVP and Defensive. He leads the team and great scorer and great defense! He made greatest moves, athletes, jump shoot, dunks, and everything. Lebron? oh he is just the beginning, even if he got the ring this year, he aids of Wade, and Bosh. he couldnt do back in Cleveland. Kobe is far better than Lebron!!!!

  177. mil says:

    That is the confirmation how good is MJ. He is always compared with the best player of the current season. MJ was compared with Kobe when the latter is on the height of his career. Now MJ is compared with Le Bron. Why nobody compares Le Bron with Kobe. Let us Le Bron got his at least 4 rings, then we could compare him with MJ. I hope that Le Bron would not be another Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, very talented guys individually but not got NBA Rings.

  178. Rogier says:

    Pippen has gone crazy. Is he on drugs or something. Idiot

  179. paul says:

    lebron better than MJ? r u kidding me scottie? lol..
    ur right mr. pippen.. jordan is the greatest scorer. no doubt about it..
    but u say that lebron is better defensive player than MJ? i dont think so…
    jordan had won an NBA Defensive Player of the Year.. (1988)
    lebron so far has none.

  180. Mike says:

    Ok. Lebron in the league for how many of years? Can you count the number of rings on his fingers to this day? Look up sellout in the dictionary and you will see Lebron James in there. “Jordan didn’t want to play with the best he wanted to play against the best” Some one had stated earlier Lamebron had to put together a so called super team to buy his way to the top. Hey Lebron have you scored 63 points in one game yet? Look at Jordan’s ppg compared to the failure Lebron. Lebron wake me up when you win a ring instead of crying at the refs for not getting every call. I’m glad the Bulls didn’t get Lamebron. We already sell out our stadium just about every game of the year with out him. Think Chicago did you really want his trash he would have brought to the city? Lebron = sellout

  181. John Kentson says:

    I am a laker fan and i have always been Kobe Bryant for me is my fav player. Laker would not have won a thing without him, but i have always admitted that LeBron James is the better player. Kobe has been better in the playoffs over the last couple of years, but LeBron is still the better player overall. Kobe bryant is known to be better in the clutch, but LeBron is still better overall. Maybe next season Kobe can get the better of him (again). But this season LeBron can get that ring. His first (of many). But Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. Michael Jordan is a better player than LeBron James. MJs will and determination to win championships is legendary. If he had not gone to play baseball, Chicago would have won 8 in a row. Bill Russel yes he has 11 rings, but MJ is a better player overall. Michael Jordan is the best player ever to have played Basketball. Even better than LeBron James

  182. John Kentson says:

    I am a laker fan and i have always been. Kobe Bryant for me is my fav player. Laker would not have won a thing without him, but i have always admitted that LeBron James is the better player. Kobe has been better in the playoffs over the last couple of years, but LeBron is still the better player overall. Kobe bryant is known to be better in the clutch, but LeBron is still better overall. Maybe next season Kobe can get the better of him (again). But this season LeBron can get that ring. His first (of many). But Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. Michael Jordan is a better player than LeBron James. MJs will and determination to win championships is legendary. If he had not gone to play baseball, Chicago would have won 8 in a row. Bill Russel yes he has 11 rings, but MJ is a better player overall. Michael Jordan is the best player ever to have played Basketball. Even better than LeBron James

  183. Lebron WIIL be the best player to ever play.

    Not yet though.

    But it sucks people downgrade lebron because of the big 3.
    he’s the best of the big three, and in clevland,he took a all-doodoo team to the finals, which jordan didn’t do.

    What’s about lebron having the better team? mj had 2 hall of famers on his team if you don’t count him(pipen,& rodman)
    Lebron only have one future hall of famer(dwade).

    And if you were talking about who was the greatest because of winnig it would be bill russel.

    20years from now it will be 1.LeBron 2.Kobe 3.Jordan

  184. reithor says:

    Jordan never teamed up with other all-stars or MVPs rather than improve to beat them (I. Thomas, Bird and Magic and a loooong list of players). End of discussion.

  185. Joel says:

    I am a fanatic of nba, regarding to what pippen has said, i am really dis-appointed with him. MJ Still the best player i’d ever saw. If there is no D wade and Bosh do you think he can lift-up the Heat. I think no. because he did not prove it when he was in caveliers….

  186. dokartjr says:

    i think michael jordan will always be the greatest player ever to play basketball because his way of playing gave rise to a new level of basketball skill that we are enjoying to watch nowadays. I guess, what we should after is the attitude of these new breed of players that will in effect make them great players, and so far that’s where lebron james is making at par with michael jordan. He is full of talent and skill and yet not involved with any altercation in and off the court. Just keep it up, and always show the fire to win.

  187. barakobull says:

    for me samboy lim is the best player ever

  188. V-Nhox says:

    1. M J Jordan
    2. Earvin Johnson
    3. L J Bird

    The Best Three Players of all times

  189. Onins says:

    LeBron, you’re way too far man. Even have to get help from Wade….Probably I can consider if you have a ring first.

  190. MiamiHottie says:

    @John Daron
    i WILL name one player that could guard him…..Drazen Petrovic!

  191. Peewee says:

    Hey D-wade has a ring without Bron, what happened to Pip without MJ. And plus look at the competition this year if Mr. Smart Danny From Boston leaves the team as it was, Bron would be sitting at home right now.

  192. Onins says:

    Sorry guys, Lebron maybe great but JORDAN is the greatest…..6 NBA Championship!!!! You’re not there yet LeBron. You gotta get your first man.

  193. Jho says:


  194. BullsHeat says:

    JORDAN is still the BEST PLAYER because he never team up with his rival (JOHNSON and BIRD) to win a unlike LBJ.LBJ is admit to himself the HE will never win a CHAMPIONSHIP with out the help of WADE and BOSH..I think LBJ MOTTO in life is “IF I CANNOT BEAT THEM I WILL JOIN THEM”.HAHAHA..LBJ LOSER!!!

  195. Jho says:


  196. PanamaD says:

    A bit surprise about the comments specially since coming from Scottie. Look James is a very good player Michael is the Greatest Player ( with all due respect to Russel, Magic, Bird and a few others). Scottie, Michael made you look like an MVP after Jordan retired Toni Kukoc (Amazing scorer a la Manu Gino) was the chosen one to take the final shots by Phil so Scottie dedicate to enjoy the games and shame on you about your opinion (Specially after getting six rings thanks to playing with the Greatest Player of all time) You did not win a ring while Jordan was in Chicago. By the way Jordan never changed teams to Play with a superstar of the caliber of Wade (who in my view is a better finisher (player than James) Wade won a title long ago with a bit of Shaq help but that is the best Player Miami has!!!! James is going to be great tho, dont get me wrong…..but PIP take your pills and enjoy the Show. I started playing ball when I saw a game of Boston and Chicago (Michael scored I believe 63 points and they loss the game but it was fierce!!!!

  197. Mystt says:

    Well Lebron is obviously a very good player. I don’t agree he is better defensive player than Jordan. Jordan really was top no doubt about it. Jordan also was the real team leader and he came through so many times in clutch times. Also skill wise I just think Jordan was better and a bit smarter. Lebron is still young though, we will see what will happen.
    Now every team that wins a championship must be good all around and not just one player team. But there are some differences. Jordan was the only player in Bulls who could “carry” the whole team and he had the most responsibility. Pipen was soo good, but he couldn’t be the main guy in the team. Kobe and Shaq was a duo. Shaq was dominating, but Kobe was necessary for their wins. Also Kobe was not just support player, but can carry the team as well as he proved in last 4 years (au is good but was more of support as well). Now the HEat have 2 SUPERstars and Bosh(I’m probably under valuing him). Almost like shaq and Kobe but Kobe was still a punk then and has grown tremendously through years and was raised up.
    So here is the difference I see. Lebron have backup and is not really the team leader, but Wade is. Also his tehnique is not that good as Jordans and Kobe’s. But he is still progressing a lot, still has time and is on the great path. But it is still too early for comment’s like that, he needs to prove his leadership, to be the number one guy in the team and can lead and carry that weight and come through with the ring…a few times 🙂

  198. arjaypsycho says:

    without jordan, there would be no kobe/lebron

  199. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    yeah …. and kobe won it by himself … Dont forger most dominant big man in the game ,,, 3 time final MVP … S.Oneal !
    kobe ? who the hell was kobe when big won those 3 Rings by himsel… kobe ….. what joke ,,, the guy can’t share the ball .. the guy cant rebound the ball … his defensive skill isn’t in top 1000 in history of the game …. ring ,,, ring,,,ring ,,, keep dreaming ,,, kobe never won whitout big men ,,, never won ,,, and never gonna win without a big man
    MJ was one man show … kobe ?!! give me a break

  200. von says:

    You can’t always base it off rings. For example, Robert Horry has 7 NBA championship rings..

  201. Stock23 says:

    I hate to say it and even though MJ is my favorite player of all time he did not win the 6 Rings by himself nor did he have a bed team. People tend to forget that Horace grant was a good if not great PF in his time so was John Paxon a Great shooter. We don’t even have to talk about the 2nd three-peat team that was stacked with great players (role players) like Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr etc. so it’s not fair to say that MJ won it by himself without the help of a great supporting cast. LB will win his rings and when he does you should stop hatin and give this man the respect and credit that he deserves regardless of who he is playing next to. Go Heat!!!!
    MJ best that ever played the game this just might be an incomparable era that we get to see in todays game so let both players enjoy the spotlight.

  202. WhyScottie?Why? says:

    I Think I’ve just lost some respect for Scottie.

    Even after all the rings, the MVPS, the scoring titles, the defensive player of the year awards, the countless lines of accolades and achievements – strip that down to sheer ability and aesthetics and Michael is and always will be THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME.

    The NBA has been dull and watered down since the departure of his Airness, and to be honest, there’s not a single player now in the league that entertains me the way Jordan did with his sheer artistry of the game.

    Lebron James reminds me more of Charles Barkley than MJ. But to compare anyone to Michael in my eyes, is just foolish.

    Until anyone else decides to retire because there is ‘No more challenges left’ I hold Air Jordan head and shoulders above the rest till the end of time.

  203. InDaZone says:

    If you’re going to compare players by how many rings they have you’re saying DJ Mbenga is better than LeBron James.

  204. radical says:

    this is so fun reading this blog and first time for me to comment, lebron got his way to the finals coz of this 2 other superstars and now he is the “best player?” not to mention that he compared to jordan? this could happened but waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy far from behind..all we are looking from james is that his play with miami..he dominates the game both offense and defense? yeah coz if he just gonna shoot and shoot you guys think he can score big and you guys think they will gonna win? i dont think so..when he was at cavs look what he’ve done there he wants to score more than his teammates he dominates his teammate not the game..did they won a championship ring? jordan in the other way around is different yeah he dominates his team also by getting a lot points but he knows how to share the ball every game..did lebron did that when he was in cavs? im not a lebron hater but please lebron needs to eat more rice before her can achieved what jordan has..and another one jordan stays in one team to get his 6 rings what about lebron?

  205. nycj says:

    .,to stop the comparison, pls do watch the stats of MJ, kobe ang lebron.,obviously, lebron have the advantage bcoz of his size.,his much bigger compare to the 2, so we cant say that his much better than the two.,

  206. Max says:

    1. M. Jordan = 6 rings
    2. K. Bryant = 5 rings
    3. L. James = 0 ring

    i think you cannot compare players with rings for those who do not have. Even if you are the best all around player and you don’t have any ring you are still not that good. Championships acts like supporting papers to prove that you dominated in the NBA. Much more if you have the Final’s MVP award.
    And Another thing MJ has never lost on the games biggest stage THE FINALS, Lebron has and kobe as well !

    Nuff said

  207. LemueL says:

    are you serious Jordan Got his 1st ring on 26 years old..

    Lebron Is Still Young,,,

    We Can Say Kobe has MJ…
    but MJ and KOBE has no LeBron.
    because Lebron is The First Lebron,what about the rings?
    Jordan Get his 1st ring at 26 years old,
    And Lebron Can get the ring
    And Kobe cant not Go to by himself un Finals without his great teamates.
    Even Jordan,he has allstar teammates 1991-1993 Jordan,pippen,horace grant, 1995-1998 rodman
    What About 5 rings of Kobe? Kobe Cannot Won the 1st three peat whitout shaq…Open Your Eyes MORONS!!!
    and in the the other 2 with gasol…
    Lebron Rings>? he’s Still young,..
    Kobe Bryant Sucks…Why Pippen Dont Mention Kobe?because,The Kobe This Year is A Ball Hog,,,That why Lakers Lose,,

  208. Zpevec says:

    Pippen just lost my respect for him… jordans teammate to say that… and its not even true … sad

  209. TBag says:

    How the hell can you compare Oscar Robertson to Jordan, Bryant and James?? When he played the players could only dribble with one hand staring at the ball and the shooting was ugly, let alone how slow all the guys were. If he played now he wouldn’t even make it in high school level.

  210. Fester Quest says:

    Scottie Pippen has went completely Nunkin futts from his last statement, now I’m not a Lebron James fan, especially since his Decison show last year, did Michael ever do that ??? now dont get me wrong, Lebron was a free agent and free to go wherever he wanted, but I do question Lebrons level of competition, dude is a ego maniac and I feel sorry for him. he talks the talk but doesn’t walk it, what made Michael the greatest ever was because he wanted to beat the other great players during his reign as King of the Basketball court, he didn’t want to play with them, I like Dwade but I was so dissapointed in him as well, Richards HS basketball made this guy, got his talents noticed, I’m from that area close to Robbins Illinois, who doesn’t want to play for there hometown when the opportunity presents itself ??? but I respect him for being loyal to the Heat because that is where he was given a Championship ring which wasn’t earned, he did play well, but those refs in that years series clearly wanted the Heat 2 win, if you dont believe me, if you can access that play-off series with the Mavericks, please watch for yourself, Dirk didnt get any calls down the stretch and Wade ran loose like a mad pittbull dog, I knew there weren’t going to win after the game Mark Cuban snapped off on David Stern and Pat Riley saw it and decides to only pack one suit for the next game in Dallas, I just knew it, the NBA is bogus man, at lot of us know it, but don’t want to open our eyes, Lebron is good but a fraud compared to Michael, I dont blame Joakim Noah for not liking him, I wouldn’t, he’s young and not a man, a mere puppet in which his strings are being pulled and he doesn’t even know it, was given more than any young man could want in Cleveland, was treated like a king, as he gets scared and runs off with his friends, sounds like a COWARD to me, Cleveland was right there, 60 plus wins in his last two seasons there, why couldn’t he give Antwan Jamison a full seaon to jell with the team, and if you guys saw that Play-off series against the Celtics last year, you’ll see clearly the Lebron dropped the ball in a few of those games then he wants to blame his teammates for not contributing, Mo was doing his thing, Lebanon was the one that was missing shots, dribbling balls off his foot, turnover after turnover, it was aweful then you leave, that is not a Man to me, I’m sorry but its not, my opinion and I’m sticking with it, when Lebron decided to go to Miami, a lot of the ole school greats lost respect for em, Magic, Jordan, Bird, Barkley, they all spoke out on him leaving to jump on the Heat bandwagon, thats why Charles still talks crazy bout them and I agree with what he says, I saw the Bulls series this year, Lebron so so arrogant, play after play, yeah you did it guy, but you also had help, Bosh is a 20/10 guy, DWade an allstar, come on Lebron, were’s yurr level of competition, understand being friends with other players, but great players, you want to beat them not team up with them, maybe one but two, takes the competition out the league, SUPER TEAM is a bunch of BS and that’s not what the league needs, it needs more competitive teams, but its become like a commercial especially since the post Jordan era, its a Shame, even with the Super Team, Lebron will not get as many rings as Jordan or even Kobe, stop comparing him, he truly can’t handle the pressure of winning an NBA championship, he said it himself in a recent post game interview in which he got emotional and apologized to Cleveland that he needed help, everybocy needs help once in a while but Lebron, that’s the Challenge you take to become a great player” even if you win a Championship, I can’t respect you cause you did it in DWade’s Shadow cause its his team, he’s the face of the franchise not you, your just a Addon addition with ego problems’ dude, learn how to be more humble and stop taking advise from guys like Jay-Z, he another puppet master, be your own man, when you do that, people will respect you more, that Decision show you did made you more hated than Kobe, Betcha Kobe was loving that..lol, but Lebron will never be Michael, they’ll never be another Jordan, Jordan was a winner, yeah he had his ups and downs, but Michaal competition level was Superb, wanted to be the best player on the court no matter what, Bird compared Michael to GOD in one of the games against the Celtics back in the day, Lebron is not even close, Michael 6’6 about 210lbs, Lebron is 6’8 260lbs, my hat goes to the smaller guy, not Lebrons fault for being a big guy, but he doesn’t have to take the kind of punishment Michaal had to take in the low post, actually when Lebron drives he dishes the punishment out to players who are trying to guard him so truly I cant say he the little engine that could..lol..but Michaal is the GREATEST, Scottie keep up with your child support payments and stop dissing the guy that helped you win Championships cause you couldn’t of did it without him, you had your chances and blew them, one was not your fault, that damn ref..lol..but stop giving Lebron credit he doesn’t deserve, let em Man up first and stop being a little kid, I’d be almost impressed with his if he decided to marry the mother of his two kids, but that’s another story, please NBA sports commentators, reporters, tv people, stop comparing Lebron or Kobe to Michael, please stop, Michaal will always remain on a Planet by himself…CASE CLOSED…Lebron is a quiter who doesn’t own up to his own mistakes, he runs away, doesn’t take the challenge, blames others, that’s not a leader, more of a follower and Lebrons actions, if you watch them closely he’s a follower who strings are being pulled and America you might think I’m crazy when I say this but I have to get the awareness out there, look at who Lebron embraces on a Nighly basis, his jersey number is #6 right, when he its a three, watch is hands, to make a comparison, when Dirk shoots a three pointer and makes it he throws up the three sign the way its suppose to be thrown up but Lebron does it another way, watch him the next series of games, you’ll see it, I’m telling you, God given talents but there looking south, makes me sick to my stomach, but its all good Lebron,,,keep it up…all that ego and pride will soon come to an end and you’ll find yourself in a place where you don’t want to be SuperStar…lol…Shame.

  211. laxsav says:

    Scottie, it is not your call, LJ has to prove, his last 8 years without a ring is a living testimony against 2 of MJ in the first 8 years. For making this statement you should give up your rings which partly is due to some great basketball from MJ. As always we appreciate your contribution to Chicago’s all those wins as we add you MJ-SP when we discuss all time great duos .

    Believe me, Pat Riley is not looking for a coach/team Official in you, in spite of the statement.

  212. Barry says:


  213. Freddie Wilson says:

    In a who is better Kobe or Lebron poll, Kobe bryant came out on top of Lebron by 8 votes over 10 months of voting.
    Don’t forget Kobe!

  214. David says:

    Hey Pippin, watch out for MJ in any dark alleys 😛

  215. Mauro says:

    Michael Jordan WAS and still IS basketball.
    He became something more, an ICON. in Italy everybody still know him.
    Let’s see how will it be with LeBron in 10 years

    • MARK says:

      MJ is Basketball, I think Naismith has invented the game for him..LeBron is the perfect performer in this era, being physically predominant..we cannot comparate the 2 players, ’cause i think basketball and human have radically changed from MJ’s era to today..personally i think at Jordan to be my perfect basketball player, but I think the new generation is thinking at LeBron, and i hope for him to become a new member in the temple of gods of the rim.
      Anyway, MJ is being the glorious name carved in the metal of every rim, in the wood of every court, in the leather of every ball and in the flesh of every heart who madly beats for this game for still a long, long time..

  216. JIGGER says:

    I think Jordan is better than Lebron James. Jordan scored 41 points at the age of 40.But for the defensive skill Lebron is far away better the Michael Jordan.

    • Michael Jordan -- incomparable says:

      Oh really? IS that why MJ is always in the All-Defensive team for how many years? LOL! Look how MJ can steal, block and guard a player. NBA finals, steal on Karl Malone.

  217. JM says:

    this is all I have to say to early to say:
    ■6× NBA Champion (1991–1993, 1996–1998)
    ■5× NBA Most Valuable Player (1988, 1991–1992, 1996, 1998)
    ■14× NBA All-Star (1985–1993, 1996–1998, 2002–2003)
    ■6× NBA Finals MVP (1991–1993, 1996–1998)
    ■NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1988)
    ■10× All-NBA First Team (1987–1993, 1996–1998)
    ■All-NBA Second Team (1985)
    ■9× NBA All-Defensive First Team (1988–1993, 1996–1998)
    ■NBA Rookie of the Year (1985)
    ■NBA All-Rookie First Team (1985)
    ■3× NBA All-Star Game MVP (1988, 1996, 1998)
    ■2× NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion (1987–1988)
    ■NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team
    ■#23 Retired by Chicago Bulls
    ■NCAA Champion (1982)
    ■2× Consensus NCAA All-American First Team (1983–1984)
    ■ACC Player of the Year (1984)
    ■Oscar Robertson Trophy (1984)
    ■Naismith College Player of the Year (1984)
    ■John R. Wooden Award (1984)
    ■Adolph Rupp Trophy (1984

    ■2× NBA Most Valuable Player (2009–2010)
    ■NBA Rookie of the Year (2004)
    ■7× NBA All-Star (2005–2011)
    ■NBA Scoring Champion (2008)
    ■5× All-NBA First Team (2006, 2008–2011)
    ■2× All-NBA Second Team (2005, 2007)
    ■3× All-Defensive First Team (2009–2011)
    ■NBA All-Rookie First Team (2004)
    ■2× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2006, 2008)
    ■Naismith Prep Player of the Year (2003



    • jag says:

      wow! great info. must admit that lebron still has a lot of things to accomplish before he can be considered better than mj but he is getting there.

  218. oernd says:

    omg i never thought i would see the day a player who could never when it by heself would be considered da greatest over kobe r mike i mean u say he is the greatest cuz he is going to da finals because of a top 16 player of alltime in dwade in chris bosh cum on people get help but dame not dat much….kobe please get better n get dwight so u can get dis 6 befo lbj gets 1. cuz hate it all u want da heat not bout to beat da mavs face it dey to stacked way to stacked lol….n if durrant was bigger he would be better den lbj fact

  219. lem vils says:

    Get a seven championship title first then you say that Lebron is a great player than Michael Jordan..and you should not leave your team behind in a hang and look for a team just to win a title…so sad to hear this comment coming from a former team mate of MJ who knows very well the game of basketball.

  220. Tom says:

    In LeBron’s position it easy do what happened this season………….Talk together with a few other AllStar free agents and agree to join forces and create a new ‘dynasty’ together, as they did….. What makes me outraged is that, that event never happened before……….when did players actually get to decide to build a team together, outside of their respective teams’ decisions? The only person I can respect in Miami is Wade……….cus he stayed true to his team, since he brought them wins in this way….. Miami bought this championship….but with in that moment with create insecurity, becuase it was all decided by these few players will…..GM’s didn’t pull the decisions! LeBron and Bosh did……they choose to betray their promises to the teams that they became AllStars with, the teams that practically raised them………..i don’t know what to good sportsmanship last summer, but I felt it was very ugly watching………. Respect to Wade for making this crowd join forces, smart move………..except this: He is no longer the absolute Superstar of Miami, LeBron is. And I fell bad for the co-players as well. They might shine when they hit that 3-pointer from the far out, but that is the only moment they get………..They will win these finals, no doubt……..and they will probably bring a few more rinds too in seasons to come………but Wade, no matter what he says, has reduced himself to the second option in Miami……..and I hope it will eat him up from the inside out…….what happened in Boston a few years back (when Garnett and Allen joined Pierce) was fair……..everything was eventually decided by GM’s…………it happened in the spirit of rules of the league……..Pierce didn’t have a long talks with Allen and Garnett before they decided to join in and make that AllStar team……..What happned to developing a player into a superstar and then keeping him for the rest of his professional career? Only a few players has that will: Kobe, Rose, Pierce, Dirk and Wade in this case. The rest is only focusing on the ring, they don’t care about the franchises and the fans, that made them who they are. It would have suited Lebron to to stay in Cleveland, cus that is what true Superstars do, otherwise their stardom is nothing……….it is like this book, i once read: The One Ring………..One ring above them all……..the ring that will drive you crazy…..you will do all what it takes to get that ring….and not care about whoever you step on to get it…..This season is Miamis………..but it comes at the highest cost of them all……….the cost of moral….

    • Mike says:

      Lebron James = sellout 200% agree. Jordan stuck with the Bulls as long as he could before and after winning. Not like bailing out on his team to make millions of dollars.

  221. chawki says:

    lebron is maybe a better all around player and a bettere athelete i mean the guy is not human, but MJ won 6titles with one team and he mad the bulls a winning franchise,he transformed a whole team and a whole city and for me that is greatness,individual stats and achievements wont make u great and that the diffrence between MJ and

  222. Taylor Les says:

    well i gues pippen didnt meant so much about what he has said. well lebron is a great player but you can’t actualy compare him to jordan..he has to break first whatt joradan’s achieved as an nba player..he can be a great player of this season but can he still maintain that up to the next season? unlike michael jordan he constsntly di his jod as a great player.. he showed us the real basketball..so i think jordan still the greatest player even an all around player..pippen must be an idiot coz he almost forgotten what michael jordan contributed to their team and also to the nba. jordan is still the greatest player and not lebron..you can’t actually compare any player to the airness with just one greatest game…

  223. Unkowndullnvrknw says:

    I don’t agree on LBJ being better than MJ but it really took them more than 8 or more years to get a ring more years

  224. Ruel says:

    that is not true, i think michael jordan is the best all around player in the NBA. you never compared michael & lebron. its very different. the way he moves, the way he handle his teammates. michael jordan – 6 championship, lebron – nothing. think of it….

  225. titan says:

    for me still MJ is the G.O.A.T. why? he’s not a quitter! LBJ maybe skilled like mj but quits on cleveland! LEADERSHIP defines being the G.O.A.T. and MJ is the best being a LEADER! and by the way, kobe & LBJ and the rest of the league cannot match the leadership that MJ did. PERIOD!

  226. Kobe#1 says:

    Any team with lebron wade and chris bosh, would get to finals. no suprises there! MJ and kobe are in a separate league to lebron, larry bird etc. Lebron will one day be one of the best players to play the game at the rate he’s going NOW. No one can predict the future though.

  227. phamie says:

    Scottie Pippen is wrong, Michael Jordan is still the GREATEST and Legendary to ever play in the NBA. and Steve Nash is the Best and the GREATEST in making teammate involve.

  228. LEGEND23 says:

    what is scottie pippen eating nowadays? sea weeds?

  229. sayhallo says:

    lebron best allround player of the league, with those stats he should be the mvp every year…career: 27.7 ppg, 7.1rpg, 7 apg…dont know any other player with such stats…
    but lebron didn’t get mvp this year cause rose made his points when it counted…valuable points thats why rose erned the mvp…
    as for MJ career: 30.1ppg, 6.2rpg, 5.3apg…MJ hade amazing stats, and he made thos points when it counted, he stayes the greatest also because he made basketball a world sport on and offcourt…

    lebron has a long way to go but not as long as we all think, at the start he was critisized for his jump-shots, now he is one of the best…then he was critisized not sharing the ball proparly now sometimes we compare him with magic J. then we said hes not a good closer, what is he doin now?…lebron can be the second greatest player to play the game and maybe the greatest allround player due to stats but it takes time…

  230. Joseph says:

    Poor Scottie Pippen just so desperate to get attention by declaring outrageous but irrational ideas. OBVIOUSLY BY FAR Jordan is the best player ever to play in the NBA. If Jordan is in the same age as today? Forget Lebron or Kobe, they are juat following the shadow of Jordan, Jordan would whip them outone one one or team. Common guys be rational.

  231. ielahiah says:

    yeah, now that THE HEAT HELPED LEBRON JAMES TO MAKE IT TO THE FINALS let’s make him the greatest player of all time… NOT!!! C’mon, that’s way too much rubbing on an already arrogant guy like James…

  232. jek Villaraza says:

    “yeah i totally agree Lebron James is the Best!!! but lets not forget The Legend which is Michael Jordan!!!! Good luck
    MIAMI and more power to you my idol Lebron James!!!

  233. edidas says:

    wow, let’s see if they win some rings.

  234. Yonzseven says:

    Pippen is getting too old to remember that his buddy Michael Jordan has been a defensive player of the year recipient and how furious defender MJ was and how unstoppable he was in offense. Plus Jordan has 6 rings to boast with 2 three peats while Lebron is still a greenhorn who has yet to win his first ring. So, say it isn’t so Scottie!

  235. 2nd Best says:

    Pip’s comments should have been directed to himself. Lebron is good but as great as Michael at this time? Nah. Pip should have paraphrased his statement that LBJ is greater than Scotty in the same SF position that they play with Scotty being considered as one of the best to have played the position.

    The discussion as greatest ever, LBJ still has a long way to go to catch MJ.

  236. THOMAS says:


  237. rhys hywel says:


    LEBRON BETTER THAN PIPPEN? I couldn’t agree more.

  238. oernd says:

    look ill say it lebron is not the best player in the league now is as hell is not better then mj hes not better then kobe in to say just cuz he might win a championship cuz of a better dwade in a great chris bosh is realy not even something that he should be proud of.

  239. JAX says:

    if his the best player he should’ve stayed in cleveland and won a championship, B’COZ HE CAN’T DO IT, NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  240. Micka Luboya says:

    This is ridiculous statement and im surprise that it comes from Jordan co-player. You saying that we can start comparing Lebron to great IF he wins his First ring!!!? i dont know how u evaluate great players but this is insane.
    Kobe Bryan has 5 and he’s not even at MJ level and you wanna talk about lebron james just because he’s getting his First Final.. common!

    MJ is best basket player ever to date!!! he proved himself again again and again … consistency is Greatness and that what MJ did and proved over and over. you can win a ring, 2 or couple but to do it consistently ..over and over.. you gotta great and that’s why nobody is close to MJ to date not even Kobe bryan who collapsed on his way to 6th ring.

    Lebron is a good basket player just like d wade and the rest.. thats it. We not gonna make lot of noise just because he’s getting his First Final.

  241. KvPt says:

    I really like when people start comparing MJ’s and Kobe’s supporting cast to LeBron’s, and acting like MJ’s Scottie, Grant, or Rodman etc, or Kobe’s Gasol and Ariza or Artest, is equal to a Dwyane Wade and a Chris Bosh. Are you serious?? Ok that Pippen was an allstar but Wade is just too good (i dont know who is better, he or James). And Grant and Rodman (a hall of famer) were allstars, and so what?? Bosh is obviously a better basketball player, you can’t deny that, no matter how good Rodman was at rebounding.
    As for the Lakers Pau is great but I think especially what Bosh did recently we can say that they are somewhat equal. And then Ariza, come on he avareged 11 points in the 2009 playoffs, and Ron Artest’s game in the Lakers is just too inconsistent offensively, you never know what he will come up with, but even if it would be good Wade is still Wade, so there is no room for comparing the two. So please stop saying that “nobody won alone type of bs”, couse everyone knows that, the point is that those two guys didn’t have such guys around, and that is a fact.

  242. OH NO PIP says:

    all i can say BullsheaT pip! MJ is the GOAT!!

  243. lame99 says:

    I dont understand why you must have rings to be the best player,sometimes it not that lebron cant win a ring,its his team,when he is in cleveland,he is the only one doing most of the offense and defense,who is there to help?does jordan and kobe all get the ring themselves?NO.Kobe said he got a ring without shaq,but he got it with pau bynum and fiisher. What about lebron?he got no one when he was in clevenland,so those of you that think lebron got no ring then he cant be the best player,wait and see,he is gonna get a ring this year

  244. Derek says:

    I am going to sell my pippen jersey, he’s an idiot to say that

  245. Boerebroek says:

    Scottie really seems to be missing the fact that Jordan always came up with the goods when it was needed. Noone compares to Jordan’s competitiveness. It also must be said that LeBron does not have a good post up game like Jordan developed later in his carreer. LeBron will wear out soon if he doesn’t change his game.

  246. Sasà says:

    How can be good as MJ a player that TRAVELS quite every single time, just tell me.

  247. Chris Igay says:

    This is a mortal sin! Thou shall not use the name “MJ” in vain..

  248. F.S says:

    To me….this is just a great example of how underrated MJ’s defense was…

  249. rings are a team thing says:

    MVP = Best player.
    Championship= Best team
    All the laker fans and jordan lovers believe that rings mean everything because that is the only argument they have to put Lebron down. Please somebody tell me a defender that can stop Lebron in the open court. 9 times out of 10 he’ll dunk on his defender. on the other end he’ll send the ball flying into the nose bleed seats.
    Rings define a great team not a great player. As for the teaming up things. Jordan had pippen and rodman. not saying they are exactly the same skill levels but Bosh = Rodman D wade is jordan and Lebron is pippen. Jordan wouldnt have won those rings with out them. not to mention Steve Kerr who still leads in Carrer 3PFG.

  250. travieza says:

    i’ll disagree t0 that….
    MJ is still the best basket ball player ever played the NBA
    6 titles in 8 years…
    if James can get a back t0 back 3 peat and m0re maybe i can say
    he is the greatest, but f0r n0w its still MJ wh0 is the greatest…..

  251. aidan says:

    im laughing at the comment by ‘paul’ that put durant at number 6. durant is just as much a ball hog as kobe, and just keeps taking shots before team-mates when hes nowhere near his game. plus hes trying to hard to be a superstar, especially in the all-star game, you could tell all he wanted was the MVP

  252. Tommo says:

    People, people … sshhhhh. It’s a T-E-A-M game. None of these articles nor our comments on individual comparisons matter … at all. If we really need to talk about the greatness of individuals lets talk about those that really get everyone else involved in the game to make for a T-E-A-M experience like Nash, Rondo, Stockton, Oscar Robinson etc. while not jacking up 30 shots a game. Otherwise lets just focus on team success.

  253. BRose and Bulls says:

    Pippen is nothing. He just got those rings solely by MJ.

  254. Tim says:

    You ain’t a king without a ring.

  255. yoski says:

    MJ cannot be compared to lebron…In fact how can lebron be the best player to ever played the basket ball when he never fought against Isiah Thomas, magic johnson, larry bird and even MJ? This Hall of famers should also be include when talking about the best player to ever played the game,,, i think we should gave them some respect because in their time they are considered to be the best player.. For MJ well we know what he contributed to the NBA.. and Also MJ is most suited for being the all rounded player…look at his carrer offensively and defensively his good … not even lebron won the title of being the defensive player of the year and slam dunk champion.

  256. MJLBJ says:

    Pippen is right on the money.. MJ is and always will be the best scorer this game will ever see. Anyone who says otherwise should go watch MLB or something. But I don’t think he was as unselfish and as dominant defensively and LeBron. Now look, I know saying Michael is not the best of all time in any category related to the game of basketball has become blasphemy, but the truth of the matter is, this game is going to keep improving and so will its players. We should embrace that! Don’t we all want to live to see another MJ? This time might be coming pretty soon and my money is either on Bron or Derrick Rose.

    And for all the clueless, stats fans, rings don’t prove anything. Charles Barkley and Karl Malone are two of the best forwards and never won a championship. On the other hand, Robert Horry has more rings than Jordan with 7, does that make him better than MJ?!

  257. Suckerz says:

    MJ is still the best player.. I mean c’mon LBJ got Wade and Bosh… Was LBJ good enough to get into the NBA finals when he was on the cavs. He had only done it on miami with bosh and wade… LBJ is just gay…

  258. dew says:

    Michael Jordan was and always be the greatest player to ever play the game. Period. LeBron is good sure. However he is not and will never accomplish anywhere close to what Jordan went through in his career. Ring or not…he had to join a superfriends group to try and win it. Like Jordan said, MJ didnt go out and join up with Bird and Johnson to get his titles. Jordan just flat out dominated the game and won his rings. James lost his case to be compared to the greats when he left Cleveland. How could Scottie say Jordan is not a good all around defender or that James is better. How many years did Jordan land on the all defensive team? How many steals did he have in his career? How many times have we seen Jorndan come from behind and block Ewing, Robinson, Olajuwon, and many other centers in the league. WTF was Pippen smoking!?!?!?! Add up the MVPs, rings, scoring champions, steals leader, and tell me lebron can be compared to Jordan. I can not believe Pippen on this one. I refuse to. I think Scottie has lost all credibility with a statement like this. WOW!! And here is the obvious choice…team down by 1 in the most important game of their lives…99.9% pick Jordan to win the game for them in the clutch. I would even take Kobe over Lebron. How many rings does Kobe have? Seems he is closer to Jordan than James is. Bryant has to be the best player in the league today with Nowitski at a good second pick. I am sorry, but it is not James even in 3rd. I would put Dwight, Rose, Durant, and Wade above James even. Top ten in the league today, sure. I will give James that. But no where near Jordan and he would be lucky to be in the top 50 greats. Had he stayed in Cleveland and got a ring, I would say James was in the top 20. Now, no where close. I am not even a Cleveland fan. Just a fan of basketball. I know all the greats and Lebron will have to win 3 or 4 rings to impress me. Will have to start by dominating Dallas himself and not his teammates doing it for him.

  259. Scottie Pipp's Homie says:

    Sorry Scottie…stupid argument. Michael…Finals MVP, Leauge MVPs, 6 titles…oh yeah…and defensive player of the year!~!
    pretty tough to pull off during , hakeem, ewing, rodman era… When Lebron beats out Dwight for DPOY then we can have this argument. I will go as far as saying that Lebron is the greatest genetically gifted athlete and he has probably more natural gift, mentally and physically than Michael did…thus making Michaels success more impressive. I also will go as far as saying that I think Dwayne is as much of a complete player as Lebron, even though he gives up 3 inches and 30 some pounds. Why isnt he in this argument?

  260. douglas says:

    the irony of this all is that no matter how many rings james will win in the near future, wade will always have one more then him. Besides LBJ and WADE are on almost equal grown. There is not really a sidekick between them if u want a side kick BOSH would be the side kick where else MJ is the main star of the chicago championship team. Even though i am a heat fan i do want dallas to win this year

  261. john25 says:

    i dont agree with mr.pippen, damn u how could you say that to your teammate hu gave 6 championship rings?..MJ23 is the greatest player in nba, what about Bill Russel hu got 11 rings?

  262. robert-g says:

    Why does everybody blame not winning a championship on Lebron? He has had no support cast! Miami is great because of him, Cleveland was great because of him. What happened to Cleveland when he left? Yes… he is that good. And hasn’t he proven to us in this chicago series that he is a clutch shooter, a brilliant defender (he stopped Derek Rose). What more do we want from this guy?

  263. AOB says:


  264. DALLAR says:


  265. Hook says:

    No ring is 6 less than 6 rings. And if LeBron wins one this or next year, it’s still ONE! And for all you people who says LeBron dominates both sides like no other, ya’ll must be born after 98. Nobody dominated the defenisve side from a guard position like Jordan and Payton during the 90’s. Oh, when defense was real, not like today.

  266. jbccuevas says:

    Im a lebron james fan…but when he transfer to miami…I get so disappointed …he just need another super star to win a championship ring…not like jordan…MJ era can never be replace…not even lebron,kobe,wade,,they will be known on their own respective era…thanks

  267. Mou Flow says:

    As Liverpool fan, I have to say LBJ is better than MJ 🙂

  268. 041342 says:

    i can’t believe what pippen had just said.
    a comparison between two players that did not play in the same “era” is not even acceptable.
    but if a comparison has to be done, still MJ is better than LBJ.

    yes MJ had supporting cast to win rings. he had pippen, kukoc, rodman, grant. kerr, etc.
    but did he have the likes of wade and bosh?
    do not even compare pippen with wade nor bosh.
    i dont like the heat but i believe that wade or bosh are invidually better than pippen. being the “superstar” of their own teams before today’s heat.
    yes MJ had help. but he did not have help from other team’s mailman. LOL

    also i think being great is not just about winning the game. it’s also about winning the fans, worldwide and the entire sports industry. that’s what made MJ great. he won games, he won the hearts of the fans, and he won the respect of the industry. LBJ has not won yet any championship, he los some respect, and he still has a long way to go before being “great”

    to pippen, make your own statue douche.

  269. Lolwut says:

    Lebron ain’t no one’s wing and neither is Wade.The difference between pippen and jordan and lebron and wade is that there is no robin or batman both players stand on equal ground.Oh I bet you’re one of those fans that still won’t acknowledge that there is no robin or batman on this heat team only the big three.But deep inside you you still believe that Wade runs the team…so sad

  270. berrtt says:


  271. Patrick says:

    They give too much importance to Pippen’s words. They could as well ask Stokton or Malone ? Pippen was not this tremendous player they say, they made an extra couple with Jordan, but the atmosphere was not so friendly with the rest of the team, it seems to me that te rest of the group had no existence sometimes. I am sorry but when Jordan was saying that Kukoc was his “prospect“, that was not correct, and he used to treat him like an idiot most of time, because his english was bad and Jordan get on nerves during training because kukoc didn’t understand what he was saying. No patience at all.
    I am glad we have these new type of players, good guys, more friendly now : Dirk, kobe, Pau, Lebron, Durand, wayde, they give a better image of N.B.A. They are more humble, mentality is very different . Something with the ego is different, and I like it.

  272. larry23 says:

    for all the dumbs who sayin that jordan teamed up with 2 hall of famers… please think one time!!! were scottie and horace superstars or the best players in their nba team??? so I think everybody can answer this. but I ‘ll say you, the question is NO. they teamed up with mj as rookies!!! thats a different thing as the boston celtics or now the heat situation!!! please don’t compare them to the bulls!!! they growin together as a team and as the players they were like the thunder. when the thunder work hard and stay together they can get the bulls of the 90’s. nuff said

  273. Bulls4forever says:

    hard to compare with the way basketball is played now, in the past most teams defense was at another level. They could full court press and pressure. Lebron might not be able to cope that pressure. Jordan showed that he could. Plus now Lebron James is getting so much scoring help with so many 3 point shooters and Dwade, C bosh. Jordan used to only have Pippen, occasionally 1 more 3 point shooter like Armstrong or S kerr.
    So of cos Lebron can be more of a threat wit hthose guys surrounding him.

  274. mo says:

    i agree,but he is only better because 3 grey mouses helps him on the court

  275. REMIX says:

    Go Dallas ! ! !
    I want to see the Heat fall.
    Lebron, Wade, Bosh teaming up ? that’s not a team, that’s a bunch of three guys too afraid to fight each other.
    Have you seen them play ? that’s not basket ball, that’s street ball.
    it’s ugly to watch, I hope the big Dirk will knock them down.
    See ya!

  276. Behemot says:

    Pippen is right, Jordan is overestimated. I mean, he was absolutely great, but he was chosen to be a basketball God – by the league who badly needed to increase its poularity – by Nike, etc. And the fact is that he was good enough for the people to believe he’s actually the basketball God. He is most llikely in the top 3 of All time, maybe even the best one, but America seems to believe that there is no question he is by far number 1 and he will always be. This is simply not true or at least questionable. There have been many great players and there will still be, players who may be better than Jordan. Nobody’s basketball God people, it’s just marketing. I hope I didn’t offend anyones religious feelings ;P

    • Daniel says:

      He wasn’t chosen by anyone be a NBA god. Hell, he wasn’t even picked first in the draft. He is just the most competetive player the NBA has ever seen. Go back and watch the old Detroit – Chicago series. The bad boys physically abused Jordan in those games. What did MJ do when they got knocked out of the playoffs? Run over to another star studded team in hope of a title? Nope, he toughed it out with Chicago, put the team on his shoulders and gave his teammates belief in themselves, especially Pippen, blasted Detroit and went on to become the most dominant player the league has ever seen. And his supporting cast was never that great. But they believed that MJ’s abilities would get them over any obstacle. And it did. Over and over and over and over and over and over again.


      WOW…no one will EVER have the impact on the game like mj…he wasnt put in that position,he eraned it…and did it over and over..he even took a year off and then came back and won 3 str8….and avgd 30 and made 3omill each year…mj on another level..

  277. UD-WADE says:

    Lol!!! thats all i can say when i read your comment… do u guys thinks thats u really know MJ more than Scottie Pippen??? A hall of famer talks about his former all of famer teamate for long long years and u guys just criticize him like he dont know wut he talikin about!!!
    I”m not really LBJ fan… i aslo didnt dare put him near his airness MJ yet but if SCOTTIE PIPPEN… yes SCOTTIE PIPPEN says something about MJ i really dont know how and why i could criticize him!!! And when i think about it he is right… in other way, LBJ is a better defender and a better playermaker than Jordan but Jordan still is the best Scorer. MJ is the best Scorer all time no doubt but i really think if anyplayer have the choice, they will certainly prefer to team up with LBJ cuz they can really benefit from his playmaking abilites.
    Talking about rings, with all the respect due to him, should i remind u that MJ didnt got any rings before Pippen arrives at Chicago… More interresting, he wasnt even able to get to the playoffs before Pippen arrival but Pippen was able to take Chicago to the playoff when MJ quit!!! Why??? for me its simple, MJ is an absolute unstopable scorer so he will get his points no matter what, u cant just get all the baskets, at certains point, u need your teamates to score some, u need go get them some easy basket and thats is when the playmaking abilities comes… a good playmaker has always the best value for the team and Pippen was definitely also a better playmaker than Jordan, that is why they needed absolutely those 2… MJ would have may be just at famous as Karl Malone or CHarles Barkley (great players without rings) if there he hasnt Pippen…

  278. pri23nce says:

    no way LEBRON is better than MJ!!! and i mean both offensively and defensively on the game..

    LEBRON is great and explosive, but MJ is still the best of the best of all time!!! PIPPEN, are you sober???!!! or did MJ owes you $$$???

  279. Peter#15 says:

    true, Lebron is a great all-round player, but does he have the qualities to carry the whole team on his shoulders? That’s something what MJ sure did. I say now, MJ is still the greatest player, the NBA has ever known. but I’ll take a look back at this when James’ carreer is over.

  280. DontUnderstimateMamba says:

    Do you think Michael Jordan couldve done a better job than Lebron when he was playing with the Cavaliers? If you genuinely think that he couldve won a ring, then you can believe by yourself that MJ is a better player than LeBron,

  281. jesse trinh says:

    lets just say lebron is very great, and may well be the greatest player of all time one day. he hasnt even reached his prime yet and hes only getting better as time goes. as for d rose and kevin durant aka the durantula they will be very very tough contenders in the next season and seasons to come…

  282. barry hao says:

    Its obviously the ‘flAIR’ (fluidity) that separates MJ from all!

  283. RooDee says:

    I would say that’s much to early for such a comparison. Firstly, MJ played with his team for long years and eventually led Chicago to their 6 NBA titles. And James – he has quitted on Cavs and joined the team that has the greatest potential in a league to win the title. To me it looks like choosing nice and easy short-cuts instead of being a real leader.

    Then secondly, you could adjudicate this dispute by having them played against each other on the court. Obviously, this is not going to happen. Yet, I strongly believe MJ as a player is way above LeBron, but still LeBron has much time to grow stronger.

  284. Yory says:

    MJ is still the greatest player of all time in the NBA history period…… I dont agree that Lebron is the next big thing… Remember that Lebron leaves his former team only to have a NBA championship…. Lebron is a star, a new face of basketball era, BUT Lebron do not have the fighting spirit and guts to stay on his own team and earn a championship…………. Thats why Lebron should not be compared to MJ………. Lebron is a sidekick to Wade……
    Kobe,Wade are the only ones who could be compared to MJ……………………….

  285. Reaper says:

    pippen has earned the right to express his opinion…he was a top 5 player in the game in jordan’s,can be arguably the 2nd best player,with the toss up of malone and olajuwan. Pippen said it because he is not blinded by the past era…he can see the skill that kobe and lebron posses and he knows if they keep it up,they will go down as better players because it’s a harder era,but the reason it might difficult because of people that are stuck on the jordan era

  286. mJordan says:

    tell me that when lebron get six rings scottie… your suppose to be mj’s sidekick… im mean…wow…

  287. Del Sol says:

    I think MJ is the best player because not for what he did it only for how he did it. His career is like a fairy tale.

  288. killjoy says:

    for sure LJ is better than u scottie. but not MJ scottie is probably just insecure so he need to bring MJ’s name so he won’t be compared to..

  289. ron says:

    scottie i lost all respect for you

  290. Eugeni says:

    MJ is far better on the defensive end. Noone of the acting players can compete.
    The NBA has changed. Now you can never compare anyone to Jordan. He is much better anyway.
    Bron is good. Probably the best for the last few years. He is not great. At least not yet.

  291. killjoy says:

    straight. ah u all know wat i mean

  292. Reaper says:

    people put jordan on such a high pedestal,and he should be on one…but everybody has to understand that jordan gets a lot of credit because he was the first and in some cases the only one to do it…but remember that it is a different era….this era is way harder,guys are quicker,stronger,more talented/skilled,athletic…y’all gotta give kobe and bron the credit they deserve…and honestly yea mj has the life time achievements but kobe and bron are doing it in a harder era…I honestly think kobe and bron will be better than mj before their careers are over….they will go down as the 3 best players ever.Im a fan of all, no hate over here.

  293. PS…..

    I said MJ was in the top ten and my have to make it the top 15. He was the greatest of his time for sure. I forgot to mention the Big O. Oscar Robertson was the greatest guard of the early NBA. I saw him at the end (old guy I am). andI know am forgetting others (like Elgin Baylor). Like I said, Jordan is in the top ten. LBJ can get there with his first baby step being to be Dirk and the Boys. Then if he wins about four or five more and he is the main gun, we can talk about him in the same breath as MJ.

  294. killjoy says:

    sorry, i mean 8 syraight championship and 8 staight finals mvp.

  295. Jacob says:

    I don’t see no ring on those fingers.I am a fan of Lebron don’t get me wrong but, nobody can by like Mike, or for that matter better than him.He inspired the players from today, if it wasn’t for Michael, probably “The King” didn’t existed.

  296. #96 says:

    MJ is not the greatest to ever play the game so this converstation is pointless.

  297. RiDirkulous says:

    MJ=GOAT, MJ didnt need to chase around one of the top 5 players in the league to get his rings. Lebron is the best player in the league rite now I will agree with that the Bron>MJ thing hell !@#$%^& no.

    Boston’s big 3 coming together is not similar to Brons situation those guys are on there last legs Bron is in his prime
    Bron doesnt have a jumper either in the playoffs his jumpshot is at .376(3’s not factored in) the # goes down if you factor 3’s in.
    MJ led the league in scoring was league MVP and was DOPY once all in the same year (somethings Bron will never do)
    The dude took time off in between 3 peats and still has untouchable #’s, Id like to see Bron or Kobe score 40+ at 40 years old shoot Kobe’s 32 and he can barely score 40+ anymore.
    Even with out factoring the rings in MJ’s accolades will never be touched by Bron
    MAVS IN 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. killjoy says:

    for someone who had d priveledge of playing along side MJ, the 6 championship he won for d bulls, the countless game winning shot he made, the countless winning plays he made. and u know in ur heart dat if he had not retired for 2 yrs, it would have been 6 straight yrs and 6 finals mvp. (no offense to u LJ, maybe in due time, but not right now, not yet). as of this today i doubt if he’s even close to the ranks of BIRD, MAGIC, JABBAR, RUSSEL, CHAMBERLAIN and so on and so fort. and for u to even think that lebron right now is even close to MJ. u must have had a drink too many. or maybe u just want to be in the spotlight again, to be talked about again. either that or u r delirious or just looney.

  299. poxie24 says:

    jordan is the GOAT NO ANY ARGUMENTS!!!!he brings the interest of people in basketball because of his gifts and talents…now nba is nothing because jordan is not anymore playing,check the tv ratings,,its really going down like boxing…

  300. LEBRONFAN says:

    MICHAEL JORDAN will always be MICHAEL JORDAN.. have a nice day guys! godbless! 🙂

  301. cem says:

    Best 1-2 punch in the nba

    1- Shaq-Kobe

    Wade and lebron can finish at no:1 however we have to wait and see. LBJ has a great potential but i know what will happen if heat drop the finals against dallas.They will blame lebron and praise MJ once more as the Greatest of all time.LBJ has a long way to go for now he has no rings by the way.So we can only discuss this topic when LBJ has retired.

  302. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    it doesn’t matter what you say…LBJ is the best player
    you say he’s robin ? doesn’t matter
    you say he couldn’t win alone ? doesn’t matter
    no body won it alone…stupid Dan Gilbert didn’t do any thing to help lebron … it’s not lebron fault

  303. boerni98 says:

    i would say that if we look at personal goals abdul-jabbar is the greatest of all time not kobe not james and even not jordan
    The 1-2 punchs its like this:
    1.Malone-stockton: they never won a ring but all the others had third good player
    2.pippen-MJ: you all know why
    3.johnson-abdul jabbar

  304. Ramel Cordova says:

    LeBron is NOT EVEN CLOSE to MJ’s talent.

  305. MIKE and LEBRON FAN says:

    Just making clutch shots this playoffs doesn’t mean that he can be compared to MJ ‘coz MJ hits clutch almost entire of his career. Everytime, everywhere yeah baby!

  306. steve basillote says:

    Scottie needs a rehab! c’mon for lebron to be compared to mj at this point in time is an insult to what michael has achieved. Michael Jordan is and will always be the greatest player to ever played the game.

  307. Spirit says:

    no way! this is crap!

    jordan is way better than lebron!! jordan is miles ahead, not even close.

    lebron is a great player, the best right now, he is a beast, no doubt about it, BUT, he is no where near jordan, jordan was the best by far.

    lebron now needs a GREAT team to get to the finals, wade is great, bosh is very very good player and the rest of the team (miller, bibby, jones, etc) is awesome too.

    jordan played with no other great stars, except for pippen, rodman was great but he didnt score.

  308. Richard says:

    Now what about Allen Iverson? Has he not been mentioned? Or was he not good enough to be in this conversation. He crossed Jordan when he was a rookie!! Iverson had the skills that no one could compete with. He was very close to being the best overall offensive player. Yes Michael Jordan has been called the greatest of all time. But there are so many different eras. You can’t just pick one player and single him out as the best. And if any of you want to say that one player is better than the others. I honestly feel like you should go ahead and go to the NBA. EVERY NBA player has some kind of talent. They have to be good to even be in the NBA. Its not like some random person can come off the street and just pick up a basketball and join the NBA. NO! He has to have talent.

    LeBron James is VERY talented. So was Jordan. So is Dirk, Derrick Rose, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh. Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett…… I could keep going. But if you think about it. EVERY single person in the NBA is there because they have talent. Yes some have more than others. But they are ALL good. And if you want to play them in a game one-on-one. You would probably all lose. Unless you are an NBA player as well and have competed against them before.

    There is no way that you can compare Kobe to LeBron. Or LeBron to MJ. Or Kobe to MJ. Because they are ALL great basketball players!! They take the game of basketball to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!

    So PLEASE… Don’t argue that ANY of them are better than the others. Because they all have their amazing qualities. And they should not be compared to each other. Its a pointless argument. Its like telling someone that loves bananas that oranges are better. The person that loves bananas will always argue back and say bananas are better.

    Its an impossible argument to win when you say one player is better than all the others because everyone has their own opinion. If you really want to see the best player of all time. Create a time-machine. GET ALL the greats together. And put them in a one-on-one tournament. With ALL of them in their prime. And see who wins.

    UNTIL that time.. Everyone just realize that the superstars of the NBA today should not and CANNOT be compared to the superstars of the past.

  309. JAMES R. Z. M. says:

    Lets put it this way.. If Lebron & Jordan played at the same age, the same body condition, same time.. No star teamates, No rings, No championship titles.. like they were drafted at the same time.. just comparing the athleticism & how they play, I would say.. LebRon is like Jordan.. and Jordan is just Magic!
    Admit it guys, you know to your selves that Lebron is better than him, you’ve seen him play & now we are “witnessing” him play. Im a Jordan fan.. but he’s not my “hero”… yah dig?!

  310. Tguy says:

    Jordan and Kobe both had a supporting cast worth a title. People seem to be forgetting the first three titles for Kobe came largely with the help of Shaq. I understand until LeBron wins a title it is difficult to compare but based solely on statistics and game play LeBron has clearly earned the right to be compared to MJ, considering thats what everyone is doing right now. Is he the best player ever? I dont think we’ll know that until either his career is over or he wins more championships than MJ. Until then stop hating on what clearly is an amazing player and just watch what unfolds.

  311. Kenneth says:

    MJ is still the greatest, offensively and defensively. He scores better than LeBron. He steals the ball better than LeBron. LeBron is just better at blocking shots. That’s it. And he still has to prove himself. He’s got no ring, while MJ has 6. And come on, watching MJ play basketball is way more exciting than watching LeBron play. LeBron can stay in the third place, next to Kobe.

  312. atdw says:

    laker history101 u nailed and dnt forget kobe climed the nba all time scoring list this season leaving him at # 5 or 4 i believe man its so many laker haters its a laker nation get wit us people lol

  313. dhollo says:

    Allen Iverson

  314. nicefrancis says:

    all those guys make things complicated.. Pippen said “LeBron James maybe a better all-around player than Michael Jordan” the word itself MAYBE. Common guys grow up before you make comments please analyze what the person have been said.

  315. atdw says:

    kobe is the greatest player next to jordan pple be hatin on kobe but u gotta give credit where it is due kobe the black mamba is a beast then i would say lebron but lets not forget kevin durant is up coming and u cnt forget my boy melo and dirk a beast too and i agree jude pippen has the right to an opinion just like all of us

  316. John says:

    LBJ is a freak athlete…no one his size has been so athletic before. The real test will be how he changes his game as he loses his athleticism. Jordan and Kobe aged well. I’m not sure if LBJ can do the same as he’s not showing (good enough) improvement on things like his post game and his jump shot. His post game looks so awkward it’s cringeworthy.

    IMO, Scottie is just trying to incite controversy. Us talking about this is just feeding the troll, so to speak.

  317. francis albert says:

    I DON’T THINK SO. LBJ should 1st have a RING for him to be compare to his AIRNESS!!!!!

  318. Guy who knows what hes talking about says:

    Wilt is the best of all time

    Then Magic

    Then Oscar

    Then Jordan

    Then Bird

    Then Russel

    Then Kobe

    Then Shaq

    Lebron will proboly belong here when its time to hang his sneeks up.

  319. jrbantiling says:

    maybe pippen is considering all around value of lebron. MJ is great, a great scorer. and very explosive, that no one can guard on his days even hand check rules were out before.even now, if prime days of jordan. he can dominate NBA today. hes numbers rise on play- offs. from 32 on regular season to 40 on play-offs. but MJ can defend only 1-2-3 positions. LBJ cn defend the 1-2-3-4-5 pos of opposing team. thats why he is a great all around player

  320. Pat says:

    Scottie has a grudge against Jordan!!

    Lebron cannot shut down the star player of the other team like MJ did, which is why the Bulls won the way they did.

    Watch any MJ game and you will see. Thats gotta prove he is a better all around player, btw he is not just a “better offensive player” you couldnt stop him.

    The fact that Scottie would even say that shows he must have a grudge against MJ for something

    btw Scottie aint good as Wade and MJ defintely didnt have a better supporting cast than Lebron

    i just lost my respect for Scottie,

    Id like to see what MJ has to say about this

  321. Lovesores says:


  322. FairandSquare says:

    I think that lebron is a great basketball player, but putting him in the conversation for best of all time just doesnt seem right to me. I mean, all of the greatest players usually stick with their team to try and win championships. Sure, KG and Ray Allen went to Boston to try and win a ring but they were like 32 years old with no hope left on their original teams. Lebron left Cleveland after finishing with the best record in the NBA and being the favourite contender to win the championship that year.

    Also, Miami heat is in my opinion Dwayne Wades team, and Lebron and Bosh coming in this year are just as sidekicks. So yes, I’d put Lebron in as the greatest SIDEKICK of all time, but not the greatest PLAYER of all time. Lebron should have stayed in cleveland for a couple more years in my opinion, they would have won eventually. Finally, I am NOT a Cleveland fan, I support the Nuggets

  323. Lovesores says:


  324. Lovesores says:


  325. hankjeter77 says:

    kobe is also the best closer no doubt the best ever even better than mj at closing out the big games top five ever t play the game of basketball:

    top five shooting guards 1.air jordan mj 2.the black mamba kobe bryant 3. clyde the glide drexler 4.george gervin 5. reggie miller

  326. Lakers3peat says:

    lol.. LeBRONZE couldn’t even get a gold medal until Kobe joined the Olympics roster in 08′ not to mention a win in the finals against the Spurs in 07. For someone who supposedly makes the players around him better, obviously not better enough to win a championship on his own.. he has to win a championship with fellow all-stars, Wade and Bosh.. even if he does win this year, didn’t he learn anything from the post-Kobe/Shaq era that it’s not just about winning championships, but doing it as “the man” which he clearly isn’t on Dwayne Wade’s team?

  327. Lovesores says:


  328. bosshawk says:

    I appreciate Scottie’s candor and honesty if that’s how he sees it. I don’t think he’s far from being correct. I certainly appreciate and admire the talent, skill, and athleticism Jordan brought to the game. He was awesome! However, there existed such a public bias toward Michael Jordan. He was the “media darling”. There existed the “Jordan rules”. You couldn’t breathe on Michael without the adverse whistle. Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Mitch Richmond, Gary Payton, etc. never got the great officiating breaks Michael Jordan received especially when playing vs. Michael Jordan. I’m forced to say that as great as he was he was overrated. There……..I said it. He was overrated.

    Kobe, Lebron, Dwyane, don’t get shown the same kind of love Michael was shown. As great as Michael was, I’d have to say he was favored. He was privileged. He came along at the right time and he was what the NBA and its fans clamored for.

    The league needed a Michael. Len Bias died tragically. Magic was HIV positive and Bird was…………well…………just not as charismatic.

    LeBron is probably the greatest athlete to ever play the game. He is the size of Karl Malone and he’s faster than Michael; stronger than Michael; jumps higher than Michael. Oh, I’m not speaking of a 48 year old Michael Jordan. I’m talking about Michael in his prime.

    OK, there’s always that argument about who has rings. Rings don’t mean S+*&( when you talk about great players.

    Steve Kerr – 5 rings
    B J Armstrong -3 rings
    Bailey Howell – 2 rings
    LeBron James – 0 rings
    Charles Barkley – 0 rings
    Allen Iverson – 0 rings
    Clyde Drexler – 0 rings
    Karl Malone – 0 rings

    Get my drift? Rings don’t mean a thing when we’re talking about great players. It takes a team with special ingredients to win championships. I’m a fan of the game and I watch these players for entertainment. I could care less if they win rings unless it’s my team.

    Number of rings don’t make you a great player. Michael is certainly amongst the greatest players to play the game but I wouldn’t necessarily label him the “greatest player of all time”.

    When you talk about greatest player, rings has nothing to do with it. It takes more than a just a great player to win rings.

  329. Ibrahim says:

    Pipen you should have more respect to the man who got you six championships. No one is close to Jordan no one will ever be. It shows you are bitter that like it was expected everyone forgot you but never forgot Jordan. Being a champion is not about how you play or how strong you are. Its mental toughness knowing you can beat anyone and shoot any shot at any given time. The minute James left the Cavs he lost his credibility he cant do it on his own. Give MJ wade instead of Pippen and look on how many rings would have won. ITS A SHAME FOR SOMEONE LIKE PIPPEN TO SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT THE GOD OF BASKETBALL IS MJ. HE IS THE BEST PLAYER . I ONLY PERSON WHO CAN REACH CLOSE TO JORDAN IS KOBE BUT STILL YOU CANT COMPARE HIM TO MJ BUT HE’S STILL UP THERE. FIRST BEFORE SAYING THAT PIPPEN I DO NOT THINK HEAT CAN BEAT THE MAVS. what a waste i wish bulls traded him for a better player in helping Jordan

  330. hankjeter77 says:

    im sorry lebron u aint got nothin on mj i mean mj won his first ring like what in his sixth year in the league kobe won his in like his fourth and your in like ur eighth i mean come on scottie lebron is probally ONE i repeat one of the best all around players ever but not the best once he wins the championship if he ever does then ill respect him more i think kobe when hes done with his career he will be considered the greatest

  331. Doctor_S says:

    MJ is the Best of all time…
    KOBE is the best at his time! (coz we must appreciate what kobe is doing wit all these injuries!!)
    LEBRON might be the best of the next generation…
    Thats all!!!

  332. kevo says:

    MJ is the greatest of all time. what he did with his size (smaller than lebron), his championships, he had a lesser supporting cast, he was a much better leader, a better sportsman (lebron avoided shaking hands one year when he was whipped in the playoffs) and jordan was much more consistent. lebron is good but c’mon MJ is way better in evryway

  333. Erock says:

    Let;s wait until his career is over to even compare it to Kobe’s, much less Jordan’s.

  334. Dobads says:

    With due respect to MR PIppen it may be that what he is trying to imply is that LBJ is Better than MJ in terms of performance not on what MJ achieved in his carrier. If that would be his implication i would agree with him.

  335. Marcos says:

    I think LeBron if he could become the largest in history but also think still has a long career ahead! and has nothing to do that he has joined other major because although I remember MJ also played with other greats like Pippen, Rodman and others! only the individual performance of each player finds its greatness! Heat going to win!

  336. Jordan_Australia says:

    Lebron James better than Michael Jordan, when I read this I was astonished, whilst Lebron is a great player, and will go down as one of the all time greats, you can not even compare him to MJ.

    Michael Jordan, in his time was the most well known athlete on the planet, why? Becasue he was the best basketball player the world has ever seen and most likely will see. Not only did he win, score and involve his team mates, he was able to draw the world to basketball like nobody else. Lebron better than Jordan, honestly, he still needs to become better than Kobe….

  337. Jude says:

    Lebron is a greater sidekick to wade than pippen was to mj. I wonder why mj annointed wade to don the air jordan brand instead of lebron or kobe? When the game is on the line… it is wade not lebron taking charge. Lebron may finish the game, but is always wade who ignites the fire.

    Pippen was drafted and developed as a superstar under MJ’s wings. Lebron was built as a superstar and decided to become wade’s wing. So if there will be a comparison of sorts… it should be LBJ is a better all-around player than Pippen.

    As for MJ, Wade and Kobe (especially) have earned the right to be compared to MJ. LBJ lost his when he decided to become robin.

    The best 1-2 punch in the NBA…
    1. Jordan and Pippen
    2. Shaq and Kobe
    3. Malone and Stockton
    4. Kobe and Pau
    5. Wade and Lebron

    Pippen earned his right to talk about it… but this time he is so damn wrong.

    • LAKERHISTORY101 says:

      I realy like what you had to say. Lebron is NOT, let me say that again NOT the G.O.A.T.. He is the sidekick on that team and always will be, how can lebron be the G.O.A.T being the sidekick to wade an nba champion. But in my opinion Shaq and Kobe are the best 1-2 punch combo. Wade and Kobe (especially) have earned the right to be compared to MJ. LBJ lost his when he decided to become robin to wade.

    • Edgar3518 says:

      wat about jordan and bugs bunny
      thats # 1

    • The Rocker says:

      Dude u crazy?
      Best 1-2 punches-

      All the others can come after that & c mon man Kobe & Pau r complete losers & LeBron ain’t no sidekick 2 Wade

    • LGB says:

      Jude, did you not watch the Eastern Conference Finals??!

    • LA for ever says:

      Let’s just mention two numbers 8-years 0-rings. That answers everything…

    • watcher says:

      ‘Pippen was drafted and developed as a superstar under MJ’s wings. Lebron was built as a superstar and decided to become wade’s wing. So if there will be a comparison of sorts… it should be LBJ is a better all-around player than Pippen.’

      Well said man. One of the more interesting angles on the topic.

    • MeNaC says:

      come on man..kobe and pau?…gasol is softer than cotton in a asprin bottle!!!….ur list was cool til u said that!!!…pau is the main reason the lakers are gone fishing right now

    • I also don’t agree with Scottie, comparing both guys now were not appropriate. Michael was one of the greatest basketball player who played the hoops! And maybe as the new era of basketball evolving to another level maybe, Lebron will be added to the list of all greats! Lebron still have to earn his first ring, there is Kobe who are far more complete in achievements and he deserves to be on the list first! I am King James fan and also Dwayne may their goals be achieve this coming weeks of play… God Bless…

    • Objective Analysis says:

      @LBJ who said the thing about the rings…

      Sam Jones = 10
      KC Jones = 8
      Robert Horry = 7
      Michael Jordan = 6
      Steve Kerr = 5 ; Kobe = 5

      Do you see where your logic fails? Hmm… I guess Steve Kerr was as great a player as Kobe Bryant. In fact, by your logic
      Kerr is actually better because he changed teams and still managed to win 5. Yeah, Steve Kerr was soooo good, that he
      could carry any team to a championship. Apparently the same goes to Master Robert Horry who is even better than Jordan. He won his rings with 3 separate franchises!!!! Now that a player that will win a championship no matter where he goes…. Maybe Cleveland needs to higher Robert Horry, I’m sure he will win him another one just for the heck of it…….

    • heat says:

      u mean wade is Lebrons sidekick and Lebron can be compared to MJ and he jst was by a player who was Sidekick to MJ so Pippen must know sumthing

  338. LAKERHISTORY101 says:

    okay let me settle this jordan is the g.o.a.t
    6× NBA Champion (1991–1993, 1996–1998)
    5× NBA Most Valuable Player (1988, 1991–1992, 1996, 1998)
    14× NBA All-Star (1985–1993, 1996–1998, 2002–2003)
    6× NBA Finals MVP (1991–1993, 1996–1998)
    NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1988)
    10× All-NBA First Team (1987–1993, 1996–1998)
    All-NBA Second Team (1985)
    9× NBA All-Defensive First Team (1988–1993, 1996–1998)
    NBA Rookie of the Year (1985)
    NBA All-Rookie First Team (1985)
    3× NBA All-Star Game MVP (1988, 1996, 1998)
    2× NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion (1987–1988

    Kobe Bryant is 2nd g.o.a.t.
    5× NBA Champion (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010)
    2× NBA Finals MVP (2009–2010)
    NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)
    13× NBA All-Star (1998, 2000–2011)
    2× NBA scoring champion (2006–2007)
    9× All-NBA First Team (2002–2004, 2006–2011)
    2× All-NBA Second Team (2000–2001)
    2× All-NBA Third Team (1999, 2005)
    9× All-Defensive First Team (2000, 2003–2004, 2006–2011)
    2× All-Defensive Second Team (2001–2002)
    NBA All-Rookie Second Team (1997)
    4× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2002, 2007, 2009, 2011)
    NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion (1997)
    Naismith Prep Player of the Year (1996)
    2nd most points in an NBA Game ( 81 points )
    NBA Record 12 Threes in a Game ( Most Threes in a Game )
    Most points in Madison Square Garden ( 61 points )
    62 points in 3 quarters vs Dallas Mavericks ( 2006 NBA Western Conference Champions ) ( 2005-2006 )

    • RAMAZER says:



    • Gibbs says:

      You left out quite a few of Jordan’s achievements.

      Scoring titles and Steals title + USA gold medal x2, highest scoring average for season and career.

      I could probably keep going

    • Lou says:

      Very comprehensive, and I agree.. however you omitted MJ’s 10 scoring titles (vs Kobe’s 2). And why add Kobe’s game against the Raptors?? pretty sure 63 against the Celtics with Bird and co. in the playoffs trumps that, not to mention 50-something vs Barkley’s Suns in the ’93 Finals.
      Can we again please highlight MJ’s 5 NBA MVPs (vs Kobe’s 1), and 6 NBA Finals MVPs, i.e. he was the key player on his team in all their Finals successes (vs Kobe’s 2 out of 5)
      Another thought.. can you ever imagine MJ going 6 for 24 with 4 turnovers in a Finals game 7?
      Or more importantly, can you ever imagine MJ letting a defending champion team of his be swept in a playoff series??!!! And would his leadership ever allow the kind of unsportsman-like trash demonstrated by Odom and especially Bynum to occur on his team?

      Kobe is a great player, perhaps ONE OF the best ever.. His performances over 15 seasons have not met, nor even come close to those of MJ’s 14 seasons. MJ IS THE GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME SO FAR.
      It is now up to LeBron and Derek Rose to see if that statement remains true in 10 years time.

  339. Mark says:

    “Michael and Scottie were the two greatest defenders I’ve ever seen … No they’re not as good as those guys [comparing LeBron and Wade with Scottie and MJ]. Michael is going to stop Dwayne Wade and Scottie Pippen can guard anybody … Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are the best two defenders I’ve ever seen in my life. Period.” – Charles Barkley, 19th May 2011 in an interview with Bill Simmons.

    • rings are a team thing says:

      barkley is a complete idiot. Everything he says is wrong. all of his predictions are wrong.

  340. D.Allen says:

    The man said COULD. It COULD happen. If LeBron keeps progressing…maybe he COULD?

  341. MWallace says:

    Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever play the game. Period. Jordan made the game what it is today. He opened doors to new opportunities and business initiatives for the NBA. Jordan’s salary isn’t anything close to the amount of money players are getting paid today.

    Lebron James is most definitely the best player to play the game right now in our era. He is the face of the new generation of young basketball players joining the game today. Everyone goes on about how LeBron never had a cast in Cleveland, but he really did. Two back to back 60+ win seasons? No team reaches that height without a star and a cast to back him up. Kobe couldn’t do it, and Michael couldn’t do it as well. It took years to Michael to win his first NBA Championship. Same thing for Lebron and Kobe.

    Kobe is on a decline right now, but I love the way he plays. He is definitely one of my favourite ball players today. Why do some of you claim Kobe is a ball hog – because he’s taking alot of shots? Check out the amount of shots Lebron and Kobe have this season. Kobe (740-1,639) and Lebron (758-1,485). Dudes are hating on Kobe for what? He’s made an impact in his career. Scorin Titles, MVP honours, and many more. Look at SKILL on the court and not the crap media speaks about off the court. Take a few minutes and study the NBA history man. Kobe is one of the ALL-Time greats to play the game. Lebron is making is mark and will also be one of the ALL-time greats.

    As for the crap about Jordan only being able to win a Championship with Pippen and Kobe only being able to win with Pau/Shaq by his side…Pierce only being able to win with Garnett/Allen by his side …What about Lebron/Wade/Bosh…I think everyone NEEDS to understands the following – this is a team game – always has been and always will be. You cannot win championships all by yourself. Everyone needs a supporting cast. You cannot fool anyone by claiming all the teams who have ever won a NBA Championship in history, have never had MAD HELP from a supporting cast – because I promise you, THEY ALL have!

  342. LAKERHISTORY101 says:

    First of all let me get this straight. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the leauge!
    5x NBA Champion
    2x NBA Finals MVP
    13x All Star
    4x NBA All Star Game MVP
    1x NBA MVP
    9x All NBA First Team
    9x All Defensive First team
    2x NBA Scoring Champion.
    NBA Record Most Threes in a NBA Game ( 12 Threes, 9 in a row )
    2nd most points in a NBA Game ( 81 points )
    Most Points in Madison Square Garden ( 61 points )
    62 points in 3 quaters ( 2005-2006 NBA season ) ( against 2006 Western Conference Chapions Dallas Mavericks, 1 man outscored them 62-61
    4 straight 50+ point games ( 2006-2007 ) ( 65,50,60,50 )
    1997 NBA Slam Dunk Champion

  343. James says:

    Jordan sums it up the best “There’s no way, with hindsight, I would’ve ever called up Larry [Bird], called up Magic [Johnson] and said, ‘Hey, look, let’s get together and play on one team…In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys”. You can’t be considered the best when you play with the best. The best players make something out of nothing through hard work, dedication, teamwork and loyalty. Players like Jordan, Magic, Duncan, Isiah, Malone, Stockton, Hakeem, Kobe and even Dirk epitomise this. Lebron would have but he gave it up for a shot at a ring.

    • heat says:

      apperantly Scottie pippens nuthin even though without Jordan he carried the Bulls to a 56game win season

  344. jyno says:

    yes, i do agree that LB is a great player , but yet greatest … let’s see MJ , MJ is the man who bring the NBA to around the world ! MJ not only contribute to the games , but basketball… praise MJ … you are always the best !

  345. Joko says:

    It remains to be seen whether or not James could actually get off a shot if he were playing the game with the same rules that Jordan played with. The rules are a lot stricter now. They tended to just let them play playground ball in Jordan’s day. Today there are so many rules and so many ticky-tacky fouls that it’s a wonder every game isn’t scoring in the high 100’s. All that said, we can’t turn back the clock. Jordan is the best that ever played real basket ball. James will probably be the best to ever play 2011 NBA rules basketball, if he ever wins a ring.

  346. jonald says:

    All I can say is why pippen said all of that thing? because HE knows JORDAN.. and he has the right to compare because it his x teammate.. what do you all know? pippen knows jordan’s best.. so you better guys just stop arguing?


  347. Ryan says:

    This will always be debated during every era when a new player jumps on the scene… a few years from now, who will it be? Do i think that Lebron James is the best all around player ever? Nope. But god damn he makes a good case for it! I am a player fan, I have no favorite team. I got into watching the NBA because of MICHAEL JORDAN! I continue to watch it because of electrifying players like James and D-Rose. No one can deny the talent of any player that has been listed in this entire blog. No, James doesn’t have a championship ring yet, but he has accomplished a hell of a lot in his time in the NBA already. He is my favorite player in the league right now. Kobe is getting older so he is not as exciting to watch anymore. He can still play b-ball with the best of em though. I like watching him too. Everyone has their opinions and people are entitled to them. I believe that a player shouldn’t be defined for only his rings or championships. I think his ability and how much he means to the game and team he plays for should also be taken into account. D-wade is awesome, and has a ring already, but i think he would have had a hard time getting there again without more help, hence the big-3 were brought together. Dirk is amazing to watch with his shooting… can’t defend against that guy! He also deserves a ring. He is still probably the best shooter in the league, with or without a ring. So many great players are playing today, and so many great players HAVE played the game. It is too hard to compare era’s of any sport and say who is the best player here or there ever… but it’s so much fun to debate it though, right? People are so hard-core about their favorites! That is what makes us such great fans of sports! We will fight for our team or player! lol Let this series be as fun to watch as the rest of the playoffs! I hope it goes 7 games!

  348. Marvin Sancio says:

    it is foolish to think that we understand basketball as well as Pippen does, or maybe better than Pippen does.

  349. rodolfo says:

    Pippen: “MJ Best Scorer, ‘Bron Best Player … To Ever Play The Game”

    mmmmmmmm which JORDAN? the one playing for Washington wizards or the one playing base ball.

    stop drinking cheap beer scottie

  350. umku says:

    Are you kidding here? MJ is the best. Don’t even dare to compare him with any one else. LJ might be good in few games but MJ is good when ever he played the game. That is the main differance. Pippen is trying to get some attention here. That is all.

  351. fabio says:

    how can u say u can compare lebron to mj??!!! mj won 3 rings…retired…came back won another 3 rings!!!..have u ever seen jordan play compared to lebron..i admit lj is a great all round player..but please…relax u batty

  352. CJack says:

    This is all crap. Stop bashing LeBron for leaving Cleveland. Did anyone talk bad about Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Kevin Garnett(He Wanted to be traded), Tracy McGrady(Twice) for leaving their respective team to chase a title. STOP HATING

  353. Lnatali says:

    No. not at all. i do agree that if michael were to play today like he did back in the day he might not be as dominant but michael will forever be known as the greatest.

  354. David V says:

    MJ 6 rings… Lebron 0… enough said.. too early… when Lebron has 6 and you compare the 2… maybe I’ll agree… Idk why Pippen said what he said…

  355. Wow4Real says:

    I don’t remember Jordan getting away with traveling on 90% of his play. I don’t remember Jordan acting on a non-foul to get the call and wink at the camera/coach after. I don’t remember not being called for the easiest violation of a double dribble in a Conference Final GAME!!! Don’t tell me that the game wasn’t biased. Go look at some footage on youtube and you’ll see it all. It baffles me how one sided games are due to the refs and a big name the nba can market. I hope they lose over 70% of the fanbase because of the playoff officiating and the looming lockout, maybe they will clean up and stop rigging things.

  356. Philippines HEAT says:

    HMmmmmm,.,.,.for michael jordan is the greatest player in the 90″s,,.but in this genaration LEBRON JAMES is the greatest player,,..,no doubt

  357. Dave STERN says:

    As much as I love seeing so many people involved in a blog

    SCOTTIE PIPPEN ‘s comment is so wrong that he deserves the punishment of the century

    SCOTTIE PIPPEN, found guilty, will be summoned, to clean the MICHAEL JORDAN statue outside United Centre for this whole year.

    NBA Commisioner

  358. ggb says:

    If MJ isn’t the best player in the history of the NBA, it would be Oscar Robertson…not Kobe or LeBron…and how can anyone compare them as all around players??? How many 1st team Defensive or Defensive Player of the year awards do LeBron and Kobe have?????
    Rings and offense are well and good as markers, but in the new NBA–with a LOT less physical defense, Jordon would have averaged over 40 at least 3 or 4 times–he was over 37 once anyway–and he could shut his man down on defense while lighting him up at the other end. Kobe is a better offense/defense player but LeBron is more physically able to dominate his position–both great players, but neither the best of all time.

    …and MJ would play the refs, but he would never pull the “flop/I’m so injured” moves that LeBron does 3 or 4 times a game–and while Kobe is one of the biggest call-crybabies, and on many off the court levels a total scum bag–neither would he–they don’t have to do that kind of thing, and they had/have enough confidence in their ability not to have to.
    I think people are anointing LBJ based on the expectation of multiple rings…and with no cap and no draft picks, other teams WILL be able to recruit more talent–the Bulls for instance, so I would be willing to bet Miami doesn’t build a dynasty over the next 6 years. Great athletes don’t make them champions….

  359. steve basillote says:

    no comparison at all!! i luv lebron james too but i just don’t see anyone ryt now that i can compare to mj. im a certified kobe hater but i can say that kobe may earned d ryt to be compared to mj considering d rings he won and how he led his team to those championship rings…. comparing lebron to mj IS LIKE COMPARING JULIO CAESAR CHAVEZ, JR. TO MANNY PACQUIAO! NO COMARISON AT ALL!!!! =D

  360. phillyeaglesgreen says:

    Reggie miller was one of the best if not the best clutch three point shooters of all time. He was also one hell of a three shooter. He never won a ring due to not having that second and third guy. Every consistent finals winning team had at least one superstar and a great support cast or a dynamic duo or trio. Lebron finally got his trio and everyone is hating. When the celtics built there big three there was not this much bs. Lots of people jumped on the band wagon. There is only hating like this because Lebron is such a great player and on the verge of greatness and finally close to being what he was supposed to be when the hype on him started.

  361. Carlo says:

    Thats a ton of BS. MJ is MJ. Is this Pippen showing his bitterness on MJs accomplishment. Well, he is just a pippen after all.

  362. Ice Pogi says:

    There’s a reason why PIPPEN say that… One is Lebron makes a team better all around…. Keeping everyone involved…How about cleveland w/ Lebron…. they got NBA best record….. now it’s upside down…. one the worst record in NBA…. they even break the longest losing streaks record…. And now miami… form no.5 to no.2 and now representing the Eastern Conference to the FINALS….Pippen knew exactly what lebron has done for the cleveland… LBJ alone makes it to the finals alone….. Pippen couldn’t do that…. When MJ retires for the first time playing for MLB… How far did the bulls reach when pippen playing alone without MJ??? When MJ returns….. Bulls didn’t win because Shaq dominated the bulls when he was in ORLANDO… only to lose on rocket’s Olajuwon… Most people disagree on what PIPPEN have said…including myself…. But I know Pippen have basis on what he is saying… Not By RINGS or STATS… by what he have seen on LBJ….(Pippen also got 6 rings… Just like MJ do) IF the Hall of Famer said those things… Who are we to Question HIM…

  363. Lebron 23 says:

    For all of you (including pippen) saying that Lebron is a better player because MJ didn’t defend that well…. well, please look up MJ’s steals and blocks and compare them with Lebron’s. Lebron is good, but MJ was the better defender. Also MJ’s peak lasted so long. Unless Lebron improves his shooting, MJ will still be the best to play the game.

  364. Yes it is correct. When Jordan rise people is not ready, people want bird-magic era. Jordan has yet to prove, and he prove it by scoring 60+ in boston, and beating magic in the finals. Some LeBron Haters here are just not mature enough. They might have missed to watch a talent so important and so entertaining reaching the pinnacle of greatness. LeBron is also a human with human interest, that makes us with in-par with him. He left Cleveland because he choose to… I personally do not like him because sometimes he is arrogant, but that is outside basketball, on the court he is a BEAST. It entertains and amazes me how he step up and close out a 12point deficit in 3min. Dirk is great too, why nobody criticizes his greatness? that is because off the court he is a humble person. Between the two, i choose the two in the FINALS. Would you agree? dont worry, it will happen.

  365. DAVE says:


  366. Johnny says:

    Never will Le Bron be better than Jordan. Jordan was the franchise player who had a team built around him to win championships which he did. Le Bron tried and failed, and then quit to join another franchise with their own franchise player. They should be comparing Le Bron with Scottie Pippen.

  367. The_Answer says:

    Ok I didt really read all the comments but I get the idea what you guys are talking about, if we count greatness by rings Bill Russell hallo anybody how many rings he has??? Personally I think Jordan is god, god decided he wanted to play some sports and he just went into MJ’s body, he is my childhood hero, idol, for me he is the best ATHLETE, Kobe is great too but come on let’s all agree he did not win any championship by himself. when he was for himself lakers did not even made the playoffs, and he takes wayyy to many shots so if you know any statistics by probability theory there is damn good chance he will make some of them…
    now let me sound my opinion about LeBron(btw i am a HEATLES all the way) it might sound really subjactive but if we agree to compare todays players by stats, valuability to their teams, athletisism all CRUNCHINESS, dude is just way ahead of all the players, and please when you people will realize and quit crying how he left cleveland and etc. First things first it is Cleveland who wants to live there? And just imagine yourself in LeBrons place, all of you would have acted the same way to take talents to the south beach, he started playing basketball for winning championship, that is a dream of every player, so the goal really does approve the way of achieving it, and yea if we count greatness with rings you want to tell me that Brian Scalabrene is a better player than Karl Malone? well he has 1 ring and with your logic that makes him better

    • NBA.com says:

      Agree with u.

      I hereby announced that SCOTTIE PIPPEN is fined $100000 for saying the nonsense of the decade

    • LAKERHISTORY101 says:

      First of all let me get this straight. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the leauge!
      5x NBA Champion
      2x NBA Finals MVP
      13x All Star
      4x NBA All Star Game MVP
      1x NBA MVP
      9x All NBA First Team
      9x All Defensive First team
      2x NBA Scoring Champion.
      NBA Record Most Threes in a NBA Game ( 12 Threes, 9 in a row )
      2nd most points in a NBA Game ( 81 points )
      Most Points in Madison Square Garden ( 61 points )
      62 points in 3 quaters ( 2005-2006 NBA season ) ( against 2006 Western Conference Chapions Dallas Mavericks, 1 man outscored them 62-61
      4 straight 50+ point games ( 2006-2007 ) ( 65,50,60,50 )
      1997 NBA Slam Dunk Champion

  368. ??? says:

    it’s really funny how people post stupid comments like saying, LeBron is better because MJ did it with pippen or kobe did it with pau/shaq. i think it is evident by now that no single player can win by their own.. that’s why Lebron has two all star teammates, two USA gold medalists and one former NBA champion and Finals MVP that’s still in his prime as a teammate. so LeBron has no help? this is ridiculous, comparing MJ to Bron.. no contest.. MJ is greatest ever

  369. Zkesh says:

    bottom line is that LeBron is the Best ALL AROUND player in the world and MJ is just the best scorer and Kobes just the…. well Kobe just the best at cursing at referees

  370. generic says:

    Is Pippen on weeds or something? what the hell is he talking about? Lebron better han his Airness? whoa!!!

  371. crazygel says:

    Maybe Pippen was just over drunk by the lost to Miami he he he. He just say that because he’s just the 2nd’s best before MJ! It’s all about losing that’a why Pippen’s emotion burst out of control. Grow up dude! MJ will always be the original’s best!

  372. YK says:

    the best player ever? the same who in last years playoffs QUIT? dream on!

  373. Moussa From nj says:


  374. Scottie Poopie says:


  375. V says:

    Scottie Pippen just became a bigger hater than Isiah Thomas. Wow, get over it Pippen. You should be banned from the basketball hall of fame.

  376. amanuel says:

    lebron suck i think kobe is the best player to ever step foot in the nba,and next year when wins the championship and be the top scorer of all time yo will never talk about mj or lebron.kobe is the greatest player of all time period.pippen is just the sidekick to mj he can’t say bron is the gratest .i will tell you some thing lebro will never get a championship even if he does he still sucks to me…………………

  377. WG says:



    SORRY guys
    I just want to apologize here for saying the so-wrong comment but yeah it was great to see this is probably the most arguable blog of the year.

    Anyway sorry guys
    I had some alcohol earlier and came this thought in my mind, just to see how people see it…

    So yeah I apologize for saying LBJ is greatest ever. He is not, I dont think anyone will ever be greater than JORDAN either.

    It doesnt matter if it is TEAM or individual battle (imagine playing MJ 1-on-1, when MJ at his peak,)
    no one will can say he can beat MJ, nobody ever will.

    For his WILL to win the game, his HARD WORK, and his LOVE for the game.

    • NBA.com says:

      okay okay.. accept your apologies Scottie

      I suggest u make a public statement to correct this so everyone know what’s right and what’s wrong.

      • Lebron James says:

        When i returned to Cleveland for the first time and the crowd was chanting “Scottie Pippen” at me, i realised then i would never be regarded as the best of all time.

        People need to leave this arguement alone and start respecting the number 23 and MJ the way he should be. It’s hard living this life and maintaining the desire and ability.

        Long live MJ.

  379. a021 says:

    MICHAEL JORDAN is the greatest player of all time end of discussion.

  380. 1on1 says:

    I think that if MJ in his prime were to go one on one with ‘Bron in his prime, ‘Bron would be the better player. I think thats all it takes to be the greatest of all time. Stats will always be dependent on a lot of variables, winning will always be dependent on who the opponents are at the time, but skill at peak remains a constant.

  381. t-mac says:

    ya right and nick collison is best pf ever…pipen got me rof….

  382. Mike says:

    Is there any “UNLIKE” button here that I can click, for Scot’s said ?

  383. alek says:

    lebron is the best tht ever played the game

  384. Joseph says:

    LEts watch next season if lebron james can do it agin, I think he cannot do it agian..hehehe..I think people were overboard.

  385. Robert Horry says:

    ^ Got 7. So better than MJ’s 6?

  386. Poopen says:

    Pippen jealous of Jordan 🙂 He might have thought that Jordan is nothing without him. He’s insufficient justifications are all leaning towards Lebron. If you are to compare someone with somebody you have to use words such as “while on the other hand” and at the same time cover all the areas. SIMPLE.

  387. ping says:

    well,i think it’s pretty premature for pippen to compare lebron to MJ.MJ has the best stats in nba records.Im a fan of lebron but you have to consider his size compared to mj.michael is 6ft6 and LBJ is about 6ft8 or 6ft9 with a wide frame.i play basketball and i can say that size matters in this game.lebrons built is fortress in the hardcourt that enables him to perform his job in the court.but we should contemplate that kobe,wade,and lebron are all copycats of mj.they studied mj’s move.drive thru,crosses,dunks and have you noticed that lebron stuck his tongue out after that last play in game 5 versus chicago.if there had not been an MJ,the game of basketball will not be graced with beautiful moves.still MJ is the best.His fade away jump shot is number 1.

  388. opin says:

    for MJ is still the greatest player.. because he lift up the bulls, unlike lebron and his team miami heat, its posible for them to go for finals. because wade is there who already have a ring and chris bosh who also a good player..

  389. ericfloyd says:

    nico.. robert hoory=7 rings
    MJ =6rings
    dirreck fisher=5 rings
    therefor robert horry is the best player of all time

  390. rey blas says:

    don’t agree with pippen, LBJ has yet to win a ring, jordan has 6, LBJ left his former team CAVS to fish for a better one and better team mates, MJ didn’t, LBJ is not a sports and a once called a spoiled king james when he refused to handshake the winning team when the cavaliers eliminated last season, MJ is not like that even losing games in wizards uniform. so why comparing a totally different player in a totally different era and competitiveness. LJB has yet to prove something, after all Miami is not LBJ, its D-wade before in 2006,

  391. Ezindo says:

    MJ is the best! LeBron not even close… He may be playing ok until this point in the playoff. But last year’s performance in the playoff showed that he is not mature enough as a player under pressure. Not like Jordan that has proven to create the impact for Bulls in their 6 years tenure as champions. (His comeback in 95 says it all, he only needed one season to get the ring back). I’ll have to wait when LeBron collects 7 championships. Then “maybe” he is better than MJ…

  392. Nav says:

    MJ is a legend of the game, its just people are failing to recognise how much ground lebron is making towards becoming one of basketball elites. I do and dont understand why people make such a big deal about Lebron not having any championships, winning one is a team effort and has not done him any justice as to how good he really is.

  393. Baviral Binha says:

    Obviously, LeBron James is the best player in the NBA right now. He makes people around him better. Who was on the Cleveland Cavaliers squad in 2007 against the Spurs? The second best was probably Larry Hughes- not even an all-star player. It is amazing that he even carried the team all the way there- and in his 4th season. Also, Kobe always needed another player to even get to finals. Look in the 4 years when he had no sidekick, he never won a single championship. That proves my point. And then look at Michael Jordan before Scottie Pippen came, he didn’t win a single Finals. He just had really good players around him when he won a championship. Same with Kobe. Stop hounding LeBron James for The Desicion. It is not his fault that Danny Ferry in Cleveland couldn’t get him adequate help to win a championship. Only all-star on the squad was LeBron James. Then, he goes to Miami with superstars, because it is a team game, and in order to win, you need reliable players that can play complementary to each other. Otherwise, it doesn’t work out. That is all I am going to say. LeBron is close to the best if the not the best player all-time. Only needs rings to solidify his name in the Hall of Fame and close to Michael Jordan. GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heat in 6 over Mavs for LeBron’s first championship.

  394. watcher says:

    Bwahahahaha, Oh stop it Scottie (couldn’t see the forest through the trees) Pippen, you’re killing me! Bwahahahaha!

  395. Charles says:

    Well, Lebron is great and there is no reason to doubt that BUT Scottie should remember how the defense were different back in the Jordan era.

    LBJ wun have so much space to drive to the basketball nor will he be able to be as dominate as he can be today. It is the rule change that made a lot players more potent and dangerous on the floor.. especially if they are quick and fast players – Lebron and Wade included.

    No doubt James has performed at an exceptional level but he does so without all the defense swarming over him… if Jordan was given that much spacing and free play… I am sure he’ll eat the competition up.

    Though its impossible to judge both ways, Jordan is still the better overall player in any case.. especially on leadership and fighting spirit.

  396. JJ says:

    You can look at paper–individual stats, number of championships, etc–but when you look at circus-like shots–just incredibly acrobatic shots in general–I don’t think Lebron measures up to Jordan. I mean, go YouTube Micheal Jordan and look at some of the ridiculous things he did while in mid-air. Sure, Lebron might be better all-around; however, in terms of scoring skill, Jordan will always be better

  397. Mr.NBA says:

    Oh Yea… Lebron’s turn…. I’ll gibe Lebron is very good player… He’s got good size and speed that we have not seen. Carl Malone type build with lots of speed WITH GOOD STATS… 30ppg 8rb/ast or w/e so yea stats wise hes good… but hes a paper champion… stats mean nothing…. i mean if your doing fantasy sports yea sure get lebron… but hes not clutch….. thats why he went to join dwade… DWADE 06 FINALs MVP carried the old heat team over the hump down 0-2…. oh yea this is NBA where RINGS MATTER!!! and greatness over others is determined by rings!!! Why? cuz its NBA where one man can carry a team on his back to win!! not like other sports like NFL or w/e if your QB throws 5 Tds… but your defense gives up 6… Sure you need role players but STARS win big for you

  398. manny says:

    mj still the best player !!!!!

  399. GREG says:

    STILL MJ!!!!!!!! Lebron NO WAY!!!!!!!!

  400. Mr.NBA says:

    Joke…. MJ IS THE G.O.A.T. GREATEST OF ALL TIME…. Like Mike? Duh, Winning!?! Space Jam? Anyways.. Scottay Pimpin or w.e his name was name one of greatest 50 of all time which is a joke… He averages 17ppg in his career…..True MJ didn’t win till Scottie came.. but scottie is like a robin to a batman.. but not like a Dwade Shaq / Kobe Shaq/ Magic Kareem…. Robin. But just a good player that was second best on his team….

  401. am says:

    Kobe makes harder shots than Jordan? That’s crazy, Jordan pretty much invented the fade-away. and shooting going to the side, right or left. dope lay-ups, dunking over darn near everyone in the league. Jordan inspired Kobes jumpShot. I think that wade is a better scorer than lebron, lebron is just a beast! Chris Bosh made wade and lebron look good by having those 2 good games(what 30 points or more) , otherwise the series would’ve been totally different, 7 games and possibly losing the series. Bosh was on fire for 2 of those games….

  402. BrylZ Phils says:

    Nothing compares how Micheal Jordan leads him team to 6 championship… he didn’t needs superstars to prove it.. he simply make his teammates a superstars just as Scottie was… If it wasn’t for the greatness of Micheal then there would no Bulls to have made it.. and no teammate superstars to be listed as one.. The 6 Championship made Micheal Jordan great not as just a very awesome player… Lebron James is on his way but still to far to talk bout greatness… His success was his only success and not the teams success… take a look at the Cleveland Cavaliers… we was very successful and a superstars and leave them…. but he wanted to prove the his great that why he let go Cavaliers and went to Miami to seek for greatness… no his on his way.. a shortcut way… His is not just great.. but wiser…

  403. Tatz says:

    Proves that all the while, Pip is not sold out that MJ is the greatest player to ever play the game. Now let’s hear what MJ has to say.

  404. VetBomb says:

    OMG!!!! Have you guys really watched Jordan play on his hay day because I did and to say KOBE is not in the same talent level you must be blind or a HATER! KOBE was a beast on his prime I never seen anybody scores like he does and a better ball handler and crazy shooting range with all the shots in the book. LBJ is a freak of nature is like JORDAN and Magic combined lol !!!!

  405. shadedclan says:

    pippen is totally right. Lebron is all around and many people will be haters to lebron especially because they are backing jordan up but lets face it lebron cac dominate

  406. nachum says:

    yes sure u think so??? lets see the facts… Jordan did not leave Chicago to play with better players!!! instead he played with a guy called pipen and made him one of the top 50 players in the history!!! did James did it with the cavs? no no no but he did go and play with bosh and wade 2 of the best there is…and pipen just in case you forgot Jordan played great defense it was so good that i think he won defense player of the year at the same year he won the MVP!!! how is that for MVP? it is like saying that if Jordan will play today he will score 50 pts each game…enjoy James but there is no one like Jordan until now!!!

  407. sm-emberay says:

    You cant compare jordan to lebron, personality of jordan to the game is far more legendary to the game itself compare to what lebron is brinigng to the game. When he decided to join wade’s caravan, he already told us the he cant bring a championship ring alone to his team (caravan). He shouldn’t be compared to MJ…

  408. Aye says:

    still JORDAN!

  409. Rip Greenfire says:

    A lot has already been said about this, but I just wanna give my two cents worth. In the 90s (Jordan Era,) there were many good players, playing on good teams, but they all looked like chumps compared to Jordan. Jordan DOMINATED a decade, he looked just unstoppable, and he walked away with 4 championships. LeBron is good, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes he’s not even the best player on the floor. There’s Dirk, Duncan, Kobe, Howard, former rival D-Wade and many others who have beaten LeBron in his time. Unless if LeBron turns it around and wins as many as the great Bill Russel he will be nowhere near MJ. LeBron will be remembered as ONE of the greatest of this decade, not THE greatest of the decade.

  410. The_Facts says:

    When you ask people who the Greatest Basketball Player of All-Time is, majority will say Michael Jordan. Both young & old say that. And if you don’t believe in people’s opinion, & perspective, then just go take a look at MJ’s stats. Heck, you don’t even need to look at his stats, but just watching him whether in his prime or in his 35 year-old-MVP-winning form will tell you just how good the guy is.

    LeBron is a great player, and IMO the best in the league right now. But to compare LBJ to MJ is just too premature. Bron hasn’t won a ring yet. And his career for sure ain’t over. But if your gonna compare them in their prime. I’m gonna say MJ was definitely better than LBJ in his prime (though Bron still is in his prime). And if there’s one thing I think Bron has always lacked, its heart.
    I mean MJ had the flu & was 33/34 yrs old and still scored 38 point, grabbed a bunch of rebound, etc and hit the game-winning three. And in his 40’s the guy still avgd 20 PPG, and scored 40 points at age 40, and 50 at 38. Even I don’t see Kobe scoring 50 at 32. The guys just THAT good.

  411. bente onse says:

    Both player are great player in different era. Jordan play as guard position, Lebron play as forward post… You can not compare their greatness. Lets just enjoy what excitement MJ brought and Lebron can bring….

  412. Comrade Questions says:

    There’s one intangible that gives MJ the edge over LBJ: Heart.
    Lebron just doesn’t have it.
    It’s been debated by everyone and their grandma but tape don’t lie. He quit during last year’s playoffs.
    Regardless of what the reason was re: Delonte West boning his Ma or suddenly realizing that it was 3 on 1 (big 3 vs lebron) or food poisoning (ok, maybe you can give it to him if it was that..food poisoning blows!), he quit. It’s not like he had to win the series for cleveland or anything, but at least put up a fight!
    Granted, he is learning how to close out teams but it’s not like it is on his shoulders. (tbh, if I were the coach, I’d rather the ball be in Wade’s hands). Things don’t work out? defer to wade or bosh! (Wade is a superstar! anyone who thinks he’ll be lebron’s pippen is nuts)
    There’s no shame in admitting to not being able to handle the mantle..which was written all over his receding-hairline-covering-headband when he booked for Miami (sorry, low blow..i know but I think it’s funny how he tries to hide it) but it also doesn’t put him in the same league as Jordan. There’s a reason why Magic is never included in Greatest ever discussions…and Lebron is this generation’s Magic.

  413. Ivo says:

    Lol I meant BIll Russell 😛

  414. Saul says:

    I dont agree with scottie, Lebron is a great player, but to say the best ever is ridiculous, even to say hes the best this decade because kobe holds that title. Lebron needs hardware to even be in the conversation. Not to mention that Jordan stayed a bull throughout thick and thin, and he fought for his 6 rings, Lebron decided to join a great player like wade and get his best shot at miami, instead of doing it at cleveland.

    I cant believe Pippen would make this comment though, as a bulls fan and chicago native it angers me that he would say this because he of all people should know how great Jordan made others around him as well, including himself.

  415. Ivo says:

    Jerry West: 11 rings.

    Best player ever to play the game?

  416. john says:

    i agree that lebron is better in offense and defense however comparing the past from present players specially legend and hall of fame players like m.j is not a good example to compare the present from the past. we cannot say and predict the future so we can’t easily say who’s better and the best and the greatest among the legends.time will reveal.

  417. sicnarf says:

    i would say mj still the best player who ever played in the game of basketball.. lebron might become 1 of the best player too but i doubt it if he will be better than mj.. nba ratings improved when mj still playing nba and when he decided to quit it goes down.. The balance that he have while shooting the ball makes him the greatest basketball player in the nba.

  418. Witness says:

    LBJ gave Cleveland 7 years. If he thought the management could not build a good team around him after all that time then he had every right to leave and start out fresh. Based on where he is right now, it seems he made the right decision. He is the new face of the Miami Heat. Pippen was just in awe with his game i guess and blurted out something stupid and that’s not yet comparable. But in time…

  419. Joseph says:

    NBA fan, i agree with you.

  420. Bodmon says:


  421. NBA fan says:

    James left his Cleveland team, disappointing the fans that supported and loved him. He didn’t stay in Cleveland to prove that he can be the man who could bring a ring to the franchise. SImply because he knows he is not enough. And ashamed of the fact that he cannot close out a game. Instead, he traded himself to a team wherein there is Supertar that already have a ring, Wade. Did Jordan do that? NO… He stayed in Chicago Bulls and because of his greatness, other good players traded themselves to the Bulls. Jordan has things that Lebron doesn’t have. HEART for the fans, LOYALTY to the franchise, and PRIDE that he can bring a championship to the team that eventaully led to a dynasty. Lebron only has PRIDE, believing that he is Miami’s answer for another title. Maybe that’s why there are a lot of James haters even if he has a great talent, the PRIDE, err..should i say EGO?

  422. Joseph says:

    I think Scottie is sleeping when he said that, haha. The people now are overrated, how can tehy say Lebron James is a clutch player? He only made a clutch performance in playoffs this year only, unlike to MJ and KObe they prove it time and time. LBJ is no clutch player, we can only say he is a clutch player if he does it in many times in a years like KObe and MJ did. I think LBJ has only an advantage in physical aspects to KObe, but in overall skills KObe is way better than LBJ, the will to win and the killer instincts that kobe had. How can you say kobe is a ball hog?If you rate the percentage of both LBJ and Kobe on how many plays of their team that they made the shots, Lebron had a lot than kobe. Who is the ball hog now? Its lebron. Remember LEbron joined wade and bosh just only to win a championship, compare to Kobe and Mj they only had a good supporting casts, they won a championship on their own team. What if lebron stays on cleveland, where do youo think lebron is now? I think sitting and watching TV.

  423. Canno says:

    @wes. You are a either mentally unstable or very misinformed, I’m not saying that Lebron is better than Jordan but you have no right to say he has no at at being that good. Also blaming Lebron getting to the NBA finals solely on the calls a reff makes make you sound whiney and arrogant. Lebron DOES make wade better, just as Just as Jordan made Scottie better, and may I add here that the Heat don’t have THE best coach of all time on their side, does make it just that tad harder doesn’t it? A good coach is worth at least another superstar.

  424. EDMON says:

    PIPPEN is smoking POT! There is no comparison since everybody in the league is trying to be MJ! Common now, this is really unacceptable, first and foremost Le Bron does not even have a RING! This is an insult to his AIRNESS, The GOAT! Nobody is unworthy, LBJ, KOBE is a “WANNA BE MIKE” thing. PIPPEN should remeber that w/o MJ he will have no RING at all, PIPPEN WHO? I use to like PIPPEN, and planning to buy his JERSEY but after his comment…..PIPPEN WHO?

  425. Jack Deity says:

    I believe he is entitled to his opinion, but he’s getting old and most likely forgot that Jordan won 6 titles and he (Pippy) was on that team tagging along. Jordan would have won those cups with out Pippy.

    Kobe beats any player playing today, and maybe some day he will be the next player we worship but Lebron has nothing a a player as of now – no championships no consideration

    He’s a great player but not even close and i hope pippen realizes what he said and eats his words when Mav’s beat out the heat this year

    go mav’s go

  426. KIDD says:

    Who r the 5 greatest nba players ever?? Had this discussion several times week ? russel, wilt, jabbar,oscar,jordan .
    i havent seen some of them play but russel and wilt are definitely 1 and 2, the other three can fit in after.KObe is next five with bird and magic.Lebron maybe in the top 30 all time maybe higher.

  427. LoLoLoLoL says:

    Scottie is one of the two most over-rated players of all time. His opinion does not have any merit.


    wait til next year


    Player….. RPG….. APG….. SPG….. BPG….. TO….. PPG
    Kobe …….5.0…….. 4.25….. 1.5 ,,,,,,,,0.6 ……..2.7 ….21.6
    Lebron….. 7.1 …….6.96…… 1.7……. 0.8…….. 3.3….. 27.7
    MJ………… 6.0……. 5.65…… 2.6…… 1.1……… 2.9….. 31.3

  430. yhuan says:

    bron greater than mj…common scottie…mj is better player than bron, not only better scorer…mj also won defensive player of the year and multiple defensive 1st and 2nd team, and you say bron get his team mates involve better than mj…there will be no scottie pippen if mj did not get you involve…there will be no steve kerr, luc longley or toni kukoc…think before u speak..


    One argument about Lebron’s greatness: His physique. A freak of nature.

    I disengaged from the NBA after MJ retired. While gone, I was waiting for the next ‘great player’. It was the ’06 playoffs when I first caught glimpse of D Wade, and I thought I was back to follow the NBA once again. I thought he was the next ‘great one’ after my disappointment of Penny Hardaway and Vince Carter’s careers (you can mention Grant Hill, too and a few other guys). I eagerly anticipated for the next year to watch Wade for a full season.

    The following year I watched Miami bball, cheering for Wade. Until they faced the Cavs. I had an idea who Lebron was but wasn’t impressed at all- although I’ve never seen him except the highlight films. Yes, I saw Lebron’s game for the first time. Man, that was the exact same feeling I got when I got to see the young MJ for the first time! I am not saying MJ will ever be replaced. I’m just saying I thought Lebron was the next ‘great’. I admired the great players above, perhaps even Iverson (who topped Kobe at the time) but none was as dominant as Jordan once was. Since then I watched every Cavs game I can lay my eyes on. My bball blood was warming up once again.

    From D Wade to Lebron? YES. But why? It’s simple. Lebron is physically gifted. How many times have you heard the terms Freak of Nature, Monster, or anything synonymous when referring to Lebron? Perhaps Blake Griffin is that but he does not impact the game the same way as Lebron. Yes, size matters. And Lebron has that. Wait, he has speed, athleticism, bball IQ, all around skills. To think he is still a work in progress. He has started to come out. His defense made Rose look WEAK in this series. His clutch game is now solid. Scary. Yes, non-Lebron fans, feel threatened. And insecure. Because no other player is as good as him. You can hate as much as you like but that’s just the way it is. Lebron is the best in the NBA and will continue to do so.

    Yes Kobe is GREAT. D Rose is GREAT. Wade is GREAT. But you can’t learn SIZE. Lebron has it. When he gets to master his potential, it is going to be unmatched. Allen Iverson is the greatest player under 6’2″ – maybe D Rose will overtake him. But learning from the Iverson experience, the size he had- pretty much see the entire repertoire of a small guy.

    Back to why I ditched D Wade for Lebron: With the shorter, extremely athletic guya like Wade and D Rose, the potential is unlike Lebron’s. With Lebron’s physique and court VISION and everything else he’s got, that is going to top any active player in the nba has to offer.

    Now we don’t have This is just an opinion.

  432. Renn says:

    Lebron better than Jordan? It’s possible, but let’s decide at the end of his career, rather than half way through it. But for the sake of argument, let’s compare them alright? To me, G.O.A.T. means more than just statistics, more than how many rings one wins. Yes, those are still viable, but they don’t represent the entire argument. Let’s compare Jordan and Lebron even more holistically: their different positions, different teammates, coaches, when they joined the NBA, mentality/attitude, the defensive and offensive efficiency of teams in the MJ era and today and the competition that MJ and LBJ had/have, titles and rings that each has won (No, this does not constitute as the entire argument–i.e. Horry isn’t better than because he won 7 rings–but at the TOP LEVEL of basketball, when two players are both so great, one looks for anything to tip the scales, and any sport is ultimately about winning, so yes, it is still in the argument), the impact of each on American culture (MJ wins this one hands down. EVERYBODY loved him. Look how quickly people still go to his defense today. Lebron, on the other hand, is hated by half the basketball world. Now, I’m not saying that hate is justified by people don’t just randomly decide to hate a basketball player for ABSOLUTELY no reason. He must have done something but didn’t consider that slightly less than reasonable people would be offended), etc. You get the idea. Let’s not make this argument so one-dimensional and instead, widen our vision a bit.

  433. treb says:

    Jordan still d best, cause in his era, against defenses made of hand checks and body contacts, but still manage to put offensive shows to the fullest.

  434. Ben says:

    Wilt Chamberlain was the best scorer and best player ever to play again. Jordan and James are neither.

  435. richard says:

    dont even mention kobe when talking about jordan he is nowhere near his level. and i Hate lebron im more of a carmelo fan but even i can admit if lebron puts up these numbers season after season you could easily call him the greatest ever

  436. Kobe Bryant says:

    I do admitt Lebron has been playing great lately but people are going way to over board. You can’t say Lebron is in the conversation with top 10 players in the world when this is his only season that he’s playing great in the playoffs and the heat are winning. To be in the same conversation with MJ and Kobe he needs to do this another solid 7 years. I also think that Lebron James looks better than he really is. You’re all probably wondering what I’m talking about but here’s what I mean by that:

    Lebron has probably arguably the best team on paper in the history of the league. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh get a lot of attention from the defensive end and that makes it much easier on Lebron than when he was on Cleveland. It’s much easier for his to score now because he has great support. If he didn’t have Wade and Bosh he’d still look like a great player but he wouldn’t look as unstoppable as he does now.

    There’s also no question in my mind that Kobe in his prime was better than Lebron right now. I think Kobe could even give Lebron a run for his money even now at 32 years old and having logged so many minutes. But hey props to Lebron for his supurd play of late.

  437. jaquante johnson says:

    1st of all i think he is rite lebron is the best player.lebron can play every position. jordan cant.lebron is a more dominent player 2. and ihate wen people say o lebron lost his legacy goin to the heat. WRONG!!! if it wasent for lebron.the heat would not be here. and look at da cavs. the worst team in the league. i person can change a team. thats all im sayin

    • Gibbs says:

      No way!
      Wade and Bosh could of done it with a few decent support players.

      Lebron is a sellout……Chump!

  438. Lovesores says:

    i would say.. it will be tougher for jordan to play in this era of basketball where the defense is up. ive been watching retro games, all i can say.. teams before lack on defensive areas..

  439. jatt says:

    take ma words guys Lebron is next Charles Barkley not gonna win a championship ……u guys r jus disrespecting greatest ever player we had in basketball MJ by comparing him to NBA’s baby lebron!!!!

  440. Lovesores says:

    how come u guys hate lebron that much. you dont even know him. its his freedom to choose where he wants to play. and having a ring is not the issue here. basketball is a team play. unlike boxing. watching manny pacquiao knocking off those pesky challengers all by himself. its not basketball. just let them play. why you guys so affected? just watch them for entertainment dont take it personally. if ever u (lebron haters) see lebron in person im sure youll take a picture with him and have your shirts get signed by him. afterall, ur not the one paying the salary for those guys. individually lebron is the best overall player. but jordan is a great scorer. lebron is just being unselfish. come to think of it. dallas do have more all star players.. like dirk, kidd, peja, marion. they all have been participated the all star game before.. just like heat.. they recruited guys that can help em before the big 3 gone to miami.. remember antoine walker? how about jamison? how about stackhouse? but they failed.. so just let them play.. stop bragging about lebron being coward. or what other term you called him.. or maybe u guys are just jealous cause lebron didnt play for ur favorite teams!!!!

  441. thingy says:

    I concur. LeBron isn’t that great as MJ. MJ is still the greatest basketball player that anyone could have seen. We have witnessed all the clutch plays that MJ did. The way he makes his own shots was just amazing and led his team to 6 championships. Why compare LeBron to MJ? Compare him to the greatest all around player i’ve known before he’ll be compared to MJ, which is Magic Johnson.

  442. Jake Snider says:

    From what I can tell, LeBron is the superior physical specimen, and the superior basketball talent. MJ, otoh, has in spades the one thing that LeBron truly lacks: Heart.

  443. roddy says:

    Shout out to David and what he makes them say. Fans should stop booing NBA’s best product and they should buy the jersey instead.

  444. randall says:

    @ricky u said lebron cant be independent yet he took the cavs 2006-2007 team to the finals by hisself yeat u say he cant be independent yet lebron has 2 mvps because he held the cavs up they went from frist to last when lebron left and when jordan left the bulls didnt they still make it to the playoffs

  445. lei says:

    just comapre the size of lebron vs. mj…of course who can beat the size? but it’s not the size that we are comparing but the talent of each individual…mj thinks fast and moves swiftly and gracefully…lebron uses force…well just see if lebron can have his own ring…

  446. NUÑO GUERRERO says:

    I like to see alebron at age 40 and lead the team to playoff

  447. Air Pal says:

    It’s too early too say.. Lebron still needs to acquire a championship and continously play efficiently before he could lay claim to be the greatest player that ever played. In my opinion, Lebron still doesn’t have the heart like MJ. Heart of a champion!!! MJ Forever!!!

  448. Rikki says:

    Some of the greatest players ever don’t have a ring because of MJ. It’s all about winning isn’t it,,?

  449. guest na iantut says:

    i got bored reading when kobe is put in the mix…its a comparison between jordan and lebron people.

    jordan—> played with a flu and still win, clobbered hard in detroit, didnt qiut and finally worn them pistons out, 1st 3peat diff set of supporting casts, 2nd 3peat another set of diff casts meaning he can truly lead a team into championship/s…and the list goes on…

    lets go to..
    lebron—> (seriously im a lebron fan but i cant think of anything worth writing down…) but his no ball hog like mj, leads his supporting casts like mj…willing to seat it out if they know they already have the game….unlike…nevermind….)

    in conclusion…
    i guess pippen really got his head hit hard on that beam….

    …and to the kobe/laker fans……….u guys suck….statistics say that laker/kobe fans dont play the game, they just like to like w/o any reasons…(i just made this up 😛 ) i go for both teams the mav’s vets deserve this the way the three stooges deserves it.

  450. HeatWave says:

    Wow I’ve never seen this many comments on one of these blog articles before.

  451. ricky says:

    hey PIPPEN, are you thinking men? look, LEBRON needs another superstar in the personality of WADE and BOSH. unlike MY MEN MJ, you (PIPPEN) are the only teammate beside him in the scoring, meaning you became a superstar because of MJ and he didnt went to bulls to have a partner! People and fans respect my men MJ whereever he goes, nobody booed him like james. Dont compare LEBRON to MJ, with all respect to LEBRON, he cant be independent.

  452. zap says:

    pippen he just jealous of MJ’s accomplishment………..thats why he said that lebron quit on his former team and hes notting to prove yet,,,,

    • jr says:

      please hes a 50 greatest to and remmber the bulls mabe it to the eastern confrence finals without jordan look at the cavs

    • sandra says:


  453. marz says:

    WHAt pippen says.. is that lebron becomes a great player because he plays all around, he involves everyone … defense and offense, jordan and Kobe they just plays in offense and remember they are shooting guard,,, SG……LEBron is forward.. but on how he plays.. its amazing……………!!! so stop comparing Kobe and jordan…

  454. Mark says:

    C’mon. MJ was the first player to have a 200 steal, 100 block season and the only guy in league history to do it twice. The other two guys are Scottie and Hakeem.

    Seen MJs stats for the 24 games he played at PG at the end of the ’89 season? 30.4 PPG, 0.498 FG%, 0.9 BLK, 2.5 STL, 10.7 AST, 9.2 TRB.

    Sure, MJ had great players around him but those great players were developed in Chicago – Pippen, Grant and BJ took time under Phil Jackson and along side MJ to become champions.

    LeBron is awesome but he’s no MJ. He’s taken the easy road by going to Miami with Wade and Bosh and his total game benefits because he can take bigger risks knowing he’s got his back covered. Rings or not, he’s not better than MJ.

  455. PippinShmippin says:

    Here’s what’s up… Pippin wants to coach in Miami so the best way is to talk up LeBron’s ego.

  456. steve nash says:

    how can a player be great if he can’t win a single championship?
    when lebron wins 6 championships, then compare him to mj, not now buddy!

  457. ETITS JUMBO says:

    MJ is the greatest player who played the game, but LBJ has the potential. It’s too early to compare LBJ to what MJ has done. LBJ is an all around player but MJ have proven himself with those categories also. FWI, MJ and Allen Iverson are the only players who led a season with points and steals, that means MJ is also a good defensive player. I don’t agree that a player’s greatness is measured with how many rings you have, you just have the heart and the willingness to win. There are many great players who’s not that productive with scoring like rodman and MR. Bill Russell, but they became great because of their heart and willingness to win. The bottom line is we cannot tell how great we can compare LBJ is until his carrer ended.

  458. zap says:

    look at the player around lebron…..thats the way it is..he got wade! he got bosh….look he’s former team the cavs..he didn’t win a title their…pippen said that because pippen he just following the shadow of MJ he wan to be a leader but he couldn’t thats why he cant accept the truth that he is only a backup role

  459. jr says:

    some of yall so stupid for hating. lebron is hands down the best player not scorer not shooter not dribbler dunker etc but player you cant use rings to establish whose better cause jordan if i cant remmember dont got 10 rings so is bill russell the best or is even robert horry better what he got 5 please people 27 8 8 sofar for his career 8 seasons hes the best

  460. el heat says:

    His royal airness s d greatest of all time….JORDAN s JORDAN nothing compares………

  461. iz_vil says:

    you ol keep repeating names like jordan, lebron, bryant, etc……..as the best ever player. Ever think of Wilt, Russell, havlichek, ever think of those names……

  462. rike says:

    jordan made NBA world famous…the guy was like an internet:)..he is an icon..no one will take his place.

    iam a huge soccer fan..but my favorite athlete is Jordan..thats how good he is.

  463. g money says:

    Atleast Lebron is not selfish and not like some other arrogant super star that wanted all the attention and be the best on the team down in LA. THat cried and told the team that he wanted to be traded if Shaq wasnt traded. What a selfish person. great talent but only thinks of himself. He was so horny in denver and decided to sleep with that woman that accused him of rape. She wasnt even a dime piece the most a 5. Great player but very selfish and arrogant. When the lakers beat the magic in the finals they had it easy Dwight Howard was the only superstar there with no true scorers. And when they beat the celtics last year they barely won because perkins went out for game seven. you can all say the same thing that when the celtic beat the lakers bynum was out. but even with out him they still got humiliated by Bostons Big 3.

  464. drooly03 says:

    MJ is still the best all around player for me.. though lebron could be next… lebron uses his athleticism more while Mj is more crafty or has better basketball IQ… on defense.. id say lebron is better.. but in offense its Mj.

  465. Nate says:

    Jordan – 6 rings
    Lebron – 0 !
    nuff said!

  466. wowoso says:

    He never can cover melo.

  467. manilamaniac says:

    One argument about Lebron’s greatness: His physique. A freak of nature.

    I disengaged from the NBA after MJ retired. While gone, I was waiting for the next ‘great player’. It was the ’06 playoffs when I first caught glimpse of D Wade, and I thought I was back to follow the NBA once again. I thought he was the next ‘great one’ after my disappointment of Penny Hardaway and Vince Carter’s careers (you can mention Grant Hill, too and a few other guys). I eagerly anticipated for the next year to watch Wade for a full season.

    The following year I watched Miami bball, cheering for Wade. Until they faced the Cavs. I had an idea who Lebron was but wasn’t impressed at all- although I’ve never seen him except the highlight films. Yes, I saw Lebron’s game for the first time. Man, that was the exact same feeling I got when I got to see the young MJ for the first time! I am not saying MJ will ever be replaced. I’m just saying I thought Lebron was the next ‘great’. I admired the great players above, perhaps even Iverson (who topped Kobe at the time) but none was as dominant as Jordan once was. Since then I watched every Cavs game I can lay my eyes on. My bball blood was warming up once again.

    From D Wade to Lebron? YES. But why? It’s simple. Lebron is physically gifted. How many times have you heard the terms Freak of Nature, Monster, or anything synonymous when referring to Lebron? Perhaps Blake Griffin is that but he does not impact the game the same way as Lebron. Yes, size matters. And Lebron has that. Wait, he has speed, athleticism, bball IQ, all around skills. To think he is still a work in progress. He has started to come out. His defense made Rose look WEAK in this series. His clutch game is now solid. Scary. Yes, non-Lebron fans, feel threatened. And insecure. Because no other player is as good as him. You can hate as much as you like but that’s just the way it is. Lebron is the best in the NBA and will continue to do so.

    Yes Kobe is GREAT. D Rose is GREAT. Wade is GREAT. But you can’t learn SIZE. Lebron has it. When he gets to master his potential, it is going to be unmatched. Allen Iverson is the greatest player under 6’2″ – maybe D Rose will overtake him. But learning from the Iverson experience, the size he had- pretty much see the entire repertoire of a small guy.

    Back to why I ditched D Wade for Lebron: With the shorter, extremely athletic guya like Wade and D Rose, the potential is unlike Lebron’s. With Lebron’s physique and court VISION and everything else he’s got, that is going to top any active player in the nba has to offer.

    Now we don’t have This is just an opinion.

  468. NIKESTAR34 says:


  469. Jay says:


  470. TeddyB says:

    Here’s something I found interesting. I took a few averages of MJ first 8 years in the nba and compaired it to LeBron’s Carreer and Kobe’s first 8 years Here’s what I got:

    Kobe 5.0 4.25 1.5 0.6 2.7 21.6
    Lebron 7.1 6.96 1.7 0.8 3.3 27.7
    MJ 6.0 5.65 2.6 1.1 2.9 31.3

    *Kobe’s stats are a slightly skewed because he was injured his first year.

    I would say, number wise, LBJ has a good argument.

    • TeddyB says:

      sorry for the grammatical errors.

      • TeddyB says:

        Let me make that a little clearer:

        Player….. RPG….. APG….. SPG….. BPG….. TO….. PPG
        Kobe …….5.0…….. 4.25….. 1.5 ,,,,,,,,0.6 ……..2.7 ….21.6
        Lebron….. 7.1 …….6.96…… 1.7……. 0.8…….. 3.3….. 27.7
        MJ………… 6.0……. 5.65…… 2.6…… 1.1……… 2.9….. 31.3

  471. MJ&D12_FAN says:

    it is a very typical comment made by a person who lives @ d shadows of THE G.O.A.T….
    stop comparing his airness to anybody.. scottie not hottie!

    first of all do you know why NBA fans knows the name of wenington, cartwright, bushcler, longley and even caffey?? it is because they played along with MICHAEL “effin” JORDAN! they became great role players because michael won games for the bulls that is why we knew them.. let’s say they played at different teams do you think they will still get the same respect they are getting right now or back then! come to think of it..

  472. Angelo says:

    I disagree with Pippen. M.J. won 6 championchips with a totally different set of players. He made plays at will to score and also distributed the ball as neccesary. that’s why he became the greatest. He was unstoppable, period. I lost count how many times the Bulls were losing by 20 on the 4th quarter and M.J. would get them back on the game. Remember that Lebron, Wade and Bosh came as superstars from different teams to join Miami. M.J. made every regular player look great with his strategy in his team. I’ll add to this later.

  473. MJ&D12_FAN says:

    lebron is a good player but entitling him a great scorer made me goosebumps..and just wan to add a little thing.. seeing how he took his J’s stroke wise i can already judge him that he aint a good shooter!

  474. Grace says:

    Could not disagree more. MJ is definitely the best player to play the game. Not only does he have the rings to show it, but he was consistent as any. He also was a closer, as Lebron is only just proving himself to be. And MJ… Much more clutch. When ”Bron’ has a 40 something point game with the flu, call me. He ain’t that clutch. Sorry fellas.

  475. jaylancody says:

    grrrr….. jordan is the real no.1 lebron is the only shadow of the airness!!!

  476. Jack says:


    Lebron should be sick/injured, in the game

    Kobe did it,

    MJ too

  477. NUÑO GUERRERO says:

    jordan didnt join with the best player for get titles, pipen was a rokie when he joining with bulls and he became a great player already being jordan at the same time, pipen wasnt best with one team and then join with jordan, and lebron cant won with cleveland because he cant do it he know that the only way to win a championship is joining whit another player, rose can do it with the bulls but he is very young and need learn but a thing that this defeat will help to won the next season, in conclucion jordan like play versus another best player

  478. Atem says:

    its like people are forgetting what Jordan does on the defensive end. He does absolutely everything for his team to win. Everything. Lebron is the best now. Maybe in a few years we can say he’s better(if he gets better) but we havent Lebron be even close to Jordan right now. Just look at Jordans numbers man.

  479. kobe says:

    ompare kobe and lebron first 5 years in the nba.and tell me who is better.!!i will wait…thank you. you will say kobe!!kobe dont need to prove no more that he’s nothing to being mess with!!put when pple like pippen come out their mouth and say lebron can be the greatest of all time!!!that motivates him, kobe is so ignorant, thats whats the good and bad about him, u not going to say lebron is better then kobe, until kobe give his all!I CANT WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON BEGIN, NOW KOBE HAVE TO PROVE TO FOOLISH AND DUM PPLE THAT COME OUT THEIR MOUTH AND SAY LEBRON!!I can say jordan is the greatest, theN i can say kobe is number two!!but when u say lebron is better, theN kobe and jordan. he dont need to be in a conversation with them. They didnt join the pistons, or portland lik lebron did.!as the words of jordan to say he’s the best of all time, its possible, but not guarantee, cuz joirdan didnt play against the oscars, bills….etc. so lebron didnt play with jordan.but kobe did.KOBE, JORDAN, PENNY ARE MY FAVORITE PLAYERS!BUT KOBE IS MY FAVORITE OFA ALL TIME, BUT REALLY DO, I KNOW WHO IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, AND THATS JORDAN THEN KOBE!!PLEASE RESPECT JORDAN AND KOBE!!THEN U CAN PROBABLY SAY LEBRON, I WONT AGREE, BUT U CAN SAY THAT DOE!!

  480. MJ&D12_FAN says:

    it is a very typical comment made by a person who lives @ d shadows of THE G.O.A.T….
    stop comparing his airness to anybody..

    first of all do you know why NBA fans knows the name of wenington, cartwright, bushcler, longley and even caffey?? it is because they played along with MICHAEL “effin” JORDAN! they became great role players because michael won games for the bulls that is why we knew them.. let’s say they played at different teams do you think they will still get the same respect they are getting right now or back then! come to think of it.. lebron is a good player but entitling him a great scorer made me goosebumps..and just wan to add a little thing.. seeing how he took his J’s stroke wise i can already judge him that he aint a good shooter!

  481. Kendatz says:

    Nahh. not at all. MJ is a proven winner and the best player of all time. Pippen said this because he’s tired of being a sidekick to Jordan. LeBron needs to go to South Beach to win a Title. this is a none sense topic. stop hating on MJ.

  482. coltranesfather says:

    what an incredibly stupid discussion.
    i even saw a couple of comments saying the all-time best list goes like: 1.MJ. 2. Kobe. 3. LBJ. 4. Magic 5. Dwayne Wade. 6 Kevin Durant. hehe i mean do i have to say more about the quality of this discussion. dwayne wade???? and most importantly Kevin Durant??? are you kidding me?
    i really hope mavs win and justice can be done. i just hate it when media hype a team of superstars who were bought together just for marketing purposes (the case in miami). its disgusting and kinda destroys a sport. lebron james’ problem is his lack of attitude (no elegance in the game and off-court) and lack of leadership. mj combined all f those factors. thats why we will alwas set him as a standard for a long time and lbj.

  483. Zumme says:

    …my opinion…………..if James keep playing at this level for other 5-6 years……….then he could be comparable to Scottie itself!! 😀 LOL

  484. kobe says:

    compare kobe and lebron first 5 years in the nba.and tell me who is better.!!i will wait…thank you. you will say kobe!!kobe dont need to prove no more that he’s nothing to being mess with!!put when pple like pippen come out their mouth and say lebron can be the greatest of all time!!!that motivates him, kobe is so ignorant, thats whats the good and bad about him, u not going to say lebron is better then kobe, until kobe give his all!I CANT WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON BEGIN, NOW KOBE HAVE TO PROVE TO FOOLISH AND DUM PPLE THAT COME OUT THEIR MOUTH AND SAY LEBRON!!I can say jordan is the greatest, the i can say kobe is number two!!but when u say lebron is better, the kobe and jordan. he dont need to be in a conversation with them. They didnt join the pistons, or portland lik lebron did.!as the words of jordan to say he’s the best of all time, its possible, but not guarantee, cuz joirdan didnt play against the oscars, bills….etc. so lebron didnt play with jordan.but kobe did.KOBE, JORDAN, PENNY ARE MY FAVORITE PLAYERS!BUT KOBE IS MY FAVORITE OFA ALL TIME, BUT REALLY DO, I KNOW WHO IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, AND THATS JORDAN THEN KOBE!!PLEASE RESPECT JORDAN AND KOBE!!THEN U CAN PROBABLY SAY LEBRON, I WONT AGREE, BUT U CAN SAY THAT DOE!!

  485. Jefta says:

    *now you throw rock*

  486. WestbrookFan says:

    As Charles said rings shouldn’t be the only staple in a players career comparing rings to skill is just ridiculous we obviously saw that rings don’t grant you skill or power lol looking at the mav lakers series. Rings are a great stamp in a players career but should not be used to decide if a player is better than another player because sometimes GREAT players just dont get rings to many examples to list but one of my favorites Steve Nash will probably never have a ring. To say Nash isnt one of the greatest because he has no rings is laughable so comparing Lebron and Jordan is a fair comparison both put in both ends of the court to even mention Kobe with Jordan is not even possible lol the closer comparison will always be Lebron and Jordan. Kobe’s a great scorer we’ll give him that but posses none of the skills Lebron or Jordan have and Lebron is probably one of the Top all around players and its difficult to compare players in different era’s for the reason that priorities were different and skill sets were different just look at Perkins mentality of an old Center Just block and defend while we have New centers like Dwight Howard being top scorers on their teams.

  487. Jefta says:

    so. i’ll wage in my 2 cents.

    Rik Smits is the best of all time. Because he is dutch. And i am too. So he’s on my team.


    so really, its about me.


    Me in cave.

    Me throw rock.

  488. Jefta says:

    “i’m not jordan, im kobe”
    “i’m not jordan, im Lebron”
    “i’m not magic, im Michael”
    “I’m not the great white hope, i’m larry bird”

    and the list can go on. This whole “who’s the best” argument is so difficult because its simply not possible to compare the players. It really is a futile exercise.

    but somehow, even knowing this… I still want to talk about who is the best.

    Now im an idiot too, just like all you guys who write on a wall where no one is really learning from.

  489. Brylle says:

    I agree that LeBron James is better all-around player than MJ but MJ is still the greatest player of all time

  490. Robie - Macedonia says:

    Damn Scotie…are out of ur f… mind?
    Lebron better than Jordan? The best of all time?
    I really want to see Lebron getting a championhip ring without Wade and Bosh casue you are not as close as good as wade nor horace grant was good as bosh is…so when he wins a championship with averge players, than he might be closer to jordan…
    and right now, Lebron is just “another” NBA player…nothing special…
    For us, who follows the NBA circus for more than 20 years, this what u are saying is really funny!!!
    Maybe the new kids will find this statement of urs to be true but believe me, all the other WONT!

    • Francisco says:

      good point if bulls with mike =champion and bulls without mike = 55 wins playoff lose in 7 games series, how much was Mike worth?why he got so much credit? if bulls with mike and not pipen could not win anything, this meant that pipen has the same value than Mike.

  491. George says:

    Lebron, does not have the heart to win like michael did, he left a team that went to the finals to play with great players to win, Michael defeat other great player, that was his joy, he did not join magic, he defeated him, he did not join pistons, he beat them, he did not join the new york and patrick, he beated them, he did not join karl malon, he beat him, he took the ball from him and shot it in the basket to beat him, pippen was scared to play the knicks, jorden beat hte knicks. labron could never domainate the game like jorden did.



  492. kobe says:

    dont get me wrong kobe do have help, but his help dont come from a player like d-wade, pippen was good, but pippen and gasol aint in a talk with lebron, kobe, and mike!!And rings do matter, if rings dont matter ask, reggie, malone, payton, morning, penny, grant hill, rashee?why they still play when it was time to retire!morning got his, and thought smart, and said see u, i got my ring!!ask juwan howard why is he still playing??

  493. Charlie Katz says:

    I think it is correct to say that he can be the best offensive and defensive player.
    But if I had to say that he’s like someone I’d compare him more to Shaq and Eddie Shack.
    Did you see the way he bowled over Rondo and half of the Bulls ? The guy is a serious
    steamroller and they rarely call him for steps, which he really takes a lot of.
    True, he has an amazing range on his jumpers. But when he puts the ball on the floor
    you’d better have a witness to write down that license plate, cause you
    may become roadkill very shortly… He’s kind of dangerous more like a linebacker than
    a forward.

    Go Celtics
    who took a chance with Shaq but maybe should’ve let him go to the other guys instead…
    I’m going to be sick if this turns into 6 years of Heat…Did I say Satan ???

    Did you see Pat Riley playing Satan in those Cameos ???
    It was really creepy…

    Where’s Church lady when you need her ?

  494. JustAGame says:

    I would say: GREAT PLAYER BUT NO RING!!! The diff is that simple. This is how this league works!

  495. scottie look wat u started lol this is great

  496. Beffie says:

    It has to do nothing with how many rings have they gotten, it’s just that Jordan was a better basketball player than lebron is so far, that’s it….

  497. George says:

    No one ever will be better then MJordan. Not LJ, Not KB. no one will be better, no one take over the game like jordan did, and he played againts great centers in his era, Just think how many great centers were their when Jordan played compare to now, can”t even compare.

  498. jacob says:

    First of all, there wouldn’t be a LebRon, Kobe, or Wade if there was no Jordan to emulate. Jordan was the most dangerous man on the planet, both ends of the court, for a long time…heck he won both the mvp & defensive player of the year award on the same year.
    As he grew older, he had to refine his game. He didn’t need to be prolific at both ends of the court, more for potency and longevity. He didn’t drive to the basket as much, less acrobatics, but he developed a post up game, turn around shot, & became a better shooter – medium range. That didn’t make him less effective.
    Do you think Lebron could sustain his type of play as he grow older? If he wants to last long, he would have to refine it, like Jordan. When Lebron’s career is over, then we could say where he belongs in the game’s storied history.
    But there will always be an asterisk for me in Lebron’s case: ‘At the peak of his career, after winning consecutive mvps’ he left his team & joined other marquee players to win championships. A cowrdly act for me.

    • DJ says:

      Apart of the last part I totally agree. MJ is the best to ever play the game. By far. We will be lucky as fans to see his like again. Keep your breath. Iy won’t happen anytime soon.

  499. vlady11 says:

    dont get me wrong LBJ is a great player right now, but its going to take alot more before i can put him ahead of those two players as “BEST ALL AROUND” of all time or ahead of michael jordan and kobe bryant and magic johnson as “BEST OF ALL TIME”….get real people, dont just live in the present, you need to also acknowledge the past and hope the future is bright.

  500. Pete BR says:

    Sorry Pippen, you may be a legend, but MJ is so far the best player the league has seen.. LeBron, he’s just another wannabe who just so happens to be skilled. First up, he has to crush all the big names in the league, outscore them, outplay them, average 30+ ppg, which has never happened in his career so far… Oh, and lead his team to 2 threepeats, that sums up to 6 rings, 5 times MVP, 14 times All-star, 6 finals MVP, 9 times 1st all defensive, 10 times 1st team all nba, 3 times all-star MVP, and that’s not all..

    Once he can do more than that, then the’ll be consireded the best player to play the game.

    (that’s a whole lotta accomplishments, ain’t it?)

  501. jordan4ever says:

    MJ makes NBA more exciting..and i bet if you ask kobe and lebron who is the best player they would say MJ

  502. JimmyW says:

    anyone saying that MJ was a better offensive player should have a quick look at some things, Lebron at only 24 decided he would take over a game and shoot 29 outta 30 points for cavs in just over a quarter, never saw MJ do that one, I haven’t seen Jordan completely close out 6 out of 8 wins in a conference semi-final and final.

    Miami’s #6 will be the best player to ever go down in history, and i am not even a miami fan.

  503. Wil10 says:

    but lebron has no clutch in late games specially in tight games

  504. Charles says:

    The problem with presenting opposition to Michael Jordan being the greatest basketball player ever is the blatant double standards that people have. RINGS are not part of the equation. Why should they be? Bill Russell didn’t need to get trained by a coach in the NBA on how to win. Bill Russell didn’t take 6 years in the NBA to figure out that it might be wise to trust teammates. So ANYONE who brings up Jordan’s overrated 6 rings, you’ve painted yourself into a corner, one that you can’t escape from due to Bill Russell boxing you in. Now, if you held a draft . . . which is really the only way to deductively and logically come to a reasonable conclusion . . . of players in their prime, you would have to take Michael Jordan ahead of LeBron James . . . BUT, it would be at least require some contemplation. However, if you are looking at Wilt Chamberlin and/or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in their primes, it takes no contemplation. You draft them #1 and #2 and you can flip flop the order depending on which day of the week it is. So, no, LeBron James shouldn’t be considered or even nominated for greatest player ever, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the Michael Jordan fairy tale should end. He’s among the top 5 greatest of all-time, but certainly not #1.

  505. vlady11 says:

    yall need to stop playin out chear, best all around player ever??? yall must be on crack or sumthin, i understand sum of yall might be young and all but yall piss me off when yall putting lebron james ahead of oscar robertson and earving ”magic” johnson as best all around player ever….yall need to get real and watch sum films of the old basketball games……..and dont none of yall come talkin to me bout mah spelling and isht cuz i dunt really care rite now.

  506. TeddyB says:

    First of all, winning a championship doesn’t make you a great player. there are quite a few players that were not great that have rings. And if we’re comparing ring counts:

    MJ = 6
    Kobe = 5
    Robert Horry = 7*

    Would we put Robert Horry on the same level as MJ and Kobe? No, but he has more rings. LeBron IS a better “all around” player. His stats have shown that from day one, season after season.

  507. Cj says:

    I wasn’t old enough to see jordan play a game so i cant compare but i think everything Scottie says is true. Bron’s court view and ability to get the ball to anyone as well as his own scoring potential make him the best player in the nba right now, at least

  508. KB24 says:

    Lol, LeBron’s not even as good as Kobe…

  509. Bumblekid says:

    What? Are you kidding me Scottie? You’re Mj’s sidekick, what could you say that? Lebron hasn’t got any rings yet and multiple MVP trophies, we all know that LBJ got skills, but with the Legacy on basketball LBJ is not even near or half of what MJ did to the game. I totally disagree with you Scottie sorry..

  510. Tyson says:

    There is no way possible that Lebron James or any player for that matter will ever be greater than Mike. Sorry that’s just the way it is. I’m a Miami Heat fan and I’m teling you there’s no comparison. MJ won 3 in a row and not only left the game went and started playing another pro sport( I believe waaayyy too many of us tend to forget that) came back and won 3 more….I seriously dount that Kobe, Lebron, Dwayne, Kevin, or Derrick could do the same. lebron will go down in history as one of the greatest eras in pro basketball but to say anyone that hasn’t accomplished what Jordan did in the same fashion if not a more complex fashion is just plain wrong. But i do believe that Lebron gets #1 this year. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!

  511. hey u haters. lebron had the top selling jersey in the nba for 2011. he is only 26. that is scary. hes only getting better and better. lebron should of got mvp. the bum drose didnt deserve it. kill the mavs heat. lebron u are the best in the world. all them haters are just jealous because u arent on their team.

  512. Fan says:

    Correction to my typos. I I meant to say best!!!!!

  513. amazin says:

    how can people even say, kobe and jordan had no help, jordan had pippen. kobe has gasol, artest, odom, bynum, and fisher.
    And if you were lebron, are you going to go to the place that has a small chance of winnin a title or go to the heat, where you are almost guaranteed to win a championship! SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKIN BOUT!

  514. Fan says:

    Phil Jackson’s the best coach ever! MJ is the beat player ever! Kobe is the 2nd beat! anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial!

  515. jordan4ever says:

    jordan is best in his era and so is kobe in his era now kobe is getting old and young players are more atlethic these days… now its lebron and wade but years from now there will be more talented players…. much taller and atlethic

  516. Real says:

    Once again, a person (Pippen this time) goes to say that LBJ is a more all-rounded player alone than Jordan (or Kobe) and then at the end people always talk about the ring thing. For f’s sake, the ability of an athlete is not determined by championships or rings. These are achievements and milestones. When we talk about ability we are not talking about achievements. So disappointing even a professional sports writer mixes the 2 up and have to go so ‘cheap’ to mention the ring thing at the end as if just to stir things up a bit. Cheap.

  517. HBK says:

    Not just the best offensive player…

  518. jaac0211 says:

    did you see MJ ever crying “I want help, I need help, I will go somewhere else, I need a dream team”, never, right? and do you really think he will win even 4 rings? with wade going old?, just because of a series with the bulls that don’t have anyone to score but rose?, some people say : he stopped rose, yeah, in the 4th qtr when rose was dead tired, how nice, why didn’t he take him since the beginning of the game? besides many times rose left him behind but then either wade or anthony, or bosh and most of the times the three together got on him, what the videos and you’ll see, eventhough he wins this year, that would make him the best, are people insane just to mention this? you gotta be kidding. I remember lebron been swept by the spurs in the finals, did mj ever lost a final?. you just have to think everybody say, “I wanna be like mike” not like lebron or bryant. BTW, they also say that.

  519. amn says:

    most people usually don’t get the message in between the lines… which is…. there is a difference between MOST TALENTED player ever and GREATEST player ever. as far as tools go, everything you could ever want in a bball player you can find in lebron at top notch level, including size and build. those things make lebron the all around most TALENTED player that the nba has seen. MJ is the GREATEST player ever because of his will, determination, mental and physical toughness, IQ and all the feats he has accomplished, on top of being an all around talented player. so obviously lebron will never take that spot unless he wins some back to back championships(which could happen). but he is still more talented all around. i think a lot of pros AND analysts will admit that. what happened here is sekou smith jumped on this story to whore it out because it would get a lot of buzz for the site and everyone will got nuts arguing about it for days. bottom line is it’s stupid to even argue about this stuff, the nba has been around for over 60 years and it will be here for 60 more. there’s going to be a lot of great players by the time it’s all said and done. yes MJ is the greatest now but people really need to accept that things change. 75% the people on here probly weren’t even alive to see bill russell play or old enough to watch kareem, bird or even MJ for that matter. so why even argue.

  520. wenggers says:

    MJ is the pope, KOBE is the king , and LeBRON is the prince
    nuff said, go figure

  521. Renz says:

    Great players are those who makes basketball look easy. And that’s how MJ is. As simple and as basic as it is. Plain simple. Not as stiff as lebron. Nuff said. Thats why people compare kobe to mj. Cause thats how they play the game. 😀

  522. kazim says:

    Lebron is way better than MJ and his game is going to develop even more. Already showing that he could hit jump shots in the clutch.Give him 2 more years and all y’all haters will say he is better that Jordan.

  523. when lebron gets his 6th ring im sure all u haters will still come up with excuses. oh he had wade and bosh. mj only had pippen. u all are pathetic. lebron is a beast. the best in the world. mj is the goat but when lebrons career is over people will say lebron james is the greatest of all time. go heat kill the mavs lol

    • sandra says:


  524. mick says:

    Anyone who thinks LeBron is better than Jordan is obviously too young to have seen Jordan do his thing, or just has no idea.
    Wade was even a better player than LeBron 12 months ago. Can you not recall how bad LeBron’s shot selection was when he was at the Cavs? He used to play like a donkey. He’s matured a lot this season. Wade’s poise, humility and clutch-play has rubbed off on LeBron, now LeBron is the best as he has the more domineering physical attributes.

    Anyone who thinks LeBron is better than Michael Jordan should be ashamed of themselves.

  525. hoshang says:

    pippen is on crack, i think lebron paid paid him to say that hahahah , i think kobe and mj are the best nba player of all time .

  526. bader dashti says:

    I do agree the Lebron is someone to be cosiderd one of the top players through the history of basketball ,,,,,,
    but never the less one shpuld wait a few years before saying hes the best all around players in the history of the game
    cause thers one guy i know who achieved something that no one else did
    Oscar Robertson is without doubt the best all around player in the game
    find me someone who achieved a triple double throught a whole season other thatm the big O .

  527. NJS_11 says:

    A healthy wade is better than lebron…

  528. jjmu says:

    people compare him to magic, no one compares him to larry bird
    if there was someone who said there will never be another michael jordan. then i guess the comparisons stop there.
    “there will never, ever, Ever. be another larry bird”

  529. hoshang says:

    pippen is on crack, i lebron paid paid him to say that hahahah , i think kobe and mj are the best nba player of all time .

  530. pau says:

    Greatness is the ability to lift your teammates level of play to a high level… not the ability to get high level teammates & then win a championship…

  531. mark says:

    MJ is the best player in the world compare with LJ, MJ win MVP, ALL STAR MVP, FINALS MVP, in one season even SHAQ
    no can compare MJ abiliity

  532. Mosi says:

    He is correct in his analysis~~

  533. kobe says:

    so lebron is better then kobe?really!!and lebron can be better them jordan doe, really!!!i know kobe is loving this talk these foolish pple saying right now!!anyway kobe is better then lebron anyday!!of course u can say lebron wanted to play with great players, but at the end of the day its ur team, u lead to get them rings, not go to another team lik a punk with another future hall a famer!!let them come to ur team like kobe and jordan did!but as far as lebron being the best in the lead.NOT,IF U TAKE THE MUSCLE AWAY FROM LEBRON WHAT DO HE HAVE!!!is he that talent like kobe?can he get 5 rings like kobe? CAN HE TAKE ON THE BEST LIKE KOBE DO??and dont even say lebron beat kobe, before the heat move, lebron was in ohio!!of course cavs beat lakers on christmas.but the only reason why they won because my team, The lakers are a conceited team, they win when they won too.i will love to see the lakers vs. the heat in the finals. when the lakers cant be conceited, and cant worry about a tomorrow and say oooo..will it will be next time!!then we will really see whos better lebron or kobe!!i guaran-damn-tee the lakers will win!!and im not hating on lebron or the heat, lebron is nice, use to be my 2nd favorite player until he went to the heat.that was the wrong move, i think he got way more to go. dont give me wrong, if he was ohio, he would of had a way to go too.but if they would brought a team around him, wen he won that nba tittle in ohio he would of work more for it!!and he would of appreciate it more!and miami is the big two, not the big three.MAVS WILL WIN THE FINALS ANYWAY

    • bverilo says:

      funny all these LA Fakers always bet on the Miami’s opponent to win. First was “the Heat will never get past Boston” and then, “Miami is no match for the Bulls with the MVP Rose” and of course we all know how all that went do we? when will you ever learn…

  534. adam says:

    may i add that mj is my all time favourite player of any sports

  535. HeatFanBullswereGood says:

    “Michael forced himself to be better. He made other teams understand that he was the future. Lebron has been amazing to watch. It is fun. But he doesnt live basketball like Kobe and jordan. This should not be brought up again until he proves he can do it without taking the easiest path. ”

    Actually, Lebron lived basketball from his start right till now.
    How did Jordan get pippen? they drafted #5 overall. how? their team sucked, even with Jordan.
    Look it up. 1987 Pippen, 1986 40-42 WITH Jordan.

    Lebron couldn’t EVER draft that high because he always had his team in the top half of the league. his crap team.

    As for leaving, taking the easiest path, look, your greatness SHOULD NOT be dependent on how good or bad your GM is.
    That’s ludacris. Cleveland is a basketball graveyard because of the front office.
    In 7 years, the best they could come up with was Mo williams?!?
    even paul pierce got garnett and ray allen for crying out loud – and they SUCKED before that.

  536. ins says:

    Michael Jordan is the greatest player ever, and he played under the normal basketball rules. After those new changes in the game it is easier to score, at least. Sure nowadays the players will look more offensive — when you cannot touch them 🙂 And even with such big advantage they are still behind Jordan. That should be enough for everybody to see the reality, but NBA needs some new “best” star again.

  537. jaja1 says:

    ok mj is the best and always will be

  538. adam says:

    jordan was so dominant at his time,but so is lebron right now…the only truth is that basketball is a team sport and only teams can be compared by the number of titles they’ve won,so to compare the 2 of them only by the number of title they have won wouldn’t be fair,because many great players didn’t win a title and lebron still has many years and i am sure he will still dominate and win some titles,but if he doesn’t you still gotta give him some credit because he really is the best player today..and him going to heat because he wants trophies and taking less money,why judge him,it just tells you that titles are more important to him than money and i would blame the cavs staff and gm for not bringing at least one great player to help him…magic had kareem,jordan had pippen,shaq and kobe…i would like to see lebron win many more titles because he’s a true team player..go heat!!

  539. jordan4ever says:

    guys no one is better than MJ right now…..with the way the officiating right now do you think anyone can guard jordan? no hand checking very less physical compare to jordan era…jordan would average 50ppg if he play this era..jordan is better slasher than lebron and way better shooter than kobe..jordan will kill the defense right now

  540. LMS says:

    are you kidding me???? we are talking about Lebron a guy who couldnt get it done at his own team in cleveland and then left to join 2 of the NBAs best players to try and get his first ring!! HA! If Lebron was as good as Jordan he would have gotten the Job done at Cleveland! Enough Said!

  541. Jaybe2k11 says:

    I think Scottie still might be a little hurt that MJ never mentioned him in his speech when he was inducted into the HoF a while back. Not even a thank you. To him or anybody. I’d have a chip on my shoulder too.

  542. ChrisM23 says:

    Pip, you lost us at “But”…..love that Sekou. Too funny. MJ is the best, but I am biased. I idolised him as a baller and he will probably always be the best in my eyes. But Lebron is going a long way towards ensuring his own legacy, with all these clutch performances in the playoffs. He is really a fantastic player with a high basketball IQ. If anything though, I’ve always found that D-Wade reminds me a lot of MJ. His poise, swagger and killer instinct are so Jordanesque.

  543. HeatFanBullswereGood says:

    “LeBron won’t ever be able to. I would even go out on a limb saying Wade is BETTER than LeBron.”
    Lebron got to the FINALS by himself. One on Five. literally.
    What happened when Jordan was hurt? pippen took the bulls to the playoffs.
    What happened when lebron left? Cavs are drafting #1 overall next year.
    Wade is not better than lebron. They are different offensively, but wade cannot guard garnett and rose back to back series and shut them both down.

  544. Some guy says:

    Jordan played in the hardest era of basketball. He didn’t have superstars on his team to win a championships , he had role players. I have respect for Lebron because he is a damn good player but he can’t be compared to Jordan. No one can’t be compared to Jordan.

  545. richie says:

    if lebron has a teammates like when he was still in cleveland and he got rings as many as MJ, then i could say he is close to MJ.. but not in this kind of teammates he has in miami and he got multiple championships.. IMO miami is a bad dynasty in the making…

  546. Rob Z. says:

    You can not measure how great a basketball player is by how many Championships he has won. That would be like saying Derek Jeter is (one of) the best baseball players ever. Certainly, Jeter has some of the best Post Season numbers ever. But other players have to contribute, and obviously, Pippen has room to talk. He was a great player as well, and paid his dues just as much as Jordan. If anything, MORE. Pippen did all the dirty work. I will settle all of this anyway. Majic Johson is the greatest all round player ever.

  547. HeatFanBullswereGood says:

    “competition was greater in Jordan’s era”
    That is absolutely laughable.
    In EVERY sport, athletes are always getting better.
    people running the 100m dash in the 80s were not as good as Usaine Bolt. His competition ALL broke 1980 records while losing to him.
    Same with football and you can bet your *** same with basketball.
    a 40inch vertical used to be untouchable. now there’s at least 25 guys in the league with that.
    The top 25 players of 2011 will easily beat the top 25 players of 1981. They barely had the “Crossover” back then.
    Just look at the highlight reels to see the difference in athleticism.
    Greatness is only by era, and Jordan’s era will be over the day Lebron retires.
    And then someone will come along 20 years later with a 45 inch vertical leap, 80% 3 point shooting and an iverson cross over, and he will be the greatest. It’s called progress.

  548. Jaja says:

    Guys what r u talkn bout, Zaza Pachulia is the best player in the NBA

  549. Sid says:

    Don’t understand where Pippen is coming from with these comments, and he should know better, he played with Jordan for how many years?
    I thought a player would have to at least equal what Jordan did in his career before being compared to him, like win a three-peat or something…. and to be better than Jordan you have to win 2 three-peats and get the finals MVP in all 6 occasions and do it all with better stats, it’s just something we might never see again…..
    I really love watching Lebron,Wade and Kobe because of their style of game but none of them dominate like Mike did, Kobe is the closest with 2 finals MVPs (the first 3 titles belong to Shaq)
    It would be Great to see another athlete win as much as Jordan did, but it’s an almost impossible feat.
    I’m not a fan of any franchise in particular, simply love watching great players go at it and we have an awesome finals coming up, Dallas and Miami are the best 2 teams in the league.

  550. Fan says:

    C’mon folks! read between the lines here. There has to be something going on between MJ and Pippen right now.There’s no way Scottie Pippen would honestly believe Lebron James is the best player. He’s only half way through his career! He made this remark to take a dig at MJ! Believe me! If he believes this to be true, I wonder what wild weed he’s smoking!

  551. Amani says:

    Pippen…you trippin.

  552. Johnny Boi says:

    Right now Lebron is the best player in the league. Kobe can’t match up to Lebron. Kobe may have five rings, but he won three with Shaq’s helps, and two with Pau and Lamar. Like really, who did Lebron have? Lebron did go to the Finals, and he did get swept, but he carried that team on his back for the whole season, and he faced a younger San Antonio Spurs, who were like the NBA’s Dynasty at the time. Lebron still pplayed his best, even though it was practically impossible. Lebron may not be at Mj. But Lebron is close. He may get close to Mj at the end of his career. Mj>Lebron>Kobe>Kwame Brown

  553. WIGITAL says:

    Rings make Kings. That remains the fact of NBA Legacy. You can name players from Pistol Pete to Karl Malone that have a tremendous legacy, are named 50 greatest, etc… but when people talk greats (Russels, Jabbars, Birds, Johnsons, Jordans) it’s always all about the RINGS.

    LeBron is a “great player” there is no doubt. His late game abilities this year have proven Cleveland was not the only city this guy can play in (big points and plays down the stretch) BUT (and there’s your but Sekou) there is a difference between unbelievable talent and wins when “legacy” is determined). LeBron is IMO “that good” but until his NBA Stats-Cube attains the stat-less rank of an NBA Champ, it’s just blog fodder.

    Respect “the King” but there is never a King without the “Ring”.

  554. Clinton says:

    I’ll bet everything I have for the heat. with the trust I have to LeBron James. He’s really the best there is, more than Kobe, more than MJ. He’s everything a team would “kill” to have. I would like to congratulate the Heat. LeBron, Wade, Bosh and to all the heat team! Good work Eric and to all the members of the Team who made things possible! Goodluck! I’ll be watching every second of the Game! I’ll be with you when the fat lady sings.

  555. jaja says:

    what are you guys talking about zaza pachulia is the best player

  556. Bob says:

    LeBron isn’t better than MJ. Period.

    Although he has the perfect body for the sport of basketball, and he has amazing talent, has he ever won a championship? Will he ever win a championship without help from other superstars? No. Sure Jordan had Pippen and Rodman, but Pippen wasn’t top 3 in the league in his time and Rodman wasn’t that much of a superstar either. Jordan carried his team. LeBron won’t ever be able to. I would even go out on a limb saying Wade is BETTER than LeBron. I know I’m going to get a lot of crap for this but honestly, when Wade is healthy he is unstoppable. I know he has been in a slump lately, but even so, he started the run at the end of the game yesterday to spur the Heat into winning. Wade is one of the most underrated superstars in the league and is always undermined by LeBron and Kobe, although Kobe has sort of faded out of the picture it seems to me.

  557. JoJo20 says:

    mj is the greatest ever. lebron is just a big baby wen he dosent win

  558. jso says:

    When you guys say “MJ is the greatest player ever”

    All you are doing is repeating what everyone else has said for the last 20 years.
    None of you guys actually have any idea WHY you say or think that.


  559. fred says:

    Hey! Pip sucks! Why is this guy still comparing MJ to other players? Obviously He couldn’t admit that there was a better one than himself on the court. Hey Pip, it is not all about scoring, it is about attitude. Jordan is the best. He was a great leader in and out the court. Sorry Pip you never had style. Watch your mouth, please.

  560. Wow.. says:

    Lebrick fans have no morals just like lebrick himself thats all, stop hating cuz u cant win against fanboys who have no heart for the game but only for the rings

  561. Brad says:

    Allen Iverson is the GOAT. Forget James, forget Jordan.

  562. Alfredo H says:

    There is no comparisson yet between Lebron and MJ, probably the future will substantiate what Scottie is saying, lets wait for Lebron to beat all the mvps, the 6 titles, the 2 three peats, and all the goals that MJ achieved, Lebron is great I do not deny it but he has a complete path to follow to even equal what MJ has done, it is to soon to try to even compare both players. I think tha closest would be Kobe, but he couldn’t complete the second three peat and the sixth ring. Also, the level of the NBA league is pretty low of what the Bulls faced in the past, all the new rules and the market has done the game kind of more soft that in the previous years where the Bulls defeated all the old schools superstarts like Ewing, Kemp, Miller, Malone, Pat Riley, Charles, Magic and all the greatest player that ever played the game.

    I love this game. Alfredo Hdez.

  563. bane says:

    Let us first see how LBJ dominates defensive end with Dirk and a full house of 3pt shooters… Will he be able to guard and block him in forth Q as well as he did against way smaller Drose?

  564. alex says:

    when a legend says something like that, don’t argue. he has a lot more knowledge than you. plain and simple

  565. Beli says:

    It would be great if Lebron goes to Portland. That way the rest of his 10 overall championships he will win, would be with the Blazers.

  566. WhaZZ UP NOW h8ers says:

    yo this goes out to all the lebron haterz (dean, alexzo etc)

    first off michael jordan is a legend as far as im concerned. the best scorer the nba has ever seen (yes better than kobe). the way he behaved on and off the court, noone will ever come close.

    secondly, i just love laughing at the stupid people who bring rings into this conversation. this whole conversation that pippen brought up between lebron and michael was not about how many rings and their legacies. pippen simply stated that although jordan was the better scorer, lebron is the greatest all around player of all time and truthfully i agree 100% with him on that one. It couldn’t have come from a better guy other than pippen, the one who spent the most years with jordan than anybody!

    when was the last time you saw anybody run the fast break like lebron, or dish the rock to his team mates for easy buckets, or lock down on D against a super quick point guard like mvp derick rose, not to mention scoring at will against a good defensive team in crunch time like the bulls…

    PPL face it, espacially all you H8ERS!!
    Lebron is the greatest all around package the NBA has ever seen!!!

  567. John says:

    MJ is still the best player, But Kobe is the best player in this era.

  568. Michael says:

    Definitelly, MJ is the best, ever and Pippen should not have said it, because MJ support him a lot to win 06 tittles. OUT LEBRON!!!!

  569. Beli says:

    Yo soy el mejor. Saludos a todos los borinqueños.

  570. Akudesyn says:

    MJ is not only the best scorer, he could crash the opponent when he was on defence. Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4gigN2zMU4

  571. MJ4EVER says:


  572. Lemw says:

    Scottie has to feed his family like anyone else. MJ won those NBA titles with Scottie. MJ and Scottie both have NBA titles. LeBron never had an Allstar team mate therefore never won NBA titles. Who is better, I think MJ. LeBron is the closet thing.

  573. MJ4EVER says:

    WHAT! are you serious? ” LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game” I think MJ is in on this, and this is just another NBA playoff championship hype. There will NEVER be an another MJ, LARRY BIRD, DR J, MAGIC. ETC…..But to call LBJ the greatest all around player of all time, he got a long waaaaaaaaaaaay to go and alot of work infront of him. PEACE…..In my opinion i think like many other analysts DIRK is the most complete all around player in the NBA right NOW. and we shall see if LBJ can stop the DIRK.

  574. Troy says:

    i Have to agree. I respect Lebron. He is an extremely blessed player. He is strong and fast. But yes Scottie has forgotten how good MJ was. I know that there is a difference between Lebron and michael. The same difference between Kobe and Lebron. The competitiveness. Lebron James said one thing when he went to Miami. I cannot do it. It took jordan like eight years to win his first championship. Michael forced himself to be better. He made other teams understand that he was the future. Lebron has been amazing to watch. It is fun. But he doesnt live basketball like Kobe and jordan. This should not be brought up again until he proves he can do it without taking the easiest path.

    sad to say but Lebron tarnished his own career by choosing the easy way out

  575. bverilo says:

    I’ve asked Kobe on his thoughts on this one, this was his reply:


  576. Blair56 says:

    I wonder who will be the next great player after Lebron.

  577. nspectakb says:



  578. Shane777 says:

    It always takes team effort to win a title. MJ can score, but also needed people at the defensive end. James is an all around good player because he can hit shots from everywhere and make it back for good defense. His lay ups and dunks may not be as fancy as MJ, but James can score too. When he played in Cleveland he was a one man team. Look what happened when James went to Miami; Cleveland collapsed and came in last. I noticed this season James doesn’t have to charge to the basket as much because he has help from other players. Kobe accomplished a lot because the Lakers had a strong team. His era is over. He can score when needed at times, but doesn’t do much else. With that said I think James has the most overall talent the past couple years.

  579. Rod says:

    i thought winning championship was a team thing. having good supporting cast (bench) and all. individual merits i thing….no i believe Lebron is a –complete package.

  580. los newo says:

    It is incomparable! MJ is still the best player that the league ever had. He has what LBJ have not learn yet and that is Leadership and Character! Maybe 6 years from now, LBJ may be able to have that too. But now, it is still MJ.

  581. Start Thinking says:

    Guys, can you guys think for just a second. Call Lebron a bailer for leaving Cleveland makes absolutely no sense. Kobe was bitching about a trade for the longest time, until gasol came, and he already had a GREAT supporting cast before gasol. Now if we compare Jordan to Lebron, and we say 6 rings to 0 rings, then shouldn’t we compare Chicago to Cleveland? Easy solution, put te great Michael Jordan on Cleveland, replace Lebron with Jordan, how many rings do you think they would win? easy answer – NONE. Michael Jordan is an outstandign player, but there is no way, absolutely no way, he would win 6 rings with that group, there is no one on that team. Jordan, in that situation or Kobe or any great player, would leave that team. Thats how bad Cleveland was. Now, start comparing apples to apples. Saying Jordan is better than Lebron for just rings, then compare everyone on the team that won the rings.

  582. JB says:

    I swear people forgot what Jordan did in his time as an NBA player. Since when did Lebron win Defensive Player of the Year? Don’t worry ill wait for it… NEVER. Jordan has 10 scoring titles 5 MVPs. 6 Final MVPs, 10 time All NBA First Team, 9 Time All Defensive First Team. So when LeBron has a stat line like that then maybe we cancompare but from the looks of things none of that is going to happen except MVP. Lebron is pretty efficient but of course you can be when everything you throw up is either a foul or he tackles his way through the lane. The media is the reason why i dont like LeBron as much as I should because everything he does is considered god-like. “Lebron scores 10 points in a qtr we have never seen anything like this before.” I guess thats what you have to do when you are trying to fill the shoes of Jordan. Lebron is a helluva player but he shouldn’t be compared to Jordan.

  583. Louisss says:

    Why does everybody bring rings when comparing players from different era’s ? Yes I know Michael Jordan was great and probably the most impressive player in the NBA ; but I don’t believe when people say certain players are ” the best ever “. I really dislike it when people hate on LeBron, most people don’t realize that he uses all the hate and criticism to make himself a better player; I’m not saying I agree with Scottie Pippen saying he’s the best player to ever play the game, but certainly in my opinion one of the best overall players. Some people pretend like MJ was a GOD, that he never made mistakes like he never had off nights and can do EVERYTHING better than anyone … MJ was a great offensive player, good defensive player, but don’t forget he started winning championships when Scottie came, then Rodman etc etc. LeBron didn’t have extra help, his team completely sucked ; Cleveland fans should be happy and proud that they got lucky enough to see a player like LeBron wear a Cavaliers jersey… I would of left if I was LeBron too… it’s no illegal and it’s not CHEATING ; you just want whatever it takes to win a championship and at the end that’s what professional basketball is about. I’m a Celtics fan and I respect every team in the NBA, including the Lakers, but I dislike how fans say things about certain players from different era’s bringing championships to the conversation… and whoever complains about bad calls ; let’s not forget Jordan had MANY star calls back in the days when it was unusual to get the types of calls we get today… I’m hoping to see a great series with Miami vs Dallas

    • John Daron says:

      yeah like Sottie bring so much offense. Please Jordan smooth touches tell it all. The game will never know a player like that. LBJ make shots but still looks clumsy.

  584. Bitz75 says:

    You know what? Lebrons too hedonistic… MJ has much greater character than Lebron.. it speaks greater than basketball skill

  585. HBK says:

    Scottie must have been dreaming…Lebron is so far from MJ…MJ is the best. He got his rings because of his heart. He always take the ball into his own hands to take those winning shots. He made clutch baskets over a number of best defenders in the league. He didn’t need 2 superstars to back him up to win the championship. All he needed was a supporting cast that are willing to play hard with him. The BULLS team on Jordan’s era are all role players. Pippen and Rodman were not that big of a superstar compared to WADE or BOSH. They were role players. When the game is on the line Jordan would always have the ball to go for the win either shooting the ball or attracting the defense to kick it off to his teammates for the win. Jordan is just too hard to stop that he can make the most difficult shoot you can ever imagine. He made it through all the best defenders you could ever put on him. And through the year we have seen how Jordan evolved from an offensive player to a team player who plays great offense and defense. Lerbron??? who are the guys defending him??? Lebron just looks good on the court because of the lack of defensive specialist of his era. Lebron would have a very hard time to beat Jordan’s greatest. Jordan maybe the greatest player but I think Magic Johnson is the best all around player to ever play the game in terms inspiring and involving the whole team.

  586. 3peat says:

    LOL everytime JAMES is the TOPIC they always Compare him to bryant lol its funny KOBE’s 2000-2009 PLAYER OF THE DECADE lol their ERA is different Lebron is better in stats because of his built kobe is a better scorer because of his dedication to the game lol in 5years kobe will be on top of that scoring list haha

  587. Gibbs says:

    Lebron couldn’t do it on his own and was never prepared to put the hard yards in and stick with Cleveland and sold out. He never carried a team to a ring like MJ did in the early 90’s. He never stuck it out through the hard times. He has Wade and Bosh 2 feed which is more then MJ ever did. Having Wade and Bosh around him makes him look better then he is, don’t get me wrong he is the best the league has to offer.

    To be truly great and to succeed MJ as the greatest he would have to have stuck it out with Cleveland through the hard times until he and his team dominated the entire league for almost a decade.

    Lebron never did that and is not the leader to be able to do that. Instead he sold out to form a team of current superstars inorder to eclipse Jordan. However Lebron lacks the sportsmanship of Jordan, the determination to make his team better and he will never get a standong O at an opponents stadium in his last game like MJ did.

    It will be a long time before a player gets drafted to a team and takes that same team to greatness the way Jordan did. Kobe is probably the next in line.

    Celtics fan since the early 80’s, seen MJ dominate us in a team full of nothing. Iv never seen anyone have the court presence that MJ did even early in his career

    • JW71 says:

      i agree completely,kobe wasent great,and near the end of his career(now)he hasent been as clutch,but he had good sportamnship,and honour and stuck with it throughout.even with all the critisism.

      i am in no way a kobe fan,and think he is a mj imiitater,but you have to notice and give respect where its due.
      hopefully we will have another hero to be drafted and bring the league to glory,a hero is what this league needs

      • Schoowow says:

        you got it right JW. the league needs hero. so every time somebody dunks they pop out “he’s done it better than MJ”
        somebody scores over 35 in game – “MJ averaged LESS than that”. Somebody is unstoppable for more than 2 months (Try Rose…) he’s automatically the new MJ. Got MVP younger !!! (but never went to college, so actually played more seasons to achieve that, but who cares, it serves the purpose)
        Now I have a BIG BIG BIGGY Question : Could it be the league HELPS these guys to compete with the memory of MJ ?
        could it be the referees get orders “not to see” that Rose was fould on last play for example, so that LeB wins even GREATER than Nowitzky ?
        Mr. Stern fights for more. More coverage, more TV watchers, more money for everybody. But it is becoming a show biz rather than sports. Could we really expect him to admit mistakes ? that 30 teams are too much, that it does no good to no one if NBA games are played in Nebraska or Minesota and tickets cost less than $5 and still the stadium is half empty
        So now you need to feed 30 franchises, instead of 23, and not necessarily could get more money out of it – maybe the opposite ? stats say 50 best players drafted every year – would cover 2 rounds of draft with 23 teams, but would not cover 2 rounds with 30 teams, so why don’t we draft players from 50-100 of the vintage ? hmm, when the amount increases, the quality declines. Sorry, facts of life. So Mr. Stern INDEED needs a hero.

    • John Daron says:

      Well said! Jordan never ask to go play with Sir Charles or Magic. Prince LBJ DID

  588. bobi says:

    jordan is the best player of all time Michael is father Basketball LeBron and Kobe have learned from him six championship titles were inaccessible to them and do not compare between them

  589. Daryl says:

    Simple statement is

    Jordan – best scorer to ever play the game
    James – best all round player to play the game (sorry Magic)

    The only thing that separates them right now is championship success. People tend to forget it took Jordan 8 years to win a title as well. And for those people that say he had to leave Cleveland and go to Miami to get a shot, Jordan might of done the same if it wasn’t for the fact a talented Scottie Pippen was coming up the ranks behind him. Add Horace Grant and Phil Jackson to the mix and there was no reason for him to leave, they now had enough to acheive it.

    Lebron unfortunately had some decent players alongside him in Cleveland, but no one like a Scottie Pippen to support him. He now has Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh for help (ie Pippen and Grant or Pippen, Rodman and Kuckoc). Also even though he may not close out a game in the style Jordan does, he has the same mentality to do what ever is needed to win the game, and Games 3, 4 and 5 against the Bulls really showed that.

    Jordan did not win 6 championships based on just scoring alone. The Bulls were a fantastic defensive team. They rotated to the ball very quickly, and when one man was beat, another was there to cover. Miami have followed the same principles and routine the Bulls had then and have applied it to the modern game.

    The one thing that the Bulls of then had that Miami does not have now is better and more consistent depth. Miami does depend a lot on the big 3 to win games for them. But if Miami were to get healthy and provide maybe another big man to back up Anthony and a younger point guard that can shoot the 3 and spread the floor then they would be just as successful.

    If Miami and the Bulls of 1998 were to go head to head right now, it would be a exciting series. And if the Heat were to aquire some players to give them a deeper roster, who knows which way it would go.

    I guess my point is, they are both great players, and shouldn’t be compared. They have different styles of playing that makes them great. The number of championships is always an issue with people but the Heat have a really solid chance against Dallas and shut up the critics once and for all.

    The only comparison I can make between the 2 is there will to win, and this year James has shown just as much will to win as Jordan had. At the end of the day when you hold up the trophy, that’s usually what decides it.

    • the Geek says:

      LeBron is better than Scottie. Thats the fact. LeBron is just a dominant support. He shows it as how he plays it.

    • Schoowow says:

      It is not only 6 championships that separate between them. Jordan went to college and won championships there as well. So in order to show Kobe and LeB as “better”, somebody had to invent new stats, such as “youngest ever to reach 10,000, 20,000” and run to compare “Jordan only achieved this milestone when he was 1 year older !!!” but actually kobe and leb played 3 seasons more to get there. See the whole package, leading all time in average score for game, precents from the fields (and he was a guard ! remember? guards are not even supposed to compete for field goal precentage). and then he would always play better in the playoffs, like nobody else does. And try counting the games he was not the game high leading scorer, over both teams, now filter same questions for IMPORTANT GAMES.
      Now he won defensive player of the year as well as offensive. LeB did not… Maybe interesting to compare if LeB better than Larry Bird. I think his goal in life should be , to be best small forward ever, and he must improve for that.

  590. Schoowow says:

    Please remind me what Scotti Pippen has done ever since MJ retired (1800 just pore me a shot, what can your Takila do?) Nothing. Right ? Right. So MJ made everyone around him BETTER. But !!! Pippen does nopt WISH to remember what are the materials he was made of He wants to remember himself a Hall of FameR for himself.
    So he starts by FORGETTING who made HIM better. So now it is LeB that makes everybody better, right ? wrong!
    Show me a single player around LeB Whose got better numbers WITH LeB rather than WITHOUT him ? what ? nobody ? Really ? Than MJ has the edge for making everybody better. Now let us all check who is a better defender, Remind me how many times LeB got defensive player of the year, 1st defensive team, 2nd defensive team? opps, isn’t it MJ again? Let us talk about who is better offensively… OOPS MJ again. and not a word about 6 rings, MVPs in finals, MVPs in regular season. Guess what, even in baseball, if you check it up, MJ has the edge.
    Period. Wake me up in 10 years, and let’s compare again. LeB could be on his way to sweep Bird from best small forward ever, if he improves, and few rings will help him there. I do not see him scratch MJ
    And Pippen? Last person on earth you can ask for an opinion, and hope for a straight answer. Pippen would make LeB/Kobe/Durant/Rose/Nowitzky better than MJ. May this help him from Air2 to Air1… Happy dreams, Scotti…

  591. Dehya says:

    Man, Lebron is a good player and will be a great player by the end of his career whether he wins a championship ring or not. Many great players never won a ring ie Patrick Ewing, Sir Charles etc..MJ is the greatest of all time he made players better and Scottie should recognize that as he was one of such players. He should remember he could not win in Portland when they were stacked, so he should realize just how good MJ is. Lebron is getting there and he may reach it, but he ain’t there yet and anything can happen in the future. Many a great players never finished great for one reason or another. I agree that had MJ not played baseball he and Phil would have had two more rings. I respect LBJ’s game, but he has to win before you can say he is a great player like MJ. Last comment, I agree with the fact that the three (Bosh, Wade and LBJ) did what many a GMs which they could have done, so you can’t knock them for being great GMs

  592. giulio says:

    We have to give credit to Scottie, he missed a “but”?Yes, and what he missed is that MJ was able to overcome difficuties like no other player did. Lebron is a zero if you compare him to Jordan, Pippen knows it and there was no need to say that, the meaning of his words is that James is the stonger player ever, 6-9, 240 pounds, sweet hands, able to fly….but history tells that, right now, he is simply not enough to win a title, he is the best player ever in….nba2k11, a videogame! What about Jordan against the knicks in th 90’s?Can you really say that the bulls were a top team in the first three peat???Overcome difficulties, with his body and his mind, Lebron best playoffs moments are the two dunks against detroit a couple of years ago…and then?A cluch defensive play on Rose this year. I want to make another example: Shaq has become the most dominant center when….he was the last one in the league, when Hakeem was at his best the only thing O’neal was able to do was to watch the african do his fakes, turn-around jumpers, hooks, blocks….the most fisical center ever and…stop. Just like Labron and MJ.

  593. mj4ever says:


  594. randall says:

    who in the world base respect off lebron leaving the cavs when melo did the samething but i dont see yall saying anything about that if u gone say lebron not on the same level as kobe or jordan well u must not watch him play or look at his stats tthis guy is a 6’9 forward who can play every postion or play against ever postion also he has had the same number he did in the 2 mvp seasons now he adding that clutchness to his game hes way better than kboe who is out the playoffs and couldnt carry his team to the finals which lebron had to do in 2007 with no help jest because lebron dont have a ring yet dont be as player to player hes not better than jordan if lebron get a ring this year he still be a better all around player than jordan and remember all around means every stat not just scoring jordan is the best scorer to play the game, lebron james is the most feared player in the open court and the fourth court espcially in the playoffs lebron has added dribbling, 3pt shooting, and now clutchness, and he is in the defence player of year ballod every year to his game since he been in the nba all he got left is post game and when he add that wont nobody be able to stop him compare that to kobe and jordan andd see what u get lebron jamesjordan

  595. Jordzenegger says:

    Ridiculous. Becuase of Lebrons Defense he’s a better package? MJ won Defensive Player of the Year in ’88! MJ is 3rd ALL TIME Steals leader avrage per game! MJ’s steals pg, and blocks pg…BOTH BETTER THAN LEBRON. And MJ is 3 inches shorter!

    Scottie. Don’t try and tarnish MJ, simply because his mere presence on the court tarnished you.

  596. hurk says:

    Mike is the best athlete ever.. you already forgot all his dunks and slams? Cannot be compared to James / Kobe / Tiger Woods and so on…

  597. WRONG COMMENT says:

    4. UR TEAMS SUCKS!!!

  598. Kyle Wheeler says:

    I think his statement is absolutly insaine! Mj and the bulls would domminate this miami team! Kobe is better than LJ and is just as good as mj. With 11 rings between them and more to come when Kobe is healthy,they are the best . Lj hasnt done anything yet, but quit his team and quit in the playoffs and finals. I think Scottie Pippen should shut his jealous mouth and thank mj for all his rings.

  599. Dave says:

    Is it impossible to beleive that one day someone will come along who was better than MJ? No. Maybe it is LeBron, seems that he has the potential.

  600. 6Loki6 says:

    It’s the truth…LeBron would destroy MJ!

  601. dave says:

    wilt is the greatest scorer actualy, so i guess mj is nothing?

  602. Kobleed says:

    Its just like this if Kobe was in Cleveland. He will not win a title at all. And if Lebron is in Lakers. I guess Quadropeat is what we smelling right now. Simple as that. And Lebron, he’s just getting started. Don’t brag about the rings. Cause this is the last time you’ll say Lebron ain’thave no ring. His ring will be place along side with his MVP AWARDSSS. MJ had his time and Lebron will have his. I guess Pippen had that feeling too when he knows Jordan will be successful. Go MIAMI!

    • Kyle Wheeler says:

      Dallas will win the finals and we will all here about how Lj should have won and the heat choked, when in reallty Dallas and Dirk are better. I would take dirk any day of the week over Labron

  603. Rod says:

    coming from a guy who played with the best. I believe his comments are credible.

  604. Angel says:


  605. Beli says:

    I totally agree with Pippen. You have to remember that basketball is a team game, not a one on one game like tennis or golf. To really pick a best basketball player you have to see how that individual affect his or her teammates. Lebron made a great impact at Cleveland, and at a younger age than Jordan. Even thou he is in a better team now he still making an impact, and like Pippen said, he makes other players better. Now, can someone answer me these questions; Robert Horry has seven rings with two different teams, is he better than Jordan? Can one player guard 5 other players?

  606. I love what Pippen said because it’s true lebron James may not have a ring but he plays much better than anyone other than the Leagues top 5 players in history have so when he does get his ring we can all say he is “THE GREATEST PLAYER TO EVER PLAY” and Jordan is A much, much better scorer

  607. JASON says:


  608. Sweddesh says:

    Cm’on now, Magic is even better than Lebron. It is a sad state if Lebron James’ prowess is display just because of lack or no competition at all.

  609. rodolfo says:

    hahaha and more hahaha.
    Pippen totally wrong, each year since JORDAN left I’ve heard the same comments on the media.
    now is lebron’s turn. It was Koby, D Wade and some others before.
    but just think on this.
    JORDAN score 63 pts against the boston celtics with all those hall of fame players, the team who won the championship that year.
    JORDAN didn’t quite to join Barkley or Ewing, his best friends just to be a champion, he beat them.
    who were the bulls and pippen when MJ was playing baseball. nothing.
    JORDAN is not only the best scorer machine, he is the best defensive player too, see the stats on the play offs.

  610. Lego says:

    Lebron couldnt do it cleveland, so he has to go another team with more talent, with 2 all stars, 2 other players who were stars in their own team to try to win a championship, Lebron is a great player, he is, but you cant compare him with MJ, The greatest to play and change the game…. Compare LJ to MJ when he wins a couple of rings with just bosh on the team, with no d-wade

  611. Lebron_No.1 Fan says:

    Dont think about championships he’d won mvp awards he achieved but look the individual performance of a player .. maybe MJ is the best scorer of all time , maybe bryant made a lot of buzzerbeaters and difficult shots , but when you look at the big picture , Lebron is the best player all around the league .. 🙂 I agree to that .. if your an MJ fan you’ll hate Kobe and Lebron , when your a Kobe fan probably you’ll hate Lebron and MJ .. and probably when your a Lebron fan you’ll hate MJ and Kobe that’s how the blog works ryt ? .. I think in the degree of basketball MJ did such an exceptional , amazing things in NBA HISTORY i respect to that .. but if you look at the Lebron-Kobe era .. Lebron is better than any other player even MJ .. .. just wait until LEBRON will get his first championship ring this season 🙂 ! i agree to Scottie . “maybe MJ is the best all time scorer , but Lebron is the best player , to ever play the game”

  612. Trapmason says:

    This is a slap in the face of basketball!! Lebron is an excellent player no doubt but you can’t compare him to MJ!! u can play all of the greatest bball in the world but if you aint got the jewelry to show for it WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING FOR!!! there are things on MJ’s Resume that Lebron cant even fathom!! this year is the first i seen him actually perform well in the clutch.. as of now u cant even compare him to Kobe.. i dont like kobe at all, he is a ball hog but he gets results, Lebron is like the Peyton Manning of bball.. great player but you cant seriously think ppl will take you serious when u havent won the big show.. Get one ring annd u can get in the convo with players like wade, shaq, and maybe even kobe, but you need more than 2 to get in the convo with the real KING OF THE ROCK..

  613. Dafinest26 says:

    What was Scottie Pippen thinking to say that, the only reason LeQueen is playing good is cuz he got D-Fake and Chris Soft, so he don’t have alot of pressure on him cuz he have 2 other wack stars he could go to. And WOW just cuz he is playing good in this playoff every LeQuuen Fans want to compare him to MJ he can’t even b compare to Kobe. Man So many people jumping on the Miami heat bus when they haven’t one anything yet. And the Chicago game was one sided. People Already Sweating LeQueen even Pippen Forgetting what MJ did for him and all the other Greats that played the game. Like Noah Said The CHEATS are becoming Hollywoods Acts. and Refs are giving in to it……

  614. freddy says:

    Michael Jordan is the best of the best, no doubt. Lebron is the best of today but i still hate that he had to join with two other superstars. He should of stayed in Cleveland and tried to win a championship himself. To be the best you have to win, so call me when lebron has six championships.

  615. renekalinisan says:

    OMG! What the hell are you saying, Scottie? LJ is the greatest player that ever played the game? I do not agree with you, Scottie. MJ is the greatest basketball player that ever played. You know why? No one can do what MJ has achieved. He has 6 rings. He came back from the injury, from retirement, and yet MJ has been able to achieve greatness. MJ has made many records and broken some. LJ has still to prove himself. One game or one season is not enough, Scottie. Winning 2X MVP is not enough, Scottie. In my own opinion, LJ has not yet even broken your own records, Scottie. You have 3 rings (?) with, Scottie, if I am not mistaken. And you have been a Hall of Famer. Does LJ has that? Be careful with what you say, Scottie.

  616. jojo says:

    wait a minute, Pippen just said “potentially” so don’t over react! he is halfway through his career so he is not yet there with mike. But what Pippen said was true he carried the team offensively right to the end and took the responsibility of guarding the best player on the other team,he did not just came up with great shots but also great defense. A steal and a block , and people notice that because those things he did changed the outcome of the game.I remember jordan making all those crucial baskets but i think i’ll remember lebron with more than just clutch baskets, i mean he seems to do all the clutch plays like rebound, steal and baskets in the end.Pippens point was that jordan was the greatest scorer in history and he won 6 championships that made him Great but Lebron is on his way there too going through a similar path but unlike kobe, Lebron will always be original because he’s not just doing it in offense but at defense as well.Do not compare players who played in the past because the game is played differently nowadays, before, the game was played by offense who ever scores most usually wins the game but now there is more science and stats involved. I mean you put Drose in a time machine and let him play in the 80s and 70s and he’ll school all the greats in those era.Players who are the best in those times are the ones who are playing an era ahead than everybody. But to actually hear it from scottie pippen who played along side MJ most of his career and won 6 with him, man! thats different because he knows MJ more than we do and when he says that lebron POTENTIALLY could end up being the greatest COMPLETE player of all time i would believe scottie because being with jordan all those years makes him a very credible source.He knows greatness and he sees it in Lebron. So if youre just a guy who watches nba on tv or in a basketball dome on a seat and then hate pippen and object to what he said, you should realize that you really have nothing on him and when he says something about the nba you better listen coz he actually played and won titles and your just a guy who knows nothing but video highlights and probably some stats.Pippen is a WITNESS, he sat right by the miami bench all series long not to cheer for Lebron but to make sure his boos will be heard and he went home last night somewhat a believer in Lebron. try to digest that.

  617. RARE says:

    Maybe Pippen forgot Jordan was a 9 time All Defensive FIrst Team and Defensive Player of the year also. I think since Jordan never guarded him he never appreciated how hard it was to also score on him.

  618. craig says:

    Little to late to get out of Jordans shadow now Scottie.

  619. Affex says:

    I disagree
    LeBron is a great player but i dont think hes better than Jordan. Lets be honest LeBron wouldnt be in the finals without D- Wade and Bosh. Its like hes in his own little all star team

  620. Zachness9 says:

    Uhhh NOO! Pippen is sorely mistaken. History proves itself. Jordan could carry a team. Bron cannot. He proved this with the CAVS. Couldnt win a title on his own so he teamed up with two other superstars? Please. Jordan would have never done anything like that. He did it himself. Show us that Lebron.

  621. sonsonson says:

    yes lebron deserves a ring. but the issue is what he did to get his ring. teaming up with wade and bosh clearly defined his legacy, as an athlete, and as a person. it’s unfair for wade everytime lebron keeps on getting compared to MJ & kobe while wade takes the back seat. Wade is still the main man of Heat and he’s the one that got a ring by teaming up with shaq. Then not so long after that (2+ years), came a lebron shaq duo… no ring happend. yes age may be an issue already for shaq then but lebron was already at his prime that time. he was already mvp then. but still he didn’t find a way to win. lebron may not be a ball hogger…. but the Decision made him a ring hogger. it’s a sad thing how a great athlete was sunken by his greed of winning. this is how he respected the sport that he loves.

  622. Waldo says:

    RIng = good team….MJ+SP…..KB+Shaq….KB+Gasol
    PLAYER = overall skills (lebrom complete package)

    MJ won Rings but he had good team…
    Lebrom in cleavelan had a bad team

  623. play ball says:

    the only reason i hate miami is because there going to ruin the whole nba. watch know cp3 is going to leaave dwight will leave. all the superstars are goig to make big 3s then there will be a whole bunch of crappy teams. when boston did it they only got ray allen and kg but there not 2/3 best players in the league. lebron and wade are 2/3 best players.

  624. James says:

    Sounds to me like Scottie is trying to bait MJ into coming out of retirement with him for one more title shot…

  625. ibrahim says:

    when LeBron have Six NBA titles

    we will talk about it 🙂

  626. mandrilko says:

    LBJ better than MJ? damn… people say the dumbest things when they’re on crack.

  627. Nobody says:

    He says that lebron is more all rounded, so to speak is that Jordan’s defensive game isn’t as good as Lebron, which may be true, in a sense that the scoring end of Jordan completely took the notice. And Jordan’s defensive ability has not been a talking point.

    I don’t hate any teams and i sure don’t blame Lebron for doing what was legal during the summer to gang up with Wade and Bosh, Jordan had a LOT of help back in those days, every Star needs star or talented people to help them, Don’t think that the Bird, Magic J, Jordan teams are not stacked with talent in every position.

    We’ll have to see how much they want the Ring, the Heats i mean, and are they willing to compete year in year out for the title. If they get a couple of Rings, i’m sure no one would disagree that these BIG 2.5 in Maimi are not in someways ‘great’

    Although i think they’ll have a lot of trouble doing that, since a lot of younger teams are growing FAST and alot of players still young will compete for the “greatest player” in the near future, Durant, Rose, Griffin, just to name a few. What pippen said may just tipped the discussion back to a more rational place, when somebody this great says things that contradicts the general trend, people tend to listen and actually be more rational and objective about things

  628. Basketballfan! says:

    any kind of respect or consideration I would’ve had for james before was all gone right after that fake he did last night… which i might point he’s done a lot of time before…
    if you want to give credit or respect or calling as “great” then it should be those great players who have played great in this Playoffs… (derrick rose, kevin durant and dirk nowitzki), they have showed nothing but talent, modesty, and respect for the game…
    oh btw… everyone’s been talking about what bulls can do to improve the roster…. just imagine if KD and D.Rose teamed up… what a team that would be!!!

  629. Renn says:

    Lebron better than Jordan? It’s possible, but let’s decide at the end of his career, rather than half way through it. But for the sake of argument, let’s compare them alright? To me, G.O.A.T. means more than just statistics, more than how many rings one wins. Yes, those are still viable, but they don’t represent the entire argument. Let’s compare Jordan and Lebron even more holistically: their different positions, different teammates, coaches, when they joined the NBA, mentality/attitude, the defensive and offensive efficiency of teams in the MJ era and today and the competition that MJ and LBJ had/have, titles and rings that each has won (No, this does not constitute as the entire argument–i.e. Horry isn’t better than because he won 7 rings–but at the TOP LEVEL of basketball, when two players are both so great, one looks for anything to tip the scales, and any sport is ultimately about winning, so yes, it is still in the argument), the impact of each on American culture (MJ wins this one hands down. EVERYBODY loved him. Look how quickly people still go to his defense today. Lebron, on the other hand, is hated by half the basketball world. Now, I’m not saying that hate is justified by people don’t just randomly decide to hate a basketball player for ABSOLUTELY no reason. He must have done something but didn’t consider that slightly less than reasonable people would be offended), etc. You get the idea. Let’s not make this argument so one-dimensional and instead, widen our vision a bit.

  630. bakero says:

    mj = kb + lbj … face it, live with it!

  631. Jordan says:

    I disagree with Scott Pipp, but I also disagree with the arguments that everyone is making. Jordan is the greatest to ever touch a basketball and I dont think he will ever be matched. But weighing the merits of two players based on rings is stupid. Example-James Posey (1 ring) LeBron James (zero rings), but nobody is gonna say Posey is the better player except Poseys momma lol To tell the truth, in my opinion Bron has about 4 or 5 dudes to get past before he is mentioned above Jordan, (Bill Russel, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant…)

  632. marcfarrel says:

    michael jordan prove it something that lebron james not! try to put first in your finger the six nba championship ring before comparing yourself to the great airness (referring to lebron of course). your a way too long to michael jordan and you could never be michael jordan!

  633. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    This subject always is leading to a lot of comments with opposing groups. Who is goat. Majority says MJ. Regarding stats, titles and the professionality of his era there shouldn’t be any conversation about. He is the goat so far.
    More interesting is the comparison of KB24, LBJ and may be Tim Duncan. All these players have dominated in their own ways for a long time. Refering to the titles, KB24 is the best, TD 2nd, LBJ only 3rd. Refering to the stats, LeBron is in his own league (even when playing aside 2 other All stars!). Refering to his teamates, LBJ has had the worse support around him until his unpopular ‘decision’. KB24 always had a lot of very good players around him (actually probably the best teamates in his career!) and TD played all seasons under the same coach and many years with his great buddies Manu and Tony.
    Finally, these examples are showing that comparing players is a difficult thing. A room for individual opinions always will be there.
    Me personal, I like Scottie’s dimensions. In this sense I would say. KB24 is the most creative and mentally strong player of the last ten years. TD is the most steady player on a high level with allround qualities and amazing defense of the last 10 years. And LBJ is the greatest athlete (until Griffin entered the league) , the greatest factor for his teams (look at Cleveland) of the last ten years.

    What separates LBJ from the others are the championships. From tuesday on we’ll see his trip to his first ring. If Miami can add some talent around their 3, especially since D-Wade’s prime is over in about two or three years, they can start a series of multiple championships. As I said, we’ll c….

  634. truth says:

    this is everything bull** this is everything show pippen is I cant find the words to describe him

  635. Ismail says:

    Scottie you must be crazy. ‘Brown has got no ring and you say he da king. Go lie down somewhere and get some rest ’cause MJ’s got six and he doesn’t deserve your diss. j/k

  636. BETH says:

    Bill Russell has 11 rings

  637. Shiitake says:

    MJ is the greatest hands down, LeBron is the best in the league right now, and one of the best all time, but his role on the court is different from Jordan, they play in different roles, Jordan had more skills and all his plays were beautiful, LeBron doesn’t have the flow, he seems kinda heavy for me, but still he is a great player…

  638. Benjamin says:

    Hey all, i completely agree with a comment before about LeBron shouldnt be compared because he has so much more basketball left to play, jordan developed more and more of his sklls over his long tenure with the bulls championship teams.But one thing that annoys me so much is how people rip on LeBron for wanting to be on a better team that would put in as much effort as he would. You look at his past teams on the Cavaliers and he had to carry them through everything, including his 2 MVP seasons. The talent besides James on those rosters were inconsistant at best, you had Mo Williams who would at times be brillaint and complement LeBron and then you had old Shaq who wasnt nearly as productive as anyone was thinking he would be. Its unfair for anyone to get mad at him for wanting to win a championship when really the GM of the cavs didnt make a great effort to surround him with talent that would bring them to the net step. And not to mention, you cant put all that pressure on one play, no player in the History of the NBA has won a championship by themselves. i mean look at MJ, he had a defensive monster in Scottie Pippen and a lot more talent than that. If you are going to hate on LeBron for wanting to win, that is crap. But for the arguement i cant really put LeBron up over MJ just yet, i say at the end of his Career, LeBron will most likely be the best all around player with Jordan still being the greatest scorer.

  639. michael says:

    well i believe pippen when he said that, why? All of you forgot something michael jordan got his first ring in 1990 over 6 years and lebron might get his ring now 8 years after. Lebron can easily go on scoring in just a blink and can dominate in defense. I am a Jordan fan since my childhood days i am 38 now but i have not seen a player since MJ who can dominate the game like no other

  640. devon says:

    If there is no jordan there is no kobe and lebron

  641. John Daron says:

    People please Scottie I would like to see LBJ at his young age wins 3 championship and retire to win another 3. He just Dwane prince. He made a big basket last night. How many has Jordan made? UH!!!!!!!!!!! To prove great you got to continue. Chicago lost last night because they are inexperience. What I would like to see is Kobe wanting to get out of the Lakers because of the new coach, come to play with Rose. It would be a good match up the litte two VS the Big 3 with one looking like E.T.

  642. zodon says:

    Anyone ever think that maybe it was Phil Jackson who made Jordan and the bulls so good?

  643. Gman says:

    Lebron is the best basketball player of all time. MJ is the Greatest of all time.

    If you dont believe me ask yourself… Who is the GOAT they keep trying to compare everyone too.

  644. John says:

    How funny that the vast majority of you can not comprehend what you read! He said MAY! Which last time I checked means it’s a possibility not a certainty. I partially agree with him. There is absolutely no doubt that Jordan is better now. That is not the argument and anyone who thinks differently doesnt deserve to be in the debate but it is possible that Lebron could end up better therefore Lebron “MAY be the greatest” (not saying he is just saying it’s possible it could turn out that way.

  645. JR says:

    Who damn care about having a ring or not ? LeBron has never played in a huge team so far (wtf did MJ do with Washington ?) and now he’s with the Heat he’ll probably have his first ring on the first try, and I’d bet he’ll add way more later.
    You don’t need to have rings to show how good you are, and yes, LeBron is a better overall player than MJ, with no doubt at all. Not as great of a scorer (as he doesn’t take that many shots either), but shooting accurately and in clutch situations is the only thing he doesn’t do better than MJ.

    • John Daron says:

      Yeah JR. How old was Jordan. He came out of retirement for the second time and was still the best player in the team. When was the last time LBJ retire and came back and win a champianship. You should not post any comment here.

  646. Hives says:

    Last time I checked MJ didn’t win a ring on the Cavs either. Stop comparing rings. MJ had an amazing team surrounding him. Lebron hasn’t until this year. Either way, this is about individual players not the teams they played for. As everybody knows in the game of basketball the championship is not won alone.

    • BLM73 says:

      The Pippen Quote was that LBJ makes others around him better…..OK, what about Cleveland? LBJ is a talented loser, terrible attitude, with no Heart.

  647. mj dbest says:

    michael jordan is michael jordan..the greatest player ever..lebron james is a good player..but not as good as mj..scottie pippen may have his opinion that mj is not a good all around player like lbj.but because they always depends on mj during tough situations.which mj always responds.MJ ALWAYS DELIVER THE GOODS DURING HIS TIME.STILL MICHAEL JORDAN..THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER LIVED.

  648. Ivar says:

    Sasha Vujacic = 2
    Lebron = 0

    Jordan > Kobe > Lebron

  649. STEVE DONOYAN says:


  650. jannybo says:

    sorry everyone KOBE BRYANT is THE second to Michael Jordan PERIOD.

  651. Ron says:

    One name: Wilt Chamberlain…50 pts per game for a season, 100 pt game, 55 rebound game. By far the most dominant player to ever play in the NBA. Also why do all the young fans today not show any respect for Oscar Robertson and Kareem when talking about the best ever, both those guys should always be mentioned.

  652. sandra says:


  653. Miami4LIFE says:


  654. just in says:

    If Scottie was with Lebron instead of with MJ during his Bulls day, would he had grown to what he had become as a player? Would he be now wearing 6 rings? I dont think so. I think James would have probably transferred to another team, say Jazz to team up with Karl Malone and John Stockton. So Lebron is better than MJ? No way Scottie. No way.

  655. sandra says:

    People needs to give credit where credit is due!!!! Lebron never win a ring because he had no help when he was in Ohio and I must say if he had at least 2 more players to play with him when he was in Ohio he might have already got a ring….You cannot win basketball with one player…and thats why Rose didnt made it to the final because he is a GREAT player but they rely on Rose alone to win the game
    I totally agree with Scottie Pippen Lebron is the best player in the NBA right now…..Never mind he doesnt have a ring he is Really the best in the NBA>>>>

  656. Andre says:

    Lebron makes everyone look better, let us think about this for a moment…. he was in Cleveland, plenty of chances to go to the NBA finals with people who were play good, great at times, but he gave up and made them all look like choke city. Lebron makes himself look great and no one else, the guy is a good human being but when he is in competition mode its a different event happening all together. Lebron maybe will become as good or better then Jordan, but Kobe is better then Jordan and should be noted for this. Kobe makes his team get into the game, he gets in their faces and talks the game into them.

  657. cesc says:

    u guys are kidding.
    ADAM MORRISON: 2 rings
    LEBRON JAMES: 0 rings
    Let’s see if he can get at morrison’s level, then we’ll start thinking about His Airness MJ

  658. dan says:

    Hello, I think Pippens is not on his sense, MJ is the best player ever, since 1991 he dominates the NBA, all the years through 1998 he won the tittle. Lebron get agree with Bosh and Wade to play together, Pat Riley transformed a team for them because they were crying to win a championship. They are in the finals, so whats the surprise??? thats the way it is, thats the way it have to be. Its not a team, Dallas is a team, Miami not yet.
    This 3 guys were the best players on their teams last year, and what happened? they cant get to the finals, if Lebron is the best player ever why he didnt won the title with de Cavs? he is not the best player and will not be ever.
    MJ is too much player to be compared with this guy, I think that nobody knows exactly who was MJ, what did MJ did, all the things, MVP 6 times, defensive player of the year several times. Lebron James will never be like MJ.

  659. sandra says:

    Scottie pippen never said anything about Championship he spoke about WHO IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA

  660. Politeno says:

    Lebron is an amazing player, perhaps the best ever talent wise but comes nowhere close to what Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or Larry Byrd have meant to the game. Sure lebron can dunk harder and be a better facilitator and a better defensive player but thats not what make a legendary player such as the three that i’ve just mentioned; Lebron doesn’t inspire like the others did, he doesn’t have that X factor that simply makes hiim lovable; on the contrary, he has an overconfidence about him and a lack of humility that makes you kinda hate hiim, sure he’s “awesome” but i wouldn’t want to go and have a drink with him if you know what i mean. I say this whole Miami Heat Big Three thing will hurt the game because first of all, yes, the low-market teams will suffer from the lack of superstars and (if the Heat wins the year), it will in my opinion diminish the value of winning the coveted championship. To all the people saying that no NBA team has ever won a championship without putting together superstars, i think you’re completely wrong, this has never been done before. Lebron James is a one in a lifetime type player and by a certain stratch, so is D-Wade. KG, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen are all very good player, but there are not of the same caliber as the two others, neither one of them can carry a team single handedly throughout a season, like Lebron and Wade did with there respective teams last year. Its just not the same thing, And lastly, let’s say Lebron ends up winning this year, picture him lifting the Larry O’brien trophy at the end of the game, how happy will you be for him? As happy as you were for Jordan in 1991 or Magic in 1980…i doubt it

  661. cris says:

    hey scottie…are your thoughts really needed on this one?????you compare michael jordan to a gay and the gay wins???????you just shut the hellup scottie…yeah your the greatest player alive as far as am concern…after beating justin bieber at the all-star game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  662. MaraviLLa says:


  663. OvaChicken says:


  664. NBA up in belgium says:

    It’s so crazy to see all these people going crazy about some comparisons between the NBA’s best player’s; now and in the past.

    I mean, WHY THE HELL would you want to compare players with each other? And why would anyone disagree on the fact that don’t matter how good that one player is, they ALWAYS need a supporting cast which features another co-star player or two, to win championships. It’s just plain stupid saying that some players, like Lebron, don’t deserve to be in the All-Time Greatest talk, just because he hasn’t won any rings (yet!).

    Take a look at present players like Nash, Kidd, Nowitzki and all of them that don’t have a ring yet, it’s really kind of insulting to all those players to say that when u don’t have that ring, all of their contributions to the NBA have meant nothing in the end.. That’s just plain BS.

    I just love watching basketball in general, and players like MJ, Kobe, Lebron etc just make it even more pleasant. And there’s just no way saying who IS/WAS the best ever, they’re all insanely gifted athletes so stop your jabbering about.

    The only thing you can compare around these players are their teams and how they performed under their influence (and even then), but there’s no such thing as comparing the all time greats with eachother.

  665. Vick says:

    No matter how many rings James wins, haters gonna hate regardless. Pippen was comparing them individually, everyone knows great teams win Championships, not just one or two great players.

  666. STFU_ALL says:

    so it doesn’t get posted if you criticize the blogger huh?

    the blogger made a huge error on the title…. Pippen never said Lebron is the Best player… to ever play the game.

    PIPPEN SAID: MAYBE the best….

    Get your facts straight….

  667. Tygger2K6 says:

    Stop talking about the Greatest “Ball Hog” ever! Just focus on MJ and LBJ ‘coz this talk is for them. i don’t care where this goes to.

  668. gabriel polk says:

    did scottie forget the man that he played ball beside??? did he not remember the that man had defensive player of the year, did he not remember that no one ever stopped jordan and having a 15 point playoff game was unheard of for michael…..i think he forgot

  669. Amor Hubag says:

    It’s worth keeping in mind that Jordan didn’t win his first title until his was 28 years old. Lebron James is 26 now.

  670. jo says:

    Is scottie on drugs? Lebron is a lesser player than MJ… This Lebron is a quitter, finding easy ways just to get it done.

    Lebron is good…but will never be the best.

    Taking the Big Challenges is one part of being great… Lebron doesn’t have that.

  671. KC says:

    Scottie, are you kidding me…MJ is the greatest…Offense and Defense…Lebron is not even close…You can compare Lebron to Wade, Bryant, but not to MJ…C’mon now…

  672. Marcelo says:

    I really enjoyed the series, and the Bulls did not have the guts to close out games, but last night was a miserable performance from the refs at the end of the game. It all started with the foul on Lebron by DRose with some 3’30 on the clock, it was no foul at all, Bron just acted as he was touched. Then the foul on DWade on the 3 point shot. There was another one with a lose ball that LJ was on the floor with the ball and threw himself into Kurt Thomas and got a foul. True, DWade turned the game around with his quickness and clutch, but Miami didn’t need help from the refs. Chicago, still imature and young, fell apart with those WRONG calls and DRose couldn’t deliver anymore, the result, they are “GONE FISHING”!!! The good thing is, DRose is just 22, and he WILL GET BETTER! But off course he will need more help from his teammates! And I still wonder, why Thibs kept Boozer and Noah out when the team began collapsing????? About the comparison between LJ and MJ, Bron has strength and power, but nothing compared to Jordan’s Airness. Bron goes through the defense, running over whoever is on his way, Jordan could always find a way to go around, above and beyond, and also go through if necessary. Well, I am just a basketbal lover, but for me, even if Bron gets more rings than Jordan, he will have to do a lot more to be greater than Jordan, for the game changed after him, because of the way he played, and what has changed so far because of Bron’s style?????

  673. Orin says:

    I think Scottie has a better idea of who these two ppl are. He played with Jordan and against Lebron. Also, he watched them both play so I believe him.

  674. 24k says:

    lebron is no where near kobe and jordan.. GO DALLAS

  675. Proletariat says:

    I have been saying this since his run to the finals in Cleveland, that amazing performance he had in the fourth against Detroit. Sure he got swept by the Spurs, a great team this last decade. But the point remains, he was on the Cavaliers. A team with nobody that could back him up. You might say the Cavaliers looked somewhat decent as individuals but that is only because Lebron was there. He made them look better. They were the worst team in the NBA after he left. That has to say something. Jordan has the rings sure, but he also played with All-Stars the years he got them. Lebron is on his first team with All-Stars just this year and so far, he is doing a decent job getting his first ring. Michael’s career is over and as it stands right now I would argue he is the greatest player to ever play the game. If Lebron doesn’t fade in these next few years and keeps his game up as the leagues best overall player, I might just give it to him. It took awhile for fans to realize Gretzky had overthrown Gordie Howe, but it was there. The same goes for this situation, you sit in once place for so long thinking one player is hands down no contest the best ever, well its hard for somebody to come and change your mind before his career is even over. We are witnessing greatness people, stop hating and just take it in, love the game. Lebron James is amazing and definitely has the potential to be hailed the best ever.

  676. Banas Bob says:

    Come on ! Please – at the start of the season people were burning his jersey , and he got booed every time he touched the ball . He may have some talent on the court, but its already too late to remove his title as one of the most hated players of all time . No one wants him to win , he just plows into everyone , either the defensive players are scared to get in front of him or the refs are too worried to call a foul on him.
    Lets not go so far to compare him to MJ – he hasn’t accomplished half of what MJ did and he is 7 years into his career,
    and if he didn’t get the MVP this year – its for a reason – he didn’t deserve it ! Who could give an MVP award to such a hated player !!
    It is about time the NBA realizes they need to stop taking kids out of high school , they need a college education before hitting the big leagues , just listen to Lebron talk , and you’ll understand why . A disgrace to the NBA is what he is !!
    If Lebron was so great , I wonder why so many players didn’t want to play on his team , It wasn’t like that with MJ , at all . Come on , Dallas teach them a lesson !!

  677. Urge says:

    I will admit LeBron James is the best player right now because he is the best offensive force (sorry KD and Melo) AND at the same time best defender at his position.and he will clearly be in the Hall of Fame when he retires.
    Maybe i can go even so far to call him the best small forward ever BUT most of you guys seem to have forgottan, what a complete player MJ was.
    He wasn´t “just” the best scorer for a decade (yeah read this: 10, yeah thats right, TEN scoring titles !!!!!!!!) he also was a great defensive player ( NINE All Defensive First-Team Honors, Defensive Player of the Year in 1988).
    It wasn´t just his offensive skills that made him the G.O.A.T. it was his OVARALL playing ability at both sides of the floor.
    The only other stat i will through in is: 6 Finals-MVP Honors, that will be more than LeBron and Kobe combined when both of them retire one day.

  678. SSD LAKERS FAN says:








  679. KHOP11 says:

    You can’t compare Lebron to Jordan. Without Jordan there would have been no Lebron. Lebron exists because MJ came before him. Lebron is as good as he is because he grew up watching Jordan. I don’t know how much Nike paid Scottie to say that but he’s wrong. Just like you couldn’t compare Jordan to Bill Russell, you just can’t compare Lebron to Jordan. The league has been starving for someone to take over the “Airness” throne since 1998. Kobe hasn’t filled it (though he’s got the talent to he simply doesn’t have the PR and now that Lebron made the move to Miami, he won’t either). STOP comparaing everyone to Jordan. The 90s are over. Let it go. One word can stop this bogus jive right now: RINGS.

  680. MonK3y says:

    Lebron James is the best basketball player I have ever seen, I’ve been watching the NBA since the 1992 finals and to me, ring or not, no one can do or has done what Lebron can day in and night out.

    • MyGodAllMighty says:

      Then you must`ve seen european basketball or some other ball sport instead of the NBA.Or you are just dumb and don`t have a healthy brain that can process reality.

    • John Daron says:

      Still has not prove it. You lie !

    • BFOULDS says:


    • ShowTime says:

      That makes sense seeing as you never watch Magic Johnson or Larry Legend play.

  681. Mike says:

    It is absolutely impossible to tell who the better actually is… was… is… was… do you get my point? Let me do that again so that you can understand the contradiction in this debate: Is… was… is… was.

  682. Xodus says:

    LeBron is the best player to ever play the game. For those of you who disagree, tell me this… When was the last time Kobe won MVP of the league. I’m not talking about the Finals so don’t try to pull that ring crap on me. He’s hungry for a ring(s) that’s why he went to Miami. I love the Miami Heat. Way back when they had Lonzo. At the same time though I do think that he shouldn’t be compared to MJ because he was the greatest of his time. I’m curious to see King James take flight like MJ did, but add his own flare to it.

    P.S. Let’s Go Miami!!!! D-Wade, King James, and C-Bosh to the fullest.

    • JASEN____I_HATE_LEBRON says:


      • BIG3 says:


    • John Daron says:

      What king ? Prince James. Why don’t with put Kobe with Rose and Let s see the Big 3 VS the little 2 . James will never win 5 Championship. Kobe should be the next MJ but still not. He would need to accomplish a lot more. As for James he needs to stop acting.

    • gmoney says:

      yer when was the last time lebreon won a chip!?
      or how about won a finals MVP…….
      he cant hold a torch to MJ who never lost a finals series when he got there.
      if he was the greatest he would have taken the cavs all the way thats what “THE GREATEST” did for his bulls
      so dont even make ridiculous comments

  683. CJack says:

    Another Thing Kobe wasn’t always the best Player on his he has 5 rings but Shaq was the Best player 3 of the times. LeBron, MJ, Bird, Magic, Jabbar, Hakkem, They were always the best players on their respective teams. and respect Pippen opinion he played with MJ for 10 whole seasons out of anybody ever analyst or what have you he would know best.

    • JASEN____I_HATE_LEBRON says:


  684. WoodyRed says:

    I am a Chicago fan. I do strongly believe the calls in that game were very one sided. Look back at the Pacers series. every time Rose drove to the hole he scored or was fouled, naturally because of the way he holds the balls while in the air. You can count on one hand thats missing three fingers the number of times this happend in the Heat games. Lebron is a great player. He’s not MJ. Kobe is not MJ. we’ll see who guards Derk.

    • BLM73 says:

      Noone Guards Dirk!!

      Go Mavs!!

      Go Blame Wade, Bosh, Bibby, Miller, Haslem, and Anthony for your falling short of a Ring yet again LeBron.

  685. Jim Baixo says:

    I’m sorry but I just can’t see it… Lebron surely is a great player but you can’t him compare to Jordan.. The comparision is wrong in so many levels…

    Oh well Jordan was the greatest and he has to bear the burden of others being compared to him…

  686. Sasà says:

    I think pippen was drunk. LBJ is an incredible player, but come on: MJ does not need to travel to hit clutch shots, he was pure. Lebron is great but is King Crab.

  687. rsc says:

    I am Laker, and used to HATE on MJ. Bulls then used to beat up my Lakers. But MJ was a MONSTER of a PLAYER and scorer. Ladies and gentlemen, please lets not compare these two players just yet. Give Michael Jordan some respect!

  688. ballin24 says:

    Scottie how could you. Listen, there is obviously zero doubt that lebron is a fantastic player and will go down as one of the best ever. But there is one thing that jordan has that lebron doesn’t which is required to be the best ever; and that is the factt hat lebron is a total coward. he has such low self-esteem that he thought the only way he could ever get a ring is by joining a super team. it was pathetic and a huge disappointment to his now ex-fans. Jordan is the man

  689. Mark says:

    Lebron doesn’t touch Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. No two players made teammates around them better.

    Michael Jordan is the best scorer of all-time. Right on Scottie. Scottie tells the truth because Jordan used to yell at him when he shot the ball and didn’t give it to MJ. That’s not a team player.

    • John Daron says:

      I ll much rather watch Jordan Highlights than any of these player. As for Magic, Jordan to the Crown from him. Oh! what a move. Have you all forgotten. LBJ is not no King. He’s wade’s prince. A king rule no matter where he is, just like a lion. I guess Scottie was trying to give him the benefit of the dout after he won last night. Go Mav!!!!!!!!! Let the prince serve his master.

  690. phoenix says:

    lebron maybe the best all around player ever but remember he is the greatest quitter ever.just to remind you his last 4 games with cavs.mj greatest basketball player lebron just great.

  691. JASEN says:

    Is everyone forgetting about Kobe ? He is the only person that should even be compared to MJ.
    Lebron is a champion chaser and if he was as good and made is players great then why did he leave cleveland??
    All the great players win with there team they don’t join the enemy to win. He cares nothing about team game or the game itself just personal satifaction.

  692. jorge uriga says:

    jordan wins this argument hands down
    and i wouldnt rule out larry bird being the greatest player ever

  693. Flo P. says:

    I ask only one question to show my view….

    has Lebron ever won a Best Defense Player Award?

  694. Marcus says:

    No way! As Larry Bird already said, quote: “Michael Jordan is God playing basketball!”

    I think Scottie was impressed about last night perfomance and a little sad, perhaps.

    Go mavs!!!

  695. rsc says:

    I really believe that the people whom are claiming LeBron to be better than MJ are teenagers….which of course, did not see MJ playing a full game. I am Laker, and used to HATE

  696. Domino93 says:

    Scottie doesn’t know 😛

  697. rikyu says:

    Lebron is a great player, but the comparison with Jordan in unfair for both. Anyway I would never consider Lebron the best to ever play the game even if he would win more than #23. A player who has been committing so many traveling violations does not deserve that recognition.

  698. BIG 3 says:


  699. Olafoa says:

    Maybe just maybe, but the moment he left Cleveland was the day he sealed his fate(for me atleast). He will always have that thing missing weather he wins 1 or 10 rings.

  700. baltazar says:

    I think Pippen is right. It is may not be true to make a comprison of different times. MJ era is over, and now it is the LBJ era. He is the best player right now and maybe for next 10 years. 10 years later we can compare them.

  701. CJack says:

    I Agree, disregard rings. Is Luc Longley a better center than Patrick Ewing, is he? Luc has 3 rings to Pat’s 0. Skill wise and athleticism yes 6’8″ 260 and the fastest guy on the court he is the basically the best of Jordan and Magic mashed together with a Dwight Howard body type. Intangibles no Jordan Is way way WAY ahead of LeBron, Jordan’s leadership is unmatched his will to win is impeccable. LeBron grew to be a great defender, Jordan started as one. Compare not the years they played but at the age LeBron is the Best Player ever at age 26.

  702. Nonie says:

    lol . .it doesnt mean u have a ring doesnt mean u are a lot better than a player u compared to. .if we talking about rings. . lets just say Derek Fisher>Allen Iverson , , or Robert Horry>Tracy Mcgrady or Tony Parker>Steve Nash. . Come on Give me a Break. . .!!!!

  703. Mark says:

    Neither Jordan or Lebron are the best basketball players ever. Larry Bird is.

    • rodas says:

      BIRD???LOOOOOOL!!!!Why not Magic then?

    • KHOP11 says:

      Larry was arguably the highest SKILLED. He wasn’t a very good “athlete”. The man couldn’t jump over a credit card. But he’s a legend because of the skill level he had. Hey you can argue Bird was the best. – but I think there’s a Jumpman out there who dropped 63 on him and his Celtics back in the day… oh wait MJ still lost that game. 😉

    • Mark says:

      I’d wouldn’t disagree with Magic Johnson either, but it’s not MJ or Lebron.

  704. dork says:

    Lebron is good but he is no MJ. MJ have to beat the likes of Bird, Isiah, Magic, Patrick Ewing, Sir Charles, Mailman, John Stockton, Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Hakeem Olajawon, David Robinson, Reggie Miller. Young Shaq and Young Kobe, and Young Penny Hardaway. The talent that he has beaten is unreal. Many Hall of Famers did not get a ring because of Jordan. His desire and will to win is greater than anybody I have ever seen. Lebron is not on his level in terms of killer instinct. Lebron looks like a better specimen and all around good player, and have amazing athletic ability. Lebron James does not instill the fear and the respect MJ command. If I have to choose to make a winning shot for the game, I will take MJ over Lebron, hell I even take Kobe on Lebron for the game winner. MJ is the greatest of all time because he brings the best in you and you do not play your best, he will step on your throat full throttle and not let up. The competition Lebron face is not comparable to what MJ face and the way they call foul now, in the 80s and 90s when the game was physical, pretty much everybody will fouled out of almost every game. MJ play tougher opponent overall, just look at the list…most can make a case to be in the top 50 of all time and that is unbelievable that one man dominate his era so completely.

  705. BBALLPLAYER says:

    Seriously…….that’s just plain nonsense to compare Lebronze James to MJ. He and Dwade couldn’t win Gold without Kobe in the olympics, and while everyone needs help to win Kobe or Jordan never ran to other citites to try and win championships. There is no argument here because Lebron hasn’t even won 1 championship while MJ has 6 and kobe has 5. Best of all time? Pippen should be ashamed of himself talking that nonsense.

  706. the kobe says:

    I can not believe that Scottie Pippen say that I mean that lebron james is a very good player but my favorite team are the Lakers lebron but lacks a little more experience to match or improve jordan lebron can be a complete player but there is only one thing I like about him and is playing very aggressive I think if KOBE BRYANT improve their statistics a bit more serious the real MJ because Kobe has more experience in the nba lebron and kobe ​​maybe if improvement can be large nba . and respect other opinions lebron fans but it is my opinion. thanks

  707. Alberto says:

    Scottie, Mike was soo gooood he made every player around him good! He even made you look like an all-star!! M23 the best!!!

  708. LEO says:

    Michael Jordan has been and will be the best basketball player ever.
    We can say that Lebron is excellent on defense, but MJ was excellent too.
    Lebron has excellent athletic capabilities but Jordan had something that nobody will ever have: cadence and elegance; this is something Lebron will never have.
    You just have to see videos of both players dunking the ball and you will notice the difference between both players.
    When I watch Lebron on TV, all I can see is a bunch of muscles going through the basket.

  709. daBullsRule says:

    Wow..wow?! How DARE Pippen say James is better than Jordan. How DARE he say that after Jordan took him on a SIX CHAMPIONSHIP rides. In the two years without Jordan, Pippen couldn’t even get to the Finals – sure blame the Collins bogus call all you want but Jordan made sure he beat you into submission so that bogus calls were not the difference maker. The big difference between Jordan and James is that Jordan made his teammates relevant; James teamed up with two already established stars with Wade being a Superstar and championship winner already.

    For James to even be in the discussions, he first needs to win 5 rings and prove he is better than Kobe Bryant.

  710. The Wolverine says:

    Michael Jordan was the best in his era. Michael Jordan is not the greatest to ever play the game. Go back and review history with the likes of Bill Russell 9-11 championships in a row and MVP awards and other stats were not tracked in his era. Kareem Abdul Jabar all time points leader,Wilt Chmaberlain all time rebounder, Oscar Robertson average a triple double in a season without shot clock and three pointers being counted, Earl the Pearl Monroe, Jerry West(Mr. Clutch) to name a few. The NBA had to change the rules because of Shaquill Oneal the rules never change because of M. Jordan, so it depends on what stats and acomplishments you want to compare. Lebron James is not there and may not get there it just depend on if can win championship rings????

  711. John T says:

    If we are going to look at legacies, there are a slew of players better than LBJ. MJ, Kobe, Magic, Big O, Kareem, Russell, the list goes on and on.

    This is why I can’t stand LeBron. IF he wins one, he’s going to be compared to the greats…..for ONE CHAMPIONSHIP that he won with a SUPER TEAM!

    Lets talk about Dirk. He’s been the best player in this year’s playoffs, does NOT have a super team, and I think the Mavs are going to win it this year.

  712. Handy says:

    All the tools are with both players, no question, inner drive may always set them apart. We could bang on about stats till the scroll bar on the right hand side take a week to toggle through. Numbers do the measuring but the drive within a player is something you cant put on a spreedsheet. Situation, LeBron, ball in hand, bigger physically, smartly chooses where he has the advantage on Jordan, works himself into the post and being bigger, taller should always back Michael down….. Michael in that situation will NEVER back down from that challenge… There, maybe where the difference is. Love where Air Jordan took this game, Love the idea where King James could take this game.

  713. guillermo dominguez says:

    Jordan is the greatest because he took the franchise that drafted him and won 6 rings he didn’t have to take his talents anywhere don’t ever compare lebrick to jordan

  714. Peter G says:

    Why is everyone comparing LeBron and MJ with rings? That’s irrelevant at this point in time because Lebron James isn’t even half way through his career. Right now, MJ is still the greatest and might be for a while, but LeBron is definitely the one who can change that, and from what i’ve seen from him in these playoffs, the rings won’t be an issue in the future.

  715. Josh says:

    Sorry, that is just not accurate. The difference between MJ and LeBron is the ability to impose one’s own will. MJ was a master of imposing his will against other teams and players. LeBron simply isn’t there yet. He may get there some day, but he is not even close yet. Not to mention the fact that he had to get two other stars on his team to be able to even come close. Not quite Scottie.

  716. bob says:

    Someone please ask Pippen what he has been smoking. Pleazzzzzzz. LBJ has nothing on MJ.

  717. JASON says:


  718. AntPrezz says:

    If its all about rings, then why isnt Bill Russell considered the greatest of all time?

  719. skyhook79 says:

    Pippen is wrong on both counts.
    Jabbar is the Greatest scorer of all time and MJ the greatest player of all time but a case could be made for Magic Johnson as the greatest of all time.

  720. phil says:

    neither lebron nor kobe will match MJ…lebron failed last summer when je left the cavs just to get a title. MJ stayed in chicago and led them from ZERO to six titles. Lebron might get one now cause of wade and bosh, too, not cause he made miami in year-long and hard work to what it is now. and c’mon, taking the 23 is quite some lack of respect. he will be one of the greatest, completest players ever…but MJ will always be ahead of him…

  721. Bro says:

    Gross. Scottie is way off base here. Lebron has better court vision then MJ did i’ll give you that, but to say he’s a better overall player? Are you kidding me?! Lebron isn’t a quarter as skilled as Jordan was. He doesn’t have the footwork (incredible travels), the moves, the jumper, or the killer instinct. He’s a great player, but the only reason he’s dominant is because of his supreme athleticism and excellent finishing ability. Jordan dropped 50 when he was 38 years old on the Wizards. Lebron will be lucky to still be playing by then.

  722. UKBoy says:

    if lebron james can bring the miami heat 2 grandslam then i would say his the great player but as of now i dont believe him.. Jordan had 6 rings..

  723. a;lskdhfoasdf says:

    Bron haters just give him time, MJ played like 20 years in the league and this is only LBJ’s 8th or 9th? He’ll get his rings, and then we’ll have a legit convo about the best ever.

    • WoodyRed says:

      Let These guys be themselves. The league is very different now. We can’t fully compare MJ and Lebron because the NBA is much much different now.

    • famohsen says:

      mj played 14 and if he played in 94 and a full 95 season he would have won 8 not 6 bro…also MJ won his first ring in his 7th year and your friend LBJ is in his 8 or 9th yers now

  724. Michael Jordan says:

    How many Rings you win while I played Baseball Scottie? Show some respect Bro.

  725. Courtney says:

    Pippen said what everyone else is scared to say.

  726. Clive Walt says:

    Scottie Pippen knows basketball skills…he saw plenty of it throughout his career…it has nothing to do with winning championships. There are many great players who played on teams that did not win championships because they didn’t have enough good players on their team to get over the hump. I watched Jordan and was an avid fan when he played. In my opinion, Jordan was the best scorer and clutch shooter. He had a drive and competitive spirit to win that I have not seen from any other player. He later developed into a very good defender.

    Here’s my spin on Lebron. He does almost everything and is expected to do almost everything the teams needs to win. That puts a lot of responsibility upon his shoulders. With all that responsibility and the mounds of hate that he gets, it amazes me how he handles it all.

  727. Jerwin says:

    (FOR ME)
    M.J is the greatest player , maybe LBJ will be the greatest player too but …
    if he can get a 6 championship ring like MJ i will vow to him.

  728. LBJ-is-not-skilled says:

    the only advantage lebron has over jordan is his weight and height. who says that’s an advantage anyway? 😉

  729. Bob says:

    People who say LBJ is better, or will ever be better than MJ, they need to wake up from lala-land, caus’ that’s never gonna happen!

  730. MJKOBELEBRON says:

    MJ is better than kobe and kobe is better than lebron, so 1.MJ 2.KOBE 3.LEBRON, if anyone thinks lebron is better than kobe then just go back and look at kobes highlights in his career and then take a look at his 5 rings.

  731. Managah says:

    Hold on a second people everyone needs to chill when it comes to comparing Lebron to Jordan i think people are nuts. All you have to look at is what jordan has accomplished in this league compared to lebron. Scottie Saying that lebron is a more all around player than Jordan. Wait a minute didn’t Jordan make names for everybody that played on his team, the likes of Scottie Pippen himself, Luc Longely, Steve Kerr, John Paxson,Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper, Bill Wennington, B.J Armstrong, Horace Grant who were these guys before they entered Jordan’s life now can you remember any of lebron’s team mates in cleveland that he made names for them. Jordan won scoring title and defensive player of the year in one season. That sonuds like all around to me, Lebron doesn’t even have a defensive title but people like scottie forget the days when he begged Jordan to return , the question should be if Lebron left would the league miss him example iverson…..i don’t think so Kobe is a replica of Jordan i believe Kobe was the reason USA team won FIBA AND Olympics simply based on that the team had tried for so long with carmelo and lebron that they had to call on the black mumba. Lebron has alot to prove when it comes to the hardware….so to start comparing him to Jordan not even close where is the dunk title, where is the lebron theme song…..I believe that he will always have that hang over his head that he had to Join to other superstars in there prime to get to the finals and also that Wade is the main factor this Miami heat team plays together it’s not lebron.

  732. lamaskosusumo says:

    Scot maybe right but because of him LBJ was here and all other superstars here now in the league see this http://sportales.com/basketball/miami-heat-lebron-james-is-better-than-michael-jordan/

    • seewhatyouwanttosee says:

      i really don’t knw how the refs are on D wade’s side if that was the case he would of lived on the line none of you guys are making any sense…d wade carried the weight in the first half and they give bron the second half to close it out…whats the big deal lebron makes his mind up to shoot before he reaches the other side (not that anything is wrong with it) you guys stop saying he is jordan the duo and trio looks better than any other formed before. They are clutched shots the guys are more athletic but don’t have a higher iq. what do you think a young barkley would do to any great payer today. is dirk better than hakeem…can any big man today handle a young shaq or tim duncan or the real twin tower (david and duncan) was there a better penetrator tthan any top guard in the league back then (bey jason kidd was mediocre compared to the great tim hardaway kevin johnson ai) yall gats to be joking the most athletic player to eveer play (vince carter) he could of ducked of any body but he just whithered away. I am leaving out a young kg aa young ray allen oakley mason pippeen needs to remember that era now its just highlight and d wade doesn’t need your blessings guys know. eevery body who went for lebron went for d wade…everybody who was a free agent (every body) wanted to play in Miami stoudemire (miami cleveland) boozer (miami) joe johnson (miami cleveland) dirk (miami) stackhouse (miiami) Chris Bosh (Miamii or CHI) where ever d wade go lebron (MIa chi new york) come on guys roles and eeam work they started oout sayinng they realy dont have to prove any more to any one once they win I think wae really means it and i still think lebron does also but he still wants a piece of hollywood he deserves it man go get it bballer.

  733. This is sad, Pippen is obviously ranting as his comments make no sense in his comparison. How can talk about what Lebron’s defense and not note Jordans leading offensive and defensive 1st teams selection spots – where he leads history with 9 selections each. One of the only players to get defensive player of the year and MVP in the same year, yet Pippen claim lebron does things great on the defensive end. No, what Jordan did was great, what lebron doing is good. I don’t care about the rings if most stating it’s the only thing, check the stats, the history, what Jordan did for the NBA, and the awards. Lebron is only noted for ringless 2 MVP seasons, only 3 1st team selections all team, 0 are for defense. Pippen is mad because he is broke as KING MJ took the shine in Chicago, sorry for your endorsements not e great player that ever lived.

  734. pippen u are the best my goat

  735. dirk and the mavs are going down. kill em lebron… go heat

  736. edan taub says:

    When Lebron learns how to close games, improve his jumper and hit clutch shots on a consistent basis like KOBE and JORDAN, then you can starts comparing them. Till that happens please dont even mention lebron as the greatest.

    • Okay says:

      If you saw the Bulls-Heat Game 5 yesterday night, you would have seen that LeBron made pretty clutch shots that game AND closed the game out pretty well. He made 2 threes to tied the game for the Heat and led the Heat to a victory once again. So shut up about all this hating on Lebron.

      • BFOULDS says:


  737. scorch says:

    It’s hilarious how some people say that Kobe won his rings as the only superstar on his team. Are you friggin serious? For the first three rings he had Shaq. Please, don’t make yourselves look stoopid by forgetting that. As a matter of fact, in two of the three finals with Shaq on the Lakers it was Shaq, NOT KOBE, who got the finals MVP. For the last two rings Kobe had Gasol, Odom and Fisher (who was there during the Shaq days as well btw). Even though those three might not be of the star quality of Wade (except for maybe Gasol when he’s not being a total wuss), you get my point. Just as an experiment I’d like to put Kobe on that Cavaliers team, see how he would fare with REALLY no consistent help at all. 🙂

    That said, I’m pretty sure you can’t compare LeBron to MJ just yet. I love to watch LeBron play, but he just hasn’t had the same impact on the game/world of basketball as Jordan had. I mean, Jordan was known all over the world when he was in his prime. I lived in Romania back then, and I remember that even there, the name Michael Jordan was a well known name. He just lifted the game up with how he played, how he carried himself. One thing that LeBron does have on Jordan imo is versatility. But he has that on pretty much anyone, which is what makes him great. Give LeBron a few years to mature, to polish the parts of his game that are still rough around the edges. Then we can get into this discussion again.

  738. mcruz says:

    Totally disagree with Pippen. Lebron has alot to accomplish, two all-star MVP’s aint enough. That aint doing it for now so i believe that Jordan is still and will be the greatest on the game, not only as a scorer but as a dunker. James is afraid to compete on the dunk contest and loose, to be the greatest you need to do wat the greatest do. In my opinion Kobe Bryant has been the closest to Michael Jordan he has 5 rings, wat is it 3 all-star game MVP’s, 2 finals MVP’s, and is on the all-time nba lead. Even if kobe didnt win alone the championships but it didnt take alot of all-stars to acommplished it. As far as everything goes it could just be another disspointment for lebron james and loose twice on the finals, or dirk? Will see who wants it more, getting out of the subject, Derrick Rose has alot to learn and could be the next big thing he has talent and is just starting, he has establish himself as a MVP and even if he lost but theres alot to expect!

  739. Me says:

    mrlash says:
    May 27, 2011 at 1:41 pm
    take look at stats when Kobe and ‘Bron are of the same age. ur perfect scorer kobe just put 24 ppg 5 rb 5 asist. both regular season and playoff.

    Hmmmm…lets see,
    Kobe 3 rings
    Lebron 0

  740. Pippen just hyping the finals says:

    YOU people are NUTS-INSANE to believe that Lebron is greater then Jordan he hasn’t done anything yet. Look at what Jordan faced, Lebrons not in his league. This is a joke to the History of Basketball, these players have to earn comparisons it 1st. Seriously you people sure its not april fools? That statement insults the rich history of champion of Jordan.

  741. lupin the 3rd says:

    cmon guys jordan is still the best that ever played……:)

  742. Hmmm says:

    I think Michael Jordan is the Greatest Player to ever play the game of basketball. Kobe Bryant is the Best Scorer to ever play the game of Basketball and LeBron James could be the best All-Around player but at the moment that’s Oscar Robertson or Magic Johnson.

  743. D4sharpshooter says:

    I think that people just hate Lebron because of the publicity and everything that has happened over this past year, but if you overlook all that and focus on what he does on court then you would be an idiot to say that he is not ONE of the top players in history.

  744. not even close says:

    Jordan never ever gave up. End of argument, end of story.

  745. james says:

    This Finals is very interesting.. Dirk is back with a vengeance but LBJ is hungry for a ring that he even let a whole city hate him just to get that ring. But on topic LBJ will never go over MJ..

  746. Lester says:

    Michael Jordan was, is, and in all probability, will be the greatest player to play basketball. I am a huge Heat fan and love James (and Wade of course) and consider him ONE OF the greatest players to ever play. But there is a reason that Jordan has so many rings; great players make great plays WHEN THEY MATTER! James has come thru in the clutch so far this season and hopefully he”ll get his ring this year, BUT Michael Jordan had something I haven’t seen in ANY other player ever; the ability to do whatever was needed (offense, defense, coaching teammates) to WIN. This quality about Jordan is what always stood out to me. Maybe its true, perhaps the Jordan era has been romanticized throughout the years, but with the game on the line, time running out, and down by a point; I would definately rather have Jordan with the ball as opposed to ANYBODY! GO HEAT! MJ = epic!

  747. aaron says:

    lol what a load of crap, lebron better than Jordan? r u kidding me? in my opinion he’s not even better than Wade or Lebron

  748. Andrade says:

    Was scottie pippen an idiot all along or since he retired

  749. Rocket33 says:

    For the last 2 years all I’ve been reading is how Kobe is the next Jordan or possibly better. The Lakers lost this year so now it’s LeBron hey? So, if Dallas beat Miami in the finals (don’t think they will) are we gonna be throwing Dirk’s name out there?

    Stop comparing people to MJ. He is the greatest plain and simple. He was the undisputed best player of his era and stopped a lot of great Hall Of Fame players from winning championships. In this era people can’t even make up their mind on who is better out of Kobe, LeBron or D-Wade.

    Now, all Scottie said was the best “all around” player, meaning able to do the most things. Not the best player full stop so I’ll forgive him for putting LeBron and MJ’s names in the same sentence. LeBron is a great all around player, but so was Fat Lever. 🙂

  750. Rosie Thoams says:

    One thing about people in America…we love to give people high accolades before they have actually achieved anything…..I am almost tired of the comparison. lebron is not better than Jordan. You can’t compare the two. Just like you can’t compare Kobe to lebron. There was a Jordan era….a Kobe era (and it’s not done yet) and the next era. 😉

    But it seems funny how Pippen would come out and say that at this time. What happened to last season? If he were so great, why couldn’t that statement be made then? Did this statement just come up as the heat seat on the verge of competing for a championship. Because in June 2010, I didn’t hear Pippen or anyone comparing him to Jordan. Yes, Pippen played with Jordan. He should know better. He has only watched lebron play.

    The thing that seperates Jordan from any other player is his heart. Jordan had a heart for winning and would go to the extreme to win. He didn’t run from it, blame his teammates and he didn’t cry when he didn’t win. He wasn’t fraudualent and he definitely wasn’t a media whore. It comes down to the fact that lebron doesn’t have the same heart that Jordan had. Jordan has the championships to back him up but he is the face of the nba. And there are just some things you do not say in the nba. My point is if he is so great (and an “all around player”) why couldn’t he get a championship in Cleveland? No other big time player did….Jordan, Magic, Kobe, Pierce (and we forget that it was Pierce that did not leave Boston. He allowed other players to come to him.). It was predicted by many that last season was the season for him to win. They won 60 regular season games.

    I think Scottie Pippen was like most other people….caught up in the moment! It has taken lebron several seasons to get to this point. He has been mvp and won a gold medal for the US… Nobody is really hating on lebron. The fact is….he can not be compared to Jordan, Kobe or even Magic. lebron still has a ways to go.

    The fact is greatness in the nba is attributed mainly to the number of championships a “star” player or a team has won. And if we are counting the number of championships, lebron is not even in the mixed of the conversation until he gets at least 5! And if we are counting rings only, better include some of the others who have more rings than Jordan!

    What would be interesting to see is how it would be if they all played at the same time (age and all)!

    Another fact….in order for lebron to catch jordan’s 6, he would lmost have to win a championship every year for the next 6 seasons. Impossible…..He is almost 27. He will be 33 possibly playing for his 6th ring. Wade is 29 now. If he is still playing, he will be 35 playing with lebron. And you know the talk about nba players when they reach 32, 33?

    • Thinking says:

      Lebron is only 26.. and Jordan won his first championship when he was 28. I think hes got time.

  751. Bryan says:

    John, Your comment makes the most sense out of all the mentally challenged people on here. The Media has created a firestorm of hate with the way they talked about him needing other superstars to make it happen. The funny thing is that everyone finds this to be some new anomaly. Just as you stated every era of Great has had other All-Star/SuperStar/HOF Caliber players up there with them. This is nothing new to the NBA. Lebron is on Track to be where Scottie and others say he will be. And every time somebody questions or doubts him he comes back stronger.

    Just wait….You will ALL see…

  752. ompong says:


  753. ompong says:


  754. ompong says:


  755. i cant believe people are still hating on lebron after he just made the bulls look stupid last nite.. haters..:( u just jealous. u wish u were lebron james. the best player ever.. make dallas squeal lebron. everyone knows u are the best. if they dont think u are they just jealous.

    • sandra says:


      • John Daron says:

        Dwane Prince; he will never even top Kobe. Bulls lost because they’re missing parts. Let s put kobe with rose and see what s up? LBJ conversation would not even be mention now, and still there is no legacy. LBJ garbage, just size, no real human highlights, looser, quitter.

  756. Groh says:

    Mj won against magic’s Lakers. and against Drexler, Barkley, Malone and Stockton. He beats all the superstars of his era. an era full of superstars!!! He beats the knicks, the pistons, he beats all the teams where played his dream team teamates, the greatest team of all time… Pippen just lost his mind for sure!!!

  757. pippen knows what hes talking about. he played with air jordan. if anyone knows its him. he wouldnt of said something like that unless it was true. lebron u will be the best ever. i wonder what mj thinks.

  758. Edizzle says:

    If your only arguement on why Lebron is not considered one of the greats, solely based on the fact that he doesnt have any rings, then you would agree to say that Robert Horry is one of the greatest players of all time!!!! I mean he has 6 RINGS!!!!!!!

  759. what a game last nite. lebron u just hushed up all the critics again. u are the best player in the world and when u win ur rings in ten yrs u will be the greatest player to ever play basket ball. sorry air jordan. u are the best ever now but lebron is coming. i loveu mike jordan but lebron is just the complete basketball player. go heat 🙂

  760. John says:

    Realistically, to come to this conclusion people have to wait until the end of LeBron’s career. People are stuck on Jordan, so it’s going to take an entire career that is great. Sure, Kobe’s on the list, maybe top 5.. but he really does not rival Jordan. My stance: Jordan is the greatest now, but in ten years it will MOST LIKELY be different. The #1 argument against LeBron is that he doesn’t have the championships that Jordan had. But think about this: Michael Jordan came into the league in 1984. He did not win a championship until the 1990-1991 season. That was in his seventh year of his career. LeBron entered the league in in 2003. He’s gunning for a very possible championship in 2011. It’s his 8th year in the league. Not a big difference. People continued to claim that he can’t win a championship on his own. But realistically, nobody can. Jordan couldn’t. Kobe couldn’t. LeBron’s supporting cast in Cleveland was god awful, and that’s obvious. He left the team and now they’re the 2nd worst team in the league. Remember when Jordan left the league to play baseball? The Jordan-less bulls won 55 games. Think about it, Jordan had Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. His entire championship career he had a great supporting cast. So did Kobe. Kobe had Shaquille O’neal, who probably is the third best center of all time. Then he had Pau Gasol, at times Bynum, Odom, Ron Artest. Without these players he cannot win a championship. We saw it this year against the Mavericks. When Pau Gasol didn’t play well the Lakers got wrecked by the Mavericks. Oh, and one more point: LeBron got ripped in the MVP vote this season. He’s clearly a more dominant player than Derrick Rose, but because of personal biases; dislike of LeBron because of his handling of “The Decision”, he was not even voted second in MVP voting. Is Dwight Howard really better than LeBron? Really? Wait ten years and then ask yourself “who is the greatest player in NBA history?”

    • melchedsik says:


      The differents was with MJ & KB is they didn’t leave their team to seek a championship. Even KB in his prime could had left when the laker was crap but he stayed………LB ran too other supper stars to win a ring.

      • HeatWave says:

        Kobe said either Shaq goes or I go. Buss kept Kobe but he was willing and ready to leave. There was also another incident in 2007 or so I believe where Bryant was talking again about leaving LA.

      • Mike Cole says:

        It is hard to compare MJ, KB, & LJ to each other. Looking at stats and awards, MJ is the better player hands down but the playing field is not level. MJ had revolutionize the game of basketball in his era. Magic and other great players did it as well. Some went to good teams and had a better chance of winning a championship others were not so lucky. I could name them all but its a waste of time. But, if we are talking about loyalty MJ & KB stayed with their team & LJ joined the Heats. I can’t blame him. But to be compare to MJ to LJ or KB how can I be fair? It take LJ eight years for his title chance. I’ll used his stats this year alone with KB & MJ eighth year only.

        rpg apg spg bpg ppg
        Lets see: MJ 6.4 6.1 2.28 .94 30.1
        KB 5.5 5.1 1.7 .4 24.
        LJ 7.1 7.0 1.7 .8 27.7

        rpg apg spg bpg ppg
        or first title chance; MJ 6.0 5.5 2.72 1.01 31.5
        KB 6.3 4.9 1.9 .9 22.5
        LJ 7.1 7.0 1.7 .8 27.7
        I did not mention the amount of games played or start along with some other important stats. At this point in the respective players’ career KB is closer to MJ than LJ. But we all are looking at LJ preformance this year not to mention he finally has championship shot. As far as accomplishment how can we really compare him to KB yet a lone MJ he has ways to go yet. But if and only if he continue to perform at this level he will. GO LJ!!!

  761. LeBron > Kobe says:

    LEBRON JAMES IS BETTER THAN KOBE BRYANT The only reason people say Kobe is better is because Kobe have 5 rings that he could not have got them without Shaq or Gasol. Unlike Kobe, LeBron didn’t really have a team that he can depend on or a good coach. On the other hand, Kobe had a great team and a great coach. That’s why Kobe has 5 rings. But stats prove it that LeBron is a better player than Kobe Bryant. End of story.

    • LABRYANT says:


  762. Greg says:

    Jordan played when defences were allowed to play much tougher…and still was a better scorer. Further, his defensive skills seem to have been totally ignored by most of you. The guy was a 9 time NBA All-Defensive First Team selection and was an NBA Defensive Player of the Year. This playoffs James has finally stepped up in the clutch, but he has a way to go before he can even be considered in the same ballpark as Jordan in terms of his clutch play. Lebron is an exceptional player, a shoo-in for the hall of fame, and when he shows that he can win regularly we can seriously start to consider his legacy. Maybe in three rings time…MAYBE.

  763. Ken from Toronto says:

    Lebron Lebron, Let’s thanks to Chris Bosh and the team in general…… The media and ESPN fakes didn’t give Chris Bosh the credit… Look at this series vs. the Bulls…CHRIS BOSH PLAYED HIS HEART OUT but only Lebron or D Wade get the thanks….. LAST NIGHT GAME 5 CHI SHUTDOWN D WADE AND LEBRON UNTIL 4TH Q.. Chris Bosh and Miami Bench carry the game until the 4th quarter. A basketball game is not only 4th quarter but Lebron and D Wade get POST INTERVIEW. The NBA is a show business, Chris bosh I think avg better than Wade but no POST game respect… I’m a Lakers FAN but D Rose in 3 years this guy future is scary, this guy is doing same as what Lebron did in Cleveland quietly, trip to the Finals, MVP in his 3rd year and could have easily win the series if they didn’t throw game 4 and 5 away down the stretch. BAD REFS CALLS. LEbron is not good without two other ALL STAR in their prime WITH BOSH AND WADE and yet you compare him to MJ.

  764. B.U says:

    I agree, MJ is still the best ever. Lebron is a good all around player but he lacks the killer instinct needed to win. I also think Kobe is most definitely one of the greatest…….He has the killer instinct. Lebron has just proven to be able to close games in this past series. He still has a ways to go b4 he is compared to MJ. Pippen is out of his mind for that comment. I don’t Lebron would have accomplished what MJ did with the same surrounding cast. Lebron has D-Wade, MJ didn’t have anyone of that caliber. I mean Pippen was a good player but he was no D-Wade and didn’t requre any double teams. Jordan had to make it happen. I’m disappointed Pippen even used Lebron’s name in the same sentence with MJ……….Geez

  765. Mr clutch says:

    you guys need to stop riding michael jeffrey jordan’s “block”… this is Lebron’s era now… Lebron’s League… I respect MJ as one of the greatest players to ever play this game but this is a different era… call me crazy but lebron would shut down MJ all day just like he did to rose if MJ was playing in this era!!!

  766. focus says:


  767. Huron Powell says:

    When Kobe won his first three titles there was a “HATERISM” type asterisk on that. You know-“HE HAD SHAQ”!!! I mean no props whatsoever. Now that he won two more WITHOUT SHAQ & got his ring count to FIVE its like people STILL try to hate;INCLUDING THAT IDIOT SCOTTIE PIPPEN!!! When you & Jordan were winning it was blasphemy to compare him & Kobe. But now the tables have turned & you want to say ZERO CHAMPIONSHIP havin’ LeBrick is better than MJ??? 1nce again just skip over Kobe!! (even if LeBrick DOES get a championship this year he still has a long way to go before you start comparing him to Kobe & Michael). But I guess that’s jealousy from Scottie coming out cuz towards the end of his career with Portland KOBE TORCHED HIM EACH & EVERY TIME!!! So hate on Scottie. True Laker fans like myself see through that IDIOTIC STATEMENT!!!

  768. Rooster says:

    Lets not forget how the last Bulls championship was won. Jordans steal of Karl Malone on one end to the game winning jump shot over Russell at the other. Not thats dominating both ends on the biggest stage. Lebron is a freak athlete no doubt, but a great basketball player he is not.

  769. Megatronic says:

    Pippen was is and will be my favorite player . He is the best ever to play this game

  770. Megatronic says:

    Pippen was the best ever to play this game.

  771. vbobo27 says:

    let’s be clear every argument is based off rings Steve Kerr has 4 Robert horry has 7 so the thing is the body of work what lbj did in Cleveland will never be done for as long as we watched sports whether you are a fan or not lebron has giving us on the basketball floor thatch hasn’t been seen all this extra stuff is being judgmental and i tend to stay away form things like that

    • melchedsik says:

      Vbob27, you way off base…….Rings count when you where the main reason you have rings……Steve or Horry was never the main reason, they made big shots that all.

      • STFU_ALL says:

        arent making bigshots a good reason why they won the championship? lol how many could have the spurs/lakers lost if horry didnt make those game winning shots?

  772. KingofSwag says:

    Wow Pippen fo real i cant believe how u can bow down a player because u saw a good game of him!!! cmon lebron is soo backed up in that team so he can play so comfort with 2 superstars in his back, i know pippen always has been a kobe hater because he know what happen in the past how kobe humilliate u when u was in portland, u cant be talkin how its the greatest when u know ur teammete is and when yurself teammate said that kobe its behind him…. so think and speak again…..

  773. JeffBM says:

    MJ dominated MEN… Lebron dominates BOYS

  774. A-Smoove says:

    mayne lebron aint even the best player on his team! point blank period..i uno wat the future holds for lebron but right now he isnt even close to MJ!

  775. melchedsik says:

    Think about this you are 6:9 250 + and the rules in the NBA is don’t touch how in the hell can you defend him? If the leagues was the same as when MJ played LB would be at best like Charles Barkley.

  776. federico says:

    Lebron best ever….as long as he gets 7 of those…
    Plus…D-Wade is better than him.

  777. MJKARIM C says:


  778. JeffBM says:

    was lebron on oprah’s last show? no, mj was… enough said.

  779. trickz says:

    hey guys i’m a basketball fan i’m mj and kobe hater but i always love to watch thier game.for me its a challenge for the opposing team on how to beat this guys.you can argue the whole day which one is better and still you cant come up with the answer .to be honest this two are the all time best but they never won my heart.im a piston fan and most all reggie miller.i admire the way he compete he is not gifted as a complete player but boy definitely will give you a good game.lebron?????//not yet.he will never be close with jordan and kobe.unless he will learn how to play post up game.basketball is the most interesting game no doubt about it.enjoy basketball fan…….

  780. vbobo27 says:

    he is just living in the moment yea lebron is going to be one of the great but lbj is more talented not a finished product we get so caught up on who is going to be the next great when we forget the greats who paved the way for guys like jordan and lebron so he just living in the moment

  781. danmavsdan says:

    all t his talk of MJ only needing pippen what about horace grant.bron has just the same amount of talent around him that mj did example lebron-mj wade-pippen bosh-grant

  782. Ventruck says:

    I can’t say anything against his talent, but that “greatness” factor doesn’t sit in my mind with LeBron. His stat sheet fills but at the end of the day it doesn’t seem to wow me the same way Jordan would fill his own. I mean, he doesn’t do those game-turning plays, nor do I consider him to be a major influence as Jordan.

    The jump-the-gun hype of LeBron also leaves me with a bad impression. People would hate Jordan for his play, and his game-changing ways (from the shoes to the play) – with that bitter All-Star game to find other stars displeased by his ways. Majority, if not all, of LeBron’s bad rep comes from his stupid tattoo, the hollow “Witness” campaign, and his obvious resort to another team – a popularity+hype contest more than anything as none of that influenced the game.

    I would say that LeBron’s best games have come with his late rallies to tell me otherwise about the “greatness” factor – enough for me to say “man, the Bulls ate ****” although I was rooting for that team. Still not a comparison to be made. I’d rather go to that outplayed and also-irrelevant Kobe-Jordan comparison. At least that guy’s done something actually unbelievable, and we saw them play each other when Jordan was still arguably good at the time (enough to get a ring, and come back years later with a 51pt game at old age).

  783. For Anyone who likes math. says:

    Jordan is Greater than Pippen.

    Pippen says Lebron is better than Jordan.

    But Jordan said Kobe is better than lebron.

    Kobe is not better than Jordan.

    So you do the math.

    • melchedsik says:

      I do agree if Kobe done’t get 6 rings that Jordan remains the greatest……But if Kobe get 6 then i think people need to rethink who is the greatest………But just to note, there will never be another phenomenon like Jordan. Jordan, Micheal Jackson and M. Ali no one will ever reach.

    • Lawrence says:

      I LOVE MATH.:D correct me if i’m wrong but i guess it simply means that kobe is less than or equal to jordan since he is not better than jordan. and since jordan said kobe’s better than lebron, then lebron is definitely behind MJ and KOBE. therefore, lebron must overtake kobe first. and it’s a very very very hard task to do. kobe simply is a not-so-charismatic great that’s why people tend to hate him. but skill-wise, even air jordan gotta love kobe. haha i have to agree with you. i am sick of people glorifying lebron james for his half-cooked skills. and oh yeah, to that certain someone that said that lebron’s game is the same as kobe’s and jordan’s in their prime years, dream on. Jordan came to the league already equipped with his shot, Kobe found his in less than 3 seasons. LOL james hasn’t found his yet and he’s been around for quite some time now. It is now very highly unlikely for him to develop a decent jumper. Unless of course, he begs wade to teach him.

  784. A fan says:

    It sure helps Lebron become the greatest when the calls are all going his way. I find it amazing that DRose gets bumped every time going to the hole, but Dwayne Wade gets brushed at the end of the game and nothing is called. I also find it funny that no one is replaying D.Rose’s drives to show all the fouls, but replay at the end of the game all of DWade’s and Bron’s fouls. Wow-conspiracy much????? They wanted the Heat i nthe finals, and the Mavericks. Not the Bulls and the Thunder. It the best story they got. If the Bulls and Thunder don’t make it in to the finals then we all talk about the young talented team and what they gotta get through to get there. Then we also talk about the great rematch and the rest is obvious. Through those last 4 games, it seemed like as soon as the Bulls were starting to put the Heat away, the refs whistles entered there mouths. I don’t think anybody that remembers game two can sit there and tell me the the second quarter fouls on C.J. Watson, Luol Deng, and Taj Gibson weren’t BS. Just like the technical last night, the brush foul on Dwayne Wade going to the whole were anything but ridiculous. If I sat through and watched them again I could name a hundred more. I also would think that the refs would be mad after watching Bron’s flop when DRose went for the ball on that rebound. I would call a foul on Lebron just because I knew he got a call he didn’t deserve. The Flopping Heat were destined to go to the finals, the refs made sure of it. I hope the Mavs are able to overcome the league desires for the Big Flopper’s in South Beach.

  785. Cory says:

    Lets not forget that kobes won five championships already its gonna be many years before you can even begin to compare Lebron to Kobe. Sorry Scottie but you just lost all your credability. Just don’t talk anymore…okay!

  786. Swish41 says:

    Scottie must have been drinking too much when he made this comment. I’m not hatin LBJ I just don’t think he’s good enough to be compared with NBA legends like MJ. Nowitzki top 20 greatest player of all-time, LBJ may end up at top 40 atleast.

  787. gidz21 says:

    they are all great…mj, kobe, lebron and everybody else..mj and kobe played the way lebron is playing right now during their younger years, mj had always have the ball in his hand, kobe later on as he was seldom used as a player during his younger year as there are other dominant players around lakers kingdom..lebron was build by the cavs as a franchised player early on, just like mj..but when mj and kobe got a little older, they played with finesse, more on shooting less power..maybe when lebron get a bit older and hone his skill more he will also play the way the 2 played or plays….but hey, because of them, we get entertained and wish we could play like them..skills are hone thru repeated playing the games.. lebron…ever…may be.. beacuse of his skills too but to soon…kobe..ever..maybe..coz of his work ethic and skills..but hey how about all the other players..that is what basketball brings…great players yes

  788. Backlash says:

    I think pippen shouldn’t of said that ..this just puts more unneeded pressure on lebron to win the finals now ..which he probably won’t , and after Miami losses people are going to look back at this comment and they’re going to start bashing and criticizing him as usual…I’m tired of people trying to compare him to Jordan, he’s not Jordan ..he doesn’t play like Jordan nor does he wanna be Jordan , If your going to compare him to some one compare him to magic Johnson there games are similar, and he’s not the best player to ever play the game..I dunno what scottie pippen was thinking when he said this on mike and mike in the morning…now everybody witness how the media is going to turn on lebron after Miami gets eliminated, and I’m pretty sure these idiotic comments are going to come back up.

  789. Leti says:

    love you scottie but get back to us when lebron has 6 rings.

  790. Jordan All Day says:

    here is why Jordan is Greatest Ever
    Lebron James himself is trying to make #23 retire from entire NBA.
    he even gave up wearing #23 and change it to #6
    he himself said MJ is greatest Ever!

  791. heatfan says:

    no offense to lebron, not even close, MJ won defensive player of the year, his stats are equal or better to lebron apg,rpg,ppg. Mj is a better scorer and shooter and he is lacking a lot of abilities MJ had, killer instict(wade), outside shooting(kobe), heart(wade), tenacity(wade), leadership(kobe) etc2. MJ played against greatest center of all time and ultimate defense hand checks no charging line under the basket. if you combine lebron stats+kobe range/shooting + dwade’s heart,tenacity,defense, killer instict = MJ or the greatest ever.

  792. LABRYANT says:


  793. EM19 says:

    MJ dominated the league in an era where majority of the players where very consistent and Hall of Famers, an era where there are no soft fouls, no soft technicals, it is hard to drive to the basket when you know that it might be the last shot of your career because of the hard fouls and it is not even a flagrant one. Look at how the Bad Boys of the Pistons and the 90’s NYK played physical with MJ, we can’t see that type of basketball now

  794. hoop-dreamer says:

    People gotta stop hating on lebron, every player has gotten help to ex bulls had mj, pippen, rodman, horace grant, boston had pirece garnett allen, etc….lakers kobe, shaq, malone,payton- my point is everyone gets help to win! just because lebrons with wade and bosh he gets hate,its the same thing that eveybodys been doing for years so all it comes dw to just is hating on lebron! just remeber the hate makes him great..!

    • melchedsik says:

      Hoop, I think you are reading something else nobobdy really cares about who LB plays with, the question is he better the MJ? He is nowhere near MJ…….and since you really what to get into who MJ and Kobe played with, MJ or Kobe didn’t leave to go play with great player. Kobe came to LA when Shaq came. MJ never left Chicago. LB went to play with great player there a differents.

  795. You lost us at butt… Scottie Pippen you are now an A$$… YOU WOULDNT HAVE D!@$ without MJ. I.E. 93-94 and 94 95 which you almost won cuz of duh MJ!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you disrespect like that? WTF man??? Lebron couldn’t even play in the league during the 80’s he cries EVERY time he gets called for a foul. And Then whines everytime he is touched. I am a witness man… In the 80’s they would have whooped his ARSE!!! Spurs Rockets Lakers then Pistons Knicks 76ers Pacers Celtics heck even Cleveland had some tough guys that would knock you down and sometimes the refs wouldn’t even call it. Now it’s a flagrant 2 that gets you back into ball games. What a joke this league is a scorer’s league and KING JORDAN would have averaged almost 40 points a game in today’s day and age. Which is young. And not just physically Mentally. These fools don’t even go to school. Oh man I could go on about how dumb it is what scottie said. But you are just butt.

  796. Donte says:

    Too many people bandwagon LeBron.

  797. Dmoney says:

    Pippen has definitely been drinking to many Mojitos. I think being a Miami resident makes him just a bit biased!

  798. melchedsik says:

    LB better then MJ no way not even close to Kobe yet……..Everyboady hating on Kobe, this is the only great player i see non laker fans always hating on him, not given the guy the respect he deserve…….That alone shows how great he is because people only hate what they wish they could be. LB is another Charles Barkley and that is as much credit i will give him in this water down NBA.

  799. LABRYANT says:

    Jordan is the best ever and im a Laker fan for life..what he did is unbelievable.Magic and Bird changed the game in the 80s..and they are better than Lebron..Let him win some rings before we put him in the conversation..this is the first year that he has been clutch in the playoffs and he his playing great..even Jordan said kOBE IS BETTER THAN LEBRON..IN THE OLYMPICS YOU ASK EVERY PLAYER WHO IS THE MAN AND WHO THEY FOLLOWED AND IT WAS KOBE…EVEN WADE AND LEBRON SAID HE IS SECOND TO JORDAN

  800. jojo says:

    wait a minute, Pippen just said “potentially” so don’t over react! he is halfway through his career so he is not yet there with mike. But what Pippen said was true he carried the team offensively right to the end and took the responsibility of guarding the best player on the other team,he did not just came up with great shots but also great defense. A steal and a block , and people notice that because those things he did changed the outcome of the game.I remember jordan making all those crucial baskets but i think i’ll remember lebron with more than just clutch baskets, i mean he seems to do all the clutch plays like rebound, steal and baskets in the end.Pippens point was that jordan was the greatest scorer in history and he won 6 championships that made him Great but Lebron is on his way there too going through a similar path but unlike kobe, Lebron will always be original because he’s not just doing it in offense but at defense as well.Do not compare players who played in the past because the game is played differently nowadays, before, the game was played by offense who ever scores most usually wins the game but now there is more science and stats involved. I mean you put Drose in a time machine and let him play in the 80s and 70s and he’ll school all the greats in those era.Players who are the best in those times are the ones who are playing an era ahead than everybody. But to actually hear it from scottie pippen who played along side MJ most of his career and won 6 with him, man! thats different because he knows MJ more than we do and when he says that lebron POTENTIALLY could end up being the greatest COMPLETE player of all time i would believe scottie because being with jordan all those years makes him a very credible source.He knows greatness and he sees it in Lebron. So if youre just a guy who watches nba on tv or in a basketball dome on a seat and then hate pippen and object to what he said, you should realize that you really have nothing on him and when he says something about the nba you better listen coz he actually played and won titles and your just a guy who knows nothing but video highlights and probably some stats.Pippen is a WITNESS, he sat right by the miami bench all series long not to cheer for Lebron but to make sure his boos will be heard and he went home last night somewhat a believer in Lebron. try to digest that.

    • T.J. says:

      I see someone read the Pippen comment and put some thought into it. Pippen didn’t insult Jordan in any way with what he said. Jordan, Pippen, and the other Bulls’ players worked together to win those championships so it can’t be said it was a “one-man show.” No one made a big deal when Jordan said he can see the Bulls winning titles with D-Rose and that was coming from the Bobcats’ owner. Pippen didn’t say LBJ was the greatest of all time, he said “can be.” I think ppl just need to calm down and see how far LBJ’s talents develop. Peace to all and enjoy the finals.

  801. penny says:

    1990’s is jordan era…

    2010’s LEBRON JAMES era….

  802. Donte says:

    Thank you Bigd28(LAKERS).

  803. hoop-dreamer says:

    this debate has to end mj is the greatest ball player ever to live…!!!, if it wasn’t for Mj most of all these nba super stars today would not exist today, lebron is hands down my favorite and best player today right now!, but mj is #1 for ever no matter what lebron does or kobe… history was made when mj touched the courts..
    plus everyone wants to be like mike…..

  804. Jay says:



    • sameer says:

      Robert Horry calling. Says he is better all round player than Jordan – He has Seven Not Six!

  805. Bob says:

    First, let me say this. Pippen is smoking some deep stuff. How can he mention Lebron in the same sentence as Jordan. Yes, he is a terrific player and all around player in defense and offense, but before you start comparing him to folks like MJ, Bird, Magic and so on, where are the rings. Another thing, MJ took his team when they were nothing. And he brought and rose them up to be champions 6 times. What did Lebron do, he abandon Cleveland. So, yea, I agree with those saying till he gets those rings, we can start comparing, but still he will never top MJ. MJ did it his way and I don’t think anyboby including Kobe can ever do the same.And finally, I do not see them winning. I see it as a terrific series, but dallas has too much dept and also, the way Dirk has been playing, he is hungry. Dallas will win in 6.

  806. Bigd28(LAKERS) says:

    you cant even compare the two it insults Michael Jordan’s legacy. I guess some of you seem to have forgotten that the only reason Lebron in successful right now is because he is playing with d wade and chris bosh, he could never win a championship with role players or forcing players to come join him in Cleveland. His Legacy will NEVER be able to touch MJ’s or Kobes for that matter

    • sameer says:

      Read the article silly – It says Lebron is a better all-round player when compare to Jordan and anyone who understands basketball knows thats true – Though Jordan > Lebron will be valid for a looong time!

  807. BR says:

    Rings aren’t what he is talking about, he is talking purely about skill. Many of the best players didn’t get rings, Iverson, Barkley… You don’t measure skill in rings. You can ride the bench a get one! Now Im not diminishing winning the title at all, I think in time he will get it, maybe even this year.
    Also, don’t deny that LeBron is one of the greatest, you may love Kobe or whatever, but stats don’t lie. And if I were choosing players, he would be number 1.

  808. Donte says:

    You guys Are completely CRAZY! Lebron isnt even close to being the best player ever. All of u must not understand. Im a complete die-hard kobe fan but i stay open-minded. I respect Bron’s game but dont think hes ready for that ( if he ever will be ). The heat are a great team but if Bron wanted to go down as the greatest then he would have gone to NYC. Yet he didnt because he doesnt want to go down as the greatest right now so stop comparing him to JORDAN and KOBE. He wants to win a ring. Since he went to miami if they win the championship and people start comparing him to the greats then they will have to mention D-Wade (who i think is better currently) in those comments too. Not to mention all the other people who have won more than 1 championship. The charts are Jordan a ten, Kobe a 9.7, and Bron a 8.7. Ps. if we ( the Lakers ) get Dwight and we win next year will you guys say he is the best. If Kobe wins his sixth he will be tied or better than Jordan. All love to Jo and Kobe and all the other legends for revolutionizing the game.PSS. Im Thirteen.

  809. Robert says:

    MJ averaged 37 one season. 5 Time MVP. 6 Time Champion and Finals MVP. Averaged more than 40 a game in the 1993 finals against Barkley. Think this Bulls Heat series was physical? Go watch some Bulls vs.Pistons and Bulls vs. Knicks series when NBA rules let a lot of physical defense go on. It’s a lot harder to score on Dumars+Rodman+Edwards, or on Mason+Wilkins+Xavier+Ewing, than Noah+Deng+who?. If the rules were like today he would score so much more. How many times did he score 50? 69 against Cavaliers! 40 at the garden when he was 40! When NBC comentators compared him and Drexler before the finals they showed very similar statistics but said that Drexler was a much better 3-pt shooter – Jordan answered by hitting 6 straight 3s in one half (record at the time) and scored a total 35 pts to bolw out to a 1-0 lead in 1992. Averaged more than 3 steals per game once. Best defensive guard of his time, 1988 – Defensive player of the year, led NBA in scoring( like almost every single year), All-Star MVP, Dunk Champion, League MVP. Don’t compare rings, but remember Jordan didn’t have a talented big man like Bosh with him and Pippen was great, but he wasn’t as good as D. Wade. I’m not saying LeBron doesn’t have the potential, but I’d like to see him post some similar numbers before we start comparing. For now MJ is far from being reached!

  810. Pippen has always envied Jordan. When Pippen went to Portland Trailblazers he claimed that Portland was the best team he ever played on and was better than his Bulls team . He was always playing in Jordan’s shadow and didn’t like it. He must be smoking something.Jordan won not only ten straight scoring titles but one year he won the scoring title ,as well as, defensive player of the year.,six titles,six MVP awards and none for Scottie,hum. Disappeared in several clutch moments in the playoffs and had to be toughin-up by Jordan ,remember Xavier McDaniels,Jordan stood-up for him when the x-man had Scottie’s number.I love Lebron’s game and pulling for him to win a title,but he is no Michael Jordan. I expect those type of statements coming from Pippen but dust off your old vhs tapes and the truth will be there.

  811. Eric says:

    I never post on these things, but this just got crazy. Lebron is great I will give him that. Not a better scorer than Kobe. Defense equal to Kobe’s in his younger days. Here is the thing though they always talk about Mike needing star player, Kobe needing star player. Understand neither one of them had a player that was considered a top 5 NBA player. They had a lot of help after all it is a team sport. To take 2 of the top five players and put them on one team. Is not normal. HOF players yes, top 5 in the league NO. Please stop talking about clutch performance Lebron has now done it in 2 series in 1 year. Wade has done it more, Kobe has done it a he’ll of a lot more and MJ forget about it. He is not there yet, not saying he will never be. Give him a chance to earn the title of the GOAT and stop giving it away.

    AND stop talking pure stats because different positions have different responsibilities it is very uncommon for a 1 or 2 guard to have as many rebounds as a 3 or 4. There responsible for transition defense in most cases. Perimeter players shooting percentage is not going to be as high as a center, hinge perimeter. Many of e people commenting on these topics need to learn, understand and study the game of basketball instead of commenting from emotion.


  812. Frost says:

    I agree that Lebron is a great all around player. However IMHO it is still far from being comparable to the great, like MJ. In todays game, I still don’t see a player who can dominate a game day in and day out (except during Shaq younger days with Lakers). During the Jordan’s time, it was the case. Younger generation might not be able to make the comparison.

  813. Nate says:

    First of all, I’d like to apologise for leaving out a key contender for the title of ‘GOAT'(Greatest of All Time) in my earlier comment. ‘Brian Scalabrine’ deserves to be mentioned with the likes of Kareem, Jordan, Magic, Bird and Kobe. Let it be known that had Thibodeau called up Scalabrine’s number during the Heat-Bulls series, the entire series could have turned around. I’d wish that they’d stop saving Brian for a more important game. WHAT COULD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS? THIBODEAU, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Hopefully, the Bulls learn from this and deploy their secret weapon earlier in their next playoff run.

  814. lamaskosusumo says:

    Mavericks will be winning just 2 and heat will finish it on game six see this http://sportales.com/basketball/heat-versus-maverickswill-history-repeat-itself/ the heat may now be perfect but they have the neccessary players to outstand the mavs

  815. David says:

    you guys seriously thinking the heat are gonna win a championship huh??? listen the only reason why the heat might even get a championship is because the heat invested alot of money in that team.. the miami heat is the only team right producing money for the nba.. the only reaosn why the heat are in the final is because the nba wants them there.. stop and think the miami heat are like the marlins in baseball nothing but a one hit wonder, next season many teams will have great players and watch out miami.. and as a matter a fact the whole bench of miami cant beat the celtics bench… the heat suck plain and simple and mark my words the heat will win the championship just because they are the number one money producing team in the nba.. Lebron should not even be in the talks of being great like jordan yet.. win 6 championships lebron than u can talk about beings as great as jordan….

  816. rockhard says:

    after this championship ppl will be saying kobe ball hog who???????? cause he is forgotten go king james, go wade, go bosh, go heats all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  817. J says:

    lebron is way too good.. i would say he’s the greatest impact player ever.. michael’s the GOAT, and kobe the second coming of michael (though not as accomplished)

  818. nardz says:

    it’s only a funny joke when scottie pippen comment regarding that lebron is the best player ever played in the game.. i don’t think so, but no doubt is a great player but the achievement of MJ is to far to lebron..the best thing to do to fullfill his a great player it to win a championship..,

  819. Francisco says:

    this is a hard to sell statement in the basketball sub-culture that gives values to some players rings and not to others . nobody defines what is to be the best, greatest,whatever but fan choose their preferred player.it is funny how jordan rings have more value than roberts horry or a guy that has 11 of them. not too many people say that anthony parker is a better point guard than jason kid or chris paul despite this two having no ring at all.When Jordan left to play baseball the bulls continue to be an elite team with 55 win and was eliminated in a 7 game series , they need a little more to win it all, nobody dared to say that LITTLE MORE was Jordan , HE TOOK ALL THE CREDIT , NOT THE TEAM.
    Scottie has a point Lebron has more influence in the game than Michael had. he can be a point guard , he can guard virtually any player, he is a more complete and talented player , but Michael is a better winner.statistically is hard to compare different eras because on Michael times there were better shooters due to a less physical game.

  820. Dave says:

    I think Pippen is in the early stage of Al Zheimer. To say just probably that LeBron is the Greatest Player ever played is an insult to other great players like Russel, Kareem, Magic, Robertson, MJ or the likes. He can even be consider to be better than KOBE or SHAQ who really dominates a game but instead he cowardly leaves a team who consider him as their cornerstone and join his fellow superstar just to win a ring. To even compare him with MJ is crazy who carry the Bulls with just Pippen and at the age of 37 still wins another 3peat and at the age of almost 40yrs old still scores 40pts. KOBE is a great player but at early 30’s we can see that he cannot carry the team anymore as for LeBron I would predict is not in the conversation anymore when he goes 30’s or even if he lose one of his superstar as he cannot stand on his own and he might move to another team to piggyback on other superstar. For me he may be just as great as Barkley, Malone, Isiah, Payton and Miller. Great Players probably better than him.

  821. Eric says:

    I never post on these things, but this just got crazy. Lebron is great I will give him that. Not a better scorer than Kobe. Defense equal in Kobe’s younger days. Here is the thing though they always talk about Mike needing star player, Kobe needing star player. Understand neither one of them had a player that was considered a top 5 NBA player. They had a lot of help after all it is a team sport. To take 2 of the top five players and put them on one team. Is not normal. HOF players yes, top 5 in the league NO. Please stop talking about clutch performance Lebron has now done it in 2 series in 1 year. Wade has done it more, Kobe has done it a he’ll of a lot more and MJ forget about it. He is not there yet, not saying he will never be. Give him a chance to earn the title of the GOAT and stop giving it away.

    AND stop talking pure stats because different positions have different responsibilities it is very uncommon for a 1 or 2 guard to have as many rebounds as a 3 or 4. There responsible for transition defense in most cases. Perimeter players shooting percentage is not going to be as high as a center, hinge perimeter. Many of e people commenting on these topics need to learn, understand and study the game of basketball instead of commenting from emotion.


  822. Daniel L Diaz says:

    I have to say: This is a moot conversation. Nobody is ever going to be the Greatest Player ever in a Team Sport. Not Jordan, Not Gretzky. Not even Hank Aaron. Why? It is simple…these are team sports. Is LeBron a great player? Yes. It is not debatable. Is Kobe a great player for his time period? Of course. But the list goes on and on. Not one player can be the best ever because not one player in any sport plays 1 against 5, or 1 against 11, like in the NFL. So, the conversation is ridiculous in an of itself. All of the great players that have come before and will come again in the NBA all have their moment in the spotlight and in history of the game. However, not one of them can ever claim the title of Greatest of All Time.
    It is simple, even for simple minds. None of these players has played in a big game against the other when the Title was on the line, thus, there is no logical basis for comparison. Magic and Jordan played at the near-end of Magic’s career and James Worthy, who was a damned great small forward was not 100% in that series. But let us not take away from the great teams of their eras, thus making the great players like Jordan and Russell even better. The list is too long and not one person on any of these list is the best ever. The only thing we can say is that while we live longer, and some of us have been there to see Russell vs. Chamberlain and Kareem vs. Walton, etc., can say without doubt that in every era there will be a dominant player. But, like in Chess, the King does not win the game without a supporting cast… It is pure and simple logic.
    So, in conclusion, the greatest player ever in NBA History is the one who is not in the conversation because he does not exist. Lebron James is a beast, he is strong, and he is talented. But there is no way to compare him to Jordan or vise verse. They played different positions, they are not supposed to guard each other, and thus, they can only be compared in theory. Furthermore, Kobe is a ball hog, and does need others to win, but that is true for all great players, even the Babe Ruth’s and the Joe Montana’s of sports. Only in Boxing can you be called the Greatest, but even that is open for interpretation due to era. So, end the discussion now. Jordan was great! Magic, Bird, Russell, Jabbar, I can go on… but do I really have to? If it were all about rings, (which seems to always come up), the greatness would give Robert Horry the title over even Jordan, but we all know that is not even close… And Russell would be Emperor of the NBA, but that is not even the issue is it? Good luck to whomever wins the Title this year. Whatever Team wins… that is all, from a man who relied on Teams to stay alive, not just play sports… Sincerely, a retired Senior NCO from the US Army Infantry…and yes, an avid NBA fan and student of the game of basketball. Opinions are like___you know the rest…everybody has one.

  823. Michael says:

    I think what sold Pippen on the idea of Lebron being the best complete player, was Lebron’s acting skills in game 5.

    However I do believe lebron is the best player currently, and has many years to prove that he will be one of the greatest ever. He still has many obsticales to overcome in his future, such as age. What’s he going to do IF he loses his speed? Will he develop a post-game? Will he get injured? And to people who say rings are no factor in determining greatness, I say of course it is. It’s not ALL that determines a player like some idiots like to point out (Horry 7, MJ 6, Kobe 5… therefore horry > mj and kobe?) no you idiots. Great players do things in there career, and their main goal is winning a championship. Therefore it determines there ability to achieve these goals, by leading.. LEADING, their team to the top. People also like to mention other players like lebron who have yet to win a title such as Barkley, Stockton, Malone etc… Well the clear and obvious difference is that their careers are over. We got to see them through everything, we have yet to see lebron’s full plate.

    Another thing is, why is there no mention of Wade. People say Lebron closed out the series in boston. And seem to ignore that Wade was the driving force of the team throughout the series. And in game 5 with chicago, who triggered the late comeback? It was wade. MJ did not have a guy like Wade, a guy who could individually win a game. A guy who is almost as dangerous as lebron offensively. A guy who is arguably a top 3 player. A guy who already lead his team to a championship. That’s why people need to realise even though we all agree that lebron has the potential to be one of the best, if not the best…

    He has a long way to go, and he still has a lot to prove to us. Whether he meets the long list of demands that is required, to be compared to MJ… only time will tell.

  824. david says:

    Do you all realize that Pippen is looking at the individual skill set of both players? He was up close and personal with Mike J. I imagine that PiP and Mike played many 1 on 1’s. Those 1 on 1’s probably went both ways also. Pippen seem to be comparing what he has experienced and what he is seeing now. We fans have never guarded Mike one on one and don’t know how to compare individual skills sets against our own. The thing about rings, Robert Horry have 7, how many kids in the latest two generations know him? Rings just mean you had good players to go with you to win it all. Individual skill set it what get you paid, bottom line. What Pippen said has some validity to it. You all have to get over the tennis shoes and highlights please.

  825. jet tiu says:

    to be a legend is to depeat a legend!Lebron way to greatness is heading the right way..give em some time and at the end of his career lets all judge and compare..some1 new will come,by then we can compare mj to lebron,.mj is the best for me as of the moment but who knows 6 or 10 rings will be on lebrons destiny..lets all see for this series i bet 4-0 for heat..

  826. think says:

    Though not an LBJ fan… but it is true that he is a real basketball specimen… maybe the best we’ve seen since the game was invented. He has the physical abilities, the courst vision and the IQ when it comes to handling the basketball. For us fans of basketball, having to see someone like this is a once-in-every-generation experience.

    But then again, though I was honestly rooting for James when he was drafted… I was just somehow got disillusioned with all the “King” proclamation, the entourage, the “powder-effects” entrance and “family-photo-shoots”, the whining, and eventually having a televised “i quit” drama. I mean its not about basketball anymore. I play basketball and I respect those who have real talent. But with James, you just see someone who could be the greatest, yet instead chose to just yap about everything. Sure, he can bring it to the table every night, he has the talent, but the truth is, he hasnt won anything yet. 2 MVPs can only say you are that good individually, but basketball is all about Teams winning Championships.

    Pippen is right, LBJ as a basketball individual is better thn MJ. But MJ was the anchor of the Bulls team that has developed around him (with Pippen included), through all losses and disappointments, to be one of the most dominant teams in the NBA. The only thing that MJ had over LBJ (and Kobe for that matter), was that he never left or whined because he doesnt have great team mates. MJ fought until his team mates learned how to fight with him.

    MJ never quit.

  827. scott1 says:

    Also i forgot to mention that Lebron James is not even the best player in the NBA. Why because the best player is D Rose. We forget basketball is about and chemistry and not about stats and ESPN highlights. While Lebron has the best “skill set” in the NBA it does not necessarily make him the best or the most valuable player in the NBA. Rose plays with two number threes (Boozer and Deng) while Lebron plays with two number one’s and still they struggled to beat the Bulls. If you traded Rose for Lebron right now the Mavs would be in trouble but with Lebron at the helm i give Dallas the edge. Why because Rose would create a matchup nightmare for the Mavs while Lebron simply makes things uncomfortable for the Mavs. Watch how Shawn Marion is able to defend pretty well against Lebron while Jason Kidd would not be able to stay in front of D Rose. I understand that Lebron is 6′ 8″ and 260 lbs but what does that have to do with the game of basketball. You put D Rose on just about any team in the NBA and instantly they become an elite team (try putting him on the Timberwolves with Love and Beasly). While Lebron will simply make them a very good playoff team (think Cleveland). D Rose did not play well in this series but I guarantee you if he would have had Amare and Carmelo instead of Luel and Carlos things would have turned out differently. You see Carlos Boozer is a one time all star and would not start on most of this years playoff teams. While D Wade and Bosh are potential HOF’s and would have a starting spot on any team in the NBA. to be continued…

  828. Tomachee says:

    Scottie are you serious? Mj made you…. Everyone in the world knows wiether you admitt it or not, Jordan is by far the best overall player EVER. The RINGS,The STATS, The SCORING TITLES- Shall we go on? The MAN literally cahnged the sport. LEBRON YOU ARE GOOD. But seriously you will never be compared to the GREATEST EVER…… NO ONE WILL.The man took over the sport at will when he wanted to. What have you done? You had to make an ALL STAR team to get wher you are now….. MJ YOUR THE GREATEST EVER – YOU KNOW IT….. Your biggest fan….

  829. Mr Lover Man says:

    This will definitely be something to revisit in 4 or 5 years. They both were great defenders and Im loving that Pippen was this bold but Im not agreeing just yet. However, should the Heat win the next series, upgrade their big man position and win four in a row, the debate will be revisited in a new light for sure..

  830. Eljudge says:

    Is this new? It’s not the first time we hear there are players who do certain things better than MJ. Better shooters, yes there are, better atheletes, better defenders, you name it. And Pippen now says Lebron is “better all around”, except for scoring. All of those who didn’t live the Jordan era might second the idea. But here are three points out of many:

    Jordan wasn’t only about talent but rather about personality. Mentally, Jordan is light years away from Lebron and any active basketball player. Same thing, what made Bird is his mental strength, not so much his skills.

    Fundamentals. When AI got old, he couldnt even play in Europe (Let alone the fact that europeans play basketball differently etc,). Kobe is getting old and getting swept. What about a future Lebron, older, slower, less energetic: Would he still be the same? When it comes to fundementals, jordan will school you, no matter his age (remember his over 40 points games at age 39 when he played humiliated with the Wizards)

    Finally, I agree that the average NBA plays is STRONGER today. Not more skilled, but stronger. The stronger the players became, the more they are now able to do more things with a basketball. But, the game is much softer today and the players are much younger. It was a game of men, today it is a game of young players.

    Bottom line, Jordan is just different. He is so different that you can compare him to other legends from other sports. Jordan is for basketball what Ali is for boxing (except for not being a political actor). He is so different that you can compare him to other legends from other sports; and what bonds these legends together is one thing: Their mental strength, their personality and that they win no matter what’s the equation they are confronted to.

  831. Mathew says:

    Maybe Pippen is getting a bit senile to say things like that before LeBron even get his first ring, but let’s see what James and the Heatles do in the future.

  832. JJ says:

    The NBA (and everyone else) needs to stop comparing players whose careers are not greatly overlapped time-wise. Until 1980, the NBA didn’t even have a 3-pt line, so would it be reasonable to compare ray allen or any other half-decent 3-pt shooters to someone pre-1980? Of course not. Kids nowadays grow up JUST playing basketball all year round, so is it reasonable to compare prep-to-pro players to players on Russell’s team that actually had jobs plus playing professionally? Of course not. Hand-checking and other views/rules on physical contact (such as referees having to decide on tricky advantage/disadvantage situations) in basketball have changed enormously over the decades, so it reasonable to compare anyone from notoriously tough teams like old NY teams to teams such as the modern NY team(s)? Of course not! Although statements that analysts and HOF/legends love to make spark interesting and heated conversation, I personally don’t compare players….at all. One exception- when their guarding each other in a particular game.

  833. YUNG ACE says:

    then screw pippen! he won 6 titles cuz of jordan!

  834. Joepeli says:

    Pippen said the best overall, not the greatest. And i have to agree with that, at the end Lebron’s career he will be the best to have ever played the game.
    Maybe not the greatest, becuase people (in basketball) tend to connect the word ‘great’ with championships ‘on your own’. He will win some championships before his career ends, but he’s not on his own, So he won’ t be called the greatest like MJ, but he could still be the overall KING!!!

  835. Mark says:

    I’m an avid NBA fan, but I disagree with Pippen, LeBron may be one of the best player today but it is a joke to brand him as the greatest player ever played. He has not prove anything yet and clearly he cannot carry a team on his shoulder without another superstar on the team we saw that in Cleveland. He’s in the conversation now because he played with Wade and Bosh. Imagine if Jordan chose to Miller, Bird, Barkley and Magic played on the same team just to have a ring they will surely rule the NBA but he chose to guide his team to achieved it. Jordan played if I may say Pippen a considered superstar but still not inline with superstar like Malone, Barkley, Miller and after him nobody of that category But James chose to play with Wade whose a superstar maybe comparable to him and Kobe but definitely more popular than Pippen. I can level Pippen as Bosh but having both plus Miller and Bibby. Jordan dont have that luxury but he carried it 2x a three-feat if he even do half of that I may consider Lebron as what Pippen say he is but for now its just a dream. In terms of better defensive player I doubt he is.. he just stop dRose a 6’2 guard. He use to be paired with KOBE depense wise and KOBE always endup ahead, Though I dont like KOBE, I may say he’s not even close to KOBE. I’m sure he cannot guard Durant and Westbrooke. Let see how he fare with a more veteran opponent like the Mavs.

  836. Twenty Three says:

    No way Scottie. MJ is still the greatest. Try rating LeBron after he retires from the NBA.

    • TexasBoy says:

      MJ the greatest player ever but as far as individual talent and all around game there is none to be compared with LEBRON JAMES

  837. Eric says:

    If rings equal talent, then Bill Russell was twice the player Jordan was and Brian Scalabrine is better than Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard and LeBron James.

    Michael Jordan and LeBron James are two different players. Both have proven their basketball supremacy but if we would give a closer look, it’s MJ who is the greatest player to play basketball. If Scottie mentioned that James is effective not only offensively but defensively too. Well, what about MJ? Could I just remind all of you that Jordan is one of the only two players in history of NBA to win BOTH THE MVP and DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD in the same season. The achievement speaks for itself. Thus, James does not have any Defensive Player of the Year Award yet. Too much for this, i guess I’ve already pointed out my stand and to end my comment, I want to reiterate that MICHEAL JORDAN IS THE GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER THAT HAS EVER LIVED.

    Hail Michael Jordan.

    Break a leg to LeBron for this year’s NBA FINALS.

  839. AndyK says:

    Poor Scottie has lost his mind. May be he just lost a fortune to MJ in cards or golf or something and is really pissed off..

  840. John says:

    Missing accomplishments for Lebron to be considered the best: clutch, closer, killer instinct, championships.

    During these playoffs Lebron has added those to his resume. He is indeed CLUTCH. He is in fact the CLOSER. He has a KILLER INSTINCT. Only thing left: a championship ring. Four more games left for the hungry beast.

    If Lebron wins this year, and say a few more in the years to come, it will be that much more obvious that he could have had several rings by now if he ever had a PIPPEN all those years in Cleveland. If he started his career with a young and dominate SHAQ, or with D. Wade, or any other Hall of Famer, he would have several by now and counting.

    But he is still relatively young and has plenty of time to prove his case. It seems he has already started to acquire some notorious believers.

  841. Jonathan says:

    Not a smart thing to say Pip.

    I think it’s too soon to label LeBron as the greatest of all times. I certainly disagree on Pippen’s take that he can score at will, since we’ve seen he can be stopped when defense reads him right. On the other hand, even if LeBron can ALMOST at will do anything he wants, guess what, so did Michael Jordan when he was 26. Remember, LBJ’s legs are fresh, he’s got stamina, muscle, strength, he can take hard hits and still play like nothing happened, but so could MJ at that age. Michael Jordan wasn’t labeled as the greatest player ever because of how he performed since the beginning of his career, instead, it was that because when it was all said and done he accomplished milestones in the most gracious way even though his athletic skills were long gone at the age of 35 (THIRTY FIVE!!). And even when he chose to come back to the game, he was better than half the players on the court and had offensive bursts as well as a pretty darn good jump shot. THAT’S what defines a “G.O.A.T.”, the adjustments he can make to his game and still manage to dominate.

  842. DILEMA says:


    • Tomachee says:

      Man you have to read the states man!!! It not a popularity contest. Were outta high school . Name one award Lebron has Jordan doesn’t? Start writing the list of Jordan awards verse Lebron. He is good, truley he is. But serious man, their is and will olny be oneMICHAEL JORDAN. Someone always has to hate the one at the top…

    • jealouspippen says:

      no1 is reading ur comments cause its all b.s. lebron is the lucky one cause the rules are alot easier for the offensive game style. MJ in his prime today would average 40 ppg easy. no questions ask.

      • K says:

        Your right and that’s why Scottie Pippen acknowledge that MJ was the greatest scorer ever! LeBron is not a 30+ point a night type of player; he could be, but that’s not his overall game. MJ had to get 30+ every night for Chicago to win and even before they started winning Championships MJ was always a scorer first! Hence some of Scottie Pippen’s comments!

  843. S.J. says:

    I’m tired of this conversations. I heard every argument that can be for Lebron, for Mj and even for Kobe.

    I’m a Lebron hater, But I have to admit that he is playing awesome basketball right now. But to call him the best from this era, I think that Kobe Bryant has that title.

    The good question here is if when the body of LBJ starts getting older like, 30 – 32 years old.. Will he play the game like Michael Jordan did and Kobe Bryant is doing??

    LBj doesn’t have much more years for shine. Durant is coming.

    • K says:

      S.J., thank you for acknowledging that you are a LeBron hater; because your crazy remarks proved that! LeBron just like MJ and Kobe; will change his game as he gets older. Every player coming into the league usually depends solely on their athletic ability, including MJ and Kobe. It’s only after they start to mature (get older) that they start to develop other parts of their game. Neither MJ or Kobe could shoot when the first got in the league, their whole game was driving to the basketball; kinda similar to LeBron’s game right now. So, will LeBron be able to change his game; well I’ll say yes; because we’ve witness that change in these last two series when he took the challenge in critical parts of the game to step up an make key shots; just like MJ and Kobe!

  844. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    Lebron is great i remembered a time in the game when we were tie and bron had the ball top of the key and before he let it go i said we won…Don”t hate please don’t the guy is incredible but also consistent (thats what makes him great) he believes he can so he does. He shoots those shots every day. BUt this his lebron’s role a born leader that makes players better around him. But to be honest bron did this for this reason and alot of you guys are forgetting lebron controls the pace and we were losing before wade got into the action 2 consecutive nights (wade scored 10 4th quarter points shooting 4/5) bosh kept us in the game as well as mike miller lebron FINISHED THEM alot of guys forgot rose got trapped the last play (haslem and bron) it is teaam effort and we want either bron wade or bosh take the last shot. I believe they are taking turns whoever has the advantage for this round controls the pace of the game. WAde had the advantage in the celtics series thats why he led them there, both wade and james had the advantage in the sixers game thats why we won there bosh had the real advantage in the bulls game (ALL GAME) and i felt we sacrificed his touches for the better of the team. This is my question after this series…How do you expect for a player like wade be put in a system with a one dimensional move playing off the ball (give me a break) that is hard bron struggled all regular season doing it and now he controls the game and doing a damn good job at it. But i wont go as far as saying he is better than mj (MJ had a fixation on competition) and if he said he was going to win and the way he would do it he did it. I dont think any player with a team that he had could of said that and got away with it. That is Michael Jordan wwho walked away when greats were playing and said there is no competition (olajuwan barkley malone david robinson (young) shaq comme on guys) that was hell i thin to judge them is unfair because jordan set the bar there was no bar higher and he did play in a role had it been ask of him it was done. you can be great shooting the ball but you are greater believing someone else can shoot the last shot for the team thats giving the team thats confidence (G.O.A.T MJ)

  845. Stephen says:

    Putting Lebron before MJ and Kobe. You guys are out of your minds. Did you forget how Kobe and MJ played in their prime!

  846. Nate says:


    By the way, Jordan played in 3 different eras and was a prolific scorer in every era. He played against Kareem,Julius Erving, Magic and Bird in the 80s, won 6 championships in the 90s and averaged 20+points against Kobe, T-mac, Shaq, Garnett in their primes. The point here is that Jordan is the GOAT, regardless of the fact that the talent nowadays is alot higher than that of the earlier eras. If we were to compare Derrick Rose with someone like Bob Cousy, then what you’re saying is true…..

  847. Ken from Toronto says:

    Lebron is great but the last 2 minutes of last night game changer was not Lebron or Wade… The problem was that Chicago tried to kill the shot clock and not scoring… The the main reason they lost was the REF give the game to Miami with all the FOUL calls… Lebron Fake “flap” but no calls made when D rose drive to the basket or get Hit….. The NBA looks like a planned sports when the ref planned the games like that….. Last 3 games CHI get to win easy and throw away because emotion and not getting calls…

    • K says:

      Dude the most critical plays of that game had nothing to do with the referees. Lebron’s three pointer to tie the game at 79-79; Bosh’s last two made FT’s; DRose’s missed FT, when he could have tied the game and finally, LeBron’s defense on DRose on that last possession is what decided that game, PERIOD!

      • blue.stranger says:

        hahahaha, you forget that it all started with wade…wade sank 2 drives and 4point play b4 james entered the picture…b4 that, james and bosh could not score until wade comes…u want proof? review the tape…suck it K!

  848. scott1 says:

    Scottie Pippen is a HATER. He obviously resents the fact that he had to take a back seat to Mike. Without Mike Scottie is not HOF and not top 50. We all seem to have really short memories when it comes to players. When Scottie first came in the league he was soft and had a very limited skill set and was not a very good shooter. After about THREE years he began to improve and we started to see some potential in Scottie. If you want to know who Scottie really was just take a look at his stats in Houston and Portland and that will tell you everything you need to know.

    Next when it comes to being better than Mike that’s not even up for debate. Why because Mike is a 6 time world champion and six time title MVP’s while playing with a bunch of average to slightly better than average players (including SCOTTIE PIPPEN). Just look at the careers of Horace Grant, Bill Wennington and Toni Kucoc after they no longer played with the Bulls. Mike struck FEAR in his opponents like Mike Tyson before Buster Douglas while NBA players welcome the challenge to play against Lebron James.

    • K says:

      Hey Scott1 you do understand that none of those players won another Championship after they left the Bulls organization; including MJ! To me that would suggest that they all needed each other to accomplish what they accomplished by winning six championships. MJ without a doubt was the man; however, like Pippen never won without MJ; the same argument can be made about MJ, because he never won with Pippen!

      • K says:

        he never won “without” Pippen!

      • blue.stranger says:

        I agree, but MJ was already past his prime when he jumped to wizards, you would not expect him to be like 29-32 years old i guess! get real…

  849. getreal says:

    If Lebron plays like he did against Boston and Chicago for the rest of his career then, yes, he is comparable to Jordan offensively and probably better defensively since he can guard 1-4 so well. But i highly doubt that he will continue to be the hero game in and game out.
    Also, Jordan constantly molded his game to be the greatest player on the court, especially as he got older and lost a step (or more like a quarter step). I don’t know if Lebron can do the same, seeing that his offense relies too much on forcing his way to the basket or pulling up for questionable 3s (which he’s been knocking down as of late).

  850. Joe says:

    Queen James will never be close to Jordan, or even Kobe. He joined 2 stars to be able to win a chip. No competitiveness nowadays at all. Anyone can win it all with a Big 3. Look at Boston, they won it the first year they acquired a Big 3.

    • K says:

      So, Joe your saying Kobe won his five championships by himself; not! Can you say, 3 with Shaq and 2 with Pau? MJ is the man; however, he never won a championship without Scottie Pippen!

      • mj says:

        MJ made Pippen and all the others who came to his team. Pippen came from Seattle. A reject at the time. Mj did not leave he was a competitor. Pippen learnt from MJ and developed. So you can’t say Jordan had Pippen. HE made him. Other teammates played better because of Jordans influence. Most of them came from losing teams who never made the playoffs. During that time. If there was MJ there was no chance of Winning a championship. Like MJ says “Once your on top of the mountain, you want to defend it”. Enough said. Watch Jordan highlights and games. You will see NOONE COMPARES. Lebron had the pieces to win and couldnt win. So he joined wade and bosh who are in their primes to win. He did not developed them. They were already made. STOP COMPARING LIL KIDS. lmao.

      • Usuck says:

        who the Hell player can you develop in Cleveland????
        Big Z, Gibson, Moon?????LOL

  851. doraymonyo says:

    how can u say LBJ is the greatest player ?
    HE can score.. BUT MJ is a much of itt

    HE can play Defense, so can MJ..

    im a fan of LBJ but, comparing him to MJ…
    that’s way to far, make LBJ the…


    put aside the presence of WADE and BOSH…. is he can still be great ? i doubt it but HE CAN STILL BE THE BEST , or otherwise the greatest player for TODAY…. but

    if he change the complexion of the NBA like MICHAEL JORDAN did… I WILL VOTE FOR HIM AS THE GREATEST PLAYER..

    but he cant..

  852. lakers says:

    just to give you guys a hint..lebron needs more proof and rings to be one of the greatest…one season is not enough.

    dnt you think spurs, lakers and boston are still the teams to beat..these are all fixed..even the commentators on the lakers vs mavs series are saying that its a joke where lakers didn’t even win a game..and it shows how they play specially game 4…same thing happened to spurs and boston.

    ufc (gsp vs js) became a boxing match..lol
    boxing (pacquiao vs mosley) tap of gloves every start of rounds like they’re best friends..lol

    sometimes i dnt trust sports outcome anymore 🙂
    just an opinion

  853. Burdagol says:

    Yeah, maybe Pippen and Jordan are not in good terms for him to say that to the man who was responsible for his 6 rings.
    Lebron is a very talented, 1 in a million player like Bird, Magic Kobe, Jordan but the difference of those guys from Lebron is that they stayed with their team, they stuck with their team and carried their team to the championships (of course they had role players along them but not considered to be as good as them, in short, they were the boss). On Lebron’s side, he joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Okay erase Bosh… But Dwayne Wade is a start that has the same caliber as Lebron. In other words, he joined someone else’s team. The talent that Lebron has is put to shame when he left Cleveland that way, when he was very much desperate to win a title. Though the championship is every BB player’s dream, it could have been a better story for Lebron when he stayed in Cleveland and carried HIS own team to a championship. SO this aspect already ruins Lebron’s background which does not making look great at all (in that sense).
    But talking about his statistics and his plays, then he is great, not the greatest right now, but great.

  854. Ummm.... says:

    I don’t think they should be comparing LeBron or anyone on the league with hall of famers yet. Not until they have finished their carriers. That way you can compare their accomplishments

  855. jealouspippen says:

    i would like to see how lebron plays without acting out his fouls and whining to the refs. c’mon lebron ur supposed to be a “superstar” like ppl said u are. play like one w/o ur acting skills. wait… nvm ur only a good player that knows how to trick the refs to thinking u got fouled.

  856. DILEMA says:


    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Dude, are you saying Wilt or Kareem in their prime couldn’t dominate today?
      In MJ’s era players could get way more physical without whistles so your argument makes no sense!

      If you saw LBJ go back in time and play the BAD BOY Pistons he would get hammered and think twice about getting to the rack.

      You should watch some ball from the 1990’s, when Jordan dominated! There were some great players that never won because Jordan dominated. Think about it!

    • blue.stranger says:

      try to watch some games of the 90’s where Jordan dominates…b4 even saying a word…it is way more physical those days than now! dumb!

  857. Nate says:

    “OSCAR ROBISON has said the same thing.”-comment

    Oscar Robertson is one of the most overrated players of all time. He played during an era when baketball talent wasn’t near as high as it is now. He was slow, wasn’t particularly good at dribbling the ball and his jumpshot was pathetic. Notice how Oscar was constantly losing before someone named Ferdinand Alcindor came along? Therefore Oscar’s opinion is no more significant than an average viewer’s opinion. If Michael Jordan, however, was to proclaim that Lebron it the GOAT himself, then we’d all have to believe it.

  858. djata says:

    This is not even an argument 6 rings 6 finals mvp as the LEADER no if or buts about it. THe best player in the league no ifs or buts about it. PEOPLE LEBRON DOES NOT HAVE A RING I repeat LEBRON DOES NOT HAVE A RING. Scottie was high off that concession stand food

  859. me says:

    MJ won defensive player of the year so it’s not right to say that LBJ is a better defender. MJ has the advantage over LBJ on offense, defense, and IQ. The only advantage LBJ has is his strength. There is no way LBJ is better than MJ!!!!

  860. Raynor says:

    I think Scottie was drunk when he say that

  861. BIG 3 says:

    KING JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  862. Abby says:

    Lebron is able to look IMMORTAL on the biggest stage on basketball because of his GREAT teammates. He could not do that in Cleveland or may be he could have but did not want to. I still think he could have taken the CAVS to the finals in his final year there, after they won the first game against the Celtics, even when they played mediocre ball in that game.
    But I must say WADE and LEBRON best DUO EVER in a series, They can be best duo all time but that would take a few more seasons of this indestructible chemistry. WOW!!!!

  863. Sean (M.B.) says:

    to truly be the greatest you gotta to be the best all round but with so many great players in different eras its all gone be opinions at the end of the day but lebron is my favorite players in the league now next to d wade mainly cuz there games are similar but i think overall wade is a better shooter and has more heart and detemination when it comes to driving and finishing strong cause bron is so huge and agile players tend to want move out of his way when he comes to the whole but they a try wade quick but wade still finishes but anyway in my opinion lebron is really like a more atheletic version of magic johnson but keep in mind just cause you’re more atheletic doesnt mean you’re better or more effective but one thing about bron i think he lacks is being able to play the post (center) bron is a strong player and finisher but its usually off the dribble i dont think he could score effective playin the post simply cause like dwight howard their lacking low post moves like magic johnson or hakeem olajuwon but on defense lebron good in the post i know he could make some happen even jordan and kobe could create in the paint all day if it was needed of them scoring wise but i dont know about lebron but anything else in his game he’s is on point to be considered a great i’m not gone say the greatest yet but he’s exciting to watch highlight material all day i don’t feel a championship necessarily the greatest player regardless how many you got cause you still got to play the game with 4 other teammates on the court so to me its more of saying you’re great to play with if you’re the main reason you’re team wins championships. Everybody got their opinions but whoever said scottie on crack must really dont see the bigger picture cause surely jordan was great but his team was outstanding and you’re second options being pippen pippen took alo of the load of jordan whether people realize it and jordan knows it and i mean the year jordan retired to baseball pippen was the best player in the league he lead in scoring and he still took the bulls to the playoffs even though they didnt win point im making pippen knows basketball but even i would of hesitated to say the greatest ever, but bron is definitely probaby the greatest in his era. And for those who wanna discred lebron cause he left clevland to play with some good players check this it either was gone work one or two ways clevland was gone have to bring him help or he was gone have to leave and get over this jordan wouldnt have team up magic, bird, or miller, to hell with all that cause if they would of traded one them guys to the bulls they would have played to together plus honestly with reggie miller miller was a great shooter but all around game who couldnt outplay pippen come now why would jordan wanna team up with anybody else when he had the most underrated teammate in the form of scottie pippen i mean pippen is in the hall of fame im just sayin i never would try to discred jordan cause jordan earned his hype and name but he didnt do all he did alone thats why i hate how redid lebron commercial when the only difference between them is lebron went to a better team, they brought jordan a better team to him thats the only difference. But jordan was the main in charge of the bulls but he didnt play 5 on 1 he played 5 on 5 so people outta give that whole bulls team some props sometime like Kukoc, Kerr, Brown, Longley, Rodman, Harper, Armstrong,Burell, Cartwright, Grant, those are just some of the championship teammates cmon people

  864. lebron james yes he is the best player in this league but still not better than michael but could be in the conversation of the best player in the Nba rigth now and point

  865. THEHEATROCKS says:

    For those of you who are saying players are not comparable if they did not play in the same era, then I hope you mean MJ was the greatest ever in his era, and now Lebron could be the greatest ever to play in the current league, right?
    Then again, that wouldn’t guarantee MJ will be the greatest of all time, because you wouldn’t know, since current players (or future players) could not have gone head-to-head against MJ right?

  866. BulllsForLife says:

    What the hell was Pippen smokin this morning? Lebrick better than MJ?! Are you kidding me?! Lebrick is a good player. He goes hard and strong. But get outta here with that one. If I was his boss he’ll be cleaning out his desk.

    • Know bball b4 u post... says:

      Lebrick? lmfao…im pretty sure the last shot lbj shot against the bulls last night was a swish? ha!

  867. LEBRONHATERS says:

    did pippen take his breakfast.? are he insane.? comparing LBJ to the greatest! sounds bad! MJ has 6 rings, and many MVP trophies! LBJ had only he’s BALLS! hahaha

  868. Ri says:

    lebron will kill any team if there is a illegal defense… no one can stop him 1on1..// Gordan is ahead of his time.. but lebron has a monsters body that Jordan didn’t have…

    • blue.stranger says:

      that is why MJ is the greatest coz even without a body lik LeBron, he could score and dominate better than the bigger LeBron…Get it!

  869. Moussa, from NJ says:

    OSCAR ROBISON has said the same thing.

  870. NH_Hondo says:

    lets face it,mj needed pippen kobe needed shaq/gasol.
    T-Dog keep dreamin james would score on mj all nite
    hes like a fullback

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      And Jordan would shoot over Lebron all day long, and beat Lebron off the dribble all day long as well. Jordan was unstoppable!

    • Sean (M.B.) says:

      thank u bru cause seems like some these guys dont get it each one those players had to have someone else great along side them to win rings along with the team

  871. GRoinder says:

    LeBron doesn’t yet belong in the best ever conversation with that footwork of his (not to mention lack of titles). He could be called for traveling a dozen times or more a game. With more discipline and a good footwork coach he could be superb. But as it stands his game is too unrefined to be compared to MJ or even Kobe.

  872. MD JoRose says:

    Saying that Lebron is better all-around player than MJ is an overstatement. The truth tells you these:

    Career highlights and awards:

    6× NBA Champion (1991–1993, 1996–1998)
    5× NBA Most Valuable Player (1988, 1991–1992, 1996, 1998)
    14× NBA All-Star (1985–1993, 1996–1998, 2002–2003)
    6× NBA Finals MVP (1991–1993, 1996–1998)
    NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1988)
    10× All-NBA First Team (1987–1993, 1996–1998)
    All-NBA Second Team (1985)
    9× NBA All-Defensive First Team (1988–1993, 1996–1998)
    NBA Rookie of the Year (1985)
    NBA All-Rookie First Team (1985)
    3× NBA All-Star Game MVP (1988, 1996, 1998)
    2× NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion (1987–1988)


    • Chris_12609 says:

      agreed… the game is not about being the “best” it’s about winning. in that case” MJ is the best at winning” period.

  873. NH_Hondo says: