McHale says no deal yet with Rockets

by Micah Hart

Rumors are circulating that NBA TV and TNT analyst Kevin McHale has agreed to a deal to coach the Houston Rockets.

Not so fast, says McHale. Though several reports are indicating that McHale has accepted an offer to rejoin the ranks of the NBA’s coaching fraternity, McHale told sources Friday at Turner Sports that no agreement has yet been reached and that several hurdles in the talks still need to be cleared.

Meanwhile, league sources are telling McHale’s TNT colleague, David Aldridge, that McHale is definitely Houston’s choice. The Rockets, according to DA, also have asked for permission to talk with Grizzlies assistant Dave Joeger, though it’s not certain it would be for an assistant job on McHale’s bench or another position. The Grizzlies are hoping to retain Joeger.

McHale coached 63 games of the 2008-09 season with the Minnesota Timberwolves, going 20-43, before moving over to the broadcast booth with Turner Sports for the past two seasons. He also coached the Timberwolves in 2004-05, going 19-12.

UPDATE: The AP is reporting a deal is close, but not official.


  1. stonymilovsky says:

    this is the guy who had kevin love coming off the bench. how doesw he deserve another chance with a good team. a mystery to me

  2. james says:

    Mchale a coach?

  3. rocket rob says:

    Rockets had a great coach in Adelman. he took a team that was destined for the bottom of the west to a playoff hope….As far as yao goes…BYE YAO. its time to part with him and get another big man in there. Mchale as a coach..i dont know about that, sure as a player he was one of the best…but coaching is way different. I still support rockets even though they are bad, been a fan since 1985. Its tough as a houston fan in general…all the teams suck. But i still root and hope one of them gets on a winning streak.

  4. Charles Mclaughlin says:

    Rick Adelman was a great coach for the Houston Rockets. The team really clicked well together but his hands were tied. They didn’t have Yao Ming and they didn’t have an All-Star to help get them to the Playoffs. I think if they reshaped the roster a bit and spent a little cash than things could get much better for them. I think Kevin McHale would be a poor selection for them because he doesn’t like to coach basketball and he has stated that numerous of time. He was forced to become a coach because of the Minnesota Timberwolves owner. A coach shouldn’t be forced to coach but should be willing to become a leader for his team on and off the court. I really like Scott Brooks. He has the Oklahoma Thunder working really well and I think his team will soon be NBA Champions. They need someone like that to replace Rick Adelman. If they could take someone I would select a person who played the point guard position since they are the motor of the team. I think Brian Shaw would be a better selection and he really wants to be a Coach.

  5. J-Williams says:

    MIKE WOODSON is the PERFECT FIT THE HOUSTON ROCKETS. You can utilize Martin the same way he did joe johnson, use Countney Lee quickness same as Jamal Crawford and Yao Ming is a better center than Al Horton (true PF) iIF HE CAN STAY HEALTHY. MIKE WOODSON IS BETTER THAN KEVIN MCHALE, JUST LOOK AT THE NUMBERS, BUT WE KNOW HOUSTON THEY TEND TO ALWAYS GET THE SHORT END OF THE DEALS.

    • js says:

      and by utilize joe johnson you mean Iso him time after time after regardless of whether you’re scoring or not? and let Josh Smith take bad shot after bad shot? Please. The hawks have had one of the most talents rosters in the east for years but havent had any kind of offensive system or disciplined play to do anything in the playoffs, and thats on the coach

  6. Number1Houstonrocketsfan says:

    John is right. the Rockets need Mike Woodson because he has had tremendous experience with the Atlanta Hawks. 2 seasons ago he got 53 wins and 29 losses. Rockets need Woodson!!!1

  7. macdaddytre says:

    It is a players game my a$$. Phil Jackson won 11 championships, and five of them were without Jordan. How many did Jordan win without Phil? NONE!!! Yes you need players, but Phil winning two with Kobe and P Gasol just proves how little talent you need when you have the best strategy! If you kids would get outside and play ball for real instead of video games, you might actually learn something about the game. For starters, it is a team sport, and only by playing well as a team can you win.

  8. bignbafanbutrealityiskey says:

    mchale is a good coach, and the coach is of course crucial to basketball. but seriously…. its a players game, and truth is, rockets dont have enough good ones. the young kids need to grow up quick, aka patrick patterson and goran dragic, and u guys better hope kevin martin can stay a 20 point man consistently, and luis scola has to stay a double double machine, or else they will never be good. they also need a outside shooter. theyre years away from a championship, barring a miami heat type transformation. mchale isnt a savior from heaven. hes a coach who might help, and either way not as good as adelman was

  9. john says:

    A good move for the rockets is to get a head coach that has gotten 50+ wins in multiple seasons. That head coach is Mike Woodson

  10. CML says:

    If Yao Ming can play the whole season, McHale can be a great teacher for Yao. He has an NBA ring and played with Larry Bird. Look for Yao to further improve his play, and Dragic more room to improve. McHale respects the point guard position because he has high regards to his former teammate Tiny Archibald. Overall, Kevin McHale is going to be a great addition to the Rockets bench.

  11. MNTimberwolves says:

    Thank goodness he was fired and kicked out from the wolves franchise. First, as a GM he fires his college roommate Flip Saunders, then he makes the dumbest trades for Marko J., and Michael Olowakandi (big bust), and then he moves down from GM to coaching only to make the team perform worse,…oh I’m glad we got rid of him. I’m sure he planned it all along so that he would either land a job in Boston (in 2008-2009) or to start as a TNT analyst. Now Houston? you guys better turn him away, despite his career as Boston Celtic champ.

  12. JULB says:

    @rabbit… What’s good about that move??? rick is way better that mcheal…! yo, alexander, don’t hire mcheal, the rockets sucks if you do so.!!

  13. Rabbit21 says:

    That is a good move for rockets they are young team and they need a coach Kevin is a good fit for them it will work out fine

  14. timberwolves says:

    Bad decision for the rockets. Rick is 1000x better than mchale in coaching, yet they let Rick go. Been a twolves and rockets fan for a long time. Im so happy minnesota got rid of him, but now houston will be in the same bad situation. Rockets, do yourself a favor and seek a real defensive minded coach and then hire mchale to train tabeet.

  15. big dawg says:

    kevin mchale’s a legend and a really cool dude, show some respect he knows more about basketball than you will ever know.Just look up some of his old clips , dude was a beast , crazy freakish wingspan … Good hire , just watch….

  16. timberwolves says:

    Bad decision rockets. Rick is 1000x better than mchale in coaching, yet they fired Rick. Been a twolves and rockets fan for a long time. Im so happy minnesota got rid of him, but now houston will be in the same situation. Do yourself a favor and seek a defensive orientat

  17. Andy says:

    man i’ve been a rockets fan since i started watching the nba 4-5years ago..i watched the potential we had with yao and t-mac, then watched the gradual rebuilding…wish we woulda kept rick tbh..Daryl has been a pretty good GM so far…rockets have alot of young potential, but then again they’ve always had potential,but never made anything out of it.

  18. Jesus says:

    I hope he gets a coaching gig, I honestly don’t like him as an analyst. He strikes me as an awkward white guy that doesn’t really know what to say. Please pull him off of TV, thanks.

    • matt says:

      what? mchale is actually one of the most knowledgeable analysts they had this year. he knows what hes talking about 100percent of the time and explains it in laments terms for people like you. you strike me as an awkward person who doesnt know what to say.

      • js says:

        Agreed. He brings a great mix of personal knowledge of the NBA along with analyzing. Hes also got a good sense of humor and is good in front of the camera so IDK where “awkward” comes from. If anything C-Webb gets caught not really knowing what to say alot of times

  19. Herr says:

    Rick Adelman was spotted in downtown Portland. Hopefully that means good-bye to Nate and hello to championships for PDX! As for McHale that’d be interesting to see where he can take the Rockets.

    • Shazzy says:

      Actually thats were adelmans offseason home is, sorry did not mean to rain on your parade.

  20. gilbertgranger12345 says:


    • nbeatz says:

      What ever happened with routing for your favourit player no matter what team they are on. Shaq is one of my fav players…….. I liked the Lakers when he played there. I liked the heat when he played there. I even(Foot in mouth) liked the Celtics now. Bosh is my favourit player wheather he is in TOR or Miami. If Nash moved from Pheonix to the Timberwolvs well, then I would like the Wolve’s…… Everyone enjoys the game differently.

  21. what... says:

    If this guy somehow becomes the head coach of the Rockets, I am not going to support the Rockets anymore… They’ve gone from being mediocre to complete… CRAP!!! Terrible owner, useless GM, feel sorry for a team I’ve supported over the years.

    • Danger says:

      Thats poor man. You support your team through the good times and the bad. No matter what I’ll always have Celtic pride and as he’s a former Celtic I wish McHale all the best.
      You should just jump on the Heat bandwagon like all the other casual fans.

      • Blueprint says:

        *rolls eyes* These advocates of blind loyalty really make me laugh. Go ahead and stick with “your” team through all ups, downs, scandals, headaches, awful trades, etc. Please, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and favorites. It is complete idiocy to unconditionally stick with a team. Sorry to rain on your Celtic pride parade.

      • areyou kidding? says:

        Dude are you kidding blueprint? So it’s stupid to stick with a team forever? So we should all just like who’s good at that moment? No. You always root for “your team”. Through thick and thin. You sound like a bandwagon jumper with your complete stupidity. “Oh so my team sucks now so I’ll just like someone else.” Horrible.

  22. lamaskosusumo says:

    Yeah, maybe it would be a right move i hope that he would also a great coach just like Phil Jackson but i don’t like what happened to the lakes this season … i don’t know whose to blame but thats life /…..

  23. sean says:

    go kevin mchale hes a cool guy!