Opportunity knocks again for Kidd

Everyone today is still feeling Dirk Nowitzki’s pain, five years from watching a 2-0 lead on Miami melt away in the NBA Finals.

But what about feeling Jason Kidd’s misery?

He watched two straight trips to The Finals (in 2002 and ’03) evaporate. They were two trips most people forget about, only because it was done with the Nets, you know.

Yes, while Kidd and Nowitzki, headed back to The Finals, take a brief moment to share notes and swap war stories about their agonies, Kidd will reach for the tissue box first.

Dirk: “We were up 2-0, man. With home-court advantage!”

Kidd: “At least you had a home-court advantage. We had to beg fans to show up.”

Dirk: “Dwyane Wade was a beast. Too much to overcome.”

Kidd: “Try beating Shaq and Kobe and then Duncan and Robinson.”

Dirk: “This may be my last chance. I’m 32.”

Kidd: “Got you by six years.”

Kidd will enter the championship series, then, in a more desperate state than Dirk. He is No. 2 on the all-time assists list, one of the top pure point guards in NBA history and is surprisingly frisky today at age 38. He’s also in danger of becoming the next John Stockton: great player, no rings.

What he did with the Nets at the turn of the century was nothing short of spectacular. He transformed a desolate franchise into a team that was fun to watch, except big crowds never showed up to the Meadowlands. The Nets ranked 26th and 23rd in attendance those two Finals years. Bruce Springsteen sold out more nights at the Meadowlands than those Nets teams did.

Kidd also led a team that was raw and light on All-Star talent. The Nets’ starting five in 2002: Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles and Todd MacCulloch. The next season it was Richard Jefferson and Jason Collins for Kittles and MacCulloch.

Aside from Kidd, the only All-Star in the bunch was Martin, who got his lone nod back in 2004.

Finally: You try beating Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, who were young, friendly and dominating back then. That was followed by Tim Duncan and David Robinson, who would retire following the series.

Kidd and the Nets had no chance against the Lakers and were swept. They did tie the Spurs 2-2 and trailed by two points in Game 5 with four minutes left until Steve Kerr got hot and that was that.

And here’s where the story gets weirder. Kidd was a free agent the summer of 2003 and the Spurs flew him in on a private jet, with Duncan making a big pitch for him. The money was close to the Nets’ offer. But Kidd’s wife, Joumana, wanted to stay in the New York area to further her broadcasting career. They would divorce five years later and Kidd never returned to The Finals as a Net. The Spurs won two more championships.

Now you know why Kidd has a better sob story than Dirk.

Most likely, this is his last chance. And he knows it. You can tell by the way Kidd pushes his body in the postseason. He played 36 minutes a night against a younger and quicker player in Russell Westbrook. His averages against OKC: 9.6 ppg, 8.6 apg and 2.0 turnovers per game.

Jean-Jacques Taylor of The Dallas Morning News sums up a microcosm of Kidd’s clutch play in the West finals nicely:

With 13 seconds left and the Mavs leading 98-96, Kidd made the game’s biggest play.

Dirk missed a contested runner from the left wing, and the best rebounding guard in NBA history launched his 38-year-old legs high enough to grab his fourth offensive rebound.

He immediately passed the ball to Dirk, who was fouled with 13 seconds left. Dirk swished both free throws.


When the final horn sounded and the raucous throng at the AAC erupted into cheers, Kidd stretched his arms to the heavens and bounced excitedly up and down for several seconds.

“You can’t teach the stuff he does,” Jason Terry said. “His game will never ever show up on the stat sheet. The loose balls he comes up with, the way he strips guys, the way he makes whatever play we need.

“When it’s the fourth quarter and he’s on the court, we just feel like we’re going to find a way to win.”

He has led his teams to 14 straight postseasons. No active player has more playoff games without winning a title.

For someone who perfected the art of the assist long ago, he can’t allow this opportunity to pass.



    @TROY nice try man

    Heres the way I see this matchup:

    Coaching: edge Carlisle

    PG: edge Kidd

    SG: edge Wade unless Terry gets unbelievably (Game 4 vs Lakes HOT)



    C: edge Chandler

    Bench: huge edge for Dallas (in general, this is where all of Dallas’ playoff wins have come from, too)


    Heres the way I see this matchup:

    Coaching: edge Carlisle

    PG: edge Kidd

    SG: edge Wade unless Terry gets unbelievably (Game 4 vs Lakes HOT)



    C: edge Chandler

    Bench: huge edge for Dallas (in general, this is where all of Dallas’ playoff wins have come from, too)


    OMG!!!From the BOSTON series until now what i heard was juzz the huge advantage of the HEAT’s opponent was the defense and better bench,,pls stop this damn reasons guyzz, what happen to the BOSTON and CHICAGO?it isn’t proven yet that the HEAT had it all?don’t tell me that this DALLAS team had same advantage to the BOSTON and CHICAGO?

    And pls DALLAS FANS don’t be so proud that you swept the LA coz the HEAT also swept the LA, and the season DALLAS 2-0 against the HEAT?be afraid of that because the BULLS are 3-0 and the BOSTON 4-1 against the HEAT but what happen to them they’re all gone fishin with the idiot CHARLES BARKLEY..If this DALLAS team can win 2 home games then good for you coz LEBRON is on the mission 4-1 from the playoffs to the finals..

    GO HEAT!!

  4. Lee says:

    Go Dallas! not a Mavs fan but i wanted Kidd to win a championship

  5. HillBillyBob says:

    Flea said that if Miami Heat wins it’d be like Voldemort beating Harry Potter:D

  6. Lord Unfamous says:

    It took 5 years waiting for Dallas to have another shot of this Championship…Go JKidd and DNowitzki

  7. Kobleed says:

    Are Lakers and OKC better than Boston and Bulls??? Nah!!! This fans became over confident. its obvious how they should perform. Bosh can guard Dirk. or Halem did it also. No one can guard Lebron or Wade. I see Kidd and Marion having foul troubles. Can they sustain the energy? the athleticism? nope!!! They dont have a chance. Plus the Heat are unbeatable at home.

    • TOTO says:

      to let you all know.. if miami wins, they deserve it because they put up one of the greatest combination ive ever seen and they will win multiple championships in the future.. but i always have a heart for those great palyers who have no championship.. like the Reggie …Miller’s.. the Stockton / Malone.. Ewing, Barkley, Gervin, Wilkins, Nash, Grant Hill, Webber, Joe Smith.. Iverson, Mutombo.. This Players have done a lot in the league but dont have the ring.. they have stayed so long in the NBA yet came so short… Fortunately im a Mavs fan and the two players that i admire most even if they are not a maverick… (Dirk for his humbleness and Kidd for his all around leadership) will have this final shot.. i hope the basketball Gods are listening to me and at least for one final time they will give this maybe not for the Mavs or for us but for Nowitzki and Kidd.. =)

  8. james says:

    Mavs in 5

  9. troy says:

    caveat: I’ve been a Mavs fan since the days of Brad Davis

    Heres the way I see this matchup:

    Coaching: edge Carlisle

    PG: edge Kidd

    SG: edge Wade unless Terry gets unbelievably (Game 4 vs Lakes HOT)

    SF: wash

    PF: wash – Dirk gets 30+, but so does LeBron

    C: edge Chandler

    Bench: huge edge for Dallas (in general, this is where all of Dallas’ playoff wins have come from, too)

    refs: ??? I was always taught that if you let a game be close enough for the refs to decide the outcome, you deserved to lose . . . BUT

    Finally, whoever thinks the east is tougher than the west needs to look at some stat sheets. The east puts 1-2 sub-.500 teams in the playoffs each year, while in the very competitive west, teams that would be the 5-6 in the east are battling for the 8 spot, and sometimes staying home.

    my prediction: if the Mavs get 1 of the first 2 in Miami, they win in 6, maybe 5

  10. Patrick says:

    Caron Butler and Beaubois, two big weapon missing in the team…but Mav’s are in final. Great job !
    Miami won’t regret for Butler,
    Lebron for the first time in final, I can imagine he will be super motivated, may be calm and clever, taking a little bit a Nowitski ‘s humble attitude.
    Great job Miami.
    For Kidd, Terry and Nowitski, Marion, a ring would be great. They can do it, but Miami will put all stuff.

  11. Luxembourg says:

    Mavericks are a great team, Nowitzki and Kidd really deserve to win, but unforunately, Miami is just too strong. They beat Boston and Chicago in 5! Miami-Defense is outstanding.

  12. sp says:

    feel sorry for j kidd. but i’m with the heat in this one. they are just sensational in this playoffs.

  13. TC says:

    Mavs, go bury 20+ 3s in each of the next 4 games!

    Dirk, go burn the Heat 40+ with 95% shooting and get the MVP!

    JKidd, go get 4 more Triple Double and yourself a ring!

    I am a Lakers fan, but seeing how good the Mavs are playing now, you got my vote!

  14. George says:


    the mavs will face major matchup problems in defemding wade & Lebron, i hope for an effective zone defence, otherwise, whatever and however dirk does or plays mavs will loose.Marion staying out of foul trouble and active defensivly is 100% mavs key.

    Hopefully mavs will find a way.

    And about kid 100% top 5 PG in the league’s history.

  15. TRIBINSKI says:

    mark my comment ..Mavs in 4 same what happen to Lakers … sweet sweep and sweet revenge..

  16. mo says:

    now it is over….the refs did a great job for stern. I´m very excited what stern thinks who will win the finals or better what is his desicion…
    i go to wrestling is better and not predictable HIHIHIH
    never again nba is over better china ball or anything else

  17. Ice Pogi says:


    You got it right!!! Everyone deserves to win… The thing is you have to work for it very hard… Mavs 3 loss going in the FINALS… How about the HEAT??? They just lose once in every team in the eastern series…. Mavs loss 2 in portland…. They swept the lakers…. But if the lakers playing in the East they might get swept too…. they might not even get past the 1st round….Co’z the lakers are being transform into a kobe team…. coach kobe… defensive kobe offensive kobe…. Im not saying that the laker is a weak team… But kobe is the one making them weak… Durant and west are good but not their time yet…. who knows after 2 years…. Miami Beat much more Defensive Teams…. Celtics…. The team to beat in the east…. The team that have the NBA best record… C.O.Y and M.V.P…. Competition in the east becomes tougher and tougher…If that was painful on KIDD how about MALONE and Stockton…. Malone’s career was more pitiful and painful than KIDD… He even join SHAQ and kobe along with payton…. What happen??? If you want to win that Championship you have to earn it…

    • DallasForever says:

      I agree about the Heat deserving a championship, but I have an arguement too.

      You see, Malone was selfish and had plenty of chances to keep his playoff run alive while sacrificing his body on the floor, yet, it did not happen. Why? He was selfish.

      Now, I’m not saying that Lebron or Dwayne or Chris are selfish. But are Lebron and Dwayne really “two out of the three best players in the world”? No. They weren’t consistent in stretches in the regular season, but I’m glad they stepped up to the plate for real in the playoffs, otherwise they wouldn’t have stood a chance. But if they were REALLY the best team in the league, how come they lost against Philadelphia? I’ll tell you why. The Phillies STUCK TOGETHER AS A TEAM. They never gave up and had admirable courage to at least win a game against the Miami Heat. Boston did not step up to the plate, and it was over for them the moment Rondo injured himself. Why? He was their YOUNG man. Dallas isn’t young, yet how are they here in the Finals? Becaue their players PLAY LIKE THEY DESERVE IT, ESPECIALLY DIRK AND KIDD. Miami is young, and Lebron and Chris won’t be going anywhere for a few seasons. They can make it, but the oppurtunity is closing for Dallas, ESPECIALLY JASON KIDD. He has like one year left after this. Dallas is not a pushover. Miami is not a pushover. Both of these teams are some of the best in the league, because they PLAY LIKE THEY DESERVE IT. Los Angeles is OVER, their era is OVER. Boston is OVER, THEIR era is over. It’s time for new teams to streak for the title. Let’s not relive the past over and over again, people.

  18. Patrick says:

    I would say that Miami has two very good player with Lebron and Wayde, and Dallas has Nowitski.
    If the two jason Terry and Kidd are good, If Peja start something, Miami can’t do anything, they will loose.
    If those three players are not ready Miami will win.

  19. John says:

    This blog has filled up with comical and delusional Dallas fans.

    “The Mavs deserve to win this year.” Miami doesn’t? Lebron James dragging weak role players around for seven grueling years, getting no help in the playoffs year after year, having no ‘second’ his entire career and still getting to the Finals, coming up with two MVPs, two back-to-back best records, having to play the Big4 Boston Celtics by himself. He doesn’t deserve to win? D. Wade making a huge sacrifice the past three years to make the Superfriends happen, and still playing his heart out every year? Say what you want about it, but “The Decision” turned out to be “The Right Decision.” At the end of the day, the best team deserves to win, and if the Mavs do win, then and only then, will they actually have “deserved” it.

    Some clown on this blog said, if the Miami Heat win “it will be the end of NBA as we know it.” Learn your facts: NBA ratings have been the highest ever when the Miami Heat have played.

    Someone else said that the Miami Heat are a defensive team with “some good scorers.” Is that the best way to describe Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, as “some good scorers?” You are talking about two of the top three greatest players in the world.

    Another Mavs fan, “racking up only three losses in route to the Finals is crazy goodness.” You are very right. How many did Miami have?

    The Mavs had two unbelievable comebacks vs OKC. The Miami Heat had one of their own, against the best defensive team in the league (Game 5 vs Bulls).

    I have all the respect in the world for Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Marion, Stojakovic, and the entire Dallas Mavericks organization, but they do not deserve to win just because they came close in the past. They will deserve it if and when they actually do achieve victory over the Heat.

    The team that wins is the one that deserved it. Period.

    • Rondow says:

      Your last few comments are redundant, every 16 teams in the playoffs deserves to win (if they do win). You sound biased just stating your arguments in this blog, which i will consider as a heat-fan comment. NBA is not a joke you know, the pain, practices, no family bonding and all of the other stuffs. WHY DONT YOU STFU?

      And stop calling those people as a clown. (Even though i think you’re a bald clown)

      Enjoy NBA.

  20. JOHN says:


  21. One Trick Pony says:

    Just imagine if Caron Butler was still healthy. Just imagine. Mavs would have had a 70 win season at the pace they were going before Butler did his ACL. Mavs wouldn’t have dropped a single game in the playoffs.

    Tough juice, this one’s for you. Just imagine if you were playing, just imagine…

  22. chrisitne says:

    I have been a mavs fan for years. It kind of annoys me that all of the sudden people LOVE the mavs. The commentators are all of the sudden realizing how good Dirk is!!! He has been amazing for years and they act like hes some new rookie player thats surprising everyone, Its ridiculous. i have stuck through wins and losses for the mavs for a very long time. NO matter what happens. I will still LOVE those MAvericks. Thank you dirk, Kidd, marion, chandler, barea and the rest of the amazing deep mavs team. FOREVER a mavs fan.

    BUT…..i say mavs in 5 games(:

  23. rener_23 says:

    jason kidd deserve to win a championship cos he is the best of the best point guard of all time….and for almost 2 decade no point guard can do triple double on his young age …..

  24. whatever says:

    Whatever. Kidd stayed with the Nets because THEY WENT TO THE FINALS TWO YEARS IN A ROW, he was the franchise hero, the organization gave him a huge contract, and signed whoever he wanted that year.

  25. Teva says:

    remember kevin johnson, tim hardaway? moochie something from the hawks? that guy that played with the cavs at one time kind of john stockton like?
    one of my favorite teams of all time : tim hardaway, chris mullin, chris webber, latrell spreewell : golden state!

  26. sirc sataram says:

    hope the mavericks win the championship .. im a heat fan but my heart belongs to jason and dirk . they deserve atleast one ring on their finger

  27. babytoy says:

    dont forget his 3.4 steals in the OKC series..

  28. Eji Hasibuan says:

    this article quite sum’s up my thoughts for them..dirk and Kidd should showed up tomorrow and kill it, i just hate to see that a good talent being unappreciated especially for kidd, he will be one of the legends of great point guards..so i hope they win the finals!!

  29. Jen says:

    I am a big OKC fan and now rooting for the Mavs. The Mavs players show great sportsmanship and seem like better role models than Heat players overall.

  30. WRONG COMMENT says:


  31. God says:

    Damn man! Thank you for writing this, it almost make my sob myself. I’ve been a Kidd follower since he was drafted and won co-rookie of the year.

    Thanks for writing this article, and hopefully this time Kidd, Dirk and Terry gets what’s due

    Mavs 2011 Champions! – sounds appropriate right?

  32. Ringo TheJackal says:

    Dallas will be swept by Miami!!Look if not for OKC collapsing and could not handle their lead during clutch time we all oould be watching a better finals in Miami vs. OKC(Choke-Lahoma City),,,Dirk and Jason another John Stockton in the making..Go Miami!!

    • MFFL says:

      Swept? i think not. Have you watched the NBA’s Western Conference? They have lost just one game since losing the 23pt lead to the Blazers. I’ll take Mavs in 6 over the Heat.

  33. boston says:

    man what are all of you saying chicago is not out yet

  34. WRONG COMMENT says:


  35. PsychoNetsFan says:

    Hope Kidd finally gets his ring. He did so much for our franchise. Wish him all the best. Go Kidd…and Go Nets!

  36. Chicago faaaaaaan1 says:

    First of all this playoffs has been the greatest in a long time i really enjoyed watching the mavs sweep the lakers. And even though i’m rooting for Chicago i think this is gonna the mavs revenge for the 06 finals. I just personally think that dirk and the jet re gonna be fired up they don wanna lose again. And i think that series is gonna be wery open because i think each team has some advantegous of course the mavs have experience, but might not be soo important since they ain’t playing a young team. These er the mavs advantegous:

    much more depht

    better offense(ball movement etc.)

    revenge( for the infameous 06)


    these are he heats advantegous:

    better D

    the big 3

    i still hope the bulls go through thogh not very likely at all. And since they aren’t getting through i only wanna say this“ Mavs you god luck crushing tha heat´´.

    No need to hate on the heat though they good, you just won’t accept it.

  37. Alessandro says:

    I strongly believe Mavs will win the title. Chicago was so near to tie the series, but the absence of Asik did the damage. You gotta have the good bench replacement for Noah. Now, most probably Heat are going to the finals. Surely this will be a great battle on the court!

  38. chris says:

    3 seconds left, one shot to save the game, you have any player from either the Mavs or the Heat, who do u give i to?
    Nowitski! You have a 3pt to make, who do you give the ball to? Stojakovich! You needa guy from the bench to kill the team´s other bench? Terry! Come on, the Heat watch themselves play. When Bosh dunks, he screams like he tries to stop a criminal, he takes him three seconds to do this. The other team is already on the other side of the court. The question is who has the best defense? I think Mavs. Who can comeback from a -20pts in a quarter? Mavs. I think it´s fare because they often lost against the Spurs in the previous years just because of matchups. They have a complete team, the guys on the bench could be starters in other teams. And by complete, I mean they have a good guy for everything. We could then change the video of the Heat trio answering the question in the Miami arena? So are you gonna win a championship (to are u gonna lose a championship?) And James answers, lose not one, not two, not three….

  39. js says:

    wow is that right? hes been in 14 straight postseasons? and that finals Nets roster is incredible, definitely one of those players that just never got a chance to play with great talent. A shame that had partly to do with a freaking wife’s wants. I just feel like the Heat have had such an emotional season, especially with beating the Celtics. They answered their critics. So when you compare just the will of each team, Dallas is going to want it more. Dirk, marion, kidd you could tell how badly they want it. look at the series marion played against okc, great defense, even played great offense. bibby cant handle kidd, and dirk is going to outplay bosh offensively. and defensively the heat wont have the bodies to handle dirk, tyson and haywood. combined that with a far superior mavs bench, and the confidence of how well they have played this postseason, he just seems destined

  40. Pat Riley says:

    If Dirk and JKidd want a championship ring I suggest they sign with the Heat next year for the veteran’s minimum because that’s the only way they will get one anytime soon!

  41. Hawks says:

    You guys don’t have to go back and forth with each other just enjoy the game!!! Each team has their own edge to win it this year. I think it will be a very interesting finals… I can’t wait to watch it!!!

    I like J-Kidd and Dirk very much, but I’m rooting for the HEAT to win it all this year.

  42. Renatieri says:

    I’m OKC fan, but Kid deserves this titlle more than any other player on the league

  43. direkeli says:

    Jason Kidd is a basketball god.

    It’s the finals. Anything can happen. But I’m cheering for the Mavs this time because they obviously have shown to have the biggest heart the entire play-offs this year (with the Grizzlies coming in a close second).

  44. GORTY says:

    If the mavs play the Heat, no contest Heat WIN!!!! if they play the Bulls then Mavs win.

  45. Chris says:

    Why doesn’t anyone remember that Wade played along with Shaq back in ’06???

  46. Kay Jaybee says:

    This time around Dirk and Kidd are gonna show the meaning of the word clutch!

    Heat are gonna get in foul trouble trying to guard Dirk, and their big three are gonna be sitting for long stretches.

    Mav’s will focus on shutting down Lebron and Wade/Bosh will come up short against Chandler and Kidd.

    Mav’s bench will outplay the Heat’s and win with clutch shooting down the stretch.

    DIRKS REVENGE!!! It will be sweet!

    • js says:

      lol kidd isnt going to be on wade, maybe down the stretch of a close game. but for the majority they will have stevenson and we might see brewer in this series. marion is as in good of shape as anyone to defend lebron. hes got the size and quickness, so he will at least hold his own. and as far as dirk, I just dont see how hes not going to average 40 in this series. I thought going into the OKC series that Ibaka and Perkins would do pretty decently but dirk just got whatever he wanted. I dont see bosh and joel anthony being able to do anything. and who on the heat is going to stop tyson and haywood from combining for 15 offensive rebounds a game? haslem doesnt have the size, dampier cant handle more than 5 minutes on the court. the heat just match up terribly with the mavs

      • Mavfan says:

        Dampier is a wash as he was when he played for Dallas.. Chandler is a beast and Haywood just as big and bad…The heat are all showboaters with big heads and inner circle problems…..

      • Usuck says:

        Dampier would be thankful why he left Dallas and might get a RING before them… LOL

  47. Paul says:

    Supposing that Miami will get to the Finals (they would be choking kings if they do not), it will be a matchup where something will come to an end: either that Dallas’ veterans lack of rings or primarily LeBron’s lack of rings . I don’t root for any team but I think that the Mavs deserve to win a title this season because I don’t see any other chance for a championship for them in the near future and the veterans in a Mavericks T-Shirt deserve championship rings a lot. Miami will get their chances in the future.
    Nonetheless I can’t wait for Miami vs. Dallas to begin!!! Miami is plaing great defense right now and Dallas is best in the clutch. This should be an epic series!

  48. InstallerX says:

    I’m a big basketball fan and dont’ really root for any team between Heat and Mavs, but I think the Mavs have the upper hand against the Heat. Mavs are deeper, bigger, longer and have more clutch shooters. The way the Heat are playing it will be easy for the Mavs. Just jam and load up the lane and dare the Heat to shoot from the outside. Same strategy against Lakers and OKC being Lebron as Durant (where Durant is a better shooter) and DWade as Westbrook. We can argue they’re not the same players but the idea is the same. Marion can guard Lebron and Stevenson on DWade. When the bench comes in, Haywood, Peja, JJ Barrea (Lakers’s killer), Heat bench? Plus, time and time again, Mavs have proven their resiliency and perseverance to win under pressure in the 4th quarter. Lakers and OKC were all in control of the games until the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. Just imagine Dirk at the top of the key isolated, who does the Heat have to guard Dirk on that fadeaway shot? Bosh, Haslem, Lebron?? nah.. All they could do is hope for him to miss and if he makes it, game over for the Heat.

  49. rj says:

    have you been watching nba lately?

  50. geobot says:

    If they lose, I suspect Cuban will get CP3.
    If kidd is willing to go to the bench otherwise no ring for JKidd.

  51. Rich says:

    The Heat is really a great team and favorite to win the Finals. I just don’t like the way they got together – it’s kinda pathetic the way they did it. With the amount of talent they gathered, they are now expected to win every championship. Anything short of that will be a disappointment. Celtics did the same years ago. Lakers did too. And some people stil get excited when they get a crack at the Finals ?!
    That’s why the sentimental favorites here are the MAVS, not just because they got robbed in 2006. They are also a team with only one superstar (not even made the #1 team) surrounded by good (not even best) role players, and fortunate enough to have an opportunity to deny Heat’s very purpose of building an empire.

  52. DeeWig says:

    If the mavs see the heat, the one thing that will beat the heat is them having home court advantage. It KILLED the mavs in 06’…mark my words that 2-3-2 format is a killer for whoever has homecourt advantage, all the mavs would have to do is win one of the first two games in Miami and it would mean bad business for them from there.

    • bsj says:

      Actually the Mavs are a better road team in the playoffs than they are at home. Kidd said it before the OKC games – it is much sweeter to go in to someones home and silence the crowd.

      • DeeWig says:

        I don’t know if the stats backs that up…they’ve only lost one playoff game @ home all season compared to two on the road…but racking up only three losses in route to the Finals is crazy goodness

  53. denbals11 says:

    Im a Heat fan but Dirk and Kidd deserves a ring more than anybody else. im gonna cry if they win the finals. miami is still young so dont worry about it.

  54. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    Dallas fans are way better than Boston, Chicago, and LA fans.

  55. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    Dallas is an offensive type team with balanced defense while Miami is a defensive type team with some good scorers also. This NBA Finals 2011 will be very interesting to watch especially the matchups and strategic battle between Rick Carlisle and Eric Spoelstra.

  56. CFL says:

    MAV’s beat the Heat both times they played. Once by 2points & once by 9points. Go J-Kidd

    • GOSH!!!!! says:

      you do know the Celtics and the Bulls also beaten the Heat in the regular season right?

      But I still want to see J Kidd with the ring.

  57. geobot says:

    This finals need a happy ending not another Lebron ESPN special “THE RIGHT DECISION”
    If the 3 kings win, it will be the end of NBA as we know it.
    Who wants to watch a league that only has 3 or 4 teams capable of winning the title?

  58. think says:


  59. fan says:

    Same,I am not a Heat hater but Lebron,Bosh,Wade are young they will have more chances to win title.Kidd is allready 38,Dirk 32 they deserve to win the title!

  60. NOchANCE says:

    I’m apologizing to Maverick fans ahead of time. Mavs have no chance of beating the Heat. Here is why, the west has not played the kind of defense that the top 3 east teams have been playing in the post-season. What you guys have to understand is that the maves will be required to score about 100 ppg (not going to happen vs. Heat or Bulls’ “D”) to win… much easier said than done, especially now with UD back in the mix of things the heat have their energy guy and inside presence back. Yes the Maverick defense is much better than previous playoff outings but still not nearly as good as the Heat or Bulls by far. Unfortunately the Mavs have missed the opportunity to win a championship. To give Mavs a little credit though I have been saying since begining of playoffs it will be a rematch of ’06 finals I usually dont speak ahead of time like this but, it is pretty obvious just watching these teams that the Heat have the clear advantage in every way. Dirk will get his in the series , Kidd also but dont expect much if anything from anybody else on Dallas.

    • DeeWig says:

      Really? Is it good defense or bad offenses? I’m thinking the later…Heat don’t have a chance actually. Mavs dominant them in three categories:
      1. Heat has no Point guard
      2. Heat has no big bodies
      3. Heat has no bench

    • AAG_SR says:

      Let me speak on the present not the future………….presently you are ignorant! Check your stats before you talk just about a week ago or little more the mavs had the BEST defense in the playoffs and against MUCH BETTER offensive teams than the ones the heat played! philly, boston without a beatup rondo and chicago…………..give me a break dude infact give yourself a break! The mavericks are WAY better than the bulls offensively and the mavericks are FAR deeper than the heat so by you saying they have no chance you just sound like an idiot that doesnt know anything about basketball!

    • bsj says:

      I recall some people saying the Mavs had no chance against the Lakers, too. How’d that work out for them?

      You can let 2 1/2 men get their 30/30 and 15 and the Mavs will still beat them. They held Durant under his scoring average, they can slow down Lebron, too. The only thing I am worried about is the officiating. I am glad Cuban has kept his mouth shut all season.

      • Naiym says:

        2 1/2 men…HILARIOUS! and I agree!

      • Viper139 says:

        Agreed – the officicating will decide this series again – as sad as this sounds. If you take a look what OKC got away with against Dirk in games 2-5 it was rediculous. He should have gone to the line an additional 10 times each game.

        In 2006 the officials influenced the outcome just as well – Dirk got hammered all evening – Wade got feathered and went to the line. It was bad back then and I really hope history does not repeat itself.


    • Mavfan says:

      You need to look at wha the truth is Dude… The heat are not the team of 2006 and Dallas isn’t either. Dallas is way deeeper and more consistent that the 3 stooges on the Heat team… Haslem is no factor. Last game against the Bulls what did he do? Scored 6 or 8 points,? Please.. The so called big 3 did not break the 10 point mark until after halftime.
      Dallas has the bench to score 10 points in 5 mins. Theat have no consistent 3 point shooters. Bibby isnt consistent and neither are Lebron or Wade. Terry can put in 9 of those in a game. Dirk can shoot 2-3 or 4 in a row. Peja can knock it down as well. Heat no consistent play from anyone…

  61. Rich says:

    MAVS are indeed better this year but we can’t overlook the fact that the Heat are also better this year. This is the only time in the post-season that I feel that MAVS are the underdogs. I just hope we get better officiating this time to have a better chance of an upset.

    I like MAVS chances better against the Bulls but it will be sweeter if they win against the Heat. LET’S GO MAVS !

  62. Jake says:

    “The Nets’ starting five in 2002: Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles and Todd MacCulloch”

    How in the world did they make the Finals!? I’d forgotten how weak the Eastern Conference used to be.

  63. Rijad says:

    Go Mavs, win the title, you deserve it! Dirk and Kidd, they are maybe the 2 guys in the NBA that deserve the title at most. So Go MAVS!!!!

  64. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    i love J-Kidd but miami’s gonna win this year…

  65. Zar The Knickd Fan says:

    i am not hating Miami or Chicago but i am rooting for Dallas to win. Dirk and Kidd deserve a ring more than Lebron , bosh or rose. (again not hating them). They both been through so much and this probably is their last chance. go get it dirk and kidd. (and sean marion and Terry getting a ring also sounds nice)

  66. Carmelo4652 says:

    Jason Kidds old A** deserves a championship

  67. wow says:

    Kidd to the Spurs in 2004? Teaming up with Ginobili and Duncan at their peaks?

    Man would that be interesting to watch.

  68. Concur says:

    Agreed but that won’t happen sadly. He’d be better than the trash in the form of Bibby that they brought in that’s for sure.

  69. Jonk says:

    Jason Kidd to the Miami heat in 2011/12 season and he wins his title.

  70. PIPPEN says:

    I really wish JASON KIDD and the MAVS go on and win the 2010-2011 NBA CHAMPIONS
    The moment they lift the trophy will be the most beautiful moment this year.

    JASON, DIRK, PEJA, JET, SHAUN and other veterans in the Mavs team has been playing so well
    They deserve the respect.

    They deserve a ring because they play as A team.

    Good Luck Jason KIDD and the DALLAS MAVERICKS =)

    • MJ says:

      Agree with u Scottie

      GO JASON. Get yourself a ring and come into the HAF with smile =)

      • NYKnicks says:

        PIPPEN / MJ… it sounds like both these people are the same person… split perosnality?

    • bigtruckdriver_666 says:

      i was a jkidd fan,i hope he got the ring this year,best thing is maybe he’ll be guarding d-wade and im sure even the older jkidd will make him slow,look what happen to kd.

    • Mavfan says:

      There is no question that Dallas is a completely different team than 2006 and the Heat are also a different team. You need to look at what that deeeeep Dallas Bench can do and see that this will be their series without question. Lebron is a big headed wannabe, Wade has lost his effectivness and Bosh is just plain ugly and inconsistent. Look at what Dirk has done each playoff series Portland, LA and OKC… Those are solid consistent figures and he is just a piece of a true Dream Team! Dallas will prevail and will finally have those rings. Rumor has it that Caron Butler has been in drills and you just might see another piece added to an already deeeep bench…

  71. Steven says:

    Kidd is the primary reason I’m pulling for the Mav’s this year, if he doesn’t deserve a ring nobody does. If I possess even a fraction of his athleticism at his age I’ll be really happy.

  72. The Unknown Sports says:

    I dont think dallas has what it takes as well, they tend to choke in the playoffs..the article has some interesting points for the mavs: http://25twofour.com/2011/05/24/are-the-sharks-the-only-anti-clutch-team-out-there/

    • J-Kidd says:

      this is why i want the MAVS to win this year, becuase J-Kidd and Dirk deserve to win. I hate watching great Hall of Fame players (with great character) lose out on opportunities becuase some young players get together to form dominating teams. Heres to J-Kidd and Dirk this year and heres to Nash and Hill sometime soon.

      • The NJ Celtic Vivek says:

        dont worry heat are not that threatening. they only look good against chicago who have their own problems. but heat looked beatable against celtics. plus mavs have more than three players in their team who can contribute 🙂 . i hope mavs fan will make bosh’s legs tremble. lol.

    • Sean says:

      Typical response by someone who doesn’t pay attention to the team’s current play. This Mavs team is not the same team from 06 or 07. They are much better defensively, more efficient on offense due to their balance and they have already beaten the Heat twice this year. The Mavs can and will beat the Heat.

      • GOSH!!!!! says:


        The Celtics beaten the Heat three out of four this year, and the Bulls beaten the Heat three time this year also…. look where they at now.

        it looks like you’re the one who don’t know what you’re talking about……. regular season is NOT same as playoff….

      • NYKnicks says:

        The celtics went 3 – 1 against miami this year. Look where that took them. Regular season is for positioning… playoffs are a different story. It does not matter what the mavs did in regular season.. this is the finals (soon)….. I am not counting mavs out. DDirk (two ds because he has been playing great defence) is having a fabulous seaon… I did not think they would get this far and I am happy they did. Its going to be a action packed championship!!!

      • ReDirkules says:

        my words. this championship will go to big-d, not because dirk and j-kidd (and others) deserve it. they are simply the best team actually and even lbj and d-wade wont stop them except bosh steps up besides them. so my finals will be 4-2 for mavs

      • The NJ Celtic Vivek says:

        correct. mavs are better now . last two games clutch play was enough to prove it.

    • bsj says:

      Seriously, did you watch ANY of the western conference playoff games? After the Mavs blew a 23 point lead against the Blazers, they beat the Blazers 2 games, swept the Lakers, and one 4 out of 5 against the Thunder, includiing two come from behind games by outscoring the Thunder by 17 -2 and 17 -6 in the last 5 minutes. They are probably the most clutch team in the league and Dirk is ridiculous in the 4th quarter.

  73. unknown says:

    Congratulation to Dirk.He deserved another chance to a championship.The three beast of the west the Lakers, The Spurs and The Mavs.The have only appear once.We hope The Mavs can finish the work just like The Lakers and The Spurs have done in the past just to show the west is no kid’s playground.I hope this can be a fair series.At 2006 I was rooting for the Miami heat, but now I’m rooting for no one.I was watching some 2006 DVD collection of NBA playoffs and to see how bad referee compare to today worst referee, hell yeah is gonna be spectacular series.With today referee we expect at least 20 field goal made and 100 free throw attempt by game.And look how TV ratings has gone up with these series conference final http://www.adweek.com/news/television/nba-ratings-tempers-heat-tnt-miami-131922 .Even if Chicago can make a comeback the referee will stop them.They are like gods.More money, that is all it matter in life.Miami vs Dallas .Come on Stern give us what we want.Rematch with blood.

  74. Mieldrian says:

    Nice one but i think Dallas wont bwat the heat just like the 2006 finals see this http://sportales.com/basketball/heat-versus-mavericksdoes-history-will-repeat-itself/

  75. GermanMavsFan says:

    I cross my fingers for Jason Kidd finally getting his well deserved ring. His among the greatesst ever and anybody who has watched this season needs to acknowledge that at his age he is even better than John Stockton in his last year. He does everything it needs and everyhing he can sacrifice to get his team winning.
    Before the postseason my guess was that the Mavs will be out latest in the semis. Thank god they prooved my utterly wrong. I am looking forward to a great series with the Heat who will probably close their series tonight. It will be interesting to see the matchups on any position and with Haslem back the Heat are the frontrunners. But are they able to bring their defence to the level to score more than the Mavs? I don’t think so…

    • Marius says:

      kidd man, what a career. you are so right in saying he deserves a ring. would be ashame if his career ended as stocktons.
      mavs are too deep, and defense is on it this yr. miami lacks a deep team. only have 3 players, and miller haslem bibby. thats it. maybe jones will knock down some 3s. otherwise heat are very weak.
      ive been a die hard mavs fan since i started watching bball. this is their yr
      i think it will be dallas in 6

    • Vasu says:

      I agree. Dirk-Kidd combination is better than Malone-Stockton because:
      1. Kidd is slightly better than Stockton at the same age but Stockton in his prime was better than Kidd in his prime.
      2. Dirk is far better jump shooter than Malone was
      3. Dirk is far better free throw shooter than Malone.
      4. Dirk is better in clutch plays than Malone. Remember Malone’s missed free throws many times (Game 7 in Western Conference finals against Sonics in 1996, Game 1 in 1997 NBA finals against the Bulls.
      5.Malone was many a times selfish. He could have fouled Jordan in Game 6 of 1998 Finals but he would have fouled out but Jazz would have 14 seconds to call play and hopefully win Game 6.

      That is why I feel Mavericks unlike Jazz would go all the way and lift the trophy.

  76. HeatWave says:

    How sad that Kidd stayed in NJ for his wife and could have been on the Spurs as a champion already. Damn Women! jK.

    • Imad Akel says:

      i may have actually cheered for the spurs if kidd was with them.
      then again they had parker and it turned out well enough even without kidd for them

      Im a heat fan but i feel very bad for kidd and novitzki and even shawn marion if they never win a championship :S

      u gotta get together to form a great team with great players and u gotta do it YOUNG. Shaq and kobe’s team was unstoppable back when they were together. Pierce, KG, and Ray allen almost missed their chance to win a championship if it wasnt for what turned out to be a great point guard in rajon rondo.

      fans and fellow NBA players alike have to admit that the move wade lebron and bosh pulled off was probably one of the smartest player-driven moves in NBA player history.

      • underdog says:

        yah… that’s why so many hated the heat coz they cheated legally… exploited the loophole in the current CBA.., I hope the Mavz win the championship if ever they face the Heat… the Heat becoming a dynasty would be bad for the next generation… go Mavz!:D

      • b the beast says:

        lebron is a great athlete, smart business men… but… he’s a douche at the same time. enough said.

      • MOXI says:

        in 2006 the Heat was the veteran (with exception of wade and haslem) full of ageing players wanting to win a ring (payton, williams, Zo, ‘Toine) the mavericks back then are the youngsters rampaging thru the finals in reckless abandon, the Heat were sided to win because of the legacy of those veterans to be sent off to retirement having to taste what it’s like becoming champion, funny how things flipped its now Dallas’ turn i wonder what would be the outcome.

    • laupie says:

      vince carter did come to the nets in 04 so there was a new championship team possibility