LeBron: ‘The Lakers got them a great coach’

MIAMI — Mike Brown is the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Mo Williams thinks it’s a good hire and LeBron James does too.

James was asked about the possibility of his old coach taking over in L.A. after the Heat’s practice on Wednesday, and he was clear with his endorsement.

“If it’s true, when it’s official,” James said, “I think the Lakers got them a great coach.”

James and Brown were together for five years in Cleveland, in which they averaged 54 wins. In each of their last two seasons, they finished with the best record in the league. Even if you have the best player in the world on the floor, you don’t win 60-plus games two years in a row if you don’t have a very competent coach.

Brown’s strength was the defensive end of the floor. The Cavs ranked in the top seven defensively in three of his five seasons on the bench. And almost always, they were even better defensively in the postseason.

“Mike Brown was a great coach,” James said. “He gave us success that we hadn’t had before in that city. And it started with his defensive concepts. He brought in a defensive mind set that we didn’t have.”

“We were competitive year after year because of his coaching. So I respect him and I’m grateful to have had him as a coach throughout the years that I had him. He definitely helped me become who I am today.”

In the end, Brown and James couldn’t bring a title to Cleveland. Where the blame lies for that is in the eye of the beholder. But there’s no denying that Brown can help the Lakers’ defense, which ranked sixth in the league this season, but couldn’t slow down the Mavs in the conference semifinals.

“He coaches as if he was on the court and he wanted to play,” James said of Brown. “He loved helping us get better every single day. We never wasted an opportunity to get better. It showed.

“Ultimately, we didn’t win a championship, which we wanted to do in Cleveland. I know he wanted it bad. I wanted it. We didn’t win, but we got better every single day and we brought the fans of Cleveland what they hadn’t seen before.”

Cavs’ efficiency under Mike Brown

Season W L PACE Rank OffRtg Rank DefRtg Rank NetRtg Rank
2005-06 50 32 92.1 18 105.2 10 102.6 14 2.5 8
2006-07 50 32 93.2 18 102.6 19 98.9 4 3.7 7
2007-08 45 37 92.5 22 103.2 19 103.7 11 -0.4 15
2008-09 66 16 91.2 25 109.7 4 99.4 3 10.3 1
2009-10 61 21 93.5 25 108.8 4 101.5 7 7.3 2

OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions


  1. Stan says:

    Ok…I see alot of arguments that need to be adressed here. First, the reason mike brown lost to the magic a few years ago was because the offense was stagnant. Everyone just sat around and watched lebron, however thats more on the players than the coach. When the delonte and mo williams started driving then the offense was smooth. Mike doesn’t need to be a great offensive coach for the lakers, because the lakers have alot more scoring threats than brown ever had, and laker players are more active when kobe is doing his thing. Lamar and pau will move to give kobe an outlet if he cant find a good angle at the basket. Now the Lakers offense and defense could be top five if the have a true point guard like CP3. Its not that Kobe want to have the ball in his hands all the time, its because derrick fisher is not a true point guard…derrick fisher is not aggresive enough to create easy shots for everybody. Maybe thats just part of the Triangle I DONT KNOW. Kobe hasn’t played with a true poin guard for a while, im sure he will like someone to make his shot attemps easier. Derrick fisher was also too slow to guard the younger point guards, which meant our defense was thrashed inside out. Second topic…Our biggest problem (and has been for years) is a week bench. We need an efficient, youthful 2nd unit like the bull’s second unit—-they are willing to hustle and defend (they have energy). So if we need a bench, why would you trade Lamar, Bynum, or Gasol. Because of they’re length we have the most difficult front lin-up to get past; That is the teeth of our defense. Dwight is in (or maybe close) to his prime, Bynum isn’t close, and still, you can see the potential. If Bynum got as many touches as dwight dose, he would have similar numbers. Odom is an all around dangerous player…can shoot at any range, and play like a guard. He can finish with two hands for crying out loud. Pau is a great player, but he had a phase of bad shooting at the wrong time…it was probably due to fatigue of going to 3 STRAIGHT FINALS, AND PLAYING IN THE OLYMPICS. Pau can even play center if you need him to. This is why I believe the lakers have a top-3 front line-up. They can go small and still be big. LOL. If you trade any of them for dwight and other players, then we are loosing depth. Yes, Dwight is awsome, but Center is not an issue for the Lakers, its point guard.

  2. MAVS says:

    I think Phil Jackson should have stayed one more year. Mike Brown should have signed another team like Bulls. It would be a battle between Lakers, Heat, Bulls,and Mavs.

  3. James says:

    You have to have some respect for Mike Brown. It was tough for him to give up the Cavs. He has a shot at this championship thing with the Lakers. Lets go Mavs!!!!

  4. DaBULLLS says:

    Good move by the lakers. But, it all depends how Kobe reacts with this as the whole team follws Kobes footsteps. If lakers end up getting either Howard or CP3 then they are dangerous again. BULLLS & OKC are future teams. BULLS NEED TO TRADE BOOZER & NOAH AND GET HOWARD. IMAGINE THAT

  5. pat says:

    Given the circumstances I think Kobe will represent the new era of player coaches as he is given creative freedom with Brown on the offensive end. This may work to the lakers advantage of having Kobe stay close to the game. From a coaching stand point other than Byron Scott no one could coach the lakers and have the respect of the Buss family/laker players. I love Shaw but he wouldn’t command the overall respect from all players. Golden State maybe?
    Hopefully Mike Brown learned from not playing Lebron the way Miami is/point forward,they had a formular in 2007 that just needed to be cultivated Gibson and others. Not bringing in more of the same Mo Williams/Antwain Jamison. No wonder lebron wanted out. The great ones learn thats why Pat Riley is enjoying sucess in Miami,if he would have posted magic early on Michael would still be playing to catch magic in rings. So Mike with Kobe can be a winning formular.

  6. bentong123 says:

    think again… the lakers only said “reach” and not yet official…. i like brown but he should be coaching weaker teams to see how sharp he’d still be after fired from cavs…. i like adelman for this position… but there is a big fuss that sloan’s gonna be back to coach for the lakers and jackson fo the jazz… B@LLS to the Haters of this team… imma doin yo mom tonyt

  7. Dan Dadda says:

    The audacity of players saying that Mike Brown is not a good coach. This guy was the one who led the scrappy Cavs team to the finals, remember. Gilbert fired him after he had been titled defensive coach of the year, pissing off Lebron who then gave up in the Eastern Conference finals, leading up to the infamous “The Decision”. This is no coincidence. I think Brown will be right at home in LA and after a few tweaks, no major trades, they will return as the championship caliber team that they are.

  8. unknown says:

    like the old times..shaq and the lakers..and now..dwight..nice lineup!i hope mike brown makes lakers back to the championship title!

  9. unknown says:

    it will be good if dwight will join them

  10. Anon says:

    OMG?? Kobe x DHoward vs Lebron x DWade EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see four of them fighting in the Finals!!

  11. letski says:

    yahhh see next year lakers i love to watch miami and lakers in chmpionship nex year hehee lol

  12. moneyball says:

    I think that can help the lakers. he did win coach of the year once

  13. bverilo says:

    The Lakers are saving some money on the head coach because they have the highest payroll this season. It’s a big blow to the team owners that you get to shell out big time money only to get swept 0-4 in just the 2nd round of the playoffs. All the big spending was hinged on the idea that they might get to win 3-peat, but, as we all know that didn’t happen. The Lakers owners will now try to recoup the financial losses but slowly trying to get rid of high salaries. Right now they aren’t yet on the rebuilding mode, they are now on the ‘dumping’ mode to try to get rid of premium taxes the Lakers are paying. Laker management knows that the ride with Kobe is over. The next few years will just be some sort of ‘money-making’ seasons for the owners knowing they won’t be on the same competitive level as they were 2 or 3 years ago. They’ll just try to ride out the last few seasons of the Kobe-hype and try to make as much money as they can. The rebuilding mode to really try to be a Western conference contender will commence at least 4-5 years from now, after they have recouped the money they spent big time the past 3 years. Don’t expect for the Lakers to get another high-salary superstar in the next 3 years and gamble again with their money because they’re not guaranteed to be as competitive as they once were when Kobe was younger.

  14. kobeMVP 2o12 says:

    OK…..DWIGHT, YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!…..hey ’96 chicago bulls, witness how the lakers will top your 72-10 record next year!

  15. stone cold says:

    its a pretty good idea. lebron just suck and isnt clutch like kobe!

  16. nikas says:

    they should’ve gotten the other brown, larry that is.

  17. joshua G says:

    this good for players im not going to say any names #16 and #8 but mostly #16 to get better on d fence cuz they the reason they lost 0-4 cuz they cant slow down Dirk dont stop him just slow him down look at the tapes i know i did lol…….

  18. AkronsFinest says:

    Ya’ll some Str8 Haters! Mike Brown going to do good. Defense when games. watch how better the Lakers defense will be next year.

  19. Marv says:

    For me, Lakers just got one of the best young coaches in NBA right now. Let’s not put Coach Brown down this early, the Lakers players must prove that they still have what it takes to win next year.

  20. ron says:

    pick up lakers the powerful dwight howard pls

  21. watcher says:

    Can’t wait to see how his Eastern conference defense goes down in the heart of Western conference showtime. Might work but I’m seeing teething problems with the Lakers current roster.

  22. marvin says:

    why not make kobe a playing coach since that’s what he is already.

  23. Ice Pogi says:

    How come MB talent fee is half of those other coaches??? I know the Lakers are going to rebuild the team but Why the coach (Mike Brown) has to sacrifice for a half price??? If The lakers serious on rebuilding… Why don’t they ask a player to move to L.A. for a lower price??? Most of L.A. fans criticize the HEAT BIG3 for coming to MIAMI for a lower salary… But hey… The HEAT is much alive….3-1 over the bulls… and to think It’s ECF…. Big 3 is on a mission… They come here for a lower price because they want to win… Sacrifice… Not only Big3 but also Haslem…. Sure the Lakers can acquire D.HOWARD Chris Paul They can even Hire Pierce to play for the MONEY….But I guess… This make MIAMI no longer a villain co’z they didn’t do it for the money… They just want to win……. Don’t forget to bring Ariza , Gerald wallace, Marcus Camby, Brandon Roy and also Deron Williams…. All Lakers need to do is to cut all of their staff’s SALARY Let’s Say 20$ a month…. Coaching staff… About 10 grad a year…

    Lakers are fishing Now… I forgot… lakers should fire their dancers… Just hire hookers …. Much cheaper….LOLs

  24. LAKESHOW1111 says:

    In my opinion, this was a pretty d escent pick-up for the Lakers. Mike Brown is in no way comparable to Phil Jackson, but he sure does bring something to the table. I am not certain if the Lakers can get back to the same level they were at the last few years by simply hiring a new coach. If Phil cannot get them through the second round, I don’t think anyone can. With that said, the only way LA can get back to a championship contending team is if they acquire a young talented point guard whom the Lakers as a whole respect, someone like CP3 or Derron Williams. They’re still a pretty good team overall, their front court is solid, and I don’t care what people say about Gasol, but this guy has not hit his prime yet. Just wait and see, this Laker-era is far from over.

    • bverilo says:

      oh yes it is, Lakers-era is over. Period

      • james says:

        the amount of times that i have heard that in my life time and even this decade make me laugh because everytime someone says it we come back and win

  25. TRUST says:


  26. rapid says:

    Give coach Brown a chance. 🙂

  27. istiben says:

    hey???? why are you guys hating mike brown so much? he’s a great coach. he lead cavs in 60+ wins for 2 consecutive years… and as far as i remember during 09-10 season lakers with jackson didnt win any game against cavs with mike brown.. anyways the team doesnt only depend on the coach for them to win a ring, it is also the players, teamwork and their clucthness also matter.

    • jl (lakerman45) says:

      thk u i totally agree. its not all the coach. the players hv to do their job also.

  28. allaround baller says:

    Next season will be the last for this squad. Guy like bynum and kobe won’t stick for long without champ. Fisher and artest have nothing more. So they need someone new but experienced. Shaw is acceptable but Lakers wont get better. Kobe need to shut his ego and listen to brown’s new approach. What will he do anyway? You can’t count on his solo game. Ugly offense on dallas show that he’ll getting worst against more defense minded team. Not to mention miami and chicago.

  29. Michael says:

    Don’t hate Mike Brown…. if the Lakers aquired CP3 and Ariza back to Lakers… they can beat the Mavs… the reason that Bynum and Odom Personaly Foul those guy’s is because they already know that they will not play for the Lakers next season…. Yeah Superman to L.A.. No More Raining 3’s for Dallas!!!!

  30. rufio says:

    the lakers are OLD! it’s easy to say they need to turn around their defense, but physically speaking they are going to need to change their lineup because the veterans aren’t going to be able to keep up

  31. DARK MAMBA JERST says:


  32. yanevil says:

    to be honest, I don’t know what Brown teaches during practice, but imo the way he is orcastrating the game is horrible, at least. There are great coaches out there (EUROPE) who would work wonders with 09′ CAVS.
    Bad choice this Brown is… sucks for the lakers

  33. lolatyous says:

    Why you guys posting like you guys know everything. God damn. LOL

  34. Azza says:

    I find it amusing how much LBJ hatred filters into the opinions around MB. The guy is a good defensive coach and looking at the up and down season the Lakers had and subsequent flogging by Dallas I think its fair to say a shake up on the defensive end is very important for their future success. The Lakers are not going to win a Championship being coached by PJ’s understudy in Brian Shaw, they need an injection of something new or they will stagnate into a shadow of their former glory. Let BS run the offense and let MB sort out their defensive woes and you might find a team that is a lot more competitive next season.

  35. 24 Black Mamba says:

    dont any of you remember mike brown got the cavs to the finals with only lebron

  36. MavsForTheTitle says:

    You know what ESPN predicted?

    Kobe Bryant is gonna be the DIVA and have a rough time with Mike Brown.

    • jl (lakerman45) says:

      u kw i really dont like no other team other than my boys the lakers but i will give credit where credit is due mavs fan. i feel if u can beat the champion u should bcome the champion, so dallas u all need to gt on the heats azz and stop bs b4 its to late.

  37. Lakers are the team says:

    Brown is as good as any really. Give him a chance! The Lakers are still contenders, even though I know some don’t believe it! I’m proud of the Lakers success. 7 finals appearances and 5 championships since 2000 is not too bad. Go Lakers. Make your comeback and silence the critics!

  38. sjrer3333 says:

    are they still gona run the triangle

  39. swatcommander says:

    well… its good to have another championship ring for l.a.

  40. ramadogz says:

    i think mike brown is a good choice but not a great one given the list of other coaches. he can give the lakers the defense that what’s been lacking and missing especially in the post season and he will do a better job of helping gasol, bynum, artest, barnes, and odom improve in their defense. if he can instill into this team the defense sure the lakers are going to be a force to recon with, offense is not much of a problem with this team, its how they stop the opposing teams offensive attacks especially the quick guards which has been a major headache for them.

    i hope the lakers wud retain shaw, how about the idea of brown taking care of defense while shaw handles the offense? since brian said that if he gets to coach the lakers, he will still use the triangle wid minor changes and adjustments.

  41. we want someone else says:

    good job lakers secured a great regular season and another 2 round exit. he is a choker why do you think lebron always choked he was playin for brown. oh and by the way mo and lebron giving him there endorsements those guys are happy becuase now they know they dont have to worry about the lakers next year they are probably laughing their heads off right now the lakers didnt do so good this time i would have gone with adelmen or shaw. dont get me wrong i know brown is a good coach but he has shown us time and time again that he doesnt have to ability to make good and quick adjustments in the playoffs to win games. to win championships you have to be able to do that

    • james says:

      You wana know the real reason lebron choked? because he had the majority of weight on his shoulders and he couldn’t handle it and now that he doesn’t even have to take the last shot he is “clutch” the player choked not the coach

  42. neonato says:

    i think mike will do great in lakers… that stats itself can prove it, team effort will help this team. no matter what decision the lakers make… i still support them. LETS GO LAKERS! lets get dwight! =)

  43. Albeezy says:

    to be honest, the signing of brown can go both ways. either lakers will do phenomenal with brown and his defense (remember in cleveland he had lbj, varejao, hickson, mo will, and on but with lakers he has better pieces)

    but then again the lakers can have problems getting used to the new coach and his mindset. and if they cant get used to mike brown partially into the season, then they will have a terrible year overall

    so for those for or against, it really depends on how everything goes next season. its the nba, where amazing happens

  44. All County Insurance - Brea, California says:

    Mike Brown? Really? I’d rather have Jeff Van Gundy for goodness sake!

  45. MJG says:

    It is a good move because Lakers let on those Champships get to their hollywood ego.Defense does win games and champships ASK Pat Riley For Laker coach and Look where Miami is at the finals =).P.s Way to beat the bulls

  46. MJG says:

    I hope they trade Kobe for Lebron seeing how Mike Brown has connects

  47. Mr Jones says:

    People can write whatever they like here, obviously JB and MK see him as a good fit. Lakers need defense. There was a period last season after the all star game where they played good D. Otherwise they were mostly soft. Brown is a defense oriented coach. Shaw has spent enough time with Jackson that he knows and can teach the offense. I’m liking this choice and am looking forward to next season. Bottom line though, you can’t be too quick to judge either way because it all boils down to chemistry.

  48. Aditya says:

    lakers are do very well next season and for years to comes and playoffs and win championships.

  49. Rex says:

    Im a Laker Fan at heart and always will be im not a bandwagon fan compared to alot of people but i am greatful to have a head coach like Mike Brown even though i like Brian Shaw this is a Great decision because this whole season we were very inconsistent some stretches we were unbeatable and some streches we were horrible what i see in the problem was the players needed to play as a TEAM and play TEAM defense because this is a team sport not an individual sport… If we get some pretty decent young players but most importantly a young point gaurd the Lakers are poised to win a championship

  50. Bigern says:

    This a great hire. Brown won 60 games twice in 5 years with nothing but Lebron James. He went to the NBA finals in 2007 with a team that looked like the Lakers of the Smush Parker days, and has a coaching % of 663. His starters in 2007 with LeBron were, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Eric Snow, and Ilgauskas. He and Lebron worked miracles in Cleveland. He will be the next great Lakers coach.

  51. WOMWALL.COM says:

    The problem with the Cavaliers was not Mike Brown, it was the owner Daniel Gilbert,
    Kobe never took the Lakers to the NBA Finals on his own, like Lebron James did.
    Between 2003-2007 There was no Shaq or Gasol on the team and Kobe had to carry the team by himself.
    Guess what? they did not have the best record 2 years in a row and they did not go to the NBA finals during those years
    like Brown and James did with the Cavs, which by the way didnt have a supporting cast either. The Lakers have lots of talent now, Mike Brown should have no problem winning a title in Los Angles. As long as he figures out how to stop the Miami Heat and the best player in the leage since 2003 Lebron James.

    Lakers fans should move to Miami where the real heat is.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Kobe has been the best player in the league from about the 05 season UP TO 09, maybe 2010 season….

      Lebron was always behind Kobe, and not until about 2008 was he even in the discussion of its him or Kobe for the top spot. After 2009 I can accept LBJ as the best player…Kobe has had that crown for years, but dare push it outrageous and say 2003…

  52. Lucky Lakers says:

    All the laker fans trashing Mike Brown… just wow. You don’t know how lucky you guys are. He is a great coach… expect to see some attitude changes and more team defense.

  53. WTFBROWN says:

    he’s a loser alongside james and whoever wrote this blog

  54. David says:

    Remove Kobe Bryant and Lakers will win “another’ title.
    With Kobe Bryant, he is an a—— and Lakers will not win anymore title.

  55. Amused says:

    This is not such a good idea for the Lakers. Brown did wonders in Cleveland, where as a new head coach he built up a faltering franchise, with a little help from a certain two-time MVP. But the Lakers are as storied an organization as there is in professional sports. Had they hired him for the Rockets, that would have made sense, but in L.A., where the Lakers have a tradition, this is too big a step up for Brown. But then again, what do Brown and the Lakers care what we think? They’ve already signed on the dotted lines. It’s already a done deal.

  56. Huge Lakers Fan! says:

    I think this is a great deal! Brown will lead the lakers to a 60 + win season most likely with his defensive minded playing. In the playoffs, I think La will win a title next year. With the cavs, brown had LBJ , but in LA he has Kobe, Odom, Gasol, and Fisher, plus Bynum. The lakers made a great choice!

    • bverilo says:

      hahaha, go on, keep telling yourself that. hope you get back to reality though, LA won’t even get to the Western Finals ever again with this lineup

  57. Tpdub says:

    Wow mixed emotions! Im a player fan, and I rarely comment but feel compelled to after the a wopen we took this year. Love Brian Shaw but the last thing we need is a peer in the locker room.As far as Mike brown well we all know kobe is kimo sabe but if mike cn get the supportin cast (bynum Lo and so forth to play better D then so be it, defense wins championships. I dont agree but understand this choice if Buss is planning to go with youth on his roster.I believe the core in exception for gasol should stay despite what hes brought us the last three years LA is a city of now not the past.With that being said laker fans let us bow and pray for dwight.Drop gasol,Shannon,Blake,Barnes,and even Lamar if we cn get Cp3.

  58. Chris Y. says:

    Lakers arent winning a championship next year lol

    • jl (lakerman45) says:

      maybe not depending on the trade outlook but its a coming baby…….trust me

  59. Cali says:

    ultimately it’s gonna fall on the players that stay, and whatever moves the front office makes in aquiring some new talent at key position (ie PG… CP3)

    • Supamanluver says:

      OMG u must be reading my mind! CP3 for a PG is at the head of my wish list for improvements the lakers can make. a lot of ppl are talking about dwight howard but i honestly believe that CP3 would make a bigger impact on the lakers than howard could. footspeed is the major weakness of the lakers right now & Paul would give them that in spades.

    • Rocket33 says:

      I don’t think the Lakers need a dominant point guard like CP3. A great player of course but I don’t think there is enough ball to go around for him and Kobe. Paul would be running the offense and therefore dominating the ball and making the decisions. Would that make Kobe’s role to be like Richard Hamilton/Ray Allen running off screens and shooting jumpers? In theory, nice but I just don’t see Kobe letting anyone other than him call the shots on offense. I think they just need to bring in a solid young point guard (mentored by Fisher) who can defend and knock down open shots.

      Bringing in Dwight Howard does make sense. A game changing defensive anchor in the middle. Imagine being D’d up by Artest, you have to get past him only to run into Howard. Pretty scary! If I was L.A. I’d make a play for Dwight this off-season. They could potentially offer Gasol and Bynum (might need other pieces) hoping Orlando make a trade in fear of losing Howard for nothing through free agency. Like the Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony trades. I think everyone wins here too. Bynum gets to go somewhere else to try and get more of the ball. Gasol won’t have to get booed by stupid Laker fans who have forgotten how he helped them win 2 championships. Dwight will be fine in L.A. He’ll get his points by cleaning up Kobe’s misses. Lakers will look pretty good if they can pull that off. Beef up the bench with wing defenders who can shoot the 3 and a backup for Dwight and they’re in business.

      Now, if I was Orlando I’d be telling the local media to shut up quick! I’d be pleading with Dwight to stay and makes plans to clear enough space to bring in CP3 the next year through free agency. Then just hope Paul doesn’t end up in New York like it seems he wants to. Personally I’d rather play with Dwight than Melo and Amare but hey, there are lots of other factors off the court that come into play.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I agree with you on the CP3 aspect! Dwight would be good, but I dont think you have to give up both Bynum and Pau, maybe Bynum and Odom

        But the fans of LA boo-ed Pau because he wasnt being PAU! His younger brother outplayed him in the playoffs…you cant expect that out of your NO.2 offensive weapon, the crowd will BOO! I boo-ed, because its one thing for a player to just miss shots, players have OFF nights sometimes, but its another to look like a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT player on the floor from the last 2yrs

  60. Ventruck says:

    Too bad I didn’t outright say it somewhere before to make the call, but I saw this coming. I like how people write him off as the guy who couldn’t get Cleveland a title, or the guy who had a winning team only because of his star player. What were the Cavs before and after his time? Nowhere as deep in the post season as when he was around. Let’s remember LeBron was around before him in Cleveland, not getting into the post season period. The only reason Brown was dropped really was because the combination wasn’t there to bring success, not because of his individual performance. He surely did his part.

    Now I wouldn’t consider Mike Brown comparable to Phil Jackson by a long shot; but he’s got a fresh mind, unfinished business (I mean losing a Finals series must really hang over your head) that comes with motivation, and apparently good track record. I’m confident he won’t be on the Lakers to just live out a few more years as coach (like Don Nelson, with all due respect). Adleman and Van Gundy are proven coaches, but I don’t think they’ll show up as fresh as Brown will.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Agreeded, Lebron didnt make deep playoff runs UNTIL the arrival of Brown.

      He will have success with this Lakers team!

    • jl (lakerman45) says:

      i agree give the man a opportunity to prove who he is or could be in la la land. but hopefully for the good of the lake show

  61. YJ says:

    Jesus. Elite players, with average coach. Forget about winning a championship. Wish Buss would’ve pick Brian Shaw. I think Kobe and Co. are going to dislike Brown, It will affect their play and ultimate goal. WTF is Buss thinking. Really weird. Next season’s gonna be really interesting.

  62. gdog says:

    MIAMI BABY!!!! For many years to come!!!!!

  63. the man says:

    hey brown is a great coach and mabe not next yr ot the next bt if he puts the peices right he can build a new dynasty

  64. edmund baidoo says:

    mike’s de best

  65. Thinking logically says:

    Damn, they got Brown? Good for them, although Brian Shaw might’ve been better if for no other reason than familiarity and similarity to Phil Jackson in terms of coaching principles. Still, good catch, Lakers.

  66. John says:


  67. Raj says:

    Awesome! I hope MB & KB are burning within to bring down LBJ & the Heat!
    Though the next few years belongs to the Bulls & OKC!

  68. Jrok says:

    I dont like .. But one thing i know is that the lakers almost always make smart moves .. Wouldnt be suprised if this was one of them

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      i dont know about always being smart sometimes…

      let go off airza for artest….FLOP

      let go off farmar for steve blake….TERRIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEE

      trade vujacic for josh smith(played one game i think)….WORST THAN THE ABOVE 2

      i think mike brown can turn out to be a good move, maybe, but by no means are the lakers always smart with some decisions

  69. ArthurHEAT says:

    Its a great decision! but we’ll see. Maybe next year its HEAT vs LAKERS in the finals? easier said than done.:)

    • MavsForTheTitle says:

      Uh, that’s not gonna happen. If they couldn’t make it to the champ with PHIL JACKSON, they can’t make it with Mike Brown unless they really start improving.

      • Nathan H says:

        yeah but dhoward is wanting to play in l.a. and the lakers historically are famous for stealing star centers away from teams kareem (bucks) shaq (magic) and the magic need cap space and dhoward is NOT happy there. if lakers get dhoward they got a BIG title shop

  70. joblagz says:

    lol they are gonna rewrite the laker offense.. id say LA is done, kobe isnt getting any better either..

  71. Gary says:

    So if Lakers fail next year it will all be on Brown’s shoulder? They had all the pieces this year and got spanked. If they lose it won’t be cause of Brown, they just aren’t the same is all.

    • Mark says:

      yep thats true. imo the coaches get the blame for every failing way to soon nowadays in the nba. lets just hope, lakers get angry and hungry again, cuz otherwise dallas will blast them again -.-

    • bentong123 says:

      hey mate… you are wrong… lakers aint got all their pieces… in fact they lost those pieces…. first of, the aggressive-to-the-paint and a shooter younger jordan farmar(for just older and slower blake), 3-pointer sasha, defender josh powell and let’s not forget the 7-footer and a blocker judo-master mbenga(for just the hotheaded barnes)… and this year’s west conference champ is much stronger for them with much shooters on their(MAVS) starting and bench lineup… if the lakers would add one more star-calibre player, they could compete to the conference finals…. but i think it’s impossible coz kobe can’t survive with one more star on their team

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        we dont need another star, we need an ACTUAL bench…and some YOUTH

        we gave up four young players for nothing, or a bunch of old heads


        Powell wasnt that great to me, but the other three were SOLID on the offensive end and were good defenders

  72. blazerfan says:

    lebron only thinks it a good idea cuz he knows kobe will hate him

  73. boom says:

    That’s weird, but hey, the stats show differently. Im opposed to this idea, but then again, the cavs were nowhere with silas back then, before brown. But i’d give him the credit of pushing LBJ to get better. The rest, im not really sure.

  74. didier says:

    mike brown he’s a really great coach but the Lakers are never gonna past the second round of playoffs.

  75. Bigd28(LAKERS) says:

    No one in lakers nation wants your endorsment mike brown is the worst decision for the organization

    • Tim@Miami says:

      Looks like no one in lakers nation care what you think. I am happy to see you guys did not get Sloan or Nelson 🙂

    • jl (lakerman45) says:

      give the man a chance bcos i am a dire lakers fan and we did just gt our azz handed to us on a platter with the best coach phil jackson but nevertheless we are still no 1 in my eyes we just fell of and phil was not all to blame. as long as we hv kobe and three more players step up their game we will be alright

  76. kobe og BRYANT says:

    R u kidding me ,, Mike Brown, wow what happend to Salon or Shaw,, k we could officialy say the dynesty is done

    • israel says:

      what a blow to the lakers..you lose the best coach ever and then you get a bad coach in return..did yall see how the cavs folded in the seires against the spurs in the 07 finals..oh yeah spurs were named the dynasy 3 years ago not the lakers..I hear alot that MB helped get lebron get better BS.every player steps up his game as he gets older, point being mike brown is a terrible coach i cant believe they chose him sadly but true kobe is finished thanks to that decision……

      • Manny says:

        So you’re saying MJ could’ve been as good as he was without having Jackson with him? LOL! Jordan was the man of the Bulls and couldn’t even get a single title until Jackson began to use his 3-man offense. Those 6 years of Jackson with Jordan got the Bulls 2 3-peats. Jackson’s also the reason why Jordan was able to play good when Jackson wasn’t his coach because he already knew what he had learned. You’re saying that a person doesn’t need to go to school to learn education..he just grows up into it. Go look in those countries where there is no education, they don’t know more than half of the things an average person doesn’t. Brown did make LeBron into what he is today. If it weren’t for Brown, LeBron could’ve been something else rather than the best layer in the world. The coaches teach their stars how to get around people, how to play tough on others. Obviously you’ve never been in a basketball team before(and don’t lie that you have or you are on a team). I was there for one year. Our freshman team was horrible, but when we became sophmores and had the JV coach…we were 26-0 and even beat an Australian team.

      • Tone says:

        I agree MB did help develop LBJ. But dont dare give Phil credit for the skills that Michael possessed and showed over and over long before PJ arrived in Chicago. If Mike had better talent around him in the Doug Collins era, we would probably be calling him the greatest coach of all time. Phil Jackxson is credited with developing Scottie Pippen and only Scottie (in Chicago). It wasnt until his game reached an elite level that put the Bulls in position to win. So without Phil, Mike may have never won a title but he gets no credit for developing the greatest player ever (when he was already well on his way to being so). I guess you wanna give Phil credit for Shaq too…

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I agree with your comment Manny …MB did have an IMPRINT on LBJ’s career and is a big part to why HE TAKES PRIDE on the defensive end of the floor…being with a coach for FIVE YEARS his teachings (maybe not all, but some) will rub off on that player.

        I personally thought RICK ALDEMAN would’ve been a better coach, just because he has been to finals and won, so just has more experience, but MB is NOT TERRIBLE like people want to make him out to be….the Lakers know how to produce offense, we NEED our defense to go up a notch (with some added youth to the roster) and MB can get our defense back on track…

      • Raymond says:

        Dont talk about how bad the cavs did in 07, cuz the lakers just got swept by dallas. Think before you talk bad about a team in the past and think about what happened to your team this year, with the best Coach. Get real.

  77. Hamzah Azam says:

    I cannot believe he is the coach! He has been doing a great job of bringing the Cavaliers into a better franchise when he coached them. I believe that Lakers having Coach Brown as a Coach is going to bring them at least 1 more championship if Kobe Bryant stays. I can’t wait to see him coach and see if he changes up anything in the winning are or the losing area. Good luck Mike Brown!

  78. AK says:

    yeah great coach for puppeteering for a “player coach” Congrats Kobe the new head coach of the LA LAKERS