You Try Explaining This One Away

OKLAHOMA CITY — Russell Westbrook‘s confidence is admirable.

The Thunder All-NBA point guard refused to budge on his ongoing stance in these Western Conference finals that whatever struggles his team endures are self-inflicted.

“We just didn’t make shots,” he said after the Thunder’s Game 4 meltdown that coincided with the Mavericks’ miraculous comeback to shift the momentum in this series decidedly into the favor of the men from Dallas.

Does he believe that? Or is it his defense mechanism for trying to cope with that which he can not — or does not — comprehend?

It’s more than just missed shots young fella, so much more. (Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd and the rest of the relentless Mavericks’ veterans had a little something to do with it, no?)

But in your defense, there were plenty of us that struggled to make sense of what we saw last night. Lots of us will have a tough time explaining this one away, as no doubt you and your Thunder teammates will for years to come.

A few brave souls tried to do it on the spot.

Gregg Doyel of saw it this way:

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook didn’t have to be great down the stretch to win this game. They’d already been great, Durant especially, for most of four quarters. That gave Oklahoma City a 15-point lead with less than five minutes to play, and from that point, greatness was no longer required. Mediocrity would have worked. Hell, below-average play would have gotten the job done.

But Durant and Westbrook were neither mediocre nor below average. In the final minutes, they were awful.

And Dirk Nowitzki was not.

And that’s how it happened. Durant missed shots. Westbrook missed shots. Nowitzki didn’t miss a damn thing. That put the game into overtime, where it continued. More misses from Westbrook and Durant. More turnovers. More Nowitzki. In the final 10 minutes of regulation and OT, Westbrook and Durant were 1 for 12 from the floor and 0 for 2 from the line, and they committed three turnovers. Nowitzki? He scored 14 points in those 10 minutes.

That’s how Dallas won, taking a larcenous 112-105 victory for a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference finals.

… and Barry Tramel of the Oklahoman:

Now we know.

Now we know why experience matters. Now we know why you’ve got to pay your dues.

Now we know why young teams, no matter how good, no matter how talented, now matter how athletic, no matter how blessed, eventually get derailed in this meat-grinder known as the NBA playoffs.
The old Mavericks beat the young Thunder 112-105 in overtime for the simplest of reasons.

The tortoise kept running. The hare, not so much.
Ahead 99-84 with less than five minutes left, the Thunder choked. Stopped short of the finish line in a game it had to win for any reasonable hope of reaching the NBA Finals.

Now, the Mavs have a three games to one lead in this series and seem perfectly capable of ending this with a gentle push in Game 5 Wednesday night.

In the last five minutes of regulation, Dallas outscored the Thunder 17-2. In the last 41 seconds of overtime, the Mavs outscored OKC 7-0.

The Mavs played smart and possessed. The Thunder played reckless and stupid.

Bad shots. Turnovers. Idiotic fouls. What-was-he-thinking decisions.

A despondent Kevin Durant claimed youth had nothing to do with it.

“This is basketball, man,” Durant said. “Our youth has nothing to do with what we were doing on the floor. We’ve showed we can play on this level.”

Better hope he’s wrong. Youth means you can grow out of this kind of choke. If youth has nothing to do with it, a game like this could scar the franchise.

… and finally my main man John Hollinger of counts the ways:

• First and foremost, by losing James Harden to a silly sixth foul 90 feet from the basket, giving Dallas two free throws with the clock stopped at 4:33 in the fourth quarter. Minus Harden, Oklahoma City’s offense immediately went off the rails, scoring just six points in the following nine-plus minutes.

“When Harden fouled out,” Dallas center Brendan Haywood said, “we focused all our attention on KD. That was basically it.”

• By twice more fouling Dallas players 90 feet from the basket, for a total of six free throws that also saved about 20 seconds of possession time on each whistle.

“We fouled them in the backcourt and gave them [six] free throws without having any time run off the clock,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. “Was that youth? I don’t know. That’s how we’ve had success all year, playing with a young team. We just have to execute better.”

• By running a “play” at the end of regulation that produced a contested 35-footer from Durant that was rejected by Shawn Marion. Brooks noted that Durant didn’t put himself into great position, echoing an ongoing theme from the past two rounds.

“It wasn’t well-executed,” Brooks said. “They did a good job of pushing us out and taking us off the spot. We have to be stronger. We have to be able to push back without getting the foul, and Kevin was worried because he pushed back one time and got the foul. [But] everybody has to fight for their space on the floor.”

“I didn’t have anything else to do,” Durant said. “I caught the ball almost at the half-court line, [saw] three Mavericks in front of me and had three seconds on the clock. I didn’t know what else to do.”

• By two missed free throws from Russell Westbrook with 2:11 left in the fourth, the only ones the Thunder earned in that stretch.

“Russell never misses free throws in the fourth quarter,” Brooks said. “He always seems to be automatic.”

Again, you try to make any sense at all of what we saw last night.

It won’t be easy!


  1. Lee says:

    their lack of experience were truly exposed in the last game, they choked under pressure.. that’s it.. dirk was great, exceptional performance the the German juggernaut.. i hope he wins a ring this season (not a fan of dirk but his last game showed his desire to be at the top, a champion)

    • OKCKD35 says:

      so none of the “loose ball ” fouls called on the offensive boards that gave dallas 6 free throws, or the terrible call on collison that gave 2 more free throws, or the terrible no call on Kidd when KD got slapped across the arms that ended up being 3 for dallas instead of 3 free throws for okc, or the fact that Dallas had 14 more free throw attempts had no part in the outcome of game 4? to me that adds up to 11 of the 15 point comeback. Thats pretty big if you ask me, The missed free throws didnt help, the one clean steal by Kidd didnt help, but where was the reach and slap call on the play after the clean kidd steal? nowhere to be called. normally with officals my only beef is with Joey crawford, i think he has a personal issue with 2 of the OKc players (westbrook and Perkins) (see the story about the FBI investigating Joey crawford about mafia ties and shaving points, then suddenly he is suspended for quite a while) but last night danny crawford was just as bad

  2. Patrick says:

    Perkins and Ibaka play hard, it’s the game, Chandler has to contain them, where is the problem ? Sometimes we are frustrated because no call, or bad call. Referees are not so bad, but sometimes, as everybody here, I blame them. We watch the game close on T.V., and referees are very close the action..sure we don’t see the same things.
    I have seen Chandler all seasons, and in the national team too. This guy is correct ! Perkins is not that gentle boy, Ibaka is a great African Fighter, what to say about that? Lot of respect for Ibaka, not yet for perkins, in the future may be I will appreciate him.

  3. Rich says:

    If they want to have any chance to win, this should be the starting 5 on the floor : Maynor (at the point guard position) , Westbrook, Durant, Sefolosha, Ibaka. With Maynor and Westbrook youth and energy, only one of them should go out when Harden comes in. The other guys should fill in for the other 3 starters to give them 2-3 minute breaks.

    Other important scenario would be for Thunder to play really good and the MAVS really bad. But this would be asking for both moon and the stars…. As much as I love the Thunder and the arena fans who kept on cheering ‘OKC !’ even down by 5 with seconds to go in the OT, except for some of the cry babies here…, sorry I think MAVS win tonight, they’re just the better team.

    LET’s GO MAVS !

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Rich with that line up we would get killed, playing durant at the 4 and ibaka at the 5, really? Lets just give up all rebounding and shot blocking. Personally i think we need to start Harden instead of Sefolosha, and Collison instead of Perk, Bring Perk and Thabo off the bench and rotate our 3 scorers so one is always on the floor

  4. hahahaha says:


  5. kingijco says:

    Westbrook should learn how to play like a point guard. He should stop playing as if he is the Durant of the Thunder. If Thunder had a better point guard, it would have been a different series. Look at what happened when Scott Brooks benched him during game 2 in the fourth quarter, they won. Bench him in game 5.

    • mach says:

      couldn’t agree more

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Yeah lets play bench the all star, you fail to mention OKC already had the lead when he didnt play in the 4th. This could very well be a 3-1 series in favor of OKC if not for a few calls, its been that close every game, and its funny to hear how great the mavs are and how bad the thunder are when every single game has come down to the last few possessions.

  6. watcher says:

    If the league fixes all these games then why did the Spurs win 4 titles (all amongst the lowest TV rating finals in NBA history)? What’s up with Detroit beating that HOF Laker squad in 5 GAMES in 2004? Why didn’t LeBron and Kobe go at it in a final at least once (I mean Orlando? Please!)? The bald fact is that OKC played for only 43 minutes. There a about 100 plays in every NBA game that could be seen as open to interpretation. It’s always been that way. The whole ‘League Fix’ idea usually stems for people too young for objectivity, conspiracy theory crackpots, and sore losers choking on sour grapes. The only question, OKC posters, is which one are you?

    • OKCKD35 says:

      and cleveland just got lucky with the 1 and 4 picks, had nothing to do with the guy sending his sick kid up there for “Luck” and getting 1 and 4, or in 2010 when the wizards sent the old lady Irene something or other, and won. Dunk contest was rigged, now we are in the WCF and you got the 2 “young upstart” teams both trailing 3-1 and looking toward a rematch of 2006, the only other time it wasnt the lakers, spurs, celtics in the last decade plus

    • OKCKD35 says:

      It doesnt have to be the league fixing games, just one rogue ref. Ask joey crawford, i cant believe they still let him ref after the allegations that were against him

  7. johnzaga says:

    “it’s more than just you missed shots young fella”

    and then the first quote you throw out there talks exclusively about how they missed shots..


  8. vitto says:

    Durant and Westbrook just run and shoot. Nowicky and Kidd also think. That’s what makes the difference. The former two might get it with experience.

  9. tribinski says:

    I am excited to see the photos of thunder gone fishing… i always watch Inside the NBA on TNT…

  10. allaround baller says:

    Westbrooke and KD both firing mediom, 3s n attack from wing. Inside the paint, OKC doesnt give threat at all. They’ll run out those bullets

  11. MAVSTRONG says:

    Chandler dirty?Wew dude you are so IMBA tell perkins to grow up, and that look on his face no one is scared of him he is nothing. Perkins is the Dirty Guy!Open your eyes and mind dude.grow up, like perkins. noob =)
    OKC Fans go to REASONS.COM for more noobs =)

  12. Truthbetold says:

    haha why do u guys blame the ref if your team loses. Even the coaching staff and the players themselves blame themselves for losing the game. quit making lame excuse and hope your team plays better next time

  13. MavsMan says:

    C’mmon playoffs are all about physicality if you ladies can’t accept chandler’s agressive kind of play then you guys are not understanding well the concept of playoff basketball. SStop cpmplaining about your loss, well, that’s what losers always do, complaining like they are a child. Wish you guys will mature just like your thunder team…

    • Tony says:

      You sir are an idiot. Thunder players and coaches never said a word about the refs. I’ve been to almost every single playoff game supporting the Thunder. I was there, not watching it on the tv listening to the obviously Dallas bias commentators. Check the stats…. at some point in the first quarter OKC was 1 of 2 shooting free throws and Dallas was 10 of 12. Now…. fouls happen in all sports and if you are as smart as you would like the rest of us to think you are (we don’t) then you would know that. Basketball can be a rough sport, just like football. We all know football refs can call a holding penalty on every play if they want. Same in basketball…. someone is always shoving, holding or jockying for position…. that’s just part of the sport. What has pissed most Thunder fans off are that this year the refs seem to only have their eye out for what the Thunder is doing wrong. I’ve been to around a hundred NBA games and never have I seen calls so pitiful as I did Monday night. To watch the replays over and over again of the pitiful calls gets frustrating. Yeah, guess our young team needs a little more practice fouling without getting caught but don’t imply that Dallas wasn’t getting the calls. Who do you think you are telling anyone else they don’t understand the concept of basketball? Television coaches really crack me up…. my 16 year old son knows basketball better than you….. hahahahahahahaha

      • Rich says:

        For a basketball fan who claims to be watching everything seems to be only watching a portion of the game. Ref’s been helping the Thunder to win on their home court but they still failed because they cannot help every MAVS tough shot not to go in !
        Actually you will also have a better view watching from the comfort of your home with a large screen High Def TV, with the luxury of seeing replays with different angles of mostly every plays.

  14. Dirk's fanatic says:

    Let’s Go MAVS… 1 TO GO…

  15. WTH! says:

    the thunder just choked in the final minutes. marion did a great job containing durant when it mattered the most, The problem with the thunder is they rely mostly on durant and westbrook( sometimes Harden). They dont have enough shooters to carry the load off of durant and westbrook. Thats why they lost the game. When Harden fouled out, the defense only needs to focus on durant cause there are no other player who are great offensively. Dont get me wrong Westbrook is good but not that great. He sometimes shoots the ball more often than usual. He’s more of a shooting guard than a point guard.

  16. idk says:

    everyone stop yelling at r. westbrook he did what he could, playing point guard is not an easy position at 22….

    okc gunna come back next year

  17. SLS says:

    Inexperience did play apart in this loss because who says they didn’t know what to do if they have experience. KD doesn’t know how to handle the double team like Dirk does. OKC forget about Dirk like they did in game 1. They played Dirk 1 on 1 in Game 4 & loss. thunder couldn’t score b/c they settled for bogus shots at the rim instead of making the Mavs foul them. At the end of regulation KD showed how scary he really is and that he’s not ready to move on. It amazes me how he continues present all of his flaws in these post game interviews. Hope that kid gets it together in Game 5. I will say this is not the first time the Thunder have loss like this, happened many times in the regular season. the Mavs out there pushing Kevin Durant all around, he might need to get his weight up. Big ups to the Mavs for getting James Harden out the game and throwing KD around, so Westbrook was left to shot the ball.

  18. One Trick Pony says:

    The OKC coaching staff are laughable. They need to realise that there are 5 players on a basketball team. Those last 5 minutes were one of the most retarded stretches of basketball I’ve ever seen. In sets where they have to score, there is no set play for them to run off. Instead, they keep trying to run Durant off screens.

    And Marion holding Durant off screens? Are you crazy? Thunder set bad screens. An effective screen needs to be set quickly and used quickly. Marion and Dirk both knew what play was happening. Marion guarded Durant tight but only really held him once or twice. The other times Durant was slow to use the screen by Ibaka, and Marion and Nowitzki were able to stop his path out.

    How about this. Have some variation in your play? Roll Ibaka off a Durant off the ball screen? Run Durant off more than one screen? Pick and pop with Ibaka? Get new coaching staff?

  19. mavsman360 says:

    I am not going to say the thunder are young a didnt know what to do. The thunder are a good team that ran in to one of the biggest question in the world. How do you guard Dirk Nowitzki. The thunders problem is they dont switch or play help while the mavs are sending two or three defenders at Kevin durant. The seies is not over yet but with a loss like that you cant just shake that of. Trust me im a Mavs fan Ive seen this before loosing a game you should have won sticks with you.

    LETS GO MAVS !!!!!

  20. Anchor says:

    The Thunder lost that game because of 3 People:

    1. Nowitzki was on Fire
    2. Durant was taking bad shots and making turnovers, and
    3. Westbrook Missed the most important Free Throws he took these Playoffs.

    Call it a choke, or call it a Miracle Game from Nowitzki (C’mon at least one of those shots were freakin’ lucky), but the bottom-line is, this is the first time that Experience came to play and won over the young and talented Thunder Team.

    • Naiym says:

      1 doesn’t signify luck..When ugly off balanced jumpers are your SIGNATURE move, you just have mad skillzzzz…adn that’s all to it.

  21. KObeSUCKS says:

    Those who calls tyson chandler dirty player are stupid.. if chandler is dirty then Perkins is Garbage.. and the refs should call technical the way he look.. All he does is initiate contact with Tyson because he knows that Chandler will always out rebound him.. ANd refs better look at the way Collison “raped” MVP Dirk.. They only started calling foul when OKC is ahead by 15.. wtf ref.. do you see the reason why MVP Dirk goes to the line 10+ times per game? Refs should do their job looking how Collison guard MVP Dirk. Okc broom boys intentionally took lots of time just mopping a what, two-three dips of sweat just to ice Nowitzki FT’s., well don’t bother cause MVP doesn’t miss crucial FTs..!!

  22. best nba season says:

    during the regular season the mavs were the second most scrutinized team after miami! people saying they were soft or they werent going to make it past the 1st round and now look..everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon…and the mavs did get robbed in 06 it was alot of questionable calls from the refs..not saying all of it was the refs but most of it was..mavs vs miami in the finals..mavs win in 5

    • Naiym says:

      I’m a Nuggets fan so no bandwagon, my teams are out and i’m rooting for who i like, and I can honestly say when the MAVS played the Lakers I wanted them to win( of course i hate the LAkers)…of COURSE did i expect a sweep… nope.. What I did expect was a choke. I almost expected them ( as seen in game 3 and 4 where they almost lost a lead, and then down 15). I don’t thin ANYONE hates the MAVS like they hate the heat… 1) because not too many ppl hate one can deny that Dirk is AMAZING…he’s always been slept on, the MAvs just have a way of letting you down. I HOPE to GOD this is thier year. 1) because i don’t want to see the HEat in teh winner’s circle…2) Dirk, Kidd, Peja,terry…these guys deserve rings. Terry being the ultimate 6th man, Dirk is one of the top 10 players in the NBA today, Kidd is the paradigm of a GREAT pg and Peja…well i’ve like him since the hard fought Kings LAjers series in 01 I believe. So///my 0.02

  23. christian says:

    Enough of the talking. Mavericks win game 4. 3-1! That’s it! hahahaha!

  24. Yummy says:

    The reason Westbrook gets so much blame is because he’s a point guard, but he acts like a shooting guard. Derrick Rose is different because he has no other scoring option, but Westbrook has Durant, Ibaka(on occasion), Harden, and Cook. He needs to stop taking shots just because he thinks he can take one. :/

  25. Steve says:

    If dirty players and fouls are the most important things some of you guys have to talk about, then I am afraid you are watching the wrong games and missing the big picture. We saw one team collapse and another team make outstanding plays down the stretch. Let’s get serious people.

  26. Femi Adesina says:

    westbrook gets too much blame period. u see westbrook gets a shti laod of blame when he shoots alot o fshots but westbrook takes alot of close midrange shots and attacks the rim. durant on the other hand shoots alot of jumpshots and lack consistent agression and so wen u pressure him for the entire game u can minimize the ability for his scoring to hurt u. look wen they played memphis game 6. westbrook was doing all the shooting. yes i agree that westbrook cud be a better pg but the problem is that durant isnt strong enuff nor as agressive as he needs to be in order to get the ball in alot of situations down the stretch. u can do w/e blaming u want but alot of okc struggles are coming from their ability to consistently produce offense in the end. dirk is going to get his points, u can only disturb him to some degree like after a while its just like ok let me pose for the camerea with good defense while dirk drains a jumpshot in my face. so in order to combat that u need to get smart easy buckets. both westbrook and durant do a bad job of gettin easy buckets. westbrook sometimes forces the issue too much at the rim and well durant not nearly enuff. his fourth quarter shots are usually long heaves from three aka as the home runs. problem with homeruns is if u dont get it then most likely ur gonna get caught out.

  27. OOC just does not have enough scoring to beat Dallas in 7 games. It’s like 3 against 8 out there. OKC will be in the finals sooner or later, but they have to add a couple more scorers, and some sort of bench

  28. think says:

    Durant and Westbrook knew what happened down the stretch… but would they tell everyone that they simply “choked”?!?! i don’t think so.

    Experience played a lot in this game. The same experience Dirk (and Terry) has gone through the past years since the Finals with the Heat. Kidd has gone through it with the Nets, Marion fighting against the Spurs.

    Every player has gone through this… MJ against the Badboys, Shaq against Utah and Hakeem, Duncan against LA, Kobe firing-up airballs as game winners when he was younger, and KG never getting past the first round.

    They don’t have to say it, but we all saw what happened. Both players are still young, and I guess these are just the pains players have to go through if they wish to win them all.

  29. Ex-Sonic says:

    Every time KD got the ball there are three guys surrounding him. I can not believe WB and other guys can not connect the shot or make smart plays. Dallas on the other hand are different, If Dirk is being doubled, other guys get open for easy shot. OKC depended too much on Harden and that’s what happen when he is out.

  30. It’s the post in the NBA Playoffs……..everyone is dirty. Especially this year win anyone of these teams can grab the crown.

    • Nad says:

      How do you define dirty?? Step on somebody while looking other ways or by committing multiple flagrant fouls. Perkin might looks means but he is not dirty player. Haywood and Tyson are questionable!!!!!!!!

      • Kay Jaybee says:

        I define dirty by Dwane Wade’s takedown on Rondo.

        The ball was out of bounds so there was no play on the ball, and a frustrated Wade trips and slams Rondo.

        Wade got away with some really thug-like behavior that whole series without even a flagrant called.

        What has Chandler done that is as Dirty?

  31. Nada says:

    5 minutes down with 16 points lead and leaving Westbrook on the floor that what OKC deserved. The last two games prove one thing.,experience dominate all….

  32. Durantula says:

    Just look at the face of KD! I pity them..

    • Rich says:

      I Love KD, I like Thunder’s athleticism and energy. Something is just not right with their offense. Westbrook is getting most of the blame. But I think it’s something more than that. Has anybody thought that coaching staff is also the problem ? I think it’s more on the coaching than on the players.

      • Ex-Sonic says:

        Raymond Felton is available next year. I like this guy

      • OKCKD35 says:

        its the no calls on all of the defensive holding on Durant, we didnt have these issues in the regular season, or the first round of the playoffs, but watch the game film against memphis and Dallas, you will see Allen, Battier, Marion, peja all holding Durant off of the screens, as well as stepping out to hit him with a shoulder on his way by. the announcers call it “staying with his body” but the only way to do so is to stay attached, its obvious. I dont know why it goes uncalled but have you ever seen someone run through so many screens and not be open? The team the league wants to win will win, its been that way for a while.

      • Rich says:

        Thunder has been getting a lot of favorable calls. Refs been calling touch fouls against MAVS but not against Thunders. It was very evident during the Thunder home games. The only time (finally) refs called fouls on Collison against Dirk was when Thunder led by 15; and only to stop calling again when the lead was down to 8. Dirk’s 2 improbable shot should’ve even been and1s.
        I’ve seen screwed by the refs like what they did to MAVS in 2006 Finals, and this is indeed a screw up too – screw up because no matter how much help they give to the Thunder, they still lose. MAVS is just simply too good – LET’S GO MAVS !

      • OKCKD35 says:


  33. KillJoy says:

    Chandler a REALLY dirty player? seriously?! Here’s a thought. I think you are just scared if the Mavericks and Heat meet in the FINALS all of Miami’s Big Men will be EATEN ALIVE by CHANDLER!

    • HeatWave says:

      Yeah he is. If you can’t see the holding that he does everytime then I don’t know what you’ve been watching. The guys dirty flat out. And I’m hoping for Dallas vs Miami.

      • Barca says:

        Hah! you think Bosh or Anothony don’t basically hug their man under the basket? which heatwave are you watching?

  34. HeatWave says:

    I can’t believed they both choked like that. On a different note, I hope the refs do a better job in the finals on calling the holding that Chandler has been doing. That guy is a really dirty player.

    • James says:

      Chandler dirty? Come on Perkins is the one who’s trying to initiate every confrontation between the two. Also if Chandler is dirty for holding, then I have no idea what Nick Collison is, the man plays good defense, but does get away with a lot of fouls.

      • Rich says:

        That’s what I’ve been talking about the refs. They call touch fouls against the MAVS but they’re not calling those fouls against Collison. Refs only started calling those fouls when Thunder was already up by 15, and when MAVS pulled to within 8, they stopped calling those obvious fouls again by Collison. Dirk should’ve been given 2 and1s in those 2 tough shots he made.

      • HeatWave says:

        Yeah Collison is a sneaky player too. But unlike Chandler he owns up to his fouls and is never arguing with the refs when he gets caught. We know Perkins is a dirty player but really Ibaka? Just watch the games closer and you see that anyone guarding Chandler always seems to get caught up in his arm, that is no coincidence.

    • NBA Analyst says:

      Are you kidding me. Chandler is not the dirty player. Ibaka is the one who got away with some physical play. Just ask the commentators Van Gundy and Jackson. They pointed out a foul on Ibaka when the refs called double foul on Chandler and Ibaka. Also this issue of Chandler does not have much impact on the game

    • Rich says:

      What, Chandler holding ? dirty ?! Perkins and Ibaka has been trying to engage Chandler to get T’s. They’ve succeeded at times (with a help from the refs that’s why the Ts were rescinded, fyi just in case you still didn’t know). The refs have been helping OKC to win the past 2 games but to no avail.
      You’re right, the refs need to do a better job going forward. The Heat does not merit a full credit on getting the trophy in 2006, as it was tainted with a lot of questionable calls. It was crazy, may not be Stern’s fault, most probably not Heat’s fault, but it’s definitely refs doing.
      It wil be nice to see the MAVS get a crack again against the Heat. The Heat are jelling at the right moment and are really looking good. It will be a great series. I just hope the refs do a better job this time.

    • GeorgeB says:

      You really think Chandler is a dirty player? hahah
      Seriously, take a step back. Who is the player with two rescinded Tech’s in this series?
      Chandler is only dirty if you fall for flops. Not saying Chandler does’nt play rough!

    • astre says:

      Wanna see a dirty player, u’ll have to look in the direction of the Miami cHeat! What D-Vader did to Rondo, that was plain dirty and should have been punished. Nothing dirty about Chandler nor Perk! They play honestly hard! Love’em both!