Late Night with D-Wade

MIAMI — “Time to get better..#gymflow”

That was the tweet from Dwyane Wade at 10:53 p.m. ET on Monday night, around the time the Oklahoma City Thunder were building a 15-point, fourth-quarter lead on his television.

Wade’s team is up 2-1 in the Eastern Conference finals, but he’s coming off a relatively pedestrian performance in Game 3, when he scored 17 points on 6-for-17 shooting. Thanks to Chris Bosh, the Heat didn’t need a big game from Wade, but every game in this series has been completely different. And in Game 4 on Tuesday (8:30 p.m. ET, TNT), it may be Wade’s turn to step up.

So rather than watch the Thunder cruise to an easy victory in the other series, Wade headed back to the gym to get some shots in.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence. Wade said Tuesday that he’s done some late-night shooting during each of the Heat’s playoff series thus far. And the morning of Game 5 against the Celtics, a restless LeBron James was in the gym at 4 a.m. What followed 18 hours later was one of James’ greatest moments as a professional, as he closed out Boston with a personal, 10-0 run.

Wade won’t guarantee a big game on Tuesday. He says that, when he goes in for one of these sessions, the next-day results are mixed. But on Monday night, he felt it was the right thing to do.

“I just want to give myself an opportunity and a chance when I get into the game tonight to know that, even if I miss the shots, I took those same shots over and over again,” he said. “So I’m confident, whether they go in or not, I’m confident in them. So, I’m just trying to get my edge.”

No matter what happens in this series or beyond, Wade knows he’ll be on vacation in a few weeks. If he’s upset about missing the Mavs’ epic comeback in Game 4, the Heat’s video staff can surely get him a tape.

“This is our job right now,” he said. “Everyone was asleep. So it gave me the opportunity for me to say, ‘You know what, let me try to get better at my job.’ This is what’s important right now for us. Besides my kids, there’s really nothing else that’s more important at this point. So I took care of that, helped them with their homework, and then took care of the basketball side.”



    GO HEAT 3 DOWN 1 TO GO..

  2. bamz says:


  3. Usuck says:

    What A Great Come Back WIN.. 😉

  4. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    of course your’e happy … cuz ur an idiot !

  5. kingJAMES. says:

    im with you brother! they always under estimate people whom they think are theyre threats.. i love the miami heat because of LBJ and DWADE.. and even more it gives me pride to see a KAYUMANGGI, coaching my idols.. so heart warming!:)


    This series were done lets talk for the MAVS vs HEAT in the finals..UD40 is proven in defending DIRK, MIAMI’s OFFENSE rank #3 now #2 behind MAVS vs SEASON’S best defensive team, DEFENSIVE rank#5 and now #1.. so who can tell me that MIAMI is no match against MAVS and kindly explain your opinion?

    by the way if you mention OFFENSE, MIAMI has the 2 of the top 3 leading scores in the league,,

    BAREA?no way.. the only thing that keep BAREA score is that they underestimate the ability of the 6foot guy,,in miami with BIBBY and CHALMERS his no big deal..

    3pointers?no way.. STOJAKOVIC vs MILLER(IS BACK) the most accurate 3pointers in the league last season..
    TERRY vs JONES the three point champion,, i think too much luck if they can win this matchup..

    and i think SPOELSTRA reserves Z, DAMPIER, and HOUSE for the finals,
    and if STACKHOUSE is still in the HEAT’S rooster it would not be a MAVS VS HEAT rematch but a HORNETS+NETS+MAVS vs MAVS+CAVALIERS+RAPTORS+HEAT matchup in THE FINALS..AM I RIGHT MAVS correct me if i’m wrong?


    • kingJAMES. says:

      im with you brother! they always under estimate people whom they think are theyre threats.. i love the miami heat because of LBJ and DWADE.. and even more it gives me pride to see a KAYUMANGGI, coaching my idols.. so heart warming!:)
      so nobody can say we filipinos are BANDWAGGONERS. RIGHT?


    LBJ is the MVP for the HEAT but the real MVP is DWADE for sacrificing his offense for the defense in the playoffs..

    MAVS vs HEAT in the finals,,expect a REAL DWYANE WADE in this matchup this will be the most historic finals ever..

    If i were DROSE i will shut my mouth & stop making excuses to extend this series to game 6 due to sold out ticket of the HEAT HOME GAMES, if the BIG THREE will be challenged of his never ending excuses i don’t know what will happen but i think DWADE will not do that in his hometown they will get it back in MIAMI..

  8. MeNaC says:

    d. rose has to score more points than anybody on the floor to win the next three games….when he is outscored they lose…when he outscores everybody they win..with the exception of game 1 in the ECF..he had 28 and bosh had 30

    rose not only is gettin shut down by MVP standards this series, the heat have held him to a series low in points

    the bulls were averaging 95 pts a game til this series where its 89…the bulls will have to score 95 or more point to win…like they did game 1

    the likely hood of that happening 3 times is 90% slim to none

    the heat have figured it out kudos to them…stop rose from getting goin becuz he get the others going with his play and run korver off the 3 pt line…that was the X factor in the playoffs for the bulls and the heat totally erased it..a new x factor emerged but thibs is stubborn and wont play Taj Gibson as he should…

    when your home team give u a standing ovation wen u come off the bench..u shouldnt be on the bench in the first place

    PRIDE(boozer) has killed the bulls, i dont care how much $ we spent on u, if u dont get it done u gotta sit down

    am i the only one who notices boozer always sits the bench late in the 4th??…Asik always finishes and or Gibson


    miami heat gonna win the eastern conference finals,.,.and also gonna win the finals,.,.i swear to the universe that cris bosh d-wade and the king lebron james gonna demolish the dallas,.,.,.WAHahhahah,.,. lets go HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtTTTTTTTTTT,.,.,.

  10. Kel says:

    Wow, lot of Miami fans here… Go Dallas.

  11. samo says:

    Whatever happens, I’m more than happy that they didn’t get LeBron. Am sorry for Wade, but please keep LeBron off “my teams”.

  12. markuz says:

    evan dagwood = harold camping


    ITS riDIRKulous…!! jc#11

  14. MAVS#1 says:

    GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. reserved fan says:

    new to this thing just want to express joy of miller finally answering the call…with respect to the lakers they are still the champion until miami (hopefully) raise the banner. also let us not bash on rose as it is the media who voted and see his mvp performance, beside the big three wanted the big prize. i am confident z can handle and contain dirk (no such thing as stopper as there is no such thing as unstoppable)….finally what is up with the bulls?!?! more like a scream team to me. notice the jam that rose did all three players are screaming after that (rose, noah and boozer). that made the victory more sweeter…not hating just happy miami has arrived and will proclaim soon!!! mabuhay ka spoe

  16. Noquitski says:

    Miami will have no chance against the Mavs!

  17. LBJ!! says:

    oh evan dagwood..good predicition but it was false. once again derrick rose proved that he cant produce in the fourth quarter.. and lebron proved to all his critics that he sure can.

  18. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    D wade is the best player in the league and also Lebron James. D wade proved on a off offensive night that you can do what Mike Miller did all year (Hustle really hard). But I got a LOL at the dunk Wade miss it was kinda funny and that threw him off and you could see he was second guessing his play. But Wade you are D wade you can make the adjustment but what the hell we are being led by Lebron (facilitator) and Bosh (U Cant Hold Me NoahTajBoozer Player). ALOT OF factors going in to what wade maybe feeling…but just a reminder you are D wade and no one ini this league can stop you and you have to believe that (don”t be this complacent) be this….”come play suunnnnnn” the way you know how to. If you strip away all the bright lights and fans and coaches and media it will still be just basketball take it how you want lett your emotion take over a little. You are unbelievable and you have unbelievable talent with you in you team mates (Mike Miller and Bibby and rio and anthony and eddie and jj and ud and dexter and big z and magloire and howard and bosh and james should all have you back and it is great) and don’t be so one dimensional with your moves attack pull back and attack the object is to get the defense off balance know when to pull back watch how they play you and don’t get frustrated if they double keep your head up and always think it through as you go (improvise) don’t plan too many words but hey WAde you gatta be you

  19. juzray says:

    As of now no one as ever played with the great defense and offense both the floor like miame heat..drose is a mvv joke!!!!he cant finish and being stumble in the fourth quarter..unlike miami heat the confidence of this team onthe end of quarter is pretty awesome in finishing with the strong performance…get bulls your team is not winning at all hopefully you have jordan in your team so you can beat miami team!!!miami in NBA finals 4-1 against bull…just join fakers and feltics in thier mid way summer of fishin!!!also one more thing what do you charles your suck!!!!hahahahah

  20. BIG 3 says:

    oommgg HATORAde does not run out for ppl. HEAT is the best team in the playoffs right now and will be for next couple of years. D rose is the most overrated MVP in NBA history. He is good but not MVP good. Lebron taking him on proved a point. ALL hail king james. Dallas and dirk AKA transsexual will get rolled on like bulls and celtics. James got the crown already and hes coming for a ring. Aint nothing anyone can do about it.

    • Paschal says:

      Keep running your mouth chump. We’re gonna see about that. Your boyfriends can’t score in the halfcourt very well and you know it. Just keep talk’n, it’s gonna make it sweeter when the Mavs get a hold of you and show you what a REAL offensive team can do.

  21. kingJAMES. says:

    i think why the bulls lost is because they did cannot admit that miami is in their heads.. did you guys even heard what the commentators are saying?they are defending the bulls, they always say that chicago has a better dfense, that i dont think so, if it is like that? how come miller delivered? then lbj’s dunks and layups? they just dont know what they are into.. they felt confident in game 1,and because of the HATERS, and their desperate fans,they thought they can dominate.. i think this series is over.and this game prove who the real mvp was.. guarding your mvp, and making plays on the other side..thats ridiculous! 🙂 i think LBJ is on a mission.. next stop? DALLAS.. big fight, but when they are playing these kind of defense, i thnk barea will not score. i said barea because i think DIRK will put on a show against bosh.. but i also think UD will try to stop him getting the ball 🙂

    BTW. are those commenting here are all FILIPINOS?

  22. Paschal says:

    I think Dirk’s already in his head. Why tweet that? “Hey look at me, look at me, I can do it too”…..pretty funny. Envy. And what’s up with all the Barkley hate? The Heat fans AND their team are like girls- “we used to be friends but I’m mad at you now because you like someone else” Very feminine.

    • HeatWave says:

      Blah blah blah hater just give it a rest already.

      • Paschal says:

        No fanbase that makes a chant about an analyst after a game really has any room to use the word “hater”. Just because you and your team are easy to make fun of doesn’t mean everyone who does it “hates” you. When your two star players french kiss each other after every big win, and cry together in the locker room after a bad loss, it’s just kind of easy to go there. Yall know more about purses and handbags than basketball. I think you put your tampon in crooked this morning heatwave.

      • HeatWave says:

        Miami 3-1 is all I got to say hater.

      • Paschal says:

        We’ll see about that. Can I quote you on that one?

      • Usuck says:

        @ Paschal SUCK IT!!
        just cry LOSER.. lol

      • Usuck says:

        Paschal is a member of gay federation and loves to talk about purses and handbags.. LOL

  23. moneyball says:

    The bulls might as well wait until next year you are talking about LeBron(the best player in the league) and d-wade(3rd best player in the league, behind Kobe)! you bulls fans can’t think you can beat them. you are not winning by a blowout any more because game 1 was a fluke, so it’s gonna be close every time, but we gonna win because LeBron has been the most clutch in this playoffs behind Dirk.

    I’m a heat fan but I gotta give a shutout to the Mavs.

    Go heat & Mavs

  24. filipinoheat4 says:

    Heat will demolish all of you…sixers (4-1),celtics (4-1),bulls will be finished at their home so,it will be (4-1) too……—>
    Dallas?.com`on they`ll be lucky if they`ll survive at 6!…not bad…^_^…………………………………………………………………..were the best in D`…and also in offense!,,,LOL!…HATERS?,,,u always win by your useless comments!,but u can`t stop us!………


  25. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:


  26. Ian says:

    Where were these fans now commenting back in the regular season? I don’t notice a lot of bandwagon fans then.

  27. ? says:

    Can someone tell me the meaning of BA in the boxscore please? Thanks.

  28. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    Prepare all you want, Dwayne Wade, Chicago is going to demolish you tonight. Tonight D. Rose and company will prove that two superstars and a great big catfish aren’t enough to win when you’ve got a pathetic bench.

    Chicago in 7!


  29. Viper139 says:

    The Bulls keep fighting – give them credit – but those last two possesions at the end of the forth quarter by the Bulls showed they are not ready yet. Miami has not been that much better in Game 4 – just a little luck decided this game. If Deng would have taken those two shots instead of the MVP it would be 2:2. Not to put Rose down – but if you go against a big and fast guy like LeBron you better get to the basket and don’t settle for jumpers. Those two possessions really were horrible.

    So looks like the finals will be Dallas/Miami – again. But I surely hope that the officicating will get consistent this time.
    What happened in 06 was rediculous – Wade got a slight touch and went t the line, Dirk got hammered and no whistle in sight.
    And that was ordered by the NBA…..!

    If the NBA keeps this fair this time around this will really be an interesting Final Series. Missmatches everywhere… no stopping Dirk, hard to stop Wade and LeBron at the same time. It will come down to the role players – and here I do see a clear advantage for Dallas – but if the big 3 all come along at the same time, they probably need nobody else doing too much.

    • HeatWave says:

      Bulls got the game handed to them with the foul call on Lebron (much like the 3rd regular season game vs Chicago when that bogus foul on Miller was called in the end) but James shutting down Rose kept them from taking it. I think Dallas does have the advantge offensively vs Miami, but the Heat have much better defense and has also been at the top of offensive scoring this season.

  30. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    the Thing about MIAMI is that they are still IMPROVING and not even a COMPLETE TEAM! and they r dominating opponents. 3 straight playoff series now tht they led 3-1. man! Go HEAT, lets have a REMATCH OF 06 FINALS. DALLAS another team that dominated the HEAT in reg. season, the funny thing is so does CELTS AND BULLS all have dominated the HEAT. mind you Dallas was different it wasnt close games in was like 1 BLOW OUT AND THE OTHER ONE WAS LIKE WHAT 10 POINT LEAD. it will be tough, the ECF series aint OVER but dnt u guy think for 1 sec. tht the HEAT would be complacent like the LAKERS always do, their the HUNGRIEST TEAM this POSTSEASON.

  31. MG20 says:

    Rose being the MVP is the stupidest thing the NBA has done in a long while. He only plays to his physical abilities, and really doesn’t have the skills necessary for a true PG, or even a complete basketball player. He scores most of his points on fastbreaks. If it weren’t for those his already miserable shot would be simply disastrous, around 20% I’d say. Making plays for his teammates, making them better is science fiction for him. The credit for the Bulls’ record this season goes to their great defense. Their offense was mediocre at best (only 15th in the league), and when they do score it’s mostly not related in any way to Rose but to theit ball movement in which every Bulls’ player takes part…

  32. Excellent! Thank you for sharing these valuable experience with us. What you have displayed really helped us a lot

  33. watcher says:

    Oh, watch out NBA!
    Wade tweets to the world his impropmtu shooting session.
    Dirk just goes and does it. All the time.
    Nice try Dwane.

  34. For the haters says:

    Where is the Kobe fans and the Cavs fans, the haters? Where is Boston and its 3 regular season wins? Where is Chicago and its game 1 blowout and Gibsons dunks? Where is Sir Charles Barkley and Inside the TNT crew that all season long have been against the Heat? hahahahah yes please keep hating and talking s*** about Miami, it just feeds the Heat even more. I am glad that Lebron & Co. have shut all these haters up. Thanks for that

  35. filipinoheat4 says:

    oh men!,…,shame on you bulls fans!,where`s ur deep D` now?
    MILLER AND HASLEM send you a message…got it hater`s?…as paquiao said `now you know!`…hahahahaha!

  36. faithhopia says:

    ..i always admire the character and the attitude of D-Wade…he always showed the poise of a true champ…recognizing the good games of his teammates, acknowledging his off nights but never giving up working for the better..he absolutely love basketball..Go HEAT!..just 1 game away from the NBA Finals..

  37. Bull's Sheet says:

    Now where are those arrogant Chicago fans who wants to sweep the Heat? LMAO, to tell you guys, if it wasn’t for Chicago’s “Happy Birthday” shooting in Game 1, Miami should have done the household chores on your team. Funny thing for me to imagine the Big Three getting broomsticks and cleaning up the Bull’s mess.

    Derrick Rose still refuses to acknowledge the Heat’s defense against him. He can blame himself all series long and overlook Noah’s game. Maybe Noah was directing the slur to himself for being half the man he used to be in the regular season.

    Things are falling into place for the Heat. Next up: Dallas. Swept the Heat in regular season, just like Boston and Chicago. Won’t matter.

    • OzHeatFan says:

      That’s damn straight!!

      I loved reading about sports writers and bloggers recounting before each series how they beat the Heat so many times in the REGULAR SEASON (exception 76ers) and hold it confidently in their hearts and heads that somehow that will translate into playoff wins before the series even starts.. hahaha

      To all you Celtics & Bulls fans that were hating on us since ‘The Decision’… Who’s laughing now?

  38. Ice Pogi says:

    Bring it on dallas MIAMI rematch…

  39. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    what will gonna happen if miami get a good centre in off season ?!!
    man,this team is scariest team iv’e ever seen…there just too good for any team in the postseason
    mavs ?!! r u kiddin me ?! the only guy they have is Dirk … but they cant guard lbj and d-wade !
    miami in 6 !

    • renba says:

      Lets see…I know dallas will be hard up but with big hearts and intelligence i know they’ll end up winning. It will be a great history to remember in NBA!

  40. dallas says:

    Dallas gonnnawin anyway why even bother

    • OzHeatFan says:

      *SLAP* wake up dude.. you were dreaming! haha

    • Heat says:

      That’s what San Antonio fans said, also Celtics, LA fans as well, and up until yesterday Chicago fans were still hopeful. Gonna be a good series between Miami and Dallas, but I see Miami beating the odds yet again.

  41. Ice Pogi says:

    Where’s taj… I don’t see him being cocky now… taj got lucky in game 1 that’s all… He ain’t a proven good player… just sit and be a bench warmer… game 3… Rose didn’t even acknowledge the HEAT’s D…. What about now???? LBJ blocks rose shot… D-Wade blocks rose shot twice… now what??? the bulls did that to themselves??? What’s your EXCUSE now???

    Heats lives with their weakness the Bulls on the other hand go down with their PRIDE… The HEAT knew that they have problems with the Celtics and bulls… And they admit it… Gladly…. They learn from those mistakes… And now they are dominating the bulls 3-1… ECF…

    the bulls got problems with pacers,hawks…. And they didn’t admit that… They are being blinded by their regular season record,COY,and MVP…. soon it will be too late for them to realize that…

    Give credit to the whole MIAM HEAT team for being a fast learner…. one defeat is enough to figure out the weight of the series….

    The bulls on parade….and they are on their way!!!!!! Fishisg with kobe and pierce….
    HEAT in 5…. or Bulls in 8??? LOLS

  42. THE HEATER says:

    So I guess the Bulls fans are crying now down 3-1. Talking crap about wade and bosh hahaha but what u dont realize is the heat have the best D in the NBA not the bulls. Yes ill agree the series has been a dog fight and yes the bulls are good just not that good. D Rose is their whole offense thats all they have boozer sucks the only other good player they have is deng. So go ahead and give names to all of our players (catfish) but the only reason your calling names is because you know your going to lose and its killing you inside. But i really hope we beat you in chicago so we can throw it in your face in your city it will hurt all the more.

  43. OzHeatFan says:

    Bosh with another solid performance… I think he might be looking to steal the Finals MVP trophy from LBJ or Wade.. haha

    And don’t even give me that Dirk and Dallas will pwn them BS… The Heat will be all over them like a fat kid on cake.

    It will be a tremendous series. Especially compared to the yawn that last years finals were… (bar game 2 when Allen went off from downtown)

  44. err yeah... says:

    Chris Bosh isn’t the “Catfish” wht the heck. He’s the Bostrich. Get it right.

  45. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    where are those BULLS fans Bashing now. pffft. 3-1. its not over but the way their playing. big minutes from the Bulls starter couldnt get anything in OT. JAMES, BOSH, Miller made the comeback.then its the Dynamic DUO on the OT. James domiates on Offense Wade delivers on DEFENSE! Rose WHO!?? tahahahahaha! 8/27 fg shooting. 3 heads is always better than one!

  46. filipinoheat4 says:

    im so sorry for the bulls…miller is back and stabbed ur bulls…3-1 now…rose was crying in miami`s D`…we just give you chance at game 1…c u at YOUR home for the sweep!hahaha!…3 kings is unstoppable!,know what bulls,the real bench is at miami!,HASLEM,MILLER AND CHALMERS has pawned GIBSON,BREWER AND UR CORVER!,you can`t stop us!.LOL!.
    ………………………………………… …….MIAMI HEAT 2010-2011 CHAMPS!……………………………………………………………………


  47. filipinoheat4 says:

    im so sorry for the bulls…miller is back and stabbed ur bulls…3-1 now…rose was crying in miami`s D`…we just give you chance at game 1…c u at home for the sweep!hahaha!…3 kings is unstoppable!,know what bulls,the real bench is at miami!,HASLEM,MILLER AND CHALMERS has pawned GIBSON,BREWER AND UR CORVER!,you can`t stop us!.LOL!.
    ………………………………………… …….MIAMI HEAT 2010-2011 CHAMPS!……………………………………………………………………


  48. Supercrab says:

    Clutch after clutch^^ Who is Derick Rose?^^…Miss free throws late in the game? MVP? Come onnnn…^^

  49. HeatWave says:

    3-1 lol

  50. LOLakers says:

    Na na na na!
    Na na na na!
    Hey hey hey!

    Miami dominating the Bulls***! LOL! If this is the best the NBA’s got then thank you for handing us the championship!

  51. cris says:

    kobe shoots around after a miami loss everybody makes a big deal wade tweets that he’s gon go shoot around he get’s praised wtf.i say that’s great for both kobe and wade cuz it just shows how serious they are about their craft, but stupid media and stupid fans who try to nitpick about little things like kobe only did it for tha attention or lebron this wade dat is wat ppppppppppppps me point is this if ur going to criticize one player about something don’t praise another player for da exact same thing tha otha player u criticized.

  52. Usuck says:


  53. Gary says:

    DW, not only are you a fantastic player (your too young for great…yet!) but I like that you have a fantastic work ethic and more importantly your thinking of your kids.

    If thats genuine, and I am sorry to question your ethics,but after the tiger woods secret life who can blame me. Then I am rooting for you. MJ and the Bulls forgive me!

  54. Mr Anderson says:

    Everyone wants to be like Kobe, specially D-Wade

  55. Backlash says:


  56. Backlash says:

    It really doesn’t matter who comes out of the east because their just going to be road kill..the mavs are going to destroy them..for the simple fact that , it’s much more tougher and better teams in the west and the mavs ran straight threw them, the blazers the lakers..and soon to be the thunder, so just imagine what they’re going to do to the heat or the bulls, you might as well crown them the NBA champs already because dirk is unstoppable..he’s going to dominate, chandler is going to dominate the boards ..and their shooters are going to put the nail in the coffin, and no to mention the suffocating defense they play. DALLAS MAVERICKS 2011 NBA CHAMPIONS

  57. getreal says:

    lebron wearing adidas! uh oh

  58. MIACB#1 says:

    The only reason everyone is drilling Miami about their bench is because at the moment the only one’s doing there job comming of the bench are UD and chalmers if he comes off their. Miller and Jones are shooting terribly house the same thats why he has seen no game time and even Big Z has offered nothing. But Miami dont need the bench to score any points at all really if they are going to continue to play Lockdown D

  59. heating up says:

    this is a bad sign because that means he will be in attack mode tonite.. i think this may be a blowout also.

  60. Planting Seeds. says:

    Why criticize this blog for blogging about DWades tweet?

    Hate on twitter for being such a stupid idea, that some people need to know what celebrities and sports stars are doing every second they decide to let us in on the smallest details their life??

    People should be more pre-occupied with their own lives, maybe the world would be a better place.

  61. Allidoiswin says:

    kobe does late night shooting and the media says its for attention. wade does the same thing and announces it on twitter but its because he works hard.

  62. Dan says:

    “and a great big catfish”

    How many more times must I tell yall, Bosh is an OSTRICH!!!!!!!!

  63. TJ says:

    Let’s go Miami Heats

    Noah please cut your hair, my girlfriend thought Noah is a girl who plays for Chicago Bulls.

    • wat says:

      my gfs thot thst 2 man…noahs chill n all but the hair makes HIM look like a catfish…

  64. Derrick Wade says:

    While this will be the first time I have rooted for the Bulls over the Heat due to the fact that we played outstanding in the regular season, and the acqusition of Lebron (I know, I know but still I didn’t like it), I believe that its going to be a dog fight with both teams. Miami may not have as deep of a bench as the Bulls, they are still talented in many areas, namely their killer defense. Coach Tib has done a remarkable job with the Bulls and we can match up with any team anyday of the week, but trust me, true Chicagoans don’t take the Heat lightly. Chris Bosh has completely shut up Carlos Boozer, and good for him. They have found a way to trap DRose, so they rest of the bench mob and the squad gotta step up their game tonight and do what we know we gotta go. I am still a huge DWade fan, he’s still my number one guy, but gotta root for the hometeam. Good luck Heat, stay white hot, but don’t cool off, there’s a red hot flame coming your way. LET’S GO!!!!!!!!

  65. bullsnumber1 says:

    i’m a crazy, hearty bulls fan but d-wade is one of my favourite individual players, after d-rose of those hating on him, don’t patronise him just because he tweets about doing extra work, i think that sets a great example to young ones who are wanting to achieve a career so great as his, and it tells them that it doesn’t stop at team trainings. you have to do the extra hard yards if you want become an mvp like him, i guarantee d-rose does it too and every other player for any sport. it just so happens that john shuhmann had nothing else to write about lol. admiring stuff d-wade! game tonight is gonna be fricken insane! go my Bulls! 🙂

  66. Toliet duck says:

    Binuang man kining mga kumentaryo diri-a. Asa man ni ninyo nakutlo?

  67. Toliet duck says:

    Binuang ma kining mga kumentaryo diri-a. Asa man ni ninyo nakutlo?

  68. hoop-dreamer says:


  69. dlb163 says:

    if theres no ROSE theres NO CHICAGO…

    this will be the same with celtics and sixers …4-1 Miami goin finals….same with MAVS


  70. Freedom Writer says:

    So far Miami has proved that they are a very worthy and dangerous team. Boston and Chicago both had very good records against Miami in tje regular season, and everybody made sure that point was made clear. Miami had the worst bench in the league by statistics, and that was made clear by reporters, analysts, and fans that disagreed with the off-season moves. YET here we are….The same talked about team that put out Boston in 5, that’s in the Conference Finals about to put the Bulls out in 5…so what’s next, y’all will say they can’t beat Dallas too right? LOL! Watch as history gets rewritten these next couple of years!

    • Charisma says:

      I’m a huge Miami Heat since back in the Alonzo Mourning era so for the bandwagon fans I didn’t hop on because LeBron James joined. Anyways, back on point..I agree with everything you said except the last sentence (time will tell). Most people are trying to put Miami Heat down and search for the smallest imperfection or mistake and blow it up but look how far they’ve come together as a team. Even their bench players are slowly improving. You can see they have more confidence now when they step on the court. I’m proud of my team and stand behind them win or lose.

  71. bulls fan says:

    too bad it isn’t about you wade or the heat…its all bulls tonight….keep shooting, keep missing….keep practicing…you need it when you step on the floor with the bulls

    • hurrican3game310 says:

      espn: due to an eye infection from derrick rose carlos boozer and jokim noah all having a pregame circle jerk session the bulls are with out 3 members of their starting line up

      sry bro that sucks i guess miamis gonna b taking it

    • Law064 says:

      @Heat I like your humble attitude, me I think it’s over now well at least all downhill for the heat in this series. Rose is young and this is the best playoff run of his career so far. He’ll be back but I say even if the bulls pull off game 5 it’s a stretch to even think they can win 3 straight vs this heat team that I’m no fan of but have to admit that they’re suprising everyone who doubted them. I’ve doubted them but they’re playing good and if they win it all(Not going to be eazy vs Dallas) they deserved it. Let’s go bulls you were so close to winning and making it a even series. I don’t care if they’re done now I have to give the Bulls much props for being where they are now.

      • HeatWave says:

        Actually it was me HeatWave (messed up on my name). But yeah I respect the Bulls, Rose is still a deserving MVP in my book and Miami, well I’m just happy they are doing their thing. I’ve had enough trash talkin this year cause in the end the Heat are speakin for themselves. Respect out to those I may have ran my mouth at. Nothing personal.

    • Law064 says:

      @t-town maybe you should wake up dude. Lebron guarded him yes but he was still being watched by the entire team when he has the ball so the heat team shut him down and limit his driving cause the heat are merging to the paint. Lebron didn’t shut him down single handedly, 6’2 trying to shoot contested jumpshots over 6’8 leaper Lebron(A good defender) is going to be tough. Rose is being limited by not just whoever is guarding him but the whole team. Miami can afford to double him because the bulls have nobody else that can really hurt them.

  72. BIG 3 says:

    HEAT is about to blow up. Drose “Media MVP” showed his true colors. Lets go heat in 5. BOOZER is a bum lol

    • Law064 says:

      @Big3 your right about Boozer I mean Loser he’s a waste of payroll. D.Rose Media MVP? C’mon dude he impacted the bulls and led them to a #1 seed in the NBA. Stop and look at the Bulls roster, then ask yourself how could the bulls win 60 plus games with that roster. Without Rose the Bulls would be #8 seed or not even in the playoffs. Rose missed the game winner, Bad shot selection but he’s 22 and in another year just think how much better he will be. I’m sure his 3 point and mid range shot will be more reliable.

      • Heat says:

        Gotta agree with you for once. Rose is young. He can’t do it all and this is his first ECF. But much credit to Lebron for guarding him cause You would think Rose’s speed would win out everytime over James. I’m hopeful for Miami in game five but this series isn’t over until it’s over.

      • t-town says:

        yeah he is mvp untill lebron guards him and COMPLETELY shuts him down I like what was said on Mike and Mike in the morning people need to quit hating Lebron and just accept that he is the best player in the world right now nobody affects the game in all facets the way he does what is rose when Lebron guards him 1-11 exactly he cant get by Lebron and thats like 90% of his offense so he has to throw ugly shots or should I say prayers cause thats all he can do is hope and pray that his shot falls because Lebrons defense is too much for him and Lebron asked to guard him he wasn’t put on him Miami in 5 NIGHT NIGHT CHICAGO BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR

  73. Heat fan-base. says:

    Well, the last too game miami owned the bulls and…it wont be any different in the next too coming up…the with the Mavs its a repeat of 06 final….

  74. Dasilentking says:

    So many Heat Haters .. Why? They did nothing Illegal…. Its okay for Franchises to Dump a player they dont want even when he is loyal to the franchise. .. LBJ did what he had to do. Get over it already .. There have been several teams in the past with Three superstars .. . Lakers, Celtics (twice), Bulls, Knicks, Washington, Etc…

  75. Ding says:

    Miami in 5.

    Here’s something Bulls fans can relate to though, the Miami big 3 will block everyone’s path in the playoffs like Jordan-Bulls did in those 6 years that they won.

  76. Anonymous baller says:

    Calling someone a “great big catfish” counts as calling names

    Just saying…

  77. Kay Jaybee says:

    Why should this be blog worthy? A well paid professional athlete does some extra workouts to prepare … that’s what they should be doing! And they don’t need to broadcast so they look sooo committed.

    You can tell how much work they put into their shot by their stats in the game. That’s why Dirk goes 12 of 15 with 24 made FT! You know he has those shots dialed in from practice, and he doesn’t need to tweet about it!

    Wade was really working on his wrestling moves so they will look “unintentional” come game time!

    • DWADE says:

      the blog is worthy to set examples to players that work ethic is important
      to be good at this game.. he’s a former finals mvp incase you didn’t know.

      that is what they should be doing… btw, where are your bulls are they
      practicing @ 10 in the evening? i think they are gonna need it

      also, wrestling moves you say? your chicago bulls will get “Tombstoned” in 2 games.

      (go watch the replay if you can practice such a move)

      • Kay Jaybee says:

        I am sure the Bulls are practicing, and working on their game, they just don’t go tweeting it and writers don’t write all sorts of blogs about it. You think they are going out clubbing? Give me a break!

        I wouldn’t mind seeing Asik throw down with a choke slam …

    • HeatWave says:

      “What makes this blog worthy?”, well what makes your comment worthy? It’s just a blog. Love it or leave it. Simple really.

  78. Michael says:

    Afetr Lebron & Bosh Notable Games, It’s Wade’s turn to Heat Up…… Miami in 6 Games!!!

  79. Rose vs Wade & leBron says:

    Is it that obvious that Bosh is the catfish…?

  80. D-WADE says:

    bulls are nothing they are just bunch of losers.

  81. J8402 says:

    That is awesome. Good for him, he wants to get a little extra work in.. Good Luck Dwade

  82. evan dagwood says:

    Prepare all you want, Dwayne Wade, Chicago is going to demolish you tonight. Tonight D. Rose and company will prove that two superstars and a great big catfish aren’t enough to win when you’ve got a pathetic bench.

    Chicago in 7!

    • Jake says:

      Its worked so far…plus that “big catfish” dropped 34 big ones on your Bulls last game.

      • Mett says:

        Pick your poison – Wade, Lebron, or Bosh? The Bulls can’t hang with Miami’s talent, that is why they tried so hard to get Lebron in the off-season. I think tonight is BLOW-OUT TIME – look for a 20+ blowout of the Bulls with Wade leading the charge.

    • Gman says:

      Spoken like an idiot.

      • evan dagwood says:

        What does idiocy have anything to do with an opinion of the game of basketball? Nothing. You, my friend are the idiot. Amazing how many Miami Heat fans there are willing to call people names …

        Grow up, losers.

      • HeatWave says:

        @ Evan dagwood, don’t you think by generalizing all Miami fans by one person’s comment is idiotic as well?

    • D-WADE says:

      really? you think like that? D-WADE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA. so what if our bench can’t score enough points. BUT we GOT BIG 3s. they just enough to best your team. derick rose can’t gaurd wade or lebron. everyone knows it.

    • WOW says:

      Pretty sure you started the “name-calling” – The big catfish? hello…

    • ibah says:

      heat in 5 or 6!

    • Nate Da Great says:

      Jerk. IF u say that the Heat have no bench then I laugh in your face. Yes the Bulls have a deep bench, in reality the Heat are deeper then the bulls. the have more who can play do they play often? NO! The Heat have a bench that plays often. The Heat have a offense minded bench, While the Bulls bench is defense minded. Offense from the Bulls bench is Korver. D is everybody else. Offense from the Heat is Mike Miller, James Jones,Udonis Haslem, Eddie House. The first three can also play D both teams have good benchs like Heat there is one of the most underated big men in Big Z. It comes down to Wade,James, and that ‘Catfish’ named Bosh who by da way just dump 34 points on u and the Bulls head. Rose needs a player who can be his Pippen or Malone. Till then Bulls wont get to the finals. D-Wade get your practice and then go out and whoop the Bulls. GO HEAT

    • Gary says:

      Jones > Krover
      Chalmers > Watson
      Haslem > Gibson
      Big Z > Asik
      Howard > Thomas
      Anthony =< Brewer
      Advantage, Miami

    • LeQuit says:

      Don’t worry. LeQuit will soon quit…

    • francismers says:

      jejejej 7 games??? bye bye chicago

    • Barry says:

      Are you STUPID or just a plain IDIOT??????!!!!!

    • eric says:

      chicago is nothing compared to the defensife pressure of the heat,
      heat in 5

  83. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    Hahaha.. Well at least Wade knows who he’ll be up against in the Finals.. Good thing he went to the gym because we are gonna need him today! 🙂 Go WADE!

    • jwy of Singapore says: