Bulls’ hard choice: Now or then?

How much closer would the Bulls be to hanging with — or beating — Miami’s Big Three if they had Courtney Lee or Jason Richardson in their lineup right now?

How many of those “six more titles” that Michael Jordan hinted at might still be out there with Omer Asik in the lineup down the road?

Those were the questions facing Gar Forman and John Paxson back at the February trade deadline and that is the dilemma they now find themselves in after the Heat’s 96-85 win in Game 3 on Sunday night.

As ESPN’s Michael Wilbon notes, the Bulls are paying the price right now for focusing on the long-term future:

Almost certainly it’ll pay off down the line, but the price the Bulls are paying in the conference finals is that the lack of a deal then means the Bulls don’t have enough offense now, not when Miami can send 6-foot-11 Chris Bosh and 6-8 LeBron James to double-team 6-3 Derrick Rose as happened more than a few times. Miami’s 96-85 Game 3 victory produced more than a few storylines, including Chris Bosh’s second huge game of the series.

But what should stand out even more is that the Bulls don’t have enough offense to beat Miami in a seven-game series. Back in late February when Forman and Paxson decided to put off finding a scorer to complement Rose until the summer, Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen said, “We’ll be able to beat good defenses, but against a team with great defense and scorers like Miami, we just won’t have enough firepower.”

As the Eastern Conference finals progress, we’re seeing more and more evidence of why Rose was the correct choice for MVP. He’s certainly had to do more of the heavy lifting and carry much more of the load for the Bulls.

The Heat can simply hand the baton off from James to Wade to Bosh in different games or in different quarters. But Rose has got to be the one driving Chicago on virtually every possession. And not coincidentally, when Rose is driving to the basket, Miami defenders have often been able to cut him off and prevent him from finishing.

As Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times observes, Rose is in over his head:

The Big Three scored a combined 73 points in Game 3.

If Rose doesn’t play his best when Miami is at its best, the Bulls don’t have much of a chance.

Now the focus falls on (coach Tom) Thibodeau. After most practices, he and Rose watch film together to see how best to attack the other team’s defense. Thibs is going to have to be refitted for his genius hat. He has to figure out ways to get Rose free in time for Game 4. If he doesn’t, how does a 3-1 Heat lead feel?

It seems obvious: The Bulls need to run. Let Rose create. Let him improvise. Let him go. Rose in a half-court offense against this good a Miami defense is suicide.

“I tried to let my teammates create for others,’’ he said. “That’s what I made the team try to do. Sometimes I tried to beat the double team, and sometimes I just tried to pass and make it easy.’’

And that’s just it: I don’t want to see Luol Deng trying to create. I want to see Rose doing the creating. The options are limited when the Bulls aren’t shooting well. Rose can dish off all he wants, but if his team shoots 41.6 from the floor, which it did Sunday, forget it.

Can the Bulls now flip the series around and win three of the next four games from the Heat? How much closer would they be to accomplishing that feat if they had another wing scorer/finisher like Lee or Richardson in their lineup?

Conventional wisdom in sports says that if you have a chance to win a championship, you reach out and grab it, then worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes while you’re already polishing your trophy.

But the 7-foot Asik is only 24 years old. He’s active and aggressive. He’s quick, he hustles, he’s improving constantly on offense and he is a big man who can defend the pick-and-roll. In other words, he’s exactly the kind of big man that every team in the league is seeking, which is why Houston and Orlando would have pulled the trigger on deals for Lee or Richardson in a heartbeat.

Will the Bulls regret not making the move sometime in the next two or three days if they can’t get past Miami in this series?

But what about the next two or three (or more) years?

It says here that Forman and Paxson may not have made the popular choice for now, but the right one for the future.


  1. romil says:


    The big 3 of the best…..keep up the good work,,win the nba tittle……i’m fan of the heat big 3 from philippines…..

  2. Cant Do It On Your Own says:

    People you need to understand that ROSE can not guard three people at the same time.

    other than him his team is GARBAGE.

  3. JP says:

    People don’t like the Heat because

    1) Heat fans are cocky (ESPECIALLY the new ones and some of the OGs)
    2) The new “fans” are fake (Follow Lebron where ever he went) its almost like your a dog following your owner
    3) Other fans have been following there losing team’s or mediocre teams for YEARS (Im a Wizards fan for 10+ years because I live right outside of DC) and seeing a new franchise to become big along with Boston and LA is frusterating

    There are other reasons but I think that those are the main ones…that being said GO MAVS!!! They deserve it, your talking about veteran guys who have been in the league for over 12+ years who havent ever won one.. I know Lebron deserves one but he has time, Dirk and Jason Kidd and others are getting old like the Celtics and there professional basketball career is coming to an end within 3-5 years. Dirk deserves one more than anyone – 1 of 4 players ever to average 25 points and 10 rebounds a game in the playoffs.

    • karibkween says:

      So now NBA Championships are lifetime acheivement awards? Tell that to Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, etc, etc, etc. If they got 24 free points on any given night, they too would be among the 4.

    • hahah... says:

      there is what we call a team fan and a player fan.. those people who follow lebron are lebron fan, a fan of a player not fake.. they root for any team where lebron is playing… they are not fake.. so shut up…

  4. Ice Pogi says:

    @ King6
    I agree with you Bro…..

    Bulls and Lakers are NBA darlings…. It doesn’t Matter…. HEAT will prove that they’re Wrong….

  5. King6 says:

    these people who are saying bandwagoners are actually the ones!! i hate them really,…of course understandably heat fans have nothing to rejoice last year, now that we all have these topics regarding the team, naturally we will come out and speak our thoughts regarding what has been happening,..oh c’mon people of less-sense??..understand the situation, its over for Kobe and the FAKERS, i know some of these people are fan of the Lakers, or even from Cleveland,…i know, u guys are just jealous of what Miami is doing now, its over for you guys, as long as Miami will win games, we will stay here. And by the way, would like to thank this guy Mr. Blinebury for coming out again and shared his thoughts again, but obviously he is in the side of Chicago, thank u Mr. Fran for hating LBJ, checkout your remarks and earlier blogs you made earlier against James and the Heat, without the like’s of you who overly killing every chances of Miami at the beginning of the season, look where they are now, thank u Mr. Fran BLINBURY!

  6. LBJ, D-WADE, CB says:

    Hmm. Goodevening. I just want to ask why is that all people hate lebron? can’t u see what he’s capable of? and you live in AMERICA where democracy is observed. lebron lives in a free country. can’t he choose or decide for his future? just mind your own business. act like a civilized people of USA. Im a D-wade fan btw. Love u all! Mwah!

  7. heat-pete says:

    who is that rose??and that bozo is the MVP!!! the joke of the NBA!!and the coach of the year!!LMAO on this chicago bullshyt!! the so called mvp 8/26 7 TO lmao the clown of chigago!!3-1 to the heat!!!

    • Clown Heat says:

      It’s funny how all the heat fans have “shown up.” Where were oyu guys last year? lmao The real joke is suckers like you that have a lot to say when “your team” is winning. Band wagon clowns. lmao.

  8. aaron says:

    Lebron james has released the kraken!. Rose is good but lebron is the best. MIAMI closing out this series. and heading out for the finals. And lebron will gain his 1st nba title!.

  9. LOLakers says:

    LOL! The fake MVP Derrick Blows is showing just why he was the WRONG choice! Miami will take this game by at least 25!

  10. karibkween says:

    Oh well Mike Mathis is officiating tonight; usually means someone will be having an early shower.

  11. LBJ23 says:

    Lebron will torch Bulls tonight!!

  12. JC says:

    All I’m going to say is that all the pressure is back on Miami for game 4. If the Bulls even the series tonight they will hold the upperhand in the series. Rose is the MVP of this season and he still can’t get a call. The officals in game three were terrible from the way I saw things, Rose drives it to the cup and gets nailed and goes flying out of bounds and no call and on the other side it seemed like they were calling touch fouls against the Bulls…lets hope the refs don’t determine the outcome of the series!

  13. Femi Adesina says:

    idc wat neone says charles barkley is def. the man. he speaks his opinion and doesnt sugar coat it. im sure a good portion of u talkin trasah bout barkley had the lakers to beat dallas and the lakers got swept. I wont even lie but i thought the lakers wud win too. people dont appreciate barkley because he makes bold statements that offend pple. like him calling this series for the bulls. but u know wat we all m ake wron predictions. hes a commentator, not a basketball god that decides the outcomes of games. stupid fans just yap and yap and yap bcuz they love lebron and wade so much. like these are the same guys who went on a losing streak and instead of jjust playing basketball they end up with a statement like this
    wade- “the world is a better place now that the miami heat are losing”
    like seriously? what a champion like statement. this is a game of basketball. less talking more playing. nd wen the guys on tnt call em out on their babyness miami was publically humiliated and it was only then they started talkin less. so u miami fans u shud thank barkley and webber for telling miami to shut up and play basketball.
    wen a commentator makes a statemen tthat a player does not agree with the correct responses cud be “they are entitled to their own opinion” or “ill leave that to the media”. i dont even remember who it was that got mad at something that charles said like thats his job. like why is what charles saying bothering u so much. hes not ur opponent bcuz he no longer plays the game of basketball. bequiet play ball and try to get wins. the reason why the heat are doing well right now is soley bcuz theyve been able to affectively trap derrick rose. i can put this on my life that if lebron was on the cavs the bulls wud obliterate them bcuz the bulls have the very difficult task of trying to contain to attackers who arent ur average kind of player. the bullls defense can contain players who play one on one but the problem is their ability to cntain rose has been belitting how good bulls defense actually is. no one player on the heat can guard derrick rose. we all know this no matter how hard u want to lie to urself. hes too fast too explosive and very crafty. the heat are going to have a much harder time gettin the wins now bcuz as great as it is that bosh was able to hit that many shots at such a high efficiency we cant count on that. and the bulls whether u want to believe it or not do a pretty good job in comparison to any othe rteam of limiting wade and brons offensive dominance. the decider of tonights game will be whether or not the bulls will score enuff. nuff said bulls win game 4 2-2 go back to chicago.

  14. Jade says:

    Lebron is so strong that the heat would defeat Bulls see this http://sportales.com/basketball/lebron-james-versus-kobe-bryant/

  15. karibkween says:

    It’s interesting that the NBA, in order to prove that league contraction isn’t the obvious choice and better Business Plan, have resorted to turning the beautiful game of basketball into an NFL rugby scrum. It will be interesting to see if the maulings that are allowed in this (Heat/Bulls) series, will be allowed in the match-up between the Western Conference Champs, the Dallas Mavericks, and which ever team survives this slug-fest. One can’t help but wonder if an over supply of Superstar, African-American, millionaire athletes have rendered them, only as good as the beatings they are able to absorb on a game by game basis; but Non-African-American, superstar, millionaire athletes are so precious, that merely being in the same space, breathing the same air or on the same floor as these rare commodities, warrants a violation.

  16. SYDALE says:

    I think the Bulls can still get Jason Richardson in the offseason. He is going to be a Free Agent. So, they get to keep their young big man, and get J-Rich anyway…

  17. otherside OF the world says:

    i am a fan of lebron from Philippines
    i dont care whether he quit in cleaveland..
    i dont care to all the bron haters out there..
    many nba fans in USA think bron is quitter, move to south beach to win rings…
    but here in my country we dont care about those things…
    here he is a great palyer…

  18. Mikey Wilbon says:

    Being a fan is great. There is nothing wrong with being one. Especially for the Heat who are enjoying postseason success. A bandwagoner, on the other hand, can work both ways. Stick with a team. If they are eliminated (like LAL, my fave) pick one of the four teams left (I like the Mavs) and move on. Does that mean that you’ll die for that team or you’re the biggest fan? NO! If you move from team to team just because of success, it ain’t pretty. You can pick your fave in your opinion, you use what you can work with.

    On the other hand, nothing against all Heat fans (bandwagoners or die-hards) but your team is overkill. I want someone to find a team where three men average 70 ppg. The Big Three scored 73 pts in Game 3 alone. They had a total of 96 as a team. The Heat have 12 players. Divide the rest of the 23 pts on the 9 other guys, not including The Big Three. You have Haslem with 8, Bibby with 6, and 9 pts between 7 other guys (some of which did not go off the bench). The Big Three average about more than 80% of the teams points every game. The only other team I could find with more than 1 person in Top 15 ppg is NYK. They are gone because Melo’ and Stat aren;t defenders. A reason why people hate the Heat. OVERKILL!

  19. Hello from England! says:

    I’m an English NBA fan and have been since I got talking to a couple of my mates who were already into it and shooting some hoops with them in the back garden (discovering I had a pretty good – though unrefined – hook shot!). In England there is no such thing as a ‘Player Fan’. For any sport, you have your one favourite team, and you do not leave them, regardless of results or who plays for them. Through thick and thin, they are your team, and will always be your team. In the late 90’s my Football team (soccer to you boys/gals stateside) Derby County had one of the best strikers the Premier League had ever seen: Paulo Wanchope. A Costa-Rican with fantastic touch, skill, and an eye for goal. He was sublime. He got sold to West-Ham, and i couldn’t believe it. But i didn’t change my team, my favourite player had left, but i was still a Derby fan.
    In Basketball, i follow Phoenix Suns (because in 2009, when I first started getting into the NBA, Shaq played for them) but although Amare became my favourite Power Forward in the league, i still follow Suns despite his move to New York. I do like the Knicks to do well, and an Amare slam still makes me smile, I will only ever love Phoenix.
    2-1 in this series is too early to call. Miami have the momentum, but the games are still close. Heat have more talent to call upon with 3 all-stars. But Rose is MVP for a reason. His performances sparked Chicagos terrific form in the close season, and a couple of performances from him, and some fringe players (i.e. Kyle Korver needs to hit his 3’s!) could see Chicago right back into this. A tight series that could go all the way! 🙂

  20. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    Please put Taj Gibson back on Mr. Bosh (get outta here) lol. He made one dunk coming off the blind side of Mr. Wade and think he’s arrived. I know wade was trying to get him back in this series but Wade you gatta put that behind you. I am a fan of Mr. Wade but if you are listening keep doin what you’re doin we are winning. You don’t have to get frustrated in a role you are in and now we see how hard it is to ask a person to come in the game against a great defensive team and expect them to make great plays. You are going to make mistakes ( I mean D Rose got dunked on more times in this series than Wade’s entire career), I wish they would show Wade’s blocks as much as they did Taj’s 2 hand dunk with no significant force behind it. Mr. James is a Monster when he gets that ball and squares up his opponent and the rim. In Boston that was unbelievable and now on Chicago you guys try to compare D Rose to Wade and Bron “come on son” “come on son”

  21. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    KEY TO GAME 4:

    1. WADE/LEBRON keep on attacking the rim and draw a foul from NOAH to continue his frustration from game3,,(NOAH’S WEAKNESS)
    2. Give BOSH a chance to repeat his shooting in game3 if it goes then good, if not don’t rely him too much in the 2nd quarter especially in the fourth quarter( MIAMI’S STRENGTH IS 2ND & 4QUARTER SO FAR)
    3. Minimize turn overs especially DWADE,,and DWADE must play hard in the first half to relax LBJ for the CRUNCH TIME..
    4. Activate JAMES JONES and EDDIE HOUSE coz i think GAME 4 will be OUTSIDE AND THREE POINT battle due to the BULLS failure in inside offense..
    5. Improve their rebounds from game3 and continue their strong defense based on the BULLS new game plan.
    6. Last and the most important is not letting ROSE fell comfortable of handling the ball and look for open wing, if possible a man to man defense from BIBBY or CHALMERS on ROSE is the most effective way especially before ROSE receive the ball from inbound..

  22. LeBronFanFromVietnam says:

    @ Watcher
    Hey man, Everybody has to put their hat down for the Mavericks this postseason. I used to hate Dirk because I like athletic big men. But I’ve been watching Dirk and his Dallas this whole postseason and be a fan of him. But the point is this Heat team is not the old Heat team, even not themselves in the regular season. Regular season, Heat 1 Celtics 3, Heat 0 Chicago 3. How was that turned out right now? Miami lost to Dallas 2-0 or something in the regular season, but don’t expect it to be that easy for Dallas if they will have met in finals.
    Go Miami, go LeBron James!

  23. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    @RHYZ you’re right, in addition, after game 1 everybody in the BULLS CAMP fell like they are invulnerable and they can played like that every game in the series, but the HEAT stayed humble to the media but after game 2 ROSE made excuses due to his pride, and after game3 BOOZER made a promise that they will take the game4…we’ll see what he can do..BUT I CONGRATULATE ROSE to finally acknowledge the gameplan of the HEAT.. he said if i’m not mistaken, the HEAT played different every series..and he’s absolutely correct..clarification for that statement PLS TRY TO REVIEW THE FIRST AND 2ND ROUND against 6ERS and C’S, it’s clearly different.. IF MIAMI WIN GAME 4 then it’s done i don’t think they can win game 5,, but its expected and possible that BULLS will win game4 and MIAMI in 5-6..

  24. Francis says:

    Stop all the hating and just enjoy the Heat-Bulls series! No need to be talking trash about the Heat cause it ain’t a crime on having 3 super stars. Heck! Boston have KG, Ray and Paul. Lakers have Kobe, Bynum, Pau and Odom. Spurs have TD, Manu and Tony. So why hate the Heat?

    I bet fans of other teams are just afraid on how good the Heat could turn out if the BIG 3 is always on tip-top condition that’s why there’s so much hatred. Because if they are healthy, they can be really dominant not only this year but for years to come and chances of winning championships are big as well.

    I hope Heat win this series in 5 games! Go Heat!:)

  25. One Trick Pony says:

    This team is good, it just needs some direction on the court. Derrick Rose is such a one trick pony he can’t lead a team to success yet. If the Bulls had someone like Deron Williams then this would be a different story.

  26. moneyball says:

    we got swept by the bulls this season but we’re winning 2-1

  27. Michrael says:

    I think everyone knew Lebron was dead serious about getting a championship ring this year. Nobody has a reason to hate Lebron for being proactive about his career. He saw a chance not to suffer the fate of Ewing or Robinson. He is a young man intelligent enough to know that sometimes you have to make the tough choices, and endure the fallout that comes with it. That’s why he could go from arena to arena and weather the blistering boos on his way to eventual victory. With every game he showed us why he was more than qualified to make the free angency move he made. As the playoff games tick away every skeptical viewer is turning from hater to witness.

    • LBJ23 says:

      I love your comment.. Imagine what kind of heart and determination Lebron has to endure all those withering boos and hatred and still managed to put MVP numbers and Legendary performances this season.. He is really a future Hall of Famer and Basketball Legend

  28. watcher says:

    Sure, it seems like the Bulls may be overmatched much to the delight of Heat fans, however how many of those ‘new’ fans are aware that Miami hasn’t beaten Dallas once since the 2006 finals? Bring on the finals.

    • Heat Fan says:

      And that means exactly WHAT now? LOLOL What kind of philosophy is that? Do you even know ANYthing about basketball? Lets see.

      1. The Heat are just a LITTLE bit better than in previous years since Wades title run. Just a hair.

      2. The Celtics had the season series 3-1 vs the Heat and look wat happened to them.

      3. The Bulls had 3-0 on the HEAT this regular season and look whats happening to them.

      It doesnt even matter what when on THIS regular season, let alone over the past **5** years are you kidding me


  29. Ice Pogi says:

    @lebron isnt king

    Let’s clear things first… You’re saying LBJ left Cleveland because he QUIT??? He quit during cleveland vs boston???? If Lebron quit as you claim…… He doesn’t need to wait until the playoffs… He might as well demand a trade… Or He wouldn’t bother to play through ECF….May I just ask??? Are you Dan Gilbert??? He talks like you…
    I’m not really a LBJ fan… But Miami FAN…. Way back… Since Mourning…. I may say I’m a Mourning Fan… But when I saw D-Wade plays….Oh boy this guy is fun to watch… And I can’t believe Mourning plays for the NETS… Luckily He Came Back where He Belongs… MIAMI HEAT…Now back with LBJ… Do you think LBJ will leave the CAVS if they make an effort to bring a Quality player???? Seriously… They didn’t do anything… Jamison, Aging Shaq, Mo??? Is that the best thing they can do for ther franchise player???How about the HEAT??? They manage to bring BOSH LBJ re-signed Wade… Bring back Haslem… Riley said He doesn’t want to waste WADE’S prime… Now he surround him with a great team mates… Even the Lakers is better on Cavs on treating their franchise player…. Ex. kobe with Pau Bynum Artest Odom Fisher Barnes… They even re-sign Jackson as their Head Coach… Too bad for the lakers… kobe doesn’t deserved with that kind or treatment… All he do is Blame everyone in Lakers…. By the way Good luck on your #1 draft pick… Just be cautious on who you wanna pick… Greg Oden Syndrome….

  30. dexterSt.Paul says:

    go miami go for the nba crown

  31. dexter says:

    Manny Pacquiao will think wisely if he is still a boston fan or miami now…coz coach spo is a filipino american.

  32. Rhyz says:

    Well said “avatart0ph”, very well said, it all sums up what the Bull’s weakness are: Pride and Experience.

    Why pride?

    1. Thibs. It’s because Thibs does not want to acknowledge that the Heat’s defense is good and that he needs to change his gameplan. You can’t just wait for a repeat performance of Game 1 coz it AINT GOING TO HAPPEN? Why? Look at what happened after Game 1, the Heat accepted that they were trounced defensively and swallowed their pride but came out of Game 2, making the adjustments defensively. Bulls didnt know what to do, they crumbled under Miami’s intense defense and voila!- a 10 point 4th quarter performance. Awful! ( And yeah i know Miami just scored 14, but obviously Miami chose to focus on defense and let Lebron do his thing which he did).

    2. Rose. Why Rose? Because he can’t accept it to himself that he just can’t do it alone. He wants to prove that he is better than Lebron, that he can carry the team. Are you crazy? Hell Lebron is twice your size, close to your speed, shoots better than you, has more playoffs experience than you but he could’nt do it against an old Boston team defense. How much more would you expect against a healthy Miami team defense? Go figure it out. Accept it Rose, you need help. You need a sidekick because you won’t be able to do it alone. MJ had Pippen, Kobe had Shaq, Wade had Shaq, Boston had Pierce,Garnett and Allen, Kobe had Pau. So Rose should voice out that he needs a wingman, a 2nd star on the team that can create plays for himself.

    2nd weakness is Experience. How many times did Lebron and Wade has gone to the playoffs? Rose? This Bulls team is still young. Heck, they don;t even have some veteran on their team to share some insights on the intensity of high level playoffs game. This is the ECF people, expect the other team to play like hell. Against a talented team like Miami, Bulls will need to play extraordinarily to win and that what they did on Game 1. Can the young Bulls tap the switch on and off everytime they like? I don’t think so. They are still young and has lot to learn. This shows from their actions on the court. They get emotional so easily. You gotta hold your composure and be ice cold out there. Do what you have to do and execute and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

    The Bulls are still young, they have a bright future ahead of them but they need to emulate how the Heat play. If they don’t go out of Game 4 showing that they’ve adapted to how the Heat play, they’ll never win against them. Not even next year.

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      Agreed. We all know that Thibodeau developed the Celtic defense that corraled Joe Johnson and Lebron James. He thinks that his defense and Chicago’s manpower are superior even to the Heat’s trio of superstars. If the Bulls’ season goes downhill from here, their pride is as much to blame as their inexperience.

  33. Marlowe says:

    basketball isn’t an individual sport. This is the best team sport ever. MJordan, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson won championships because they have their team mates who either compliment or played their role on the hard court. As to Bulls-Heat series, Heat is more favored to win because of superiority in individual match-ups and experience against a young and developing Bulls team. Unless Bulls will again have lady luck on their side for the next 3 games, just like in game 1, then betting on Miami is the best option.

    Bulls will mature into a dynasty basketball team in the near future. For this season, Miami Heat is just to proud to lose and during the eliminations, when the big 3 is pushed against the wall, they become challenged and transformed this challenge into winning games.

    Miami will take game 4, Bulls game 5

  34. patrick says:

    The only way Rose can beat the big three is by doing a “Genjutsu” technique. It is an ability to make an illusion or create a clone of yourself.. He should make three Derick Roses or even five. Naruto can do that. But I think its impossible and fictional so there will be no other way. Let”s just wait for reinforcement next season; if there’s anybody available. But for now? Its not yet meant to be.

  35. MiamiKeys says:

    Wade has been taking this team to the playoffs long before Shaq and Lebron, but lacked that other star player to help him get a title.
    Wade has successfully taught Lebron what he has been missing and that was how to finish and score in the fourth when it really counts!!
    This is Wades team and Pat Riley was smart enough to pair him with great players and these great players will give him a chance to obtain another title.
    The trick is to get these great players to play as a team…play good defence and better offence.
    Game 4 Chicago will try to steal one from our home court. Rose is a great player but he needs another great player to help him get that title. Someone will step up.
    Lets play as a team

  36. Pain_g0d says:

    @Lebron isn’t King

    I also don’t remember Jordan winning a championship without Rodman either. Oh, and by the way, your grammar is messed up. Go back to school kid, you don’t belong here. I bet you’re one of those fat guys who can only put up a fight through the internet and through hating. And FYI, Lebron has gained respect in the international sports scene. You Americans have no idea how huge the international market of the NBA really is. It actually matters more than you Americans think. You only feel like you matter more because the NBA resides in the US. Cleveland fans should shut their mouths and go cry over Lebron leaving them, since that’s what they do best anyway

  37. Momo says:

    What i really don’t like about these articles about the Heat-Bulls Series is that they don’t credit the Heat’s defense. Rather they try to poison the minds of the people telling the mistakes of the Bulls. In game 3, the Bulls shot 10 more, the Bulls outrebounded the Heat. You are not giving credit to the Heat, a very unfair act, Oh, and by the way, keep hating Miami haters! So long amigo!

    • VM says:

      I’ve noticed too. I hear it in the TV analysts as well. They’re pretty quiet when the Heat are hot (no pun intended). They consistantly forget to credit Miami defence, and when they do well on offence, the analysts (Reggie Miller the most) tend to make excuses in the Bull’s defence instead of complimenting the Miami scoring, as they should. It’s really disappointing to see so much bias within the league.

  38. lebron is king. heat will win championships for yrs to come. cleveland just wasnt meant to be. bulls are goin down.

  39. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    @lebron isnt king
    yeah , cuz jordan has pippen his side,then rodman joined them to the second three peat !
    don’t hate and just respect to the guy that is arguably the most talented player in the nba right now.

  40. lebron isnt king says:

    lmfaoo miami fans. even if you guy do win a championship lebron has lost alll respect. he quit on cleveland and went to a place with 2 superstars to win a ring. i dont remember jordan doing that. do you guys?

    • HeatWave says:

      Obviously not all if he still has fans…..

    • Cleveland is flyover country says:

      No as a matter of fact I don’t remember Jordan doing that either. I remember Jordan having to fortune to play for a team that supported him by getting him a better cast (Pippen, Rodman, others). But then… when your city (and whole state) is to sad and poor to even raise itself from crushing >%15 unemployment who can expect you to afford more good players. No wonder Lebron left that sad place. What devotion he musta had to remain as long as he did is way beyond me.

  41. d rose is a bum. he didnt deserve the mvp.

  42. avatart0ph says:

    let me tell you something to back up what I said, when Miami lost that Game 1, everyone was ready to say this series will belong to the Bulls… when Miami won game 2, its because Chicago did not make the shots they were suppose to make.. Calling the win a fluke… Do you see how much scrutiny Miami gets over the Bulls? To think it was a win on the road, it is still called a fluke win.. (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/706468-nba-playoffs-2011-why-the-chicago-bulls-loss-to-miami-was-the-fluke) If chicago wins game 4 im so sure everyone will say it will be Bulls series all over again

  43. avatart0ph says:

    lastly, reason why Miami will win this series, i think its because they have been battle tested since the regular season began. They were scrutinized with everything they did. the 9-8 thing, the losing streaks, the cry gate, not being able to close out games. those experiences bonded this team like super glue while chicago have been the darlings of the nba. it takes trials to become successful!

    Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened; vision cleared; ambition inspired, and success achieved
    – Helen Keller

  44. avatart0ph says:

    First of all, not all fans of Miami are bandwagon fans.. Im a dwade fan/miami heat fan… Besides, right now, we need all the cheers we can get coz its us against the world… Bulls fans kept saying everybody hates miami so it would be nice even if some are bandwagon fans.. Anyways, the Bulls were the team to beat in the east. And I still think they are. The only reason they lost two in a row is because of pride. Yeah u read it right. After game two, A LOT of chicago analysts (aka chicago fans in ESPN) and also bulls players themselves kept saying they did not win because they missed shots they were supposed to make. DRose and Thib said that… They refuse to credit Miami’s defense. Plus they disrespected Bosh (thank you gibson!). Chicago’s downfall will be their pride. They think they are the better team. I think both are great. Never count Miami out! Either tweak their offensive game or just go with their previous game plan and give in to your pride. If Chicago wins the next one, I actually won’t be surprised coz I know they are a great team. But if they lose, its because their pride is too hard to swallow. Miami respected Boston’s abilities and thats why they won that series. Go Miami!

    As for Miami, I do love how they are playing defensively right now. But i still think key is moving the ball. Chicago will be nothing if they move the ball. And I know Miami will not win in the rebounding category.. But please keep it close. SHOW NO MERCY! DEFEND HOME COURT! DEFEND AND DON’T GIVE THEM TIME TO BREATHE! GO HEAT!

  45. da bulls says:

    everythings gonna be alright!!! bulls will get next two and ecf….don’t get too happy….bulls slaughtered the heat gm 1…and lost two close ones….right now seems down 1-0….so were the heat and came back and won next two….so bulls can do the same and get the last laugh….go BULLS!!

  46. I have to give a lot of credit to the Bulls for not being crybabies. They’ve done it all year, they just go out there and do their jobs. If the tables were turned,, we would be witnessing a piss-potty party by the likes of James, Wade, and Bosh. Haslem makes them tougher. If the Bulls can pull out game 4, I guarantee all these odd makers will be recalculating their books. Bulls in 7, if they win game 4.

  47. Elvz says:

    Miami and Dallas were able to put away last years champions. They deserve to be in the NBA finals.

  48. D-Wade Marino says:

    This thread is not going to be a long one.. Had the Heat lost, the trolls would definitely show up.. haa! Eyes on the prize! Let’s go Heat!

  49. wherever lebron goes thats who i will root for. go heat. bulls are done

  50. the only reason why i even like the heat is because of lebron. if he would of stayed in cleveland i would nt even of cared about the heat. lebron is wat makes the heat. lebron u are the best.

  51. 2011champheats says:

    heats takein tha series in game5,lebron nd wade scorein 30 pts each in game 4,lets go heatssssss.

  52. kingjames says:

    lol hear the crowd BARKLEY SUCKS he deserves it, loser

    • OzHeatFan says:

      Hell yeah… that was awesome..

      Where does Barkley get off thinking he can say whatever he likes about people..

      DO NOT FORGET – Barkley is such a tosser, he got caught drink driving with a prostitute in his car…

      what a douchenozzle

  53. DA HELL? says:

    CREDIT to TAJ GIBSON! everytime he decides to smacktalk while defending, the opponent justs get better. Nothing like a bit of smack talk to crank the BOSH engine. Good Games ahead!

  54. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    it is becoming a slug fest out there with those ugly wins we are getting, but hey, a win’s a win. Now that we match our opponents deficit (21) in two games it’s amazing that we are rewarded with a two games to one lead-I guess that just proves my point, a win is a win; whether you get it by 1 point or 100. I think Miami figured them out (the bulls) and knows each individual’s strength and weaknesses and can exploit them when necessary; however, I didn’t see this coming. Miami is a scary team to face, Wade isn’t in full strides and they are still winning, Miami was out rebounded and we still won, The bulls made there runs and we still won. This is crazy. Deng can score on his own off the dribble but look at this scenario Boozer had a great game 26 and 17 (unbelievable) and it is unreal how Charles and them said boozer didn’t impact the game. But hey, I am not complaining keep downing every one Pippen knew it wasn’t going to happen that was crazy he needs to be the GM not Paxson but still it is not over but a job well done by the heat just 6 more wins and 5 more losses we can afford before we conquer.

    • Preston says:

      ^^^^^ What he said.

    • miami ftw says:

      lebron is filthy. and boozer didnt do anything on defense, he was letting bosh score 9 straight. and the heat would be even filthier if dwight howard went to the heat, because howard is their only good player and he plays center. the heat would be the big 4

  55. heat fan2003 says:

    hey everybody that says all heat fans are bandwagon fans.. ur all idiots..
    nd to say that stuff about lebron james quitting.. he wont quit.. hes come thru for us in the playoffs everytime we needed him.. even when the heat were losing or had losing streaks,, we still stood by them.. so all u hataz can jus go sleep.. the series aint over,, a long way from over.. all u guys loved lebron when he was in cleveland, and now hes left u he could have a chance to win a championship.. and u act like he owed yall something.. he aint owe yall nothing.. but hell just let his playing do the talkin.. MIAMI HEAT til I die

    • Cleveland says:

      He already quitted from Cleveland. Once he quitted, he’s already a loser.!!!!

      • Usuck says:

        Cleveland fans are LOSERS!! LOL
        you wont have another LeBron type of player ever again

      • LBJfAn says:

        Key for Bulls to win = Hire a new coach. An experienced one.

        Theres no problem with the Bulls players.

      • Always been a heat fan, always will! says:

        hahahaha! I guess not only can Cleveland not win championships but spell as well

      • cleveland fans go to hell! says:

        Did lebron quit? you call him a quitter after giving your City 7 years of basketball glory? he made your city famous worldwide, even brought your city to the Finals all by himself? he scored 27pts and 19 rebounds on his last game! his contract just ended and he just made a decision which is rightfully his to make. People who hated lebron because of moving to a different team is just being uncivilized..

  56. HeatWave says:

    Heat in 6!

  57. hey charles u said the bulls were going to win the series. ur a slug. go miami. kill em tues. go heat. lebron u are the best.

    • HeatWave says:

      If Miami takes game 4 I would get out the ticker tape. But it’s to early to call this series done.

      • Lee says:

        do not believe on what Charles is saying…he is the one who is really stupid…he dont dont know what he is saying…i still remember that he called the big 3 of heat as stupid.

  58. oh yeah. thats what im talking about. go heat. bulls are done. good game bosh. drose is a bum

    • Fake Heat FAn!!!!!! says:

      Jump on the Heat van-wagon! James is going to leave you too when the heat lose game4. Expect tears in the lockers

      • Elvz says:

        It’s amazing to see so many haters here.You’re not just a fake heat fan are you? You’re not even a fan at all, you’re just another hater. well, at least you’re living up to your name. Piece of advice; quit leaving hateful comments because spending time on something you hate is not the wisest thing. It’s a complete waste of time.


        Now lets get this right there are some people who just jumped on the Heat bandwagon but their are some loyal fans too! Like me I liked the heat since Tim Hardaway.

      • .... says:

        hahahahah van wagon. really? don’t accuse people of it if you don’t even know the correct term

  59. im a HEATER. says:

    it is so early to say that miami will win this series.. what if the tides turn and rose gave us a good game??it can essentially turn this series around.but miami is proving us that one cannot do it all. maybe some games gibson and deng will show up, not every day, unlike lebron and wade, who has bosh on their sides.. EXPERIENCE, this is seemingly the bulls problem, not thier offense.

  60. Mr. eleven says:

    This is not the OLD Miami back before, this is Playoffs.
    3-1 on game 4, we to go Miami. ECF Finals Champs and beat the WCF Champs!

    • SURE Heat FAn!!!!!! says:

      Where were you when the heat were eliminated by the celtics. You Heat fans are all van-wagon fans. James and Bosh come to the Heat, then all of a sudden you guys are packing the stadium. “Im a Heater”- fruits.

      • Fail says:

        By van-wagon, might you perchance mean bandwagon? Unless of course you mean the Toyota Vanwagon, then I think you’re on the wrong website..

      • ??? says:

        Yup, that’s how sprots is and will always be. If they went to any other city, of course everyone would jump on there lap.

      • Mett says:

        Let’s face it – Derrick Rose AIN’T NO POINT GUARD! He is a SHOOTING GUARD – period. If the Bulls want to challenge Miami in next few years they need a REAL point guard like Chris Paul or John Wall that have freakish court vision like Magic., Stockton or Nash. A real point guard would allow Rose to do what he does best which is attack and score.

        The obvious trade would be $75 million dollar Boozer for a real point guard.

        And LBJ is clearly outshining Rose in crunch time in the 4th quarter, showing that he is the REAL MVP, not Rose. Rose folds in the closing minutes, when he should be elevating his game like Lebron or MJ.

      • Usuck says:

        @SURE Heat Fan many of these fans were not actually Heat fans but LeBron fan
        so whichever team LeBron plays that’s their team
        common sense pls.. lol

      • BLM73 says:

        So they’re just ‘Fans’ of ostensibly the best player in the game atm? That’s even more GAY/RETARDED than being bandwagon Heat fans lol.

        Oh sorry, don’t need the NBA getting all menstrual on me too now (please replace Gay and Retarded with Poser/Fanb0i). Just b/c LBJ pouts like a bitch when he loses doesn’t mean the whole league and fanbase need sensitivity training.

      • LBJ says:

        Im tired of seeing people say “bandwagon” fans. YOu know what theres a BIG difference between a “bandwagon” fan and a player fan. Do I really need to explain the difference? Theres NOTHING wrong with being a PLAYER fan, I’ve done it for most of my life. Its lightyears different than BANDWAGONING a team that is just doing good right now. PLEASE

        You CANT tell me that you same people would not FOLLOW your FAVORITE player to whatever team they went to. 75% of you would EASILY. IF KOBE left the Lakers you would follow him to the team he went to. They would be your new favorite along with the Lakers still most likely. If Kevin Durant left OKC, PLENTY of the young people following him as their favorite player would’ve THEN been rooting for his favorite team. And GEE how bout MELO and STAT in NY. You canNOT tell me all those fans were already NY fans. They were Melo and Stoudamire fans from their previous teams, and thats ok.

        Theres absolutely EVERYthing wrong with being a bandwagoner, and absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a player fan. So get over yourself haters, tooooo bad.

      • Usuck says:

        SUCK IT Cleveland fan…
        get another sport coz Miami gonna win it all
        @BLM73 your just jealous get a life

      • BLM73 says:

        @Usuck <— Look, another pole-smoking Bandwagon Heat fan.

    • David of Canada says:

      We like the Heat because of the trio. I believe in loyalty in sports, but the team you are loyal to doesn’t have to be in the same city you live in, and you are allowed to switch if a major landscape shift happens. I was a celtics fan for three years when their big three (or four) was formed. But I imeadiatly started to root for the heat after “the decision”.

      Enough about the Heat, the Bulls are as overrated as anything can be. I agree that Bosh might be considered overrated, but the Bulls are much more so. Sure they came up with the best record in the regular season, but I was actually quite suprized that they beat the hawks in the second round. Bulls are terrible offensively, although they play their hardest at defense because they know they will not win if they relax one bit. The heat has the luxury of just keeping it close in the forth to almost gurentee a win since chicago’s talent don’t come close to the heat’s.