Terry Vows To Bounce Back

DALLAS — When Jason Terry walked past the Thunder bench to the baseline and threw up four fingers on both hands to the crowd at American Airlines Center he was  continuing his “Mr. Fourth Quarter” ritual.

The Mavericks could have used a contribution from Terry at any time before that in their Game 2 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference finals. But Terry didn’t deliver on his promise to show up at winning time. In fact, he struggled through his worst game of this postseason (a playoff-low eight points on 3-for-9 shooting).

What makes it even tougher for Terry to swallow is that the Thunder reserves, James Harden in particular, excelled by attacking Terry throughout the game. Even with their small lineup on the floor for all but a few seconds in the fourth quarter, Terry was unable to get going, as Jeff Caplan of ESPNDallas.com explains:

“We’ve got to punish that lineup,” Terry said. “It’s good it happened like this. We’ll make our adjustments and bounce back.”

If Terry’s game log from this postseason is any indication, he will certainly bounce back. He’s managed to come back strong after other disappointing efforts.

After back-to-back 10-point games to start these playoffs, Terry has been the Mavericks’ most consistent offensive threat outside of Dirk Nowitzki. Of course, Terry will have to play much more aggressively on both ends of the floor, especially on the offensive end.

“Nine [shot] attempts,” Terry said. “I don’t call that a very aggressive game on my part.”

The Mavericks will not only need to see a more aggressive Terry, who scored 24 points off the bench in the Game 1 win, but also more aggressive attitude from J.J. Barea (11 points) and Peja Stojakovic (eight points) if they plan on returning the favor and stealing a game in Oklahoma City this weekend.


  1. Pniswrinkles says:

    Didnt like this team when they were the Stupersonics, don’t like em now as the OKC Under,,uh,…Mavs just took game 3, smoke that Oklahomer…and all you tough guys predicting Dallas will fall apart..They may not win it all, but I do not see them being ousted by OKC….chances are slim and NONE..ALso, Dallas is one MAJOR weapon down, has been for along time now,,,If Caron Butler can get back before the Finals……hmmmm

  2. john ramone says:


  3. Snow says:

    GO DALLAS the time is now!!!

  4. robbo24 says:

    I see Dallas making a go at the Thunder and winning in 6 games. Off the fact that so far they are better on the road than the Thunder.

  5. Bobby says:

    Its funny how durant can bump a defender off of him to clear space and then shoot and get a way with it

    • Nada says:

      Playing against the shortie it’s kind of hard to see them around. Artest didn’t see them and so is Durant !!

  6. BOW2ME says:

    As bad as we played and we lost by 6..OOOHH deing im Nervous man!!!

  7. DRose says:


  8. diejay says:

    mavs will lose in 5!!!!!!!!!thats FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!! heat will lose in 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mavs just got lucky lakers havent playing much this playoffs…the only thing they do is shoot 3 ball.. if they get bad in shooting, they still shoot and shoot and shoot…OKC vs CHI in Finals… OKC 2011 Champs HANDS DOWN!!!!!

  9. Ken says:

    Nothing but love for the Thunder! But Mavs will win series. This is the finals to us, Miami could not beat either team in the west.

  10. Sam Reyes says:

    mavs had the best record in the road sooo
    they’ll be fine… i just hope the heat comes tired from the games with chicago because Lj,Dw and Cb can screw it againg like in 2006 finals.

  11. Patrick says:

    O.K.C. and Dallas are very close, the next match 3 is very important, Dallas can play much better, but O.K.C. is a younger team, they have this advantage, they look strong, Ibaka is great.
    I wonder what Dallas can do to stop Durand and Brooks, if they can stop one of them they will take advantage. But it’s so difficult. Nowitski is still good but his team is not constant, Jason Terry is very good sometimes and somtimes he is simply bad.
    It’s tough for Dallas.

  12. Axel says:

    both series are so wide open. Anyone who predicts anything takes a gamble. I wont do this. But I say this much: This is now the chance for the Mavs to prove that they are better than in 2006 where to get to the final all they needed was outstanding Dirk and the rest just followed in his shaddow. I would even go that far to say that any of the 4 remaining teams now are able to become champion. There is not really any difference between any of them. All of them are capable of playing outstanding defence, none of them so far has been consistent. All 4 teams have their great scorers and need their bench. Whoever will be able to provide this consistency will prevail. And you would expect experience to come through, wouldn’t you?

  13. Alan Xu says:

    don’t konw what to say, just see what’s going on…

  14. Viper139 says:

    What changed for Dallas from Game 1 to 2.
    First: the officials started blowing the whistle every time somebody from OKC jumped into the chest of the Dallas Bigs – no matter if the arms were straight up or not. I don’t get the rule there, this has been called differently the last game and gave OKC a lot of free throws early on.
    Second: the slightest touch to a OKC Player going to the basket was a whistle blown – Dirk got hammered when going to the basket – but no whistle instead.
    Third: Dallas did a poor job of staying close to Harden. Obviously they did not have a good defensiv game plan for that second lineup.

    What will change in game 3:
    Those officials will start calling normal again – since this series is supposed to go 6 or 7….
    Dallas will be better prepared for that secound lineup….
    Terry will be going to the basket more (like his first shot) and keep the defense on its heals.

    So Dallas will win Game 3 – but the officials will do everything to give Game 4 to OKC – I am not sure Dallas can overcome that 6 player for OKC on the floor.

    • Nada says:

      The calls from the second game were absolutely normal. The only abnormal calls were by Joel crawford and that second ref(the guy with the mustache, I don’t know his name). For the third game if Dallas prepare for OKC second unit, well guess what?? OKC first unit will then dismantled them

  15. burik says:

    hey sekou will you be brave enough to blog about what you think will be the outcome of this series… and the reason for that prediction.but it doent matter because the HEAT will win it all

  16. Jan Marlo says:


  17. Jan Marlo says:

    I am Mavericks fan guys,but listen to this, after the thunder won the game 2, we should not underestimate this team. Dallas should attack the basket,let the thunder boys commit the foul,less turnover, good defense, let the bench contribute and put down every ball that they will going to throw, and I believe we can beat this OKC Thunder. Added to that,yeah, I want to say to Brendan Haywood to be more aggressive and also to Shawn Marion! C’mon guys, we’re supporting YOU ALL! ! ! Don’t let us Down! One game at a time!

  18. watcher says:

    Great win by the Thunder and scary times for the Mav’s. OKC showed that they both have no fear, and have the roster able to make adjustments on the fly. Hats off to Scott Brooks who may or may not have chosen Maynor over RW due to game circumstance or discipline issues. Even so, Westbrook better stop with the Starbury attitude. It can de-stabilize a team that has a real shot now.


    four legged finals…hoping for this series…

  20. bulls88888 says:

    I think the mavs will advance to the finals in that series… And in the east my bet will be the bulls.. Need some productivity from boozer , deng and noah.. MAVS VS BULLS IN FINALS..

  21. john says:

    mavs can do it even if its not their homecourt

  22. MavsFANYo says:

    Mavs fan here, but how can you other MAVS fan be so confident? 4-1.. are you kidding me? I’d love for that to happen, but come on..

    Yeah we’re the best road team, so what? OKC is better than the Lakers..

    Anyways I read through some of these posts and one that caught my eyes was Mavs need to “stop being complacent” because they lost that “9 point lead”?

    LOL? 9 point lead in the beginning of the 1st Quarter? You expect them to hold on to that lead and never look back, are you kidding me? What happened to OKC’s 9 point lead (or w/e it was) in the 2nd Quarter? It vanished. Why? BBall is a game of runs.

  23. Mr Swish 41 says:

    Dallas in 6! nuff said.







  27. Jonah says:

    Why is everyone so balls deep for James Harden, he is a good player yes but the guy averages 12 points a game, and people are acting like he is an allstar. I personally want Dallas to win because I think the team deserves it after being cheated out of a finals in 06, plus the disappointment Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, Peja Stojakovic, and Shawn Marion have received due to lack of teamate support, and unfavorable referee calls. I think Oklahoma is a good team, and I like them, but I think they are too young to appreciate a finals appearance, plus I think if they were too advance, they would lose in 4-6 games to Chicago or Miami, while Dallas has a very good chance of beating either team.

    • Nada says:

      James harden is not an All Star but compare with Westbrook he is above All Star. If WB doesn’t behave like an All Star and play like all star, OKC will have difficult time to get another chance. If that’s the case I hope they find another PG next year. KD is the most humble and easy guy to play with, and if he can not handle that, he can join Timberwolf.

  28. Paeng says:

    Mavericks’ brilliance ends in Game 1. It is all downhill from here on for Dallas.

  29. ruel says:

    Dallas Maverics will always be Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki will always be Dirk Nowitzki. I still believe that the finals is their only destination. They got past LA Lakers, and so they will get past the Oklahoma City Thunders.

  30. HelloEveyone says:

    I like dirk but dont care much for jason terry at all, he’s always dancing around and celebrating every shot he makes even where they are losing, just like in game two..If OKC can pull this game 3 win i believe they have real good chance at winning because if they win game 3 i think they will win both at home to make it 3-1, probably lose game five but win at home to take the series 4-2, but i dont see them winning both in okc, dallas will pull off one win there.

  31. Teva says:

    Harden was great all season vicious dunks and incredible 3 shooting

  32. Grant says:

    The Thunder need a huge game from either HARDEN or WESTBROOK and if they dont get it, they cant win this next game. If the MAVs dont get a big game from TERRY, then who carries the weight off the bench? JJ isnt reliable enough to count on in the crunch time, so that limits the MAVS to relying on TERRY or KIDD if DIRK doesnt have another unstoppable night/4th quarter. I like the THUNDERS odds a lot better if they can keep HARDENS confidence growing coming back to OKC for game 3 and giving him the ball early and often. If he keeps attacking TERRY on the offensive end, i see the game going to the THUNDER again, and this might be the most crucial game in the series

  33. Carlo says:

    hope dallas will win this one

  34. wangsio says:

    Dallas will bounce back in game 3 hopefully..

  35. Edgar says:

    It’s not time for Mavericks fans to panic law of averages say 7 game win streak in the playoffs is hard on it’s own to maintain. The difference between Mavs teams of old is it was Dirk with occasional guest appearances, This year it’s a solid overall team from start to rotation. I’m still confident they can win the series if they play Mavericks ball.

  36. Joseph says:

    Mavs will bounce back. Dallas is tied with Miami as the best road team…plus they actually win at OKC most of the time. I think the Mavs bench will retaliate and won’t underestimate this Thunder team anymore…its game time baby.

  37. charles says:

    go boston! yey!

  38. periong says:


  39. Kasapa says:

    I may be crazy but I believe this series will not go more tan six games. I am predicting a win for MAVs. If MAVERICKS win the next game, then OKC will go down by 4:1.
    Should MAVs lose the next game OKC will go down 4:2. I can see MAVs winning three straight games to end the series. I am very confident about this prediction and the next few days will tell.

  40. fan of the game says:

    I think Tyson Chandler is a great big man. Couldn’t figure out what happened when he had that easy dunk under the basket, instead fell to the floor! I couldn’t even see much contact really. Maybe he slipped!

  41. fan of the game says:

    I watched the Mavericks sweep the Lakers, which is no small feat! The Mavs are the best team in the league! OKC played above their heads yesterday! Dallas will bounce back! Dallas in 6!

  42. Dwyane wade says:

    i feel like they both have very good benches, but i dnt see mavs wining in Oklahoma. But if they can win one the series become a best out of 3 series with the mavs having two games at home. in regards to the heat and bulls the bulls aren’t mentally strong enough to win in Miami in the POSTSEASON, where Miami hasn’t lost to any team yet. They Bulls are as great as they are for the fact that they feed off there crowd.

  43. you know says:

    i like K Durant, but westbrook bugs me. always has and his little temper tantrum last night really made me want the mavs to win.

  44. isandx says:

    Go Thunder!!!

  45. stof says:

    It will be very hard for Dallas to bounce back. Game 2 must have given the Thunderbench an incredible confidence-boost. They bounced back from a bad game 1 and got the thrust from their coach and entire starting line-up to finish an important and tight playoffgame and pulled it off and stole homecourt. And this thrust must have grown even more because of it. This Game will just catapult this young and motivated group back to OKC where they’ll win both games. Dallas will win their home game but OKC will finish this thing in 6.

    As for Bulls-Heat, i think it all depends on the team around Rose, they will determine weather the Bulls or Heat win this thing. I’m rooting for a Thunder-Bulls finale.

    • gskmavs says:

      last time i checked the mavs blew an 18 point lead to portland and got the series tied 2-2. they then won their next 7 games. if anything the mavs will respond tonight. it will be a good game for sure.

    • Pniswrinkles says:

      going back reading OLD post, (post game 3)…., Now the Mavs hav won Game 3, on the road,,and lead the series…All you “Masters Of The Universe” not predicting, but Commanding the results of Games that havnt been played? What the hell do you do? Eat alot of CROW? Or are you just used to being a loser with a big mouth?

      I am not predicting anything, but I can tell you with FULL confidence, The Dallas Mavericks are oh so NOT afraid of OKC…, OKC SHOULD be afraid of Dallas, and my guess would be unless the Mavs have a Meltdown, (shoot themselves in the foot), OKC has slim and NONE chance of advancing…The only reason they are here is because Memphis got REALLY lucky and offed the Spurs,,,AND, Dallas broomed the Lakerts off the planet…I mean come on, before this thing started, DOES ANYONE with a brain see OKC beating San Antonio, LA AND DALLAS? hardinly…

  46. evryone says:

    you mavs are crazy.its gonna be 4-3, no matter who wins.and yes, i live in texas.

  47. Omar = Mavs ALL THE WAY says:

    Dallas underestimated the Thunder, The Mavs haven’t allowed that much points against anyone in the playoffs. If Kidd wakes up and shwan marrion happens to find the fountain of youth like the end of the regular season we will definately bounce back HEAT MAVS FINALS !!!

  48. G says:

    OKC just won a road game this is definitely a momentum shifter, Dallas should be very concerned i know they have a good road record but seriously your gona be going into a building that has never experienced a western conference final game and with the series tied the okc fans are gona go crazy, and westbrook stil hasn’t had a good game and that will eventually happen. OKC in 6

  49. Bryant says:

    I believe the Mavs will bounce back, however I think that the main person that really needs to step up on Dallas’ side is B. Haywood. Every time he subs out Chandler, OKC gets too many offensive rebounds and gets too many easy buckets in the paint. So far, he’s coming up late on the help side defense and at times don’t even bother to contest players that are attacking the Dallas defense in the paint. He needs to step up his game, otherwise the size advantage in the 4 and 5 slots that the Mavs SHOULD have is nullified.

    • Rich says:

      He’s been a major disappointment ever since he joined the MAVs. This is not the Haywood I knew who played with the Wizards. Haywood was making noise at that time. Now with the MAVs, everytime he subs for Chandler I was just like, “oh no please at least maintain the distance on the scores…”

  50. Rich says:

    Kudos to the Thunder bench and OKC coaching ! hats off to you…

    Now back to the MAVs – I have always prodicted 4-1 Mavs and the one game OKC would win is a game that the Mavs should’ve won – and it is this game ! You can see the MAVs relaxed after leading by 9. You don’t see the intensity in their faces. You can still see them smiling even after losing quickly the lead. They have that kind of look in their face that they know they can get the lead anytime they want. But the ever resilient Thunder just kept on going after them, they just want it more. Not until when OKC lead by 10 that you sense the urgency coming back on the MAVs players – a little too late, very slim margin of error. They got their stops but 2 costly turn overs after then thats it – game over !
    It’s a good thing it happened early in the series. This shoud be a wake-up call on the MAVs that they cannot relax and never let away the killer instinct they’ve been having the past 7or so games.
    MAVS to win 3 straight ! I bet Durant’s house on it and you can quote me on that !

  51. Leo says:

    if there;s a team which is able to win on the road,then this team is dallas, they are the best road team in the regular seson, and they won 2in LA one in portland and for sure they will win one in oklahoma, but they need a much much better bench, or just the bench they have all seson long with terry scorin 20+ , kid 10+ peja 10+ JJ 10+ and of course Dirk scoring 25-40 point then everything will be allright.they also need to be better defensivly , shawn marion must wake uppp, he is sleeping this first two games, but i think that this series will end up in game 7 in dallas ….

    • peachy says:

      hi folks,peachy is here just to break the game 2 made by OKC thunders to Dallas Mavericks team since they won last game 2,actually it was just an easy winning for team OKC thunder ,honestly it didnt do good coz some calls given by the referre is not right..ex (the slightest touch to a OKC Player going to the basket was a whistle blown – Dirk got hammered when going to the basket – but no whistle instead.)
      **they didnt see the effort made by team DALLAS since at the end must be the winning team FOR DALLAS not for OKC
      thunder…and “FYI GUYS remember there fight last w/ LA LAKERS scoring of (4-0) can u imagine that”

  52. ryan says:

    How come nobody is talking about the other big story, that Westbrook went on a cursing tirade against his own coach in a Finals game for like…3 minutes straight. I think that story is just as big as the game itself. Westbrook is probably my favorite player, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. He’s a real wild card.

  53. tata says:

    Terry promises to keep jacking up shots and wishing they fall in like in the previous games. Barrea doesn’t get a headline? He promises to do the same. And the refs promise to blow the whistle whenever somebody comes within a foot of Dirk.

  54. MonF says:

    this is just a time for okc… conference finals is so different, adjustments were so fast to bounce back on every game. exciting on both part when we had a chance to see them won 1 game each

  55. Joe buck says:

    game 3 will be a very big game in this series, Thunder have stole home court from the mavs. The thunder bench proved they can match the mavs bench in game 2, it will be intersting to see which bench comes up bigger on the next game. These young thunder players don’t seem to be bothered by the momement and can play with any team in the league

    • Nada says:

      OKC will win as long as WB can control his temper and as long as big Daddy Joel Crawford is not in the game

      • evryone says:

        Dallas will win if j kidd plays better and jasn terry hit more 3’s.Okc will win if they can stop Jt, jjberea and dirk from scoring a lot,force turnovers and have harden and the bech play this well

  56. nascar says:

    yep they will bounse back

  57. HVCK says:

    Lakers 2011-2012 champs!!!

    • johnyhall says:


      • ron says:

        reason why most fans in forums hate the lakers…its because their fans (like this guy) are stupid…they keep on saying things….be real man….your team got swept, with that line up, they’ll end up 1st round next season and your star will complain about his fake pinky finger injury

    • HeatWave says:

      James Harden > Mavs Bench. Kidding but Harden is the man.

    • d-man says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Nuff said…

    • hashman says:

      I hate it when someone posts something completely irrelevent on one of these blogs.

  58. paliachoto says:

    Mavs will bounce back. Like Miami bounced back after game 1 lose. And the two teams will meet in the final. Period.

    • Jolan says:

      Their situation is a little different. Heat didn’t have home court advantage, Mavs do. It’s not a series until someone lossed a home home game. Both Mavs and Bulls should be concerned, not panicking but they both lost at home and now have to win one on the road. I think the Mavs are more likely to win on the road then the bulls are. I see mavs vs heat in the final. OKC is good and could pull on upset but i don’t see Dirk letting that happen, and the bulls aren’t going to win with just rose as an offensive threat.

      • tata says:

        Dirk can’t stop things from happening. That is why he has never won a championship. Everybody just started watching Dirk last week?

      • DallasForever says:

        @Tata, does that mean you don’t think he’s a good player? He’s a ten-time All-Star, he’s won an MVP, he’s some of the best shooters in the NBA…what else do you want? He doesn’t have a championship because he’s the ONLY talent on the team. But his team is growing…and so is him…Dallas has a good chance of making it into the Finals.

      • Pisot says:

        I’m a big of Dallas but I don’t think they can win championship cuz Thunder is a big trouble for them, if they win game 3 then they have good chance of winning this series thats if they do but i doubt it. Sorry Dirk no ring for you ever!

      • DF says:

        no way the Thunder will beat the Mavs in 7 – not yet this season! the Mavs are grown now. one loss at home won’t make them lose the series. in fact, this loss will make them even stronger and more focused. and it’s happened at the right time. kudos to the Thunder’s bench but we also have to see several Mav players had a really bad game. again, the Mavs may lose another on but will win the series 4-2 eventually. about Dirk: he’s saving the 40+ performances for the Heat and his sweet revenge for 2006. if there’s anyone out there who’s deserving this ring it’s got to be #41.

  59. Kings says:

    its alright, they shutdown westbrook in the 4th.
    okc fans thought that could never be done.

    • Alex says:

      did you seriously just say they shut down westbrook in the 4th? you do know westbrook didnt play a second in the 4th, right? how do you shut someone down if they dont get out on the court? thats new.

    • Pniswrinkles says:

      No Pal, Westbrook started the 4th quarter, he was benched after 3 minutes of horrible play…

  60. Tom says:

    I told everybody i think you’re underestimating the thunder’s bench. They just closed out a game not even on their home court, in the conference finals.

    • johnyhall says:

      nobody said they were bad….but according to the ranks mavs bench is better…

    • sean says:

      both teams got awesome benchs should be a good series!

    • jwy of Singapore says:


      though Miami Heat is lack of bench players

      LET’S GO MIAMI HEAT !!!!!!!!

    • Pniswrinkles says:

      I just watched Game 3, and uh,,,I think maybe “everybody” you told not to underestimate the Under’s bench? You may want to go back and tell all these people not to underestimate the ENTIRE Dallas Mavericks team…

      Congratulations on what must be a fun ride, especially for a State, until recently HAS NEVER had a professional sports franchise…but before you get to cocky, remember you wouldnt even be here if Memphis hadn’t got lucky and offed the Spurs, and OR Dallas sweeping the World Champion Lakers off the planet…I mean do you seriously think you match up to LA, San Antonio AND DALLAS?

      Again, Congrads, and I do give credit to a small market team taking care of business and getting this far…but the bus stop is rapidly approaching your route…

      You OKC fans are like your team, never been where they are, so your Big Bad yadda yadda…Mavs fans know better, we have not a ring, but have had 12 straight 50 plus winning seasons, cant even count playoff appearences,,,and WE know to be humble… We will gwet on our soapbox when and IF we get that ring,,and only then,,,,As Dale Earnhart said, finishing second only means your the first loser…

      Your a middle of the pack team that has stumbled on to some major NBA upsets and some rare good luck…know your place, act like youve been here before,,,and just possibly, not likely, but possibly,,,you may have a chance to do some big time crowing….

      PS: I normally do not like to get to personal with name calling etc. but you guys need to tell “Hardin” to lose that beard, it’s got so much dye in it, he looks like the guy on the “Just for Men” box…