StatsCube: Is LeBron Now Mr. Clutch?

LeBron James doesn’t have a reputation for being clutch. There was his 29-of-the-last-30 performance in Detroit in 2007 and his shot against the Magic in 2009, but we tend to think of James as the best player for the first 46 minutes of the game and not necessarily the last two.

Maybe that reputation is starting to change. In these playoffs, James has completely taken over down the stretch of two big games (Game 5 vs. Boston and Game 2 at Chicago), and hit a pair of clutch shots in another (Game 4 at Boston).

Of course, that was just three of the 710 games that James has played in his career, and clutchness can be fleeting.

(Clutch situations = Last five minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime period with a score differential (either way) of five points or less.)

James wasn’t so clutch in the first round, shooting 2-for-9 in clutch situations against Philadelphia. Fortunately for the Heat, the Sixers weren’t too clutch either, shooting 7-for-23 in the series.

But James has come up big against the Celtics and Bulls, shooting 8-for-15 in clutch situations over the last 10 days, including 4-for-7 from 3-point range …

LeBron James’ clutch shooting, 2011 playoffs

Game 1 vs. PHI (W) 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1
Game 3 @ PHI (W) 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Game 4 @ PHI (L) 1 4 0 1 2 2 0 0 4
Game 5 vs. PHI (W) 0 1 0 1 2 2 0 0 2
Game 4 @ BOS (W) 3 8 1 3 2 2 1 2 9
Game 5 vs. BOS (W) 2 2 2 2 0 0 1 0 6
Game 2 @ CHI (W) 3 5 1 2 0 0 0 1 7
Total 10 24 4 9 7 7 2 3 31

Overall, James’ 42 percent shooting in clutch situations is above the league-wide mark of 39 percent. But it’s actually a step down from his last two postseasons …

LeBron James’ clutch shooting, last four postseasons

2007-08 6 23 26.1% 1 7 8 12 6 3 21
2008-09 10 19 52.6% 3 6 8 10 7 6 31
2009-10 5 7 71.4% 3 4 3 4 2 1 16
2010-11 10 24 41.7% 4 9 7 7 2 3 31
Total 65 139 46.8% 16 42 66 87 36 21 212

With 10 field goals in clutch situations, James is tied with Kevin Durant and Zach Randolph for the most in these playoffs.

Most clutch field goals, 2011 playoffs

Kevin Durant 10 20 50.0% 3 7 11 12 3 2 34
Zach Randolph 10 29 34.5% 1 2 17 18 1 1 38
LeBron James 10 24 41.7% 4 9 7 7 2 3 31
Derrick Rose 7 15 46.7% 0 2 11 11 2 1 25
Russell Westbrook 7 26 26.9% 0 5 6 10 5 4 20
Marc Gasol 5 9 55.6% 0 0 4 6 0 1 14
Dirk Nowitzki 5 9 55.6% 1 1 15 16 1 0 26
Al Horford 5 9 55.6% 0 0 2 2 1 0 12

What does it all mean? As noted above, clutchness can be fleeting. Kobe Bryant shot 3-for-12 in clutch situations in this postseason, and James is only as clutch as his next shot down the stretch of a close game. But if he makes a few more, especially with the stakes being raised as the postseason goes on, he may steal some votes from Bryant on the final question of the GM Survey next fall.



    I’m simply a guy who luvs good basketball james & others are key reasons why I now watch the nba more in recent years after not doing so previously. James is now earning an alltime clutch player status. What my name ?

  2. Sidney says:

    I’m a big lebron fan, probably the biggest fan, watched every game he played, but he has to do more to be considered clutch however while people say lebron cant close i also think that is garbage, in cleveland he didnt hit game winners but he allways hit big shots how else were they winning close games? not mo williams, d west or anybody else. Lebron is a great player and just because all the hype and his style of play many people dont like him. Kobe>Lebron when you view their whole careers but right now they cant be mentioned in the same conversation. Lebron,wade, drose, durant, howard are the nba’s best players hands down stop hating on lebron because he doesnt have a ring they are coming the guy is only 26, we act like he is 32 and his game is declining.

    • XAXAXAXAXA says:

      Thanks NEUTRAL that you show to all that Kobe is trash.. His GW percentage less then Melo’s.. Yes, Kobe play basketball, some people knows him..BUT STOP TO CALL HIM SUPERSTAR OR BEST PLAYER OF GAME BASKETBALL..HE PLAY BASKETBALL NOT BETTER THAN BEN GORDON OR MICHAL REDD..HE’S TYPICAL OUTSIDER WHOS TIME ENDED.

  3. Heat ALL Day says:

    You know whats SOOOOO FUNNY? Is that EVERYone needs to read this article because this right here MORE than proves Lebron is CLUTCH, and steps UP in the playoffs. Kobe his whole career his statistics have either stayed the same, or went DOWN in the playoffs, along with his game winning shots LOL. Such a common misconception when they see Bryant hit easier game winners in the regular season.


    Incredible work this guy gets mad props!!!


  4. lakerboy says:

    oh c’mon now. before the playoffs bagan many are questioning the ability of Lebron James to make a game winning shot because of what he did in the regular season. but all of a sudden he’s now mr.clutch because he’s made big shots against boston in the 2nd round? i don’t get it. he should prove to the basketball fans first that he can CONSISTENTLY make big shots. then and only then we can call him MR.CLUTCH

  5. David says:

    And yeah.. Just like Kobe, FLYMAN in his early years, LBJ would also be a clutch player as soon as he goes old cause bones can’t handle jumps anymore. Like Carter and Ray Allen who had a MAN FLYING career and ended up in clutch shooting career 🙂

  6. David says:

    how many years pro = Kobe
    LBJ = 7 years + he’s 25 think of it. 😀

    Think of what you’re saying.


    without Lebron in Miami, Dwade could have never gone this far. 🙂 I’m saying, Lebron and Dwade is the puzzle for the team’s success and not Dwade only or not Lebron only. That’s why they teamed up right? To be successful and TRY to grab as many rings as possible, included their age. They’re still young. Who knows Bulls’s era might be repeated 🙂

  7. lex says:

    kobe= 5 rings
    Lebron= 000 rings
    figure it out

  8. rockhard says:

    FIRST let me say u cant be perfect at this game lebron is one of the closest to perfection total all rounder honestly speaking i tink u can put him in any position to play and he will do a good job thts the edge he will have over most great players in the past and present SECONDLY for clutch he is maturing in tht stage of is career a mean it would be so unfair adding clutch rite away to his all round greatness so i tink u all haters should be glad tht he is just finding tht touch of is greatnest!!!!!!!!!!THIRDLY ballhog kobe aint clutch he is just a ball hog another name for clutch ROBERT HORRY MICHAEL JORDAN REGGIE MILLER RAY ALLEN AND SOON TO BE KING JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. LBJBEST says:

    Lebron is a clutch player! we will all see that in their future games men!

  10. Agasi says:

    The only person that deserves the name Mr.Clutch is Kobe Bryant. And don’t bring up what happened this season because 1 season doesn’t define a player. He’s been in the league for 15 years now and he’s lived up to that name and honor.

    • XAXAXAXAXA says:

      look to the stats “”game winning shots is around 36/116″.. this is words of people that know what basketball is..

  11. XAXAXAXAXA says:

    to “LeBron is a sellout” ….basketball in 1990 and in 2011 is different,champions rings is nearly Bron’s fingers…..and when this happens,all King’s haters willSUCK!!!

  12. XAXAXAXAXA says:

    ts amazing that said man with name TELLTHETRUTH.. after his first words i understand that this guy(maybe girl) learned about basketball by accident once on this site…we can siad a lot about # 24,but i tell u that nobody can say about Lebron: we rap*d them 4-0 in conf semis, and he could not offer anything in return.. But Kobe just turned his back, and just let Dirk come in.. That the truth.. Kobe is nobody..he is not clutch man. he is not a champion,his rings he can give to Shaq and Phil….Blueprint wrote “”game winning shots is around 36/116″” its more than good statistics to see , what Kobe IS.. STOP TALKING NONSENSE !!! I know better place to kobe! turkish airlines eurolige basketball !!!

  13. XAXAXAXAXA says:

    its amazing that said man with name TELLTHETRUTH.. after his first words i understand that this guy(maybe girl) learned about basketball by accident once on this site…we can siad a lot about pedophile under the # 24,but i tell u that nobody can say about Lebron: we raped them 4-0 in conf semis, and he could not offer anything in return.. But Kobe just turned his back lay on his stomach comfortably and just let Dirk come in.. That the truth.. Kobe is nobody..he is not clutch man. he is not a champion,his rings he can give to Shaq and Phil….Blueprint wrote “”game winning shots is around 36/116″” its more than good statistics to see , what Kobe IS.. STOP TALKING NONSENSE !!! I know better place to kobe! turkish airlines eurolige basketball !!!

  14. jordanthegreat says:

    click this so you will know hu’s better michael jordan or kobe bryant during clutch moments

    1. michael jordan
    2. reggie miller
    3. larry bird
    4. magic johnson
    5. dirk nowitzki
    6. robert horry
    7. jerry west
    8. kobe bryant
    9. ray allen
    10. scottie pippen

    this is my list of ten best clutch performer in the nba. No disrespecting to the fans of kobe bryant…. this is my opinion….if u look at my list u will see that i didnt put lebron’s name in my list bcoz its too early to say that and as we all knew lebron lacks one thing and that is the ring or the championship….

  15. Larry says:

    Michael jordan sucks

  16. KOBEISGARBAGE!!!! says:


  17. KOBEISGARBAGE!!!! says:

    KOBE SUCK!!!!

  18. LeBron is a sellout says:

    I love how the NBA and Lebron fans are already giving the Heat a dynasty when they haven’t even won 1 ring yet! Every year for the last 8 years since the self proclaimed King has made the playoffs, all eyes are on him and all the hype…and in 8 years all he’s been able to deliver is selling out his team when they were #1 in the league to try to BUY a championship. There’s no honor in that! That’s like if Jordan, Magic, & Bird decided to team up so they could get more rings. You’d get the same respect from me if you just bought someone elses on Ebay. He was the captain of his team, and as the saying goes, a true captain goes down with his ship..he doesn’t abandon his crew! I don’t see what the arguement is about between Kobe and James, Bryant got all 5 of his rings straight up and went thru the struggles and bad years to get them, so did Jordan…Lebron don’t have 1/2 the heart of either player and definitely not the heart of a champion which may be why I have as many rings as Lebron which is zero, and I didn’t have to sell out my team & city to be empty handed. Anybody who see’s honor, morality, or any loyalty in what Lebron did and how he’s trying to win obviously was brought up with no morals yourself. Even if LBJ wins a championship, is it really gonna be something impressive now? Is anybody gonna say he took the long road and earned it? Will he even have bragging rights, whats he gonna say, how he sold his team out, left millions of dollars on the table, teamed up D Wade who’s already won a championship almost single handedly and another superstar Bosh because he wasn’t talented enough to win it, so he just bought a ring! This guys a chump, if the president did this he’d be imprisoned for treason, if the mafia did this their whole family would get wacked! Like I said, he was the team captain…what if one of our military captains decided if they teamed up with Al Quida and the Taliban that there chances of being on the winning side would increase, would we honor them like we do James? It’s a different situation but there both the same concept…..being a sellout and a traitor! If James wins a ring, which he’s failed to do year after year, and I’m still hearing how “We’re All Witnesses” when the only thing I’ve witnessed is his failure to live up to his hype for 8 straight years, & I’ve witnessed him trying to buy a ring and losing the respect of anybody with a little bit of dignity, its gonna be nothing impressive at all, Wow, congratulations on the ring Lebron, your crack head mother who just got arrested for punching a valet parking attendant while screaming “don’t you know who I am?” must be really proud of you. Personally, I’ve been on bball teams, and I wouldn’t quit on my team to join an opponents team so I could have a better chance to win, I could never look them in the eyes again! Or myself! And btw, Lebron has had a few game winners and a couple games where he played good at the end of the 4th quarter…but lets be realistic, Kobe and Jordan do it on a regular basis….one 4th quarter against the pistons 5 years ago and a few shots against boston this year dont make someone clutch, being clutch means you do it CONSISTANTLY! Which Kobe & Jordan definitely have done, but Lebron hasn’t ever been considered clutch! We shouldn’t even be having this conversation..
    # of Rings:
    Jordan 6
    Kobe 5
    Lebron 0

    # of teams player soldout to win a ring:
    Jordan 0
    Kobe 0
    Lebron 1

    Looks to me like maybe Jordan & Kobe were the ones with “The BLUEPRINT”

    And does LBJ and Wade have to come up with excuses everytime they lose? Maybe Chicago’s just a better team!

    • XAXAXAXAXA says:

      o “LeBron is a sellout” ….basketball in 1990 and in 2011 is different,champions rings is nearly Bron’s fingers…..and when this happens,all King’s haters willSUCK!!!

  19. Lovesores says:

    clutchness is not that important.. it is a team play.. everyone should contribute, whoever is open should shoot.. during the end games..

  20. mr. lonely says:

    spurs and celtics are done, but lakers are not done yet they only lack depth they give sasha and farmar which give comfort those fatigue of starters, matt barnes and steve blake is useless, lebron is the topic in here how come lakers involved in this?

  21. Dev says:

    How can LeBron be Mr. Clutch after just closing out that one game? He was CLUTCH that game, but cannot be labeled Mr. Clutch. Too many proven clutch players such as Kobe, MJ, Reggie, and so many more to list.

    In the course of these playoffs I would say Dirk has been the most clutch.

  22. Janim234521 says:

    The Author of this article, started with a retorical question ” Is LeBron now Mr Clutch?”. He was only bringing to light that LBJ has failed in the past to step up to the plate in high stakes games and push his team over the line. This whole article was based on the fact that LBJ has increased FG% in last 5 mins of the games were the Heat have not been the best at closing out the game. This was never an article of who is the best clutch player ever? If it was then there would be alot of questions to answer:
    Pts ave in the last 5 mins? Game winning shots? FG% for both previous questions? How many playoff games? because lets face it, this is only being asked because of what happened last year! Too many factors go into Mr Clutch and only the STATS CUBE can provide it.

  23. Le Bron says:

    LeBron is the best player in my opinion.

  24. MVP says:

    What people fail to account for are all the half court shots Kobe has to take with .6 seconds left on the clock. That’s when stats are misleading…

  25. game3. the bulls will be killed. lebron will have 40 and d wade 40. squeal d rose

  26. gdog says:

    Tell the truth you just told a lie,live up to your name.Robert Horry is the #1 clutch shooter of all time followed by larry bird magic,kareem,and andrew toney

  27. hahah... says:

    kobe not clutch…

  28. laser11 says:

    I thnk LJ is the clutch shooting this seson next to MJ.HAHAH

  29. kobe! sucks says:

    hahahahaah season is over for you black mamba!!! aka mr clutch !! what a joke good game in game 1 over the mavs that is one killer clutch hahahaha go sit in your wheelchair haha old guy

  30. mgaputanginangkano says:

    mr clutch is allan caidic.. hahaha..

  31. watcher says:

    LeBron, Kobe, MJ? I’d still give the ball to John Paxson.

  32. DR says:

    I think ‘Mr. Clutch’ only applies to those who have won titles!!!!! with a few exceptions – Reggie Miller who made me a believer when he stole a game from the Knicks in 8 seconds, Sir Charles, and a few others. With Lebron, I believe he is not far from it – He needs to prove it with a title!!!!!



  34. @ MODERATOR says:

    cmon broda, is it the @ names, lil too chippy for y’all….i b precise n proppa n u hatin whats the deallllio lol are u secretly a bron fan who dislikes logical rants knokin ur boy….cmon u can tell me broda…hav a good long wknd n get some sleep they dont pay u enuf to hate this hard lol all jokes…..sort of…… lol

    • @ MODERATOR says:

      wow… joke… dont worry i dont want ur job or anything…………………………………………………………………simply tryin to inject a lil drama….guess ill go the polite no name callin route nxt time

      jt a kobe fan tryin to b heard my man……ill try smarter……….ltr………..wen a diff moderator is on duty lol diff IP address ofcourse holmes….did i mention i hav a spoofer lol jt got the newest touchsmart for the office ooooooh ooh

  35. 3peat says:

    everybody saying KOBE needs SHAQ what about LEBRON he needs D WADE BOSH -,-

  36. BurningRed says:

    LBJ doesn’t have a ring by himself, kobe has and so as MJ….
    He’s a Mr. Crunch not Mr. Clutch…

  37. oaxaca12 says:

    there should be 2 different definitions for clutch, A) ability to make buzzer beaters or shots with less than 5 seconds remaining (aka kobe) B) being able to create a 8-0+ run in the last 6 mins…either way, i still dont think lebron is clutch.

    • Kulas says:

      game 2 bulls vs heat.. miami took 12-2 run in last 7mins.. 9 of them were from LeBron… He may be not a clutch as of the moment but he’s slowly earning his way to get there..

  38. Ice Pogi says:

    Kobe is mr. clutch… 0-4 sweep….But they will bounce back…………Next decade after MIAMI is done with their dynasty….
    But for now… the fakers has the luxury in their vacation… And they will go FISHIN’ A true leader admits everything for his team… be it a good one or a bad one… but for kobe…. Bynum this Pau that…. Odom this Jackson that… Blaming everyone in their team…. kobe forgot to blame the team owner… ” If we lose I will blame the whole TEAM… But if we win… The credit is all mine… I’m the one making super dooper fantastic good looking fluke shots… And I’m Kobe The “BLACK MAMA”…..

  39. jewls says:

    For my list
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Regie Miller
    3. Kobe Bryant
    4. Robert Horry
    5. Dirk Nowitsky
    6. Ray Allen
    7. Alle Iverson
    8. Clyde Drexler
    9. Larry Bird
    10. Scotty Pipen
    Lebron is’nt in the list, may be for the next three season atleast….
    cos i know that he can be develop as a clutch shooter… and i think he can be better than Kobe at that time coz Kobe only know how to shoot and he even know when to shoot. I’m also a clutch shooter sharper than you think… a clutch shooter know the feeling of the basketball write before you catch the ball in your hand and i know that all in my list know that kind of feeling… ask them if you want…!!!

    Lebron is much higher IQ than Kobe in terms of shooting the basketball thats why he is not a Mr. Clutch…. for now!!! ask him if you want!!!

    Kobe is Mr. Clutch now!!! coz he is the history of the last decade… and not like the greatness of Michael Jardan did in his era… and no one can be compare to Michael Jordan… coz he is the NBA Basketball that can not be erase in the mind of all people playing this game…

  40. Leclutch says:

    Everyone lets be honest here,lebron may not be the most clutch player ever but he certainly proved he has some clutch game in the post season. The last second lay up in game 6 against the wizards in 2006,the solo performance in 2007 against the pistons, the last second buzzer beater in game 2 against the magic. you gotta be kidding me if you think he’s not clutch.

  41. Ryan says:

    real basketball fans dont downtalk the players of the nba. unlike alot of you, i myself have respect for all the players. now i will say lebron will never be as great as kobe bryant or michael jordan, the 2 have dominated the league most of their careers. i’ll put shaq and duncan in front of lebron. i say that because the last 13 nba finals 1 of those 3 players (kobe, shaq and duncan) have been in the finals since 1998. lebron is a great player, a true beast in the transition game, but like mj has stated in a interview, lebron sucks in the half court play offensively and defensively. kobe is the closest player to perfection other than jordan, jordan was perfection. the thing that really actually only seperates kobe and jordan is kobe forces the issue more than letting the game come to him 100% of the time. cuz really if you think about it, kobe and jordan were equal on every part of their game, jordan was slightly better defensively but other than that its a draw, either can hold their own against each other.

    ANYWAYS my main point i wanted to get to is, kobe is one of the most clutch players of all time. he may have alot of attempts, but really if you think about it, kobe also had to grow into a clutch scorer, take out his first 3-5 seasons and his clutch % is amazing. not every player picks up the ball and is perfect at everything. kobe when all said and done will be ranked 2nd on all time 50 greatest. it’ll be a close 1-2 between him and mj as a player but what really gives jordan the edge is mvp’s and the scoring titles.

  42. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    Lebron will start that name as Mr. Clutch as his career in Miami goes forward.. Eventually, they will be the BEST at clutch situations in the NBA!



  44. kobe is a bum. he wishes he was half as good as lebron.

  45. all u who hate on lebron are just jealous. haters. lebron is the best. just give it up

  46. lebron james u are the best. kill the bulls my goat

  47. kobe! sucks says:

    w0w clutch! hahaha 4-0 sweep nice kobe hahahah the best clutch player ever hahahaha what a joke

  48. AbdulHakeem1 says:

    He only has really had one playoff clutch play and that was against Boston on May 11. You really cannot consider what is going on against Chicago as clutch besketball it is still too early in the series. He would have to show more consistency of what he did on May 11, 2011 to really be considered a clutch player.

  49. Blair56 says:

    He hasn’t won any championships so he’s not as clutch as you think he is.

  50. Carlos says:

    Why is Kobe being dragged to the conversation whenever you Lebron suckers want to discuss his greatness? It just shows that Kobe has set the bar and you need to prove that he’s better than Kobe every chance you get. Win a fuc@@@g ring first then let’s talk.

  51. CommonSenseGuy says:

    Kobe Bryant: 29-71, 40.8% (Leads NBA as of now 2011)
    Michael Jordan: 27-74, 36.5%
    Robert Horry: 25-68, 36.7%
    Lebron James: 21-67, 31.3%

    • Francisco says:

      you have to define clutch first dude.this season last 5 minutes 5 up or down , lebron 44% kobe 40%

      • lakersforever says:

        ya clutch would be considered more like the last two min. or 1 min in my opinion 5 min. is still alot of time

  52. Myth says:

    Kobe clutch???? no, here the proof

  53. abcd says:

    Just wondering… Why would anyone be a fan of Lebron? I really don’t get it. He’s definitely a good player but he’s trash and a punk!

  54. CommonSenseGuy says:

    LeBron has the potential to be one of the best clutch players of ALL-TIME. Just look at how pig he is. He is 6’8 and 250 pounds, and has major speed and quickness. No1 besides maybe 5 or 6 players SHOULD be able to guard LeBron when he is driving. I know if I had LeBron’s body I would CONSTANTLY be taking advantage of it and drive 24/7.

  55. kobeISaChoker says:

    Well, for all these kobe vs lebron debates, here is proof that kobe is nothing but a choker when it matters in the playoffs…

    1996 Utah Jazz Game 5 Miss Bryant misses a game tying shot with 4 seconds left.
    1999 San Antonio Spurs Game 2 Miss Bryant misses a game tying shot at the end of regulation
    2000 Phoenix Suns Game 2 Make Bryant makes a game winning shot with 2 seconds left
    2001 Philadelphia 76ers Game 1 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot with 20 seconds left.
    2002 San Antonio Spurs Game 4 Make Bryant makes a game winning shot with 5 seconds left
    2002 Sacramento Kings Game 4 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot with 4 seconds left
    2002 Sacramento Kings Game 5 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot with 8 seconds left
    2002 Sacramento Kings Game 7 Miss Bryant misses a game winning tip shot with 8 seconds left
    2003 Minnesota Timberwolves Game 3 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot in OT with 13 seconds left.
    2003 Minnesota Timberwolves Game 3 Miss Bryant misses a game tying shot in OT with 2 seconds left
    2003 San Antonio Spurs Game 1 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot with 13 seconds left.
    2004 Houston Rockets Game 1 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot with 17 seconds left.
    2004 Houston Rockets Game 4 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot with 3 seconds left.
    2004 Detroit Pistons Game 1 Make Bryant makes a game tying shot with 2 seconds left.
    2006 Phoenix Suns Game 4 Make Bryant makes a game tying shot with 4 seconds left.
    2006 Phoenix Suns Game 4 Make Bryant makes a game winning shot at the end of OT.
    2006 Phoenix Suns Game 6 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot at the end of regulation.
    2008 San Antonio Spurs Game 5 Make Bryant makes the game winning shot with 23 seconds left.
    2009 Utah Jazz Game 3 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot with 2 seconds left.
    2009 Orlando Magic Game 2 Miss Bryant has his game winning shot blocked with 8 sec left.
    2010 Oklahoma City Thunder Game 6 Miss Bryant misses game winning shot with .5 seconds left.
    2010 Phoenix Suns Game 5 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot with 3 seconds left.
    2011 Dallas Mavericks Game 1 Miss Bryant misses a game winning shot at the end of regulation

  56. KobeSucks says:

    Kobe is garbage, he got three rings riding on Shaq’s coattails, that means he only has two without the most dominant player ever in his prime (Shaq). Then you throw in Gasol, Bynum, Fish, Odom… he has an all star team unlike Lebron who tried to gut it out for his home state and win a championship with an OK team in Cleveland. If Kobe switched places with Lebron and Lebron started out in LA and Kobe was in Cleveland, Lebron would have about 7 rings. Kobe’s career is OVER he will not even get as many rings as Michael Jordan who retired the game for two years when he was in his prime. MJ is the most clutch player ever. Who has the record for NBA Finals MVP’s? MJ, 6 times. Shaq comes in second with 3 times, all of them when he was in LA winning three rings for Kobe. Read em and weep Lakers fans

    • lakersforever says:

      only 2???????? um i agree that kobe won with shaq but if you ever watched that team you know that shaq never would have won without kobe either. and by the time they got to the third time around the only reason they got past san antonio was becuase of kobe taking over games and making it happen oh and the celtics only have one! 1 with paul, kevin and allen and rondo 1 so lets not say just 2 championships

  57. Cali says:

    when talkin about such things as being “clutch”… it goes w/out saying why someone would have to compare him to one of the most clutch players we’ve seen since MJ…. Kobe. Even when they’re out, they’re still on everyone’s minds.

  58. Bron Bron says:

    @ Pete BR- I’m just gonna ignore your entire comment except for the last part or paragraph…. FYI, Asik fouled DWade on that play you moron. It was clear to everybody that his (Asik’s) arms weren’t totally vertical. Also, if you call LeBron James overrated then you’re definitely a HATER w/ no clue or knowledge about the KING. I bet if he was playing for your team (if you even have one) he wouldn’t be overrated. Y’all LeBron haters make me sick.

  59. lakersforever says:

    kobe is still the best clutch player in this generation but like its been said lebron will either grow up and start winning championships or he will be the greatest player to never win won right up there with karl molone and others

  60. wdf says:

    miami won

  61. barea fan says:

    i have to say that lebron james is my favorite player and he and d wade have been monsters in this playoffs but when it comes to clutch i have to go with king james

  62. The truth says:

    Kobe being clutch is perhaps the biggest myth in sporting history today if not ever. Look the facts up for yourself. He is no more clutch than Lebron. Think I’m crazy? Actually look up the facts.

    • Carlos says:

      What facts? Your stupid stats? If we just base it on stats then Steve Kerr and John Paxson are probably the most clucth players ever! They take one last second shot every season and they usually make it.

      People who actually watch games know what clutch means; not stat geeks who can’t even agree on what clutch means.

      • Francisco says:

        so stats are no facts carlitos, if the stats say so(i do not know) then steve kerr is. for instance kobe this years clutch shooting defined by stats cube is 40 % , lebrons’s 44% that means kobe makes 4 out of 10, lbj 4.4 out of you know that lbj jump shooting % is 45% only behind DIRK and RAY ALLEN?if somebody asked you, you had said no way kobe was better based on
        your biased perception , but stats do not lie dude .go back to school dude?

      • @ Francisco says:

        Sorry to take you back to school dude? (?) but my man Carlos is mostly correct…all you stat lovers generally lean on the stats when they’re unrepresentative of the reality….in actuality Fran you are correct, Ray n Dirk n even Bron have higher percentages in the so called ambiguous “clutch” which is why it seems so interesting to me that in reality the single most representative group of wealthy NBA fans, THE OWNERS, whose sole job entails living and breathing NBA would choose Kobe to take their final shot…maybe it’s b/c they have access to stats we dont….sorry to belabor the pt buttttt if stats dont lie then MIami should really give big Z more PT cause he’s shooting 100% fr the field this playoffs…im jt sayin……..

        Kobe fan??

      • Francisco says:

        @@Francisco(carlos using other name).Dude you did not add anything smart to the argument, US education system is in crisis mainly in science.Seriously stop saying stats are not important because that indicates IGNORANCE at its best.did you see BABE RUTH playing baseball?how do you know he was a great slugger?well he connected 715 hrs(stats).Modern science uses stats to plot and figure out past events.STATS ARE OBJECTIVE.most people would select kobe to take last shot based on subjective perception fed by the nba media, however I am pretty sure that RAY ALLEN is a better choice based in what really has happened in the past.Your IGAUSKAS example is a joke if you take a couple of shots a made them you are shooting 100% But what about quantity, in every sport there is an amount of tries to be consided part of the best group.

  63. Frank_F says:

    No one is trying to say Lebron is more clutch than Kobe. Everyone knows what Kobe’s accomplished, MVP, 5 rings, etc. All we’re sayin is that LBJ has had a reputation for not being very clutch. But in these playoffs, he’s been clutch. He’s gone a long ways to changing that reputation. You have to admit, closing out the C’s the way he did, his performance in game 2 vs. Bulls. He’s been clutch lately, that’s all we’re sayin.

    • Carlos says:

      You make a lot of sense.

      • Francisco says:

        do not hate Lebron , HE is one of the few player who have the chance to be considered better than MJ(IN THE FUTURE).yeah it is true kobe has 5 rings , so derek fisher and he is not even close to chris paul, ring is collective achivement and kobe is a great player but he also is lucky dude, because playing with Shaq in his prime is a bonanza.Robert horry has 7 or 8 and do you think
        he is better than karl Malone?please.Kobe is a clutch player, but he is not the best clutch player and stats prove it.
        ALL kobe fan hate stats which show that he is not even Dwane Wade, and even less he can be STATISTICALLY compared to LEBRON.
        CHECK Michael jordan stats and they tell you why he is considered the best

  64. D-Wade allll day says:

    I wouldnt crown LeBron “Mr. Clutch”, lets not forget he was swept in his only apperance in the nba finals, when your supposed to be the most clutch. LETS NOT FORGET WHO WAS CLUTCH IN THE 2006 NBA FINALS IN ALMOST EVERY GAME. DWYANE WADE, go watch the highlights of the 2006 finals, thats clutch.

  65. A. Valadez says:

    There’s nothing new with Lebron’s performance, he is just doing what is supposed to do…. we all know what kind of player he is… the challenge for him is to win the ring… that´s it.

  66. John says:

    5 minutes is quite generous. What about 2 minutes? 1 minute? 30s? I’d like to see a graph with “minutes left in the game” on the X-axis and “points” or “field goals” on the Y-axis.

  67. Jonathan says:

    Arent ur stats on game 5 vs Boston wrong? 10 points in the end no? Not just 6… 2 3s a dunk off a steal and a layup of a drive… 4 for 4 shooting not just 2 for 2..

  68. VM says:

    Dear Kobe lovers who keep commenting and dissing Bron,

    I would like to see what Kobe can do with a team like Lebron had in Cleveland…oh wait, we did, and he didn’t make it past the first round till he started whining and demanding a trade. At least Lebron got to the NBA Finals. Although he may not have a ring, he was able to achieve more than your Kobster did with the same caliber level team.

    That is all.

    • Carlos says:

      He had a great supporting cast in Cleveland. People always try to make it look like James leaving the Cavs caused them to be the worst team in the NBA today. What they don’t remember is that the Cavs this year is totally different from what Lebron had. He just gave up on them and that’s why he is now known as LeQuit!

    • @ VM says:

      Might be a taddd easier to win 60 games in the East….the old East that is….jt for the record what happend in those finals? Could the result possibly lend credence to the fact that the East was a joke when Lebron made it to the finals…also funny how Kobe attracted talent then won back to back instead of running to South beach after Gilbert gave him everything he asked for yet still ringless…I agree the ring argument is getting old but common ppl, ask Malone how important they reallllly are to ones legacy……after LBJ and KB24 both retire then the true comparisons can fly

      Kobe fan??

  69. ZoeBaby says:

    D wade is way more clutch than lebron I still dont understand why they keep giving the ball to lebron in close games I thought this was d wades team hmmmmm I guess lebron is taking over is it safe to say that d wade and chris bosh are fenna become lebron step children lol(in lebron voice) get in the corner dwayne you’ve been a bad boy this is my team now dwayne mine

  70. jamie says:

    lbj is no mr clutch but i do have to brng up one the playoffs against the wiz baseline layup to win the game, btu hes no mr clutch, mr clutch is magic reggie jordan hell brandon roy not lebron and yes kobe

    • Frank_F says:

      jamie, you have to admit, the way he finished off the Celtics in game 5 was about as clutch as it gets. Now LBJ hasn’t won the ring yet, and still may not, but if the Heat win it all, these 2 clutch performances (game 5 vs C’s and game 2 vs Bulls) will resonate that much more.

  71. Joaquin Jerez says:

    most of ya’ll are ignoring that he is NOT making improvement in clutch comparing to last postseasons this is just proving that those people saying he aint clutch and not playoff material just were ignorant haters. and now he is under the spotlight and you are seeing it. over hype of course but it recognizes what he has done before. but mr. clutch? king of clutch its even too much to my taste.

  72. hahaa says:

    Dubtrey your an idiot. Lebron’s defense is one of the best (if not the best in the league). Learn your basketball kiddo

  73. Pete BR says:

    And people wanna talk about clutch?

    THIS is clutch…










    • HEAT says:

      WOW u can show us 1 clutch shot from everyone except for LEBRON?
      he is way more clutch than these waste players ur showin

  74. lebron lover says:

    All i can say is i’ve got as many as rings as Lebron — 0 !!!

    but i still love lebron!!!

  75. lbj*_all day says:

    lebron is the best player period we can argue but dont matter he always was better than jordan and kobe as far as talent. the only thing he needs is a ring witch he will get this june on abc or at least this summer but lbj all day. and um hey guys dont forget lbj will be better than mj once he retires. he deserves it sooooo… yep hes gonna be known as the best just give him some TIME 8)

    • Law064 says:

      @lbj*_all day Cocaine is a helluva drug put down the crack pipe Lebron is better than MJ. I beg to differ he’ll never match the level of MJ or even Kobe because he has NO heart. Are you sure he’ll get a ring this june, they might not play again after this series, well until next year. GTFOH with that stupid comment

  76. lbj*_all day says:

    lebron is the best player period we can argue but dont matter he always was better than jordan and kobe as far as talent. the only thing he needs is a ring witch he will get this june on abc or at least this summer but lbj all day. and um hey guys dont forget lbj will be better than mj once he retires. he deserves it sooooo… yep hes gonna be known as the best just give him some time. kobe makes terrible decisions in games hes a crybaby spoiled mean arrogant cocky stuck up bootleg lazy waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy overated a ballhog self centered doesent care for the term and or qoute theres no i in team… has simple dunks comes down on a fast break and shoots it up and airballs it very often and i can go on all day but gtg thank you have a nice day! 🙂

  77. ettk45 says:

    90% of you were down on the Heat. LeBron chokes, Bosh is no good, Spoelstra needs to be replaced, blah, blah, blah… What makes you think you know anything more now than you did then?

    Basketball is all about the team. If you don’t know what it feels like to be on the court with four other warriors and the game on the line, then you can’t even begin to understand, so PSTFU.

    Those of you that are down on LeBron: Would you make your comments to his face?

  78. MIA - OKC says:

    Honestly, I don’t think that either Lebron or Kobe deserve to be called Mr. Clutch. If anybody should be called Mr. Clutch, it is either Kevin Durant, or DIrk Nowitzki. I wonder if anybody noticed that Kevin Durant has a higher shot percentage in the clutch than Lebron or Kobe, with less shot attempts. And the fact that he is only 22 means he can only get better. Also, the title Mr. CLutch doesn’t matter in the long run, because it is about team basketball.

  79. Media should be meaningless says:

    I am a die hard kobe and laker fan, I say that because i want to prove a point. Stop listening to the sekou’s and the schumans!!! their job is to sell a story, they are writers…you lose a couple and your team is doomed, you win some and you are the best team in the league. the writers almost handed chicago the title because of one win, they almost yelled out for a statue for dirk for finally playing as good as he can in the playoffs. Stats mean alot but not everything.
    But seriously, i would give LBJ the ball in the end of the game(eventhough he missed many and got blocked a few times) because i remember kobe missing some, remeber mello missing some..wanna go on; bird missed some, barkley, horry missed some and finally check the failure commercial from Nike….The guy arguably the most dangerous in the final minutes of a game missed his share as well.So leave bron the heck alone
    so writers and so called analist, stop worshipping when somebody did well and stop putting him down when he didnt. while you at it…..let the players and coaches decide who is mvp, dpy, mip, your votes mean noting to me. sick of your populistic writing all the time

    and there you have it….being a kobe fan doesnt mean you have to agree with all the crap being said about Lebron

  80. Pete BR says:

    Anyone wanna talk about Dirk and HIS clutchness? His 48 point game? his 39 unmissed FT’s? Anyone?

    Seriously, I might have said LeBron needs a break from all the hating he’s receiving, and I’m not gonna take that back, but you people who write these topics on NBA gotta stop acting like you’ve never seen LeBron play like that before and give props to who really deserves it. And that’s Dirk.

    It really bugs me to see “experts” write columns in the NBA about how LeBron played like Jordan, he didn’t! He played like LeBron and that’s how he’s gonna play, nobody will play like Jordan, there was only 1 and there will never be another
    ( maybe someone better will show up with time but he’s not gonna be Jordan, he’s gonna be himself, whoever he is. )

    Dirk on game 1 had a far more impressive display of power than LeBron in game 2. And Dirk didn’t let down on game 2 either, with 12+ points coming in the fourth.

    All I have to say is, leave those overrated names and give props to more underrated players.
    Did anyone talk about how Asik rejected Wade big time?


    • Heat ALL Day says:

      PLEASE. WIth the 1 replay angle you could EASILY see Asik come down on him though and INTO the backboard. Even 2 out of the 3 announcers thought it was a foul also. He’s lucky anyways it wasnt earlier in the game and Wade didn’t have to expend so much energy guarding Rose, because Wade could EASILY dunk on Asik. Sorry bout it.

    • Joaquin Jerez says:

      that omer asik so called rejection was a foul not a clear one but definitely a foul wade’s elbow was bleeding believe in tough physical D but if that gonna make players bleed nba need a new kit of protection.

    • Varun says:

      Well Said Pete! Dirk has been a stud in these playoffs. Hopefully, kidd and him win a championship this year and it will be well deserved.

    • Nada says:

      Dirk is good when his big Daddy Joel Crawford is the ref. Without him he’s just to a normal player

  81. kobe says:

    As a fellow Kobe-fan (hence the name) I feel he’s really starting to fall behind all these young players.
    LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant…

  82. bigboy11 says:


  83. lapadula says:

    Credit where credit is due. Big ups to Pat Riley for making this dream team happen and also for coach Spolstra for making a great commitment. Come on guys, LBJ is clutch. Bosh is Clutch. Dwyane wade is clutch. The heats bench needs some work, with Mike millers early season thumb injury and Ud. Haslems foot injury (these players would be hitting the court on the 2nd string more often if not for early season injuries) TO begin with, the miami heat is an amazing offense team. The bulls being #1 defense team, you have to give utmost credit to both teams for each win. Ultimately, I feel the heat will win due to the fact that the bulls are a great team but the heat never lose in their own court (proven fact vs celtics) Im sure the finals will either consist of Okc vs Mavs or Heat vs Mavs. (hopefully heat merk Mavs like they did in “06 :p)

  84. abe says:

    LeBron is a kook……………………… King has no bling………..

  85. bigboy11 says:


  86. nba_fan says:

    i think we should wait a little longer to see if lebron is mr. clutch and not get overhyped by 3 great games he had

  87. Ice Pogi says:

    Really kobe single handed??? So you didn’t know PAU was an Allstar… With thug bynum, Odom Artest Fisher Barnes…
    If you put LBJ or DWADE on that kind of lineup they can surely win a championship… maybe 4 times in a row…..

    Last season was DWade VS the whole laker team…. as expected lakers should win it… But I don’t expect that they win it by kobe’s mr FLUKE shot!!! and that was DWYANE WADE alone….

    LBJ alone in CAVS finals vs Spurs
    LBJ ECF vs Celtics alone again…

    How old are you kid?????

  88. Kulas says:

    basketball has evolved during the past years… comparison to jordan is not necessary… There are too many bitter Lakers and celtics fans this season.. they are making a big deal on miami’s big three…

  89. Ice Pogi says:

    Kobe is Mr. Clutch… That is why they got SWEPT!!! There is no such thing in basketball……….. Maybe if we talk about cars…. There’s the clutch pedal brake and the gas pedal…It is determine by who’s WILL is the greatest…Which TEAM functions as a UNIT…. and who’s putting much EFFORT!!!! By the way…. MIAMI HEAT may lose by 20 or 40 points… It doesn’t matter they can surely bounce back…. They can win it by 2 points or more… even 1 point…. It doesn’t really matter…. The important thing is they WIN… Go Lakers….. GO FISHING !!!!

  90. Adam Freeman says:

    Why do people keep comparing players to MJ? There are no players in the NBA right now who could come close to MJ. I read an interesting article that actually legitimately compares Kareem to MJ. Since I was too young to watch Kareem play I cannot vouch for this either way. All I know is I was old enough to watch MJ and he was unbelievable. Nothing I have seen in basketball since has come close. Anyways you can look at the statistics and statistically noone has come close (before MJ or since.)

  91. mark says:

    lebron clutch is driving to the basket, thats a big difference from kobe and mj clutch shot, they do it over the D by jump shot or fading away..

    i dont know what to say if they cant get a ring this time 3 superstars? comparing to one(kobe)??

  92. Dubtrey says:

    I got nothing against Lebron, whatsoever, but he is not Mr. Clutch. He’s had his moments. He is more of a defensive clutch than offensive, although Lebron’s defense isn’t amazing, he comes up with steals and blocks when needed. But, saying that Kobe is not clutch just shows ignorance. People, both Kobe and Lebron fans, need to understand the definition of clutch. It is making smart, big-time plays when they are needed. If somebody says that Kobe is not clutch based on statistics, they might as well say Michael isn’t clutch. Statistics are pretty useless when defining clutch and ability. Perfect example is Reggie Miller. Reggie’s late game shots were questionable, but his ability and clutch mentality led to him making a shot. So saying that Lebron is Mr. Clutch, that just doesn’t cut it. Might as well say Rudy Gay is more clutch than Lebron because he is 2 for 5 in game winning shots.

  93. hahaa says:

    Shut your mouth about rings, you dumb freakin Bulls fans. DOES D ROSE HAVE ANY…NO! He SUCKS in the playoffs. Hes an MVPretender.

  94. Tenki says:


    No such thing as Mr. Clutch? You are just a plain Kobe fan because you don’t even know who Mr. Clutch really is. He came from LA and gave the franchise a championship in 1972. He is the Icon of the league, if you don’t know anything about him. Still doesn’t ring a bell for you? Then you’re not a Laker fan as you have claimed. He is Mr. Clutch. You don’t even know stuff about the game. Try looking for the legendary names in this site, and watch them on YouTube at least so that you can have any idea what you’re talking about.

  95. Kobleed says:

    You are all WITNESSES!!! Lebron is the best!!!! Sad to say you’ll be seeing his clutchness until June of this season. Unlike Kobe count 6 more months.

  96. kv11 says:

    kobe 5 ring ,2 ring no shag,lebron need dwayne ,lebron no ring

  97. SickFNashty says:

    look at Clutch True Shooting % to see that no-one compares to Dirk in clutch situations. He is insane in the clutch, no one touches him in that category.

    • ... says:

      lmao actually…there’s 2 other guys on the list w/ the exact same shooting % as him…fail ahaha

      • SickFNashty says:

        do you know to find out what the clutch true shooting % is? it’s not your field goal %, so i believe you fail. look up CTS% before you spout garbage.

      • SickFNashty says:

        based on the formula for CTS% (CTS% = Clutch True Shooting Percentage = PTS/ (2*(FGA + (0.44*FTA))) )
        Here is the list of players and their CTS%:
        Name CTS%
        Durant 0.67
        Randolph 0.51
        James 0.57
        Rose 0.63
        Westbrook 0.33
        M. Gasol 0.60
        Dirk 0.81 <——————– Winning
        Horford 0.61

  98. ROB says:

    Stop criticizing the performance of Lebron James.. Just accept the fact that he’s the best player of the NBA no matter what team he’s belong to. The stats remain the same compare to his Cavs days. nobody has ever done that. if you put him in a worst team, he can lift it up and make it a contender or a playoff basketball team, if you put him in the best team, then definitely that team will be undefeatable.. LBJ has been getting lots of criticizes from media and some NBA analysts..- Charles Barkley, C-WEB, Kenny Smith, etc.. They just don’t wanna accept the fact that Miami Heat can win multiple champ’ships., These guys are all Laker fans.. Look what happened to L.A.? you will be shocked if the Heat wins the title.. all those negative comments will be changed to compliments.. LETS GO HEAT!!

  99. HeatWave says:

    James is clutch, stats prove it, but to really get a place amongst the list of clutch shooters he’s got to go all the way this year with at least four more clutch games.

    • Law064 says:

      @Heatwave do you honestly think Mike thought he would get a ring with the Wizards? He was playing to let himself know he could still compete vs the new generation. True he was playing to win but MJ knew for a fact with that roster they were a long way from competing for a ring. Also your comment about Lebron being clutch stats prove it. How many game winners have he failed to hit vs the 1’s he hit? Your comment is has Failed.

  100. jeshegabmigs says:

    CLUTCH? There is no such thing as Mr. Clutch in NBA. Remember the success of one team depends on TEAM WORK… I am a LAKER and KOBE fan, but the way the LAKERS play during the playoffs was obviously not WORKING AS A TEAM… All I am saying is ALL PLAYERS have their own TALENTS and WEAKNESSES.. Even the Great MJ has weaknesses.. He even tried playing for WASHINGTON WIZARDS as he thought that he could bring CHAMPIONSHIP to WASHINGTON but he was a failure.. Of course, there’s no PIPPEN, RODMAN, KUKOC, KERR and PHIL on that team.. LBJ, went to MIAMI HEAT because he knows 110% that they win a RING with BOSH and WADE on the same team.. C’mon guys, dont be an idiot on this.. Go Lakers!

    • HeatWave says:

      MJ came back to play for the love of the game and also to raise money for the 911 victims, not simply to win a championship. Everything else about your comment is also a fail.

      • + + says:

        that is true but he also got the babe ruth treatment from the owner..mj supposed to be a part of the wizard ownership that is why he became wizard president the decision of drafting kwame brown. kwame ended up a disappointment and resulting to mj not getting (at least part of it) to be a part of the wizard ownership and i think owner has no intention of making jordan part owner

      • Law064 says:

        @Heatwave we know why MJ came back but everyone didn’t get the message. I hope this guy don’t think MJ came back to play for the Wizards in hopes of getting a ring. The end of your comment explain it all, you say don’t be an idiot. Why didn’t you take that advice. MJ came back to win a ring LMAO and he decided to play with the Wizards to get this ring get real.

      • HeatWave says:

        @Law064, anytime MJ played he was trying to win it all, but he did not come back just for that reason is what I’m saying. Anyhow, after trying to understand your response all I can say is you fail as well.

  101. JZB23 says:

    The difference in lebron and kobe or jordan for that matter is heart. Lebrons ego drives him where as with kobe and jordan it was their heart or their love for the game. Sure both jordan and kobe had times early in their careers where they were ego driven, but when it came time to grow up and get down to business they were all heart. The worst part of this is that lebrons “God” complex is rubbing off on Wade.

    • Nate says:

      I second that comment about Wade. I use to like Wade as a player a lot, but after this year it seems like Wade is playing a lot more dirty and cocky now that he has LBJ and Bosh in his corner. Wade is still a great player, but his attitude change sucks! The Super friends brought all the expectations upon themselves so no need to act all defensive every time someone takes a jab at them.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      LeBron has a tattoo that says CHOSEN 1 on his back. That is just pathetic.

  102. dj32 says:

    I wish that steve nash plays in miami so he can get a ring..

  103. bangungot says:

    i think cluth came from cars hhehehe..

  104. Francisco says:

    it is fun to read so many stupid comments of lebron haters and kobe fanatics. some say that stats do not count, what counts is when he saw kobe doing it…idiot. the reality is whether you like it or not lebron james is a clutch player, this year for instance his shooting% in last 5 minutes up or down 5 is 44%, kobe’s 40%.ANOTHER good news .Lebron in this season was statistically considered the third best jump shooter in the NBA ONLY behind DIRK AND RAY ALLEN with a 45 %.other stupid comment was that lebron will never have MJ OR KOBE moves.ignorant lebron is 6′ 8″ 260 while mj and kobe 6’6 215 , you have to give up some moves when you are stronger.neither mike or kobe can get close to derrick rose moves. YOUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS WILL SEE LEBRON STATS AND WILL RECOGNIZE HIM LIKE THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER NEXT, NEXT , NEXT TO MJ, SIDE BY SIDE, SIDE BY SIDE.

  105. gabz says:

    LBJ ??? Mr. Clutch. no doubt bout it

  106. LBJ says:

    to everyone hating, its not saying lebron is the new kobe or mj or whatever, but you do have to admit that lebron has been coming up big in the postseason, and he has done so in the past, but everyone seems to forget because of what happened against the celtics last year. although he isn’t considered to be the most clutch player in the nba, right now, he is performing as he is, and im pretty sure he wouldnt trade any one of these performances for making all of those bricks he laid in the regular season. those don’t mean anything at this point.

  107. gwpz says:

    u just watched two games of great performance in the clutch and u’ll saying that lebron c mr.clutch??? give me a break….no one is better on MJ and Kobe in the clutch….

  108. gwpz says:

    u just watched to games of great performance in the clutch and u’ll saying that lebron c mr.clutch??? give me a break….no one is better on MJ and Kobe in the clutch….

  109. The Unknown Sports says:

    Lebron is definitely at the top this year…however what about derrick rose? Would he be good enough? This author says otherwise, but its an interesting debate:

  110. 3peat says:

    LOL LEBRON is expected to be clutch all time great players has been there done that kind of stuff

    KOBE is KOBE their ERA is not the same lol kobe’s 15 years in the league and lebron just 7 or 8? lol

    KOBE’s unstopable in the playoffs in the clutch when he’s healthy lol haha

    • HeatWave says:

      Kobe unstoppable when he’s healthy? He never made it past the first round without Shaq or Gasol and he was more than Healthy during that span (2004-2007). Sorry the guy is good but far from unstoppable. There’s no such thing as a unstoppable player in the NBA, everyone can be guarded with the right kind of D.

      • Law064 says:

        @Heatwave in Kobe’s defense those years he was pretty much the only person playing like a champion. Charles Barkley said it best. Kobe I feel you, your Michael Jackson surrounded by a bunch of Tito’s. LMAO it was the funniest thing I heard him say at the time. Kobe could not be guarded by any solo defender but a team could contain him to some point. The same goes for guys like Wade and Lebron D.Rose just to name a few, they can be contained but not stopped.

      • nba_fan says:

        @ Law064
        actually he said that about wade

      • tata says:

        LeBron can’t LeWin it all even with LeWade and LeBosh. He probably needs LeChris Paul and LeDwight LeHoward too. French princess.

  111. TMinYoEar says:

    lbj is everything but near to kobe in clutch situations
    but he´s growiin up right now
    he cried in the locker after defeatin boston
    huge step for him
    and as the author says, he already is the best player in the first 46 minutes
    look out for MIA
    though i hope dirk gets it this year, he so good, even on defense right now (not talkin about the 4 blocks but his helpside and zone d has gotten a lot better than he gets credit for!)
    van gundy said it perfectly: GM 1 was a top 10 performance all time playoff history!
    i think dallas vs MIA 4:2

  112. KIngKobra2 says:

    Lebron needs to be clutch on sunday if it a close game or in the 4th quarter to be like 3/4 way of being the new mr. clutch. D-wade is mr.clutch with kobe this year and not lebron……………YET! Hey bulls and heat will make this the best series in the playoffs. the west is the worst part in the playoffs. Thunder and Mavs come on. BULLS AND HEAT OH HELL YEAH!!

  113. cal says:

    Does anybody actually read their comments before posting? most of you obviously know little about basketball, let alone the English language!

  114. hahah weak lakers says:

    hahahah GO FISHIN !!!!!!!! shut your mouth hahaha your season is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! face it !!!!!! kobe aint gonna win any championship in his life hahaha

    • sbfern says:

      really? DID THIS COMMENT GET PAST MODERATION??!! “Kobe aint gonna win any championship in his life?” moderartion should have thrown it out on the garbage file! KOBE BRYANT HAS FIVE, CINCO, CINQUE, FUNF, GOH CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS! this is Five more than 0 (ZEROOOOO) your in your english “ANY” haha! what a joke! i do not get how a Lebron article becomes a Lakers topic! I understand EVERY teams frustration because YES it gets pretty old seeing the LAKERS WIN AND WIN AND WIN! and if they dont win they are still the BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE! sucks to be a different team i guess!

      • RaymondMF says:

        Whyd they get sweeped?
        How come people doubt them?

    • Hahaha dumb comment says:

      he has five rings wat r u tlkin bout

  115. asdasd says:

    This is not, this is I can’t believe the way you blow every result out of proportions, trying to make generalizations, contradicting yourself on the things you said one week/month earlier. Legendary game, top 10 player of all time, how does he do it? about a guy who’s been 11 years in the league and choked it everytime in the playoffs, and has a 40-point game with 24 (!!!) free throws! The Spurs are the best, coach Pop revitalizes, San Antonio roll back the years, the Spurs are finished, Time to rebuild! Haslem is the answer, Rose is the key, Mr Clutch bla-bla-bla,

    And trivializing with this ridiculous Stats-Cube, what is wrong with you?

    Can you write an article at least one week apart. so that you actually give it some insight? Damn.

  116. stfu says:

    oh cmon Robert Horry owns em all

  117. gunslinger1987 says:

    Just because someone decides games in the end does 1 or 2 times this playoffs, you are not a clutch performer. James failed so often in the past. sometimes not just missing a game winning shot it was more the bad basketball decisions and fundamental failure. you have to give him credit for what he did so far this playoffs. But someone who wants to be compete with the greatest has to deliver a lot more to deservr the title mr.clutch

  118. driz says:

    LBJ as “Mr. Clutch”? what a joke. Not even close.

  119. jawovas says:

    for me LBJ is still the best hes stats that brings the heat team to win a championship..

  120. LeChoke says:

    @melvin and pls dont forget the reason why wade stayed in miami coz bron and bosh are comin. The Decision was just part of the drama. Prior to that, wade already knew that bron and bosh will sign as a HEAT.

  121. MIAMIGO!! says:

    no, not yet. LBJ is still cannot be called as Mr Clutch. Dwade is still better in clutch games.
    in instance in the game in the regular season vs Chicago 2 games miss the clutch shot.

  122. RESpect?? says:

    i would pick robert horry over kobe for sure. hehe

    • sbfern says:

      Hell Yeah, and im a Kobe Bryant fan. But Horry is on a level of his own!

      • lakersforever says:

        thats dumb dude the difference is that kobe can get his shot off on his own horry has to be set up and then he can hit the shot. have you watched basketball and many times the one who set up horry was kobe in the first place or hakeem or duncun so you need to ask yourself is horry the clutch one or are the people that set him up

  123. nick says:

    watch that 3.5 steps or is it 4 …it all depends.

  124. nick says:

    Labron is great in the 4th….when the defense is in foul trouble. The refs should just play on there own team and stop dictating games!!!!! Hay LBJ when you body a guy its a foul …not superior athleticism.
    P.S. have a nice ‘travel’ see you next fall…everybody is watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. blue.stranger says:

    IMO -> LBJ is not even close to being ‘clutch’. one or two game stats could not make aplayer clutch… he has some great games, just like D-Wade or D-Rose or D-Nowitzkie. If LBJ could do it for 2-3 more championship series and won all of it, that i believe he could earn some comparison with MJ, JW, or even Kobe for being clutch… Remember also that LBJ is still 26 while kobe is about 32-33. I just don’t know if LBJ could do some Kobe or MJ moves even on 32-35 years old… I guess not anymore… I would like also to say that LBJ has been the darling of the media… that is media bias i would say…

  126. Eiji says:

    clutch or not clutch, the important thing for a player is still be effective until the final minutes of the game.

  127. melvin says:

    dwade is the best.he is the mr. clutch..pls dont forget lebron joined to dwade because he want a ring….

  128. aaron says:

    being clutch in 2 playoff games is not mean you are clutch, or deserve the name Mr. cluth. in the regular season LeBron was absolutely terrible in the clutch moments of games (the heat Lost a number of close one’s because the ball was in lebron’s hands and he didn’t covert). even in the playoffs he’s been mostly awful, as you can see he was only 2-9 against the Sixers, and 3-8 in Gm. 4 against Boston. 2 games does not make you clutch. stop posting these rediculous column’s giving lebron praise for the smallest things. D-wade is still the Heat’s best closer.

    • Law064 says:

      @aaron Amen, they really blow things up over a few made baskets. Let’s say he’s getting better closing, with a final possesion that means winning and losing let’s see how he does.

    • STFU says:

      Regular season doesn’t count DH ! he’s doing it in the playoffs just like 07 and 09 HOD Lebron is the best player in the NBA !

    • nba_fan says:

      “ stop posting these rediculous column’s giving lebron praise for the smallest things.” i couldn’t agree more,
      nba likes to overhype things lebron and kobe do

    • Greg says:

      you cant be serious….ive see all the games so far and yeah ill agree lebron hasnt closed some games (the 2 drives he took that were blocked) but saying wade is more clutch?? NO way in hell….he’s good but hes blown some shots as well. If its anybody its lebron. Idk y im even wasting my time, there’s always gonna be lebron haters..well enjoy the rest of the playoffs i know i will!!

  129. jawovas says:

    LBJ is the best player of 4th quarter from now lebron is black mamba im one of the witness of mr_clutch lebron..

  130. hodd says:

    LeCLUTCH get used to it !!!

  131. HEXX says:


  132. HEXX says:


    • Greg says:

      Im sooo tired of the ring talk!!! Im pretty sure Bill Russel has more rings than Michael Jordan!!! Stats determine how you contribute to the team and it sets you apart from other players…

  133. betlog says:

    reggie miller is mr.clutch.. hahaha

    • Law064 says:

      Reggie was mr clutch will fill you with daggers.@Yea_Boi & Sam I agree with you on some points. Just because he’s showing improvement now don’t make him mr clutch. He’s made a few timely baskets and now he’s the best clutch player? Wade is still a better clutch player these stats are pointless because even while shooting bad all game some players can make clutch shots when they count. I guess game winning shots are a different category than “Clutch” Let’s see how game 3 looks Sunday

    • iba says:

      don’t forget robert horry

  134. Yeah_boi says:

    So you really had to include and bring down Kobe to talk about how Lebron has become “Mr. Clutch”. Look being clutch shouldn’t be defined by stats, Kobe has proven his greatness in the clutch for years and Lebron showing some improvements this year doesn’t make him a better clutch player than Kobe and its sure as hell doesn’t invalidate what Kobe has done for his entire career.

    • Sam says:

      Just let these Lebron dreamers with NO REAL ACCOMPLISHMENT have some trash talking,as they waited 8yrs for these few games,after the bulls beat them and their ‘self proclaimed king’ TURN FROM HERO TO ZERO again(AS ALWAYS)..They would shut their mouth and hide away with their heads hanging down and try again next year with the same result..LOL! ThkQ!sam.

      • EDDIE03 says:

        What are you talking about 8 years, the Heat went all the way in 2006, You are probably a fan of one of those teams that had hopes to get Lebron and it did not happen! Lets go Heat!

      • Boston fan says:

        He’s talking about Lebron, not Miami. Duh.

      • mindU!? says:

        hey sam,wat do u mean”self proclaimed king”?…obviously u dont know how lebron got the monicker “the King”…go do some researching….

    • VM says:

      kobe gets more last second clutch shots, therefore it looks like he has done more. field goal percentage is not good. i wouldn’t take someone who needs 6 or 7 tries to get one to finally fall. just sayin

  135. tanga says:


  136. Bull's Sheet says:

    Now where are those Lakers fans screaming that Kobe is the best clutch player? LMAO, Marc Gasol is even more clutch than Kobe. Last time I checked they were fishing at South Beach.

    • sbfern says:

      I really like your post! Kobe Bryant A.K.A. the Black Mamba has already PROVEN what he can do! and FYI, he couldnt be more clutch than he showed. Reggie Miller, and MJ were perhaps more clutch than Bryant, other than that, LeBron or Rose do not deserve that term yet! Dont get me wrong… as a Lakers fan i believe LeBron and Rose and much better players, but finishing a game, no one is better than Kobe! he hasn’t shown to be clutch this year because EVERY TEAM KNOWS who will shoot the ball for the LAKERS, and thus triple team him. So here is a Lakers fan keeping it real!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      What an ignorant post. A true fan of basketball wouldn’t ever doubt Kobe Bryants ability in the clutch. I mean, he shot 6… SIX game winning shots last season, 6 buzzer beaters. And they were all GREAT. How about the one in D.Wades face? Don’t be such a tool. APpreciate greatness, don’t “sheet” on it.

      • Amitpal says:

        The one against D Wade was luck and kobe even admitted that so don’t get to excited. Plus Kobe is good at one on one shots but he isn’t great in the clutch. He misses a lot of shots in the last five minutes. He only shoot like 25 percent in the last five minutes of a close game. Yeah he’s hit a lot of game winners but that doesn’t always mean clutch. In fact in the last five minutes lebron is better then kobe. Kobe is better in the last 2 sec.

      • Sammmmmy says:

        Luck, or no luck, Kobe won the game for the Lakers! OK fine, we’ll just change the term from clutch to lucky! In that case, Kobe is much more “lucky” than LeBron or Wade. When a person gets lucky seven times in a season at the final seconds and drills a critical shot, i’m pretty sure you call that skill.

  137. jerome_Crimson says:

    I think LBJ Basketball IQ is phomenal … He attempted good shots only in the fourth quarter and make plays both ends of the court.. He is definitely Mr. Clutch

    • marzon says:

      yeah you ryt dude,,,,,,, an intelligent Player..LBJ………. he knows everything what happen in the court,,, and maybe he become a coach of the year,,,,, LBJ rules…….Presence of mind and the defense…. is awesome…….

    • jwy of Singapore says:

      LET’S GO MIAMI HEAT !!!!!!

    • Dean says:

      See my comment above! I don’t pretend to like Queen James! I don’t! Too many steroids in high school made him the locomotive he is. YES! He has excellent BB IQ…but that’s where it ends! He’s got no heart! He’s got no BALLZ! He’s got no ring!

  138. Blueprint says:

    I really dislike the term “clutch” when applied to individual players. It just makes basketball “fans” even more focused on their favorite player’s success rather than the actual team basketball. In clutch situations, it is not 1v5 or even 1v1 (unless it’s a clear-out). The teams are still playing 5v5 basketball, as LeBron knew all too well when he got his lay-ups blocked by help defenders in the games vs. NY and Philly in the last seconds of the game. The success of a team in close games is determined by how well their team offense functions, what kinds of plays the coach draws up, and how the enemy defense reacts.
    Still, in 1v1 isos for the win, I would definitely pick Melo over Kobe. Melo’s pull-up jumper is so silky smooth and fast, and he makes it extremely often. Heh, I guess that’s the result of his years of experience in iso basketball.

    • jwy of Singapore says:


      though Miami Heat is lack of bench players
      LET’S GO MIAMI HEAT !!!!!!

      • JAM says:

        youre on crack they overspent already to get the three superstars and those are good players just because u got them on the video game by turning off cap space its a real thing and it isn’t gonna happen stop smoking dope.

      • Nada says:

        RAsheed Wallace, Kenyon Martin and Marcus Campy…Are you living in the same world? You can visit these guys in the nursing home

      • GB says:

        rasheed wallace would barely sign for over the veterans minimum..

    • WITNESS says:

      WE ARE ***ALL*** WITNESSES!!!

    • sean says:


    • TELLTHETRUTH says:

      first of all any lebron fan will take anything kobe has done, and just brag about how bad he is and he isnt clutch, and he isnt great. BULLS***; kobe bryant is the greatest clutch shooter of all time
      just cuz this playoffs hes made big time shots in only 3 games they want to go and say hes better than kobe
      kobe has has consecutive games, higher stakes and more pressure and was still clutch, hes taken and made the big shots consistently and nobodys gonna deny that, but just cuz lebrons closed out boston they wanna compare lebrons less-than-mediocre-clutch plays to alltime clutch shooters; stop riding lebrons d*** he isnt tat great i could name a handful of players greater in the clutch than lebron has ever been or ever will be
      this is not my all time list im just saying players better in the clutch
      1.Kobe Bryant (All-time Great)
      2.Michael Jordan (All-time Great)
      3.Dirk Nowitzki (All-time Great)
      4.Reggie Miller (All-time Great)
      5.Dwayne Wade
      6.Larry Bird (All-time Great)
      7.Scottie pippen (All-time Great)
      8.Robert Horry a legendary clutch performer
      9.Ray Allen (All-time Great)
      10Paul Pierce (All-time Great)
      11.Manu Ginobli
      12.Carmelo Anthony
      13.Jerry West an (All-time Great)
      14.Clyde Drexler (All-time Great)
      15.Derek Fisher is sumtimes at his best in the clutch cuz hes been there and done that
      and the list isnt even over so please dnt say lebron is a great clutch performer cuz he aint
      if u think he is, look at these names and do sum reserch all these names have taken and made clutch shots
      even sumone with the skill level of Dfish who in my opion is a better clutch performer than lebron
      all these great names against lbj? i rest my case

      • LakersWillWin says:

        I like your list but Melo should be higher and Jerry West should be there.

      • Law064 says:

        Hey MJ is the best clutch shooter ever. Where is Larry Bird on your list and Miller is behind MJ maybe tied with Kobe for 2nd IMO

      • Blueprint says:

        Kobe’s record for game winning shots is around 36/116. Please tell me how that means he’s “clutch”. He has the most game-winning/tying shots ever, but he has had to shoot far more than anybody else ever had to achieve that. Hell, he’s barely gotten more than MJ while shooting nearly twice as many as MJ did (33/58).

      • Paul says:

        First of all, any Bryant fan will take anything Lebron has done, and just brag about how bad he is and he isnt clutch, and he isnt great.

        It works both ways buddy. Lebron fans will hate on Kobe and Kobe fans will hate on Lebron. Wait until they retire and we can see their whole body of work before we start saying who is better.

      • BOSS says:


      • AbdulHakeem1 says:

        Remenber it was Ray Allen going cold in the Finals last year against the Lakers that caused Boston to lose…when they were way ahead. If Ray Allen had made half of his shots Boston would have been defending Champs this year.

      • AbdulHakeem1 says:

        But, I like the list. Jordan is higher than Kobe. Nice to mention Reggie Miller…people forget how tough he was…he was ice on the 3 pointers.

      • KING JAMES says:

        so cluth plays ??? kobe is good but jordan is the best ..all eyes on him weather he have the ball or not in the crucial .. lets say kobe proven that .. but its the END for him ,, he has a crucial shot , but crucial means nothing when your team is down by 10 in last 30 secs. hahahahahaha they lose in dallas this year .. WHAT A DEFENDING SWEEP haha .. this era is for JAMES(overall player) and ROSE(youth/speed) .. bye KOBE(good but not better th MJ/OLD) ..-adios !! 😉

      • HEAT says:

        r u always this stupid or r u trying ur hardest?
        LEBRON JAMES is the most clutch player of all time
        KOBE is a fat-ugly ballhog who shoots 1-for-100
        dirt…plain dirt
        GET A LIFE

      • XAXAXAXAXA says:

        its amazing that said man with name TELLTHETRUTH.. after his first words i understand that this guy(maybe girl) learned about basketball by accident once on this site…we can siad a lot about # 24,but i tell u that nobody can say about Lebron: we rap*d them 4-0 in conf semis, and he could not offer anything in return.. But Kobe just turned his back, and just let Dirk come in.. That the truth.. Kobe is nobody..he is not clutch man. he is not a champion,his rings he can give to Shaq and Phil….Blueprint wrote “”game winning shots is around 36/116″” its more than good statistics to see , what Kobe IS.. STOP TALKING NONSENSE !!! I know better place to kobe! turkish airlines eurolige basketball !!!

      • gfunk says:

        thank you for making us all dumber and kobe must be your daddy lol

      • lets go heat says:

        Dwyane wade is definetely an all time great!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      • lets go heat says:

        and d wade is a all time great while ray allen and paul pierce might not be

      • Heat ALL Day says:

        Dude you are an idiot. Kobe Bryant can’t even tie MJ’s shoes


    • tyler says:

      i agree this can also lead to certain players being ovverated one person cannot do it all

    • Dean says:

      Melo over KOBE? You’re high! But being as this is about Queen James…let me lay it out! He will NEVER be clutch! If (and that’s a BIG if) he gets a ring…it’ll all be because of D-Wade! Queen James has NO heart! Too many steroids in high school keep him from having any BALLZ either!

      • Rich says:

        ur a extra lebron hater he will never b clutch??????? So what do u call 29 of the last 30 pts against the pistons average.The pistons also had the best D that year. U guys 4get this guy had the worst supporting cast every year on cavs n still had success.Give respect when respect is do..The man had Ira Newble,Donyell Marshell,n Larry Hughes n the Finals against the spurs MJ or Kobe whould of never made it anywhere with that supporting cast

    • Luis says:

      i really agree with you, clutch is not just one players succes its the teams ability to get the plays running when it most matters dont get me wrong lebron is agreat player but the truth is the truth