Maynor-For-Westbrook Move Pays Off

DALLAS — Russell Westbrook watched the fourth quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Game 2 win over the Dallas Mavericks like most of the rest of the 21,000-plus people packed into American Airlines Center Wednesday night.

He watched it from a distance, closer than most but certainly farther away than he’s used to.

The Thunder All-Star and second-team All-NBA pick didn’t play a second in the fourth quarter of what has to be his team’s biggest game of the season yet. Eric Maynor replaced him for the entire fourth quarter and played a critical role in the Thunder holding off the Mavericks for the 106-100 win that evened the series at 1-1.

It was a gutsy move by Thunder coach Scott Brooks, sitting one of his top two players during the most crucial stretch of the season. Had it backfired … but it didn’t. And Westbrook didn’t shy away from addressing it afterwards, doing his best to defuse any potential controversy by praising Maynor and making it clear that his first objective was leaving the building with a win.

“As long as we’re winning I’m good,” Westbrook said. “We were winning. I know you guys all want to ask the same question and I’m going to give you all the same answer. We were winning.”

Maynor only scored four of his 13 points in the fourth quarter but helped the Thunder control the pace down the stretch and also played well defensively. Westbrook struggled with his emotions, getting angry with himself for mistakes and losing focus at times as a result.

That made the decision easy for Brooks.

“I had that decision for the last six minutes or so,” Brooks said. “But I thought the game was being played — we were increasing the lead. We were making shots. I didn’t want to mess with the rhythm. I usually will sub (Westbrook) in. Very rarely have I ever done that since Russell has been here. But it was a decision really — Eric was playing well.

“It had nothing to do with Russell. Eric was playing good basketball, solid basketball for us, and we were increasing the lead. The temptation was there when they cut it to six and when they trapped and we had to call a timeout, but I believe in all of our guys. Some guys get more minutes than others, but the minutes that they do, they have to play hard and they do. And I believe in what they do out there.”

The Thunder believe in their coach and the decision he made.

“I’m not really out there thinking about it,” Maynor said of getting replaced at crunch time. “When I get called I’m going to go out there and play and whenever he takes me out I’m going to go to the bench and cheer for my teammates. Tonight I did my job.”

Indeed. And the Thunder’s other superstar certainly had no problem with the coach’s decision.

“I think it was just the way game was going,” Kevin Durant said. “Eric had our whole group going and had the five guys on the floor all in sync and playing as one. We had a good lead and with three or four minutes to go you can’t take those guys out. Russell understands that. He’s a perfect teammate. He was over there cheering everybody on, and from your leader, that’s what you’d like to see if he was on the bench.”

Rather than wringing his hands over his own performance (18 points on 7-for-15 shooting, four assists, four turnovers and three rebounds in 28 minutes), Westbrook again talked about the importance of the win.

“This is big,” he said “We got a win on the road in the Western Conference finals. It’s very important and I think as a team we did a good job of staying together.”

When asked to assess his own performance through three quarters, Westbrook refused to bite. “It was fine,” he said. “I’m not really worried about what I’m doing. I’m just trying to guard and win. That’s what our main objective is and that’s what it’s all about.”


  1. BOW2ME says:

    Can OKC’s bench do this 3 more times. Heck no. There’s no way their bench will get that shot again..It was gutsy and risky and they barely pulled it off. Good for them on the risk taking. But lets be serious..That’s not going to happen again in this series. This is a game of adjustments..The mavericks have a deep bench and they tried new things that did not work out..Example Kidd on Durant come on..that’s not going to happen again..Wait and see. Everything went their way in game 2 but won by six and those 6 were from free throws.If dirk had not missed that free throw it would they would be down by 3..It changed the whole game…Everyone forgets the game was for the taking in the last minute..It was not a blow out..This is what I call over reaction…OKC’s chemistry would of crashed if they would of lost..Admit this Westbrook would of snapped and it would of been over. OKC was very fortunate to win

  2. klipster says:

    game two is the best performance of the oklohoma city thunder since that team was established. but game two is a worst performance for jason terry. if you will say westbrook also don’t have a good performance in that game. westbrook doesn’t have a good performance in his entire career. because for me a high scoring game he is making is coming from a high volume of attempts. he doesn’t have a 60% shooting game in his entire career. and that triple double that he post has a stain by his 5 turnovers. 40% of the teams turnover on that game. i think he must switch to shooting guard. he don’t know how to point. i bet westbrook will never ever win a championship. because he has a low basketball iq. he has a gifted talent in athleteticism like lebron but his iq is low. or maybe he knew what to do, but he just want to be a superstar like durant. just give the damn ball to durant. learn how to score high points in just 20 shots and below because 30 plus points is not pleasing in a 30 shot attemps. he will never win a championship because his stlye of play will not work in a defense oriented team..and “DEFENSE” is what the nba finals is all about.

  3. Jar1118 says:

    Harden shot well because terry was distracted by his beard hehehe… Harden may have had a good shooting night but the problem is, he’s not consistent….bet his game will deteriorate in game 3…Mavs will have DALLAS say 🙂

  4. T.J. says:

    This situation reminds me of the Lakers/Jazz series last year. There was a game where the Lakers were up big & the Jazz bench went on a strong run. What happened, Sloan brings his starters back in & the Lakers rebuilt that big lead, evenually winning the game & the series. Coach Brooks was trying to avoid watching his Thunder team fall into an 0-2 hole against a hot Dallas team.

  5. Hadji says:

    This is the article I posted on May 8th during the OKC-Memphis series:

    OKC-MEM – Game 3 – This game was very winnable for OKC but they were not able to pull it off: I was one serious suggestion for the Thunders, if they want to win during the Playoffs they have to win games on the road. This game was tight until the last play of the fourth quarter (a rushed jumper by Durant) and there no reason for OKC to not be able to score for five or eight minutes during a fourth quarter playoffs!

    This is absolutely ridiculous: if Westbrook can’t make a shot during critical times like the last minutes of the fourth quarter then he should TAKE IT TO THE RACK! The same goes for Kevin Durant, during the last minutes of the game if your shots are not falling…you have to TAKE IT TO THE RACK (to either make a lay up or get fouled) BASIC BASKET-BALL! OKC is an incredible team but they have a dangerous tendency to fall in love with the jumpers. It is no secret I am an OKC fan but I will be honest and admit if ANY team plays under its abilities (that’s the worst criticism a team can get).

    Nobody really plays down the post in OKC land, Kevin Durant at 6-10 should be playing down the post at least 25% of the time…he could get easy buckets that way since most teams put much smaller guys on him (this is really a coaching issue I think) DOES ANYBODY ELSE SEES THAT OTHER THAN ME? It is pretty upsetting to witness a sorry team like Memphis taking a game three just because OKC was too lackadaisical to take a very winnable game three. That offense from the Thunders was very subpar…no ball movement, bad shot after bad shot from Westbrook and then Durant. Now OKC is down 2-1!

    One thing that any half-descent ball player knows is that…after three or four missed jumpers, you got to put your head down and MAKE A LAY UP. Basket-ball is more about basket-ball IQ than anything else…and this is exactly WHAT MEMPHIS DID TO WIN THE GAME…Conley – Sam Young and Zebo took it to the rack to win the game. I am a big OKC fan but I can’t accept a team playing way below its true potential…if this is how they are going to play during these playoffs then they don’t deserve to move on further in the Western Conference.

    And that’s that!

    How can the Thunders play a great game with intensity for three quarters and decide to just lay down and let the game slip away to a Memphis team that, frankly, I think stinks. The Grizzlies are not a good team, they just hustle a lot and bang in the paint…this is how they beat San Antonio. OKC has too many good players to not be able to manufacture crucial points in the fourth quarter. I fell in love with OKC because they always play with reckless abandonment, if they stop playing with that edge (when needed) then there is no need for me to watch them play!

    I have only one suggestion for the Thunders: LOW POST PLAYS…I don’t even care who does it, whether it is Durant or Ibaka or Perkins or wherever the best mismatch presents itself. Someone please talk to the coach of OKC since most of the players from the Thunders are -apparently- too young or inexperienced to figure this one out.

    Really disappointing to witness such a waste of talent(OKC).

    At this point, I am hoping that OKC will make the appropriate adjustments: more post up plays, especially at the end of games to make lay-ups and step to the foul line…have Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook drive to the hoop aggressively during the fourth quarter TO FINISH GAMES.

    NOTE: I am glad OKC started attacking more to finish the Grizzlies series and now they’re doing that against Dallas! Yay!

  6. fan of the game says:

    The reason OKC won last night is Harden went crazy! I don’t see that happening again!

  7. fan of the game says:

    Not trying to burst the bubble of you OKC fans, but the Mavs have the better team. OKC is young, athletic, and they play hard. Dallas is the veteran team with the closers! And Dirk Nowitski! Mavs in 6!

  8. Guest says:

    I don’t care what happens as long as Miami and Chicago don’t win. Especially Miami. I think I’d puke. Either Dallas or OKC is fine with me. I’m a little torn. I have always been a Sonic fan… I still like the OKC players and their team, but it’s a little sickening to think they could be doing this all here in Seattle. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dallas getting revenge on Miami, though, either.

  9. got_watcha_want says:

    All you other guys can hop on the OKC bandwagon now, we are almost there.

    I love reading the post by Maverick fans that thought it was going to be Dallas in 6. Why oh, why do people listen to the media? There has not been any of these playoff series predictions pan out like they were suppose to according to the media.

    This is an Okie from Muskogee, saying- Rise Together OKC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. aidenpryde50 says:

    Westbrook is good….very good and he knows that. He trys to damn hard and hes not quite seeing the floor. He is trying to help the team by scoring and I dont think he quite realizes that scoring is not the only thing that his team needs him to do. I wonder if he thinks that he is playing second fiddle to Durant. If that is what he believes then hes dead wrong. This team is special and he is a major part. I will not believe for a second that Durant thinks that way of him either. I m a Sonics fan and I remember the days of Paton Kemp McMallian De La Schrempe. This team is that and so much more and they have a chance to make this so long term. The fans have embraced him as well as the others and coach perkins I believe did the right thing in benching him. Now he and the team need to rally around him and make him understand that he is just as big a factor to getting them to the playoffs as all the others. Keep your head up Westbrook continue to learn and listen to your teammates because believe it or not they and the coaching staff do have your best intrests at heart.

    Signed diehard Thunder Fan

  11. DJ says:

    OKC vs CHI in the FINALS~~~~
    Benching Westbrook will help him realize that sharing the BALL can MAKE a BIG difference. He’s acting like he’s getting a big head now. I know he was itching to be in the game. May he learn his lesson. Don’t be a ballhog like Lebron. Can’t win a ring like that dude!

    • Blake fan says:

      Westbrook doesn’t have a big head just a fierce competitive desire. He sometimes gets too aggresive but his biggest critic is himself. If a player likes being pulled from a game then he probably didn’t want to play anyways. Give the guy a break, he is 22!

      • Nada says:

        So what if he’s 22. that is not a good excuse. His teammate are 21 but they don’t react like him. This is called selfish. If he’s selfish now, he’ll be selfish when he’s 42. That’s attitude problem!! Without team work, they’ll get no where!!!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Selfish, really? it isn’t called selfish when you avg 7-9 asts, I doubt Westbrook can keep getting 15 asts, no one is asking him for that, 7-9 for a PG is good, and scoring 20 helps, even though he does get ahead of himself and sometimes struggles, he is still terrific and is helping this team win, its not cause Westbrook is selfish that Brooks took him out, it was because OKC was leading and Maynor was playing terrific, so why break up a chemistry between Maynor, KD and Harden, I am sure Brooks would have brought Westbrook back if Dallas was making a run, but they did not so it was wise to leave him on the bench

    • Nada says:

      Agree 100%

  12. Oklahoman says:

    So now the red river rivalry becomes the blue jersey rivalry.
    Just gotta love the playoffs this year.
    Am rooting for my home team the Thunder, but will be a long difficult series. Glad to see all the OKC support in the comments here.
    Durant reminds me a bit of Larry Bird. He just needs to grow into that leader role a bit more over time.. I remember Bird being mad as hell during an interview talking about how poorly the Celtics played after a playoff Win.

    Oh, and I predict we will have a red vs blue finals.

  13. okc just getting started. as for westbrook just be patient

  14. The_Answer says:

    carlisle so looks like jim carrey ))) hahaaa

    • Gary says:

      He does, lol. Also add in:
      Westbrook – Soulja Boy
      Jason Terry – Juelz Santana
      Collins – Adam Carolla
      Nate – 50 Cent

      Across the league
      Kenyon Martin – Mehtod Man
      Melo – Trey Songz
      Randolph – Eddie Winslow
      Shannon Brown – Chris Brown
      Josh Smith – The Game
      Corey Maggette – Xzibit

  15. Mega Freak says:

    It’s been said, ever since the playoffs started that this post season would begin a changing of the guard for the NBA. We’ve already seen the former top three teams of the league make early exits. The 1st seeded Spurs went out in six to a younger more determined Grizzlies, the Lakers were swept in round two due to equal parts of great play by Dallas and the crumbling of team unity from LA, and the Celtics reduced to relying on a 39 year old, injury plagued former all-star to turn their play around. The NBA is going through a major upheaval, and in the end, teams no one ever thought would be great will establish their dominance.

  16. Evan says:

    I think the Mavs will still take the series. They just have all the components, and have a far more consistent style of play than OKC. However, if OKC can find a rhythm, they could win in 7. But both teams will have problems with either Chicago or Miami. Both teams have a vicious defense that forces turnovers, something neither of these teams have had to deal with.

  17. Goldenstaes says:

    win is all matters. like i predicted before the playoffs, this year’s world championship is between the New NBA between Thunder and Bulls. new guys run the show now (MVP, League top scorer). thats the beauty of basketball.

  18. HeatWave says:

    Mavs don’t have an answer for Harden. He made Terry look bad! That guy is just ridiculous right now. FEAR THE BEARD!

    • AdamGlover says:

      James Harden shot ridiculously well, but he also has the ability to disappear in games. Jason Terry had a poor game offensively, and look for him to be much more aggressive next game, and for Carlisle to put more emphasis on getting him quality touches, where he can dribble to his right. Game 3 will be a different story. Harden will not perform like that again this series.

      • HeatWave says:

        It wasn’t a lucky game if that’s what your saying. That guy is good. I bet the next game he gets 17-20 points.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Did you see how well Harden played against the Grizz? it is not that easy to stop a player that is confident and is playing very well, if Collison and Ibaka can hold Dirk to 20-30 ppg, I think OKC is good to go because unlike OKC, Dallas does not have a 2nd option who can consistently score 20, Terry can go on fire and cold the next game, same with Kidd and Peja, but none can score 20 every night, OKC has Westbrook who scores 20 and Harden occasionally.

  19. klipster says:

    the mavs will still win this series. i just don’t know when will the mavs wil win. maybe at the very early game 3 or maybe in game 4 im sure mavs will win the one of those 2 games in oklohoma.

    • dennis says:

      just like you said they would sweep LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • evryone says:

      heta are better offensively and defensively than the bulls, but only by a little. Definelty game 7

    • QuestionMark says:

      Don’t underestimate OKC at home, the crowd can really get things rolling, if KD can match Dirk point for point, and Westbrook and Harden score 18-20 each, and play good D, OKC wont have a problem, but that is easier said than done.

  20. Rolex says:

    well this is not an issue of age its like who wants the W more.. and OKC is really a tough team to beat, and besides stats dont lie, they never lie.. ill be seeing miami vs OKC in the finals..

  21. yanglichinese says:


  22. yanglichinese says:

    I come from The Middle Kingdom, Mang of us like NBA very much,and the OKC.Russell Westbrook ‘s turnover was more this season.

  23. JJ says:

    I’m so very, very glad that Brooks FINALLY shew balls and did it! Westbrook’s got a great athleticism, speed and is really a rare talent, but he’s been making bad decisions in important moments all year long (not only in post season!) and got the team in trouble in many, many games (G3 of the Grizzlies series is one of the latest examples). OKC is with no doubts the most talented team in the league right now but their potential is being lost and Westbrook’ way of playing is the most important reason (although it must be stressed that coach Brooks is also to blame).

    • reign99 says:

      Hrm, I think you may be missing some things.

      Yes, Westbrook is an emotional player who needs to learn to reign himself in at times. His mentally is sometimes less PG and more SG. Still, keep in mind that him being out on the court changes defenses and opens things up. His stats were not bad in this game, minus the TO’s. Every player has good games and bad, and his high octane style of play means those “bad” games are a bit more obvious.

      I look for Westbrook to make a big comeback in game 3 in OKC. I find it funny that people make comments like the above when only a few games ago he came off a triple-double with what, 14 points or something? That’s about as team play as you can get.

      They had his number this game, and his head was in the wrong place. It won’t stay there.

      • Bill says:

        He had a tripple once but he was the reason for mot of OKC’s loss. Is that plus or minus????

      • Jake says:

        @ Bill

        Russel Westbroek was a main reason why the Thunder even made the playoffs this year. Is that a plus or minus???

    • Brian says:

      I agree with reign99. The reason his mistakes are so glaring is because he plays at a position that is expected to do more. It’s like a QB taking the heat for his team’s loss in football. Westbrook has an aggressive “get to the rim” mentality that has been as much of a help as a burden. Westbrook actually drives the lane at times when the rest of the team seems content to brick jumper after jumper. That in itself has to count for something.

  24. Jar1118 says:

    the series is now reduced to a best of five….the team that has the guys with guts and will to win will emerge as winner…the mavs have what it takes to win the series and eventually the nba championship by June….the Mavs will have DALLAS say hehe 🙂

  25. Maiko says:

    where are the mavs fans???????;P

  26. Airwind says:

    On the lighter note, “Hey Kevin Durant, put down your backpack during interviews!” hahahaha… 😛

  27. Dr Silicon says:

    I think it was a good move. The NBA seems to love their story lines so this will be all over the place for a few days. Russ got a little emotional and when hes too worked up he can play bad basketball. Maynor is more of a facilitator and sometimes they need that to get everyone else going. If the bench is playing good ball they should play till the hot streak ends. Good win for OKC hope they keep it up in game 3 and 4!

  28. DARK MAMBA JERST says:

    Nahh.. The thing is MAVS LOOSE!
    nah nah media….

  29. since88 says:

    Glad to see Eric Maynor getting more playing time especially in a big game. He’s a sick player and should be getting more recognition for that.

    • Nada says:

      I’m glad OKC have a second choice finishing the game. All along WB think he is the boss and there’s no subtitution. Last night Scott Brook showed him who’s in charge…If OKC want to go all the way, WB have to be controlled period!

  30. dew says:

    this is how the game should be played. if a unit on the floor is scoring, is in rhythm, and is playing well defensively, why mess it up by putting in starters that are having an off game or might throw off that rhythm or chemistry. just because it worked one game, does not mean it will be the same exact situation the next. westbrook is a clutch player and will come through more often than not in the 4th quarter of a game. he just needed a pick me up from his team mates and they pulled through when they needed them. grats to the thunder for playing smart basketball.

    • Symokoto says:

      agree 100%. and the mavs as players agree as well. at least, dirk pretty much did.

  31. why not says:

    thunder win bulls win

    • songbird says:

      I’ve been saying OKC was the truth way back when Russell Westbrook was drafted to OKC. Now, it is truly showing how he has made this team way better than what it has ever been. Growing pains can be tough for ALL OF THEM, but they will prevail in the end. OKC AND BULLS IN NBA FINALS!!!

  32. knowledgeandtrutth says:

    I posted stats to show why OKC could steal the homecourt and Dallas fans laughed at me… I said that both Memphis and OKC were tougher than Portland and LA and Dallas fans didn’t want to say anything besides “all OKC did was beat an 8 seed! Big deal!” and I tried my best to let everybody know that it was obvious that LA were playing terrible going into the playoffs and had an easy for the picking first round matchup against NO with their star forward and leading scorer and rebounder out.

    No… I emailed mr Sekou Mith and told him how Dallas fans were shortsighting the Grizzlies and “just an 8 seed” and he seemed, like me, confused how anyone would slight the 8 seed that took out the 1 seed and were playing so well..

    Mavs fans persisted… Taking the number of seed they beat, instead of actually looking at how the teams were playing and played going into the playoffs.

    I posted a laundry list of stats as to why OKC could win this series and got these most common responses from Mavs fans: “stats dont matter!, “they are just stats! The only stat we need is experience!”, and the always fun to me “OKC are too young!”

    Of course, the obvious argument to that is… Did anyone not watch them take LA to 6 lastyear, barely losing games in LA and blowing them out in Oklahoma, just losing game 6 by a tip in with 1 left? And no, not the tired, old, distracted LA team of this year, but the LA team that won the title lastyear.

    Did any Mavs fans really see how well Memphis was playing, instead of just looking at the seeding number, which these playoffs proved doesn’t matter not only at all, but less than at all in the West?

    No… to quote a Mavs fan “who carse that they won a triple overtime game on the road! It was against the 8 seed!”

    The Dallas arena is about 3 times as quiet as Memphis was, and about 5 times as quiet as Oklahoma City is going to be.

    2 things here…

    1. Mavs fan: Do you clearly see now why Memphis’ seeding number didn’t matter? They took outt the 1 seed with a very tough style of play, have great wing defenders and rebounded like crazy and would have been tough on anyone, including your Mavericks? Yes, beating a team as good as Memphis was playing was a huge accomplishment, despite the fact that you seem to only care about the seeding number they were.

    2. Would everyone stop saying that the Thunder are too young? All they have done this playoffs, is take out the hottest team after the all star break in 5(Denver) and win crucial road games in overtime in Memphis, which was huge, considering that Memphis took at the 1 seed AND WERE PLAYING SO WELL.

    This Thunder team doesn’t need to be old, to be experienced.

    Tonight showed what teh playoffs this year have proven time and time again… The old guard teams are done. It’s now time for Oklahoma City, Memphis, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta. Boston, Orlando, San Antonio, Phoenix and the Lakers, their time is over now.

    I give Dallas all the credit in the world for being here. You have to figure that if they win this is their last year to truly go for it.

    All I tried to say was… Give Memphis credit and realize how good they played and realize that OKC didn’t beat 8 seed chumps, but, like themselves, a future contender for a long time.

    And.. For the last time… OKC played terrible and lost game 1, played better, but not great, and won game 2, stealing the homecourt and gaining the momentum.

    OKC or Memphis could have swept LA, too, and thats all I want a single Mavs fan to acknowledge.

    You beat a Portland team with 2 big men inured and an all star coming off multiple surgeries(Brandon Roy) and beat a Laker team that wasn’t even 50% of the championship caliber they were lastyear. Dallas only did what they should have in beating those 2 teams.

    Now you can all surely see how tough OKC is.

    I’m not trying to be the ultimate “dog on Dallas” guy, and I’m not calling the seriess over yet… I’m just trying to get some Mavs fans to see how tough Memphis was and that OKC aren’t too young.

    A team with a bunch of 21 and 22yr olds just stole homecourt from a team of mostly veterans and former MVP’s and MVP contenders that have all played in these situations before.

    I’d call that mighty impressive. I’d call Memphis taking out San Antonio almost equally as impressive, too.

    This series is not over yet.

    I picked OKC in 6, and am sticking with that.

    I don’t seem so foolish with all my “stats that dont matter” and betting on a team “that just biat the 9 seed!! No big deal!” now, do I?

    • gee says:

      well said…i agree with you 100%

      • Ms. Esther says:

        you said it best! give OKC credit for their talent and drive – they’re making their presence known in a big way!

    • Melvin says:

      Agree with you totally! Although my pick is Mavs in 7, i watched what OKC did to LA last year, It was a theme alert for this years playoff. Like the Bulls and heat series, this series will be determined by who plays with more energy and who wants it more in the FOURTH QUARTER.

    • reign99 says:

      OKC is a good young team that will likely stay pretty much the same for the next few years. They will only get better.

      The OKC in six prediction is looking like a very good one at this point.

      Also, as you said, OKC hasn’t even fully hit their stride in this series. I’ve watched a decent amount of their games this season and when they get rolling at home it can be brutal for an opponnent.’

      I hope this goes to a game seven but I don’t see it happening. I like that over in six prediction.

    • sean says:

      good job on the article i dont know how you have the patience to right that much haha

    • evryone says:

      definetly not OKc in 6. this is 2 like OKC-memphis.not possible 2 predict. its going 2 game 7

    • cp3 says:

      i agree okc is amazing but was it worth it to rant about 1 single win n even tho the grizz played amazing they were 8th seed and bound to lose lol well ur prob just a kd or okc bandwagoon but like i said 1 game n stats wash away (metaphoricly of course) in da playoffs

      • CDR says:

        Good point. Lakers won two years in a row, does anyone remember houston blowinging them out HUGE twice or Phoenix’s bench dismantling them in the fourth quarter? The answer is no.

    • CDR says:


  33. Why says:

    Why is it that when the media talks to sports players they always try to blow things out of proportion. Just let these guys play the game. Kevin Durant was the only guy on the floor in the 4th quarter that started the game for the Thunder….. This will be all over Sportscenter tomorrow its a damn shame.


  34. Why says:

    Why is it that when the media talks to sports players they always try blow things out if proportion. Just let these guys play the game. Kevin Durant was the only guy on the floor in the 4th quarter that started the game for the Thunder….. This will be all over Sportscenter tomorrow its a damn shame.