K.D.’s wakeup call: Boom!

DALLAS Kevin Durant said it was just a play.

Sure. Just like the Pacific Ocean is just a puddle of water and the Grand Canyon is just a hole in the ground.

The Thunder had been playing soft on defense, loose on offense, not at all like a team that was already in a desperate situation in the Western Conference finals and trailed the Mavericks 28-19.

That’s when Durant made a play, his play.

He took the ball on the right side of the lane, whooshed past Peja Stojakovic fast enough to give him whiplash and jumped right through the roof of the American Airlines Center.

Well, almost. What Durant did was to elevate so high that his navel was practically in the face of Dallas would-be defender Brendan Haywood and he slammed the ball down like he was swinging the hammer of Thor.

“We needed a basket and there was an opening,” said Durant.

For its power and splendor, it was almost like watching the space shuttle lift off from the launch pad at Cape Canaveral. For its effect, Thunder coach Scott Brooks couldn’t have gotten his team’s attention better if he’d have set off a string of firecrackers in the huddle.

How big was it? ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy credited it with changing the game.

How awesome was it? Hall of Famer Magic Johnson called it “one of my top five dunks of all time in the playoffs.”

It was the kind of eye-popping slam dunk that might make Dwyane Wade’s son start yelling, “Durant!” when he slams one home on his Nerf hoop.

It was shades of Dominique Wilkins for its power, shades of LeBron James for its elevation and shades – dare we say it? – of Michael Jordan for the fury and angry message that may have been intended to wake up his team.

Even though he was slapped with a technical foul for taunting, Durant completed a three-point play that was part of a 7-3 OKC run to close the quarter and seemed to jolt the Thunder into consciousness and get them engaged in the battle.

“I thought the difference in that game from the first game was just attitude,” said center Kendrick Perkins. “We played harder. We played tougher, especially after that dunk. He put that down and – bam! – it got everybody’s attention.”

It definitely got ours.

So it’s time to rate K.D.’s spectacular slam. Where does it rank on your dunk-o-meter?


  1. KD35 Fan says:

    i mean but shoot is jump shots**

  2. C-Dawg says:

    What about Tom Chambers? What about Shawn Kemp dunking on every single life form on the face of the earth?

    • KD35 Fan says:

      yup.. kemp’s probably made millions of posters.. LOL but i think durant could play like kemp if he gets better at low post.. durant can drible, quick, and athletic.. he just shoots to much.. i hope this summer he works on his post games.. 😀

  3. watcher says:

    @Milty. About 10 minutes after I wrote that I asked myself the same question.

  4. Goldenstaes says:

    KD can do that a lot if he wants to and take control of the game. guys did you notice even KD let westbrook take more shots this year KD’s still the leagues’ top scorer? when KD wants takeover he takes over like MJ in his prime. KD, Rose and Blake Griffin are the face of The New NBA now.

  5. MIlty says:

    What about John Starks over multiple Bulls 1993 ??

    • Law064 says:

      @Milty yea that was great over Horace Grant Pip & Mike and NY won that game. John Starks was a good 2 guard. Pip On Ewing was nasty. KJ jammed on a few centers Mark Eaton was another victim.@jasper Blake’s a great dunker but he’s the most over hyped dunker of all time. That dunk around the hood of the car was nothing. And-1 guy went between the legs and went over the car. Blake’s a good dunker but he’s over hyped

  6. watcher says:

    Great dunk. My top 5 right now is:

    Pip on Ewing in Chicago 94
    KJ over The Dream in Phoenix 94
    Baron on AK47 @ GS 07
    MJ on Ewing in NY 91
    Kobe on Nash @ Phoenix 06

    Durants move is a definite contender

  7. klipster says:

    taj gibson dunk is much more better to watch because it is well defended by wade.

  8. jasper says:

    how come it feels that any old dunk of blake is better than this? lyk, whats the hype??

  9. QuestionMark says:

    That was you wake up call KD, time to lead OKC to a championship! Lets Go OKC! Time to step up and show some grit, pride and determination to win it.

  10. HelloEveyone says:

    People say that Durant is emotionless, but thats the good thing about him, he is no lebron, kobe, jason terry, etc where he needs to be screaming and dancing around after every shot he makes, just makes people dislike you when you act childish like that, although it good to get excited sometimes.

    • Nada says:

      It remind me a stupid dance that Wade did after a shot while playing OKC. OKC beat them

  11. Law064 says:

    That was a great dunk. KD getting the and-1 great play and good game from OKC

  12. Gary says:

    I understand why the tech was called but don’t agree with it at all. They need to call all the fouls when Chandler is locking people up in his arms.

  13. unknown says:

    I never see the emotion KD in his body when he dunks, whenever he do it doesn’t look exciting.I think this is one of KD dunk that I finally like and is one of the top dunk of this playoff.By Magic saying that this one of his top five dunk of all time is just for the purpose of motivating KD.I know Magic top five dunk most have name like Dr.J or MJ and many other playoff dunkers.If he really meant it, then that is a blasphemy.

  14. J.Oba says:

    Oh!, it ranks #1. Even saw one that is seldom if ever is talked about.( Elgin Baylor drove to the basket against Bill Russell went up for the dunk, Russell tried to block it, Baylor switched from one hand to the other and dunked the ball over Russell.Look it up, I think it was close to or the last time they played against each other.

  15. Bobby says:

    The difference was that OKC got center play in the fourth quarter, which opened up 3-Pt shooting. It had nothing to do with “attitude.” I had to do with great coaching.

  16. J.Oba says:

    I would campare this dunk to the closing of the casket concerning last rites Pryor to burial, Faniality!! It’s over, this dunk will be the death of the Mavs.