Perkins’ Adjustment: Attitude

DALLAS – So much talk of Xs and Os, of double-teams and single-coverage, of offensive reads and defensive schemes.

Then there’s Kendrick Perkins, who knows what he’d like to adjust for the Oklahoma City Thunder for Game 2 – attitude.

“It’s a matter of wanting to do it,” said the Thunder’s prickly center. “You’ve got to come from the beginning. It’s the Western Conference finals. We’ve fought so hard to get this far. I think it’s just a matter of heart and wanting to do it. It’s following what the coach says he wants to do in the defensive scheme and taking them out of the game. They did it to us yesterday, so we got to do it to them.

“We took possessions off and you can’t do that against a veteran team like Dallas that’s trying to win a title. I think now we’re going to play every possession like it’s the last one in the game. We’re gonna have no poor possessions on the offensive end, and we’re gonna make sure we get out to their shooters.

“We gave them everything that we wanted to take away as far as on the defensive end. Anything they wanted, they got. We talked about (J.J.) Barea and the impact that he could have coming off the bench. He had 21 points in 16 minutes. We talked about Jason Terry, taking him out of the game, and he had another 24 points. If we take 10 points from each guy, we still win the game and still live with Dirk (Nowitzki) having 48.”

Perkins also noted that he isn’t a big fan of Mavs’ center Tyson Chander and that was before the pair received a double-technical foul in the opening minutes of Game 1.

“Me and Tyson never got along,” he said. “I’m serious. He don’t like me. I don’t like him. And that’s pretty much how it’s been.”


  1. Bobby says:

    Look at the plus minus for Perkins against Dallas (or Memphis). This is an imperfect stat to be sure. But, with Perkins off the court there are five players to guard. With Perkins on the court – only 4. Besides, how can you win in this league with a starting center who can’t score at all, and gets 4-6 rebounds a game? Lame is the only word for Perk. And, if he is such a great defender, where are his blocked shots on help defense? They do not exist.

  2. fields says:

    Perkins is unbelievable. The guy jooks always looks super mad and I’ve honestly never seen him do anything but foul. He has been involved in way too many technicals and early fouls, and Tyson Chandler can beast him all day.

  3. Charles says:

    Perkins is extremely valuable to the Oklahoma City Thunder. He had two very tough match ups in the first 2 rounds and it doesn’t get any easier vs. Tyson Chandler. Imo, Perkins will have a greater impact in this series because of style of play and if he didn’t arrive in OKC, I strongly doubt they would have ever regained their defensive intensity that was sorely missed for the first 4 months of the season.

  4. mjwasntthebest says:

    yall trippin if the c-men had perkins and nate they would b in the conference finals

  5. 2006FINALSREMATCH says:

    Miami is doing their thing in the east but Dallas is a match-up nightmare for any team. Perk didn’t really hold Chandler to 3 points, it’s just that scoring IS NOT Tyson’s role. He’s a defender and a hardcore rebounder and Dallas is at their best not just when Dirk is sizzling from everywhere, but also if Tyson does his job effectively. No disrespect to Perk but he needs to get better. He’s a good stopper (coz he’s wide and strong) but not much of a blocker, he doesn’t also score so he to me is an over-rated player. Sorry Perk but it’s true. Anyway, Game 1 has proven that OKC dont really have a recipe against Dallas’ experience and match-up advantages, and those 2 things aren’t things you can get in 2 nights. Dallas will come out of the West for sure, and Miami will probably go out from the East (unless Bulls’ shooters stay consistent and aggressive + Boozer to be effective). Bottom line is, Dallas will be champs this year. Lebron can guard Dirk for all I care, but Dallas isn’t a 1 man team. 2006 FINALS REMATCH THIS 2011!

  6. danny ainge says:

    the celtics lose because they are gettin old and they dont have the energy to compete with younger and faster teams in the playoffs where you play intense and physic games and other reason was that they need perkins on the court’ no matter if the oneals were healthy or not shaq and jermaine are not anymore dominant players

  7. Glac 1000 says:

    Perkins is one of the most overrated players in the league. He fit in well with Boston cuz he had great defenders around him in Pierce, Garnet, Allen, and Rhondo. At OKC he’s being completely exposed. He’s at best the 3rd best big man on his team. Ibaka and Collison are better players and fits for the team. Who has this guy stopped since coming over to OKC? His rebounding numbers are weak, he has no lift, no skill, and he is a complete liability on offense. How many layups is he going to fumble or miss? OKC plays better when Perkins is on the bench. And he needs to stop with the attitude. The refs have him under the microscope due to his constant complaining, stares, pushes, etc. That does not bode well for OKC who has legit big men in Ibaka and Collison who are trying to play tough.

  8. Joe buck says:

    Perkins is a clown he doesn’t like anyone in the league. His production has dropped off due to his knee injury. In game 1 he did not help his team very much. He does still bring intagibles and does bring some grit to the team he has to box out and get some more rebounds and stop people from coming to lane so freely to help okc win

  9. Perkinshasheart says:

    Actually i mean his attitude where defense comes first, you play with heart and you leave everything out on the court. They need to emulate his championship attitude. KP earned his ring just as much as any other celtic, as doc said we never lost with our starting five. Now we never will because danny thought it was a good idea to let someone else win the east this year? Rondo to the heat is laughable, your telling me he is going to team up with the same guy who ruined his elbow. Not a chance. Perkins attitude is the attitude of the celtics and that seems to work pretty well

  10. jacknohara says:

    Question for the experts :

    Why a team would need “one of the best post defenders in the NBA” if the NBA doesn’t have good post scores anymore ?

    Or, in other perspective: When there isn’t big treats in the post, anyone who looks tough will be called a good post defender, but in fact, what is the kind of offense most post players have in the NBA those days, jump shooting ? Most centers of today only clog the middle, and try to set picks, there’s no big deal on playing “tough D” on guys that don’t are even included on their teams offensive game plan.

    The thing is that Perk knows that Tyson is the center piece of Dallas D, and if he’s out, they’re weak inside. And that’s what Perkins want.

  11. MaFox says:

    I like how he explicitly said how he and chandler feels about each other. It adds that little….feistyness and competitiveness that isn’t really present anymore

  12. lb6 says:

    if im the referee ill just give a technical on perkins just for his ugly face

  13. Mark says:

    hes a role player, hes good for their team. who cares if he has a ring? Darko has a ring, does that make him experienced and good? didn’t think so. plenty of good players without rings.

  14. Scowl or Smile says:

    quit talking about Boston. the next player to leave will be Rondo. Miami ain’t gonna win a championship until he joins them. DIRK HUSSLE OFF deserves to be champion this year

  15. kikoman says:

    KP just play basketball your not a talk show host, too much talking man

  16. hoyt says:

    i like perkins now that he left boston!! now if only rondo could leave i could start respecting that guy more too!!!!!!

  17. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    @ Perkinshasheart HAHA! The OKC boys needs to emulate his attitude. so you mean making them all frown and get techs all the time. imagine that a team full of Kendric Perkins like attitude. hahaha.

  18. perkins? says:

    kendrick Perkins is such an over rated player.he doesnt contribute anything and still people are talking about his so called “defensive contributions”.You need to stfu perkins

  19. LIbro Ni James says:

    Perkins can undergo anger mgmt after they loss this series…or apply as an UFC figther..

  20. Hammertime says:

    Hmmm…maybe OKC would be better off with the scoring from Jeff Greene instead of having Perkins on the team. OKC definitely needs scoring from someone else besides Durant, Westbrook and Harden to win this series. It defintely won’t come from Perkins.

    Perkins tough guy act is so old. He needs to just play the game and forget all the B.S.

  21. nic says:

    There’s no question Kenrick Perkins toughness and heart… but the question on Perkins attitude, he should concentrate on helping the team to achieve their goals. Rebound, setting picks and defense will be the key to Oklahoma Thunder success and thats Perkins job. hope to see those in game 2…

  22. Perkinshasheart says:

    haters i love all my haters

  23. wae says:

    he’ll be traded to the D league so he can develop a better facial expression. Smile you’re on camera Perk!

  24. ringo says:

    Perkins thinks he’s a crazy gangsta that better than everyone… reality is he’s just ugly.

  25. Perkinshasheart says:

    Even Danny Ainge realized his offer to perk wasn’t fair, I don’t agree with the trade but at least ainge had the decency to trade him to a good team and one he would enjoy playing for. He fits in very well in OKC. How can you say he’s not family when all the players on the C’s played like they had just been knocked out by Ali right after the trade. To a man the celtics players and coaches said perkins was family. We watched this kid grow up into the man he is today. You can’t say he is not a good defensive player and not part of the Celtics family now and forever. Obviously your a laker or heat fan because every celtics fan understand what he means to Celtics nation

  26. ShaqFan says:

    hes tryin to amp his team and i bet he is a nice guy (he was the altar boy at his church)

  27. Tom says:

    “You can’t Face the Problem… if the problem is your face!!!” LOL

    Smile Perk… you can’t beat dallas anyway!

    at least after the season and if the NBA will have a lock-out u can try UFC… shawn marion thought so…ahahahaha

  28. Perkinshasheart says:

    You have one valid comment in there, of course he is not as good defensively without KG. Kevin makes everyone around him better defensively. That doesn’t mean perk isn’t a fantastic defensive player it just proves the point that the celtics have better overall defensive players, and a better defensive scheme. Perk is instilling defense into the mind of these young kids. The thunder defense improved immediately after they plugged him in. Don’t feel sorry for him, noone asked you to. He’s a world champion boston celtic. Tyson chandler may be better offensively, but perkins has a great attitude and a great mindset. He has one goal and that is a championship, his attitude and grit was instilled in him by two of the best coaches in the NBA, Doc River and Tom Thibodeau. Tell me one valid statement backing up perks lack of toughness, even just one player or coach or any analyst saying that. Not sure how he’s a dirty player, if someone comes and tries to score on your basket, you don’t make that easy for them ever. Speaking of dirty players…wade fan eh? Did you happen to watch that game that rondos elbow got dislocated? You didn’t happen to notice that little pull on the arm wade happened to give rondo? You also didn’t see him go at ray a second after that? Also when pierce got ejected, wade lowered his shoulder and charged him. That’s dirty. Not letting someone get in the paint is his job not dirty play.

    • AAG_SR says:

      HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A fantastic efender (Intentionally left out the D) that got 48 BIG points dropped in his face that is all over the court!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Perkins plays center not power forward retard, Ibaka was guarding him most of the game

      • AAG_SR says:

        U obviously are confused just like the thunders/ perkins defense because Almost the ENTIRE THEME got shots at guarding him. AND perkins got his chance but he was as effective as YOU that was watching the game………so why leave him on dirk if he simply CANNOT guard him IDIOT! You need to STFU and think before you post

    • OKCKD35 says:

      also see the game 2 elbow to Asik’s chin, then wade gets up crying for a foul, it was funny cuz wade cut his arm on Asik’s face, which was gushing blood, the showed the replay and Wade elbowed him on the chin.

  29. Tom says:

    celtics lost because their injuries are everywhere… they lost their best coach…defensive coach…who by the way is the Bull’s coach.

    so they brought in perkins for his toughness?… OKC thought so… little did they know all they got was his angry face with a big

    basketball is a team game… so called howard’s stopper?…so is the hawks. ^^

    perkins should let his game talk…

    perkins is just another average NBA player… i salute his manager for really making his client look good.
    no one will remember his name 5 years from now… ooopss, make it 4. LOL

    • HeatWave says:

      Depends on Oklahoma’s success. They make the finals or possibly win it all and he will be remembered (to real ball fans). And stop blaming the Celtics injuries cause before the series started NO ONE pointed out any of that stuff. The only difference maker was Rondo getting hurt. Still three things that deflate that argument are 1. They won the game with him injured 2. They already lost two with him Healthy 3. The Celtics dept was supposed to beat the Heat in instances of injuries like that.

  30. Perkinshasheart says:

    All you people hating on perk for what? Are you upset he played a huge part in the C’s championship run and in the years following. How in the hell is he overrated, it was right out there for everyone to see in game 7 against the lakers, we couldnt rebound, couldnt play d in the middle. Perk is if anything underrated. Who else can guard Dwight and all of the other elite centers in this league? Like the one smart guy on here said, who else has a ring? Perkins doesn’t need to smile, his anger and attitude are the thing this young team in OKC needs to see, they need to emulate his attitude. Did you see what happened to my team this year? We lost to the heat in a way that should have never happened, other teams werent as scared to play us anymore. Perk is a beast in the center, i dare any of you to drive to the basket on him. So what if he doesnt like the other teams players? Is he supposed too? No. His teammates respect him, if you don’t think thats true, ask any single person on the celtics. Perk is family so lay off the dude or get trademark scowled

    • Wade Fan says:

      boo hoo, poor kendrick, i didnt realize we were meant to feel sorry for him, he earns his critisizm with a pay check each season. the truth is, with out KG surrounding him, he is not nearly as gifted defensively, he is not really that tough, he just as you said scowles a lot and gets Tech fouls. he’s a dirty player with a big mouth and nothing to back it up with, on the other hand, Tyson Chandler is proffessonal, a better player, more valuable to his team and has a good attitude.

      • Tom says:

        he’s not a family… he should have signed when ainge offered him a new contract… he declined… because he wants more money. because he thought that celtics need him for his astounding defense…. garnett made him look like a great defender… it’s clear now.

        it’s all about money…not family!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      thats right, all of these haters in here, what did chandler do in game 1? Didnt ranpolph shoot less than 40%? what did Nene do in round 1? Obviously none of you haters have watched the thunder games (especially in the playoffs) you also fail to noice since the addion of perk the team allows just under 10 less PPG defensively. I think its hilarious that people give him no credit, so what he’s not an offensive player, but he is a great basket defender. Didnt he grab 17 boards on the taller and more athletic Nene? Didnt he continually push Randolph out of the paint and make him take contested shots? Other than the tech at the beginning i cant remember chandler even being in game 1. Quit hating, hes the type of player you love to hate, unless he is on your team, which he is, lets go okc!

  31. Wade Fan says:

    perkins sux! turn that frown upside down!

  32. Kendrick Perkins says:

    y’all are crazy

  33. jo says:

    talk about a player that plays with his mouth not with the ball… said that his injury during the last finals caused the celtics to lose… keep talking like that perkins when ur already an all-star, ok? OKC brought him in just to be
    better yet… just play at UFC, you belong there!

  34. okc says:

    yeah yeah you guys just talk !!! its not bad for mavs to dream ..series is our and so is the championship …go thunder!!!

    • GMAN says:

      I am a Mavs fan and i love the thunder!!! Watch them all the time. I dont like Kendricks Perkins at all. He isnt a good fit for that team. I would like to see somebody come in and take his place!! If the nets sign Howard then they will want to trade Lopez!! Find a way to pick him up. Yall will win 60 games next year and the title. Yall could work inside out and open up KD for some easy shots!!!! Westbrooks game will shoot threw the roof because he has somebody who can finish around the basket!! Dont get rid of Ibka!!!! Will be a good player in two more years

    • Triple-D-Town! says:

      I think people abuse the fact if a player a championship ring then that makes him a better player than everyone! Hi just happened to be on the right team to win it…im not saying he doesn’t deserve it but that does not make him a better player! He’s just like Robert Horry! In the right team at the right time to win rings, simple as that! Perkins should get T’ed Up cuz of his face…Just and ugly guy, not just face but also the way he plays

  35. A W says:

    Most overrated player in the NBA

  36. shut up everyone………… the end of the day who is the only one on the team with the championship ring??? ya i thought so

    • Hot Dog says:

      he did not earn that ring, he just got lucky he’s on the Celtics team. i’ll guarantee you he’ll be traded……….

  37. Kendricks Perkins says:

    Yall just need to shut up and stop talking about my game. I got beef with you guys too. I konw I don’t make points or play good D but I can be mean at everyone and get away with nothing. So shut up cuz I know I’m hard and I know I can do nothing against Dirk Whorapedme

  38. tata says:

    Mr. Overrated is a technical foul waiting to happen. He got all his cockiness from playing with Garnett when KG was doing all the work. Perkins is one of the reasons why OKC is losing. Darth Stern is the other.

  39. Johnathen Davis-Green says:

    Kendrick Perkins is really nothing but a jerk! The guy doesn’t like anybody. He probably doesn’t even really like his teammates. Perkins really needs to get his freakin’ act together and just play basketball instead of always starting beefs and talking about who he doesn’t like. He’s not even all that good of a player to be running his mouth and trash talking all the time.

    • mo.ali says:

      perkins is so overratedpeople said he is like a “howard stopper” but all he did in last years playoffs is make dwight score 4 more point on his season average

  40. CoolGuy says:

    Cool, I never saw him smile.

  41. Kendrick Perkins says:

    I know where you all live

  42. DaggerDirk says:

    Perkins is unprofessional and a dirty player. He just needs to shut his mouth and play clean basketball. And that attitude problem needs to go.

  43. Salisma says:

    Perkins is a big baby. Cant even play BB

  44. Gwoei says:

    perkin, never liked him

  45. David Stern says:

    Perkins needs to learn to smile

  46. BullsAllDaWay says:

    I honestly believe that Perkins will never play basketball with the same energy and emotion as he had with the Celtics mainly cuz the Celts had veterans that were able to keep him on track. Here, in OKC, Perkins is probably one of the most experienced cuz he has championship experience. This just shows how good of a squad the Celtics were when compared to the Thunder

    • yeaboston says:

      I absolutely agree…celtics are just hurt this year…
      they have so much experience on that roster…
      4-1 does not do them justice…
      perkins needs to learn more than just defending howard or techs…
      i truly believe like u said…he is much more suited to be in a team with more experience…
      cuz those vets can control him…
      whereas youngin’ like kd and westbrook wont make perk listen

    • OKCKD35 says:

      this just shows how old the celtics are and how long they been together, who is watching who right now in the playoffs? Thank you!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        thats the reaction i expect from celtic fans (Thanks for the trade, now quit denying you didnt need Perk, it was obvious, he is hands down better than both O’neals (at this point in shaqs career)

    • SimplyMe says:

      That is what I told my dad last night. In Boston, Perk had Garnett, Pierce and Allen there to keep him in check..not to mention Doc Rivers and that’s what he doesn’t has here in OKC. No veterans to keep him in check. But I am sure he will make the adjustment.

  47. He does need to change his attitude he needs to be an instigator on Dirk. We all saw the job Rasheed Wallace did on Dwight Howard a few years back thats what Perk needs to do to Dirk. Get physical get into his head and put him off his game that way.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Dirk won’t get suckered into mind games like Dwight Howard.

      Dirk is much more mature player and knows how to handle D players.

      OKC does need to think of something though, but Sheed style is getting techs which Dirk will just knock down automatic!

  48. gggffff says:

    one of the most overrated players in my opinion, “he brings toughness” what getting technical fouls? that is not tough that is just plain arrogant and immature. Perkin’s being such a hot headed out of control player, in other words shut up and play.

    • Rich says:

      And the Celtics just missed him because the Oneal’s were hurt. Other than that he really have don’t much use for any teams, except his toughness in way of getting hard and technical fouls.

      • Pete says:

        Plus you know, the fact that he is arguably the best or second best low post defender in the NBA right now…

  49. Bobby says:

    It was Perkins who did not “bring it” in game one. No rebounding effort, When JJ, Dirk, Jet drove the lane, where was Perkins? Perkins is all mouth at this point in his career and no production. OKC cannot advance with no scoring and no rebounding from the center positon.

    • HeatWave says:

      Dirk didn’t leave many shots to be rebounded lol.
      And are you kidding me no production from Perkins?

    • KDEISEL says:

      there are things called intangibles that dont show up on the stat sheet. the amount of shots he contests and changes, the mental toughness, defnesive leadership, all that. considering this is his comeback from being recently traded from a team of close knit guys and coming off a major knee surgery i dont think you’ve got any reason in your mouth to gripe about his guy ‘bringin it’. and no scoring or rebounding from the center position? have you been watching any of these games?

    • MackDaddy says:

      pfftt….. he got a tech like 10 seconds into the game (completely unnecessary double tech call), and then had his nose broken for good measure. i think that’s enough to take anyone out of their game. but to call perkins “all mouth and no production” shows how little you know about the centre position.

      boston stuffed up in giving away perkins, and they suffered without a true anchor inside. watch OKC bounce back!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Quit making stuff up, Marion had his nose hit (not Chandler, and not broken) there was a double tech on Perk and Chandler, Chandler had 3 points 8 boards, Perk had 7 points 5 boards, who didnt do hit job?