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CHICAGO — Here in this viral world, there are no secrets anymore. All privacy is gone. You can’t even get dunked on in peace.

That is the scar Dwyane Wade must live with, the fact that being tattooed by Taj Gibson in Game 1 will stay forever in cyberspace. Such is the inconvenience of existing in modern times. Surely, many great players in the past were posterized in similar fashion, or even harsher, but there’s no proof. There’s no video archive. And therefore, they can always point to what happened to Wade and tell their grandchildren: That never happened to me.

Within hours after Wade was Gibsoned, the video received over 200,000 views on YouTube. You see, when Michael Jordan dunked on somebody, we became fond of saying the victim was “posterized.” But that is so 1992. Today, you get “YouTubbed.” Posters can get dog-eared and yellow and eventually thrown in the trash by your mom. When you get YouTubbed, it’s for life.

But history needs to be fair to Wade. He’s usually the sender, not the receiver. One facial, as rudely as it looked, doesn’t erase a career of dunking on others. As Wade said:

“That’s the first time I’ve been dunked on all year. I’ll take my 90-to-1 ratio of dunks this year. That’s a great ratio for me.”

Can you imagine if Wade in this series gets the ball on the break, with Gibson the lone defender, and LeBron James flying downcourt? You think LeBron is getting that pass? Probably not. Probably, in the mind of Wade, vindication is in order. He’s probably thinking of YouTube at that very moment.

Well, in honor of Wade, we offer up a few of his best dunks. And say what you will about the Gibson dunk, it has nothing on the abuse Wade heaped on Anderson Varejao, whose legs might be still in the air.



    WELCOME BACK RUSTY 40 MVP OF GAME 2…i know it…


    So what can you say MR. SHAUN POWELL??

    Hate those FAKE BULLS FANS especially the LORD of FAKERS MR. SHAUN POWELL..

    Why you did not post the dunk of the RUSTY MONSTER 40?BIASED…

    1-1 SERIES soon to be 1-3 HEAT…MARK MY WORDS…

    THE BULLS can’t play well without there crowd GO HEAT!!!THE HOME UNDEFEATED in the PLAYOFFS..

    Get the next two HOME games then give them the game5 and go back to MIAMI in 6..finished them at home…

  3. lb6 says:

    sweep what?? Heat will win the series in 6 games

    • Gary says:

      Hey hey, they decided to wake up tonight!

      • harharlos loser? says:

        I wouldn’t say wake up as i would say chicago fell asleep, shooting wise anyway, this game was much the same as the one two nights prior..

  4. Paddy Tee says:

    give it up for both teams…both amazing teams with amazin players…d wade is king rose is sik styll. people posting emo music shut jus go to another site for real….4-3 miami in the series baby wioth miami beating dallas in the final 4-2 watchhh and witness foolssssss

  5. Elvz says:

    Dunking on shorter guys is no big deal (that’s normal). Dunking on much taller guys however is amazing (not normal). Great facial nonetheless.

  6. lambo says:

    you crazy man how can you say taj gibson’s dunk was better than wade’s when he dunk on ibaka i want to see gibson do that or better yet block a 7 footers shot man come on i give taj respect for that but to say stupid comments like that make you look like a little kid or a grown man with no life just posting stupid comments and waiting for someone to reply….what an idiot!!

  7. Centrix says:

    The Bulls will win the series in four (4). The strength and speed of the Bulls are just too much for the Heat to handle eventhough the Heat players talk about making significant changes. The Miami Heat players are old already. The Bulls are so hot that they are and they will sweep the heat in this series. The Miami Heat’s big three are over. The Bulls will move to the NBA Finals against either the Mavs or Thunder. The Bulls’ defense and offense will lead them to be crowned the new NBA Champions this year. And the Heat players will be crying again.

    • Paddy Tee says:

      lol your too much, they couldnt sweep atlanta or indiana which r 2 teams not even on the heats level so for u to say sweep leaves me sayin ur an idiot…get ur brains up homie

  8. likedamaster says:

    That Taj Gibson poster was still better than any of Wade’s, sorry. But nice try Shaun Powell.

    • raymanster25 says:

      huh?!? maybe your blind, stupid and ignorant hater fan of the bulls….

      did i read… better than any of Wade’s? you must be joking right?

      you even used a lame name to hide your stupid comment….

      better than ANY OF WADE’S….

      haha… i’m beginning to think you are not watching HEAT Basketball to begin with….

  9. james wade says:

    i think Taj Gibson is taller than DWade so it was fair to take offence at Wade, even Dwade missed the ball (for the block) with little bit- I think 3 inches… so shut up bec. Heat will destroy them

    • james wade says:

      sry, -> ‘so it wasn’t fair to take offence at Wade’

      • harharlos loser? says:

        damn… fanboy much? how are the heat going to destroy the bulls? The heat have 2 great players, I have props for wade and james, but that’s it, 2 superstars can’t outplay a whole team of solid players, period. this isn’t some “old and ailing” team in Boston, or a fresh and inexperienced one the heat are up agains’t either, this is a solid team, with a very smart defensive coach in thibs…

      • Law064 says:

        LMAO destroy them?? Like they got destroyed huh 21 points. Not happening. Tonight will decide it all no talking will change that outcome

      • harharlos loser? says:

        damn straight son

  10. harharlos loser? says:

    WOW you really weren’t watching that game, the only thing lacking any resemblance to talent was the heat’s bench, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the Heat are a one trick pony, that one trick is ISO, shut that down and you end up with… that’s right you guessed it buddy, a loss.. I’m not a heat hater, I’m just a realist, the heat are capable of winning a championship, james and wade deserve one and two respecively, but you can only do so with a deeper team, you can’t just chuck together 3 superstars and hope for the best, give it a season, build a proper team and they will truly be legit champs, but for the time being, I doubt they’ll get it done.. oh and nice nicknames, really brings out the maturity and legtimises your argument… so lame, bulls in 6

  11. shhh says:

    great dunk from taj, and i expect him to get the favor in return… going to be a great series. go mavs!


  13. referee says:

    if you think about it why didnt lebron try to block wade shot from behind on that dunk on Varejao makes u question something in the nba lebron was close enough to do it so why not jump and block it

    • shhh says:

      great dunk from taj, and i expect him to get the favor in return… going to be a great series. go mavs!

  14. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:


  15. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    MR. SHAUN POWELL you are talking too much in here ( I STILL REMEMBER YOU SAYING MIAMI WINS IN 6..

    Maybe you are juzz doing you’re job and following orders from STERN but please,, you are destroying your personal reputation NO DOUBT YOU ARE A BIG FAKE IDIOT!!!!!

  16. LOLakers says:

    Vaj Gibson sucks! Lol Dong got lucky defending Lebron he even said so himself! Derpick Blows is overrated! The Bulls*** have no shooting guard! Choke-im Blow-ah is a dirty player who is also inconsistent! Harharlos Loser is a joke! The only one on the team that deserves any respect is their coach and that’s because anyone who takes a bunch of nobodies and makes it this far must be a good coach! But in the end the Bulls***s lack of anything resembling talent is going to work against them and the Heat will dominate the series! Then its onto beating Phallus again and collecting our rings! It all starts today with a revenge blowout followed by three in a row! Heat in 5!

  17. jeffeloi05 says:

    Wade is just way too aggressive for soft Varejao, and you got to give him props for smashin on perkins

  18. LBJ says:

    The dunk on varijeo was great but he knee’s nhim it the stomach doesnt take the hit to his chest.

    And the one on Perkins is travel, NBA refs never call travel on the spin moves. Blake griffin did the same thing

  19. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    1DUNK of TAJ GIBSON ON DWADE?????That’s enough to be proud of and shout to the whole planet?????YOU ARE A BIG JOKE MR. SHAUN POWELL..How many times DWADE did that compare to GIBSON?What about breaking the ankle of RAY ALLEN and “THE MAKING” of BLIND GARNETT infront of driving FLASH did you mention that?how many viewers in the YOU TUBE?

    I am not surprised if there’s lot of FAKE in this site coz the one who post this blog is the leader of the fakers..
    When MIAMI win over the CELTICS MR. SHAUN POWELL is very TALKATIVE in favor of MIAMI, when MIAMI lost he is in CHICAGO ‘s side, for sure after game2 when MIAMI wins he will talk much for the BULLS…

  20. HEAT says:

    Its 3 bulls to 1 miami 6-4 guard , hes defensive effort is really wonderful. He got dunked on but comparing hes stats and hes dunks , D-WADE is far way better. Miami 4-1 ^_^

  21. raymanster25 says:


    TAJ GIBSON… watch out… next time you’ll be the one in you tube…
    don’t make D-WADE return the favor…

    Vindication will be sweet….

    and for all the MIAMI HEAT HATERS…. its just 1 game… is the series over? no not yet i suppose…

    hahahaha….. D-WADE and company will have the last laugh…

  22. Bishop says:

    Next season, Miami Heat will change their name to Miami Hate. Because of so many haters. Let’s just watch and enjoy the game.

  23. jon says:

    Yeah, yeah, 4 – 3 Heat.

  24. Francis says:

    Man…a 6’9 forward dunking on a 6’4 guard..HOW AMAZING!!!!!!

    With all do respect to TAJ, he has vertical…but as you can see in the clip, he is running to the basket and the lone defender WADe is coming from a stand still block..what do you expect? least wade is man enough to be the last line of defense.

    90:1 ratio do the math baby….

    no matter what those wade haters says: just read the stats and tell me in my face that D-WADE is not a super-star…

    • HeatWave says:

      Well I think Wade didn’t expect Taj to get up on him but still your right he took the contact where most guys move out the way. Look at tonight, When they were driving in for a dunk most the Chicago defenders moved out the way.

  25. femi adesina says:

    im waiting for the bulls to get the respect they deserve for being a team that can actually win. they just suck miami all the time its so annoying. i really hope chicago gives miami a b eaeting for the rest of the series so all the pple who blindly love miami will finally shut up. like dont belittle chicagos first game effort. they did a great job against wade and lebron….of course they will continue to highlight the two layups that wade missed that he normally makes but cacn i remind u they lost by 21 so with those two layups they lost by 17. hooray. like credit where credit is due…ivenever seen a team do a good defensive jo b on both wade and lebron on the same night. the weakness of both guys area their inability to shoot the ball consistently well and so if u clog the lanes as the bulls will continue to do they had success against lebron. if he powers through and makes it good job but its good stuff nonetheless. they sasid the same thing w hen bosh went 1-18. they said ooo thats a fluke because if he made shots theyd win and they lost the next game as well.

  26. -chester- says:

    game 1 is only a warm-up for the heat. Game 2 is the real Start of this series!!!

    • game one? warmup? says:

      warm-ups during playoff season? get out of here with that BS, that game was just as predicted Chicago’s defense shutting down the heat, sure the bulls performed poorly against some “lackluster” teams, but they have an amazing record against solid championship contenders… especially the heat.. Bulls in 5, 6 most…

      • Law064 says:

        ECF a warm up?? Get real let’s go Bulls game 2 here in the Chi. Oprah had the UC yesterday for her show she’s such a G.

  27. bullsnlakersnumber1 says:

    i’m a bulls fan hard! but Wade is one of my favourite individual players..that was an amazing dunk on him by Gibson, but that has nothing on what he has done. it’s crazy how people take something that happens all the time and makes it into a huge deal when it comes to it happening to someone high in the ranks. d-wade, you’re still the man.

  28. OzHeatFan says:

    Why do my sensible comments never get posted, yet many other ignorant ravings get put up???


  29. Red - Cian says:

    “Exit light enter night take my hand we are off to never never land”

  30. Exit light into night, take my hand till neverland”….

  31. Remember this:
    Bulls vs Heat turns into a very “darkness” series. Something lige King Crimson album “Red”. Too deep dark.

  32. Mark says:

    Shaun Powell… Purveyor, defender, advocate, and fan of all things Miami Heat and Big 3 related…

  33. Chitauri says:

    Lebron is the next magic J.

  34. Chitauri says:

    People haven´t give due respect to Wade. The respect that Wade deserves. H e will win this year a championship and 6 more in a row in future cuz he and the currently Miami Heat team deserves it.

  35. OGIE D. says:

    Give one to Taj,great dunk. However, Taj would be very foolhardy to think that’s the end of it. Watch out because DWade and company will get back at him and the Bulls when he least expect it and when it matters a great deal, like an end of game clincher. Great game for the Bulls but that’ll only fuel the Heat’s flame to do even better. Go HEAT! I still believe it will be 4-2 Heat.

  36. I’m still remembering that reporter:
    “I want to see it again because I don´t believe it” hahah

  37. _Ebony_ says:

    Emm. Can’t you see Dwyane pushed Varejao on that one??? And that’s what Anderson indicates. That dunk is great, no question, but still with some “super-star call” help by the referee.

    • Chuck says:

      If there was any call, it’d be a blocking. Anderson was inside the semi-circle.

    • Chris says:

      He didn’t push him. Varejo is a punk, and he deserved it.

      He loved it.

      He’s still thinking about, and nursing a semi whilst thinking about it.