No Regrets For Clippers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS (WEST COAST OFFICE) — The deal the Clippers celebrated in February as the chance to add Mo Williams and ditch Baron Davis and his bloated contract became the source of at least an instant of stabbing pain Tuesday when the Lottery pick included in the trade turned into the No. 1 pick in the Draft for the Cavaliers.

Cleveland got the selection along with Davis for Williams and Jamario Moon, and so Cleveland will almost certainly take Kyrie Irving with the top selection on June 23 as the Duke freshman becomes the point guard of the future for the Cavaliers instead of the Clippers. Guess what the Clips will be hearing about all summer?

“Protecting the pick was never an option,” L.A. general manager Neil Olshey told “There is no way to Monday morning quarterback this (since) our draft position wouldn’t have been the same had we not made the deal as I’m sure we would not have finished 11-11 post-trade without Mo Williams.

“Additionally, we had a 97-percent chance of sitting here tonight with Baron Davis (taking up 25 percent of our cap), the eighth pick in a weak draft and no cap flexibility. Adding Mo Williams and $8.5 million in cap room gave us a better opportunity to become a playoff team next year than adding a seventh player under 23 with no NBA experience.”

Saying adding protection to the pick — for the top three, for example — was not possible is an indication the clause would have been a deal breaker for the Cavaliers. Given the chance to scuttle the deal or jump on the rare chance to move Davis’ contract, the Clippers took the risk that would blow up on them months later.

The Clippers figured, or hoped, they were trading the No. 8 choice in a bad draft and that there was little chance of a bad outcome. Indeed, there was only a 2.8 percent chance the pick would move all the way to the top. Welcome to that bad outcome.


  1. Ri says:

    this is the reason why lakers are better than clippers.. lakers are looking in every direction they steal gasol when every 1 thinks it is not possible.. they select bynum when there are alot of obvious choice in that draft.. they choose shaq over kobe.. while clippers just wasting draft picks either it is a poor pick,or draft pick leaving just like blake in 5 yrs not unless he injure himself again the way he’s playing

  2. Neil says:

    You guys are getting way to much misinformation from way too many incorrect sources.

    The pick sent to Cleveland could not be protected as Boston own our 2012 pick via the Bledsoe trade and the league mandates the reserve protection last only one year. Thus both Boston and Cleveland could end up owning the same pick. In order to get around this, the Clippers only option was to mandate that should the pick go 1-3 then Cleveland will get the 2012 Minnesota pick instead. This would only work if the Clippers kept their top 3 pick this year. Oshley felt that the 2012 Minny pick was worth more than Irving and thus insisted on zero protection. Thats life sometimes. Good for Cleveland – they need all the help they can get.

  3. Clippersfan4life says:

    they should regret this was awful trade mo williams is wac he couldnt play wit lebron n win cuz he chokes so y would he play better wit blake? we need a new pg i hope mo williams is jus trade bait… i’ve been a fan all my life n it made me wonder if the organization really wants to win …

  4. besharpone says:

    All of you Do Do’s hating on the Cav’s please tell me what is hell have the Clippers done…EVER. They are in the lottery every year, but still cannot function as a successful team. Who cares how many so-called good young players that they have.

    They have had young players for years, but still cannot accomplish anything. When have the Clippers become a haven for free agents? They are in LA, right? Well, that doesn’t seem to be doing them much good, so they may as well bein Cleveland, right?

    Spin it any way you want…the Cavs have their pick that turned into the number 1 pick in the draft!!! That is all that matters. All the other BS you all keep spewing out of your mouths won’t change that.

    The Cavs will be back in the playoffs before the Clippers will. Did you notice that I said BACK in the playoffs? When is the last time the Clippers were in the playoffs, with all of their early 1st round picks and all of their “great young players”?

    As bad as the Cavs were last year, they are still more respected than those perenial losing step children to the LA Lakers.

    The bottom line is the nut of an owner in LA LA Land, couldn’t afford to pay BD and was winning to do anything to get rid of his contract, even agreeing to a non-protected trade that everyone who matters in the NBA is no making fun of.

    The BD contract doesn’t bother the Cav owner. He has very deep pockets and has shown that he is willing to spend whatever it takes. BD’s attitude changed completely once he got out of Clipper Land. What’s up with that? Hmmm…he wasn’t dying to live in LA? The Paradise of the NBA?

    Crawl back under your rocks Do Do’s.

  5. WG says:

    They probably should fret it . I mean cmon, The Clippers coulda kept Baron, Had Bledsoe as a future PG and made a solid choice at the wing or made a draft day deal for something better than Mo Williams. Mo can play but with a Young n upcoming team, they coulda had something solid from the draft and had a team built to grow and really compete for 10years. They will anyway, but if in the next 10years they dont win a championship, it could be because of something like this.

  6. Deep3 says:

    It doesn’t matter much, Kahn of Minny is trading the number 2 pick to LAC anyway for Chris Kaman so they will get Derek Williams who is a better fit.

    2011 LAC:
    C DeAndre Jordan
    PF/C Blake Griffin
    SF/PF Derek Williams
    SF/SG Al Faroqu Aminu
    SG/PG Eric Gordon
    PG/Sg Eric Bledsoe

    is a good 6man core plus Mo Williams pg starter, then backup when Bledsoe takes over.

  7. HeatWave says:

    Clippers need a better coach.

  8. Carrie Tolivert says:

    Clips already have a good line up. Just need a new coach.


    The line up is already solid except the number 3 spot. They can get Iggy or they can lure Granger via trade.

    • Daniel says:

      yeah they do have a good lineup, just need a 3…i thought they should have picked up T-Mac last summer since no one really wanted him…instead he went to a team with 10 wing players already

  9. bignbafanbutrealityiskey says:

    ok, people, stop saying the clips are a playoff team. there in too tough a conference. maybe in the east. not the west. 3 years, when bledsoe, griffin,gordan, and jordan are all perennial all stars, we’ll talk. not with mo running point, no real shooting threat, and terrible D

    • sean says:

      lol i dont like mo williams but that is just stupid dude have u ever watched his game the only thing he is is a scoring threat haha doesnt do much else

  10. just ed says:

    Clippers are the best team in the league

  11. Ryan says:

    I think it’s good for the Clippers to not have the top pick. They have a great group that has finally had a little chemistry at the end of the year. Barring injury and/or a stupid trade I think they are definitely playoff material for the 2011/2012 season. They should hedge their bets on Kemba Walker as a shooter to back up Eric Gordon or Derrick Williams as a backup to Blake Griffin. It’s gonna be a good year for everyone in LA. The Cav’s definitely needed it more than any other team.

  12. Joe buck says:

    the clippers will be fine without irving, they have pieces in blake, and gordon, jordan, williams is not a bad point guard i can see the clippers in the playoffs in 2 years. the cavs will be a bad team for another 3-5 years depending on furture drafts Irving is projected to be an all star player i don’t think he can carry a team on his back

  13. shervin says:

    you i think they should select a small forward instead of a point gaurd to fill lebron’s place

  14. CAVS says:

    You clipper fans kill me with you cleveland shots. You guys go out of your way to be bad EVERY year. Your basketball history doesnt even compare to Cleveland. Knock it off. Perfect example, i like MO but he does nothing better the BD. Even at this age

  15. Joaqui says:

    its not all bad for the clips or the cavs..
    cavs gets irving and probobly a solid sf for there 4th pick
    and clips got mo who was amazing at pick and rolls that led a n amazing higlight and feed for lebron. which would now be blake instead of lebron. sure clips and cavs may not be in the playoffs this year but hopefully in the next 3 or 4 years they would go to the playoffs as a 6th or maybe even a 5th seed. anyways there records would improve that i know mayb by 10 or 15 wins of improvement all im trying to say is it was a good trade hopefully baron either retires early or gets promoted to the no 2 spot (SG) then we could have a solid team

  16. SeenaM says:

    the clippers wouldn’t have gotten the number 1 pick anyway so wats there to be mad about

  17. bcboi says:

    too bad clips traded the number 1 pick for mo, it would be nice to see a young team like the clips be like OKC, like a strong PG teaming up with an athletic forward

  18. Tomas says:

    Yeah this is a stupid post, its not like they necessarily would have won the top pick, I’m sure the universe would have been different enough to produce a different outcome. Pretty stupid read

  19. TheBGHighlight says:

    What everyone is failing to realize is that the Clippers couldn’t protect the pick even if they wanted to. As what everyone doesn’t realize is that the timberwolves, I believe, own the Clippers 2012 1st round pick. So if the Clippers were to have protected their pick, then it could have led to a situation where they own Cleveland and Minnesota the same pick, which can’t happen.

    So even if the Clippers wanted to protect the pick, they couldn’t. As for the trade, it was a good trade and what people don’t realize is that this draft is incredibly weak and Kyrie probably won’t ever be a top 5/10 PG. So for the Cavs to get a ok potential all-star player who will eventually take up a 6 figure contract isn’t all that great. So the Clippers will be happy as they now have a chance of getting a player which actually will be worth the money they are going to pay.

    Thats my two cents anyways.

  20. Faheem says:

    cavs deserve a break irving will add a strong pg to their linup and will be the key scorer for the cavs because lebron james left

  21. Amauri Ramirez says:

    imagine they would have had the 1st and 4th pick in the 2003 draft… Then THEY would have had Wade and LeBron right now!

    • sean says:

      yea if in hindsight they made the stupid mistake again of drafting darko milicic 2nd in the draft haha

  22. alex says:

    good luck to clevland 1 and 4 ,good job after that p… lebron left them
    they will have talent now

  23. AusRob says:

    I don’t know how I’d feel exactly if I was a Cavs fan… even if you landed with the #1 and #2 picks, Kyrie Irving + Derrick Williams =/= LeBron James. They’ll do better certainly, but the East is the attractive conference at the moment. Yes you can say they’ll be playoff-bound in a few years, but picking teams who’ll drop out is a lot harder. Maybe Indiana and Philly will slide, maybe Boston will be out in the wilderness for a few years after the Big 3 are gone, But I think it’s going to be very, very hard for them to make in-roads in the East.

  24. Madco says:

    Mo is the point guard for the Clips…he just needs his confidence back…and to stay injury free…..
    as much as i like Duke and Kyrie Irving i dont think his game is ready for the pros.

  25. VI says:

    This article is sensationalism at best and you, Mr. Howard-Cooper, obviously know it. As the GM of the Clippers pointed out, there is no way of even mentioning the “what if” because circumstances such as the 11-11 record put them in the position of having that lottery spot to begin with. But thanks for the entertainment anyway.

  26. James says:

    I think the Clippers Management regrets somehow in some way that trade move. They should have wait till offseason before trading Davis plus their future picks. They could have get the top pick in this years draft. Clippers would be the most interesting and entertaining team with Kyrie Irving at the point. Bad! My personal advice for the Clips: trade Chris Kaman for a solid SF. Blake and DeAndre will be their frontcourt, and these two are the one of the most athletic big man in the league.

    • sean says:

      this would work just deandre jordan has to kick it into high gear and improve over the summer so hes adequate as a starting C

  27. huh? says:

    the clippers needs a much better coach than del negro. i think they should have a coach who’s a defense oriented, some one like lawrence frank or a coach that can handle bigs like jeff vangundy, they have to be a run and gun team with a hard nose on defense, if they really want to contend on the playoffs, west is a tough conference to play to,

  28. eric moritz says:

    by any means necessary to get out of that baron davis deal . that was a must do because the possibility or chance to get rid of bd wasn’t gonna come along again . clippers got ballers ,they just need to learn to win night in and night out . another rookie aint gonna help that cause . i think clips became one of the most exciting to watch last year especially after the trade . at this point i think if clips had a better coach they could go all the way . i say clips make 2cnd or 3rd round playoffs .

  29. Aaron says:

    I kinda feel sorry for cleveland cause they were in such a scramble after bron left…. what was the losing streak at? 23 straight loses? i’m no cleveland fan, but it sucks seeing guys like antione jamison on a losing team again

  30. SSD LAKERS FAN says:



  31. cio says:

    IRVING = 4 years then trade/leave
    CAVS = 1st pick again in 2016

  32. Justin says:

    The Clips need a good small forward, and they don’t need kyrie irving but derrick williams will be good for the team. Bad move, LA Clippers.

  33. think says:

    The clips have a history of wasting their draft picks anyway, except for blake

    • D. WILL says:

      Blake is gonna follow in Elton Brands Foot steps and skip town after his 6th or 7th year in the league after he realizes that the Clipps organization doesn’t know how to build a team, I don’t mean to talk bad about them but the proof is in the pudding… How many championships do they have, as a matter of fact how many times have they went to the playoffs or even won a playoff series?!

  34. KP says:

    the clippers….lulz

  35. Victor Manoel says:

    Man, and what about the pressure on Irving, since the last Cavs’ #1 pick was a guy called, hum, LEBRON JAMES???

    Hope the best for him, but there will be tough times in Cleveland til they get back to the contention. This team, right now, even with Kyrie, won’t go anywhere but the lottery. I’m Brazilian, and I love Varejão, so I hope better moments for Cleveland, but this is not gonna come anytime soon.

  36. CAVSFAN says:


  37. Chad says:

    This is not even worth the discussion. If the clips had of dropped one or two more games with BD they would have still been picking 7th (8th being almost the only pick moving up in the lottery!!). Clips got a good deal and as much as people want to talk about this. You think the Cavs wouldn’t trade this years Picks (and next) for the Clips no 1 pick in 09???

  38. Tofhu says:

    Clippers don’t need any pick anymore they just need to upgrade their bench and also the smallforward spot .. if they can get some players like jamal crawford (a good sixth man) they will make the playoffs ..

  39. Amitpal says:

    There was no way clippers saw this coming. Its all good though cause Eric will be a good point guard some day and they got mo now. The clippers are headed the right way anyways.

  40. Jacob says:

    How about we hate on Cleveland a little bit more? The Cleveland fans deserve this, it’s an exciting time for the Cavs. They have the money they got from the aftermath of the decision to get a solid player and out of these two picks at least one of them will become a very good player in the NBA.

  41. Nobody says:

    Well, Cavs got Irving and another early first round pick, so hopefully these two picks can become a core rebuild team… soon. with a new PG in town maybe baron davis can move to the 2 position? dunno about it, but i’m glad it worked out for both teams.

  42. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    This doesnt mean anything. Number 1 pick or not the Clipps have far too many young players. And not just any young players but compared to most young teams in the league they have a young roster to envy. Lets start with SG Eric Gordon thats only 22 years old and put up allstar numbers last season, 20 ear old PF Blake Griffin who was amazing and will soon become a great player, 19 year old SF Aminu Al-farouq who showed some glimpse of how good he could become at both ends of the floor, 20 year old PG Eric Bledsoe who is athletic and can shoot the ball, he could become something special and last but not least a 21 year old Center De’andre Jordan who has athleticism like Dwhight Howard but is still raw, with more game time and more time in the weights room this kid will become awesome.

    Year in year out the Clipps have received some really good drafts but sometimes it isnt the draft pick and how high it is but what that particular team makes off it. So Clipps know they have all the right pieces in every position for the future but like OKC they need to find ways to become instant playoff contenders and that means leaving some cap space to lure some veterans. Veteran leadership is needed badly on this young team otherwise they’ll have some issues to deal with in the not to distant future!

    • Jake says:

      Blake Griffin is already a great player, but nice post though.

      • Chris says:

        He’s not great yet. Great is a word for Charles Barkley and Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman. You can’t be GREAT after one year, you can have a great year, but to be a great player you’ve got to perform on a winning team. Griffin shouldn’t have been an ALLSTAR this year. He got picked over Zach Randolph and LaMarcus Aldridge who were on winning teams putting up serious numbers.

        If he stays healthy, he will be good, but it takes a lot of years of great playoff performances to be a great player.

  43. j says:

    Uh, look at OKC. A point guard with Blake Nasty? Baron was a bad signing and a bad contract but he’d be off the books by the time you had to pay Blake and Irving big money. Wow, that actually sucks. Now, with the Lakers falling into cap hell and old age the Clips could have really build serious buzz. If Irving becomes even a above-average PG, the Clips would be playoff contender with Gordon and Blake.

  44. They’re not going to miss out on that much. Draft kind of weak.

  45. Ri says:

    they question is not to trade baron.. it is to give up a protected pick that if it is top 3 it will stay with clippers… they could easily do it and probably just add a second round pick to the deal… because even Cleveland has no idea that it will be a top 3 pick the way clippers are fighting for play off spot… very poor management move… if clippers has the first pick they could just trade it to move high in the draft and get a solid sf plus a solid player… hahaha karma…

  46. Auch bad news says:

    Realy. Irving is like a big vercion of c. paul and is a impact player and cleaveland got other top 5 pick. in 3 or 4 years this team woul be a playoff team and this is a bad news for the Clippers, MO is only a shooter but Irving is a All Around Player

  47. ShaqFan says:

    clippers gm cant say the draft is weak who even knew that players from the 96 draft would become all stars MVP’s

  48. triptin says:

    the clips got heaps of youngsters.they should jus save cap space so they can go shopping for a cp3. but if they dont get him they still got a nice line up the way they are.get a top line coach then make a run.blake will step up another level next season.

    • D. WILL says:

      What………… CP3 wouldn’t go to LAC!! He’s already made it known that he wants to play in NY… Now maybe they can make some moves for Deron Williams if they can get him to believe he can play along side Mo Williams by moving one of the to the 2 guard and with Blake in the post is a good group to build around.

      • PC8 says:

        That is just stupid…
        1- They don’t need a PG, because they got Mo and Bledsoe…
        2- Why will they move one of that 2 too SG, PS: They got Eric Gordon…

  49. Edcel says:

    yeah, as everybody says, this years draft is so weak.. Mo williams is younger than davis and more athletic, plus LAC got $8million more in their cap space which could add dependable players this summer.. i really hope that LAC could get a dependable C or an SF guy.. im not a fan of LAC but i dont want to see Griffin’s future in a non playoff contender team, it’s a waste being ROTY

  50. Jrok says:

    They had no way of knowing that it would turn out to be number one. I love baron davis but they got what they wanted. Plus the clippers already have too many young players.

  51. stevieooo says:

    Clippers doesnt need a PG,they already got Mo and i think Blesou will be their future PG.and i feel bad for Irving he gonna play for cavs for 7 years maybe just 3 or 4 and leave

    • jeff smith says:

      i wouldnt consider playing for the clippers much better

      • true says:

        true but at least right now the clippers have a bit of national appeal. they are slightly entertaining to watch and out of all the crap teams out there at least your in LA

      • Jake says:

        You wouldn’t want to play PG with Blake Griffin DeAndre Jordan and Eric Gordon running the floor? The Clips should be a playoff team next year.

      • sean says:

        uh i would? younger team that had more wins and has a BRIGHT future because theyre team is mostly all young and did you forget
        whats appealing about cleveland again?

    • Imad Akel says:

      he is right they didnt lose the pick. if they didnt make the trade, they wouldnt have even had the pick.
      they did the right thing.