Hang Time Podcast (Episode 56)

DALLAS — For all you nostalgic types out there, a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals probably seems like an appropriate way to end these NBA playoffs.

The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat can line up and do it all over again, and we get to see how things end up this time around (last time the Mavericks were up 2-0 and minutes away from a 3-0 lead before the bottom fell out and the Heat rallied for a 4-2 win and Dwyane Wade landed his Finals MVP trophy).

Too bad no one told the Chicago Bulls. Because they seem intent on spoiling those plans, their rout of the Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals being Exhibit A!

The Oklahoma City Thunder will have something to say in the Western Conference finals as well. They kickoff their series against the Mavericks here tonight at American Airlines Center, doing their best to join the Derrick Rose‘s Bulls in this postseason’s ongoing youth movement.

We break down both of those series, and more, with the people in the know on Episode 56 of the Hang Time Podcast this week. Our special guests include Bulls beat writer extraordinaire KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune and Mavericks center, defensive menace and Twitter stalwart Tyson Chandler, who was gracious enough to join us after the team’s last practice before Game 1.

Chandler also had to suffer through one of our classic HTP moments. At the end of our interview with Chandler, see if you can figure out which undisclosed airport location (to be named later) one of us was hanging out in during the taping of Episode 56.


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  1. MIchael JOrrdan says:

    QUIT HATING ON THE BULLS Cause u jelouse
    and the latinos dont like the heat

    • West says:

      Clearly you cant spell!!!! thew Bulls are nice but cant hang with the talent of the MAVS. miami is good but cant hang with the depth of the MAVS as well!!!

  2. The Unknown Sports says:

    if the mavs do go on…it is due to Dirk stepping up to the plate. This guy has an interesting point: http://25twofour.com/2011/05/18/dirk-nowitzki-how-good-was-may-17ths-peformance/

  3. Mavs 2011 champ says:

    It’s ok to trust OKC but not too much, coz at the end of the day u get hurt a lot. woohhh

  4. Chris says:

    These playoffs are all about team effort! Sure, the Bulls have Rose, the Thunder have Durant, the Mavs have Nowitzki, and the Heat have LeBron & Wade. But overall, ist was not one player winning a series, it was the better team that won (and yes, the heat were the better team than the celtics)! As a Mavs fan, I would love to see Dallas vs. Heat in the finals, but I think the Bulls will win the series and go to the finals, just because they are the better team (Miami will be a great team, as soon as they get a good center, and 1 or 2 more solid role players). I also think that Dallas will make it, but not from a fan perspective. They just play great basketball right now and their bench production is outstanding. When you have a bench that can score about 50 to 60 points any given night, that’s worth a lot. No offense to the Thunder, they will challenge the Mavs for sure, but overall, I don’t see them win 4 games in this series.
    So my finals would be Mavs vs. Bulls, which should be as interesting a matchup as it can be!

  5. eddym77 says:

    LETS GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!LETS GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LETS GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LETS GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LETS GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LETS GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE THUNDER ROLLS, AND THE LIGHTNING STRIKE, THE THUNDER ROLL GIVING DALLAS SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. THE THUNDER ROLLLLLLLLLLLL

  6. eddym77 says:

    to the thunder nation keep your head up and look thru the wants for you to come up short we are a great Team with great PLAYERS and great COACH and GREAT FANS experience,history. were getting as we go 7 game battle against a good team denver a scary team with weapons everywhere. A young smart athletic group of guys

  7. All latinos are with you Miami Heat!!!!!!! Let´s go Heat!!!Let´s go Heat!!!Let´s go Heat!!!

  8. le chateau says:

    Chicago’s crowd:
    People say that you are the most fanatic crowd in the NBA…Well I tell you this:
    Be realistic. Do you think D-Rose is better than Michael Jordan? And…
    Do you believe Tag Gibson is better than Scottie Pippen? Plus…
    Do you believe Gibson is better than Horace Grant? Or…
    Do you believe Dung´s dunk was better than Michael´s dunks in season and post season? And…
    Do believe Cj Watson or Krover is better than Paxon and Steve Kerr?

    • Rich says:

      They may not be better than any of those players individually… but they are better than the Heat as a team.

  9. What a pity! Durant and Rose believe themselves the answers of the league. You can´t live without a past. What the hell is this! Durant is Michael Jordan with a hump. Derrick Rose is the new I. Thomas sucking STOCKTON b%%&S first. They don’t have respect for their past Franchises.
    Seattle s.= Gary Payton, S. Kemp
    Chicago Bulls= Pippen Jordan, Phil Jackson.
    And remember Dennis Rodman before play for Chicago he had two championships with Detroit.

    It´s a pity!.

    • eddym77 says:

      well to me the thunder are a new franchise new label not the sonics the, sonics died 3 years ago this is the thunder and are history starts there so its not a pity its a celebration as far as d. rose what can you say about that man as humble and gentle he is with the media when was the last time chicago was this deep in the playofffs with home court? durant with a hump or not he is still the 2 time scoring champ. so in short quit hate’n LEO!

  10. Otnz says:

    Lol , i dont want to take anything away from KD he is a great player, but KD is pretty much 10 years younger then dirk, and no1 talked bout Memphis beatin the OKC , everybody talked bout Blazers will eliminate the Mavs and dat the Lakers will eliminate the Mavs only dude dat i heard sayin dat the Mavs are gon upset the Lakers was Sir Charles Barkley, but i agree, the series will be great and the series will go up to 6 or 7 games,

  11. Bryce says:

    Heat will beat the bulls, and mavs will beat OKC.
    They wont be able to handle the 3’s raining down from the sky.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      there wont be 3’s reaining from the sky, okc is not the lakers, we can actually rotate on defense! I hope everyone continues to overlook the Thunder, right up until we win it all, all playoffs i have heard, Denverwill beat OKC, memphis will beat OKC, well we are still standing and have the most dangerous person on the court (no offense Dirk as you are also unstopable but KD does get a few more PPG). Also westbrook will get a lot of penetration to the hoop most of our big men (not perk) can step away from the hoop and hit a mid range jumper, so there will be opportunities.i think this will be a great series, as for following up a 7 game series, 2 of those games were blowouts and our starting 5 got a lot of rest, i dont think fatigue for OKC wil be as much of a factor as rust might be for the MAVS. hopefully this is a good series!

  12. Superstarss says:

    i think mavs might win it all this year

  13. Omar = Mavs ALL THE WAY says:

    Mavs take down Oklahoma in 6, 2 to the Mavs then 2 to the Thunder then Mavs finish last 2 !