A Legend For A Legend In LA?

DALLAS — Since the Lakers are entertaining a long list of retread candidates to replace Phil Jackson, why not add another one to the list.

But this one, unlike some of the others already mentioned, is a legend in his own right. What about Jerry Sloan replacing Jackson?

We can’t take credit for this one here at the HT hideout, since our main man Mike Monroe of the Express News floated the idea first after a conversation with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich:

Shouldn’t the Lakers ask Jerry Sloan if he would like to discuss replacing Jackson?

“I just can’t see him staying on the farm,” the Spurs coach said. “Jerry’s too freakin’ competitive.”

It’s hard to imagine Sloan, who swears he is perfectly content on his Macleansboro, Ill., farm, adapting to the go-go life in La-La Land.

Adapting to a coaching role that includes replacing a legend?

Easier than shucking an ear of corn.

“L.A. is very ‘un-Jerry,’ but he’d have the respect, that’s for sure,” Popovich said. “People would listen.”

They would listen because Sloan is a Hall of Fame coach and because he remains just as competitive as the most intense of players.

Sloan’s approach to basketball, and life, is so foreign to Jackson’s, he could be the perfect replacement.

Here’s something easy to imagine: Kobe Bryant, executing high pick-and-rolls with Pau Gasol or Lamar Odom, as John Stockton once ran them with Karl Malone.

Sure, it sounds crazy: Sloan no-nonsense approach working with the Lakers. But admit it, you’d pay to see Sloan put Ron Artest through the paces at practice, wouldn’t you?

Seriously, though, could Sloan work as the Lakers’ next coach?

He’d certainly instill some toughness in Gasol and Andrew Bynum, challenging them to be much better than what we saw from them at the end of the Jackson era (you remember that four-game meltdown against the Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals, don’t you?).

It’s just crazy enough to work …


  1. If Sloan goes to coach the Lakers after all the years he spent here in SLC, I think I might just commit hari-kari. Stop this madness. He’s not going to coach the Lakers.

  2. Yaron Levgoren says:

    Miami Heat is the one team that most needed to execute the pick-and-rolls, they should have contacted Jerry Sloan long ago !!!

  3. MonK3y says:

    As much as I’d love to see Jerry Sloan coach again I think it’s time for new blood, there are tons of young coaches out there begging for an opportunity to share their vision of the game. Of course L.A will only pick the cream of the crop.
    I personally think Sloan in L.A is a terrible fit.

  4. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    Which ever idiot criticizes coach Jerry Sloan well then your an idiot PERIOD! His method of playing isnt the value in him but just his experience and presence the Lakers could do with him. His coached few of the games greats and his coached against many of the games greats. Without making excuses for him have a look at “Utah” for instance, that city is a small market city and Sloan never had superstars just walk in and sign with them, the only superstars there were ones he drafted and coached from the very start! Sloans teams best years were the years of the ShowTime Lakers with Magic and co and also the Bulls era, then in the very late 90’s and early 2000’s when he thought he could sneak a championship in the new Lakers were born with Kobe & Shaq.

    Well bottom line is Lakers will do a minor roster shake up. The type of shake up that will get them few younger players a PG and some perimeter players along with Sloan and all of the sudden they’ll come back with a chip on their shoulders.
    They’ll be very unpredictable and Sloan never having won a Championship will push them to their limits!!

  5. nandan says:

    It would be quite ironic if Sloan or Adelman were to end up coaching the Lakers. I can’t believe that Houston didn’t resign Rick Adelman. Also, both of those coaches, while great coaches, will not be able to adapt to the drama that goes on in Lakerland. They are no nonsense coaches, and their coaching styles probably wouldn’t work with Kobe and co

  6. FatAlbert says:

    Shaw is becoming less and less of a possibility. Do you know how young he is? All the coaches the Lakers are interviewing are old. Their stint will be 7 years max. And in the time there is no way Shaw would leave because who wants to forfeit the Lakers throne? Plus go to Artest Wikipedia. He has MAD respect For Rick and vice versa. And under rick he averaged 19.5 5 and 5 for 4 years in Sacramento and Houston. Hows that for a third option if Bynum and Pau poop on the court and Kobe needs help like against Dallas

  7. lake-show01 says:

    What jerry Sloan couldn’t achieve in the past doesn’t mean anything now. he played with 2 legends and a solid defensive roster that at times were offensively challenged. Not to mention playing against Jordan & Pippen, and the Showtime Lakers. Sloan has already expressed his opinion that Kobe’s the most competitive and talented player since Jordan. Shaw will be a master of a coach, but what I think that the Lakers need a new game plan. Take out the triangle offense and use the Sloan technique of pick n rolls, high lows and perimeter spacing. Plus we all know the Lakers need to be a more consistent team on the defensive end and Sloan is known for that.

  8. lakerfan says:

    no offense to jerry sloan if he couldn’t do it in utah for 20 years what makes you think he’ll do it in L.A.
    Brian Shaw knows the ins and the outs of the game he’s played for Phil Jackson so he is the replacement.

  9. gggfffff says:

    man come on media just let it rest, its more than likely going to be shaw, i dont see lakers running a new offense until Kobe is done done in LA

  10. thejerr says:

    and for all the kids saying trade one of our bigs…. well, save your breathe

  11. thejerr says:

    why is this even being discussed, Rick Adelmen or Brian Shaw. No offense to sloan but everyone knows his playbook…. pick n roll and ur done. 20 some years of that in Utah. If im a Laker GM, im saying why is this even on nba.com guess you can thank the crack team of writers here for this waste of time. Cant wait till the offseason, then we can really see how bad the writers are on here lol.

  12. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    Who cares who the Lakers get as a head coach. Does anyone remember what Kobe said in his last press conference?? He quoted the late Tex Winter “It doesn’t matter what type of offense you run, as long as you run it properly”. So its true guys whether its Adelman,Sloan or even Shaw it wont matter because the end result must be the same.

    And why is it that every post i read about the Lakers for the past 6-7 years, i see some lame people taking cheap shots at Kobe?? One idiot said “If they get Sloan… Kobe has to go. Sloan has had enough divas in the league”
    I mean how could anyone even want to argue with this moron? they say when you argue with an idiot they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    Anybody that’s a real fan would want kobe in their respective teams in a HEARTBEAT!!!

    • LAKERSS4EVER says:

      So true, and well said. Id bet all of u would kill to have kobe on your team. And dudes seriously! what in the world did he ever do to you for you to go around sayin crap about him? hes a great player, and those of you who are tooo jealous to admit just dont say anything!

  13. Bird33 says:

    Don’t do it Jerry!!! You’ll wake up one day, driving a convertible and wearing heavy gold chains with a bad hair weave!!! Run, man, RUNNNNNN!!!!

    PS – we all have the utmost respect for what you accomplished – don’t blow it now 🙂

    A Celtics Fan

    • HITLER ! ! ! says:

      Very 0bvi0us “CRAB MENTALITY” c0mment, just can’t stand t0 witness Lakers pr0gressing as t0 the Celtics’ DOWNFALL . . .

  14. Libertatus says:

    Oh…….-THAT- Jerry. (won’t happen)

  15. Blueprint says:

    Oh hell no. Jackson was more accepting of a diva like Kobe, but Sloan’s a hard-nosed bottom-line coach that won’t put up with that garbage. And that may actually be a good thing for the Lakers, since it would force Kobe to play in a team offense, which is just nightmarish to even think about.
    Still, I want Sloan to go to the Heat. The Lakers have plenty of potential prospects they can choose from. The Heat need a coach like Sloan to reap their full potential, which is what I want to see as opposed to Spoelstra’s mockery of an offense.

  16. Chi-Town Walt says:

    Brian Shaw should be the coach PERIOD!

  17. I agree with Moshe. We are in dire need of a PG and I too love Fisher but as it happens with all players, his time has come to say goodbye and retire. I think we need faster legs on our bench and with those adjustments alone and Gasol becoming a little tougher we are right back in line to win another championship. Kobe is never going to leave L.A and he still has a lot left in the tank. Injuries and no rest gets the better of anyone including young players. Kobe will come back strong next seaons. I like and want to keep Gasol but he does need to toughen up. Let us all remember if it weren’t for him we would not have these past two championships. I think Shaw would make a good coach and Sloan might not work well with us. I have to say though I would trade Bynum for Howard in a heartbeat. Bynum has way to many injuries and his attitude toward the end showed he still has some growing to do as a person. Howard is young and if we could get him on an even trade or maybe even for future draft picks, Walton, Fisher (wishful thinking) I would be in favor of it. Lakers for life for me though whether we are winning or losing…. I bleed Purple and Yellow!!!

  18. Jeff Lee says:

    You can never replace Phil w/ any current candidate, but Jerry’s a very close one. If Lakers can’t get back to the level of offense they used be, at least they will improve to a even better defensive team under coach Sloan. Isn’t that a better approach?

    Anyway, w/ all the gambling and odds and how Lakers played under this major system (even more important than any other strategically factors), it’s still hard to foresee whether they can be champ again.

  19. tata says:


  20. Moshe says:

    i have been watching basketball since the days of Dr.j and i am a great fan of the lake rs
    i think that basketball of today has changed dramatically and the lake rs spurs and celtics were caught with their trousers down
    what i am trying to say is the game today is very fast and young and strong legs needed but on the other hand you cannot play basketball without brains that is why i am saying besides kobe lamar bynum and gasol and shannon and artest they need eight young and smart playersluke walton did not play and blake and barnes did a very bad job from the bench they need at least ten players involved in a game
    i like dereck fisher but he is done we need young legs for him
    and one more very important thing for the lakers
    you cannot play basketball like sissy every game that gasol played he was crying on the court like a baby

  21. aticodejon says:

    he didn’t instill much of that “toughness” into boozer though

  22. hahaha says:

    no we neeeed yao ming back hahahahaahaahahaha

  23. J says:

    kobe’s the one who’s gotta keep his attitude in check.. i think phil deferred to him way too much in the more recent years

  24. Jake in Cali says:

    How bout this……..if we get Sloan to coach, we thoroughly lose ANY chance of getting Deron Williams, who, in my humble opinion, would be a better fit for this team and DEFINATELY a bigger need than trying to get Dwight Howard. We got bigs that can work. We have NO point guard that works!!!
    @think – You’re on crack if you think the Lakers would EVER get rid of Kobe. Not only is his contract set up so they CAN’T get rid of him, but it would be like the Celtics trading Larry Bird or the Lakers trading Magic or the Bulls trading Jordan, just cause their gettin old. STUPID COMMENT! Besides, Sloan has a history of coaching guys long into their twilight years. Look and Stockton and Hornacek!

    • Ed says:

      We could still get CP3 tho. I feel you on the point guard argument. I’ll take CP3 over Dwight. We’re fine with bigs. The point guard position has been hurting us in the playoffs for years.

  25. Nick says:

    Jerry sloan isn’t coming back.

  26. think says:

    If they get Sloan… Kobe has to go. Sloan has had enough divas in the league

    • HITLER ! ! ! says:

      You have t0 GO & LEAVE this column als0 – ‘c0z y0u are the ULTIMATE “WHINING DIVA” y0u STUPID FOOL ! ! ! . . . Ü

      • Kung Fu Hustler says:

        @-think – come on, really?
        Did anybody notice that there is someone named Hitler on here. That is terrible. Is this a blog about basketball or is this a place for degenerates and rascist? Come on guys seriously? Even using a name like that for a joke is just wrong and whoever is moderating this site should be fired for letting somebody with the name HITLER post on a blog about sports,

  27. Ga says:

    Do It Mitch