Rebound now, or maybe not at all

CHICAGO — If the Miami Heat hope to rebound in Game 2 from their 103-82 pasting Sunday by the Chicago Bulls in the opener of the East finals, they will need to do just that: Rebound.

Rebound as they did at times in previous playoff games (52 vs. Philadelphia back on April 16). Rebound like Spider-Man working the glass. Rebound as if their postseason lives depend on it. Which they might.

Choose whichever you want, the Heat got beat on the boards. They managed to grab only six offensive rebounds (one more than their 2011 playoff low). That limited them to just eight second-chance points and worse, only 68 field-goal attempts. That matched their previous low in these playoffs.

So it did Miami little good to shoot at a higher percentage than Chicago; to match the Bulls’ 38 field goals while taking only 68 shots, the Heat would have had to shoot 55.8 percent. And no one shoots 55.8 percent against a Tom Thibodeau-coached defense in the postseason.

At the other end, the Heat grabbed 27 defensive rebounds but allowed Chicago to take back 19 of their misses. That fueled the Bulls’ bounty of 31 second-chance points. That’s deflating in its own sense but it really hurt because Miami did not make Chicago pay for its aggressiveness on the offensive glass. The Bulls still managed to get defenders back to close off Miami’s fast-break opportunities, even as Joakim Noah was grabbing eight offensive rebounds Carlos Boozer was getting four and Taj Gibson managed three off the bench.

Some of this is personnel, certainly. NBC Sports’ Pro Basketball Talk addressed that issue:

“[The] Heat have had their best success these playoffs with a small ball lineup. Meaning the 6-foot-9 Joel Anthony at center. The 76ers couldn’t expose the Heat for that, and the Celtics by design don’t try to grab offensive rebounds. But the Bulls do and just destroyed the Heat so severely it made Erik Spoelstra go to Jamal Magloire for 10 minutes to see if that would help. If the Heat have to go away from the Anthony lineup, they could suffer in other ways.”

Yeah, when your options in the middle are Anthony, Magloire or Juwan Howard Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Erick Dampier were inactive Sunday – that can happen.

But the Bulls deserve credit too for tiptoeing that fine line between going after their missed shots vs. heading off Miami’s transition game. Thibodeau had said Saturday, after his team’s final practice before the series, that he wanted his guys to do exactly what they had done all season, boards-wise.

“Our smalls have a responsibility of getting back to protect,” the Bulls coach said. “Our bigs, if they’re inside, go to the offensive glass. If a big is on the perimeter, he gets back. I don’t want to change what we do in terms of responsibility. But you are concerned about giving them easy baskets, so if it does mean you get everyone back, you get everyone back.”

Don’t overlook the Bulls’ accuracy from 3-point range (47.6 percent) and their care in not hoisting reckless long jumpers from out front, the ones most likely to kick back as breakout chances. It all conspired to beat the Heat on this particular night.

“When they started to overwhelm us on the glass,” Spoelstra said, “I think we started to lose our focus on the other end of the court. And it affected us.”


  1. ThomasJ9 says:

    Good game 2 Miami, Haslem looked good. Until Heat win again I still stick with my pick.
    Bulls N 5

  2. This is an interesting Topic! Aside from the Many Tangent Random Pointless Non Educated Factual Informational Gibberish Going On o_0
    I Actually Forgot forget that the topic was “GAME 1 Eastern Conference Finals Miami Heat Vs. Chicago Bulls”

    Kudos To These individuals below who have commented & stated Factual Information & not Just Bandwagon a Team Like a Season Ticket Holder Who Cant Accept Negative Criticism Toward His Team because he Devoted Must of His Life Savings to the organization ……Or Just Doesn’t Have REAL FRIENDS so they Sit on The internet & try & Stir up controversy 0_o

    #1-Thinking logically~2.ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING 3.karibkween 4.Enough Crying Already 5th-Ice Pogi

    Here Is the Facts! Miami Heat Played a Pretty Close Game the First half Even With the Obvious FLAWS! The Score was tied at Halftime! So this explains that even Due to Lack Of Rebounding and lack of energy from Lebron James & D-Wade ~MIAMI HEAT STILL KEPT UP~ The Bulls Have Lost under 12 Games in Chicago THIS SEASON & Playoffs Combined! Thats A Focused Overall Team effort! You Have to Remember That Chicago is The NUMBER 1 SEED in the EAST & Thibedeux(don’t mind my spelling) is a~ MONSTER defensive minded coach~! This Team is No SLOUCH!

    Fact#2 Chicago can BEAT MIAMI HEAT WITHOUT D ROSE But in Elaboration They CANT WIN THE SERIES WITHOUT HIM! This is a Talent Team With Depth Like no Other NBA team SO you must bring your A Game EVERY NIGHT VS Them!

    Fact# 3-Miami Has Lost a total of 2 Games The Whole Playoffs & Played Thier Worst Game Defensivly Vs The Chicago Bulls Game one Watching what Other Players Was doing while they Where On Defense! this isnt HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL!! On a Lighter The Energy They Brung Vs the Celtics Was NOT PLAYED in GAME 1.. Although Knocking off the Boston Celtics .. !Who! Did Just Recently Win a Championship! >This Playoff Series The Bulls Have Lost 3.. Now What does this reveal? That The Chicago Bulls CAN BE BEAT! & The Celtics PROVED they where a better overall team than Atlanta Hawks & Indian Pacers SO Most of the BULL-Shat You Heat illusionist are Making is evidently More than what it is!

    Game 2 Will Show the World Who Really Wants to Win a Championship! Chicago is an amazing team and May Upset the Heat! But in all essence the fact of the Matter is that emotional Game 6 Was A Testament of How Miami Can Close The Door on a Series! REBOUNDS & Defense Wins Championship! Along with a few prolific Scores…. I mean Someone has to Score Right? Miami Needs to RUN PLAYS, Play Aggressively On Offense & Defense Rely On their Three point Game When They Have a Substantial Safe Lead! Keep! James Jones in the game for at-least 20 minutes! Mike Miller Needs to take off all his Injury Gear & Act like he wants a To Play! D-Wade & Lebron James Must Play Like Leaders! Chris Bosh Must do the EXACT SAME THING AS IN GAME 1 >>>Or Miami Heat will Get Shut SHUT OUT! it will eventually go to GAME 7 Unless Miami Starts Playing Like they WANT A RING! I don’t expect the Heat To Win Tonight Mainly Because Chicago Rarely Looses at Home! BUT they Can Loose their!

  3. HeatWhtie says:

    The energy of the Bulls is 80% higher than the Heat..
    if they want to win this series.they sould exert the energy the hustle that they give in celtics series

  4. Ice Pogi says:

    The lakers 4 that lost to detroit are way different… Lakers 4 with a good bench…. with horry fisher rick fox…
    This miami team is doing it with who they got….It’s Dwade LBJ and bosh with???? someone who is available…
    It’s Dwade LBJ and Bosh who are carrying the Heat to the ECF…. Nothing to be ashamed for…… How about the fakers????
    Fisher Kobe Artest Pau airhead Bynum with Odom and Barnes… Got swept!!! Wow…. What a roster!!!!!
    celtics… Rondo Allen pieRCE Garnnett with J. O’neal….. Still a team to beat….. If the bulls played the celtics… They are in big trouble…. If they only met in the second round… the bulls will never play in ECF……

    The bulls having now is what we call ” Fearless on the young “…. But soon they will realized that they mess the wrong DUO… And they will pay for it… BIG TIME….

    MIAMI in 6…. Count on it……………..

  5. Overrated says:

    This series is fast becoming similar to that of the Lakers’ “Fab Four” vs. the Detroit Pistons. It’s bound to happen, as Wade is still much affected with the Gibson poster compared to Gibson who still thinks more of the team effort than the Wa-cial. Same thing with the Queen, although Botched still managed to score more than 20 points. LeBone, D-Weed, and Blotch should better think twice before believing that the three of them can take on the entire Bulls team.

  6. Wilt Chamberlain says:

    Miami needs me

  7. Jumpshot = fail says:

    Look its simple. Lebron and Dwade settled. Bosh is soft and can’t rebound (if you watch the game or film most of boshes reb’s are off freethrow misses, or when he doens’t have to box out anyone) though he did get 2 off reb’s last game.

    As Pat Riley said REB’s win championships, and Miami can’t reb. Well they can, lets face it, if Lebron wanted every rebound, he could GET every rebound. But he doesn’t like contact on the defensive end.

    On the offensive end, the only way I see the Heat winning is pick and rolls with LBJ and Wade with bosh on the weak side. And them playing 40+ minutes a game. Also bring in Damp and at least put a body on Noah.

    Honestly though I think Bulls will win in 6 because they have young big men who will pound the boards. How you think MJ won his rings? He scored, and play clutch defensive, and had teammates who rebounded hard, and crashed every chance they got.

  8. David says:

    Even if you put all what you’ve wanted Spo to change in Heat line up, can it be changed?? MOFO let the stupid coach and greats superstars just roll on to what they’ve use to do, and see what comes next. You mofo Bulls fans, stop talking much, the series ain’t over yet. Miami has nothing to lose, they have been an underdog by the Bulls throughout the season. You know what, all the pressure right now is for the Bulls to take out Heat. But if Heat plays like just they’ve been used to, it’ll be a game to watch. It’s not yet over, especially it’s Bulls HOME baby.

  9. Bulls4Lyfeee says:

    “Offense wins games, defense wins championships.”

  10. drax says:

    game 1 is realy for BULLS. …. HEAT will dominate in next game!!!! east champions..

  11. ThomasJ9 says:

    Bullsfan I’m with you on that except its 12 V 3, don’t forget Thomas and Butler.
    still BULLS N 5

  12. BullsFan says:

    10 vs. 3 wins every time. The Bulls played outstanding defense and deserved this win. That is what this team does. To say the Heat are going to win in 5 or 6 is foolish at this point. This is going to be a 7 game series. Saying the Heat can easily beat the Bulls is foolish as well. On a side note, how many times has this Heat squad beaten this Bulls squad? Heat are underdogs in this series.

  13. Ice Pogi says:

    That is one i’ve noticed… Lineups………It should be…

    Dampier, Big Z, Anthony C

    Bosh, Anthony , Haslem PF

    James, Miller, Jones SF

    Wade, Jones, Chalmers, James SG

    Bibby, Chalmers, House, Wade PG

    Why Magloire??? Where’s House???

    I’m just surprised because in the middle of playing ECF.,the HEAT coaching staff are still experimenting with their line up…. Why changing the line up now? when they are winning with their old line up………

  14. tata says:

    LOL 0-4 and counting…….

  15. Sam says:

    Wade nd LeBron were playing tender nd settling for jumpshots too much… Bosh is gonna have his way with Noah nd Boozer the whole series… Wade nd Bron need to show energy via attacking the basket… nd after every shot the heat NEED to turn nd step up to the basket expecting a missed shot, same goes for offense, they need to step to the basket after every shot… tht would solve their struggles with rebounding nd giving up second chance points which was the difference in tht game… ITS FUNDAMENTAL BASKETBALL… bang on Boozer nd Noah its simple… Spoelstra needs to manage the lineup better also… The Heat will still take it i believe, but we will see…

    • underdog says:

      Big men are leaving Bosh to guard lbj and wade that is why bosh had that game… our coach knows that lbj and wade are the true offensive threats to the heat team and bosh is just a distraction.. that’s why lbj and wade have low scoring game and bosh was productive

  16. RROBASE says:

    Any bball fan knows 1 game does not make a series.That’s why you play them 1 at a time.As for lolakers,you all are still considered the WEST COAST CHICAGO BULLS!!!!After all you could not win a championship without MJ’s COACHING STAFF.So sit back(0-4 losers) and do just what you are doing and cheer for the Miami team out of jealousy.

    • tata says:

      I can guarantee there are ZERO Lakers/Kobe fans cheering for The French Princess to win a ring. GO BULLS!!

  17. im a HEATER. says:

    this game 1 win by the bulls is like the game 3 of boston vs miami.. its like adrenalin that fueled the bulls thats why they win.. i think bulls is a strong team, but not every game they will play at their best, not every game taj gibson will dunk.. also not every day will either lebron or dwade will be silent.. so pray that you bulls won’t give miami its momentum.. because once yo gave them that, you will have the dose of miami’s allstar vitamins. even if miami still lose on wed, its not yet over..if kobe can dream that down 3-0 he will still win, lebron and wade can will theirselves to the big W. lose or win, miami will prove all those critics.. thanks for saying stupid things for miami, its where they get their powers i guess. 😉 id like miami to go to the finals, because i dont wanna watch the finals with NOAH with it acting crazy at the bench..haha..

    • tata says:

      This is already the FOURTH loss to the Bulls with ZERO wins. Time to get with reality.

    • underdog says:

      once again, lbj and wade are not in off games… u see them running crazy in the first quarter? It didn’t happen the next quarters when the bulls D stepped up. And also.. I’d rather see a ball club playing TEAM basketball in the finals than a ball club playing 1on1 or 2man basketball.. it’s ugly to watch and not good for the next generation. Big2.5 can’t win against the Bulls TEAM!!

  18. RROBASE says:

    TO ALL lakers crybabies

  19. Chadd says:

    Spoelstra is the most inept coach in basketball. U cant knowingly go into a matchup with a team that is notoriously good on the boards, and play completely small against them. logic would dictate that ur only giving them more of an advantage. Not to mention u played magloire who hasnt stepped on a court in forever, and u expected great success from him??? When i heard Marv say that he had Z and Damp on the inactive list, i tried to reach through the screen and, as chuck would say, “slap the hell” outta him. WE NEED LENGTH SPOESLTRA DUUHHH!!! how many times has Big Z tapped the ball back out to us after we missed a shot? how many times has he altered shots at the rim simply by raising his hands? Dampier can do that too and he’s more physical. forget that they are old, ur not asking much of them. u cant tell me that chicago’s rebounds wouldnt decrease if we played Z and dampier.
    Another problem i have with our coach is that he doesnt seem to know any plays, too much freestyle offense. too many times i see my team run the shot clock down to 5 secs and the ball is still at the top of the key or beyond the 3 pt line, with seemingly no plan in mind. LeBron and his ball sticking jab steps that drain like 5+ seconds off the shot clock only to result in a bad pull up jump shot. get this coach out of here!
    Our bench, sadly it has the rep of being weak, which i dont blame them for, again its the coach’s fault for not knowing how to use them. how can u have eddie house, the man who played championship ball in boston, knockdown 3 point shooter, the man who dropped 35 pts in that second to last game of the reg season for us. he is such a high tempo player, he’s faster than both bibby and chalmers combined, a perfect fit to play with james and wade, yet zero mins. he gives the defense hell because like reggie miller, rip hamilton, ray allen, dude will run around a million screens and he only needs half a second to get his shot up. James Jones and Mike Miller, our bench is loaded with 3 point talent, and yet no plays are run to get them a shot. i’d just take a page out of the spurs book, and have miller and jones camp out in either corner beyond the 3pt line, get bosh/anthony to set a high pic for wade or james, they slash to the rim, defense collapses, kick out to miller or jones for 3. thats what the spurs used to do with bruce bowen and they do it now with richard jeffereson. our bench is not weak, its not being used properly because our coach is a dunce.

  20. EdTam says:

    I just saw the videos and Bosh is the reason why Miami has no rebound, they can not bench him to have somebody put the body on the Bulls as he was scoring. So even if he scores, the Bulls just erase it with one. So I hope Coach Spoelstra see past this and make the adjustments. It might not be Bosh fault as the coaching staff should have seen past this and make adjustments. For this to be an exciting series the Heat should put some muscle and body down low to prevent second shoots/recovery. If it means less minutes for Bosh and others who will not meet the challenge so be it.

  21. blackwater0007 says:

    the miami should stick to their usual line.up.,ilgauskas at the middle.,howard or haslem can both run ends on the floor when chicago goes small.,no small line ups for the heat.,when lebron goes 4.,it would be a problem.,lebron doesnt want to backs out and grab the rebound.,,mike bibby should play the pg during clutch time.,he is much a better defender than chalmers.,the problem is that the miami is the team that counters the line up rather than the chicago should be.,

  22. alex says:

    Anthony, Magloire and Haslem need big playing minutes. Best rebounders, and Magloires phisicallity might be just what we need. Howard might be another piece to the puzzle. If we beat them in rebounds, the game is ours. Whoever has the advantage in rebounding, will be the team that goes to the finals!

  23. dangeROSE says:

    @heatrule how about bosh???? bosh have big games b,coz defense not concentrated on him its on LBJ and WADE if the team guard in a suffocating way and leave LBJ and WADE to their man they will score for about 60 points and wat u think most hurting a 30 point or a 60 come to think of that???? ^ ^

  24. sergio says:

    I guess Bulls will take a win at AAA, don’t think one win on the road will be enough for Miami in order to reach Finals

  25. dangeROSE says:

    @LOLlaker owwww sorry but i expect your a great psychic coz u see things b4 it happen nothing offense but your just overconfident and under estimating the bulls when you said that miami will sweep the bulls with 20 point diffrential ( i think dat ur head was on da sole of ur shoes)^ ^ LBJ had bad game but not b’coz the ball just not falling 4 him but b’coz of DEFENSE not by deng itself but d TEAM.

  26. timz says:

    just game one everyone. lets just wait. heat will be beaten up hahaha

  27. underdog says:

    The Big2.5 can’t win against the Bulls TEAM!

  28. arvin says:

    he’s not using eddie house. he has a playoff experience men,

  29. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    If JAMES AND WADE WILL SCORE 30PTS and they lose then they’re in trouble, but i think this is juz like game 3 vs BOSTON..
    And you’re not watching the game if you can’t notice this:
    1. MAGLOIRE played 10mins. for the center which is not usually happen even in the regular season most especially in a close games..
    2. WADE scored only 6pts. in the second half all in 3rd quarter 0 in the 4th
    3. JAMES scored juz 15pts, 10 in the 1st half, 2pts in the 3rd quarter and 3pts in the 4th which is not happen in a back2back games.

    As a HEAT FAN i am so very disappointed but i am hoping that this kind of PLAYS happen only once in a seven game series and it is expected that the BULLS must win the first 2games due to their BEST HOME records and 1st appearance to the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS since JORDAN..

  30. sergio says:

    Hi all, I’m a Heat fan, happy to see the guys on stage this postseason. Bulls are much better built, deeper bench, consistent starting five at all spots and, mostly, best coached this year.
    Miami missing Haslem first, then probably one center and one sixth or seventh man. I like coach Spoelstra, not a coaching problem, but the team is not complete enough to consistently compete at top levels for years.
    Chicago in 6, Mavs NBA champs this year.

  31. The Queen says:

    CB should box well with his long arms but most of the time I saw Anthony doing the job hustling for rebounds.. Coach Spo’s decision to neglect other big men was disappointing, I hope that “re-evaluate” of his would be proficient.. Otherwise, he may consult Pat Riley to solve this.. LOL

  32. Bulls 4 life says:

    @ heatrule – Bosh has a great game because the bulls def was focused on dwade and lebron. Even if Bosh socres 45 they will still lose and i doubt it if bosh will ever do that.

  33. Matt says:

    First off, I’m not a fan of either team. I’ve known my team was going to be sitting at home come playoff time in December. I just don’t see why Heat fans believe they will dominate the rest of the series. No matter what lineup the Heat go with, big or small, they are going to lose something. Staying small will only allow the Bulls to demolish them on the boards and going big will slow them down and D-Rose is going to tear them apart. I think the best chance the Heat have is to bench one of the big three, either Lebron or Wade, keep Anthony in to play the pick and roll and cover the weakside in the post and have one of the big centers to start. I’m not saying that would end all the boards on the offense by Chicago, but at least make the 2nd chance points harder to follow, plus get some attitude with some hard fouls on the inside.

    I know Lebron and Wade are the superstars, but it is a team game, sit one and be more competitive. The reason the season series was so close was b/c Miami had a big in the middle to take up space. Plus, those two will still be on the floor during crunch time instead of on the bench of another blowout.

    I know the lineup has 3 bigs with one of the centers, and the Bulls would suffocate. I would start Chalmers over Bibby. Bosh would play 3, but I don’t think defensively he would have anything to worry about with Deng getting by or shooting over him (as much as I dislike Bosh, I do think he is a good player). On the offensive side I would have Anthony and whatever big set double screens so Bosh can get set-for the mid jumper and have the option to dish out the perimeter for an open look or feed inside for an easy basket. Obviously this lineup wouldn’t be playing together for a relevant amount of time, just enough to keep it close for crunch time, because honestly the Bulls D plays to well for them to be blown out. When they lose it’s due to lack of offense and still have close games.

    Just my opinion on what should happen, but please keep Joel Anthony in or else D-Rose is going to have a field day with no real pressure of the pick and roll.

    With that being said: Bulls in seven (sorry Miami, Chicago is way deeper and every player knows there role)

    • Brad T says:

      Well said Matt! And may I say it is a pleasure to see someone who knows how to spell and put together a reasonable sentence. Seriously people, learn how to spell and make a proper argument. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life

  34. gamer101 says:

    Hey spo why nbot puti this line-up:
    3)chrish bosh
    4)haslem/joel anthony
    5) joel anthony/dmpier

    this line -up will get up more rebounds make d -wade primary ball-hander put this line-up can only be up for 11-13 mins

  35. x says:

    its so funny how everyone lets the media dictate how they feel about a certain team. The media was talking down on the big threes decision to play together and everyone just went right along with it. Wake up its only one game The heat will defiantly step up.

  36. heatrule says:

    @ dangerose so what was the amazing bulls defence doing to stop bosh may i ask oh wait they couldnt stop him because he was at his best and lb and dwade werent but they will be in game 2

    • underdog says:

      haha, u didn’t realize that was thibs strategy to leave bosh?, james and wade are not in off nights, they were suffocated by bulls defense and with bigmen switching, helping, doubling, and tripling, wade and lebron, they cud not do anything. Bulls in 5.XD

  37. heatrule says:

    wow getting cocky much bull fans

  38. BUMBUDUM says:

    heat need power rebound more time to dampier,ilgauskas and haslem,..,





    key to win

  39. bulls*** says:

    its just one games AH bulls fans,.
    and who ever that stu*** writer who said that the heat are celebrating and game 5 of their celtics series,why the hell are you talking like the bulls are already champs,. its just one of seven games!

  40. RESpect?? says:

    we shall see

  41. yeasir! says:

    bulls is a good team and they dominate game1 by 2nd chance points and offensive freaking rebounds AND it’s they’re night, i remember bogans just threw behind the 3pt line with the shotclock burning down and SWUSH! and it’s raining 3’s out there if missed they get offensive boards, they’re like MAVS on game7 vs LAKERS…. for the HEAT, they’re just getting started, if wade and james attack the paint all night long then it will be a blowout.. bosh and anthony do what they have to and NEED to do so as the bench players.. they play good D in game1 but not enough for the defensive boards.. lebron NEEDS to dominate the matchup between him and deng, and everyone knows he CAN.. wade just attack the rim, draw fouls, jumpshot in his spots.. HEAT’s not done yet, it’s just getting started.

  42. ThomasJ9 says:

    I really hope the Heat play there old slow A** bigs

  43. ThomasJ9 says:

    BULLS N 5

  44. dd says:

    Well its gonna be hard for the heat when their big three HAVE to be on the court to make scores…

  45. dangeROSE says:

    miami fan think that their team are unbeatable and their wrong and now they said that miami just din’t start yet owhhhh????(even miami player din’t think that) miami fans downlooking the bulls like the team was an college team,,,, THE HIGHER YOU FLY THE HARDER YOU FALL be humble and just enjoy the game it just one game and we need 4 but were one step ahead. ^ ^

  46. Jason says:

    LeBron needs to use his 6 feet 8, 205lb body to fight people down low for the rebounds. He needs to scare off the post players. If he can get rebounds, he’ll go on the fast break and that itself scares anyone and everyone!

  47. dangeROSE says:

    @LOLlaker you see b4 the sereis start that miami will sweep(and blowout)the bulls,and now you see things again that bulls will lose in 5 or 6???? as i said b4 that this will be a though game but i pick bulls in 7

    • LOLakers says:

      So I was wrong once! So shoot me LOL! I’m not psychic and I didn’t know Lebron would would have such a horrible game but I know the Heat can easily beat the Bulls if they play the right way! Bulls have no talent except for Rose so they have no chance when Miami plays their best!

      • once again lollaker there was no bad game..u aint even a heat fan so stop riding their jock..ur probally a timberwolves fan or sumtin go blog abt next season

  48. dangeROSE says:

    game 1 was exellent for bulls but to be able to win this series we must pound the bord every game and put a no breathing room defense on LBJ & WADE, need to win game 2 and i think were on the good side of road.

  49. derickd says:

    Yeah! It’s Bulls dynasty again…. The Bulls are the Heat’s Big Threes worst nightmare in chasing championships. The best offense would be the best defense which Tom embraces and engraves to his players. It’s a matter of a role players than of a All Star Players…. LOL!

  50. Haterade says:

    Everyone is drinking the haterade just like the regular season against the HEAT. Both teams made it to the EC finals.
    Did anyone forget the 2006 Miami HEAT championship season?
    HEAT got destroyed in the first two games and went down 0-2, then came back to win four straight and won the championship.

    The HEAT will play better, they will make adjustments, even if they lose the next game, its still not over. You really think the entire Chicago team will have another crazy outstanding night, 4 times in a row? Where no one seems to miss a shot?

    Let the series play out and calm down.

  51. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    RAIN in on HATERS. this is where we get OUR STRENGTH from. the Past few days we were being praised and it just doesnt seem right. now its perfect if we have the ODDS against us. We dont know who’s the strongest but i know in the Playoffs the strongest doesnt Win the series, its the one who WINS the series is the strongest.

  52. watcher says:

    68 shots? Incredible. If both teams let the shot clock run out on each and every possesion, that would equal 60 shots each (rebounding notwithstanding) per game. To only get 68 shots up is a worrying indictment on the Heats predictable offense and glowing endorsement of the Bulls insanely good D. The Heat obviously have to rebound more, but also has to start actually putting up shots. Their shooting % was superior to Chicago’s in game 1. The Heat may have had more success this season with Joel Anthony starting in the middle, but that won’t cut it in this series. Gotta have bigger bodies near the cup or the Bulls will eat them up.

  53. kl musik says:


  54. Weisz says:

    It’s just game one! For all we know the game was pretty much tight in the 3rd quarter. The second chance points killed the Heat chance of winning. Coach Spo Need to use his bigs more and trust them.. Anthony as a starter and rotate Z and Dampier. And for the six men use haslem and howard.. Heat Needs to get bigger although the bulls have more athletic bigmen Coach Spo must use the team size. Z is still a 7’0 footer and dampier can also rebound 20 rebound if things come to its place. Haslem is bruiser and Howard is a skilled veteran.. Hey. Spo! Trust in your bigs and we will win this series by 6.

  55. ThomasJ9 says:

    Miami looks like Kobe and Shaq, trying to beat the Pistons TEAM!!! The big 3 better get some help or grow taller. BULLS N 5

  56. bigg 3 says:

    Bulls fans only game1, Still HEAT in 6

    • Brad T says:

      Ha! What Charles Barkley said. Unless they can get Dwight Howard on the team before Wed, the Heat are going down

  57. just sayin. says:

    miami gnna get swept.

  58. LLALAKERS says:

    Chicago Bulls Rules… against a dirty heat player in Dwade and a choking Lebron + the half Star of Bosh.
    Team basketball is always better than individual talent. Dwight to Lakers in 2012

  59. Alex says:

    bulls in 6

  60. Sun of Man!! says:

    Lebron and Dwade need to stop point shaving I guess when Magic and Jordan your Idols they follow suit!!! I am a huge fan of the game but when I see foul play I call foul Play… People used to say the only person that could stop Jordan from scoring 30 ppg was Dean Smith!!! Lebron can’t be stopped Flash can’t be stopped what I witnessed yesterday wasn’t containment It was someone Pockets become very heavy after came one from those Odds!!!


  61. HeatFan17 says:

    ALL of the heat players need to make a better effort on rebounding. just dont blame it on the 4 and 5 in the game. spoelstra needs 2 rotate between illgaulskas, dampier and anthony. also they should let haslem get a lil bit more playing time. Chris bosh did a great job in game 1 and he needs to keep it up. wade and lebron need to rebound better as well. also the heat need to turn it up defensively, in the 2nd quarter they got blown out and kind of lost hope in that game. DO NOT PLAY MAGLOIRE, he is old and slow. he didnt even rotate on the defensive end and make his presence felt in the paint. the heat should keep going inside the paint offesively and kicking it out on the 3 point if they have the chance. Our best 3 point shooters are JONES, BIBBY, CHALMERS. unitl mike miller proves he can shoot (limit his playing time). i like the rotation on the defensive end on rose. wade, james, chalmers need to stay on derrick rose. BUT they left him 2 wide open for jumpers. REMEMBER derrick rose is a very improved shooter which makes him almost ungaurdable. on a whole, raise up the intensity and make the united center so quiet u can hear a pin-drop.

  62. George says:

    Bulls in 4 or 5.

  63. The Miami Heat have know chance of winning this series if they keep giving all these 2nd chance points.

  64. Miami Heat says:

    Miami Heat 7’0 center 20 age above and point guard who can defend and shot 3 points

  65. parakino says:

    hahaha… still angHEAT will win. it’s just one game dude. believe me…

  66. davon says:

    he need to play haslem an put some bigs in there 2 get rebound to late to be guessing coach
    lets win it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  67. jesus_christ says:

    i was completely stunned by the loss. It’s all about matchup. The Heat’s lack of big guys in the middle is now coming back to haunt them. I am still convinced that if the Celtics did not trade PERKINS, Heat would not have beaten them, but then again Rondo was playing with one arm. Call the Celtics out of luck. The Bulls are going to take this all the way, game 6 Bulls, and Finals: OKC vs Chicago Bulls

  68. heatfan says:

    My Dear Miami Heat team:

    Be like water.

    -Bruce Lee.

  69. Tim&Zo says:

    D WADE and LBJ stopped themselves last game. The bulls D was good, and they also outhustled miami, but that will change. Just throw in Haslem, (hopefully he plays well) focus on rebounds and loose balls, and on offense MOVE THE BALL. once the heat move the ball and have coordinated movement off the ball which got them here in the first place, they’ll be close, and Wade and LBJ will stop running into brick and use other options (like eachother) and they’ll take over. Bosh will not be stopped in this series. LET’s GO HEAT!!!

  70. Brad T says:

    The Heat got a bit too excited when they beat Boston. I guess they didn’t see how LUCKY they were! Lucky that Rondo got hurt. Lucky that Shaq was not healthy. Lucky that Perkins got traded. And when they did win, the games were close. So really, don’t get all excited about getting past Boston. LeBron made a HUGE deal about it, “finally getting past” etc etc — well, let me tell you something! You have NOT gotten the Boston monkey off your back yet! Wait till next year when they have a real center again and Rondo is healthy.

    But I digress. This overconfidence of having “beaten” the celtics is going to cost them the series against the Bulls. Even IF they had the proper mindset, I doubt they would get past the Bulls.

    And, I’ve noticed how people keep saying that LeBron and Wade “aren’t scared” and “been there before”. Well, neither one have been where they are right now — which is, under HUGE pressure to win and prove that the “decisions” they all made were the right ones. This is NOT a case of “well, if we don’t make it to the playoffs this year, we’ll do better next year”. This year will give LeBron more angst and doubt and fear over being eliminated again NEXT year which will really put the pressure on.

  71. Room says:

    Sr Charls

    Please back to Demon Jones

  72. I don´t know how many rebounds can I get lol

  73. Bulls12 says:

    lol don’t say wade and james had a bad game, it’s not them, it’s the defense.. i would say rose had a bad night too, because he had only 2-3 field goals on the painted area, kontra in what he have done in the past 2 series.

    and Btw, aren’t there some idiots who are saying Heat will sweep Bulls?! yeah yeah,, in your face!!!

    • HeatWave says:

      Yeah I can own up to saying a sweep COULD BE possible not that it would definatley happen. Enjoy the win, it ain’t over yet.

    • THANK YOU!! thats wat im sayin they didnt have a bad game they were just under suffocating defense…thibs is a defensive mastermind he has a game plan on how to stop the SUPPOSEDLY big three and last night speaks for itself!!

    • Thinking logically says:

      “the only reason why the heat lost is the offensive rebound of the bulls”
      So basically, Miami lost because Chicago played good defense. Yeah, what a fluke.

      “wade and lebronhad bad games which is something that wont happen in back to backs games”
      The fact that Miami gets blown out because two of their players have bad games is a testament to how much they don’t deserve a championship as a team. Kobe was 6 for 24 in game 7 against the Celtics in the 2010 finals. They (the Lakers) won. Admittedly, one game is far from enough evidence to prove this, but it’s certainly striking. By the way, this “bad game” stuff is BS. Lebron and Wade, good as they are, came up against the best defense in the NBA and struggled because they underestimated it. NOT championship material, imo.

      “Lebron had a bad night mostly from being up all night”
      If I can’t use this as an excuse for doing poorly on my orgo exam then I see no reason the best player in the NBA should be able to use it for losing a game.

      “Mark my words the Bulls are gonna get annihilated on Wednesday and they’ll watch their smug cocky attitude fall apart ad the Heat beat them in 5 or 6!”
      “Let the haters talk.. Still miami in 6…. that lil attitude from the bulls will disapear”
      “Miami played bad that wasnt miami last night that was horrible i know its not over but Miami is giving the buls confident”

      Right. The Bulls are overconfident. That’s why the seemingly “superior” team came in and got blown out after beating “champions”. Hmm..or *maybe*, it was the other way around, and the Heat were the overconfident ones coming into Game 1 of a best of seven series against the best record and defense in the NBA, thinking they’d get it without effort. Right?? I mean, according to you guys, Lebron/Wade/whoever “had a bad game”, didn’t sleep enough, didn’t try…so now what we’re looking at is this: either the Miami Heat came into this game arrogant and overconfident thinking they could beat the Bulls, and subsequently didn’t put a lot of effort into their game (all indicators of poor championship material)…or…the Bulls are simply a **better team**.

      I know it hurts to even think it, Heat fans, but let’s be serious. No one is going to debate the fact that Lebron and Wade are championship material. They are (of course Wade is, he’s won one) – Lebron too, whether or not you like him off-court is another matter but the fact is that he is the best in the game right now (and this is coming from a Lebron hater) and he most certainly “deserves” to win a championship, whatever that means. But they failed miserably in the series opener because the Bulls are just BETTER. Maybe not offensively, although when three guys make up about 80-90% of your offense on any given night, you have to wonder whether “team” is even the right word to describe what the Heat are right now. But defensively, they are superior. I mean, 31 second chance points?? 68 FGs allowed?? Are you kidding??

      It isn’t just the defense. The Bulls have shown better poise and maturity as far as I am concerned. I kept saying ever since Miami did their little celebration after beating (the injured and aging) Celtics that they were going to lose to the Bulls because they were too cocky. It’s not that they’re so much worse than the Bulls (because they’re not) or that they’re not complete (well, they’re not) – they simply had the wrong attitude coming into this, thinking like they’d won.

      So. Let’s see. Chicago wins in 6 because they’re a more complete team, much better defensively (with a better coach, I might add), and they’ve been pretty good about keeping their confidence at a reasonable level (you know, the level where they believe in themselves without having to ostentatiously celebrate a second round playoff win). If Miami wins at all, it will be because Lebron and Wade will have taken over every single game (that they win), and score at least 70+ by themselves against the top defense in the league. Which isn’t impossible, seeing as they’re the beastliest duo the NBA has right now. But let’s not throw around this “Bulls are overconfident miami had a bad game lebron didn’t get enough sleep and forgot to eat his breakfast miami only lost because of rebounds” crap. Try and actually use your brains instead of spewing excuses and praise for a so far undeserving Heat “team”.

      • HeatWave says:

        That’s too much thinking for one comment. One point I want to touch on though. In game seven last year just Kobe had a bad game. It wasn’t like Gasol shot bad too. Look what happened this year when they both didn’t perform well. Just saying.

      • Ozfan says:

        Why cant we just delete everyone elses comment except yours???

        You hit the nail on the head mate. In every way.

        A Heat fan.

    • BullsEnFuego says:

      Heat won’t/can’t win for one simple glaring weakness that they’ve had all season and was totally exploited last night-they are small,small,small.Oh, and their bench is useless. Bosh, James, and Wade all have to have 30 point games for the Heat to win 96-90.Bosh is a creampuff who will not go off for 30 next game, he’s so weak mentally. But if you wouldve told me that Bosh got 30 I would’ve said “good lord, what did the Bulls lose by?” Wow, they beat the sixers, fine team but pretty small themselves, and a 50 year old celtics with Shaq playing in a wheelchair (Thunder loving that Perkins trade I’m sure. Good one Celts, you probably don’t need him!). The Bulls slept through most of their series, which is distressing for Bulls fans, but it looks like they woke up for the Heat, really distressing for their fans! I definitely would not say that the Bulls are gonna sweep. It is going seven, however it will take the NBA to do so. The ratings are too high to let it go less. But game 7 will boil down to the Bulls bench and the Heat getting slammed around by big idiots like Asik, Boozer, and Noah all series catching up to them. Let the tears flow, Miami.

  74. I bet you last word hasn´t been said yet

  75. Grizz says:

    forget about the mavs it time for the younger guys to get a taste at the title heats vs okc put your money on it heats in 7 vs bulls and okc in 5 vs mavs

  76. MIchael JOrrdan says:

    for the last two posts.
    1. this is for LOLAKER, ur name says it all for a person who is a Laker fan u have no knowledge when it comes to basketball
    2. Miami sucks
    3. bulls are goin to win the easyiest series yet and are goin to have a challenge when the mav’s come over

    • LOLakers says:

      1) I’m not a Lakers fan in fact I hate the Lakers! My username is LOLakers as in LOL Lakers as in they’re a complete joke!
      2) Miami had a bad game but they don’t suck! You can’t get to the EC Finals while only losing 2 games and suck doofus.
      3) LOL! That’s gotta be an even bigger joke than the Lakers LOL! The Bulls had their one good game of the series now it’s time for Miami to start their engines and run them over!

      • @ lollakers all ur comments have been pointless..ur not stating facts..LEBRON AND WADE ARE ON LOCKDOWN…BULLS ARE GOING TO CONTINUE TO REBOUND OFFENSIVELY AND GET THOSE 2ND CHANCE POINTS…chicago can actually rely on there bench,,and spoelstra is a garbage coach who just got lucky to have 2 talented players, but miami cant expect wade and lebron to do everything for them BULLS DEFENSE WONT ALLOW THAT..i smell a victory on wednesday and if we snatch one in miami this series a wrap in 5 games

  77. karibkween says:

    Coach Spo, needs to take a page from Jackson’s 95-96 finals play book . The Sonics had the best defense in the league, ofcourse it was mostly illegal and the refs weren’t doing their job as usual. Rebounding must be the focus of a single player when that player is on the floor, like Magloire or Haslem, both are quite capable, when they’re playing, I’m not saying its not everyones responsibility but just like MJ had scoring duties Rodman’s primary duty was rebounding. So from the moment the shot was launched Rodman was positioning himself; if the Heat are serious about winning this year they need to all accept their roles.

  78. Martin says:

    Changes for the Heat for next season:
    -Mike Bibby
    -Eddie House
    -Juwan Howard
    -and 2 of: Erick Dampier / Zydrunas Ilgauskas / Jamaal Magloire
    to sacramento for:
    -Beno Udrih
    -Marquis Daniels
    -Darnell Jackson
    -Samuel Dalembert

    that would leave the Heat with a younger team and a better center and point guard and sacramento won’t loose either

    Miami Heat
    C – Samuel Dalembert
    PF – Chris Bosh
    SF – LeBron James
    SG – Dwyane Wade
    PG – Beno Udrih
    C – Joel Anthony / Dexter Pittman / (1 of: Erick Dampier / Zydrunas Ilgauskas / Jamaal Magloire)
    PF – Udonis Haslem / Darnell Jackson
    SF – Mike Miller /
    SG – James Jones / Marquis Daniels
    PG – Mario Chalmers /

    • Ruben says:

      Sacramento won’t take Bibby again, they got him back in the days and they failed big on their title quest, so that trade won’t happen, not even giving away an more athletic center in exchange of an almost crippled one.

    • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

      Somehow I don’t see that trade going through. What do the Kings stand to gain from this aside from a bunch of role players that are past their prime, a collection of pieces from the spare parts bin?

  79. South Beach Boy says:

    @ Gillbert Deriso,,, I bet you must be a celtics or lakers fan… jajajajaa come on man if that is the case you are already on vacation while the so called overrated heat are still playing cuz they destroy your celtics in just 5 games or dallas swept your lakers…. wat a shame GILBERT…

  80. South Beach Boy says:

    @ LOLAKER =…. You are totally right brother… I think the same thing as you do… people are already writing off the heat like they ve done all season.. but watch-out miami lost cuz of the ofensive rebounds and cuz wade and lebronhad bad games which is something that wont happen in back to backs games.. Let the haters talk.. Still miami in 6…. that lil attitude from the bulls will disapear.

    • Ruben says:

      give the credit to the BULLS D! man, you think your beloved players are almost gods! they played bad because they are facing THE BEST DEFENSE on the league. Sure they will play better, indeed, but i see most probably the D taking on Wade & James than them scoring in bunches.

    • once again they did not have bad games…THEY WERE UNDER SUFFOCATING DEFENSE..SUMTHIN WE BEEN DOING ALL YEAR…MIAMI CANT EXECUTE UNDER PRESSURE…But this wasn’t a case of the Bulls doing something they don’t normally do. That’s who they are. They swarm the perimeter with relentless defense….GIBSON PUT HIS NUTS ON WADES HEAD LMAO..I BET WADE WILL MOVE OUT THE WAY NEXT TIME LOL

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        same thing i been saying to that LOLakers fool…..i dont think it will sink in until the Bulls win Game 2 on Wednesday night

    • PABLO says:

      yeah the bulls did look a lil arrogant last night, like they just won the championship, we’ll c on wed nt

    • LOLakers says:

      Exactly South Beach! The haters just wanna have a reason to hate on the Heat as if no other team has ever lost a game in the playoffs before! It’s just one game LOL! Even the Grizzlies beat the Thunder the first game and look who won! In the end the better team is gonna win and that team is the Heat! The Bulls fans can gloat and enjoy their victory while it lasts because the Heat aren’t going to give them any more ever!

      • young boss says:

        lollakers your such a fool you talk all this smack but the heat have lost there last 4 games to the bulls. Yea thats right there last four games. And why would you support lebron anyway hes a choker cant you remember when cleveland got knocked out of the playoffs and he wouldnt even shake hands with the other team( orlando) so keep your pipe dreams to your mum and dad

  81. Just keep waiting and hoping for the Heat to finish the Bulls and you will be waiting a long time Wade and James are not gods like people think they did not have bad games it was the Bulls defense and the Bulls are not going to relax for game 2 because they know if they win game 2 its over for Heat because Bulls have already proved they can beat Heat in Miami and yeah thats four straight wins over the over rated Heat

  82. LOLakers says:

    So the Bulls*** got one win and all of the sudden everyone thinks the entire series is over? LOL! This is EXACTLY what happened in the regular season when the Heat were discounted after the first 17 games and look at where they are now! Lebron had a bad night mostly from being up all night but the Bulls*** can’t expect that to happen every night and they can’t expect to get over 100 points every game either especially since they usually can’t throw a beachball into the ocean LMAO! Mark my words the Bulls are gonna get annihilated on Wednesday and they’ll watch their smug cocky attitude fall apart ad the Heat beat them in 5 or 6!

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      The Bulls just handed the heat a good whoopin. Sure, the allstar heat can play but better but doesn’t mean they will will. Its called playing like a TEAM. Now the first exuse is he was up all night. Come on, I’m sure everyone couldn’t sleep the night before but lebron wants the attention. He should have saved his energy instead of celebrating beating an old boston team that had a one armed PG.

      BULLS IN 6!!!!!!!

      • Law064 says:

        @LOLakers excuses will still not get a win. The bulls will get annihilated? I hope your right for Miami’s sake but it’s not going to happen if Miami wins it won’t be a blow out like this game. Just admit the Bulls played better than Miami and Wade and James had an off night plus the Bulls D were limiting them. Give Bosh credit for playing hard he did what he needed to just like the bulls did.

      • LOLakers says:

        I’ll admit that the Bulls played better sure but I already said that this is not how they play every night and this is not how the Heat play every night the Bulls just aren’t consistent enough! Remember how they blew out Fatlanta by 17 only to lose by 12 the next game? It’ll happen again and on their own home court LOL! Heat in 5 or 6 once they shake off the rust and Lebron gets his rest! Bullsfan you try giving it your all when you barely get any sleep its not easy! Now Lebron will know better than to be up @ 5:30 before a game. It’s ironic that your mocking me for making excuses when your making excuses for the Loston Smelltics!

    • Ruben says:

      you are playing delusional boy. Nobody said that the series are over. Wade and James got a bad night not because of themselves, it was the Bulls D that got them, give the credit when the credit is due man.
      I’m thinking that you are between 10 and 15 years old LMAO!

    • u sound so ignorant…bulls took care of business..the heat will continue to struggle under thibs defense..key facts..our bench can produce points and rebounds..unlike the overrated miami team,the bulls have depth…AND STOP BRINGING UP THE REGULAR SEASON..CUS I CAN SIMPLY SAY THE BULLS HAD THE BEST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE AND SURE AS HELL PROVED LAST NIGHT WHY THERE THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NBA…BULLS CAME TO PLAY

    • PABLO says:


      • LOLakers says:

        Exactly! The haters see one game and all of the sudden think they’ve won already! We’ll see who’s laughing in a couple of days!

    • Enough Crying Already says:

      You know what, I’m sick of these excuses. Next you’ll be telling me that Wade had the sun in his eyes and Bosh had sand in her vagina. The Heat lost spectacularly deal with it. Considering that you said they’d beat the Bulls by an average of 20 (oh the irony) and given the Lebron will shoot about 35 on a good night that only ties the game from your initial estimate. So where did the other 21 points go? You can’t honestly be telling me that you expect the big 3 to consistently score 35 points apiece all series long. Plus if you get to throw around excuses about Lebron being tired then I can make an excuse too. Korver has been in a slump since the Atlanta series and if he was shooting as well as he did against Indiana the Bulls would win by 40. If on top of that Rose scored his career high again and Boozer scored as well as he did on the Jazz they would win by 60. The problem with excuses is that they work both ways so stop crying about it and admit that your team got owned in game 1.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        lol i like the way you think! the excuses are a bit much, people just need to realize when the Bulls are on their “A” game MIA will be in trouble….point blank!

  83. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    Miami played bad that wasnt miami last night that was horrible i know its not over but Miami is giving the buls confident i said it already bench either bron or wade in the beginning and let them come in fresh off the bench (thats what bulls are doing) they et a cushion and they put rose in to close the game that was horrible last night you gave up on that game after coming out soo good wade is a leader he shouldnt be missing easy lay ups and honestly when i saw that i knew we were going to lose but hey its the first game different scenario we started out on the bulls floor so its wednesday i can say i wantt to see what we are going to do but that wwas a great win ffoor the bulls maybe they can beat miami in a seven game who kknows

    • HeatWave says:

      Wednesday’s game will determine alot more.
      If Miami loses like this one it will pretty much mean fishing time for us. I hear lake Michigan is nice this time a year.
      Miami loses within five = six or seven game series favoring Bulls.
      Miami returns the favor with similar win = six or seven game series favoring Miami.

  84. I think the Heat are taking a break after beating the Celtics. They’ve underestimated the Bulls. Now they will find them selves in a real series.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Seriously, they were celebrating like the Finals and all their fans were acting like they just won the champ!
      Heat fans need to show some respect to the Bulls before they plan their parade.

  85. theo says:

    the only reason why the heat lost is the offensive rebound of the bulls,erik should play haslem and dampier.specially ilgauskas,he can shoot the ball from the perimeter causing noah out of the paint,and bibby,chalmers,jones and miller should make those threes,if they make shots outside dwade and lebron can do what they do best driving hard to the basket…

  86. Blame Lebron says:

    While Wade looked lethargic at times last night, I felt it was Lebron who was not active enough on the boards and in driving into the paint. Sometimes Lebron slacks off on the boards and that was especially salient last night. His energy is most key to the Heats chances.

    • Moms says:

      I agree with you, even though i am a huge Lebron fan, i think he must play better both on off and defense.

    • Blueprint says:

      Absolutely. I love LeBron, but he needs to focus, lower his head, and drive to the rim. Fight for rebounds. Maybe also play in the post more. He was just lurking around the perimeter in Game 1, ugh.

      • lebrom james sucks!!! lmao says:

        lebron james is da worst player ever….show me d-rose hu will dominate

  87. HeatWave says:

    Spoelstra needs to utilize Haslem and if he doesn’ well Miami is fated for another loss Wednesday.

    • craigtr says:

      your right, he need to use Haslem cause it’s now or never. The Heat didn’t box out last night at all, They need to attack the basket more. Mike Bibby is a big disappointment

    • zed says:

      Eric Spoelstra knows that even if he plays Haslem (who will be rusty), Dampier, and/or Big Z. They will still be outworked in the Center position. So what he does is play small, playing Jones in the PF position forcing the bigs of the Bulls to go out. Unfortunately for him, the bulls were already prepared for this. The Heats did that to the Celtics and Jones dropped 20+ points on game one, which forced the Celtics to react to their small lineup. That is how they got past the Celtics.

      Unfortunately, when Eric tried the small lineup on the Bulls, the Bulls defense was still quick enough to cover the “small” PF shooter from outside. When Coach Spo placed the small lineup in game one, Jones was able to immediately shoot a three. But after that, the Bulls were able to adjust.

      So with the small lineup apparently not working like it worked in the Celtics series, the Heats have better find another way to neutralize the effort of the bigs of the Bulls. I don’t see how they can do that. This will be a series for the Bulls.