Ignoring, neglecting refs a good thing

CHICAGO – Danny Crawford, Michael Smith and Ken Mauer. Or if you prefer, Mauer, Smith and Crawford.

Here at the Hang Time hideout, we figure the names of referees who worked Game 1 of the Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls series at United Center are worth repeating once, twice or even thrice. They’ve got a few mentions coming because of how seldom their names came up during the game and broadcasts Sunday night.

Too often, hotly contested playoff games – especially at the level of conference championships and beyond – thrust the officials front and center in ways that the league and NBA fans generally abhor. But it happens, again and again, year after year:

Who’s working the game? Which team does he favor? How did three guys miss that call? Does he and that superstar have some sort of history? And on and on.

Considering the partisanship of most interested observers, the split-second decisions required several hundred times each game and the pseudo-celebrity status of NBA game officials thrust front-and-center into the spotlight right next to the players, the focus on refs – to the point of obsession – is understandable.

All we’re saying here, though, is it’s nice when that does not happen.

First off, Crawford, Smith and Mauer went to their whistles less often than a typical NBA playoff game requires. There were 28 fouls called in the game – 15 against Miami, 13 against Chicago – compared to a league average in 2010-11 of 41.43. Prior to Game 1, Chicago had averaged 20.2 fouls per game in the postseason, with Miami at 17.6. And they were on the low end – 13th and 16th, respectively – among the 16 playoffs teams (Oklahoma City, by comparison, is the hackingest this spring at 25.3 fpg).

No Bulls or Heat player got called for more than three fouls. There were no technicals (beyond a single defensive three-second call). Nobody got superstar treatment or shot more than six free throws. Afterward, both from the winners and losers, there was no discernible griping about how the game was called. Neither Heat coach Erik Spoelstra nor Chicago’s Tom Thibodeau tried to plant seeds in the media in hopes of swaying or softening whatever trio shows up for Game 2 Wednesday.

From the outside looking in, the toughest situations faced by Crawford, Smith and Mauer Sunday were the clear-path review when Miami’s James Jones fouled Ronnie Brewer after a Heat turnover in the fourth quarter, and a botched substitution when Joel Anthony tried to enter during live play.

Otherwise, it was clean and uneventful, with the refs essentially ignored the way they and the NBA would prefer (except for the sporting moment when Dwyane Wade boosted Smith back to his feet after player and ref got tangled up). It all made for a crisply played game – just 2 hours 22 minutes, brisk by postseason standards.

Crawford, Smith and Mauer. Here at HTB, we’re willing to showcase the officiating crew after every remaining playoff game if we can get sharp, unobtrusive work like that. It beats dwelling on them in game coverage or advances for less savory reasons.


  1. Ice Pogi says:

    I’ve never seen a team with so much captains. Bull has 4 in rose, deng, boozer, noah… They might add Brian Scalabrine for their fifth…. Miami only got 2 captains… Wade and Haslem….And they are the true leaders of the heat…. Doing what’s best for their team…. Game 2 in chicago…. Dwade plays D…. Lebron on offense and haslem doing all the scraps…..
    taj doing the usual cocky side…. asik the playing actor role… if bosh is soft how about asik??? he’s a 7 footer… knocked down by Bibby??? Maybe the bulls should have 3 awards besides COY MVP… how about best actor???? That really shows that the bulls are playing with 8 players at the same time…. 5 + 3 officials….. vs BIG 3…. with all of those bad calls… The HEAT wins game 2…. and by the way………we have 3 home court advantages…… do the math….. taj taking his cockiness to south beach…. and from there… he will go on FISHING…..lols

    miami in 6 but from what we’ve seen this game 2….
    Miami in 5…..

  2. lets go heat says:

    LET’s GO HEAT!!!!


    GUYZ THE GAME1 IS GAME1 A LOST IS A LOST THE REFS ARE ALWAYS A REFS let’s focus for the game2 coz the BULLS WIN at there best and it’s like THE BULLS vs CHRIS BOSH game, DWADE AND LEBRON are not playing in the second half and the BULLSFANS were on shock of what TAJ GIBSON did coz it’s the first time he played like that..Lets respect them of winning GAME1 as expected coz if we can win game2 this game is the biggest nightmare of THE BULLS AND THE BULLSFANS..But if the BULLS win in game2 good for them meaning the series extended to game 6 or maybe 7..

  4. nothing to worry about says:

    like a said ,, its just game 1 , you cant win a series with just 1 game , hahahah dont worry miami will win the next four hahahah


    Are you people serious? One dunk by Taj Gibson is all you Heat fans can talk about. Was the dunk that vicious or was it the fact that it happened to your franchise player? Have some dignity.

  6. rs says:

    i read most opinions and what i liked here – not too many insults to our great athletes , like LeBron , Wade , Rose , Noah …
    I just don’t understand fans (mostly Lakers fans) who says so many dirty words to these players . We watch basketball because we are getting excited when those players are in their best .
    Beeing little bit more Heat fan than Bull’s fan – this game was fair and Bull was just better for Heat .
    As LeBron said “let’s best man win” . Let’s just enjoy game .

  7. BullsWonPlainAndSimple says:

    I love the Heat fans saying that this game doesn’t matter and that if the refs called a better game then it would have been a lot closer.

    Regular season or playoffs, the Bulls have won 4-0 in all contests this season. It doesn’t matter by how much or how little, it matters that the Heat have yet to beat the Bulls. If you really want to talk about calls against the Bulls that could have been better, how about when the HEAT had FIVE players on the court???????

    That play would have been a technical, our ball and a shot, and that possession happened to be one where the Heat had gotten a 3 point play…. That literally is possibly a 6-7 point differential off of ONE play. So dont be making excuses and if the Heat lose the series there really is no argument

    • Ozfan says:

      WOW, they had FIVE players on the floor at once?? Blow the whistle Ref!!!!! hahahaha

      (I know they had SIX at once yer.)

      PROOF READ my friend, it can save a lot of silly replies.

  8. hahaa says:

    Okay, yep you guys won fair and square. Because I mean when Boozer shoots the ball with 0 seconds left on the shotclock. Thats SUPER fair. Idiot bandwagon Bulls fans.. Wait till its at Miami where the refs wont be in favor for the Bulls every call.

  9. Laker Lover says:

    Oh jeez you heat fans! Watch, IF the Heat win one game in the near future against the Bulls, all you heat fans will be praising the reffs! lol
    Heat suck! Hahaha
    However, who ever wins this series will win the NBA Championship…

  10. merdielicious says:

    great win for the bulls.for all those miami fans, stop being bitter, the bulls beat the heat fair and square.no cursing please.you know what, it kinda make me smile when miami fans say that this is only one game and promise that the heat will win the series,saying that bulls fan celebrate too early.guess what,you miami fans celebrated even before the season started,heck they (LBJ,Wade and Bosh)haven’t practiced together yet when they promised you guys to win not 1,not 2 but 7 championships.anyways,stop the bragging,both miami and my fellow bulls fans.just enjoy the series.and may the best team win.peace!

  11. hahaa says:

    You guys are idiots, D rose gets more then half his points from the free throw line. Idiots

  12. Open Your Eyes says:

    What game were you watching? All the bad calls by the refs were against the Bulls. DID YOU WATCH THE GAME! The missed technical on the bad substitution by the heat. Don’t forget in the first quarter Lebron got two free throws because he’s lebron. He was not in the act of shooting. I believe Steve Kerr even mentioned something about that during the game. About the travel on CJ Watson to Taj Gibson, Did you watch the highlight. When the ball is in your possesion and you are not dribbling and take three or more steps thats a travel but if you watch the replay it clearly shows he is in the middle of a dribble on 2-3 of those steps. i think your just a hater and i can bet your one of them bandwagon fans to. your probably a fan of the yankees as well since its all about the stars for you and not about TEAM effort. By the way you might want to buy some stock in kleenex tissue cause the heat are about to go home crying. Go Bulls

  13. JON says:

    I hate the bulls but I hate the heat even more so I hope they get swept then the bulls get swept in the finals….bottom line is i hope the refs continue to not call a foul everytime you attempt to play any valid form of defense…calling every pitty pat foul and intentional flops, people trying to draw a charge at the free throw line all of that just ruins the game the players are way too soft and the refs reward superstars

  14. BullsFan22 says:

    I can’t believe the Miami fans! So it’s not okay when the rest of us complain about Wade and Lebron going to the line 50 times/game and travel yet the refs never call it, but it’s ok for you to lecture us on how Taj traveled or how Rose gets all the foul calls, etc? Wow. Hypocritical much!?! You’ll be crying all through the summer, cause you won’t be seeing any rings this year!

  15. soydeedo says:

    Great post. I wish this were the norm for officiating. No fan likes to watch free throws all game.

  16. OMG says:


  17. BHEAT says:

    Even as a Heat fan, I have to say the Bulls really dominated. Even though the score was close throughout the first half, you just had the feeling that this was going to be a Bulls victory. With the energy the Bulls bring, I can’t see the Heat winning this series. Unless every Heat player goes after each loose ball and every rebound, they will be on vacation real soon.
    The only positive things the Heat can take from this game is that this was only game 1, the Bulls had an almost perfect game, and LBJ and Wade were awful.
    Bulls are the better team, and they showed it.

    • WhiteHotHEAT says:

      I have noticed that when Miami Heat rests for a few days, they seem to get sluggish when they play the game. But when they play continuously, they are almost unbeatable. Sorry Bulls, you may have won the battle, but not the war.

      • HeatWave says:

        Yeah I don’t think that was a case of Bulls being unstoppable. Miami played a great first half them just turned it off like game 3 vs Celtics. That’s not an excuse but I really don’t see game two going like game one.

  18. Dwadefan654 says:

    HEAT in 5 games.

  19. HeatWave says:

    Yeah I still say we have our shot if we take game two. But you can tell the people who are former LA and Boston fans on here just to hate on the Heat and jump on the Bulls bandwagon sack.

  20. Andy says:

    i’m a heat fan and i didnt think the refs were too bad. only 2 calls i disagree with the heats 6th man (should have been a T) and boozers “buzzer beater” should have been a 24sec violation.
    otherwise i hope miami can adjust and get some wins.

  21. foxsteve says:

    LB and DW played too soft that night. Don’t know why but probablly celebrated after last round.
    Hope they return to their normal level and present us a good game tomorrow.

  22. Christian says:

    Don’t worry. Miami will win the next four

  23. Terran says:

    some of you guys dont know basketball. It was quite obvious that during that extensive run the bulls had starting in the 3rd, the heat hadn’t taken one FT. One particular play was when gibson got the block on lebron. The block was obviously clean but gibson held lebron all the way to the basket. Bulls played the best they can play & the heat played there worst….but kudos to the bulls, they spanked the heat.

  24. oboy says:

    Please let’s not talk about travels, which are a regular occurrence in the NBA. Taj Gibson, Lebron and Wade are no exception. The game was called fairly, the slight advantage that Chicago may have gotten is called home court advantage and momentum. Miami has the advantage when they are at home and rolling. But the difference was not outrageous at all. It’s enjoying to see the players grind it out and not a referee bailing them out because of the name that is on the back of there Jersey.

  25. nothing to worry about says:

    its clear bulls is a good team, BUT HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTER its okay to win game 1 hahaha its just game 1 friends no worries hahahhaaha dirty players

  26. Xaled says:

    this topic includes a confession that NBA was horribly being officiated in last 20-30 years

  27. Xaled says:

    when teams in NBA make a foul, referees call it, while Chicago Bulls need to make 3 fouls so referees call that, this is how this horrilbe Bulls team won 62 games in regular season and this why they struggled against Pacers and Hawks (they thought they wont need this against these teams)

  28. khalis says:

    Please if you are going to comment spell check, re-read your post before posting it! It’s hard reading your post when the grammar is wrong and you are missing words not just letters but words in your replies. That is all!

  29. Brandon says:

    Its good to see that the Heat are not getting the superstar calls against the bulls. The heat have gotten all the big calls all year and its getting old. I know stern wants the next big thing to win the championship, but at least have the refs call the games objectively. Just think back to the last series when Rondo set his feet and then James ran through him like a running back and there was no call. How about when Wade deliberately injured Rondo and didn’t get ejected. The heat have the refs in their pockets.

    • Andy says:

      “How about when Wade deliberately injured Rondo and didn’t get ejected”
      that’s just rediculous. there’s no way d-wade could have expected to hyper extend his elbow on the floor

      • Brandon says:

        Wade meant to foul Rondo and he got injured. Wade went on to finish the game. Bynum meant to foul Barea and he was ejected, fined and suspended. While Barea got up and finished the game. Kinda funny how they cater to the Heat.

    • HeatWave says:

      Seriously think before you type something so crazy.

      • Brandon says:

        Exactly so why don’t you stop being so biased and admit that the refs are helping the Heat.

    • chin says:

      all you said is nonsence, you are too emotional to say the truth.

  30. Jojo says:

    It’s great the NBA refs have decided that this giant cash-cow of a series should be called fairly and evenly. LOL anyone surprised by their sudden honesty?? Too bad they NEVER do that when it’s the nobody teams playing the big dogs. Look at the Pacers/Bulls series, for example. Call those games evenly (and stop letting Rose get away with travels), and you have the #1 Bulls going fishing, while the #8 Pacers, who deserved that series, moving on. There is no question in my mind, being an NBA fan of over 30 years, that refs tend to call games for big market teams. You’d have to be blind and stupid not to see it. It’s why they’ll never get another penny from me until they clean up their act.

  31. Jaewoo says:

    Props to D Wade for going for the block at least…he was probably thinking “where the &*(# is my backup?” The article nails home what deficiencies the Heat have right now…Bulls in six..Taj is a monster agree? Reg season watchers of Bulls must love this right now

  32. Debi says:

    First of all, basketball is a REFs game, whatever they want, they get!! I live in S. Florida and love how far the HEAT were able to advance in these playoffs so however far they come, they are still winners…….remember, they have only been a complete team for one season, even less with some players, so the BULLS should enjoy where they are at right now……however, next season could be an entirely different story!!! I do believe that Doc Rivers decision to bench his starters giving the HEAT homefield advantage in the 2nd series was a highlight for the HEAT. Homefield is very important as you can see from the 1st Chicago game, not sure if the results would have been the same if the tables had been turned!!

  33. Ryan says:

    In my Blog, i take an in-depth look at the Thunder Mavs Matchup. http://nbainsightsandthoughts.blogspot.com/ . Check it out.

  34. D says:

    Those who play basketball should know that usually the team that dominates on the defensive side gets the favors of the refs. It’s one of those non-written rules, like the fact that the three second violation is almost never called in the fourth quarter, or like the fact that travelling is never called on a fast break. Defensive intensity has a double impact on the flow of the game for this reason, on who commands the pace of the game and on refs’ decisions.

  35. courtney says:

    lets give it up to lebron for finally beating a celtics team with a one armed rondo, a useless shaq, and an injured pierce and west. great job you guys. go ahead and celebrate because thats the last time you will. and for the people talking about how the heat were not gettin calls…WHAT ABOUT THE NON TECH THAT WASNT CALLED WHEN THE HEAT HAD 6 PLAYERS ON THE COURT

    • HeatWave says:

      There was an obvious charge that didn’t go the Heat’s way either. Are you implying the refs are in favor of the Heat? Please don’t be that stupid.

    • HeatWave says:

      Also they beat them pretty good the first TWO games with Rondo healthy. Rondo was injured worse in game three than four and five and they WON! Not only that but you all weren’t calling the Celtic players old and useless until they got beat. Such hypocrites amoung these blogs.

    • BHEAT says:

      Boston lost. get over it

  36. joey bob says:

    The Bulls will sweep their ways into the finals. Say hello to banner number sever!

  37. Charles Howell says:

    YEa give it up to the bulls they took game 1 but thats the only one they gettin. watch lebron and d wade r goin to drive and attack attack attack that is what they do best and they are the best at it in the game today all the bulls have is rose boozer is incosistent and so is deng. jokim noah is cositent rebouding but not scoring rose cant do it by himself HEAT WIN IN 5

  38. finals says:

    BULLS vs MAVS on 2011 NBA finals

  39. Tobias_WETZ_Germany says:

    As an owner of LP, I watched it like 10 times, searching for your 5 step travel. Did’nt have the super slowmotion, but HQ. CJ made 3 steps after his last dribble, not 5. But 3, alright, the whistle should have been blown. But, as a european basketball trainer and player I have to admit, these type of Non-Calls regularly happen in the NBA, every game I watched this season at least has two or more of these situations… so, don’t argue for that call, argue with the NBA for not calling these types of calls. And when there’s team using this abscence of calls, it’s Miami. Guess there are some vouchers in South Beach for no calls…
    Com’on, good work from the refs, live with the L…

  40. LBJ Fan says:

    Did you see I think in the second half…
    Telling D.Rose to push the ball up cause it was almost 8 sec for the violation?
    And of course if you a heat hater you will not agree with us heat fan in our opinions.
    The BULL played dirty Deffense body was all over the HEAT players and the reff act like aint see a them thing.

  41. lifer says:

    half of the people here will stfu big time after the series is over.

    which half? no one can ever be sure yet. it is just one game.

    nevertheless, great job tibs and bulls!

  42. moneyball says:

    I want to heat to win but we got flat out anyway, so the dunk don’t matter.

  43. rafael central park courts says:

    dude no one even understands your english. brush up on it and THEN you can start commenting.

  44. Bulls says:

    First of all.. . the term Traveling: The ball in both hands and step more than 2 steps

    Watson did not travel. His hands were OFF the ball when he made the first 3 steps.. When he got his hands on it, he then made the 2 step!

  45. remixed says:

    heat got owned. period. haters gon’ hate.

  46. Jordz says:

    You guys didn’t get Homer. He was referring to Watson’s steps, not Taj’s. He ain’t hatin! For God’s sake, read you internet dimwits! Great win btw.. Bulls all the way!

  47. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    when noah hand checks a penetrator (like wade and bron) or taj hand checks it slows the defenders down. I said i before the bulls are allowed to play aggressive on defense they got away with it up to this point. But with that said i still feel we could of gotten over the hump if we played well. However if you notice we are starting on the road you never know what the heat will come up with we just need to win one to take home court advantage and i said it before it is still a series no one this year is guaranteed a win if they win the first game (hornets, atlanta, memphis eventhough i feel memphis deserve to move on) the people who are more than likely guaranteed a win are the ones that win the second game with the exception of orlando but it is still too close to call. I take my hat off to the bulls especially d rose he played well but i still feel they are allowed to play more aggressive than the other players. They handcheck you whiles you attack the baskket and youre met with another jersey crowding the paint. Refs there is something called the defensive three seconds but who knows i want to see what happens next game.

  48. Heat Blow says:

    it doesnt matter the heat celebrated for beating a injured old boston team how is that awsome they couldnt even compete cause most of people were injured receiving treatment entire series

  49. Heat says:

    Heat advance at 4-3 over the Bulls.

  50. hahaha says:

    refs are fair when they are consistent on both sides, so either u dont call for both sides, or u make similar calls on both sides. its definitely easier for the refs to just not make calls for both side since thats less work. in this case they werent calling travels on either side, which the heat fans should probably be happy about or else lebron would be done.

  51. Dino says:

    All i can say is that D-Wade took a facial better than Maria Ozawa

  52. treblig says:


  53. sucker says:

    pag hilom mo tanan oi….hilas kaayo mo maka storya….murag kamoy nag dula…..ga hilas hilas lang mo…maypag ma aman mo tanan

  54. edd says:

    The only thing I saw is that the ref’s missed countless defensive 3 second violations by the Bulls. They stayed in the lane all day long with no offensive players around them so many times. Also, That Heat coach is going to cost them games if he keeps doing bone head things like starting Magulior and Howard. Howards play good at times but Magulor over Z? The Bull are the best time in the regular season and he’s will to try experiments match-ups? If Big Z shots his long jumper and makes them it will force the Bulls bigs out of the paint. Why stray from what’s been working to play guys that he never played much anyways? This is a coaching battle and if it stays that way the Bulls are going to make the series quick and boring by continously beating the crap out the Heat team due to their horrible coaching staff.

  55. Teriac says:

    its only 1 game

  56. lol says:

    can u geeks shut up

  57. sucker says:

    Refs dictate the tempo of the game….that time…bulls and heat game….refs decide everything….how many fouls did noah commit and even boozer pushes bosh….bulls are tricky team they know how to do things clean or simply…they’ve paid the refs

  58. treblig says:


  59. marekano says:

    So true.
    Great artcile, thank you to focus on referees not only where they are bad.
    I guess it’s basically the same in every sport, the less you hear about the referees the better their performance is.
    But with the surrounding atmosphere of an NBA playoff game, it’s human to try to catch the attention on you even when you are a ref

  60. heatftw says:


  61. low it says:

    Its a series not a one game winner takes all. Miami got blown out in the first game, so what. lotta ball to play and whats funnier than all the miami fans getting bitch is all the miami haters scrabbling for ways to beat on them its pathetic lol

  62. miami in 6 says:

    The refs are blind! joakim noah and Carlos boozer are the dirtiest players in the NBA. Watch the highlights again and keep an eye on every rebound or loose ball, you’ll see those two players pushing or shoving. Ex: noah shoving bibby into joel anthony for an open derek rose 3 or boozer pushing anthony for an easy lay up for noah. The Refs have been missing those calls all year long. They need to wake up and make a call.

    wades going for 40 next game

  63. katew says:

    Heat: 6 men on floor with clock running… refs: saw it and made the 6th player leave…..result: no technical but apparently a warning? why???

  64. derrick rose says:

    hey guys look at the first step of taj he didnt get tha ball yet if you play basketball ull know that because taj didnt catch the ball yet i review the video here and look closely to the ball and taj feet but for me watson travels thats the truth but still win is a win so go chicago beat the heat

  65. Homer Page says:

    To everyone who stupidly wrote “TAJ DID NOT TRAVEL”
    Go back and re-read my post. I Never EVER said Taj travelled – Of course he did not travel….I said the 5 step travel leading up to Taj’s dunk…..that travel i am talking about is the 5-step travel by CJ Watson before dishing the ball to Taj…….the whistle should have been blown long before Taj even received the ball.
    Ya’ll should all read very closely before making your silly comments. Of course Taj did not travel, I never said that, nor did anyone else…….but take a look at CJ and tell me who is right

  66. King6 says:

    Bulls won, Heat lose. Fine, but should the league let this lousy refs just like that?..if this happens again on game2 i would conclude that bulls will be the champion.

  67. benedict says:

    The heat will bounced back with game 2 3 4 5.
    Im not saying its easy but the heat are known to exploit and changed there tactics if they are driven to the wall.
    Its only game one.The ball is round and momentum shift all the time.
    D wade will rescue them as he always does.
    remember 2006 finals were dallas took games 1 and 2 in there home court and miami took 4 game straight afterwards with Dwade heroic act.Im certain its bulls who will cry in the end.email me on the last week of may if im wrong.

    • Law064 says:

      @benedict that was vs Dallas who had 0 D at the time and Wade just got Kobe powers with the refs I loved what he did cause he’s a Chicago Native but c’mon he had like 100 ft attempts in that series. I know he shot 20 plus in 1 game. The Bulls are NOT the 06 Mavs and Miami is the 3 ring circus not a team. Let’s see what happens tomorrow

  68. RESpect?? says:

    we shall see.

  69. RESpect?? says:

    we shall see

  70. spaceage says:

    I am italian and not a heat or bulls supporter.
    That was travelling, he made 3 steps (only 2 are allowed… or change the rules…)
    Apart from that, bulls dominated 2nd half and deserved to win, that’s crystal clear.

  71. john says:

    the last appearance and dunk of taj gibson in the series.

  72. Zach Galafinakisgastritis says:

    We lost game 1. That’s okay. We will win this series anyway. Doesn’t matter if they win 3. We’ll win 4. No hate here. Just plain and straight opinion.

  73. lebron says:

    i think the heat are just studying on how the bulls played in the court. so i’m sure that the heat win in game 2.

  74. Zadoc Paet says:

    I can’t decide who to support not that my team (Los Suns) are out. 😦
    Poll: Who will win the NBA Championship?
    Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/r/423103

  75. nhel says:

    yeah.. im a heat fan but a win is a win…bulls are expected to win…thats what you call home advantage rigth.its only game one all of you are barking like the series is over….

  76. Axel says:

    Ref made only one real big mistake : the 6 men on the floor for Miami that wasn’t called with a technical foul!

    Sure you can argue that Boozer’s shot was after the buzzer, that Brewer stepped out of bounds before his dunk…that if, then else….whatever. Don’t think all that would have mattered.

  77. zach says:

    lol, well i can tell u that the clock did expire with the ball in boozers hand, now the whole traveling taj thing i dunno because it looked like two long strides to me, now dont get me wrong im a die hard heat fan, but like home dude said when u go into somebodys house u gotta beat them and the refs, basketball is not like football where one bad call changes the whole game, especialy when ur the heat and u got dwayne wade and lebron and bosh, game two is going to be exciting but when chicago goes to miami just remember all heat fans aint gonna see the fouls but the bulls fans will its just like a bad habit that got put into the game that the luege dont wanna mention rlly, now the whole blowout thing i dunno lol, it coulda been a better game still with those crappy calls but im just saying, anyways GO HEAT!!!!!

  78. Jaime says:

    Chicago play street basketball If any who has played basketball knows what Im talking about. The coaching Bulls looks more like a Bully guy rather than Phill Jackson or Larry Brown used to do. Bulls coach looks like gangster and the entire Chicago Bulls players seems dont understand what they are doing except for Rose. Rose believe himself the new Bruce Lee of the Nba basketball era. Please! Get out of here!!!!!

    • Law064 says:

      Jaime your a hater the bulls just beat the crap out of Miami so STFU

    • sando35 says:

      Haha Bulls players don’t seem to understand what they’re doing?
      Someone obviously doesn’t understand the game of basketball, because that Bulls lineup is the strongest, most consistent and deep defensive lineups the league has seen in a long time.Combine that with your thinking that Thibs looking like a gangster…..have you even seen the bulls play?

  79. B-Lo says:

    Man that was one off the best playoff game, The heat lost it wasn’t even a closed game. The refs did a good job, this a mans game the fouls that was called was about equal. The Heat had 6 man on the court while the clock was on, so stop pointing fingers at the stuff on the bulls. The heat aint nothing to the windy city, we got a cold bucket off water for the heat. The Bulls a better team, stop getting mad at the refs and get mad at the heat Big mans, who getting skooled. 2 man aint gonna beat a 5 man team, Wade and Lebron a great player but the Bulls a better.

  80. Nobody says:

    The fact that this article says the referee are doing good, just because the calls were almost even for both teams is already telling you the quality of it.

    Although Refs should be a non-factor in a game, less calls and even number of calls does not show you the QUALITY of the refs at all. You can’t just go jump in and say the refs are good just because they didn’t bother to review plays and didn’t make calls.

  81. Hi says:

    or how about when the heat had 6 on the court

  82. Wow Homer Page you must really be from Miami or a Lebron rider…… I can really tell by all the crying you are doing. Look, you know those little queens of the 2 1/2 men so called team get every single call in their favor just for being superstars. Heck, you cant even look at Wade the wrong way, because its an automatic foul. This is the result of referees calling a correct game (some flaws on both ends, but nothing major) and as an outcome to that, Miami gets no special treatment and get WOOPED. Last i heard the the Heat cry when things aren’t going well and you just prove that the Heat fans do so likewise. Just enjoy the series and HUSHHHHHHHHHH……………………………………Rocka my baby on the tree top………

  83. moklo says:

    the 3 refs are so lousy. too many calls havent called

  84. Jay says:

    1st guy has no idea what he’s talking about, just random look at me post, and Homer Page, your obviously a Heat fan so what you say is worthless. I myself got for the Celtics so no one sided view here and I think what the writer is talking about is “overall” as it was mentioned going on fouls etc, no need to break the game down otherwise there will always be faults to pick at but theyre only human and human error happens but as stated for a finals game this definately had less fouls which made it a more fluent game and your just knit-picking at the obvious fact that Miami got their A$$es handed to them and failed to prove that with the big 3 they aren’t TOTALLY useless…

  85. jay says:

    Was that even english? I have absolutely no clue what that comment said.

  86. Eugenio says:

    Toronto raptors will face the next finals 2012! Reptilians are in the nba.

  87. George says:

    Does the players get tested for anabolics after a NBA game ? Is there any rule about that ?

  88. Travis says:

    After watching Taj’s dunk several times now, where you get the idea there was some 5 step travel in the play is beyond me which casts serious doubt on anything else you’re saying. Interpreting the rules is always a subjective discussion and just because someone presents a decision as being correct or not as a fact doesn’t make it so.

  89. Eh says:

    I agree if it were a closer game there’d be a lot more scrutiny. It wasn’t just chicago benefiting though. 6 players were on the court for Miami, they didn’t call a technical….Lebron clearly got a continuation call that he shouldn’t have in the first quarter. Refs should have at least acknowledged the fact that the Boozer shot was close and reviewed it

  90. Haters will hate says:

    Stop hating you miami lover << , the game was reffed very well ur just pissy ur team lost or i mean blown out

  91. Jordan says:

    someone mark this comment as very important

  92. Knives says:

    Agree. The refs did not make their job well. Brewer steps on the line before he dunk the ball. See the video.

  93. Grant says:

    to Homer Page above:

    Based on the facts you pointed out, you feel as though the only way the refs messed up in this game was in favor of the Bulls. If you want to talk about Taj’s travel then you might as well call every drive by Wade and James a travel…. but thats old news; we know traveling will never be called again in the league. As for the free throws, I think you are severely downplaying Chicago’s defense. Just because free throws were not “awarded” to the Heat for a 21 minute stretch (oh yeah like you’re really gonna sit here and count the minutes, jesus christ), doesn’t mean a superstar like Wade or James “deserves” them just for being on the floor. Quit being so god damn judgemental- the less Joey Crawford screws up games by making cheap calls, the more even the game is for both teams. And yes, that means that Wade’s Untouchable rule may have to be ingnored: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aySGUzzxjGE&NR=1 AND: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFA5vSjvzGk&feature=related

  94. Adam says:

    two of the best defensive teams shouldnt be fouling a lot anyways.

  95. Homer Page says:

    How about the 5 step travel that lead to Taj’s dunk on Wade? Major turing point in the game.
    How about Boozer hitting the go ahead bucket in the 3rd whilst the shot clock expired in his hands, yet the refs didnt even review it, just awarded the 2 despite the replay clearly showing it should not have counted. How about the 14-0 free throw attempts in favor of the bulls over the Heat for a stretch there in the 3rd quarter……or the 21 minutes of playing time that the Heat werent awarded a single free throw.
    You have over-looked all of these refereeing errors because the end margin was a blowout – had this game been a little closer, I bet you would not be praising the refs for a job well done…..I have seen officials do a worse job, granted, but these 3 were clearly not on their game for this one…

    • jay says:

      taj didnt travel buddy, watch game review.
      your just mad that heat got blown out

      • Dub says:

        yeah Taj doesn’t own a travel agency like LeBron and Wade

      • Homer Page says:

        I never said Taj travelled. I said the 5 step travel that lead to Taj’s dunk – the 5 step travel was made by CJ Watson, before ishing the ball off to Taj. The whistle should have been blown long before Taj even got the ball!

      • fergs says:

        you cant blame the refs for the the heat not getting to the line because it was the bulls deffense not letting them drive in the lane. and yes carlose boozer did have the ball when the shot clock expired but that was probably a payback call for when they didnt give the bulls the technical when the heat had 6 players. and im pretty sure your the only person in america that thinks taj traveled. even dwade himself said that was a good play

    • arwin says:

      ow come on!gimme a break!stop whinning will you?we all know that the heat will lose this series cuz lebron will always choke!

      • Ozfan says:

        Umm, like he did in the last Heat Celtics game?

        you are a tosser in the truest sense of the word.

    • Jessechang says:

      you do know how to count right? 5 steps you have to be joking. also 0 free attemtps is not the refs fault its the players for not attacking and taking risks which wade and bron didnt do. plus why give the ‘favourite’ woosy unnecesary fouls, make the series interesting

    • Ricky Rousse says:

      You exaggerate. I thought it was a travel too. I looked at the replay and it was completely legal. However, that isn’t to say that the refs DO have a habit of neglecting to call fouls on LeBron. He sometimes gets fouled every step of the way to the basket and “WTF no call”. I don’t know if it’s because the refs know he can absorb contact or if they just don’t want appear to have favorites. Probably the first one. But admit it man, we know that when you play you have to beat both the refs AND the other team. If Miami had played better the refs calls wouldn’t have mattered. If they can focus their defensive efforts, they can probably beat the Bulls next meeting.

    • Marcus Hall says:

      Quit hatin they got whooped fair and square

    • Bean says:

      If you think Taj took 5 steps before dunking on Wade…you obviously have been too ashamed to watch the reply. Watch it…double dare you.
      D Wade’s only mistake was to bother going up…he was out of position to challenge it.
      As per the heat not being awarded enough free throws…I applaud the refs for not calling all of the Heat’s attempt to get a Bull in the air and bump him while “shooting”.

      • Law064 says:

        I credit the Bulls D for not allowing Wade and Lebron inside. Good game and 1 of the best called games with 0 controversial calls made

      • 1hitwonder says:

        hye dufus… he said da travel leading to the dunk… 5 step travel by cj watson.. isnt he too small to b travellin newez?? i mean bron n wade bout 6-4 and up… cj watson.. wats he like 5’10??

      • Sandile says:

        i watched it it looks like a travel but not five steps three is what i saw. but i think all the Heat fans thought this would be walk in the Park??? think again. no sour grapes guys you were beaten fair and square.

    • Ramon180 says:

      Listen Homer I don’t know what game that you were watching but Gibson CLEARLY took 2 steps and then jumped up for the slam. I won’t even waste my time try to argue the other points with you obviously being biased against the Bulls. Just make sure you check your stuff next time before you go making all kinds of exaggerated complaints. Bulls won, heat lost, end of story.

    • homer your an idiot watch the taj gibson play again there was no travel your just mad dwade got posterized!

    • Truth says:

      HAHAHAHA… bias much?
      FIVE step travel? can u count? watch the replay again, its all over the internet…and a14-0 free throw discrepancy during the 3rd quarter when only 4 free throws were attempted??? wow… get out of here, miami fanboy
      I bet if Miami had won the game, you WOULD be praising the refs for a job well done.

    • Doremon says:

      How about when Miami had six on the court and got no tech?

      • Dub says:

        yeah they shoulda T’d Miami for having 6 on the floor, it’s like Miami has those 3 refs as part of their starting line up

      • Rayo_Mortal says:

        yeah….the refs were like: hey the Heat needs 6 men in order to win this game!!! let’s help them…..hahahahahha

    • Mavs guy says:

      Dude you are crazy Taj didnt take 5 steps he took. and free throws have often gone 14-0 for the heat all the time maybe the bulls just played better defense.

    • #BULLS says:

      What are you talking about?!?!? (taj taking 5 steps) he took 1 and a 1/2. I watched it. When you are already in motion you can take 2 steps. He clearly did not do what you said he did. Plus!!! The bulls have beaten the Heat 4 straight times and everyone sees them underdoggs… They are the *Best* for a reason (62 wins). I read a blog on NBA.com and I qoute! “One day a win over the Miami Heat, will mean something.”

    • miamiCold says:

      a heat loss is a heat loss bulls @ game 5

    • herward says:

      you’re absolutely right!!!

    • Really? says:

      Five steps? Can you count? Watch the highlights again before you decide to publish BS online.

      Also, what about when the Heat had SIX players running around on the court yet no technical was called? Your boys got blown out in one of the few games that was pretty fairly officiated. The only thing I may consider you to be correct on is the Boozer buzzer shot, but that still leaves the Heat blown out by almost 20 points.

      It’s funny to see the excuses people fabricate when their team gets destroyed. Heat fans this year, are especially humorous.

    • Juan says:

      Homer: I agree the refs did miss a few calls, but they are human and will make mistakes. I agree about the Carlos Boozer shot that should have been rescinded, but are you serious about Taj Gibson’s dunk over Wade? That was an amazing athletic feat! By the way, a lot of players do get away with an extra step every now and then when going for dunks, but I did not see Gibson take any extra steps. Also, at least the league does have instant replay now. Think about how many more game altering moments instant replay has helped resolve! Carlos Boozer’s shot did not change the game at all. I also believe that the reason the Heat went through those stretches of less free throws was because they weren’t attacking the paint/rim because of the amazing defense the Bulls were playing. Wade looked exhausted and James shot primarily jump shots. Bosh was the most aggressive Heat player and he made 6 of 6 from the line. I’m a Spurs’ fan in case you were wondering, and I agree with Steve Aschburner, the refs did an excellent job.

    • RefereeSUcka says:


    • Fan of the Game says:

      While I do agree with you on the Boozer call. I must respectfully disagree on the Taj Gibson dunk. There was no travel nor was it close to a 5 steps. No matter how you watch the replay. You also failed to mention when Miami had 6 players on the court with the ball in play and them not receiving a technical for it. So all and all calls were missed on both sides but I would hardly say that those were turning points in the game. It is evident you are a Heat fan which is cool but at the end of the series the team that executes will win no matter what the refs do. If the team takes care of business then the refs will not even be relevant.

    • SWAG says:

      i thought i was the only one that saw this.

    • bobo says:


    • Biased much says:

      I just rewatched Taj Gibson’s dunk on wade about 10 times (partly because it was so awesome) and he clearly only takes 2 steps, are you that biased that 2 steps look like 5 to you? Besides, I wouldn’t complain about lack of travel calls when supporting a team with Lebron James on it.

      And the freethrow disparity? It is called the Bulls attacking the basket and the heat playing soft ball.

      I’ll give you Boozer’s shot, but the Heat also didn’t receive a tech for having 6 on the floor.

    • Heat Suck says:

      Oi Heat Fan, go troll somewhere else

    • js says:

      ??? where do you see anyone taking 5 steps with the ball? and simply saying that the heat went 21 minutes w.o a FT doesnt mean they were justified to take any. Everyone who watched the game saw the bulls play clean team defense, they werent committed fouls. I know you’re mad your team lost, but it wasnt because of missed calls. they got outplayed. Just hope they play better come game 2

      • Joe Johnson says:

        Listen dude if u watch the video again u are going to see that Taj Gibson is making a 3 steps actualy he makes 4 cuz he gets the ball and after he gets the ball you count so he is making 3 see it and be real !

      • vetkin says:

        Definitely no travel on Gibson, because he is on the move when he caught the ball.

        It is much more better to say that it is C.J. Watson who should have traveled, but after the 1 dribble and handoff, it cannot be called a travel also.

        Also, those kind of fastbreak opportunities, most of the time refs miss travel calls. But even if you remove that 3-point play and the Boozer buzzer beater, Chicago still wins by 16. Doesn’t matter anymore

      • Giraldo says:

        The steps taken by a player aren’t counted if he doesnt have complete possesion of the ball. He could have fumbled it all the way down the court. If he doesnt have control of it than they aren’t counted. The steps Taj took include one that he took in order to catch the ball and 2 in order to completely facilize and practically RE-BAPTISE Wade. LOL!! Regardless of that facial, the put-back, and the Boozer shot, the Heat would still have been blown out. The difference in free throws can be explained by several articles here in NBA.com explaining how much the Heat got dominated in the paint, the boards, and on the fast break which is where Wade and James make their living. No boards equals no transition, no transition equals no points in the paint. It’s not always true but that’s what the story was for this game.

    • Gibb18 says:

      shut up Heat Fan!

    • Rajon9 says:

      Homer Page, seems like your team got a dose of its own medicine. Have you seen how many fouls the Heat placed on Boston and always a NO CALL? Have you also seen how Lebron and Wade would always travel everytime they drive to the hoop but never called for travelling? I find your comments on the refereeing errors funny. You can never always blame the refs for your team’s inadequacy in Game 1.

      • Pete says:

        I have to agree, Miami got a crapload of calls in their favour in the boston series…

        And that dunk was even close to a travel.

      • Pete says:

        I have to agree, Miami got a crapload of calls in their favour in the boston series…

        And that dunk was not even close to a travel.

    • Daniel Name says:

      Just because the heat didnt get a free throw for an extended period doesnt mean there was bad reffing. yeah there were mistakes made, there are always mistakes made, but there was nothing that really altered the game. really, how many times did you see players go to the officials arguing the call? most games you’ll see that every 5 minutes, this time they knew the calls made were good calls (generally). also, take a look at the replay, there’s thousands of them, taj caught the ball, did a jump-stop, jumped and dunked on wade. no 5 steps. glad you’re mad your team lost though 🙂

    • idontlikelebron says:

      cj watson took like 4.5 steps, but other than this and the 6 player dilemma, the game was called perfectly IMO

    • Maurice says:

      come on homer, just take this loss………..again as well as the three regular season losses hahaha. oh and probably three more coming to take the series! watch out miami….. BEAT THE HEAT!

    • Emigee says:

      please be real, Taj dint travel, i feel you kinda cause your team was blown out like a candle in the wind.

      • MOTA says:

        Oh come on… He´s not talking about Taj. He´s talkiing about Watson. The guy clearly took 4 to 5 steps. The Bulls deserved to win. Bulls in 6

    • Agreed… and let’s not forget to mention Brewer stepping out of bounce be slamming down the baseline dunk… It’s so easy to point these things out when you are rooting for the team that’s on the other side of officiating. The Bulls are a more physical team inside… So doesn’t it seem like it would be more of an advantage for them if the refs don’t blow the whistle?

      But most of the world is rooting for Chicago in this game and from the past games when the refs gave the Bulls the game in the closing minutes, with the whole Dwade being fouled on a three point play that should have been 4 points. Or with the whole Deng tripping in the final seconds on an offensive rebound attempt… No one cares about the integrity of the game anymore… The NBA is getting it’s ratings because people want to see Miami and LeBron fail…

      The NBA is not ready to say that Dwyane Wade is the best shooting guard in the league which would be undeniable if the Heat does win… And people don’t want to see LeBron succeed.. They want to be able to say that he is overhyped be cause he does not have a ring… I am on to the leagues conspiracies.. Everyone knows this, but unless you are a Heat fan, you will not admit it. Great dunk by Taj by the way… but calm down people he is like damn near 6″ taller than Wade… No other guard would have even attempted to block that… and that’s what makes Wade one of the best shot blockers at such a small size in the history of our game… Let’s recognize greatness people and stop tryin to create superstars. And stop being mad that two of the Greatest players that our league will ever see is on the same team.

      -The Whole Truth Nobody Wants to Discuss

      • LePrince Hater says:

        A real Heat’s Fan has spoken!! The only thing I have to say is that you are a idiot! Wade is not the best shooting guard, all-time, and people don’t like LeBron b/c he has no integrity! Lebron thinks the NBA and the fans owe him something and wants the easy way out to greatness! He needs the earn a ring and the respect of the fans! F@ck LePrince!

    • HeatWave says:

      Ref’s did fine. Leaving the 3 shooters open killed them and 2nd chance points. It’ll be a different game Wednesday.

    • JB says:

      Obviously a Heat Fan. First, If Miami had asked for the Boozer shot clock violation to be reviewed, it would have and the points deducted, not the Refs’ fault, its your team’s fault for not requesting a review. Second, Taj did not travel, Be a man and accept your defeat.

    • LePrince Hater says:

      I love you Heat fans always making up reasons! Just say ” the Bulls beat that azz” and we will play better the next game!

    • ryan says:

      dude cmon quit complaining….ok so take back boozers 2 points, take back taj’s 2 points off the dunk and take back the 14 freethrows and WE STILL WON THE GAME even w/ those 18 points taken back…you happy now? lets be real about this for a minute….the bulls have the MVP, not miami…the bulls have the coach of the yr, no miami…the bulls had best record in basketball, not miami (and u guys have 3 SUPERSTARS on your team, well 2 1/2, and we only have ONE)….the bulls have much better defensive team, not miami…the bulls have a better bench, not miami…the bulls have won ALL 4 GAMES against you guys this year….NOT miami. so get over it…WHAT do the HEAT have thats BETTER than the Bulls? LeFraud will quit again just like he did in last yrs series against the celtics…and he will also CHOKE again like he always does…last game against boston is only time hes EVER NOT choked in a BIG game (Except for ONE big shot last yr in playoffs). He was given a grade of D by all sports analysts when it comes to CLOSING AND FINISHING a game….a “D” that is…one grade above an F. you take dwayne wade off the team and the heat dont even reach the playoffs…wade is by far a better player than lebron…wade also has a ring, unlike lebum’s fraud @SS. get off his nuts and accept ur going to lose the series to a much better all around team.

      • JON says:

        So ur not a fan of the queen i cant knock you for that but at least tell the truth if scoring 30pts 8 ast and 8 rebounds is considered choking then every one is a choke artist lets keep it real kobe has NEVER had a post season that has resembled brons last 4 years including when he himself beat the world champion pistons by himself in the playoffs who the previous year beat the lakers with malone, gp, shaq and Kobe….so please stop the bs with choking its obvious by clevelands high school team record this year that that team just sucked and it was all lebron….Im not a lebron fan i think the dud is a coward but dont let your hate for the guy lead to ignorance as for wade being better that would explain why the two people up for mvp were rose and lequeen? lol please just stop watching sports you sound ridiculous.

    • JON says:

      Ok so its clear to me that most of you have no clue how to read or what a travel is but watson did not travel…as for the refs the only way they could have helped the heat is if they limited Noah to 1 off rebound a quater ur excuse is stupid Noah had more rebounds than your starting center and that shell of a wnba player Christina bosh…bottom line your inerior is baby butt soft and james and wade need to penetrate and stop trying to imitate Jordan with fadeaways or try to do a cheap move by head faking and throwing themselves into the defender and pretending they were shooting bottom line is you got 2 great players wade and bron but your team is trash and your coach sucks going against The MVP maker coach T your gonna have to do better its not the refs fault your team is just overrated and have done nothing impressive in the post season any playoff team can beat the sixers and if rondo hurt his arm and couldnt drive in the first round the knicks would be playing the bulls right now.

  96. The thing is Chicago play at their limits in terms of defense. I’ve played basketball in central park courts and I know what I’m talking about. If you put a hand on opponent´s hand when he is before diving immediately you are making a “silent” fouled. Chicago use the pressure over Miami offense once their get the ball.