Terry, Mavs Staying Focused On West

DALLAS — The Dallas Mavericks haven’t had any problems keeping their focus as they await an opponent in the Western Conference finals.

They could know as early as tonight, depending on the outcome of Game 6 of the Oklahoma City-Hang Time Grizzlies series. The Thunder lead 3-2 and can finish things up with a win and Game 1 of the Western Conference finals would be Sunday at 3:30 ET on ABC. A Grizzlies win pushes Game 1 back to Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.

As far as Mavericks guard Jason Terry is concerned, it doesn’t matter who it is or when it is, he just wants to know. Because a week is a long time to wait to get back into the playoff mix, especially after the way Terry and the Mavericks finished off their last series (check the video above).

“I’m definitely ready. I’m anxious. I’m ready,” Terry said after the Mavericks’ full scrimmage practice Friday, which included referees. “We’re we’re interested to see what happens tonight, and whatever happens we’ll finally know when we’ll play. Not knowing is always tough. But after tonight we will know.”

Terry said the week of work was good for his team. They had a solid week of work mixed with some “good rest” from coach Rick Carlisle.

“It was welcomed,” Terry said. “It was needed, I know from [talking to] a lot of guys. And it keeps you fresh, keeps you hungry and keeps you on your toes. And that’s a good thing.”

The one thing the Mavericks didn’t do a lot of during their “off week” was waste any time thinking about what comes after the Western Conference finals.

Any thoughts of what goes on between Miami and Chicago in the Eastern Conference finals, and perhaps even the possibility of a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals against the Heat this year, is someone else’s business.

“Not at all, not for us,” Terry said. “We know this next step is key. There is no Miami or Chicago if we don’t take care of business. And it doesn’t matter for us who it is. The most important thing for us is that we’re mentally right and healthy, because we know what to do to execute and win in either one of those situations.”


  1. lolatmavsfan says:

    hahah at mavs fan..if your team faced memphis an 8 seed..dallas went fishing already..dallas chokes against an 8th seed

  2. Jason says:


  3. evryone says:

    okc can take on dallas.if it went 2 game 7 ,i wouldnt b surprised

  4. dl says:

    Who beat LA 4 for nothing? How many team can do that on league? I don’t have to answer, you are should know. Go Mav’s

  5. MIchael JOrrdan says:


    • evryone says:

      u dallas fans are way 2 biased. dirk and the jasons are good but the rest is overrated by u. if the were so good , than y arent the starters??

  6. This isn't 2006 says:

    After watching almost all the games my mind could possibly handle I have to admit Dallas has a real good chance at taking it all. not only do they run the best plays so far with really great execution, but their defense has been phenomenal lately. Dirk is going to rain shots against OKC, and JJ Barea is going to handle Westbrook (hopefully). Durant will do exactly what he did in game 6.(choke) I mean OKC is a great team with a lot of heart, but it’s the Mavericks people not the damn grizzlies. They just finished sweeping one of the most competitive teams with ease. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mavericks go for a double sweep. Sad story about OKC. Since the Heat lost (really bad yesterday) I guess the bulls have a chance at the finals as well. Either way Dallas has a chance. Not a big one at the Finals, but it’s existent. 11 years supporter of the Dallas Mavericks, but i’m saying this with fairness to the rest of the teams in the league.

    • Ex-Sonic says:

      Nobody can choke Durant. Not even in the World series nor the next Olympic…He just doesn’t shoot enough and when it’s time to take over the man will..Barea control Westrbrook??? Give me a break!!! The only good Dallas player are Dirk and Jason Terry but they’ll lose anyhow. Had Dallas play Grizzlies in the last match, they probably went fishing already…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      barea the backup point guard will handle the all-star westbrook, quote of the day!

    • Hammertime says:

      Looks like you got a case of homerism and you have no objectivity. The Mavs are lucky to have homecourt advantage in this series. Memphis did Dallas a favor by beating the Spurs then bowing out to OKC. Don’t take OKC lightly though.

      Yes, Dirk will rain shots (he will do that against anybody) but Barea has no chance to guard Westbrook. Westbrook is the most athletic PG around and will cause many problems for Dallas. Jason Kidd is a good defender but Westbrook should be too fast for him. Who will contain Durant? KD will have the size advantage over all his defenders and should score at will. The biggest question in this serties is how well Ibaka and Collison will do against Dirk. Can they somewhat contain him? I like the experience Dallas has and that will be the difference in this series. OKC has had a nice year but they will fall a little short this year.

      As for the Finals, the East has the homecourt advantage which is enough to spell doom for the West. The Bulls also get no respect. They have the MVP, play great D, have great depth and are one of the best rebounding teams. I thought halfway thru the year they were the best team and they have definitely proved it. I think Miami would be an eaiser team to beat in the Finals, but getting past the Big 3 would be a tough feat.

  7. tuffcritic says:

    by the way – to say ahead of time , ALL OKLAHOMA fans —once we beat you , If you somehow win a couple of games in the series before we send you home , dont come back to me talking loser smack like ” hey at least we gave them a hard time – lol ” Its the NBA finals – all teams are expected to give each other a hard time so nothing to feel good about there – ok ? Just call yourselves what you are – predestined losers . It is what it is .

    • Ex-Sonic says:

      OKC Sweep…4-0

    • OKCKD35 says:

      to say this ahead of time, i hope the MAVS lose and you look like a retard, oh wait yo ualready do look like a retard from your post. What have your excuses been the past 10 years? sounds like a person who has talked a lot of “loser smack” in the last 10 years, OKC is a team on the rise, Dallas is a team that is starting to get pretty old and should only be relevant another year or 2

      • Nate29 says:

        To all OKC fans coming to dallas….. There are de-lousing strategically placed at points along I35. Please clean your okie funk before invading our fair state. Thank you.

  8. tuffcritic says:

    MUCH DISRESPECT to all the other teams . Your all a joke ! Dallas hands down is a giant and a very solid team from the 1st starter to the last bench guy including the tall white dude Brain Cardinal even lays in some sick hoops . SO – bulls – a joke ( 1 guy is all anyone talks about ) , heat – joke and storebought ( 2 guys is all anyone talks about ) , OK – ummm really doesnt even need a waste of my typing – I am overlooking OK and will laugh when we win aside from me even overlooking them . Because they are just a pack of wannabe’s. TOTAL DISRESPECT to the rest of teams left – Mavs all the way !

  9. awesomedude says:

    you know, I change my mind, I say the bulls and mavs have depth and that’s what the heat don’t like.

  10. MFFLbro with a vengeance says:

    WHOA!! If the MAVERICKS are garbage, then what does that make the lakers??

    Check the Lakers into rehab for referee compensation dependency! Or is it lack of defense when you give up a 16 point 1st qtr lead? In Los Angeles there is a one-way street called “Playoff Basketball” (Mark Jackson’s code-phrase for cheating using such tactics as illegal screens, loose ball fouls – over-the-back or push in the back or undercutting, also clearing out with the shoulder or chicken wing or full-on arm extension, as well as the most blatant violations such as charging and contact with the shooter and overly demonstrative tongue lashings of the officials for FINALLY calling Mr. Popular for the undeniable.) Evident in nearly every first half of every first quarter of every series of every post season the lakers have ever played. You know why u never hear a lakers fan say it was the refs fault they lost? Because WE ALL KNOW which celebrity favorites are benefiting from BLOWN CALLS.) The lakers thought by keeping Odom and just adding “enforcers” they could bully their way, as usual, to a threepeat WHILE REFUSING TO FIX THE OBVIOUS WEAKNESS AT POINT! The Lakers looked like they were coasting all year.

    How do u spend $92,000,000 and not have a point guard or bench?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    The sad truth is Buss didn’t stop Jackson from letting KOBE’S GARBAGE give Shaq an eating disorder.

  11. Sweep says:

    for all Maverick’s haters,why you just can’t accept that Dallas won over the Lakers?Do you think can someone from the OKC or MEM can stop or block the killer fade-away of Dirk Nowitzki?Even Yao Ming can’t stop it.And as you see,Barea play fast just like Jason Kidd younger age. “Stay humble and hungry” – Rick Carlisle.

  12. rhainner says:

    the mavs are so lucky that they sweep the lakers and had a 1 to 1 1/2 week rest. if they sweep the thunder, they can win the championship by relaxing.

  13. Ozfan says:

    I hear everyone saying.. ra ra ra the Heat have no bench, no depth…
    LIKE HELLOOOOO… Everyone knows this, the Heat know it too..

    How are they still dominating??
    Why is it that everyone on here with even half a brain and the ability to type has to keep bringing up the obvious…??

    Wade, Bosh & LBJ can play 40+ mins a game… There’s not much rotation to be found in those 3 positions. The way they have been playing in the last 2 series… watch for more of the same in the next 2 series.

    If the Heat can take one of the first 2 home games from the Bulls, preferably the first, then only the Mavs pose a serious threat to the Heat’s chances of a ring this year. Dirk and Terry are stone cold killers when in rhythm. D.Wade & LBJ better be on their best games when those 2 are on fire.

  14. robbay2 says:

    I will be worried if they face the bulls, but…

    They will ground pound the heat.

    Mavs are 10x as deep as the Heat, and those are the kind of games they struggled with, deep teams.

    and everyone knows the Mavs are the deepest.

  15. awesomedude says:


    dirk really has only 2 people to go to, jason and jason. the other people on the team are more defensive. derrick rose is left single handed, so the heat will go to the finals:(. the heat, unfortunately, will win the championships. they have 5 go-to guys (LBJ, wade, bosh, bibby, chalmers. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hate to say this but its true, im a celtics fan and i hate the heat

    • HeatWave says:

      Don’t forget about James Jones, and if Mike Miller wakes up Bulls will b in trouble. Oh yeah Haslem is back and will play more this series. Heat is deeper than people think.

    • mfflbro says:


      Are you seriously talking about MIKE Bibby and MARIO Chalmers??

      That was so funny I forgot to LOL!

      • Nate29 says:

        Do you actually watch the games? Heat have no bench, zero… Worst bench in the league.

  16. JJ says:

    well i can see why the Mavs are hoping for an OKC win and not a Grizzly win. They will have a hard time against the grizzlies in the paint but i can still see the Mavs beating Grizzlies in a close game. I honestly don’t even think OKC has what it takes to match up with the Mavs, what they got? Durant scoring all day with Westbrook? I know they’re young and fast but i still think they don’t have what it takes to take on the Veterans. The best advantage the Mavs has against both of those teams is the Mavs’ bench! The Mavs has there Jet who can explode anytime in the game, they have that fast little point guard JJ Barea who can drive down the paint, they have Chandler’s back up Haywood who can also do well, they have Stojakovic who can’t easily guard anyone but his 3 point shooting is a threat to the opposing team and they have Stevenson who can energize the crowd with his big shots in a crucial situation.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      OKc Bench, James Harden who scored the most off the bench since the all-star break, Cook, previous 3 point champion, Collison a hard nosed defender, top 5 in cahrges taken for the last few years, Eric Maynor, a great defender and ball distributer who seems to make his shots in crucial situations, nazr mohammed, a veteran with a chamionship ring in his trophy case. seems to me these benches are pretty evenly matched up, just as the starting 5 are, thats why they were the 3-4 seeds seperated by 2 games and both in the conference finals. I am a huge OKC fan but i dont deny just how good the mavs are. i gotta roll with my team, the only way i see a win for OKC would be to push it to a 7 game series and run, run, run! If you think this is going to be easy for either team you must have not watched much OKC basketball this year

  17. ddish81 says:

    The Mavs have really surprised me with their series against the Lakers. I am with a few of the other readers that I do believe that this series was their high point of the season and that they peaked too soon. While they might win the West, I just don’t see them doing anything against the Heat or Bulls. They lack that certain something that championship teams have!

    Check out this funny Dirk clip: http://www.sweaterpunch.com/2011/05/03/dirk-nowitzki-in-the-jerk/

    • Rich says:

      The Heat and the Bulls are only slightly composed of championship players. Mavs can certainly do something and a lot more against either Bulls or Heat. It will be definitely more challenging compared to either OKC and Memphis.

  18. Patrick says:

    So hard to say, Mavs have this great advantage with this week off. May be OKC have some more injuries now because they fight so much. But what about Memphis? Everything possible. But a week to repare all Dallas players is a serious advantage.
    The coming team has nothing to loose against Dallas, they will be extra hot.
    We all here wait for this, and I enjoy reading some of you.
    I wonder who is the commentateur speaker here on nba.com who use to say : โ€œ yes sir โ€œafter a good move, or โ€œ In case you don’t understandโ€œ and many other funny American expressions I can understand. (I try to learn some..)

  19. LadyRushton says:

    Here’s the deal:

    Mavs are hungry no doubt….but so is everyone else. I love the fact the Mavs are HUMBLE and hungry! The Western Conference finals is gonna be a GREAT match up…no matter who wins the OKC/Memphis series…PERIOD! I’m a Mavs fan..I’m from the Dirty D…but just like “The Jet” stated, lets not even think about the finals because firstM we have to take this next series. Thats important…One game at a time…One series at a time.

    Memphis WILL be a force to be reckoned with if they win. I honestly think OKC cant match up with the Mavs.

    The East: I’m riding the Bulls. hahaha But seriously, Miami is gonna come with it!!!! I hope Chicago can pull it off though. Call me what you want, but I hate the Heat….literally, figuratively, and situationally.

    We’ll see…it’s the playoffs BABY!!!! Go Mavs

  20. mr. hairball says:

    Just sayin’
    Why isn’t anyone writing about mavs oppononents in West Finals like the worthy ones. Mavs aren’t favourites, even after they dispatched the Lakers. Both thunder and grizzlies should be considered as two very good teams in their prime. Mavs are aging and they lack of offence when the german hairmaster is struggling from the field.
    Maybe it’s time to start writing about all the teams in the similar tone, not separate teams by “the were good” category?

    By the way, in my honest opinion, the Mavs just got lucky with the Lakers, who were taking things too easily.

    Both thunder and grizz will give Dallas a worthy fight, preview of which deserves a self-article.

    • mfflbro says:

      got lucky?!?!?

      Jealous much?

    • OKCKD35 says:

      because didnt you know, dallas has been so successful in the playoffs, i mean wow they must have a lot of rings with the way people in this post are talking. they dominated their way through everything dont you know? i mean they were soooo good during the season they were undefeated, they swept everyone! got the number one seed and everything, dirk is better than jordan, kidd is better than kobe, jason terry is the best 6th man to ever play.they are so good they are making history here folks! thats funny too the guy that called durant a choker. yeah he only closed out the 2 series so far with a 41 point game and a 39 point game, scores the most points of anyone and has the best FG% in the 4th quarter these playoffs, guy is a choke artist, Dirk is so much better, out scores durant all day!

  21. gem says:

    it will be mavs over bulls in 5 games. go, go, mavs!!!

  22. spark says:

    Hey..dude..sweep it seems for the DALLAS taking the Lakers…

    HONESTLY….. The DALLAS are just so LUCKY……

  23. LAKERNATION24 says:

    MAVS GARBAGE….BULLS will win east then come and smack Terrys big mouth….

    • Year of the Upset says:

      Don’t be mad that Dallas swept your team. Also if Mavs were garbage then they wouldn’t even make the finals to play the Bulls/Heat, don’t you think?

      • OKCKD35 says:

        they arent in the finals yet genius, OKC is going to win this series, we have been able to win on the road too ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. rob says:

    i just hope that dallas will win this season i don’t care even if they can’t sweep series

  25. p.r.i. says:

    Eh…Does someone even realize or thinks back what Memphis has done in S.A?

    • mavs41 says:

      spurs were overrated from game 1 of the regular season. everyone thought they were so awesome because they lead the western conference the whole season…but they played below .500 teams for most of the season. memphis just brought them back to reality

      • OKCKD35 says:

        played below .500 teams? are you just stupid or what? The Spurs are in what conferencE? oh the western? where you have to play over .500 to make the playoffs? the eastern conference always has teams under .500 in the playoffs, the point of this is each team plays the same number of cnference games, in a better conference wouldnt that make the win % of the teams better than the east? also the same as the Mavs play?

  26. Andreas says:

    The Mavs have a good chance to reach the Finals. OKC is not consistent enough to beat them and the Grizz have heart but not the quality the Mavs have. And the Mavs are more focused and hungy than last year. If Predrag is healthy and the bench plays well, their opponents can`t stop them.

    Bulls – Heat is a hot conference final in the East. The Heat were swept in the season, but this series starts by 0. For the Maves there will hardly be a revenge, if they would meet the Heat in the Finals. Both teams looks so different today.

    I can not see in the future, but i wish Dirk a ring (because he is a german like me and he would deserve it), and i wish the championship for the Bulls (because I`m a bulls fan since 20 years).

  27. js says:

    the OKC/MEM series has been pretty sloppy. Memphis has shown durant can be shut down, and when he is westbrook pulls the trigger way too much and too early in the shotclock. Likewise, Zach Randolph can go through stretches of putting up volumes of bad shots if memphis shooters arent hitting 3’s. Theres no Rudy Gay, and conley seems to give up running the offense if Zbo feels like taking over. I dont think either of these teams can match up with Dallas. They have depth, veteren leadership, and a WHOLE lot of experience deep in the playoffs. J-Kidd will know who to go to and when, something OKC and MEM struggle with. They can get out and run, shoot 3’s, and play in a halfcourt set, whatever they feel they have an advantage in with a series. They have the best complete roster out of the teams left in the playoffs, and that will lead to success. Dallas will win the WCF in 5 games regardless of which team advances. As far as the finals, i’ll wait and see how chicago and the heat play before I make that call

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Memphis has shown durant can be shut down? Really? How is he averaging 30 a game if he is being shut down, he had one off game due to foul problems, then tried chuking up 3’s to come back, 1 bad game and you are shut down? Thats just retarded, if he could be shut down how did he win the scoring title 2 years in a row. A whole lot of experience deep in the playoffs? really, isnt this only the 2nd time in 10 years of playoffs they are in the conference finals? didnt they lose a lot of first and seconr round series? once gain experience is a word for old people to try and think they have an advantage over youth and athleticism. spurs had much more experience than the Grizz, lakers had much more expereicne than the MAVS, Celtics had more than the Heat, Hawks had more than the Bulls, where were you going with this?

      • Nate29 says:

        If westbrook plays like he did in the first 6 games of the series against memphis, its over in 5. He can be a turnover machine.

  28. think says:

    A ring for Kidd!!!

  29. Viper139 says:

    I expect Dallas to come out on top in the next round – but don’t underestimate Mempfis or OKC – both pose problems – but Dallas is way deeper and even if one main guy has a bad night or is taken out of the game – there are so many other scorers that can step in.
    And Dirk is hard to contain by any team left. Ask the lakers….Contain Dirk and Chandler in the middle a bit – opens up all those good shooters around. And if you defend the perimeter better, you still have Dirk punishing you inside.
    Pick your poison ๐Ÿ™‚

    In the Finals you never know – both Miami and Chicago are tough, since they are so fast in transition. Keeping transition offense to a minimun will be key in order for Dallas to win.

  30. jammYY says:

    memphis-okc are evenly match, but i know facing dallas either of them, dallas will take western finals…I really want to see DALLAS VS MIAMI in the Champ series…this is the REVENGE of the MAVS….

  31. Brian says:

    Why is there a small smiley face in the upper right margin?

  32. Rich says:

    With the way OKC and Memphis are playing, they’ll be extremely lucky to get a single win against the MAVS. MAVS play making and firepower will just be too much for any of these 2 teams. Memphis only has ZBo that can be easily stopped by either Chandler or Marion. OKC has Durant who can easily check by Marion and Westbrook will just become a perimeter shooter because Chandler will make him eat the ball if he tries to drive. West Finals will be too easy for the Mavs. And this is coming from a basketball fan and not just a Mavs fan.

    • mavs41 says:

      i hope your right…just gotta “stay humble and hungry” -rick carlisle

    • Lakers SUCKS! says:

      are joking marion can stop Zbo? narion us a legit small forward Zbo can go center and power forward.. chandler can stop but not quite look at serge Ibaka and perkins they are big and good shot blocker but they arent good defending zach.. I think if the magic of the Dallas gone they will be eliminate by either OKC or MEM. I hope Memphis will go to NBA Finals not another Old teams, and Memphis are 8th Seed.

    • William says:


      Seriously bro??? Marion will shut down Zbo? Ibaka, Perkins, and Collison couldn’t. That’s the craziest thing I’ve read. Chandler will do ok against Gasol but even Gasol got his this series. And this is coming from a Spurs/Basketball fan who isn’t looking forward to the Heat going to the finals, but expects them by beating Chicago.

      Dallas is favored (slightly with a couple points advantage I expect) but by no means will it be easy. If Collison could hit his jumper like the Spurs series then OKC would be fishing right now. If Memphis advances, Mayo will come off the bench and match Terry’s production. No way he ties or breaks another record against Memphis. Lakers didn’t show up but Memphis will

      • Rich says:

        I’m not going to argue to the bitter fans whose team already fishing right now. Still can’t believe the Mavs are still on contending, eh ? That’s alright, just continue watching the playoffs and get extra bitter as the Mavs continue their quest to the Finals.

      • Stephen says:

        Hey William, Mavs bench is way too DEEP for any team bro…BAREA, PEJA……DALLAS has the best bench in the league

        If ODOM (6th man of the year) could not match it, Mayo certainly CAN’T

      • OKCKD35 says:

        ok mavs fans you are all just ridiculous, look at the numbers tards, Randolph was pretty much shut down (under 40% for the series from the field) Marc Gasol played his average numbers. i just think it is hilarious that all of the MAVS fans in here are basing the western conference finals on the series against the Lakers (dont forget OKC crushed the lakers last time we played too) Terry will not shoot 90% on 3 pointers in this series, are you all blind or in denial? your speed beat LA, Dribble penetration kick to a 3 point shooter. La was too old and slow to cover this, OKC is not! keep looking past us and i will be the one i nhere laughing at the end of the series, all you idiots calling sweep, do you even realize OKC has not lost 4 in a row the entire year, as a matter of fact we only had one 3 game losing streak and that was when we made the perkins/robinson trade, we gave up 2 starters and had to wait weeks until Perk was ready to play. calling a sweep is just retarded. We are just as good as Dallas at every position, lets see, Chandler vs Perkins, Marion Vs Ibaka, Dirk vs Durant, Kidd vs Westbrook, and whoever your # 2 guard is vs Sefolosha, Terry vs Harden, these teams are pretty even, i wouldnt be so confidaent especially with Dallas’ history of choking, Thunder in 7 Thunder Up!

  33. DallasMavsFan says:

    Dallas on Lakers: Easy as 1,2,3,4..
    Dallas on OKC/MEmphis: Easy as 1,2,3,4.
    Dallas on NBA Finals : It will possibly go to game seven with Dallas on top.

  34. Lakers fan says:

    Memphis won tonight! Laker fan here but the Grizzlies are overachieving and playing with so much heart. I love Marc Gasol and Zach Randolf. The Grizzlies are a team of the future. Go Grizzlies! The Thunder are tough but anything can happen!

  35. WRONG COMMENT says:

    Dallas on Lakers: Easy as 1,2,3,4..
    Dallas on OKC/MEmphis: Easy as 1,2,3,4.
    Dallas on NBA Finals Easy as the HEAT will beat them 1,2,3,4

  36. Deathrow says:

    Dallas on Lakers: Easy as 1,2,3,4..
    Dallas on OKC/MEmphis: Easy as 1,2,3,4.
    Dallas on NBA Finals: Easy as 1,2,3,4..

  37. WRONG COMMENT says:


  38. sepjo says:

    I think dallas can really beat OKC. Im a mavs fan and excited for mavs come back to finals. Im looking for a sweet revenge to miami. But honestly, mavs will have a hard beating miami than beating the lakers. Actually, both teams would have to grind it out to win the series. I am relying to the mavs hunger, being veteran team, their consistent bench contribution, and defense to win for the ring. And most of all, dirk’s persistence.

    • James O says:

      Also, if Dallas can get Miami’s 3 into foul trouble and sit them down, then Miami is wasted. They have NO BENCH whatso ever. Dallas can draw charges on Lebron and Wade when they drive. Miami can’t b/c Dallas doesn’t drive, they shoot.

      • Blood says:

        Well I agree with James O. Some of you guys haven’t watch a mavs game beside them playing your team, and know absolutely know nothing about what this team can do. Needless to say, I been a Mavs fan from before Y2K, I kno wmy team. Personally would really love to get back at Miami, but I also realize that Miami is the tuffest team left for the Mav to over come. Like O said, the Mav shoot, that is why Caron was a big boost early on in the season. No doubt hadn’t he suffered that injury, the mavs would have took the best record easily, and would dismantle teams form inside the paint and the perimeter. Ready for them all though, Lets go Mavs!

    • renba says:

      Very much agree sepjo. I believe that this year is for the Mavs. GO MAVS!!!

      • GMAN says:

        As Mavs fans lets not start counting are chickens before they hatch. Just like Dirk said lets be humble and hungry and go get the ball!!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!

  39. Ed Reed says:

    Max. You must be smoking something if you think Dallas wont beat the snot out of OKC!!!

  40. fj says:

    hey “kings”, terry is not going to be traded and kidd has two more years to play!

  41. donfox says:

    You are all nonsense.

  42. Kings says:

    Dallas will lose to Miami again.
    Kidd will retire and Terry will be traded.

    • James O says:

      There is no way Dallas will trade their 6th man. When you have a bench like Dallas who can score as much as the starters, and sometimes more like in Game 4 vs LA, only an idiot would rid of him. Terry leads that bench as well as the team with Dirk.

  43. Airwind says:

    hey dj, how can Terry get into the action whilst the Grizz and OKC still a series to settle? What do you want Terry and the Mavs to do, play shadow basketball? hahaha.

  44. mattyC says:

    DJ i feel ya… guys, hes saying for him to keep it going. obviously terry has been ballin, but now is the time to step up even more and keep it going like he has vs the lakers and the end of the blazers series

  45. kakekikoku krunch says:

    hey dj..where were you when the playoffs started.?? dallas was the first team to reach the conference finals..

  46. terry a beast says:

    dj did u not watch game 4 against lakers. terry was 9-10 from 3 so he did alredy show some action

  47. DJ says:

    I want to see some action, not just mouth Terry, aight?

    • fj says:

      hey dj, did you even watch the game? jason terry was playing like MVP!
      btw mavs are going to beat miami heat in the finals and take their revenge from 2006 finals.

    • Juan says:

      DJ: You need to stick with spinning records!

    • Don Felipe says:

      Beat the Heat with another sweep!
      LBJ goes cold (uhm, as usual ๐Ÿ™‚ in the finale and the jet will be finale’s MVP keeping it raining from downtown. Well, lets watch the conference finals first. If the Mavs stay hot (like in LA) neither the Thunder nor the Grizzs will have a change though either team will win a game. In the East it’s going to be much closer. Can D-Rose single-handily destroy Miami? That’s a big question mark. Oh so exciting. I love this game!

      • fj says:

        don, you are half right! if dallas is keep playing like they did agianst lakers, no one can beat them. jet wull be not finale MVP! its going to be dirk!

  48. max says:

    I’m sad and afraid for Dallas, okay – no I’m not – Dallas? They had their superbowl against the Lakers. Likewise, King James & Ko., look for OKC – Chicago Championship … in fact: Bet On It.
    Always Open – Everyone Welcome
    -Max Steingrout

    ps- Tonight? Take OKC (+1.5)

    • Juan says:

      Is it just Max or Mad Max? OKC will not beat Dallas if they do finish off Memphis tonight, and Miami will beat Chicago, unfortunately. I’d rather see Derrick Rose, but the “Big 3” look much hungrier right now than the league’s MVP.

    • Juan says:

      Knock, knock! Who’s there? Your Bookie!

    • Yaz says:

      uh oh. don’t too smart anymore, do you max. CREDIBILITY FAIL

      • Juan says:

        I feel sorry for Max, he probably lost a lot in the Lakers/Mavs series too. Max, maybe you should follow Charles Barkley’s picks. I just hope Sir Charles isn’t betting again too!

    • robbay2 says:

      Whos this guy.

      He seems like he knows everything else better than me and you.