No More Boozer Bashing … For Now

DALLAS — We’ve been tough on Carlos Boozer here at HT over the years, dating to his disappearing act just last season in Utah, when the Jazz were blown out of the Western Conference semifinals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

We’ve often argued that Boozer’s impressive numbers were a bit deceiving compared to what you see from him during the heat of the moment.

ut he shut us up last night. He did what the Bulls pay him to do in helping punch their ticket to the Eastern Conference finals for the first time since the Michael Jordan era, where a showdown with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the real Heat awaits.

Boozer, finally recovered from the turf toe that plagued him early on during the conference semifinal series against the Hawks, certainly looked like the difference-maker he was supposed to be when the Bulls signed him as a high-dollar free agent last summer. So, it took some hollering from MVP Derrick Rose to get Boozer to stay aggressive (he yelled at Boozer to “SHOOT THE BALL” a couple of times). That’s fine.

Make no mistake, it was Boozer’s 23 points and 10 rebounds, which included a wicked start to get the Bulls going from the opening tip, that made the biggest difference in closing out the Hawks. And now that Boozer understands what Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau wants out of him on the defensive end, this Bulls-Heat matchup should be even more intriguing.

The stars will be out in the conference finals, but Boozer is wise enough to know that success for his team will depend on just that: the team.

Our main man Sam Smith over at provides a thorough take on Chicago’s outlook, with an emphasis on Boozer’s play:

“We’ve done it as a team all season,” Boozer said. “We’re not a one man show, though our man is pretty good. We have an unsung hero in Luol Deng who’s played great D all series, all season, who makes big shots down the stretch of games. We rely on everybody. Not one or two guys (Miami reference?). It’s everybody, a great coach who puts us in the right position to be successful and we play together out there.”

And it was the Bulls big free agent, Boozer, who came up the biggest in the biggest game thus far, the closeout to the conference finals.

“Huge,” said Rose about Boozer. “He made simple plays where if they were off of him, shoot the ball. We always tell him that. Tonight, I think, raised his confidence. I think it’s going to help us for the next series.”

Subject to criticism for his play, questioned about his toe injury and place in the starting lineup, Boozer shot 10 of 16 and got the Bulls off fast with nine points and three rebounds in the first quarter and 21 through three.

“We all knew it was coming for him,” said Luol Deng with another all around effort, defending Johnson and getting 13 points, five rebounds, five assists and five steals. “He was due for a game like that. Carlos has been working hard and it paid off.”

Boozer has earned a reprieve from us now that he has helped deliver the Bulls to this point. So there will be no more Boozer bashing around here … for now, at least.

We reserve the right, however, to revisit our previous stance based on what Boozer does in the conference finals.


  1. call me boozer 5 says:

    carlos boozer willl come back to prminence you just wait hes suffering from a few nagging injuries but it looks like hes feeling healthy again and can start putting up those big numbers again =)

  2. noypi says:

    bosh is to malnourished for boozer right??? when u compare the weight of boozer and bosh.., bosh is to thin to destroy boozers defense…right?

  3. noypi says:

    bosh is to malnourished for boozer right???

  4. I didn’t think that Carlos Boozer would be effective in this series because of the height of Bosh and Randolph. But he proved me wrong in game 1.

  5. MIA - OKC says:

    lol. first of all, for all Miami fans, there was a good side to tht manslaughtering; Chris Bosh actually MADE HIMSELF KNOWN and PLAYED WELL. but The Bulls just played lights out defense. it was outstanding by th bulls, and I loved that game.

  6. dRoseMp3 says:

    Whoever said Miami is going to sweep the bulls needs to get slapped. As ugly as he is, Taj Gibson was a huge factor in this game . Our bench tore up their starters. Mike Bibby needs to hang up the shoes, Dwayne Wade needs to sign Taj’s poster and put it on Ebay, and Chris bosh needs to go back to Brookfield zoo and habituate with all the other giraffes. K thanks bye

  7. noypi says:

    i dont even care if the heat head coach is a filipino…bulls can beat the heat becouz of the defense and good teamwork in the court not like the dynamic duo they only share the when its showtime,and when its a easy game for them..

  8. 3peat says:

    BULLS DESTROYED HEAT IN GAME 1 HAHA BULLS will win thiss series lol

  9. W e lost today but tomorrow we going to win! The sadness for me is that I realized after the game and the whole environment game is that I supposed NBA or other higher powers want to keep Chicago´s dynasty on. Because there’s a lot money involve in the NBA and it´s sadness for me to see that. Miami Heat forever!! I want we win the series but….

    • unknown says:

      Lol you are funny guy.There was more conspiracy on the dallas vs miami reaching the final, than your stupid loss against the chicago bulls.You are the new generations of Fakers.Watch out my friends the Return of the Fakers has just begun.

  10. filipinoheat4 says:

    thats only game 1 boy..your bulls will be burned in nxt 3 games.celebrate for now!,mark ur calendar for that!hahaha

    • Heat=Overhyped says:

      what ever helps you sleep better at night. They looked tired to me. Why? because they have no bench. Keep doubling Rose so we can keep getting open 3s.

  11. iceMike7 says:

    I told ya..that is all

  12. Lewis says:

    Oh yea!!! Game 1 by 20 go BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. filipinoheat4 says:

    ssssshhhhh….bulls won game 1.very challenging game 2 is coming…heat will celebrate at 5 or 6.!.LOL

  14. Jimy says:

    Bulls have referee advandtage

    • HeatWave says:

      As a Heat fan I have to say that is not true. Miami attacked the inside and took bad shots. They also defended the perimeter poorly and did not box out well. 2nd chance points and threes killed them. If I blame anyone for this loss it would be Spolstera for running zone when he sees all the threes the Bulls were making. I honestly think the Heat got besides themselves after a good first half.

    • unknown says:

      Referee advantage is no excuse to lose by 23 point.Poor soul making excuses.HAHAHAHAHA

  15. Manolo says:

    It´s funny how to see those comments above about Mavs vs. Heat will be the Finals. You haven´t gave credit to Oklahoma Thunders.

  16. LeDwayne Wames says:

    Chicago’s over reliance on Rose will be it’s downfall. This is what occurred with the 76ers and Allen Iverson when they were met with TWO dominant players in the Lakers, being Kobe and Shaq. Lebron and D.Wade are the modern day Jordan and Pippen. Both are very, very talented, and both have proven themselves in the clutch.
    Expect tight defense on Rose from Wade or James, and expect LeBron and D.Wade to power themselves into the paint. Deng, Noah, and Boozer can’t match their size, strength, or speed.
    Heat in 5.

    • LeDwayne Wames says:

      P.S. If a Dallas vs Miami finals does happen, that’s gonna be the most exciting basketball of the season.

  17. iceMike7 says:

    The Heat have some great players and the Bulls have a more talented bench. The bench is the x-factor. The big two can’t play every minute and this is why the Bulls have swept the Heat in the reg. season. No, it doesn’t matter what happened in the reg. season, but why it happened does matter. The bulls have another advantage and that is more heart. They have a will to win that is fueled by pride. The Heat also has a will to win, but it is fueled by Egos. Pride is what keeps you from losing 2 games in a row. Thibs is COY for a reason. D-Rose is something special, I will take him over a Lebron James any day. Wade will be unstoppable as well. Taj G will be there in a big way and Boozer can sit on the bench he really doesn’t matter. But I hope he does continue to play like he did in game 6. Bulls in 5!

  18. dangeROSE says:

    a sweep of miami c’mon are you out of u’r mind (LOLlaker&GOthunder)????this will be though but bulls defense gave them the no1 seed and the heat feel it & the most vital situation here is in boozer & bosh who ever have a good game will make the team win because either team will not give even a breathing room to LBJ,WADE & ROSE so this will be about PF and better game plan execution….BULLS 7

  19. filipinoheat4 says:

    bulls will get burned by the heat,just like what they did to celtics…celtics is much more difficult opponent than bulls…easy money for the heat…coach erik…were proud of you!FILIPINO!

    • Law064 says:

      Celtics would’ve been a harder opponent but game 1 & 2 they didn’t play well. They won game 3 but Rondo went down Game 4 they could’ve won but poor execution and TO’s in OT. Game 5 was another meltdown for Boston. I think the Celtic’s playing hard is better than Chicago but they didn’t play every game hard last series. Miami will have theur hands full. Both teams are young and have speed. Let’s see how game 2 goes. Chi-Town stand up for the MVP

    • ROSE mvp says:

      lol who won yesterday?

  20. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:





    will the ball is round and NBA IS WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS but i till you guyz the BULLZZ are in 30%chance of winning this series..

    QUESTION: Do you think you stupid BULLS FANS your TEAM can defeat the CELTICS 4-1 if they’re in the HEAT’s place in the second round? Juz think 1M times..

    • ROSE mvp says:

      it’s not offense that wins championships….and both wade or james couldn’t guard no one yesterday….wade got posterized and james got block and man handled…bulls 1-0 !!! 3 mor

  21. filipinoheat4 says:

    just love ur bulls for now…in game 5 or game 6…you`ll all cry…LOL!

    • ROSE mvp says:

      nah that wouldn’t happen first of all, if so, well we made great things happen this year and brought the bulls back in the mix…in one year!! MVP and COACH oF THE YEAR!! AND BEST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE!!!

  22. filipinoheat4 says:

    i mean our miami heat`!

  23. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    OMG!! FAKE BULLS FANS GET LOST..@LAW064 ur not suppose to be here u juzz go with ur C’s fishin..

    ALL BULLS FANS: Watch for game1, i’ll give u juz 1 game if u win i will never be here again but if u loss pls GET LOST..

    • ChiTownCody says:

      Bye! 103-82 Bulls win.

      • bullsnlakersnumber1 says:

        haha..that’s right! shut y’all down didn’t we?? 21points, please don’t be too generous..hahahaha

        BYEEEEE 🙂

    • Law064 says:

      @Rose the heat are coming STFU Yea I’m a celtic fan idiot but I live in the Windy City moron. I ride with my hometown team bonehead. The Celtic’s lost yeah they blew it they could’ve been in the ECF but it didn’t happen. If they made it I would still ride with them but vs Chicago I have to roll with my City. Rose the heat are coming please GET LOST you said it but I hope to see your reply. Game 2 we’ll see if the heat can bounce back but the Bulls play good D. Bosh had a great game but if Wade & James are held in check it’s going to be hard for Miami.

    • ROSE mvp says:

      HAHAHA 1-0 BULLS !!! 1 down 3 to go!! SORRY the big she’s!!

  24. filipinoheat4 says:

    well lets see how ur mvp works at miami…just love ur bulls for now.ur bulls will just be burned by out miami…so shut up u bulls fan.!.

  25. juanmarcos08 says:

    Booz is not pathetic, saw what he quote after the game in Atlanta. “We’ve done it as a team all season.”

    See what he have done to help the bulls?

    He has a mentality that they must play as a TEAM, and always gave THANKS to his teammates for having a great teamwork all this season.

    Especially he’s the softest power forward as you think, he just came from injuries from another injuries.. like turf toe lately… that’s why you think he is soft. — Watch this video to see how tough Carlos before is! — and this when he plays after the recovery of his broken hand.

    And the video above after the recovery of his turf toe. Read this blog about his tuft toe —

  26. Pinoy says:

    Go coach eric! Beat them show them the power of filipinos!

  27. Pinoy says:

    The Filipino proud coach of the Miami will be the edge of the series Go coach eric!

  28. Big game today, cant wait the storyline the big two and a possible versus rose and company. spolstra vs thibs. Two great defense’s, what team is going to prevail in a seven games series. I think this series will not be decided by the usual suspects, lebron dwade, rose, but what the other teammates do in this series. Like all championship teams, they have help, Example when lakers won it all last year kobe did his thing pau did his thing, but it was ron artest who hit the big shot, derrick fissher hit big shots, the year befor that it was ariza, any championship team it has always been those who contribute on the team player 6 on down, the bench, somebody going to have to make plays besides wade and lebron and rose. When i look at top to bottom, heat i dont see where that production will come from. miller, bibby, chalmers,anthony, howard,ilguaskas, jones he might be the x factor for the heat, he has give the heat a lift off the bench. I like the bulls bench a lot better than the heat bench thats why i give the bulls the edge, foul trouble at some point may play a part in this series, so he can sustain moment if one of the usual suspect’s have to go to the bench. I like the bulls in six
    lets go bulls
    die hard in the building

  29. Ice Pogi says:

    Do you really know what’s the meaning of the word “under dog”? Bulls is the current No.1 over all in NBA… with MVP and COY awards!!!!! definitely they are not the underdogs!!! Every sports writer always say the BULLS is the best team in the NBA… You’re right on that!!!! That’s why the HEAT is the true underdogs in this ECF…. From the start of the reg. season, the HEAT was being criticized. Many says they wont make it to the playoffs, they won’t past the 1st round!!! and now the got through the semis now they are not underdogs??? D-Rose just want to lessen the pressure on his team mates…So that they may feel that they are the underdogs… But if you look at it even in different angles the HEAT are the true underdogs…. losing 0-3 on bulls during the reg season… Now they are feelin’ the pressure…..of the HEAT….. Why is it??? playing the under dog card???? If MIAMI wins series it wouldn’t make the bulls look bad co’z they are the underdogs???
    D.Rose , LBJ gave you an example all ready… haven’t you learn???? The HIGHER you RISE up ,much LOWER you fall……..

    • Law064 says:

      @Ice Pogi the heat are favored to win far as Vegas numbers go not NBA seeding. 3 allstars vs 1 I say the heat are favored even being the 2nd seed.

  30. heat_all_the_way says:

    Boozer is no doubt tougher than bosh,i am a heat fan but i never really appreciate how bosh plays… he is the most overrated bigman… he is softer than pau gasul, doesnt have that much inside move just jump shots and little drive to the baskets, and no defense… i hope next season they can get a role-player bigman who wont look to score but an intimidating presence inside, joel anthony is good, but we need a backup to boshs’ inconsistent and soft plays..

    • Paul says:

      You are not a heat fan. Heat fans likes their players no matter what.

      • Law064 says:

        I think REAL fans can make comments based on truth. He’s a heat fan and point out odvious. I’m a Celtic fan and can point out that the Celtic’s blew it in game 4 & 5 and the fact big Baby played just like that. A Big baby. True fans can point out the flaws of players on the team. It’s what being a true fan is about supporting the team plus can point out the negative at the same time. Heat all day I think is a true fan not a band wagon jumper like 95% of the heat fans. I want to see my hometown going to the Finals but this series is just starting. Let’s go Bulls keep it up

  31. the Heat says:

    Give more minutes to Miller and Haslem. Magloire could get in ? Magloire vs Boozer?

  32. Bask.Fan. says:

    Boozer was MVP candidate in Utah and he didn’t achieve it just because they didn´t appreciate his humble way to play.

  33. Notorious says:

    Obviously.. two great defense teams going head to head.. its probably going to be a close series.. ( score board wise ).. but obviously you seen that when no other steps up for Chicago.. they are in big trouble.. and no offense to the Pacers or Hawks.. but they don’t have close to the elite defenders Miami has. With that being said.. this series going to be won on Defense.. but obviously the Heat has two superstars.. not three.. Bosh is not a superstar.. maybe a all star at best. Anyway.. I’d have to agree with most of the analyst .. Miami in 6.. Two Superstars vs One.. just don’t see Chicago being able to top that..

  34. Bulls4Life says:

    All this talk about Boozer, but remember our other player, Taj Gibson. Remember his name

  35. unstoppabulls says:

    enough with the BS, we all know heat have 3 superstars and bulls have only 1, if you look at it that way, then heat is probably the team to beat,the topdog should i say, . but if chicago’s bench can mob the heat,they have the chances of winning. they’ were doing great in the past games…. and i’ll tell you, not all underdogs lose ^^

    btw, i’m a heat and bulls fan, lebron and drose fan too, but i’m more of a drose fan , so i want chicago bulls to win the series.

    It’s NBA! it is where amazing happens

  36. ddish81 says:

    This series between the Heat and Bulls features two of the most overrate power forwards of all time in Bosh & Boozer. Expect a bunch of lack luster play and b.s. from these two over the next two weeks. If the bulls win, it would only be because Boozer dominates that fake tough guy Bosh. He is capable of this, but who knows if he will actually play up to his potential.

    This clip summarizes Chris Bosh’s career pretty well:

    • Law064 says:

      I agree 2 most overrated PF’s but Bosh had a good night a better game than Wade & James. Good game from CB his best playoff game this season

  37. Swan says:

    Street basketball

  38. hector says:

    the heat are going to win in 6 it doesnt matter if the bulls swept them 3-0 in regular season or if they had 6he best record and the league mvp remember the past 2 season the cavs best record lbj won the mvp both times and dint even made it to the finals ande after the heat eliminate the bulls rose is going to knowe howe lbj felt in cleveland that 1 guy cant win a championship.

    and its not a team vs the big 3
    its 1 mvp vs 1 2 time mvp 1 nba finals mvp anda all-star…..who you got

  39. heat_all_the_way says:

    with all due respect during the regular season the bulls were sooo dominant, heat had a hard time matching up, but that was in regular season, put that all away… the playoffs made miami a better team than the 1st 3 meetings, lets not forget tat those games were close… nwei, this will be a very good series, if miami can win one on the road then the bulls are in trouble… rose will dominate the pg spot, but thats just it, thats given, but who will have an edge on the 2 and 3 spots? the 4 would be crucial with bosh and boozer, 5 would be another advantage for the bulls but not tat significant… if we watched all the bulls and miami games in playoffs i can say that miami will win in 6… bulls had a hard time against pacers which is obviously a very inferior team, games 1 and 2 were close pacers could have win a game… they also had some hard time against atlanta despite atlanta playing a reserve guard in teague… this is just my opinion, with all due respect to the bulls fans…

  40. Notorious says:

    I meant.. in the ATL series that went 6 games..

  41. Notorious says:

    LoL from reading the comments.. above i can see really ignorant bulls fan that keep saying ” whos going to stop D-Rose ? ” yeah probably no one.. 1 vs 1.. But whos going to stop Wade and Lebron for the series ? Bogans, Brewer, and Deng ? lmao.. honestly the Celtics have a better defense then the Bulls .. i would say the Celtics lost because of their offense execution. Anyway when it comes down to crunch time… Miami got two superstar players.. Bulls got one. Plus.. every game the bulls won expect game 6 the bulls just relied on DRose to get them points and everyone else sucked.. do you really think thats going to win against a confident Miami team ?… Do i see a repeat of last years Cleveland team against the Celtics ? .. lol Miami in 6..

    • Law064 says:

      @Notorious Deng did a helluva job on Lebron yesterday. he scored 15 points. To answer your question Who can stop Wade no single player Who can stop Lebron no single player The same with Kobe and so on. The team has to stop or contain them, they can’t stop them only hope to contain.Deng D is underrated he has good D and he’s a nice size to play vs Lebron. Lebron still has a strenght & speed adv but Deng has a team helping. Good win for the Chi now see if they can play game 2 the same way

  42. Ice Pogi says:

    I Like to see those comments again after game 1…. Who is just trying to act tough…. And who is really telling the Truth….
    Get back again after game 1… I DARE YOU!!!!!

  43. Bull's Sheet says:

    Boozer will be very lucky if he averages more than 20 points this series, I guarantee you that. Derrick Rose is Derrick Rose, you can’t contain him as much as teams wanted. However, Wade is Wade, and James is James. Stop them if you dare. Boozer? Did he ever make a name for himself at this time of the year? Good luck with your performance against Anthony, you’ll gonna need it.

  44. Analia says:

    Boozer can quiet Miami because his final shot last minute! He demonstrated last game against Atlanta He was on fire.

  45. Get real says:

    Like the legends… Wilt Chamberlain (the best offensive player) against Bill Russel (the best defensive player) in their days. Interesting matchup. Im gonna follow this one tightly.

  46. OBalsa says:

    We are talking about Boozer dont change the course of conversation. He played sensational in Utah

  47. Bull's Sheet says:

    I won’t count everything out for Miami, especially with the things that they have gone though just to make it this far. They were shaky at the beginning, they were booed outside their home court, they had a sluggish second half of the season. But all those things made them stronger, immune to the hostile crowd that they are thriving off the hostility, Pressure makes diamonds. They fought back despite the adversity, the scrutiny, and the hype. Their style of play is so effective that everybody knows where the ball is going, but opponents can’t do something about it. As arrogant as their offense may seem, but they are simply daring everyone that stands in their way to stop them if they can. If Chicago can do it, they are worthy of praise from everybody who understands the game.

  48. Peru says:

    Wade has a problem he never plays at his top because he is lazy and you can count with Krover in 3 points shooter.

  49. Tenki says:


    We can’t deny the fact that Chicago can beat Miami if they play at the top of their game and they have proven it in the regular season where they beat Miami hands down. But we also can’t deny the fact that when Miami plays at the top of their game, they are as good as anybody in the league. I won’t count the regular season games because that doesn’t matter anymore. This is the playoffs, where everything is intensified, where every possession matters. So far, with the way things are going for both teams, I have to give Miami the edge because they have played sharper in their previous series against Philly and Boston. On the other hand, the Bulls had their hands full against Atlanta, a team known to falter deep in the playoffs. The Heat is is nowhere near the team Chicago beat in the regular season. LeBron is stepping up big time, Bosh is pretty solid in the postseason, and Wade is a monster on both ends of the floor. Miami in six.

  50. GEEYOOW says:

    it is so funny to see all the comments here. all the celtic fans and bulls fans are trrying there best just to criticize the HEAT. you all Bull/celtic fans are just hoping that your team will beat the heat.

  51. Paktanaka says:

    Indeed that´s true with a cool head. But what happens when your team don´t get your expectations? Take a beer and enjoy the game because we´re going to win on Monday. I don´t care what team you like most. My team is the Miami Heat since I born and my idol is Harold Miner and Vince Carter. Add Pachulia to hall of famer too.

  52. Nik123dj says:

    In next few years, add a hall of famer next to Rose, and you have a new Bully dynasty.

  53. Nik123dj says:

    Yes, Celtics had 3:1 win record against Heat during regular season and lost in playoffs. But you have to understand that Rondo was healthy during regular season. And when Rondo is not playing, Celtics are not playing, he is the motor of that team. He injured badly during playoffs and played basically with ”one arm”. And they still had a chance to win. If he had both arms in game 5, it would be at least 7 game series. Heat was kicking injured horse.

    Now Bulls have swept the Heat during regular season, they are healty, fast, playing as one, best team defense, sharing the ball, they know they can beat this team and they trust each other. Best coach for a reason (just look the improvement of Bulls team this year, number one for a reason), and MVP Rose can’t be contained, too fast, too strong, too good. If they double team him, Bulls have a bunch of role players that can step out every night. Their bench is better and like I said they play with true team spirit, it’s not a three man show but a team defense and team offense. Sweep? I don’t think so, Bulls have a very good chance to take this Heat team out. It’s going to be war on the court. Bulls are going in as underdogs, but so were Grizzlies and Hawks. More pressure is on Heat. It’s not coincidence that LeBron is choking against Bulls down the stretch in fourth quarter.

    • Gary says:

      Oh geez give that excuse a rest. If Rondo’s injury mattered how did they win game 3? Not only that the Celtics were supposed to be SOOO deep that Miami wasn’t going to stand a chance. Remember all those great sayings earlier this year? Lastly they lost the first two games WITH RONDO healthy so really just give it up. Heat won with no excuses, see ya’ll next year.

  54. Artest says:

    Hand breaker for Heat please ¡ Just pull the hand breaker up! Please….and careful with the spotlights. O my gosh just pull the hand breaker up and I control myself. We have to stop the heat.

  55. I used to play in a team but they throw me out from there and im very sad for that now I want my team wins I like the mavericks but if only Jason kwoulbefine I want la the Nowitzki all night long. The mavs aaaaaall the way! The trueis im basketquetbal fans BUT I hate Miami they are so crazyies …I mean I like lebron he is cute but …anyway mavs thunder or Chicago buti don’t wanna Miami win no no no, no.

  56. Getthis says:

    The Bulls are going to play rope a dope on the Heat. Ali and Frazier — down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier, in this case down goes the Heat, down goes the Heat. Don’t let the Bulls win the first two games is all I’m saying. If they do the Heat will need Prozac just to play next year.

    • Usuck says:

      Who say’s the Bulls can win a single game???LOL

      • Law064 says:

        Usuck they killed your heat last night 21 points. I expected a good game I left from watching the game cause it was not a game it was a beatdown. In the Heat’s defense I say they can do better in game 2 but we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

        It seems the Bulls have decided to make that very statement on the court and in convincing fashion.

      • BostonF says:

        @Usuck: Says the Bulls 🙂

  57. geo says:

    Bulls going to put the Heat in the Fridge, what’s gonna happened MELTDOWN

  58. lakersforever says:

    there is no way the bulls win in 5 the heat have stepped it up big time in the playoffs and the bulls are about the same as they were before for them to win boozer has to play like he did in game 6 every night. and another thing i dont know why boozer has been so forgoten he is the one that made the jazz a playoff team in the first place d williams was the star but it was him putting up huge games like 20 20 games in the playoffs for the jazz to get them out of the first and second rounds he was injured and now that he is back he is back no surpirse he is a 20 and 10 and he played as he should

  59. Baviral Binha says:

    I think that the Bulls will win in 3. The Heat will not want to play the 4th game, because they will be that bad. Just look at Derrick Rose, he will cancel out the rest.

  60. seewhatyouwanttosee says:
    go there and read the facts i do not say we are going to man handle the men on the bulls but clearly we work through a system design ffor defense and team oriented

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      It’s no use putting facts out there to people who are one sided to things. Let the Bulls fans root for their team and we will keep rooting on for the Heat. Fact is that the regular season games won’t mean anything come Sunday. Just ask the Boston Celtics.

  61. alex says:

    haha how funny is heat fans
    you beat boston beacuse of youre ugly game and kiling rondo with ugly fouls even you injured him and you never was punish but if you realy think that you gona beat bulls you will see what bulls will gona do to you ….bulls will win 4-1 after first 3 games will be 3-0 for bulls
    youre realy think that anthony zi bosh and other big guys in youre team can match up with the noah booz gibson asik kurth?

    • HeatWave says:

      Your typing is punishment enough. Also Boston was down two before Rondo went out so what happened those games? Anyhow Miami stars and bench have the advantage over the Bulls in my opinion:

      Rose < Wade
      Deng << James
      Boozer = Bosh
      Asik < Big Z
      Kurt < Haslem or Howard
      Brewer < Anthony
      Watson = Chamlers < Bibby
      Krover = Miller

      It’s the Bulls defense that can win them this series but that would mean shutting down Wade, James and Bosh…that’s not happening.

      • Andrew says:

        well its the big 3 against the bulls thats it .Team ball will win out in the end

      • Usuck says:

        It’s big 3 against big 1 only.. lol

      • ROSE mvp says:

        they did shut the cheap heat down lastnight no problem….so whos the big three? boozer noah and rose? or gibson posterizing wade, korver and brewe? or asik, watson and deng?? hmmmm too many big 3’s on bulls squad~~~GO BULLS!!

      • BostonF says:

        @Heatwave: that’t not happening? that’s too strong of a word to use. What happen in game 1? not happening? In my opinion Chicago has the upper hand in bench players.

    • Lakers 3 Peat Quest = EPIC FAIL says:



      Miami BEAT DOWN Boston with their Defense and simply because they are the BETTER team. Tell yourself whatever you need to sleep at night, but Miami DESTROYED your Celtics.

  62. The UC says:

    I think the Bulls are going into the series with just as much confidence as the heat have. Boston’s defensive is good, but those guys were old. KG had a good series, but my team over here in the Chi got a serious defensive/rebounding unit. Not really worried about Bosh. We have to contain atleast one of those stars..Either Wade or James. We can’t have both players go off for 30 a piece, which I don’t see that happening. People are going to see how good our defensive is and not getting so caught up into the hype of Miami’s stars. Our team is so deep off our bench, which will help us in this long series.

  63. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    @hardhat lunchpail and qqli if you read my comments then you would understand what i was trying to say…it’s clearly evident in the past wade had to be the playmaker rose is today everybody goes through it…the question is who does it better my answer is wade has done it more efficiently and i proved it against the bulls. 2010 was just last year and the decision happened at the end of that they joined forces and finally wade doesn’t have to do what d rose is doing today and yes they are one year older but in my opinion rose has a long way to go before he sees a championship unless he gets help but he is no way near wade or james… but since you said last year soon God Spare life this will be last year and you just proved my point Regular SEASON already happened and BOSTON HAS FORGOTTEN THE REGULAR SEASON SO FAR we will see who will be next in forgetting there run to the finals this year

  64. Grievous56 says:

    I’ve really started liking the way the Heat have played this postseason. They have finally waken up to show their depth and versatility. I hope the Bulls win but the Heat are pretty scary. Nevertheless, super interesting matchup in this round.

  65. ddddd says:

    Dude this is team vs big 3 and stragglers….. If this were 3 on 3 Miami would have it. However if DRose gets his team a goin the heat have no chance. There are other things that the Bulls do than score. In fact Thibs is known for his defensive schemes! After the team keeps the Bulls in the game…. DRose sends it into overdrive and takes it… As we have seen time and time again this season. And Korver is severely underrated as a shooter and will neutralize Jones. Bosh will have it over Boozer….. Lebron will obviously have it over Deng… As DWade will have it over name-the-shooting-guard-tourney…. However Noah and DRose have a severe advantage at pg and c that there is no way the Heat can overcome if the Bulls are awake. Then there is the benches…. James Jones and the Dleague versus The Bulls team bench….. Advantage Bulls…. So it comes to team vs big 3…. see who wins…

  66. We can’t look down on Bulls.

  67. BULLSHEART says:

    We have the youngest MVP in the league but we can forget They Have Larry Bird Magic Johnsons and the second Michael Jordan in the league. Come on let´s play against them once again.

  68. Bull's Sheet says:


    Have you seen Miami play lately? Although they beat the Celtics rather unconvincingly, you still have to give them credit for playing in sync at the right time.I’m sick and tired of those criticisms that Miami has only three great players, they have no center, weak point guard, no depth, etc., but to tell you something in case you didn’t know, one team has been successful with that kind of formula before: the Jordan-led Chicago Bulls. See the familiarity? Two of the best players on the same team, one decent player to do the dirty work, measly point guard (at least Chalmers and Bibby shoot good at the arc), no center, a good source of points off the bench (Jones, House, Miller). The formula is so good that the only difference there is the coach. Miami can afford to have a video guy as a coach for such a great squad, so don’t underestimate the Heat. Their three wins came before Miami found their identity in both ends of the floor. Boston polished them in their last series, and now they are ready to take any punishment that the opposition throws against them. Beware of the Heat.

  69. BULLSHEART says:

    Derrick Rose plays off the ball and believes Noah can stop Lebron. Give credit for Bulls coach.

  70. Tenki says:

    Finally the Eastern Conference Finals teams are decided. Two teams up and rising, out to prove one thing in the East. They play similar styles in defense that it is virtually impossible to tell who executes better on the defensive end. I think the fine line here for success of both teams lies on their star players. This would be a very interesting matchup, considering the fact that Miami lost all its regular season games against Chicago, and yet many people think that they have the edg against the Bulls, who have the youngest MVP in the league in Derrick Rose.

  71. It´s all about basketball my dear friends. Don’t get it personal. It´s just a basketball game. Get the hang of it. If you grab on grab on! It doesn´t matter.

  72. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    all of those are proof show me yours wade even blocked rose so dont gimme dat

    • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

      @seewhatyouwanttosee- Great! Now if only this year was 2010 you’d have proven your point.

    • QQLI says:

      stop posting videos that’s a season behind lol. Wade and LBJ got OLDER but Rose has PROGRESSED from last season.
      The fact is miami got swept THIS SEASON and THIS SEASON They are fighting for Eastern Conference right? not LAST SEASON

    • Heat=Overhyped says:

      You do know that was roses first year. That has nothing to do with now. Only 3 players from that team remain and they have a completely different defense that was a complete joke.

    • Ismaeel says:

      I’m a die hard Bulls fan and I don’t even care the Bulls lost that one because it was such a great game.

    • ROSE mvp says:

      boo who….hahaha whats that rose’s freshman year when wade tried to be the man….but needed james and bosh cuz he scared….lol come on….you ain’t that crazy

  73. OBalsa says:

    And Boozer? He plays like Karl Malone. Come on! Karl Malone wasn’t valued at that moment. As you said Heatwade the matchup will be leveled in all positions.

  74. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    WOW this is getting ridiculous rose better than wade!!!! rose will attack more then wwade and james!!!! this series lye on team ball and rose is no where near wade neither james but he is progressing. The thing i would say is if miami heat advance watch how fast this season will be forgotten. Honestly, do you think any one or team can stop wade and james?
    wade gets to the basket at will if he wants to but that isnt the heat’s system the bulls system is for the point guard to penetrate and make plays and if the defense isnt honest make them pay. rose has done a great job but so has westbrook….and thepoint you are trying to make is rose is better. any team that has atleast 7 guys in double figures in scoring will guarantee a win (rose scored 19 boozer 23 deng 13 with a bunch of 5s and so on) thats team ball. I will admit rose is doing a great job in his POSITION (PG) BUT wade is a SHOOTING GUARD who has to sometimes play on and off the ball but when he is on the ball what happens…. a great play… you guys just want to compare every individual with no claim last year when there was only wade and a team wade and his team destroyed the bulls and quite frankly it has never been the coach its the players who play for themselves to win with a piece of mind in a system that they gel well with…It’s friggin utah’s team for Gosh Sake Get Real people.

  75. Rej says:

    Its Bulls’ Team D vs Heat’s Firepower. Who ever imposes their will more would win. Although in the NBA sometimes the defenses are of a disadvantage as fouls are called for petty hand checks and bumps. If Bulls D would hold they would win. Its all up to them. The Heat has only one style and that is to give the best players the ball.

  76. BULLIEVE says:

    For all of you Die Hard Heat Fans And Bulls Skeptics…We must not Forget The Bulls SWEPT the Heat in the regular season…The Heat Relies on 2 PEOPLE(Wade, Bron)…They have the weakest Bench and the Weakest Starters…The Bulls Are Number 1 Seed for a Reason..The World is Just too Used For Hearing The Celtics,Lakers,Spurs,Magic,…Who are NO LONGER IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!We must Wake up and smell the Coffee…Derrick Rose And the Bulls Play TEAM BASKETBALL!!!Mark My Words The Bulls Will Win in 5!!..

    • Kevin says:

      In one occasion LeBron and Bosh didnt play and was a 3 point game,in another one bosh was 1-18 (he wont be that bad every night),and the other was a 1-point game where LBJ missed a game winner.
      All 3 encounters was close games,and obviously,Heat are playing with a higher level right now.

      Weakest starters? Are you f&*$@king kidding me?
      Miami rely only on 2 people? And Bulls dont right?

      I’ve never read such stupidity in one single comment.

      • 6Rings says:

        It was a good post. And mostly accurate. If he’s saying that the 4 and 5 players on the Heat would not start for many if any other teams in the league than I agree.

      • BostonF says:

        @kevin: after watching game 1? The Heat SHOULD be playing at a higher level right now. GO BULLS GO HEAT! make tihs a great series

  77. HeatWave says:

    Here’s how I see the matchups based off who I think will play significant minutes:
    Wade > Rose
    Lebron > > > Deng
    Bosh = Boozer
    Jones > Krover
    Big Z >= Asik
    Haslem > Noah
    Miller Thomas
    Chalmer = Watson

    • HeatWave says:

      Sorry this is what I meant to put:
      Wade > Rose
      Lebron > > > Deng
      Bosh = Boozer
      James Jones > Kyle Krover
      Big Z >= Asik
      Haslem > Noah
      Miller Thomas
      Chalmers = Watson

  78. Ba fan says:

    You guys can’t discuss about what team is better than other. Derrick Rose is like Kevin Johnson and he deserved a championship.

  79. RayN` says:

    i think this game will depend on lebron.. he has the advantage on his position but the bulls are great defensively as a team.. so if lebron can at least average 28+ a game and d.wade gives at least 20+ and bosh 15+.. then it would be heat i’d say for me.. BUT chicago is a great defensive team.. so we’ll see.. and ya.. if noah at least drop 13+ points a game(which wouldn’t to be hard because heat got no bigs) chicago will have an advantage.. Rose and Wade will be fun to watch.. quickness vs quickness i know d.rose is a lil bit faster but heat is great defensively too.. Bulls in 5.. i can seeRose will be attacking the basket more..

  80. the Heat says:

    And what about Jamal Mashburn PJ Brown and Dan Majerle. That season was in 1996 1997.

  81. So many people say the Bulls will win because of their defense, an Miami will win because of their big 3. Both the Bulls and the Heat are top 5 defensive teams in the NBA, so Bulls fans shouldn’t pride themselves SO MUCH on their D. They have to deal with Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, the two best perimeter players in the league. If these two can make a HEAVY impact on offense (with a double-double from Chris Bosh) and defense, I just don’t see the Bulls keeping up with the Heat. And if the Heat’s bench wing players knock down their 3s (versus Kyle Korver’s attempts) then we will see the Heat in the NBA Finals. Heat in 5 (rematch of the 2006 NBA FInals)

  82. Joe buck says:

    boozer had one good game! he hs not shown up all playoffs he was benched the whole fourth quarter last game he is not earning his money. If he performs consistenly vs a good defensive team like the heat then he will deserve some praise. he has to show up for the bulls to have any chance to win. Rose won’t be able to do it by himself this time around. can’t wait to see the d-wade vs d-rose match up and bosh vs boozer matchup

  83. TP says:

    Bulls in 7 , Rose have a big advantage on the other guard , do you really think Bibby can guard Rose hahah ?

    but yeah I know they will put Wade on Rose but Rose is better than Wade the only advantage Miami have is at the SF position

    • Kevin says:

      Rose better than Wade?

      Nothing against DRose but,the guy shoot 30%FG for christ sake,while Wade had the best season of his career.

      • bigE23 says:

        Exactly rose is a good player but he is not better than d-wade… rose will have the clear advantage at the point guard though

      • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

        I’m not trying to diss Wade or anything and think he should get all due respect, but Wade has two other reliable scorers on his team which means that defenses get more strained and thus he gets higher percentage shots in 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 situations. Meanwhile D-Rose routinely gets two or three guys that collapse on him and cheat off of their man. And how many times this season have we seen D-Rose have to go past 3 or 4 defenders? Yes, Wade’s a phenomenal shooter but I think the difference in field goal percentage has more to do with teams being able to get away with guarding only D-Rose while ignoring the other players than it has to do with him being a bad shooter. When he’s against looser defense he’s nearly automatic.

      • Andrew says:

        well if Wade guards Rose in his postion PG Rose will own wade

      • Usuck says:

        @ andrew are u really idiot??lol

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        rose as the advantage in the matchup because he is wearing down WADE. it is evident in game 1….

        trying to play intense offense, then go down on the defensive end and try to stay infront of rose? that makes wade less effective on offense….

      • ROSE mvp says:

        30% ? what…he still ends up with 25 plus points because they play as a team and makes all free throws…and the team rebound!! and have a bench….don’t hate cuz rose is the youngest ever and only will get better….sorry james and wade…bosh who? team game not golf, tennis or badminton…

  84. Heat Fan says:

    What I think is BS is that noone has even mentioned the fact about how the whole team of Boston except for Allen and West walked out and to their locker room after the game without even shaking hands or congratulating. Before I go on, first let me say **I** personally don’t care. Back in the day most players really didnt do it much anyways. 80′s and 90′s that I watched at least. They were such rivals most of em were too proud to give each othe props for a good game. Its the heat of the moment and its what it is. But this is also the reason that I said when Lebron got blown up for it 2 years ago against Orlando that the negative scrutiny he got for it was completely unjustified.

    We ALL remember how Lebron James got BEAT DOWN for it like he just committed a crime right? I’m sure we all do. How could you guys forget? All you haters out there right? Every sportswriter, commentator, analyst, critic, and alot of current and ex-players were all criticizing him. FUNNY how I haven’t seen not one article, blog, or even glancing MENTION of how Boston walked out on them. JUST as they walked out also in their last regular season game that featured the 23 point BEAT DOWN that the Heat gave em then too. Not EVEN a mention.

    Funny how theres a double standard huh? Its PERFECTLY OK for anyone to do it other than Lebron James. Boston did it. So didn’t Kobe years ago. MANY other players throughout history have done that. NOTHING when they do it. It’s really sad how someones always trying to find any miniscule thing to bring someone down that is so widely praised.

    It is simply the perfect example of how people LOVE to hate Lebron. The actual proof is right here before us. Just the simple fact that I’ve been scouring the Internet for the 2 days following Game 5, and to find absolutely not even one glancing mention of how 3 out of the Big 4, and most of the rest of the Celtics team, walked out on the Heat.

    But thats ok though. Remember how Paul Pierce taunted Lebron by tweeting when they barely pulled out a win in Miami early on in the season? I’m SURE we ALL do. He said and I quote:

    “Its been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis”

    Who’s laughing NOW Paul Pierce and you Celtic fans?


    • HeatWave says:

      This is so true. I don’t know why people made a big deal off James leaving the court when EVERYONE else does it. That is unless they really know the other players an have some kind of friendship. Also to add to this, anyone recall the 2007 championship loss of Cavs to Spurs? I watched the whole thing and you see James joking and congratulating Duncan and the rest after. Media has portrayed James as overly selfish and egotistical. Now I can see he’s feeding into it as he as changed. I really don’t like him as a villain player but if it gets him the championship so be it.

    • 6Rings says:

      I heard that some of the Celtics players, includiing KG, did shake hands with some of the Heat after the game but the cameras did not catch it. And as for shaking hands with Lebron anyway, he has tried to punk most everyone in the league since he came up. Fortunately he has cut down on his childish dancing since Joakim threatened to take him to the woodshed. Don’t think there are a lot of players pulling for him. Anything can happen in the playoffs but this season has shown that the Bulls are solid from 1-10 when healthy. BOOZER JUST GOT HEALTHY FOLKS! The season also showed that Miami was solid from 1-2. Many of them are playing better so far in the playoffs but can they keep it up. I was a little worried that the Thibs/Bull’s philosophy of just win the next game that they had all season would not allow them to amp up for the playoffs, which is where they fell against the Pacers and Hawks, but they’ll be up for every game of this series but with the same confidence they had all season. Unless the Heat bench can play like they never have, the Bulls will wear down Wade and Lebron.

  85. HEATFAN says:

    It´s not about big 3´s vs. the whole team of Chicago it´s about the Heat vs. Chicago team instead. Wow! I’m still remembering that series between Chicago vs. the Heat in 97 when Miami had Mourning and Tim Hardaway like the referents of the team.

  86. 2Centz says:

    Yes, I agree that the Bulls have a decent bench, but if they want to win this next series, Boozer will need to show up on the offensive end. They cannot rely on D-Rose to carry them through this series like what he did in the ATL series, there will have to be other contributors, mainly Boozer and Deng. Will Deng have that big an offensive impact consider that he will be guarding LeBron, and with LeBron guarding him? We all know that D-Rose will win the point guard battle (shouldn’t be even close), but the key to this series is can Boozer win the battle with Bosh.

    Also, after seeing the last series with the Heat (and how the bulls got pushed by Indy and ATL), I believe it is ok to say that the season series numbers don’t mean a ****.

  87. think says:

    This series would be fun… the media would be just focused on “Who’s worse, Boozer or Bosh?”. Lebron, Wade and Rose wouldnt get much heat because Rose is the MVP while LBJ and Wade got over the Celtic hump. Deng, Bogans and Chalmers have already “overachieved” by making it to the East finals and nothing much is asked from them to match up with the LBJ, Wade and Rose. Noah and Anthony wouldnt be worth much talking about.

    The whole series will be focusing on the Heat’s “Other star/ 1/2” or Chicago’s “Free agent bust”. This is just how great sport columnists work :).

  88. women lie , men lie Cory manart doesnt lie\

    we trying to count to a billion

  89. shooter32 says:

    Really….Boozer has ONE game where he shows up and its like he’s going to be a factor!!!he’s a flop at times and he has no real consistency so i dnt think he’ll be doing much he’ll probably be matched up with Joel Anthony and Anthony is a really good big man defender so good luck to him since he’s the weakest link on defensive.It will be a touugghhhh series but Miami gots this.

  90. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    I am not going to say how it will go it is for the players to decided their own fate….as for my team The HEAT Good LUCK in the Next round this goes out to the leader in BOSH JAMES AND WADE and also a special thanks goes out to the great job in team effort shown by the Heats Bench (Job Well DOne) but it is not over yet; not by a longshot. So I will like to further congratulate jj chalmers mike miller and bibby jamal magloire juwan howard ud eddie house dexter pittman big z the coaching staff and coach spo still thee is 8 more wins left and you only can afford 6 losses on your quest thank you and good luck again.

  91. losemiami says:

    this will be a fun and exciting series to watch but i’m still saying the bulls will advance past miami in 6 or 7 and then they will go on to win the finals because the heat don’t have an answer for the MVP,

  92. Fastbreak says:

    Man Bulls are dominating, first they beat the Pacers and now the Hawks?? Boozer actually had one decent game? ! Lebron and Wade are probably shaking in their really expensive but very light nikes right now.

  93. Vincent says:

    I bet that this will a long series, who ever wins, it will happen at least on game 6. This will be an epic. It will go down to wire.

  94. Kevin says:

    I think Heat will head to the finals for some good reason…

    Bulls defense is terrific. Bulls offense is… you know… not that good.

    Miami defense is great. Miami offense is overwhelming.

    • losemiami says:

      Are you blind? If LeBron or Wade are held under 20 points the heat will lose. A perfect example of that would be game 3 of the celtics game in which LeBron only had 15 points. The bulls will win it in 6 or 7 it won’t be an easy series for any of the 2 teams.

    • Andrew says:

      wade and lebron will find it tougher to score this time

    • Usuck says:

      Bulls is very far from the

      • BostonF says:

        Yep since Chicago is younger, has a deeper bench now than Boston. Has deeper defense than Boston currently has….and this is coming from a Boston Fan 🙂

        But I kinda like the Bulls since it has about the same principles that the Boston. After all the coach of the year did came from Boston afterall.

        Its kinda hard which team to choose right now since I both like Miami and Chicago too ahaha

  95. Bask.Fan. says:

    Why always lakers fans like to put disqualification on their opponents? Carlos Losser? What is that? Bozzer deserves respect from opponents fans because he has develop his game in humble way. And that is a tremendous value. To me when Carlos Buzzer says We rely on everybody not one or two guys I think he is making relevance on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

    • Law064 says:

      Yo @ Bask.Fan I live in Chicago and I ride with the Bulls but I’ve been calling him Carlos Loser since Utah. I thought the bulls mad a mistake getting him because of his lack of toughness. I think Boozer could be better and if the bulls want to win this series he has to at least score points. His D has always been suspect and still is but when you have a team playing good D then that weak link could be covered.

  96. NBAmax says:

    This is going to be a great series, two young teams going at it. superb offense vs the best defense,no more reasons like the other team is old or full of injuries or anything… Great timing that Boozer finally woke up and so is Bosh finally stepping up considering their inconsistencies during their previous games. This would be fun to watch =)

    • losemiami says:

      My prediction is this will be a great and exciting series between chicago vs the big 3, but in the end i think it’ll be chicago winning in six games

    • Law064 says:

      @Heatwave so are the heat still going to sweep the bulls? Ohh they can’t the lost game 1. Back to Boston series game 4 could’ve tied that series but what happened? Boston last possesion was the worst play they could’ve drawn up that was broken. Game 5 Boston threw away the ball on 2 possesions and missed shots the other 2. Miami made baskets end of story. Let’s see how miami reacts to this lost. Out of the 3 miami stars I give Bosh credit he was the only 1 of them playing hard I think he can get the advantage over Boozer because all the attention will stay on Wade & Lebron. Let’s go Chi-Town see if they can go up 2-0

  97. native coach says:

    bulls and heat!! bulls had them 3-0 during the season…bulls don’t really rely on boozer, but its great to see him play like lastnight…we bulls have a bench and an all around team….a great coach and everything we need to elminate the heat….GO BULLS!! LEAGUES BEST COACH AND MVP!

    • HeatWave says:

      True and Celtics had Heat 3-1 in the season. Look what happened.

      • heatnotenough says:

        The Celtics are also not playing with the most dynamic and clutch specimen in the NBA.

      • HeatWave says:

        How come no one was calling the Celtics old at the beginning of the year now when they lose they’re old? I thought their depth was supposed to help in these situations and outlast Miami? Just saying…

      • BostonF says:

        Enough of the stupid regular season record. You dont base postseason with regular season records. JUST STUPID.

    • GoTHUNDER says:

      I agree thats exacly what I’m trying to get the rest of the losers to see the bulls swept the heat 3-0 in the regular season so dont jus say the heats gonna sweep the Bulls by 20 a game wtf.

    • Usuck says:

      @ native coach 3-0 in regular season?? can your Bulls win same in this series?? maybe by the end of the series you can’t be seen in this blog like the Celtics fan…LOL

      • Law064 says:

        @Usuck & Heatwave if you want to be real about it all Boston really killed their chances in game 4 & 5 not so much what Miami did it was what Boston didn’t do, Execute down the stretch and hold on to the ball. Anyhow this series will be good I see Chicago coming out on top not because of Boozer but they have a good team and coach. The Bulls can win or Miami can, it will come down to who is more determined. Tomorrow we should see a good game see if the MVP can get the Bulls to the Finals

      • HeatWave says:

        @ Law064, “it’s not what Miami did it’s what Boston didn’t do”?? Well DUH!! Point is Miami DID what was needed to win so there’s no excuses for what Boston didn’t do which is win, lol. Look let me just say this that it’s a fair game either way but I’m expecting Miami as a team to show up. If that happens I believe the Bulls will get swept.

      • BostonF says:

        @heatwave: you’ve been posting Miami could possibly sweep Bulls if they play better a couple of times already. With Bulls winning game 1…. enough is said

  98. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    23 and 10 from boozer was efficient…Boozer is like a joe johnson (eclipse) of superstars they show up every now and then. it was a great win but the bulls team are deeeeeeeeeeeppppp with talented role players and gritty defenders. however, they are allowed to play that way (aggressive on the defensive end). The bulls team honestly will need another piece to get over the hump rose wasn’t efficient in this series and his numbers are getting worse and worse as we move forward (11-27 10-27 11-32 16-27good 8-14good) shooting 45%. the reason the bulls are successful is because of their tenacious defense (overly aggressive actions on the defensive end). And atlanta hawks and Indiana Pacers are no Philly and Boston, IN fact philly would have beaten those two teams bcuz they gave more of a scare to the heat (lol) than boston (because Miami was suppose to win that series the same way indiana was suppose to be a breeze threw for bulls). My opinion is this he most efficient team with a great leader is the bulls but the bulls are the utah jazz and made up of western division players in the eastern conference (boozer brewer korver cj watson bogans (spurs) ) they substitute deron williams for rose and kirelenko for noah deng for c j miles and tell them to play their roles and stick with it. So imagine utah jazz playing against “Pacers or The hawks” what you see is what you et froom those teams. Now put Miami where proven players of this leaue show you what they can accompish individually but now as a unit (boston as up 3 -1 in the REGULAR SEASON but in the PLAYOFFS they were down and out 4-1). To be honest they play hard all the time and grind it out. I can say this much it is not going to be easy for miami to win unless they match their intensity

  99. Fastbreak says:

    Is 23 PTS and 10 RBS that impressive from a guy like boozer? I mean I would kind of expect those numbers or close to it nightly. When he puts up those kind of numbers against a decent team consistently the bashing may stop, but until then fat chance.

    • native coach says:

      boozer aint the whole team people….i mean he wasn’t even there in some games of this series and the last…but bulls have the leagues mvp and coach of the year….bulls play team ball…they don’t need boozer to make those numbers…but when he does….its lights out and easier for the opposing team to warm-up the bus early and go home!! haha

      • Andrew says:

        hes not the whole team but boozer needs to play like a number 2 option hes no role player

    • Jake says:

      The Boozer-Bosh matchup should be a very interesting one. Both are gold medal winning, all star, power forwards who often don’t play like it. They’ve also taken a lot of criticism (most of it deserved) for being too soft and not coming up big in the clutch. I’m curious to see whether one of them will step up and dominate the matchup, or will they both have a so-so series and cancel each other out, leaving it up to Derrick Rose, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and the respective role players for each team to decide the outcome.

      • Law064 says:

        @Jake good comment Boozer-Bosh both have been in the scope for not showing up. Who wins that matchup I say it’s a tie they both lose. The 4 position outcome could decide who will move on.

    • Law064 says:

      @Usuck the Heat are playing my hometown team idiot, even when Boston plays Chicago I am a Celtic fan but when they meet it’s Chicago or nothing. When the Heat played Philly I wasn’t a 76ers fan. I have a question for Usuck, did you like seeing the heat get dominated? Good game from the Bulls and Bosh had a great game. Lebron & Wade will need to play a lot better but the Bulls D is making them settle for jump shots. Let’s see what happens in game 2 for the Miami fans saying sweep GET REAL. Windy City let’s get it.

      • V says:

        Oh come on you will probably notice that refs were on the bulls side. the heat just lay one finger on them and boom called for a foul. there was a point in the game where Dwade saved the ball from going out of bounds and as Wade walk down to their court He got call for the out of bounds

  100. hahah... says:


    MIAMI is one great team defeating the number 3 over all in defensive and the conference
    now they need to beat the number 1 defensive and number 1 in the conference

    GO MIAMI!!!

  101. i have yet to see Booze play D

  102. LOLakers says:

    So Carlos LOSER had one good game and suddenly people think the Bulls can take on the Heat? LOL! Lebron, Wade, and Bosh will take the Bulls to school and make them wish they had lost to the Hawks! It’s not even gonna be a contest it’s gonna be a slaughter! Heat in 4 by a differential of 20 per game! Get ready for the Miami Heat dynasty!

    • HeatWave says:

      I think for Miami’s home games they will dominate the Bulls and the away games may be pretty close. I do agree this should not be more than 4 games for Miami.

      • Ismaeel says:

        You obviously don’t watch the Bulls play, and by the way, the Bulls beat the Heat in every regular season game. Why? DEFENSE, DEFENSE, and DEFENSE

      • HeatWave says:

        It was the regular season. Didn’t Dallas just sweep LA after going 3-1 in the regular season. Didn’t Miami just beat Celtics after going 3-1 as well. Yeah like I said Miami can sweep the Bulls. Won’t be by 20pts each game but it is very possible.

      • jay5 says:

        lol boozer can easily guard bosh, brewer or bogans on wade, deng on lebron james and who will guard the MVP rose? too big too fast too stong too good !

      • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

        @LOLakers, HeatWave-

        So, how’s that sweep working out for you?

      • HeatWave says:

        @ HardHat, not looking good lol, but I’m taking on a Kobe mentality and still say we can pull of a sweep. Just kidding. Heat in 6!

      • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

        Okay, we may support different teams but I respect the fact that you owned up to your comments and aren’t making excuses. That scores you big points in my book.

      • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

        *Last comment was for HeatWave
        And I also wanted to add that I still think this is gonna be a hell of a series and that the Heat have a lot of gas left in their tank. They’re amazing athletes and the Bulls can’t let up for even a second if they want this to be a series.

    • native coach says:

      LOL dang boozer the bull dozer is winning now…sorry your hatin and the heat are in for a great surprise….7-0 against them this season!!! comin up

    • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

      @LOLakers & Heatwave- Uh, you guys do realize that the Bulls haven’t lost twice in a row at home or more than twice in a row all season, right? There’s no way they’re going to allow themselves to get swept. The Heat didn’t even sweep the Sixers and as good as the Sixers were they weren’t at the same level as the Bulls. This series will go to game 7, IMHO, barring a meltdown on either team. I think you’re forgetting that they’re #1 for a reason and they have a habit of clawing their way out of the worst situations. Best of all, the team members really seem to trust each other and want to see each other succeed and that alone is dangerous.

      • HeatWave says:

        Yeah laugh it up but IT WAS JUST THE REGULAR SEASON. Dallas swept LA after winning 1 of 4 games in regular season. Miami just beat the team that everyone said would knock them out the playoffs. This Chicago team has never been in a conference finals. Most likely they will crack under pressure.The sweep is very possible for Miami. I’m not saying it WILL happen. I’m saying they should be able to, but not by 20 points. Anyhow stay tuned as you will be in for a shock.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


        you seem overconfident with this heat team, not to take anything from them, they are playing their best basketball of the season i agree, but sweeping the bulls? NO WAY!

        These two teams play the same type of basketball, scoring easy buckets off of transiiion and penetratiing the lane to create shots for their shooters!

        The winner could go either way, it just depends on the bench play and role playes stepping up because we know ROSE JAMES/WADE will get theirs

        I want to see a MAVS MIAMI finals rematch, but I wouldnt mind seeing D-ROSE in his first finals appearance the same year he wins the MVP

      • HeatWave says:

        @ 3Peat, I am a little I’ll admit. But I just really believe in the Heat. No credit taken away from the Bulls cause it’s any ones game and they are more of a TEAM that the Heat. I was really just putting it out there that a sweep is not as far fetched as people think.

      • Hardhat Lunchpail says:

        @HeatWave- I wasn’t laughing, I was giving you a reality check. If I was laughing my posts would be more like your buddy LOLakers’. Yes, it was the regular season and the playoffs can’t be entirely predicted off of it (which is why I’m not suggesting that the Bulls will sweep just because they swept during the season) however, to think they can sweep is arrogant and unrealistic. Hell, they didn’t even sweep the Sixers. Are you’re suggesting that the Bulls are a worse team than the Sixers? And you keep bringing up LA without recognizing that LA had a team meltdown which exacerbated the problem of the Mavs also playing the best basketball they’ve ever played. And I already mentioned that a meltdown would be the one thing that could nullify my statements. Anyway, let’s not be predicting sweeps before even the first game is played. I know some Miami fans (not all, but just some) like to celebrate before the first tip-off but it’s unwise and makes you look foolish if you end up being wrong.

      • HeatWave says:

        @ HardHat, it was just a figure of speech. I keep bringing up LA cause it was a prime example of a surprise sweep. No it’s not arrogant to think great things from your team but it is a stupid comment once they get blown out like what happened. Also LA did not have a meltdown, Dallas simply played better. Just like Bulls simply played better tonight. No excuses.

      • BostonF says:

        @Heatwave: haha like that Rondo Injury card your talking about, that’s nasty for any Boston Fan to say it. Anyway I’m a Boston fan and there’s no way you would not give credit To the Heat. They beat us and that’s it. If only Paul Pierce made the game winning shot of the 4th quarter in game 4 that would have been EPIC.

        The last threat Lebron has to conquer is one of the former Boston….Coach of the Year. Anyway I’m routing for Miami Heat but I’m fine with the Bulls winning too. Pro-EAST

    • Usuck says:

      @native coach watch out for the fall of your bulls…lol

    • Law064 says:

      @LOLakers 4 games? The heat didn’t beat the bulls yet this season, even if they did beat the bulls in the regular season this is the ECF do you really think the heat are that good they can sweep the Bulls? I’ll see if your saying it’ll be a sweep after Sunday

      • HeatWave says:

        Don’t be bitter man. You were the same one saying Miami wouldn’t beat the Celtics cause of the 3-1 record. Then they lose and you play the Rondo injury card + Celtics old. You weren’t saying the Celtics were old earlier this year. And the Celtics bench was (supposed to be) deep enough to beat Miami in instances of injuries like that. Now a sweep by 20pt margins is far fetched but a sweep of the Bulls is not. They beat Miami 3 times (one without James) and under five points(I believe) each time. I’ll say it a million times on here if I have to. Dallas swept the team that beat them 3-1 in regular season. It is very possible for Miami to sweep the Bulls or even the Bulls to sweep Miami, but as a Heat fan I (and others) can say that Miami has a valid chance to sweep the Bulls.

      • Knowledge is Power says:

        The Heat will not sweep the Bulls. If you think that, then you’re dreaming. Even though the Bulls swept the Heat in the regular season, it does mean something. The games were close, and the Bulls are better than the Heat in tight games. This will be a good series, and DEFENSE will be the key to winning. There will be no sweeps by either teams. Stop the foolish talks and be real. Good Luck. Go Bulls!!

      • HeatWave says:

        @ knowledge is Power, the chance of a sweep for either team isn’t big but can happen. That’s all I’m saying and people called Barkley foolish for predicting the Dallas sweep, but it happened.

    • screwston tx says:

      Derrick Rose knows when to step up on scoring and when to dish out to his team. I think Bulls in 7. Bogans on Wade, Deng on James, and Boozer on Bosh. I think Heat super DUO will be held to 20 a game, and Chris (P)osh will average 9-10 points.

      • Law064 says:

        @Heatwave me bitter?? Naw and I never said that if Rondo was healthy anything but to be real about it the Heat won that series because of the Celtic’s poor execution in the final minutes of game 4 & 5. Not because of Rondo being hurt or the Celtic’s being old. They lost the series and miami played better than them. To say the Heat can sweep the Bulls is just dumb. Looks like the heat have to figure something out because a 21 point azz beating says they’re not sweeping anyone. This series can go any way but after game 1 some of you heat fans need to re-think your silly predictions. Good game from the Bulls. Lebron 15 points c’mon I can admit that he’ll have to score a lot more than that to get wins. Good game from Bosh he played the best out of the 3 miami stars. Let’s go MVP lead the Chi back to the finals for the 1st time since the GOAT MJ

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        My man Law, I agree…..last night’s game was a GREAT SHOW by the Bulls

    • BostonF says:

      @LOLakers: you we’re right about one thing. A game winning by a differential of 20 although it wasnt Heat who actually did it LOL Anyway I still expect this game to be like a game 7 series or so

  103. Smaller Market Teams Rock! says:

    Why did Kobe get first 1st team All-NBA team? Dwyane Wade had much better stats, his team had a better record, and even Lebron made it. Anyways, this is going to be a great series and Bulls can win if Boozer can show up against Bosh. Heat in 6…Oh, and go OKC!

    • native coach says:

      dang kid you need help in learning about and understanding the game….bulls are good and don’t always need boozer to put up those numbers….quality bench mob and leagues mvp is everything along with the leagues best coach…come on…go bulls…..shut out the heat again like during the regular season!!

    • Jake says:

      Yeah, D-Wade should have been on the first team. Kobe’s not quite as good as he used to be and D-Wade is in his prime. I”m not sure what this has to do with Carlos Boozer though.

      • Sean says:

        definitly! dwyane wade deserves to be there more than kobe stop glorifying him for his past days

      • areyoukidding???? says:

        d wade over kobe???? dude kobe and d wades stats are basically the same and he is the best player on his team oh wait and he is the best shooting guard in the league this year and the past 10 years so…. really d wade over kobe i dont think so man and the heat won one more game in the regular season not much of an argument
        Kobe stats 25.3 pts 5.1reb 4.7ast 1.2 steals D Wade 25.5 pts 6.4 reb 4.6 ast 1.5 steals

      • Usuck says:

        get Kobe out of here! his already gone