Lakers Eyeing The Replacements

DALLAS — One by one the Los Angeles Lakers sat before us earlier this week, and to a man professed their allegiance (in so many words) to Brian Shaw as the obvious and reasonable replacement for Phil Jackson.

Everyone from Kobe Bryant to Luke Walton made it clear that they would like Shaw as their next coach. Yet his is just one name that has popped up on the early (and unofficial) list of replacements for the legendary Jackson, whose 11 NBA titles present humongous shoes to fill for any coach.

In addition to Shaw, names like Rick Adelman and Jeff Van Gundy  (per and Mike Dunleavy (Los Angeles Times) are on the early short list.

I’m with the Lakers’ players. Shaw seems like the obvious choice to us here at HT, and apparently to the folks in Golden State as well, considering they’ve received permission to speak with him about their opening.

Forgive me for not being terribly excited about those retreads, but has anyone noticed that new-school coaches like Tom Thibodeau and Erik Spoelstra, and either Scott Brooks or Lionel Hollins will be coaching teams in the NBA’s version of the Final Four?

Shaw would seem to be cut from that same mold. In addition, Shaw played on three of the Lakers’ championship teams in 2000, 2001 and 2002 and was an assistant coach on the 2009 and 2010 championship teams. Whether or not any of that works in Shaw’s favor remains to be seen. According to, there is a clear distinction as to how this Lakers coaching search will go:

L.A.’s decision-making chain of command when it comes to choosing Jackson’s replacement is Jim Buss, Jerry Buss and general manager Mitch Kupchak,’s J.A. Adande reported after the Lakers were swept Sunday by Dallas.

“In that order,” one source told Adande.

In his postseason sitdown with reporters Wednesday, Kupchak said: “We’d like to be deliberate. In Los Angeles, typically we hire coaches and they stick with us for a long time and hopefully win championships. So we’ll take our time in making that decision.”

It’s also unclear how strongly the organization wants to maintain the link to Jackson with its next hire. One source close to the team said it surprised people within the organization last month when the majority of the team’s training staff were informed that their contracts would not renewed for next year.

Yeah, if I’d just spent the past decade winning five championships with Jackson and the triangle offense I’d be looking to do any and everything I could to get away from that regime.

The last time the Lakers’ braintrust went away from the Jackson coaching tree they chose Rudy Tomjanovich, who lasted 44 games before Frank Hamblen took over. The Lakers finished the 2004-05 season with a 34-48 record and missed the playoffs for just the second time since the 1976-77 season (the Lakers also missed the playoffs after the  1993-94 season).

The Lakers might want to think long and hard about letting Shaw walk out the door for another job — he’s also been given permission to speak with the Rockets about their opening — when he’s easily the most logical candidate to replace Jackson.


  1. myopinion says:

    they need 3pt shooters, that’s why they got swept by the shooters, from PG to PF they are all 3pt shooters. making a new coach won’t change it if kobe is uncoachable, kobe should retire now, he’s not that good anymore, you got to let the younger ones to pursue the ring, it’s not yours anymore man, i like kobe but his prime times are over. for the lakers, they got to replace everyone except brown, pau, drew and odom, they need a better swingman, a shooter swingman, a more athletic point guard, fisher is too old now, they need alternative plays, teams have studied how to counter the triangle now, they need stronger backup bench. i believe LAL will recover, but not as soon as you know, new teams have stand out, and they’re good

  2. JN 1 says:

    those who hate kobe for no reason or criticize him are Immature Or stupid , and im no kobe fan but he’s a player who play at a whole different level than any other nba player and even though i dont like him i say he’s the best player currently in the nba and we all agree he’s the reason of the success of the Lakers so stop Your criticism and he’s not the reason the lakers went under this season ’cause Losing and winning is team effort .. and you cant put all the blame on one guy

  3. LakerFan says:

    you know, magic johnson was right, they’re all old, especially the one who should be facilitating (fisher), and kobe, he’s not that very athletic anymore, they’re slow, the tempo of the team should start from the facilitator and his 2nd facilitator, so that the whole team will follow, they got to replace them now, fisher should have accepted his 80mil deal, they’re not exciting to watch now, they gotta replace everything, they don’t need to give up 1 big man, pau was just upset, that’s why he didn’t play like him, they got to replace fisher, replace kobe, replace the bench with much more athletic set, they need to get a good swingman like kevin martin (though rockets won’t give him in) they need shooters especially 3pt shooters, odom is good he should stay although he’s not that athletic much. pau and drew tandem was the strength of the team, but they need someone they could replace them on the court. new coach may change the team, but not with kobe, he’s uncoachable. if he’s not then he should be the coach then

  4. driz says:

    D12 & CP3 comes to LA. that would be an another BEST TEAM OF THE DECADE for the LAKERS.

  5. Mavs 2011 champ says:

    to win a crown, it’s a team effort.. it’s an advantage if u have a 1 or 2 or 3 supertar but u cant give the credit to your superstar alone. back to the topic – i’ll go for Brian Shaw he knew already the system of lakers. Give him a chance if doesn’t work then find a replacement, you’ll nver know if u dnt give him a chance.

    Butttt ( screaming ) I’m a mavs fan..i admire the veterans like jkidd,shawn,dirk and Terry..

  6. d rose says:

    win or lose — d rose deserves to be mvp — all others suck 😛

  7. maldito says:

    if heat cannot win this champ then one thing is for sure they are not true super star kobe is the 111 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1

  8. LOS ANGELES! says:


  9. LOS ANGELES! says:


  10. Bishop says:

    I think the Lakers should be remembered by how they lose just as much as how they win. Pouting, multiple cheap shot flagrant fouls, multiple ejections etc. They have no one but themselves to blame for falling apart. Anyone could see during the season that they were imploding due to selfishness, bad chemistry and low character guys. This is what we should be reminded of when we think about the Lakers. The character of players defines a team at least as much as their record. The Lakers could learn a thing or two from a franchise that does everything right from top to bottom like the San Antonio Spurs. From top to bottom…. all high character guys with no on or off the court drama etc. Not to mention 14 straight 50+ win seasons…. second in NBA history. The Lakers had enough talent to win another title, but not the right mix of quality human beings to accomplish it.

  11. LOS ANGELES! says:


  12. bozs says:

    los angeles lakers is power full.

  13. art says:

    every gr8 player needs some help, even mj needed pippen and supporting cast. but kobe dsnt need 2 superstars!!!!!


  15. hank man says:

    If [ and after gm 1thats a big if. ] the heat go on to win the east & eventually the finals. NO WAY anybody will { except heat fans ] give them props. the heat is in the most dam if you do dam if you dont situation ever. you win the talk will be you went and got 3 of the best players + bandwagon free agents, you had to win it all no suprise no credit. BUT IF U DONT! Lets Just say you make everybodys summer outside of miami funtastik. Trophys r made of gold with one star in the middle. any more and it lost its value..

  16. they will become a dynasty again in aproxamitely 2018

  17. ldhl89 says:


  18. jason esperance says:

    the lakers will unsuccessfully try for the title again next year with virtually the same team

  19. Anonymous says:

    hmmm… Lakers may have lost this year , but it doesn’t mean its the end of lakers…there is a time that they’ll lose and then come back again …. it is how Lakers have been ever since they fall then they stand …. its normal for champions to lose ….
    and Criticizing Kobe … LOL check the RECORDS he Has beaten , and the Achievements he Got from the time he started…. wew don’t be Freacking Blinded by your bitterness towards Kobe and Just accept the TRUTH that he IS A REALLY GOOD PLAYER!….
    and For MIAMI lol …. THEY WONT BE CHAMPIONS UNTIL PLAYOFFS IS OVER …. they STILL have to FACE BULLS ….. if they ever win against them… lol.. Miami is not really that good of a Combo like you all think xD

  20. jessmer says:

    you those who criticize kobe are so immature,it’s the NBA competition is tough that even kobe (a one in a billion super talented ahtleat)needed a partner and a good suporting cast,its really unfortunate that the pau we expected didnt show up(and so as the bench)but it doesnt mean that its over!its never over for kobe and the lakers, we’ll just re-group and come back next season well prepared..2 to 3 more rings for kobe when its all said and done..believe!!!!

  21. Doucheku says:

    That sucks about his parents and sister. He seems like a really nice guy and a loving uncle. I hope he gets the job even though I don’t like the Lakers.

  22. jranj24 says:

    kobe averaged 25pts 5reb 5as 1steal a game and u call that a lifetime achievement placement(HeatFan) with those stats?? wat an idiot and a hater to make such a claim, now Tim Duncan gettin put on the allstar team was a lifetime achievement placement so dude stop hating and recognize talent wtf man…..

  23. Fail says:

    I don’t get why people even compare wade and lebron to kobe. Kobe has proven a lot over the course of his career lebron and wade to me are still starting, but i think both are still gonna be great it’s just that kobe has proven himself in this league.

  24. moneyball says:

    I actually wanted to see the lakers get beat by the heat

  25. jer0m3*24 says:

    why not kobe in first selection in all nba…ha do you think wade is on that place you are to wrong..wade needs lebron n bosh,they have a huge big three so they are strong what about lakers kobe and pau!!!

    oh omg whats happen to heat they lose in bulls in a large margin!!! of points..
    what happen king james..or king looser!!!

  26. Kobe4ever says:

    heat people are just so happy that LA is eliminated. unlimited hating for them =)

  27. lex says:

    Lakers will be back , superman is coming to LA.

  28. 3peat says:

    KOBE should not be on the first TEAM lol? and should be replaced by WADE?? KOBE played through his injuries all season long. HOW MANAY GAMES WADE MISSED? lol and he’s overshadowed by LEBRON now

  29. lmao says:

    Seriously all you people bashing the Heat’s trio need to stop embarresing yourselves.
    Not even the playoffs.
    He won because of Shaq (unguardable) and Pau and the rets of that Lakers squad.
    People don’t realise how good Pau actually is. A tall inside presence with great ball skills. Pair that up with Bynum…an all star if not for the injures. And the rest…Jesus Christ Odom of th ebench a vet PG in Fisher and defenders like Artest.

    Seriously Kobe is so much worse than Lebron its not even funny.
    Lebron took his team to the finals with no1 to help.
    Where has Kobe gone without help?

    Yeah suck on that

  30. thorbard says:

    I don’t reall understand this “love” for kobe… anybody who understands a little bit of bsketball and see a lakers game can se what kobe is… selfish SELFISH and SELFISH, he monopolizes the game, if he could involve more other players lakers game would be muuch better, i know people will come and say NOOO KOBE IS THE BEST ETC ETC, but the really truth is that who really moves the game its Pau, he is the really PG in the lakers, yes i said PG not PF… im waiting for responses..

  31. John says:

    don’t you know that they win thier 5th title it’s because of thier coach and players who unite as one and push thier goal.. So the important thing here is a player on how they played…

  32. beat la... says:


  33. watcher says:

    I guess the Shaw endorsement is better than Shaq’s Kurt Rambis ‘endorsement’. Either way this team will not carry anywhere near the same swagger or intimatation factor next season. That doesn’t mean they will crash and burn. Just means their championship road has become a lot more bumpy and a (perhaps) insurmountably steeper. Especially with the current roster. Good luck to the next coach, who will likely get roasted by the Laker faithful who’ve had it so good for so long.

  34. Ivo.L says:

    the first 3 championships it was the team shaq and kobe they were the guys who made it happen

    this last championships was because of Kobe i don’t have a team i’m really a basketball fan

    but yes Kobe deserves the 1st all nba selection
    about Wade being the man or better than Kobe
    he is the man he carried the heat 2 years in a row alone with amazing stats and a young team and an injured jermaine o’neal and he was the man in 2006 with guys like shaq, jason williams, antoine walker, gary payton, alonzo mourning and Udonis Haslem around him so give the credit to WADE is good… better well let’s see when he retires

  35. biebs says:

    nash to the lake show. that would be great.

  36. SomeoneWhoKnowsBasketball says:

    its funny how ignorant almost all of you are lol its truely comical to come on to these blog postings and read what is going to be left for comments. Sadly the NBA fans have turned into nothing but bandwagon fans and everyone jumping on what could be the next big thing “heat”. First off if you take Kobe away from the equation of Shaq, does Shaq win the 3 peat without a SG who avg’d what he did in the playoffs? If wade does not have shaq does he win the Championship? Not one person in the league can win the ship by themselves hence lebron leaving to join 2 other All Stars. Yes I am a laker fan have been since the Magic era and yes i am a die hard Kobe fan but i am not biased if your going to comment tho at least be educated in the sport of basketball and understand and respect someones ability and achievements. And sadly how the heat found out today which will be how the series goes they will not be winning this year. Who knows next year? maybe? most likely not tho if you havent noticed the ship is won by an “NBA “TEAM” its a team sport and without that you cannot win. Bulls/Mavs/Thunder even the Grizzlies all have played better TEAM basketball that is why the lakers are out and the celtics are out and soon to be heat will be out, unless they decide to play team basketball which consists of a 100% effort throughout all of the game on defense and offense itll be a long time before this trio wins anything, sadly thats why my lakers lost this year but it is what it is oh well. As for the topic at hand it would be downright stupid if the Lakers do not stick with Shaw who has more experience then 75% of the NBA coaches when it comes to being on a championship team and knowing the caliber of play that needs to be upheld. Until next time read up watch some games and actually “watch” them, learn the game, feel the game, then come back with an educated response not ignorant ones cause you really do just look stupid!

    • jranj24 says:

      well said someonewhoknowsbasketball well said……………i also get tired of the ignorance,im a lakers fan since Magic era as well but i am not bias in the least because i love and appreciate the game. oh all the lakers need is a point guard and they’ll be fine i love fish but he’s a little slow and if kobe didnt have to run around chasing point guards the mavs series outcome may have been different!!

  37. chrisman says:

    Brian Shaw or Rick Adelman would both be good choices. I think the laker’s roster is gonna hurt them more than a change of coaches, now i’m not a lakers fan but i say “empty the chamber and reload with fresh ammo” a change has long been needed in that lineup.

  38. Muymuy501 says:

    Kobe is Kobe. No matter what people say, he has achieved what other superstars have not. He deserves to be in the list. If wade replaces him i nthe near future, all i’ll say is it is a possibility but He’ll be in for a tough challenge to bump kobe from the list.

    But it is also true that the team is fading a little. Age, complacency, squabbles, it’s time for a little change. Shaw can fill in the post but it’s best to explore all options.

    As for the heat, i am a fan but the trio are yet to be tested. The bulls may give them a run for their money so i’m going to sit back and see how things unfold.

  39. ddddd says:

    Speaking from a logic standpoint…. It makes no sense to put 2 players from the same team on 1st team all-nba when they can’t even get first in the East and they had to fight a severely crippled Celtic team to the very end to even squeak out 2nd in the East. Now Kobe is getting older, and this is the first time that I have ever heard that Kobe has ever battled tiny injuries…. When it comes down to it though Kobe got it in the regular season due to the fact that he carried that team to a 3rd seed as the ONLY wing option on his team…. (and Artest is a shell of his former self)

    The biggest reason why Wade did not get it is because he defered to Lebron most of the year after he got his. Wade should be taking the 4th quarter shots that Lebron has choked on all but one. Wade is the one with ice in his veins the last time I checked….. Or has he been spending too much time out in the Hot Miami sun???? How many 4th quarter shots has Kobe choked on this year? Need I say more there….. Kobe is a monster when healthy and you know the ball is in his hands in the clutch.

  40. Tony Sabga says:

    I cannot mention a coach at this point, but I can suggest how I see the Lakers rooster for next year. It’s like this:
    Starters: Kobe, Pau, Bynum. Ty Lawson (pg), young defender to replace Artest.
    Bench: Odom, Fisher, Brown, Artest, Barnes, Character, Ebanks, Mbenga (or similar), 1 or 2 young players (2 year experience with good 3 pointers)
    Make all players sign a contract, to attend practice punctually or be finedto practice on their own time to eliminate weak points, to not get involved with extracurricular distracting activities during the season.

  41. DARK MAMBA JERST says:

    MIAMI HEAT??????????????????????????? WHAT DID CHICAGO BULLS DID IN GAME 1??????????????????

  42. Jao says:

    i love how this blog post was about looking for a new Laker head coach and it quickly went south with all the Kobe bashing. lol

  43. HEAT SUCKS says:

    MIAMI HEAT REIGN??? They just got dumped by BULLS by 21. Lebrick James will never win a ring until Kobe retires 🙂 NBA Mafia has a memo on each office. hahaha

  44. celtic pride says:

    Everyone talks about points or stats, its deeper than that, look at KG, numbers arent great but hes a leader on the floor, hes the heart of the celtics, kobe is a great player but not close to Jordan. This year its seems older teams are getting knocked out of the playoffs….spurs, lakers, celtics

  45. Larry A Franklin says:

    I agree, Im perfectly content with the laker big men, the prob which was clearly visible not just in the post season but throughout the year is the inconsistency of the bench players and lack of speed in our guard positions. Now i know us laker fans want to see a franchise player come over to help out our stud in Kobe Bryant but lets keep it real, with the lockout approaching we mite just LOSE players as we are at a 90mil cap. There are alot of options out there for us to choose from anyway so we will see what happens, but lets face it if the Lakers somehow acquire Dwight Howard at WHATEVER cost its gg for the next 4 years AT LEAST ( picture that……the first modern 4peat lol)

  46. MeM says:

    i really like shaw.

    Lets go bulls & mavs!

  47. Jason says:

    The Lakers need a new point guard i think their big man are fine! We just need a pg thats fast and willing to give the ball to kobe and yet score at the same time! and although im a laker fan its time to face it kobe is not the player he was in 2006 where he scored 81 etc. kobe is a whole new player…hes getting old and we laker fans can seee how much fatigue affects him. its time to stop expecting so much from kobe and stop baggin on him becuz hes turning 34? so cut him some slack and realize the number he is putting up night after night is good for someone that has major injuries!

  48. MoeMoe says:

    I think that the Lakers should try to get trade Odom and Drew for Dwight, and then try to reel CP3 with this team because ever though we lose a great bench player we gain the best defensive player in the NBA nd we look really good so we can get CP3 to sign with us so we can make a playoff push. I think Shaw is the best choice because he has been working with the Lakers the longest nd he has been sitting next to phil for a while so he has to have learned something,

  49. Anand says:

    if you look at the per 48 minutes kobe has better stats than wade and he’s 32 and the only perimeter threat on the lakers

  50. Noel says:

    i bet brian shaw will be the head coach for the lakers team and do please for the management bring back your young and talented playes from the nets vujacic and farmar..they got a lot of potentials….let go the old guys like ratliff and blake…

  51. kobe says:

    kobe should too be on the all nba team 1.. he was the 3rd choice for mvp. and wade doesnt compare to kobe in any way.

  52. Maurcus says:

    ……And Brian shaw should be the next coach. He knows the team, the system, and with a lockout possible, the lakers should shop at home.

  53. Bulls' says:

    OMG,Lakers are crying =)))) Defending Champs go fishing. Sweep -__-

  54. Maurcus says:

    whoever said Kobe shouldnt have been on the all NBA 1st team is crazy, Kobe is the best thing the league has seen in the last 10 yrs. You can talk about Wade and James all u want, they are great players but not better than Kobe. And to all who say Kobe cant win without a Phil…..need i remind u that MJ dont have rings with any other coach either dummies or without Pippen so shut that argument up. Shaq couldnt win a ring without a dominate SG either but noone ever mentions that.

    Why do people hate on teams who win but their team has nothing to show for? Only when the lakers lose do chumps open their mouths and say the lakers suck……really? All champions will fall but not all will be champions. So to all u laker hatin bums 16 rings, getcha some.

  55. Larry A Franklin says:

    Wow, ignorance must be bliss………..
    I don’t understand how people even put D Wade and Lebron in the same boat as Kobe, ijust dont get it. Kobe is a PROVEN WINNER not just 1 championship……or in lebrons case 0, the man has 5 rings 7 finals appearances and countless other accolades. The arrogance of the Heat bandwagon fans is astounding. All these losers on this site who hide behind fake alias’s talk all this crap online but I bet they dont makle a peep when Real MF’ers are talkin ball because they know they’d sound like a damn idiot. I admit Miami is a formidable team but with 2 of the top 5 players in the league (and I leave out Bosh because to me he is not an elite player) they should be but i guarantee they only win 1 ring….( and it wont be this year either) and Eric Spolster wont be the coach because you guys are gonna blame him for not being able to win………
    And for the guy knocking “Big SHot Rob” show some respect, Robert is EASILY the best clutch Forwad in his generation thats why he has 7 rings to show for it. Big players make Big plays in BIg games………

  56. any chance of lakers getting yao ming he will do wonders or maybe uh hu superman he is pretty young and still in his prime and for all you HEAT fans when the heat lose to the mavs in the finals maybe try adding cp3 since you still cant win a championship in yall’s dreams

  57. YES! says:

    I’m just glad I don’t have to see the Lakers in the finals. 🙂

  58. SweptAway says:

    Enough of this Kobe banter. Kobe is and never will be as great as Jordan was. Not as a person or a basketball player.

    This article is about the replacement for Phil Jackson. Does it really matter who takes his spot? The Lakers have one of the most talented rosters around plus they always have the ability to make a 1 sided trade like they did to get Pau Gasol.

    • jone says:

      here’s the truth: kobe is fading, and lebron/wade are taking over.
      get used to it.

      • sherman says:

        lebron/wade are taking over????
        the last time I saw they they lost the 1st game to chicago by 21 points, hahahah,

      • Ballin says:

        If Kobe can’t be compared to MJ then D-Wade & LBJ can’t be compared to Kobe.In time to come Kobe will be looked at as the greatest player of his era.

  59. DUB DUB says:

    gettin pau was because of kobe CRYING out for help
    he threatened to leave the year before pau showed….
    and wade totally deserved to b all nba team number 1
    kobe got it ok you can get away with that
    this man blocks giants on a regular basis Tyson chandler and Brook Lopez most prolific
    miami was one of the best defensive teams to so it wasnt like it was just numbers for wade
    cuz it benefitted the team
    as for lebron gettin all defense you gotta admit hes not the best defender
    IGGY all day

    • dan rn says:

      though im a laker fan, i’ve gotta agree that it’s wade not kobe should received the 1ST ALL DEFENSIVE team.. its not that kobe is playing poor defense,, wade just played better.

      and to fellow lakers fans out there, please stop beaing biased and enough on excuses.

  60. kk says:

    they need to replace their whole bench stating with Fisher(he shouldn’t have even been a starter to begin with if they’re going to keep him then he should be more of a bench player with lesser minutes) Luke walton got to go period, they could have just kept Farmer and Sasha then if they were going to end up getting Theo ratcliff and Joe smith, they need more outside shooters shannon brown didn’r really help much and if anything they need a Real true solid point guard more than a center steve blake was a disappointment, like go after Deron williams if he doesn’t sign a long contract extension with the nets i would have said chris paul but he’s probably still thinking of going with the knicks but if it has to come down to Andrew bynum for Dwight i have no objections to it, i wouldn’t get rid of Pau if i was them i know he didn’t show up during their whole playoff run but i say keep him more than bynum, they have to get rid of one of those rookies and that’s Derrick caracter, Ebanks has potential all they have to do is try to develop him more and also keep Odom but i don’t want him getting too distracted cause of that show with khloe she shouuld have waited until the season was over before they started shooting the show tho.

  61. THE HEATER says:

    First of all i have alot of respect for kobe is one of the best to play the game. But to knock on wade and say he doesnt know how to win is crazy. He won a championship already and a finals MVP on top of that the last three years that the heat managment was dumping salaries to try and afford lbj and bosh he still managed to take a depleated team to the playoffs. Granted they only lasted to the first round but look at the players he had around him garbage other then haslem. After shaq left the lakers what did kobe do other then cry that he needs help. Wade didnt say a word he just played harder. And to be brought up in this years MVP race was even crazier he did even start playing till the second half. The MVP is for the whole year not the second half or when kobe decided he wanted to start playing. And for him to give pau crap for his playoff production this year was garbage Kobe look at your first half you let your team down you didnt even start playing till the second half so if u want to blame someone look in the mirror. For the lakers to win another championship with him he needs some help hes getting old and cant do it himself anymore not knocking him at all hes just not 25 anymore. But he will always be one of the best.

  62. Markson says:

    all u lakers haters out there take a breath and realize that it was jus a bad semi final and the mavs were balling whether we like it or not. If the heat makes it to the final with the mavs and the mavs play the same way the heat does not stand a chance. the heat only has 3 players and if an injury should arise they r done. All u guys hating on Kobe jus stop cause u all kno wen it comes dwm to it if the game was on the line and u hav to giv the last shot to a player it would be KOBE. His work ethic speaks for itself and the lakers will rise sooer than u all can blink

  63. J says:

    the lakers should find an alternative to the triangle.. a lot of their offense requires them to shoot over defenders.. there’s a video analysis on youtube explaining the lakers’ offense against the celtics in last year’s finals.. they had more success running the offense through kobe rather than the triangle.. not saying that everything should run through kobe, but the triangle doesn’t exactly create much spacing on the floor, especially when LA doesn’t really have anyone else but derek fisher to shoot the 3 consistently.. proponents of the triangle will say the lakers don’t execute the offense well enough, and i think i agree with this.. michael and the bulls were better in it because they were smaller, leaner players and moved A LOT off the ball.. kobe’s too much of an isolation player in the triangle for it to work in its optimum.. put the ball in his hands and run the offense on screen and rolls.. gasol’s a good pick and pop player and bynum’s a good finisher as the pick rolling to the hoop

  64. donthateapprciate says:

    a lot of u say day kobe shouldnt be on the 1st tea ALL NBA. that’s a big effn joke. kobe proved a lot of thngs snce he played in the NBA. he entered as a teenager, he won a championship with shaq after a few years, he did the second highest point in a game in NBA history, he won All-Star MVP 4 times, he’s curremtly battlng a postion for the highest scorng list in the NBA, he won the MVP award, and he won two straight back-to-back championshps as the captain of the team. Even though kobe didn’t got the award of gettng the Finals mvp when they won the championshp back then in 00-02, he really played a big role of winning that championship. Shaq couldnt have won those if kobe wasn’t there. So don’t say such stuff bout kobe. He might not replace MJ as the best player who ever played the game, but he is the ONLY kobe bryant that played close enough to compare to MJ.

    • jj says:

      no one can be compared to MJ, so shut up. Do you believe that hell get close to 3rd place on alltime list? Good luck to you man

  65. Ken S. says:

    Re; X
    If that obnoxious Jeff Van Gundy is coach, the Lakers are fools and the fans will be furious. No one likes that irritating little twit. When he was a commentator on a game, he always running off at the mouth cutting down and criticized the Lakers. I can see him now dragged down court clutching Andrew Bynum’s leg during a scuffle like he did with Patrick Ewing in New York. And forget Adelman, too old and tired, and Dunleavy, been there, didn’t work.The new coach should be Brian Shaw as he is young, well liked by players and fans and has the experience necessary. If Van Gundy is named, I jump ship and land on the Clipper’s deck.

  66. OKC says:

    he doesn’t deserve first team are you dumb. He puts up almost the same numbers as lebron and wade and plays 10 mins less then them. ANd if you talk about shots go look at the shots per game for all 3 players its not much different.

  67. NBAfan says:

    some ppl forget that shaw was the final mvp in the lakers 3-peat and not kobe…..

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Actually, you are wrong.

    • unknown says:

      Oh yeah,right .I remember, Shaw have 3 final mvp in lakers first three peat then three final mvp with boston.That is so awesome.He was a legendary player, so awesome and better than kobe.

  68. Bull's Sheet says:

    Kobe doesn’t even deserve in the second team because if that NBA First Team would play, everybody has to fall in line for their offense and they would have to wait for their turn. He is a big-time ball hog whose EGO is bigger than himself and swallows him up the whole time. That is the way it has been for him for the past three years already. Wade is more deserving of that spot because Wade plays like a man possessed on both ends of the floor. Kobe can’t even block Nate Robinson, whereas Wade jumped over everybody else in the league. Kobe vowed to be in championship form next season, but if things doesn’t go well in the offseason, he might ask for a trade once again to take his talents with Dwight Howard.

    • NBA time says:

      I don’t think I’ll ever understand the blind bashing of one of the greatest who ever played the game, when it is so blatantly clear you don’t watch Laker games. Kobe is not the same player he once was when he wore the #8 jersey. Let’s talk EGO. Every great player in the history of the game has had pride and has believed that they can achieve greatness. Everyone is bashing Kobe for saying the Lakers are able to come back from a 0-3 hole and win. what the hell did you expect him to say? He is the team leader, the rest look up to him and believe in him. He’s supposed to motivate his teammates anyway he can and coming out and saying “it’s over” sure as hell isn’t gonna do it. The last three years? What has the outcome been? 2 out of 3 championships… That’s not a bad statistic in my books. Ball Hog? Are you serious? If you’ve watched the lakers for the “last three years” you’d know that he has become the facilitator of this team. He constantly feeds the Laker bigs in the beginning of games to boost their confidence. He has been on a constant strive to make his teammates better. Does he sometimes go on shooting sprees in the game? Yes, but it’s often to get the team back into the game or extend the lead. His explodes offensively and has the ability to score 10-12 straight points within 3-4 minutes. Very few players have that ability to just “turn it on” when they want. If the Lakers didn’t like his “ball hog” ways or his shots, they would bench him. No disrespect to D-wade as I do believe he is one of the best in the league, but seriously, D-wade’s avg numbers are only higher because he plays more minutes per game. And how random and ridiculous is it that you bring up the ability to jump. First of all, it’s a false claim. Secondly, go watch videos of Kobe blocking Yao Ming if you need to be convinced. Kobe has just recovered from his knee injury and recently messed up his ankle. What the hell do you expect him to do? He’s played through injury after injury and is still putting up ridiculous numbers. Again, no disrespect to D-Wade, but it’s clear you’re riding his high horse… why don’t you come talk to me when he scores 62 points in three quarters, outscoring the entire opposition.

      • LOL says:

        Everyone on this page are Laker haters who don’t use logic. There’s no point in even trying to reason with any of them hahahaha 🙂

  69. source34 says:

    kobe is the greatest player to play in the nba since mj like it or not and he has a fist full of rings to prove that…And yes LA will be back next season believe that PARTNER !

    • underdog says:

      Fisher also has 5 rings so he’s the best PG in the game? rings don’t count baby…

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        you people know what he meant….Kobe is a BIG PART OF THE LAKERS TEAM SUCCESS…and his rings show for that…you people dont know how to read between the lines, its so sad!

      • underdog says:

        @LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT
        huh? where is that “Kobe is a BIG PART OF LAKERS TEAM SUCCESS” in “kobe is the greatest player to play in the nba”, obviously i was replying to that, don’t expect all text to be read between the lines when the message is just plain. and also u should have a name change the lakers was swept badly by the mavs, shows why they really do not deserve the last 2 championships

    • HeatWave says:

      I’m not knocking Kobe but don’t use rings as and argument. Rober Horry 7x champion, 3 different teams. Greatest player every? I think not.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Ok, he has 2 Finals MVP’s… That’s pretty good.

  70. JUNY241 says:

    I think the lakers WILL be back next year … They make a few adjustments.. Maybe Mr. Superman .. Comes in with da Black mamba… Kobe will have atleast 7 i say again 7 championships..

    • source34 says:

      i couldnt agree with you more but we could lose alot to acquire dwight i think we just would be better off with some more speed like chris paul and rudy gay or either or…

      • QuestionMark says:

        CP3 and Rudy Gay are worth too much as well, they need a star, they just need a solid PG and a bench. Lakers should go after a player like Gortat as a backup C to back up Bynum, and lets say Batum to back up Artest, and get a starting PG and bench Fisher.

  71. Lakers fan says:

    I’d go after Byron Scott hands down if I were the Lakers.

  72. Lakers fan says:

    I think Kobe deserves the 1st team pick. He didn’t have as good a playoff run as usual, but he had a Kobe like season. Even if the numbers were a little down. I do think D wade deserves it too though. I’m sure it was close. Don’t complain too much about that though Heat fans. You guys are still in the mix for a championship. If I had my choice, I would rather see Kobe on the 2nd team and the Lakers win a championship!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      His numbers were similar and he played about 5 less minutes a night! No one gets that. D.Wade and Bron put up these monster numbers but play 10 xtra minutes a night.

      • HeatWave says:

        You always post some crazy nonsense. Wade and James 10 extra minutes a night? Where do you come up with this stuff?

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        HeatWave idk about them playing 10 xtra minutes but James and Wade play more mins than Kobe and that is a FACT

        Kobe was put down to his lowest minutes a game this season, avging like what 30-32? while james/wade are probably in every game for 36-40 minutes a night

      • HeatWave says:

        They average about five more min than Kobe. That’s five minutes between two guys. I don’t think it compensates that much toward their stats as the shots they take. Anyhow all of them deserve 1st team.

  73. AONE says:

    Lakers have done way to much since 2000 to stop now…….Mamba and Co. will be back and if we get Howard…….ooooo weeeee, y’all better watch out.
    Fine dining, the breezys, and the Lakers…I love LA!!

  74. X says:

    My prediction is Van Gundy should be the coach.

  75. mike in Moorpark says:

    All these laker haters should stop maligning Kobe. Until the heat wins 3 in a row or 7 as Labron predicts, they should keep their stupid trap shut. Kobe is playing with so many injuries and still ranks up there with the very best of them. Whatever Mitch and Dr.Buss does this off season, the LAkers wil lstill be the best Franchise in the NBA. I don’t knowif Kobe will win another ring but I certainly will not bet my house against him. WE WILL BE BACK! LIKE A BAD VIRUS! AND THE MAMBA WILL PREVAIL ONE MORE TIME.

  76. blah says:

    i love watching a dynasty crumbling to the ground.
    its EPIC!

  77. HeatWave says:

    Shaw should coach them.

  78. Jake says:

    If he has Kobe’s vote then I think he should be a fairly obvious choice. The only other possible candidate I can see is Rick Adelman. I’m still trying to figure out why the Rockets let him go because he worked wonders sans Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.

  79. LOLakers says:

    LA LOSERS are all washed up! They need a new team not just a new coach LOL! So long LOSERS and make way for the 10 year reign of the Miami Heat!

  80. Grant Stern says:

    They’re fools if they scrap the triangle and let Shaw walk. As a Heat fan, I encourage them to hire Mike Dunleavy as coach, and GM.

  81. hahah... says:

    KObe should not be in the 1st team ALL NBA.. wade is a better candidate for SG…

    • Heat Fan says:

      NOOO Doubt man, agreed! I’ve been saying this on all the blogs too. DEFINITELY a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award. Kobe has NO place on that 1st team list, and I would think this without a doubt will be his last year on it he’ll move to second team. Wade has proved all year and also in Head to Head matchups that HE is the better player.

      Kobe on the All-NBA First Team = EPIC FAIL

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        lol its funny how you think you know it all…

        ummm arent the all-nba selections chosen by NBA HEAD COACHES???? Yes i think they are…so if kobe got the votes he got the votes from people who actually KNOW BASKETBALL and see him play night in and night out first hand!

        So tell me do you really think YOU know more than a NBA COACH??? lol thats an answer ill gladly wait for…..

        And to add on to that Kobe and Wade’s stats are SIMILAR for thsi year, with Wade avging 1 more reb than Kobe, and most people say Wade is in his prime, so for Kobe at age 32…past his prime …to still have a stat line compared to Wade must say something, wouldnt you think?

    • michael says:

      is that a joke? wade, bosh and lebron shouldn’t win a single award or be placed on any 1st team the rest of their career. wade has only proven that if he’s not winning with all-star counter-parts, he’ll be sitting on the bench in street clothes like he did the last 2 years. real winners win, and not a single person wearing a Heat uniform can attest to that.

      • JNT says:

        You can say the same thing about Kobe don’t forget who had when he be winning Shaq and Paul

      • tre' says:

        michael, i do believe you’re extremely butthurt.
        did your precious lakers get swept?
        or are you a celtics fan?
        it would explain a lot.

        here’s the truth: kobe is fading, and lebron/wade are taking over.
        get used to it.

        p.s: wade WOULD know a thing about winning. he DID win the 2006 Finals & the MVP award after all.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        JNT you are wack…

        First off Kobe was traded to the lakers (by hornets magn afta drafting him) so he didnt choose to play with shaq or pau for that matter, pau was chosen by lakers magn in a trade. Wade/James/Bosh wanted to come together and chose to do so.

        And people give Kobe the rap for his first three titles because of Shaq, ok fine, but even Charles Barkley said it…KOBE WAS GIVEN HIS CREDIT FOR THE LAST TWO CHAMPIONSHIPS for being the GUY of the Lakers. He also said how can we give credit to lebron or wade for any championship they win??? Your teammate is top 3 best player in the NBA, if they recieve credit for those championships then Kobe has to be given the same justice!

      • Oscar says:

        @LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT dude, what dimension are u in? lakers 3peat? u seem to be a little bit slow in the head

      • Unclebone says:

        How Kobe pulled off those championships with Pau I will never know. Now that everybody figured Pau’s soft a@s it will never happen again.

      • don says:

        ur sayin that wade cant win without a superstar counterpart?maaaannn thats what kobe is on his entire career

    • walter says:

      kobe is the best player and the world and wade is not close to him.

      • J says:

        Hello, wake up. If Kobe is so good, why did they get SWEEPT by the Mavs? That’s right SWEEPT. Not only that did you see game 7. The so called best player in the world can not even keep the game some what interesting. I have seen some bad games in my life, but game 7 of the the Lakers/Mavs was by far one of the worst I have seen from a reputable team. Boston, Lakers, San Antonio are too old for the NBA. I believe there is a league for senior citzens that they may want to check out (just kidding).

      • LOL says:

        LOL learn to spell “swept” before you try to discredit anyone please 🙂

    • imsouptight says:

      d wade is no kobe bryant.

  82. hahah... says:

    kobe cant win anymore championship without phil and a big guy who can put up good numbers (like shaq and Pau)….

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      you know nothing!

      Kobe was the weight that carried the Lakers to the 4th and 5th title. Espically the 5th one, he the reason the one the seven game series between the rockets and a tough six game series against the nuggets

      and for you to compare pau as a big man putting up good numbers is an insult to SHAQ! Pau was never and will never be a Shaq….these kind of comments just show me how much hate there is for Kobe and how much his talents is not recognized!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        sorry i meant espically the 4th one (when i go on to explain the rockets and nuggests series)