The Big Shaqtue!

DALLAS — Shaquille O’Neal has sported many nicknames throughout his colorful career, most of them products of his own, entertaining imagination.

We wonder what the “Big Statue” sounds like to him? (Click here to see the what the proposed statue would look like.)

The four-time NBA champion and self-proclaimed “Most Dominant Ever” will get his own bronze statue outside of LSU’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center’s new practice facility on the campus in Baton Rouge, per a report in The Advocate.

From the sound of it, this could be one of the best statues of a former player to be erected anywhere.  A 900-pound statue of Shaq smashing like he did during his LSU days … classic:

The tentative plan is to unveil the statue during the NBA off-season, said LSU associate vice chancellor for communications Herb Vincent.

… At age 39, O’Neal is currently the oldest player in the NBA and is likely near retirement, having struggled with injuries much of the season. He ranks fifth all-time in points scored in the NBA and fourth in postseason points scored.Vincent said the four-time NBA champion was a natural selection to be LSU’s first statue of an athlete because he is an “iconic figure” worldwide. O’Neal also is the only LSU student athlete in any major sport to win a national player of the year award in college and an MVP award in the pros.

“We’re honoring him for his accomplishments … and it’s a good recruiting tool,” Vincent said.

The $70,000 project is privately funded, he said.

“It’s already been done,” Vincent said. “It’s in storage.”

Not even Pistol Pete got a statue at LSU, so that should tell you what sort of esteem O’Neal is held in by the LSU faithful, as passionate a group fans as there is anywhere.

Since no one in Los Angeles is talking about adding a Shaq statue outside of the Staples Center, he might as well get bronzed where he can.

And you remember collegiate Shaq, don’t you? He was an absolute monster:


  1. B-randon says:

    Well, if I remember correct, Slam magazine (people that know about basketball) ranked Shaq as the 4th best player of all-time, behind Wilt (3rd) and Bill (4th), so that would make him the 3rd best center of all-time, ahead of Kareem (7th), Hakeem (13th), Moses Malone (15th), Robinson (25th), and Dwight (86th) so, as far as I’m concern (only agreeing with Shaq’s placement on the list) the only players that should be mentioned is Bill and Wilt.

  2. Brent says:

    If you put Shaq in his prime up against any “great” center you can think of in any era, he would destroy them. Could he do a hook shot like Kareem? No. Was he as smooth as Chamberlain? No. Was he as athletic as D. Robinson or D. Howard? No. Was he a leader? Did he have a great work ethic? No. Was he full of himself? Yes. Be that as it may, Shaq would have still smashed a basketball through a hoop over anyone you can think of. Ever. There isn’t anyone that could have guarded Shaq when he was in his prime. Period.

  3. Shaq says:

    LSU : Love Shaq University

  4. kobe says:

    i think shaq is the greatest center all time.. he played in the most difficult era in my opinion and dominated..

  5. Charles says:

    I’ve read each and every post and I realize, a little too often these days, that the people that comment the most about basketball via the net are the people that know the least about basketball. The best athlete that Shaq can be compared to is Mike Tyson, minus the legal issues. Yeah, he was fun to watch and dominated for a while, but WHO did he really dominate? Did Shaq dominate Olajuwon? Did he REALLY have basketball rules affected the way Wilt and Kareem literally did? And btw, defensive 3 seconds HELPS low post threats, doesn’t hurt them morons. When Mike Tyson faced the upper echelon opponents in the heavyweight division (he avoided a few his entire career also), he was exposed for lacking fundamentals. Shaq has ALWAYS lacked fundamentals. He was sub par defensively, until Phil Jackson made him work defensively, still never boxed out too well for boards, we’ve seen the offensive fouls and traveling, know about the free throws, but those aren’t the items that make him clearly inferior to Kareem, Wilt, Olajuwon, and Russell: He sat down more than half the time in the 4th quarter because he was a liability to his team. NO ONE sat down the sky hook. NO ONE sat down Russell’s defensive leadership. NO ONE sat down Olajuwon’s beautiful post moves and anchor defense. And NO ONE sat down the most dominant center of all-time, Wilt.

  6. Charles says:

    Okay wait….there are people dumb enough to believe that Shaq could have stopped the sky hook? Come on guys, stop it. Kareem in his prime vs. Shaq in his prime is a mismatch.

  7. Charles says:

    Shaq would have worn down Wilt Chamberlin someone says? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  8. steven locs says:

    ron is rite about the free throws tho n this gos for dwight howard 2 how do you play in the nba and have such a poor free throw percentage when you have courts at your house.if ur a pro dnt u think u should put more time in ur free throws if ur shooting a horrible percentage like that.come on your a professional no excuses

  9. Sohail says:

    Are you guys on drugs?. Shaq being the best center or Dwight no disrespect to neither i like both of them. But go back to the 90’s and look up the fianls between Rockets vs Orlando. Hakeem put shaq on bench every game and showed him who is the boss and the best center to grace the nba. Get the f outta here if you say shaq or dwight or wilt b.s were the best centers. Hakeem the dream was the real deal and no one will ever come close to him period.

  10. Francesco says:

    Shaq has been surely the best center in his generation, and one of the greatest ever, provided that comparisons are not easy (even if old Wilt played against young Kareem, old Kareem against young Hakeem, and Hakeem against young Shaq, you can check by yourself the results of these matchups). Most dominant ever makes no sense, he’s never been the best rebounder in the league. Chamberlain was best rebounder 11 times, losing only to Russel twice (he was mainly injured in 70 when Hayes won). He retired 37 years old as the best rebounder of the league with 18.6 (of course, Jabbar was playing his 4th season with 16 .1). In the playoffs of his last season, Chamberlain had 22.5 rebounds (because he was a stats-whore that disappeared in the playoffs)

  11. Jorg says:

    I would love watch him again playin’ for my beloved lakers and watch him dressed in yellow and purple when his last game arrive, receivn’ a monster stand up ovation in the place where his number should be retired. COME BACK SHAQ!!

  12. Doray says:

    it is impossible that shaq doesnt get his number retired in LA. 3 times MVP FINALS and 1 MVP for them? You just cant do that to shaq. If LA doesnt retire his number, then what do you need to do to get your number retired? haha

  13. cem says:

    Shaq was the greatest center of all time.Remember when he was in his prime 2000-2003, he was alot better than kareem hakeem russel and wilth.So None of these centers dominated the paint like shaq did.If they were all the same age and time line, shaq will dominate all of them too.He was that good.

  14. ShaqDiesel says:

    Shaq is truly the most dominant center ever! ever since he entered the game, no other player commanded such attention on the court, double,triple team, sometimes quad team, and to be able to balance the game, changing the illegal D to Defnsive 3 sec definitely took the game away from the post, When Shaq retire, People all over the world will miss him. The Player who got criticized because he shot 60% at the free throw line as a career stat yet end up 5th OVERALL in scoring all time.. just imagine if he can take down those free throws, might have been on the 3rd spot agree? shaq thank u for the memories!

  15. Pitt says:

    Shaq isnt the most dominant ever…remember the pistons and ben wallace? even with kobe those guys were brought down… i dont think Mj and the bulls lost for the last six full seasons they played together…and im aware the last playoff series the bulls lost with MJ was against the magic after jordan returned from baseball

    • shaq-fu says:

      hmmm, i’m sure shaq was still in Orlando when they beat the Bulls with MJ in the playoffs.

  16. Luis says:


  17. nate says:

    shaq u are the greatest center to ever play. you have a presonality and heart bigger than u are. what u have done for every fan, player and city around the u.s. and worldwide is amazing, u have changed the game so much and u have so much respect from everyone who knows basketball. play a couple more years as maybe a started but come of the bench and mentor some of the upcoming centers. i cant wait to hear your hall of fame speech. u are a great player, mentor, father and husband and u will always be remembered in peoples hearts. i wish u the best of luck if u continue in basketball or if u retire i wish u the best of luck in sportscasting or whatever u do.

  18. seb says:

    no one touches the SHAQTUS!!! GREAT PLAYER!!!

  19. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    the most dominant player ever to play basketball ! enough said

  20. MackDaddy says:

    Shaq Daddy!!!!

    But everyone needs to quit talking like he’s dead or something…. I reckon he’s got 1 more season in him to bring another championship to Boston. Gotta finish on a high… this season must have been very heartbreaking to Shaq. Made some huge sacrifices to help bring a trophy to Beantown, but didnt work out that way.

    Come on Shaq…. one more!!!!

  21. NetsNetsNets says:

    I just can’t wait for another dominant center like him to enter the NBA.

    • tae says:

      Another dominant big man in Blake Griffin. And the new Superman who’ll probably bolt from Orlando to the LAkers just like Shaq. Knicks need a big man : /

      • NetsNetsNets says:

        Sorry dude, Griffin is athletic and very good but he is not dominant like Shaq was. He doesn’t have near the post moves or post d like the big guy. And Shaq straight intimidated everybody. Nobody is scared of Griffin besides maybe not to get kicked in the face when he dunks on ya. Howard is close but he still needs alot of work on the offensive end to be put on the same page as Shaq.

  22. Sticky says:

    Shaq will forever be my favorite player and I’ll never forget the great memories he gave me. I’ve cheered for every team he’s ever suited up for and I hope he continues to be a part of the NBA for years to come. You’re a hero Shaq!

  23. LOLakers says:

    How fitting! A statue for a player that moves like one LOL! In the end he just couldn’t take the Heat!

    • VM says:

      Shaq played like 2 minutes in the series due to injury, I’m a Heat fan too, but this post is irrelevant and this is not the right place.

    • Sandile says:

      it good we are thinking of that, but he needs to retire before we satrt thinking otherwise about that staue, i mean did you guys see how he played in these playoffs???? i think time is on his side. let the lil ones shine on Shaq as your name lives on.

      My Superman, Shaqdiesiel, mickey mouse Shaq that was funny back then. yuo will forever be missed Big ups.

  24. Shaq is not the greatest center that has entered the game.

    Shaq is the ONLY CENTER there is in the NBA

    and the rest are Small Forwards with slow feet that are trying to play Center

  25. He’s not a self proclaimed most dominant ever.

    He IS the most dominant ever.

    not even all those “Legends” in the pre-modern NBA are even on par with him. not even Bill or Wilt

    Shaq changed the game immediately once he became pro. probably the physical manifestation of his unmatched Legacy is the Shaqproofing of all the hoops in the NBA

    if Dwight falls for the conspiracy btw Orlando Sentinel and its handler Jerry West Buss and Kobe? and go to LA?

    He’ll be forever be kissing Shaq in the A $ $ and yet he’s not even reached half of Shaq’s greatness.

    Shaq made Kobe and Phil rode on Shaq

  26. watcher says:

    In his prime Shaq would have backed down that 900lb statue, spun and dunked on it’s shiny bronze head. Still, the statue may or may not have a better FT%. He’s been a champion on and off the court so as a privately funded project, why not?

  27. ron says:

    On a similar note about the fouls and travelling calls being called. Thank you NBA for starting to do it again. I found this years playoffs, and lasts worth watching again. I’ve noticed the greater attention to detail in this area lately. Maybe its cause there is no need to cater to stars fading out. Like, ‘shaqs’ OFFENSIVE FOULS. Reggie Millers TRAVELLING, etc. I was a hardcore fan long time ago. I used to as a kid make my own brackets of the teams in seedings. And artistically do so. For my own amusement. That being said. I also purchased basketballs, shorts, even socks with the NBA logo on them. Among other merchandise. The past 20 plus years, turned mediocre players, The aforementioned, and others, into stars and superstars. And probably at the sacrifice of players who might have had more light in their career. For example there. Alonzo Mourning who was drafted right after shaq, might have been a bigger star than shaq. The fact he could shoot free throws. And played the same position. And wouldn’t be pushed to the ground or out of the way every other play. Not the biggest Mourning fan. Its just an example. Reggie Miller, also would be at best a reserve on the allstar team. And from all the travelling he did, if it were called, he’d have been on the bench most of the game. Anyways, thanks for not letting street ball fully takeover, before you fixed it.

    • NetsNetsNets says:

      Hmmmm I guess Reggie Miller walked 2,560 times then. Oh wait. No, those were just 3s

  28. Diesel4Life says:

    Truly — this is an honor well deserved by the most dominant player to ever play in the NBA. His combination of quickness and unequaled strength made the NBA change the defensive rules. I remember the first time I saw Shaq on TV. I didn’t believe my brother when he said that Orlando had a phenom. And after tearing down the backboard — I was hooked.
    Thanks for all the memories Diesel. Well deserved. Well deserved.

  29. francis alapak says:

    monster shaq rocks!!

  30. ron says:

    I see no merit in hoisting up a statue, other than whats printed, to lure other mega-sized basketball players. First i heard of shaq, i was just out of high school. Saw clips of him before the 1992 draft. The first draft i watched. Me and the other 2 i watched it with, knew he was too big and athletic not to be picked 1st overall. Then i watched him in the NBA. And he fouled out about every other game. Couldn’t hit a free throw. So it appeared to me he wouldn’t ever score a point unless he was swinging from the rim. Basketball is supposed to be about finesse and skill. Those who also have height, are unique. When he entered the NBA, it was more like the circus. WOW, look how big he is. WOW, look how big AND agile he is. So the NBA did their best to keep him playing, not calling fouls. In my opinion, and after all these years, its still rings true to me. He at best would be a 1 or 2 time all-star. Committing all the offensive fouls he has over the years that has been pawned off as hes just too big, bs, that would have had him foul out as much every year as his first. Which also is a turnover. Coaches wouldn’t have him on the floor as much. Hes been overrated forever and a day, now. And got rich because of it. As for keeping the league going after other stars. Michael was still playing. And future stars were still arriving.

    • Arvind says:

      Ha … Who is this ‘ron’? … Must be one of the guys who envy Shaq for what he is?

    • NetsNetsNets says:

      Wow. Seriously this guy should never be allowed to comment on this site ever again. Offensive fouls? The big guy had beautiful post moves. Nobody could stop him. I guess all the accolades he has received throughout his whole career was just to keep him playing too? Man I hate stupid people.

    • VM says:

      Wow, you are an idiot who clearly knows nothing about basketball. Don’t comment on this site if you make posts that are completely ignorant and just overall stupid.

  31. dave bernardo says:

    the most dominant player ever to play basketball…he affects all the rules of nba esp on defensive aspects to be able to allow other team to compete with him…..

  32. V says:

    It truly will be sad to see the big man go. He has been awesome to watch throughout all these years. The real shame though is he is not likely to be honoured by having his number retired to the stands. If anyone deserves it it is him but the fact that he has played for a few teams and the Celtics, Cavs and Suns for short stints I cant see anyone doing it for the Big man.

    • Mr.E says:

      I think the Lakers will do it for Shaq. He was the staple for a Lakers team that won 3 straight titles, along with 3 NBA Finals MVP’s and his lone regular season MVP. I understand that he played with a number of teams along the way but a guy who is a hall of famer and stood out from the rest will definitely have his number retired.

  33. direkeli says:

    Shaq should be enshrined as a basketball god.

  34. Hahaikaw says:

    Shaq is truly one of the greatest Center to play NBA! :))

  35. cocoy_RP says:

    The “MOST DOMINANT EVER” to play basketball… So bad the we are about to see him retiring…

  36. HelloEveyone says:

    Shaq used to IT man, i actually used to like the lakers when shaq played for them but after he left, i never looked twice at the lakers.

  37. Bird33 says:

    If Larry and Magic (ok – and Michael) helped revive the League, the Shaq should be credited for helping to keep it going. I can’t think of any current player more deserving of a statue honoring his contribution to the game. Shaq is getting a statue, Russel is getting one – all seems right in the world. If last night really was your last game, big fella, please know that this Celtic fan was thrilled to have seen you play in Green on opening night against the Heat and in the December Bull’s game at the TD Garden. We know you brought it your all in every game you ever played – don’t be disappointed by injuries – we are all mortal.

    You are one of the greatest to have played the game. You will never be forgotten. I’m looking forward to your HOF induction speech 🙂


  38. robbay2 says:

    Shaq is a good guy.

  39. Steve says:

    900 lb statue, huh? Guess that’s about life sized, right now…but seriously, folks. I’ve never seen anyone command so many collapsing-zone QUADRUPLE-teams as O’Neal did in college. Simply amazing to watch.

  40. YeeDog says:

    Shaq will always be one of my favorite players, I just wished he could have won one more with the celtics

  41. Kay Jaybee says:

    RIDICULOUS HOPS for such a big man! I wish he had just a few of those left as a Celtic …

  42. MK says:

    “A 900-pound statue of Shaq…” So it is in 1:1 scale. Good

  43. KEVIN MAHAN says:

    Much respect due to this man on and off the court. He forever changed the game of basketball and his personality has changed the way people look at sports stars today. From LSU to Orlando, the Lakers dynasty days to the Heat, Penny to Kobe, Dwayne, then Lebron, most recently playing with the Big 3 in Beantown…he’s played with them all. He has most definitely affected the game of basketball in a BIG way. What an honorable thing to do for SHAQ as his retirement sadly nears inevitably. Hats off to State.

  44. theS.O.B. says:

    Would have been nice if Shaq could have won a National Championship there, but Shaq as done so much for the popularity of basketball.

  45. mike says:

    shaq one of the best center ever to play basketball

    • caleb says:

      THE best

    • hasi says:

      Kareem Abdul Jabbar was the best Center, Hakeem Olayjuwan was the 2nd best, Shaq’s like #3 or #4 depending on what you think of Bill Russel. Wilt Chamberlin was a stats-whore and During the Russel Chamberlin era, if shaq had played, I’m sure Shaq would’ve been the greatest Big.

      • Roth79 says:

        I think Shaq would have faired very well with the greats of that time period. When he was younger he did have the great of a skill set but if you put him up against them when he was fisrt with lakers they weren’t big enough to handle him. He would have straight worn them down.

    • Shaq says:

      dwight was the best center