Mavericks Prepared For Anything

DALLAS — As they filed off of the court Thursday afternoon the Dallas Mavericks looked like they had just been through a training camp practice.

They’ve had so much time off since clinching their spot in the Western Conference finals, with last Sunday’s win over the two-time defending champion Lakers, the Mavericks have had to lock back down and get into training camp mode as they wait.

They know they’re going to face a team in either Oklahoma City or Memphis that poses far different challenges than what they saw from either Portland in the first round or the Lakers in the conference semifinals. Neither team can match the Mavericks’ collective experience, but they’re young and more athletic, for whatever that might be worth at this stage of the season.

“In many ways all that stuff is out of the window when you get to this point,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said after the practice ended. “Whatever teams gets to the third round will have won two series to get to this point. They will be a in a groove and they will have a lot of confidence, so at this point I don’t believe those teams will be thinking about how inexperienced they are. They’re going to keep playing.”

That’s why Carlisle’s team will have to concentrate its attention on what it does best, and through two rounds that’s been sharing the ball, knocking down perimeter and mid-range shots, defending the paint and rim and using their depth and versatility to outplay foes when it matters most.

“We’re going to need to concentrate on playing our game well,” Carlisle continued. “There are going to be certain challenges with the next round that we are going to face that will be unlike the challenges we faced in the first two rounds. We’re going to see a lot more quickness, athleticism and teams that are much better at creating turnovers, forcing turnovers and converting turnovers into baskets. So taking care of the ball and being able to get back in transition and, as always rebounding, is going to be a big factor.”

The coaching staff doesn’t have to worry about the players being ready. In addition to getting in valuable practice time that most teams can’t find on the schedule anywhere throughout the regular season, the Mavericks are keeping a close eye on the Thunder and Grizzlies.

“Real close,” Mavericks center Tyson Chandler told “I watch every game, do as much scouting as I can. You can scout both teams, but you don’t know which team you’ll be playing so you kind of just key into the game and watch how Memphis rolls, how Oklahoma City runs things. I guess we’ll see [Friday night] maybe where you’re going to land.”

Since the Mavericks have home court advantage for the conference finals, they know will start the series here at home. Game 1 is Sunday if the Thunder can finish off the Grizzlies in six games. Game 1 will be here Tuesday if the Grizzlies extend the series to seven games, with Game 7 Sunday in Oklahoma City.

Carlisle praised both teams for still being in the mix, which league superpowers in San Antonio, Los Angeles and Boston can attest is no easy thing to do these days.

“They’ve done a lot of great things in the postseason,” Carlisle said of the Thunder, “Memphis has as well. That series is far from over. There is still a lot to be determined.”

However it plays out, the Mavericks will be ready for anything.


  1. Ken says:

    Chicago in 4!!! Mavs in 5!!! I like OKC, team of the future, distant future!!! When they come out to defend the three point line, it’s over, and they will have to come out!!!

    Matrixxx Baby!!!!!! GO! MAVS!!!

  2. almav says:

    The big problem of OKC, J.J. Barea.

  3. tuffcritic says:

    by the way – to say ahead of time , ALL OKLAHOMA fans —once we beat you , If you somehow win a couple of games in the series before we send you home , dont come back to me talking loser smack like ” hey at least we gave them a hard time – lol ” Its the NBA finals – all teams are expected to give each other a hard time so nothing to feel good about there – ok ? Just call yourselves what you are – predestined losers . It is what it is .

  4. Mavs>okc says:

    mavs = beast
    okc = cant beat the mavs

  5. sosa214 says:

    IDC about no Thunder!!!
    GO MAVS, we getting rings this year….
    #1 becnh in nba. i dont see any one stoping the MAVS.
    MIA will lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thunder will lose!!!!!!
    BUlls will lose!!!!!!!!!!!

    MAVS will be CHAMPS!!!!!!!

  6. tuffcritic says:

    quote me and come back to rub it in my face if I am wrong BUT I AM NOT JUST PREDICTING WINS OVER OKJOKES AND MIAMI . I AM PREDICTING WINS WITH TOTAL DISRESPECT TO BOTH TEAMS, OVERLOOKING THEM ALL AND COULDNT CARE LESS , AS WELL AS DISRESPECTING CHICAGO IN THE PROCESS . Because you cant win an NBA finals with 2 or 3 names per team to quote out .

  7. tuffcritic says:

    Because depth allows that to not hit the headlines . Now take a deep swallow and get ready to type some tough words back at me as if you even believe them with your 2 or 1 person teams you favor ya jokes !

  8. tuffcritic says:

    terry , kid , barrea , marion , chandler ( huge addition ) , stevenson , haywood , peja ( doing very well lately ) , and guess what ( trumpets sound ) good ole Caron Butler should be back – yes thats right – we kicked the lakers throats with an all star sitting it out on the bench . Wanna know why you never read about it ?

  9. tuffcritic says:

    Fresh legs on a strong bench is tremendous . Much different mavs team from ever before , Now go smoke whatever it is that leads you to believe your team is worthy of even a same discussion forum as the mavericks are and stop saying nowitzki – mavs fans …..its not all about him

  10. tuffcritic says:

    I think they will give mavs some trouble but yeah – I am overlooking them and you can cry while I am doing it also . Miami – 2 people team , OK- 2 people team , bulls- 1 person team .Mavs – at least a 7 person team . Keep dreaming NBA fans , if you lay your money where your mouth is I bet half this forum would be empty .

  11. jake says:

    When do we find out the schedule for the next round?

  12. jerbzzzzz says:

    lol all mavs fans and player..hmmmm peace

  13. Rocco41Bimmer says:

    im a mavericks fan since 2001, but the only way that the dallas mavericks will win this year is if they have both Caron bulter & roddy B back at 100 percent either for the western or Nba Finals. the mavericks are playing extremely well without them but the question is how well would they play if they had them. before losing caron the mavs were to not fair behind the spurs BUT they didn’t have roddy b due to that foot injury. im not here to make any excuses i am just saying if the mavericks have the both of them at 100 percent then i wonder how well would they be playing.
    i would like to see chicago in the Final vs the mavs, but the miami heat will cause the bulls some problems. all i hope for is caron to come back in the finals healthy that would be another weapon for us to use that would defiantly help us on defense same for Roddy B.
    im happy with what the mavericks accomplish even though they aren’t at 100 percent power. it would be very nice to see them win this year.

    • Winklor says:

      you’re right, I totally forgot about Butler and Roddy. With those two the bench would be dominant. It would be cool to defend the SF with Marion and Butler but they have Brewer. I like OKC-matchup for Dallas. Perkins is too small and slow to guard Dirk. Dirk will draw him outside and Ibaka has no experience and also too small for Dirk – advantage Mavs. But the perimeter defense of OKC is good. If the 3s don’t fall Dallas need another solution.
      But the week off is huge for the old Dallas team. With Westbrook in I feel Barea will be a non-factor. Zone could kill Westbrook’s penetration and make OKC a jump-shooting team which is not good for. Also the more half-court play the better for Dallas. But if Westbrook and Durant make their shoots. There’s not much you can do.
      By the way, game 4 can’t be an indicator – once in a lifetime thing.
      Let’s see who shows up. It doesn’t take much to lose a game.

  14. janclyde_yellowplayer says:

    the mavericks will win it all the way. the team’s roster is very deep,that makes their offense so easy to they have atleast four 7footers..while okc has no legitimate 7footers to counter themand thier centers jump 3 inches only..and the mavs allow opponents 88ppg only..the best among remaining teams

  15. SHAHIBAHI says:


  16. hamza says:

    MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES ALL THE WAY!the way memphis are playing it seems like they can win a ring

    memphis cannot be a team to not think about cuz they have brought suprise and trust me they will bring more!!!!!!
    go GRIZZ!

    • DallasForever says:

      Memphis just lost to OKC t-day. Guess your team will have to wait a little (And I mean it, they’ll probably get a championship, but they’ll have to wait a little, have some experience.

  17. Holger Geschwindner says:

    From my point of view (I´m german so concerning the mavs i might not be entirely objective…) the mavs have a decent shot at a ring this year. They share the ball very well and make most of these uncontested shots they get when the D concentrates on Dirk, if not you can count on him to score. However, I feel like the Heat still had an edge as Ican`t see the the Mavs stopping #6 and #3 if their game is on. I really hope its coming down to that final series and then we´ll see whats it gonna be – sharing the ball, playing team basketball vs isolating one of the big 2, attacking the rim and let them decide what to do – offensively spoken.

  18. Chrisco says:

    Looks like OKC fans spoke up a little too soon…KD can’t have another no-show, there team just isnt deep enough to win if he has a bad game

  19. OLD SCHOOL says:

    I think Portland has been the most competitive team the Mavs have faced this post season and would have been an absolute bear for any team to match up with. They definitely got the Mavs ready to play the Lakers, and I think they found their “identity” if you will while they were playing them. Aldridge and Miller were just fantastic I thought. Very intriguing post season. I’m happy for what the Grizz have accomplished, and OKC has the nucleus to be a stalwart for years to come. Hopefully the trophy hoisting is a little down the road for both of those clubs. Go Mavs!

  20. RJNBA11 says:

    Also its hard not to laugh when this guy says James Harden will cancel out 2009 6th Man of the Year Jason Terry…

    Jason Terry 18.3* .52* .50* .85 2.0 3.8* 1.1* 1.5*
    James Harden 12.0 .43 .27 .88* 5.2* 3.7 1.0 1.7

    or that Kendrick Perkins will cancel out 2nd Team All Defensive Center Tyson Chandler.

    Tyson Chandler 6.9* .60* .70* 3.6* 5.1* 8.7* .7* 0.7*
    Kendrick Perkins 4.7 .42 .53 2.5 4.3 6.8 .5 1.6

  21. robbay2 says:

    DAL vs OKC -> Dallas in 5

    DAL vs MEM -> Dallas in 6/7

  22. RJNBA11 says:

    The one game OKC won vs Dallas was 99 – 95, and Dirk did not play.

  23. RJNBA11 says:

    OKCKD35 is annoyingly over confident, Dallas is just the better team right now. Saying anything to the contrary is just pre determined bias. Westbrook vs Dallas this year, 14-42, 33% shooting. Dallas will play Durant with Marion straight up with no doubles, and just stop everyone else. KD will get his 28 a game, and DAL will win in 5.

  24. Chris G says:

    Nothing better than a Game 7 in the NBA Playoffs. Unfortunately for either OKC or Memphis the reward will be the Dallas Mavericks who are playing as well as any team right now, and that includes the Miami Heat. Mavs will beat the Thurnder or Grizzlies in 5 or 6 to go to the finals. The Heat will be tough but I think Dallas matches up well because any team that wants to challenge Miami will have to make jumpshots on a consistant basis and Dallas always has multiple dangerous jump shot and 3 point shooting threats on the court at all times and Dallas can also defend now probably better than they have at any time during the last 10 years of playoff runs.

    • Carlos Pavonessa says:

      Champioships are not won with 3-pointers, they´re won with defense and clutch players… Sekou please open a hangtime blog for the Bulls-Heat series

  25. Gritmo says:

    If you double dirk hes gonna kick it out to Terry Peja or Kidd its about a %50 chance they will make the open shot. If you play him one on one he’ll beat you off the dribble probably get fouled and make a 3 point play. The mavs look unstoppable right now. Im picking Mavs over The Heat in 6 games for the finals

  26. Jon says:

    Maybe it’s just me, at the very top to the right of the ad banner I see a little smiley face lol. You have some good points Lakers fan, but my hate for Mark Cuban supersedes any respect I have for Dirk and J Kidd. That guy is just plain obnoxious, even in silence.

  27. Lakers fan says:

    And Jon where is the smiley face? LMAO!

  28. Lakers fan says:

    Hey I saw what the Mavs did to my Lakers. I think the Mavs are no joke man. They move the ball on offense better than any team I’ve seen in a while! Their defense has improved also. I don’t particularly like Cuban, but he was a good sport after the series! Maybe that’s because they won! Lol! He could have been more upset though after Andrew’s foul. So I give him kudos for that! The Mavs are the best bet for knocking off the Heat. And honestly, i think Dirk deserves to get a ring before he retires! All this coming from a bonafide Laker fan!

  29. Cuban says:

    OKCKD35 is such a troll.

  30. Go Mavs♥ says:

    All you people hating on the Mavs need to stfu!
    Maybe you should wait intil the WCF is over before
    you base your judgement on them!

  31. MAVSMANAI says:

    OKCKD35 — look man, its gonna be a great series no matter what. but IF the MAVS win, i would still love to see you comment here and say all the things you have been saying. number 1 this, number 1 that, number 1 there. im not hatin, just sayin bro. i love OKC, dont get me wrong. how bout let’s watch the games, enjoy the playoffs and may the best team win. MAVS for life. but respect to all other teams!!!! LET’s GO MAVS!!!

  32. Jon says:

    P.S. Dallas as a franchise will never win a Championship. Sorry Cuban (not really).

    • robbay2 says:

      downplaying Cuban?

      Mark Cuban is the best owner in the NBA. He cares about his team the most, and gets pumped up every single game. He cares about his players and will spend anything to make them feel better and play better. Not to mention he is great at making trades.

  33. Jon says:

    Anyone else notice the little smiley face in the white space on the upper right?

  34. Greg says:

    I’m really enjoying the play-offs. I think Chicago can frustrate the Heat and take them in 7 . OKC and Memphis both have played hell of games ( the trip OT was crazy ) I think Thunder takes tonights game ( and yes I am a Thunder fan,used to live in OKC during the Hornets stay, the fan base is AWESOME ) . With that said OKC takes Dallas in 7 and we have Bulls vs Thunder and OKC in 7 !

  35. dirk41 says:

    mavs and heat in finals. mavs in 6.

  36. BULLS!!!! in 6vs heat says:

    The bulls will win the series mike bibby will be eaten alive by d.rose and Bosh will be dessert for noah bogans will lock down on D to wade and lebron will suck! its CHI-TOWN will win this season!

  37. mir ali says:

    grizzles over thunder in the upset, and then get swept my mavs. i hope the heat crush bulls and heat play mavs in finals! Mima heat big 3 become champs!

  38. Jeremiah says:

    Im Not biased but the mavs are my team Okc does not have enough offense to compete with the mavs. When Durant gets bottled up and westbrook starts ballhogging instead of facilitating theres cleary not going to be another scorer on that team that can handle the load. o Yea and they have no shooters to space the floor so the lane will be clogged up. And Memphis is having a cinderella run right now but if they win they will clearly be overwhelmed with the fire power of the mavericks. and in the east Heat in 6 Because Carlos boozer will forget the series satarted and it will be to late. Thus conlcluding heat vs. Mavs finals Mavs in 5 They Prove that it takes a team to win a championship not2 people.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Why is not scoring enough always the rap on OKC? it must be from people who dont know anythign as they were the #5 scoring team in the NBA and #1 scoring team in the playoffs, No shootersto space the floor? James Harden, Daequon Cook, Eric Maynor, even Nate Robinson when he gets some more time. isnt OKC averaging at least 10 more PPG than dallas? Isnt Denver and Memphis’ Defense better than Portland and Los Angeles? Do people normally talk out of their Anus? Look up some stats, opinions are cool and all but when they are uneducated opinions you just sound stupid

      • NetsNetsNets says:

        Um actually Portland and Lakers’ defense IS better than Denver and Memphis’. Denver allowed over 100 points a game. Only thing I can give to Memphis is they force alot of turnovers because they gamble so much. A good gameplan can easily exploit those mistakes.

      • NetsNetsNets says:

        I think you need to look up some stats and stop being so biased.

      • robbay2 says:


        The problem just happened in Game 6 versus Memphis.

        Kevin Durant had a bad night, and that was all that was needed for them to lose.

        Dude, if either Westbrook or Kevin Durants have even mediocre games, they are in trouble. Unless Harden or someone else, though I dont think anyone else, can put up 20. This is why Jeff Green was so important to thim, because he gave you 15 a night which is good. Perkins can give you 10, however he hasnt been scoring that much lately. Also, Perkins isnt even an all that great defender, I mean sometimes, inside he is, but high post and out hes nothing.

        Those 2 have to score.

      • tuffcritic says:

        Why in reading all your posts OKwhatever your name is – do I get the sense that your one of those whiney NBA fans that is easy to anger ? dream on with your two man team . You and your team are both a joke and I am now dumber for reading your posts- thanks alot , now I have to go take a nap to wash out your wannabe statements .

      • tuffcritic says:

        btw OKJOKEMAN – those guys you mentioned —– who are they ? Just sayin . Maybe if they leave the thunder they can be our towel guys cause our bench definitely is better than those guys . Yes , yes ….stats wise too whimpy whiney man …..stats wise too .

      • DallasForever says:

        Dude, stop talking about freakin’ stats man! It’s stats here, stats there, stats everywhere! They don’t mean a thing when it come to the playoffs! It’s all about using your wits and talent and working with your team and just not freaking out! I’m sick of you saying Kevin Durant is awesome because he has the highest scoring stat in the NBA! That didn’t stop Memphis beating them, did it? Stats are nothing, all they say are facts about players. When it comes to playing for real, you need to use your WITS! Stats don’t help you win, do they?

  39. Cinderella Teams Rock! says:

    As a guy that loves Feel good stories, I’d love to see the UNLIKELY Memphis Grizz win the championship. The chances of that are next to nil. As first they had to beat the 2nd best team in the league in the regular season-Spurs, now they are facing the top scoring player in the league in KD, if they can get to the Mavs they are facing a team that has a ton of experience and talent, If they make it to the finals they are either facing the INCREDIBLE trio of James/Wade/Bosh or they are facing the reigning MVP-D-Rose…any way you look at it the Grizz had one hell of a season! Do I think they are getting past OKC? Not really…but it would be great to have the Cinderella story for the Grizz! After years of being just aweful in Vancouver and rebuilding in Memphis… GO GRIZZ GO! 😛

    • tuffcritic says:

      sorry but they went home – BUZZZZZKILL – cinderella got smacked in the face and sent home with her rags

  40. SovaTheKid says:

    Dallas is a good team and Dirk Nowitzki is a “Superstar” but I don’t think they have what it takes to be crowned a champion. I just don’t. They are a completely different team this year in the play-offs than they have ever been in the past thanks to Tyson Chandler and their fantastic bench, but thats not enough. Nowitzki is a “Superstar” but I don’t see him going up against Kevin Durant, Zach Randolph, Luol Dang, or Lebron James. To me Nowitzki has always been one of the favorites in the NBA, but his style of play is easily put on lock-down when you play against Oklahoma, Memphis, Chicago, or Miami. In this stage of the play-offs it’s not enough having one (1) inside presence, you need more than that. Every team that’s left has multiple outside shooters, multiple superstars, multiple inside presence players, and a lock-down defender where the Mavericks only have Nowitzki, Chandler, and Terry. I respect all those players but they need some help. Jason Kidd is old, still decent, just old and a liability on defense. Shawn Marion is 1/4 of the player he was earlier in his career, DeShawn Stevenson is a great defender but only gets about 14-19 minutes a game, Peja Stojakovic only has a shot and nothing else, and Brendan Haywood is nowhere to be found on offense. So therefore, the Mavericks can be satisfied that they made it this far in the play-offs. I predict Memphis beats Oklahoma in 7 games, takes Dallas in 6. On the other side I predict the Heat (who are in unbelievable form) take down Chicago in 5 or 6 and take the finals aganst a 8th seed in 5 games with a score 4-1. I despise the Heat as a team and their commercial appeal, but as a basketball fan I take my hat of to them for what they’ve done in the play-offs. Lebron James Finals MVP, Heat 2011 NBA Champs.

    • tuffcritic says:

      Nowitzki is a “Superstar” but I don’t see him going up against Kevin Durant, Zach Randolph, Luol Dang, or Lebron James. To me Nowitzki has always been one of the favorites in the NBA, but his style of play is easily put on lock-down when you play against Oklahoma, Memphis, Chicago, or Miami. In this stage of the play-offs it’s not enough having one (1) inside presence, you need more than that. <—-words of an idiot to say the least . Thats what tyson chandler is . past years dirk scored his in the playoffs but he had no big man help , now that we do , look at the floor being spread . Have you just not been watching ? BTW – seriously ? You think Dirk cant take Luol Dang , Zach Randolph , Kevin Durant or Lebron James one on one ? Lebron would be the only threat but I bet Dirk could even outscore him one on one .

      • bigtimetimmyjim says:

        yeah coz dirk plays such good defence and all…lebron was 1st team all defence. im not even a miami fan and i think thats a dumb call. it is proven that even one guy can take away alot from dallas (wade in the 06 finals, baron davis 1st round). why are dallas fans so confident when all they have done is lose when it counts the most (apart from the lakers i must admit)?

  41. Steven says:

    @ Anonymouse: I’m with you I really hope Jason Kidd can retire with a ring. I’m no Dallas fan (don’t hate them either) but Dirk and Kidd both deserve a championship to their credit.

    • tuffcritic says:

      steven – thanks for your hopes but no players deserve a ring individually even if they are hall of famers – its all a team thing . Im a mavs fan but I would reject a ring if it was because we got it easily . We win it because our team is incredibly strong , we spread the floor better than anyone and the kicker is – dirk was out injured in the reg season for about 15 games and look – we still finished up #3 and won without him . The bench deserves it just as much as kid or dirk does .

  42. jason says:

    Memphis vs. Heat for the finals

  43. Anonymouse says:

    Jason Kidd deserves at least one Ring before he retires. I really hope Mavs win it for him this year.

  44. LOLakers says:

    Is PHALLUS prepared to bow down before the real champions, the Miami Heat? Miami in 5!

  45. Lee says:

    i hope dallas wins it all this year, kidd and dirk deserves a ring


    GO MAVS!

  47. Carlos Pavonessa says:

    I think it will be a Bulls vs Dallas (i´m an OKC fan but i have to be objective ;( Dallas has a seniority that´ll be decisive)… No one can defend Derrick Rose, plain and simple. While Chicago has a better defensive in team with Boozer, Noah and Deng (all young, unlike the Celtics). They have their sharp shooter in Bogans. Gibson can help in the post to contain Bosh (wich i dont think will be a match for Boozer). Deng will have his hands full with Wade and let´s see if Lebron can step up against Noah (wich will be the key factor for both teams).

    • OKCKD35 says:

      If you were a real OKC fan you wouldnt concede a game let alone a series before it starts, when we play OKC basketball we are just as good as any team in the NBA. i am not saying we are going to win but i’m damn sure not saying we will lose, i feel we match up well with dallas, they got dirk we got durant, they got terry we got harden, my only question is how well will Kidd be able to keep up with Westbrook. i think the 2 bigs for each team will cancel each other out

      • dirk41 says:

        OKCKD35…are you really serious about everything you are saying? bragging about your bench who scored 53? the mavs bench scored 86 against the defending champs who were on the brink of elimination. portland was a much superior team to denver since they picked up gerald wallace, alot of people were picking portland and LA in the conf finals. as far as record goes, you say that OKC could have been number 2 if they had perkins all year? well what about dallas who was number 2 in the nba and only one game back of san antonio before we lost caron butler. then dirk missed about 9 games and we fell to the 3rd spot. do you even know who caron butler is? well he is an allstar player. him and roddy have been out most the year and all of the playoffs. can you imagine what would be going on if we had them 2 guys? total domination. the only team left that has a chance against us is chicago. they actually have a bench. miami has about 7 guys they play, what good is that gonna do against a team like dallas who has 12 quality guys they can play? in a 7 game series dallas will take miami, it might be a tough battle but in the end dallas will prevail unless they get injurys along the way. as far as having the leading scorer of the nba, what does that mean? it means he takes more shots then anyone else. who has the highest scoring bench right now? DALLAS. why? cause while dirk can score as much or more than durant he chooses to let his teammates in the game more. Barkleys and the whole TNT crew said it best, DIRK is the ONLY player in the world that CANT be guarded by ANYONE!! Marion can slow down durant and has already done it. westbook and durant are both streaky players. if you go back to games 1 and 2 durant was hot and westbrook did nothing. games 3 and 4 were just the opposite, durant was cold and westbrook hot. dirk is consistent. also, since you want to talk stats, who has the most 3 pointers in the playoffs? hmmm….that would be dallas. and who has the
        2 of the top 5 leading 4th quarter scorers? dallas, dirk and terry. and per 48 minutes dirk and durant are even in ppg. stats dont mean anything in the plaoffs anyways, it all comes down to mathups. we will see what happens. go dallas!

      • Rondow says:

        I’m sick of OKCKD35 blab/argue about other fans’ comments and opinions so much. Hey fella, just enjoy the playoffs, your Thunder aint prove anything yet either, BASKETBALL isnt about cancelling out stuffs and positions, it’s about momentum, talent, everything else.

      • just sayin says:

        GET PAST GRIZZ first then you can brag about your team!

      • DallasForever says:

        Nicely said Dirk41. OKC, this is only our opinions. Since when did you get to start criticizing Dallas?

      • Pniswrinkles says:

        ALso “OKC”, I noticed in one of your post you were harping about a 57 win season for OKC…dude they won 55, not a big difference,,,BUT…if your gonna brag and crow, you may wanna get your shi together….also,,,you got a BIG mouth talking C about Dallas,,,they just broomed :LA off the map….you have a good team no doubt,,,but if BIG D’s game is on…LOL,,,your eating big time crow….idiot….(psssssssst, be humble till it’s over)….ALL people like you do is INSPIRE and motivate the enemy…know what I mean?

      • tuffcritic says:

        once again , OKCJOKEOFAMAN – your an idiot . Dream on .

  48. Jason says:

    I Think Miami vs Dallas.. Bcoz they deserves to be in the finals and its a revenge for dirk nowiztki for miss free throw during game 3 in crucial situation…

  49. Ice Pogi says:

    All I can say is … These 5 teams deserve to have a ring…. MIAMI DALLAS BULLS OKC and MEMPHIS… No matter who wins it… They deserved it…..From the start of the season… all you hear is lakers and celtics…. especially MIAMI from the start of the season they’ve been criticized until now….. not just by the fans from another team ,but from former nba stars,writers, media, etc….And now look where they are… But I know most of the fans won’t agree with me… (lakers and celtics fans mostly) but time has change….We should give credit where credit is due…. And that’s what i want to do…

  50. blz says:

    dirk deserves a ring!


    whatever happens. OKC/MEM. we will be prepared. EXPERIENCE is the KEY. LET’S GO MAVS! WE WANT A RING!

  52. letski says:

    hmmm i thinks its nice if dallas and miami in finals…

  53. watcher says:

    Mavs are a lock for the Finals. The only question is which team from the East will run into Dirk and co.’s buzz saw.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      How are the Mavs a lock for the finals? i thought there was an entire series to be played, you mavs fans that are calling this a done deal are just retarded. i dont know where this sense of confidence has come from, arethe mavs a good team? YES. Are they guaranteed anything? NO!. just for these stupid comments i hope they get the floor wiped with them and get swept by either team, awful cocky for a team that chokes year after year. As much as Dirk is on a mission, who led the NBA in scoring? Who is leading the playoffs in scoring? Who is the number one scoring team in the playoffs? who leads the playoffs in blocked shots? Wow are those answers all Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder? i think so, looking past them would be a mistake, go sk Ty Lawson if he still wants to see OKC in the playoffs, ask Zach Randolph how physical we are.

      • d-man says:

        OKCKD35 might have a point here. The MAVS are known to choke in the playoffs. I don’t want them to over look either of the teams that they might have next. I still think they should win against either in a 7 game series BUT they have to play the games! Go MAVS!

      • Mike says:

        Dude was just being a fan of his team bro, calm down. The Mavericks are the superior team right now, they have much more playoff experienced players that are hungry for a championship after much playoff heartbreak, OKC’s time will come where they will contend for and win Championships just not yet. OKC Would not have made it through LA…Fact. I’m not a hater, they are a good team, their time will come soon, not yet though,

      • OKCKD35 says:

        but how are they a superior team? thats what i am getting at, they were the 3 seed OKC was the 4, seperated by 2 games, if we had Perk the entire year we probably would have been the 2 seed. We have been playing better than anyone other than the bulls, we have the record to back it up. Experience is a word for older people to feel like they have the upper hand against youth and athleticsim, i would call the mavs experience of 1 year run in the playoffs, what about the other 10 years they couldnt win anything? by the time the two teams play both current rosters will have been through 2 playoffs series with all the confidence in the world, What happened to the Lakers experience over the mavs? the grizz had never even won a playoff game and took out the # 1 seed, who had more experience there? who had more experience in the boston miami series? what happened there? seems like age and experience are giving way to youth and athleticism doesnt it

      • MAVSftw says:

        OKCKD35 – I have to agree with you here. We cannot disregard either team…thankfully only the mavs fans do…not the Dallas Mavericks team. I think this will be a tough match either way. I hope they get ready though. This year’s playoffs has had a lot of surprises and that kind of scares me. I would just like to say that the Mavs are NOT cocky and NEVER HAVE BEEN..a couple of fans are and who can blame them? Hope the mavs win though. GO MAVS!!!

      • Rondow says:

        What an angry Thunder fan. Just respect each other’s opinion shall we.

        This is a fun play-off ride afterall.

      • just sayin says:

        again BEAT the GRIZZ first then you can talk till then only team to last 7 games

      • tuffcritic says:

        how is dallas the more superior team OKC? Well ummm because they just are ! Are you seriously going by season wins /losses ? You talk about Perk being out part of the season – hmmmm , well dirk was out for a lengthy time , caron butler ( all star – awesome player ) was out for a long time and beaubois ( very fast player ) has also been out for a majority of the year . Are we crying about that ? Had those 3 been healthy all year we probably would have been #1 – suck it up , grab your little blanky , please stuff your thumb in your mouth and get ready to watch your last playoff series for this year as your team goes home in 6 games …….OK ?

      • Diane says:

        To okckd35, you forgot to ask and answer one question. Who chokes when a clutch shot is needed? KD, and who is tops n 4th quarter scoring? Definitely not KD, try Swish #41, aka Dirk Nowitski. And as for top ppg and Durant, when was the last time Dirk scored only 11 pts. in a game? I rest my case. KD is good, but not compared to Dirk. The Mavs do not need to rely only on Dirk, they have all others ready to step up, leading in bench points, can OKC say that? I think nt, better luck next year

  54. Tizmakh says:

    if DALLAS can keep their focus like they did on LAKERS……they’ll go straight to the finals

    • pATRICK says:

      If Dallas plays like they did Vs. the Lakers…. They sweep right on through.. 8 wins in a row!!!

  55. Israel says:

    Let’s go Mavs, Go Peja Stojakovic!!!

  56. AusRob says:

    If Memphis wins Game 6, the Mavs have a much better chance of beating either team, especially now that the Bulls and Heat are set for Sunday. Particularly if the Grizz win, they’ll be on the point of collapse going up against the Mavs since they only got two days off after beating the Spurs.

  57. elove28 says:

    like i said at he begining of the season, THE HEAT WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

  58. XJEPHX says:



  59. RV says:

    Go MAVS! love to see Mavs vs Thunder in conf finals… should be great to watch!

    • cu says:

      Thunders will be in and they will knock the hell out of the Dallas’s Mars. Rose is exellent but he doesn’t have a sidekick like Jordan has Pippen. So, Heats and Thunders will be in the 2011 final and Heats will take the champion with 6 games.

  60. lbj#6 says:

    HEAT VS MAVS will be 2011 finals….im sory as well as mavs playing….heat in 6…heat ’11….bulls will be lucky if they dont get swept…to me personally i think memphis is a better match up for dallas..dallas in 6 over okc……and heat win finals in 6 over mavs

  61. Year of the Upset says:

    Dallas is going all the way I think. Dirk is on a mission.

    • Edded says:

      Funny when your name states “year of the upset” then you go for the Mavs against Thunder or Grizz.

      • Year of the Upset says:

        It’s based of the ones that have already happened. Not Mavs vs Grizz or Oklahoma.

  62. Jay says:

    sorry,but it will be OKC in the finals against the bulls go Thunder!

    • DALLAS TEXAS says:

      Whatever you say. I guess you know the future. Go Mavs

    • pATRICK says:

      OMG!!! LOL!!! Im glad you are proud of your team. Perkins was a GREAT addition… BUT THE only way OKC
      wins this series if INJURY to a MAV

      THe ONLY test for the Mavs left will be if they Draw Miami…. Hopefully the REVENGE FACTOR will help them….

  63. renba says:

    Go mavericks!!! I believe you can beat anyone of the teams. But i hope you’ll have a rematch with heat in the finals so you can have your sweet revenge.

    • James O says:

      That’s all I want to see. A 2006 Finals rematch with a different outcome: Mavs in 6, or 7 or 5 or whatever as long as the Mavs win.

  64. BballFan4life says:

    LETS! – GO! – MAVSSSS!!!

  65. R Contreras. says:

    I live in Kansas and Derrick Rose is awesome player. He is fast, intelligent and he doesn´t like get in intern troubles with teamates. Dallas will face a joung blood team. OKT are superior in terms of strategy. But Mavs has Dirk a superstar.

    • James O says:

      Actually, I believe Dallas has better strategy. OKC is superior in speed and stamina. Either way, Dallas knows how to close a game. It will be a great series, that is if OKC finishes Memphis.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      OKC has a couple superstars too, maybe you have heard of them? Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

      • Joe Texas says:

        OKC has two All-stars, but I wouldn’t go so far to call them both “superstars.”

      • Mwaki says:

        OKC just doesn’t move the ball well enough, they take too many tough shots, and run too many iso’s. When they play like a team they will be scary. Till then, meh.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        i just sense haterism, 57 wins is pretty good in my book, 2nd best record in the league since the Perkins trade, sounds pretty good in my book, was the 53 points from a bench in one game? pretty good in my book. If OKC didnt play as a team we wouldnt have any of those numbers, do i need to add highest scoring team in the playoffs? KD and Westbrook combining for around 58-60 a game, wheres that other 45 points a game come from? definately not the rest of the TEAM, quit hating!!!

      • Gullaver says:

        Westbrook is not a superstar, Durant is clearly the Superstar and Westbrook is an all-star

    • steve says:

      lock up Durant or Westbrook..and the rest is history

      • ray says:

        Agreed, but the Mavs haven’t been able to stop either guy all season. I still think they can beat either team in six of seven because of thier experience, depth, and good perimeter defense.

  66. OKCKD35 says:

    i cant wait, i hope OKC can lock this up on Friday. Going to be a great series, Thunder Up!