Dwight Howard=Key To Lakers’ Future?

LOS ANGELES — If there is a rift between Dwight Howard and Orlando’s hometown newspaper and it somehow leads to Howard’s eye wandering this way come free agency in 2012, basketball fans here in Southern California already have the welcome routine down.

As both Howard, writers at the Orlando Sentinel and anyone else that knows anything about the history of the league have already pointed out, this wouldn’t be the first time a Magic superstar center has packed up and relocated to Hollywood. (Shaquille O’Neal‘s how-to-bolt-and-win-titles-in-LA pamphlet is available on Amazon.com.)

As we documented here before, one enterprising Orlando fan already has taken a proactive approach to prevent any kind of Howard exodus with the StayDwight.com campaign.

But if something as simple as Howard’s testy tweet from the other day …

Y does it seem like the writers of Orlando sentinel are tryna push me out of Orlando with dumb articles. It’s annoying. Can I enjoy my summer and get ready for next season in Orlando. Pls. Same thing u guys did to Shaq. Smh

… can set off the sort of firestorm that it did, the next 10-12 months will be a living nightmare for Magic fans worried that Howard will bolt for the big stage that this city provides.

Lakers’ fans are licking their wounds after having their three-peat bid swept away by the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals, so they need something to feel good about. They need to believe that bigger and better days are ahead now that the Phil Jackson era is over. They need to believe in the dream of Howard in purple and gold. They need to believe that he is the key to their future.

And make no mistake about it, the buzz is real. People won’t stop talking about him out here. I got into a heated debate yesterday with an L.A. native who insisted that not only does it make sense for Howard to pick up where Shaq left off, but that Howard (like every other player in the league) “loves LA, is interested in buying a house here and wants to be a Laker.”

He believed what he was saying so wholeheartedly that he almost had me convinced that what he said was true.

Howard, in the minds of a lot of people here in Southern California, quite simply is the answer to all of the Lakers’ problems. Granted, Howard is not a free agent until summer 2012. And he made it clear in his tweet that his focus right now (at least) is on Orlando next season.

That hasn’t stopped folks from both coasts, good people like my main man Brian Schmitz of the Sentinel, from stating the painfully obvious (for Magic fans):

What’s worse than the Magic’s season going bust?

The Lakers’ season going bust.

It means the Lakers — 15 years after stealing Shaquille O’Neal from Orlando — are poised to try to swipe another superstar center from the Magic.

This is what they do, historically speaking. (See Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain).

It’s only a matter of which big man the Lakers will offer the Magic for Howard — Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum. Most likely it is Bynum, considering Gasol is more of a power forward.

The only way they can get Howard, a 2012 free agent, is through a trade. Like the Magic, the Lakers are mortgaged to the hilt, unable to spend money because they are in salary-cap purgatory.

The Magic have no intention of trading Howard unless he asks out and asks to go to a specific team, a la Carmelo Anthony.

If Howard tells them he wants to move on to L.A., then the Magic have to consider a deal to receive compensation, and you could do worse than, say, Bynum.

As they head for summer vacation earlier than usual, to a man the Lakers have spoken about their mystique losing some of its luster. You don’t get blown out the way they did by the Mavericks and not lose a little something.

“Teams have lost that fear in relation to us,” Gasol said. “They lost that respect, and I think sometimes we haven’t earned it.”

Howard in a Lakers jersey alongside Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest would change that in a heartbeat.

So what if it’s just a fantasy for Lakers’ fans, and a nightmare for Magic fans, right now.


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  2. Lakersince76 says:

    Jerry Sloan and a younger more athletic team, Thats LA’s need. Dump Artest Walton Barnes Lamar Fisher Pau and get some HUNGRY ball players that can shoot.

  3. Larry Bird says:

    I loooove it.

  4. Larry Bird says:

    Dwight should do a McChicken commercial like I did, back in the day.

  5. mikee says:

    talk about CP in Lakers?! = beat team ever!That will do it

  6. catdog says:

    amid all speculation that the lakers are interested in dwight howard, how about the other L.A. team. you would have to packaged a deal to send kris kaman, de andre jordan, and maybe a draft pick to orlando. imagine blake griffin, eric gordon, and dwight howard. most certainly that would be the big three in the west! they would cause lots of matchup problems against other teams. you have eric gordon who was in the top 10 in pnts per game. blake griffin who is beast, having a double double on a nightly basis. if the clippers can add dwight dwight howard, this would be a scary team.

  7. katlyn says:

    they need to get him on the lakers but dont need to get paul off

  8. katlyn says:

    he need to go to the lakers man they gone go hard but they dont need to get paul gasgal off the team cause its going to be bad

  9. nbanator says:

    well,i represent english investment group and we will howard on the east coast.west coast is no good then play too late in the night.yes indeed,it never pours,ha,new boys:-)

  10. hi says:

    howard will go 2 LA

  11. reynald batul says:

    the lakers don’t need to break up their roster. they just need to add some pieces. they need to add a young, fast and reliable point guard, not necessarily a super star. they should give playing time to their bench like derrick caracter and deving ebanks. if they can let go of walton, they should do it. i mean walton’s salary is way too much for a player of his type. the lakers roster for the past 3 years were giving them championships. i think fatigue really caught them and the lost their focus in the game maybe because they’ve been in the finals for 3 straight years. now with the loss to dallas i think it would make them think and realize that they need to focus again on winning and not just being contented on the achievements they’ve had in the past 3 years. but if they can get howard or maybe jameer nelson, it will be a great help for them. fish should be in supporting role.

  12. dwade2323 says:

    Nahhh.. Dwight looks a lot better in his current jersey.. Metaphorically speaking, I just cant stand to imagine him wearing a Laker jersey.. HAHA! They made it to the NBA finals with his team, he doesn’t need to transfer yet. I suggest they add efficient guards in their roster..

  13. kobe is the best says:

    As a Laker fan I personally want to see Dwight Howard in a Laker jersey , but I will be as realistic as much as possible.
    The Lakers need to do these things:
    1. Replace Steve Blake or Fisher with a young more atheltic PG who can run plays
    2. Give Shannon Brown and Trey Johnson more playing time
    3. They need to beef up the bench (obviously)
    4. Get rid of Walton ,Rattliff and Joe Smith ( I dont know what management was thinking when that happened)
    5. The Lakers need to decrease Kobe even further and minutes and increase Shannon Brown and Trey Johnson’s minutes so they can develop there skills.
    6. Replace Ron Artest with a younger more atheltic SF who can play defense and offense
    7. IF I was the new coach of the Lakers I would change the starting line up every other game so everyone can get a chance to play some minutes
    IF the Lakers do all these 7 things they will be in GREAT shape.

  14. kobeisthebest says:

    As a Laker fan I personally would like to see Dwight Howard wear a Laker jersey , but I’ll try to be realistic as much as possible this is what I believe Lakers should do:
    1. The Lakers need to trade Fish or Blake for a yonger , more athletic point guard who can run plays
    2. The Lakers need to give Shannon Brown and Trey Johnson more playing time those guys have potential especially Shannon Brown.
    3. The Lakers need to trade Luke Walton , Joe Smith and Theo Rattlif ( What were the Lakers management thinking when they got those guys)
    4. Beef up the Bench for sure
    5. Get A YOUNG AND MORE ATHELITC SF and put Ron Artest on the bench and only make him a starter when they need someone to guard guys like Carmelo Anthony
    6. Get a good draft pick
    7. If I was Brian Shaw I would decrease Kobe and Artest’s minues even further and increase the minuts Shannon Brown and Trey Johnson so they have a chance to develop their skills. Also I suggest change the lakers starting lineup occasionally so everyone gets some playing time.
    If Lakers get all these 7 things done I think they will be in great shape.
    If the



  16. Thunder says:

    He will go 2 OKC. Imagine how good they would be Westbrook, Durant & Howard! Unbeatable.


    To NOS.. Yah.. That’s sure.. Dwight Will be much better welcome in BOSTON than in LA because.. someday Kobe will push Howard out of his way to get back being a SUPERSTAR in LA just what they did with SHAQ.. so its not late for Howard and its a must.. if he wants a title He should go to BOSTON and help the Big Three and Rondo to get thier BANNER 18

  18. jasper balbastro says:

    im sure howard will stay,,,

  19. jay says:

    Why would he go to the lakers. Kobe has 2 more good years left. it will be back to square one again when kobe retires. I think he will go to new york where he could join up with amare melo and cp3 rather than joining up with gasol and bynum. i wont be surprise if phil jackson is the coach of the knicks. The Lakers are done.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      how the hell you going say kobe has two good years left ….then say we are done?

      yea u make no sense

  20. Honest Laker Fan For Life says:

    Getting Howard is a great replacement for Bynum no dought. But as of now, Lakers is sitting on a salary cap which make it hard for them to move players around. And i totally agree with anyone who would say that we badly need a good point guard, a good shooter and a good back up center for Andrew. This why sometimes i didn’t understand why they traded Sasha for Joe Smith when they hardly use him. And yeah Deron Williams is a good fit LA, but of course that is just my oppinion

  21. SpurrySaint says:

    Howard will go to Spurs, TP Manu Howard and Timmeh would be an overkill, heh!

  22. Chris says:

    Everyone seems to be ignoring the more obvious, less expensive choice for L.A. Blake Griffin.

  23. NOS says:

    Dwight leaving Orlando is nothing like LeBron. Cleveland loved LeBron and he crushed them when he left. Orlando media trash talks Howard so much, i feel sorry for the guy. Celtics would warmly welcome him and keep some of the talent in the East to contest with the up and coming new talent in the West i.e OKC, Clippers, Memphis. Dont forget celtics are in need of a big centre now with the loss of Shaq O’Neal. Wouldn’t be suprised at all if D12 took his talents to Boston for a genuine title run and contest Miami next season.

  24. black mamba says:

    lakers nation want superan

  25. wontonyu says:

    Lakers not only need Howard, they also need a good point guard to replace Fisher!! Chris Paul?? May be??!! Wishful thinking!!

  26. BULLS 2011 CHAMPS says:

    Stay in ORLANDO DWIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dwight leaving Orlando is jus like Lebron leaving Cleveland!
    Don’t do it!!!!
    Orlando won’t be the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Gary says:

    Dwight will go to the Bulls. Tom Thibodeau is a defensive genius and think of what he could do with Dwight as the center of the defense and Rose as the center of the offense. The bulls can offer Noah and Boozer plus a few other players to make salaries even out, sign a few new players and have Rose, Bogans, Deng, Gibson, and Dwight. Rose and Dwight are good friends, the Bulls will have the MVP and the Defensive Player of the Year and be able to compete with the heat, knicks, and thunder.


    I think if dwight goes to boston they would be unstoppable. The big four will tune themselves up in time for the next season, Doc will retain his role as head coach, and Dwight would just seal the deal for the celtics. I’d love to see that.

  29. John says:

    He is going to his hometown to play with his homeboy Josh Smith

  30. Diddy says:

    The Lakers should steal some of the Raptors players to revamp their roster. Just imagine some of those young fresh legs to help the bench. If I was going to make a deal I would send out Steve Blake, Luke Walton, Theo Ratliff, Matt Barnes and sorry to say this but Derrick Caracter for Amir Johnson, Jose Calderon/Jerryd Bayless, Sonny Weems and Julian Wright/James Johnson.

  31. JJ says:

    He should go play for tampa the new NBA TEAM.

  32. NetsAllThe Way says:

    He’s only going to join a team that has another quality player and has room for improvement. Example: The Nets, with Deron Williams, or maybe even the hornets if they can keep Paul. He’s not going to go to a lakers team that is heading down hill.

  33. king kobe says:

    i say big turn around, trade kobe and fish. get paul and a decent sg, lose luke and blake too. Get young playes in. the lakers have presence in the middle, we have lacked speed from the frontcourt for years. we get killed at pgtime and time again.

  34. Diddy says:

    The thing is, the triangle offense doesn’t need a superstar point guard to run it. You need a guy who is adept at knocking down jumpers and doesn’t need the ball in his hands all the time. Deron Williams is by far the better jump shooter and is big point guard who will wear down those other fast guys. I don’t know if trading Pau is the answer but he might be the most viable trade option after his dismal performance because you need Lamar Odom and Bynum seems untouchable to me because they wouldn’t give him up for Carmelo. (However imagine if they had made that deal..Bring in ‘Melo and Nene….boy oh boy..) We will see..

  35. Deano says:

    I’ve been fan of the Orlando Magic for real long. But i really think Howard could make something in L.A.
    I think if they trade Bynum for Howard, Bynum would get better. Whatever you think of Bynum, you have to admitt he isn’t a
    Los Angeles Laker player. His style, strenght, field goal percentage would be better in a team like Orlando, maybe even Atlanta or Cleveland. The LA Lakers have played too long with the same guys. Kobe’s getting old, but still manages to be the star player for the Lakers and Western Conference. Howard would do good with moving to L.A.

  36. trufan24 says:

    i dont approve of this if there is any truth to this….i want competition, not coalition of superstars….LA already has 2 superstars to carry them…thats more than enough to contend…they failed this year, but thats part of the game…i dont want LA to become Miami…im not bitin though, Howard will stay put in Orlando…this is just another media BS

  37. eduardo says:

    Dwight Howard might go..

  38. IgorconQueso says:

    I think Portland should try and pick him up. All P-town needs is a healthy big man and they are in position for a title run. Well that and maybe a new coach.

  39. Rich says:

    The Lakers will look even more pathetic to say that Howard is their future. They are already beefed up with superstars and future Hall of Famers. Just because of the unexpected exit in the 2nd round, now they want to get Howard too !
    Truth is anyone who gets Howard gets a legitimate chance to win it all. The dynamic of any team would just exponentially change with his presence.
    Lakers can still win multiple championships with the current lineup they have. Bryant is right, they don’t need to disban. If ever they only need to get a good and younger pointguard than Fischer. So Lakers, please don’t be like the Heat. Winning championship(s) with beefed up superstars does not necessarily constitute glory.

  40. christine says:

    I think that LA should trade Ron Arrtest for Dwight howard

  41. Fernando Camacho says:

    Dwight’s fame and career would boost sky high, here in Hollywood!. This Is Where Entertainment Starts And Dwight Howard Has The Personality!!!!!!!!!COME TO l.A DWIGHT!

  42. bullsfan23 says:

    Reading all of these bandwagoning heat fans comments is better than stand up comedy.
    You say the Heat will get Howard and CP3, that in itself is not even laughable, anyone who thinks that knows zilch about the NBA. I read where someone said if they win 10 titles with lebron, wade, bosh, howard, and cp3, that it would be the LeBron James era. That person is a moron, plain and simple.
    Michael Jordan was a LEGEND. He had a SUPERSTAR in Scottie Pippen as his co-companion. Then the rest of their roster was role players, they had terrible big men, JORDAN actually CARRIED a team on his shoulders, 6 years he did it. LeBron couldn’t do that in Cleveland, so he jumped to hold hands with Wade and Bosh.

    Bulls will win the title.

  43. SAS20 says:

    It’s best if he just stays in Mickey Mouse’s Kingdom. So that the competition and the roster would still be fair and equal. Sucks for the small market teams because the top teams could spend salary caps to get or invite superstars to their teams. It would be nice for teams to develop their own talents rather than stealing the talent of someone else team. That is just my opinion though..

  44. laupie says:

    he’ll probably want to team up with 1 of the elite point guard who could find him everywhere on te court: E.G derrick rose/ Derron Williams/ Chris Paul/ Rajon Rondo/ Jason Kidd/ Steve Nash/raymond Felton /John Wall

  45. Lakers SUCKS! says:

    its ok if dwight is going to LA somehow they beat and sweep by the MAVS for the second time.. nyahahaha

  46. Ehmjay says:

    Dwight should consider going to chicago…and not LA…he will be like shaq –used up and had bitterness with kobe…Lakers is one man show…thats why they lost to MAVS……

  47. hawk says:

    dwight should NOT go to the lakers he should go somewhere to win like anywhere else if you go to dallas you would be great if you went to thunder they would win if you went to bulls you would win same with heat , hey what do you know mybe big 4 lol

  48. orlando 11111 says:


  49. dangeROSE says:

    man d12 i going to CHICAGO(trade noah and bozzer)bring key mart(korver and a pick) =ring

  50. Lakers In NEW FASHION.. says:

    @A Logical Kobe Fan.. Hands Down the best comment i’ve seen in months..

    Dwight is not a bad idea.. I’m also thinking about that.. because a week ago i had been tagged a photo of dwight howard wearing LA jersey.. and because of the fact that Gasol is beginning his soft years again.. Bynum is a great prospect, i think lakers will not trade him and for the fact that kobe is aging.. But the most concerned here is the guards especially PG’s.. I agree that Fish is too old for this team, i really like him but at this point of time.. I don’t really seen him do much this year(except that game winner against LAC).. Blake, Walton are waste of money because they didn’t play the way their payed too.. and Walton is overpayed because of his father.. and also the old guys like ratcliff and smith.. We need some young guns to play with Kobe and Pau.. Artest, I don’t know?? I really like this guy a lot.. I want to think about his defense mentality and presence but his offense is killing his career right now.. But definitely trading blake, walton(please!!), smith, ratliff, caracter.. And giving playing time for johnson(good PG), ebanks(he’s really showing a glimpse of ariza), brown(he’s really good just give some time to play).. And I also imagined CP3 as a laker??? what about that?? I would really appreciate cp3 moving to LA.. For me, that is the best to deal to happen to lakers right now..

  51. carlo LA fan says:

    Come on dwight go to lakers \

  52. jerwin says:

    dwight howard is the best center present in the league like shaq before when he was still young. howard must sign a contract to lakers. this is most likely to see how howard and kobe will play together at the same team.

  53. gary says:

    Lakers is nothing without coach Phil, even if howard move to L.A

  54. Jeremy " kingjim" pinoy says:

    To be honest i think the lakers will get howard cause some how ,some way lakers steal great centers ( from Chamberlain to shaq) but i dont now when will this happen

  55. comishstern says:

    he already said he would go to LAL, NJN, Knicks, Mavs, or stay in ORL…..so celtic, heat, spurs, and clippers fans can keep dreaming cause Howard makes the final decision, and he never mentioned any of the other teams!

  56. Carlo (LA fan) says:

    let’s compare dwight howard and andrew bynum

    dwight howard
    good at defending the basket
    good at low post
    doesn’t have any injury(yet)

    andrew bynum
    good at low post
    have an injury if he’s injury attack he will be on sideline for like what 2 weeks

  57. Berry says:

    howard doesn’t need to go to lakers…he needs to go to a younger and improving teams like golden state warriors(monta ellis,stephen curry) or maybe boston because they need a new bigman……

  58. dizwhar says:

    Dwight in purple and gold…it’s good news for us lakers fans…well history repeats itself as they might say.. it did good before with shaq it’ll surely be great with dwight…ill be looking forward to it…

  59. murphy says:

    get cp3 and Dwight Howard!! Lakers need a young and good piontguard like cp3 and a defensive center like Dwight. with cp3 as PG, Kobe in SG, artest in SF, pau in PF and Dwight in center. not to mention their young bench, Blake, brown, Odom. if the Lakers will have this lineup. they’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!!

  60. JM_12 says:

    yeah, i hope that Dwight Howard will go to LA

  61. Texifornia says:

    D-Howard isn’t going to the fakers why don’t y’all just drop that subject because it ain’t happening and we all know that (except laker fans)

  62. watcher says:

    If the collective bargaining agreement brings in a hard salary cap next season, Dwight won’t likely be going anywhere and definitely won’t be going to the Lakers.

  63. dagreatone says:

    dwight and cp3 should go to miami … lebron needs 2 more superstars to win a championship

  64. Aye there’s a lot of speculation about Howard and where’s he’s going to go so be it. We have to wait until he’s actually available yes I would love for him to become a Laker fan and play with Kobe for a few years get a couple rings! That would be fantastic hope all these rumors come reality and this would be a perfect fit. Great market great city one of the most storied franchises what better fit can he possibly come to?? Its set up for him to win and win now if he makes the “decision” to come to LA. He sees what LeBron and Bosh did and look where they are now and this just Miam’s 1st season together. So I hope he’s looking at Miami for an example and take his talents to LA…. Just hope he makes the right choice

  65. the one says:

    dwight wants to go to clevelang HAHAHAHAHAHA but seriuosly, i think it would be better for dwight to go to LA where his skills will be capitalized and would lead to championships, i think

  66. Cem says:

    I really dont understand the mavs title hopes? I mean they are a loser team if you check the history,a team that blows up every chance to win a title and the team that lost to a 8 seed team.So they sweep LA and all forgotten? Be real.Also these dreamer team and their coach mentioned Dirk a top 10 all time joke.

  67. RM says:

    Patrick Mills would be a good PG for the Lakers.

    Cheap, won’t take too many shots and can play solid minutes.

    D-Fish is ancient!

  68. MagicFan69 says:

    What about CP3 to ORL and another young defensive player (Josh Smith, Iggy) to get rid of the sorry high contracts?

  69. eduardito84 says:

    that would be awesome if they do that deal for andrew bynum but the lakers need a real playmaker. thats not a good deal if fisher remain as starter. the lakers need a better playmaker. they need more speed and run faster. the lakers are competing with great teams as mavericks, miami and oklahoma thunder. they have speed and good ball movement. that would be cool if they got howard but they need speed at the same time. my respect to fisher but he’s too old to compete as starters with those teams. they need a better bench. their bench sucks.

  70. LEbron James says:

    duh?! HOWARD is good if he is in lakers BTW.. this season was fixed they will let Miami win this season..


    Hey guys, a new Superman in L.A. is comming…. Go!! Go! Go! Dwight up up and away…. your the missing hero of Justice League in L.A.

  72. Would you Lakers fans be happy trading an old Kobe Bryant for Howard?

  73. Reg is The Awesome One says:


  74. riwa says:

    Look back at all the times D-Will has gone against CP3. D-will owns him, outplays him and beats his team 85% of time.

  75. DB31 says:

    what will probly end up happening is Orlando will realize that they will lose DHoward to F/A and not getting anything to show from his departure with the new arena being built they need to fill them seats. there isnt a better option out there then LAL in getting quality from the big guy. Once they realize that they need to pull the trigger on moving DHoward to LAL and will ask for Bynum + Odom along with moving which i HATE to say it that LAL will have to also take GArenas fugly contract as well. it would look like Orlando trading DHoward + GAreanas to LAL for Bynum + Odom Straight up.

    once and or if that deal gets done LAL will end up going after CP3 and once DHoward news reaches CP3’s ears he will request a trade and tell management hes leaving NewO. LAL will and i mean WILL go after CP3 onces that DHowards deal is finished. NO will end up trading CP3 to LAL for Gasol + draft picks + will try to reach for DCaracter / EBanks or both as well.

    Next season if it happens or whenever that season kicks off it will be an interesting ride to see how everything turns out. all in all LAL will reload after this crazy year. new blood will come. LAL will reload receiving CP3 and DHoward and *facepalm* gosh darnit GAreanas. thats how LAL will restart its pursuit for the ring once more.

    LAL line-Up
    PG CP3
    SG KB24
    SF Artest
    PF F/A or DCaracter if NO doesnt squeeze him from us
    C DH12

  76. Lmdscored47 says:

    The truth is the Lakers need to adress there bench. And also a athletic swing man to start in artest place. He has to go. He is a good defender but only on certain offensive players. We dont need a superstar point guard. If the lakers were to get chris paul or deron williams they would dominate the ball. They would have to in order to be effective. Kobe needs the ball in his hands. You guys will see kobe will have one of his best seasons next year. We shouldkeep bynum and gasol. But the bench and ron artest have to go. The only guys I would keep would be Matt barnes and Shannon. Everyone else needs to go.



  78. chubz says:

    Point Guard: Cris Paul,Ty Lawson and Stephen Curry
    Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant, Jason Terry, Nick Young
    Small Forward: Ron Artest, Trevor Ariza, Nick Batum
    Power Forward: Paul Gasol, Lamar Odom, David Lee
    Center: Dwight Howard, Deandre Jordan, Ronie Turiaf

  79. renz_garnett says:

    how about dwight howard go to NEW ORLEANS to JOIN CHRIS PAUL or go to CHICAGO BULLS to JOIN DERRICK ROSE.. man he will 4-5 championships..

  80. JANTERT7 says:


  81. GSWfan says:

    the only way golden state will get dhow is if they trade curry (he has the highest trade value on the team, ellis is piad too much, curry’s still on the rookie contract) and more.. but magic doesn’t need a pg cause they have nelson, unless they do some weird 3 way trade between gsw / om / lakers

    although being a fan of steph curry and gsw, id love to see a trade between lakers and gsw, possibly bynum for curry+beidrins+reggie? gsw gets the big man they want la gets the pg to develop (curry needs better d and to be faster, but im sure he’ll get that..)

  82. NICO says:

    CP3 !! NOT HOWARD !!!

  83. everybody knows the best place for D-how is the BaY AReA. The warriors, w dwight at 5, david lee at 4, dorrell at 3, and ellis & curry up top, would be an unstoppable force abouta tear down the whole west and eventually the world. send that team to the olympics n im all in.

  84. Naj says:

    He’ll go to dallas baby!!!!

  85. jenard monteras says:

    howard has previous ill feeling to shaq so following shaq footsteps is unlikely to happen. Ego on the part of dwight

  86. jenard monteras says:

    i thought lakers will build new team with around kobe for the next 2 seasons but they will not be champion. within 2 years kobe can accept that he is old and the lakers will recruit a young scorer and kobe’s rules on the team is minimal by this time. It’s more a respect by the organization to kobe considering kobe’s big contribution to lakers for the past 12 years

  87. the man says:

    how about amare for howard

  88. New York Fan... says:

    Dwight Howard can make his own decisions. If he chooses to go to Los Angeles, he could have a great shot at getting a ring or to going to the Finals. But, staying in Orlando will take him nowhere. Honestly! But, like I said, its his decision to either get traded or stay in Orlando. But please don’t do the same decision-making choice that LeBron did. Millions of fans will hate you, Just like they hated LeBron.

  89. PILOSOPO TASYO says:

    Chicago Bulls is the best team to go to if Dwight wants a ring..

  90. mr.A says:

    I think that dwight howard going to LA aint gonna make a big difference considering the fact that Kobe and Fisher is in the time were retiring is very close since their somewhat old… and who knows in 1,2 or 3 seasons they are playing like SHaq which is l lumpy and not as strong as they were when they won championships… Thus leaving Howard agin with the big responsibilty to carry this team and making not a single change when he was in Orlando.. If their is anyone to leave their team i think its Chris Paul I think Chris Paul should go to Orlando with Dwight.. and if Kevin Durant did not win the championship this season he should also go to Orlando and i think that is the big 3 that can knock off the Heat and the Celtics

  91. bulls get howard says:

    makes most sense and will happen

  92. RIKU says:

    I don’t think that Dwight will waste his talent in Hollywood, because He won’t be happy there. The chemistry between Dwight and Kobe is unclear and ineffective. The best decision for Him is to share His talent in south beach. He love Florida He love the East side. the Big 3 is His Best Buds.

  93. juan says:

    Lakers need CP3 or D-Will or some quality PG

    the rest of the team is good..shannon brown will get more minutes, odom too
    and the last year’s rookie should take some too
    that’s the way it goes
    lakers suffered PG’s and SG’s mainly..kobe and shannon can guard 1 of them..but they can’t guard 2 players as long as blake and fish don’t do it
    we need a quality PG and problem solved

  94. Cha says:

    Hmm.. This is going to be hard for L.A.’s future coaching staff to try to contain some of the egos that are on this team. You look at Bynum, he said he wanted more than being a defensive anchor and a 3rd or 4th Option. When you have a team that has Bryant, you know he’s always gonna be the first option. Artest, who expressed frustration before the All Star break, wants more touches when the Lakers were going through a string of losing games. Pau Gasol, who in the playoffs couldn’t even make jumpshots and much more take care of the ball. And now you add in Howard, who he believes he added offense to his game and Bynum, it’s really gonna be hard for the coaching staff provided that they keep all their core players with Howard. Whatever the Laker’s decision, I’ll support it as a Lakers fan, there’s no other way.

  95. lakerscout says:

    Oh and when its done I told you idiots so.

  96. rony says:

    look guys kobe is the king , lakers dont need anybody we just need the black mambaaaaaaaa ewwwwwwwwww

  97. We're Big says:

    The Biggest and youngest team will get DH! Welcome to Denver Howard!

  98. Stupid lakers says:

    I hate the lakers. I also think that Kobe is way overrated.

  99. lakshow4ever says:

    CP3 and Dwight on the lakers now thats 82-0 all time record with a 5 peat

  100. SunsNeedACenter says:

    Go to suns so he can play Vince Carter and the best potin guard Steve Nash

  101. alvinpogi says:

    ohh i wish that wont happen…
    i much prefer howard in new orleans
    howard ang paul playing together

  102. Jobby says:

    The reason DH goes to the Lakers is two fold, bigman tradition and he wants to leave he eastern conference with the Bulls and Heat being the top dogs.
    In the west he only has to worry about OKC. I am not sold on the longevity of Memphis or Dallas

  103. Aida says:

    If Dwight needs to go anywhere it should be the Celtics or the Knicks, honestly. The heat already gt the big3 so they don’t need any more, and lakers just need 2 stay lakers because they believe that kobe is all that and he is not (lol i was so hype when they gt swept). Th Celtics are in desperate need of a big guy like him and knicks could also use some help from him.

  104. smoke says:

    dwight need the best point guard in the league and thats the mvp in windy city..

  105. YoungNYK says:

    LA doesnt need another center an mia has 2 gud centers already in big z an joel anthony
    He cud come 2 NYK cuz we need anotha Center
    CP3 is def comin 2 NYK

  106. michael says:

    he should go to miami, florida fans can still root for him. …….. indeed, imagine that

  107. InevitableLakerChampionship says:

    The way I see it there is a 50% chance he stays in Orlando. 45% chance he goes to L.A for Bynum and a small formard.. 5% chance he goes to N.Y. for Amare and Billups.

  108. TheBlackMamba0824 says:


  109. Agentchef says:

    Trade Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer for Dwight-

    D Rose, Luol Deng, Dwight Howard, and Taj Gibson would be the nastiest lineup in the East.

    Sorry Miami fans but your team can’t afford to get Dwitght, have fun flopping at the end! You won’t get past the Bulls.

  110. lakeshow says:


  111. sactown says:

    if i am orlando. if you want howard you also gotta take on arena contract or else why would i help trade howard to the other team maybe a gasol bynum and a first round draft pick for howard and arena

  112. penny173 says:


  113. dean says:

    if dewight wants to go whaat can u do he is a perfect laker then get a small guard like that played for houston then the suns an maybe a three point shooter and we r right back in the finals

  114. Noel says:

    my team is out but i hate to say this, that they acquiring an older player again?…one mistake for this team or i should say the management is trading their younger players, see nobody can match the speed of their opponents..vujacic and farmar is younger and talented player as far as i saw it..they can defense and obviously can score, ryt? maybe you’ve watched them play before in the lakers team.hoping lakers will acquire vujacic and farmar again like they did to fisher….well, it’s done…goodluck for the lakers next season.. i hope that memphis and chicago battle for the finals….

  115. guest says:

    Yo dwight is goin to go to the lakers but not the 2011-2012 season, hes goin to go at the 2012-2013 season

    BTW HEAT SUCKSS Chicago will murder them in the playoffs if the heat and bulls advance

    it’l be sick if howard, rose and kobe are in bulls that will be the best big three

  116. EmirS. says:

    Whose to say that the Hawks can’t clear up room and take a shot at Dwight to come to play in his hometown alongside his childhood friend Josh Smith?

    Oh thats right, the owners…

  117. RESpect?? says:

    not all heat fans baby

    im already content with the capabilities of big three or you say big two and a half i dont care

    im just glad they are still competing in the playoffs

    unlike some teams… i know….

    i just remember those guys saying orlando will dominate…. where?

    then another other guy is saying regular games doesnt matter cause lakers will crush heat in the post season? for now? funny

    atleast the heat is still competing and the other teams supposed to dominate is now dreaming.. keep on dreaming

    i dont care baby.

    STILL PLAYING BABY…. at least we still we the chance

  118. roy says:

    why not,our brother dwight wil move to La by the next season 2012,i firmly believe if you want to get a ring while still young go to LA,im not aLakers fan but my forecast is true. i have faith,2012 howard will move to La

  119. Ofman says:

    Every writer hyping Dwight Howard to LA is just a dynasty bandwagon hopper at the expense of the majority of the franchises in the league who get continually exploited by the golden boy franchises of the league like the Lakers and Celtics.

    Go draft your own damn talent. It’s bad enough LA exploited then dismal Memphis 3 years ago. But but Marc Gasol turned out to be a good player. So what? You knew you were robbing Memphis when the transaction went down. LA’s agents probably lit up cigars, popped champagne and laughed over the deal.

    You people don’t want parity. You just want a select few teams to have all the hype.

    I bet Orlando making it to the finals 2 years really screwed up your plans. When the last time a non-Laker/Celtic team made it to the finals other than Orlando? Four years ago?

    Hmm, why’s that? Oh ya, because Boston and LA can rob teams of their only stars and stack a bunch of top salary players on their teams.

    I hope salary caps choke your two teams for the rest of the league’s history.

  120. spursnation says:

    Well if you oversimplify the matter: Shaq left Orlando after his fourth season (after 3 years at LSU). If Dwight went to college for three years and then hit the league (pretty stupid thing to say), then this would be his fourth season. The Lakers get any big men they want, they just have a history of acquiring uber-talented big men: Mikan, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq and Pau. Wouldn’t be surprised if Dwight Howard wants to add his name on the list of Laker Legends.




  122. alvin_gentry says:

    i would want to se him play with steve nash in the phoenix suns…

  123. I'mNotKobe says:

    I am gooing to Miami. You will see a new Big4. I need more Champs. I need to Match MJ. I am greater than MJ!!!!

  124. GHGHKLTCG says:

    Please Howard don’t go, remember, “FAST DON’T LIE”, so stay on Magic, you don’t need to follow

  125. watcher says:

    Always with the Lakers. There’s 28 other teams that would trade their roster for him as well. I’m sure however the L.A. media (and others for that matter) will continue to beat this drum until it’s a fait accompli. Can’t see a trade happening – who seriously thinks Bynum can be a consistent presence, night after night with his knees? Who would want any of their bench players? Who’d want most of their starters for that matter?. It’s wise to remember that before Phil Jackson arrived in L.A. Shaq and the Lakers were putting up intimidating regular season numbers, then regularly getting swept in the playoffs by either the Jazz or Spurs. Lets see how Dwight feels about the Lakers after their new coaching appointment and performance next season.

  126. Lakerfan13 says:

    If you read my last comment, you can see Jameer Nelson was traded to the Lakers. However, I decided that Gilbert Arenas could be a substitution instead. Also, Ty Lawson would be traded to the Lakers, but again I decided that Raymond Felton could be a substitutuion.

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!

    KOBE + DWIGHT + PAU = Kobe’s 6 rings!!!!!!!!!

  127. LA4LIFE says:

    Dwight to LA… maybe… but remember the issue about Bynum… who drafted him and doesn’t want him to go??? also Bynum beats Howard remember finals LA vs ORLANDO. though Bynum is mostly injured than Howard… axed the team to remove the un-needed players like ratlif, walton, barnes(can he shoot ball), blake(what did he do good the whole season i can’t remember a single game)… also fisher is old but i like how he plays and controls kobe… so ilike to see him there in LA… but get a slasher guard (like farmar) who can slash and shoot. power up the bench… last year it’s not kobe who carry the team in the play-offs it’s the bench….

  128. DEandrE says:

    PErfect lineup for the lakers: DWIGHT HOWARD, KOBE BRYANT, CP3, PAU GASOL, LO OR ARTEST?

  129. Celtics4Life says:

    howard should go to the celtics because when the big three retire howard will be able to play with rondo, jeff green and glen davis. he would make a good addition to the team and he could learn some great post moves from kevin garnett

  130. Maciel04 says:

    i also agree that the lakers need a new pg. Maybe Stephen Curry? Probably the best shotter in all young pgs?

  131. ash says:

    I should start a show called everybody hates lakers…staring pau gasol and kobe. And everyone else play the villan…Im sick of people complaining about lakers over and over. “Please dwight don’t go to lakers…Please!!!” waaaaa!!

  132. unknown says:

    that would be great howard with d wil or cp3 but what is the chance of that happening lakers only need a new pg and some better bench players

  133. lalalalakers says:

    Lakers need to sign up “Russell Westbrook”…. Steph Curry to OKC… Howard to OKC….

  134. specialfriedrice says:

    you laker fan fools, no way howard can become a laker, kobe gets paid waaaaaaay to much for them to even offer a trade to afford him, and lol howard isnt smart but he is not friign stupid, kobes winning seasons are OVER everyone except a laker fan knows that, bye bye lakers and say hello to blake griffin and the clippers, the new lime light in la.

  135. Lakerfan13 says:

    Lakers trade for Dwight Howard!!!!!

    Lakers get: Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, and Quentin Richardson.

    Magic get: Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton, Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, and draft pick.

    Then….. Lakers – Nuggets trade!!!!

    Lakers get: Ty Lawson, Chris Anderson (Birdman) and Draft Pick.

    Nuggets get: Jameer Nelson, Derrick Character, Joe Smith, and Theo Rattliff.

    Lakers Lineup: PG Ty Lawson SG Kobe Bryant SF Ron Artest PF Pau Gasol C Dwight Howard

    Lakers Bench: PG Derek Fisher SG Shannon Brown SF Quentin Richardson PF Lamar Odom C Chris Anderson

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

  136. rgdlr16 says:

    CP3 D.Wade LBJ CB1 D.Howard

  137. matt says:

    Dwight Howard personally said during the all star break that if he were to play with any other player in the league it’d be mr. Kobe Bryant, and Kobe Bryant won’t be leaving the Lakers. If you don’t believe me look on youtube. lol.

    Dwight will leave Orlando, sorry ORL.. but there is no future there for such a player of that magnitude. Orlando if you are reading this, don’t get stuck in the LeBron situation and watch your best player (arguably the best in the league) walk away and you get nothing when you can easily trade him to the Lakers and pick up a couple good pieces. Face it, Orlando is going to have to replace that size and the Laker’s Bynum is the only viable option in terms of size. However, Dwight is easily worth two Laker players so that is something the GM’s will have to discuss… if it happens ;).

    Lose Blake and Walton, Fisher needs to retire or come off the bench, Trey Johnson needs to see alot more playing time, run Odom at starting point (he’s easily the best ball handler on the team, if you think he’s too big… watch some magic johnson highlights). The Lakers need a bench of young and pure athleticism, not a bench of a bunch of old farts that never get to play and swing towels around when Kobe hits an incredible shot or Shannon dunks. That “Showtime” zest of the Lakers needs to be brought back. Lakers need to look into some speed if they are wanting to compete in the point guard era.

  138. LAFAN says:

    Kevin Durant or Melo should also go to LA so they have a big 3 too, that way I don’t need to watch any other games any more.

  139. Makario says:

    Nope Dwight wont go to L.A. .. He will go to the Boston Celtics.. That’s the Fact..

  140. Teriac says:

    hes goin to cleveland

  141. WhiteMamba says:

    How about the Lakers trade Pau Gasol OR Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas. I think that Gilbert with the right minutes and coahcing is capable of going back to his Agent Zero days in Washington. The Lakers are a old team, and they need some younger legs to carry them through the playoffs. I believe Howard and Arenas are key to the Lakers.

  142. Daniel says:

    The Lakers do need a PG but as far as it goes, Dwight Howard wouldn’t hurt either. The Lakers have lost their have edge, their drive, no one on that team has the influence to drive the team to the Finals and win. Look at the past few years, 2008:Pau Gasol is acquired, Kobe wins MVP, and is also on the drive to win his first since Shaq, but lose to the Celtics. 2009:Lakers lose and hungry to win the title; they beat the Magic in the Finals. 2010: Lakers want to repeat as Champs and they do; they also got the drive to beat Celtics, who defeated them in 2008. This year all there was was the desire to three-peat, Jackson was losing interest by the minute, and Kobe was up to his potential. In the playoffs, Pau Gasol did not show up and was literally manhandled in the paint, resulting in him not playing to his true potential. He was getting worked by Dirk and Chandler treated him like a toy. I think they need aggressiveness, the edge and drive to win a championship. Dwight Howard is the man for that job I believe, he has been to the Eastern Conference Finals for the past three years, getting to the Finals in 2009. His resume also includes being the reigning DOPY, multiple All-Star appearances, and getting his team to a legitimate spot in the playoffs for the past three years. I don’t know what the trade would be with the him but I do like Howard with the Lakers; Kobe will retire before ego problems escalate.

  143. Chantel says:

    If he is anything like LeBrick, which I don’t think he is, no amount of money or love will get him to stay.

    Be your own man Dwight.

    If the cHeatles win, I am done watching the NBA for good. I hope the lockout is permanent if those bastards win.

  144. D-Will says:

    Everybody is overlooking the fact that he is from Atlanta, and he might go home, think about it, as good as Kobe is at the end of next season he will be 34 and thats close to retirement, I am not a Hawks fan at all but they do got a young team with alot of pieces already in play, Howard in the middle is possibly all they need so think about it Old team about to have to rebuild or young team and in his home town IM JUST SAYIN………

  145. Cp3 says:

    lakers should trade blake,artest,and walton for cp3.Matt barnes is capable enough to play a staring sf

  146. Mike says:

    Dream on – Howard’s staying in Orlando.

  147. caribbeanjc says:

    To me its pretty obvious where Dwight ends up, that being New Jersey. Hes not gonna go to LA, living in Shaq AND Kobe’s shadow. Not to mention its the Kobe show for atleast 3 or 4 more years down there. NJ makes a lot more sense for him and the Magic. Think about it, the Magic get B. Lopez, Dwight gets to play with one of the best PGs in the game that will feed HIM and only HIM, you get a russian billionare owner AND Jay Z, plus you’re in the big apple. Sorry Laker fans, you’re done for.

  148. richuncle says:

    The Lakers have the best frontcourt in the NBA, they need to limit Kobe and Fisher and improve thier point guard. Trey Johnsom and Shannon should get more minutes. Steve Blake is a good 3 point shooter but can not finish at the rim or seems to not like to go there. Bynum and Howard are good friends and would make a deadly frontcourt for the Lakers. I think Bynum will be the western conference allstar center for many years to come unless Dwight becomes a Laker. If Bynum and Howard team up for the Lakers they would be unstoppable. The Lakers looked good with Odom, Gasol, Bynum in game 3 playing together. Odom is just a great player to have on your team, so if the Lakers had to give up someone for Dwight I would give Gasol. Kobe is not the same player he was and really has to take the blame for losing Game 1 and Game 3 against Dallas. Kobe should not be the closer anymore just a player. Bynum was playing great in Game 3 but never touched the ball in the last 6 minutes of the game, same in Game 1 it was all Kobe in the last 5 minutes ballhoging. Barnes is a good defender and should have gotten more minutes too as he can play the 2 or 3.

  149. Paul J says:

    If I were the Miami Heat I would take Howard for Bush and Eric D. The combination of Howard, Dwade and James is hard to match by any team in the NBA. Adding Haslem to mix would be hard to beat Miami team.

  150. marques jones says:

    They gotta give up alot more than sorry butt Bynum

  151. dunce says:

    now before everyone starts saying bynum sucks, you have to remember that he’s the third or fourth option in a triangle offense. im not saying that if he goes somewhere else where he’s the first or second option then he’ll be great but keep that in mind.

  152. DeRozanFaN10 says:



    HEAT ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Jose says:


    No doubt for me, as someone has talked about Chris Paul, I would bring him to L.A instead of Howard.
    It is clear Lakers needs another guard right now or in one season at the latest.
    But I still can’t figure out what have happened to Laker´s tall men these days. They have failed, and unless we (I ´d rather say Lakers’ staff, :)) manage to understand why, it will likely happen again.
    You can’t bring another tall man, just because the ones we have now have failed these (important) days. Everybody relied on them.
    Analyze what is happening to them, and if you conclude they, or some of them are not as reliable as you thought until now, then replace them.

    But come on, I am sure if you bring Chris Paul, Lakers would be unbeatable; not that sure with D.Howard.

  154. Dylan says:

    Howard to Mavs for Chandler and haywood……

  155. Wooley says:

    Just saying the Sentinel is the Orlando Magic’s worst enemy they have gotten rid of two previous stars (Shaq and Penny) and are trying to do it again…

  156. tiki says:

    kobes not gonna let a center get the best of him…

  157. marvz says:

    He will be in boston next year to be reunited with Doc Rivers

  158. CLeveland says:

    who cares about Dwight Howard going to LA? its not happening because KOBE’s Ego will CLash with Dwight..!!like What happen with KObe And Shaq!!.. Dwight wanabe Shaq? haha!! Btw. Iverson and Nene will be on the Miami Heat next season 🙂 Iverson Wade LeBron Bosh NENE? haha not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 haha not 8 whahaha … :p

  159. Carlo12345 says:

    i want dwight in heat for bosh and any other players there.. then heat will get rose.. lol (JUST A DREAM)

    well, honestly lakers need a point guard.. not really superstar but young talents like stephen curry or any other upcoming stars. I like bynum but if kobe will reach the time when he is not the superstar no more, dwight is much better for a center than bynum. bynum is injury prone. Pau is good, even if he is not in his best in playoffs he is still good. then you have kobe in SG then artest in sf. what a good lineup for me.. see

    stephen curry
    ron artest
    kobe bryant
    pau gasol
    dwight howard

    your reserves are odom and fisher and brown and some other young talents( trade the other players they suck)


  160. Paul says:

    KObe beat Lebron? Keep Dreaming KOBE even they get dwight Howard.. Miami will Have NENE next season 🙂 which makes them beast in the east! not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 haha!! Miami 2011 CHAMPIONS..

  161. LA Dy nasty says:

    LA needs a PG, not another center/PF (namely, Dwight). I think that Westbrook would be a perfect fit, and If memphis eliminates OKC, a Bynum Westbrook swap seems more than possible.

  162. QQLI says:

    DH to the Bulls. That’s going to be an epic team with Rose/DH combo

  163. Lakers1232 says:

    Lakers need him, cause with lakers lineup atm, no way can they go finals and win anymore. Everyone sucks and fisher needs to be replaced asap

  164. Jack says:

    cp3 will go to OKC next year for westbrook watch

  165. BamzOfPh says:

    Lakers will still not beat MIAMI…..


  166. nomad says:

    nets will get howard… williams, howard and someone like igudala will be just fine for the nets… lakers need to change the whole line up its not working anymore…maybe trade bynum, fisher, odom and gasol to the knicks fot amare and douglas

  167. michael britton *nashville, tn says:

    I personally think that howard would be a good fit in the lakers organization because andrew has not fully become the center he should be. Paul Gasol has faded off and derek fisher , if we have a new young point guard, center, maybe a small foward then kobe would really have help in the playoffs. So Howard please go to the lakers orlando dont know how to use centers……point blank

  168. KIngKobra2 says:

    La is the number one team to get howard. Dwight needs to here this “GO TO LLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” I AM A HEAT FAN AND I WOULD WANT A CHALLENGE AGAINST THE LAKERS INSTEAD LIKE LAST TIME SUCKERS. As Howard should forget about the orlando fans. Orlando sucks and will never get past all of the 15 teams to win the ultimate prize THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP 🙂

  169. chris says:

    If the bulls wanted to they could blow any team out of the water. So, if howard does tell the magic he’s not going to re-sign he will obviously be traded in a Carmelo anthony type scenario to a team that will extend his contract.

    At that point expect the bulls to jump into action. They could easily put together a package of Noah, Boozer, a guard like brewer/korver/watson and they have a first round lottery pick from the bobcats. If they offered a package like that no other team could top that.

    What’s even more disturbing is they could do that failrly easy without disrupting their core and still have enough money to sign a shooting guard and they’d still have a late first round pick to draft a backup forward. The deal wouldn’t break them in the least and they’d still have this core to work with. Plus, Howard and Rose have spent a lot of time around each other doing those commercials … They’ve had to talked about the possibility


  170. LAorBust says:

    dwight for walton and gasol

  171. Adam says:

    Howard is going to play for Spain. There he can be MVP and win stuff.

  172. LAorBust says:

    where’s my post?

  173. Kay Jaybee says:

    Why aren’t we talking about LA’s coach position instead of their center position. That should be more pressing concern.

  174. kenel says:

    gooooo lakes welcome howard

  175. Ted says:

    I would enjoy to see Howard join the Spurs & help Duncan roll into retirement to get 1 or 2 more rings. howard & duncan in the front court with parker ginobli & hill. killer team along with neil & blair. bad thing is we dont have cap space to pay for another superstar only downside too it.

  176. maher says:

    what happened to the 6 million that the lakers have…. when they traded vujacic … they got some freee space in the salary cap right?

  177. Joseph says:

    Wow He is not going to torato but he might go to L.A I won’t be surprised if he does

  178. Francisco says:

    this is a curious stats from stats cube, for those who talk too much about closers and clutch performances,
    kobe shooting % in last five minutes being up or down by five points is 40%
    lebron in the same situation is 44%.wait how can that be? stats must be wrong…jajajajajajaja
    answer:media coverage is biased and fans subjective perception of reality is wrong

  179. Gogan says:

    Dwight Howard should go to the Celtics!Not the Lakers!they have Gasol!Trade shaq for Dwight Howard!:)

  180. Francisco says:

    trade kobe and get a point guard chris paul’s caliber and keep the big guys, who are the lakers core

  181. Jrok says:

    Trade bynum for raymond felton and Nene ..

  182. Francisco says:

    lakers fans wake up , kobe is not one of the top 5 players in the nba today, stop dreaming , efficiency stats do not lie

  183. Yunito says:

    Howard please LA LA LA!!!!!!!!! LET KICK SOME A…!!!!!

  184. Jeo Garcia says:


  185. jamarcis says:

    bro lakers wil trade gasol and odom and a draft pick for HOward and Arenas

  186. Boomer says:

    Howard will not go to Lakers to be a shadow of Kobe, He will go on the team where he’s the superstar.. Why? It’s is because his popularity will move down and when that thing happen he cant brag that much.

  187. U all should know that NOT all stars are SUPER STARS like Kobe, Melo, Stat, Dwight, Lebron, D Rose, D Wade, etc..
    Bynum, Marc & Paul Gasol, D Will, Rondo, Wesbrook,for example, are good All stars NOT SUPERSTARS. The NY Knicks emptied the farm to get SUPERSTAR Melo. It will be DELUSIONAL for the Lakers and fans to dream Orlando GM will be stupid not to trade SUPERSTAR for SUPERSTAR, unless a package of Bynum + Gasol+ Arenas contract+ GOOD draft pics are in place.All star Bynum with his broken legs wont can NEVER equal SUPERMAN Howard!!! Lakers can never afford what it takes realistically to trade for the Superman. So lets just stop dreaming and stop being delusional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. SYDALE says:

    I think instead of trading Howard to another team… The Magic would be more interested in trying to pull off a trade to get Chris Paul from New Orleans… It makes much more sense financially…

    Since you know… L.A. is probably like 20 Million or more over the Salary Cap…

    Jameer Nelson + Hedo Turkoglu + 1st Round Draft Pick for Chris Paul…

  189. Jeo Garcia says:

    Wow…. i would rather seeee PAU GASOL go then Bynum dont do it… If u dont TRADE GASOOOOOOOOOOOOL = he’s weak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. Richard Kennedy says:

    Christmas Early–Dwight Howard and Aaron Brooks under the tree; and Bynum, Artest, Blake, and Walton out the door….

  191. Lakersssssssssss says:

    Kobe Gasol CP3 Howard Artest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Gem says:

    I think NJ is a possible destination.. Lopez and Howard in the paint is like the twin towers of the Spurs, when Duncan and Robinson were playing together. With D-Will running the point, and a billionaire owner, Dwight may think about that option too 🙂

  193. roger says:

    the laker era is over! The clippers make much more sense in LA right? Griffin will take over, the lakers will suck and move back to Minneapolis. LOL

  194. lakersville says:

    if howard wants to be a ring holder he will go to LA.

  195. Paco says:

    Imagine if he goes to Chi town …

  196. Wanlop says:

    I lived in LA but I hate the Lakers with all my heart.So now Lakers fans are hating on Gasol?LOL Lakers fans are so stupid because they’re all had forgotten about where was the Lakers after Shaq left and until Gasol came in.Lakers was getting killed by the Suns and barely made the playoff but once Gasol came it that changes everything and now they saying that Bynum is better? OH please just look at who has more all around game?Bynum is good because he has Gasol as another 7 footer to help him out.But the reality is that Los Angeles is a BIG city so if they lose a big player they will get another big player easily because they have $$$ so I wouldnt be surprise if they get Howard but I don’t want Howard to go LOL.I gave the Dallas so much for sweeping the Lakers and L.A need to stop crying about it because they have a good players in their team as such… Kobe (greatest player right now) Gasol and Bynum (Over side front line) Artest (Defensive player) Odom (Over side small forward with long arms) and they have Phil Jackson (The greatest coach in NBA) what more can you ask for me??

  197. lets go raptors says:

    I wouldnt mind Howard in a Lakers uniform, but with Kobe aging does he really have that great of a chance to win a ‘ship? His best bet is staying in Orlando…… or coming to TORONTO!!! just kidding folks, no superstars play here.

  198. jone says:

    dwight to LA? dont think soo.. dream on, eheh

  199. NBA_insider says:

    Howard becoming a Laker is very possible , also chatter around the front office like how Chris Paul was able to pentrate the Lakers defense. Pau Gasol really let down the team and fans no wonder they call him soft , the ego between him and Kobe are clashing. Dr Buss will be making changes Laker fans stay positive and we make the best next season ever.

  200. GWH says:

    How about the lakers getting howard and trying to chase kevin love to add to the mix. Would be a fun combo though, howard-love-kobe

  201. MARK says:

    So this how it works for the Lakers, if they don’t win a championship they go crazy and screaming for help of a superstar. Please, they just look like the Yankees, they cannot forge a championship team caliber with the players they have, no!! they want another superstar, and if they fail again, then another superstar… ask Malone and Payton.

  202. aussie boy says:

    Enough about what the lakers need. what about P/F to help Howard, and a good point gaurd? much rather see Orlando do well than the same lakers every year. Boring!

  203. DeShawn says:

    Might sound dumb but I thought phoenix would snag him. Nash, hill, Petrius, Gortat, money, draft pick.<Howard

  204. izus says:

    its either gonna be stay in Orlando or head to LA.
    but dont think Orlando will just give him away….

    i can see a trade for Pau and Bynum with some smaller players like Barnes or someone.
    a straight up swap for BYnum will never happen.

    Dwight might surprise everyone and move back to his home town Atlanta.
    its just right up the road.

  205. Junior says:

    What do you guys think about getting Raymond Felton, J.R smith, and Dwight Howard for Shannon brown, Luke Walton, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher??? (maybe) and giving up maybe a lottery ticket if they have one hahahah……this would be a sick LINE UP THO…good PG, best SG, alright SF, dominant PF, and a MONSTER Center lol

    Raymond Felton // Blake/Fisher
    Kobe Bryant // J.R Smith
    Ron Artest// Matt Barnes
    Pau Gasol // Lamar Odom
    Dwight Howard// Derrick Character ( we need to develop this guy more to be just like bynum was…maybe Ebanks too!).

    What you guys think??? good, alright, or bad LOL

  206. encroi says:

    howard in boston would be a nice change 🙂

  207. NoRemorse says:

    Imagine Howard in Black and Silver ^_^ Timmy D side by side with Dwight, twin towers of the spurs all over again 😀 But, I doubt that it would happen, but still, as a spurs fan, I just like to see Howard in black and silver ^_^ Go Spurs go!

  208. Nemke says:

    ahahahhaha,im laughing my azz off…oh Laker fans, you are funny…what now Howard isnt enough,you want CP3 too ?? there is one problem, SALARY CAP !!! and some other guy said “trade ODOM for IGUODALA”…are you serious ???

    Laker Fans – Delusional fans…

    trade Kobe,get rid of his 3 years- 90 million deal…Kobe is an anchor thats pulling you down…rejuvenate your team…

  209. Diddy says:

    @ Cosmo: Bro you must be crazy to think that just because Amar’e outscored Dwight Howard, he is on the same level. Howard affects both ends of the floor. Amar’e barely plays any D and HE STILL DOES NOT REBOUND!!! I am no DH12 fan but dude is legit. Amar’e is not on his level.

  210. Trevor says:

    Someway, somehow, Dwight will be in OKC! Game over…..

  211. ChitownGuy says:

    Howard should come to Da Bulls…our MVP needs a Scottie Pippen

  212. CELTIC ALL DAY#18 says:

    come dwight, come 2 da celtics we need ya

  213. lakers fan turning to OKC fan slowly.... says:

    the laker lost the series, and were inconsistant throughout the season, because they got rid of their bench, sasha and farmer. farmer was an excellent 20 minute guy, he creates his own shots, got to the basker easily, instant energy and creates for other, played very well along shanon. and sasha wow i was surprised, a pure cluctch 3 point shooter, and defender, their was no way the jet would’ve made that many threes if sasha was defending him, or at least he would;ve answer back with his own three. the mavs won that series with their bench. the laker got rid of good solid 15-20 min performers for some old washed up pitbulls that they didnt need. they already had two tough guys in the team, kobe/artest you dnt need theses new guys. the lakers played awsome triangle with the starter, and awsome fast paced transition with bench, no team cud\ve beat them last year, but this they were lost on the floor, farmer bailed out fisher on som many games last year, but this year they couldnt do anything. steve blake is not a scorer pg, he cant creat his own shot run or hussle on the defense like farmer does.

  214. cris says:

    lakers fan here. first and foremost wanna congratulate the mavs they were the better team.for all you so called lakers fans wanting a trade for pau shame on u, ya’ll weren’t saying that s*&! when they were winning championships in fact ya’ll were saying he’s the best pf in da league and now u him gone. i say keep pau and as tempting it is to get dwight on the team i’d rather they not do to his poor freethrow abilities .

  215. Russell says:

    A point guard is a better goal in 2011. Bynum won’t start the season in surgery this year and we can finally see if he will be the dominant big man he can be. Howard won’t be even available until the season starts. But our guards need help. If we can steal anyone this year, I would say bring Chris Paul west. He wants out of New Orleans and Paul and Bryant in the back court would be a coaching nightmare.

  216. Y$D11 says:

    Yea great post Logical Kobe Fan I think that bynum has not reach His full potential jet and due to all the time that he spends injured, Fisher is getting old and should be coming of the bench. If I had to make a decision in choosing what do I want to add to my franchise I would go with Howard replacing Bynum that would give the Lakers more security and I think is easier to find or develop a point guard than a center and there are some talented guards coming out of college, but if we get CP3 or Williams and Howard that would be a dream for a all Lakers fans

  217. Cosmo says:

    LakersWillWin says:
    Amar’e almost the same level as Howard? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!???!!? That was one of the most un thought out sentence I have ever heard.

    Hmmm…my guess is that YOUR statement was not thought out. “Un Thought??? WTH?!? And as for the content, I gather you think that Amare is NOT almost the same level as Howard? I would agree since Amare outscored Howard by almost 2 1/2 ppg.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      True, Amare was a BEAST before “The Trade” for Carmelo. His numbers would probably be higher without Carmelo on the squad. He had to give up some scoring to fit Carmelo in.

  218. jordan says:

    hes going to the celtics we got more money than anyone so that aint a problem and maybe a couple trades………by by big baby : (

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      He would fit the team well, but I can’t see how Boston puts a trade together.
      If I were Dwight I would be looking at younger teams.

  219. mabuhay says:

    Playing sports is either you play well or not is part of the game. We swept the Lakers but at least gave the Mavericks a credit. But please don’t say…Lakers beat themselves…c’mon now. If we were able to beat LA in four games, our chances of beating either Thunder or Grizzlies is greater. You watch, it will be Mavs and Heat in the Final!

    I truly hope Dwight will not go to LA…I think it’s a wishful thinking….

  220. tsuki says:

    I agree with Diddy. They need a solid PG and that might be possible with CP3, if he opts out of New Orleans. I would honestly perfer Howard to go to Boston than lakers. A Rondo to Howard connection could be lethal. My money says he stays with Magics, but wish is for him to go to Celtics.

  221. Caretos says:

    No doubt H willd fend well all the triples, what killed LA
    Good decision
    Go Grizzlies Go

  222. beastmode says:


  223. Lalalaland says:

    Lakers is getting old. They don’t need Dwight Howard. What they need is to shake their rosters with younger players. Younger players who’s adrenaline are higher come ” crunch ” time. Younger player who are hungry to win a title. Getting Howard would be the worst thing that Lakers will do. How many Lakers rosters are old. Yes one comment is right may be it is time for Fischer to come out of the bench or may be he should retire and give those younger bench player a playing time. And for the Orlando Magic case. Let Nelson go and get Derron Williams.

  224. Tom says:

    Howard, stay with Magic…or at least dont go to LA

  225. Diddy says:

    Its really tough to say. I don’t think Dwight Howard is the right answer for the Lakers. They are in desperate need of a point guard to take over for D-Fish and turn him into a backup. I do believe a trade of Gasol might be necessary for an explosive PF. Not sure what comes to mind at the moment but trades are always possible. The bench needs an overhaul because outside of Lamar and Shannon, there wasn’t much help. They need to get more athletic off the bench for sure. Everybody who is crying about letting Ariza go should stop because we won the championship the year after and guess who made the back-breaking shot…that’s right the crazy man himself, Ron Artest. A Jerryd Bayless, Jose Calderon( I know about the defensive problems but he is younger), Toney Douglas, Kirk Hinrich( who might become available after Jeff Teague’s performance in these playoffs), Jarrett Jack, Shaun Livingston as far as upgrades go but they definitely should look into getting Deron Williams to solidify the position for years to come. I’m not sure what’s available at the moment as far as secondary player is concerned but a Louis Williams would infuse the second unit. My opinion only. I do think that Dwight Howard would be great in L.A. but Andrew Bynum has the offensive skill set and defensive presence that makes me happy to keep him.

  226. Arif says:

    i think he will move to the boston celtics!

  227. arvinln says:

    let’s wait till nxt season….its gonna be awesome
    but the probability of win2x outcome D.howard at the hand of Laker.

  228. DatBoyDado says:

    Man BUMP DAT….. Dwight to tha Clippers along side Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and Mo Williams. That would be nice squad.

  229. Boston Celtics says:

    I think it would be great to get him on the celtics it would really improve the team 🙂

  230. CHAMPIONLAL says:

    if Howard really want to be a ring holder he will go to LA!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      If he wants Multiple RINGS he should be thinking Hawks, Bulls, OKC or hook up with CP3 in Orlando.

  231. ALex says:

    a lot of you guys are forgetting the nets as well, nets can give brooke lopez to the magic in order for him . But it all depends on how the nest do next season to see if they have a chance , if they can make the playoffs next year i say they have a legitmate chance of striking dwight howard. They have deron williams plus they are moving to brooklyn which means more endorsements plus they got some promising players as well. If the nets get over 40 wins next season i think they could get him , they have enough money .and in a few years they may have a chance to win it all

  232. KINGJAMES says:


  233. whitemamba says:

    What is this fuss all about? Howard will be traded to the Bulls for Brian Scalabrine!

  234. Perro says:

    So many moronic comments that he´ll go too Miami,,are the fans in Miami really that stupid?then again where were the fans in Miami b4 the Bosh/Lebron trade?hehe so stop with that,,or do u guys want go bankrupt b4 the guys even enter the court?,_IF_ he decides to leave he could join any team in the league that could afford him,so im not even gonna speculate on that,but Orlando really need too beef up the squad 2 keep him that´s for sure,otherwise i´d throw my vote on the Lakers cuz who wouldnt like 2 play along Kobe,and Orlando would probably get some good guys in return,and what a lineup they would have,,,wow!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      No doubt, all the Dwight to Miami talk is pathetic …

    • no says:

      ummm….miami is number 16 on the payroll with 67 million……la is at number 1 with 91 million….if anything it would be the lakers who would be “bankrupt b4 the guys even enter the court”…nice try though

    • HeatWave says:

      Not any more stupid than the LA fans saying Bynum, Kobe, Dwight and CP3 will be on the same team. And no real Miami fan is on here talking about Howard to Miami. Just posers or haters acting like fans. We seem to be doing just fine. But LA on the other hand could REALLY use him. See ya’ll next year.

  235. LAKER FAN.? says:

    Honestly I am annoyed of some LAKER FANS who think they know so much about basketball. Dwight to LA? that will be great but HONESTLY LAKERS LOOK AS OLD AS SPURS DO. We HONESTLY do NEED NEW AND FRESH PLAYERS TO THE TEAM. We have enough superstars in the TEAM.

  236. Ricky says:

    Seems a lot of people don’t know jack about the salary cap. Bynum and Howard are almost making the same amount of money. A straight up trade for Howard for Bynum is possible and maybe throw in Steve Blake just to keep their salary cap leveled. Orlando would be stupid to deny that offer if Howard wants to get traded. They can clear Bynums salary in 2 seasons. They have nothing to lose. They only gain. It’s either Bynum trade = Bust, or we rebuild in 2 years anyways.

  237. Walter says:

    Howard is going to stay in Orlando. He doesn’t carry the ego of LeBron and want to live up to his own hype. He isn’t like Carmelo where he’ll go with whoever offers the most money.

    I trust Dwight is loyal to Orlando like he says, and that Otis Smith will come up with a ridiculous proposition/trade(s) to keep Howard at home.

    Howard in LA??? Pssshhh. Howard is better than that. The Lakers are getting old. Howard is smarter than that. Besides, that’s all you guys can do out there in LA. Buy other teams’ talent after they develop the player. The Lakers are like the Yankees of basketall, they buy championships. WEAK SAUCE.

  238. George C. Roundtree says:

    Lakers 2011-2012:

    PG: D-WILL
    SG: KOBE
    PF: ODOM

  239. chris says:

    I’m sorry but why is it always the lakers will things like this? Does anyone really think that if Howard does give an indication that he won’t resign with the magic that other teams wouldn’t be interested in howard?
    Honestly, the lakers do not have a package that could beat some other teams out there. Say if memphis can put a gasol and randolph trade together (which would require extending randolphs contract). The bulls could really blow any team out of the water if they packaged Noah and boozer for Howard. Both are under contract for another 3-4 years each. Nobody could beat that offer & you can guarantee the bulls would pull the trigger on that deal in a second. Especially with taj gibson’s emergence @ the power forward position. Realistically even if howard becomes available the lakers don’t stand a chance.

  240. kelviN says:

    Guess it’s just about time we start hearing the whole ”meet you at the finals” bull again…

  241. Go Nug's (Next year, mabey) says:

    He’s staying in Orlando

  242. Francisco says:

    Yesterday I saw Bulls vs Atlante and is very easy stop Derrick Rose you just have to give himn space and he always gonig to penetrate in the paint. He has a few of plays but that´s all…
    And DHoward to La could be fantastic for Lakers fans

  243. replace ron artest,.and fisher,.they should bring Athletic guys like the pg of GS warriors-williams55,and paul george of indiana,.

  244. Yall dont know dwight. He aint gonna be like the rest of them. HE IS STAYING. We getting chris Paul and a championship next season. BET

    • Walter says:

      EXACTLY. Suck on it LA. You’re not going to buy Howard and anymore championships.

  245. Kazzy says:

    Your search “how-to-bolt-and-win-titles-in-LA” did not match any products.

    FML, i just searched this up on amazon -__-

  246. Gui says:

    You all (especially reporters) need to stfu about this. Dwight has made it clear Orlando is his city and he’s not going anywhere. Keep dreaming.

  247. Heat123 says:

    He is most welcome in Miami 😛 Even thugh it’s not happening, it would have been crazy!

  248. NEALfromITALY says:

    You know why their weak against team who have explosive PGs? Beacause their overall weakness specifically on defense is Pick and rolls. It always disappoint me watching the Lakers D on Pick and rolls they are so slow rotating and leading to a free outside shots!

  249. aaron says:

    Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson for package deal of Bynum, Artest, Blake, and Walton…we wll get Howard and fill our needs of a point gaurd with Nelson. those two with KOBE and Gasol would be incredible!!!

    • LakersLosersJoinedGLEEclubHAHA says:

      lols why would magic do a stupid trade like that? as if Magic would benefit with that.. Nelson is magics point guard and Dwight is Magics kobe.. and why the hell they will agree to strengthen an opponent lineup that they will face in the future?? Lols.. do that in PS3 instead…

      • dymatize says:

        You shud stick to ps3.. since you cant ball in reral life.. Mr. President of the Glee Club

  250. Dwight Howard says:

    Hey woorrrrllllddd!!!

    I love the city of LA, but i will not follow shaqs footstep, nor do what Lebron did. I will be faithful to my team. I have a full season ahead of me that im looking foward to. Nba fans, IM STAYING WITH ORLANDO, i will soon be announcing this. I hope the media can get off my @ss, So all your speculations is done with. Magic fans, rejoice!!! Check out my facebook page!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Hey Dwight, is it REALLY YOU!!!

      Please reconsider taking a pay cut to join the Heat! You can help the King get a Ring!
      Wade and Lebron will even let you hang out with them on the weekends (if you pick up the tab).

      Um, if this REALLY is Dwight, please don’t crush me for being flip. I hope you whip the Heat next season!

      • IX says:

        @kay Jaybee = pure hata, Dwight Help the king get a ring you say? Last time i checked Dwights sittin at home watchin LeBron on T.V competing for one of those. ANything else you wanna try tellin me? =p

  251. KCA says:

    For one of my friends who now loves the knicks because they got amare and chauncey, I could see Dwight possibly going to NY. If the Knicks can get the money which they probably won’t (Labor Union) The best thing that could happen for the knicks is if they got both Dwight and CP3. at which point they will be the number one rebounding team in the NBA until Wilt and Bill Russel come back to the NBA and team up. If that does happen and OKC gets a good center and Chicago gets a good 2 gaurd (Michael Redd, if healthy) For the next decade It will be Chicago Miami and New York fighting for the Finals spot to play against the Thunder or Memphis depending on how long Z-bo stays.

  252. EZE says:







    • LakersLosersJoinedGLEEclubHAHA says:

      lols.. only a fool will agree to trade what you wanted.. its like trading Monalissa painting to a candy bar.. here something for you to chew about 8=========D hahaha

    • ......... says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA good luck with that. I don’t understand how some people can be sooooo dumb.

    • funny says:

      as i laker fan i would that line up but thats never gonna happen its pretty hard to belive they’ll get howard and then u want to throw in all those people

  253. hahaha says:

    lakers fan are sooo retarded..now u guys want dwight??? wut about bynum then? i see people talking about getting cp3 omg guys..lakers are the best team in the league with best players. Kobe Bryant the best SG in the league, Pau Gasol one of top 3 PFs in the league, Bynum one of top 5 Centers in the league. Also, you guys got Odom, Artest, Blake, Barnes, Brown..etc. You really want dwight howard???? wut about Bynum then? just making a superstar team then its so crazy that you guys want more star players. I kno that Kobe cant win by himself and he needs the best center and PF in the league but just get the fact guys. Dwight is not gonna go to LA for sure.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      I’d say Kobe is slipping from that top spot, and Pau is slippin’ as well.

      That said they need a NEW COACH before any of this Dwight nonsense!

      But I’m glad to see the Lakers go down, and I don’t think Dwight will go there to team up with Kobe.

      We all know Kobe would have fits if Dwight took too many shots, or too much of his glory!

  254. noah says:

    Ok lets do it
    Bynum for Dwight
    And some how pick up Nash

    Suns need to let him get a ring before he goes.

    and maybe even Lamar for Andre Igulala however you spell his name

  255. Reuben says:

    In my humble opinion, I believe the present Laker-lineup can compete for rings for years to come. This year they just didn’t have the energy, intensity and motivation. Next season they will probably be just as hungry as they have been these last couple of years, and be just as dangerous. They should be careful not to make any too drastic changes to their team. Their previous formula worked for a reason.

  256. kobe24 says:

    dwight and cp3 on purple and gold…heheheheh 🙂

  257. bugoyski says:

    naah… even dwight will go to LA they will not sill win any championship… Phil Jackson retired already….

  258. D-mavs says:

    Too true- im also getting sick of the Celtics-Lakers thing every year with there old rosters people also don’t realise that now that Jackson has gone Lakers won’t be the force they ever were.
    Also going back to the realistic laker fan post i think he was meaning JJ Barea not J Kidd.
    Loving the D-Mavs roster this year, we have the vets to give the spine of the team yet very hungry players like Barea, Chandler and Stevenson slighly worried about Thunder’s firepower but i still reckon it’s going to be Heat-Mavs final.
    I always knew we would be Lakers Bogey side- just sayin.

  259. Lakers Trade Wizard says:

    This is my trade. A four team trade involving Los Angeles, Orlando, Denver and Minnesota.
    Imagine a Lakers line up of Starters : Howard, Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Rubio. Bench Bynum, Odom, Brown, Fisher, Lawson, Ebanks, Caracter

    Lakers Get – Howard, Rubio, Lawson (Wolves second round draft picks in 2013)

    Magic Get – Barnes, Galinari, Love, Cash [9 million from Lakers], (Denver 1 round Draft Pick 2015)

    Nuggets Get – Blake, J. Richardson, Beasley (Lakers 1 round draft picks 2012 and 2014) (Orlando 1 round draft picks in 2013 and 2015)

    Wolves Get – Walton, Nene, Nelson, Lakers 1 round draft picks Every two years (odd) until 2019, Magic 1 round draft picks every two years (even) ( until 2018)

  260. Justin says:

    the lakers are the front runners to get howard for sure but the spurs might be secound if howard wants to play for the best coach in the nba i thought the only thing missing for the spurs was a big man to help tim duncan well here he is R.C bufford the GM of the spurs go out and do your job and get rid of jefferson im not a spurs fan but it was just sad to see duncan go out like that he deserves better players araound him and if the lakers screw this up then i think the spurs got a good shot

    • LakersLosersJoinedGLEEclubHAHA says:

      ding*ding*ding* your the 1st to post after my post.. here’s your reward 8=======D enjoy!

  261. LakersLosersJoinedGLEEclubHAHA says:

    Dream on that Dwight will go to L.A. hahaha All lakers fans feeding themselves because of the terrible loss.. Its ok to dream.. hahaha… You can dream that lebron, CP3, dwight, blake griffin, wade to LAkers.. lols.. All teams now want an all-star line up.. lols.. Lakers did have that.. Shaq, Kobe, Malone, Payton, Fisher = lost to Pistons.. hahaha.. Whats. with the all-star line up this days.. lols even Boston KG, ray allen, pierce, rondo, oneal, j. oneal… lols.. Even lebron wants an all star line up with bosh, bibby, wade, lebron himself… lols!! I admire teams with less superstar but have team effort.. like Bulls and Memphis and OKC… lols LA, Boston and Miami would look like an idiot if they lose to these teams.. haha.. The one who will comment 1st on my post is a laker fan, boston, or miami heat fan or denies that he is and say im no laker, boston nor heat fan but…. lols.. Lakers must admit they are losers this year haha.. where is the broom?? sweep.. sweep.. sweep… >>> trashcan??? hahahaha losers!!! I think lakers lineups need to join the GLEE club?? hahaha

    • LakersLosersJoinedGLEEclubHAHA says:

      lols and kobe cant touch MJ.. haha he thinks he can 3peat?? 3peat your face!!! haha dream on kobe the MJ third rate trying hard copy cat.. hahahaha.. He watches MJ moves every night and imitates them… Kobe doesnt admit it but its true haha.. Kobe you need to join the GLEE club now coz your a LOOOOOOOOOOSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR hahaha just like ALL L.A. fans hahaha.. BROOM.. BROOM… BROOm.. hahaha

      • LakersLosersJoinedGLEEclubHAHA says:

        just to clear it up… the one who will post next to my post.. lols haha LAKERS, BOSTON, MIAMI looozeersss hahaha

      • dymatize says:

        Wow your such an idiot.. Really ? do us all a favor… stick wiv singing and dancing.. you GLEE CLUB FAG.. all your other post are stupid jst like you.. go buy urself some new tap shoes and a thong.. clearly you dont kno anything bout basketball.. keep dreaming.. GLEE CLUB.. really ! hahahaha your such a joke..

  262. SuperTeamHater says:

    what is it with these super teams people dont want to believe he will stay in orlando cause it wont be any fun look at the grizzlies or rockets without a superstar or a big contractthey win GAMES

    Lakers should land jeff teague a developing PG with smaller contract

  263. Centrix says:

    I heard that there is a trade plan that will be revealed after the playoffs. It involves the Magic, Hawks, and Bulls. The plan which will be materialized will end up Dwight Howard playing with the Bulls either next seaon or after next seaon.

  264. Dwight in a Laker uniform? It could be considered, but he wont look good on a Laker uniform. Lakers needs a point man, Fisher is getting old, i love him but i think his really getting old and slower. Lakers need a PG like Daron Williams or Steve Nash, Nash is getting old but he can still play, am I right or am I right? Hahahaha! Lakers vs Mavz? Lakers? Not hungry enough, clearly Lakers was the better team, but hats off to the Mavz they swept the Lakers. I’m a lakers fan, BIG TIME! But the way the Lakers played? Game 1 with a huge lead? Letting Kobe sit down 4th Quarter for 6 minutes? He had the hot hands, though he choked on the last second shot he had a great game. Pau wasn’t even putting that much pressure on Dirk, come on! The least he could have done was stop him with his fade aways. Ron Artest slapping Barrea? I haven’t seen Artest do something like that in year, hahahaha! I don’t know if the Lakers are slacking down when ever they get the lead, I mean how could you let the Mavz chase the lead just like that! Two thumbs up for the Lakers though, its unexpected for them to be swept, but they had a good season, wasn’t the best but still, we champions! hahaha! Well at lest until they fell from the Mavz! Lets get them next year Lakers! Purp&Gold!

    Dwight in Lakers, could be, but they don’t really need another Shaq in the Lakers roster. I mean Kobe and Pau did it before, TWICE! What the Lakers roster really need now? Is a Point Guard, we could still consider Dwight, but lets just wait and see what the management does. LETS GO LAKERS! BE LA!

    Oh! Thinking of Dwight in Boston or Heat? They don’t need to over rate their team, both teams are good enough. Just need to bring out their best men!

  265. Taiwan says:

    I love to see Howard to join Miami Heat with Wade, James, and Bosh. With BIG FOUR, they can beat the rest of teams easily.

    • Kay Jaybee says:


      Why didn’t you put CP3 on the list and make it a BIG 5? Get REAL!!!

  266. lakerfan says:

    If lakers land Yao he can atleast give a one two punch like with tmac for 24 minutes a game

  267. lakerfanteddy says:

    the Lakers have a great center we dont need Howard we need cp3! Bynum in three years will be considered better than Howard

  268. anurag manney says:

    i really want him to move to lakers


    He is not going to L.A
    Especially since you all(media) want him to!
    Kobe is old, the Lakers are done.

    Seriously you all sound like fools.

    He will Either stay in Orlando or go play for his Hometown Atlanta!
    Only possible teams he might consider Heat, Bulls or the Heats.

    Teams that are young and in the hunt for tittles not old farts!

    Howard has his eyes on the Playoffs!
    Too many “NEW” teams on the horizon for him to jump the “aging ” Lakers.

  270. anonymous says:

    i think a lot of you are overestimating how much nba players actually care about championships, when you are making millions for playing a game wouldn’t you just choose the nicest city to live in? dwight howard is probably fine with being a great player in orlando as long as he can keep going to the beach and living in a mansion on the coast, hell that’s what i would do.

  271. and1pobask says:


  272. Nemke says:

    Dwight Howard should wait for CP3 in 2012 when he becomes a free agent and the Magic should sign CP3…dont rush things and go to LA,it will be a stupid move…wait for CP3 and stay in Orlando…

  273. BOSTON says:

    History has Proven Lakers and Kobe Triangle Offense w/o Phil and Shaq or a Dominant Big Man + right timed “questionable calls” = No Rings. this should put the myth about Kobe’s greatness to rest once and for all

  274. BOSTON says:

    if dwight wants rings, a big market, loyal die hard true fans? he should go to boston he does not want to be compared to shaq right? so he should not go to LA and have to contend with ball hogs and the one man oriented triangle offense. besides triangle offense gets rid of a dedicated PG or a PG to run the point and it is focused to have the ball given at all times to the ballhog (KOBE) w/c is good if you play it well and have superstars disguised as bench players, but when it fails? it fails miserably. Boston knows real team play and they’ve got Rondo w/c in college Rondo played like D’Rose but switched styles to adapt to the Boston’s Team Offense

  275. Bor says:

    Lakers fans, Don’t even think about gettin DH! He’s coming to the CELTICS!

    • person123 says:

      He die before going to the c’s. He get at least 1 double t a game against dem.

  276. sampal30 says:

    if howard is gonna go to LA,this only implies one thing Kobe can’t really win a championship without a dominant big man.heck..stop the conversation about who’s the greatest nba player of all time because we all know who’s that and it’s definitely not the “black mamba”.MJ never had a dominant big man by his side and he was able to win 6 championships and he could have won more if he had one!!!!!

    • chris says:

      Jordan had Pippen. People dont see how Pippen was a masterpiece of the Bulls. Without Pippen, Jordan would not have won the 6 championships. Just look at the 1994 playoffs: The Bulls lost in the Conference Finals against the Knicks 3-4, without Jordan. These same Knicks lost 3-4 against the Rockets rigth after in finals. So the Bulls were one game away from winning a title without Jordan.
      The Lakers aren t good anymore because they have half a roster. They need a good point guard. fisher would be his replacement. Bryant-Brown for shooting guards. Odom and a new guy for the forward position. Gasol and two other new guys for the power-center positions. Get rid of Bynum and Artest, Blake, Walton, Barnes, get some new guys. Young guys. Bynum and Gasol together doesn t work. Gasol is good at playing the center position because he plays with the same agility as a power forward, it doesnt mean he must play power. Artest was a good piece when he was a great defender.

  277. Branden says:

    Here’s the thing. D12 hasn’t spoken out wanting to go to LA. It’s just a bunch of Laker hopes and dreams. Whereas, CP3 HAS said he wanted to go to Orlando because he knows between him and Howard they can do great things. I think CP3 coming to Orlando is far more likely than D12 going to LA. At least until we see how Orlando does postseason next year.

  278. BigPD7000 says:

    It’s funny because any Laker era started with a Center. In the start of the 70’s, they got rings thanks to Wilt Chamberlain. In the 80’s Jabbar and in 90’s/00’s Shaq. This became a cycle, so I don’t have doubts that they could do the same trick again

  279. Orlando says:

    Dwight stop using the newspaper as your excuse for leaving Orlando. If you want to go, then go, but be a man about it and just say you want to leave Orlando. Stop using excuses like Shaq did, or get another excuse because Shaq already used that one.

  280. LALALALAKER says:

    Seko’s pathetic he hype things up to make his fantasy lineup come true (wishful thinking though) im starting to think that Bus and West writes his cheques but as much as i like LA i honestly this kind of bull gives LA a bad rap. as LA already have to contend with fair weathered half hearted fans. and Kobe’s diva mentality he’s trying to make a new NYK in LA lmao!

  281. Kay Jaybee says:

    It is pure fantasy to think the Heat could pay for Dwight and the big three! Maybe Orlando would trade him for Wade or Lebron, but Bosh, I don’t think so …

    Stop dreaming!

  282. Kay Jaybee says:

    Any Heat fan that wants Dwight already just shows how shallow and scared they are of real competition.

    They don’t want to fight for rings, they want them handed to them!

    You got the hottest trio in Ball right now so asking for Dwight is just chicken!

    Show some courage!

    • IX says:

      I personally dont want Dwight(Because i dont like him) and im a heat fan, But relax with your high and mighty “your a coward speech”. Nothing wrong with someone wanting to improve their team.

  283. LAKERSKOBE says:

    you know what? trying to get CP3 to go to LA along with Dwight aint gonna work since the Triangle Offense does not require a dedicated playmaker since the triangle is designed to cover the flaws and utilize the advantages and disadvatages of a ballhog to its fullest. since it revolves around finding ways to get the ballhog his ball besides Dwights not as dominant as Shaq in his prime and no one is. and not even if you clone past dominant centers? none could compare to Shaq’s prime. the only thing that is valuable with Dwight is his Health and Power underneath. but he’s a bit undersized as past matches showed that Dwight could not guard Bynum

  284. Jag says:

    Dwight and Kobe can’t co-exist.

    Kobe needs people like Gasol, Bynum or Lamar who does not demand as much attention. Dwight will.

    I don’t see that happening.

    What Buss may be thinking is, should I dump Kobe as I did Shaq when he got older and get Dwight, CP3 and Carmelo.

    Look at this starting 5 – Dwight, Carmelo, Lamar, CP3 and some shooting guard.

    You all know Buss is capable of that.

  285. Rob says:

    Dwight’s coming to Boston if he really wants to win a championship.

  286. LAKERS24! says:

    I honestly think its a bad idea for Dwight to go to LA Kobe’s freakin OLD! and injury prone and aside from that? kobe’s best game is when he never let’s go of the ball, if he really wants it he can go to the clips along with CP3 or if Orlado’s serious about rings? trade away jameer and get CP3 anyway Orlando lost because of Jameer not being able to set plays otherwise since CP3 is interested in the Bobcats? he can go to Charlotte too.

    his options are 1. Orlando (kick Jameer, get CP3) 2. Charlotte (CP3 + Dwight) 3. Dallas 4. Spurs (cant beat pops)
    and lastly 5. Boston

    Lakers wins rings only when there is phil anyway since Kobe proved that its impossible on his own and even with Gasol Bynum and Artest Odom

    the media is only hyping things up as if its predetermined. if dwight is smart he’ll stay in orlando and get rid of jameer or go to the west and create his own legend by not going to LA and collaborating with the top 5 teams there to form a big 3 or a duo.

    if he goes to LA he’ll be forever be living behind Kobe and Shaq’s shadow only that Shaq is superior by a factor of 10 to Dwight in his prime

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Clippers baby, the ultimate insult to the Lakers!

      But Dwight isn’t going anywhere just to rip on the Lakers … I can only hope!

    • Sean says:

      Kobe is only 32! Not a spring chicken anymore but not old. They need a point guard and a bench. When they get that, they’ll be fine and everyone will stop worrying like they are now.

  287. Tenki says:

    I never thought that my earlier post about this topic would turn out this way. I mean, look at Howard’s face after his team got beaten by Atlanta big time that he didn’t even have the strength to look at the media guys after scoring 40 or so points and still lose the game. You can see in his gestures that so many things are running in his mind at that moment, and only he knows what’s into it. I won’t dive into any speculation because I might be wrong, but the way Dwight Howard addressed the issue before, I think he’s going to stay in Orlando and make Otis Smith work in the offseason after he tried to fix his roster that was not broken in the first place.

    I haven’t seen the essence of Smith’s tinkering of the Magic’s lineup since they made the NBA Finals in ’09. Gilbert Arenas is still lying around with a fat contract. They let Turkoglu devalue his game by playing in Toronto and Phoenix and get his services again instead of reinforcing his game into Van Gundy’s system. Lewis was never the same since the ink in his contract dried up. They let Gortat eat space in the inside, but not in their team. And the biggest benefactor supposedly was Howard, but the results have shown otherwise. That being said, Howard will stay, but not for long IF this trend would continue for at least three years from now.

  288. LOLakers says:

    DH12s not gonna go to the LA LOSERS or the LOSTon HELLtics unless he wants the smell of bengay all over him LOL! He’s gonna take his talents to South Beach! Then all we need to do is get CP3 to come here too and Miami will set the all-time record with 80 wins in the season and sweeps at every series in the playoffs! Then all of the Heat haters can cry like little babies as they watch Miami win 10 championships in a row and show everyone what a real dynasty is!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      You are afraid of any competition.

      Don’t have any faith in Lebron? Can Wade win it for you?

      Miami can’t pay five superstars … and that “dream team” is just your fantasy.

      Show some guts for a change!

      • LOLakers says:

        I’m not afraid of anything. The Heat will win this year and then when they get DW12 and CP3 they’re gonna make history and be the greatest team ever! So long MJ Bulls and welcome Lebron Heat! And goodbye Lakers forever!

    • tata says:

      Maybe the league can impose a rule that no team besides the Heat can have players over six-feet-tall.

      • LOLakers says:

        Oh come on your exagerating. Getting two free agents is not the same as handicapping every other team. People always hate on the Heat because they think its “unfair” that they got more talent but if we can attract the superstars then there’s nothing wrong with that and your just jealous!

    • dymatize says:

      10 championships in a row ? hahahahaha your the biggest joke of all.. hey listen up.. its true howard is goin to LA.. yea i kno the truth hurts.. Lebron only got dunk.. Wade a wanabe Kobe.. N bosh ummm does he even play.. The only bosh i kno is the one looks like a retarded dinosaur.. yea i kno its tru.. keep dreraming !

  289. michael323 says:

    GO TO BOSTON DWIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its perfect playing side by side with a true pg its almost too good to be true not only is a great dynasty but youll likely win more champinoships than going to the lakers i mean kobe is gettin old and rondo is young hope dwight makes the right decision obviously otis has let him down so i would understand if he leaves dont be like shaq and give kobe another ring its time for kobe to do it wit someone besides a center

  290. LAKERS! says:



  291. he’s going to charlotte, along with chris paul to try n make a championship team with MJ!!!!!

    (it’s just as crazy an idea as him going to lakers…)
    btw lakers don’t need another big man, they need speed and youth…..

  292. Nbafanpt says:

    Trade away the guy who is going to be the best center in the league for the next 6 or 7 years for an older guy?? Howard is only 2 years older then Bynum, and not to metion bynum previous injuries and what theyll do for the rest of his carrer.

  293. nashtie says:

    i think howard should go to phx… to help steve nash

  294. scarface32 says:

    hope miami trades of bosh, haslem, mike miller and gets dwight..lol..

  295. RiCky! says:

    who cares, the heat are gonna win every year anyways!

  296. vaballer4723 says:

    first of all i think dwight needs to stay in orlando instead of leaving period…he has a good team around him better than what they had when they went to the finals…to tell u the truth the problem in orlando falls in two categories: the coach and DWIGHT HOWARD….not saying howard is a bad player he is an excellent player but he demands the ball too much the offense shouldnt be centered around him true u want to dump it down low to him but create plays for other people on ur team he cant do it alone proven point was against the hawks in the playoffs…what did the hawks do??? they let dwight get his he scored 46 points and still lost he needs to get other people involves and if he does that like they did a couple seasons ago when they went to the finals they will be fine…put the ball in hedos hands and let him create oppurtunitys he has been the best point forward i seen in a while he can handle the ball…and another problem is jameer nelson he has been a cancer to their team they played better without him in the playoffs the year they went to the finals when they had skip to my lou (rafer alston)…all in all i think if he did go to la it would be stupid phil is leaving and they are not gonna be the same team they were when he was coaching if he does decide to leave the best place for him would be the KNICKS for two reasons: 1 thats exactly what they need a big man in the middle they have no good big man in new york which will also take the pessure off amare and 2 they will more than likely be getting phil jackson as there coach in 2012…thats if hes serious about winning thats the best position for him if not he needs to stay in orlando…thats my opinion…

  297. MiamiFan says:

    who in their right state of mind would trade a bum like Bynum! for a player like Howard? dream on Laker fans!!!

  298. ThinkDeeply says:

    Ramnifications of a “decision”…
    Once more people understand the feeling of Cavs & Nuggets fans, we’ll realize there’s greater honor in living up to the standards of “Kings”…SMH

    • ThinkDeeply says:

      Doing it as good as it has been done before = the standard
      Doing it BETTER than it has EVER been done before = GREATNESS!

  299. Pete BR says:

    If a trade is bound to happen in L.A, I would suggest hunting Chris Paul this time around. Derek Fisher is too old to handle young PG’s, Steve Blake would be a good bench warmer, but a very poor substitution for Derek Fisher once he retires.

    The Lakers were not as effective as last season in the playoffs because they had trouble finding themselves out there, they needed someone to light their way to easier shots, someone who can manage the floor. And a player who can, not only replace Fisher, but Kobe as well, is Chris Paul.

    Sure D.Howard would be great, but if there is someone that is mostly needed, is Chris Paul. And not because young, flashy PG’s are the new fashion, because he can run the floor like few others can. He’s a leader, he’s a great defensive player, he can shoot, he’s clutch, he can infiltrate and make plays ( such thing Kobe can’t do all game long no more ) and he can rebound. He can do everything, and with the experience of Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant to teach him new ways, he’d be seriously unstoppable.

    Once again, the Lakers are not in desperate need of Howard, ( I’m not against him coming, I’d love to see him in L.A )
    Lakers are in desperate need of someone who runs the floor, someone who can make plays easier a new player to be the face of the Lakers in the future.

    Bring on CP3. ( I wouldn’t mind Howard.. 😛 )

  300. Jwest says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like all of Seko’s blogs are Laker related?

  301. Lorenzo says:

    Everybody clear your heads and really think where the best fit for Howard would be considering winning a championship and having the best young players to do it with? DO you know yet? Not LA, Not Boston, Not New York, Not anyone else but Miami Heat. Why? Because of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, now doesnt that sound unrealistic more like a great Fantasy team,, but if i was the owner of MIami, hint, hint, I would get Allen Iverson back from Overseas and give him a chance at playing a much needed point guard postion in Miami,,, just imagine…. Iverson at point guard,, Wade at Shooting Guard,, Lebron at Small Forward,,, Bosh at Power Forward,, and Howard at Center,, no one would be able to stop them put any money on it,, they would have a 65+ win season,, now Nba please review this Charles and Kenny if you really know anything about basketball man,,, LT signing out!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      How can Miami pay for 5 stars? Be real!

      And have some confidence in your big three. It’s sad you want more stars to pad your team.

      Afraid of the competition?

    • al respect the game says:

      dude, wake up already. deng

    • Kevin says:

      HAHAHAA AI?? Guy will leave after a few games rofl.

      @Kay Jaybee, the heat can pay AI @ the veteran’s minimum salary.

      @Lorenzo, not confident of Miami? Hahaha

  302. tru kobe fan says:

    lakers just need to build a young good team.
    cause for some reason they playin to slow …and the game gettin faster..
    they just need a few good changes.

  303. hahah... says:

    Dwight in New Jersey i would love to see D. Will and Dwight
    or Dwight in DC J.wall and dwight combo would be nice

    • Sunsman says:

      Finally someone mentions New Jersey.. Money is there, good trade value for Orlando in Lopez, great point guard to break down the D with great dishes for easy points/highlights means more sponsership $ for Dwight as highlights keep coming. Good coach in Avery J who will get his team playing great D which Howard excels at. Find a athletic wing, and couple of defence oriented players who can shoot 3ball. Laughing!

  304. anonymousfascinate says:

    It may be nice. But be wary, LA had this monstrosity of a lineup in 04. They didnt know what hit them. PISTONS D.

  305. ZEKE says:


    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Why, so Lebron and Wade can take time off mid-season?

      Do you think you don’t have enough talent to win yet?

      • ......... says:

        Kay Jaybee shut up already, we get it that you don’t like Miami. You don’t have to comment on every single post.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      I am ok with the Heat, I just don’t get why their fans keep asking for Dwight …

      • IX says:

        ima Heat fan, i dont want howard.

      • ........ says:

        Everyone is asking for Dwight. Just like everyone asked for DWade and Bron. I don’t get why Lakers fans are asking for Dwight when their center is one of the up and coming stars in the league, But it’s just how it is. Everyone wants another superstar, Yes Miami fans should be rational and realize Dwight’s not going to come, So should Laker fans. Kobe said he doesn’t want the roster to get blown up, and as well all know, what Kobe wants, Kobe gets, Basically, Dwight will either stay in Orlando, or go to NJ with D Will. That’s my best guess.

  306. lakers 2 the world says:

    you damn right. a logical kobe fan.everything you said in that comment is the plain truth and how i feel as well(mostly).but if it was up to me.the only players (starting next draft season )from LA who’d stay a laker would be offcourse kobe,lamar odom,shannon brown and andrew bynum.everyone else would be tradded for better players.if salary cuts from kobe and the rest is needed then thats what needs to take place to make a change that’s desperately needed for LA.

  307. Jasp3R says:

    Dwight would be a great addition to LA. However i cant stop thinking about the Dallas sweep.

    What was going on between the team and Berea. Also the snaps at the officials that landed the team fines and big phil. As you can see on the court especailly in game two something isnt quite right. Corruption in the highest ranks of the sport maybe???? I will leave you with that thought.

    Howard come to LA, support Kobe in his final years and build LA a new dynamic team. Im sure Blake would love to play in this team as well.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Are you saying Cuban bought the title from Stern, and the Lakers were mad so they beat up Barea?

      Thats an interesting conspiracy theory …

      But I think the Lakers just lost their edge cause they don’t have any revenge to get and lost their fire.

  308. Jon P. says:

    Anyone who thinks the Lakers are going to trade Bynum for anybody is just stupid and not paying attention. The big talk two years ago was Bynum for Bosh, Lakers said no. Big talk this year was Bynum for Carmelo, Lakers said no. The fact is that the Lakers ownership LOVE’s Bynum, Jim and Jerry Buss will never let him be traded, Kupchak knows that Kobe and Bynum are the only two Lakers who are untouchable. Why would they trade him for Howard? He’s never won anything. He’s smaller than Bynum, he doesn’t have as good of an offensive arsenal as Bynum, he can’t shoot free throws, Bynum shoots them great. Bynum is longer, and he’s just figuring out that he can dominate anybody inside. Bynum is 23 and gets better all the time. Trade away the guy who is going to be the best center in the league for the next 6 or 7 years for an older guy who used to be? That would be dumb, and the Lakers know that. The only way Howard ever puts on a Lakers jersey is alongside Bynum, and that has little chance of happening. This column is meaningless.

  309. roy andil says:

    lol, hahahahahahaha………….. all ur comments are just laughing stuffs to all coaches… although partly its true.. but eventually the game will dictate itself often times… in basketball it has been a history that to win a game depend not solely on who are your players……….. because if all team posses a very good roster then the game is unpredictable. so is happening in the NBA right now.
    Dwight Howard is very popular already and receiving much than most of the players in the NBA, if HOward will transfer, he is just the same as Shack O’neil that can be bought with money……… Magic has a good set of players and Dwight knew it……….. Magic needs more pro not Lakers need more………. their overflowing……… one thing more, Lakers fan are quite selfish………… theyd like to win all championships and if they fail in that season, they’ll condemn players and give a notion to buy from other teams their so called click/missing link………… hey shut up………. give the roster a place to rest…………. they gave their best like other teams do……… only that this time they were short of it……….

  310. Vincent says:

    I hope Dwight Howard will stay in Orlando. This will be a nightmare for the Magic, they have experienced it before with Shaq O’Neal, I hope the Magic can convince Howard to stay and win a championship next season. I wonder if the Lakers has anymore contract to offer him, they have big contracts with their starting line up.

  311. Sean says:

    Ha, just what LA needs, ANOTHER big man?! They need speed and agility as the Mavs clearly demonstrated.

  312. siv024 says:


  313. are we in playoffs yet? says:

    Lakers fan can keep on dreaming. They need this in order to forget how old they looked. In the meanwhile, what happen to the 3peat Lakers fans? Weren’t the Lakers supposed to be playing in June? hahahahaha. You are not getting Howard and next year you will be the number 8 seat, HAHAHAH. No 3peat. It’s over. Miami 4peat.

    • Larian says:

      it looks like you are the one who is dreaming. do you even realize you are commenting on a NBA official post that talks about Dwight possibly heading to LA. hahaha………………………………………………………. just laught at yourself please.

      also, Miami better win a championship this season, becaue they advertised to the whole nation to watch them win, or else we will see Lebron heading somewhere else again, Bosch getting traded, and you crying. lol

  314. ROSS363 says:

    Dwights lookin to play with an all star caliper point guard that can both help him with the scoring load and dish him the ball at the right times, just like the bulls need someone to help Rose with the scoring load. I say Dwight either consider going to the Nets and playing alongside D-Will, and together turn the franchise upside down to the caliper it was when it had VC, J-Kidd and RJ in the starting lineup, or wait and see where CP3 goes, and consider teaming up with CP wherever he goes, but leaving Orlanda is a big must for him…going to LA however is not.

  315. Dubtrey says:

    I doubt Dwight will go to Miami or Boston, it would be too much power struggle in my opinion. the obvious choice is either Orlando or Los Angeles. If he wants to go to Los Angeles the Lakers would likely get rid of Gasol and Bynum, along with a few bench players. If he stays in Orlando then Otis Smith has a lot of work to do. Maybe get a better bench (that doesn’t rely on three’s). I don’t think that Smith will get a new PG but if he does I don’t know if he will start because Jameer Nelson deserves a starting position for everything he has done.

  316. Drunktony says:

    He’ll be coming to the clippers to play alongside Blake

  317. orrin says:

    i dont think howard will leave orlando for l.a. Sorry lakers fans but the kobe era is coming to an end and howard going to l.a would be nearly the same as orlando right now. i do think he will leave but to a team like the nets or warriors not lakers

  318. Marcus Simões says:

    Chris Johnson, Aleksandar Pavlovic, Carlos Arroyo, Von Wafer, Jermaine, Glen Davis, Nenad Krstic and Shad to Orlando.

    Dwight Howard to Boston.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      I am a Boston fan, but really thats a good joke. Orlando wouldn’t even start any one of those players!

  319. talesis1 says:

    I just happen to know for a fact that D12 has no desire to play for the Lakers and he wants to remain in Orlando. Don’t ask me how I know just trust me. With that being said the idiots who wrote this article should have taken the time to finish reading the rest of his tweets about how he loves Orlando and he wants to finish his career in Orlando. And a little fyi Shaq said along that he wanted to be a laker and he said this while at LSU , he used the media as a cop out. This is just another ESPN / Laker bias driven media story.

    • al respect the game says:

      get ur facts right cause he did say with his own mouth he wants to play with kobe and said he would like to play for the lakers. Do some research son.

  320. jowell says:

    you guys can trade for anyone or get anyone, as long as kobe ballhog stays in lakers, keep on dreaming for another championship fanboys!! kobe should retire! jordan wannabe

  321. Kay Jaybee says:

    Then we would see Jack courtside seat at all the Clippers games and all the Hollywood guys would jump ship. I would have so much fun laughing at the Lakers!

  322. Lee Garcia says:

    I think Dwight will stay in Orlando or go to NJ along with Deron Williams…
    The Russian billionaire would do anything to get huge players for the next 2-4 years…

    Moreover, I see Igoudala going to New Orleans alongside Chris Paul wherein he will play 2-guard!

  323. beantown says:

    if howord goes to boston its a sure ring… im addressing this to dwight, just think of that

  324. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    dwight is obviously not a big factor in their winning 46/19 the first game and they lost. He wants a market of his own he liek the fame and fortune Kobe would ruin that for him because it will be the same ole story (kobe led the lakers to a championship blah blah blah…played out). Kobe is what you make him to be fans but if someone out of the blue just walked in without the “publicity” that comes with the name he is just your average joe (SHAQ NOW GASOL) come on fans why does he need dwight if he has (odom gasol bynum artest fisher barnes) this squad of players are great in their roles the only one that doesnt have a role on this TEAM is Kobe. Why do you laker fans need dwight. if lakers really want to be successful they would trade kobe for chris paul then they would be unbeatable and i am a Miami Heat fan but that there would hurt the face of the franchise because Kobe has been marketed so well (intangibles as well as tangibles of the lakers as a company) so Mitch it’s a tough decision do you want to win at a cost (cp3) or do you want to lose at a cost (trade gasol).

  325. rondo says:

    Lakers fan Andrew Bynum is not the problem. I really wonder why you are looking for a hybrid center to solve your problem. What your problem is,A quick point guard and a quick small foward and Kobe Bryant is almost finished Trading Young Bynum will prove a boo boo for the Lakers because you will also have to give up Lamar Odom. In return you will be given lots of junk plus Dwight Howard. If the Lakers got Deron Williams that would be the smart move.

  326. patrick says:

    yall are all crazy.andrew is just as good as dwight its not andrews fault they loss he played great he just can only take 12 shots a game because of kobe and dwight is more of a superstar so if he shots 12 times a game wouldnt that become more of a problem then the lakers allready have?

  327. Spur Fan says:

    San Antonio must get him!! With Howard as a Center, playing at the low post with Duncan, it would be like having the New Twin Towers! Anyway, adding him to any team with a superstar, is almost a ticket to playoffs.. imagine Rose and the Bulls, or the knicks, in offense with Melo, and locking up the key on both sides with Amare…

  328. Kay Jaybee says:

    Dwight should go the the Clippers with Blake, now that would be awesome! The Clippers would take over as LA premier team and the NBA would go nuts … That would be the best!

  329. sAMMY says:

    Miami should ship off Bosh, Haslem and Bibby to Orlando for Superman!!

    • ironman says:

      maybe the vest thing is LA LAKERS should reshuffle their team rosters, retain derek fisher coz he’s a veteran and we admit that he’s a good 3 point shooter, he needs a good back up PG, plus we need to have a good center to back up bynum, bynum is a good cebter he’s young, he will be in his best shape next year..

      kobe,artest,odom,gasol and a new PG would make this team a contender next year

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Does that mean Miami has already given up on this roster? Already given up on Bosh? Wow, that’s fickle … what a team.

  330. LeBron Rulz says:

    DH12 + RR9… THAT would be awesome

  331. florin says:

    i would hope to see the klnds of Dwitght Howard and maybe someone like Chris Paul, John Wall to BOSTON CELTICS, because they really need some kind of these players. GO CELTICS !!!!

  332. NBAfan says:

    dunno what ppl smoke saying orlando will trade howard for bynum, orlando is not memphis lol lakers fan keep dreaming

    • al respect the game says:

      the other option is him walking in a year. neiher He nor orlando will want that. if he walks, they get nothing back, and he goes to a crapy team that needs rebuilding beacuse those r the only teams that have cap space for him. period.

  333. Chuck says:

    Outside of seeing Jack, Dustin and Spielberg at the games (if the team crumbles like it did this year you won’t see them much) why would Dwight merely shift from one bad team to another. Kobe is putting in for social security, Gasol would be gone and you are left with a couple of head cases, a 60 year old point guard and a new coach. Very unlikely and if he does, a stupid move.

    If he is looking to get of the first round, how about the most logical place-the Nets with a great point guard and cap room? Maybe even Atlanta which would be a good fit. But give us a break, it’s like a given everyone wants to go to LA. The drought years are here for them such as it did for Boston all those years.

  334. Pat says:

    Just thought about it, and if Dwight went to Golden State they would be unstoppable! Would have offense capable of putting up HUGE numbers and Dwight would provide a defense presence not normally seen on a fast moving offense team like Golden State.

  335. Kert says:

    I Love to see Dwight Howard play for the New York Knicks next season.. : )

  336. erik32 says:

    Hey Dwight if you want a ring go to LA,no hesitation im sure you will get not one but tons and a lot of love from socal

    • check yourself says:

      in your dreams. more like it will be exactly like rondo and boston. a young guy and a bunch of old guys.

  337. Centrix says:

    Dwight Howard will go to Chicago to join the young and quickly emerging to the top team. Going to LA Lakers would be a disaster for him as the Lakers are an old team now. Their coach, Phil Jackson, said that there was an age issue with the current Laker Players, including Kobe Bryant. They were easily defeated by the Mavericks because they are alreadya an old team. The Lakers run for championship is over. It is now the Chicago Bulls turn. The Bulls will have tons of championships to come, and Dwight Howard wants to become a part of that. He also likes to stay in the Eastern Conference to compete with the Miami Heat, which is also composed of quickly aging team players. The Bulls would make a lot of sense for Howard Dwight to acquire plenty of championship rings.

  338. Deon says:

    Y does it matter which team dwight goes to as far as we no he is staying in orlando…….. i mean seriously does it matter its not like we are going to get a ring if the team he goes to win to nba championship so shut up and let him decide where his future in going to be and the media can shut up with all the rumors just because they arent getting paid as much as he is so let him choose and if he goes to da lakers whoop de damn doo its not like he is going to fix every problem the lakers have and i mean who can work well with kobe people need to ammit that kobe is gettting old and cant carry the lakers like he use to and they need sumbodi in boston because garrnet paul and ray allen was playin ball when the dinosaurs were here lol jokin they are great player but they are also getting older so shut up with the rumors and let dwight decide if he wana leave or stay!!!!!!!!!!

  339. jowell says:

    dream on lakers fanboys! kobe is the most overrated player ever, just a ballhog that even his teammate doesnt respect him! how SWEEP it is!!!

  340. jayEM says:

    wow! just thinking about it right now, really get me so excited! kobe & dwight, two of the elite defenders in the league (both member of all defensive 1st team this year) right now, teaming up together and add ron ron to the mix, Lakers will be the most dominant team in the league that provides extrordinary defense!

  341. Cody says:

    Hey, just saying… These piece of crap media postings are the very reason Dwight is looking at leaving Orlando in the first place. Lebron got pissed when people started playing up his free agency, and now everyone’s going to do the same thing to Dwight Howard? Good plan, keep egging him on…

    Terrible idea.

  342. Dwight12 says:

    I Love Dwight… I really do… I want him to win a Championship so if he goes to LA, I would love that and if he stay in Orlando (and Orlando be getting a good young player maybe CP3) I would also do love that… either of the two baby! C’mon, if Dwight wouldn’t move to a team like LA and Orlando wouldn’t make any move to be a strong contender again, Maaannn, Dwight’s career will be similar to Malone and Barkley… No ring…

  343. Lee says:

    i don’t think Orlando will let go of Dwight, thats the reason they traded Lewis to get Hedo back coz they felt during that time they compiment each others game than Lewis, they may tarde either Arenas or Nelson w/ other players for a solid pg, Deron or Paul maybe, i don’t think Orlando will make the same mistake twice, they’ll reach to heaven to make Howard happy, they are 1 piece away.. another is Bynum has cranky knees which he injure’s often and may be a liability for the Magic, no way they’ll trade for him..

  344. JR says:

    Shame on him if he goes to the Lakers, I’d never cheer for him again.

  345. Anniel says:

    stop he is coming to miami to play with he’s good friend wade and is over and miami will be a dinasty bigger than any other one ever in sports….

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      I don’t think they could pay all those max salaries, unless maybe they only have 4 guys on the team! That would make it more interesting, 4 on 5 with Dwight, Lebron Wade and Bosh taking on a five man team!

      If they somehow magically pay for all those stars it would just be stupid, no one could compete, and no Heat player would get any credit because it would be like USA Olympic dream team, not even a contest. NBA would suffer!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      What if we put MJ, Malone Pippen and Ewing on a team back in the day … just make competition irrelevant.
      Most self respecting people would cheer for the underdog!
      If a highschool teams straight up played a Junior high team only fools would cheer for the high schoolers and brag when they win.

      Get the analogy? At a certain point it takes the fun and respect out of the game.

  346. D Wade561 says:

    Dwight Howard is staying with Orlando so just give up on the idea. Orlando just need a good PF to do some scoring and rebounding with Howard. I think it would be a great idea to trade to get Blake Griffin or Kenvin Love both players can play center and PF. Both Giffin and Love are wasting their talents on their current teams.

  347. B.O.B says:

    i don’t know if the salary matches, but what about Pau and Bynum for Dwight and Jameer/Arenas. i’m sure you could get the salary to match with bench warmers.

  348. D Wade561 says:

    Dwight Howard is staying with Orlando so just give up on the idea. Orlando just need a good PF to do some scoring and rebounding with Howard. I think it would be a great idea to trade to get Blake Griffin or Kenvin Love both players can play center and PF. Both Giffin can Love the wasting the talents on their current teams.

    • D Wade561 says:

      A lot of typo’s

      • IX says:

        Haha the Magic have absolutely nothing the Clips would want and same goes for T’wolves. Trade there best players for the tree point happy magic players… i think not

  349. Rojzilla says:

    Dwight said he doesn’t want to be pushed out of Orlando like Shaq? so he’s saying he doesn’t want a three-peat with Kobe? ok, good luck trying to win with a bunch of mediocre players like LeBron tried to do in Cleveland for 7 years, coincidentally both only making it to finals once. unless Chris Paul goes to Orlando, it would be dumb to stay in Orlando with the same core players that failed this year.

  350. are we in playoffs yet? says:

    Howard is going nowhere. If anything, he will be going to New York. That Lakers already have to big men and they will need to give a lot to get Howard. However, I would’t mind having him playing with Lebron, Wade and Bosh.

  351. Jazzy says:

    Trade Howard for less athletic and Injury prone Bynum? LOL….

    Dream on Lakers’ Fans…

    Think about this…

    Howard carry his team in his shoulder. He’s the key. He’s the leader.

    Bynum is just but a role player.

    Orlando will be stupid to do trade Howard for Bynum.

    You can take Howard in exchange of Pau AND Bynum. That makes more sense.

    • al respect the game says:

      well sadly orlando only have 1 yr to prove to dwight that they can win a championship. and if they cant, well guss what he will walk. LA definately wont get him then but guess what, Orlando aint getting jack either. THEY WILL NOT LET HIM WALK. Same with melo. settle for the trade instead of getting nothing back. Why do u think boston traded perkins?? because he would have walked. as much as they miss him now, they had to get something for him. its business. And many ppl keep forgetting, LA is the only team that can offer a legitimate big man in return, DREW, who at some point this past season, looked like the second best center in the NBA. trust me it works for both teams

    • Kevin says:

      And when Kobe retires, you’ll be stunned seeing Drew average 25+ ppg

  352. Chris says:

    I hope Howard’s gonna stay put! There are not many players left in the NBA, who care about the team, that has given them the opportunity to be their franchise player.
    LeBron & Bosh to the Heat, Anthony to the Knicks, it just can’t go on like that!

    Sure, good players should look to be on good teams, but franchise players should be the ones, that put their teams on their back, not turn their back on their teams!!!

    Look at what Nowitzki has done. He could have left and joined a “better” team. Instead he stayed, even took a paycut, kept playing like an MVP, and has his team back on track to the finals. When he signed the new contract, almost everybody questioned his decision, but now he proves them wrong and has his wish come ture – another shot at the title!

    I really hope the Mavs are gonna be the champions this year! Just because loyalty would beat the “superfriends”.

  353. Champkobe says:

    I’m a Laker fan and even IM tired of this talk. Sure, maybe Howard or CP3 might come to LA in 2012, nobody knows. But you can’t build your trust as a fan ONLY based on your little fantasy dreams. Why can’t we stick with who we have and see how we do? And honestly, the last person I want to be traded is bynum. Even if LA trades for howard, ship gasol off instead of bynum. Gasol’s at the “peak” of his career while bynum has a good 6 or 7 years to develop.

  354. sargesmash says:

    I personally don’t want to see Howard go to the Lakers. Mainly because it always seems like they get the best of these deals. I’d personally love to see him go to the Spurs, help Duncan get a title or two more before he retires, kind of like Duncan did for Robinson, but realistically, there’s not much chance for that.

    In a lot of ways, the Spurs and Lakers are stuck in the same boat. They can’t get the value back that they need from most trades. And much like Duncan and the Spurs, Kobe’s not getting any younger. He seems to be unable to single-handedly will his teams to victory like he used to, at least not on a consistent basis.

  355. are we in playoffs yet? says:

    Howard is not going to LA. The Lakers have no room for him. He will be in Miami after next season joining Lebron, Wade and Bosh.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      How could the Heat possibly pay max for those four stars? New CBA, yeah right!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Don’t you think you can win with your big 3 so you need a 4?

      Already looking for another star to put you over the top?

      Have any confidence in Lebron or Wade … LOL!

      You can’t pay that many stars so keep dreaming!

    • al respect the game says:

      ididot. he is not going to LA but he’ll go to miami. do u listen to urselves sometimes?? sheesh

      • al respect the game says:


      • Kay Jaybee says:

        I know he’s not going to LA, he’s not going to Miami either. Think about it and try to do the math! 3 max salaries, can the Heat pay 4 forget about it!

    • check yourself says:

      bulls all day everyday. best pg in the nba and player

  356. dsda says:

    what makes everyone so convinced that dwight will go to the lakers, seriously dwight nor the lakers have no leverage to make this happen, the new CBA might have that franchise tag on him, and the lakers have no money what so ever to sign him since the over glorified ball hog kobe is hogging half their cap already, its not as simple as yeah throw bynum in throw gasol in NO!, the magic will milk out as much talent just like the nuggets did, bynum is not that valuable espcially after these playoffs, lamar and gasol may have to go with him to even have a chance, seriously after those 3 who else has trade value theyre sure as hell not trading kobe, artest? pulease poison contract and a bonehead, laker fans do your homework before you make this argument

  357. Flipfire says:

    You can tell Howard is getting sick of carrying the team. Nelson helps out sometimes but we used to be a 3 point team, now they put too much stress on Howard. I can’t believe they got rid of Lewis and Peitrus, and Carter was up and down but had good energy. They need to stack the team up and stop making poor trades or Howard will get fed up and dip. When you have teams like Boston that our well rounded and have every man able to make deadly shots, we can’t compete. I hope we pick up someone good and make the team more well rounded.

    • lakers baby says:

      when the magic lost for lakers for the finalss still they were good team but they broke down that team sending terkelu to toronto and then bring him back and lat go reshad lewis was a bad bad move it was a good 3 point shooting team

      • IX says:

        Cant win only taking threes, and i kinda disagree with the whole “they put too much stress on Howard” Howard rightfully complained of how he didnt get enough touches in the past. And now he is, Cant complain about that now. Its not necessarily the Magics team that is bad. Its there play style. Get Stan Van Outta there.

        Notice the Magic either blow teams out and look great (when theyre making theyre threes) or get blown out and look horrible (when theyre missing theyre threes). The continuous use of the 3 is fools gold and they wont go ANYWHERE if they continue to use that style, i dont care if they were to clone a team of Ray Allens around Dwight. That three isnt gonna fall all the time. They rely on it too much. And during the playoofs when all the pressures on, That basketball hoop gets reeeeaaal small.

  358. biebs says:

    nash to orlando! come on give that guy some love and let him win one chanmpionship. he deserves it.

  359. Vishal says:

    Unless Dwight can guard the perimeter against the likes of Jason Terry, Stojakovic, Ray Allen and James Jones, I do not see how he can make Lakers a championship team. I think Lakers need somebody like Ty Lawson and/or one of them shooters from Notre Dame/Ohio State.

  360. steagle says:

    You know New Jersey is going to try to get Howard. They’ve dropped hints about that all season long leading up to the D-Will trade and you know D-Will is only going to stick around with the Nets if they can bring in another superstar. D-Will and Superman would be a nearly unbeatable duo, harkening back to the Stockton and Malone era. Nets would still have a great deal of building to do and it wouldn’t automatically translate into a championship or even deep playoff run necessarily, but it would be the start of a new era for this floundering franchise. I, too, am sick and tired of LA buying everything they want and always being in the playoffs. It’s time for some new teams to get the spotlight. OKC and Memphis have been inspirations to small market teams everywhere and I hope that kind of momentum continues whenever Howard decides where he wants to go.

    • ROSS363 says:

      Totally agree, i believe Howard deeply considers teamin up with D-Will in New Jersey, especially with the move to brooklyn and the rebuilding process, and move Brook Lopez to 4….with D-Will at point and Howard and Lopez in the middle, we might see the Nets, once a considerable force in the playoffs get there again

  361. OHMYGOD says:

    OH MY GOD. That would be nothing else than pure explosion! With Kobe Mister Bryant crossing all those players and dishing to Dwight .. Come on lets be serious , Gasol is an extremely good player, but he isn’t very agressive, he seems to be much more agressive tha what he is, but in fact he is kinda soft guy, Dwight would only bring energy and power dunks to LA!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Kobe would need to learn how to DISH first!

      He would probably tell Dwight to get all his missed shots and put-back instead, then get mad if Dwight missed an O rebound!

    • billy says:

      Attention all Lakers Fans:

      Dynasties are terrible for the league, you want to know why?

      There would only be ONE Western conference team.

      If Dwight goes to LA…

      R.I.P NBA
      June 6, 1946 –
      July 1st, 2012.

  362. depends if otis is ever going to go says:

    otis leave’s – dwight will stay until he retire’s. otis smith sucks. make’s big signing’s for wrong type of players.instead of trading this year for the new players, why didn’t trade away the better players that we had to teams with players with one year left on their contract or a bunch of guys with smaller salary’s indivalualy that way they could be traded to get that lost salary back. instead he trade’s for player’s who are idiots and have lenghy contracts with high pay. they could have tooken this seasons punch to be able to have free cap space for next season. sign some d league players and place them on the roster, they would have had the drive the heart to listen to be coach and to show there talents. they would have but everything into it every game like it was a playoff. otis needs to be fired and i need to be hired. there alot more that can be done, but i’m not typing it all up.

  363. mike says:

    I am a huge fan of the LAKERS and I was very disappointed in the manner in which the LAKERS played in the postseason overall. I truly hope that “we” get Dwight Howard and in extension strengthen our bench with youth, explosiveness and good shooters. Trade Ron Artest for Andre Iguodala and sign J.R Smith. Seriously improve the point guard position PLEASE…… There are so many wonderful players out there that can help Kobe get the job done. Please I ask the Buss family to fix these chronic issues immediately.

    • IX says:

      @ mike i can agree with your comment except for one part. Please tell me WTF would the sixers trade Iggy for Artest?!? Lol i miiiight trade a happy meal away for artest, and that would depend on my hunger level.

  364. Eastwood says:

    An add-on: In re the having a bench that’s capable of actually playing, especially when it comes down to “we’re slower, we’re tired,” that’s when you come with fresh legs. If the older, slower, tired players aren’t capable of pulling out victories with a full-out effort, then why not look to do the things that allows them rest–but, obviously, not the no-practice routines…other than Kobe–which would mean bringing in fresh blood from the sidelines to allow for rest.

    A lot of hindsight thinking, and maybe a lot of it is frustration/hurt we couldn’t pull it out…but we definitely need change. Not necessarily wholesale changes, but definitely some change.

  365. porferie says:

    Dr. J. Buss make that fantasy became reality! Simple give up Drew… take Howard…and get PG like CP3 OR DWILLS..

  366. haha says:

    noooo we need yao ming and dj mbenga back hahahahahahaha

  367. Rampaging says:

    As tempting as getting Dwight Howard is, the Lakers needs a Point Guard rather than a Center..

  368. Eastwood says:

    Smaller Market Teams Rock, no one was offering sympathy when the Lakers went thru that tailspin following Shaq’s departure, so why not win out every year, if possible? Though, on the other side, I kinda feel you (esp because you don’t hate the Lakers personally), but then on the other, the Lakers do make excellent TV (kinda like, okay, I don’t mind watching no-name stars take care of business on the TV/movie scene and will on occasion take that chance, but if Denzel or Jennifer Aniston or Steve Austin is in a movie, then I’m definitely gonna check out–same things with the Lakers (love or hate).

    As for the Lakers “blow-up” for next season, fresh blood is definitely needed. There needs to be a slasher or two, someone a la Gerald Wallace who can get their own shot, whether thru hustling, fastbreaking, whatever. Of course, D-How would be a welcome addition (via trade), which would mean Bynum’s gone…which I’m okay with. (I’m one of those folks who REALLY wished the Lakers had traded him before the deadline this season; though even without trade, I honestly thought the Lakers would pull it out this season.)

    That said, even if the Lakers were to just switch out some of those bench players (And WTF didn’t Walton get more time–never understood that.) and get some folks who MIGHT play in a game. Never understood the reasoning behind having twelve on the bench, but not using ’em. I realize it’s a good insurance against a rash of injuries, but I say make sure your twelve are capable of, at the very least, playing a minute or two in an entire game–that’s not asking too much, is it?

  369. Goldenstaes says:

    after the bulls or thunder wins this year’s world championship, Howard’s heading to team up Rose or Durant cause that’s the future of NBA, team with young fresh legs and MVP’s and League’s top scorer. it’s sad that when New Era comes the old have to give way.

    • IX says:

      haha team up with rose who puts up 50 shots a game? ehh i dont think thats likely, Howard wants touches.

      And does anyone else besides me think Dereks a taaad over-rated. I mean i aint sayin hes not a great player and deserving of the MVP this yr. But so many ppl act like he’s the absolute creme of the crop.

      My prob with rose is he is not an efficient scorer. He was in the low 40’s of fg% in the reg season and was 30’s in Pacer series. I dont want ANY point guard chucking up 32 shots in games. I also think he makes Shots SOOO much more difficult than they have to be as if he’s trying to hard to make sportscenter. Half of the crap he does in the air going up for lay ups just isnt necessary. Thats just my opinion, lemme know whatcha think of D-rose.

  370. ggggfffff says:

    did anybody notice the tiny micro size smiley face on the top right of the page?

  371. lakerhater says:

    im sorry to all the bandwagon fans out there, but i personaly am getting extremely tired of the lakers compeating every year. im a big underdog guy, and i just cant stand it when a few teams dominate every season (LA and Boston) if dwight goes to LA that would just ruin things all over agian. finaly a team managed to take out the lakers for once thank you mavs, but i couldnt stand seing the lakers go to another finals. its time to give some other teams a chance, im not a magic fan myslef, but i would rather see him stay in orlando than go to LA

    • HeatWave says:

      I’m getting tired of LA fan’s being hypocrites. They talk all this mess on Lebron having to join Wade for a quest to the championship, but are so anxious to have Howard, Kobe AND CP3 on a team. LA just needs to go through the rebuilding process and forge a new team over the next couple years.

      • わたしわ says:

        The difference is that all 3 of those guys are in their prime. Kobe is going to be 33 this coming season.

        The sad thing for you, lakerhater, and all other haters is that Howard likely will end up in LA.

      • HeatWave says:

        I don’t care were he goes. I just don’t want to hear LA fans act like hypocrites. Kobe may not be in his prime, but you need to tell him that. Apperantly he still thinks LA has more title hopes as is.

      • IX says:

        @わたしわ how can you sit there and say theres a difference because Kobes 33? The sky is blue and pizza is delicious. What does that random fact have to do with anything?

  372. RickyKobe24 says:

    I wouldn’t give up Bynum! He’s the biggest promise in center position! Ok, he’s probably too much expert to be a promise, but i think that the Bynum-Howard duo should be one of the greatest ever, with Howard at 4 and bynum at 5!
    I also made a trade with philly to get Iguodala or Jrue Holiday, they’re young, talented and very athletic! To have these players i tried a trade with the trade machine and i saw that could be sufficient Artest, Blake, Ebanks, Caracter and a pick!
    Imagine this lineup: Holiday, Bryant, Iguodala, Howard and Bynum! Ok it’s fantabasket but i only hope!!

    • ray says:

      Terrible idea… After the playoffs you can see Andrews immaturity…..

    • kiwiboy says:

      lololololol why would the sixers give up their 2 best players for those scrubs. come on son

    • drew is good says:

      true that i wouldn’t trade bynum. i think he could be really good next year just because he has showed he can be and this is the first time he has been healthy enough to train and become better over the off season. After kobe said bynum sucked in 06-07 and i dont remenber exactly what year, he trained hard and greatly improved he proved it he was avg. 22+ points 10+ reb and 3 blocks in the first half of the season but unfourtanetly he got injured and was never the same because when he came back gasol was there so he had to share more posessions with kobe and gasol plus every summer that came he was injured so he couldn’t train on becoming better instead he had to work and his knees. All im saying is i think la fans should give him this last year to show if he can be a great center since he can really train for the first time this year. i forgot to mention that i bet if the howard bynum trade were to happen bynum will for sure become a great center since howard is the main guy orlando getting most of the touchs. Thats why i think what the lakers really need is a pg. i wouldn’t mind haveing the best center in the league but i rather have a chance of having one of the goodest center in the league and a great point guard that will the lakers even better.

  373. stavren says:

    would it really be better for howard to join the lakers or celtics? how many good years do they have left in the tank with their slow and old rosters i wonder?!is he enough to make one of them e true contender for years to come? maybe he should just quit on some money and join the heat.not that im a great heat fan but is it smart to think past the centerless heat in following years if u want a ring?? also he could be true and just stay.can’t waait for his decision!!!!

    • nba4life says:

      boston would be better than LA in the long run with Howard. rondo still has a long carer ahead of him and once garnett and allen retire they will have plenty of cap space for a good power forward, Pierce stil has a couple years left and once hes gone thats even more space to sign a good small F or a scoring/shooting scoring gaurd.

  374. Erbo says:

    The Lakers can get both Diwght and a good, young pg. Just send Bynum and Odom to the Magic for Dwight (they won’t send him to LA for less) and try to get Rubio from Minnesota. He will be one of the best PGs worldwide in the next couple of years. Plus, since Pau will still be in LA in this scenario, he will have little problems fitting in, True, this will create a (big) gap in the LA roster, but this can be filled up with some young players (FAs or so).

    • uuuua says:

      That is the dumbest trade i have ever heard. this isnt fantasy draft on 2k11

      • BULLSALLDAY says:

        hahaha. That was hilarious. People creating they own fantasy team. If thats the case then put chris paul, kobe bryant, ron artest, blake griffin and dwight howard on the lakers.

  375. FFT says:

    I REALLY wish Howard could spend his career in Orlando. C’mon, maybe Orlando could attract another star? Don’t forget about CP3. If Orlando could actually sign CP3, then it would be a very good one-two punch.

  376. Greg says:

    I heard that he was going to be sent to LA for Bynum and Odom… with some1 else maybe. I hope he comes to LA, then we might start another “Kobe+Really Good Center” era again xD go for another 3peat!!!

  377. gheelobot sadakouten says:

    he will join the B meg derby Ace next season for sure.. keep dreaming lakers and boston. haha

  378. Daniel H says:

    It would be great if he comes to Boston, but I wish he stay and shows his loyalty to Orlando and even thought I’m a big fan of Boston…….

  379. Huge Lakers Fan! says:

    Dwight Howard most likely will come to the Lakers and Mitch Kupchak will probably trade Andrew Bynum for it. If LA gets Dwight, then it’s a modern day revial of the Kobe and Shaq days. The Lakers might even get a three peat or go between 55-27, and 70-12 in the regular season. With Kobe, Gasol, Odom, and Artest, Dwight Howard might find himself a home in LA and he might just give the franchise a little extra push once fisher, gasol, and Kobe retire. I think just because the mavs swept them does not mean their era is over. I think the post Phil Jackson and possible Brain Shaw era might begin and the lakers will go on some championship streaks.

    • tRay says:

      You make good point but do you think Kobe would be willing to share the spot light with yet another dominant big man? He might since he’s a little older but what do you think?

    • Jag says:

      The old Shaq-Kobe days are never ever going to happen in the NBA. Even if Dwight comes to LA, it will take a couple of years for them to work with a new coach and get to a championship level. By that time Kobe will be old. He came into the league when he was 18 and he should be banged up by then. Sorry, the Lakers are done for the next 3 to 4 years. It is all Miami Heat….

  380. dirk4chancellor says:

    Yeah, Howard might be a good fit in LA….if he can learn to throw an elbow. Luckily, the Lakers have all summer to work on that.

  381. Magicman says:

    First those bad trades in December now Howard to LA…:(…magic fans will be very sad…… 😦

  382. laupie says:

    i hate everyone who’s saying howard will go to boston/ LA / Miami/ Mavericks/ NY/chicago, how the hell are those teams going to pay that? dont they all got 2/3 allstars on their team who want their 20 million salary? if he choses to leave i think he is more likely to chose a lesser team with potential and let other free agents join him. E.G golden state seems to be in need of a dominant-center they got the shooters. maybe minnesota will land him and get ricky rubio which they drafted 3 years ago but choose to stay in Spain. maybe washington or new jersey can get them because of their talented PG. personally i would love to see howard come to boston but that doesnt seem very realistic right?

    • tRay says:

      I feel you on that. The only thing is that if he goes to Golden State he’ll be in the exact same position being surrounded by ball hogs and 3 jackers. I think the Clippers would be a good fit or maybe link up with CP3 in Orlando or NOLA.

    • al respect the game says:

      its called a trade son

    • Jake says:

      It’s really not very realistic that Dwight would go to a team that is already a contender. None have the cap space to sign him, and the Lakers are really the only ones who could put together a reasonable trade package for him. Even then, Orlando would probably be getting the worse end of the deal, and they’ve already adamantly denied trading him. If Dwight leaves Orlando (which I hope he doesn’t) I could see him going to NJ. He’d make a great1-2 punch with Deron Williams and Prokorhov is capable and willing to spend some real $$ in order to build a contender. Plus, they’re moving to Brooklyn in 2012 and getting a brand new arena.

      • ... says:

        See now that makes a lot more sense.

      • Atli Steinn says:

        Yeah but NJN management are still idiots who have travis Outlaw making 7 million per season next years

      • MagicMike says:

        Umm, the magic have the second highest payroll in the league and our owners have shown they are willing to spend. In my opinion there is a much better chance of Dwill coming to Orlando. Why would he go to the clippers of NY?

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Word, saying he should go to Miami is pathetic!

  383. Fait says:


  384. Gary says:

    Yeah he may go to Boston this summer, but for wich player is the question

    • VM says:

      Boston won’t be able to afford him, just like LA won’t. The new CBA is really gonna tighten the budget.

      • Larian says:

        Boston won’t be able to afford him, nor do Boston have anyone that the Orlando Magic really want. For Lakers, at least we have few players a lot of teams want. So in fear of loosing Dwight for nothing, Lakers has better chance of trade for him. However, it’s all up to Dwight, his decision matters the most.

  385. king b says:

    why does it have to be the lakers cant howard go to the clippers…picture the dunk show/competition every game they play together

    • Champkobe says:

      Thing is, Howard doesn’t fit with the clippers. The clippers already have a borderline all-star center (kaman) and a developing defensive force (Jordan). I thought it would have made alot more sense if the Clippers chased down melo/deng in return for one of their centers, but it didn’t happen.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      I would love to see the Clippers stars eclipse the Lakers, that would be great!

      He doesn’t fit … he will if they make a trade and some of the players you mentioned go to Orlando, or maybe 3 team trade.

      It is more feasible than Dwight going to Lakers from a contract/trade standpoint.

      • Larian says:

        Clippers tried many years after they move from San Diego to LA, but the Lakers pedigree is too much to overcome. Many people already said, Clippers will be much better off if they move to a different city, however, it’s bad to kick a team out of our city when the team is trying their best to entertain us, so LA will enjoy both as long as Clippers still want to stay.

      • billy says:

        Just saw something in my head

        CP3 Lobbing it up to Blake Griffin on a reverse alleyoop, 8th of the game.

  386. uIdiots says:

    He isn’t leaving. I can’t wait to laugh at all you guys thinking he’s going to the Lakers or anywhere else. He doesn’t want to follow in Shaq’s footsteps. He’s going to work hard to bring another star (CP3, Deron, Iggy) to ORL so that they can contend next year.

    Sorry to burst your bubble fellas!

    • tRay says:

      I agree with everything you said minus the fact that you consider Iggy a superstar. I’d said he’s a solid player but not a star.

    • Larian says:

      I just feel sorry for u that u worried so much about Dwight leaving, you started to believe in a imaginary future. We don’t know the feature, and we fans can keep on hoping, I hope in the future, you don’t hug your head and cry in your bed if Dwight really left.

      In LA, we don’t care that much, we actually need D-Will or CP3, Dwight is fun player to have in LA, but to really improve the team, I think everyone knows we need players like D-Will or CP3.

  387. cv says:

    lakers need to do some big time trading

  388. cv says:

    man we need a new bench except for shannon and lamar of course..bring in the shooters, lakers front line up got the post game. a new point guard would help too & dwight dwight dwight

  389. jc says:

    remember CP3 is also a free agent in 2012

  390. eddie says:

    there is a mistake on the article, LA lost to Dallas in the western conference semifinals not the Finals

  391. cv says:

    lets go dwight! LA LA LA ..its time to move on

  392. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    As a Laker fan I would love to see Dwight in a Laker jersey, but it wouldn’t be be the worst thing in the world to see Dwight finish his career in Orlando. Before LA even thinks about getting Dwight they should be more concerned with getting a good PG. Fisher is getting old and Blake was pretty much a bust. Dwight’s arrival to LA would definitely be for the better, make no mistake, but to think that Dwight will fix every problem is just delusional.

    The biggest concern is salary cap problems. Steve Blake and Luke Walton, two players that contributed hardly anything, make close to $5 million a year, why, I do not know. Kobe’s salary is huge, but that’s a given. Pau’s is also relatively large, and should probably be taking a pay cut (at the very least) after that dreadful performance in the postseason against the Hornets and the Mavs. Artest is a love-hate thing; you won’t get a better defender for less, but his offense really has been stinking it up. Lamar’s salary is pretty well rounded considering how valuable he is. Lastly, there seems to be an abundance of older players that really can’t contribute anymore (Ratliff, Smith). The Lakers don’t need more veterans who refuse to retire, what they need is some younger players with high energy. Every team that has given LA trouble in the past several postseasons have had young, explosive PG’s (OKC, Boston, Dallas, NO). Overall, I would say Roster Management has been very poor this past season.

    Last but no least is Kobe. Maybe the extra time off this season will help him heal up and be in better condition next season. He’s been injured and banged up for the past few years, adding even more stress and pressure. Other than Shannon Brown, Kobe really doesn’t have a whole lot of guard help that can run up and down the floor continuously. I love Fisher to death, but maybe it’s time for him to consider coming off the bench at this point of his career.

    • DJ says:

      best comment in months,,hands down..

      • Eastwood says:

        I agree

      • Paul says:

        What he said^^^^^^

      • mr.A says:

        I think what the Lakers need is getting a young developing man.. like Brandon Jennings,Tyreke Evans or Jrue Holiday or even John Wall or Demarcus Cousins.. the Lakers should not worry about today they should worry about the future,, and the guys that i mentioned(i did not include Blake Griffin because i want him to stay in Clippers haha) is the future.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        yes this is the best comment!!!

    • Champkobe says:

      Great comment. I thought management has screwed up as well. Letting farmar and ariza walk was a major mistake. Had they offered ariza and farmar the same money they offered artest and blake, LA may still be in the hunt this year. I think LA should focus on playing that new player, trey johnson a little more. He’s young, hes a scorer, and in the few minutes hes played, he hasnt played badly.

    • wootsiWoots says:

      So Dallas has a young point guard… so Kidd is still in his mid 20’s? wahahahahaa

      • Lakersfan says:

        I was pondering on that too.
        maybe is that short dude who got elbowed by Bynum.

      • sean says:

        jj barea you idiots, may not be the best player in the league but he schooled derek fisher and helped his team sweep the lakers
        go mavs

      • malarchy says:

        Dallas also has the kid from France, rodrigue beaubois, even though he didnt play cause of injury. but yeah the guy’s talkin bout barea.

      • MavsForTheTitle says:

        U forgettin’ about JJ.
        You know.

        The guy who Bynum elbowed in the armpit

    • lakers says:

      so instead of tying to trade for dwight should we try and get a superstar PG, maybe chris paul or deron williams?

      • Nobody says:

        No superstar will play with Kobe because their ego will clash (remember Shaq?). Pau can play with Kobe because he’s not a superstar, just an allstar.

      • Alakerfan24 says:

        @Nobody I dont think CP3 has an ego

      • malarchy says:

        No way the lakers’ will get Deron, Nets got enough salary cap to put some pieces together and finally get back to the playoffs by next season

    • tRay says:

      I’m glad some Laker fan other than me sees this.

      • Paul says:

        Yall tripping u mean to tell me if u had a chance to get howard or paul u guys would pick paul r u kidding me???

      • sean says:

        makes a lot more sense man the lakers already have bynum and gasol but they got not good pgs
        use your head

    • Lakersfan says:

      Have to agree that it’s the best comment in months.
      great points there..
      I think the big men towers can remain..
      replace the guards.
      fisher is old, blake is.. not anywhere near blake griffin’s awesomeness.
      let the towers reflect… maybe there may be a change in them.
      hopefully shannon get more playing time..

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        i definitely believe that! Shannon Brown needs WAY MORE PLAYING TIME…he is the MOST EXPLOSIVE AND YOUNG players we have coming off the bench, and more time will give him more experience.

        I also think there should be more times he plays alongside kobe and not just coming in for him. Fisher cant score, so how having Brown in the game as the PG would be great. He can be another option on the floor to score when the Lakers hit dry spells

    • Quigga says:

      Deron Williams and D How will both end up in LA eventually, you’ll see…

    • Boston Fan says:

      Very well said Logical Kobe Fan…. a very logical post in a long time

    • Guilermo(Madrid) says:

      I´m totally agree. Lakers needs a better point guard. I think Howard is a very good player, but I think it will be better getting Jose Calderon and don´t trade Bynum.

    • Mark R says:

      Orlando does risk losing Howard for nothing and with LeBron leaving Cleveland in the lurch last season and Utah trading Deron Williams for fear of getting nothing in return, Orlando will prob trade Howard after the new CBA. The Lakers also need a guard to, so what about a trade of Bynum and Odom for Howard and Nelson happening this summer…

      • lafan12 says:

        trade pau, blake, ratliff, and smith for dwight and nelson

      • billy says:

        Enough with these stupid trades!!!

        I think they should try to get Gilbert Arenas, though.

        But anyways, Orlando wouldnt take washedup Joe Smith Theo Ratliff and Steve Blake.

    • TheDude says:


    • Me says:

      Ariza did not want to resign with the Lakers, and the Lakers agreed to take on Joe Smith’s contract so that they could get a draft pick.

      • Kevin says:

        Great comment. Supposing that Bynum will continue improving, I`m not so sure the Lakers really need a killer superstar Center as much as they need a younger, quality PG who can keep up with those guards that have killed us for year. He wouldn`t even have to be a star, just a quality player. Raymond Felton, Derrin Collison come to mind. I`m sure there are others that could be traded for. Anyways, great comment. My thoughts exactly.

    • Saeed says:

      Sorry I have a question, don’t u think Griffin can help LA?!

      • Alakerfan24 says:

        blake griffin is no good. he can dunk……. and thats it. just because his dunks look cooler doesnt mean he gets more points or is consistent. he cant even make his own shot.

      • Colt says:

        F- that. Griffin is fine where he is. He has close friends (DJ, and Eric Gordon). And he’s already in LA. He would probably hate playing w/ kobe anyway. Bad idea. Screw flakers.

    • Jake says:

      Interesting how the team that gave the Lakers the biggest postseason troubles, the Mavericks, has a starting point guard that is about as far aways from young and explosive as you can get in the NBA. Good insights though. Personally I hope L.A. goes down the drain.

      • Larian says:

        I personally hope haters like you go down the drain in your real life because of all the hate you bear on yourself watching a ball game.

      • MavsForTheTitle says:

        That’s because Kidd is GOOD and can run PLAYS and can SHOOT.

        They also got a backup point guard. Poor guy got elbowed by Bynum, what a cowardly play.

    • Vijay says:

      Very resolute and comprehensive comment. I agree with everything except on minor detail. As far as the Lakers struggles with young, quick point guards, Mavericks wouldn’t quite fit the bill, Jason Kidd is like 50 and Berea is a joke.

      Now first of I say thank you to LA for the past three years and this one too, though it ended badly. One semifinals loss will not ruin my faith and belief in my team. I say this because as far as I am concerned the Lakers weren’t beaten in the first three games by the Mavs, the Lakers beat themselves. Game 4 was befitting given LA threw away the first three, it was bound to happen. I for one have no more interest in this season’s playoffs not simply because my team is out but because Dallas cannot beat either Memphis or OKC, the West will be represented by either of those two. Any team ought to look impressive against the defense that LA showed, leaving Nowitzki open for three after three. If Boston doesnt’t manage to conquer that hill that is Miami, then the East will be represented by Chicago.

      Back to the issue at hand. Yes I agree whole heartedly, LA finally needs to address the point guard situation, namely Derek Fisher. Thank you Fish (aka Little Rock) for the many years as Kobe’s running mate and big shot making side kick but it is time to come off the bench. I always questioned trading Jordan Farmar, althouugh that had to do more with him wanting more money and playing time than anything else. We got too slow when we went to the bench considering, we don’t have the youngest or fleet of foot starting five, with two 7 footers to boot. I’m not aure what Luke Walton did to fall out of grace with Phil but if that’s the case they need to trade him and buy him out or something, get younger and quicker at that position.

      I can’t argue too much for and against as far as Trevor Ariza goes becuase Artest more than proved that trade made sense with his game 7 performance. When he is good, he is real good, when he is not so good, well you know.

      Yes those veterans we picked need to retire, as well as Shaq I might add, bloody free loader. Anyways in wrapping up, Dwight Howard would be a nice addition, it would make Gasols life a heck of a lot easier that’s for sure but it would also extends Kobe’s career to about 45, with a front line like that, well maybe not 45 but at least 41, I stop at 41 because he came into the league so young. Howard would make us very feared again, however Howard wouldn’t be a cure all, especially if 1, we don’t play good pick and roll defence and 2, if we don’t get better at the point guard position.

      P.S. guys, I like Brian Shaw for coach of LA but I can’t help but think that maybe Rick Adelman would be a better choice not only because of experience but he brings new offensive system which would help give the Lakers a new look.

      • aussie boy says:

        Does anyone care what this would do to the magic? or what the magic need to be sucsessful. are we all laker bias here. what about a nice point gaurd for Orlando?

      • Larian says:

        I am tired of you guys only mention Jason Kidd as a old man, because Jason Kidd didn’t really give the Lakers any problem in this series.

        JJ is not a joke, he is fast, although he is short he broke down the Lakers defense, why was he the only one get wacked twice, because he was the main problem.

        Also Jason Terry, once the defense is switched, mostly likely Kobe will switch defense with Fisher or Blake on Jason Terry. Terry just burns Fisher and Blake.

        So Mavs have quick guards, and they contributed the most for taking down Lakers, Jason Kidd is old, we know, and he wasn’t the problem, once defense broke down, he can shoot wide open 3s, and that’s all he can do to hurt teams.

      • MavsForTheTitle says:

        Are you serious?
        You really think Dallas will lose to Memphis or OKC?

        Your mad. You definitely been drinking too much Heineken.

      • rico says:

        applause! who thinks the mavs will lose to okc or mempis? lol? mavs will win the west.

    • LA4Ever says:

      Honestly, I’d rather have D-Will over CP3… CP3 is a BEAST.. but D-Will is bigger and stronger than CP3.. and this is coming from a fan who thinks CP3 is better than D-Will.. only problem is CP3 is more prone to injuries. And for the record, Steve Blake IS better than Farmar. Farmar sucked at everything. All he had was speed. Gasol/Howard in the paint. Kobe, Artest, D-Will in the back… DAMN

      • Larian says:

        Lakers chance of getting those two elite PGs are about the same, I don’t mind anyone of them actually. Both are good, but the problem is will they be as good with Kobe Bryant in the court. I think D-will is a better candidate if we talk about who will play better with Kobe, because CP3 is extremely agressive, he has the same aggression as Kobe, and that could be bad, put two hostile tigers in one cage. However, D-Will is more open minded, plus he has pretty good relationship with Fisher.

      • ????? says:

        Why are all you laker fans talking about getting CP3 or D-Will,……..just get real.

    • Sean says:

      100% accurate and true. It’s nice to see someone with some common sense on here for a change!

    • Luckshan says:

      I agree with your comment. The Lakers are getting older and there bench isnt as good as people thought.
      The addition of steve blake was supposed to add a nice back up PG and a three point shooter but he hasnt provided what he was brought in for.
      The lakers dont necessarily need really young guys but they need fast guys. Ray Allen isnt exactly young but hes fast.
      Other then shannon brown, no one on that team was really able to gaurd Dirk. I think adding Dwight to the Lakers roster just makes the league even worse. Your gonna have 4-5 teams each with three all star players and then the other 25 teams just mediocore. Which makes the 25 teams a little bit more even but playoff time, they dont have a chance.
      I personally think Dwight should stay in Orlando. He’ll keep up his stats but Orlando should compensate if he stays by adding a better play style which incorporates Dwights style. This year they just surrounded him with shooters. Not much play making. The lakers will do fine next year with the roster they have but they can add one more piece and lose some of the bench. They need the speed that Ariza once provided.

      • aussie boy says:

        yes he should stay in Orlando, keep the comp even and keep it better

      • DeBrosh says:

        why do people keep on talikg about the lakers age! how old are the mavericks? come on now, they are just not hungry any more

    • Dean says:

      Very well put! I wonder if B-Shaw is going to take the reigns in LA or are they going to get B-Scott…I’m pretty sure that if they can get B-Scott, they can lure CP3 outta NO!

      • Larian says:

        I personally prefer B-Shaw to be the successor of Phil Jackson. B-Shaw is a very clever guy, and he had the quality and poise as a very effective player, I believe he can be a effective Head Coach as well. Unlike Magic Johnson who is a great player, but a bad coach, because Magic was too talented, and he except normal players to do super things like he did. However for B-Shaw, he is more realistic, since himself was a normal player.

    • VAVV says:


    • sean says:

      totally agree with what this guy said if the lakers wouldve picked up a new PG that was young and athletic and at the very least could keep up with j-kidd and jj barea then they wouldnt have been swept and wouldve maybe still been playing

    • D says:

      I agree

    • Francisco says:

      why kobe does not take a paycut after his performance in the playoffs, and specially in game 7 last year, blaming the spaniard when lakers do not win , crediting kobe when victory at hand, hollywood at its best.

    • Larian says:

      As soon as Lakers lost the Mavs, which really a nightmare series to watch as a Lakers fan, I was thinking in my head that Lakers may need a better PG. If Deron William doesn’t want to continue his contract with Nets, Mitch will definitely call Nets’ manager. CP3 is about to be a free agent, will the hornets trade him in fear of nothing in return? Mitch will call them as well, but however, Hornets is owned by NBA right now, so things will be interesting.

      As for Howard, I don’t really see much of a improvement he can bring to LA, except that he will be the second option in scoring instead of Gasol. Howard is a more active big men, Bynum is like a tank.

    • insideLA says:

      After KB24 talking about not exploding the roster for the next season, we, Lakers fans, should consider Trey Johnson. Have you guys seen him play in the D-league? Although defense is excusable in that league, the guy is still though. He needs more playing time and he deserves more playing time that Steve Blake. If only he receives ample playing time, I bet this Laker team don’t really need a trade for D12 or even CP3. Improve Trey Johnson while Fisher is still in town. He can learn a lot from Fisher, leadership, skills, defense and even master the triangle. I’ve seen him play one-on-one with Brown, Blake and even Artest. The guy us a willing learner. Give him justice. With all due respect to Hall of Famer Phil Jackson, it’s obvious that most of his bench don’t get enough playing time. Aside from Lamar Odom, the other bench players average about 5-12 mins a game. When this season began, I was watching videos of Devin Ebanks. He’s tough too, but playing roughly a minute a game won’t develop his skills into the NBA caliber type. For this one, I would have to agree with Kobe Bryant. Just give the guys playing time.

  393. Smaller Market Teams Rock! says:

    I do hope it is a fantasy…I don’t really hate the Lakers but there always contending year after year. After Kobe retires, I hope no superstar goes there for at least 5 years…How many times have the Lakers not made the playoffs?

    • Malcolm says:

      Since joining the NBA in 1948. The Lakers have missed the playoffs only five times. Four times since coming to LA in 1960.

    • Dean says:

      As long as he’s breathing…he’s playing! KOBE will probably play at least until he’s 36…barring any MAJOR injury…like death;)

  394. Rita Nielsen says:

    He’s coming to Boston!!!!! Do something right this next coming year,,AINGE????

    • dmontani says:

      dwight is waiting for cp3, not gonna happen and then when he realises this he will be in beantown…DONE

      • Rolando says:

        Damn that would be a stunning team in beantown with Howard, West and CP3 leading te way. I would put my money on them reaching the finals hahaha and Boston? Forget about it the colors wouldn’t even match men. Forget it but LA or Hornets would be a nice destination. He ain’t gonna win nothing in the east with James and Wade exploding in Miami and Chicago. He can better do the right thing and move on. It’s just that simple.

    • Smida says:

      Are you seriously telling Danny Ainge to do something right. Do you realize that if it wasn’t for him that Boston wouldn’t have Allen and Garnett… Do you realize that if it wasn’t for him the Celtics would not have #17.

      • mo says:

        do you realize that if it wasn’t for him they’d still have perkins – who they could have used to get dwight howard

    • RAH says:

      HAHA Boston, thats wishful thinking for you, he might be going to the clippers, thats a pretty good young team to build!

    • MavsForTheTitle says:

      Lol this is like the commercial where Dwayne Wade is like GET ME OUTTA HERE! And their all like HE’S GOIN’ TO NEW YORK! HE’S GOIN’ TO PHOENIX! Well, you get it

  395. Dave B says:

    Yeah this is 100 percent true! He will go to L.A next season via a trade.

    • HeatWave says:

      Just like Carmelo to LA was 100 percent true? I’ll believe it when I see it. BTW not saying your the one that said that.

      • Saeed says:

        I hope he doesn’t. I really want him not to go to LA.

      • Rolando says:

        Lakers is possible, i believe it when i see it to. Lakers have to come up with some good guys in return(like Bynum) and cap space to do the job. If he bolts to LA, i think they will be right back where the belong, top of the west. Now hoping Oden’s knee will hold on and sign with Miami, that would be in the finals a match made in heaven.

      • Rolando says:

        BTW Ney work wouldn’t be bad like it sounds. Move Stoudamire to Magic for Howard, Stoudamire is almost same level as Howard and sign CP3. They have the cap to do it. Damn Howard, Anthony and CP3 is a deadly combo just like Miami’s Big Three. Can’t wait till next summer.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Amar’e almost the same level as Howard? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!???!!? That was one of the most un thought out sentence I have ever heard.

      • Ronnie says:

        There is no way it can be 100% true thats what i thought about melo, but on the other hand he can follow shaqs footsteps which might mean he will go to heat later on.

      • Colt says:

        If he went to LAC then that’d be cool. But for the love of God dont go to LAL Howard. You should hear all the trash they said about him when Magic was in the finals. I dont think Howard should change teams at all.

      • DeBrosh says:


      • Sunsman says:

        @ Rolando, no one is going to accept Amare in a trade…. guys contract is uninsured….. how many years and bout $75-80M to go. That IS the most unmoveable contract in basketball

      • woohoo says:

        cp3 is joining bobcats

    • jose hill says:

      I heard he will go to Toronto

      • Rolando says:

        Toronto? You must be zippin to much on bacardi or whatever. He wouldn’t even go there if they paid him 50 million dollars a year. That just wouldn’t happen men.

      • sean says:

        lol obviously he said that to be an idiot dude dwight is not goin to toronto

      • In yo Face dude says:

        or u guyz are both being retarded cuz theirs an actual news article about howard talkin about toronto, so get ur facts strait

      • QuestionMark says:

        I heard a few things involving trade talks with Dwight and Toronto, but as a Raps fan and Dwight fan, I would seriously love that to happen but I doubt it will. Only way to do so is if Raps trade Jose Calderon and Bargnani and maybe a draft pick for Dwight and maybe Nelson.

        Then Raps will look like:
        PG Nelson/Bayless
        SG Derozan/Barbosa
        SF James Johnson/Weems
        PF Davis/Johnson
        C Dwight/They also need a Backup C via FA.

        Now this is a Athletic team. Seems sweet enough but then again its a fantasy.

        Something more realistic would be CP3 going to Orlando and teaming up with Dwight, I would love that too
        Trade Arenas and Turk to NO for CP3 and Ariza, Better Defense and better offense.

    • Giles says:

      Don`t worry much about the Lakers. They have Gasol and Bynum. Howard would be an improvement as power forward with Gasol, but other teams need him more. Miami, Has Been City (New York), Houston (at power forward if Ming recovers), etc. May be a probability he is leaving, but he is probably thru being a direct second rate Shaq wannabe. Though Shaq was traded to Miami, he cicn`t go there as a free agent.

      • check yourself says:

        don’t worry about the lakers. thats funny. phil jacksons gone and kobe is constantly injured. Why the hell would anyone want to go to the lakers. howards a freakin center he ain’t no power forward. he cant even shoot.

      • MavsForTheTitle says:

        You serious man? He ain’t goin’ to Houston! He wants a title, that’s why he wants to go to LA. But maybe he should go to Dallas since they beat LA…it’ll be worth watching what team Howard goes to.

    • Dean says:

      I made a comment yesterday (Bynum’s exit conference)…stating that he might be the BEST big man in the game…and I got hit hard! I know there’s Amar’e…but I would take Bynum over him anyday…I know there’s Nowitzki…but when I said big man…I meant CENTER! Bynum and Howard are both still learning the game…and now that I’ve had a day to think about my comments yesterday…perhaps;) Dwight would work out better here…but I’d rather see Gasol go than Bynum! And is it gonna be one-for-one or do we lose Artest and/or L-O, as well?

      • NUG'S ALL THE WAY! says:

        YA RIGHT, he’s gonna stay in Orlando!

      • kushmoke says:

        Shaq and D Howard are totally different… Lakers fans, you can whine, bi tch and moan all you want, you have absolutely no control over Howard. All the talk about following in Shaq’s footsteps is probably making Howard want to blaze his own trail, and stay in Orlando.

      • MavsForTheTitle says:

        @Nug’s, yeah right, wait for the 2012-2013 season.

    • Steven says:

      If Dwight doesnt win a ring next season he will def look for a diffrent team. Why not L.A? with him there he knows he will have a true shot at a ring. If we can lose Steve Blake and Luke Walton we will clear some cap room.

      • david says:

        no one will take luke, way over paid to sit on the bench

      • Weez says:

        They probably want Luke because of his dad, maybe he was helping the Lakers too, but how about Blake, Barnes, Derek& Devin, (maybe Luke) for Dwight?

      • Gee Weez says:

        Who would take crumbs for a whole fried chicken in a trade ?! Can your thoughts can any deeper ?!

    • check yourself says:

      if dwight would go any where, he would go to chicago, I mean derrick rose. you know chicago is going to get a championship whether it be now or next season. bulls would be unstoppable, plus rose and howard have been good friends lately.

    • check yourself says:

      Rose and Howard that would be the dynamic duo. the killers in the paint. and posters every play.