Bynum Apologizes, Clears Air On Barea

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Lakers center Andrew Bynum needed a couple of days to sit back and reflect on the way he finished his season before addressing the topics that the basketball world wanted to know about. But he knew immediately after watching what his forearm shiver did to Mavericks guard Jose Barea in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Game 4 loss in Dallas that he had to step up and do the right thing.

“Before I take any questions I want to make a statement about a couple of things,” he said Tuesday morning in a cramped interview room off of the Lakers’ practice court. “I want to apologize for my actions at the start of the fourth quarter of Game 4 against Dallas. They don’t doesn’t represent me, my upbringing, this franchise or any of the Lakers’ fans out there that want to watch us and want us to succeed. More importantly, I want to apologize to J.J. Barea for doing that. I’m just glad that he wasn’t seriously injured in the event. All I can say, now that I have looked at it, and it was terrible, is it definitely won’t be happening again.”

Bynum was immediately ejected from the game. But he stripped his jersey off on his way off the floor. It was one of the most shocking moments in a shocking series that saw the two-time defending Lakers come apart as their three-year reign atop the Western Conference ended in a sweep and a 36-point beating in Game 4.

He’s been roasted here in Southern California by fans, the talking heads on sports radio and most vehemently by former Lakers greats like Magic Johnson and James Worthy, who have not held back in their disdain for his actions. Bynum offered up little defense of himself in the wake of the controversy he started with that blow to Barea’s rib cage while the 5-foot-10 point guard was in mid-air.

“After I saw it,” Bynum said again, “it was definitely embarrassing.”

The NBA agreed, suspending him for five games at the start of the next season on Tuesday and fining him another $25,00o the jersey stunt.

Bynum admitted that his frustrations obviously got the better of him in the moment. He made no excuses for his actions, which are sure to earn him a suspension from the league at the start of the next season.

He said he has tried to reach out to Barea to apologize to him personally, but said he has yet to make contact with him. Bynum said he will continue to do so. “He probably has bigger, better and more important things to do so I don’t know if I’ll get a response,” he said. “But I will [keep trying.]”

As for his future with the Lakers, Bynum spoke of returning bigger, stronger and better next season, despite rumors about Dwight Howard replacing him as the Lakers’ starting center some day.

He goes into the offseason with a clean bill of health for the first time since 2008, which allows him to attack an unusually long (and unpredictable, since the collective bargaining agreement expires June 30) summer break, by Lakers’ standards.

“I’m able to work at my own time whenever I want,” Bynum said. “That’s one thing that’s good. I don’t have to go through rehab. I’m not sitting down for three months. I don’t have to get so far out of shape, which is a great thing … I’m definitely looking forward to coming back a different player.”

Those calls for the Lakers to blow up this roster and start over won’t get an endorsement of any kind from Bynum. He still believes the team that fell short in its three-peat bid can crank it back up for next season and compete for another championship

“I 100 percent believe that we can win a title (and that) this team is a contending team,” Bynum said. “We have the talent, and honestly it makes a bit easier to rein guys in and to be focused having the feeling of defeat for six months.”


  1. Kevin McDonald says:

    I believe in Bynum. I think it would be a mistake to entertain any trade involving him. He has shown himself lately to be the man that Lakers fans have wanted in the post. Frankly, I would rather have him than any other center in the league at the moment (including Dwight who would probably not fit well). The Lakers fall late in the season had nothing to do with Bynum (except maybe that the solution may have been to get him the ball much more than they did). If he comes back stronger then he will, indeed, be a monster in the middle. It might make more sense to trade Pau & free up the middle for Drew to work. No matter how many people tell him Pau still refuses to (or forgets to) slam the ball into the hole (which Bynum does regularly). Forget about the silly foul on that tiny Dallas guy – he was annoying & Bynum was right to want to send the message that when you drive his lane there might be a price. Sure, it wasn’t done right – and it was too late to have any impact – but I like the attitude. I also liked his apology. Keep your head up Drew – there are a whole bunch of us (& I think Mitch K is one & Kobe is starting to become one) who think you are vital.

  2. Lakers will live on says:

    @ Rich! I have to respond to your ignorant comment! I never stated that those fouls were on the same magnitude as Bynum’s foul against Barea! And, for the record, I don’t in any way condone what he did! I take issue with the fact that idiots like you treat his action as though it’s never happened in the NBA! You make an example of one human being and that’s wrong. He received his punishment for his actions, and he should have. That was a dangerous foul. the hard fouls I was referring to by Dallas didn’t receive one minute of press, that’s all I’m saying. Why don’t dudes like you wake up and realize that in basketball things like this can happen. It’s a physical game. It’s an emotional game. Vicious fouls, I never agree with. Physical play I do! If you kicked out every player that committed a foul similar to Bynum over the years, you wouldn’t have very many superstars left. some of you dudes just amaze me! And then you resort to name calling which is why I responded back to you the same way. Can YOUR stupid mind fathom that????

  3. Deanc says:

    Don’t worry all you sissies,part of the collective bargaining agreement will be that the players wear ballerina dresses and sing kumbaya to each other,Yeah it was a ridiculous hard foul ,but I’m gonna tell you something .I’ve been watching the nba since 1972 . And you can research it yourself if you weren’t around to see it.,But back in the late 70’s and early 80’s guys like Bill Laimbeer,[pistons] Kevin Mchale[celtics and Charles Oakley[knicks and bulls] used to deliver blows like this and even worse on a continuos basis.No reprimands, no suspensions ,just a warning from the league and talk show fodder the next day, so all you tinkkerbells start watching bowling for dollars if you can’t take it rather than telling even the freaking NFL that guys hit too hard and boohooing about every hard hit or dirty play there is in the Nba or hockey. It’s part of the game .he was suspended and fined and apologized . We know that YOU NEVER make a mistake or do something you regret later right??? give me freaking break.

  4. SuperMAL says:

    Keep dreaming of Howard…ain’t gonna happen. There is one star on the team that doesn’t like to share the spotlight (or the ball). And if Pau is playing poorly now…wait til you bring in Howard….so in that ain’t gonna happen because Howard in LA will mean more personality conflicts. Kudos to Artest for demonstrating effort, commitment and eagerness to play but I guess Artest won’t be Artest unless he does something dumb like clotheslining Barea. Yeah…what the heck is a guy like Steve Blake doing on a team like the Lakers? Sacramento or Minnesota maybe…but he’s out of place in Hollywood. The only one on the Laker bench fast enough to run with Rose or Westbrook types is Shannon Brown. LA needs to recruit 2 or 3 new 17 year olds like when they got Kobe. It’s gonna be a strange looking finals in 2012 and beyond without the Lakers….

  5. JD says:

    I think it is good thing that Bynum apologized, but it is too little, too late. Things that people do in crucial situations talk to their character. I think he should have been suspended for at least one Playoff game (if the Lakers make the playoffs next year). Instead of the 5 game regular season suspension, make it 3 regular season games (against Dallas) and 2 playoff games, contingent on the Lakers making the Playoffs. $700,000 is an enormous amount of money to most of us, but it is not alot of money to these players. These players are very talented, but also very spoiled. They forget that they have a RESPONSIBILITY to the millions of youth watching this game that see this, and essentially view it as a slap on the wrist (remember alot of money to us, but NOT TO THEM). There needs to be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES to an act like that. Too bad the NBA didn’t have the guts the dish out something MEANINGFUL.

  6. debra says:

    Was LaBron fined for his comment, and why does he whin so much. the refs gave the celtics to many calls. Oh I guess he is the king. Why can’t the refs be held accountable for their actions. I know that they make mistakes, but that causes a team to loose. Maybe they should be fined or suspended. I don’t understand once they look at the replay they still call it wrong. Come on now. If you are going to call the game, call it right regardless what team it is. It is not about the sport any more, but the $$$$$$$$$$$$.Maybe they need to get some new refs or some one is going to get hurt.

    • Abbefaria says:

      Why only refs can make mistakes but not the players.
      They all human beings, and refs make more than one mistakes in a game.

  7. Felix says:

    Whatever, he knew what he was doing and he just doesn’t know how to lose. You suck!

  8. Tray says:

    can’t wait till they trade bynum, odom, artest, and blake… bring in howard… and they are gonna have another big three in kobe, howard, and pau… they really need a fast point guard who can point. they just need a real point guard and a center with the right mentality to play…

  9. Asante says:

    Seems like only the europeans on here are the one’s saying the penalty was to light and the Moors are saying to excessive.

  10. Asante says:

    To excessive, if it was the 70’s 80’s 90’s and even early in the decade that would be just a hard foul and a tech. THAT’S THE NEW ACT, LAY ON THE FLOOR FOR A WHILE SO THE (POLICE), I MEAN THE REFS CAN AND THE EXTORTIONIST CAN OVER REACT! WHY WOULD YOU SUSPEND HIM 5 GAMES AND BEREA CONTINUED TO PLAY? EXTORTION AGAIN BY THE NBA!

  11. roger says:

    Kobe couldn’t guard none of the top guards in the league! Wade average more steals and blocks than Kobe!

    • Deanc says:

      Kobe could guard ANY of the best in the league when he was in his prime, he;s been playing since he was 17 and has played even more seasons than that when you count all the playoff games, championship series games olympics etc. he has a lot of miles on that body . Does Dwayne wade have 5 champinship rings ?? has he been to the finals 7 times ??? does he have over 90 yes 90 30+ point playoff games ? has he been on the NBA ALL defensive team 8 times????? How many 50 + point games does he have??? did he ever score 82 points in one game ???? Do us all a favor idiot and go back to your play -doh you don’t belong in an intelligent discussion bonehead.

  12. TheKing says:

    bynum is a disgrace to the nba and nba fans everywhere (except presumably fans in LA). after that blatant foul, which was obviously intended to hurt or inflict pain upon a man a FOOT SHORTER THAN HIM, i thought he got off easy with only a five game suspension. once you factor in the nature of the foul, him immediately ripping his shirt off like some chick in a girls gone wild video after being ejected, the fact that this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this (just ask beasley), AND the fact that his completely fake apology was given 48 hours after it happened…it only seems logical that he would receive a more lengthy suspension, somewhere in the 10-12 game range. but of course, he plays for the lakers, who have been to the previous three finals and hence helped boost the nba’s tv ratings so he gets a five game slap on the wrist. i just hope he tries pulling that elbow garbage on someone his own size, i.e. amar’e or dwight, both of whom would rip his defective unstable legs right off and beat him to a pulp with them. mad props to barea for making every big man on the lakers look like a fool time and time again.

  13. Nobody says:

    Just wait till he does it again.

  14. Abbefaria says:

    Hey Bynum,
    Don’t be upset, you are our man, come and join us,the american football team!

  15. Dallas Ruiz says:

    i think the best part is that despite how incredibly hard the hit was, the lil dude still stuck the dagger in making the shot! haha that just made it epic

  16. G says:

    i don’t buy his apology….i’m sure he was told to publicly apologize for his action. he should have gotten more than 5 games. i’d say 10 to 15 games but they probably told him he’ll only get 5 games if he comes out and apology.

  17. d'tank says:

    I think 5 game suspension is not enough. I think it should be more than 5 games. I disagree with Charles Barkley where he is only considering the amount of money that Bynum will be out, Charles should be considering the severity of the action which is really uncalled for specially on a televised game. Bynum deserves the penalty.

  18. SuperMAL says:

    Only guys that are as dumb as Bynum is would do this kind of thing. You are a grown man who is paid millions of dollars. You are representing a team that had several hall of famers in its history. For you to take out your uncontrolled frustrations with your team on a guy whom you are twice bigger than without regard for the possible consequences…you do not belong in the NBA…or the Lakers…period. And for both Bynum and Odom to have attittudes like…”hey that’s what happens you are frustrated…you act out.” as per the interview with Odom….REALLY?? YOU HAVE TO ACT OUT when you’re frustrated? Since when? Magic and Worthy can say all they want to say because they are Hall of Famers WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    And on the subject of blaming Pau Gasol….how fair is that? What about Kobe not scoring more points when is the supposed to be the “money man” of the team? Didn’t Jordan carry his team by his sheer will power to win? Didn’t Magic play all three positions en route to willing his team to victory? I think one truth that’s been revealed in this season is that LA has lots of fair weather fans who can’t stand to lose.

  19. patrick says:

    andrew is not sorry for what he did but i dont think he will ever do it again because he is just not that type og player

  20. LakerFan4562 says:

    FAKE. You can say from his expressions that he is just saying it because he has to

  21. roger says:

    I just want to know how Kobe got on the all defensive 1st team and Wade and Rose didn’t!

  22. alex cooper says:

    hope he learned his lesson this season about fouling in the nba

  23. Coolmint says:

    The penalty is too light… Bynum should be suspended for the next season. JJ maybe ok, but NBA should act now to teach players some lesson. What if something bad happened to JJ, is that the only time NBA will act. It’s too late then. Lakers are the defending NBA champions, Odom & Bynum don’t act like champions. Maybe Kobe must try to teach his teammates how act like one. Bynum must be glad because Maverick fans are cool, unlike what happen to Artest at Detroit. So if you will suspend Bynum suspend him the whole season, he will surely learn from that.

  24. cv says:

    @ ice pogi.. kobes prolly in the gym

  25. Coolmint says:


  26. RANDY COUTURE says:


  27. G Money says:

    Bynum is a piece of trash that got off light. Apologising for a dumb, violent and malicious attack doesn’t erase the fact that you still made a dumb, violent and malicious attack. 5 games and $75k? What a joke. The kind of money these guys are making that’s like a parking ticket. He should be suspended 5 PLAYOFF games.

  28. Khulafuzzy says:

    Dumb Big Fella Bynum, did it 3 times already. Same elbow attack while opponent is on mid-air. Let me refresh your memory guys.

    1. Gerald Wallace – rib cage got broke!
    2. Michael Beasley – fell hard
    3. J. Barea – busted

    I don’t get it Mr. David Stern. 5 Games Suspension next year and $25k fine? I believe he will knock some dude out there again. We’ll see who will be that lucky guy!

    A. Bynum you deserve 40 Games Suspension with no salary, no endorsements, no TV Appearances and $1M penalty and last PUBLIC APOLOGY!!!

  29. Ice Pogi says:

    Yeah He Bynum Didn’t try to hurt BARREA… He just want to kill BARREA….My god bynum was a 7 footer…. BARREA 5’10… Just by standing infront on him could sure hurt barrea on impact… How about elbowing barrea at mid air????? Maybe your watching UFC and by accident you’ve change the channel to basketball when this thing happened…
    Are that stupid or just playing moron???? Either way it suites you faker fans…. Your True Color Came Out!!!!!!
    LOSer Angeler Fakers!!! Where the HELL is your kobe “black MAMA” bryant??? I bet he’s GONE FISHING!!!!!

  30. LakersWillWin says:

    You know writing dirty comments about someone is just as low. So, all of you aren’t any better.

  31. jer says:

    what a loser. gotta love that Lafer smirk on his face. Him and Artest are real champions. Go play some football where you’re brute will go to good use, not beating up on the shortest guy on the court just cause he got way more skill than you. Y’all made Phil look real good Fakers.

  32. 葉隠 says:

    life-long suspension for this dirty scum.

  33. Lynn says:

    Stern is a joke. This is why people are tuning out the NBA. A bunch of thugs. If Stern had any gonads, he’d nail Bynum for at least 10 games and a huge fine. It’s not like Bynum doesn’t have a history doing this. Hell, he did this to Wallace and broke his ribs and sent him to the hospital. Come on, Stern, grow a pair.

  34. Thinking1st says:

    not the Basketball I watched as a child, not the basketball i want to define to my kids, not the basketball those before them played. They are not greater than the game, no matter how powerfull the franchise is; baseball found out the hard way when the fans spoke and boycotted. This is the by-product of the corporate plaque where money and profit are the end and the means. I will always love the game….that was!!

  35. James says:

    The incident with Byrum was a meltdown.
    I don’t see the big deal. Remember when Mchale took Rambis down? Byrum stood up when he realized what he did. A sports guy in Detroit called it cheap. Was their anyone more cheap then the bad boys? Barea was hit in the upper body, not the knees or the face.
    I remember Kareem decking Kent Benson and of course the fight where Rudy T had his face rearranged. It happened. He didn’t try to hurt Barea. I know this is a different view but I have watched pro ball for 45 years and it’s the worst it has ever been. It’s become a fashion show, no bumping or boxing out, guys look at one another like something is wrong when they are fouled. It’s an emotional game and the players aren’t robots. Emotions spill over.
    I feel that Byrum should have elbowed his guards and small forwards who allowed the Mavs to drive the lanes in the mouth. That was the worse case of perimeter defense that I have seen since 5th grade ball. Earvin stop it. You played in an era of physical play and took and dished out your share of hits on opponents. True it’s a new day but competition is still competition. And people lose their cool.
    We have become a chump society where we look to criminalize people for all behavior. And I dislike the Lakers.

  36. DA HELL? says:

    Respect for apologizing! but save the UFC for sparring with Artest in the showers!! violence is not tolerated…

  37. lm says:

    i’ve seen sincere apologies before. that one was a joke. he was smirking throughout the apology. i know he’s capable of being serious, because he was in a pretty serious mood when he committed the flagrant. and he totally dodged the question about former laker greats’ disapproval of his behavior. he couldn’t not make that statement without the lakers organization renouncing him.

    • Steve Vau says:

      Andrew Bynum doesn’t deserved to be a NBA player because he is not a professional player. Basketball is not a Ufc or a Wrestling match Bynum and if you want to fight somebody find someone who is taller and bigger that you.

  38. wow says:

    wow nice apology there, he couldnt even at least act like he felt bad

  39. Kelly says:


  40. HawaiianHeat says:

    What a small heart you’ve got, big fella! Shame on you.

  41. HelloEveyone says:

    Actually that play represents all of the above, that’s exactly something a laker would do and most lakers fans probably aprove of. His apology is not sincere because he has done this several times before, actually looks like he’s gotten a little better at the technique of elbowing people if you look at past videos of him doing this. The bottom line is this is no mistake, he had intentions to do this, it is what sore losers do.

  42. Lakers will live on! says:

    Besides, I think a lot of you are hypocrites! If Bynum was traded to your team, you’d be doing somersaults in the back yard. Personally I hope he stays a Laker for life! When he learns to channel his aggression properly, he’ll be one of the greats. He’s only 23 years old, and has yet to be fully healthy! By the way, does anyone remember Dirk’s elbow he threw at Artest? Or chandler’s elbow that knocked down Pau Gasol? How about Jason Terry shoving Blake to the floor. Oh, that’s right, Dallas was a bunch of angels! Get a life! It’s basketball. And not Church league ball, but the NBA!

    • Rich says:

      Typical biased Lakers fan. You’re an idiot to say or even think that those actions are all on the same magnitude. Both Chandler’s and Dirk’s elbow are retaliation to your Fakers earlier dirty actions, and they just pointed they’re elbows not meant to contact. Terry’s shove to Flake, though I don’t approve, is a shove and that’s it. Bynum’s hit on Barea is plain dangeous and could end his career.
      Still not satisfied, stupid ? OK, how about reversing the situation and let’s see if your stupid mind can get the difference.

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      Quit whinning. There is a difference, the refs didn’t see it. Like artest hasn’t thrown his share of cheap shots. It doesn’t reall matter, they were swept and could hand the A$$ beat down the got. That was great too watch. Have a nice summer.

  43. lakers says:

    lol career ending these guys are softies if they think that was that serious. Where the hell have you guys been all these years I have seen fouls that are ten times worse then these. Iv’e even seen people being punched in an Nba game.

  44. Lakers will live on! says:

    Some of you guys apparently never watched basketball in the 80s. this type of thing was commonplace. The league itself has become somewhat soft so you think the game is to be played soft! And yet some of you same idiots continually rag on Pau Gasol for being too soft. He apologized, received his punishment like a man. Now move on. God, where are the days of Barkley, Laimbier, Isaiah, and Charles Oakley. And throw Machale in there. Let’s start seeing some basketball!

  45. watcher says:

    Another low act in a series that had a few (Artest’s clothesline and Odom’s shove). A lot of ‘dynasties’ have gone down fighting or crashing in a heap, but I haven’t seen such pathetic unsportsmanlike behaviour like that since Detroit got beat by the Bull’s in ’90. And even they didn’t stoop to the level of knocking down an airborne player who is about 4′ 8. Talk about total lack of control, discipline and leadership when the chips were down. Shameful.

  46. Ken says:

    He needs his butt kick for what he did, maybe by a crowd of five foot basketball players!

  47. bringthe HEAT says:

    i don’t even care what this article is about. all i know is that all year.. ALL YEAR! nothing but hating fans talking crap about the heat on these blogs. now its time to eat you words. Lakers suck! getting swept like scrubs! the only switch they will turn on in June is to the tv to watch the heat dominate. and Boston fans.. well there is always the bruins…lebron and wade just took your canes and walkers that those old farts called players in Boston use and straight beat them with it.. and of course everyone now will jump on the bull jock cause they are the only ones left in the way. but we all know with the way the heat are playing now….wooo… its going to be a long week for rose and scxrubs cause rose has to drop 50 every game just to be in it.

    time for a new dynasty…..lets go heat!!!!!!!!

  48. PacersAreBack says:

    A 7 footer throwing a forearm into a 5 foot 10 guy is not playing hard. Bynum is a goon.Yeah he made a bad judgement call, but this is like his third bad judgement call. IDK why anyone would give this moron props for apologizing? he could’ve killed the little guy

  49. david stern says:

    He Neva Raped Nobody And Paid Them Off says:
    May 10, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    He made a mistake and owned up, explained he was completely out of line, and has reached out to Barea to apologise? Whats wrong with that?

    HAHAHHA yeah that was KOBE

  50. Milly Perez says:

    I just saw Andrew Bynum’s interview where he apologized about the horrible foul against J.J. Barea. This is not the first time that Andrew purposely tried to seriously hurt another player. Andrew elbowed Gerald Wallace and broke his ribs which caused his lung to collapsed and the NBA did nothing. The only reason that he apologized is because alot of fans and the likes of Magic Johnson and James Worthy were rightfully criticizing Bynum. Bynum tried to hurt Michael Beasley this season also. BYNUM IS A DIRTY PLAYER AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE A DIRTY PLAYER BECAUSE THE NBA DOES NOTHING!!!!!!!

  51. Erik says:

    You know what the deal is, even back in the 80’s a 7foot something wouldn’t deliberately hit a 5’5 guy, when the game is already over, with a hit that has the potention to injury. The fact that he has done it 3 times now proves just how much of a piece of *bleep* he is, apology all you want. You will not buy me over. He does not deserve to be paid millions. Or even play this beautiful game. He should just go flip burgers somewhere.

  52. NBALakers says:

    Andrew Bynum is only topped by Dwight Howard. The kid is 23. He is healthier than ever. Expect a bigger, stronger, faster, and more efficient Bynum. That fowl against JJ was bad, but that doesn’t take anything away from his game.

  53. You guys must have never watched basketball in the 80’s and early 90’s yes it was a stupid foul, but this ain’t tennis, just because it’s the lakers this incident is magnified, finally you slayed goliath for now but you know damn well we will be back LOLOLOL!!!

  54. Whatever says:

    Oh please, he isn’t sorry!!!!!!!! Apology not accepted Bynum!!!!!!!!

  55. Rich says:

    Basketball is NOT a game to hurt each other and deliver injury to others. Those who say that Bare deserves it, I wish you get hit by a speeding car on your way home and NOT die but just get vegetabled. And yeah, I mean it.

    What’s done was done. Apology is on the table. Whether it’s real or not, it’s only upto Bynum and/or Barea to say. But that should not in any circumstances get him out of the penalties that is due to him. It’s fortunate that Barea did not get seriously injure, but what if he did ? That kind of take down would injure seriously a player more than half the time. You CAN’T hit someone potentially ending his career and saying sorry after and hope everything’s good since the other guy fortunately got away unscathed. 2 games suspension and even a million dollars fine is not nearly enough. It needs to be more significant than that so nobody in the league ever thinks of dong that again to another player.

  56. lebronheat2011champs says:

    lakers are a bunch of overated bastards. bynum is a scumbag who should be kicked out of the happy they lost cuz now its time for the heat to take over the league the next 7 or 8 years

  57. billy says:

    Id like to see the videos of people getting clothelined and called for a hard foul.

    Especially when the guy is 5’10”, compared to a 7 footer.

    Its a Flagarant 2 when someone could be seriously injured, JJ could have landed on his damn head or get a few broken ribs.

  58. SubPar says:

    You all are a bunch of lakers fans, for real! You think he got up there and made that statement all by personal choice? Awww, what great guy! That was so darn disrespectful to the Lakers organization and harmful to the good of his career. You can darn well bet that he had both the front office of the lakers and his agents telling him hes obligated to make a statement. A true man at heart with sound values and morals would have never done that in the first place. I still like the lakers… but sorry, this guy is hittin my wall of shame!

  59. Dissapointed says:

    Watching the Blazer Mavs series I know JJ is a huge flopper, but that hit he received from Bynum was not right. He’s what over a foot and probably 150 pounds bigger. No duh he was in the wrong.

  60. Cali says:

    LOL @ a few of the Laker Haters… I’ve never known any other team (aside from the Yankees) that gets so much animosity from ppl. But I guess that’s what comes with success. Kind of hard to call 17-times champs losers lol

    • @Cali says:

      It’s hilarious you say bunch of thugs a 17 time champs. People say Kobe and the company losers due to their dirty reputation not the history of the Lakers. Seriously, instead of riding on Kobe’s, read some books then maybe you might find yourself comprehending who knows lol.

    • tRay says:

      16 time champions buddy

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      You can call their fans losers if they can’t get the facts straight. Only count what they won in la. Not in MN. As far as 17, give that to the celtics in one city and majority of those wins were against your team. Also, I believe the league only had a handful of teams at the beginning. Bottom line, your team was swept and it was fun to watch. If your superstar boy just played the game, he might have been liked a little more. Always wanting to be the best that ever was but he will never be that.

      GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. reVamp says:

    suspend him a great deal of games without pay along with a hefty fine, a fine so hefty that he’ll never think of doing that again!

  62. random says:

    Lakers haha. What do you expect from them?We all know the history of them. Bunch of dirty players. When the league took out of elbowing, the team especially Kobe suddenly became a trash player. Group of cheap shots

  63. SYDALE says:

    And, for all the trade talk… Why the H3LL would Orlando agree to trade Dwight Howard??? For what? L.A.’s trash? That’s some sense of entitlement these Laker fans have… I mean, it’s one thing if Dwight walks, but for them to TRADE him to L.A., that’s ridiculous… And, if Dwight does become a free agent, then, the Lakers can’t sign him because they are so far over the cap and into the luxury tax that it’d be impossible…

    • MaVeRiCkS says:

      It’s not Orlando’s decision to leave Orlando, it’s DWIGHT HOWARD’s decision to leave Orlando once his contract expires.

  64. reVamp says:

    how many times is this big ugly Sasquatch (bynum) going to apologize for his cheapshots, maybe the penalty shouldn’t be so mild & mello, the penalty should be more severe otherwise he’s gonna keep doing this. Bynum dishes out 1 to 2 cheapshots a year!. a real man would admit to a mistake like Bynum’s but also would not repeat it, Bynum keeps on doing the same similar cheapshots following along with the same apologies……bynum’s just a big & dumb center, he’s not a real man and never will be.

  65. Rob says:

    Dirty as Laker. I’ve hated the Lakers since I started playing and watching basketball when I was 4 years old, now this just add to the dirt that the Lakers are. As Mike Tirico……DISGUSTING!!

  66. SYDALE says:

    Of course Bynum’s apology was meaningless… Nothing more than something written down for him by the Lakers PR guy… The guy is truly a sore loser, and even more, a coward… At least Lamar went after Dirk, the star of the Mavericks and a guy who is of similar size… Bynum knocks Barea out of the air… c’mon… really??? Barea is like 5’9 or something… I bet Bynum wouldn’t dare do that shyt to Brendan Haywood or Tyson Chandler… the guys that were muscling him for every rebound…

  67. jose rizal says:





  68. Brandon says:

    The only problem that I have with this series is that Dallas is getting glorified as if they are a champion. They have not won anything and probably won’t win anything. Dirk is great but his best chance to win was when he was part of the big three of dirk, finley and nash. There will always be no “D” in Dallas as long as Dirk is there.

    • nascar says:

      you are wrong they still have kidd and terry

    • Rich says:

      They’re not being glorified like they were champions. They’re being glorified because they just beat the champions when everybody but Charles Barkley have the faith in them.
      You’re problem is you just can’t believe that the Lakers are now out and in a very bad way.
      Just take it like a man and wait for their chances again next season.

      • MaVeRiCkS says:

        You do mean Charles Barkley was the only one who said Dallas would beat LA?

      • Brandon says:

        Who said that im in shock that the Lakers are out. They got rid of all of their youth and quickness. Sasha 20?, Farmar 20?, Turiaf 20?, Ariza 20?, Powell 20?. They brought in Blake 30?, Joe Smith late 30?, Ratliff late 30?, Artest 30?, and however old Barnes is. They also brought back Fisher, who has been a defensive liabiltiy while with the team since 2004. So no I dont think im surprised. Its just a shame that Dirk is now being talked about as if he is one of the top 10 players of all time. Dallas will never win as long as he is the focal point of the team. Besides where in my previous statement did i mention the Lakers?

  69. jose rizal says:

    this guy just like dwayne wade’s reverse judo attack on rondo can lie straigt into the camera as if it was a cheese burger and fries dinner plate. (sarcastic)

    it does represent their upbringing. NBA should do something about this. like penalize these for a year or more.

    • kerrie says:

      That Was a very ignorant statement! This has nothing to do with upbring! Everybody has feelings and emotions! WE all get upset, angry, disappointed, etc. but it has nothing to do with a person’s UPbring as you recalled! This was an emotional Game for Bynum, I don’t excuse the hit, but at the same time the man was upset and fustrated and wanted OUT! I think he wanted to leave and this was a way of escaped even though it was a poor choice. This comment is for All negative posters, Now Run and tell that Homeboy!!!

  70. Steven says:

    I would love to hear from someone that actually knows JJ to see if Bynum has actually “attempted” to contact him. I think it is lip service and Bynum probably hasn’t even tried to contact Barea. I mean, for God’s sake, this is 2011 and everyone has a cell phone. Even JJ. The only reason he made this appology is because management told him he was going to do it.

    • KB24 says:

      He left a message and JJ replied with an acceptance. Learn your facts before popping off.

  71. Adrien says:

    Lakers suck end of discussion

  72. He Neva Raped Nobody And Paid Them Off says:

    He made a mistake and owned up, explained he was completely out of line, and has reached out to Barea to apologise? Whats wrong with that?

    • Rich says:

      Although a little late, he did his part and he will continue to do so. Now it’s upto the league to do their part.

  73. AD says:

    The reason I do not watch hockey is because of this same garbage mentality that Andrew Bynum displayed—he should be banned for more than a year for making a hit like that on J. Barea. This will get rid of all the bully type crap basketball that is going on the NBA—. It used to be just post up in Jabar time now we have Guys elbowing people–if the NBA wants to keeps the fans, then a send a serious message and ban Andrew Bynum for a year

    • Brandon says:

      What are you talking about? Guys use to clothesline people and all other kinds of stuff. The BAD BOYS were named that because of their style of play. They use to beat up Jordan everytime they played. The Celtics had players that were considered tough guys and so did the show time lakers. Maybe you should youtube the 80s basketball era and then you will know.

      • AD says:

        If you watch the NCAA finals is was like watch a boxing match—and it has arrived in the NBA with players like Bynum —and it will get worse–the NBA has to put a stop to this—or else we will not be watching basketball but heavy weight boxing where people of Bynum become a crowd favourite (to take good players out of the match) . Look at Rondo—it that nonsense of entanglement was not allowed he would still be playing.

        It is also endangering players life —what is next a body slam–and a ten game suspension.

    • wootsiWoots says:

      You Should try watching a CHESS game…. basketball is a physical sport. if you dont wanna get hurt.. then DONT play or WATCH!

  74. DavidSternWillBeTheDeathofTheNBA says:

    And this is what’s wrong with the NBA today…

    How sad it is to have to apologize for a semi-hard foul on a player. Back in the day a foul like this would have been expected and definitely wouldn’t have somebody kicked out for it or suspended for several games in the next season.

    Listening to all these members of LA Media put Bynum down after the foul is a joke as well. Magic Johnson..please..the guy was a good player but where is his loyalty to Lakers organization or players? I’m not saying he should have defended Bynums actions but putting him and the team down, talking about trades, etc. — stupid. This guy just wants to please as many people as possible at any given time, conforms to anything that will get him the most respect and money from the most people. Get this guy out of here.

    As for the people talking about trading Bynum.. why would you ever want to do that? Bynum is one of the only Lakers that even tried to play hard and with pride and did so successfully. I’d honestly trade anybody aside from Kobe, Bynum, or Fisher.

    • Rich says:

      A foul like that when the othe rplayer is up in the air is not a semi-hard foul, stupid idiot ! Try jumping with that kind of momentum going on the same right forward upward direction that Barea was going and ask someone to elbow you on your chest, let’s see how you will fall, effin idiot, my God !

  75. Adrien says:

    Give the Heat Bynum shoot we could use him LOL

  76. latoya says:

    I’m conflicted about this apology. It was the right thing for him to do seeing as it relfected negatively on the lakers organization, but at the same time it pissed me off. When Bynum hit Michael Beasley earlier this year he had the same remorseless look on his face after the play and the same remorseless initial response to his action. the next day in a newspaper interview Beasley said Bynum texted him an apology and told him he was seeing red when it all happened. That is a serious rage issue. Someone is going to anger him and he will do this again. I didn’t have an opinion on this guy before, but I can now say that I don’t respect him.

  77. knickfan47763 says:

    c’mon i don’t think this hit was that big of a deal. i enjoyed watchin the anger come out. the game was already over and barea was at the wrong place at the wrong time…watching big strong seven footers letting point guards score layup after layup without a hard foul being given to intimidate is much harder to watch than this flagrant foul. …its not like the lakers started a brawl…frustration shows these players are humans who are out there trying to win, not just collect a paycheck. if bynum started laughing in the four quarter that’d make me furious not a rib shot. bynum a disgrace? u guys gotta be kidding me

    • atlphan says:

      are you simple? its not like they were in a position to win and he was sending a message. he took a cheap shot on a guy that is bout the size of a kid in comparison.. hes a thug and a punk adn couldnt even man up to hard foul anyone else expect the smallest guy on the court

      • knickfan47763 says:

        its not like his foul made him miss a playoff game like artest either…he squashed barea like a bug out of frustration. i loved seein the emotions come out. if he would have tried starting a brawl that would be a thug move, but an elbow isn’t the end of the world. if he threw that same elbow against a big man the big man probably wouldn’t have even fallen…and this would have never made headlines. i would be mad if bynum went unpunished, but we all know he is going to be suspended from games and heavily fined. don’t think that foul is bad enough to lose respect

  78. J says:

    get shooters to space out the floor.. bynum and gasol will be alright in the front court.. and kobe needs to up his game.. i’ve been a fan of his all my life but after watching almost every laker game this season i think he’s playing a little too arrogant to the team’s detriment.. i’m surprised he made the defensive first team.. he covers well one on one but is almost too lazy or proud to play help defense.. i think ron artest or dwyane wade would’ve been better choices honestly

  79. sore-loser says:

    thats not his upbringing? no…thats expressly his upbringing…
    look…since he’s 16 17 or whatever…the league wanted him…
    and all the praise without equal parts of hard work…lets admit it…he hasnt grown to his potential..
    he’s the one that never had a good tone in interviews…that drags his comments…that talks with that ignorant style…
    we all know other than probably Fish and Bryant…and maybe gasol..everyone else on that team are sore-losers….
    barnes…artest…bynum and odom….especially odom…who always seem to play his harddest when things are at its worst…
    when the game is over…he wakes up…and he fouls people hard for no reason…thats just odom….
    and now we see bynum pickng that attitude up…
    Lakers are a good team…but they are the ultimate diva becuz the league made them so…

  80. Dirk-swept-Kobe says:

    What a tool, if Bynum didnt learn from Beasley’s cheap shot I dont think he will leanr much from Barrea’s. Plus his attitude after the game by taking of his jersey and showing to all of the Big D his nasty man-child milk duds doesn’t help the face of the franchise let alone Phil’s last game as a Laker coach. Too bad LA fans… time for a new champ and a new era in NBA basketball.

    • kerrie says:

      Too Bad The new Champs WON’T be the MAVS! Remeber Luck was there! IF the LAkers Were Mentally into This Game There is NO way The MAVS would Win. The Lakers Beat Themselves! Not the MAVS! LOOK at the Stats. I am a true fan of the Lakers but I must Say, The Lakers Lost because of their mindset in this entire series. It’s physically being in a place where the spirit is not present! I think Gasol needs Stress Therapy! He is Totally Burned Out and also Lamar Odom and the Reality show! Too many irons in the fire!!!

      • Bullsfan1136 says:

        There goes the excuses. What were the two loses to NO? Exactly, they ran into team they never face in the playoffs in the past. That’s what happens. Making 3 points baskets was luck I guess. Bottom your team was swept. Never in Phil’s career has that happen until kobe’s team. That makes it more enjoyable. Have a nice summer.

      • Barca says:

        LUCK? Kicking Lakers A–es FOUR times in a row…luck? and what – the lakers won 50+ games by luck? You sound ridiculous…they outplayed you for once in your life can you hold your hand up and say – “OK, they had us this time”? Is it that hard to do? Sheeeezus even Kobe and all the lakers are big enough to say Dallas was the better team

  81. Brandon says:

    I don’t condone what he did, but at least he did it the right way. If your gonna foul a guy with the intent to hurt them you might as well go for broke and leave nothing left for interpretation. He was definitely in the wrong, but at least he went all out with it and not just made a ticky tack foul and got ejected.

  82. Chris says:

    Barea is to pitbull. He deserved it.

  83. AT says:

    its funny how everybody’s saying “At least he apologized”

    How cant you see it? either his P.R guy or the team’s, someone demanded him to apologize.

    I think that what he did was inexcuseable. its not his first time(Beasley already fealt his wrath) and even if JJ wasnt hurt, he should be thrown out. go someplace else.
    I’m not a Laker fan but i’ve seen enough basketball over the years, when it comes to the league, this will NOT go away quietly. Possibly more than 10 games suspension(plus huge fine), especially with the high buzz around this series, everybody expects the league to be as harsh as possible. As am I. Teach the little boy some Anger Management.

    When it comes to the Lakers. Its time to clean house. Their image has been hurt severly. Not only the incompetence of Gasol, possibly “The Fight of the Wives” but also the Lakers are now both Sore losers and a violent team. Not to mention they already were the most hated franchise long before this series.

  84. Richard says:

    yeah, yeah… just like any other laker, when they get to loosing they start crying to the refs or anyone else that will listen and start giving B…s..t fouls and crying some more and act like they did not do anything and want everyone to say poor lakers, and then go back and apologize. Well hopefully Bynum gets whats coming to him and glad your out of the playoffs. Cant wait till Kobe retires and don’t have to hear about the lakers for a while.

  85. Gamara says:

    He is 23, old enough to know better. He was suspended for a similar shot earlier in the season. He didn’t applogize then and is only doing so now because he has the microscope of the Playoffs on him. If he was sincere about this, he would have appologized on Sunday, not Tuesday. The one person I actually respect more after all this was Kobe, for actually calling him out for it Sunday night. Bynum is nothing but a thug and Sunday night he could have stolen someones elses playoffs after his were through.

  86. John says:

    DEAN WROTE “He is (arguably) the best big man in the game…i.e. he has a more well-rounded game than Dwight!” Dean, what would possess you to say something so outlandish? LOL Andrew is a decent big with tremendous LENGTH, but the best big in the game? LOL cmon man.

  87. Rebel says:

    To those that taught that was a hard foul, that was nothing. I guess you guys are mommy’s kids that run to her for everything. Grow and man up. It was indeed a stupid idiotic foul but not a flagrant 2.

    • Andy says:

      If that wasn’t a hard foul what is? Typical laker fans who stick up for their boys and don’t take responsibility for anything.

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      Actually, the whole laker team show grow up. The punked out like the little girls they are. If you are a laker fan, go back the last two years cause kobe era is done. Never could measure up the the great one, MJ.

  88. Andy says:

    Bottom line is he could have ended Barea’s career because he is a sore loser. Barea tore them up all series and instead of tipping his hat to him and giving him credit he could have seriously injured him. I can see if this was his first time in his career but this is the third time he has taken someone out in mid-air. I understand he is human and mistakes will happen but every action requires a consequence. He deserves at least a 10 game suspension and the next time it happens should be a full year. No room in basketball for that kind of crap!!

    • Indeed says:

      I hope the league gives him what he deserves. We all can say, ” ok, he apologized for his “mistake”, so lets move on” but NO, there no “mistake” when you do the same cheap shot over and over again. Dirty players like Ron Artest and himself should know that in NBA there no place for this type of actions. It wasn’t just Barea’s career what was on the line whit that hit, it was also Michael Beasly’s and Gerald Wallace’s too. Bynum doesn’t belong in the NBA and the league must see that and ban him for his actions, so other players know what theyre up to if they continue to commit “mistakes” in frustration.

  89. Chris says:

    Barea deserved it. He elbowed Blake just to get past him on the same play. Fire Kuptchak for letting Farmar go and signing Blake. Blake is garbage.

    • Josh says:

      Blake flopped like a little girl just like he learned from Fisher. That’s all Fisher knows how to do and Blake picked up on it. So sorry for the lakers they have old washed up Fisher under contract for 2 more years.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        You’re an idiot Blake did NOT flop. Barea elbowed him (offensive foul) and Drew handled him. (EJECTION)

      • HeatWave says:

        @ LakersWillWin, Bynum wasn’t making up for that play against Blake. That’s just the way sore LA fans see it after that beat down. Bynum said straight out that it was just a frustration move. A cheap one but still wasn’t as planned as everyone thinks. And yes Blake did flop cause he plays with Fisher who is the king of flopping after Vlade.

    • Nada says:

      @Chris. An eye for an eye. Your comment is non-professional and is the worst comment I see so far!!

    • billy says:

      He is 5’10”. If he had been hurt, Bynum could have been kicked out of the league.

    • Rich says:

      Chris, nobody deserves to get hurt, for saying that – you deserved to be cemented in a garbage bin.

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      I’m sure Farmar would have helped that bench but still would have been out score like they did.Bottom line, lakers had their A$$e$ handed to them and it was fun to watch.

  90. Jason says:

    I have to laugh at the people saying he is “scum” etc. He is young and human and made a mistake and you act like he killed someone. There are players in every sport that make mistakes and get less grief. He was a man about apoligized now suck it up and move on.

    • bronzebra says:

      yes he is young and human and made a mistake but that kind of mistake is unforgiveable.. there is no place in the NBA like what he did. c’mon man up.

    • Jolan says:

      …made a mistake… been several mistakes now. he is a grown man, maybe he should start acting like one and keep his composure. very unlikely jj would of been killed but add a little more strength into it and he could of landed on his neck and cause seriouse lifelong damage.

      • MaVeRiCkS says:

        DUDE AN ELBOW TO THE ARMPIT WOULD NOT KILL SOMEONE! At the most, JJ would break a rib.

    • Nada says:

      That’s an attack and luckily Barea did not get hurt but you could get killed that way. These guys makes million and are modeled for young young people. Too bad they make mistates and pretend that they are sorry and life will go on like nothing is happen. Well too bad it already happen..!!!

  91. 808HEAT says:

    Regardless, what’s done is done. Apology could be accepted or it could not, it’s whatever. Still a shameful way to go out. I still believe that he is the next great big man, but will that career be in LA? Dwight is ready NOW! Kobe, still a great player, is still running out of years. He wants rings then bring Superman down, simple as that. If Bynum gets the wrong end of that, so be it.

  92. At least he apologized — I have to give it up to him for that. What else can he do after the fact? Hopefully he will grow up as a result of this.

  93. Jake in Cali says:

    Glad he apollogized but I’m sorry, if the Lakers have a shot at gettin Howard, than there is NO good reason why they shouldn’t get him, I don’t care if he can say i’m sorry or can beg for forgiveness or WHATEVER! I like Bynum all the same, but Howard is the BEST center in the league.
    Sorry Drew, you may have just signed your own trade certificate with that cheap shot.

  94. BIG AL says:

    The hell with Bynum, he is a scum that needs to be suspended for the entire season. He is a sore loser just like all you stupid Laker fans. I am not a Dallas fan, but I hate the Lakers because you all are a bunch of cry baby B*&^%^S. Now stop talking about these pittiful losers and move on. LAKERS got what they deserved. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Omega says:

      @ BIG AL Another pathetic laker hater dude you just made me laugh cuz your a joke i love when people hate you know why cause i know your just jealous and that makes me feel better haha it dont bother me if you hate cause at the end of the day the Lakers still have been the most Dominant team the past three years, and we’ll be back next year. Your a joke man a real joke haha

  95. LakersWillWin says:

    He said he was going to take therapy and stuff to learn how to deal with his emotions on the court. Yeah, it was messed up. But we can’t hate on him forever. Finally Bynum is healthy, look forward to him being the “Center” of attention next season.
    No pun intended.

  96. Dean says:

    Kudos to Drew for manning up! He is (arguably) the best big man in the game…i.e. he has a more well-rounded game than Dwight! As a LAKERS fan, I don’t know that Dwight replacing Drew would be a good move for the LAKERS. Now, if they want, they can send L-O, Gasol and Artest to Orlando for Dwight…KOBE, Drew and Dwight? Now that’s a MONSTER team!

    As for coaching…what’s the move? Will it be B-Shaw or B-Scott? And if it is Byron…what are the chances that we can bring CP3 over here?!? D-Fish has always been HUGE in the post season…but this year…he just seemed plain tuckered out…as did the entire team!

    • bronzebra says:

      He is (arguably) the best big man in the game?? what?? are you kiddin’?? he might be good but not the best. not even close.

    • Dave says:

      He didn’t look like the best against Dirk!!!

      • yeahright says:

        Dwight Howard| 27.0 PPG, 15.5 RPG, 3 time consecutive Defensive Player of the Year (2009-2011)… Ummm, yeah I think we can all ARGUE with that… -__-

    • cheegs says:

      @dean.. PPPFFFTTT! the best? ill name some better then him right now. dwight howard, Marcin gortat, lamarcus aldridge, serge ibaka, amare stoudimire, marc gasol, robin lopez.. hes top 10 maybe at C position.. not the best

      • cheegs says:

        @ myself not robin lopez the other lopez.. that plays with d will… robin lopez is a joke!

    • TexasBoy says:

      Drew is no where as good as dwight not even close its just plan stupid to compare but I understand you are just an LA fan I cant stand the arogance of that organization and even the fans respect the game bynum and get used to the beat down

  97. LAFAN4LIFE says:

    That’s a big man right there. realizing that what he did was wrong and trying to make amends. Gotta a lot of respect for the big fella. we will bounce back next year.

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      Its not the first time he did something like that. He can say sorry all he wants cause that’s what he was told to do. I’m sure he will do it again when they are losing by 20 or so in the future. Bottom line, it was a punk move. If your getting your butts whoop like they did on Sunday, take it like a man. Too bad Phil had to got out like that, leave to a kobe’s team to screw that up. Only sweep of Phil’s career and he gave it to him. Well, that’s all you got to look forward to but it’s not going to happen. Damn, sweep with a team the lakers have. How sad…………………….Can’t wait for the excuses.

      • reVamp says:

        this IS how it is with Bynum, he’ll never rid of the big dumb kid within his lid……the league will have to start fining players a lot more to stop this behavior in players, especially Bynum. Bynum’s only going to hurt another, you’re right…he’ll do it again because he’s simply dumb!

      • cheegs says:

        your right Bullsfan1136. its not the first time. remember he did it to michael beasly of the timberwolves this year. look it up.. luckily for beasly he is a lot bigger and more athletic then barrea and was able to hold himself up and not smack onto the hardwood… i do agree its good that he has appologized but.. if barrea was injuered it wouldnt of brought him back. it was the dirtiest play ive ever seen… becuase the game is lost there is no point to foul someone like that in a blowout.. (ron artest on ben wallace at the palace style) <– we all remember what happened there :o.

    • Kenny says:

      He can say he’s sorry all he wants, it doesn’t change the fact that he is making big money and with that salary comes certain resposibilities. RESPECT, not only for the 5’10” man he could have seriously injusred, but for the fans and the reputation of the NBA, which he represents. I do not think he would have pulled that on Howard, O’Neil or Kevin Garrnet, to me he just showed his and the whole teams unproffesional attitude about getting there A–es kicked. He should be suspended for 10 games and fined $50,000.00. Sometimes “I’M SORRY” isn’t enough!!!!

      • MaVeRiCkS says:

        Well what else can he say? “I don’t think my actions were wrong, they were good.”?

      • leggomymelo says:

        @cheegs, ron artest didnt foul ben wallace, ben wallace fouled artest

  98. HeatWave says:

    After listening to him it sounds like he just made a bad judgement call on how to foul the guy; Luckily Barea is okay. I hope they make amends and move on.

    • Dean says:

      Stu “Uncle Tom” Jackson lowers the BOOM on the LAKERS again! You knew there would be some repercussion…but 5 games! He couldn’t play the game! He don’t know the game! He’s just a “Yessuh Mista Stern! Right awaysuh Mista Stern!” And this has been going on for years now! When KOBE had his problems…it was fine him for this…suspend him for that…while everybody else in the league was getting away with it! ‘T’ up the LAKERS everytime they say something! But it’s OK for Queen James to cuntinue crying over EVERY call that doesn’t go his way!

      • HeatWave says:

        I don’t understand what your comment has to do with what I wrote. Also it’s nothing but a bunch of nonsense from a unhappy LA fan. Go fishing with Kobe and stop posting BS comments,and stop hating on Lebron. If your nice enough, he’ll let you guys win a game next year. Peace!

      • Ronald says:

        truth, truth, truth, and truth. i agree on all counts.

      • enough says:

        Also Dean….Kobe is the biggest whiner in the NBA. Everyone has acknowledged it. It’s a strategy to get calls. Charles Barkley said himself that Kobe thinks he is fouled on every shot he misses.

    • R4 says:

      U know what if this foul had ended his career what should be the punishment. I think because the playoff hold more weight than the regular season. I think a 10 game or even a 15 game penalty would be more reasonable. You can be a heat of the moment but when you look to hurt someone for beating you. You should face a more harder penalty. I just glad the lakers lost and now maybe there will be a seventh team to join the chip list. Only if the heats don’t win…

    • Dean says:

      It’s not just me! It’s EVERYONE that are are fortunate enough not to live in South Beach that hate him! He’s a whiner! He’s a crier! He’s got no heart! Oh wait! No! It’s him! I thought I was talking about your mama…but I don’t talk about anyone’s mama…so it must be Queen James! BTW…should Miami be LUCKY enough to win the title this year…it’ll all ride on the shoulders of D-Wade! Queen James has choked his entire career! No reason for that to change now!

      • Sanity says:

        Why not just suspend him for his next playoff game. What happens in the playoffs should affect the playoffs.

        That or suspend him 2 games plus each game against dallas.

    • Dean says:

      It’s not just me! It’s EVERYONE that are are fortunate enough not to live in South Beach that hate him! He’s a whiner! He’s a crier! He’s got no heart! Oh wait! No! It’s him! I thought I was talking about your mama…but I don’t talk about anyone’s mama…so it must be Queen James! BTW…should Miami be LUCKY enough to win the title this year…it’ll all ride on the shoulders of D-Wade! Queen James has choked his entire career! No reason for that to change now!