Shaq about to follow Phil to exit

BOSTON — It was painful to watch in Game 3. No, not the Rajon Rondo injury. The return of Shaquille O’Neal.

He tried to run. He tried to jump. All he did mostly was foul and get in the way. Finally, Doc Rivers showed some mercy and sat Shaq for good. And that’s too bad, because we like to see the great ones leave with a bit of glory and dignity. Shaq is perhaps too heavy, too hurt and too 39 to leave us with much else, whenever his exit becomes official.

Celtics broadcaster Cedric Maxwell (that’s Cornbread to you young ‘uns born after 1981, when he won Finals MVP over Bird) all but called Shaq a walking corpse. That’s too harsh. After all, the Celtics wanted Shaq this season. And if you recall, he played better than expected in November and December while Kendrick Perkins was healing. Kevin Garnett loved having Shaq do all the dirty work and called him “an inspiration.” So, please, it hasn’t been a disastrous year. And who didn’t love it when Shaq crashed a wedding party at a fancy Boston hotel and pretended to be a statue in Harvard Square (good line from Rivers: “As long as he isn’t a statue on defense …”).

But then Shaq got hurt, twice. He is 39 and carrying 300-plus pounds. And the Celtics traded Perkins. And folks put too much pressure (expectations?) on Shaq coming back and doing something. The hunch says it ain’t happening.

This is likely it for Shaq. What a career. He won championships, lots of fans, acclaim, earned millions and was definitely Shaqtastic on and off the court. Shaq made basketball fun and he had fun playing.

But somewhere late in his career, the dynamics changed. From joining LeBron James in Cleveland and now the (original) Big Three in Boston, Shaq ran the risk of being seen as an old guy desperately trying for one last stab at glory or a ring. Most likely, Shaq kept playing the last two years because he became too attached to the lifestyle, like many athletes, and would rather the NBA retire him than vice-versa.

It was interesting watching LeBron and Dwyane Wade, ex-teammates of Shaq, squirm the other day when asked whether it was tough to watch Shaq at this late stage. Wade looked down and said nothing. After another few uncomfortable seconds, LeBron stammered something about Shaq being one of the most dominant centers, blah, blah, blah.

Well, it’s time for the Big Fella to follow the Big Sunset. Last we saw and checked, Shaq Diesel is finally running on empty.


  1. Kim Mathenge says:

    i told people again he has muscles.

  2. Kim Mathenge says:

    lce pogi ha ha ha shaq is responsible

  3. Kim Mathenge says:

    you forgot the t on the end son.

  4. Kim Mathenge says:

    he has muscles that’s it.

  5. Kim Mathenge says:

    There aren’t anymore centers in the nba except for Dh The eastern conference still sucks that cleveland team got swept by the spurs. Bulls 1 heat nothing.

  6. Kim Mathenge says:

    i couldn’t got on to the yahoo website.

  7. Kim Mathenge says:

    Almost winning a championchip with orlando doesn’t count He had penny hardaway they got swept by houston Shaq is overrated If the lakers had done what they were supposed to do and traded him to the west in 2004 he still wouldn’t have a fourth ring. DWyane wade and shaq wouldn’t have got their @$$….. kissed Dwyane wade got every foul call. the lakers gave him his fourth ring because mitch cupcake Didn’t ask for Dwyane Wade.

  8. Jake says:

    Shaq could not win a ring without great players Kobe and Wade. He played 8 years in the NBA and no ring. Only when he had Kobe who became good did he win a ring. He is overrated. Kobe was the great one as his 5 rings attest, and Kobe has 81 point game, numerous awards, tied for most 3 pointers in a game -12. mvp finals 2 times, mvp, mvp all star 4, defensive team 9 times. Kobe is greater than Shaq easily. He worked harder. Even Shaq’s attitude the last few years of getting on good teams to piggyback to a ring backfired on him. He stil couldn’t do it and Kobe won 2 times.

  9. Barron says:

    Shaq has not been a force in basketball for years. His lazy play and attitude made it so that he now has to ring chase and ruin good teams, who then don’t go as far as the previous years with him. He is ring chasing because he is competing with Kobe. So in a way Shaq has helped Kobe get more rings by helping the other teams become worse with him. Shaq is overrated, Kobe was the great one as time is showing us.

  10. dalton says:

    shaq is the bom u guy suck

  11. I think Shaq will retire his jersey in Phoenix.

  12. Mark says:

    Don’t understand the mindset of the great players of today. Why not go out on top instead of hanging around too long and getting hurt or losing your dignity? Anyone remember that guy from Green Bay? He hung around way too long.

    Even Jordan tarnished his legacy with his post Chicago antics.

    Shaq was one of the best and I wish him well no matter what he decides to do.

  13. Cem says:

    Shaq was the best center of all time.So this is how you are saying goodbye to him? Let’s consider this, MJ’s ending was a fairytale and dont forget the washington years too.Anyway like Phil Jackson Shaq Deserved a better farewell but I think the lakers trio (Shaq kobe and phil) wasted that chance with sending shaq to miami in 2004.I’m missing those days.

  14. Francisco says:

    ” It sad to see Shaq playing that way” Those were words of Magic Johnson not from Shaun Powell. It sad to see a guy who write the same words of a Nba legend did on Tnt. Shaun Powell have your own opinion about basketball and dont hang from Johnson´s words to write a polemic article about one of the best centers ever. And everybody knows what we are talking about. Shaq won three cahmpionships in LA AND THAT´S ALL. They had Robert Horry, Derick Fisher, Bryan Shaw, and Kobe and a lot of mores. Yes, Shaq won with Miami one championship but everybody remeber what happened before that. Shaq was eject fron La because Kobe and all that soap opera. Because Kobe wanted to be better than Michael and charge over his shoulders in the fourth quarter like Mj did before in 90´s. Im not blaming Kobe he is great, he won two Nba championships with the help of Artest and Gasol and the rest of the team like Lamar Odom. So…Shaq has 4 Nba titles and Kobe only has two…that´s is the underground true. Kobe is terrific it reminds me Houston Rockets 95-96 whern they won 2 Nba championship as well. That team had Hakeem , Drexeler and robert Horry.
    Basketball has changed in every ways. Now we look foward to see performances plays with teamates, win like a team.
    None remeber that 2006 championship of Miami was wtih Payton, Shaq, Antoine, Williams, Posey, Wade, Doleac, Whright, Haslem, Anderson and Pat Ryley. A group of teammates together to a objective.
    The bottom line is Michael Jordan is the only one. He made things ON THE COURT like none else before did. He “fought” against Charles, Ewing, Drexeler, Shaq, Thomas, Bird, Wilkins, Magic, and the whole dream team one plus Reggie Miller , Jhon Starks, Mourning, Kemp, Malone, Stockton, Hardaway.
    Kobe Bryan should be among 20 or 15´s best players of all time but no more. And Shaq is a monster, between 10 top players of all time. He is a kind of player that you never gonna find again.

  15. jer says:

    His career may be over but at least he had a magnificent career,



    What gives you the right to say Shaq is following Phil to the exit and what is the matter with the rest of you people? Shaq has a good 4 years left and you want him to retire because one injury?!? Damn buzzards. Sitting by waiting on Shaq to fall. Pathetic. Powell have some decency and give Shaq his own blog if you want him to retire. Not disgrace his honor like this.

    Wait till Shaq heals up. You’ll see that he is still the dominant center in the leauge. Look at the basketball he was playing earlier this season. He has plenty left.

  17. J says:

    And why is Lebron the most undeserving player in the NBA? Stat wise he dominates the game hands down. He plays on both sides of the ball. I’m no fan, but i give credit where credit is due. If you compare his stats to other players in the league at his position, is there anyone close? seriously? People have hatred for great players, it really cracks me up. Can he really talk right now? He can when he gets one ring, and that’s all he will need.

    • Mitch says:

      Agreed… How can you say the guy doesnt deserve a championship, he carried cleveland on his shoulders and they werent able to support him, so when a career isnt working out, what do normal people do??? CHANGE JOBS!!!

  18. J says:

    It’s hard to walk away from something you love doing. It’s easy to walk away from something you hate doing. What got him more than anything was not so much his age vs his weight gain, causing him to get out of shape. I can’t even imagine the pain he goes through carrying all that weight..his back, knees, and feet. If he was 25+ pounds lighter, he’d be playing right now….One of the greatest NBA players all time, dominated the sport like no other in his time, and has rings to prove it!

  19. Elliot says:

    It’s a sad day for the NBA Shaq looks like he’s going and the end of an era. Whats worse LeBron James could win a championship. Probably the most undeserving player in the NBA. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

  20. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:


    • ATL HAWKS says:

      Chicago has to get past the hawks first.. Same thing that happened to orlando the bulls are doing now and thats looking past atlanta.. well im sorry to bring you to reality pal but the series are tied right now and chicago is struggling with ATL

  21. paulina says:

    Shaq has always been overrated. He travels, everytime he touches the ball!!!

    • MackDaddy says:

      Oh dear.

      Q) How can a Hall Of Fame Top 5 Center of All Time be considered ‘overrated’ by anyone?

      A) Not possible. Stats and rings dont lie, Shaq’s a legend, so its impossible to overrate him.

  22. dirk45 says:

    When I read the headline I wondered who the h… would make Shaq the new LA head coach 🙂 But Shaq leaving the game is probably the only thing he can do. And he can leave with his head up – not that I’d expect otherwise.

  23. vlad says:

    True, he didn’t play good. But before the injury wasn’t he as old as today?

  24. Lee says:

    Shaq would have been a big help for the c’s if he wasn’t injured, he’s also the reason why they traded Perk besides the contract extension, they thought he’d last till the playoffs, pity but i hope the C’s can find ways to win the series. still

  25. Alex says:

    He has had a GREAT career, but its time he retires.

  26. Usuck says:

    Shaq is a legend of this game..

  27. How sad. I know it’s hard for shaq but he has to go. give it to the other young players.

  28. Edumacator says:

    Doc should just let Shaq lie down in the paint and LeBron and Wade could dunk over him like Blake Griffin going over the car.

  29. NATE says:

    WOW….. Are you serious man? SHAQ IS STILL INJURED!!!! SHAQ HASNT PLAYED IN MONTHS!!!!! SHAQ WAS PLAYING FINE BEFORE THE INJURY!!!!! SHAQ IS STILL BETTER THAN MOST EXCUSES FOR A CENTER IN THE NBA!!!!! I GUESS RONDO SHOULD RETIRE TOO CUZ HE AINT AT A 100 PERCENT!!!! I SHOULD BE A WRITER FOR NBA.COM BECAUSE THIS GUY HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT AT ALL!!!! Shaq will retire after next season as originally planned. He will leave the nba as the greatest center of all time and anybody that says wilt chamberlain was better just remember he was playing against all white guys that were six foot three. Anybody that says kareem was better…. wrong again. Just watch footage of kareem in his prime and then look at footage of shaq in his prime… their really is no comparison. Shaq would have dominated any of the great centers of the past just like he dominated all the great centers of the 90s and 2000s. Shaq you can play as long as you feel like playing. Dont let haters like shaun powell tell you otherwise.

    • Pete says:

      It’s funny that, because many people actually say that the only reason other big men like KG, Tim Duncan etc play PF instead of C is because they never wanted to have to defend Shaq.

      He’s one of the few players in NBA history at any position who was truly undefendable – the only way other teams could ever stop him in his prime was to cheap-foul hiim and force him to miss from the foul line. He played against guys like Ewing, Robinson, Olijuwon, Mutombo…but in his prime there was not a single man in the NBA who was capable of defending him 1-on-1.

      To me it all comes down to health – shaq is mostly unlucky that he got that second injury this season (the one just after Perkins was traded). Up until then he was really starting to get in better shape and genuinely dominate while he was on the floor.

      Now, to ask a 330 pound guy to come out with an injured body, after not playing for months, in the middle of a critical playoff series, coming off the bench with a rotation of guys he never really played with (remember Green/Kristic/West never really played much with Shaq) and you’re putting him in a position that I don’t think anyone could jump straight into and perform.

      He only played 3 mins in game 4 – hopefully with a big more rest he’ll feel a bit stronger and have a bit more energy, and will actually be able to produce in game 5. It’s sad because with his play early in the seaon he was so instrumental to Boston’s success.

    • K says:

      Nate, I’m glad you didn’t make the mistake an put “The Dream” Hakeem Olajuwon in the group of Centers that Shaq dominated in his prime. Shaq was the most powerful center to ever play the game; however, Hakeem Olajawon was the most skilled and complete Center to date to ever grace an NBA court. Remember, it was him who dominated Shaq in the 1994-95 Championship Series. (swept hime 4 – 0)!

  30. Sebastian says:

    in what way are allen, pierce and garnett the original big three? The SA big three were formed wayyyyyyy before them, and they’re not even the original big three

  31. Ice Pogi says:

    Shaq is old but not yet dead!!!! He’s a part of the NBA that makes you laugh…. Winner yes He’s the one responsible for 3 championships in LAKERS…..not kobe…. See the STATs….but all players or legends have their endings…..right now its mix emotions on us… Good for us (HEAT fans) but sad, looking on another great player fades…….Remember what He has done to Robert Parish in Orlando Chicago game??? the commentator said…” Shaq has no respect for the old guy” Yes Robert Parish did play for Chicago during his career ending… But I don’t want to see him suffer like that… Like what we said before… NO ONE CAN BE LIKE MJ and NO ONE CAN BE LIKE SHAQ…

    LET’s GO HEAT!!!!!

  32. think says:

    Its really amazing for people to PUT DOWN great players that once impacted the game, the players that they once cheered for. Using words and phrases like “too old”, “slow”, “desperate”, “corpse”, “running on empty”. Just total disrespect for the game itself.

    Shaq still plays because he still loves the game and the fierceness of the competition. MJ came back because of that itch (though he didnt even got into the playoffs, and his last All-Star appearance was more for nostalgia). He did his roles to every team in every stage of his career.

    The teams that got Shaq acquired him because he is a WINNER. And because of that, he has the luxury to choose wherever he wants to go. He wants another ring, the team wants it too. Its that simple. Its just the undue pressure given to him by the “basketbal gurus” that he HAS to win it for the team. Basketball is still a team game, everyone should know that.

    Shaq can retire as he wants it. And he will retire a winner. No one can change that. And as for these “basketball gurus”, they can then look for another “old man” to pick with (Oh wait, their starting to do that with Duncan already).

  33. Fab Fiver says:

    I’d like to see him do one more BOOM-SHAQ-A-LAQ-A before he goes!

  34. Benjamin says:

    It’s such a shame…he’s the last true scoring center left in the game, he’s one of those players who will still get mentioned decades from now. I’m going to miss him so much. I would love to see him try to play next year, if he can get his legs to feel a bit better. He’s just such an icon, such a presence. I was born right around when he came into the league, and he was my constant growing up. Times would change, but Shaq would still be playing, still be dominating to various degrees. Shaq’s departure will not only mark the end of an era in the NBA, it will mark the end of an era for millions of NBA fans who have essentially had the joy of watching him since the day they were born. If this is to be the end for him, then I really hope he finds a place in the league. I’d love to have him as a broadcaster, a coach, anything really. If he retires and we hear and see no more of Shaq, it’ll be like an old friend has died.

  35. Rob says:

    The thing that works in Shaq’s favour is that these days, he’d likely make as much money off the court as he would on it. He’s one of the more dynamic personalities the NBA has seen in recent years (without being as socially-awkward as Dennis Rodman) and would be guaranteed to be a panelist on an NBA talk show. Easier, cushier job that could net him about as much as a contract would these days with the added bonus of not having to do bench presses and 6am starts and dieting and all that. I understand he loves the game and all, but I’d hate to see him become the NBA’s Brett Favre.

  36. err yeah... says:

    shaq came back game 3, celtics won game 3. COINCIDENCE?! I THINK so.

  37. Shaquille O'neal says:

    actually guys i have a confession….im 69 years old

  38. Trenton says:

    I think Shaq should retire. However, if he decides to play for another year or 2, then he needs to lose 20+ lbs. He needs to hit the gym and put on more lean-muscle and improve his cardio. If Shaq really wants to end his career on a + note, he needs to really exercise this off-season. As obvious as that sounds, when athletes become famous and accumulate a lot of $$, they often get lazy. Shaq may still have some left in the tank, but it depends how hard he’ll work for it.

  39. Quincy says:

    What Shaq needs to do is lose all that weight. His knees are too old and broken up to be trying to support 335 pounds. He needs to drop to about 250 and sit out til his legs can heal. Then he’ll be able to be a little more mobile but he NEEDS to learn to shoot. It’ll get him more points and it’ll cause confusion and wreak havoc on centers. He’s never shot over 70% on free throw shooting. That has to change. He’d probably have over 30,000 points by now if he could make the free throw. He gets fouled purposely so he can go to the line and miss, and that can create an opportunity for the other to win. So the real question isn’t whether his career is over…Its if he can save before it is.

  40. skieds says:

    hang in there Shaq. You’re owed one more ring. Even if you don’t play another minute, you’ll retire a Celtic Champion.

  41. EZRA says:

    I’m starting to think it’s not just Phoenix’s crack training squad that gets players like Shaq and G. Hill back in top form to compete…try on the CLIMATE for size! little wonder the big shamrock looks stiff after a couple winters in boston and cleveland. If his will is there he can MAYBE come back and still be effective in a certain role, but only if he’s gonna train 120% to be 60% the player he used to be…not sure if that will be a winning formula for him.

  42. Jakub says:

    Shaqs a legend, and I agree, it is painful for us fans at times….but what a career, what a man…and im rooting for him and the celtics very much….but just like phil jackson went out on a harsh note, we all know his legacy and it wont be tainted by it…and the same can be said of shaq….a legend to the fullest…and as a fan i feel no right in criticizing one of the greatest ever, an athlete that entertained me for close to 2 decades….all i have to say to shaq is thank you, thank you and best wishes with your future….

  43. Relevancy says:

    Shaq should retire before he blows out his knees completely and ruins the rest of his life.

  44. Andy says:

    Don’t count Shaq out yet. If we see nothing from him the rest of the playoffs beyond what he did in game three, then yeah we probably have seen the last of him. But if he is even a bit stronger than he was in game three, and can play 12-15 minutes, it could give Boston more momentum.

  45. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    It’s really sad to see Shaq like that.. I am a Miami Heat fan and for us that’s good, but it’s just sad seeing him run so slow and trying to get back on d.. Him and Kobe wanted one more ring than each other, and by the looks of it, they might both just be even… Shaq is an amazing player and should just call it quits after this season.. He tried so hard to get back on d or back on offence and it’s just not his game anymore.. He scored at least.. Shaq will always be a great player. He had an amazing career 🙂

  46. mjthegoat says:

    terrible article written by someone that clearly has no idea what so ever!!! YES Shaq is injured, and that is why he looked so bad moving around in game 3!! When he is healthy and that leg heals probably during the summer now he will come back just as good as he was in November and December. If he starts next season he is still one of the top 5 centres in the game (WHEN HEALTHY). Am sorry but to write him off like this and (who the hell are you to tell him when its time to retire) not acknowledge he is blatantly injured is moronic at best. Next year If he plays Dwight Howard will still need help defending him LOL which only shows how dominant this Great one is

    • Ruben says:

      i’m a big Shaq fan, i’ve followed him most of his career (i’m just 24), but you are wrong, Shaq is injury prone because of his overweight, remember that most of his injuries are on the feet, if he can’t move them? how come you expect him to loss some weight?

      i’d like to watching him play forever, but everything’s comes to an end, and Shaq knows he will be never forgotten, he should retire now as he can play some minutes, not because of an injury, like Sir. Charles, that was so sad and unfair for his career.

    • HeatWave says:

      Joel Anthony was able to guard him and your saying Dwight will need help? HA! but in all fairness he was one of the greatest players and is a legend inside and out of Ball. This article should be about where would Shaq’s jersey be retired, Orlando, LA, or possibly Miami?

      • bs says:

        theres no way in hell shaq would retire his jersey in miami! yes he won a championship there, but he also won a few with L.A. i would expect him to retire his jersey in Staples Center when all is said and done (hopefully not after this season)

      • NATE says:

        Once again shaq is injured and joel anthony guarded him for 4 minutes. like to see him do it for 20… not happinin

      • Usuck says:

        @Nate Miami would love that to see shaq will play for 20 minutes ..
        Coach Doc is not as dumb as you

      • LakersWillWin says:

        You can’t retire someones Jersey in LA who played for Boston…

  47. John Bridges says:

    I was there the night Shaq and the Magic eliminated Micheal Jordan and the Bulls in 1995. He was so fast and athletic. How quick the time goes by. He is a great personality too. Never took himself too seriously. The NBA needs more people like him. No tears but much applause for a great player.

    • NATE says:

      Its funny you talk about that series because the nba refuses to talk about it. It would implicate that jordan was a mere mortal.

      • K says:

        Dude Mike had just come back and played the last 18 games of the season that year; however, we all know what happen the next three year.

  48. Javar Madison says:

    look i’m am a huge fan of shaq’s and seeing him like this really hurts but he is 1 of if not the best Center every to step on the court I just hope that if this is Shaq’s last run that he will go out with a bang and not retire because of an injury

  49. ShaqFan94 says:

    I started watching the NBA when I was 3 and Shaq quickly became my favorite player. His dominance on the Magic and the Lakers made me truly admire him as a player as well as his off-the-court attitude and actions. He was like the model athlete and perfect role model for kids. The point is I have a long history of admiration of Shaq just because of who he is. He is the reason I started watching basketball and still respect him to this day. When he does retire, he will truly be missed by a lot of people. I was hoping he would retire the last off-season since he has already established his legacy as one of the top centers in league history. I can’t wait to see his jersey retired in the American Airlines Arena in Miami every time I go to see a game. The Lakers will definitely retire his number, and the Magic might even as well.

  50. guttakeys says:

    The Big Sunset…now that funny!!!

  51. J.I.Rodz says:

    u r a celtic hater…

  52. Sinclair says:

    I have grown up watching Shaq and have enjoyed every minute I got to see him perform. He truly changed the (C) position and has earned his place in the NBA hall of fame. I wish he could have helped out when he was with Cleveland (I’m from Ohio) and could have brought the city of Cleveland a title. Best of wishes to the big man!

  53. dhreamchylde says:

    Have to agree with you Shaun. When Shaq got on the court, I was excited, then I was like groaning inside “for Shaq” as he lumbered down the court. I could hear his tendons, ligaments and cartilage screaming for mercy. No doubt, Shaq has provided an immeasurable amount of entertainment and showmanship for the NBA over his tenure, and maybe, like Charles Barkley, he can find a niche in the NBA community where he can still entertain us. Can you imagine him and Charles on TV with Kenny and Ernie. Talk about tons of opportunity for foot in mouth and hilarity.

  54. Danny says:

    I agree. Though shaq is still a very capable player, I don’t see him being signed next season by anyone even if he can play. I believe he is too old. Though Shaq is a hilarious guy and fun to watch, he isn’t the old shaq anymore. It will be a sad day when shaq retires.

    • Vficial says:

      Shaq can still be a solid player in the league. He just been injured. Remember this dude not tolong ago had his own show were he battle other professionals in ther own sport so he definitly has so athletic ability left in him. Its just about getting that calf and achillies togther. I had a achillies injury before and it take a good while and alot of rehab to get that strong again. Bottom line the Celtics and Shaq rushed his return because they’re back is against the wall in the playoffs. If Boston was up 2-0 instead of down 2-0 when Shaq started playing again they probably wouldn’t have played him at all.

  55. Rob` says:

    I’d hate to see him go out like this,
    but at least the lakers were out b4 him.

  56. cmac1 the truth says:

    i don’t agree. this was his first game. No matter how shaq moves. Shaq is shaq. give him the ball in the post, HE WILL DEMAND ATTENTION. whether he’s 29 , 39 or 59. Shaq is Shaq.

    as he’s mention on many occasions ” his game remains the same”. layup, dunk and hookshots. he’s not a guard.

    Boston will struggle in half court offense if Garnett and Pierce dnt play well. and when that happens , they will need shaq.

    Bigs don’t leave shaq’s body to help. it’s a fact. it is because of shaq. Boston’s core four shot s well at the start of the season. And people looked at the perkins trade 4 boston’s struglles? NO , Perkins didn’t even play that many games. Boston was having succes b4 Perkins return. Shaq left, that’s why boston’s struggled, they could not get anything in the halfcourt offense.

    contrary to popular belief, great HALFCOURT offense ,not just defense, wins championships.

  57. big ron says:

    I beg to differ. Just because Shaq is not the same dominate big man he once was, doesn’t mean he should retire. He has shown that he is perfectly fine coming off the bench and I believe that he could be a decent bench player for at least another year. The man is hurt! Two years ago he had a great season while putting up good numbers. What would be wrong with Shaq coming off the bench of another year? He still is better than alot of centers especially those coming off the bench.

    • LAW064 says:


    • Vficial says:

      I agree with you hes been hurt all year and he has played well when he wasn’t. I think everbody most people are missing the Shaq of old and want to see the old shaq so bad that once they realize he not going to give the numbers of old Shaq they would rather see him retire. But like you he is still a solid center in the league and still strikes fear in the hearts of other centers in the league.

  58. Shaq says:

    Hey, if I wasn’t injured i’d be dunking on bigZ or anthony or any other tall midget’s on the heat..

    • bs says:

      no way this is shaq but ur right, the injuries are whats slowed him down this season. aside from the injuries, hes played awesome this season. should he retire, hell have nothing to frown upon.

    • Usuck says:

      @ Shaq did u seehow the midgets disappoint the GIANTS?? suck it!! lol

  59. Backup says:

    “was interesting watching LeBron and Dwyane Wade, ex-teammates of Shaq, squirm the other day when asked whether it was tough to watch Shaq at this late stage. Wade looked down and said nothing. After another few uncomfortable seconds, LeBron stammered something about Shaq being one of the most dominant centers, blah, blah, blah.”

    Ummmm what did you expect them to say when asked that question? sure they might of thought it know they weren’t going to come out and say it..they both did the right thing, by not answering that question..because if they did it just would of stirred up a lot of know how the media is but with all that said..I think shaq should hang it up after this season..he’s just to injury prone in this stage of his’s hard to watch him struggle to run up and down the court..he’s accomplished a lot in his career so he can retire without having any regrets,he’s a hall of famer.

  60. Kay Jaybee says:

    When Shaq was on the floor he couldn’t keep up with defensive rotations and Boston suffered, Heat started to get back in it. That is pretty much why Miami cam back in 2nd quarter.

    Sorry to say it, but he can’t keep up and is a liability on the floor. Use him for a good “playoff foul” if Wade goes hunting again tonight!

  61. yeaaaaaaaaaaa magic

  62. T. Geene says:

    Your a fool, Shaun Powell.

  63. Jack Schmidt says:

    I have to say your comments are true. Every time Shaquille steps onto the hardwood, I expect to see at least a glimmer of the man that made me want to pick up a basketball as a young child. He was a giant among men and that is the way I will always remember him, but sadly for all his physical gifts a part of me feels history may be remember him as an under-achiever. I hope he gets to go out fighting proudly, but you’re right he should end his journeyman escapades sooner rather than later.

  64. Yes, Shaq should retire like many other NBA players and make room for young talent that are already emerging

  65. SaveOurSonics says:

    I was eager to see how Shaq would do in Game 3, and I was just suprised how slow he was running up the floor, he looked like he was over 50 years old and he could barely even jumb. His mobility on the court is so limited that he’s pretty much there just because of his size. He wasn’t that effective when he was in Cleveland either, it’s just disappointing but all player’s have to leave sometime. If you haven’t seen him play when he’s in his prime, look up some highlights on YouTube, he’s definately one of the best players of all time.

    • MackDaddy says:

      ….and he’s still better than half the centers in the league!

      • Paul J says:

        I agree he is better than some of the centers. His weight is his problem. If he could work out to shave it and play out to 195 lbs he is stil capable of playing a descent game. As we see it now, he is like a Sherman Tank running out of gas. I love to see him come back.