Ref’s ‘I was wrong’ comes out right

ATLANTA – He’s human. He said he made a mistake.

The bottom line on referee Bennett Salvatore’s inadvertent whistle at a potentially pivotal point in the Chicago Bulls’ 100-88 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday night was that grown-ups involved in or watching the game will understand. Those somewhere to the left on the maturity scale might struggle a bit more with it.

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau — “Bennett’s a good official. He said he made a mistake. That’s what he did. He’s human” — qualifies among the former. The play, in theory, might have cost Chicago the chance to win Game 4 of its Eastern Conference semifinal and take a 3-1 lead back home for Game 5 Tuesday. But it didn’t cause the Bulls to lose. Neither Thibodeau nor his players were going to alibi to that extent.

The Bulls already trailed 90-84 coming out of a timeout with 2:33 when Derrick Rose went up from behind the 3-point line, looking for contact. He appeared to get it from Jamal Crawford, the leaping defender, but Salvatore made it clear out on the court that he did not see a foul and had not intended to blow his whistle. So a jump ball was required and Josh Smith, jumping against Joakim Noah, tipped the ball to Jeff Teague. Moments later, it was 92-84 on Al Horford’s slam from Smith.

Afterward, Salvatore explained what happened. He also ‘fessed up to getting the call wrong.

“I blew my whistle. I was positive it was not a foul,” the veteran ref told a pool reporter. “I blew my whistle by accident, which is an inadvertent whistle. That’s why I disallowed it.

“Having watched the replay, it was a foul. I made a mistake. I was wrong.”

Salvatore was under no obligation to provide that added info, but he did. That level of honesty, that degree of transparency, should be disarming to NBA fans. It surely is to players and coaches, who stack up human errors left and right every night they’re on the court. Thibodeau was mature about it and so was Rose — and in truth, they both knew the Bulls had done plenty to earn the defeat Sunday apart from that single play.

“That’s basketball,” Rose said. “Hopefully next time we’ll get that call. But that’s how it goes sometimes.”

See? Grown-up. Human error, met with human understanding.


  1. Lakers Alltheway says:

    I wanna see the foul. What’s the fuss here? It’s not like the Bulls were going to win just for saving 2 points. And if it was a foul, that’s still only 2 points maximum for the Bulls. They weren’t about to go up 10 points just because the foul was called.

  2. denis_hawk says:

    And what about the amount of fouls that referees didn’t whistle in favour of the Atlanta Hawks. The Bulls deserved that loss and referees aren’t giving us this series people.

  3. DA HELL? says:

    Quit blaming the referees! Man Up and take a close look at the stats for Game 4, Hawks were taking the bulls to the slaughter house.

    I swear at this rate soon Referees will be blamed for global warming and obesity.

  4. Francisco says:

    game 4 between miami and boston was full of very suspect calls in favor of Boston, ball kick that was not call, last touch out of bound for garnet in favor of boston, some fouls. The nba lost the lakers followers, extending this series would bring more money.uhhhhhh

  5. engr. dmd says:


  6. Cha says:

    Kobe doesn’t jump onto defenders although I would say he did start that whole swinging of the arm in a shooting motion to draw a foul. Usually when Kobe baits his man, the defender is up in the air of course without much body control, he kinds of lean on Kobe a little and that’s where it started, Kobe shoots, absorbs contact sometimes makes a 3 point play out of it and more often than not gets two freebies. Ever since, Durant and all these other young great talent have tried emulating it, the more and more the refs are calling these things. Maybe because they actually launch their bodies onto the defenders and pretends to shoot unlike what Kobe first started.

  7. HUH WHAT? HUH? says:

    It was a foul, He didn’t jump into the defender, the defender did not let Rose land. Who started it? It’s been going on for a long time. Ironically, in that play the defender – Jamal Crawford – would get that call 9/10 times.

  8. Sky is the limit! says:


  9. Nuney says:

    Bad call, no way around it, the Ref even admitted it was a bad call, and at a critical moment in the game, that could have been the momentum shifter.

    With that being said, the Bulls put themselves in that situation, that doesn’t take away the fact that the ref made a bad pivotal call, but seriously, the Bulls played like crap all game, they shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with.

  10. dimitri says:

    If you take that rule out of the game, then any defender will be able to flail his arms and jump 500 mph and contest any shot. Don’t try and cop out the rulebook and say It needs to be taken out, its the DEFENDER that needs to learn how to control and stay on his feet, and properly contest a shot. If you get thrown into the air, and you have no control of your body at that point, then the defender jumps into you, you damn right it better be a foul, that’s your fault for jumping.

    • spike says:

      You’re missing the point. No one is saying that if a defender jumps and hits the shooter or lands on him, is not a foul. What we are saying is that when the defender jumps, lands short of the shooter and then tries to get out of his way completely then the shooter jumps into him and throws up a prayer. Those are the plays that are disgraceful in my opinion.

  11. George Jeffries says:

    3 THINGS
    1) it was a foul, even the Salvatore agreed
    2) bulls players aren’t whining about it, neither should anyone else
    3) even though it was a big call, bulls lost by 12 and were down 6 when the foul happened

    • uhhhh says:

      yes. admit it. props for that but that doesn’t change the outcome of the game. so blow the whistle and team loses a series, would that be okay? i think the bulls players would complain then

  12. Matt D says:

    What about the all the other terrible no-calls that were obvious fouls? Atlanta may or may not still have won if the Bulls got that call, but Chicago probably would’ve won if the game was officiated fairly. It was pretty obvious the refs wanted the Hawks to win it. The NBA refs are so corrupt. They get paid to extend the series because more games=more money (a lot more) for the league, owners, TV networks, etc. Anyone would be extremely naive to believe this is not going on.

  13. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    I love the honesty!! You go ref!

  14. gilbertgranger12345 says:


  15. Red says:

    My question is.. how often do refs admit to giving superstars some dumb@ss foul calls that aren’t even fouls to begin with??

    The play was a joke. Back in the day.. basketball was played with some integrity. (Bulls are still going to win the series though)

  16. marcus says:

    um ok, everyone knows the refs suck and him coming out and saying he made a mistake doesnt change anything. Refs will continue to call bad calls costing teams games and apologizing after the damage is done. If you want to fix this next year they should put in a rule where fouls are reviewable at a certain point in the game like how they do when someone last touch the ball and dont know who.

  17. Got me laughin.. says:

    Bottom line is that drunken ref made a f’d up call (and he knew it), and this is the whole reason we are able to make these posts. Otherwise, there would be no article to read or react to. Mistakes of this magnitude cannot be simply disregarded or dismissed as “simply human” error! Give me a break people! This is the NBA playoffs, not high school basketball?!! Maybe the NBA police need to start issuing small penalties for ridiculously unwarranted officiating. ….Just fantasy of course, but just imagine how much of BS calls like this would be minimized.

  18. Wabe says:

    Jamal Crawford gets hammered by Omar Asik…no call.
    Josh Smith goes down flat on his back on his own putback…no call.
    Joe Johnson drew enough contact on a hail mary feed from J.Smith in transition…no call.
    Jeff Teague lives in the lane, he went to the free throw line 0 times.

    Dude, are you guys really whining that the refs went against the league’s MVP? You’re telling me that the Bulls got jipped? The league’s number one defense gave up a 30+ point 4th quarter, which made it difficult for them to mask their flawed offense. It’s as simple as that. You’re dillusional if you’re gonna ignore the Bulls lack of creativity on offense and their broken 4th quarter defense for this loss.

    How many calls do you suppose the league’s MVP gets that nobody on the Hawks or any other team for that matter ever gets? Fact is, the Bulls offense stagnated. One play wasn’t gonna change the fact that the Bulls offense had nobody to go to not named D.Rose.

    2 – 2
    Quit crying kiddies.

    How many points did the Bulls defense give up in their two wins?
    How many points did they give up in their 2 losses?

    Simple as that.

    • Jawanga says:

      If you want to play the call game, how about when Bogans was called for a charge? And the play right after, Joe Johnson does the exact same thing to Bogans and there’s no call at all? NBA TV analysts, who are supposed to be unbiased, even questioned that one.
      Jeff Teague double dribble?
      Korver taking a charge on Teague that’s not called?
      Rose definitely got fouled, but wasn’t called, at least once in the last minutes of the 4th.

      Yeah, the Bulls defense completely broke down in the last few minutes. But that one call could’ve definitely shifted the momentum at the very least.

      The Hawks played better, but the Bulls still should’ve won.

    • err yeah... says:

      “Jamal Crawford gets hammered by Omar Asik…no call.
      Josh Smith goes down flat on his back on his own putback…no call.
      Joe Johnson drew enough contact on a hail mary feed from J.Smith in transition…no call.
      Jeff Teague lives in the lane, he went to the free throw line 0 times.”

      link me the part where the refs admitted that he was wrong and that those calls you mentioned should of be reversed. OH WAIT THERE’s NONE BECAUSE IT DIDNT HAPPEN! The point of this article isn’t about whether a call should have being made. It’s about that call that has being CONFIRMED as being INCORRECT. There should be a penalty for this sort of situation.

  19. Dallas Mavericks fan says:

    I find it funny that so many people believe that a single foul…ONE SINGLE FOUL….cost the Bulls the ENTIRE game. THEY WERE ALREADY LOSING BY 6!!! Be smart, The Hawks scored on the following possession..and the one after that…and the one after that. Even if Rose hit all three free throws, the Hawks would’ve won by 9 instead of 12.

  20. Oliver says:

    why doesnt the nba admit there missed call against the denver series cuz there a small market team smh fail

  21. rose says:

    its so sad to see that kind of calls, very bad, the league should take actions to this kind of miss calls,

  22. Aja R.Witt says:


  23. get down or lay down says:

    2 All Lakers Fans On The Blogg:Have 3 Words fa u DOWN GOES FRAZIER!

  24. It’s good that the ref admitted that he made a mistake, but the fact is that it is too late

  25. logicalnightmare says:

    That no call really did mess with the bulls as you can see the Bulls whole demeanor changed afterwards and the refs missed a lot of calls that game I seen the same play in grizzlies vs Thunder game when it was clear that Kevin durant didn’t even touch Mike Conley and his back was turned towards the basket when Conley leaned into him and they called a foul the call should have been made DRose is the MVP and he doesn’t get the respect he deserves from the ref’s

  26. NBAFan says:

    Haha you lot all saying how the refs should be fired for making mistakes, how about firing D Rose for missing 70% of his (I’m not hating on Rose, I’m just making a point) or Boozer for playing awful in the playoffs before this game or Josh Smith for taking jumpshots… etc. You can’t blame a ref for making mistakes when the players make a lot more.

    As well for the guy who said the refs should be fined the same amount as players for doing wrong, what a stupid argument. 35,000 that Phil was fined would probably be like 2 months paycheck for these guys. Get your head out of your *ss

  27. BAR says:

    Enoch: Just stupid comment. Laker’s shoot 37% and 21 % from the 3 point line and you blame the officials. Need to take blinders off and see the game as a whole and not look for a 5 second part of the game and blame someone other than those players who couldn’t shoot or play defense.

  28. THE TRUTH says:


  29. The foul says:

    To all the people here talking about how bogus the rule is that an offensive player can simply jump into a defender in the air and get foul shots, I think they do deserve the call. By making the defender air born, the offensive player should be rewarded for that action. The only part I feel should be changed is where the defender is jumping “east to west” and the offensive player goes out of their way to make contact, but I think the refs does a good job on those nowadays.

    There’s no reason to bash the Bulls on how they didn’t get bailed out of this game. Plus even the referee admitted he should have called the foul because after the review he deemed it was indeed a foul. I’m sure a man thats been doing this job for 20+ years knows the difference in slow motion replay. The Bulls played hard each single night fighting for lose balls and rebounds and that’s how they win games. You got to give them respect for sacrificing their bodies every single night instead of saying the refs give them the benefit of the doubt because of the superstar in DRose.

  30. XstreamINsanity says:

    1. The NBA is a business. Refs, players and coaches are employees. In any business, they try to keep all disgruntlements within the company, not the media. This is the reason for the fines. If the coach or player has an issue with a ref’s decision, they need to take it to the higher ups, NOT the media. Just looks like whining.

    2. I agree, that “jumping into the defender” is cheapening the game (one of many things) and should NEVER be called.

    3. It was a jump ball because, as someone said, the whistle was blown with the ball in the air. If the ball does not go in the net, it could be Bulls or Hawks ball. Jump balls fix that issue. Once the ball leaves a player’s hand, it is anyone’s possession.

    4. Yeah, Mr. Lakers needs to go somewhere else with that. This thread has nothing to do with the Lakers.

    5. Replay is not meant to be used for every questionable play. This is why even in the NFL, coaches only have so many reviews and a booth review can be done whenever they feel it is necessary. Should we give the coaches in the NBA challenge flags and charge them a timeout if the call was correct? Stuff like this makes a 3 hour game into a 3:30-4 hour game.

    6. @jay r – Kobe did not win a championship with Malone or Payton on the team, to my knowledge. That year is when the Pistons one it. 🙂

    7. Yes, if Rose makes that shot, the outcome of the game COULD have been different. That would have cut the lead to 3, only a 1 possession game with over 2 minutes left. However, it then turned into a 3 possession game. However, because it wasn’t the final shot for the Bulls, it’s indeterministic that this cost the Bulls the game.

    Thanks y’all.

  31. Sunshine says:

    I really believe the ref’s should be fined and healed accountable for bad calls just like the players and coaches are fine for their reactions during the games. It’s only fair because these bad calls are throwing the games. The latest call in the Bulls vs Atlanta game in the last quarter. The ref blows the whistle then states oh was was done in inadvertantly. WOW REALLY!!! True mistakes can be made we are all human. However, they don’t give the players nor the coaches slact to say what I did was a mistake no they are fined anyway. I truly believe if they are fined like everyone else this would allow the game to be played this would also limit the fouls calls to the real fouls not the petty ones. This would also allow the game to be enjoyable, no one wants to hear a whisle every minute for a tap or the hip or a brush against someone come on now PETTY!! Yes he was man enough to admitt he was wrong but what does the I’m sorry do for the team that could have used the correct call? Absolutely NOTHING..

  32. u confused? says:

    To everyone wondering why it was a jump ball, the result of an inadvertent whistle is a jump ball. It’s in the rule book. Look it up.
    The officials did not lose the game for the Bulls. The Bulls put themselves in a position to lose. Besides, after the Horford dunk, the Bulls were down 8 with a bit over 2 minutes to play. Plenty of time to make up that deficit, especially with the scorers that the Bulls have. Go back and watch the end of that game, and you’ll see that the Hawks simply outplayed the Bulls in crunch time.

  33. Heat vs Celtics game three was a fixed game, Hawks vs Bulls game four was also fixed. The Nba wanted that series to go far because the Lakers aren’t the Lakers anymore. Look at all of this series, Memphis is 2-1 on OKC, Hawks is 2-2 with Bulls, and Heat lost game 3 to make the series go farther, they know people were waiting on that Heat vs Celtics series.. Spurs out, Magics out, Lakers out. Watch when I tell you, it will be Heat vs Bulls and Mavs vs Grizzlies(sorry OKC). In the Finals, it will be a rematch of HEAT VS MAVS. Mark this date, and my word.

    • Guest says:

      You’re just sour your teams lost. The Celtics outplayed the Heat, that’s it. The refs allowed a lot on both ends. Ray Allen got clobbered going in for a lay-up and nothing was called. But it’s not an excuse. Similarly the Hawks outplayed Chicago. Getting outscored as much as they were in the 4th quarter is bad defense, not the refs fault.

    • TrueFan says:

      Yeah the NBA Illuminati rigged it so that Rondo would dislocate his elbow then come back and play the entire fourth quarter with one arm…for the win. Lebron James also moved to Miami and basically made it so he can never go back to his home town so that he could get to Round 2 of the playoffs and throw a game against his arch nemesis, the team that knocked him out of the Playoffs last year and set the whole “Decision” fiasco in motion…

      You’re an idiot.

  34. Jojo says:

    Karma anyone? If they had called the Bulls/Pacers series evenly, the Bulls would be going fishing right now. Hey refs, when are you going to start calling Rose for a travel every time he takes 5 steps to the basket with his patented spin move?

  35. Lambo says:

    How can the ref blow the whistle? Obviously you’ve never officiated ANY sport at ANY level to ask a question that dumb.
    Referee ONE game – any level – get EVERY call right, then come back and complain.
    The Bulls lost by TWELVE. They missed 46 shots from the field. They missed 82% of their 3-point attempts.
    Maybe the NBA should let the referees start responding to player complaints by pointing out stupid things players and coaches do during games. Laugh at missed free throws, taunt guys when they get swatted or have the ball stolen from them, ask a coach, “Really? You drew a play up for that guy to get the ball? Really? Nice call. You are KILLING your team out there!”
    You want to defend a team that shot 40% from the field and 18% from the three point line against a guy who missed ONE call? Talk about your bad judgement.

  36. confused fan says:

    I understand that humans make errors, but on such an important play, why can’t the referees check the video replay system? This is one of the times that I wish coaches had the option of challenging a referee’s call.. Humans make mistakes, video replay doesn’t.

  37. Brad says:

    Absolutely his fault. Teague should have been access a charge on Korver, he also double dribbled two plays later. And lets say you do not call it a foul, then its dead ball, Bulls ball. Bennett Salvatore is a horrible ref and has ruined many games. Remember he was reffing the Miami-Dallas game 3.

  38. Spike says:

    Wrong or right, I hate when a player jumps into a defender then just throws the ball towards the rim. The player is looking for a bailout, nothing more. And I totally agree with Herr, no self respecting player in a pick up game would try that crap.

  39. jp stein says:

    the three pointer non-foul or as salvatore explains the inadverant whistle is exactly what the nba does not need at this time of the year with the cba coming up in the not to near future!!!!!!!!!!!!! my response to such a bogus excuse as inadverant is and should be not tolerated by the nba and salvatore by nba should not work any other playoff games. can you think gambling might be the reason and the nba ratings that they want!!!!! you have instant replay for a mistake of a shot or time to be added or taken off the clock come on this is just another reason david stern is licking his chops for a nba lockout.the nba refs be hold accountable.the players and coaches should be untited and make sure in in the next cba that refs fines and suspensions be made to the public just the same as the players and coaches are. this smells very bad on the nba’s account and should not be tolerated and the nba should do the right thing and fine salvatore 35,000 just like coach jackson received. double standards or conspiracy crictics should go forward with the strength of a inadverant whistle while most refs are always swallowing the whistle like the conspiracy thinks and are probably true………

  40. moneyball says:

    the bulls ain’t winnin’ if they put everything on drose every single time. the ref messed up one call while the bulls were still losing. they were still gonna lose. just go to the next game and win.

    • Lakers SUCK!! EPIC FAIL says:

      Yea whats REALLY funny about all this is, is that for the last 2 years of Lebron being MVP in Cleveland, it was always “oh Cleveland’s a 1 man band is why they wont win”. Hey guess what? Chicago is too! We can sit and argue ALL you want about well the Bulls have a better overall team and bench that those 2 Cavs teams did though. Well ok, you know what? I might be inclined to agree somewhat, WHEN Boozer is on his A+ game anyways.

      But when it really comes down to it, D Rose is the ONLY viable high scoring option, bottom line. Even more so with Boozer playing ridiculously bad basektball in the playoffs, and for a portion of the season. The Bulls will NOT win a title this year, and or any year, where Rose has to AVERAGE about 30 shot attempts to pull out even close wins. Mabye if he shot 60 or 65% EVERY game, but we all know thats not happening.

      But it won’t happen until D Rose gets a Dwight Howard or another Superstar (or at least a LEGITIMATE PERENNIAL All-Star) to add to the team that will give him a MUCH better chance to get bring the title back to Chicago. Boozer simply ISNT that guy, bottom line.

  41. Firas says:

    WOW I never seen something like that. its bulls ball anyway if he’s soo stupid to blow the whistle, why didnt you give the ball to the bulls. why a jump ball??? woww this referee needs to be FIRED. . . Helloooooo its infront of your eyes Mr Jackson. Do something aobut it. jeeeeez

  42. alex says:

    @Mr. Lakers

    what do u mean? Kobe did it by himself? You must be the dumbest person in the world to say that.. haha..

    Yes, LeBron and Bosh went to Miami to have a shot at the title because they feel that they can win a title TOGETHER with D.Wade.. the only difference between LeBron and Kobe is that LeBron made an obvious and bold move.. he did not care about his own legacy, he only wants to be branded as a champion..

  43. jay r says:

    yes very gd but didnt kobe have pau, shaq, malone, bynum, ariza, payton to name a few

  44. TFH says:

    Honestly…my respect to NBA as far as TRANSPARENCY, FAIRNESS and HONESTY begin to deteriorate when REFEREES controlling the game…How can u say DAVID STERN and STU JACKSON and your board member who ever reviews all the complaints made by players and coaches that there is transparency and fairness when the player and coaching stuff complaints then after wards u gave them a FINE???, as you can see no players and coaches will do that if they don’t have a basis, everyone won’t! specially when there’s a big money waiting that they have to pay, but they do it because they believes they have their reasons and basis…but when the Ref’s made a mistake or wrong call then SORRY is enough???… then there your office just easily tolerated it?…REF’s made mistakes, that’s OK because they are HUMAN???…then how about players and coaching stuff specially when the game they felt with their hands was stolen from them… are they Cyborgs and Aliens???…can not your office think of any possible solutions regarding this??? WAKE UP!
    What is the used of cameras all over the arena if you don’t want to used it also to correct the Ref’s call specially on this kind of scenario where the call was made on a crucial moments or what we call the pivotal point of the game… and gave a Ref’s also FINE and SUSPENSION without pay when they commit mistakes that they don’t want to change their call even it was reverified in the cameras that there is a mistake call… then THIS SOUNDS FAIR!!!

  45. Mr. Lakers says:

    Yea right. You all GO trashtalking lakers. it’s acceptable.. they lose the series. but YOU ALL GO HARD ON KOBE BRYANT saying he wont have a ring again and he will only have a ring again when the team has a better superstar. YOU HATERS DONT KNOW HOW TO TALK. “OMG I JUST FORGOT, LEBRON JAMES WENT TO MIAMI ALONG WITH BOSH TO HAVE A TITLE”

    look who’s talking on depending on teammates. MIAMI FANATICS just all TALK. AND JORDAN DID IT ALL BY HIMSELF? “OMG I FORGOT AGAIN, what happened to PIPPEN? KERR? KUKOC? RODMAN? ” yea JORDAN DID IT ALL BY HIMSELF.

    YOU ALL GO AND HATE THE LAKERS. but KB24 still one of the best.

    • NBAFan says:

      Not a single person has mentioned the Lakers here lol except you

      • Corey says:

        Lol are you actually comparing steve kerr to Dwade. MJ is arguably the greatest because he made you know who those players were, including pippen. Lakers and Miami had stars make a name for themselves in other cities and then unite together. After all this time everyone is still trying to be like Mike.

    • Lakers SUCK!! EPIC FAIL says:


      Yeah I said it! Heres what I said in another blog.

      “Good riddance to Kobe Bryant. Dude has ALWAYS thought he was MJ, but he can’t even tie his shoes. What a PATHETIC performance and playoff series that he had. Dude wont win ANYTHING more until HE finds a superstar who will carry HIS hasbeen butt for the remaining 5 years he has left.

      Guess what Kobe? You aint EVER winning a championship again as the main man. Your a hasbeen. Now go ahead and find your superstar AGAIN that you need to help hand you more titles.”

      This blog however, is not about the Lakers so you should’ve just left it for the other blog. Just shows how CRAZY mad you are about the Lakers being SWEPT.

    • LOL says:

      NOPE, KB AINT one of the best anymore now is he?!


  46. lutero says:

    Damn Ref totally blew it. it was time for Rose to Take Over the game with that foul shot! DO YOUR JOBS Better. Are you nervous? WHAt sorry can do if they already lost the game.

    • NBAFan says:

      Haha so Rose would have took over the game if they had ‘awarded’ him those free throws. Don’t be ridiculous, just accept the Hawks played a lot better than the Bulls in this game. The series is 2-2 and they go to Chicago.

      Btw the reason it was a jumpball was because the shot was already up when he blew the whistle, the ball could have been rebounded by either player so a jumpball is perfectly acceptable.

  47. collen says:

    yes, given that it was an honest mistake, but that call dictated the phase of game. knowing that it was a crunched time, i think there should be no room for mistake.

  48. Nano says:

    I understand the refs are human and will make mistakes. I just wish the NBA would allow the players the same privilege. Players and coaches are given less ‘human rights/traits’ (they cannot express themselves or question a call made) and fined for the smallest of comments made towards officials. When a player questions a call, the NBA claims the player is ‘arguing’ a call with the official and if he persists, he gets a technical foul called on him. If any player or coach says anything about officials to the media, the NBA fines them. When an official makes a mistake during the game, nobody can contest that. If at a later time it’ s found that the official was wrong, in a case of a technical foul on a player, the league merely rescinds the T but the outcome of the game (if that T had proven to be costly and altered the game) does not change. So the league arms officials to be Gods that cannot be questioned, then when they make a mistake, there are no fines or technicals. Just an apology they expect coaches and players to accept under the protection that the coaches and players will ‘be mature about the situation.’ I repeat, I have nothing wrong with the refs making human errors. Just that there should be one rule for all! Give the players and coach the same leeway. That’s all.

    • Nano,
      Amen!!!! The refs have too much power in the NBA. Like you said if they are going to let the refs get away with these human mistakes they should let the players/coaches get away with them too. When refs make mistakes in a regular season/playoff game it is either ignored or all they have to do is give a formal apology and everthing is considered OK. I have been a Mavs fan for a long time and anyone will tell you that the refs were absolutely terrible in the ’06 Finals with Dallas and Miami. If those calls had been made in any other sport, like the NFL, they would have been fined or the call would have been contested. Either crack down on the refs or give the players/coaches the same power but the refs should not have this kind of “free reign” over NBA games.

      • Nano says:

        Absolutely, there should be one rule for all! The refs have a significant influence on the games and when it is the right call, that’s all fine. But when there has been a mistake, then there should be reasonable sanctions just like there are for the players/coaches. Otherwise, it’s just ruining the game.

        Maybe the NBA should look to utilize certain rules from other sports that prove to be effective. For example, in tennis, players have a certain amount of ‘challenges’ given to them. In a case where the umpire makes a call that the player disagrees with, the player is allowed to challenge that call in a civilized manner. The official then authorizes a replay to be shown on the big screen and if the player was right, the call is overturned and the player keeps all his challenges. If the umpire had made the right call and the player was wrong, the player loses one of his challenges and the game goes on. Should the player use up all his three challenges and was wrong on all three occasions, then he no longer has the right to challenge calls. This method ensures people do not abuse the right and the game does not go on forever. Simple yet effective. David Stern is too proud though, he would never look at other sports and how they make up their rules.

  49. Randy orton says:

    honestly i think that the bulls deserve a bad call for all of the bad calls that have helped them win games. although i also think that was a terrible call. bulls should’ve gotten the ball back but it was a jump ball and bamm!!! al horford from josh smith

  50. Herr says:

    When I saw it, I saw Rose making the contact more than Crawford. A good no call. It would have been a bailout call anyhow. In street ball, or just a regular pick-up game, no one in their right mind would call foul on that except the person on the court that screams it every time they miss a shot. I’d be disappointed if that call was made “correctly” and the Bulls won. Tom and Rose are right, they did everything to earn a defeat.

    • Peter says:

      No one care about street ball or a regular pickup game, this is the NBA and that was a terrible no call.

  51. watcher says:

    NBA conspiracy theorists love this stuff. As stated, we’re all human and human error is almost certain at times. It’s the getting it wrong on video replay calls (Kidds 3 v Portland in game 2 for example) that has to be eliminated. That is a surefire way to undermine the game.

  52. Romer says:

    I remembered that referee from the movie little nicky. lolz

  53. bw says:

    same play and…
    * d-wade gets two shots from the line
    * melo gets the offensive foul
    * rose gets nothing

    that’s the difference…

    but great reaction from Thibodeau – he knows that he’ll be around the refs for quite some time.

    and: if players would always take criticism as easy as the refs do. how would they react if the fans would make ’em pay after every turnover, missed shot or bad decision?!?

    • Year of the Upset says:

      Seems to me Rose got all the calls in his favor vs the Pacers. But when I look at it it’s all about the defense. Hawks contested Rose well, end of story.

  54. Miami#136 says:

    enoch you are an absolute idiot
    are you actually arrogant enough to say you have never made a mistake in your life?
    let alone made a mistake while you were working, if you even have a job.
    the fact that an official admitted making a mistake is applaudable not reprehensible.
    The fact that it didnt bother the bulls coach or player shows they are mature.
    the fact that you sit here and complain about something that doesnt really affect you AT ALL shows your a lonely peice of trash, grow up

  55. MARC says:

    If there was a foul on rose three..then it would have probably changed the outcome of the game!!!

  56. alphagammarho says:

    i hate to say this but that referee so STUPID. how can he whistle if there’s no violation?
    i cant blame some coaches and players agruing about the officials.
    Bennett Salvatore is the REASON why chicago bulls is beaten by hawks in game 3.
    Bennett Salvatore should be fired as soon as possible.

    i know his just human but in his job no room for error or mistake. mistakes can cause a team’s FUTURE.

    Bennett Salvatore is just lucky bcoz he is not in chicago bulls home court.

  57. david stern says:

    The NBA playoffs a rigged anyways! Anybody who watches a whole series can tell the refs are bias to one side. They just have to make it look even. Take the Celtics series with Miami, is it really possible for Dwayne wade to have just as many free throw attempts than the whole Celtics team? Come on everyone knows its bull!

    • Cones says:

      You got to be kidding me. If the playoffs were rigged LA would not get swept in the semis. If a player drives to the basket a lot and the other team shoots mostly jumpshots than yes that one player will have more free throws than that team. As for the hawks/bulls game it is idiotic to think that this one play is why Chi lost. Chi got outplayed.

  58. Rej says:

    Was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in basketball officiating..

  59. bh says:

    Even if it was an inadvertent whistle why did he make the teams jump? Bulls had possession when the whistle was blown. You mean to tell me if Rose had made the shot Salvatore would have waved it off and made the teams jump?

    • Maurice says:

      the whistle was blown while the ball was in the air and it went out of bound so if you were paying attention you would know that the jump ball would be the correct call IF Rose had not got fouled….but either that would not ahve changed a 12 point loss it may have been 10 or even 8 subtracting Horford dunk but they still would have lost. Hawks just played a better game:)

    • carl thorpe says:

      EXACTLY! I agree!

  60. Enoch says:

    Bennett Salvatore has terrible reasoning. If his instinct was to blow the whistle, that means its reacting off something he saw. How can you call an inadvertent whistle after blowing the whistle WITHOUT first checking the camera’s? Isn’t that why they added the replay option for the NBA? Bennett Salvatore needs to be removed from officiating from the playoffs. Also, Stu Jackson and the NBA fining coaches and players for complaining about calls is very elementary. Complaining is a part of human nature but if it’s viable because the call was actually bad then I don’t understand how you can fine someone 35,000 dollars.

    1) Kyle Korver did not get the charge call.
    2) Jeff Teague double dribbled in the 4th quarter.
    3) Derrick Rose definitely got fouled for that 3 point shot.

    I hate the principle of blaming refs for losses, but way to blow the game. No pun intended.

    • RgR says:

      They added replay but you cannot check a foul/no-call on replay, it only applies to flagrant 1/2, out of bounds within last 2 mins of game, if it was a 2 or 3 pt shot, and buzzer shots. If the inadvertent whistle was blown while in Rose’s hands, the ball should have returned to Chi, if it was after, he threw it out of bounds.

  61. Carlo says:

    well, Karma’s gotta comeback to them on all the horrible calls they’ve screwed teams with this season and the Pacers in the postseason, like his game winning travel lol

  62. Year of the Upset says:

    Wasn’t a foul to me; Just a flop that didn’t get called. Who started that whole jumping into defenders crap anyhow? Really cheapens the game.

    • Kay says:

      Agree 100%. I hate that flailing arms out in what is clearly not a shot attempt and jumping into defenders has become such a common occurance. The league needs to change that rule. Durant and Kobe are the prime culprits, but almost every guard does it to one extent or another.

      • I wanna go higher says:

        whatever at the end it will come out the bulls winning the series 4-2 for sure

    • Michael says:

      Not a foul? Flop? Are you serious? Have you even been watching the freakin playoffs? Reggie Miller invented this way back in the 90s little one. The Pacer’s AJ Price also got away with that call three different times earlier in the season.

      When the most dominant player in the game, and MVP, in Derrick Rose, can’t even get a simple call that potentially blew the game, the NBA has a big problem. I’ll guarentee that any of the big three from Miami or Boston would have gotten that call.

      It was a BS game anyways. Salvadore screwed the Bulls yet again.

      • KDEISEL says:

        @michael – AGREED. after miller, i it was brought back in the last ten years by tim duncan. and it absolutely does not cheapen the game. in fact it makes it better. makes you think three moves ahead. you must not actually PLAY basketball in order for you to say this. and how the hell do you call this a flop that didnt get called when THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE ARTICLE IS THAT A PROFESSIONAL NBA REFEREE REVIEWS THE TAPE AND GOES THE LENGTH TO ADMIT THAT HE IN FACT MISSED THE CALL.

      • taurean says:

        @michael completely agreed not to mention jamal crawford has been the main abuser of the same move this entire playoffs

      • gars says:

        AJ who? by the way who watches the Pacers? oh yeah. YOU. zzz…

      • Greg says:

        the line goes like this, reggie miller –> steve nash –>derek fisher xD

      • Scott says:

        Why does it matter that Derrick Rose is the MVP? Why should the MVP of the league recive special treatment, fouls should be called fairly for every player not just best of the best.

      • Phasem says:

        AGREE 100%

    • Poyser says:

      There is a big difference between jumping into the defender and the defender jumping into the offensive players space. If Crawford had jumped straight up then it wouldn’t be an issue, but he jumped towards Rose and Rose went into a shooting motion. That’s a foul. Crawford is one of the best at doing that anyways. It doesn’t cheapen the game, it should teach NBA players to stay on their feet more.

    • Phasem says:

      It was CLEARLY a foul if u dont think so well u dont know your calls and i bet if the foul was called the bulls would have won that game