Mavs Shooting Stars Go Off On Lakers

DALLAS — For all the 3-point shooting records the Dallas Mavericks challenged and tied here Sunday, it was the record their bench brigade set that stands out the most.

Jason Terry (32), Jose Barea (22) and Peja Stojakovic became the first set of teammates to score 20 or more points off the bench in a playoff game.

They led a bench surge in the Mavericks’ Game 4 win over the Los Angeles Lakers that equaled the 86 points the Lakers scored. They made all but four of the record-tying 20 shots from beyond the 3-point line the Mavericks sank in the game. Terry tied an NBA postseason record with nine makes (in 10 attempts) from deep and was 6-for-7 before halftime, while Stojakovic was a perfect 6-for-6 from long-range.

“We had a lot of guys play great,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. “Jet’s shotmaking was breathtaking, really. The 3-point shot is a big part of the game right now; it’s been a big part of the success that we’ve been able to have.”

It was a dazzling display, to say the least. Even more dazzling when you consider that the Mavericks shot the cover off of the ball for all four games of this stunning sweep of the two-time defending champion Lakers. They finished the series 49-for-106 from deep and set the NBA record for the most 3-pointers made in a four-game series, surpassing the 45 Orlando made against Charlotte in the first round last season.

No one enjoyed it more than Barea, the pint-sized unsung hero of this series who was the victim of vicious shots from both Ron Artest (in Game 2) and Andrew Bynum (Game 4).

“It was awesome and I wanted to give it all for my teammates to get a win tonight so I came off the bench with a lot of energy and the pick and roll was really working for us,” Barea said after notching his career playoff scoring high. “We were running them a lot and it was just awesome.”

It’s not hard to be awesome when you have shooting stars like Terry and Stojakovic coming off your bench. They set the record for the most 3-pointers made by a pair of teammates in an NBA playoff game.

Their reward is not only a trip to the Western Conference finals but a few days rest for veterans on a seasoned team that could use a little break.

“It’s good for me,” Terry joked while sitting alongside Dirk Nowitzki during the post game news conference. “How old are you Dirk? I know it’s good for [Jason] Kidd.”

Terry and his bench crew were really good to the Mavericks in this series. They outscored the Lakers’ reserves 189-89, with Terry leading the way.

“He’s been doing that the whole playoffs,” Kidd said. “For some odd reason they were leaving him open this afternoon and he was doing what he does best, and that is catch and shoot, and he made quite a few of them. If it wasn’t Jet, it was Peja, he went 6-for-6 [from 3-point range] and so you got two of your best guys going. It stretches the defense.”


  1. 葉隠 says:

    SHAME on bynum.
    that should be a life-long suspension foul. What a loser.

  2. edgar narvasa says:

    whatever you say losers!!!!!!!!!!!fakers are real losers this season!!!!!!!keep it up!!fafers hahahahah!!!!!!!!!sore losers more like it!!!!!!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Amazing, Simply Amazing. Just a fun game to watch. I praise Dallas for their offence and ball movement. but Come on Lakers. Give the great, Phil, a good memory to end his carrer (If its Over) No Defence describes this game, to the Lakers. It was pathetic, and they know it. I wish they played like this in the Finals last year.

  4. are we playoffs yet? says:

    Where is MEEKBEAT who said Lakers would win in 5? Where is CHRIS, LAKERSWILLWIN, PAUL, JAMES, TRUFAN24, CARTER71185? What happen with the 3peat? I though Miami was supposed to lose in the first round. That is what Lakers fan kept saying about Miami that they would lose in the first round. Miami is going to the finals. The Lakers are done. hahahaha

  5. WOOOOW says:

    It’s true that people should probably not compare MJ to Kobe, and the fact that some people do (fans, media, haters), shouldn’t be blamed on Kobe. If you love him, you should know, and acknowledge that he is not Jordan, those of you who hate him should swallow that he really has nothing else to prove. Now that being said, people tend to forgive, for convinience purposes, just what an amazing team Jordan had, much, much better than the lakers, in fact, the best team in the history of professional sports. So whatever Jordan did, he didn’t do it alone. And whether you wanna accept it or not, Kobe is the closest thing. And on another point, Kobe at age 33 has played more games than what Jordan played in his entire career. At age 33, Kobe has played 15 season, to Jordans 10 at the same age. So it isn’t too much to say, that at age 33, Kobe has more rings(5) than Jordan at 33 (3). Does that make Kobe better? No, But he deffinately has a strong case. So haters, stop hating and saying the stupidest things ever (Kobe’s #24 jersey to go 1 up on Jordan!!! So by that logic, Dirk is 18 times better than Jordan? Shaq 9 times better?… STUPID), and laker fans, stop boasting too much, cause the help Kobe Bryant has recieved from the league (Refs 2000-2002, the league allowing for the Pau Gasol trade without the lakers giving anything up to a General Manager with strong ties to the lakers organization (West) raising the question of Conflict of Interests), its something that you should NOT be proud of!!!! Whew that was a loadoff!!!

  6. Tenki says:


    Are you trying to have a Jordan-Kobe comparison? Don’t ever do that stuff if you don’t want to be a Jordan convert, because Kobe can NEVER touch Jordan, let alone be compared. It’s like parking your Porsche Boxster beside a Porsche 911 GT3 and tell guys you have the faster, better, and more expensive car. Imagine the people’s reaction to that. Unless you want to be a well-known comedian, don’t even think about doing it. And if somehow you really want to do it, just inform me, I’ll set the facts straight for you.

  7. billy says:

    Bynum needs a 5-10 game suspension.

  8. reb says:

    The Mavericks is a humble team.. I hope they win the championship in respect to Phil. If the mavs win it all. you can’t blame phil and the lakers if they’re defeated by the best team this year.. Go Mavs!

  9. Lisa Dillard says:

    Not so quick Mav Fans Live by The Three Die By The Three.

    • Brian says:

      True. Look how jump shooting has worked for OKC in the Memphis series. (And this is coming from an OKC fan.)

    • WOOOOW says:

      That’s not quite correct! Games 1-3 mavs shot 38% from three, 27-75, it’s a repectable number but nothing drastic, game 4 well, it would have been stupid on their part if they didn’t continue to shoot it, To me really, OKC, Grizz are somewhat the same in terms of youth and experience, and Z-BO and Aldridge have somewhat the same game, so all rge mavs have to do is play like they played portland. And you not gonna tell me that vs portland the three point shot was the key!

      • WOOOOW says:

        I meant to say OKC and grizz are somewhat similar to portland… sorry bout that!! And one more thing, game 4 is the reason the shooting numbers for the mavs in that series are so bloated, so its not right to judge it solely on the stats!

  10. MAVSROCK says:


  11. lakersfan says:

    I just want to say to ever one who is bad mouthing the laker fans that not all of us are arrogant and Ignorant that being said big ups th the mavs and their fans i hope they win a ring

  12. Tom says:

    maybe a 32 year old kobe isn’t the same as a 32 year old jordan,(even though i think he might have been playing baseball at 32 aha i’m not sure and i’m not gonna go check) but kobe’s shooting hand is messed up and messed isn’t the word i want to use, the word i’m thinking of starts with a F. and nobody realizes when kobe was in his prime, like prime prime just after shaq left he had noooooooooooobody on his team. and he definitely was robbed of a couple of MVPs, Kobe by no stretch of the imagination is better than Jordan, but to say he can’t be compared to him just stop being ridiculous, stop hating for 5 minutes. You don’t get 81 points by accident. i don’t see lebron dropping 80 let alone 70 or even 60. Kobe has multiple 60 point games. I’m not trying to jock kobe, just trying to give credit where credit’s due. since i’ve seen so many kobe haters posting comments.

    • Tom says:

      and good job mavs, i’m not gonna lie i said lakers in 5. shut me up and took out the broom.

  13. DBBJ-MIA says:


  14. Kevin says:

    Bynum and Howard together, are you guys crazy? That’s not going to happen LOL. We don’t need Dwigthy in LA!!!!

    I wonder what will happen to Lakers when Brian Shaw coaches. Bring back Rudy Tomjanovich or either hire Larry Brown, Lenny Wilkens or Rick Adelman.

  15. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    I hope the Heat acquire some players like Gasol or Fisher from the LA team. I’m sure Eric Spoelstra can work them better at Miami. Laker fans seem to blame Pau and Derek for the sweep. Not much appreciation, eh?

  16. Somebody says:

    The playoffs are senseless without the Lakers. Hope Chicago or Boston will remain strong.

  17. YES! says:

    Thanks goodness the Lakers are eliminated. And to make things really nice, they got swept. Never thought I’d see the day. Always hated them since 2002, and it’s good to see the true faces of some individuals on that team, not being able to take loses. Any, big ups to Peja. He could’ve had a ring back in 2002, but of course the Lakers bought that ring.

  18. John says:

    Guys, first of all give some credit to Charles Barkley, he predicted Lakers fall. He understands the game of basketball.
    Lakers fans must understand that basketball is a team sport and someone like kobe is not a good teammate. He makes his teammates worse, unlike Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, John Stockton or Jason Kidd who make his teammates better. Maybe kobe with his character should have tried some individual sport, like track and field? Mavs showed how the game of basketball needs to be played.

  19. LostAngelesLackers says:

    Yeah, with PJ out, Lakers will be back as losers again and that brat kobe will demand a trade again!!!

  20. SpursDaBest!! says:

    lamar a sore loser! and bynum!! Take it like a champ!!

  21. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Lol! Fakers fans are crybabys. Just take a lost like a Man! Always whining this and that. Its over! Im Routing for the Grizzles if you beat the best team then your pretty Good, I just wanted FAKERS to Lose and they did, actually Got there A$Z!! Kicked Sweept! I dont want Dallas to win either i want Mark C to get his Heart Broke again.LOL! Shout out to the Hawks!

  22. j says:

    All of you laker fans are insane if you think you have any shot of getting Howard and keep your current roster. Does the impending HARD CAP mean nothing to you? If the hard cap is put in place at 70MM you will have to cut kobe just to get under it. When I say cut I maen cut and not pick up anyone else

  23. Ryan Karhut says:

    Video of the disgraceful foul by Bynum last night.

    Bynum Auditions for the NFL:

  24. Arthan says:

    All of you Laker haters are piling on. Calling Laker fans ignorant because we bring up history “when the Lakers lose”? Are you kidding me? History is a staple of the Lakers. One of you morons stated “remember the celtics have more championships than the Lakers” You are sooo brilliant for that comment. Uhh who is your team? Unless it’s the Celtics you have nothing to say. Common sense will tell any knowledgeable fan no team stays o top forever. Teams have runs and then they have to rebuild. So it was the Lakers time to fall. Yes FALL they did but please stop the piling on because someone finally knocked off the Lakers it makes all of you look silly and very envious of the history your teams do not have. Oh yeah the Lakers will be back as HiSTORY shows. What about your team??

  25. Oilhustler says:

    I am a Laker die hard, and i would like to congratulate the Mavs, for showing our weakness. First and foremost, from a basketball view, the Lakers lacked all the fundamentals of basketball, the Mavs have 3 main scorers , so why not play man to ma full front and deny the ball , simple and fundamental basket ball.
    The Mavs used the same 2 plays all four game dribble penetrate and kick out, and the high pick and roll.
    Kobe did not attend regular practice before and during the playoffs.This being said what would you expect.The bench for the past two seasons has been terrible, Lakers should have and should still get ride of the bench, Fisher has lost his legs, look and Boston , Rhondo is young and runs all the plays, Fisher has been having a hard time keeping up with any point guard in the league, they are so many adjustments thats need to be made. I feel sorry for Phil to have his last season end up like this, the game has evolved its not only about the big guys down low, an example is Chicago ,Rose does most of the scoring and the game is now more about points from behind the arc and the Lakers have just failed to change.

    Interesting to see how the Heat Boston series ends,(just wonder if Heat loose, whats next for LB), the behavior by Lamar and Andrew ,totally unacceptable, i know any real Laker fan or any real sports lover would object to such childish behavior.

    Mavs have impressed me and lets see how it all goes.

  26. siv024 says:

    coming from a Lakers fans congrats to the Mavs i hope you guys win the finals you deserve it and for the Lakers next year baby

  27. siv024 says:

    possible allstar trade for the Lakers Deron Williams, Chris Paul, or Dwight Howard

  28. SmileOnMyFace says:

    Good riddance, they’re finally out. Maybe now I’ll stop hearing from all the Laker riders about “turning the switch on” and “too bored to try”. I just loved seeing the expressions of all these biased “analysts” yesterday after the Lakers lost like that. Only one I feel bad for is Phil Jackson, horrible way to go out. Lakers – Gone Fishin’

  29. smooth says:

    Watch Mark Cuban go on a tantrum when Dallas falls to Memphis or OKC Thunder.

  30. itsoklakers says:

    It okae lakers.. The mavs outplayed the lakers.. and they are hungrier for the championship..
    thats why they win the series..

    and dont say sugapa to kobe? he’s a scorer dude!! and im a filipino..

    you just dont admire his game.. dont hate.. cause you got no game..

  31. Can you say Dwight Howard to the Lakers.

  32. kb24.optimus says:

    hey mavs fans! one thing… before you keep opening your mouth or maybe your thoughts.. WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP FIRST!!! then we start from there.. Got It?

  33. Jaime says:

    j.j barea he pay the much for the mav victory beside playing like a super star ,artest almost broke his neck and bynum almoast broke his ribs, he should be the hero of the series

  34. tRay says:

    Wooow just wooow. As a Laker fan I can accept defeat, that’s normal. BUT for the display that was shown yesterday was horrific. I mean as two time defending champs you must take some form of pride. And for all you retard dilusional Laker fans you should really reevaluate yourself as a descent human being if you justify that hit on Barrea by Bynum. That was uncalled for and completely dirty. As for people saying this series shows KB24 isn’t MJ you’re right and wrong. That point has already been established but KB24 shouldn’t be the main target for critcism. This playoff series has to be put on EVERYONE.

  35. Andy says:

    Dirk is the greatest foreign player ever played the game. Ok, Hakeem was amazing and got 2 rings, but he got the US early on his life, went to college and joined the US team.

  36. NYYMJ923 says:

    Hahaha what happened to Kobe fans out there??

    Are you still saying that Kobe is closest thing to MJ?

    You’re DAMN WRONG!!!



    Sugapa MEANS GREEDY in Filipino while BANOYANT or bano means a newbie basketball player

    I mean this words because what Kobe did in Game 1 was one of the most greedy plays I ever seen. Why?? Because instead of taking a closer range shot that could actually send Game 1 into OT and go through it and win it in the end. Instead, Kobe led his team to Game 1 defeat and from there the Lakers did not recover from the loss.

    In the last 2 games, Kobe JUST SIMPLY DISAPPEARED from the game and I tell you during Jordan’s dominance, he’ll never disappear and instead he’ll play his game above his limit.

    That means for Sugapa Banoyant.


  37. are we in playoffs yet? says:

    If the Lakers fan don’t want Gasol, we will be happy to have a SOFT guy in Miami. Pat Riley said the Heat is getting a big man next year. If the Lakers fan think that Gasol sucks, we will love to have Gasol in Miami.

  38. Heat fan says:

    Keep thinking about the past. The Mavs swept the “Back-to-Back Champions” and that is enough. The Mavs already showed what they are made of. IN YOUR FACES “LAKERS FANS” !! EAT BROOMSTICKS!! It will be a rematch of the 2006 Finals. the Lakers will be fishing while a new champion will be crowned. This marks the end of a dynasty. And it is so damn awful because it ends in a sweep. Poor Lakers 😀

    • Steve says:

      Yeah GO MAVS!!! and remember Caron Butler wasn’t there…… HAHHA LAKERS aren’t that good anymore….

  39. are we in playoffs yet? says:

    I said it, check my posts. Everybody knew, except for the no-nothing lakers fans, that the lakers were going nowhere. Where is the 3paet? This is a team that lost two games to the New Orleans Hornets WITHOUT WEST. Any great team should have swept the Hornets. The Lakers had to go to overtime against the Sacramento Kings the last day of the season!!!! Kobe will never be even close to Jordan. Where was Kobe??? Don’t worry Lakers fans, nest year the Fakers will make the playoffs…….as the number 8 seat.

  40. chris says:

    I´m a Laker fan, but they sucked like never did. You see Gasol, Bynum, Odom during the first quarter, they don´t defend. Dallas put points, and these 3 Lakers look like they are going to clean the floor, walking! Walking! No energy, no desire to play. Only Bryant was playing. Fisher unable to defend.
    And then those ugly fools. First Odom. What was that? Then Bynum. Sorry, this guy should be fined for the foul he commited on Barboa. He could really have hurt him bad. He´s lucky nothing wrong happen. And why the hell did he hurt him like that? Can´t he jump to block the shot? Shame on Bynum, not a real player.
    Same thing with Artest always talking about himself and his brain. What he did on that poor Dallas guard was a shame. One game suspension was not enough. He hit the guy in the face for no reason at all. He didn´t approach Odom and Barboa to defend anything, he just ran on them and hit the guy on the face.
    The Lakers need to make some trades. They don´t have forwards. Only Odom and Gasol…Artest. If you never use Walton, then take someone else on the roster. A good forward!
    Same with guards. Fisher has to be playing less minutes, they need a real guard, with energy.
    And another center, power-forward.
    Look at Dallas, thay have ten good players, same with Boston.

  41. Aurelia says:

    I will be very disappointed if the league does not come down hard on both Bynum and Odom. I think Bynum should be suspended form the league (Without A Paycheck) in order to get his head right. He’s one of the luckiest people in the whole world to become a millionaire playing a kids game and he’s too stupid and immature to appreciate it.

    Odom I think should get about a 16 game suspension. I think Bynum should try playing in the Philippines for a year and see how he likes his paycheck then? The guy is a thug and the league should treat him that way.

  42. Law064 says:

    1 more thing If that spineless Bynum would’ve been playing hard they would’ve had a better chance at winning don’t be upset cause the Mavs really outplayed you. I didn’t expect LA to get beat let alone get swept. Hats off to the Mavs for taking down the Lakers.

  43. long memory says:

    The laker fans (arrogant and ignorant) evapporated. Lol What I want to know is…was it the Lakers “history” (because i didnt think they looked unbeatable this season) that made Sekou and Law064 and Lakers2011-3peat (that was the funniest name) David Aldridge, Lakeshow and Countless others believe that it was Impossible for them to lose? Or was it that yall thought Kobe was some great Savior that could ….”Will” games out or ….his “great competitive nature” was gonna be enough? Maybe the fact that last year L.A ducked teams with size (besides OKC) on their way to the finals that they won thanks -not to the lakers “greatness” but due to an injury. So what I reallyy wanna know is How SHOCKED are you laker fans that They got OBLITERATED out of the playoffs, because frankly I’m not surprised at all. Why? the lakers peaked at the wrong time – they looked good after the all-star break (looked terrible right before) then L.A ended the season losing 5 straight then barely beating the spurs b team and then Kobe saving the 2nd seed with a 3 point shot against sacramento. then they go to 6 games with the hornets missing their top scorer (maybe a 1st round exit if d.west not hurt?) either way… Congrats to Phil on an outstanding career and at the same time sianara!

  44. bballwiz says:


    You guys are the most amazing fans I’ve ever encountered in my life. AT the all-star break, you guys flooded all blogs and NBA sites and put comments about the will Lakers three-peat and that Kobe is the greatest ever. You guys kept thrash-talking and arrogantly counting other teams and players out, saying that Kobe is the best and the “Black Mamba” and the Lakers will eat every one alive. When the Lakers are down 3-0 against the “lowly” Mavs, you guys still backed the ever-arrogant and way-over-his-head overrated Kobe up with his “words of wisdom” that they will win the series in 7. The same Kobe Bryant who never took the blame and lashes his team mates for poor play (I feel sorry for Pau, Andrew, Lamar and Ron) every time the Lakers loses and always hugs all the credit when they win (again, I feel sorry for Pau, Andrew, Lamar and Ron.)

    WHERE ARE YOU NOW HUH!?! The NBA cyberworld is lot quieter without you guys. And it’s the best thing that’s ever happened here! HAHAHAHA!

    Lakers fans will always reflect their “superstar” personality (in this case, Kobe): arrogant, self-centered, ball hog, sore loser, arrogant (oh, did I say that twice?), irresponsible, stubborn, bad leader who blames others and take the heat to himself, overrated, sore loser (oops, my mistake), and just plain air head. You guys are not even the best fans in the NBA (that’s Portland fans that stays loyal to the Blazers for 40 years) but yo act as if the whole world bows down to the Lakers and Kobe.

    I feel sorry for Phi, though. He’s the best ever at his profession. He had the greatest player ever in Michael Jordan and the best side-kick ever in Scottie Pippien. He had the most dominant player in his era, Shaq O’neal. It’s a shame he ended his career with a pretender and overrated “star” like Kobe. But still I’m happy for him. His legacy will forever be respected and admired all over the world. AND, he doesn’t have to deal with a nut-case like Kobe anymore. Now that’s a very big sigh of relief for him, a great consolation prize of losing to the Mavs.

    SO WHERE ARE THE LAKER FANS?!? COME ON AND MAKE SOME NOISE! Write about how Kobe and the Lakers will come back and start a new era next year with a new coach. Go on and talk about how great Kobe still is and why he’s the best player on the planet. talk about how the “Black Mamba” will strike again next year, hungrier and feistier.



    • LA2012 says:

      Its funny how know that Kobe has lost in the playoffs, people like you come out and start saying that Kobe is overrated… Everyone loses in the playoffs at one point and this year was the Lakers turn…. To say Kobe is overrated is ignorant… Hes the most dominant player since MJ and although he has slowed down a bit (everyone gets old), hes still one of the 5 best players in the league, id say hes number 3, after wade and james. Dont worry, hes still gonna win at least 1 or 2 more championships before he retires…

    • SSD LAKERS FAN says:

      COME ON







      • K says:

        Dude you just proved “bballwiz’s” point. You did everything that he said you Laker fans would do. WOW, kudos to “bballwitz” you called that one!

      • bballwiz says:

        Thanks K! Yea, it’s pretty obvious what these Kobe bootlickers will say. I don’t have to be a prophet to guess what they would do. HAHAHAHA!

  45. Law064 says:

    Good game from Dallas and great series, shocked everyone. Odom & the fragile piece of crap that can’t play a complete season are sore losers. I hope both of Bynum kness go out and he retire before the age of 30 LOSER. Congrats to the Mavs

    • Champkobe says:

      Wow. What an ignorant comment. I don’t care HOW much you hate the lakers, you dont wish an injury onto a player. Would you like it if i prayed that you would constantly break both legs for the rest of your life? I didn’t think so.

      • tRay says:

        I think he was saying that because Bynum’s hit on Barrea.

      • Law064 says:

        Yes that was for that Piece of crap Bynum. I’m no Laker hater I’m really suprised they lost this series and to get swept was even more shocking.@ChampKobe STFU would you want some cheap shot to hit 1 of the Lakers just because their losing?

    • Mr. Man says:

      Funny how you said “I’m no Laker hater” and yet you wish Bynum for his knees to go out. And then you even disrespected Odom… yeah….. I agree with Champkobe, your implications is what makes this comment ignorant

  46. roger says:

    KOBE IS NOT NEAR OR NO WHERE CLOSE TO MICHAEL JORDAN!!!!! Kobe has done nothing to compare with MJ. Why do you think he has only 1 MVP and no defensive player of the year awards. Yeah he has 5 rings but thats a team effort and 4 of the rings he was not the best player during the championships. Shaq 3, Kobe 1, and Gasol 1 last year. He can not will his team to wins and his percentages when it counts are way down compared to Jordan. Against Phoenix 7 points in a loss,
    17 points last night. MJ would have least put the team on his back! Please no more comparison from Laker fans or the media looking for the next MJ. It’s not Lebron, Derrick Rose, Wade or Kobe. SWEEEEEEEEEP!

    • shhh lakers says:


    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      How sad to go out like punks. I agree with Roger, don’t compare kobe to MJ. He will never measure up. Just want to know what excuses lakers will use now. As far as odom and bynum go, those two fouls were punk A@@ moves. Goes to show what this team is really about.


    • LA2012 says:

      He was robbed of the MVP a couple of times….. The season he averaged 35 ppg, did you even check the Lakers roster? Odom was the second-best player…. After that, a bunch of no-names…
      That season he outscored other teams on his own 62 pts in 3 quarters, 81 in a game

      • Champkobe says:

        Oh come on. Kobe is by no means even close to as good as MJ. That doesn’t mean that -ahem- people can compare kobe to nowitzki. One series doesn’t define the career of a player.

  47. Italian Guy says:

    Bynum cant defend on pick n roll, but he can foul 5’9” point guards very well. What a shame..

  48. celtic18 says:

    go CELTICS

  49. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    Whatever team that comes up in the EAST would be tough for the WEST. CHICAGO? MIAMI? BOSTON? ITS SO FREAKING AWESOME WHO’LL WIN! I hope it would be a REMATCH DALLAS VS MIAMI PRT. 2 Dallas may have learned there lesson but the Heat is the hungriest team in the playoffs other than the Memphis

  50. Orlando Fan says:

    I guess Lakers really couldn’t defend the championship on 3d like this guy said in commercial:”It is not easy to win on 3d, i know it for a fact”. Wish the best for LA and they need to let fisher and Artest go for some young people but i know no team would want fisher then he should just retire for time being. Upgrade the PG and sixth man and get 2 good bench guys and move Odom to SF. Trade artest, barnes, and picks while they still have some value.

  51. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    One thing we realize in this series Norwitzky is a closer fit to MJ than kobe and if he is where do you put Dwyane Wade. In 2006 he was down 0-2 and win 4 straight games to win the ring on the biggest stage now kobe with a better team did step up but he is not no D Wade I can’t say MJ Bcuz no one is MJ all the time I don’t think anyone is Scottie Pippen all the time (2 of the greatest to play the game) Jordan first win was at age 28 his second 3 peat 32!!!!!!!!!!!the number dont ring a bell I keep telling you guys kobe came in the league at age 17 and ray allen the same time at age 20 kobe was put into a winning system ray allen was not (bucks) so how can someone be on the same level as jordan if you didntt start at the bottom (d wade lebron james carmelo anthony all started at the bottom of the food chain and worked their way up chris paul). NOw people can see that team goes where PPau Goes give that man the credit

  52. LA2012 says:

    The Lakers def need to change some things on their roster…
    1. Apart from Odom, their bench is horrible
    2. No more Fisher, hes too old. They gotta try to get a real PG (CP3 would be amazing but probably wont happen)
    3. Kobe has got to play better in the post season (he didnt take over like he has in the past)
    4. I say keep Gasol because even though he was terrible in the playoffs, hes still kind of an All-Star

    And to people who keep saying Kobe cant be compared to MJ, youre wrong… He can be compared to him and will always be. He is the closest thing to him we will probably ever get…. MJ didnt win every year, did he?

    When Kobe retires, he will be remembered as the 2nd most dominant player in the history of the NBA

    • shhh lakers says:

      2nd dominant player in NBA history… i would not put it like that. Top 2 guard in the nba history maybe…

      Where do you put Bill Russell then?

      • shooter32 says:

        agreed with shh 2 guard most likely..and there are players who will come and be compared to Jordan sorry but you can’t compare Kobe to MJ

    • KingSteve says:

      True, Kobe wasn’t great last year either it was all up to the team.Hopefully next year Kobe is fully recovered, and these guys make a comeback. Since the Mavs won, I’m hoping they win the championship, so I could feel like they deserved their win against the Lakers.
      GO MAVS!i!

  53. No 3peat For The Deadbeats says:

    This is the best feeling Ive had in the last 3 years..And seeing them lose this bad just makes it better. The last two games were the biggest of their season and Kobe does what? Nothing..Dont blame it on age..Jordan was 35 when the Bulls finished their second threepeat, still putting up big games..Y’all can call me a Hater..I say it loud and proud!

    • Gman says:

      Scientifically Jordan was a freak athlete lol lets stop comparing

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Kobe has played more basketball at 31 than Jordan had by 35. Remember a retirement? And Kobe entered at 18.

  54. Patrick says:

    I don’t agree with the choice of Lamar Odom for sixth man. Jason Terry is the real sixth man.
    I am hearing about M.J. and what he could have done. But it’s clear M.J. had the best sixth man with Tony Kukoc, without that man the bull coudn’t make it. The scores where very close, the result coud have been different.

    Kobe is a great player, but his team didn’t help him, like Denis Rodman Luc Longley and steve kerr did before with M.J.
    Jackson is probably a good trainer, but it’s difficult to say because until now he always had the best players in all his team.

  55. KobeG.O.A.T. says:

    DWIGHT HOWARD to Los Angeles Lakers.. Frontline will become BYNUM-HOWARD-ARTEST. ARTEST and HOWARD both have DPOY.

  56. dan rn says:

    such a disappointing series for the lakers, a 2-time defending champs getting sweep. Hats off to dallas, they’ve been exceptional especially game 4.bench players were really the problem of the lakers. they just can’t shoot the basketball.. what a sad ending for phil’s career. but we’ve gotta move on.

    anyway, goodluck to dallas, hopefully they’ll win the title this year, dirk seems to be a nice guy.

  57. hahah... says:


  58. LAKERSLOSERS says:

    BYNUM is no sport! haha. LOL!! he also did that to beasley. What a loser.


    BYNUM sucks! hes no sport.

  60. hahahaha says:

    hahahaha in your face LA fans

  61. Rob says:

    This is a devastating loss for the LA Lakers.. This is the result of those player’s attitude in underestimating their opponents..
    Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom don’t deserve to play in the league after what they did. Shame on Bynum,!! he’s a 7 footer, knocking down a 5″9 point guard (Barea) just to save the Lakers’ reputation from being down by 25 pts.. its just not right to do that.. this is basketball.. If Bynum want a fist fight, he must go to UFC and fight Kimbo Slice or Brock Lesnar.!! he’s just simply pathetic.!! a simple message, just go back to school and learn how to respect people..!!

    • Mendrys says:

      I can forgive Odom’s foul. It was a dirty play certainly but it wasn’t really over the top like Bynum’s fould was. This is the THIRD time that I know of that Bynum has commited exactly this foul. It is so eerily similar to the foul he put on Beasley from Minnesota this year that he will face a lengthy suspension. It was an attempt to injur, plain and simple. He wan’t trying to save face for the Laker’s. He was mad and he was going to hurt somebody. I hope he gets at least a 20 game suspension from the league.

      • jjjjj says:

        yes i agree. these people are supposed to be professionals, but they have 0 poise. shame coming from a team who were supposed to be defending champs

    • Year of the Upset says:

      He shouldn’t be allowed to play in the NBA. Next year will players have to worry about not going to the hole cause this guy has a anger problem that may end their career? Sorry but there are phycos in jail that can ball better than most these guys but doesn’t mean they belong in the NBA. Same goes for Bynum.

  62. Sweep says:

    i hope this game (and this series to an extent) proves who the 6th man of the year should have been
    Jason Terry is clearly the best 6th man in this league.

    • TomFrost says:

      Indeed, Terry should have won the best 6th man for the 2nd time!! Every game he gives the Mavs an enormous spark! Lamar who? Shame on him how he lost his temper before the eyes of the whole world…

  63. watcher says:

    Not ony was the Laker bench destroyed from downtown in the entire series (29 three’s for Dallas’ bench- 6 three’s for the Lakers), the total team output from the Lakers at 15 from (cough) 76 attempts was smashed by the Dallas bench output in game 4 alone (17/21). In 2 games this series the Lakers bench didn’t hit any from beyond. The writing was on the wall after the Laker’s pitiful game 2 performance when it was clear most of the bench (and a starter or two perhaps) simply didn’t look or play like they wanted to be out there. An astonishingly poor performance for a team expected to go all the way. Full credit to the Mavs for putting on a virtual clinic against the reigning NBA champs.

  64. Vincent says:

    Finally, Dallas Mavericks make it back to the Western Conference Finals with a lot of confidence and hopefully they learned a lot from the 2006 NBA Finals so they can win their first ever championship. Whoever wins the Memphis vs. Oklahoma series will have a tough time winning the series against them. Good luck Mavs hope you win a championship

  65. Victor Manoel says:

    Well, what a big surprise, hum? No way the Lakers are trading Gasol, he’s a great player, an All-Star. What they REALLY need is bench depth. No one in their bench but Brown is giving them a realiable effort. Steve Blake, oh my God, he was COMPLETELY AWFUL this season, but his game’s gonna improve next year, I hope. The Lakers need desperately a good point guard, too (Derek Fisher sucks), and they should go after Chris Paul, a free agent soon. From now till 2013, I think it’s gonna be all about Dwight Howard going to Los Angeles. I think the Lakers can trade for him, but the Magic surely would ask for BOTH Bynum and Gasol, so it’s a tough trade to make.

    • wow@lakerfans says:

      Lakers payroll are too big to sign any decent bench players…blake and barnes are about as good a piece u can find on the market for what the Lakers can pay…
      Im a Laker hater not a kobe hater..however kobe gets a lot more praise than he deserves…
      cuz all the blame now is on gasol and maybe artest….
      kobes not getting any doubts or questions…
      however they do have good pieces around that can be good baits for other teams…
      i wont be surprised if they come back next year strong…
      its good to see them lose because right now we can focus on some younger teams and see what they do
      all match ups this playoffs have been exciting to watch…compared to the past few years…

  66. Ventruck says:

    I had a similar comment to this in another Hang Time Blog, but never saw it appear yet:

    This game/performance just capitalized on the fact that the Laker bench is actually lacking despite all their praise. There’s Odom, and Brown is average at best (in OVERALL performance, not dunking). That’s just not enough in this league this year. Even in the 2010 Finals, a Laker fan like myself would realistically cringe at the thought of Davis/Nate/Wallace coming in because LA doesn’t have a complete response other than Odom working with the starters.

    The other two bench players who were actually used this series, Barnes and Blake, were complete no-shows. I’d even say Blake really threw Game 2 at some point. Phil and the Laker management seemed wise at keeping faith in their players, and not resorting to radical change to the team’s play style, but face it: bench players put out much more now, and sometimes do more of the work in deciding a game. But even yet, it’s not just about “putting out” in terms of points+other stats, but these two haven’t created any real turning moments in a game to lead to a win.

    And for the Kobe-side of things. Let’s get one thing straight: the only mentions that could support the idea he’s stacked with support as of late are Bynum, Gasol, and Odom. Don’t act like other teams don’t have a comparable force – or one that’s even better. Only disappointment about Kobe this series was he didn’t do something exceptional. Forced some plays, but it wasn’t like 2008 where he would sometimes take on Boston single-handedly.

    • jayke says:

      These are the same players who bailed a lackluster-showing Kobe in game 7 of the finals last year.

      • Ventruck says:

        The two guys I pointed out in particular for a lackluster performance: Blake and Barnes? No.

        Them aside, sure, this is for the most part the same team that made up for Kobe in game 7, but they didn’t have Blake setting up the other team to score in transition.

  67. kobe says:

    lb6 is it any wonder your a lebron fan you guys always mouth off. It seems that you don’t watch basketball your just look at the boxscores. If you watch kobe in last champinship he averaged 40 points againist phoniex. THis is the same team kobe scored 63 on. He is just getting old. Lets see how good lebron is when he is 32.

    • Elle A says:

      Yes Kobe is doing great for 32 and we have to see about LeBron but how about NOWITZKI 🙂 ????? 🙂 🙂 🙂 He was the man of the series – so where was Kobe then?

      • lb6 says:

        yeah kobe scored 63 on them. but thats not an important game as this game which they need in order to survive. and Kobe is not in the same level as lebron when he was 26. He didnt score near the same average when he was 26. Lebron has still lots of area for improvement. and why bring up the past?? Man past is nothing because its done. Its about now and the future. haha you just cant argue anything about the present because theres nothing to argue about coz the lakers are done now for the season.

        I dont hate the lakers i just dont like their fans for being so ignorant. They see kobe as the greatest basketball player even greater than jordan. WHat?? jordan was there with chicago when they suck and made them a great basketball team, Kobe was with the lakers when they are at their best. Shaq? Jones? Van Excel? Malone Rice etc. when they sucked kobe didnt do anything to make his team that great then Gasol came. Kobe never lifted his team. yeah he is great on certain games. but not key games. like where was kobe on game 7 on the boston lakers series last year. for me the one who won the game for them was artest on game 7. Put kobe in cleveland, toronto or any team who has a losing record and lets see if he can turn the team around.

        Lakers with their salary cap. if they trade away bynum gasol artest, odom and KOBE. they can get cp3 and howard plus 1 allstar caliber player and good bench players. just saying because honestly they need a complete overhaul. hahahahaha!

      • Redbearwoodall says:

        LB6, I completely agree with you. I have a lot of respect for Phil Jackson, Kobe, and the rest of the Lakers, but their fans are the worst. So ignorant, and whenever they get beat they always refer to the past championships they won. If you remember, the Celtics have won more championships than the Lakers. Sorry to Phil, I’d hate to go out like that, but to Lakers fans, I don’t feel sorry for you at all.

    • shhh lakers says:

      lol, this is not about Lebron. Lebron may never be as accomplished as Kobe in terms of rings… and so is Kobe can never be compared to MJ.

      Kobe @32 – swept by Mavs in 2nd round.
      MJ @33 – led bulls to a historic 72-10 and won the first of their 2nd 3-peat

      • KingSteve says:

        wooow it was a bad year for the Lakers, things looked bad since round 1 when they faced the hornets. I’m not from LA, but Kobe deserve some respect. It was just a bad year for him, and he’s still comparable to Mj nomatter what anyone says, but stats alone cannot show the full pic, the only way we could have seen who’s the better player is only if they were in the same generation of basketball.

  68. letski says:

    time for fishing lakers,,,,hahaha

  69. lb6 says:

    Wow. Lakers were losing so they resulted into dirty basketball. Bynum elbow on barea, odom elbow on nowitzki. Where is the heart of the champion? Where is K.Bryant when you need him? Closest thing to MJ? a big NO to that. Jordan wont let that happen. Where are those sucky laker fans who said they still believe and win the series. hahaha! No Phil next season. my guess pau will be traded and kobe will ask to be traded coz honestly he is never that good. he only has good teammates to back him up. put him on a bad team, he will suck even more. 3 Peat? kobe closest to jordan? haha

    • Steve says:

      The biggest difference of MJ from Kobe is that MJ could lift a team and Kobe can’t…. So we need to stop comparing them….

      • shooter32 says:

        AGGRREEEDDDD..i haven’t seen any of them Laker fans anymore…it was obvious the FLAKERS werent doing anything this year.

      • KingSteve says:

        What are you talking about dude had a bad knee, and he has lifted his team countless times before. I’m sad they had to lose like this.

      • Gman says:

        He has lead his team to countless losses as well. Him and his bone-headed mind.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      “He only has good team mates to back him up”
      oh really LB6? LeBron has D.Wade a Chris Bosh Mike Bibby backing him up. Real educated comment.
      If the Refs called that offensive foul on Barea, you know affter he elbowed BLake and drove into the lane, that whole thing with Bynum would NOT have happened.
      If you really don’t see Kobe being the closest thing to Jordan you don’t know basketball, or just started watching this year. Something was going on in that locker room, the only ones competing were Drew and Kobe. Phil himself said he was happy this season was over. YEah, hate on LA all you want. I’ll still be a fan, even if we have a 10 win season I’ll still watch all 82 games. Hopefully tickets won’t be through the roof expensive anymore.

      • Black Shadow says:


    • Brian says:

      The Lakers throw elbows all the time. This time, the refs called them on it.

  70. Level says:

    You may call me nuts, but I still believe LA will win this series. LA in 9!

    • shooter32 says:

      HAHAHAHHA wow…u must be a die hard

      • He says:

        I believe Level was imitating Kobe, who before Game 4, said, “You can call me nuts or whatever… But I believe we will win the series.”

        I am happy for the Dallas marvericks. I have been watching the replays over and over again. I can’t seem to have enough of it. If the Maverocks can continue playing like this, I think they should get the Championship this year.

        Poor Phil Jackson.

        As for the Lakers, I believe they are still good players. What I don’t know is if they will be able to get over whatever is their problem right now. And I think the fact that Phil is leaving is not really going to help matters.

    • WOOOOW says:

      Jajajajajaja… Not trying to make fun of Kobe, i mean, what would you have said? Oh its over for us?… But this was hilarious!!!!

    • AndWhat says:

      Level..between you and Marca…you both have made my day with your comments….ROTFL!

  71. GiveMeAHellYeah says:

    For me the Lakers need to look forward to their future. Nothing against Kobe, Derek and Ron but their time to rule is over. Pau is not performing to par. I think Andrew can step up, improve his game, because he’s athletic for a 7 footer. then rebuild the franchise with should I say Dwight ?

    • Jake says:

      How do the Lakers keep Andrew Bynum and get Dwight Howard? It’s not happening, so stop living in your little fantasy world.

      • Champkobe says:

        Actually, its possible. Last time I checked, Dwights not too happy with orlando losing in the first round to atlanta. And the lakers just might be able to pull off a trade dwight for gasol or something like that. It’d be like how utah traded deron williams for harris. I hope lakers switch it up, and honestly, lakers management has done a terrible job the past two years, letting ariza and farmar walk on them.

      • wow@lakerfans says:

        and now he wont be happy switching to Lakers either…after seeing that effort…

      • For Real? says:

        yeh and the magic want gasol, keep dreaming. The lakers are so far over the cap they couldnt get a kid from under 10’s

      • Law064 says:

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        ;eghfslrakhf sdjakfg lkrsdg

  72. jam tugade says:

    people can now stop comparing kobe to MJ. They’re too far away apart

  73. Barca says:

    I absolutely luv it! Being down 0-2 all the LAL fans were confident they’d win in 6, then they were 0-3 n the LAL fans thought they’d make history and win the next 4…. unfortunately for you LAL fans no team in the history of the NBA has come back from being down 0-4 🙂 but All of them have come back from fishing

    • Max says:

      Yeah well lets see how far the Mavs go and we WON Back to Back Championships lets see the Mavs challenge them next season and ohh yeah every dog has his day today was your day !

      • Year of the Upset says:

        They’ve already gone further than LA THIS year which is what we are taking about. Keep living in the past.

      • Barca says:

        you know what would be funny dear Sir? the lakers dismantle the team and they don’t immediately win a championship during that rebuilding and retooling process because if they come back with the same group – i am sorry but there is no way the lakers win a championship without a bench its not gonna happen…not this year not next not the following a weak bench is a weak team – or you can keep the starters in 48 minutes and see what happens

      • Rochen1 says:

        Do you know what sour grapes are, Max?

      • wow@lakerfans says:

        thats the biggest sore-loser comment i heard all day…

    • Mr. Man says:

      Obviously no team can come back from 0-4, THEY LOST ALREADY!!!!

      • AndWhat says:

        Dude…Barca was using some well articulated sarcasm! Too bad it was lost on you.

    • Law064 says:

      32123132233443234224311 4


    • benot says:

      actually they made history,they joined the 1989 lakers, 1991 pistons, 1996 rockets , teams that suffered a sweep while attempting for a threepeat