Dirk Top 10 All-Time?

LOS ANGELES — Dirk Nowitzki is in what should be the ‘twilight” of his NBA career, if you based it purely on years of service.

But the Dallas Mavericks’ superstar is undergoing a career rejuvenation, of sorts, some 13 years into his NBA career. And now that Nowitzki and his Mavericks have vanquished the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, sweeping them in the Western Conference semifinals Sunday in Dallas, the debate about where Nowitzki stands all-time can be revisited.

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, clearly a bit biased considering his relationship with Nowitzki, makes the argument that Dirk belongs on the Top 10 (of all-time) list. More from ESPNDallas.com:

“In my opinion, he’s a top 10 player in NBA history because of the uniqueness of his game and how he’s carried this franchise on his back for over a decade,” Carlisle told “ESPN First Take” on Monday. “He’s just right. He’s leading the team. His shot-making is great. He’s passing the ball great. He’s one of the guys that’s directing traffic for us defensively.”

Sure, Nowitzki has been the league MVP (2006-07), and he’s been the one constant on the floor during the Mavericks’ run of 11 consecutive 50-win seasons. Only the Bill Russell-led Boston Celtics (1959-1968), the Magic Johnson-led Lakers (1980-91) and the Tim Duncan-led San Antonio Spurs (2000-present) have had comparable runs.

Those teams, however, won championships. Dirk has yet to win an NBA title, making his only Finals appearance in 2006 when the Mavericks lost to the Miami Heat in six games.

“He’s got one thing missing from the mantle and that drives him,” Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson told ESPN 103.3 FM on Monday morning. “We’ve maybe been spoiled by how good he is.”

We’ve all been spoiled a bit by Nowitzki’s consistent brilliance. He’s been the centerpiece of an elite team for roughly the past decade. Championship or not, he’s headed to the Hall of Fame some day.

But does he rank that high?

We decided to put it to a vote, so feel free to chime in:


  1. Malik Raymond says:

    I don’t know why I saw names like Bill Walton, and even Karl Malone up here on some of these lists. People seem to forget that Malone had John Stockton feeding him the ball. Bill Walton only won one title and was injury prone as well.

    Dirk’s a top 25 player to me. Don’t know if he’ll get into the top 10 range. But he’s definitely one of the most consistent players in NBA history, no doubt…..

    • Pete says:

      Umm…are you kidding?

      How about…

      – Two time MVP
      – 11 time all-nba first time, 2 time all-nba second team
      – 3 time all-defensive first team, 1 tim all-defensvie second team
      – 14 time nba all-star
      – 2 time all-star MVP
      – 2nd all-time in total points scored
      – 1st all time in free throws made
      – 6th all-time in total rebounds
      – Holds the NBA record for most consecutive seasons with 2,000+ points
      – Tied with Kareem for most consecutive seasons (17) averaging 20 PPG +
      – Hold the NBA record for most consecutive seasons leading the leage in free throws made (7)
      – 2 time olympic gold medalist

      His career averages 25 PPG. 10RPG, 3.5 APG, 1.4SPG and 51% FG is possibly the greatest career stat line of any PF to ever play the game.

      I also read somewhere that the Jazz made the playoffs every single season he was on the team.

      Yes he had Stockton…
      – Dirk had Steve Nash and Jason Kidd
      – Duncan has had Tony Parker, Richard Jefferson, David Robinson and Manu Ginobilli.

      Karl Malone is THE greatest power forward of the alast 20 years and arguably the greatest of all time.

  2. Smilawn says:

    Let me guess—you are a Celtics fan :)))

  3. Louitzki41 says:

    In my humble opinion it should be something like this..

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Wilt Chamberlain / Bill Russell
    3. Magic Johnson / Larry Bird
    4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar / Hakeem Olajawun / Oscar Robertson
    5 Kobe Bryant / Tim Duncan / Shaquille O’ Neal /Scottie Pippen
    6. Kevin Garnett / Paul Pierce / Moses Malone / Isaiah Thomas
    7. Karl Malone / John Stockton / Charles Barkley / George Gervin
    8. Dirk Nowitzki / Patrick Ewing / Bob Petit / Elgin Baylor
    9. Allen Iverson / Julius Erving /Clyde Drexler / Bob Cousy
    10. Steve Nash / David Robinson / Lebron James / Dennis Rodman

    You may not agree on MY list but what I think this kind of format is the best way to rank ’em…

  4. dan says:

    im a huge dirk fan and his body of work is impressive but until he gets a ring i cant call him a hall of famer, even another trip to the finals might put him in the elite list of the greatest of all time

  5. Texas Ya'll says:

    I don’t want to waste my breath on some of these dumb people, so all I will say is that Dirk is easily in the top 15 of all-time. If those of you don’t believe me, actually watch the Mavs in the playoffs and his play will speak volumes about how much he is worth. At first you will think some of the shots he makes are lucky (mainly people like Jackmouve and others who think Dirk is top 40, are you f*&#ing kidding me). Then you will see him make it consistently and barely miss. You will see his leadership and emotion on the court. Dirk is not a flashy player trying to gain attention from the world like Kobe. He is a hard worker, and those of you putting down is hard work and dedication to his team, shame on you. You guys are just haters and from what I read, definitely no nothing about basketball. The NBA has changed from generation to generation, so idea of comparing Michael Jordan and Kareem to players of today is a completely irrelevant arguement. Dirk is the second best player in the league right now behind Lebron James. Kobe’s days are over and he is not clutch, not a team player, etc. The lists of nots for Kobe go on and on. ONE LOVE!

    Those of us who know our basketball will defend Dirk to the death
    Let’s go Mavs!!!

    • Pete says:

      I’m not even going to honour this with a serious response.

      You call people dumb for not putting him the top 15? Ask any basketball professional (coaches, players, officials, past legends) if they’d rank him in the top 15 and see what they say. If 10% say yes, I’d be very suprised.

      If you honestly believe he is top 15, then that’s your opinion – evern though it’s wrong, I’ll still respect it.

      But to call people dumb for saying hes not int he top15, that just proves you are childish, that you lack knowledge, that you are an incredibly biased fanboy, AND that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  6. Doc Eric says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is one of the best players of his generation. You have to look beyond his stats and lack of championship hardawre(s) and consider what he means to the Dallas Mavericks and to basketball as a whole. He’s definitely the best “import” of all-time.

    It’s easy to agree that he’s an all-time Top 30, maybe a Top 20 but not a Top 10. He” have to displace anybody from Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan to be in the Top 10. I don’t see him crack that even if he wins the championship this year.

    Choosing him over players like Bob Pettit, Karl Malone, Julius Erving, Jerry West, John Stockton, Moses Malone, David Robinson, Isiah Thomas, Hakeem Olajuwon, Bob Cousy, Steve Nash and George Mikan is the only way I would include him in the Top 20.

    For him to be included in the Top 25 should not be considered as an insult to his greatness by any standard.

  7. da bulls says:

    my list
    1)brian scalibrine
    2)cris bosh
    3)ron artest
    4)dirk nowitzki
    5)kurt thomas
    6)dennis rodman
    7)aj price
    8)taj gibson
    9)cj watson
    10)danny granger
    wait, this list is horribly screwed up. WHAT IS DIRK DOING ON THIS!

    • Pete says:

      Give me Rodman in his peak overDirk in his peak any day.

      You can replace Dirk’s scoring with any other guy in the NBA who scores 25PPG+ (Kobe, Wade, Lebron, etc) but could never replace the fight, hustle, toughness and defensive/rebounding dominance you get from Rodman.

  8. Param says:

    Dirk is awesome

  9. Heat66 says:

    Are some of you really comparing Dirk to Kobe?

    When Dirk has 5 rings come and see me…..

  10. jer0m3*24 says:

    kobe is one of the top 10 player of all time…and he prove its..no one can win nba title by own..jordan had pippen,wade need shaq to win..lebron never win a title and he needs wade and bosh and others like dirk he needs terry,kidd,marion,chanlder…and i prove that kobe is the best player in the world…you all kobe haters keep ur mouths shut up!! because he lost and sweep by dallas he is not the best…hahahaha lol dont you forget jordan is same he lost in playoffs too like kobe and lebron he sweep by spurs in finals…wthats the different ha!!!

  11. Pete says:

    Dirk is not top 10. Duncan is not top 10. Neither even comes close.

    Kobe and Shaq are probably the only two two current active players who can even begin to make a case for top 10 all time – but IMO they still don’t make it, because I don’t believe you can put either of those guys above Oscar Robinson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Bill Russel, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West or Hakeem Olajuwon, etc.

    Then 11-20 you have guys like Karl Malone, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, Rick Barry, Pete Maravich, Shaquille Oneal, Kobe Bryant, Elvin Hayes, George Gervin, John Stockton

    Then 21-30 you have guys like George Mikan, Clyde Drexler, John Havilcek, Isiah Thomas, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Tim Duncan, Scottie Pippen

    Then 31-40 you’d probably have guys like Nash, Reggie Miler, McHale, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Dennis Rodman, Dirk Nowitski, Kevin McHale, etc…

    • Pete says:

      Oh and that’s best case scenario…there are a LOTof greats I’ve missed there who might push guys like dirk into the top 50.

  12. Memphis-All-The-Way says:


    My Top 10 list according to their resumes and not their stats.

    1.Michael Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Magic Johnson
    4. Wilt Chamberlain
    5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    6.Bill Russel
    7. Larry Bird
    8. Shaquille O’neal
    9. Tim Duncan
    10. Hakeem Olajuwon

    Jerry West, Oscar Robertson and others did not make it to my list because all of the players in my list had at least 2 championships and two finals mvp awards except Wilt who was an insane unstoppable force inside the hardcourt. Imagine averaging 50ppg?!

    • Pete says:

      Oscar Robinson averaged a triple double for an ENTIRE SEASON – he is the single only player in NBA history to achieve this.

      Think about that…

      Having Big O on the floor would ahve been like having the production of Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade and Steve Nash at the same time, from a single guy, every single night.

      I don’t care how many rings he has…that is top 10 material.

  13. Zohan says:

    I don’t understand why others put Dirk in such high regard that they overlook the accomplishments of the other legendary figures that played in the league. There are way too many players who achieved more success than Nowitzki, and yet, they were forgotten by Father Time. Try digging deeper the history of the league and you will find players who are more deserving to be out there in the all-time rankings. Would you place Dirk ahead of John Stockton and Karl Malone, who made the playoffs in their entire career in Utah and set numerous records? Ahead of Moses Malone? John Havlicek? Rick Barry? Paul Arizin? Pete Maravich? If you do the rank-and -file system, you won’t find Dirk in the top 30 or 40, and that is the truth.

  14. Tenki says:

    @Lakers will live on!:

    Nope, I have never seen Mikan play, but he was the first Laker who established its dynasty. He was that dominant that the league changed certain rules to make the game more competitive. Why wouldn’t you put him in the top ten of all time, especially that you are a Laker fan?

    You have not seen Kobe Bryant’s name out there in my list. He isn’t there, at least for now. Personally, he is yet to prove that he deserves to be in there. His career isn’t over yet, and he still has time to work his way up.

  15. WNBA says:

    that guy should have seen Dwight howard and Garnett play

  16. NBA says:

    All time NBA top ten
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Karl Malone
    3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    4. Hakeem Olajuwon
    5. Bill Russel
    6. Larry Bird
    7. Wilt Chamberlain
    8. Kobe Bryant
    9. Shaquille Oneal
    10. Dirk Nowitzki

  17. NBA says:

    he got no game…..sucky 3 pointers with one leg in the air…doggy style he looks like sam

  18. NBA says:

    Dirk Sucks

  19. GuintZ-Powered says:

    Dirk Nowitzki, my TOP ALL TIME IDOL!
    Makes me feel good when he makes those beautiful step-back jumpers. I also use them when I play basketball and makes me feel better too ^_^
    His stats and accomplishments may sound incomparable to other players, but its the impact he makes to the fans, viewers, critics and all other people is what makes him that way. We all have our favorite player in the NBA, are we?
    Good luck on his journey and his career! 🙂

  20. Mike says:


    You cannot be serious with this list…. Chris Webber? Vince Carter? Paul Pierce? Iverson who took 30 shots to get 30 points? He barely shot over 40%. The fact you wrote you’ve only been a fan of Basketball for the past 10 yrs means you didn’t even see Jordan play. You opinion/input is not even warranted. Do us a favor copy & past this Top 10 list so people will take you more serious.

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kareem
    3. Hakeem
    4. Magic
    5. Shaq
    6. Wilt
    7. Oscar Robertson
    8. Karl Malone
    9. Kobe
    10. Lary Bird

  21. Lakers will live on! says:

    @ Tenki. Unless I missed it I didn’t see Kobe Bryant in your list. And I sincerely doubt you ever watched George Mikan. give me a break!

  22. Lakers will live on! says:

    He isn’t one of the top ten yet! He hasn’t even won a championship yet! Not saying he’s not elite. Just not the top 10 of all time.

  23. Lee says:

    i don’t think he is there yet even with a championship, but his in the conversation for being the greatest import/ European of all time so maybe, he maybe top 10 in the World..

  24. chad says:

    @Sixerss your a moron.

  25. IsThisAJoke says:

    Another reason the Lakers need their @$$es kicked for getting swept by the Mavs : The Dirk Top 10 All Time Conversation…

  26. the best ever says:

    I really think m.j is over rated he has won 6 rings bill russel has 11. He was a great player but u can argue about him not being number one lebron james kobe bill russel wilt magic theyre all great players with rings(except lebron) You can really make an argument that m.j is not the best player. really think about it and look at what the others have done

  27. err yeah... says:

    if dirk wins 4 championships between now and when he retires as the main guy. I’ll believe he’s top 10 ALL TIME.

  28. Sixersss says:

    Like many others have said, Dirk is good but not great. I been watching basketball for about 10 years and have already seen 10-15 players better then Dirk. Here is my list from the players i’ve seen:

    ~Webber (tie)
    ~Vince carter

  29. mike says:

    Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Kobe, Wilt, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Hakeem, Shaq, & Karl Malone, these 10 players were better than Dirk. I’m born & raised in Dallas and probably one of Dirk’s biggest supporters. But Ricky got a little caught up in the moment I believe when he made that comment. But I would definitely put Dirk somewhere in the Top 15-25 no question.

  30. KOBE LA says:

    I think dirk can be top 20, but not 10, i’m not saying he is not good, but there are so many other great players that have been in the nba and are in the nba, so i say no

  31. not in a million years says:

    this article and the current poll on the home page is a complete joke! come on guys, really? top 10??? i can’t believe nba.com is even debating about this. he’s never averaged over 26 ppg, never ever avgd double digits in rebounds (at 7ft) and most importantly has never won a championship. yea, he’s unique. yea, he can score from anywhere on the floor at 7ft, but that’s really about it. he’s not tough. rajon rondo is tougher than dirk. having a poll about lebron james being in top 10 all time would make more sense than this. he’s even more of a unique player than dirk and way more well rounded. (and i’m not even a lebron fan) most people on here don’t know enough nba history to even attempt to give a top 10 list, some dude up here put steve nash on a top 10 all time list. another guy had chris mullin. bottom line – no championship, no defense, no toughness, no top 10. for any player.
    big O

    now someone tell me who you gonna bump off that list to put dirk nowitzki on, lol

  32. Fabio from Brazil says:

    I´m not a big “knowledger ” of NBA all-time but, seriously, he has a BIG WAY to run yet to at least equalize some players like:

    1) Jordan

    2) Bryant

    3) Johnson

    4) Jabbar

    5) Bird

    6) Russel

    7) Chamberlain

    8) Russel

    9) Duncan

    10) Big Shaq

    there are at least 10 better all-time than Nowtizki,

    He´s a great player but great players need titles too.

  33. S says:

    I like Charlie’s response. It was a little more than a LITTLE fishy. The NBA’s poster child, D-Wade, would draw a foul if the Mav’s looked at him in the Finals. The commissioner is a joke. Do a google search on suspicious calls and notice all the hits. I would have a problem with people even thinking the NBA influences the games if I was the commissioner. Disgraced NBA official, Donahue, picked the winners of eight of eight games last year based on the officials that were calling the games.

  34. Donnie says:

    well guys just imagine if dirk had kobes ego..dirk would score 40pts every single night and had hit about 60 game winning shots in his career!!!

  35. S says:


    You say Dirk is not top ten because he is a bad defender and then you mention Iverson???? Did you not watch Iverson play….I mean, did you not watch Iverson NOT play. He only cared about Iverson !!!!!

  36. S says:

    Dirk is not given credit because he has never won a title. Of course, everyone wanted to crown Lebron the greatest ever after two years in the league. How many titles has he won? How many has Chuck (Barkley) won? I remember people saying Bird was not very good and he won titles.

  37. Big Bill says:

    The Top Ten LIst

    1. Kareem
    2. Jordan
    3. Magic
    4. Bill Russell
    5. Wilt
    6. Elvin Hayes
    7. Hakeem
    8. Larry Bird
    9. Tim Duncan
    10. Shaq

  38. Dirk says:

    1.Wilt Chamberlain
    2.Abdul Jabbar
    3.Magic Johnson
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.Shaquille O’Neal
    6.Steve Nash
    7.Dirk Nowitzki
    8.Kobe Bryant
    9.LeBron James

  39. Cem says:

    Hey Big D, ofcourse I respect everybody’s opinions and as a laker I’m little bit frustrated too.Instead I think dirk deserves to be a top 30 however this top 10 thing (in my opinion) is a little bit too early and too over-rated for now, so Dirk will be good and evolving as a player,and for dallas i wish them the best bro.

  40. Greg says:

    Bill Russell, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, Bird, Dr. J, E.Baylor, Duncan, Jordan, Magic, the big “O.” Who would you leave off this list for him?

  41. ric28 says:

    Maybe. Kevin Garnett, Charles Barkley, Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, Kevin McHale, Bob Pettit were all better power forwards.

    NOT maybe, they are better PF’s than Nowitzki. basketball aint juz played on the offensive side of the floor, but most importantly in the defensive side of the floor.

  42. ric28 says:

    Nope. not even in the top 20. c’mon, there are a lot of greats in NBA. it would be an insult to those who really belong in the top 10. a effin insult.

  43. Todd says:

    Not top ten. I love Dirk. I mean who are we bumping out?
    Jordan? Bird? Oscar Robinson? Magic? Wilt? Bill Russel? Kobe? Malone? Duncan? Shaq? I mean most of the guys I listed are from my generation and show a serious bias. What about Jerry West? Kareem? Pistol Pete? George Mikan? Dr. J?

  44. Webstro says:

    Dirk may be one of the best shooter that ever played the game. But He is a bad defender. Great players have great inpact on both end of the floor. I use to see Duncan playing in hes prime. He was a beast in both end of the floor!!!. TOTAL DOMINANCE….This guy realy deserve all his MVP titles. Duncan use to be. Duncan is getting old but that does not take away what he had done for the legue. I’m not even Duncan’s fan. people go watch some clasig games. Even Iverson that is far on being on the top 10 had a bigger impact than Dirk…..

  45. CreditDue says:

    to say dirk lacks intangibles is to lack intangibles

  46. Eric says:

    He´s too bad a defender to break the TOP 10, I´m with the TOP 30

  47. Ruben says:

    Yes, Dirk is in the top 10 in history. He has not won a championship ring just for this simple reason: No CENTER ( BRADLEY AND DAMPIER) , The 2 worst centers in NBA history. Now take a look at the rest of the top 10 who have won the championship ring, they all have true centers. The best player right now, Kobe was eliminated during the off season of Shaq and before the arrival of Gasol in Lakers.

    • Ruben says:

      lol, he a 7 footer, he could play as center, don’t make excuses.

      he’s not top 10 nor top 20, maybe, with the time he will notch top 30

  48. CreditDue says:

    The big man deserves some credit. better yet, a lot of credit. though he hasnt led the mavs to any championships that doesnt negate the fact that he has carried the “franchise for a decade.”
    i wouldnt go as far to say top 10, but top 25 would suffice for now.
    this is the hardest man to defend in the nba. his range of shooting and skills puts him in position to do what he does. win games in tight spots. dirk is clutch. offensively he is top 10, but his defense lacks but with rick carlisle’s focus on defense dirk will continue to improve his game and we may, in the future, see a top 10 dirk.

  49. Cem says:


  50. Charlie says:

    Now you tell me….. that wasn’t just a LITTLE fishy in 2006?

  51. Charlie says:

    Borrowed this from a site…

    The NBA Finals, games 4,5,6 were rigged. Dwayne Wade attempted 25 Free throws in Game 5, the same as the whole Dallas Maverick team. Here is Dwayne Wade’s free throw attempts for games 1 through 6:

    Game 1: Mavs Win Dwayne Wade FT 6 for 10
    Game 2: Mavs Win Dwayne Wade FT 11 for 14
    Game 3: Heat Win Dwayne Wade FT 13 for 18
    Game 4: Heat Win Dwayne Wade FT 8 for 9 Mavs take
    Game 5: Heat Win Dwayne Wade FT 21 for 25 Mavs take 25
    Game 6: Heat Win Dwayne Wade FT 16 for 21

  52. Charlie says:

    Michael Jordan-

    All the way over here in Nashville people were talking about the 2006 finals series just yesterday. Even now, the refs are still a subject of debate…. that series most certainly helped tarnish NBA officiating (not to mention Donaghy). I saw that youtube reel and my jaw dropped, 64 free throws in 3 games is outrageous. I fee bad for Dirk.

  53. Jason says:

    Nowitzki is maybe in the top 10 current players… Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, and maybe Derrick Rose. He obviously is a good shooter for a big man but he doesn’t have a large affect on the defensive end. At 7 foot, he doesn’t rebound any better than any other big guy. Most of his rebounds are defensive and ones where his team is in transition to offense. He hardly ever fights in the paint for a rebound. Top 10 power forwards of all time? Maybe. Kevin Garnett, Charles Barkley, Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, Kevin McHale, Bob Pettit were all better power forwards.

  54. Charlie says:

    Dr. Phil…. Kidd, Nash, Marion, Peja, Jerry Stackhouse…. how old are they? And Nash never did anything special until he went to Phoenix. And do you count JJ Barea or Tyson Chandler as second options… or Devin Harris? Look at the past 40 years of NBA championships…. EVERY….SINGLE…. TEAM, has had two superstars . Go look it up, please. Dirk has never had that second option, just a variety of above average players that usually never step up in the playoffs (i.e Jason Terry averaged 12ppg in the last two playoff series). He’ll most certainly be in the top ten scoring list of all time when he retires if not top 5, and most people have no idea.

  55. Charlie says:

    Dr. Phil… did you watch the series? Clearly, Dirk is a superior offensive player to Kobe, as Sir Charles said, “NO ONE CAN GUARD HIM.” He’s definitely better than CP3, that’s a joke, and I think he’s probably more of a potent offensive threat than lebron, wade, and certainly Durant…. his advanced stats are far better than all 5 players and next year he’ll be in the top 15 of the all-time scoring list. He’ll prob be in the top 5 of the all time scoring list by the time he retires… you underrate him and give him WAY too little credit… like most people. It’s a shame he hasn’t been getting the attention he deserves until now.

  56. nodefense? says:

    here some stats i found in a comment on hoopshype on dirks d. i know he doesnt defend the best players of other teams, but there are many teams playing with two very solid big men at the same time. dirks d is definitely underrated:

    out of curiosity I re-activated mysynergysports.com account to check who are the best defenders in the game.
    (I choiced to only post the PFs)

    heres the (defensive) allowed PPP (points per play) analysis, which was made by guys who are actually counting every posession and the numbers are derived by video studies so that all plays are reviewed and the credit to the players is given out on video analysis.

    here is the result:
    Dirk Nowitzki – 0.82 (70)
    Kevin Garnett – 0.82 (70)
    Chris Bosh – 0.83 (83)
    Zach Randolph – 0.85 (117)
    Lamarcus Aldridge – 0.86 (139)
    Pau Gasol – 0.88 (188 )
    Blake Griffin – 0.88 (188 )
    Carlos Boozer – 0.88 (188 )
    Kevin Love – 0.89 (214)
    Amar’e Stoudemire – 0.96 (364)

    Dirks 1-on-1 defense is the best in the league (tied with KG)
    the worst defenders at the 4 are Love and Stoudamire

    on http://stats-for-the-nba.appspot.com/ you can find ridge regressed defensive APM numbers (thanks to mysticbb)

    here are the results:
    Kevin Garnett +3.9 (1)
    Dirk Nowitzki +2.6 (9)
    Chris Bosh +2.2 (16)
    Lamarcus Aldridge +2.0 (30)
    Pau Gasol +1.6 (46)
    Zach Randolph +0.5 (132)
    Blake Griffin +0.1 (206)
    Kevin Love -0.5 (341)
    Carlos Boozer -0.7 (357)
    Amar’e Stoudemire -2.4 (447)

    you can find other numbers on 82games.com for opposing players of Dirk, basketballvalue or hoopdata.
    or just check any regular +/- numbers. all those statistical sites claim that Dirk is having a heck of a defensive season – in fact, as soon as he leaves the Mavs roster to go on the bench, the whole team crumbles and can’t defend to save their life. all while his backup (Marion) isn’t a bad defender at all.

    Read more: http://blogs.hoopshype.com/blogs/johnson/2011/05/01/los-angeles-lakers-57-25-vs-dallas-mavericks-57-25/#ixzz1LTONx9Dx

  57. Joshua Podell says:

    You must win multiple championships to be considered a top 10 player of all time: Jordan, Magic, Bird, Shaq, Kareem, Kobe, Duncan, Russell, Wilt, The Dream. I put Oscar, West, and Dr. J right outside those 10. Look at those 13 players. Is Dirk even in the league with those guys? Don’t think so.

  58. dikembe mutombo says:

    Here is the all time top ten list:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Magic Johnson
    3. Kareem Abdul Jabber
    4. Larry Bird
    5. Hakeem Olajuwon
    6. Karl Malone
    7. Chris Mullin
    8. Patrick Ewing
    9. Dirk Nowitzki
    10.Kobe Bryant
    Honorable mention: Uwe Blab

  59. DrPhil says:

    Dirk is not even a current top 5 Offensive player, much less an all time top 10 offensive player. Why? Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevein Durrant, Dwayne Wade, & Chris Paul are all better offensive players. So, at very best, Dirk is a number 6.

    Dirk a top 10 Offensive player all time? No. Why? MJ, Shaq in his prime, Karrem, Wilt Chamberlain, and Bill Russel are all better offensive players that I would take over Dirk any time.

  60. Jackson says:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kareem Adul-Jabbar
    3. Wilt Chamberlain
    4. Bill Ruessel
    5. Larry Bird
    6. Kobe Bryant
    7. Magic Johnson
    8. Shaquille O’neal
    9. Oscar Robertson
    10. Hakeem Olajuwon

    19 years old, started watching nba 10 years ago. Huge LeBron Fan since 03-04, anti-kobe, but hes still in my top 10

  61. DrPhil says:

    There are a lot of people saying that the reason Dirk has not won a title like Kobe, Duncan & Shaq is because he has not had the same amount of talent on his team….. hmmm.. Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Jerry Stackhouse, J.J. Barea, Tyson Chandler, Devin Harris, Jason Terry, Peja S.,… the list could go on, but the point is that Dirk HAS HAD plenty of talent around him over the past 11 years.

    Heck, can you name a team with a deeper bench then the Mavericks? The Mavericks go 2 good players deep at every position!!

    Dirk is great. Who wouldn’t want him on their team. But please, when I hear “Dirk is a top 10 all time” or “Dirk is a top 10 all time offensive player” I need to point out that these statements are largely biased (his head coach, General Manager, and fans are the ones putting out such statements).

  62. Alexis Shin-Chan says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is one of the best players in the NBA today. He has the right to belong there because of his unique talent in playing basketball. a 7-footer that can actually shoots inside and outside! He is a role player for the Dallas Mavericks because of his dedication in playing basketball for the team. He has the “heart” to get a championship trophy for the team!

  63. When Kobe doesn’t have anyone manning the paint, he misses the playoffs or he gets swept worse than anyone has ever been swept.

    When Dirk doesn’t have anyone manning the paint he leads his team to 10 straight seasons of 50+ wins and even got them to the finals. If the refs didn’t allow Wade to flop and didn’t hand him 64 ft throws in only three games, he would have brought the Mavs to victory with no one manning the paint. As obvious as the fix was, the Refs had to give Wade 64 free throws in 3 games just so Miami could win by a combined total of 6 points.

    If you’re in denial and don’t think the refs had it in for Mark Cuban, search Phantom Foul on YouTube and feast your eyes on just some of the flops from game 6.

    Keep in mind that back then Mark Cuban had said numerous times “Fine me all you want. It’s just a cost of doing business.” Stern knew he couldn’t fine Cuban’s bank account enough so his fined him in the worst way possible and Cuban’s bank account couldn’t bail him out. That fine has cost Dirk waaaaay more than it could ever cost Cuban.

    I wonder if Mark going on David Letterman before the series was over was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Everything was normal until then and then the flop gates just busted open.

    Has anyone noticed how quiet Mark Cuban has been this season? I guess he finally got the message.

    Miami hasn’t beaten the Mav since 2006.

  64. Waltsz says:

    in my opinion…

    when it come to foreign players i put Dirk on top of the list.

    for all time… well top ten maybe too much.

    but certainly one of the Top sharpshooters of all time,

    give Dirk love, his unique Fade Away jumpshot as a 7 footer makes him a deadly offensive player…

  65. kenasty001 says:

    hmmm… this treads is like whos better LeBron or Kobe???!!!

  66. john kelly says:

    The best of their positions :
    C. Wilt Chamberlain
    PF. Tim Duncan / Bob Pettit (tied)
    SF. Larry Bird
    SG. Michael Jordan (The best NBA player of all time)
    PG. Magic Johnson
    end of the discussion…..

  67. pimpjust4 says:

    One thing I am curious to know is the age or age group of each blogger on this topic.
    I highly suspect the 10 best player pick is largely influenced by the posters age, and whether
    he had the chance to watch these players play live.
    Please include your age group when you come up with your top ten list.

  68. Jackson says:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kareem Adul-Jabbar
    3. Wilt Chamberlain
    4. Bill Ruessel
    5. Larry Bird
    6. Kobe Bryant
    7. Magic Johnson
    8. Shaquille O’neal
    9. Oscar Robertson
    10. Hakeem Olajuwon

  69. Robert says:

    ALL TIME… ALL TIME??!!! Dirk is a great ROLE player, he is part of a system. He lacks the competitive spirit that truly great players have. Sure, he has a great skill set, but he’s lacking the intangibles. I would go as far as to say that he is a replaceable piece of the Dallas system.

  70. willie says:

    he definitely belongs there! dirk is the 2nd best power forward of all time, next to tim duncan and maybe equal with karl malone. definitely he should be in the bottom half of the top 10…. my favorite player for a decade after pippen, stockton, reg miller and shaq (is about to) retired, dirk and nash are who i’m rooting for

  71. Marvin says:

    Defintely top 10 among all international players, but not top 10 all time. If the Mavs take the title this year, it took him more than a decade to win since he was drafted. Other players like Kobe and Duncan took a short amount of years to win. Kobe won it in his fourth season and Duncan won it two years after he was drafted.

    My top 10 of watching NBA:
    1. Jordan
    2. Kobe
    3. Magic
    4. Bird
    5. Duncan
    6. Pippen
    7. Shaq
    8. Hakeem
    9. David Robinson
    10. Karl Malone

  72. diawara178 says:

    Maybe Time will tell if Dirk has deserved a spot in the top ten i think after 5 years all of us knows the best answer but if we based at this point of time he is a unbelievable player 7footer .. for me “the best big man shooter of all time” will be titled for dirk…

  73. rs441 says:

    Dirk needs to win this ring, and the finals MVP award as well. Then he will be TOP10. Right now, now way…

  74. Hubert lim says:

    DIrk is not top 10 right now but surely top 20. Now if he win the championship this year and win the finals mvp then he will move up to top 15. After that, if he still plays great for 2 or more years and constantly putting his team as one of the top elite teams for the next 2 or more years and maybe win another mvp or championshipp, then top 10 for sure by the end of his career.


  75. mike says:

    Hell no

  76. Vincent says:

    There will not be another seven footer who can shoot the ball very well, who can drive to the basket and finish with either hands and who can make a dozen of turn around fade-aways shots even if he is off balance like Dirk Nowitzki. He is such a unique player although toughness has always been his issue but no one can match up against him one on one.

  77. Bad Mama Jama says:

    Dirk, Dirk, Dirk! So here’s the deal: I am a huge Dirk fan, I am also a huge NBA fan! This makes my decision on this a little frustrating, as Dirk deserves credit out the wazoo for what he has done with one of the top 3 most successful franchises of an era full of some the best Basketball teams the NBA has ever seen! Only reason Dirk doesnt have more Championships or MVP’s is due to the level of talent he has been facing over d past decade +. We are talking Shaq n Kobe’s Lakers, d SA Spurs Dynasty, d forming of the Big 3 in Beantown & of course the rise of two f the best Basketball players this planet will ever lay eyes on, Lebron & Wade! Trying to rate the top 10 is an impossible task, people my age havent see the old guys, i cant go past Bird n Mag! I dare say anyone who puts Dirk on the all time top ten is doing so on his offensive prowess mostly, while his defense n rebounding have goten more consistent wit age, they r not top ten all time level! I think if Dirk can play for another 3 yrs n win 2 titles in that time, then we may have something to talk about.

  78. Vincent says:

    Some athletes perform better with age and Dirk Nowitzki is one of them. Hopefully they a win a championship this time.

  79. Rondow says:

    Best European player ever. Done.
    Dirk is Top 15-20. nuff said.

  80. just_Like_Mike says:

    Crazy Little sh*t, just because you sweap the defending champs, your star on the top 10? come on,. you think dallas can win it all this year? your dreaming white boy.. next round the real taste for the white boy, hel match up for either z-boo, m.gasol, ibaka, perkins, whos more physical compare to, p.gasol, and andrew bynum..

  81. DSW says:

    Kareem, Duncan, Shaq, Hakeem, Russell, Wilt, Barkley, Malone, McHale, KG

    Hmm.. not so sure Dirk even cracks the top 10 big man of all time, but definitely debatable. No doubt he is a great player but lets be real here there is no way in hell he is TOP 10 of all time!!

  82. KnEeLo says:

    it’s like these:

    1. JORDAN
    2. BRYANT
    4. BIRD
    5. ERVING
    7. me? hahahaha!!!

  83. Larry O'Brien says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is an excellent player. He has shades of Larry Bird. Possibly the closest to Bird we’ve seen since the Celtic great’s retirement. The best Euro big man player we’ve had since Kukoc, Schrempf and Sabonis. Will easily be in the Hall of Fame. Not a Top 10 All-Time player though. Top 50 maybe. In my opinion, was unfortunately playing in a difficult era of PRIME status. He, the Spurs big three, Kobe, etc. were in their prime when phenomenal college players like LeBron, Carmelo, Wade, CP3, Roy, Durant, Westbrook, Rose, etc. were at their best at a best age, hence, much less MVPs for Dirk and his age group. Nowitzki is underrated. Though unable to win a ring, not all top 50 players have a ring. He scores everwhere. Almost always called “soft”. Possibly more “finesse” and proves his offense isn’t soft at all.Not a Top 10, as a said, not enough prime years left and is in his “twilight” stage as Sekou pointed out. A Top 50 for sure and the best PF in the past decade.

    • Larry Bird is #1 says:

      I agree, he is great. I get what u mean by PRIME. Everyone is compared to MJ23 now. So much more pressure for players. HArd to top MJ. Dirk is good. His defense improved since the days of being called Irk Nowitzki because of his lack of D-fense


      He’ll win a ring soon.Considering how they swept the lakers,I think they can go all the way to win the NBA title this year.With some of the great teams are out of the way,The Spurs,Lakers,Orlando they have a real chance.Their only threat comes from Miami I guess. May we see a Mavericks v Heat Finals

  84. No. 1 German NBA player maybe….top 10 all time…nahhhhhh

  85. CaseyK1988 says:

    While Dirk is a great player there is no possible way that he is up there with the likes of Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Karl Malone, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird. The difference is that they played great defense throughout their careers and until the past season or two Dirk pretty much just phoned it in on defense. Don Nelson is partly to blame for that but a top ten all time player should be able to play great defense regardless of the style they are playing.

  86. Zach says:

    I don’t get how Dirk could be a top 10 player when the best Lakers Bulls and Celtics players are all better then him all time. keep in mind bill russle had 10 championships, jordan had 3 peats, kobe and shaq, magic, pippen, kg, reggie miller, robert horry has hit more clutch shots, lebron, wade, mchale, cousy, duncan, Dr J, durant?????? HOWARD??????? all of these guys are better “big men” or all around players. just because coach carlile is the head coach doesn’t mean he knows what he’s saying.

  87. Tits Mcgee says:

    Mavs finals collapse in 2006 was amazing. Dirk is the leader for that team, and was upstaged by Wade…

    Winning a title for Dirk, would just make up for giving one away in 2006

  88. Shawn says:

    This article is clearly top 10 all time in the “NBA hopes to drum up some interest in the West final”…

    – With a team that is 2nd fiddle even in their local market (Cowboys >> Mavs, even if they win a championship) and is a serious afterthought nationally
    – With a team that that is wiping the floor with teams using brilliant offensive execution, and not some dude driving the hole & jumping through the rafters, which also kills ratings

    If you actually give a rip about the game of basketball, and wonder how a dude can be 4th in scoring can be the dominate force in a game read the Sebastian Pruiti article.


  89. Quincy says:

    Dirk is terrific, he’s amazing and definintly a hall of famer but NOT in the top 10. He won’t get there. There were players before that were too great. He’s in the top 20 though. I mean Hes awesome but not top 10.
    Micheal Jordan Hakeem Olajuwon
    Oscar Robertson
    Bill Russell
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    Kobe Bryant
    Shaquille O’Neal
    Larry Bird
    Magic Johnson
    Jerry West

  90. Memphis-All-The-Way says:



    Can’t even think about it. I’d put him at least Top 25 all-time easy.
    Jim Carey(Rick Carlisle) is a real comedian. I’d say Jim Carey on the Top 10 Comedians All-time. Lol.

    And for other arguments:

    Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant are the only active players on the Top 10 All-time list.
    For a fact. Kindly search and compare their resumes to Dirks and others.
    I’t doesnt change anything if they had a good team or not. Even Magic Johnson had all-stars in his team.
    Name me players who are better than Kobe and Tim other than Mj, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Shaq, Russell, Wilt, Hakeem, and i’ll give you fact sheets. West, Oscar, Pete and others does not belong. As i’ve said, search and read their resumes.

  91. Swish41 says:

    I don’t think you can really compare players between eras. Had Dirk played in the no-defense 130-a-night 80’s basketball league, he would’ve been putting up 35 per game, easy. Had Jordan played in today’s drive the lane and beg for the refs to bail you out game he probably would’ve averaged 35-40 ppg as well.

    I know you guys like to harp on defense when it comes to power forwards…but the position is evolving. Dirk is the NEW power forward. A decent defensive player and solid rebounder with an infinite offensive arsenal. Tell me – how many PFs on this list shoot 90% FT? How many shoot 50% FG…from OUTSIDE THE PAINT? How many shoot such a lethal percentage from 3?

    If you’re using the 80s or even 90s definition of PF, then no; Dirk doesn’t belong in the top 10. But he is the BEST PF in the modern game, no questions asked.

  92. Serotoninronin says:

    See, here’s the thing about comparing a guy like Dirk with, say, Roberstson or Russell.Sure they were both dominant and have incredible career #’s like Dirk, but what you have to look at is the talent that they were putting up those numbers against. Sure there were some all-time greats playing with Big O and Bill, but let’s be honest, the guys they were going out and playing against on a nightly basis were, more often than not, kind of weak sauce. Dirk is going out there and doing what he does in what will go down in history as probably the most talented and balanced eras in NBA history. Think of it this way; Who would give who more trouble? Your average 1960’s defender on Dirk, or your average current-era defender on Bill Russell? I think it has to be the latter. The game has just evolved so much since then and your bare, run of the mill, average player today is orders of magnitude better than he was 50 years ago. For that alone, I think Dirk gets bumped up significantly. And yea there are other players doing similar work to Dirk during the current era (Duncan, O’neal, etc.), but show me a guy who has done it with as little help as Dirk has traditionally had, and I’ll show you…an imaginary person, because nobody has. He’s not necessarily Top 10 all-time (I’d have to sit down and figure out a list), but i think there’s more here to think about than just raw numbers and championships.

  93. lakerboy1 says:

    nowitzki should be in the top 30 list. i don’t think he is that good compared to duncan’s prime years and garnett’s. but if he continues to play well, he has a great chance of being named in the top 10.

  94. time out says:

    At least discuss some stats or data! This thread is subjective, leading to nowhere..

  95. Rondow says:


    are you serious? Gasol over dirk? Are you a Laker fan or what? Dirk swept Gasol’s Memphis back in ’06. Then Pau changed team, the same with Garnett, dirk never really had an all star side kick, young steve nash and old jason kidd.

    Dirk is top 15-20.

  96. User says:

    And by the way, people always judge NBA teams and NBA players with just one game. For your information, a team’s record or player’s record is not made up of one game. It’s made up of countless games. So you don’t just go around and telling people that a team or a player is better than another just because they were beaten once in a whole season. That’s just plain stupid.

  97. lazylays13 says:

    jordan, robertson, russel, wilt, kareem, kobe, magic, bird, olajawan, and duncan. who do you want to replace from that ten?

  98. Gman says:

    Top 20 maybe. And why in the hell is Kobe first team defense this year. NBA stop padding his stats.

  99. User says:

    Don’t get me wrong but, Dirk’s a great basketball player. But he’s just not enough to be called one of the all-time greats in the history of the NBA. He may be one of the elite power forwards in the league, but his status right now isn’t fit for a title such as “legend”. You want a legend? MJ, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Isaiah Thomas, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and all the others. Now those guys are legends. They changed the way people look at basketball. Dirk isn’t just there yet.

  100. Keeway says:

    Dirk is not close to top 10 all time. He is top 10 in his era but that is as far as it goes. Great player, but I find it interesting how people keep mentioning that he never had a team around him when Dirk has always been surrounded by good talent/hall of famers he just came up short. Uhm Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Michael Finley (in his prime) to name a few and just like they are now Dallas has always had a good bench. That team that went to the finals had Nash, Finley, young Antawn Jamison, young/good Josh Howard, and a good Marquis Daniels.

    ….. great player but we are reaching for top 10 all time

  101. jrd says:

    some of you who favor the old time players over the newer players need to go look at the stats. bob cousy shot less than 40% for his career, havlicek 44%. yes the won titles. they also had 1/3 of the good players in the entire league on their team.

  102. mefiu says:

    Dallas fought really strong Lakers and Spurs over the last decade. This is why they headed to the big final only once. Top three on the West, meanns top 3 team in league. Mainly because of Nowitzky.
    He’s a Top 10

  103. killabee says:

    Dirks is not in top 10 alltime in my opinion maybe top 30, fact he only played wit 2 allstar caliber player in steve nash in da begining of both their career and jason kidd now @ end of his career speaks volume about his consistancy in wins and individual career avg, more impression is the 25and10 avg in playoff with double team almost every pocession which creats open shoots for rest of the team who finally makin shot consistenly n team defense has improve wit kid on perimitter n chandler in paint. only knock on dirk is hes defensively soft n have no titles as of yet but the fact that hes unstoppable offensively warrant top30

  104. John says:

    Dirk is good just not top 10 material. all of u guys saying he is the best clutch need to go back and watch paul peirce and kobe bryant a bit more. dirk is only good becaus eof his 7 foot frame. take him down to 6 foot 5 inches and u got a greg oden bust. the man has a shot ill give him that. being 7 foot u should be grabbin 10 to 15 boards a game, dirk will be in the hall of fame cause he has scored over 20,000 points and one an mvp as well as taken his team to the finals, but it all has happened only cause he is 7 foot tall. like i said take away his height and u have a dallas team trying to get a kg and a paul peirce and a dwight howrd.

    • Lukas says:

      “only good because of his 6 foot frame” – thats so dumb. wouldve Michael been so great with a 5.5 body, or would lebron be so good without his athleticism? would ray allen be so good without his jumpshot? – fact is that he is 7 foot tall and able to score from everywhere against everybody.

  105. asdf says:

    1. Michael Jordan = the greatest of all time , kobe bryant is chasing him. if kobe got his 6 rings. he will be tied with MJ. Dirk in top 10? are you serious? one MVP and no rings. the game he played is only about offense, he has a bad defense. compare with kobe, all around player, play O and D in the same way. The best player in the league RIGHT NOW ! #24

  106. Tim Duncans Mother says:

    Stop putting Tim Duncan into the all-time top 10 player list. That’s ridiculous, especially if you say that Dirk isn’t a top 10 player!

  107. POGI says:

    This is a hard case, a top ten all time list for me is subjective and most people who commented here don’t see it that way. Some are even debating, I mean why people can’t understand that this is subjective. We are not compel to agree with Rick Carlisle or any other who say Dirk is top-ten all time but we don’t have the right to say that he’s wrong or you’re wrong or whatsoever because it’s their opinion. Back to the topic, in my case Dirk is not part of my top ten all-time but he is part of my ‘player of the decade’ list and probably would end up in the top 20 or top 15 players of all-time. There are many areas to consider, one is the impact he has brought to the team. Yes, he had Kidd or Nash (who was not at his prime yet) but he has had not any teammates like Kobe, Jordan, or even Wade (who had Shaq scoring 20ppg that time), Durant and Duncan. If I try to analyze Rick Carlisle’s point of view I would understand because he knew Dirk more than anyone of us here and he knew that Dirk need not a strong supporting crew for a championship calibre team unlike Boston, Miami or LA. He brings too much attention to opposing teams that it gives his teammates a chance to contribute, now that’s impact! Another perspective is his impact in the NBA and that’s the reason that he’s not part of my top-10 because his impact is not as great as that of MJ, Wilt, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Olajuwon, Shaq, Duncan, Russel, Robertson.. But his status right now, I would probably agree that he would be leveled with Bryant (who is not part of my top 10 all-time), Duncan (who is the only 2000s player that is part of my top-10) KG and Steve Nash and what’s most amazing is he is the first European player to have that impact! For me, Lebron has not yet been part of that level as of yet because he’s still young and it’s hard to tell his future as of the moment. Same goes for Wade and Melo. Another point of view which is most common is stats. Yeah, his rebounding may not be as amazing as Sir Charles, Rodman, Duncan, Moses Malone, Gasol or any other great power forwards but his he’s still a consistent double-double threat, an amazing shooter (probably would go down as one of the top-5 best shooters of all time) and provides mismatch to opposing power forwards. 26 ppg, 9 rpg ? Not bad! Consistent? Always part in the top 10 scorers in the league for the past decade. To sum this up, even though he’s not part of my top-10, he still the real deal and better yet, he has maybe 4-5 years left to play before he considers retiring!

    • @JACKMOUVE says:

      Yes, finally! I was thinking the same thing. This is purely subjective just like Carlisle’s statement is. I doubt even Dirk would even put himself in the top 10 and I don’t think he really cares. He just wants a championship for his team and he deserves it…they deserve it. Also, I don’t think it’s fair to judge a player by the number of championships his TEAM has won or hasn’t won.

  108. kobe-morelike-nobe says:

    Kobe had 5 17 point games this post season…if you put him on this list you deserve a slap in the mouth. get it together.

    by the way there is no way you can put dirk in the top ten…even if he wins three in a row…too many greater players

  109. gem says:

    go! go! mavs! dirk is #9 all-time

  110. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    Top 10?! are U kidding me ?!
    he is not even in top 10 in his era !

  111. Watt says:

    Ok, if this article was written because the Mavs swept the lakers then it’s garbage!!!! The Grizzlies swept the spurs and I don’t hear Zach Randolph being mentioned as one of the top ten players or even PF’s of all time and he’s put up similar numbers. Let’s face it the Lakers was wash-up by the end o fthe season anyway… it was only a matter of time b4 Kobe’s arrogance and Lamar Odom’s laziness bit them all in the but PERIOD. The Mav’s are still not championship material by no means…the main reason wait for it….( DIRK DOSEN’T PLAY A LICK OF DEFENSE) I can make jumpers all day shooting over people thats 6-7 inches shorter than me. The reason why this dude has the ability to play 4th ball so well is because he plays no defense in any of the other three quaters let alone the 4th. That’s why whoever he’s guarding in the 4th usually has just as good as a quarter as he does. Go figure the NBA has been looking for another great white hope since Larry Bird and now they’ve found it..only difference Bird played defense!!!!

  112. Pete says:

    Tim Duncan is NOT an allt top 10. His name is one of the most overused ever in this regard, and as great as hehas been over his career, calling him a top 10 all time is definately overrating him as a player.

    He’s probably a top 5 PF, and MAYBE a top 20 all time player…but definatley not top 10 all time.

    There is no way you can justify ranking a guy as top 10 all time.

    All-time, Duncan ranks 26th in scoring, 25th in rebounding, 9th in blocks and there are more then 25 guys who have more championship rings then he does.

    The following players rank above Duncan in points and rebounds all time:

    1. Hakeem Olajuwon (9th, 11th, 1st)
    2. Shaquille Oneal (5th, 14th, 7th)
    3. Karl Malone (1st, 6th)
    4. Wilt Chamberlain (4th, 1st)
    5. Moses Malone (7th, 5th)
    6. Kareem (1st, 3rd)
    7. Robert Parish (19th, 7th)
    8. Kevin Garnett (20th, 20th)
    9.Elvin Hayes (8th, 4th)
    10. Patrick Ewing (16th, 23rd)
    11. Elgin Baylor (22nd, 24th)
    12. Charles Barkley (18th, 16th)

    If I look close enough, there are probably one of two I’ve left off that list. Out of those 12 guys, the following 4 players rank above Duncan in all three categories (points, rebounds AND blocks):

    1. Hakeem Olajuwon
    2. Kareem Abul-Jabar
    3. Shaquille Oneal
    4. Patrick Ewing

    So already Tim Duncan fails to make the top 4 all time for big men alone. Now, add to that Wilt Chamberlain, who played before blocks were recorded.

    Then add guys who didn’t really block shots, but were absolutely dominant at scoring and rebounding (Karl Malone, Moses Malone).

    Then add Bill Russel, who played before blocks were recorded, wasn’t much a scorer, but has 11 championships and is clearly an all time top 10.

    You now have 8 guys who are clearly (and without argument) greater players then Duncan:

    1. Hakeem Olajuwon
    2. Kareem Abul-Jabar
    3. Shaquille Oneal
    4. Patrick Ewing
    5. Wilt Chamberlain
    6. Karl Malone
    7. Moses Malone
    8. Bill Russel

    That leaves you with only 2 spaces left to work with, and we still have guys like Kevin Mchale, Elvin Hayes, Robert Parish, Charles Barkley, and even Kevin Garnett who all are at least as worthy (if not more worthy) of a place as Duncan is…and that’s JUST the big men. What about Magic? Bird? Jordan? Oscar Robinson? Jerry West? Havilcek?

  113. Tom says:

    Great, another story that says is he top this or top that so we can all carry on about the pros and cons. Let’s wait until his career is over and see what he’s acheived over its entirety. In them mean time, will all of you just go back to your day jobs please? You’re not informed enough to have a job in pro commentary so nobody cares about your views.

  114. BiLLfromGREECE says:

    not really a top 10 all-time player
    but I think he deserves a top 20.

  115. squall_07 says:

    I am a Dirk Nowitzki fan for more than a decade now…Yes, I agree Dirk is not in the TOP 10 of all time but putting him in top 30 or 40??? I say Top 20-25 is good for argument…Dirk is as unique as they come…7 footer who can shoot from anywhere…You say he can’t rebound like other 7 footers? Look at his playoff numbers man…His defense is not that good…But through the years,you can see improvement…I would say he is an average defender…That’s fine,considering he is an offensive threat and as a foreign player from Europe, considered “soft” right? People saying he does not deserve to be an all time great are all ridiculous…This guy is an all time great but don’t based it on what other legends did in there era…What if Dirk is in that era???He would also dominate right?

  116. Lukas says:

    as i’m german, i might be a bit biased and even if i would not put dirk in my personal top ten, i’d rank him higher than most of you guys. he’s not only the arguably best shooter in the games history, but he paved the way for tons of european players and big men playing on the perimeter – he definately changed the game more than the likes of kobe bryant (who would make my top 10, by the way) or lebron james.

    another thing is his clutch performance – who in the league is or was better in clutch situations than dirk? 7 foot frame – impossible to block and over 50% fg/90% ft looks as if most coaches would be pretty comfortable with dirk handling the ball in do-or-die situations.

  117. Pri says:

    oh cmon! just because they beat lakers??? hes in the top 10? no way man.

  118. Capo says:

    Is Dirk even top 10 of the last 10 years? That’s a more realistic question.
    The likes of Bryant, Wade, LeBron, Shaq, Duncan, Garnett, Pierce, Gasol, Nash, Kidd… would make it arguably. I admire Dirk, but the NBA has had like 10,000 players in history and being top 10 ever is HUGE WORDS. Jordan, Bird, Magic, Chamberlain, Russell, Kareem, Baylor, Pippen, Hakeem, Moses Malone, Karl Malone, Worthy… are just the most famous of their time. In 50 years, not many people will remember Nowitzky as we remember these names above. (unless of course He wins a few more rings and personal awards before He retires). But certainly not if He retires with what He has achieved so far.

  119. Top 10 of all time is a bit bold meaning, that out of the 10 there are players of different positions. That fact alone would move Dirk lower on the totem pole.

    Now if this post said 10 of Power Forwards, then we’d be making some headway here. I watch Mav’s games, learned to love Dirk, since he joined them. His defense isn’t a brick wall, but his offense and heart and what he has done over the decade put him on the top 10 list for POWER FORWARDS.

    Keep that in mind that there are other PF’s just as good if not better to some but, if you don’t think he’s in the TOP 10 of PF’s your smoking something. Generate the top 10 list, I don’t want to see a bunch of names form the 50’s & 60’s….

  120. Just Observing says:

    Sure NBA’s history brought up some big names. From MJ to Chamberlain. But I think, if you ask coaches, scouts, generally people involved with today’s game, some, and not a few, might say Dirk is one of the greatest of all-time. Of course championships and stats can indicate a great player. Obviously Dirk accomplished only one of those so far. But the reason, why Dirk can (and like i said, some people around the game will) be considered as one of the greatest players to play basketball, is how he changed his position completely. Since the Big German entered and progressed in this league, the Power Forward became a different position. A player of his skills helps spreading the floor so much…well we’ve seen what happened to the lakers, He changed the way of playing the PF directly, and thereby changed the game. It’s as simple as this. Just like bigger, more physical and yet athletic, fast Point Guards like CP3 and DRose are changing the understanding of their position right now. So from a “how the game evolved” point of view, Dirk Nowitzki for sure is one of the Greatest Impacts of All-Time. Unnecessary to say, that you must be a tremendous player and talent, to make your impact felt.

  121. Swedish Chef says:

    Kevin Garnett is the greatest power forward of all time, he is the greatest defender and he carried the hopeless T-Wolves on his shoulder for a decade. He is also a proven winner with Celtics. He should be considered top ten all time way before Dirk!

  122. BIG DADDY says:


  123. dirk is white says:


    1 Michael Jordan
    2 Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    3 Wilt Chamberlain
    4 Magic Johnson
    5 Larry Bird
    6 Bill Russell
    7 Hakem Olajuwon
    8 Oscar Robertson
    9 Shaquille O’Neal
    10 Tim Duncan

  124. perk oasan says:

    For me, he is one greatest player playing in NBA. he’s my onemy IDOL even they will lost or win.

  125. dirk is white says:

    ahh more racist media agenda…if dirk was black they wouldn’t talk about him half as much…there are too many players between him and top 10…..half of top 10 isn’t even from this era…go away with this nonsense…feeding the machine with this BS…..i guess rasheed wallace is top 10…or allen iverson…..maybe vince carter next?…tracy mcgrady…ewing….david robinson….charles barkley….tim hardaway…..alonzo morning….pippen….jason kidd….these guys are rolling over in their grave with this stupid subject…..I CAN GO ALL DAY…. Dirk would be lucky to be top 100…stop with the racist agenda…thanks

  126. MonK3y says:

    I’ve been a fan of Dirk Nowitzki for a long time and I think he’s one of the most unique players in the game and in the history of the game. I’d say Kevin Durant is unique too, both are very tall but also have a lot of finesse, Dirk learned to play closer to the rim and his one legged off balance fade away jump shot is plain unstoppable. Even over Yao Ming.

    Putting him in the top 10 ever is tough though…more and more superstar players, so it gets more and more complicated to get into that list. You have to think about Kobe and Lebron in there. Even if Lebron was to never win a championship you have to put him there, maybe even top 5.

    Anyway, Mavs NBA Champs this year 😉

  127. Lorenzo says:

    He deserves to be an hall of famer. First european player of such impact in the league. For those who mention lack of titles and mvps just think about stockton and malone being hall of famer… Dirk will be an hall of famer definitely!

  128. paw says:

    Paw! 2nd half game 2., just when the lakers were closing in…
    dirk nowitzki hit that fade away over gasol-
    was unconscious, no one noticed he wasn’t really looking at
    the rim before he made the shot…
    Self- Explanatory, this is Nowitzki’s Championship Year

  129. swissgamewonder says:

    First of all I think a Top 10 of all time list is crap. You can’t compare Chamberlain to Kobe, Bird to Barkley or Duncan to Lebron. Make a top 10 list for every decade and Dirk would definitely be in the 2000’s top 10 and maybe even in the 2010’s.

    Dirk is one of the best power forwards of all time. Garnett made a crappy team playoff material? Yeah, but look at Dirks teams from time to time and how many wins he got with them every season. Do you actually think a team of Rondo, Allen, Pierce and Nowitzki would not win 1 title oder even more? The same with Duncan. Very good player, almost unstoppable in the Paint, but he had the help of Robinson and later Parker and Ginobili. Gasol is #2 behind Kobe and so on. Bosh…yeah Bosh is #3 behind Wade and Bron so yeah. So I think Nowitzki is the best PF at the moment by far. I think to have 1, 3 or even 6 rings don’t say much about your playing or talent. You have to watch the team their on when they win it. Kobe is the best player today, but he needed help from Shaq or Gasol and so on. Lebron didn’t win a championship by himself, although he had like 6 tries. Imagine a 29 year old Nowitzki on the side of Stockton in Utah. Or with Pippen and Rodman in Chicago. He would have won rings for sure.

  130. Salamander says:

    I think some of the guys here really underestimate DIrk’s quality.
    In any case he is not really a top 10 all-time player
    but I think he deserves a top 20.

  131. JMoon says:

    DIrk is good, but not top-10 of all time. You would hava to rank him above some of the greats to do that. He’s completely overshadowed by Kobe, Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, Russell, Magic, Bird, Jordan, Duncan, even Garnett.

    As far as power forward goes, Kevin Garnett should be ranked higher than Dirk. I would say that Garnett may still be better than Dirk, because he’s not only a scorer but a top 3 defender in the NBA.

    Dirk’s mark on NBA history will be that he was possibly the best shooting 7-footer ever. But he’s not even the best shooter in the NBA right now. Ray Allen leads that department, in my opinion the best ever.

    So eveything that Dirk is good at, here’s someone better that currently plays, not to mention those from years past. All I want to know is if Dirk is top-10, Carlisle, who are you leaving OFF the list? Russell? Shaq? Kobe? I can’t imagine who it would be.

  132. Dan says:

    (top 10) = jordan,kareem,wilt,magic,bird,russell,kobe,hakeem,duncan,robertson.
    then theres many to argue: dr-j, moses malone, stockton, k- malone, gervin, baylor, pettit, mikan, shaquille. garnett, d-robinson, havlicek, j-west. maravich ,frazier, pippen, drexler, barkley, lebron, i-thomas, d-wilkins, payton, cousy, walton, nowitzki, r-allen, worthy,p-pierce, iverson. hayes, parrish, kidd, mchale, r-barry, durant, r-miller, nash, d-wade, v-carter,d-rose, dumars, schayes, carmelo, ewing…
    As good and unique as he is,until Dirk can get a couple titles for Dallas, theres no way he can go down as top 20.

    • BIG DADDY says:

      TOP TEN
      SG…..JORDAN, BIG O
      SF….. BIRD DR.J

  133. eazy mack says:

    he is far from the top 10 greatest of all time, maybe top 50, or top 10 in power forward and top 10 in the decade 2000-2010 but of all time very far.

  134. Rao says:

    Everybody will agree if Dirk were American.

  135. gray says:

    For anyone who has watched enough of Dirk’s games, HE IS unstoppable. The bast tactic any opponent can use to beat him, is to stop the other players in his team, whether it’s NBA or international game. It’s true he hasn’t won any NBA championships but really no player can beat a team alone, when they are playing in the “no second chances” spirit of playoffs. He has been carrying a team to NBA playoffs almost every year. When other players on his team pose enough of a threat, there is no way to lose. He clearly is a top rank player. Although i am a C’ fan, i wish Mavs a championship this year, so that people finally recognize him for what he is.

  136. noob says:

    Let him finish his career and let the numbers (i.e. individual stats) do the talking.

    I suppose he won’t be top 10 but close. Say top 15 – 20.

  137. scooter says:

    If people are putting Dirk in the top 10 just because he’s “unique,” then Muggsy Bogues is number #1 all time, lol. Dirk is nowhere near being a top 10 player. Just look at who else would be on that list, and see if Dirk compares: MJ, Magic, Bird, Oscar, Wilt, Russell, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, Jerry West, Hakeem, Tim Duncan, etc. Don’t get me wrong, Dirk is an amazing player, but he’s not in the top 10 of ALL time. Top 30 at best.

  138. Big D says:

    As a Mavs fan I can honestly say that Dirk is’nt a top 10. He is, however, one of the top 5 power forwards of all-time with at least a few more highly productive years left in him. So i think he atleast deserves to be in the top 25.

    Who ever made the claim that Dirk had a “Pippen” at any point of his career is giving whom ever he’s refering to way too much credit and is just using that bold claim to justify his opinion that Dirk is’nt top 10 material. Bit of a reach buddy! Oh, and CEM? Settle down bro, these are just opinions and everyone has one…in fact people have been talking about Dirk like this for a while now, not just these finals…where have you been?

    Personally, I think its difficult to compare past players to current players. I think most of us could agree that Dirk is a great player and whether he deserves to be in the top 10 or the top 50, there have been over 20,000 players before him and he is in the top 3%…thats pretty good.

  139. mr. Q says:

    cant make i mean…

  140. Heatchecktv says:

    Bahahahahahahahaaha top 10 of all time…NOT EVEN CLOSE. Learn the history of the game before you throw top 10 out there. I know you need to HYPE the game but this is ridiculous. True top 10 read and learn…

    1 Michael Jordan
    2 Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    3 Wilt Chamberlain
    4 Magic Johnson
    5 Larry Bird
    6 Bill Russell
    7 Hakem Olajuwon
    8 Oscar Robertson
    9 Shaquille O’Neal
    10 Tim Duncan

    • BIG DADDY says:



      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        ummmm RODMAN is a top 50 all time great ….but top 10?? LMAO…you really must of been joking

  141. mr. Q says:

    The reason why dirk can make top 10 coz all of you here are moron and racist…

  142. Airwind says:

    A championship can’t be attributed to one man alone. It’s a group effort.
    Dirk is a great player, unique, the best of the best. Whether he will be a champion or not, he deserves to be on the A-list of the basketball history.
    There can only be one Dirk just like Michael Jordan.

  143. DT says:

    Im big fan of Dirk Nowitzki. But.. I dont consider him as the top 10 greatest of all time.

    First of all his heart is still very questionable. Can he handle what it takes to be a champion? He had his opportunity in 2006. They were up 2 games to none against the Miami in the finals. Then they collapsed and lost 4 games straight. Mind you. all of us already knew they were going to win the championship.

    They were the best team in the league in 2007, but they lost to an 8th seeded team.

    This season will probably put him argueably in the Top 20 list if he wins a Championship in Dallas. Lets see if he can handle the same type of speedy guys in either OKC or Memphis. Those are the type of teams that gave them problems. Run and gun. And if they do.. I dont think they can handle the Miami Heat.

    Just an analysis.

    I remember this Dallas team just as like I remember the Seattle Supersonics in the 90s. They came so close but yet so far. The Sonics dominated the West for at least 3-4 years. And could have won back to back championships. In 1994 they were the best team in the league then lost to an 8th seed. The following year, they got ousted again in the first round. Houston Rockets won the championship in those years. Mind you, the Rockets never defeated or had a hard time dealing with the Sonics.

    And when the time they matured. They reached the Finals in 1996. Unfortunately for them they had to face a rejuvinated Michael Jordan team.

    Dallas might reach the finals this year. But they have a rejuvinated Miami Heat to fight against.

  144. Maurice says:

    I am a huge Dirk Nowitki fan,
    but I have to agree I don’t see him in the Top 10 just yet.
    Players that come to my mind in the Top 10 are
    Jordan, Magic, Bird, Julius Erving, Kareem, Chamberlain,
    Shaq, bill Russell, Kobe (even though I can’t stand him), and Duncan did alot in the late 90s and early 00s

    That people that are in front of him, but down the line he would be in my Top 25 I guess…
    Dirk changed the game. And clearly he is the best European player who ever played in the NBA.

    I know people might name guys like Gasol or Petrovic, but no one has done anything like Dirk.
    Fingers crossed for the Confence Finals, hopefully againt OKC, cause they stand a better chance against them I think.
    And the Finals against Chicago hopefully.

  145. JeffLaz says:

    That’s not All Time!@Chad most of your players are still active at this time!
    Here’s Mine…
    1.Michael Jordan
    2.Wilt Chamberlain
    3.Magic Johnson
    4.Karl Malone
    5.John Stockton
    6.Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    7.Hakeem Olajuwon
    8.Larry Bird
    9.Shaquille O’neal
    10.Well, I would say Lebron James!… if he keeps on improving and his team together with both Bosh and Wade will still be together for the next 10 years…and without major injuries coming on his way… there’s no doubt he’ll break all the records of all the players i mentioned here! Especially the MVPs, Championship Rings, and All- time Scoring records! I’m Sure!!! He’ll get those 3! and He will pull Abdul-Jabbar on that All Time Scoring list as a Number 1! and he’ll get 7 or more MVPs in his Name still coming! Championships? There’s No Way Lebron James will gonna end his Career without a Championships!

  146. Maki says:

    Am a dirk fan, but even i know its impossible for dirk to make the top 10 all time, prolly top 30. But i am PISSED TO THE MAX when i see comments saying DRose, Melo, STAT, Bosh are better than him? I mean, WTHECK? DO you guys ever watch ball?

    And Garnett. He is a great player, but is he better than Dirk? i have to disagree. Just look at all Dirk vs Garnett games, not once had Garnett gotten better than Dirk. That gotta indicate something!

    Lastly Pau Gasol. Worst comparison of the lot, still rmbr so many ppl sayin how Pau is better than Dirk, when he is obviously not. Luckily, the Lakers Dallas series shows how inferior Pau is to Dirk 🙂

  147. Chris says:

    Well I think it’s a tough question if Dirk is on the top ten list (and I’m from Germany!).
    There were so many great players in this league, so you can’t just go by regular season records.
    One should not forget, that Dirk is one of 4 (!!!) players in NBA playoff history, averaging 25 and 10, what gets him at least close to top ten alltime greatness!
    On the other hand, there were many players, winning a couple of rings, but solely based on that, Robert Horry would be close to making the top ten, too. And seriously… ROBERT HORRY??? 🙂
    As another point, there were Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russel, John Havlicek, Dr. J., and more, who completely changed the way, the game of basketball was played, when they were in their prime. I don’t believe Dirk has done that, even if he’s a unique player.
    All in all, I guess I should count him in that top ten list, just because I’m german, and we’re not gonna produce such a great basketballplayer again… ever! 🙂
    Seriously, I don’t think he’s in the top ten, but he’s close – in that same category with Malone, Barkley, etc., who did not win a ring (till now).
    Furthermore I think one should consider, that Dirk never got the most talented roster around him, but managed to carry the mavs to a decade full of success. If you’d take Miami with Wade, LeBron and Bosh, and you add Chris Paul and Dwight howard to that team, would the competition for that team be good enough, to count those players as all-time greats? I think greatness comes from accepting and ocercoming competition, not from playing together with the best players on the same team and crushing weaker teams.

    So this would be the things, that make you a top ten player in my opinion:
    – competetiveness
    – constant regular season success
    – constant playoff appearances
    – MVP award/s
    – top twenty on all-time scoring list (cause thats still, what basketball is about – putting the ball in the basket)
    – NBA championship/s

    So I think Dirk is close, but rather will make history as the best european player ever, than as one of the ten greatest players in NBA history.
    Unless the Mavs go for a threepeat right now… well that could change something, right? 😉

  148. Benjamin says:

    Consider all the players who are undoubtedly superior to Dirk and you’ll see he’s not top 10 material (in no particular order):

    Chamberlain, Russell, West, Erving, Abdul-Jabbar, Robertson, Bird, Johnson, Baylor, Mikan, Walton, Jordan, Thomas, O’Neal, Duncan, Bryant, James, Olajuwon, Stockton, Malone (both Karl and Moses), Payton, Kidd, Cousy, Iverson, Nash…

    And there’s an argument that he’s not even as good as these guys (again, no particular order):

    Ewing, Robinson, Mourning, Hill, Unseld, Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rose, Deron Williams, Paul, Greer, Cowans, Havlicek, Maravich, Monroe, Reed, and probably lots of others whose names aren’t popping out to me at the moment.

    Point being, whether you think all of those players are substantially better than Dirk or not, if 10 of them are clearly better he is not going to be top 10.

  149. DidBynumJustPushGasol says:

    ? ^the video

  150. Chad says:

    My own all-time top 10:
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Dirk Nwitzki
    3. Steve Nash
    4. Kobe Bryant
    5. Tim Duncan
    6. Kevin Garnett
    7. Lebron James
    8. Jason Kidd
    9. Ray Allen
    10. Amare Stoudemire

    Sorry. I don’t know much of the pre-MJ guys! But to me, Dirk is definitely an all-time top 10 player. He is the most consistent superstar who carried the mavs to over 50 wins regardless of teammates and there is no sign of slowing down. He just gets better with time. He’s also among the most exciting clutch players to watch! Go Dirk!

    • Maurice says:


      and I don’t wanna sound cruel, but looking at your Top10
      you can tell you are way too young.
      But good for you, its a great personal Top 10 though,
      maybe add Iverson instead of amare, because he accomplished nothing so far?

    • rhainner says:

      International all time top 10


      This Season


      no yao because he played 5 games not impressive! do you guys agree my rankings?

      • Pete says:

        Bogut? Petrovic? Divac? Possibly even Dino Radja? All three are superior to Peja and Ibaka…no comparison.

        How about Patrick Ewing? A native of Jamaica, he is possibly top 10 all-time as far a centres go, and possible the greatest Knick ever.

  151. Cem says:

    Come on!!! You are disrespecting NBA and Legends.What kind of bull**** is this.Nobody mentioned Dirk unless 4-0 LA sweep.and even if (they will not) win the ring that does not make him a top 10!!! I mean top 10!! All time.You are completely out of youtr mind and in my opinion dallas coach never watched the legends of NBA so he is DISRESPECTING them too.You win a series and you are top 10 huh? This is an article shouldnt be on OFFICIAL NBA WEBSITE.Get real and wake up…This is Garbage.

  152. Sportfatzke says:

    Dirk’s not as good as Carlisle thinks (of course he’s biased being his coach) but he’s waaayyy better than most NBA fans (Mavericks non-fans) dare to believe…the truth is somewhere in the middle here.

    All-time great? Yes (maybe Top 30)!
    But Top 10? Nope!

  153. Yoann says:

    I can’t believe how credulous and just hands down stupid people are when they constantly refer to the fact that he doesn’t have a ring yet. As IF it were up to just one man, I mean, how dumb can you be ?…hard to believe people keep going to this argument.
    LBJ doesn’t have a championship yet, but he’s been better than Kobe since 2009. Robert Horry has 7 rings, and played an important part in most of them as a role player, does that make him a better PF than Karl Malone looool ??!!

    God !!

    There’s a difference between a team……….and one individual player. Yup, it’s come to me having to mention that.

    So about Dirk ? Well, most unstoppable shot (one-legged, high-arking fade away) since the sky hook. Solid rebounder….great FG%….

    I’ll say this: he’s definitely top 10 offensive players ever.
    But the question is: what rank could a player reach if he’s 90% offense and 10% D ?
    Does his offense alone allow him to overshadow the lack of D ability and still make him top10 ?

    I’d say if MJ wasn’t the best defender SG of all time, and that he was a below average defender; he’d still make the top10 all time.

    But the PF position is a complex one, and guys like Zbo, Karl Malone, K-Love and Dirk were never great defenders in the conventional way (intimidation inside) but have known success by playing on a team with a pivot that would play the role…it’s a scientific division of tasks and function.

    Dirk is clearly in the top5 PF then. Sure enough, in the top10 offensive all time. But I’ll just wait and see for that final answer, but right now off the back of my mind I’m pretty sure there are 10 better players in those 60 years of NBA existence…

  154. No matter says:

    Grow up,all of you guys!!!Does it matter if he is a top 10,top 20,top 30 etc????He is a great player and we are blessed to have the chance to watch players like Dirk perform every night.Each era had its own stars and they cannot be compared because the game has changed.Stop arguing about that and just enjoy this game.The game WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!

  155. Reithor says:

    This article reflects that people was really fed up with Lakers, this discussion is out of place in this moment, just after they dethrone the hated-by-all Lakers. Other Dallas players are showing an outstanding Playoff games, even the aged Kidd is one of the best point guards ever (lots of triple-doubles, one of the top 5 three-pointer converters ever, great leadership and a long blablabla), and other good scoring talents around like JET or Barea; there are also pretty good stoppers. Mavericks are a hell of a team very well built around the german guy, which complement almost perfectly with his talents and flaws. Again, this discussion is not at a good timing, is pointless. Is like saying that Zach Randolph is a top 10 ever because he is the center piece of the team that closed Tim Duncan era, arguably the best power forward ever.

  156. vytas says:

    I think Dirk is currently probably the best player in the NBA and internationally, and one of the top three or four of the last decade. The fact that he has yet to win an NBA title does not mean he is not good enough, maybe his team hasn’t been good enough to make that happen. Quite a few great players never one a title, like Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Steve Nash. Although definitely Dirk is better than any one of those three. So yes, definitely Dirk is one of the top 10 players ever. Second to Dirk, in my opinion, now is James, although he has no rings either. I bet one of them will have one this coming June.

  157. page says:

    As many have pointed out earlier, to be in Top 10 ever you must actually beat legendary players in statistics, achievements and several other factors. On such list we can place:
    Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, Bob Cousy
    And still I haven’t mentioned guys like Erving, Gervin, Baylor, Worthy, West, M. Malone, Drexler, I. Thomas, Ewing, Stockton, Payton, Mikan, Maravich, Parish, Barkley, Robinson… and all of them played in the PAST! Let’s not forget about present players too.
    In other words, Nowitzki might find a place among 2000’s Top 10, but definitely not in a longer period of time “best roster”.

  158. Kenneth Ranson says:


    Nice job on the lists. This was my point. When you look at this as a question of career accomplishments historically Nowitzki is nowhere close.

    The top ten has to include the players who were the backbones of dynasties. That means Russell, Jordan, Kareem, Magic, Duncan, Kobe, and Shaq have to be there. I left out Mikan and most of the other Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, and Bulls and Dirk still doesn’t even come close. After that would come guys with two championships like Walton, Hakeem, and Robinson. Dirk would be down in the, good players who never won championships crowd with Mahravich and Barkley, and behind Stockton and Malone who I elevated because of their records.

  159. Mark says:

    TIMMMMMY D, TIIIMMMMMY D, TIMMY D TIMMY D (to the tune of let it be) Top 10 ABSOLUTELY. All the greats had supporting casts. Tim Duncan is the prototypical player that would go No.1 EVERY draft. Kobe will be shown up to be the punk that he is, big market the only reason he succeeded. 5 c/chips w/ 2 finals MVP’s? if he didn’t piss and moan his way out of charlotte, he would be another stephen jackson easy (without the champ’ship)

  160. bbballer says:

    he is an amazing player no doubt. he is only a one time mvp, but that doesnt mean anything. there were many great players during is playing time. still, hes not in the top ten of all time greats. but i give im a shot in the 20s at least

  161. novzki says:

    dirk is one of the top 10 best players in league history.. place him in any era and he can score.. the only thing that he lacks is probably solid shotblocking skills and power rebounds..

  162. Valt says:

    I mean, look at Jordan’s return as a Wizard. At times, it seemed like most player were at awe of his status and he could just make jumpshots and run without being contested.

  163. grizzfan11 says:

    Not yet I think dirk is in the top 15 now but not yet in the top10 ,he’s in the top 4 for greatest power forwards of all time
    but i wouldn’t consider him top 10… yet

  164. Valt says:

    When Kobe retires he’ll have more championship rings and more individual achievements than Jordan ever had. Bryant is not as good a defender as Jordan was, but technically superior talent-wise. And the Bulls’ legendary 23 has reached godlike status and hype, so i guess the guy will always be the best ever even if people don’t really think about it.

  165. Bobby says:

    It’s simple.

    Dirk will never be a top 10 player, but…………… Dirk gets ring= top 15 for sure.

  166. Lakers SUCKS! says:

    Dirk is the Number 1 player of all time as an international player. agree??

  167. GOATMAN says:

    I just came on here and read a few of the past comments left on here and the guy from Germany named Martin has it right. He seems to be a very knowlegdable man when it comes to basketball and has followed Dirk’s career avidly. He is a top 10 of his generation and he did bring something new to the game that hadn’t been seen before with his 7 foot frame and ability to shoot the way he does, but not a top 10 player all time. Even his oft compared to best-white-boy-in-NBA-history buddy Larry Bird schools him in career stats and championships and he IS a top 10 player of all time because he brought the game to another level. Just giving an appropriate comparison for Nowitzki to a top 10 player. Anyways I hope he gets his ring this year because he does deserve that. By the way the author apparently thinks that the Mavs have just punched their ticket to the NBA Finals by sweeping the Lakers.

  168. Maok says:

    Unfortunately you guys can’t read German, but you should try to read once an article about Dirk from a German sport site. It is ridicules, when you read them you think dirk is the best player of all time, right after MJ. On the other hand, most of the time I read nba.com dirk is regarded as a good player, but not more. My point is, you can’t really answer weather dirk is top ten or not, because everyone has a different point of view. Of course Mavs fans, like me, talk very highly of Dirk, because he carried our franchise like no other player did. All that said, we wouldn’t be sports fans if we wouldn’t rank players and say that is the right order. Even as a German and a huge Dirk fan I wouldn’t even put him on the top 10. If he wins the ring this season I will put him in the top 20, and if a miracle happens and he is playing his last 5 season an insane defence, I will put him in the top 15. Dirk is a great player and his offence is marvellous but his defensive game is just decent, both things need to be way above good to make it into the top 10 list.

  169. Lee says:

    For me Dirk doesn’t belong to the TOP 10 PLAYERS OF ALL-TIME…

    My Top 10 would include:
    MJ, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Bill, Kobe, Dr. J, Jerry West, Karl Malone, and Abdul-Jabbar…

    Maybe Dirk is in the TOP 10 PLAYERS OF THE DECADE along with:
    Kobe, Shaq, Iverson, Duncan, Boston’s Big 3 (Garnett, Allen, and Pierce), LBJ, and Vince Carter.

  170. For me, I think Dirk is on a short list of the top power forwards in the history of the NBA. Surely he’s got some some flaws like toughness on both sides of the floor but the way he changed the Mavs as a franchise makes him so special. People talk about him being void of a title but they don’t know the things he’s done as a power forward in this league. You talk about a guy who can shoot jumpshots night in and night out… Man, this guy is phenomenal so I think he deserves to be in the top 10 of all-time power forwards in the history of this league….

  171. Nagehunter says:

    Dirk can be in TOP 10 if he can stay just like what he is now for 4 more glory years with the Mavs. I agreed that right now he’s in the TOP 20 of all time. But who cares of being at the TOP 10. Whats important are the Championship rings men… the golden rings. Sure Dirk will be one of historical player of the NBA. 7 footer who can shoot from way downtown, can AND1…!!!!, outside and scorer. And a playmaker. Dont forget the ball handlings skills and the speed. The defense is not that good but he can guard.

  172. Dallas Ruiz says:

    yea and this article doesn’t even really give that much of a case for Dirk. He’s been incredibly consistent in fourth quarters and clutch time throughout his whole career. whereas other ‘great’ players in the nba have a ‘prime’ where they’d have their explosions every now and then for spurts. He however is consistently 20-40 points every single game for the last like 8 years! its really hard to define if and when he has a prime. they’ve been saying he’s in his prime every year for the last six years! he’s just ridirkulously solid. of course add his consistent reliability and endurance over the years to what is previously stated about his extreme uniqueness you’ve got yourself a top ten i’d say. we have never ever EVER nor will we probably ever ever EVER see a spectacular shooter at his size.

  173. Vik says:

    I hate to say it because he’s in my division but Dirk is good. Not top 10 good however. I mean I know he’s doing well now but let’s not forget the Mavs Finals collapse.. or the following year’s first round exit at the hands of Golden State. Those are two big series in his career that people won’t forget about until he wins a championship. Because realistically how can you be considered one of the best of all time if you weren’t even the best for one season?

  174. yea rite says:

    everyone who says Dirk ain’t Top 10 is plain hatin!! N u know it

  175. JJ says:

    the bad thing about dirk was his defense…!!!!! thats it…!!!!!! all great Big Men have both offense and defense…!!! thats why his not in the top 10…!!!! but he belong to all time great Big Men but not in the top 10…!!!
    Dirk Nowitski was in top 10 offensively but top 100+ defensively….!!!!
    top 10
    kareem abdul jabar
    wilt chamberlain
    bill russel
    moses malone
    karl malone
    Shaquille O’neal
    Larry Bird
    hakeem olajuwan
    Tim Duncan
    David Robinson
    Kevin Garnett
    Patrick Ewing
    Kevin Mchale
    Chris Webber
    and others…!!!

  176. daniel says:

    he can be top 10 in the league as of NOW. not ALL TIME.
    1.Michael Jordan.
    2.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    3.Wilt Chamberlain
    4.Moses Malone/Bill Russell
    5.Hakeem Olajuwan
    6.Larry Bird
    7.Magic Johnson
    8.Kobe Bryant
    9.Jerry West
    10.Shaquille O’Neal/Tim Duncun.
    as for the order, #2-10 is highly debatable, but i just ranked them in a order that I LIKE. but im pretty sure these players (no matter what order they are in) HAS to be in top10 all time.(even though its more than 10 players)
    which shows that theres absolutely no space in there for dirk to squeeze in my friends. you guys need to wake up.
    dirk may be in top 25 all time, but not in top 10. Well at least not YET.

  177. Mantas says:


    This is what Bryant will do to Dirk in next season as revenge

  178. sebastian pedone says:

    He doesnt have the heart of Ginobili

    Ginobili >>>>>>>>> Dirk

  179. sixers2012 says:

    Shawn Bradley is 10 times the players Nowitzki will ever be. Taller, older/wiser. skinnier, more Americanised earlier in his life, more accomplished actor. If it weren’t for Bradley having to play in the shadows of MJ’s comeback history would be very different. Shawn Bradley forever fools!!!!!!

  180. CY says:

    the point of the game is to win championships. if you can’t lead your team to a championship, then you’re obviously not doing everything right, even if that’s because of a poor supporting cast. because a great player demands good players around him -guys want to play with the best. so if the argument comes down to having a poor supporting cast, then Nowitzki is not without fault either. but it doesn’t come down to that, because winning a championship is what this league is about. great players are winners. Nowitzki is good, but he’s not a winner.

  181. JK Reyes says:

    If Dallas becomes champion this year and the next year, and the next… Maybe Dirk deserves to be in the top ten. Since he plays consistently, his team needs to do the same as well.. Go MAVS!

  182. Buchi23 says:

    I’m from Germany and I don’t know if Dirk is an all time top ten player. But I know that he is the best nonamerican player ever! He grew up in Germany, didn’t go to college but was able to develop an unique type of game that he has. He can shoot the ball from everywhere, he can drive, he makes the important baskets in the fourth quarter, there is nobody in the world that can guard him and what is outstanding for me, he is not that generell arrogant nba type of guy. He is a nice person who just wants to play and win. He plays EVERY summer for his nation because he loves it (look at your USAteams 😦 ) and then he plays 82+ hard nba games. If all of you really wanna know what kind of player he is, take a look at world cup or eurpopean cup games where he was incredible.
    He is the reason the mavs are what they are today, not the best team, but a damn good one for more than a decade.
    Dirk may be not in a unimportant top ten all time list but he is the best example for how the mix beetween athlete and person should be.

    And, by the way. Title or no title…. the sieries against the lakers last weeks with Dirk setting the tone will be in my mind forever!

    • @JACKMOUVE says:

      Yup..yup…He works really hard on those impossible shots of his. He is such a great guy…you can see it. That’s why I’m wondering a lot why there are still people who dislike him. HOW can anyone dislike Dirk? He’s a great team player….really down to earth…ALWAYS shares the credit when they win and NEVER blames anyone when they lose. GO DIRK!!! GO MAVS!!!

  183. jopil-Greece says:

    I have to admit that although I voted Dirk as one of the all-time top-10, I’ve changed my mind. No doubt he is one of the greatest of all time but not in top-10. In my opinion MJ, Magic, Careem, Chamberlain , Russell, Duncan, Hakkeem , Shaq, Bird and Kobe are the top-10. However he should be considered as one of the top-30 players and in top-5 probably of the PFs. Apart from the stats and the achievements mentioned above, we should never forget that for a very long time Dirk played and will probably continue to play for his national team every summer! That’s a great deal because European basketball is not easy at all to deal with and it is quite hard and demanding as well. In Germany he is by far the best player, so he has to play for more than 35 minutes per game. So, in all, for the last 11 years Dirk is playing more than 115 games/year with an average of at least 38 min/game. That is a LOT. Moreover he is also very succesive as he has won medals in European and World championships with a really BAD team against the American and the European giants (USA, Argentina, Spain, Greece, Lithuania etc). What is out of question is that he is the best European basketball player of all time and that he deserves an NBA ring before he retires.

  184. mr. Q says:

    Before you comment that Dirk not in top 10 list you must research first and compare his statistics to all NBA players.. the main reason why dirk will not include in top 10 because of racism… Dirk is victim of racism…

  185. Joe says:

    I’m not q-u-i-t-e sure he squeezes into to an objective top-10 (even though he’s definitely on my personal top-10 ’cause I LOVE him), but in my eyes he’s definitely got a legitimate claim on a spot,

    It’s not just because he’s a mean, lean scoring machine.
    It’s not just because he’s lead a team to 11 straight 50+ seasons.
    It’s not just because of his 2006 trip to the finals (in which, if Dallas hadn’t become to “comfortable” I’m quite sure he’d have won).
    It’s not just because he’s second to Kobe Bryant in last minute winning/game-tying shots.

    It’s because he possesses what those special all-time greats possess: game EVOLUTION.

    When he came to the league he shot the ball. a lot! “They” said he couldn’t rebound. So he worked and became a 10 rebs/game guy.
    The “they” said he was soft. So he started going to the hoop. a lot! (the 2006 playoffs he was going to the line 15 times a game against San Antonio who were the toughest inner-defense team maybe ever and this year Dallas have yet to lose a game in which Dirk had 10 free throws).
    Now He’s a bit older, so he’s developed his one-foot fade-away to perfection, thus prolonging his career as an unstoppable super-star (remember his “air-ness” himself became a deadly fade-away jump shooter to make sure he was still the best even after he wasn’t the highest jumper with the fastest first step in the league, and Kobe’s fade-away is an easy 20 points each game).

    This unique evolution only exists in the true greats. Those that love the game SO much that they work on it even after decade+ long careers. Those that believe they’ll get the ring even when everyone else is saying LA, San Antonio, Miami and even Chicago or Orlando before they even start thinking of Dallas. Those guys who believe in themselves SO much that they still go for the ring to claim it as their own as the leader of a team rather than team up with other leaders to try and get it (LeBron, Malone, Payton, Garnett, Allen, Barkley, Drexler) – a feat that might “earn” him the “no ring” branding for life (p.s. I don’t have anything against those who do that, I think it’s just a choice that separates the greats from the legends. my opinion only, I admit I may just be slower to grasp that the NBA is changing, but what can I say. I’m still a one super-star per team kinda guy, and hand out the super-star title a bit less lightly. I mean Bosh? you need to see the difference between “the best player on a superstar-less team” and “superstar”).

    I don’t know if Nowitzki will ever get his ring, but if he does, It’ll be HIS ring!!! His precious … :))

  186. rhainner says:

    2010-2011 season

    1. Rose
    5. Bryant
    6. James

    All time

    1. Jordan
    6.Abdul Jabbar
    7.Elgin Baylor

  187. Paulo says:

    Dirk is great man but really? Top 10? I mean this conversation started just because of his coach, Don’t you think it’s a bit biased? He’s not even in top 20 man. The top 10 players of all time should be: (NOT IN ORDER)

    1.Michael Jordan
    2.Magic Johnson
    3.Wilt Chamberlain
    4.Kareem Abdul-Jabar
    5.Oscar Robertson
    6.Kobe Bryant
    7.Bill Russel
    8.Larry Bird
    9.Shaquille Oneal
    10.Tim Duncan

    He’s Probably in the Top 40

  188. Patrick says:

    It’s not a good idea to compare players. And they are not better players because they have got a ring. Stokton and malone where great, and they have no ring.
    The question : is there a better player than Dirk at the moment ?
    Kevin Durand is s good, Zack Randolph as well, Joe Johnson, D. Rose. But we can’t compare with the Seven footer Dirk. To Compare with Kevin Garnet, yes. But Garnet is not clever, he is the kind of player I hope we never see again. He has a good shot but little brain. The I.Q. of players make the difference now.
    Players like Jordan and Pipen are not possible now any more, not acceptable. Jordan coudn’t play now the way he was playing. The difference of level between teams where important before. Not now: Team have super defenses. There is not a team who can dominate with insolence as before. Look Spurs; Lakers ! But lakers is still a good team, Spurs as well

    • ^ Patrick is a Clown says:

      First of all, its Garnett, but he’s the dumb one??? and MJ can play in ANY generation. Joe Johnson??? great player, but not a top five guy in the league right not. Sorry Patrick, but you need to watch more basketball than just the 2011 playoffs conference semi finals, because those seem to be the only players you even know.

      • dirk45 says:

        Patrick is right, you cannot really compare players. That’s why many of the top 10 lists don’t even contain players from this generation.
        The game has changed significantly the past 30-40 years. Nowitzki would have been a nobody 30 years ago but I don’t think a Wilt Chamberlain would be considered a top player these days too.
        When you look at the Mavs game today the Irk era is definitely over. They’re playing a tough defense these days and the Lakers shooting less than 40% isn’t only the Lakers failure. And on the other end they have so many shooting options that no team stands a chance once that more than one of them is running hot as it had happened on sunday.

        Now look at Carlisle’s statement and look at sunday’s game. Name any player in NBA history who could make the whole team play that way. Kobe, LBJ definitely not. Jordan maybe, I can’t really imagine him being in a modern team. Garnett? Duncan? Malone? Dirk’s real strength is making the whole team better. When you look at the Mavs teams the last 11 years you won’t find any future Hall of Famers except Nash (who had his best time after the Mavs) and Kidd (who had his best time before, as amazing as he’s playing currently). And still the Mavs finished all the seasons with 50+ wins, something players like Kobe Bryant didn’t manage. And still he is a top 25 all time scorer and one of four players doing 25+ ppg and 10+ rebs in the playoffs.

        He is definitely not among the top 10 most impressive players of all times. But if you list a top 10 of players who made their teams better, who made their teams competitive, he’s definitely in it.

  189. Martin says:

    Hi from Germany,

    as Dirk ist a German, I surely am a fan.

    For sure Dirk ist right now one of the Top5 players. In his generation he ist at least Top10 if not Top5.

    To say he is overall Top10 is al little exagerated in my opinion. I think his coach just wanted to express how much he appreciates, what Dirk has done for the Mavericks in the past, in presence and will do in the future.
    It´s not really doing a favour to Dirk. It puts even more pressure on him. And the pressure on him has always been big, because as some of you mentioned before, he is the only Mavs player in the last decade, who really lead the team. There was hardly anyone, who could really be a patch on him.

    And: Dirk didn´t run away from his responsibility. He was always there and never even really thought about going to another team just to win the title. I think he could have easily done so.

    The discussion we are having is kind of stupid, because except of counting titles and awards we can not rely on hard facts. It´s all a subjective point ov view.

    Dirk would never be so overbearing to say, the he was an overall Top10 player.
    He would just say: I love this game.
    He doesn´t take himself half as important as we are disussing. Top10 or whatever is not what he is interested in.

    Overall Top10 players develop the game. Such as Mike, Magic, Larry, Wilt, etc. Some of the guys you have mentioned can not be brought to their level.

    Kobe is probably one of the best 10 players ever but did he develop the game to a higer level? I don´t think so. I rather think he just ist the best of the “Be like Mike”-generation.
    I don´t see anybody right now, who is developing the game to a higher level. Guys like Lebron an maybe Blake rais the game to a more spectacular level. But game-developing is different to me.


    • Max says:

      Hi there from Germany as well,
      i completely agree with martin on this! Dirk might be in the top 30 of all time, but def not top ten! furthermore, it doesn’t even matter, because he would be the last to care. he’s an hall of famer if he gets the ring this year! and it looks good. let’s sweep miami in the finals and get that damn ring dirk!
      greetz from germany

  190. What??? says:

    Has everyone lost their mind??? I think putting dirk in the top 30 is EXTREMELY generous. Top 30 is an unbelievable accomplishment, top ten is just insane though. Dirk definitely gets ripped off because he hasn’t had the talent surrounding him like kobe and others have. But come on, top ten with 1 MVP and 0 rings?? I understand hardware isn’t everything, but it is SOMETHING, especially when talking about the top ten. I’d say dirk is a top 40 player, even with a ring, no better than top 30.

    • King Dirk says:

      Top 30, with or without a ring. Real good point by Mike, Kobe was only the best player on the team for 1 ship. Well honestly, Gasol may have had a better series than kobe last year, but come on, kobe was still better, so i’ll say 2. But honestly….


      All currently players that are better than Dirk. You might not agree with Wade and Lebron, but WADE BEAT DIRK IN THE FINALS BY HIMSELF. And if you don’t agree Lebron is better, you will soon enough. Pierce is a tie, the ring gives him the tiebreaker. You can honestly make a decent argument for Kidd, Nash, Iverson (technically still plays basketball), and Allen. Durant and Rose will both eventually be better, maybe even Carmello. All that being said, Dirk’s career might not even be top ten out of current players. I’d say he’s top ten for current players careers, not even top five though.

  191. roadrunner says:

    First of all tim duncan is not a forward he jumps at center and starts at center. You can argue who among Kevin garnett, Charles barkley, Karl malone, Kevin Mc Hale who the greatest power forward is….you can add Dirk to that list.

  192. paco says:

    using this thread as a guide let’s look at the guys who have been on just about everyone’s list:

    in chronological order:

    russell-11 rings, 5 league mvps
    wilt-2 rings, 4 mvps

    70’s & 80’s
    kareem-6 rings, 6 mvps

    magic-5 rings, 3 mvps
    bird-3 rings, 3 mvps

    michael-6 rings, 5 mvps

    shaq-4 rings, 1 mvp
    duncan-4 rings, 2 mvps

    there’s reasons these 8 keep showing up: they all defined and dominated their eras. with the exception of wilt and magic&kareem sharing, they were all the undisputed alpha dogs of dynasties (3 or more titles). these guys roll off the tongue first when talking nba history. from 1958 thru 2007 these 8 combined to lead their teams to 36 (single counting kareem and magic’s 5 together) of the 50 available championships. and most of the 14 they didn’t win were in the 70s when a different team won every year and kareem was winning mvps but not titles in post-oscar milwaukee and pre-magic LA. while a terrific player, i cannot even entertain the thought of dirk replacing any of these 8 unless he wins a couple titles and a couple more mvps. while i’d personally put him around 20 to 25 right now, i think you could at least put together a listenable argument comparing him to anyone else, including oscar, kobe, west and whoever else. and again, his career is not over.

    as for the above 8, personally i put jordan on top. every season he started in the 90s he won a scoring title, his team won the championship and he won the finals mvp. he had no peer. russell had wilt, kareem&magic had bird, shaq had duncan. michael had no one. it is kind of hard to believe he “only” won 5 mvps. a couple of those other years (barkley”s year, malone’s year(s)) a stong case could’ve been made for him to win. and of course if he hadn’t gone to try and play baseball i don’t think hakeem would be making nearly as many people’s lists. yes, of course scottie was a huge part of those titles, we know he never won a single playoff series without scottie. but still everyone knows jordan was alpha and scottie was beta. scottie, a hall of famer, would be the first to say that. and i believe michael may have had his peer in the name of len bias, but unfortunately we never saw it. all that said, i think a fair case could be made for russell, wilt or kareem rather than michael as the greatest depending on what your criteria is.

  193. Mike says:

    People People People. Let’s get the argument correct. What do we think makes somebody top 10? Just winning a title is an extreme oversimplification. By the count, Robert Horry and Steve Kerr are #1 and #2 all time. Championships should be considered as a tiebreaker at best. Say Chamberlain vs. Russell; Magic vs. Bird. The #1 criterion is how unstoppable this guy was and for how long. How many games did this person win as the absolute leader on this team. How many games did every single coach and every single player, what in the hell are we gonna do about this guy? If it sounds like i’m making an argument for Dirk, I’m not. He’s not Top 10. Top 20 I would listen to, but, keep in mind, he hasn’t retired yet. He could win the next 3 and then the conversation will be greatly different. For those that think Kobe is in the top anything, please let me know how many titles he was the best player on his team for? The answer is 1. If you think the answer is 2, please refer yourself to the stats for game 7 of last year’s final. Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to know what the #1 reason why Kobe should never be mentioned in the same hour as MIchael Jordan, it’s because Michael Jordan would have personally killed every one of his teammates in order to have the chance to play with Shaq. Instead, Kobe wanted the spotlight. Jordan cared about 1 thing: Winning. Kobe cares about 1 thing too: Kobe.

    • No says:

      Er what is wrong with you. People always use the “kobe was number 2” argument. Wehile he was number two he was probably also one of the top 3 players at that time. You take kobe out of the equation shaq wouldnt have won a thing. Who made all the late game shots, who took over when shaq fouled out? Also if jordan had to play with an already accomplished “number 1” player like shaq he wouldnt have been to happy when he started to become the best.

  194. DWD says:

    Top 20 , only because he haven’t won a championship. He has time to win it all but he Has to get a title be4 we can consider him a top 10 player. And i’m talkin bout my favorite player here so … Dirk , do it this year.

  195. Gregg Popovich says:

    Three players in NBA history have career playoff averages of 25 points and 10 rebounds: Bob Pettit, Elgin Baylor, and Dirk Nowitzki. Still, he needs rings to contend for top 10 all time. Right now I’d say he’s top 30 conservatively, perhaps 20.

  196. jheremy says:

    hi dallas..what a good job done…gud luck for miami!!!

  197. bruce says:

    top ten? , kidding , he is really good but he is just like charles barkly with one mvp in his hand .

  198. Just Sayin says:

    A lot of people here saying the game was easier back in the day. I think that depends on how far back you go. During the period I watched growing up and the period before that, the fouls we saw then would draw ridiculous amounts of hate and techs. Everyone got banged up and took it. The league changed a lot of rules to allow for offenses to flow better and to allow players and teams to get more points on the board. Dirk has definitely been blessed by those rule changes (just look at how hard Barkley, Rodman, Malone, Hakeem, Isiah, Jordan, Pippen, Reggie, etc., etc. had to fight).
    So not in the top ten; and I think The Big O and Jordan are near tied for top spot, a triple double machine and the man who changed basketball. Dirk will be recorded as one of the best to play the game but he will be behind many greats that have played, and I have a feeling Dirk knows and would say that himself.

    • Be4Real says:

      Yeah, these so called flagrant fouls nowadays would be laughed at in the 80s and 90s. MAN up!!!

  199. Melo says:

    how come no 1 mentions Shaq lol arguably the greatest all time… i said arguably relax ppl and if you dont agree your stupid p.s. shaq won those championships not kobe thats why kobe never won a finals mvp until 09

  200. kenyanboy says:

    YES HE IS!
    seven-footer who’s awesome with the threes, great on post moves, great on field goals, clutch, decent defense – the list goea on. i believe he stands out to be among the top ten in the all time list.

    NB: this comment does NOT come from a fun of the mavs nor nowitzki. plain and simple truth.

  201. Danilo Irizari says:

    Dirk needs to win a champ then I would say his on the top 10,, just one title his name will be remembered already..

  202. Preston White says:

    What best all time??????????????????????NOOOOOOOOOOOOO thats crazy! He is a good player but not top 10 all time. Thats putting him along side magic, Michael, and Kobe dont be ridiculous, he gets alot of credit only because he is white thats all.

  203. dirk is not top 10 but says:

    Dirk is definitely not a Top 10 best player of all time, but he has certainly earned my respect and he is a more mentally and physically stronger player then what most people will be willing to give him credit for. Has always been a beast in the playoffs, never gave up on his team despite a decade full of disappointing runs in the playoffs, it is now or never for them. I really do hope that the Mavs win the championship this year, they definitely do deserve it, but as for Dirk.

    A 7 footer who can shoot any type of shot from anywhere on the court, buries 90% of open jumpshots, a great floor general, what is not to like about Dirk. He is extremely difficult to guard as he can shoot it over most people and is quicker them most centers and power forwards in the league. He is an average defender at best, but just the way he impacts the game in general and his teammates around him makes him great

    Definitely a top 30-35 player in my book, if he wins a championship or two he would probably be a top 20-25 player. Alot of this talk about Dirk being top 10 is because they swept the defending champions. Sure that is great and all, but in the grander scheme of things if they dont win a championship it really wont mean a thing. I can see Dallas winning because they have so many weapons and probably the deepest bench out of any team in the league right now.

  204. Hans Solo says:

    There is no way that Dirk Nowitzki is even top twenty or thirty without the defensive numbers and championships…….I’d put Rodman Ahead of him…….But Seriously, 1. Michael Jordan, 2. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 3. Bill Russell 4. Wilt Chamberlain 5. Magic Johnson 6. Larry Bird 7. Shaquille O’Neal 8. Kobe Bryant 9. Oscar Robertson 10. Moses Malone 11. Hakeem Olajuwon 12. Tim Duncan 13. Elgin Baylor 14. Dr J Julius Erving 15. Jerry West 16. Bob Pettit 17. Karl Malone 18. John Havlicek 19. John Stockton 20. Charles Barkley 21. Isiah Thomas 22. Rick Barry 23. Bob Cousy 24. David Robinson 25. Elvin Hayes 26. Scottie Pippen 27. Kevin McHale 28. Kevin Garnett 29 George Mikan 30 Kevin Garnett 31. LeBron James 32. Jason Kidd….. He probably wouldnt make my top 50 …..Wade is on my list before he is. He is a great player though

  205. Mauro says:

    1.michael jordan
    2.abdul jabbar
    3.magic johnson
    4.larry bird
    5.allen iverson
    6.kobe bryant
    7.karl malone
    8.john stockton
    9.isahia tommas
    10.shaquille o’neal
    so, not.

    STILL, he’s the best mav player, and i totally love the way he play.

    GO MAVS !!!!!

  206. Mark Andrew says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is Dallas Mavericks..Dallas Mavericks isn’t like other desperate teams that will get elite superstarS in order to get the championship. Yes, Dirk hasn’t won any championship yet, but if Dallas will also get elite superstarS to join dirk, like what other teams did..they would probably win the Championship..1(one) great player versus 1(one) great team..you know what i mean:) (I dont say jason terry, and his other teammates isn’t good, what i’m telling you is it’s just not a complete team) peace:)

  207. Lovesores says:

    LOL.. some guys criticized dirk.. LOL.. why dont u just play 1 on 1 with him.. weaklings!

  208. Era says:

    To Sekou Smith, I think you’re being way too excited. But I would love the Mavs to win the Western Finals and probably the NBA Finals!

  209. garalax says:

    well,well,Kobe is great but here is the different betewn hin and DIRK, kobe in 2006 seson had 31 pts per game,Dirk 26.6 per game but Dirk was in the finals and kabe not ,but if you want more in 2005 kobe had 35 per game and phoneix take laker easly in the first round.

  210. knight45 says:

    TOP 10?

    TOP 10???

    TOP 10????????

    He’s good, he might even be great… but TOP 10????? C’mon.

  211. ardee1624 says:

    well you have got to give it to the mavs and of course dirk.. yup dirk is like a 7foot tall kobe when it comes to shots and scoring.. i’m a huge lakers fan i was hoping for a 3peat but i guess 4yrs being on the top of the west is over. Well even though they lost in a sweep against the mavs i like the mavs. they should win the championship this time. they’ve earned my respect for beating the champs the way they have beaten them last sunday. the last humiliating series loss for a championship caliber lakers was back in 04′ when they lost 4-1 against the pistons in the finals.. well for dirk i hope he gets his 1st ring he deserves it.. but well next year would be different i’m pretty sure the lakers will bounce back huge nxt season..but for now go mavs!

  212. World Champs says:

    He is a BEAST. But he is not a top 10 player. Hall of Famer he will definitely be, but not even close in the top 10.

  213. Hans says:

    Here is a short comment from a german, really loving that guy from Würzburg:-)
    But even i have to admit that hes not in the top 10 all time list! Hes a unique, a GREAT shooter. Not spectacular like for example Blake Griffin or so but clearly one of the best 7foot shooters of all time. But top 10 overall? No…You need at least a ring to get there

  214. Johnbluee says:

    I think Nowithzi just like his name “dirk”
    Hope hime to get the champs

  215. Josh says:

    I can name 10 players off the bat that are better than him.
    He is an amazing offensive talent, possibly the most gifted power forward to ever play the game offensively.
    His defense isn’t amazing. That’s a start. Most NBA top 10 players have great defense.
    No championship. If he really is that great, why has he not won a championship for a team that’s more than equipped to win one. This, I believe, is what really makes a top 10 caliber player. Being able to lead your team to a championship.
    Dirk has ample help off the bench, or in the starting rotation. He’s been coached by great coaches in Don Nelson and Rick Carlisle. But he has never got it done.

    My top 10 rank would include Michael, Kareem, Magic, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russel, Kobe Bryant, Larry bird.
    All of these players played phenomenal basketball on both sides of the courts, won championships, were great even amazing leaders, and have made a severe mark in basketball.

    Hall of fame first balloter? NO QUESTION

  216. ReDIRKulous says:

    I know people are going to say that this will never happen, but let’s say that the Mavs go on to win 2 maybe 3 titles under Dirk then will we talk about him in the top 10? I know there are a ton of deserving players but Dirk is also a really hard working player. He also is probably in the top 10 for scorers and shooters.

  217. am I the only one that noticed this line from the opening paragraph of the article: “And now that Nowitzki and his Mavericks have vanquished the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, sweeping them in the Western Conference finals Sunday in Dallas…” btw, that was cut and pasted. did you catch it? dallas did NOT sweep the Lakers in the western conference finals. Im pretty sure theres still an OKC-MEM series going on. and if it was the conf. finals I guess they didnt get the memo.

  218. Abelardo says:

    There are several players better than him…yes he’s unstoppable..but you need championships to support your greatness.Excellent player maybe top 5 World right now.. Top 10 history not yet.

  219. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    Wilt shouldnt be there it should be SHAQ. wilt was a so tall and the centers back then are SF nowadays. his only real competition was Russell. and for DIRK. he is a great shooter, clutch and has a high basketball IQ. but to be top 10 for me you have to have at least an awesome resume, a ring at least one & great individual performances oh and Plays defense like crazy.

  220. renz_garnett says:

    for me i think he will be in the top 30.. but top 10.. maybe no.. my top 10 list are


  221. Croatia is the Best says:

    Dirk is an incredible player, that much is certain but I don’t think he is top 10 caliber. I’d say 15-20 all time.

  222. lafan12 says:

    Dirk is not in the top10 all time but he mght be in the top 30

  223. Giusseppe says:

    Whatever you say guys.. DIRK NOWITZKI is really good…. TOP 10 .. 30 it’s nothing. It is only a number. He is the best.

  224. MavsOrBust says:

    Dirk is an amazing player. Top 10 no. I don’t think so. For this time in the NBA maybe, but all around no. All in all I’m just glad to see Dallas beat the snot out of the Lakers, and to see what finally was coming to them. GO DALLAS!

  225. Waylon says:

    Dirk is a great talent but not top 10. offensivley yea he is almost unstoppable his size andabilty make it tough 2 guard him which causes double teams and get others open but that being said he is no where near the top ten of all time or top ten at his postion and im not excluding him bc of the lack of rings there have been better power forwards even in this decade and since hes been in the league KG and Duncan are the 2 best power forwards of this decade nodoubt about that andDirk would fall behind them in this decade as far as postion goes and of all time no ways hes cracking top 30 just 2 many players who done more than him on both sides of the ball and who have won. MJ,Magic,Bird,Jabbar,Russell,Oscar,Chamberlin,Shaq,Elgin,West,Havlicheck,Kobe,Duncan,Iverson,Garnett,Dr. J,Dominique,The Dream,David Robinson,Barkley,Ewing,Pippen,Thomas,Worthy,Mikan,Pistol Pete,Malone,Stockton,Kidd,Reggie Miller,Drexler,Walton,Cousy,btw no order guys,Lebron,Wade,Allen.Pierce,just to name a few players who were better

  226. HoopDoc says:

    Dirk is most a great player, no doubt, but top ten might be a stretch. It is correct, he made the playoffs 11 consecutive years with 50+ wins, but not winning a single championship and only reaching the finals ONCE in this time, doesn’t really support his case as an all-time top ten player. Let me present you guys with a different view here. No matter how good Dirk is, what about the players of the past. I can name at least 10-15 that would be considered better players than him atm. In no particular order, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Shaquille O’Neil, Kobe Bryant, Julius Erving, Moses Malone. Which of these players would any of you replace with Dirk Nowitzki? I didnt even mention Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Karl Malone and Tim Duncan, one could even make a case for Jason Kidd(just lookin at his stats). In all honesty, Dirk Nowitzki is an all-time great and being considered to be one of the best 20-30 players of all times is a remarkable achievement, considering the many talented people that have graced the NBA hardwood over the past 50 years. Lets not forget, there are still people like Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony etc. which are still in the prime of their careers and by the end of the day, there are at least 2 players, out of the ones that I just mentioned, that I would put infront of Dirk Nowitzi already as all-timre greats. So top ten is most certainly a stretch, unless somebody would show me a ranking in which Dirk would be anywhere between 1-10, considering all the players that I have mentioned above.

  227. mavcowdzs says:

    Top 10 all time is unrealistic. But as far as these people commenting that hes not currently a top 10 player in the league today, the problem is that they simply do not watch him. He is amazing. He is unguardable. Even in the series in which Dallas lost, like the Denver series, he was amazing. He averaged something like 30 ppg in that series. Making unbelievable circus shots. He makes shots from anywhere on the floor. He’s without a doubt top 5 player in the nba today, better than Gasol for sure, and no not just from this series. Better than Melo and Bosh and Amare. All this Dirk love is not surprising to the people who have watched him all these years. We’ve always known how good he is. Everyone else is starting to catch up. Top 10 all time just maybe a little too far.

    A realistic list of top 5 players currently playing in the nba

    3. D-Wade
    4. Dirk
    5. Chris Paul

  228. Makie says:

    IMO, here’s the all time best 10 list (in no particular order)

    1.) Michael Jordan
    2.) Bill Russell
    3.) Magic Johnson
    4.) Larry Bird
    5.) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    6.) Shaquille O’Neal
    7.) Wilt Chamberlain
    8.) Tim Duncan
    9.) Hakeem Olajuwon
    10.) Oscar Robertson

    Outside looking in: Karl Malone, Jerry West, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Bob Cousy, George Mikan, John Stockton

    Dirk Nowitzki is a great player but I don’t think he deserves a spot in the top 10 players of all time. He might have revolutionized the game but Dallas has constantly been choking during Dirk’s time. A 50-win team is a championship caliber team yet how many times did Dallas make it to the finals? Only once and they blew a 2-0 lead and lost the next four. They won 67 wins in a single season only to bow out to an 8th seeded team.

    Nowitzki doesn’t have the leadership qualities that legendary players have. He foiled during the 2006 playoffs, constantly racking up stats, but Dallas sis struggling. They might make it back to the finals this season but Peja has made a huge difference. Dirk might be the number 1 guy but through the years he hasn’t done anything great to qualify him for the 10 greatest players of all time.

    Rick Carlisle must be high when he said that or maybe his NBA history IQ is poor enough not to recognize all the very worthy names in the list. Dirk however might top the top 10 international players list.

  229. joe santos says:

    is this a joke? he’s not even a basketball player! he’s just a shooter! (an amazing one). there are thousands of hundreds of better players in history, and even in present times!

  230. JustPlainMe says:

    This can hardly even be taken seriously… Dirk Nowitzki is, no doubt, an amazing offensive talent, but to even insinuate that he is even top 40 all-time is an affront to the history of the game. If you think he is better than, or has had a greater impact on the game than any of the following individuals you should either do some research or choose another sport to follow (because you just don’t get it) : Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Patrick Ewing, Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Bob McAdoo, Isaiah Thomas, Shaquille O’neal, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Bill Russell, Willis Reed, James Worthy… and I could just keep going… Bottom line, Dirk is really good, even hall of fame worthy, but definitely not cracking the top 30… Sorry Dallas.

    • Ryan says:

      people who say he can’t crack top 30 i want to ask who in the whole NBA history is ever like dirk
      also, to people dirk may be top 10, top 20, but some may think he’s just a bottom feeder of the hall of fame, but bottom line is, aside from a few people, top players are too hard to compare, you can compare the stats and efficiency, but if you were to look at the era they played, the position they played, then you can’t compare many players to many other players.

      too much hate from those LA fans who can’t admit that dirk was a beast in the series. Better. than. kobe. better. than. pau. and. better. than. bynum.

  231. clutchbucket says:

    I see alot of people who dont really know much about Dirk or the Mavs tossing out a bunch of haterade here.

    Dirk has been the lone superstar on his team for a long time. He doesnt have Ginobili + Parker + Stephen Jackson + David Robinson, he doesnt have Gasol + Bynum or Shaq, he doesnt have Parrish + McHale + Dennis Johnson, he doesnt have Kareem + Worthy + others, he doesnt have Pippen + Grant or Pippen + Rodman. He doesnt even have a Billups + Rasheed. He and Nash made the conference finals while they were both just eager youngsters.

    Despite not having that other player to take the pressure off, Dirk has led his team to 50+ wins for 11 straight seasons and still going.

    Dirk has some all-time great playoff numbers, and has been a top 3 clutch performer over most of his career. Without the help of other superstars, he has knocked off two dynasties in the playoffs. He has taken his team to the conference finals 3 times. The Finals once. Other players who have made the Finals as a singular star and lost: Kidd, Iverson, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Patrick Ewing, etc.

    Dirk’s career is fantastic, and outstanding among his peers. Yet still people dont really attempt to think about what he has done. They just echo some uneducated dribble about “rings”. Well, Kobe didnt win a ring when he was by himself. Neither did LeBron James or Dwyane Wade.

  232. carter71185 says:

    LMAO!!!! drik top ten ? LMAO!!!!!!! just stop it please cut it out are u serious hes not top ten hes top 40 you guys kill me on here he sweep the lakers and u put him at top ten already really tho smh come on stop this blog right now hahaha!! dirk = no rings gets to the finals and choke! and if u say he didnt have a team ur in denial cause he use to have michael finley and steve nash and ur gonna tell me he couldnt get ar ing with those players on his team at the time and this is when they was top players smh dirk is a good solide player but hes just like lebron tell the press the other the player is the closer smh these guys are a little overrated how can u give them so much props and they dont have no rings and if u tell me rings dont make the player and rings dont mean nothing than u are trippin MJ 6 KOBE5 MAGIC 5 KAREEM 6 BILL 10 plus 1 from coaching DIRK none 0 not even a mvp and u label him as top ten in most greatest players of all time just stop it!

  233. Thomas says:

    dirk will be a hall-of-famer for sure… but ALL-TIME-TOP-TEN, I don’t think so. No disrespect, he’s a great player for the last decade and he will be in a DECADE-TOP-TEN (if the NBA introduce something like that… ha ha ha).

    But ALL-TIME, that would mean he’s on the same level like MJ, Magic, Chamberlain and all the other legends… mmh.

    However, I hope the MAVS win the trophy this year… Dirk earned it this year.

  234. Kay Jaybee says:

    If Dirk pulled a 4-peat from this season then yeah, top ten. Any thing less doesn’t really crack top ten …

  235. LA2012 says:

    Its funny how now that Nowitzki has won a series vs the Lakers, hes a top 10 all time, and that Kobe has lost so he sucks…
    Dont anybody remember how horrible the Mavs have been in the playoffs for the past decade… Just sayin

    The only active players in the top 10 all time list are shaq and kobe, with shaq being around 8 or 9 and kobe at 4 or 5…
    Nowitzki is an amazing player, one of a kind, future HoF, but not top 10….

    MJ, magic, russel, bird, chamberlain, kobe are legends. They are in a league of their own

  236. Abu-al-Husam says:

    I think Dirk is an amazing player. And I think it’s too early to count him out of the all-time greats for good. But at this point in time, I don’t think he is in the top 10 of all time. I think that’s a slight exaggeration. There are at least ten players I can think of who are probably better players than Dirk, including (in no particular order)

    Wilt Chamberlain
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Michael Jordan
    Jerry West
    Oscar Robertson
    Magic Johnson
    Larry Bird
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Dr. J
    Bill Russell.

    I’m not necessarily saying this is a top 10 of all time list, just 10 players that I think were better than Dirk.

  237. Rodrigo says:

    LOL… people saying dirk is better than kobe becouse they won this series… that’s hilarious! Kobe is certainly in an all time top5… Maybe just before MJ…
    Dirk is an awesome player… maybe top3 interentional, along with nash and ginobili… but far away from an all-time list..

    PD: hope mavs win the title… he deserves it

  238. BRRRRR says:

    If dirk is in the top 10 that would mean he is better than olajuwon and Malone and that’s not true. Dirk is a great player but not top 10. FACT.

  239. Jeff says:

    To anybody that thinks Tim Duncan does not deserve to be in the Top 10, please check the facts:
    4x NBA champion
    3x NBA Finals MVP
    2x NBA MVP
    9x All-NBA First Team
    13x All-NBA Defensive Selection (More than anybody ever) (8x First Team, 5x Second Team)

    You have to be great on both ends of the court to be considered among the best of all time.

  240. javier says:

    And i know its too hard too choose a top10 because all players are different and everyone play in different eras. Thats why picking players from mostly all times its better to have divercity but most important of all. Who had more impact with their game and how much they have achived.

  241. Paschal says:

    Not quite top 10 yet, but he’s edging closer. He’s going to be potent and relevant for many more years because of that silky j and the way he frees himself up with subtle little moves that don’t require much quickness or wear and tear on his knees. Not to mention the height which means he can pop it over anybody. His rebounding is good, his defense is average (he gets plenty of blocks when you look at the stats, and he moves his feet well. He just has lapses from time to time and doesn’t help that well on double teams. Just timid sometimes, but not bad). The fact is that he relies on size and coordination, those are his main weapons, mixed with slightly overaverage speed. The speed will go away soon, but the size and coordination are going to be terrorizing defenses for years to come. He’s gonna be making all-star games and posting almost 20 per game in his late thirties, and by that time the haters will have run out of credibility…..not top 10 quite yet, but aaaaaalmost there.

  242. josh says:

    He’s a great player. Best foreign player in the nba, yes (Tim Duncan not wihtstanding). Top 10 power forwards, maybe. Top 10 EVER?? Naw.

    • Pete says:

      “He’s a great player. Best foreign player in the nba, yes (Tim Duncan not wihtstanding). Top 10 power forwards, maybe. Top 10 EVER?? Naw.”

      No way dirk is the top foreign player.

      Tim Duncan and Patrick Ewing are both foreign players and Dirk is not on the same level as either of those two guys.

  243. javier says:

    For me Dirk its has been in top3 offencive players in NBA in last 10 years at least
    i dont think he can run for top10 all time at all maybe between TOP20 and top25.

    There is 10 guys that at the moment nobody can replace them. During time from the olders to the more actual players.
    My top10 list its pretty clear because of there impact in game talent numbers and achivements.

    Chamberlain, Russell, Robertson, Jabbar, Bird, Magic, Jordan, Hakeem, Oneil, Duncan.

    And im leaveing outside top10 players like, West, Mikan, M Malone, J Erwing, Baylor, Barkley, Bryant, K Malone, Stockton, Nash, Kidd, Nowitzki…. and many more.

  244. Antonio says:

    You’ve made a mistake. It’s the Western Conference semifinal not the Western Conference final.

  245. The Truth says:

    1. EKPE UDOH
    2. Kwame Brown
    3. Stephen Curry
    4. Aaron Brooks
    5. JJ Barea


  246. Matthieu says:

    Being from Miami, I can only think of one great that also never got a championship and that would be none other then Dan Marino, arguably one of the best quarterbacks to have ever played.

  247. WishIWereABaller says:

    I think it’s hilarious how worked up people get about this kind of thing. First, how could you say Dirk Nowitzki is way better or way worse than players he never played against? It’s all opinion, but argued like fact. And for those of you who say that so-and-so is “a terrible defender”, or “doesn’t show up in the clutch”, or “is way overrated”, I just have to laugh. You are most likely a person who never got past high school basketball, and would get destroyed if you were put in that player’s shoes. But you are fine with sitting around on the internet slamming people you’ve only seen on TV. Just saying

  248. Kay Jaybee says:

    Tell me, down 2, 4th Quarter, 6 seconds who would you pick to shoot? Kobe? Wade? Lebron? Carmello? Allen?
    No, you would pick DIRK, and that would be the right choice based on the numbers this season.

  249. Mark says:

    And that my friends is the reason why there is no point in arguing on who should be part o the Top 10 greatest players of all time. Seriously, is it really possible to have such a list when we’ve seen great players come from different eras in basketball?

  250. Kay Jaybee says:

    Dirk may not be top ten all time, but he is MOST CLUTCH right now of entire league, even over Kobe.
    That counts for something, I hope he gets his ring if Celts can come back on the Heat.

  251. dougals says:

    I think he could be in the top 10 all time PF but top then all time not even close. unless he start winning 2-3 rings … TIm Duncan playing in the same era as he is though is the best PF of all time being a compete player defensively and offensively. To me to be top 10 all time you need to be dominant in both ends of the floor and is able to impact the game. Do you remember how Jordan, shaq and timmy would be unstopable during playoff time. DIrk may be the top ten ineternational player of all time but i don’t think he will ever be top 10 all time .

  252. Alejandro says:

    Karl malone never won any championships and he’s definitely Top 10. Nonetheless, Dirk is not Malone. I think he’s somewhere between 11-15 though.

  253. Yosbel says:

    He is very very goo from a Lakers’ fan

  254. Charlie says:

    10 time all-nba, 5 time first team all-nba, plenty of playoff success…. no rings. Very sad…..

  255. sure? says:

    dudes, he led te Mavericks to 11 consecutive 50+ win seasons… as the LEADING SCORER!

    Bill didn’t do that..
    Magic didn’t do that..
    and Tim definitely didn’t do that..

    • Blah says:

      What Bill, Magic and Tim did however was win multiple championships. Sooo…….if u can’t accomplish the ultimate goal of playing 82 games in the regular season and bring home a championship u can’t be top ten of all time!

  256. johna5 says:

    Well, I’d say he’s the top German bballer of all time.

    I have not seen a shooter as versatile as Dirk – helped, in no doubt, by his size and high release. It’s amazing to watch him create his own shot, hit ridiculous fadeaways, and spot up from 3 like he’s shooting a free throw.
    But top 10? I want a player that dominates all aspects of the game and carries his team on both ends, physically and emotionally, and brings home a championship. This year might be the year, and the Mavs are amazing this year – vets with unique skills at all positions, and the cohesion between j kidd and nowitzki and even terry that’s developed over the years. Give him his dues, but not top 10.

    That said, I would not like to play him 1 on 1.

  257. Mavs fan says:

    Dirk is top 25 right now and a championship and a few equal seasons away from being top 15….a championship and a few more seasons on pace puts him above Malone, Barkley, Garnett, Pippen, Duncan and David Robinson…thats IF he gets a championship.

  258. bahama-man says:

    if Charles Barkley is there Dirk should be there, not being racist but he is the second best white boy that ever played the game

  259. Taylor says:

    I’ll give him top 20….. I’ve watched him play and he deserves better than top 30 (and if you do any research on his advanced stats, you’ll see why for yourself), but top 10 is reserved for NBA legends and I don’t know if Dirk belongs in that category… particularly because the absence of a ring…. whether its his fault or not.

  260. renz824 says:

    “In my opinion, he’s a top 10 player in NBA history because of the uniqueness of his game and how he’s carried this franchise on his back for over a decade”

    What the coach said also proves why he is not the top 10 of all time. Top 10 of all times all have rings. He is a unique player but definitely not the top 10 of all time

  261. NYK says:

    Let’s be honest here, Dirk is not a top 10 player by far. I’m am a HUGE Dirk fan, partially biased because I am German, and yes, best European NBA player of all time. But as big Dirk fan I am, I am a bigger basketball fan and can name 20 players better. I would place him between 20 and 25. Best European player, By FAR. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan, Isiah Thomas, Willis Reed, Patrick Ewing, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Julius Irving, Bill Russell off the top of my head. 20-25 and even If he had rings, it would make no difference.

  262. BRRRRR says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is Certainly NOT top 10 of all time. Top 10 of all time ( no order)are. mike, Magic, Bird, West, Robertson, Kareem, Wilt, Kobe, Timmy d, Shaq. Prolly top 20 or top 30. And for those who say kobe is not top 10 cuz of his personality issues. Basketball is not about who has the best personality it is about what you do on the court. For those criticizing kobe for the sweep, Kareem’s team got swept in 1989, Bird’s team also got swept. Great teams have a beginning and an end. Nothing lasts forever. But the airheads can continue their Anti- Kobe crusade.

    P.S lebron James will be in that top 10 conversation pretty soon. But he needs some rings though. if dirk goes on a run of ring then he can become part of the conversation too. Rings are very important in your “greatness” status.

  263. I think its fair to say Dirk is in the top 10 for players today. And if you want to talk about all time greatst players in term of consistency, offensive weaponry and being able to do it over a long period of time with another level at playoff time, then it would hard to put an arguement against him being in the all time 10 ten from that perspective.


    As far as overall top 10 all time there are some magnificent names up there. Once you reserve spots for names like Jordan, Johnson and Bird – players who took their sides to multiple titles – then there’s really only 7 spots to fill between a littany of superstars. If Dirk can win a couple of titles from here with an MVP to his belt and maybe a finals MVP to go with it then maybe he might sneak in to the top 15 or maybe 20. But the top 10 is reserved for immortals and Dirk just isn’t one……yet. He has the skill and time to move into that list.

  264. think says:

    The top ten would include:

    Mike, Wilt, Russel, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Shaq, Duncan, West, Robertson.

    They have dominated the game and took it to another level. As far as impact goes, I’d go for Karl, Pippen, Stockton, Dr. J and Kobe over Dirk. And for changing the game, I think Nash would get more consideration than him. Much respect to what he’s contributed though, but not to land in the top 10 of all time.

  265. FunkEducation says:

    Nowitzki —> 0 rings
    Bryant —> 5 rings —> MVP —> All-Star —> Olympic Champion

    he plays good, but definitely not a top ten!
    We all know Nowitzki’s excited cos’ he smashed Kobe on his face this series..! But its just a couple games! Kobe has been winning for years! Kobe is a top ten player, not DN for 4 games he played and win!

    • darelle says:

      *Nowitzki —> MVP —> All-Star

      if kobe was a top 10 player then he wouldnt have lost to dirk’s mavs, if kobe is better then him.

    • sure? says:

      are you saying Dirk hasn’t been an All-Star and MVP?

      • Pete says:

        Don’t try to compare Dirk to Kobe…

        I dislike Kobe, but he is up there with with Shaq, Duncan, Garnett and Kidd as the top 5 players of this era – these are guys who (like Magic, Kareem, Jordan, Malone, Bird, etc) . They dominated their position in every possible aspect of the game – offense, defense, rebounding, IQ, leadership, you name it.

        Dirk fits in with the second tier of greats for this Era – guys like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Steve Nash, etc. These are guys who were absolutely dominant the league, but only in certain aspects of the game. Dirk set standards as a scoringbig man, Nash as a shotter and plamaker at the PG spot, Ray Allen as a pure shooter, Pierce as a straight out scorer and clutch player.

        Dirk career has been incredible, but not to the same degree as Shaq, Duncan, Kobe, Garnett, Kidd, etc.

        Do not compare Dirk to Kobe – it’s like comparing Jordan to Mitch Richmond, or Magic Johnson to Tim Hardaway. Richmond and Hardaway were true greats at their positions, but Jordan and Magic are one step above great – they are legendary.

  266. Taylor says:


    1) Dirk is one of four players in NBA history to average 25ppg and 10 boards in the playoffs…. Dallas hasn’t won a title because teammates like Jason Terry have averaged 12 ppg duriong this time of year and no one else had stepped up…. he’s never had a real 2nd option.

    2) Have you seen him play? I don’t care whether your 5-10 or 7 foot, the off-balanced fade away he consistently makes regardless of the defense is incredible, he can shoot it up over the top of his head and deliver the perfect arch from any angle. Give the man his due…. he’s a GREAT shooter. Kinda how he won his MVP…

  267. mavsftw says:

    Dirk is a great player and a great person. His shooting ability is unique to say the least. He is also a great team player. We mavs fans owe a lot to him for staying in the team and leading us to the playoffs. I’m not sure if he should be in the top 10…all I know is that we want him to have a championship ring and for his skills to be recognized worldwide. I don’t quite agree with judging a player’s skills by the number of championships he has since you win that through teamwork. GO DIRK!!!! GO MAVS!!!

  268. Chris says:

    I honestly think he belongs in the top ten. Sure titles/rings are great to have, but the playoffs arent about a single player. they are about the entire team being able to work together and win a title. Dirk, top ten definitely

  269. Abadfv says:

    Cmon people. First of all, Dirk is a terrific player, and definitely a HOF player. But , Just because Mavs defeats Lakers and suddenly makes Dirk a Top-10 All time? This is just ridiculous, you dont judge everything over a Western semi-final series. Whoever says that is just too excited over this victory. I dont see any “Top 10-ten all time” without a championship. I mean at least put him under consideration after Mavs win the whole thing this year. I just dont see him dominating SHAQ or TD over the past decade and not to mention other “TOP-10 ALL TIME” like MJ, Magic, Bird, Russell, Chamberlain, West, Baylor, Big O. Do you really think Dirk is among those guys? Seriously?

  270. RJM says:

    If a person says Kobe is not top ten all time there just hating. The guy has done things this game has never seen in the modern era. Not even MJ did what Kobe did in terms of scoring and NBA records, give him his props and don’t hate cause he’s great. He’s 3rd all-time in playoff points scored, 5th all-time in total points scored, 2nd all-time in 30 points scored in the playoffs, and he’s continuously climbing each of those lists with every game he plays. Don’t even get me started on the fact that he’s a BONAFIDE WINNER and a MASTER TACTICIAN in the CLUTCH. Kobe is in the top 5 all-time hands down, and easily makes the top ten. (MJ, Kobe, Russell, Magic, Bird, Chamberlain, Oscar, West, Baylor, Shaq). End of discussion. As for Dirk, I think he’s top 30 which is great because there were so many great NBA players that came before. But he just hasn’t won enough and placed enough of an imprint on the game to merit a top 10 or even 20 slot.

    • RJM says:

      Modified top ten list: (Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Bird, Russell, Kareem, Chamberlain, Malone, West, Shaq)

  271. Tenki says:

    Whoever put Dirk on the conversation with the Top Ten Players of All-Time is a joke. Here’s my personal list:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    3. Magic Johnson
    4. Oscar Robertson
    5. Wilt Chamberlain
    6. Shaquille O’Neal
    7. Hakeem Olajuwon
    8. George Mikan
    9. Bob Cousy
    10. Tim Duncan

    If I were to continue through my personal list, Dirk would be mixed up among Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, and the like. Something in common? Zero championships. My top ten greatest has multiple championships AND accomplishments that has garnered awards and recognition throughout the league. However, if you include a list of top ten international players of all time, my list would be:

    1. Hakeem Olajuwon*
    2. Vlade DIvac
    3. Pau Gasol
    4. Dirk Nowitzki
    5. Dikembe Mutombo
    6. Arvydas Sabonis
    7. Drazen Petrovic
    8. Steve Nash
    9. Detlef Schrempf
    10. Yao Ming

    • Pete says:

      Don’t forget Patrick Ewing!

      Many forget that he was actualy a native of Jamaica – up there with Hakeem as probably the two greatest international players of all time.

  272. Any bodys ball says:

    i see Dirk is a mismatch from any body else

  273. Kenneth Ranson says:

    You ask if Dirk is in the top ten all time without trying to actually list the top ten. They are(in no particular order):

    Bill Russell
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Michael Jordan
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    Magic Johnson
    John Stockton
    Karl Malone
    Tim Duncan
    Kobe Bryant
    Larry Bird

    Left off of that list are people like:
    Bill Walton
    Bob Petit
    George Mikan
    Oscar Robertson
    Jerry West
    George Gervin
    David Robinson
    Akeem Olajuwan
    Moses Malone
    Elgin Baylor
    Shaquille O’Neill

    So far, with no championships and no records, Dirk would be lucky to get on that second list. He surely is not part of the first.

  274. acrogea says:

    At least hes better than all you fools out there who think yall can ball

  275. Sekou, Sekou says:

    Sekou Smith is the biggest band wagon in town.

  276. Dirk is great, but not top 10 says:

    I think prior 80s greats are great players, but their size and athletic abilities aren’t on par with post 80s(i.e. Russell probably won’t do better than D-Rob in the 90s). This my top ten since the 80s(IMO, obviously)

    4. Bird
    5. Shaq
    6. Kareem(still a beast in the 80s)
    7. Duncan
    8. Robinson
    9. Kobe
    10. Mailman

    Other very good players: Kevin Mchale, Issiah Thomas, Pippen, Barkley, Moses Malone, Stockton, Worthy, Ewing, Kevin Johnson, Drexler.

    It’s too early to judge Lebron, D-Rose, Wade, Durant, Howard, etc.

    However, I am having hard time to put Dirk in top 10 since the 80s.

  277. Leif says:

    Dirk is a great player, definitely one of the all time greats, but not cracking the top 10.

    He won’t get his ring this year either, it’s a cinderella year for the Grizz just wait and see.

  278. NOT Top 10 says:

    Players better than Dirk:

    Jordan, Shaq, Olajuwon, Tim Duncan, Kobe, Karl Malone, Magic Johnson, Bird, LeBron James, Iverson… sorry that’s already 10 and the list goes on.

    • Dirk is top 50 all time says:

      iverson… is top 10 ball hog in NBA history… as are kobe (although his greatness is unquestioned), and shaq… TD had tons of help for his championships… Lebron james quickly realized that being a lone superstar will win you can carry your team to tons of regular season but it won’t work in the playoffs… which is why he latched on to dwade in south beach…
      Plus… how many players could you say have revolutionized the game of basketball? Dirk is one of the main reasons you no longer have those huge 7 foot centers that can only dunk and not shoot (aka no more Shaq’s and Dwight really coming into the league)… and people say he never rebounded or played defense… they forget he started his career with Don Nelson, who’s never emphasized any of those things, and had dirk playing small forward at 7ft… he’s done everything his team has asked/needed from him and more… just has never had help

    • Paschal says:

      You put Iverson on there? Oh no. You lost all credibility.

      • Blah says:

        Iverson is not top ten of all time. Great scorer and played with heart and probably was the most exciting player to watch in the NBA during the late 90’s early 2000’s.

        Drik did not revolutionise the game…he was not the first big man being able to shoot. Garnett revolutionised the games for big men. He did that when he came into the NBA out of high school and dveloped that jump shot. Many regarded KG as a big man that could play almost every position cos he oculd shoot, dribble, drive, dunk, rebound, block and play D and was athletic. Have u forgotten his years at Minesota???

  279. ima mavs fan and dirk is one of the greatest to play the game so what he dont have a ring i dont get how dirk can get trashed talked on but lebron who had to move to south beach to play with a guy who won one( by the refs) and he gets treated like some kind of savior thats crazy to me dirk is unstoppable gasol couldnt hold him nobody can hold this guy come on ppl im not sayin this because im a mavs fan just in general he dont choke yeah he will miss mike jordan even miss game winners in his life so dont knock the dude man ppl hate on player give the man a seat in the HOF cause with or without a ring he is goin…. ow and didnt he win a MVP

  280. jezalenko says:

    come on, top 10 of all time is ridiculous. the dude is an ‘unstoppable offensive force”? mmm, his whole repertiore consists of, drive left, pull up and fad away whilst blocking the defender with his right knee. very repetitive. hell yeh its effective but its cheap, he cant drive to the hole, he doesnt play D….no way a 7 footer with his co-ordination cant take 12 rebounds and a couple blocks a game. laziness! its like putting mark price in the top 10 because he can shoot the lights out. you need a multi-faceted game to be an elite player, the guy is a great player and more like top 30-40 of all time. top 10 hell no. his longevity and the fact his team is consistently winning 50 plus games every season is commendable, doesnt mean he should slot into top ten of all time. jordan, kobe, lebron, wade…..they did/do everything on the floor both ends.

  281. Caio says:

    Dirk it is just the best one ever…

    I am from Brazil, and iam always wachting dallas games, iam a big fan, and Dirk it is always beeing amazing at the playoffs…

    Lets go MAVS, Camon, Who is kobe now?!

  282. les vegas says:

    Maybe in the top 10 white guys of all-time. Dirk has really only proven during his career that he does one thing very well; choke when it counts the most. Like Lebron, Dirk shows his inconsistency in getting his team to the championship level no matter who the other players around him are. Dirk is a one-trick-pony wit an amazing jumpshot, but that hardly qualifies him as an all-time great. I’m pretty sure that one measure of a great player is their ability to lead a team to a championship, good luck with that one Dirk. However, Rick Carlisle is definitely an all-time top 10 Jim Carrey look alike.

  283. Francis says:

    1. MJ
    2. Kobe
    3.-10 no order: malone, robertson, magic, kareem, chamberlain, duncan, bird, shaq
    dirk is top 20 tho

  284. George Deevers says:

    Dear AM – it isnt about Dirk being American, Hakeem is from Nigeria.

  285. George Deevers says:

    Kobe doesn’t make the top 10 neither does Dirk. Here’s mine for what it’s worth – Jordan, Wilt, Magic, Larry, Russell, West, Thomas, Dr. J, Hakeem, Shaq, Duncan/ Kareem/ Oscar. Kobe is a top 20 player while Dirk is top 50.

  286. Jordan Beezy says:

    10.SHAWN BRADLEY!!!!

  287. Tenki says:


    Nice random list. Quit whatever you are smoking or something and make sure you put the names in their respective numbers.

  288. AM says:

    I get the feeling that some people here who say things like “TOP 10? NO WAY!!!” have a problem with dirk not being american. I agree that he is not (already) TOP 10 and most players listed here would definetely make it in, like MJ, Kareem, Bird etc., but ranking garnett or duncan higher than nowitzki is ridiculous!!! he is definetely TOP 20, maybe 15. Maybe the Mavs win the title this year and he gets Finals MVP, and maybe Mark Cuban gets some more good players around him and they make it to the finals again… Maybe he’s qualified for TOP 10 then…On the list of active players he definetely makes it into TOP 5!

  289. Emil says:

    I feel he is top 5 PF but maybe top 20 all time. Offensively he is top 10 for sure.

  290. Zach says:

    Are… Are you guys kidding me? Top 10 player of all time? I wouldn’t put him in the top 50 all around players in NBA history, let alone top 10. Everyone is talking like he is impossible to guard and that he never misses and he can score from anywhere. Then how in God’s name is he only averaging 23.0 PPG for his career? Seriously? He’s scored 25+ PPG FIVE times in his 13 NBA seasons and that’s despite being 7′ tall and being able to shoot 3’s consistently. Wanna know some player in the last few years have scored 25+ PPG in as many or more seasons than the unstoppable 7′ Dirk and averaged more for their careers so far?

    Kobe (9 times in 15 years, 25.3 PPG career)
    James (7 times in 8 years, 27.7 PPG career)
    Wade (5 times in 8 years, 25.4 PPG career)
    Shaq (10 times in first 11 years, 23.7 PPG career)
    Melo (5 times in 8 years, 24.8 PPG career)
    Iverson (9 times in 14 years, 26.7 PPG career AND HE WAS 6′ TALL!)

    That’s just a few off the top of my head. 5 of those guys are at least 4 inches shorter than Dirk with AI being a full foot shorter. To top all that off… Dirk has NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, averaged 10 boards in a season… AT SEVEN FEET TALL!!! He will never be confused with a great, or even good, defender. Seriously… Dirk may not have even been a top 25 overall player over the past decade or two… let alone in the annuls of history. So, once again, someone explain to me… how a 7′ player who “can create his own shots, never misses when open, is top 10 shooter of all time, get to the line consistently, can score from anywhere, and is IMPOSSIBLE to guard” averages only 23.0 ppg, 8.4 rpg… and be considered a top 10 of all time? Great scorer? yes… Great shooter? yes… Top 10 of our generation? No… Top 10 of all time? You HAVE to be joking.

  291. geogo says:

    No one can argue the fact that Dirk is a great player and an unstoppable offensive PF ,But also as a PF position Dirk can be judged just good in many stats especialy defensively, even his rebounding is affected by having veteran sized player on center position fighting under the basket : Shaun Bradley , Erick Dampier , Tyson Chandler …. So his style of play isnt a concrete PF but still created his offensive identity indeed. But top 10 all timer? mmm thats exagerated guys i can even add more names to the lists many of u guys mentioned , can we really put Dirk in a top 10 all time players? who would we take out? Doctor J? MJ? Magic? Russel? Wilt? Bird? …..& many many players , more than 30 if we go back to 60’s & 70’s & judge players according to their Era, the only late 90’s to middle 2000;s players that can be argued about being among the hall of famers in the highest ranks (still under the top 5 ) are : Kobe , Shaq , Duncan and Allen Iverson, i am not sure if i can add Jason Kidd and Ray Allen.

  292. andrePhilly says:

    Dirk is a better professional basketball player than kobe, i put him TOP 15 all-time best. Kobe is top to in playground basketball

  293. kc says:

    Dirk plays just like Larry Bird, except i think dirk has a couple inches on him maybe? bird is a top ten all time. if you sit and draw up a top 10 list it might be hard to put someone who never won a championship on there, but Dirk is definitely hovering around the top players of all time. 90’s :mj,hakeem 80’s 80’s:magic, bird, 60’s/70’s kareem, wilt, russell, 00’s:lebron, kobe, duncan,dirk, 10’s:durant…. that’s already 12 people and a very select list. the only three w/out rings are kebron, dirk, durant. and there are a few guys ive got to be missing from before the 80’s. (honorable mentions:shaq, dwight, barkley)

  294. Orlando says:

    My last comment… when you think of top 10 players of all time… you have to think about what they have done individually, what their team has done in terms of wins/championships, how much of that load that player took on to make their team great (or if they had a lot of help), and finally, what was the competition like during their era… A lot of these older players that are on the list and have a lot of individual awards and championships, played in era of NBA where the talent was weak, so it was easy for them to stand out… Wilt Chamberlain played against a bunch of short, white, scrubs.. as did Bill Russell, that’s why they averaged 22+ boards for their careers!! So obviously, not much talent during that era. There will never be another player like Jordan, or Magic, or Hakeem, or Shaq (in his prime), or Bird, or Oscar, or maybe even Duncan (because his game is way too boring and won’t function in the upcoming years of NBA where athleticism will dominate)… And there will never be another player like Dirk… if he had some of the allstar players on his team that these players were fortunate to have… Dirk would have won multiple championships and easily been in top 10…. but since he did not and has not won… at this point I’d say top 15-20…. But how many of those players were able to dominate the league into their 30’s… not many (as Shaq, Duncan, KG, etc have shown)… Dirk is 32 and still getting it done/unguardable… just saying…

  295. hurristat says:

    I would definitely consider Dirk one of the all-time best, but to say he’s top 10 is a a bit unrealistic. He has to contend with:

    — Wilt Chamberlain
    — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    — Michael Jordan
    — Oscar Robertson
    — George Mikan
    — Bob Pettit
    — Dolph Schayes
    — Bill Russell
    — Elgin Baylor
    — Jerry West
    — Rick Barry
    — Julius Erving
    — Larry Bird
    — Magic Johnson
    — George Gervin
    — Shaquille O’Neal
    — Kobe Bryant
    — LeBron James
    — Dwyane Wade
    — Kevin Garnett
    — Ray Allen
    — Karl Malone
    — Gary Payton
    — John Stockton
    — Moses Malone
    Or alternatively, anyone else on this list: http://www.nba.com/history/50greatest.html

    Dirk’s great. Just not top 10.

  296. mavs fan says:

    dirk is the best international player to ever play in the nba.. he is the best power foward in the game today. dirk is one of the leagues best shooters as a power foward. no, he doesnt really have a post game but will kill you from mid-range. he has to go at least top 15 or top 20

  297. john samuel says:

    B D FRANCIS ? DIRK THE BEST FOREIGN PLAYER OF AL TIME ? have you ever heard of a guy named hakeem olajuwon ? arguably the best 5 nba players of ALL TIME. single handedly won 2 trophys for houston in the toughest NBA era

  298. Orlando says:

    I think that longevity/consistency alone, should put Dirk on the list. None of those players on your list, apart of Tim duncan, have led their teams to 11 50+ wins seasons, and Dirk has done it with the role players around him changing all the time, and with no other all stars on his team. Duncan I admit is the most fundamental (aka BORING) player in NBA history, but no one will ever claim that the spurs won their 4 championships only because of duncan… they had allstars Robinson (for the 1st one), ginobili, and Parker there to help duncan out… and dirk is only 1 of 4 players to average 25+ points and 10+ boards for his career in playoff history… So what does that say? If he had a Pippen, Shaq, Kobe, Gasol, Parker, etc etc.. aka a solid second all star on his team… he would have probably had 3-4 rings by now… because we he gets double teamed and finds open players, he’s never had anyone to help him man the load, until possibly this year… So def not best PF of all time, but definitely in the talks for one of the best…. If dirk had Duncan’s supporting cast, you wouldn’t argue that Duncan is better…

  299. owen says:

    Top 10 of his time from 2000-Present
    Any guy who puts Bosh,Amare,Melo ahead of Dirk is dumb.

    Easliy top 5 for PF position of all time and the best scoring PF of all time (there I said it)
    clearly not a top 10 all time but I’d put him top 20.

  300. err yeah... says:

    He deserves to be hall of fame. But to say top TEN is just too much.

  301. dal8061 says:

    Dirk is a great player, but definitely not in the top 10. If he leads the Mavs to a few championships, then maybe he will start to get up there. I have lots of respect for him, but really? The top 10 of all time? Definitely not. I mean, LeBron has almost as good of a professional record as Dirk, and Dirk has been around almost a decade longer.

  302. Toni says:

    top 10 of all time might be a bit overrated… but you have to acknowledge that he never changed teams just to win the title. he´ll always be playing for dallas and if he would win the title with the mavs it will be worth a lot more than some other winners. and at least he is one of the best, if not the best, non-american players of all time.

  303. F says:

    amazing how people can say hes top10 all time. HOW?? Omg, people won’t even give kobe his due… that’s just nonsense.

  304. boss lei says:

    dirk on the top ten player all time. definitely……… approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the ups and down of the team……. show that dirk has the heart to face all the challenges……. and go for the ultimate goal.. the larry o’brien trophy.. go dirk!!!!!!!! lets go mavs!!!!!!!!!!!

  305. celtics/warriors says:

    KEVIN GARNETT!!!!!! KG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  306. dallaschamp2011 says:

    analbumcover, are you crazy?? Tim Duncan is the the best PF in NBA, how can he be not in the top 10.. and lakers fans, I dont think Kobe belongs to the top 10. not with shaq and Pau and odom and bynum… he got a lot of help….

  307. Blah says:

    Kobe has to be in top ten of all time…sorry … he’s jsut done too much over the last decade….MVP, finals MVP, All star MVP, 5 rings. All defensive teams. All nba teams….he does take some crazy shots but that can’t take away from his accomplishments! He also has the upmost respect from every player and coach and analyst so unless everyone else in the world is wrong he is top ten all time.

    • Be4Real says:

      Only Kobe haters deny his greatness. Ask his peers. Ask DIRK!!! who before the series said Kobe is HIS favorite player. He rushes home after Mavs games to watch Kobe.

  308. Jim Sitton says:

    Dirk is an outstanding player, but you have to very young and not a real student of Basketball to rate him that high. I would not rate him in the top 10 players active since 2000.

    However, I would think most would agree that he will be in the Hall of Fame, and deservedly so.

    Personally I remember Art Pollard as a better player, though young fans won’t have seen him play back in the 1930s and 40s.

  309. Stuart says:

    I’m from Texas (and close to Dallas), for what it’s worth, but I think it’s really, really absurd to talk about Dirk as possibly a top 10 player. I understand wanting to glorify and appreciate a player you love who you think is underrated — we’ve all done it — but I’d be a little worried about my team if my coach knew little enough about basketball to think this might be true.

    Many have made this point, listing the great players and pointing out the obvious, namely that Dirk doesn’t measure up. To duplicate that effort, I’d say 10 players that you cannot credibly say Nowitski measures up to are Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Wilt, Robertson, Russell, Hakeem, Shaquille, and Kobe. I’m not saying that’s the top 10 all time, but I’m saying all 10 are better than Nowitski.

    Comparing him to Malone or Barkley might be more reasonable, though I’d take either one over him in a heartbeat.

    But one thing I wanted to point out because I don’t think anybody else has, at least in the comments I read: his playoff history is _abysmal._ That has to go into evaluating the performance of a great player. Barkley and Jordan, for example, played at a whole other level in the playoffs. Do you remember Nowitski, star of the #1 team in the league, as his team was getting destroyed by the Warriors? “I can’t do anything about it the way they’re guarding me.”

    Right…. that’s a top 10 player talking.

    Great to see that Dirk is finally showing up in the postseason. I hope they go all the way, I really do. But let’s not define a legacy by one good series.


  310. Alan Hollway says:

    Everbyody has to remove their bias on this one. I am a Spurs fan and love Tim Dunan and hate the Mavs and Nowitzki, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Nowitzki is a definate top 10 player of all time. He is versatile, has the best fade away probably ever, shoots 3 pointers and great defence and has carried the Mavs franchise on his back for 10 years. Whilst I love Tim Duncan Nowitzki has the more accomplished all round game and just pips Duncan for number 10, the others preceeding Nowitzki are obvious to state and are:-

    1. Michael Jordan 2. Wilt Chamberlain 3. Kareem Abdul-Jabar 4. Larry Bird 5. Bill Russell 6. Magic Johnson 7. Julius Erving 8. George Gervin 9. Moses Malone 10. Dirk Nowitzki. Then followed by 11. Tim Duncan 12. Shaquille O’neal 13. Karl Malone 14. Hakeem Olajuwon 15. Steve Nash 16. Jason Kidd 17. John Stockton 18. Isiah Thomas 19. George Mikan 20. Willis Reed.

    • Ruben says:

      this is the dumbest comment i’ve read so far.

      and your list… damn! that’s pure BS!

  311. B. D. Francis says:

    I agree that Dirk is probably the best foriegn player of all time. I am a Mavs fan, and I think Dirk is a great player. But All Time? The NBA has been around for a long time, and there have been many great players. Also, the whole idea of “all time” is not very reliable, if you ask me-the game has hanged a lot. I am not that old (my opinion), so haven’t seen the NBA that long, but I think the NBA today is more competitve and it is tougher to take over the game (but some still do), and it is unfair to compare it to, say, the 1960’s. Through the modern times, though, Dirk would definetly make my top ten.

  312. made in Germany says:

    only 4 player made all time NBA postseason >(25 ppg + 10 reb), he rank 3rd, based this field, he is, others, may not, but sure he is unique and superstar

  313. ShaqBooze says:

    Dirk is great and all, but Definetly not Top 10. Top 30 yes.
    In this Era he’s top 10 but not all time.
    But you can’t really compare players like Russel and Wilt to players of today. I highly doubt that they would dominate as they did in their time if they played today. Today’s game is on a whole nother level.

  314. J-J-G says:

    lack of rings hurt him bigtime. but unique talent. just hope cuban put more money on the supporting cast. does anyone has an info about caron? he’s a welcome addition to the team now that they might face KD.

  315. ShaqBooze says:

    Dirk is great and all, but Definetly not Top 10. Top 30 yes.
    In this Era he’s top 10 but not all time.
    But you can’t really compare players like Russel and Wilt to players of today. I highly doubt that they would dominate as they did in their time if they played today. Today’s game is on a whole nother level.
    Top 10

  316. Mark says:

    I am a fan of Dirk, I love that he can shoot from everywhere on the floor. You may think that cool and all, but he is 7-feet tall. There has never been a big man who could shoot like that but he is not top 10. Saying he is top 10 is like saying he is as good as Wilt, MJ, Russel, Kareem, Larry Bird, Kobe, Tim Duncan etc. I don’t think so. He is amazing but not the most Amazing.

  317. Al says:

    its really sad how you numb skulls discredit a player just because he hasnt won a championship. Only half of that is in control of the player. The other half is just the luck they have of falling into the right team, and that organisation surrounding their star with real quality players, if not one or two other stars. Winning a championship is not done by the star player, its done by the organisation. Its a team game after all. Dirk has done more than enough to prove he is an all time great looking at his numbers and his teams record for all these years. He just hasnt been lucky enough to have atleast one or two all stars on his team with him like every other team thats won a championship this last decade. Ok maybe not top 10, but he would be real close to top 20.

  318. Mike says:

    Dirk or Larry Bird?

  319. old_school says:

    Carlisle is not only biased, he’s dreaming – no way Dirk is in the top 10 all time.
    In the top 10 for sure (in no particular order):

    Oscar Robertson
    Bill Russell
    the Mailman
    Jerry West
    Elgin Baylor

    Having trouble with the last one:

    The Dream
    David Robinson
    The Doctor

    And STOP calling Duncan a power forward – that includes you too San Antonio. He plays the CENTER position.

    I’m having trouble putting Kobe there – must be my anti-Laker bias. But he also comes across as never having matured: he still takes ill-advised shots and he still tries to do it all himself. All the other guys stopped doing that after a few years.

    • J-J-G says:

      he is in until about 3 years ago

    • LACrossTown says:

      Hey old school, you should really know what your talking about before you post. Tim Duncan is a PF. Since 08 he’s been forced to play Center due to the lack of free agent big men on the market so STOP calling him a center, he plays POWER FORWARD.
      As a laker fan, kobe is NOT a Top 10 player of all time but Duncan is so that should put your bias aside on kobe.

  320. Dave says:

    Top Ten Players Since I’ve been watching hoops (1984):

    1. Jordan
    2. Magic
    3. Bird
    4. Shaq
    5. Duncan
    6. Hakeem
    7. Thomas
    8. Pippen
    9. Payton
    10. Barkley

  321. GEDZ says:

    @Asg you nailed it.. Definitely dirk is on top 10 all time greats,.. if not top 10, top 15 is more likely… And the number 1 international player of all time…

  322. dpm says:

    kevin garnett is better

  323. john samuel says:

    all you starry eyed people need to face reality about dirk. he is a one trick pony. all he does is take jump shots. granted the degree of difficulty on the shots look tough but nonetheless it is only a jumpshot. you cant be ranked in the all time top 10 with only a jump shot in your arsenal. even centres like hakeem could dribble the ball, had strong inside post moves and strong defensive presence, lots of blocks and steals etc. dirk dont do none of that. all he does is jumpshots. if we have to start throwing in players with good jump shots in the top 50 we might as well throw in dale ellis, rex chapman, steve kerr, etc in the top 10

  324. Blah says:

    Everyone is just hyped cos they swept the lakers. There’s no way in hell he would should even be in this conversation of top ten plays of ALL time. In the last decade?? maybe. Of all time … shouldn;t even be discussed. This article is stupid. No way in the top ten of all time. Too many greats have done more than he has…Bill Russell, Abdul Jabar, Hakeem the Dream, Jordan, Magic, Bird, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamerlain, Shaq, Kobe, Lebron (has already accomplished more than Dirk…two MVP’s carried the worst team in the league…the cavs…to the finals), Garnett, Steve Nash….and thats just the most obvious ones. Ppl need the remember the NBA has been around for a long time. Great players… greater than Drik have come and gone. There’s too much hype that goes on after one freaking series. Why was he not considered top ten off all time when the Dirk and the Mav’s went form 2-0 to lose the finals to the heat 4-2??? cos ppl have short term memories and get caught in the hype. Stop publishing garbage!

  325. bibidy says:

    well well. firstly, it’s such an American thing to try and declare TOP 10s, 5s, whatever.
    It’s silly.

    Dirk is most certainly an amazing and truly unique player.
    He (amongst Jet) put something behind the term Dallas Mavericks. For over a decade.
    In Dallas, they never had a Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Thomas, Dumars, Magic, Kareem, Kobe, Shaq, Wade, Duncan, Robinson, Bird, Russell, KG, Pierce, Allen..
    The franchise has been Dirk, with a young Nash or an old Kidd and Marion.
    Dirk does fairly well I say

  326. Some guy you know says:

    I could say Dirk is still not in his ‘twilight’ years. Kidd though, well yeah he is. Dirk’s just in his early thirties and I could still see a lot of improvement from him with every season. He might not be on the top 10 for now but we’ll just see about that. And Just because he hasn’t won a championship doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be included into the list of all time greats. He’s not just the only one in the team. His team’s championship also lies with his teammates. Especially now. Dallas’ current roster, in my opinion, has a high possibility of earning themselves a championship. Goodbye Lakers, Go MAVS!!!!!

  327. moneyball says:

    I have great respect for him but not top 10 all time. hgow about top 5 power forwards?

  328. maarnee says:

    noone is a bigger dirk fan than i am! i’m from germany and so i’m even more biased… 😉 but i am also a long-time nba-fan and so i know that dirk nowitzki cannot possibly make the top10 all-time!!!! ever!!! if he keeps on playing and winning title plus final-mvp for five years in a row we can talk about it again…
    right know for me he is – together with malone – no. 3 on the all-time PF list: Duncan, Barkley, Dirk+Malone, Garnett (baylor and some others playing that early weren’t really PF as we understand it, i think)
    my top10 (which is extremely hard!!!) would probably be: MJ, Magic, Bird, Oscar Robertson, Chamberlain, Russell, Jabbar, West, Elgin Baylor, Shaq/Tim Duncan/ Kobe.
    Although i really don’t like him lebron james may someday be in the discussion as well as Kevin Durant, which i think is just great!!! 🙂

    and please don’t say stoudemire or bosh or melo are better than any of the guys i mentioned here!!!!!! come on!!

    • maarnee says:

      to add:

      dirk right now is around no. 20 for me. the more good (playoff-) years and possible titles come the higher he will end up. 🙂

  329. bchris1206 says:

    Dirk is exceptionally great offensively but it doesn’t make him a top 10 all-time great mainly because he hadn’t made his legacy yet..say MJ, Wilt, Bill, Kareem, Magic, Larry, Hakeem, Doctor J, Shaq, Kobe their names along are already immortal in basketball..maybe i guess a championship would really toss him up there for a debate..i believe he is the karl malone of this era..he just can’t get that because he have to go through tim, shaq, and kobe in this era just as karl has to go through MJ during his..but now that tim and kobe are gone in these playoffs maybe it’s his time or maybe those stars in miami or boston and or the young guns in chicago and okc might get in his way yet again..we’ll see and let’s argue about this again after these playoffs are over…

  330. Noah says:

    Ummmm….. NO!
    Michael Jordan
    Kobe Bryant
    Larry Bird
    Karrem-Abdul Jabbar
    Tim Duncan
    Magic Johnson
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Shaqiulle O’Neal (In His Prime Clearly)
    Bill Russell
    Dominique Wilkins
    Scottie Pippen
    Clyde Drexler
    Karl Malone
    Gary Payton
    Hakeem Olojuwon
    Jerry West
    Oscar Robinson
    Elgin Baylor
    John Havilicek
    Charles Barkley
    Patrick Ewing
    Julius Erving
    David Robinson
    Isaih Thomas
    And Many More……

  331. Deltaforce says:

    You can not compare todays players with guys like Chamberlain or others. I mean, come on, Wilt had no competition in the game, it was way to easy. The game has changed, Dirk is better than Bird in his skills. I mean, ask Larry Bird himself ;), he will tell you. in 2006, David Stern stopped the Mavs, and Wade was not the main factor, it was Shaq. Everbody, who knows the game saw that. Yeah, Wade had many points, but thats not everything. I can make 20 points too, if i take every shot! Kobe had Shaq, later Gasol, Bynum, Odom… where was Kobe when he was alone??? Where were he Lakers??? Dirk is one of the best Players ever played the game, and the best foreign player ever!

    You can hate him, but it is the truth!

  332. Edgar says:

    As great as Charles Barkley, Ewing, and The Reign Man were, they never won NBA titles, still the have to be considered as top 15 or maybe even top ten of all-time. Dirk is an outstanding player, a super star, but probably needs to win once in order to be considered an all-time great, why is that? Would having been born outside the States have anything to do with it? probably yes!!!!!!!!

  333. PSoul says:

    A good chunk of Dirk perception is the fact he’s a Euro player. With that said, If Dirk wins this year he has to enter the discussion of top 10 because you can’t ignore his skill set because it is unheard of for a guy like Dirk to do what he does. I know you can talk about his postseason failures but there are plenty of all time great players who did nothing in the postseason or did not win: Malone Barkley Nique to name and with Malone if Stockton didn’t go off in game 6 against Houston the Jazz don’t make that finals. Dirk wins he gets in the conversation doesn’t mean he’ll get in the top 10 but top 15 no doubt about it.

  334. john samuel says:

    all you people are getting starry eyed and star struck because dirk finally had the LUCK to get past 2nd round playoffs. i said luck because had barea, terry and kidd not showed up, they will have been swept out of the 2nd round. but lets give you all time to get your misty eye in and then in the next few days or weeks when the mavs get knocked out by either the grizzlies or miami, then you all will be back to singing the old tune about how dirk is a choke artist and does not have an inside game and is soft etc etc..then all the starry flakes will have fallen from your eyes. bottomline..is dirk a good player ? yes. is he a top 40 player ? nope. maybe top 50 and thats being generous

  335. GinSonic says:

    chit chattering, blah blah.

    even tho im german and possibly one of the most fanatic Dirk fans, i have to state that he definiteley dont belong to the top10 of all time. period. there were/are so many great players in the NBA, it’s not worth any discussion.

    Idgaf about Carlisle’s point, just say Dirk is one of the all-time greats and thats it. Ranking ballers is inappropriate anyways (due to the change of the game past the decades).

    Take it easy fellas, im out

  336. john samuel says:

    yari yara yari yara bla bla blah. all you fools are getting starry eyed and star struck because dirk finally had the LUCK to get past 2nd round playoffs. i said luck because had barea, terry and kidd not showed up, they will have been swept out of the 2nd round. but lets give you all time to get your misty eye in and then in the next few days or weeks when the mavs get knocked out by either the grizzlies or miami, then you all will be back to singing the old tune about how dirk is a choke artist and does not have an inside game and is soft etc etc..then all the starry flakes will have fallen from your eyes. bottomline..is rirk a good player ? yes. is he a top 40 player ? nope. maybe top 50 and thats being generous

  337. tommy says:

    He is very close to the top 10 and maybe he is.
    He can’t knock off Jordan, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell, Hakeem, Kareem, Oscar, Shaq but he is comparable to any other player in the history of NBA.
    Kobe, Malone, Barkley, Dominique, Havlichek, Robinson, Nash, Erving, Guerin, Reed, Petit, Duncan, Lebron, Wade, Garnett, Duncan, Iverson, Walton, Cowens would be the other contenders

  338. mavs41 says:

    first of all dirk got screwed in the 06 finals by the refs they were six min away from a 3-0 lead. i have and always will think that dirk won the 2006 finals. secondly, lebron has so much hype and has the talent to back it up…but no title and people compare him to kobe. third, malone…no title but still great. the only thing that has kept dirk from winning a title are the refs. but so far they are giving him the chance he deserves this year even crawford didnt screw up game 2 of the portland series. dirk is unguardable. dirk is the only 7 footer that can shoot from anywhere on the floor and over anyone at anytime and his ball handling skills are superb for a 7 footer. in the words of kobe who by the way just got swept by dirk and the mavs, “everybodys trippinnn” if you dont think dirk belongs in the top ten or at the least top 20

  339. Archer says:

    Probably not yet, but in 2-3 years, he will be. No matter whether he wins a championship or not.

  340. jojo says:

    top ten since 1980
    1. jordan
    2. magic
    3. bird
    4. shaq
    5. the dream
    6. duncan
    7. Kobe
    8. Malone
    9. Isiash thomas
    10. Stockton

    players better then dirk since 1980 sub any of these into the top ten above- Barkley, pippen, paul peirce, kevin garnet, gary payton, dennis rodman, steve nash, jason kidd

    before 1980 oscar robinson, moses malone, bill russel, karem, julis erving

    Dont say that they had better players Dirk has had his far share of good players in the past. He has Jason Kidd not eventhough he is washed up he is still good, he had steve nash as well on his team in his prime. Dirk is as good as Chris Webber. If you think Chris Webber is a top ten player then thats great but it is untrues. I have listed 20 players that are diffenatly better then him, you can argue a bunch but not ten of them. Sorry Dallas fans he is great but no top ten.

  341. Rohan says:

    Id put him in my top 15-20 but top 10 is a stretch unless he wins a couple of chips. Personally Id put him near Malone/Barkley which is right below KG. My list would look like Jordan/Cap/Russell/Wilt/Magic/Bird/Duncan/Shaq/Kobe/Oscar/Hakeem/West/David Robinson/KG/Dirk

  342. Amanda says:

    Dirk is not in the top 10… & Indeed u are forgetting KOBE…. maybe he didnt pull it off this year, But he is still up there. Dirk is only good from the 3 point line. …. nuff said.

    • Paschal says:

      Only the 3 point line?????? Eeeeesh, you watch the games through Laker goggles don’t you?

  343. Eudz says:

    maybe from 11-20 or somewhere from 21-30 but not on the top 10…but he is really good…

  344. BJD says:

    I know a lot of people disagree, but I think the answer is obvious to anyone who has a pretty good grasp of NBA history…Dirk is awesome, but no way is he top ten all time. Sure, his offense is near unstoppable, even at age 32, and he’s got one of the most unique games we’ve ever seen, but just take it decade by decade and you’ll find too many players who should get the nod over Dirk. It’s not all about stats and accolades, nor is it all about rings (Horry’s got 7 but it’d be a joke to call him top 10), you need a combination of both and theres been a lot of players who’ve managed to that.
    It’s tough to come up with a legit top ten, too easy to forget someone, but if i had to give it a go I”d say…
    1. Bill Russell
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Wilt Chamberlain
    4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    5. Magic Johnson
    6. Tim Duncan
    7. Shaquille O’Neal
    8. Kobe Bryant
    9. Larry Bird
    10. Oscar Robertson

    Honorable Mentions: Jerry West, Hakeem Olajuwon, Dirk Nowitzki, Elgin Baylor, George Mikan, John Havlicek, Moses Malone, Karl Malone, Pete Maravich, Bob Cousy

    Like I said, I may have missed some, but I made my choices for the most part based on a combination of the highest levels of team and individual success.

    • LACrossTown says:

      Your list sir is one of the best iv seen listed, thank you for this great and none biased post. Great players in a great ordered list.

  345. mavs fan says:

    if talking about top ten players, we consider their all around performance. I know it hurts to say that Dirk is not in the top 10 because of his DEFENSIVE lapses. but if talking about top 10 OFFENSIVE PLAYERS of the DECADE. Dirk is surely one of them. He is unstoppable. He can score anywhere in the court. And those off-balance shots are wicked sick!!! there are only a number of players who can do that kind of shots. I mean, he does those off-balance shots every game! Wake up dudes! This guy is amazing. I am a big mavs fan but I will say that Dirk is not in the top 10 because of his defensive lapses but no question, he is in the top 10 offensive players of the decade.

  346. Be4Real says:

    Dirk is NO WHERE near Top 10!!! He’s barely top 10 current. In a league where you have Kobe, Lebron, Wade, D. Rose, Dwight Howard, Durant, Melo, P. Gasol (excluding his post season performance this year), Bosh, Stoudemire, not to mention the old heads on the Celtics still active, Dirk ranks somewhere in the middle.

    Carrying your team for a decade doesn’t make you great, it might just mean your team sucks. Dirk is weak, the bench won the series against a deflated Laker team that didnt even show up in Game 4. Anybody who believes the better team won or that Dirk is in the same conversation as Kobe, let alone MJ, Wilt, Magic is either a Laker hater, a MAVS fan, or delusional. All of a sudden, bc the Mavs win the conference semis, Dirk is the best thing since sliced bread? Just last season, he was weak, not aggressive, couldn’t finish, choker…now he’s Top 10 of ALL TIME?!!! Are you kidding me?

    • Raveman says:

      I agree that dirk in the top 10 is unrealistic but your list of current players that are supposedly better than him is absolutely laughable. Melo, Bosh and Stoudemire are overrated ball hogs who have achieved virtually nothing in their NBA careers so far, Gasol is solid but was an absolute nobody before he got traded to the Lakers. Howard, Rose and Durant are talented but are much too young for any comparison to be meaningful. Wade has one championship he won when Shaq was still in his prime and Lebron still has yet to leave his mark on the league in something other than self-marketing and PR-wizardry. I think the only person on your list who can legitimately be considered a notch above Dirk in terms of career achievements at present is Kobe.

      • Be4Real says:

        I didn’t say they were ALL better than him, I said he ranks somewhere in the middle. And the point made abt the younger players is my point. If you give them the 13 yrs Dirk has had vs the 2-6 yrs they have…Dirk will be completely outshined. At 13 yrs, he has too many weaknesses left in his all around game.

        Lebron is arguably the best player in the league. I’m a Lebron hater and even I will admit that. I’m not a fan of Bosh, Melo, or A’mare (neither of the NYK players play defense either and I’m not one to belive Bosh is the superstar Miami calls him), but when you talk abt the best players in the league currently, you have to include them. Wade’s ONE championship (which is more than Dirk has) was against Dirk’s team in his “prime”, You give credit to Dirk for carrying his team…how can you discredit Howard? He is the best offensive AND defensive presence on his team. Led them to the Finals 2 seasons ago at 24 and only 4 yrs in the league. He’s done more for his team in less than half of the time Dirk has had.

        In terms of career accomplishments, Dirk has what? 50+ wins for a decade and ONE finals apperance?

    • DG says:

      haha good points man.

  347. whatever says:

    not a nowitzki fan but seriously…blame him for ’06? come on^^ that was just rediculous reffing! and to be honest…dirk never had that second banana around him in his prime…
    rings should be a part of the decision, but not the main factor!
    and why is everybody talking about how this or that guy changed the game? dirk is a completely new pf…completely unguardable, one out of 5 players to avg 25pts and 10 boards per game in the playoffs and his defense is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be…just ask gasol^^
    and btw…how in the world would/could one decide who is top10 of alltime? basketball has evolved so much that i think a comparison between kobe and west for example is just impossible…
    but dirk in comparison to pf’s of the last 10-15 years? top2…malone obv the 1!
    for all the kg fans out there…never seen a game between dirk and kg where kg didnt get torched

    • whatever says:

      and tim duncan is obv a 5^^

      • Ruben says:

        lol, Nowitzki over Tim Duncan? the greatest PF of all time? 4 titles, 2 mvps, 3 finals mvp, rookie of the year?

        you are trippin’..

        and how come Nowitzki didn’t have his “second” banana? How would you call 2 time MVP Steve Nash? a second banana? i think Dirk was Steve’s 2nd

  348. lance says:

    top 10 or not.. dirk is a one of a kind player. and if the mavs win the championship,.. no more words, dirk is in the top ten of all time. 🙂

  349. Raveman says:

    I think these top 10 of all time lists are pretty pointless just because you really can’t compare the way the game was played in the 50s and 60s to modern NBA basketball. Is it even meaningful to put players like Russell and Mikan into the top 10? I mean sure they were pioneers and dominated in their day, but given the increase in basketball popularity and the size of the general population it’s unlikely that any of the greats from way back in the day would be able to have much of an impact in the modern game. I think if Zach Randolph (not to mention Dirk) had played in the 50s he would probably be considered an NBA legend.

  350. gunslinger1987 says:

    Think most of you don´t come frome Germany. I do and I know what it means to play basketball. I played in a kind of 3rd league here. That means 5 evenings practice and a game on weekends. I don´t get paid for playing on that level. I went to school besides playing basketball. School daoesn´t cares about your basketball game and basketball doesn´t cares about your school grades. So you need a lot of self-discipline to get everything right. There are no school teams which compete with each other. Germany is all about soccer and beeing succsessful with basketball is very difficult and being recognized by the NBA is almost impossible. And if there weren´t Schrempf and Dirk I wouldn´t say almost! There were just 2 Germans in the league history. We talk about one of them. Germany is one of the most powerful industrial nations but in terms of basketball it´s like a developing country. So when Dirk got drafted and scored 7 – 10 ponts per Game it was unbelievable great for every basketball fan here but no one expected that he would be a MVP and a Go to Guy. You got to understand where Dirk comes from and what kind of way he had to put behind him just to get recognized by a NBA Team. Besides that he don´t just made it to the NBA. He started playing with a loosing franchise and gave that team an identity. And to be honest I think Dirk had a lot more to deliver to get the credit and respect by opponents and fans than a James for example. I´m wondering how many people wouldn´t put Dirk in the all-time top ten list because of a missing ring but consider a L.James to be in at the same time. I don´t tell you my opinion if he should be ranked under the top ten cause as I said I am from germany and i´m not sure if i would be objective ebough. But I just told you a little bit what it´s been like playing basketball over here to consider that in further discussions. Don´t get me wrong – of course being recognized by the NBA is also nearly impossible if you play ball inside the USA but especially because of that fact imagine what its like if you play in a country that´s over 7000 miles away and its not even the 2nd most favourite sport without a great and unexampled promotion of young athletes like in the US.

    • pervie says:

      I strongly believed he belongs to the top 10..The comparison of height is the biggest factor that should be consider he belong to the elite top 10. Can u name a 7 footer that is dominantly considered a center position has the accuracy in 3 point shooting or to be conscise has the talent of being a license outside shooter. Give him all the position from center, power forward, guard, he could even bring the ball down the court safely as pointguards do, we cant deny the fact that he is a european but the talent itself could speak on how far the team has reached 11 straight season with 50 plus wins, that speaks alot. Dirk is a certified top ten of all time.

  351. DeShawn says:

    The man is straight amazing, he is the best in the NBA now THE BEST. He gets his numbers every game every single game, one of the best playoff players of all time, What can you say bad about him? He is not a fast man or lacks strength? What center can shoot, has speed, and can play a little defense? None Closest is D.Howard, and C,Frye. But if you want to hate whatever. MJ, MAGIC, ERVING, Dirk, that is how I see it.

    • DG says:

      erving and dirk ???? woah man…calm down. and he DEFINATELY not the best in the league at the moment

  352. MavsForTheTitle says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is an AWESOME shooter, no doubt about that. He’s virtually unguardable. But true, your forgetting about the old-timers. Hey, anybody heard of Kobe Bryant? Hand it to Dirk, he’s a great player. It’s not always about how many titles you win or anything. Dirk was surrounded by ameteur talent. His team’s made it into the playoffs eleven times in a row. They’ve done great, and I’d give them credit. If they can beat LA, I think they have a chance of making it as the NBA Champion. *cough* LeBron *cough* James.

  353. Herr says:

    So let me get this straight. Just because Dirk and the Mavs got past the first two rounds means he’s automatically in the top 10? Anyone that knows basketball knows the Lakers had a laundry list of problems and the Mavs were one of them. The Mavs made open shots, and played a tiny bit of defense. They aren’t even playing the best right now. So, because the Lakers nearly beat themseles by looking like crap the entire playoffs means that Dirk Nowitzki is in the top 10? Could we place Chris Paul there if the Hornets weren’t th worst team in the playoffs? Can we put Brandon Roy there as well since he ignited the Mavs, and the Blazers would likely beat the Lakers as well with how bad they played? What about Zach Randolph. He’s got to be a top 10 player as well.

    Look people, the Lakers played horrible. I’m not trying to knock Dirk, but it’s a complete fluke that his team beat the Lakers. The Lakers were NO WHERE near the team the were last season, or the year before that. They were absolutely NO WHERE near that. ANY team could have beat the Lakers with how awful they played. It had very little to do with the Mavs. They were just in the lucky position to play the Lakers with how bad they were. Memphis would have beat them. OKC would have beat them. Portland and San Antonio was as well.

    The Mavs deserve credit for playing, but let’s not throw all the failures Dirk and the Mavs have had in his 13 years. He has no championship. He’s got one MvP, but was a first round exit that year. They’ve been a 1st round exit 4 of the last 6 years. 1 of those 2 years he got whooped by Denver in the 2nd round. The other year is now, where I’m willing to bet that Memphis will beat OKC and Dallas.

    I’m not willing to throw away 12 years of failure because of one year of overrated success and consider Dirk a top 10 player. He’s far from it. Here’s a list of players better than Dirk.

    Shaq, Kobe, Jordan, Russell, Kareem, Malone, Stockton, Kidd, LeBron, Wade, Duncan. That’s 10. Want to keep going?

    • DG says:

      good points about the lakers. im a lakers fan and im really disappointed with my team. i wish they played like they did last year.

  354. James says:

    Dirk isn’t even top 25 all-time. He’s a fantastic player, but he doesn’t stack up well against true all-time greats. He has had a good playoff run so far but let’s not get ahead of ourselves

    • Guest says:

      Agreed. Top 10 ever? Magic, Bill, Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, Kareem, Wilt, Larry, Oscar, Dr. J, Havlicek, the Logo, Hakeem, Malone, Drexler, Parish, Ewing, Stockton, Baylor, Cousy, Moses, Payton… I know I’m missing a bunch, but I’d put these guys ahead of Dirk. Not to mention guys that will probably get up there someday, Durant, LeBron, Wade, Garnett, Dwight… Dirk is a great player. But top 10 all-time is stretching it to say the least. Top 10 now? Sure. But all-time, I think top 30, like others have stated would be a good goal for him. He should be a Hall-of-Famer for sure. But not in the elite topmost group. I do think many people still underate him because of his lack of championships. But Dominque, Ewing, Stockton, Kidd, Barkley and Malone never won a ring, and they are still rightly considered greats.

  355. dpm says:

    no way, not even close

    no D dirk

    defense wins offense gets the glory

  356. Maybe some day says:

    MJ, Magic, Bird, Chamberlain, Abdul-jabbar, Kobe, Parish, Russell, Maravich, Dr. J…I think Dirk is really really awesome, but not enough. The german forward has no titles, and you need rings to demonstrate your real power and determination to be a top ten in NBA history.

  357. Mark says:

    Dirk is amazing in the series with Lakers, if I just watch that series, I will agree that not much people can compare to him. But please wait until he win the title this year and how he play in next few years, LA was too soft in this series.

  358. steven locs says:

    kobe is on the all time greats.to say he isnt cuz the mav series is retarded the lakers just on the last 2 championships and have been to the finals the last 3 years.to say their finished for losing this year is just stupid.their bench is a huge part of why they lost.dirk is a great player but he is not on that list yet.and dont give me that he didnt have a good enough cast.if your team could win 55 plus for ten years you have a good enough team to win a championship.terry alone is a great player.they just choke in the playoffs even when they were the top seed

  359. Baller says:

    There’s no way Dirk is Top 10. He’s a helluva player, but not Top 10. But Top 10 kinda limits it. There are too many greats. Dirk’s probably Top 50. I’ve watched him. He’s 7 foot and his defense is crap. It’s all about the Celtics.

  360. Asg says:

    1 MJ
    2 BIRD
    3 WILT
    6 MAGIC
    7 KAREEM
    8 ERVING
    10 DIRK


  361. shaun says:

    #1 all time-Wilt!
    Anybody says otherwise has no respect for the history of the game. Wilt might not get the most votes because people my age couldn’t watch him dominate, but the fact is this:they didn’t keep the stats they do now when he played. He probably averaged a triple double, if you include blocks. Plus all his records. I like Dirk, he is a great player, but he is no top 10. That is not meant as a slight against the man, there’s just too much greatness in the past. But if Dirk could have his current team with everyone in their respective primes, he probably would have heavier hands from all the rings. What if Nash had stayed with the Mavs? Dirk would probably not get the accolades he gets now because those two player styles are not compatible. But give Dirk a real dominate power big man and he would have a ring or two. Like, say Dwight Howard…That would be fun to watch.

  362. King4lyfe119 says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is 100% in the top 10 because he is undoubtedly the HARDEST person to guard in the NBA…Kobe gets shut down by some players in the nba..we even saw Lebron get shut down by PAUL PIERCE of all People….KG and Duncan can guard each other…But nobody can guard Dirk Nowitzki….we are talkin about a 7 footer whose droppin 3s..He can handle the ball and score off the dribble…his misture of height shooting ability and speed (for his size) can be matched by very few. DEFINITELY TOP 10

    • Mike says:

      I guess MJ was much easier to guard. Oh yeah Bird and Magic were pretty easy too. If you want to talk about the individual player and not their accomplishment during their career, you have to take them at their peak. Shaq, Kobe, Wilt, Russel, Kareem, Olajuwon, Robinson, James, Iverson even Nash would be better than Dirk.

  363. Bill says:

    I’m a huge Dallas and Dirk fan but even I wouldn’t rank him among the top 10 of all times. He’s probably among the top 10 PFs all time and deserves credit for redefining that position. I don’t think titles should matter so much for making it into the top ten, titles also depend a lot on your team mates. What Nowitzki lacks to make it to the top 10 all time is a better defense throughout the career (he got better esoecially during the sweep) and better rebounding and blocking. Yet, he deserves a title and I hope he gets it this year!

    Also he is definetely in my top 10 of most likeable NBA stars all time.

    • A-drew says:

      @Bill…agreed almost completely, excpet his defense is underated(still not great, but its not bad and has improved greatly) he stopped Gasol and Odom in lakers SWEEP!

  364. pinoy na pinoy says:

    Go Dirk! Go Dallas Mavericks! Make a raining 3 points again on the next round.

  365. Rafa Leles says:

    Look. the 90’s and 2000’s top ten list is a good place for him….Jordan(Jordan), Shaq(monster atack), Hakeen(monster atack n defense king), Kobe(the #2), KG(atack n defense master), Duncan(Perfect player), Malone(the best PF), Dirk(always dangerous inside and outside the paint), Barkley(the lord of strength) and Pippen(he plays w Jordan).

  366. Kangkarot Ski says:


  367. ben says:

    Let me count the ways how Dirk is not even near top 10:
    1.Wilt Chamberlain
    2.Kareem Adbul Jabbar
    3.Shaq Oneal
    4.Magic Johnson
    5.Kobe Bryant
    6.Jerry West
    7.Michael Jordan
    8.Larry Bird
    9.Bill Russel
    10.Hakeem Olujuwan
    11.Tim Duncan
    12.Isiah Thomas

    • _CHEVY_ says:

      that is hilarious. i thought it was very clever.

    • Wondering says:

      Shaq over Michael Jordan? That is a joke, right?

      • Mike says:

        Can’t you see his a mad Lakers fan. I’m a Lakers fan but c’mon man don’t just be popping out names like that. You are doing the exact same thing as Carlisle saying Dirk is a top 10 all-time.

      • Tek says:

        That wasnt a list in order idiots, he was just naming 12 reasons~ @ Ben, hah funny! and true

  368. sofronio senadrin says:

    he was overated by his coach toplace him in thetop ten, remember that he has still has to have the rring. he maybe in the company of charles barkley,karl maone and patrick ewing who still wish for the ring and I think they are better than him thirteen years is a long time gone but patience bear fruit think about clyde drexler and gary payton

  369. CarloDante says:

    1. Russell
    2. Olajuwan
    3. Abdul-Jabar
    4. Jordan
    5. Roberston
    6. West
    7. Johnson
    8. Bryant
    9. Erving
    11. Chamberlain
    12. Frazier
    13. Havlicek
    14. Novitski

    • Mike says:

      So I guess you would go for Dirk over Duncan, Shaq, Robinson, Pippen, oh yeah Garnett, James … I like Dirk a lot but let’s just be real. Top 10, maybe 5 power forward is okay, but we are talking TOP ALL-TIME, that means the players game (offense, defense) and accomplishments (record, awards, rings).

  370. GG says:

    @Jackmouve did you just watch the last mavs – lakers game? Dirk was the best Mavs player in the first 3 games vs lakers.

    Next time, watch the games and then judge who deserves more credit

  371. asdf says:

    sure dirk is outstanding.. but top 10? take a look at the 50 greatest players on the nba list.. and there are names there missing, like kobe, bron, wade, KG, Tim Duncan. Dirk is one of the best today definitely, but all time there’s just too many players better and more accomplished than him.

  372. only for now says:

    anyways, there will be another top ten. whoever makes it to the later rounds!

  373. Christian B says:

    Dirk is one of the top 10 players of all time this year he will win a ring then there will be no question about it!

    • DG says:

      wat are you thinking ?? he will NEVER be in the top 10. he has a hard time MAYBE getting into the top 25

  374. Franco says:

    No way!
    jordan,magic,bird,russel,duncan,kobe,shaq,kareem, chamberlain, thomas, mc hale,barkley,malone, robinson…
    Nowitzky is not even in the picture… after the loss in 2006 and in 2010 he showed he had no guts…
    I hope he redeems himself this year though…

  375. BB4E says:

    I think you can`t compare Dirk to Kareem, Wilt or Magic etc. because the league changed. Shure Wilt was great at his time and nobody could stop him but the level and the intensity of the NBA changed. It`s argueable if Dirk is one of the top 10 players ever but he`s defenitly one of the greatest player of his time.

  376. WOOOOW says:

    Hey I wasn’t around for the Russell, Magic, Bird and even Jordan’s time, so, Yeah, Dirk is definately top-ten, even bordering to top-5, my opinion though. He’s my favorite player so yeah im a bit biased!!! ;P

  377. Gmac says:


  378. Yeah? says:

    My TOP10: MJ, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell, Big O, Kobe, The Dream, West.

    And the other Big men of this decade should be in order like this: Tim–> Shaq–> KG–> Dirk

  379. Eric says:

    The Mavs did NOT sweep the Lakers in the Western Conference finals, there is still a matter of finishing the series between the Grizzlies and Thunder before there can be a Western Conference champion.

    As far as where to rank Dirk, i would rank him in the top-25 of all-time, but not the top 10. I don’t agree with using championship rings as a barometer to measure a player’s talent, Brian Scalabrine has a championship ring but LeBron doesn’t, does that mean Scalabrine is the better player?

  380. Chris Price says:


    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Bill Russell
    3. Magic Johnson
    4. Wilt Chamberlain
    5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    6. Larry Bird
    7. Oscar Robertson
    8. Jerry West
    9. Julius Erving
    10. Kobe Bryant

    Hakeem Olajuwon
    John Havlicek
    Walt Frazier
    Shaquille O’ Neal
    Moses Malone
    Karl Malone
    Pete Maravich
    Dominique Wilkins
    Scottie Pippen
    Tim Duncan

    • james ward says:

      I just don’t understand how people can consistently leave George Mikan and Elgin Baylor off the list of all time greats. Mikan was the Babe Ruth of basketball. Baylor is still the finest small forward of all time. Just because you didn’t see these guys on ESPN?

      • Greg says:

        most people here have hardly heard of mikan, and baylor. those guys are old… well if they have west they SHOULD know baylor xD eh, they just havent been reading their laker history

    • _CHEVY_ says:

      The Dr. does not belong in this list friend. Great player I concede, but Shaq, Duncan and Hakeem all have accomplished more in their time than J.

    • HeatWave says:

      I don’t completly agree but Nice!!

    • Mike says:

      I could disagree with orders on this 20 player list. But it’s clear now that Dirk is not a top 10 all-time. I was thinking of top 20 all-time, but it’s clear that he cannot even be placed into the latter. Even if he was trying to work his way in, you still have: James (who has a great chance of picking up at least 1 ring), Garnett (who has 1 already), Robinson(2 rings, 1 in prime era), Cousy … should I go on??? He even has former and actual teamates bumping him: Nash, Kidd (if he gets 1 ring, Kidd gets 1 also).

      • wow says:

        so u sayin luke walton should be higher than lebron, garnett, kidd, and nash cause he couple rings?

      • wow says:

        im tired of hearin about how many rings a player has cause they didnt play 1on1 for them the teams won them.

  381. aircarlos5 says:

    kobe is not a top ten player in history just look the way he played in the mavs series he did not show up

    • _CHEVY_ says:

      you’re a fool if you dont put Kobe in the top ten. he has accomplished more in his tenure than everyone on the top ten list, save MJ and Kareem. Check the stats. Tim duncan is the best PF in NBA history, easily.

  382. QUEEN LEBRON says:

    Sometimes being great cannot be based from how many championship a player got,All the great players in NBA such as Jordan,Bird,Magic,Russel ,Kobe,Shaq,Duncan etc..won championship because they have great supporting cast,Dirk never got a strong support from all of his career,Do you Jordan could won six championship without Pippen,Grant ,Kukoc,Rodman.Do you Magic could won many championship without Kareem,Worthy,plus other strong support,Even Bird,Russel,Wilt and Duncan.So if Dirk have guys like Jordan,Magic ,Bird had it not difficult to think that Dirk can be one of the top 10 all time

    • Interested Spectator says:

      No great support? Dirk has played with Terry, Nash, Finley, Dampier, Kidd, Marion, Stackhouse, and Juwan and Josh Howard, among others. No slouches.

    • jjjjj says:

      ya seriously, do you not see how stacked Mavs have been the last few years?

      • wow says:

        If u call those teams stacked then u really dont kno basketball, they had a few good consistent guards (terry,j-kidd) and this is the first time they’ve had a productive center since ive been following them.

  383. Abdul Kayani says:

    This is a player whose really hard to guard. He gets his shoot of virtually in any possible way. One leg, two leg, and even a one leg fade away 3. I would put him in the top 15 players

  384. garnett5 says:

    We’re all forgetting here that Karl Malone is the best PF in history. Honestly? Dirk? Maybe top 30.

  385. bball21 says:

    MJ, Magic, Kobe, Kareem, Wilt, Bird, Oscar, Dunkin, Hakeem, Russell, Havlicek are all great players who have each done things nobody else has done as did dirk, the one difference is they all won multiple titles not one multiple.

  386. angela says:

    Dirk is outstanding, unique, versatile, brilliant, determined and……good looking. CONGRATS MAVS!!!!!!!!

  387. Daryl says:

    Im a Mavs fan because of Dirk and he is no doubt an excellent player but the current top 10 players of all time (whoever it may be) is just too good to be knocked off the top 10. Besides, Kobe may even slot into the list.

  388. Kevin Kohen says:

    Dirk is not a top 10 player i mean come on theres atleast 6 players ACTIVELY playing now who are way better than him or will be Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, Lebron, Nash, Kidd , Wade, Shaq -There all better than Dirk and there not even all in top 10 maybe arguably

    • yea rite says:

      Kidd, Nash better than Dirk? How u compare PF & PG? And Garnett & Duncan? Iz u 4 reel? U se how all the other veteran PFs decline with age & now in the playoffs while Dirk still gets better!!

      • Ruben says:

        well, Duncan played 4 years at college, and since entering the league he has played a lot of playoff games, plus the regular season games, that’s a lot of playtime. Garnett is in the league since 95-96, that’s a lot of playtime too.
        Dirk came here with, how much? 18-19 years old? and how much has he done? He hasn’t fought in the paint with the likes of Duncan, Shaq, Howard, Robinson, and others, his body hasn’t suffered enough like Timmy D & Garnett.
        He’s not physical, that’s the reason he has much better endurance right now.

      • Tek says:

        i would take Nash over Dirk any day

      • DG says:

        @ruben. 100% agree

  389. Andy says:

    What a great article! I have been debating lately whether Dirk is the best foreign player in NBA history, which I do believe he is. Hakeem is perhaps the best “foreign-born” player in NBA history, but he got to the USA earlier i his life than Dirk and went to college in the US. He also played for USA Team and won trophies (1996 gold medal). Dirk is Dirk, the best European and foreign player in the history of NBA. He might not get to the top-10 for now, it all boils down on whether he can get a ring this year.

  390. john says:

    dirk isnt top 10 players of all time because of the championships.. maybe 2nd best player all time without a championship?

    • Desmodeus says:

      I’d suggest Malone, Stockton and Ewing are all ahead of him but he’s certainly one of the best never to win a title (well so far anyway).

    • Cameron says:

      Not a chance. Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Lebron James (for now), John Stockton, Elgin Baylor, and Allen Iverson play(ed) in the league.

  391. jjjke says:

    @BLUEPRINT: DUNCAN, that’s for now.

  392. Eastsider says:

    Kevin Garnett is better then Dirk Nowitzki

  393. Relevancy says:

    If he already had say 2 championships I’d say yes…but he definitely needs a couple championships and maybe another MVP to get in that league…

  394. Benjamin Trottier says:

    Are you kidding? He’s not even in top 20…

  395. I think Dirk is one of the greatest player ever to play baskeetball. And YES he is one of the top 10 all time NBA player to me because the way he plays is insane I can honestly say that there is hardly anybody in the world who can guard Dirk, that makes him amazing. He can shoot one leg unbalance fade away shots and I havent seen anybody else who can consistently do that like him which makes him a great shooter and the top 10 of all time. Because of him Mavs has won more than 50 games for a decade and making it to the playoffs. He is just so great.

    • SpursFan says:

      Well so have the Spurs but obviously theres a difference, cuz SA got the rings when DAL doesn’t…

    • wtf ? DIRK top 10 ?? no way... says:

      ok … great shooter , i give you that ,but you know 1 little thing ??? to win games and CHAMPIONSHIPS , you need to defend too… and dirk can´t even guard me when i´m drunk , lol . He´s top 25 for sure , but no way top 10 .

      • Paschal says:

        I’m pretty sure he could handle you easily, and I bet you were drunk when you wrote this.

    • DG says:

      hahaha. this dude is crazy. dont get me wrong but dirk top 10 ???? no….not at all. cant play defense, slow, not aggresive, cant block shots ( and hes 7 ft ).

  396. rfgb says:

    You are kidding me right!!!! Dirk does not belong on the top ten list of alltime, not even close!! I 100% agree with the lists above and could not have done them better. But Dirk is not better then any of the people on that list and probably won’t rank in front of kobe A.I or any of them either!!!

  397. Ismaeel says:

    Definiely not top 10 all-time, but he is an amazing player.

  398. Ruben says:

    no way he’s on the top 10 of all time, not even top 20 i’d say.

  399. Tenki says:

    Oh come on. No disrespect for Dallas, particularly for Dirk, but if he is to be included in the top ten of all time, he should have accomplished more than what he has right now. Heck, Kobe even accomplished more than what Dirk accomplished, and yet some people (including myself) won’t even put him in such high regard, at least as of the moment. Maybe after Kobe hangs his jersey among the rafters. Personally, I don’t like Bryant, but I can’t deny the fact that Bryant has done things of greater magnitude than Dirk has done throughout his career. Please give respect when it is due.

  400. Tdub says:

    Dirk might be the greatst shooter of all time. He can shoot from anywhere in awkward positions. And if he is open he NEVER misses. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen him miss when he has 10 feet of space. Not even kobe is that great a shooter. However, Dirk lacks a very important aspect to his game…. DEFENSE. He is slow footed and not overly athletic which makes him somewhat of a liability on that end of the floor. He is AMAZING…. but not top 10

  401. billy says:

    I’m a Mavs fan, but I think like Magic/Bird, 2 similar physique, 2 amazingly different game-style, it is going to be Duncan/Nowitzki.

    • nbaman says:

      uh kg belongs here plus he has a chip

    • nbeatz says:

      Come on people once agin lets think about this for a second. Bosh is one of the best player in this leaque. Remember Chris is putting up 19 and 8.5 in the regular season as a third option. Dirk was putting together 23 and 7 as the number one option. Lets move Dirk and CB from team to team and see how dirk would do. he would probably put up worse numbers then bosh is now. why. well Dirk doesnt have two other player that can put up 20-30 points on any givin night, he does’nt have any player that would garner a double team. Dirks team over all has WAY better roll players but no true stars.
      Put any….ANY great power forward or center on this team and there stats would drop. Look at Gasol the number 2 option on the lakers in the regular season and put up 18 and 10. On the Heat 14 and 9. Garnett in his days with the T Wolves 23 and 11. If you had him play with Lebrone and Dwade in there prime like bosh does now. He would be a 18 and 10 kind of guy. Duncan in his prime with these two 16 and 10, Karl Malone 20 and 10 instead of 25 and 11. Barkley with these two 17 and 10 instead of 22 and 12. The only big men I see that would sirvife playing with these two player and getting “his own” would be Shaq in his prime….. Why because shaq would have a bigger better more dominate player on that team. Stop saying Bosh is crap he is great. Look at him with the RAPS 22 and 10. Yes his team was crap. But look at Gasols early teams Crap, some of Garnetts teams crap. If bosh was surrounded by the exact same roll players that dirk has or has hade there carrers would have been very simular. Dirk would be the great player on a bad team and bosh would be in the conversation of 10 of all time. geat real….. EVERYONE.

      • DG says:

        good points but dirk is better than bosh. but bosh ( even though hes a little girly ) is still a great player

      • Cameron says:

        Your post is quite possibly the worst I’ve ever read in my life. Your statistics literally come from no where about how other power forwards would do playing with Lebron and Wade. If anything, most of them you listed would score more because of the double teams and attention that have to be given to Wade and James. Bosh simply doesn’t score as easily or as efficiently as Dirk. Lower field goal percentage, lower career and playoff scoring and lower playoff rebounding. And remember, Dirk is 32 years old right now and Bosh is entering his “prime.”

        I’m reading your post again and I can’t get over how ridiculous the second paragraph is. You just basically take all these great players and take their stats down by 5 points and 1 rebound.. Garnett in his prime would make Bosh look like a baby. Bosh literally wouldn’t be able to score more than ten points on him. Same for Barkley, and Barkley would throw 30 points on him. I’m actually disgusted that you would compare him to Duncan, and I need to quit writing now or I’ll type some things I’ll regret.

  402. Joel Woiton says:

    I’m a Mavs and a Dirk fan but I’m also a longtime NBA fan. Dirk is definitely a top-5 player in todays game. But for all-time top 10, no way. His greatest contribution beyond his stats is the acceptance of the Euro player in the league today.

    • Jackmouve says:

      I would even argue top 5 today, Kobe, Lebron, STAT, Garnett, Wade, Duncan, Mellow, Bosh. With Shaq out of commission, there is only ONE top ten all time player playing in the league today. Kobe.

      • Think About it Please says:

        Kobe might be top 15, but I don’t feel top 10. Anyway, my own opinion. However, Dirk is better than Bosh by far, though Bosh has a long time to change that. BTW, its Melo not Mellow.

      • Yao says:

        Carmello and Bosh over Dirk? Bosh as a top 5 (or even top 10 player)? Sorry, that’s just flat wrong.

      • A-drew says:

        @jack…hahaha Bosh? Garnett? mellow? they are all inconsistant players that are slightly over average. Garnett is great but not as great as Dirk. I think Dirk is one of the most underated players ever…and as far as Wade and Lebron, No to wade(also inconsistant but puts up more than average numbers on his good days) and Lebron will be 2nd best all-time, but its to early in his career to rate him in an “all-time” category. Also, Dirk is better than Duncan. You have to compare styles of players…Jordan is best in his style and MJ is best in his..Bird and DIrk draw in their style. If you think flashy styles mean that the player is better, Dirk won’t get your vote because there are only few with Dirks style, which is similar but different from Bird’s. I would put him 13ths overall, but if he wins the championship that will go up to 11th haha.

      • SpursFan says:

        Duncan is a top 10 all time player

      • DallasIAN says:

        Hey, Dirk would definiteley make the Top Ten All-Time FOREIGN players, wouldn’t he? Unfortunately, Shaq is way past his prime and sucks now.

      • Ian says:

        Duncan is a top 10 playing today.

        And there is no way Chris Bosh is a 10 ten player for this current era

      • SpursFan says:

        And Dirk is deff not better than Duncan atleast not all time

      • err yeah... says:

        the only top 10 chris bosh would make is top 10 current Heat or top 10 all time raptor.

      • Colt says:

        Kobe is most definatley NOT top 10 all time. Top 10 Current i’d have to say: Lebron, Duncan, kobe, Dirk, DWade, Howard, KG, Ray Allen, DRose, and u could say KD?
        U could make a case tha players like CP3, Rondo, Melo, Kidd, or Ginobli all belong up there. Which is fine. They’re all great. But plz, dont jump on the Dallas bandwagon just cuz they swept LA (which i was very pleased about). Hell i didnt even think Mavs were gonna make it out of the 1st round, but now i’m sure glad they did! Haha. But i agree w/ Dirk in the top 30… or 40, but most def top 50. No doubt.
        (These r just my opinions btw lol)

      • Dayok says:

        Kobe who is sweeped by Dirk..haha..Kobe the greatest choker..what is their excuse? they have the same line ups,except for their bench..haha.. that’s your #1 player today?cmmon..

      • Tek says:

        I see so many plane Laker/Kobe haters…..but if you take the hate and the bandwagoning out any respectable NBA fan would say kobe is top 10 all time. I know it’s hard to accept because he has squashed your teams hopes and dreams so many times and he’s always in the lime light when your teams or players arent…but i’m sure after he retires you will respect him and find someone new to hate…just like all the jordan haters of the time did

      • DG says:

        anyone who thinks kobe isnt top 10 is plain dumb. he easily makes that list.

      • Earl Jenkins says:

        Why is Bosh on this list? Where is Durant and Dwight Howard

  403. Blueprint says:

    Jordan, Kareem, Bird, Magic, Hakeem, Duncan, Shaq, Russell, Chamberlain, Oscar.
    Tell me which one of those guys Dirk knocks off for his spot in the top 10.

    • Year of the Upset says:

      Yeah that’s how I feel. Dirk is amazing but you can’t knock off the originals. Top 10 of his era though and his position.

    • vk1519 says:

      i think your forgetting kobe.

      • Jackmouve says:

        And I am sorry, but Duncan don’t make my top 10, I would put David Robinson on there before I put Duncan.

      • james ward says:


        You had a very good top 10 list. Would have been a great one if you’d have substituted George Mikan for O’Neal. But you’re probably too young to remember how dominant he was. I would also have substituted Elgin Baylor for Tim Duncan.

      • HeatWave says:

        Yes, he(purposely) forget about him, lol. Kobe is top 10 of his generation. I would never put him above guys that paved the way. Not saying his skills aren’t better but what did he do to change the game like Jordan, Magic, Wilt, West, Bird, Thomas, Kareem and others? Kobe won championships but brought nothing new style wise to the game. As a Jordan replicant he was great to watch, but didn’t change the game, just the Lakers franchise.

      • Blueprint says:

        No, I’m not. I despise Kobe’s flashy yet inefficient style of play and his far too numerous negative effects on his team.
        Don’t even get me started on his personality problems.

      • kobe says:

        kobe cannot win on its own. hes just a jordan wannabe

      • DG says:

        @kobe. Kobe cant win on his own ??? duh!!! but who can?! some ppl just make stupid comments…..

    • Chrisco says:


      • analbumcover says:

        Duncan does not belong on there and neither does Dirk. This is an insult to people who have come before.

      • NBAFan says:

        Haha don’t make me laugh.
        Duncan is (arguably) the best PF of all time. Lead his team to twelve consecutive 50 win seasons. 4 time champion, 2 time MVP, Rookie of the Year, 14 time All NBA team, 14 time All defensive team, 13 time all star, one of the greatest college players of all time, the big fundamental (even if he wasn’t seven foot, he would have been a great player because he had all the fundamentals of the game locked down).
        And to top it all of he done it in a small market, if he was playing in LA, NY, Boston.. etc, he might even be talked about as top 2/3 of all time. IMO he is probably 6/7 on the top 10 list.

        Dirk is a great player. I’d say maybe top 20/25. No one can really guard him because of his size and I’d say he is probably top 5/6 offensive players of all time and arguably one of the most clutch players ever.

      • J-J-G says:

        come on man. duncan was a back-to-back mvp, 4 time champ, 3 time finals MVP, 9 all nba team, 8 all defensive team, college player of the year, and ranked by the SLAM MAG at 8. just saying

      • dball says:


        the insult is not to include Duncan in the top 10 list, just because the guy played for the Spurs a small market team..yeah i agree that Dirk is not in the top 10 but Duncan, just curious who is your top ten??

      • LACrossTown says:

        @analbumcover and anybody eles who doesnt think Duncan is top 10.

        Duncan not in top ten? you must not have followed the NBA for the last decade or so, Tim Duncan is clearly a top 10 player with all he’s done and acomplished in his days of playing. The fact that he did it with a small market team is even more remarkable and it was San Antonio no less. I remember The Spurs sweeping my lakers in 99 when we had kobe AND shaq… i knew then he was going to one of the greats. Give credit where credit is do, just because he dont appeal to you dont mean he aint a top 10 great which he clearly is.
        As for Dirk… as of now, no. If he was to win 3 titles before retiring, maybe. Top 10 of the decade for sure but not all time.
        And for the record, my own Kobe bryant aint a top 10 player as hard is it is to say. Pau Gasol saved us the last two years and THANKFULLY we won our back to back, ill give credit to dallas for the way the man handled us.

    • Nick says:

      Shaq for sure

  404. billjitsu says:

    Dirk is a tremendous talent, and unique in being one of the best-shooting big men of all time. He’s a match-up nightmare against anyone you put him against as he can post up smaller players or play on the perimeter. He almost has to be double-teamed.

    That being said, the lack of a championship hurts him, but not any more than it hurt Barkley.

  405. Year of the Upset says:

    Top ten will have to be broken down into so many different categories to be fair. But to me their are 10 NBA all-time legends who should never be taken out the top ten spots. In no particular order(except Mike, heh heh): Mike, Wilt, West, Bird, Magic, Thomas, Russell, Dr Jay, Kareem, Walt/Hakeem/Robinson/Malone(couldn’t decided)

    • Kevin says:

      I noticed that there are no players from this generation on that list. Players get better as time goes on, not worse. While you probably shouldn`t get all worked up and put Dirk in there, you gotta up-date that list!

    • Cameron says:

      Isaiah Thomas doesn’t belong on the list, and neither does Dr. Jay. You’re silly if you think David Robinson or Walt Frazier are top ten players of all time, and the only Malone that belongs is Moses.

  406. Nick says:

    Dirk is amazing, just plain amazing. As far as big men go, i would say you have to put him right up there with Timmy D and Karl Malone for the best all time at the Power Forward Position. Both of those players are in the argument for top 10 best all time. I cant say how Dirk will rate at the end of his career, but as of right now, if you can put Karl on the list with no championships (God Karl and John got screwed playing while Micheal Jordan was around) then you have to put Dirk right next to him. Its just how it is.

    • No way says:

      Dirk is not in the top ten, just because he is unique, doesn’t mean he is good. Dirk is in top 5 PFs but more like top 30 all time, I mean get real.

      • Jackmouve says:

        Well you need to knock one off for Kobe, that’s for sure. But Dirk don’t get on. Anyone that is as great as they are making this guys out to be should be able to get his team a title, and at the very least, more that one trip to the finals. Also, this guys that wrote this article said the won the conference finals, um, it was just the conference SEMI finals. How does a team win 50 games for that many seasons with such an “unstoppable” player, and not get a title. I’ll tell you, because EVERY YEAR, someone stops him. That’s why he can’t make the top ten. And because he is almost exclusively a jump shooter. Not much in the way of paint presence, shot blocker, defender, and for a 7 footer not even a great rebounder. He doesn’t really handle the rock unless it to get his shot off, so he can’t really be credited with making other players better. But he is a great shooter…or is he. At 7 foot, a GOOD shooter can look great. And as for that series against the Lakers, I think Kidd, Terry and that little midget deserve more credit than Dirk. But alas, it’s Larry Bird all over again. You you say Dirk is a top 10 all-time, that’s saying he is the best player in the league right now. Ummm, NO. He’s not even the best shooter in the league, can I get a Ray Allen. If you are give him top ten for being 7 foot, you have to give Iverson top ten for being 6 foot.

      • Chrisco says:

        @Jack, please don’t comment on Dirk if you don’t actually watch the Mavs….it’s obvious you don’t watch him play by your comments. He scores from everywhere on the court, only in the beginning of his career was he mostly a jump shooter. The last 5 years or so he scores inside, outside, back to the basket, faces up, and never ever gets blocked due to his size and off balanced shots that come from all angles. No one is more impossible to guard in the NBA right now.

        And he is only 1 of 5 players in the history of the NBA to avg. 25pts 11rebs in the playoffs so no one has stopped him. He hasn’t won a championshiop b/c he’s never had the talent around him to win against elite teams…..the fact that his teams always win 50+ and makes it to the playoffs every years shows how much he carries the team.

      • My Name says:

        I agree–definitely not in the Top 10, but I could see him in the Top 30. That’s a good marker for him.

      • A-drew says:

        The reason Dallas hasn’t had a championship isn’t because of Dirk(look at his playoff stats, higher than his Reg season stats). Its because the rest of his team seem to choke. I would say DIrk is close to top 10 but not quite there. I would put him 3rd best in the league today(Kobe and Lebron ahead). When it comes to clutch shooting, he is my number one pick out of any current player, he is ridiculous in 4th quarter ball. As far as “he can’t really be credited with making other players better” he is a ALL-TIME TOP 10 offensive player and gets double teamed constantly which makes other players get shots(AKA making them better). Every year, DIRK doesnt get stopped, his team does(he still puts up 20+ and 10 in playoffs). Obviously this guy has something against Dirk haha…saying he is no good. TO sum it up, Dirk is not top 10 overall(very close) but is TOP 10 in offesive talent. he doesn’t take 20 shots a game, but averages 25+ avr…can get to the free throw more than almost anyone…oh and has an insane amount of and1’s. THe only reason he is not top 10 overall is because of his defense but there is VERY few players that are more present offesively. ps Iverson would rank about 25th

      • misho says:

        to Jackmouve
        I just have one comment
        Dirk is a GREAT shooter … period .
        50% FG 40% 3P 90% FT for like forever … is a damn great and also consistent shooter .

      • Casey says:

        How many players have single handedly taken his team to 11 consecutive 50 win seasons?? Kobe had Shaq, Lamar, Fisher, Gasol. Jordan had Pipen. Ducan has Ginobli, and Parker. Who has Dirk had throughout the years?? Players have come, and players have gone. But the level of play has remained the same. Dirk continues to put up huge numbers, especially in the playoffs. “No Way”, what if Dirk leads them to a title this year?? All glory goes to Jesus by the way.

      • Emigee says:

        Dirk, is in one way unique and he stands out, you say noway but i am sure you can beat him at what he does….i mean its been a decade and over but his game has been consistent…he is good enough to help Dallas reach the finals and even win it. i saw Terry shoot and he reminded me so much of Miller on his games against the knicks….Dirk has what it takes to be top 10 greatest

      • The Rocker says:

        yeah his defense sucks

      • wallocaust says:

        this is some of the most illitirate insensative crap ive ever written go back to grade school billy madison and learn english this time, you sound like a fool. Dirk has been excellent and i doubt some idiot like you even understands the game of basketball go back to being a fan of hop scotch,

      • DG says:

        @jack. you made some good points there but he still very amazing

    • dmontani says:

      dirk is top 30 maybe 40 at best…the celtics top 10 alone are all better than dirk

      • not stupid like him ^ says:

        The celtics have had some amazing players, but your obviously a celtic fan and don’t watch the mavs. Dirk has played at an amazingly high level for YEARS, he can hit shots from just about anywhere, and his play-off numbers are insane.
        Don’t comment uless u know what ur talking about, and I’ll admit Dirk might not be in the top ten, but he’s WAY better than 30th or 40th.

      • Anthony says:

        Dirk is a great player but he does not have an affect on the defensive end thats why he hasnt won a championship or only been there once. If you look at it he just need more defensive minded players around him. Kobe, Timmy D, Jordan even Bird and Magic played tough defense and thats why they have rings to show for it. Dirk is not that type of player so you can only hope his teammates can do the dirty work like they are now with Chandler, Kidd and the rest of the Mavs and maybe a ring will come soon.

      • dmontani says:

        you dont need to watch the mavs to agree with me, dirk is barely in the top ten at his position all time if hes even that high…

    • George_the_greek says:

      Dirk is NOT top 10. Get that in your heads! Do you even know what it takes to make the top 10? It takes a great impact and change on the game. Mike, Magic, Jabbar, Chamberlain , Mikan, Duncan, Karl Malone , Shaq, Bird and Kobe. These are the players that had a huge impact to the entire league, CHANGING THE HISTORY. Dirk has only won an MVP and gone to the finals once. FOR GOD’S SAKE WADE THRASED THE MAVS BY HIMSELF WHY DOESN’T ANYONE MENTION HIM FOR THE TOP 10??? Just because the Mavs swept the Lakers doesn’t mean Dirk (Who wasn’t anything unreal to deserve such attention) is one of the best ever.

    • Greg says:

      jesus, i love how its 36% that dirk is in the top 10 while no and maybe are bot at 32% xD this is hilarious. first off, kobe is way better than him, and some people don’t even put KOBE in the top 10. dirk is top 30, maybe top 40. not even close to top 20. get real rick carlisle

      • ro says:

        There’s a high percentage who says yes because non-Dirk fans don’t give a crap about reading any article about Mavs or Dirk. If they are reading, they’re not voting because they’re too busy laughing at how high they rank him. Goodness, how can you be top 10 ever if he’s not even top 10 in today’s nba?

      • Ron G says:

        man I realize the only reason you all have heard of this guy is simply because of the playoffs. This big guy has heart and can make shots from anywhere. Last december the Mavericks paid to bring wounded Soldiers up for a game against the Jazz and we sat court side. I was right under the goal post and watched him make amazing shots in that game. ok maybe not top 10 but definately top 25.

      • LOL! Kobe is better than Dirk. Yeah, Kobe is better than Dirk as long as he’s surrounded by Shaq and Gasol. When Shaq left Kobe lead the Lakers straight into a hole and they missed the playoffs for only the 5th time in Laker history. This past series when Dirk and the only quality center Dirk has ever played with picked Gasol and Bynum apart, Kobe did nothing. He did so little he couldn’t even fake an injury.

        When Kobe takes 25+ shots a game, the Lakers win 53% of the time. When he takes 30+ shots a game, they only win 48% of the time. When Dirk takes 25+ shots, his team wins 65% of the time. Kobe has taken 25+ shots per game over 250 times. That more than three complete seasons of bricks.

        Kobe is 37 of 117 in the last 24 second when his team is down by 3 points or less. 31%

        Dirk is 27 of 67 under the same circumstances. 38+% The league average is 28%.

        Kobe missed 80 shots and Dirk hasn’t even taken 80.

        Dirk is 51.5% in the 4th quarter. Kobe is less than 40%

        Dirk has 13 30+ point playoff elimination game performances. Only one other player in the history of the NBA has more.

        Kobe’s last two elimination game performances saw him score 23 and 17 points.

        Dirk took over in the fourth quarter of game 1 and game 3 of this past series.

        Kobe was nowhere to be seen and scored 4 point in the fourth quarter of game 3

        I could go on and on, because Kobe is nothing but a myth. All of his fake ankle injuries are myths (Dirk sprains his ankle and keeps playing and no one ever says a word), all of his hype is BS, and as soon as he’s not surrounded by quality players he folds.

        Let Kobe play with Shawn Bradley and Eric Dampier and see how much he does. If he ever had to do that he may have had to change his name to Kobe McGrady.

        Kobe is better than a lot of players but Dirk isn’t one of them.

        People try to say Gasol is better than Dirk but as soon as his girlfriend gives him the silent treatment, he starts playing like a girl.

        Two years ago the FBI raided Dirks house, arrested his girlfriend, threw her in prison and Dirk averaged 35 and 12 while all of that was going on.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Ha, yeah. Fake ankle injuries. Good one. Did you watch him fall on his ankle in Dallas in the regular season? That was the worst sprain I have ever seen yet he came back out and played.
        For you to say that just totally makes all of your points not worth reading.

      • Adrew says:

        @micheal jordan…..very well said!!! The thing is with 80% of these posters is they are so media-affected that they make some players out to be better than they are. Stats are the truth! And people, ignore Kobes stats when he had no other star on the team…If Dirk Shot the amount of shots that Kobe or other current and past all-stars shot(with exceptions) he would average 30points a game. Flashy players get the Media and the band-wagons riders, and Dirk is not a flashy player but he is an All-star and definietly top 20(in my eyes top 30 players can all be rearranged into different placements depending on whos doing the ranking.). There is not very many players in history as clutch as he is in 4th quarters and also as IMPOSSIBLE to guard with a single defender. In playoffs his stats are even better than reg season and for everyone saying he can’t be great because he doesn’t have a title, GET SERIOUS!!! it takes a team to win a title, Jordan could not have done it without his team and Kobe couldn’t do it with out his(proven when he had no one after Shaq left…remember that Kobe fans?? how the Lakers didn’t make playoffs, when Kobe was in his prime,,..OH YA!!
        I bet if you ask the great players that have played against Dirk, they will tell you how GREAT he is! not top 10 but DEF top 20!

    • Cameron says:

      You have to forget about a lot of big men and players in general to call Dirk one of the top ten, or even top twenty of all time.
      Bill Russell
      Kareem Abdul Jabbar
      Wilt Chamberlain
      Hakeem Olajuwon
      Moses Malone
      Bill Walton
      Tim Duncan
      David Robinson

      To me, the only ones on this list you can even make an argument for Dirk being greater than are David Robinson and Bill Walton. That leaves him at 7th best after just the centers, but lets look at the power forwards.

      Malone and Barkley’s peaks are so much better than anything Dirk has ever done, and neither of them are top 10 players. Garnett in his best years was completely unstoppable and the best defensive power forward of all time while holding a terrible team. To be fair, there are more guards and small forwards that he doesn’t possibly get over either.
      Michael Jordan
      Magic Johnson
      Larry Bird
      Kobe Bryant
      Oscar Robertson
      John Havlicek
      Jerry West
      Elgin Baylor
      And more that I’m not remembering right now. The point is, that Rick Carlisle is wrong.

      • Sbinner says:

        Tim Duncan top ten? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

      • boomshanka says:


        Tim Duncan has won 4 titles, 2 MVPs and 3 Finals MVPs. He’s clearly one of the best ever.

      • DN41 says:

        I guess this guy never watched dirk vs garnet games….

      • dball says:

        @Sbinner, yes Tim Duncan is on the Top 10 list, you have to be insane not to include him, lets put this into perspective, do you know any power forward other than Duncan who has 4 titles?? its ok ill wait. not Garnett (1 title) , Webber, Malone, Barkley, Nowitski, (yeah Dennis Rodman but would you put him in the top 10??)what ur excuse?? they got beaten by memphis during 2011 playoffs, or maybe you just started watching the NBA??

    • Adam says:

      I agree. You have to look at what Dirk has done for the big man postion. He’s one of a kind, a 7 footer who can make it from anywhere, AND has a post game that you could say rival’s Tim Ducan’s. His consitent scoring and his ablity to lead the mavs for the last 10ish years make him one of the greatest. People claim Kobe is better, but he’s had allot more help out in L.A. then Dirk got in Dallas. He never had Paul Gasol, or Shaq, or Derek Fisher, or any of the other players that have helped Kobe do so much. Dirk has been as good a player as Kobe while carrying a team to 50 wins year after year with not much help until this season. People get on to him about the finals in ’06, but they conviently forget he averaged 27 points and 11 rebounds a game during the playoffs that year. I hardly think that qualifies him to be the scapegoat.

      • Cameron says:

        Shut your face, he’s played with players just as good as everyone Kobe has except for Shaq.

      • cdawg says:

        ummm jason kidd? steve nash? two of the best dishers in history to help him out a bit…..

      • DG says:

        dirk comes nowhere near kobe. wat is this kid thinking ? @cdawg good point.

      • Dirk is one of the best ever says:

        Dirk is my favorite player in the league and even I would say he is out of the top ten in overall players but you idiots who say he isnt even top 10 on pf’s are crazy and you must have not been watchin basketball over the past ten yrs… every part of dirks game that has been critisized he has improved on in the following season remember the way 2 stop dirk was put a smaller physical defender on him n he gets rattled do that sh*t now he’ll torch em for 30… I may be bias but seriously name 10 pf’s better than dirk and did more with less his supporting cast has always been subpar, Finley, Nash(b4 pheonix), josh howard, devin harris, 4 god sakes he had 2 play with shawn bradley and eric dampier as starting big men come on if any one says he’s had help over the yrs doesnt kno basketball @ all

    • Not now? says:

      Dirk is Killing it ATM. Thats why this conversation is a bit biased. We should have this conversation when all their careers are over and done.

    • mjames says:

      great shooter, no question. great player, i disagree. at 7 foot, he doesnt rebound any better than other big guys, half his rebounds are defensive boards that everyone runs away from, leaving him uncontested. defense, average at best. ill happily admit he is highly influential to the mavs and deserves a lot of credit, but top 10 is pushing it.

      • GMAN says:

        His offensive rebounds are misleading because he is a great shooter. He plays more out on the court not under the basket like Tim or other big men.. If you watch basketball thats where most offensive rebounds take place. I will Say this Dirk has played some good D in the playoffs this year!! Ask Pau what he thinks

    • Tek says:

      THIS IS NOT WWE OR UFC! Really?? you knock off the champs because they were having a rough time this year and all of the sudden your star player thinks he’s a top 10 all time great?! gimme a break. Dirk is good and a great player off his time…but a great of all time i don’t think so. and top 10?! hahahaha yeah that’s how i rank it
      5.Kareem (Random list)
      6. Russel

    • Eric says:

      Dirk can’t be top 10 greatest of all time it’s not even close… it’s hard to say since his career aint over yet, but i’d predict he’d be in the 15-40 range. I mean some names names that weren’t mentioned who are also going to be considered better.. Clyde Drexer… Domique Wilkins… Patrick Ewing… hell I’d even put Reggie Miller over Dirk… I mean when it’s top 10 all time.. that means everyone who’s ever played for this league… maybe his position..

      but it doesn’t matter i’m sure he’s fine with being the number 1 international player to ever play in the league… but yeah rick carlise is very happy he has a job, obviously too excited… he’ll just ripped for that comment i’m sure on ESPN.

    • Goatee says:

      Lets not talk about this until the season is over shall we? Karl Malone maybe the best power forward in league history with Tim Duncan because malone is second only to Jabbar in the all time scorers list. Malone is even higher than Jordan. Without any championships and without any of the important individual achievements Nowitzki is far off the top ten all time. If the mavs wins a championship this season, then nowitzki shots up the power forward ladder all time, he may even best the likes of barkley and KG, if that is even thinkable. But the top ten all time, Nowitzki is too far off. Too many names on that list.

    • Kurt says:

      Dirk is in no way a top ten player in NBA history. You can’t say he’s had no help, he’s got Kidd now that’s got over 100+ triple-doubles, he also had Nash. You can’t say his team chocks and that’s why he hasn’t got a championship, he was the one that missed the free throw in 2006 finals. It was only Wades third year and he single handedly beat the Mavs. Dirk is all O and no D you MUST be an alround player to even come close to top 10 all time, it’s not as though MJ and Wilt were just O. He’s a clear hall of famer and top 50 pleyer but to put him in the top ten with no ring and one MVP is just a joke.

      NBA Most Valuable Player (2007)
      10× NBA All-Star (2002–2011)
      4× All-NBA First Team (2005–2007, 2009)
      4× All-NBA Second Team (2002–2003, 2008, 2010)
      2× All-NBA Third Team (2001, 2004)
      NBA Three-Point Shootout Champion (2006)

      That’s everything Drik has done in the NBA.

      2× NBA Most Valuable Player (2009–2010)
      NBA Rookie of the Year (2004)
      7× NBA All-Star (2005–2011)
      NBA Scoring Champion (2008)
      4× All-NBA First Team (2006, 2008–2010)
      2× All-NBA Second Team (2005, 2007)
      3× All-Defensive First Team (2009–2011)
      NBA All-Rookie First Team (2004)
      2× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2006, 2008)

      Now that’s what LeBron James has done in the NBA. Now Dirk’s been around for longer and has accomplished less. You say Dirk has had no help, I believe hes had a bit not a hell of a lot but has had some. LeBron has had none at all and yet LeBron’s still done more then him.

      2× NBA Champion (1967, 1972)
      4× NBA Most Valuable Player (1960, 1966–1968)
      NBA Finals MVP (1972)
      7× All-NBA First Team (1960–1962, 1964, 1966–1968)
      2× All-NBA Second Team (1963, 1966, 1972)
      2× NBA All-Defensive First Team (1972–1973)
      NBA All-Star Game MVP (1960)
      13× NBA All-Star (1960–1969, 1971–1973)
      7× NBA scoring champion (1960–1966)
      11× NBA rebounding champion (1960–1963, 1966–1969, 1971–1973)
      NBA Rookie of the Year (1960)

      That’s what Wilt Chamberlain accomplished now he’s a top ten player, Dirk, he’s not even close. I’m a 16 year old kid that lives in Australia and I know more then you fools.

      • Pen15 says:

        No one cares that you’re 15. Wikipedia facts don’t make you smart, even though you raise valid points.