Terrific twosome is gruesome for Celts

MIAMI — For the sake of this story, we will airbrush Chris Bosh from the picture. Just to make an argument. Nothing personal to Bosh, but the Miami-Boston series is really about a Terrific Two, as in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. And, as in 2-0, Miami’s lead on Boston.

Their harmony and chemistry really is something to behold. The way they connect on the floor, and their knowledge of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and tendencies makes you surprised that they’ve only played 83 games together (not counting USA Basketball). They appear to be basketball twin brothers.

“Well, we go back, even before this season,” said Wade. “When we played them, I’d go to Cleveland to his house. We got criticized for that. Back in the day, the Lakers didn’t do that. Boston didn’t do that. Well, today, obviously that worked because we’re here together. We started this bond eight years ago.”

They even conduct interviews together, sometimes answering questions meant for the other. That’s not to say Wade and LeBron always connect. They insist they’re not afraid to take issue with each other.

Wade: “He’ll get on me when I’m not doing something right, and I’m not afraid to get on him. When we’re away from the court, we speak conversational. When we’re on the court, sometimes it’s heat of the moment. It’s like a different tone.”

LeBron: “And it’s a different language.”

Let’s just say, however, they understand each other perfectly right now. Wade scored 38 points in the Game 1 win over Boston. LeBron had 35 in Game 2. And it’s not just points. It’s starting and finishing the break, playing defense (LeBron’s block on Kevin Garnett in Game 2 was monster) and setting up teammates.

LeBron and Wade, quite simply, are the best tandem in the postseason right now. The difference between them and others? There’s no leader and sidekick. They work as one. LeBron is averaging 25.4 ppg in the playoffs to Wade’s 25.3 ppg. The rebounding: 9.4 to 7.3, assists 5.4 to 4.9, all impressive given the amount of defensive attention paid to both.

The Terrific Two’s chemistry and dominance is what the Heat had in mind when that whole “Decision” thing went down last summer, writes Yahoo.com’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

Everyone else feared this is how it would play with James and Wade together. Privately, the Celtics prayed they would have one more season until these two stars learned to play without the ball, learned to defend every trip, learned to give of themselves for the greater good of championship basketball.

“That is the vision I had during the free-agent period when I decided to come here,” James said. “It’s all coming together at the right time.”

This has been jarring for the Celtics. The Heat are beating them in the way the Celtics used to beat everyone else: smart, efficient offense in the fourth quarter, with the ball in the hands of their best players; and suffocating, unrelenting defense that takes away an opponent’s best players. The Heat’s will is unmistakable and their belief is brimming. They’re younger, stronger, and they smelled blood in the shimmering green waters on Biscayne Bay.

Not to dismiss the Bulls and Mavericks, but the shotgun rider for Dirk Nowitzki and Derrick Rose seems to change from game to game, and nobody on those teams are close to being the equal of those players. So where do the other standout 1-2 punches in the postseason rank? Here’s our take:

2. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City: Second to LeBron-Wade on the funky scale. But it’s close. They’re averaging 56 points but don’t create as much defensive chaos as ‘Bron-Wade. After getting happy with the ball in the first round, Westbrook needed to be reminded he’s the Scottie Pippen to Durant’s Michael Jordan in this picture.

But as our own Fran Blinebury points out, the key to the Thunder’s success always seems to lie with Westbrook:

If the youthful Thunder are going to fulfill their forecasted destiny and win a championship or six, it will be the splendid splinter of Kevin Durant who does the heavy lifting with his ethereal moves and sweet shooting touch.But for the Thunder to tip-toe through the minefield that is the NBA playoffs, it is Westbrook who is supposed to lead them along the safe path.

3. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, L.A. Lakers: Their body of work, obviously, is superior, because they’ve got the championships. Something’s missing this spring, however, and the locals have taken notice. As Mark Heisler of the Los Angeles Times points out, are things really OK in L.A.?:

It’s getting very near the end for them, too. . . .

If Kobe Bryant and the act you’ve known for all these years have another title run in them remains to be seen.

Happily for the Lakers, they’re no longer looking at beating any great teams in the West.

Unhappily for the Lakers, they have yet to show they’re better, or as good as, Dallas, Memphis or Oklahoma City now.

Kobe has sent a handful of glares in Gasol’s direction that could melt metal. Maybe it has something to do with Gasol’s 43 percent shooting and seven rebounds a night?

4. Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, Atlanta: In tense moments of games, there’s no guessing about where the ball’s going on the Hawks. Johnson and Crawford trust each other enough that there’s no tug-of-war. Johnson in particular is making up for sub-par playoff performances in the past, and served notice to the Bulls with 34 points in Game 1. Crawford often takes crazy shots until you notice he tends to make them.

The Johnson-Crawford combo is giving the Hawks the confidence they often lacked in playoffs past. Our main main Michael Wallace of ESPN.com explains:

“We know we can beat any team in this league, regardless if we’re home or away,” Johnson said. “Anything is possible. This playoffs has shown that. It’s probably more pressure on them, considering the fact that we’ve come in here, won Game 1 and really turned the tables as far as home court. All we have to do is come out and play and have fun. So there’s no pressure on us. We’re still the underdogs.”

But these Hawks want to show the league that they have a bit more bite these days than the Atlanta teams that were swept in the conference semifinals each of the past two postseasons.

“We’re more confident because we understand we can take a team’s best punch and come back from that,” guard Jamal Crawford said. “I think last year, when we took a punch, it was over with. Now, we counter from that and get even stronger.”

5. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, Memphis: Nobody brings a more punishing 1-2 inside punch than two players who made Tim Duncan look very old. Without Rudy Gay‘s scoring, Memphis must get the max from two guys averaging 21 rebounds, and certainly more than what they gave in the Game 2 loss to Oklahoma City, writes our good friend Geoff Calkins of The Commercial Appeal:

Everything that went right for the Grizzlies in Game 1 went wrong for them in Game 2, and let us count the ways:

3. Post play: In Game 1, Randolph and Marc Gasol combined for 54 points and 23 rebounds. In Game 2, they combined for 28 points and 19 rebounds.

In many ways, Randolph was the night in miniature, though that could be the wrong word when we’re talking about Zach. After Game 1, everybody was bowing before Randolph. He was finally getting the props he so richly deserves. Kevin Durant called him the best power forward in the league. Randolph — and this may have been his karmic error — said he thought that Durant was right. Then he said that Thunder center Kendrick Perkins can’t guard him, that all he can do is foul.

So what happened? Randolph came out and missed the same sort of fade-away jumper he had made all day long in Game 1. Then he missed a longer jumper, one he probably shouldn’t have taken. He finished just 2 of 13 from the field as the Thunder outscored the Grizzlies in the paint, 38-34.


  1. Joko says:

    Whoa! Hold on there. All Miami did was hold serve. Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. We haven’t seen how Miami will play at Boston. You posters are getting the cart before the horse. Playoffs are far from over. It’s not like where the Mavs have gone in and taken the first two games from L.A. at L.A. All Heat did was win at home like they were supposed to do. Let’s let this series play out. If we get too excited about home wins, we are just setting ourselves up for a fall if/when Boston wins their home games. Should be fun to watch.

  2. Zenun says:

    to Jmoon:like i said it is a pathetic excuse its a childish reason!boston have done well this season with out Perkins and also they have beaten NY 4-0 which is a pretty good team(sorry knicks) which i think proves that there is no chemistry issue within celtics.If you think we don’t get it well what we think is that you can’t just accept the fact that miami was the better team this past 2 games

  3. celtics fan says:

    haha all you heat fans need to calm down…they protected home court…right? takes 4 wins not 2 dont get too excited yet..ya they outplayed us..ive watched every celts game and game 1 was one of the worst and only lost by 9…celts start playing good and they will take 2 at home and protect their home court…whoeever said sweep is a fool who knows nothing about the celtics or playoff basketball..miami did what they were supposed to do….now its the celts turn..

  4. Fan says:

    Hey Heat fans listen up! shaq is back! The celts are gonna take the next two in Boston! don’t celebrate yet!

  5. Attorney says:

    that’s what im thinking bob.. hahahaha.

    the miami heat is like a hot rod… the defense and offense is superb!

  6. 1976 says:

    Danny Ainge – The stupidest move by an executive ever.

    Cya in 7-10 years Boston, when a new wave of players pile in.

  7. bob says:

    I BLAME THE referee the heat bribed them a milion dollars

  8. klipster says:

    miami is great but boston will win the game 3 and game 4.. why?? simply because the call will be on the boston side right now. james jones must be called for a flagrant foul. thrown out in the game no techs for pierce becuase when you get hurt but the referee called a flagrant foul against the one who hurt you your frustration will not emerged so pierce will never got to confront james jones if the flagrant foul is called immediately. lebron block kg are you rejoicing that.. could you please replay that thing more often and use your knowledge in basketball lebron pull down kg in his chest downward and then swipe the ball.. that was very hard and clear contact with lebron and plus in boston court the offensive foul that d wade and lebron is making in game 1 and game 2 will be noticed in boston court.

    • Red Sun IX says:

      wow once again with excuses. Seriously, everything is subjective. Im tired of people crying foul when there team gets touched and then they want to call nothing when the other team is fouled. @klipster, lets suppose you actually had a point. You mentioned Two scenarios in which you thought the Celtics were robbed. In watching those two games i hardly doubt If that AWESOME Lebron block on KG and the (Yes ill agree with you On james Jones foul should have been flagrant) James jones flagrant no call would have changed the outcome of the games. Celtics were outplayed both games. Enough Excuses

  9. HeatFan!!!!!! Before Lebron or Wade says:

    i forgot to say boston although you guys have a chance to comeback u guys are still down 0-2 so show respect cause no one gave the heat a chance but we’re here and showin boston why we deserve to be here.

  10. HeatFan!!!!!! Before Lebron or Wade says:

    After goin thru the comments im tired of all the boston and heat fans. although im glad we’re up 2-0 the series is far from over boston is a veteran team who not let 2 Road loses get to them. The series starts saturday when we go to boston and if we pull off a win there then boston should. Just to refresh everyones memory i remember a team down 0-2 in the finals and came back to win four straight (HEAT) so heat fans dont get to cocky we still need to win on the road. Also dont forget its still a long way raod to the championship. Still go heat i say we get it in 6.

  11. Tenki says:

    @naftali arik:

    Dr. J-Moses Malone is pretty cool! I like that choice!

  12. Heatfan says:

    I am so sick and tired of putting Miami off to win the championship. The first game against Boston made a run where they blew it. Game 2 boston dominated the 3rd and with 7 min left in the 4th they tied it up and blew it. If u have watched the games that has been played Miami has out done Boston. Like i told everyone all this yr Miami is the team to beat not the Boston Celtics. Regular season is Regular season. Playoff is Playoffs. Wade and James are in the mode. Just face it people Miami will win in 5 games. Old Blue Print vs. New Blue Print. As u can see now how people say bosh is important what has CB been doin playing defense and when his shots are there He will take them. Bosh don’t have to take that much shot when Wade and James are in the playoff mode just play defense and take the shots that comes to u. Miami is where they want to be not cocky not stubborn but Confident Game 3 Saturday Boston has to win. Let’s go Heats

  13. Witness says:


  14. Hardhat Lunchpail says:

    It’s nice to see so many Miami fans claiming “GREATEST TEAM EVAR!!!one!!!eleventy-one!!!” now and confident that they can cruise to the championship without any resistance whatsoever when they were calling for Spolestra’s head on a spike when they were on a losing streak during the season. It’s easy to be cocky when your team’s doing well isn’t it? But I hope for Miami’s sake that they don’t get as cocky as some of their fans or they’ll learn the hard way winning the conference finals and especially the finals is not an easy task.

    • Red Sun IX says:

      @Hardhat Lunchpail, i dont kno where you’ve been but thats how sports work. When a team is losing and under-achieving, people (within the organization and fans) desperatly try to find out why. I personally didnt think Spoelstra should have been fired and am glad to see him still at the helm of the Miami Heat.
      But guess what bro, when your team is winning and looks like a real force to win it all, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with cheering them on. does having confidence in your team make you cocky?

      also im a Miami Heat fan and i wont be done holding my breath until they actually hoist up that trophy… (that means opposite of cocky)

  15. LBJ rocks! says:

    if not for Rondo, all you Celtics fans will be shouting for other teams. Rondo makes the plays, make the big three play.

  16. LBJ rocks! says:

    I remembered, some Celtics fan here that once said before the playoffs started, that the Last match that happened between Boston and Miami was nothing. that Miami won on a big margin was not that important because he simply didnt know what Miami and Boston fight over with that last match before the Playoffs starts. It’s the homecourt advantage dude!

    Lebron and Wade to the finals. You are all witnesses.

  17. WOW! says:

    hahahaha! too early too predict, bandwagoners and f’kin haters, boston’s better at home court, when times like this it will be mind games from these two teams, see what DW3 did to PP34? He know’s PP34 has already one tech, so the mindset is PP34 being ejected for having two techs. But game 2 was just purely dominating, i mean, they were all tied at 80-80, then boom, flushes BOSTON’s hopes for a series tie. A 14-0 or 12-0 RUN by the HEAT!! F’kin pure defense!!! Yeah, all must be mind games, both teams must REALLY, REALLY, hate each other!!! hahahahaah! THIS ISN’T A SERIES YET UNTIL THE OTHER WINS ON THE ROAD!!! – remember the caps!!

  18. naftali arik says:

    Dr J and Moses Malone?
    Wilt and Hal Greer?

    But I think Wade-Bron will outshine all of them; we need to revisit this after 4 or 5 years.

  19. The Real Miami Fan!!! D-WADE ALL DAYYYY!!!! says:

    To quiet everybody first off..

    Boston made a bad move to trade Perkins. It doesn’t matter whether he played good or not
    Perkins presence still had an effect on their opponents. Right now Boston has no big man and
    thats killing them.


    Their “BIG THREE” cant stop Miami BIG THREE!!! Why???
    Because Lebron is too quick and strong for Pierce!!!
    D-Wade defense is unstoppable and once you get him in penetration he is scoring on Ray Ray!!!
    Chris Bosh is cleaning the boards over Garnett!!!


    Boston is getting old just like the lakers… They don’t have it anymore. They are just tired.
    Miami has exposed there defense in these two games. Both are playing good basketball. But Boston just
    making the simple mistakes and Miami is taking advantage of it. Miami is doing what Boston used to do. And
    Boston doesn’t know how to stop it.

    Miami will win in five. Boston will get one win at home since their court. And Miami will get a win
    at Boston and go back home and finish the series in Game 5. And once you get Wade and Lebron
    in the open court their is no stopping them. You either foul them or just let them score.

    Miami all day!!! They are team to beat in this postseason!!!

  20. RESpect?? says:

    so someone is basically saying other team fans can disrespect heat

    and the heat fans cannot disrespect others?? epic fail

    i remember someone saying spurs, magic is going to win the finals…

    no disrespect but where are they? i cant see them as of now..

    commenting about disrespect of heat fans. what a shame look at others first.

  21. moneyball says:

    LBJ & dwade is the best duo in the league today.

  22. jWaAmDeEs says:

    the C’ never been in the bottom of the barrel before like the heat, losing 8 of their 9 games with high expectations on them…and yeah playing on that Cleveland crowd. I think the Heatles are mentally ready…bron, dwade and cb…be the three musketeers and win or lose and be the three stooges.

  23. Tenki says:

    I’m sorry, I forgot to include a ceiling, which would be 18 points.

  24. Tenki says:


    You make a clown out of yourself with such statements. Miami put Wad on Bryant all season long, and the prettiest shot Bryant made against Wade is that fluke three pointer in LA. I guarantee you that IF LA makes it to the Finals while Miami waits for them, Kobe will average at least 15 points against Wade. Any Kobe fans willing to make a bet out of it?

  25. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    Pls stop mentioning the LAKERS coz they’re falling,,0-2 against the MAVS in their HOMECOURT its a magic if they can come back and win the series they don’t have CHAMBERLAIN, MJOHNSON and MJ..

    C’S fans disappeared, its a sign of SURRENDER?

    Will lets give them a credit it’s 2-0 in our HOME, but if MIAMI wins either game3 or 4 the C’s are done meaning C’s fans are a bunch of idiots throwing their predictions that bounced to their faces..



  26. Mchievous says:




  27. Josh O'Brien says:

    And where is manu ginobli and tony parker… BAM

  28. JR says:

    The Celtics simply aren’t at full strength. It’s unfortunate but in their physical condition they cannot compete with this Heat team.

  29. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    There is no reason for the Celtic fans to blame the Perkins trade. The aging Boston Celtics just wants to speed up their pace and yet they seem to slowdown. Even if they don’t have Perkins, they still have Big Baby Glen Davis. It’s just that the Boston players are struggling physically and mentally right now while the Heat is on fire. Good luck to both teams. MIAMI HEAT in 6 games.

    • Law064 says:

      I agree Whitehotheat I’m a Boston fan and the Perkins trade has nothing to do with this series. The Heat are just out playing Boston those 1st 2 games. Someone mentioned that they are struggling to score not to defend. Boston can live with Wade 30 or James 30 but they have to score and force someone other than Wade or James to make shots. Boston can still get back in this series but lack of effort will send them fishing early. Let’s go Boston get back in this series 1 win will give them some momentum.

    • JMoon says:

      You guys totally don’t get it, do you? I know Perkins was out pretty much all season for the Celts. It wasn’t just him leaving — it was messing up their chemistry, messing up Rondo, bringing in Green and Krstic (not Celtics basketball players by a long shot) and removing depth. I watchd the C’s before the trade and even when Perkins wasn’t active, they COULD NOT E BEATEN when they played their style of ball. But they can’t play that style anymore because it messed Rondo up and Green and Krstic have NO CLUE how to play Celtic-style D and move the ball.

      Before the trade messed things up, the Celtics would move the ball, move the ball, move the ball until they found the open man at the right spot at the right time and he nailed it, whether it was Allen for three, KG with the jumper from 18 ft., Davis down low, Pierce, or Rondo driving it. Their FG% was the highest in the league for a reason. They always got an open shot. THEIR own open shot. And they always hit it. That chemistry was messed up, not as much by losing Perkins as it was by bringing in Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. Also, it just upset the Celtics big-time, esp. Rondo.

      Perk was a great locker room guy and a nice young energy builder and the best paint defender in the NBA.

      So don’t act like the trade had nothing to do with it. It had everything to do with it. The Celtics IMMEDIATELY started playing different after the trade. They still haven’t re-found their rhythm.

  30. Yomama says:

    It’s tough to put Wade/Lebron over Gasol/Bryant but this year you have to (last year may have been different). Last year, I would have said Kobe is best player in the league and Lebron is second. This year I might have to give Lebron the slight edge…either way they are the two best players in the league. Wade is the 2nd best shooting guard (next to Kobe) and might be the 5th best player overall. Gasol is the 2nd or 3rd best power forward but might not even be top 10 overall.

  31. pretty j says:

    hurray to the heat’s awesome duo 🙂 cheers to bosh as well..heat defense and offense are both working out good for the team..if they continue with this kind of play down the stretch,their goal to win would be on their hands. GO LEBRON AND D WADE!!!

  32. Zenun says:

    for Boston fans:Using Perkin’s trade as an excuse is pathetic really!I’d agree with you if he was the main man for Celtics or part of your big three but he’s not.Seriously do you really want to say that Celtics lost because a support player was trade?!

  33. Zenun says:

    For Boston fans:Using Perkin’s trade as an excuse is pathetic really!I would probably agree with you if he was the main man for celtics or one of the big 3 but he is not.He is just there to support your big 3 and support players are expendables that’s why he was traded

  34. dreskeeno says:

    for those who think perkins made a difference physically and/or mentally…Listen to Z-bo “he’s good, but all he can do is foul me!!” He’s not doing anything for OKC so he wouldn’t be doing anything for Boston either. Celtics are being out played and it showed when they got blown out by 23 in their last meeting of the regular season. Lets Go Bronnie! Lets Go HEAT!!

  35. jack says:

    where is rose + deng?

  36. jills..('.^) says:

    …you can make it to the finals lakers..just keep it up..


    Chris Bosh should be included, James and Wade both said that Bosh is the most important player on their team, and its true when he does good they dominate

  38. chase harris says:

    just admit it,,the bostos are old the heat are younger,,their loss to boston in three meetings were of course unreliable as to whos the better ,,its just that the heat are still adjusting and have not fund their polish but look now they are becoming perfect..thats why they are ahead of boston…

    • Da Heat is ON Baby! says:

      Yep I said this ALL YEAR. Only haters and idiots who DON’T understand the game would think otherwise.

      I said simply that in their VERY FIRST GAME EVER PLAYED TOGETHER, that the Heat were within 3 points with 50 seconds to go, against a team who SHOULD’VE (perkins injury) been the NBA champs, and who had already played together 4 3 seasons. Really? 3 points? On the CHAMPS HOME FLOOR? I laughed REALLY hard about that.

      The second game was only what, 10 days later or so? Wow, another close win for Boston by what like 6 or 7 points? lol

      Third game I believe was the one that was only a 3 point win. GEE do ya haters think that the HEAT just MIGHTVE been figuring things out at the VERY beginning? They didnt have a clue what they were doing, but just their talent ALONE was enough to come close to toppling the Celtics every game, until finally they did and they killed em by 23

      Smart people knew this would come to fruition. Boston won early in the season again, because the HEat had no clue how to play together. NOW that the Heat DO have a clue, what are they doing? DESTROYING BOSTON

      Only the HATERS didnt see this coming.

  39. Gil says:

    This is ridiculous. Apathetically, Wade-James duo is absolutely superior than anybody because that cavalier Superstar leaved his home and join another team with another superstar.

  40. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    @ JMoon WTH? Memphis?! You think Wade and Co. will not stay focused at that TIME when it would be the most important time of their careers! seriously they would be that close and wont let it slip away. i doubt that Memphis can go to the Finals even if they go to WCF they still have MAVS/LAKERS to face.

  41. lbj says:


  42. REALIST772 says:


    • Zar The Knicks Fan says:

      you wonder why a lot of people hate Heat? it’s because fans like you. you were nowhere to be found when heat were nothing but now they got bron and show greatness you wanna come out being cocky and trash other teams? you already claim Heat will be in NBA final after they beat Boston and you are sure no way in hell that ATL or BULLS can beat heat?? that’s disrespect to other teams. D rose already stole what Bron owned this season. what make u think bull will easily hand it to heat in East final? (no dis to real heat fans ) no wonder people hate heat cuz fake fans like you come out and act cocky when the heat start playing good. where were you last year? i am sick of you fake heat fans
      yeah my team suck i am stick with it. i bet if both james and wade go to orlando next season you will be biggest Magic fan.
      i am a knicks fan so i dislike both boston and miami, now i just dislike miami a little more cuz you disrespect other teams

      • yeah its pretty easy to tell a fake fan from a real one in 3 simple reasons:

        1) CAPS

        2) disrespect to teams instead of fans…ex: i hate the lakers cuz they suck….ok? Why?…cuz kobe sucks…see wat i mean

        3) THE ULTIMATE REASON!!!!!!!!——–bandwagoning

      • HeatWave At Haters says:

        So as a fan I should not think my team can go all the way? That’s the mindset of someone who will fail. Anyhow people have been disrespecting Miami all season. If anything this is payback so if you can’t take the Heat get out the kitchen, or in you case turn of ESPN.

      • Da Heat is ON Baby! says:


        HEY BUD guess what? People are ALLOWED to be PLAYER fans. Get it? PLAYER fans? And USUALLY they are going to root for those teams they are on? Make sense? Thats WAY different than being a bandwagon fan, which I shouldn’t even have to post the definition of. Just an example. Even though I dont like KB I will use him for an example.

        If Kobe Bryant, after 06, when he was CRYING and WHINING during the Finals, because no attention was on him, and because his team sucked butt, went to ANOTHER team, dont ya think that alot of his fans would have followed him to that team?

        YEP! Maybe not in LA who knows, but fans NOT from LA surely would’ve. He could’ve went to the frickin Timberwolves, but because SOOOO many people are KB fans, they would’ve followed. Their not just gona HATE him. Even though in his particular situation thats what made him worse than Lebron, because he actually cried and whined to Lakers management about it. BRON did NOTHING like that. He exercised his RIGHT as a FREE AGENT, to go to another team, AFTER he ALREADY signed an EXTENSION with that team as a free agent 3 year prior. Everyone forgets that huh? Cause its always the “what have you done for me right NOW” attitiude that everyone so freely tosses around.

        THe last point is the fact that, gee do you REALLY think that most Miami fans were going to come on here last year not being that good? Like where are all the Timberwolves fans man? Think they are anywhere around? I mean what a retarded statement. OBVIOUSLY iif your teams not doing good, how you gona trash talk em up? Please, you really should THINK before you post such uninsightful comments.

  43. It's Heat Check Time ... says:

    So much for the Heat and their ” inability ” to beat the Boston Celtics …

    a ) The Perkins trade has nothing to do with the Celtics struggles. Boston is struggling to SCORE not DEFEND

    b ) Lebron and Wade are just dominating right now

    c ) The Heat role players are stepping up. Most noticably Joel Anthony

    The Heat take this series in five.

  44. KRAZYpaki says:

    (MIAMI HEAT ) we are on fire the ball is on heat cuz of our power (CELTICS) OH no we should have quit since the season even started cuz king jamez has done it again :p

  45. JMoon says:

    cant wait for Miami and Memphis in the Finals. Memphis sweeps the Heat, RAndolph is Finals MVP.

    Miami only plays hard when they want to. Where was this great defense during the regular season? When all you Miami lovers said, “Oh they were trying to lose that game because they want to face this team in the playoffs and not that team.” Seriously? You would be a fan of a team that would try to lose any game?

    I truly feel sorry for Miami fans. I got no problem with Wade. HE’s a great player. But in LeBron, (take it from a Cleveland fan who knows) you guys are getting a quitter who will let you down, just like he tried to lose to Boston in the playoffs last year.

    • Usuck says:

      you must be JMoon from Cleveland ha? STFU you Loser… Memphis?? maybe your watching another league not NBA ..lol

    • Leonard says:

      10 months ago your comment would have made sense….grow up, what a hater smh

    • Da Heat is ON Baby! says:


      Right right. As a I said to every Cleveland fan all year. So getting a TRIPLE-DOUBLE in the last game you ever played for at team is now QUITTING? Really?

      Wow, now thats some frickin talent right there! He DIDNT EVEN TRY. HE QUIT. And STILL racked up a trip dub….HELLLS YEA!

  46. mitko says:

    Too early for any predictions. Boston in 7

  47. Chris says:

    We are fortunate to be watching this historic pairing. I still can’t believe how balanced it is between the two of them.

  48. Bredapowa says:

    indeed the momentum is with the Heats…i love entertaining basketball. When you say Heat ..you say entertainment!! if they continue play with their current intensity..then its Heat in 4!!!!

  49. famozwest says:

    Spolestra can’t coach which is the reason why a heat lakers or heat thunders finals will be a streetball contest. and of course the miami heat get touch foul calls while boston is falling to the ground getting nothing. I think the lakers can beat miami. phil jackson is just a better coach. kobe can still score on anybody, he’s more explosive in the playoffs, and smart as ever. Heat just run up on you with their hands up, they’ll get tired eventually

    • Usuck says:

      another freak analyst in this blog…LOL

    • Da Heat is ON Baby! says:

      Your a fool LOL

      Dwade outplayed KB in both games they played this year. KB played the best D on kb of anyone all year long. Your frickin delusional.

  50. famozwest says:

    you people are discrediting the defending champs, and OKC, who both are bigger than the heat, and one team may even be more athletic by saying the heat gonna sweep by them. they still have to beat chicago, who has the best defense in the league. Heat are not bad but they are a little overboard thinking they’re all cool because they are beating up on an older team. I’d like to see Dwayne wade guard kobe bryant like kobe bryant guarded micheal in his 2nd year. Oh wait when wade was in his 2nd year all he cared for was stats which was the reason why they never put wade on bryant. Now that all these players are mad old I see these kids bron and wade trying to D them up. such clowns.

    • Usuck says:

      get your KOBE out of here they are LOSING to the MAVS… DALLAS will send your defending champs to fishing..LOL

  51. famozwest says:

    to be honest, Kobe wasnt no robin lol. the team kobe was on from 96-99 was better than the championship team because they had more pieces, and a mini big 3. problem was just coaching…then phil came around and the championships came. Kobe stats were always like 20-25ppg with shaq. and without him it went to 35.ppg, and 31. then declined. imagine if kobe had no shaq? i still say at least 1 ring and the 2 he has gotten as a finals mvp. so dont hate. he did his job in the indiana series when shaq went down.

  52. asd says:

    awesome pictures of James and Wade.. their total scores in Game 2 and the number on their jerseys..

  53. Heatseeker says:

    for me guys .. it’s not about what we say and say trash to each other.. it is about the real championship team.. let’s just watch who will be the champion ok ?

  54. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    Miami in 5 against Boston.. They just gotta beat the Bulls.. Everything from there is SMOOTH SAILING! James and Wade will go down in NBA HISTORY together.. Like they already have 🙂

  55. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    kenny smith thinks hes correct all the time they are telling boston what they lack or are not doing discrediting the heats defense and explaining to people that they arent going through there defensive positions correctly…bs…if you have a choice of switching off of lebron to guide wade and vice versa you probably be honest and stick with your man but if you switch to try and cut off it makes you look out of wack this is why they came together (the heat wade james and bosh). then you have some of the hottest 3 point shooters on the market in house miller bibby jones chalmers to worry about it’s dishing out a taste of their own medicine with better defense and really that’s a bitter sweet…chris webber has a little bit of sense but dont count out 2 of the leagues top players on the same team… that’s just dumb.

  56. jermaine says:

    the PERKINS trade can actually be spelled as ” CELTIC’S DISSASTER ” i mean look at boston. their big three aint bad but aint young anymore.. sooner or later they will have to step back and leave the spotlight to someone else pref rondo being the facilitator on offense and PERK the heart of defense. but the trade was a dissaster .. wonder who’s the genius that orchestrated it .. im both HEAT & CELTICS fan … and this series is like a dream match .. this is like FACEOFF when you have both travolta & cage … this is like the batista vs john cena match .. like UFC’s Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn …. just hoping it would last a bit longer .. to make a better run for my ticket hahahhaha LOL .. NO MATTER WHO WILL BE ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE NBA IS STILL THE BEST GAME ON THE PLANET

  57. lebron2wade says:

    being a heat fan myself I think that miami can go all the way this year. from watching game 2 against boston its only fair to say that after the next 5 seasons of lebron/wade/bosh the heat will have multiple championships.

  58. STATANDMELO101 says:

    Best combos gonna be STAT and Melo.Tell me back after next season when they’ve developed some chemistry

    • lebron2wade says:

      the way that new york finished of against the celtics in the first round its safe to say that the knicks and melo wont have anything in the tropy room.

  59. edd says:

    These so call NBA analysis thought the Celtics would win one of the first two game. They need to be schooled. The Heat WILL win on of the next two games if not win them both. I have no idea how could anyone underestimate a team with that type of talent. The Bull struggled with the number 8 team now lost the first game to the number 5Th team. Come on man! Are they watching the same season I am? Everytime the heat had a game n the regular season, they other teams played them as if there was something to prove. Yet the Heat still ended with the 2nd best record in the east.I can go on and on about facts. The TNT half time, pre and post game cast are the only one with any ideas on what’s really going on.

  60. Dom says:

    If you are delusional boston fan, then so be it. 2nd, stop with Perkins. YOu all act as if he was shaq in his prime. He is a role playing C. Has anyone seen his career #s as a starter? . He clogged the lane, fine, but he is not even n allstar caliber C. Move on from Perk. It was a nice 4 yr run for boston, 1 title, 2 finals, but you might get 1 in boston but doubtful. I mean, the team looks old and slow. from an outsider lookin in, they have been completely taken out of their game,
    ITS THE MIAMI DEFENSE WHY BABY AND OTHERS HAVE THE BALL AND NOT THE TRIO. Miami is making them look bad, not the C’;s playing bad. theres a big difference. Break the team up now when you can get somehting for your old guys

  61. TheHeatIsOn says:

    Look how worried Doc Rivers looked and sounded in the press confrence, Ray Allan too. They see what we see. You can’t underestimate the Boston Celtics and The Big 3 though, but for how much longer will that statment be true?? There’s a new Big 3 and they’re younger and faster and playing extremely well. Boston will be out of gas after game 4 or 5. The Sixers were breakfast, Celtics are lunch, Bulls/Hawks for a healthy dinner, have a short rest, then a dessert flown in from the West Coast. The Heat is on…

  62. poy14 says:

    no doubt.miami is in there way their way to the finals.. miami vs. OKC/lakers?.yeah..miami vs boston.miami can sweep the boston,

  63. Notorious says:

    @DG7 I think the Celtics have a better bench then Miami IMO..
    Anyway yeah i think the Heat would probably win in 6 – 7 because the Celtics are going to be hungry and win at least 2 games probably on their home court. Since Miami has the home court advantage throughout the series I will give the series to them. Even though throughout the regular season Miami was a good road team… we will see how they face adversity in Game 3 and.. a X-factor could be if they bring back Haslem sometime during the series to give a offensive punch off the bench

  64. Thornhill says:

    Two things, individually the Boston players have good games, Ray Allen in game one and KG in game two. But they are not getting a lot of support from their team. And they are not putting up 35 points a game either. And my second point, the Celts are fouling a lot, not just fouling but will wrap up their opponents completely to deny them a shoot, this is an act of desperation they know they can’t keep up so they resort to giving ridiculous fouls. Heat for the sweep…

  65. Alex says:

    So far not what I expected.

    What NBA team is more likely to be a top contender for the next 4 to 5 years?

    Vote now!


  66. sobeit says:

    btw refs suck this year with their techs (not only because of pierce) but generally i think they call it to tight this season no place for emotion that is so boring

  67. sobeit says:

    im boston fan but the last 20 games they suck i mean the swept knicks but knicks don t play d so its easy (sry ny fans) 😀 i would really hope them to win the series but no team has climbed out of 2-0 hole in 7 and heat have momentum thats true well see

    • mickeyheat says:

      im a heat fun. but actually there was a team who climbed at from a 2-0 hole and won a championship…and its actually the MIAMI HEAT back in 2006. vs the MAVS haha. just giving you info.:)

  68. HEATfan4ever says:

    Just remember to all basketball fan, Wade is Fast! Lebron is Furious ! and together they are Fast and Furious!
    Miami Heat NBA Champion 2011, Boston is out in 5

  69. DG7 says:

    In my opinion it is quite simple.. The Heat will win it in 5 or 6. Why? Just break down the Matchups
    C: Joel Anthony vs. Jermaine O’Neal/Glen Davis = Tie – Celts have better Offensive Skills but Anthony is a Defensive Stopper (he is challenging so many shots and that really makes a difference inside).
    PF: Bosh vs. KG – right now a Tie because KG is really disapointing at the offensive end atm.
    SF Lebron vs. Pierce – LBJ no doubt – Lebron is able to guard Pierce, but Pierce is not able to guard Lebron, he is too slow
    SG: D-Wade vs. Ray Allen – D-Wade no doubt either – same thing here, D-Wade can guard Ray and makes it tough for Ray to get easy looks, but Ray is not athletic enough to hold D-Wade under 20 Points.
    PG: Bibby vs. Rondo – clearly Rondo – Definetely the key for Celts, but sadly Rondo is not good enough offensively to score 30+ points any given night.
    Bench: Tie.

    Miami wins 2, Boston 1 but the fact that D-Wade and Bron can give you 40+ Points when they are on fire, and Rondo 30 tops makes it a clear Heat win.

  70. silentq says:

    love the celtics, but celtics sweep is next
    sweet revenge, nothing sweeter than this

  71. Jao says:

    listening to Bron and Wade talk, you’d think they were girlfriends. bromance is right. lol

  72. DBBJ-MIA says:


  73. deejay says:

    Miami have a great chance of advancing.once they can win one of the two in boston,it’s finished for the celts

  74. TheHeatIsOn says:

    Miami has only played 7 playoff games together…and they’ve won 6. And they’ve done it without much help from Bibby or House and with no Haslem. Bosh has struggled some what in the Boston series as well, but Miami still won both games convincingly. Look for Bosh to come up BIG in Boston and if Miami gets Haslem back, things are going to become even more difficult for Boston and CHI/ATL. It’s magical to see a talented team like Miami transform into the powerhouse franchise that was promised at the beginning of the season. Even if Miami falls short of the Title this year, who can compete with them next season? Also, Miami is the only team in the second round that defended home court and against one of the toughest teams. THEY ARE ON A MISSION, WATCH HOW THEY PLAY!!! GO HEAT!!!

  75. Miami in 4 says:

    For those of you guys saying that boston will still win…
    If u watched yesterday’s game, the young miami team was running circles around the celtics team.
    Wade, Lebron and Chris bosh is in their prime, young and athletic and focused.
    Mario chalmers, Joel Anthony, Mike miller, james jones are all improving at a fast rate, and they will continue to make the Heat team better then they already are.
    M.bibby is a veteran that barely, EVER turns the ball over and brings organization and balance between the two stars.
    If Miami doesn’t loose their intensity and continue to play the way do, I see Boston having no chance.
    Dwyane wade and Lebron James actually ran circles around the Celtics defense.

  76. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    the heat still have to prove they can win this series by winning on the other teams court they did what they suppose to do but unless we see how the games go in boston its hard to tell if there is a clear cut winner or not but boston with this team has never been down 2 games to 0 this is there adversity I am a heat fan

    BY the way OKC was handed that game that was horribly called memphis needs to slow the tempo down to fend off the refs refs new they could not let thunder go down 2 games on their home court i actually cut that game off half wway into the 1st quarter I saw what was happening in the beginnning the same waay they did nuggets in the second game unsportsman liek conduct the refs memphis is deseving if they play had i would hate for something taken away from me that i cant control its incredibly low

  77. Law064 says:

    The heat have momentum and Boston has a hole to try to climb out of. If for any reason the Celtic’s play like game 1 & 2 they might as well not even play another game this season. But if they can get they’re heads right they can get out this whole and get back into the series. It won’t be easy but they need game 3 more than any game this season, then they can try to stay focused on trying to win game 4. If the Celtic’s get back in the series they have a chance to win the series. On the other hand the last 2 games I saw the Celtic’s just get out played all the lose balls that could’ve meant an extra possesion was won by miami. The heat have took the runs and didn’t collapse so the Celtic’s need to make sure they don’t collapse like last night. I’m rolling with you Boston fight for game 3 & 4 and it will be ok. You can still get back in this series and can take control but they can’t play like the 1st 2 games or I can say bye bye to the Celtic’s for the year.@Heatsuck/tata/law064 pick another number idiot, 4 games?? No way unless they Celtic’s play like they just played then very very possible but I doubt it. Let’s go Boston I’m riding the wave til it crash!!!!!

  78. I don’t hate on the boston celtics, but i hate the MIA haters who talk so much trash then no where to be found. I just want to smack the hater LAW064 who talk so much shiit about the heat and still talking smack. this guys be on every blogs talking trash and how his celtics are so daiiim gooood and hate the heats its like his Dan Gilbert, maybe he is Dan Gilbert lmfao. Law064 just shut your pie whole up and watch how the heat lay the smack down on your Celtics and win in game 5. Amen to that!!!

    • K says:

      Law064 will show back up if the Celtic win a game and he’ll swear up and down he predicted the win.

      • Law064 says:

        No I’m here and I made comments yesterday after the loss. I’m not going to hide cause the heat won. It could be worst Boston could be down 2 games going on the road. They can still make this a series if they don’t play the same way like games 1 & 2.@ K STFU I’ll be here until the season ends and I won’t turn my back on Boston or hop on a wagon like most of you phoney heat fans. Be a fan stick with your team thru good & bad. Boston can still get back in this series BUT if they play like game 1 & 2 then they might as well hang it up. Let’s go Celtic’s get back in this series.

    • Law064 says:

      Are you serious?? I wish you lived in Chicago cause I can gurantee 1 thing if you tried to slap anyone you’ll be picking yourself up off the ground idiot.

  79. Iris says:

    Whenever I see Wade & James on the court, it’s like fireworks. Those guys are grrreat. Can’t wait until Game 3 on Saturday. GO HEAT!

  80. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    I am Knicks fan so obviously i dislike both teams. but this is not what i expect from Boston. i thought it would be 1-1 right now. Heat played great and show them they are a team to be scare but you can’t count Boston out yet. They might be old and slow but they got really tough mentality and they won’t easily give up. i still believe they will give a hell of a series. Anyway i hope they go 7 games and whoever win got beat up by Chicago (lesser dislike one out of 3 rivals of NYKs , and no Dis to ATL ) anyway since my Knicks are gone i am cheering Thunders to win this year

    • DontPlayWithFire says:

      Boston has a matchup nightmare against the ball handlers of miami. If you look at game 2, Boston has too many turnovers and cannot guard wade or lebron…..If you do double team, the miami shooters will burn you to the 3rd degree( Mario Chalmers, bibby, miller and james Jones )… Lets wait to see what Doc Rivers think about that. Go HEAT.

  81. The G.O.A.T. says:

    Lebron/Miami’s fans talking too much trash
    respect yourself please

  82. Vergil says:

    @Pedro: Lol, hating much? Typical

    • Pedro says:

      lol, no, not hating at all. Gotta love those alley-oops, dunks, sick driblling and garnett-pawning style of play. Bromance FTW!

  83. EJCV says:

    Miami will beat the boston celtics in 5 !!! guaranteed

  84. Vergil says:

    What I’m excited about is the fact that the Heat’s losses in Boston’s home court were so close. If the Heat continue to play like this, I think they can pull out a win in Boston and eventually win the series in 6, maybe even in 5.

  85. Pedro says:

    Pure bromance.

  86. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    i would like to congratulate all of the heat members Mr. Spoelstra, Mr. Miller, Mr. Jones, Mr Anthony, Mr Ilgauskis, Mr. Haslem, Mr. House, Mr. Chalmers (nice 3), Mr. Bosh, Mr. Howard, Mr. Magloire, Mr. Arroyo and the Rookie who hasn’t played Dexter Pittman (great support Mr. Pittman. Now I am a big fan and all f you all are my favorite players Wade being first Bron is a beast I an’t thank them enough but you are shutting up the haters bron said it winning cures everything the world is indeed better wade lol now go handle your business only 10 more wins and you can only afford 9 losses great Job Guys

    • thefightingvogels says:

      Just wanted to say i love hearing all of you congratulating the heat when in actuality they have accomplished absolutely nothing in the big picture, which is winning championships. Which they will not do btw. Anyways, to mr seewhatyouwantsee, just a quick note the heat cannot afford 9 losses. they could go 9 and 4 through their next 13 games and be eliminated from the playoffs. Just fyi. Peace.

      • HeatWave at Haters says:

        How can you say they’ve accomplished nothing? Each win is a step closer to the goal. Anyway believe what you want, but many said that the Heat would not go up 2-0, so now all these statements like “they can’t” or “they won’t” are getting really old don’t you think?
        BTW they can lose nine times and win the championship, it would just mean each series including this one would have to go seven games…do the math.

      • conspriacy147 says:

        alot of ppl said they wouldnt go to the playoffs too but look wat happened

    • pimpjust4 says:

      Spoelstra to me is the worst coach among the remaining coaches.

      I am not sure if anyone has noticed this.

      LJ, Wade, Bosh, Bibby & Ilgaskus combination ALWAYS yields a negative output.
      Either the combination squanders a lead or locks into a scoring crunch.
      This trend is true for most of their matches.
      Ilgaskus should not be started or should not be brought in when the heats are leading.
      He should only be used when it is obvious the Heat cannot win a game.
      To me regardless of what role he plays, I see him as a liability.

      • Awoo says:

        Someone that thinks like i do. I totally agree that Spoelstra is one of the worst coaches in the NBA. Too many games lost during the regular season where he doesnt design a play after taking a time out.

      • HeatWave at Haters says:

        I can’t say he’s the worst overall. Just the worst in coming up with plays. He found a way to work Anthony perfectly into the game and no he should not be a starter. Z’s height inside is needed at the start and if you look at the games he really is more of a sub for Joel once things get going. Bibby, well…he’s all they got for a point and he’s working out pretty good. In the end Miami is doing good so how bad can Erik really be?



  87. kizzy k says:

    It was alot of junk talking at the start of the season saying that LJ Dwade and Bosh couldnt play together and win games. and the celtics was still the team to beat. The matchup still isnt over, but it sure looks that way
    LJ and Dwade are looking qhite awsome this playoff run

  88. Kunal Sah says:

    @ treblig
    I totally understand your point about over confidence.. but over confidence is highly unlikely, because James has lost to the Celtics too much, and Wade has lost alot too. They don’t underestimate them.

  89. A.K. says:

    Boston Celtics is waaaaaaaaaaay overrated. They only won that championship in 2008 because Bynum wasn’t playing and Gasol and Kobe didn’t have the chemisty that they have now. 2009 they lose to Orlando, 2010 they lose to Lakers, 2011 they down 0-2. C’mon man, these guys is overrated, cause Pierce is arrogant and cocky for no reason and KG talks pure trash and thinks he’s intimidating. GTFOH with that crap. After Miami finishes them in 5 Boston will be done. Shaq came to ride the bench for what? Fake an injury to see how far the team can go without you and then put him in when needed? GTFOH…Miami in 5

    • A.K. says:

      Wait…before yall tear me a new one, let me guess. All those losses they weren’t 100%

    • Francisco says:

      pierce is as good as the overrated bryant, who won last years game 7 thanks to ron artest

      • A.K. says:

        If so, can you please compare Pierce’s accolades to Bryant’s accolades.

      • jus2real says:

        u must be related to paul pierce or sumthin cuz pierce and not as gud or even that close to bryant

      • Francisco says:

        @AK, RINGS? that is a lakers achivement, not kobe,pierce had to be the man in boston for many years while kobe was robin to SHAQ(CHECK STATS).

      • its mamba time says:

        Whoa u must be smokin somethin. Why would u even say that. He is no where near Kobe. No where.

    • tRay says:

      You have to be one of the dumbest “basketball fans” I have ever heard in my life. You obviously know nothing because you discount their 08 title like it was nothing, in 09 KG didn’t play, and they lost fair and square in 2010. So I think before you start talking out of your a$$ YOU need to GTFOH.

      • A.K. says:

        But everything you just stated were facts I ALREADY stated. So you GTFOH!

      • tRay says:

        Fisrt off you left some things out and how are they overrated when they’ve been to the Finals 2/3 three years the Big 3 have been together? So na b*tch I won’t GTFOH.

    • BostonF says:

      @A.K.: You talk a lot of garbage

      • OKCKD35 says:

        if you fans want to continue to talk about the past (which has no bearing on this year) than Boston fans will shut everyone up, compare rings which franchise has the most? Just making a point thats fans always talk about the past when trying to make a point and its retarded, are Kobe’s rings helping the Lakers right now? Nope they are being balled by the ringless Dirk! Last year is not relevant to this years playoffs, if that wasthe case OKC should have just not showed up rigt? cuz last year they lost in the first round, right now as it stands we made it to round 2. Same thing for Miami/Boston. who cares about the previous years, right now miami is up 2-0 by winning their home games, its not a series until a road team wins!

  90. Yaaas says:

    I am a Lebron fan, so naturally I support any team he plays for. I supported cavs the year before, and now I am supporting the heat. If he had join the nets, I would have been supporting the nets. Thought I should share… since I highly dislike all the comments with people insisting that a lot of people were just “winning team supporters” etc, when they simply could be continuing to support their favourite player.

    Anyways, the series is far from over, all the heat has done is protect home court, which is the whole point of the seeding system. I obviously want the Heat to win, but I can so easily see the boston coming back from their home court. Only a fool would underestimate the boston celtics. I can see a kind of Mavs / Blazers replay here, boston to win the next 2, then game 5 is heats and finally heat wins at game 6. That is the way I see it, as good boston is at home, heat is a very strong road team. But here is fingers crossed for heat to win game 3 🙂 Then boston will be against the wall, no doubt.

    • B.O.B says:

      ‘I’m a Lebron fan’ you immediately just lost the respect of anyone that knows anything about basketball.

      • Red Sun IX says:

        @B.O.B speak for yourself bro, i have to agree with yaaas. Speak on Yaaas!



      • conspriacy147 says:

        i agree with yaaas too any team that makes it to the playoffs can win smh

  91. lambo says:

    come on haters…the heat need your support to win the next game please respond…say something that has nothing to do with this article…. we feed of off hate like that HEATSUCK fag that’s a constant jock rider of the heat….just mad cuz his team aint puttin work like miami baby…yeeaahhhh….by the way i was a lebron fan since he was in high school…..not a bandwagoner…and i also like kobe until he said he can beat lebron one on one in his sleep…..lol keep dreamin kobe

    • Red Sun IX says:

      @lambo, im with you Bro, I admit im a HUGE NBA fan, but my loyalty personally goes to players rather than Teams. Ive followed King James since his H.S days too. So ppl can call me a bandwagon jumper if they want, But just like i followed MJ’s career when i was a little kid, ill do the Same with Bron. Get that ring heat!!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        lEbRON IS A GOOD PLAYER, I HATE THAT PEOPLE CALL HIM “KING jAMES”. what is he the king of? For the record KD got robbed of that MVP last year.

  92. Tenki says:

    Too early to celebrate the Heat’s two wins, but I don’t care, as long as Miami is up with the odds in their favor this series. Key for Miami’s victory against the Celtics in Boston: match Boston’s intensity and energy, because Doc Rivers will surely implement a “Game 7 mentality” into each and every player he has on his roster. Miami also has to execute down the stretch. If they can do these things in Boston, I have Miami in four games.

  93. treblig says:


  94. HEATSUCK/TATA/LAW064 's DADDY says:

    Pick another sport sons!
    MIA in 4!

  95. dynamicduos says:

    Who could forget

    Chauncey – Rip
    Barkley – KJ
    Kemp – Payton

    • Rush says:

      Sorry, but those tandems are not better than I.Thomas and J.Dumars. You gotta put them way ahead of R.I.P & Chauncey.

  96. young lambo says:

    and i meant 0-2 lol yeah i was writing 2 fast

  97. young lambo says:

    i meant to say game 1 if paul hadn’t got ejected my bad

  98. young lambo says:

    lol where are the boston fans??? where are you guys?? oh i see yall lol right where it says 2-0 thats exactly what yall get by saying we would of lost game 2 if paul hadn’t got ejected..well he was in almost the whole game and look what happened. I mean before you brag and say boston is the best you should atleast wait until they start playing first..but i want to hear the excuses that you boston fans come up with.. by the way im not saying miami will win the championship or anything because i would look stupid if they didnt but all im saying is it’s not looking to good for boston…but they are a great team just a couple of bad games…the main reason im happy is because of the heat haters are always making excuses and i want to hear them…lol heat in 6 like i said before…..best of luck to the both teams but heat haters and celtic fans need to learn to stop running their lips….like really lol

    • Sean says:

      man looking at boston now
      think about it
      that kendrick perkins trade had to be the WORST trade to go trhough in like 5 years
      just gutted the celtics chance of a title
      plus i dont if uve noticed but nate robinson is one of the best locker room guys in the league always getting his team pumped up on the bench and jumpin up n stuff

      • Sean says:


      • yv says:

        i am tired of this boston fans blaming it on the perkins trade. perkin only played like 7 games this season and when boston beat miami 3 out of 4 in the regular season, perkins only played in one game. stop complaining, your team is getting outplayed right now, and is not that they are playing bad because thats another excuse, the heat defense is dominating boston right now

      • msingyheat says:

        for YV…. yes yes yes yes yes! its about time someone else noticed this! im tired of this excuse! even all the tv “experts” dnt seem to realise this… you are an intelligent person good work

      • Sean says:

        haha i dont even like boston so funny!
        heat fans just dont like the fact that they would be losing if the celtics still had perkins and there chemistry intact

      • sean says:

        @ sean – you are deffinatley right and i would even take it one step further with the perkins deal in saying that rondo has struggled mentally and has had a hard adjusting to the team with out him. i know this seems far fetched but watch clips of rondo before and after the trade his play has changed

      • lebron2wade says:

        kendrick perkins is not the only reason celtics are down 0-2 , the heat are to good for boston. I mean compare bostons big 3 with the heats, lebron wade and bosh onto pierce allen ang garnet you just cant compare.

      • JMoon says:

        totally agree

    • Gary says:

      Exaclty! But you know what I don’t even care about the haters anymore. Miami is doing the damn thing and it’s killing them right now that they can’t talk the same trash they did earlier this year. All their predictions got shot down like Bin Laden.

      • B.O.B says:

        i’m a celtic fan and i’m not guna make any excuses. miami are getting all the calls, paul got ejected for no reason, but is that any excuse for a great team such as the celtics, no. miami did what they were supposed, so two wins later in boston i want to see what you heat are guna say when it’s a three game series and the CELTICS have the momentum.

      • Sean says:


      • Usuck says:

        @BOB just pray Celtic fan.. think you can easily tie the series ha?lol

      • Gary says:

        @ Sean, I wasn’t even talking about you dumb@$$. I was just saying Haters and Celtic fans in general have been talking trash and can’t at this point. Them again I guess I was talking about you…Hater!

      • jus2real says:

        bruh the celtics are not finna come back against lebron and wade, even if they had paul for da rest of game one they still would have lost. The heat jus hungry right now, they on a mission and the celtics aint finna stop them.

    • F.S says:

      Bandwagon much?? we Boston fans dont deal with bandwagon fans that had no interest in Miami whatsoever….last year in the playoffs…none of miami fans were posting anything on any internet walls…why now all of a sudden?

      • Red Sun IX says:

        @F.S… uhhhhh because they werent winning? Whats to post if ur team is not winning? Has nothing to do with jumping on a bandwagon

      • Chevy says:

        would you post stuff about boston if they were losing? of course not. so why would heat fans post anything about last year’s post-season if we didnt even think we’d get in?

      • HeatWave at Haters says:

        Ahahaha funny, before 2008 finals Boston had no fans talking this much trash, he’ll hardly any fans period. Now Heat fans come out and their “bandwagoners”? At least we support our team before they win and not come out to brag after a title has been won.

      • Usuck says:

        Coz HEAT and LeBron fans combine while on the other hand CELTICS and CAVS fans combine forces too.lol



    • Jsmoove says:

      who the f bomb is perkins…!!! he is garbage ?? even if celtics had perkins they would be down 2 – 0 still so please get outa here with that perkins talk…everyone one wants to make excuses for boston cuz they lost…excuse for game one :pual pirce got ejected with 7 minutes to go in the fourth quarter even tho boston was down 13(yeah right!!) boston was going to lose no matter what….excuse for game 2: PERKINS!!!! what are we smoking people…hes a bum on another bum team thats going no where…lets not make fairy tales

    • BostonF says:

      Boston fan here but I’m not a Miami Heat hater though. Miami Heat is actually my second choice if you read my other random posts. I would have to say we really were OUTPLAYED. I hope Boston can even it up and make this a better series or …still hope to steal the series away.

      • Sam says:

        I think the only way Celtics can win is through RONDO. When Rondo takes control there is more open shots for Allen and Pierce and he also causes turnovers on defense for easy baskets

    • OKCKD35 says:


  99. Tenki says:

    Although it’s still too early to put Wade and James in the Top Ten 1-2 Punch of All-Time, they are coming close to making it. Two simple criteria: domination and success. My personal lists are as follows:

    1. Jordan-Pippen
    2. Russel-Cousy
    3. Kareem-Magic
    4. Bird-McHale
    5. Kobe-Shaq
    6. West-Chamberlain
    7. Robertson-Alcindor
    8. Drexler-Olajuwon
    9. Duncan-Robinson
    10 Stockton-Malone

    Wade and James are still at their prime, so if they can deliver the promise to win multiple championships for Miami, they are definitely in my personal list. How about yours?

    • Imad Akel says:

      nice list.
      to be fair i think stockton malone should be more up there, the only reason they didnt find success is it was in the same era as the jordan-pippen combo.

      and yeah, wade and lebron are climbing that ladder.

    • #TeamHeat says:

      Nice list. But Wade-Shaq should be up there, if not for injuries.

      BTW, #LetsGotHeat!!!!!!!

      • lebron2wade says:

        once it is all said and done lebron and wade will be the best combo ever seen. But we cant forget chris bosh, he may not score 30 points a game but he still rips down the boards.

      • Tek says:

        No way Wade and Lebron will ever be that top 10 because Lebron is bound to want more fame and money and move on again, where as all the bandwagon heat fans will jump ship and ride the next wave. Very nice list tho! but i agree, Malone/Stockton should be higher up.

  100. RickyKobe24 says:

    I’m a Lakers’ Fan But i think that the Kidd-Dirk duo is one of the best in the league, maybe better that the Hawks’ JJ-Crawford duo

  101. HeatWave At Haters says:

    That’s just crazy harmony right there (James and Wade). Watching these games keeps getting better and better. This is a good pace for them to be on and they STILL have room to improve. Miami in 5 baby!