Lakers Fighting Against Foul Mood

LOS ANGELES — The sense of panic strangling the air here in sunny Southern California is strictly an external affair for the Los Angeles Lakers.

If they are nervous about being saddled with a 1-0 deficit in their Western Conference semifinal against the Dallas Mavericks, they aren’t showing it despite intense pressure from local sources wondering why their beloved Lakers can’t seem to get their act together.

The unexpected troubles in the first round of the playoffs with the New Orleans Hornets was one thing. But dropping Game 1 to the Mavericks Monday night has tensions running high in anticipation for Game 2 tonight at Staples Center.

The line of questioning for the Lakers leading up to the most important game of their season might have rattled a less experienced crew, but not Phil Jackson (above), Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and the rest of these Lakers.

Fisher’s take on the current state of the Lakers was particularly insightful. And despite all the doomsday chatter surrounding his team, he refused to take the bait.

“I don’t think that, at least in my opinion, that there’s ever a time when one game, one situation, one bad play, one bad decision creeps into your mind, in terms of what your end goals is,” Fisher said. “Those that have been successful or great at anything have proved that they can bounce back and respond from even the most adverse situations. We’ve done it before. Obviously, we can’t just sit back and rely on what we’ve done in the past. But I just don’t think that … it’s not supposed to be easy.  You’re supposed to kind of go through this thing according to plan and you have to just keep battling until you figure it out.”

The Mavericks are counting on it. They know they’ll see a desperate Lakers team in Game 2, a team desperate to even this series before it heads to Dallas for Games 3 and 4.

“They’re champions for a reason,” Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd said. “You have to be prepared for them to respond the way a championship team would.”

Fisher, though, suggested the Lakers will remain calm and measured in their approach, with the tone set by Jackson.

“He doesn’t ever step far away from who he is at his core self, and that is to be calm in a storm and to have composure and poise and have a steel chin even in the midst of troubled times,” Fisher said, sounding more like a Zen Master in training than a point guard and captain of the two-time defending champions. “I’ve taken a lot from that example and Kobe’s taken a lot from it and I think that’s played a major part in our success, that kind of leadership from him.”

Even if L.A. wins Game 2, the questions about the Lakers’ championship mettle will linger. They’ve given people too many reasons to wonder and worry about a team with expectations that can only be realized one way.

“You’re not a champion until you’re a champion,” Fisher said. “So everything in between that …  it is what it is and you just deal with it as it comes. So until the final buzzer of the final game and the Larry O’Brien trophy is yours, you haven’t gotten to where you want to be. In 2008, we kind of waltzed our way to the NBA Finals and then didn’t win. The last couple years we’ve had more interesting, dynamic times getting to The Finals and we figured out a way to win in The Finals. We’ve just done what was necessary to win.”

There’s a sinking feeling around here that it’s going to take more than that for this bunch, perhaps fatigued a bit from three straight trips to the final game of the season, and an attempt at a fourth, to get back to their perch atop the Western Conference.

“We’ve accepted the fact that it won’t be perfect, we’re going to lose some games, there are going to be some  times when we’re not playing up to our abilities,” Fisher continued, “but if it was just as easy as writing the script and having it go as it was written, there would be a lot more teams that have done what we’re trying to do. There’s a reason why we’re trying to become one of three or maybe four teams ever to make this walk four times in a row.”


  1. Francisco says:

    mavs have the BEST player on the floor in DIRK

  2. obaid says:

    if ever the mavs can have a 3-0 lead over the lakers then its safe to say that LAKER FANS, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT BUT BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR :-), LETS GO MAVERICKS!!!!!!!! BIG FAN FROM MANILA!

  3. Jukxz_24 says:

    The lakers will still find their way to win over the very confident MAVS. Even they’re down 2-0 right now,i believe that they will give their all to win the series .Just believe 2-time defending champions are still LAKERS-the champions!

    • @Jukxz_24: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! The Mavs are down 2-0??? Wow, someone must be watching reruns of the 2006 NBA Finals! I bet your phone’s ringtone is Ron Artest’s crappy song “Champions”!!! Speaking of Artest, what happened to that intimidating defense he always brings? Nowhere to be found. And don’t even get me started on Gasol(Pau)! We clearly know who has recieved the NBA’s Softest player award…lol…then there’s Kobe. Im seeing more of the #8 Kobe than the #24 Kobe, you know(the ballhog) And finally Phil Jackson, who seems to be planning his vacation to Hawaii alittle early(might see MJ there for some positive relief)

  4. VINS says:

    lakers CANNOT WIN NOW going to Dallas with the home crowd that cheers them all the way ….laker fans in staples stop woos Pau and kobe the reason lakers won last two.but this time lakers better just give it away coz they not winning 4 in row against dallas

  5. Ice Pogi says:

    It’s a very rough road for the Lakers………… I guess it’s 2006 NBA Finals rematch……..Heat Vs. Mavs… Do something KOBE PAU….

  6. jan says:

    WAKE UP PAU!!!!!!!

  7. richuncle says:

    Kobe clearly got fouled by jason Kidd on the play where he was held and triped and should have gotten 2 freethrows. If you can give Dirk 2 freethrows on that silly call with 20 seconds left then Kobe should have gotten 2.

    • Brian says:

      That no-call makes up for all the times Kobe got “fouled” on his way to the hoop this year.

  8. richuncle says:

    That was a bitter loss. Have to feel like they gave it away and it was homecourt for sure and hopefully not the series.

  9. Joseph says:

    Cmon Mavs!!!!!

  10. danny says:

    the heat smell like huge butthole

    • dude, how old are you? 12….a SMARTER heat hater would say: ” LeChoke Lames and Chris(Soft)Bosh or somethin like dat(can’t say anything bout Wade since he’s better than Kobe” Obviously Im a Heat Fan laughing at your criticizing your harsh comments…enjoy a Laker-less Finals in June!

  11. lakersfan says:

    remember people want to see kobe vs lebron so gtfo lol hahaha go lakers

  12. lakersfan says:

    if mavs win or well i will fully support up to finals i dont want miami or bulls either lol so go mavs. But my prediction is lakers all day 24/7 lol so go lakers

  13. super 24 says:


  14. noybz says:

    The Lakers are toast, no chance to get past Dallas. Sorry to say.

  15. Cy says:

    Dallas only won Game 1 because the Lakers had mistakes late in the game, the Mavericks didn’t do something that would make them win in the clutch. Winning through your play is different from winning through the opponent’s mistakes.

    Lakers will come back and will win it in 5 or 6 games.

    • Brian says:

      I wouldn’t put money on that if I were you.

    • @Cy: winning through your play is different from winning through the opponent’s mistakes? But isn’t that how a team wins coming from a huge deficit? The Lakers had a commanding lead entering the 4th quarter(Double Digits) and some how made mistakes in the CLUTCH! Come on, we all know that the Lakers are at their peak whether they win 1 or both home games, but things have changed. The Lakers are showing TOOOO much inconsistency in the playoffs, and thats not gonna get to the championship this year, especially being down 2-0……if they lose Game 3 their dynasty of winning championships ends for good!!!!

  16. Oula says:

    May God guide the L.A. Lakers as they go on with the series as He Has done in the past years.

  17. John says:

    Lakers will lose in 4. Kobe is the most overrated player in the NBA history. At the end of the game 1 he made one bad play after another. Go Mavs. Charles is right, nobody can guard Nowitsky.

    • Lolita D. Castor says:

      Lakers will win my friend, whether you like it or not. They have the championship caliber and they will bounce back today. It’s an exciting game to see. Remember a tough team is hard to defeat. In losing game 1, they just size up the Mavs and I have faith they will be victorious.. Go Lakers!

  18. miami all the way says:

    bro r yall crazy the way miami is playing rite now who cares who comes out the west wade and lebron vs kobe and gasol really lebron can guard either 1 i wold luv 2 see lakers and miami b4 kobe leaves the nba lebron vs kobe

  19. dallasmavericks says:

    I think the Dallas Mavericks deserve to win the Championship this year.

  20. puertorican laker fan says:

    Iam a little nervous after LA let the mavs take the game after been down by 16….i steel think the lakers will win it in 6 because dallas is not that good at home, but in order to do that i think kobe needs more help from pau and bynum…go lakers!!!

  21. hmm says:

    Go Minneapolis Lakers

  22. pgp says:

    lets go lakers……….

  23. berkamore says:

    I may have already said this on another thread, the Lakers are still the Champs but they are too old to just rely on talent like they have done in the past. They have to stay focused and execute if they want to go all the way.

    Can they maintain their focus like the great Bulls Teams used to do? We’ll see………….

    To steal a quote from the great Johan Cruyff: ” Nobody may be able to beat the Lakers but they can still lose to somebody”

  24. Herr says:

    Hah, The Lakers have NOTHING to be worried about against the Mavericks. If you watched the game, or even looked at the box score, you know that’s a fluke. Bynum is to blame, he had literally no one guarding him and didn’t play well at all. Odom was terrible and same with Gasol. Kobe also got into shooting mode.

    Lakers are a championship team. Dallas is not, and they needed to crush LAL’s bench to get back into the game to ultimately win. Not to mention a few of the calls late game were a bit strange, especially if it’s putting Kidd and Dirk on the FT line.

    Lakers shouldn’t fear the Mavs. They’re a terrible team that plays outside-out. They’ll make their jumpers, but if you just play well defense on them, you’ll crush them. Every team has done it. Only reason Dallas got past Portland was because of the officiating issues in Games 1, 2, 5, and 6… the 4 games they won.

    Only thing the Lakers have to worry about is Miami, who’s playing about 5x better than anyone else except Memphis, but Miami is straight up more talented than Memphis. Lakers bench is the most overrated bench in the entire NBA. Take off Odom (who plays starter minutes), and they’ve got one of the worst. Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, and Shannon Brown? What is that? All have been horrible this season.

    Miami – Lakers in the finals, Miami wins in 5.

    • Mike says:

      umm, herr, arent you the same guy who said mavericks were going to lose the portland series? and they won? you should give up at making NBA predictions. this is going to be a tough matchup for the mavs, but dirk is on fire right now. So ill say again, give up on making NBA predictions, and know your stuff. Lakers are going to be hard, but the mavs went off on em in game 1, so you know for a fact that lakers DO have something to worry about and if they want to beat the mavs, theyre gonna have to work. quit while youre ahead.

    • Brian says:

      Are you going to call Game 2 a fluke as well? The Lakers backs are against the wall, and I don’t see them having enough to win it this year.

  25. ldhl89 says:

    Sorry Lakers
    Lakers, celtics, spurs, bulls … enough with that!!
    A NEW CHAMPION!! Dallas, Thunder,Grizzlies, Heat, Hawks, its time for a good change!!

  26. Jepoy says:

    Relax L.A. is not new to this…

  27. revamp says:

    my opinion is that the league is finally re-shaping into a whole new era of stars whom also deserve a shot in the finals, it’s getting very boring seeing the same colours of jerseys in the finals, consecutively. the Lakes always tell the same bs tale of saying they don’t know how they’ve won that 2010 finals game 7 but they figured out a way, BS! because it turned out to be a one-sided free throw show for LA that put a sour taste & ending to a rare game 7 finals, no team in a game 7 nba final should win that way…it ruined the feeling of true battle of an NBA Final. the east has a very good story going on over there with the mighty Celtics(whom i still look at as a true B-Team)with their backs against the wall vs. Miami…the league is in an attempt to be re-shaped and it’s now starting with this series, the Mavericks are in position to do the same and they deserve a shot in the finals.

    Derek Fisher sounds like he’s speaking on behalf of Yoda whom is speaking on behalf of the President whom is speaking on behalf of Phil, Derek’s statements sound so filtered ”in terms of”………….”in terms of”…….”in terms of” SHUT UP DEREK YOU VALEDICTORIAN SCHOOL BOY!

  28. LA dumpster baby says:

    LA loses game 1……that automatically means they lose the series, right? Weve heard it all before…time and time again. If it was a 3-0 deficit to DAL, I could see this kind of stuff would be justified….but LA loses one game and people go off the deep end.

    While I am really hoping on a 3-peat…I am pretty confident the Lakers will at least be at the WCF

    Go LA

    • Jepoy says:

      That’s funny is that a question or a statement?

    • Brian says:

      What should I say if they lose two AT HOME, then go to Dallas for Games 3 and 4? The series may not be over, but the Lakers have a real uphill battle now. I don’t think they can do it.

  29. objective says:

    @ mike17: Nice post men. Real nice, i mean thank god there’s at least a few Lakersfans that can be rational. You didn’t convince me, but you had a nice try. And you know Kobe doesn’t get the same blame like the rest of the team. Answer me this one. Does Kobe get away with a lot more of things than the other stars from the referees ??? Do you agree that the fouls that Howard get would brake in two any other player ? And the way your Lakers were and are behaving them during the season and the playoffs, even you can’t say ; Look that’s a championship worth. I know there days are over ! For me: fun is when chemistry is ruling. I would like to see OKC or Memphis win it all !! One love


    3 PEAT!

    GO! GO! GO! LAKERS….

  31. ash says:

    come on laker haters you the same thing with honets series l.a will be just fine thank you this is the team blew 3 1 lead against heat 06 n b a finals.

    • RONIZHASH says:


  32. memory dream, bayombong says:

    i think mavs will win on game 6… lakers dont panic obviously.. but this team is beatable.. i dont think they still have the hunger to win this year… look at artest,gasol and bynum plays,, i dont see the hunger on their eyes and it reflect on their stats and body language,, i think the okc and mavs on the western finals…

  33. Sean says:

    If the officiating favors the home team in game 2 as it so often does at Staples Centre then expect the Lakers to win game 2, I’m not a Mavericks fan but they are the better team and hopefully the officiating won’t hinder the Mavs success to reach the Western Conference Finals, as it did Sacramento and Portland last decade.

  34. Chris G says:

    It will be the Lakers in 7 in my opinion. Though the Mavs do have experience winning a game 7 on the road when they beat the Spurs in that situation in 2006, I think it’s going to be more difficult to win a game 7 on the road this time. Mavs will want to close this thing out in 6 on their homecourt. Lakers will bounce back in game 2, though I by no means expect a blowout.

  35. wewe says:

    memphis vs atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!! whoooaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. dllsmvrcks says:

    go dallas!! beat L. A.!!!!

  37. 24>23>6 says:

    The Lakers at 100% will beat any other team at their 100% game

  38. NOT_a_fan says:

    …LAKERS will bounce back but will still fall from MAVS….Mavs in 6… Mavs already learn their lesson in round 1, from Portland…They alreaody know how finish a series…

  39. Face31 says:

    WE got this game 2 its on ,we just have to steal one on the road which we play better on anyway.True Lakersfans show no fear.Dont worry about the Mavs worry about Okc thats who we dont wont to see.AS far as the Mavs go,Every once and a while even a garbage can gets a steak!!!

  40. hymnn says:

    go la lakers beat thm, get the championship..

  41. yanick says:

    Miami hate will never be on mute. What they’re doing now is what was expected from them from the start. That’s the reason people dislike Lebron now, after learning that bosh was going to miami to join wade, he chose the easy way out and join that team also. They basically made an all star team out there. So of course if they lose, a lot people will talk smack and say the couldn’t make it even though they teamed up like cowards. As far as the lakers are concerned, Gasol is just an overrated player, the softest big man in this league history in my opinion. Had it played like an all star, the lakers wouldn’t be struggling right now during this playoff. There is no point guard in the team, they rely highly on Kobe to score despite his injuries and age. This is why the L.A fans want another star, a true star (the only star in that team is Kobe). So hopefully management wakes up and bring a star in the team, Chris paul or Howard. BTW, Bynum getting five rebounds is unnacceptable. How can a team that big get constantly outrebounded like that? LOL Dirk had more rebounds than Gasol and Bynum combined.

  42. mike says:

    The Dallas Mavericks is a good team but I was not convincing enough for me to say that they can beat the Lakers in a 7 games series. In game one the Lakers beat themselves by blowing a big lead; what contributed to this was a lack of defence, rookie mistakes and little or no urgency to finish the game strong. I didn’t see a display of total dominance by the Mavericks and as such I believe if the Lakers don’t beat themselves, no one will in a 7 game series. In comparison look the Miami and Boston series, clearly at this point Miami is the dominant team. It don’t matter what Boston brings, Miami as an answer for it. Do you see such dominance by the Mavericks in the Lakers series? NO! The Lakers will win in 6, just like the Hornets series.

  43. Hamid says:

    No need to panic last year we went 4-2 against the Thunder in the 1st round, 4-0 vs Jazz 2nd round and 4-2 vs Suns. We can win the 2 up comming games in Dallas after 2night in LA then we will be 3-1 and next thing you know we are in the finals. GO LAKERS

  44. Nad says:

    The Lakers have proven in the past that they can turn their emergency switch at time but not any more. Dallas is a much deeper team with a good coach. Even if they go past Dallas, they don’t have enough energy and strength to go against OKC or Memphis. Do you seriously think they can beat the Memphis if that was their first match up? If they survive the West, do you think they can beat the Heat? I wonder if Phil jackson still ave any advice for Eric Spoetra caoching job…?

  45. Me2 says:

    Laker tenure ends this year! Lakers fans, it’s time to panic. Dirk is hungry and Lakers bench can’t hang. You will see a frustrated Bryant in the series because all eyes and hopes are still on him….. no matter how good he is, he still needs a team. Bye Bye Lakers….all good things must come to an end….it’s time! Lakers are Toast! Mavs in the Big One!! D-Time

  46. Rexus says:

    The MIAMI HEAT are your 2010 – 2011 NBA CHAMPIONS. KOBE SUCKS. He can’t be greater than Michael Jordan.

  47. Tenki says:

    @Oliver from Manila:

    I’ll bet $300 for that. Lakers in 5 games? I don’t think so. Don’t worry, I’m from Manila as well, so I guess payment won’t be an issue. Are you on?

    • Rich says:

      I’ll cover the rest of what was left on him after the $300 bet. But you know what I don’e blame him, he doesn’t really get to watch a lot of NBA so he’s not too familiar with the strength of the other teams.

  48. Jijo Jacob says:

    Many people are saying that the Mavs played their best game and only won by two, but if you look at the game, Jason Kidd has 5 turnovers, the careless play by Terry at the end of the 2nd quarter, and the 3 straight turnovers at the beginning of the 3rd really put Dallas in a pitfall.

    If Tyson Chandler and Haywood can keep playing good defense on Andrew Bynum, then the Mavs have a great chance to beat the Lakers.

    The Key players on the Lakers are Odom, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Ron Artest if Lakers are going to win this series.

    Key Player on Dallas is Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd (mainly for defense), Shawn Marion, and Terry.

    Dirk and Kobe will get their number but its up to these players to make a difference

  49. Ken says:

    Well, The Mavs have nine players that can and will score 20 plus points at any given time. In game one only one Mav scored more than 20 points. The Lakers are in trouble in this series. There will be no more close games. The Mavs played a terrible game and still won. Mavs and Hawks in the Finals!!!!

  50. mrbean says:

    you know guys I think the way Miami is playing the LAKERS should start to be the LAKERS of last year or else even if they beat teams in the western conference they’ll be eaten alive by Miami the way this 2 teams are playing as of now…I dont see the Tenacity and the attitude they used to have last year. the lakers looks like a tired team already WAKEUP Lakers! go for the 3rd ring

  51. long memory says:

    May 4th 8:07 am The day after a dominating performance by Lebron and Wade in what is the best series in -who knows how long- and Sekou’s Blog is about the Lakers “not caring they’re down a game” -a bunch of derek fisher quotes…?. Is it because Shaun Powell already addressed Miami looks like the best team “so far”. Or is it that its just naturally silent when Miami is making people eat mud – imean their words when the heat are on a roll. Because I’M SURE if miami loses a game or a series then the talk, the blog, the HATE rises back. As far as the Lakers and Dallas (since its the topic. A Wack topic right now but it is what it is) Kidd said it best. The Lakers are a championship team. They will bounce back in game 2 with a sustained effort but I also agree with Kobe when he said “Dallas Can beat the Lakers”. Will Dallas win? dont know. I know they are way more talented and have more talented Size than New Orleans. But the Lakers are the favorites to win this series because of their history. So we’ll see. But the REAL series is in the EAST and right now Miami got ALOT of people JAW DROPPED and have their Hate on MUTE right now. Boston can still win the series (they are the beast of the east until they lose 4)…but the window is narrowing unless the Celts win TWO at home immediately.

    • Sekou Smith says:

      Shaun and John Schuhmann are covering the Heat-Celtics series and I’m in LA along with Scott Howard Cooper covering Lakers-Mavericks. Nothing sinister going on here long memory, just minding our respective turf during these playoffs. I’ll dine on that mud if necessary. No problem with the Heat doing their thing.

  52. Moshe says:

    Kevin,there is nothing wrong with seven games
    relax the lake rs are going to win

  53. RickyKobe24 says:

    I think that series is so difficult for the Lakers, but they ‘ll win it in seven

  54. dirk45 says:

    Nobody would start a discussion here if the Lakers were as dominant throughout the season as they had been the last two years. I vaguely remember an article here early in the season that the biggest problem of Bynums pausing was Gasol having to carry all the load of the Lakers game. He played many games with 40+ minutes early in the season and you may now see the result of it.

    The Lakers are definitely capable of coming back, but the Mavs are also able to steal another game in LA, even if the Lakers improve.

    When they all play 100% there will be no NBA team able to stop them. But once they let down – and currently they look as if they need to – the Mavs are definitely capable of taking advantage out of it.

  55. Cha says:

    Hmm. I think the Lakers will but they wont WIN the best they can. They’ll win by a single digit ’cause they would stop adding pressure to the Mavs after they get a big lead. Nothing new in L.A, I’m sure. Though these Lakers have proven time and time again, when it’s time to kill, it’s time to kill. That’s why they’re so good in closing out the series. Everyone of them gets it going, especially Kobe. The defense will get better, the offense will go through the post (Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant) the way Phil and his coaching staff intended to be.

  56. objective says:

    And you Lakers fans are wondering why so many people hate the cockyness of the Lakers ? Even when y’all losing you still wining ? When y’all lose its Gasol fault, and when y’all win its because of Kobe ? Nice team spirit ! Lakers is the best !!! BUT all of y’all want HOWARD, CP or Carmelo right ? why is that ? If the only thing left to conquer is suppostly the moon. 2 weeks ago when it wasn’t clear about the injury of Bynum some fan made a comment: that it was a good thing if Bynum could’t play. He received like a 10000 hate mails about the beloved Lakers. When a Lakerfan made a comment about giving CP one hard foul to injure him NOBODY reacted. Not even the rational thinking Lakers fan. Everybody can talk trash about any team in any sports except the Lakers. The media also Sekou have a Big part of it.
    If we compared the NBA with religion, which religion would the Lakers be ? ( not talking bad of any religion)
    Peeps be Real, and try to think rational ! I wonder which fan can respond this questions without JUST saying : Lakers is the best. One love !!!

    • mike17 says:

      This happens every year between contending teams and their fans. Lakers are the defending champions and until somebody beats them, they have a right to be confident. It’s not cockyness by any means. Just a proven team with the right leadership feeling they can win against any team in a 7 game series. The Lakers were built for the Playoffs. When the team has proven it so many years that they can win, it builds confidence in the team and their fans also. Dallas has lost in early rounds the past several years and they have been one of the top teams for 11 straight seasons. If Dallas has been to the Finals or Conference Finals the past 3-5 years there will be just as many “cocky” Dallas fans on here talking smack. Game 1 was lost and LakerNation feel they lost the game because of 1 or 2 bad possessions. People are blaming Kobe as much as they are blaming Gasol and Bynum for the loss. Who wouldn’t want Howard, CP3 or Melo? Do you know why nobody reacted to the “give CP3 a hard foul”? That guy is an idiot for such a comment. There are people who posts something up and never comes back on to read the responses. ie. Jowell: “yeah! go LOSE lakers! overrated Kobe.” They just want to get a rise out of fans. People like that aren’t rational to even talk to (that’s just my opinion) so why respond when it doesn’t matter anyways? It’s a game so why injure the opposing teams best player? It’s better to win the series against a team that is at their best so nay-sayers will not use the excuse that they weren’t at their best (Finals game 7 2010). Last year in the Finals I heard some Celtic fans say to injure Kobe because he caused Perkins to land on his foot while he jumped for a rebound. Really? The only response that post got was “it was an accident foo!” I can’t speak for all the Lakers fans but being a basketball fan first then a Lakers fan second that when the Lakers win, it makes basketball fun to watch. You just haven’t read many comments to see how many people don’t like the lakers and talk smack about them. Good luck to the team you’re rooting for. And for good measure “Go Lakers!!” hahaha

  57. Huge Lakers Fan! says:

    GO LAKERS! I have total faith that you can beat out these Mavs. I think that LAL win win Games: 2, 3, lose 4, but win 5, and 6. Because the Mavs might put on a fight but LAL will withstand and win the series and win the championship later on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Bong says:

    Lakers VS Boston 2011 FINALS ; Lakers will win in 6 Games.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      celtics mite not make it…

      • c'mon says:

        you sure? I think that’s what you should tell yourself. lakers MIGHT NOT make it in the western conference finals.

        next two games for celtics-heat will be in BOSTON,

        next two games for lakers-dallas will be in DALLAS.

        remember HOME-COURT ADVANTAGE.

  59. jowell says:

    yeah! Go LOSE Lakers! overrated kobe!

  60. Kevin says:

    I’m scared the series may reach seven games. I have strong faith on my team, LA LAKERS! Go go go!! You can’t go easy at the Mavs!

  61. Pouria Z says:

    sry, I means mavs and thunders in finals 😉

    • Rich says:

      There was already a possibility on your first prediction but the second one won’t happen. Finals is still between East and West. Mavs will win it all this time against Miami !

      • James O says:

        I would love to see that Finals repeat this year. Nothing against Miami, but I never liked them and Mavs are my backbone team. Dirk had better get his first championship before Lebron. They’ve both been to the Finals once, but at least Dirk got 2 games while Lebron was swept clean.

  62. Pouria Z says:

    In my opinion this year the mavs will win series in 6 the lakers are good in comebacks but the confidence the mavs have this year is notable ! they lost 2 of their bests ( c.butler and roddy.b ) but they are still chasing the champ defender ! I think we will see mavs and grizz in west finals 😉

    • James O says:

      Big time Dallas fan right there with you on that one. And jump too soon off the Grizzlies, they’ve shown their talents thus far and anything is possible.

  63. neonato says:

    go lakers! you can do it! =)))

  64. Oliver from Manila says:

    Yo! mah lakers will win it in 5 games.. bet on it! Gogo LAKERS!

  65. moshe says:

    i have never in my entire life see a team winning a championship after one game
    so please relax everybody,the lakers will be back and win all the way

  66. jix says:

    lakers is the best team in getting back after losses

  67. KungFu Hustler says:

    Go Lakers

  68. Teriac says:

    i think they will bounce back after the loss. lets see