‘Not The Same Old Mavs’

LOS ANGELES — It takes years to live down a reputation in the NBA.

Mavericks guard Jason Terry knows that better than most, having been wrongly accused of being a bust by some when he didn’t work out as a starting point guard early in his career.

But much like their scoring machine off the bench, these Dallas Mavericks are slowly chipping away at their reputation as a team that shrinks on the big stage.

Again, it won’t come overnight. Not even after nights like the Mavericks had Monday, when they rose up late and stunned the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of their Western Conference semifinal. But the Mavericks are on the road to recovering from being bounced in the first round of the playoffs in three of the four years prior to this one.

“There’s no quit in us,”Terry said. “We’re a veteran team. We’ve seen it all. And we pride ourselves on not giving in to adversity. When we were down 16 (Monday night), we knew there was still plenty of time left. There was a lot of game left to be played. And to be honest, we just don’t get rattled in those situations.”

Relative newcomers like Tyson Chandler, who has infused the Mavericks with his confidence and defensive presence, made it clear after Game 1 that the fragile Mavericks of the past are exactly that, the past.

“This is not the same old Mavs,” Chandler told ESPN.com’s J.A. Adande. “In the past, you beat ’em up and then they give up and you get aggressive and you back down. This is a different team, different squad, different look. Hopefully we get a different outcome.”

Terry showed off some of that resiliency after halftime in Game 1.

It was his foul on Lamar Odom with 0.7 near half court that led to three free throws and turned a five-point Lakers lead into an eight-point advantage in the blink of an eye. A technical foul on Dirk Nowitzki, while trying to box out Ron Artest during the last free throw attempt, allowed the Lakers to stretch the lead to nine points at the break.

Terry stewed about it momentarily and then moved on. He was busy pumping up Corey Brewer for his role as energy man in the second half and trying to make sure that blunder before halftime didn’t end up costing the Mavericks.

“That play was over and done with by the time I got to the locker room,” Terry said. “That’s a part of what I’m talking about. We don’t get rattled. We deal with adversity … again, it’s still going to take some time to erase those doubters. The only way you can do it is by winning. And this was just one game. That game alone is not going to erase those doubts. We’re still going to have to prove night in and night out that we are not that old Mavs team. And that’s the edge, that’s the chip we have on our should ever night we go out there.”


  1. Brantley50 says:

    even if the Mavs beat the Lakers the Heat gunna kill them so Brandon they are not gunna be the Champs.

  2. DalAllDaWay says:

    2-0 Baby! Woah!!

  3. brandon mavs irinco says:

    Go Mavs! It’s about time to be the NBA Champ!

  4. BOGZ16 says:


  5. Rafi says:

    The Lakers have potential and they have the lineup to beat the Mavericks. It still doesn’t mean they shouldn’t work on their defensive end, not to mention in between turnovers. That’s what cost them this game: turnovers and lack of defense. But I’m pretty confident in the Lakers and that they will be able to rebound and prevent a 2-0 series deficit. They want to win, but only when its harsh for them. They do their best under pressure. Might I remind anyone what happened in the last series? They fell 1 to Hornets and they picked up their pace to win the series, and I’m pretty sure they will win this one. GO LAKERS!

  6. Nicanor Orjaliza Jr says:

    There a great team to watch, but still say that the Lakers can pull this on with in 6

  7. carter71185 says:

    i agree with Brantley50 this is all crap! lakers lose one game u guys wanna jump on the bandwagon with mavs just like u guys did the hornets smh jason kid cant guard kobe shawn marion cant guard kobe brandon haywood cant guard pau gasol the lakers just made some simple mistakes that there not gonna make in this game 2 terry has no defense mavs been run and shoot like the suns fast break no defense lakers know how to play this team GO LAKERS lakers win in 6 or 7

  8. Brantley50 says:

    the mavs suck wow they got one lucky game so people now think the lakers suck i mean i know it means a lot to beat a time like the lakers but wow y’all all start saying crap after only one game, im just gunna say that every time the lakers lose Kobe comes out 10 times better the next game so mavs better bring there A game or they gunna suffer.

    • Texas John says:

      Your comment shows your lack of intelligence and respect for other basketball teams. Clearly your opinion is favored toward the Lakers. Dallas played a ugly game, gave Lakers a lead and still won. If Terry and Dirk didnt give Lakers those extra 4 points at the end of the 2nd quarter then we possibly wouldnt be talking about Kobe’s 3 point at the end that wouldnt have made a difference.. WHERES THE CRAP TALKING?

  9. reb says:

    There’s not much to say – just BEAT LA!!!!!!!!

  10. Jermaine says:

    I love seeing more and more love and support for the Mavs. I’ve been a Mavs fan for almost ten years, and I’ve seen them get scrutinized for coming up short in the playoffs time after time, some of it rightfully deserved. What you have to appreciate about this team though is that through all of the doubt some may have about them in the playoffs, they still find a way year after year to play together and try to put themselves in a position to be successful. For this team to have 11 consecutive seasons of 50-win seasons says a lot about the people on this team and organization even though they haven’t resulted in any championships yet. I’ve stuck with this team through the pain of the 2006 finals and the 2007 first round just so that I could see moments like these where they fight through all the adversity and find a way to get through it. It’s only the first game of a best-of-seven series, but anyone who thinks we’re just gonna let the Lakers come through and win it clearly doesn’t see the fight in this team.

    GO MAVS!!!

  11. LOng Beach LA County says:

    Dont worry Lakers Fans .. watch it 4 straight win .

    • Sue T says:

      LA Will not win 4 in a row. They will win only two games. Bad new Kobe fell, Hurt his leg!

  12. Sean Hwang says:

    I love the mavs. I stay up late on school nights to watch them. Go Mavs
    Beat Kobe!

  13. memory dream, bayombong says:

    the x factors from this series on the mavs side would be peja and corey brewer.. if corey can dupliacate or even raise it on a higher level what he did in game 1.. and peja can average atleast 10 plus points on this series,,, man.. la could be in trouble..

  14. Hunter says:

    I like what Charles Barkley is saying with the mismatches. However objectively the edge goes to the Lakers. I want Dallas to win, I think a series clincher would shed the soft label from Dirk permanently(it may already be shed). Coach Carlise has to play his cards PERFECTLY, the mismatches, the adjustments, the substitutions. Mavs have just a few factors that could help them through this marathon against the LA juggernaut. If they play to those factors we may be in for a surprise, if not and they don’t have the discipline and adaptation nor intelligence to bounce back it will be just another LA series.

  15. Rich says:

    Even if Lakers fall to 3-0 down won’t mean anything until you get the 4th win. But I really want the Mavs to finish what they didn’t finish years ago against the Heat. Go Mavs !

  16. LakerFan says:

    The Lakers would always screw up from time to time, but they need it to wake themselves up. Playoffs ’09, when they almost got eliminated by the Houston Rockets, they bounced back, winning the title. Playoffs ’10, when they fell to the Celtics 3-2, they came back to win game 7 and the title. Lakers play their best basketball when they’re desperate, and coming into game 2, they are desperate and there’s no stopping Kobe when he’s at his best. Go Lakers! 3-peat.

  17. charisma says:

    the mavs are not to be feared.. but you have to admit it, they really look good this time.. they look so determined, and hungry, and energized.. and i can feel the lakers are having ttremor inside.. i love my mavs! and im sticking with them all the way! MFFL

  18. Lets-Go-Mavs says:

    They got the talent. All they needed more is attitude and they found it with the new crew. Unlike the old mavs who just go watch each other, this is more like a brotherhood now.

  19. SpurseyGirl says:

    As much as I hate to cheer for either team….I want to see the Lakers fall like a house of cards! And from what I can see….Kobe’s holier than thou complex will do just that with his team mates. News flash Kobe there is no “I” in Lakers!

  20. I watched the game with barely a minute remaining that kobe turn-over was a costly one but knowing kobe and his work ethics the lakers will bounce back from the series and coach phil has definitely cooked something for game 2 so i suggest that mr. cuban should ready himself for a dejavu. Go Lakers!!!!!!

  21. Ray says:

    It would be about time the Mavs achieved. Dirk inparticular has flopped so many times in the playoffs. It would be great to see them win the series but the Lakers will probably scrape into the finals as usual. Yaawwwwnnn!!!

  22. JADE CLOWARD says:

    I watched the entire game and fell asleep w/ 3:00 minutes to go. How – Why – When are the Lakers going to step-Up their defensive game. Multiple times on defense they played like they have little desire, little motivation to make STOPS. Watch ———-> Derek Fisher & Ron Artest. Period. These 2 men are dedicated. Can they give some of their defensive juice to the others. Yes, Kobe played well, and was contributing on both ends of the court. Lakers need to win next 2 games to please me. Laker D-E-F-E-N-S-E needs a boost.

    Thanks for the read, GO Lakers.

    • Texas John says:

      Mavs are going to make the Lakers Defense work for stops. Mavs are a past first team and are not scared of running down the clock to the last second to get the best shot. Although sometimes it hurts them in turnovers because they give up decent shots for a better one.

  23. DJ says:

    Yes, Mavs is a different team now. Chandler, Haywood and Marion made the difference. Just don’t talk too much trash Terry, and you’re all be A-okay. Don’t brag way too much coz that’s how deep low you’re gonna end up… like you always do.

  24. Gary says:

    How do you drop a game like that after picking up so much momentum? Dallas is to be feared and I see them taking this series. LA thinks that they are just that good but like I said weeks ago, rude awakening coming.