Hang Time Podcast (Episode 54)

LOS ANGELES — Much like those Hang Time Grizzlies, we decided to kick off the conference semifinal round of these NBA playoffs with a bang on the Hang Time Podcast.

That includes appearances from a wise and trusted friend of the program and two debuts that you will now want to miss on Episode 54 (complete with background noise from the beach out here in Southern California, where half of our team is located for the Lakers-Mavericks series. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience).

First up is NBA TV and TNT analyst Chris Webber, a favorite here at the hideout for his candor, keen insight and wealth of experience on all topics basketball and beyond. His take on both the Spurs and Magic will leave no doubt about where he thinks both franchises are headed, now that they have been removed from the playoff picture.

Zach Lowe of SI.com‘s The Point Forward blog joined us to break down Game 1 of the Heat-Celtics, got his take on Zach Randolph and the Grizzlies and we even tricked him into diving back into the Derrick RoseDwight Howard MVP debate. It’s not the ideal way to treat a first-time guest, but he was good about it.

We wrapped up with a special Hollywood/Broadway guest in actor Tate Donovan, a rare New Jersey native and lifelong Lakers fan. He gave away his age when he told us that he grew up watching Wilt Chamberlain play for the Lakers. But he has the distinction of living through two of the most celebrated eras in NBA history, having cut his teeth on the Showtime Lakers and then stuck around for the Shaquille O’NealKobe BryantPhil Jackson era and now the Bryant-Pau Gasol-Jackson twilight saga.

That’s enough yapping, check out Episode 54 and hear it all for yourself.


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  1. weaponbx says:

    ive been a wade fan since they beat Kentucky in da 02 03 ncaa tourny. and the heat had its ups and downs but it kills me when people think the heat is lbj’s team.dont get me wrong lbj is a great player and put up nice numbers,but lbj has done nothing to put him ahead of wade.wade has carried miami 2 a championship with a washed up shaq, lbj couldnt do it. wade is a champ already and lbj came 2 his team cause he wants to be a champ as well.its wade’s team bottom line and wade will always have more rings case closed

  2. Slick says:


  3. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    its funny how the regular season record (3-1) in favor of the celtics isn”t affecting this series…WOW!!!! IF I was asked if i would give up those number for the payoffs I’d say yea. Kg played great ray allen played great defense bu not efficient offence paul pierce is a neutral factor I tod you all it is either ray allen rondo or kg kendrick isnt beter than jermaine oneal bcuz jermaine oneal did what he had to… Now ON TO THE NEXT ONE celts in 8 or 9

  4. Kobe3peat says:

    lakers got this championship just watch the 3 peat happen all over again De ja vu

  5. tiger77jordan says:

    @KG_FAN….keep on dreaming…he…he…he………………ha…….ha…….ha…..heat in 4……he….heee…

  6. ariel c balatbat says:

    It’s still Lakers going to the finals

  7. SS says:

    It’s anybody’s game. All these teams are great but I’m surprised with the ATL win over chicago….thought Chicago would sweep them.

  8. rfgb says:

    If heat win tonight they will be champs! All from west are not good enough and miami’s only obstacle is boston. I would be surprised if C’s came back from loss in game 1 and finished series as winners. If MH wins game two the series is officially over!

  9. Perry Alexander jr says:

    Let’s go LA Lakers!!!!! Keep ya head up, we beat ourselves.

  10. DG says:

    We know that the heat can not pull it off. lakers will be the champs !!!!!!!

  11. Gary says:

    Zach Randolph is a character. “I got a old man’s game…but it’s smooth”, had my laughing hard but not at him. Gotta respect his game and he definatley has the heart of a champion. Should be interesting to see how far they go.

  12. Hector says:

    Boston can still win this it was only game one they can pull it off..

    • jay says:

      that’s what the spurs said…..

      • KG_fan says:

        @jay its impossible for the celtics to beat the heat because they lost the game 1? so the ATL will beat chicago the dallas will beat the lakers and the Memphis will beat the OKC ..are you kidding me? celtics in 6…mavs in 7…chi in 6…okc in 7

  13. Hi says:

    @JADE : “You kidds right? “

  14. JADE says:

    Lebron and Company will be the champs