The League’s Most Disappointing Team

So, my championship pick isn’t looking too good right now.

You could say that my contarian nature played a part in picking the Orlando Magic to win their first title a year after getting quickly dismissed in the conference finals by the Boston Celtics. But there was also some logic to it as well.

When it came to point differential, the Magic were the best team in the league last season. For the last three seasons, they’ve been one of a select few teams with the ability to play at an elite level on both ends of the floor. They ranked second in both offensive and defensive efficiency last year, and that was before Dwight Howard added some polish to his offensive game last summer.

But Howard’s first supporting cast had a disappointing start to this season. After Otis Smith shook things up with a pair of trades in December, Howard’s second supporting cast had a disappointing finish.

The Magic were still a dangerous team entering the playoffs (and that Magic-Bulls would have been a great series if the first round went differently), but they ran into a team that clearly had their number. As they get set for their third straight trip to the conference semifinals, the Atlanta Hawks have been outscored by 78 points by their opponents this season, but they won seven of their 10 games against the Magic.

Even if the San Antonio Spurs are eliminated by the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday or Sunday,Β I would argue that the Magic were the most disappointing team of the 2010-11 season. And not just because I picked them to win the title.

With Orlando’s season over, the speculation about whether or not Howard wants to seek out another supporting cast is picking up.

Howard seems like a loyal guy, but there’s no getting past the fact that the Magic have little flexibility when it comes to improving their roster. Over the next three seasons, they owe a total of $92 million to Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkoglu. It’s likely that the only way they’re getting rid of either of those contracts is if they’re included in a Howard trade.

In the wake of Thursday’s loss, Magic GM Otis Smith made it clear to ESPN’s Michael Wallace that such a trade isn’t happening.

“We’re not trading him,” Smith told on Thursday regarding Howard. “You can print it wherever you want it, but it ain’t ever going to bed until he signs a contract extension or signs somewhere else.”

Smith said Howard has never given the Magic any indication that he wants to be anywhere other than Orlando. Because of that, Smith said, there is no circumstance under which he would consider entertaining trade offers that are certain to come this summer and leading up to next year’s trade deadline.

I asked Smith whether Howard has told him directly that he wants to remain the Magic’s cornerstone.

“Yeah, and he’s said it to you guys, too,” Smith said. “But it’s not enough [for the media]. It’s not enough until he signs. [The media] is going to talk about it, and everybody else is going to talk about it until we’re blue in the face, no matter what he says.”

Ain’t that the truth.


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  1. Mchievous says:



  2. Bobby says:

    Two matters that were off limits to announcers, pundits, etc. No one was allowed to criticize Otis Smith’s trade, mostly because everyone wanted to dump on Vince Carter. No on was allowed to praise Danny Ainge’s dumping of the useless K Perkins, because KPerkins fouls so well. The emperors have no clothes.

  3. neonato says:

    change coach !!!! i dont like how van gundy works his plays with the orlando magic…

  4. moneyball says:

    who ever said the bulls the most disappointing team in the league is flat out stupid! how could you say that? the bulls have the 1st seed in the east and derrick rose has became the best point gaurd in the nba(3rd best in the nba: 1.lebron, 2.kobe 3.derrick rose.
    besides, mj can’t even help the babcat win, so he has no staderds.

  5. KBLAL24 says:

    The league’s most dissapointing team is the Minnesota Wolves. That’s because they relied on Kevin Love and thought he would lead them to an NBA title, but really, they finished with the WORST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE!!!

  6. johnson says:

    The Bulls are the most dissapointing team, no where near Jordan standards.
    haters gona hate

  7. T S says:

    Patrick Ewings is no better,he to need to go as well hes no good, for DW, dont fall just like Patrick Ewings NO RINGS

  8. Bosnian Bull says:

    Who care about the heat, they are freaking robots and destruction of the NBA.

  9. josue Torres says:

    People think the this situation is about $ money or play whit another teem but is not WORLD! just think this situation is about ho! make the best and better move decision and make the smart first move, think about it we have maybe the most $ and best arena in the NBA league and this is true! to me it”s not make any sense to make this can $ arena and after #1 year lose the franchise super man! superstar! Howard 6″11 best Center in the league! I don”t think so! but we now Howard and all the NBA superstar want! is a RINGS and this is another true! The best for Orlando is CP3, DWIGHT HOWARD, and #1 PW FORWARD!

  10. dd says:

    the C’s will win it ALL!!!

  11. LeQuit says:

    Welcome to CAVS.

  12. LakerFaN says:

    Did i just hear someone say Bynum and Shannon Brown for Dwight Howard?????????????? πŸ˜€

  13. OvaChicken says:

    I like the fact that Miami are underdogs going into this series & how lost ones say that they can’t stop Rondo & Shaq & they don’t have the experience. Well they have homecourt advantage over Boston(which is what they wanted) and 3 of the best players in the league. A series for the ages Mos Def : Watch The Heat finish lunch slightly early & take care of business in 6 games. + there is no way Boston can beat Chicago this season so step aside old ones & let the pros handle it. Thank you haters

  14. mpk1988 says:

    think howard should move to boston in 2012-2013.. the big 3 and shaq would be retired then… with rondo and howard and the defensive gameplan.. it would usher a new era for beantown.. get an exciting young power forward like hansborough or love and a shooter n its all set

  15. marapo says:

    so far everything has gone as i predicted, except for San Antonio. i thought they would take care of business, but the magic you have to be blind if you didnt see it coming. i mean it was so obvious that it cant even be called a disappointment.

  16. John says:

    I think the Suns were probably the most disappointing / underachieving team, followed by the Rockets and the Jazz.

  17. The Milwaukee Bucks are the most disappointing team this year. This a team that took Atlanta 7 games last year. They resigned some players, brought in some height, and sucked. Checkout 5’10 point guard in dunk contest at: Oh yeah he’s a white dude.

  18. Hi says:

    Dwight Howard… your future… is with Chris Paul…

  19. TREBLIG says:


  20. K-N says:

    Err. What’s up with the L.A and C’s in the finals theory? Neither of those two won’t be in the finals anymore. Its gonna be OKC or Memphis vs Heat or Bulls in the finals. Mark my word.

  21. AELARAS says:

    Howard to pacers we have the salary cup.
    Come to Indiana

  22. klipster says:

    magic management has done a wrong move in getting high players remember rashard lewis. hedo his game is just for 2 million per season and jameer game is 3 million per season. while richardson must just only 7 million per season.

  23. ThEAnswer3 says:

    for orlando magic eventhough im a miami heat and L.A. fan…. this are my top 3 DEANS list for you to become better next season….

    1. Improving the Coaching Staff ( ORL deserves a coach better than Van Gundy .. if possible coaches with the same characteristics with Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson )

    2. Roster Management ( ORL must get rid of overpaid rosters which does not give too much help with the team … releasing Jrich for a better salary cap space.. )

    3. Thinking before Trading ( Trading to a team like SAS would be great for them… TP9 will be a great help for Dwight… or MG20 …. SAS might not be the most Disappointing team but for me they are the most “Disappointed Team” .. signing or trading for Kenyon Martin is a great option too..


  24. i predicted everything right so far says:

    Dwight should come home to Atlanta, if he doesn’t do that he should stay in magic and pick up a different point guard

  25. Rssheed says:

    Rajon Rondo is the best.

  26. jermany says:

    all CP3 has to do is threaten to leave in free agency and be asked to be traded to the magic next season

  27. Fan says:

    I really like Dwight Howard because I like the fact he’s a Christian and a decent person. I think he’s had some bad luck with his Orlando team. I personally am baffled that the Magic was eliminated in this fashion by Atlanta! They have the talent to win. C’mon. with Richardson, Arenas , and Turkoglu? Just what the hell happened? I’m a Laker fan who, obviously would like to see Dwight become a Laker in the future! It would be nice to see him play with a veteran leader in Kobe Bryant,( who I still think is the best in the NBA.) Just hang in there Dwight! Your time will come! It took Shaq till age 28 before he got his first ring! And his only MVP! So hang in there!

  28. josue Torres says:

    I think they need to trade Hedo Turcolu, Gilber Arenas and Jameer Nelson,and try to sing chris paul and another real power foward like (David West) or (Lomar Odom) or (Paul Millsap) or (JJ Hickson) if they want to Keep Howard here, I am Real Orlando Magic! fan! and I think the manager Otis Smth he made a big mistake to change Rashard Lewis for Gilber Arenas,if Otis Smith do more mistake we are going to lose Howard and the only oportunity to have a real Champion Team! Seriously imagine CP3 and Howard together and Lomar Odom or David West here at Orlando Florida,but its just depends how Otis Smith working this summer whith Dwight Howard we’ll see.

  29. Orlando's fan says:

    So sad

  30. memory dream, bayombong says:

    magics formula to championsip…..
    center: howard
    Sf:gay or Battier
    sg:kevin martin or monte elis
    mcgee,milsap,ak47,raja bell,morrow,posey,ben gordon….
    team system: just like the detroit badboys of the 80’s…..
    hey otis.. get this line up this summer..ok.. you dont need superstars to win championship.. you just need a personel that fit a good system…

  31. yada yada says:


  32. milos trendevski says:

    Howard wiil go to play for Spurs

  33. trade Howard for David Lee or Trade Jameer for Monta Ellis or Tyreke evans…
    and m best opinion… Trade Howard with Okafor so that the superman could teamp with CP3…!(or trade Lopez for Howard(Brook Lopez)
    and the reason why the magic lost is Hedo….! the orlando is a whole lot better when Rashard and Carter are on the orlando………..

  34. ORLANDO SOLUTIOn says:

    Orlandos Problems. 1. Jameer Nelson. In 2009 Rafer Alston was the PG that took them to the finals then they switched to Jameer and it went Kaput, why? Jameer plays like a scorer , but he’s THE POINT GUARD he’s supposed to create for other players and make the TEAM SCORE, look at Steve Nash, awesome scorer, but looks to create FIRST.
    2. Can’t rely on Howard in the 4th- HAving a Superstar but not in the 4th , this is huge! Half the game is closing out the 4th quarter, this is why the lakers are so Good, Kobe and Fisher are clutch.
    3. Dwight needs to dedvelop his skills more. He relys mostly on natural talent if he could kick out better ( Like Shaq in his Prime) the team would be a lot better. (yes I know he’s being coached by Olajuwon.)

  35. Arc says:

    the magic should trade hedo to cleveland for VAREJAO, he won’t only give them size but he will serve as an energy player as well. Then maybe they could also sign tayshaun prince during the offseason. Prince can give them length in the front court and is a decent defender as well. GET VAREJAO AND PRINCE!!

  36. rayj says:

    everybody look the best team for dwight to go to is the bulls he has a chance to play along the best player this yar in d.rose as well a great cast and bench. he will fit in nicely with the bulls scheme on defnse and offnse. how will you stop d.rose and howard.both playrs require more then one defender and that will cause major night mares. the bulls have the draft picks to make it happen they have four first rounders in the next three years and posibly the number over all thanks to bobcats plus noah but i would try and push boozer in the trade but howard is a great dfender that he can make boozer look good on defense

  37. moneyball says:

    howard to New Orleans with Paul

  38. moneyball says:

    boston has no d on lebron so the heat will win.
    the magic didn’t try except for howard, and they lost every game to the hawks this season.

  39. Rob says:

    Dwight won’t go anywhere. The best players in the League may all catch the hibernation fever known as “LeBron Syndrome”, but Dwight shouldn’t feel the need to go anywhere. Orlando’s a very attractive city to live in, and so long as Dwight’s there the team has a very good CV for recruiting talent. The Magic’s next step is to shed the dead weight – find a way to get rid of Hedo and Arenas if they’re punching holes in your salary cap. Orlando’s in a much better position than the Knicks to be honest, who have to find a way to bolster their defense while simultaneously gunning for either CP3 or D-Will. In a couple of years there’ll be some other grumbling star for sure, and a recruitment pitch from a team in a great city that could easily boast a five-time DPOTY would be most convincing.

  40. Gurmanski says:

    For me the Magics aren’t the most disappointing team in the NBA this season but the Spurs being eliminated by the 8th seated Memphis Grizzlies. The Magics lost because Atlanta were just hungrier like a pack of vultures who haven’t eaten any meat for a long time. They were more aggressive in getting the loose balls and jumped up down the court. Hedo Turkolu was just in another dimension in this series. He wasn’t on his own. Rashard Lewis was still a better threat than Gilbert Arenas offensively. Let’s face it. Height is might in basketball. Lewis could have easily opened up everything for Dwight Howard in the paint. He could post up and shoot the 3 balls. By the way, trading Vince Carter for Jason Richardson was not a good move.

  41. Lakers_3Peat says:

    Howard to Heat.. That’s the best.. Maybe they’ll beat us by then..

  42. OKCFTW! says:

    the magic lost their championship contention the time they traded VINCE CARTER FOR HEDO!!! I mean c’mon… Hedo was never the same Hedo we saw in 2009!!! Hedo was a disappointment for me. So they need to get rid of Hedo and bring a scorer SF. Wrong move by the magic. And let’s not forget the Gilbert Arenas Situation. I think it’s good that Arenas should start over nelson. I dont see Gilbert as a backup. How can he get his momentum if he’s in the bench?? Its just my opinion… I think, if the magic dont make a move this instant, THEY CAN LOSE DWIGHT!!!

  43. pip chinggis says:

    HOWARD should go to WASHINGTON next year. If that, WASHINGTON would be new super monster team!!!!

  44. candy............ says:

    the magic should try to change the coach… ..they should hire larry brown or something….

  45. no.1 spurs fan says:

    if dwight wants a championship just join the spurs we realy need him hehe!!just a spurs fan..!

  46. gabbgabb says:

    for me the most disappointing team in the playoffs arent the magic but the spurs. see you have the first seed, great players,like tim duncan tony parker manu ginobili richard jefferson, and yet lost to last seed memphis

    the bucks are also disappointing cause they have great players yet didnt made the playoffs

  47. Craig Thompson says:

    I think this post was written a day early…..after the result for memphis last night!!

  48. David says:

    Both Otis Smith and Stan Van Gundy need to be let go. Magic need to hire a bigger name GM like a Donnie Walsh or at least someone with a proven track record of making superstar trades. Also hire someone who knows how to clear and manage cap space as well. As for the coaching aspect they need to get away from living and dying with the three point shot.

  49. gilbert tualla says:

    trade nelson, nelson is not a player i want when the play-off is come, trade to steve nash, nash is old but play well than nelson in play-off time.

  50. Gab0 says:

    It all started with the Courtney Lee trade.

    • Gab0 says:

      If they kept Hedo, his play could have been the same until now and Rashard was better with Hedo. If they did not let Jameer play in their last Finals they could have won the title.

  51. Hedo,go back 2 raptors says:

    hedo is the reason why Magic lost!!!Hedo is not that good anymore,in this season hedo shoots a lot of 3’s but only few wud go to the rim…hedo is not as good as old hedo,hedo shud go back 2 raptors…the magic wud be better without him…

  52. Vincent says:

    The Magic needs a big man who will help Howard in defense and in rebounding, they need a 7 footer who can match Howard’s defense or a 7 footer who is a great rebounder. The Magic’s perimeter defense is not tight enough which is one the reasons why they lost, they need someone like Shane Battier.

  53. Koking says:

    Dwight Howard and CP3 to L.A. and join Kobe…

  54. belb says:

    Dwight to Suns or Nash to Magic

  55. Rod says:

    I agree it is my dream for Howard and Chris Paul to play together. They deserve each other. They have been surrounded by some of the worst put together teams in the NBA.

  56. rhainner says:

    they need a PG that has NBA finals expirence

  57. EkzD says:

    D12 and CP3 hoping next season and add one shooter to be surely a nightmare COMBINATION.

  58. alienboyguitar says:

    I think the MOST ‘Disappointing Team’ right now in the playoffs would definitely the Spurs, if they’re gonna lose this game with Memphis. I’m a Spurs fan btw!

  59. Raffy says:

    yeah!!! thats the right for you Howard, you are so very arrogant… πŸ™‚

  60. It would be more dissapointing for Orlando Magic. They take the Hawks lightly that is why they loss it….This team will break up for sure..Howard is leaving…

  61. Dub El says:

    The Magic need to trade off gilbert arenas hedo turkoglu and try and sign chris paul when he comes off contract and hope that will encourage howard to stay. Ryan anderson can fill in for hedo,

  62. chefj says:

    CP3 to Orlando wit Dwight. Also Clips won’t be able to entice Blake to stay so look for him to go east!!! Can you say Nets or Magic?

    • ena-three! says:

      especially after trading away baron davis, that was blakes boy. blake will be taking trade offers. i say magic trade turk and arenas for blake.

  63. Tristan says:

    Turkoglu was horrible. He blew games and shot horrendous. I don’t understand why he plays more than anyone.

  64. laksho says:

    Howard to the lakers. Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, and nao Howard. o other trade makes since.

  65. Troy says:

    why didnt they follow the winning formula from game 5. Notice the time key players got in this game and notice the diffence it made. Hawks were clearly well prepared against the starting players of Magic but in game 5 those players played less and Magic won easy….I think this series were lost due to tactical errors..

  66. Smokey says:

    I think they were better when Vince Carter was still on the team, i remember that they have a photo on last year playoffs saying “this is what no.1 looks like” (with Vince on it) and i was so proud of Orlando back then.. bad bad bad move.. They are putting too much stars on the team..

  67. Lee says:

    Come on guys, Be real, the following will happen,

    > SVG will be fired.
    > Dwight will go to LA.
    > Magic will unload as much as possible to have some ok drafts in the following years.
    > Hedo and Arenas are just too expensive, therefore they will stay as bench-warmers for the next 2 seasons, then most likely both will retire.

    End of the game my friends, end of the game. We have to wait another 4-5 years for Magic to restructure. I am a Magic fan, and these awful facts will happen.

  68. GCM says:

    Best pair for Howard is Steve Nash i believe..

  69. Rohan says:

    I really hope dwight stays the magic’s my favorite team. But their are times where I wish we had the old magic. If it was the old magic this would’ve been completely different.

  70. Matticus says:

    I think Chicago would dominate with Mr. Howard. Just sayin

  71. Lakers Fan says:

    I truly think Dwight should be traded. The Magics are a 3 point shooting team and they doesn’t really rely on their centers to score. The Magics should just get a decent center and trade Dwight to a team who need him and his talents can be seen more and a better shot at a championship

  72. archie says:

    The Magic is much more better team last season, and they have a much more FG percentage too.

  73. Ted says:


  74. BlackMamba24 says:

    For some reason I have a feeling that Howard will retire as a Magic, dont ask me why I just have this feeling. If they could get Chris Paul I think Magic would really be a dangerous team come next year.

  75. LA dumpster baby says:

    Howard, come to LA……we have cookies

  76. GerostelerJD says:

    I think Dwight should go to NY… they have enough cash and NY needs some defense. Best option for Dwight to win a championship

  77. d12howard says:

    Dwight go to KNICKS, play with anthony, stoudemire and get chris paul, along with billups you’ll be champions!

    • Wade says:

      Where are you going to get all this money from, everyone you mentioned are superstar players and Amare and Melo already make alot and so does Billups.

  78. Tim says:

    Howard will be in Houston Rockets uniform in one way or another. Hakeem is the king maker.

  79. Axle says:

    I thought the Magic would have been easily as the best team in the east this year. Howard had a great year and the bench was too good on paper but even with a team with so many good players on paper can easily lost to a team playing with real purpose and playing hard. Loook at the Bulls this year, the defense is excellent.

    My honest opinion, if they can lure either Chis Paul or Steve Nash to join them then they’ll be the Team to beat next year.

  80. Kobe_Himself says:

    Hedo has to go, Jameer Nelson has to go. They need a penetrating POINTGUARD, They need a forward that clashes the boards!!! Hedo is like 6″10 he needs to be more like Odom, clashing boards, getting easy layups. Instead of shooting 25% from the 3pt

    If u watch their games, a lot of times, there are soooooo many oppertunities for jameer nelson to drive the lane…but he is sux soo bad he refuse to, and it ruins the momentum of the possession causing Magic to take a missed deep 3 pter.

    IF THEY HAVE A PENETRATING POINT GUARD, Howard would be averaging 30ppg EASILY…imagine all the defense clashing in the middle and leaving Howard wide open for the dish…. but Jameer sucks so bad he dont do that..he refuse to drive in!!!

    GET RID OF NELSON, get someone at least on the level of Raymond Felton, he was great with Stoudimare in NY before he got traded running pick/rolls and driving the lane.

    NELSON on a physical body level HAS MAJOR DISADVANTAGES…. HE is short, around 6’1….he is not the type of point guard that has AMAZING SPEED, he is not the point guards that has AMAZING vertical leap ability. What are u left with?? a Jump shooting pg, oh yeah…lets not mention everyone on their team is a JUMP SHOOTER EXCEPT HOWARD!!!

    So if we pare him against the Westbrooks, rose, rondo, cp3, williams…….OKAY…..what is he gonna do against these guys…. u can’t do shyt lol…..i may add drafting NELSON was a big mistake……really what are your advantages against other point guards…. when speed, leap, strength is all in favor of the other point guard…NOT U…..WHAT R U LEFT WITH???? a jump shooting point guard…exactly why atlanta beat them…NELSON IS TERRIBLE!!!
    –although if they ran triangle offense he would be extremely good use, cuz it doesnt require the point guard to drive in…but they arn’t the lakers

  81. nick says:

    The best senerio for Dwight is to stay in Orlando. He is not going to get anymore money anywere. He also said that he likes were he is at so i think he is staying. As for the magic overall there are oppertunities. J-rich leaving with expireing contract, magic hopefully dumping hedo and arenas rediculous contracts and picking up people like cp3 and zach randolf. Griz need a point gaurd and the hornets know cp3 isnt staying so hedo could find a good home there. Hornets could also pick up j-rich. Imagine dwight and cp3. Seriously imagine it.

  82. yeah, right says:

    how can this guy be serious. #1 most disappointing team was Milwaukee. Even with injuries they shouldn’t have been a 35 win team. #2 most disappointing team is probably Utah. Then the magic. i mean really, they won 52 games. thats solid. and they were playing better before the trade.

  83. Mamawe ciso says:

    Howard wil go to lakers or boston,lakers if they will trade bynum;boston if they get rid of shaq and oneal.

  84. Ha Ha Ha Ha says:

    Ha Ha Ha. Am I like the only person in the basketball world that knew that Atlanta would win in 6.

  85. Branden says:

    Magic’s only hope of keeping D12 resides with CP3 and getting rid of Turkoglu.

  86. John says:

    Very disappointing season. I don’t believe the trade in December made them better. Look at the number of j-rich and hedo during the playoffs and the regular season. Both of them did not out-perform what Vince could have done. Would they have made it further with Vince? Maybe…but when it’s all said and done, the Magic are the biggest disappointment of 2011.

  87. Dan says:

    Shaq always had another great finisher – Penny, Kobe, Wade
    Howard now needs one. this will be difficult as they will not be near the lottery

    it was supposed to be Rashard Lewis but he never turned up.

    CP3 looks to be the only viable possibility at the moment lets see what happens…………….
    Who else is out there?

  88. Luki1906 says:

    GarPax should get Howard to Chicago. C’mon it would be sicker than nasty see him playing with the best PG D-Rose.
    And the Bulls have many Bigmans who can help Howard on defense. If this happens we would get every Ring πŸ™‚ !

  89. don says:

    Howard to ny, git rid of ny coach, or hire a defensive coach, git chris paul and release who you have to make git the deal done………..
    howard will not win in orlando; if not ny, go to miami, la or hawks…….

  90. Mark says:

    They traded the guy who had so many clutch performances for them in the playoffs of the past three years – Rashard Lewis. It was a pure gamble and they lost.

  91. trayvon delaney says:

    Go to The Lakers Dwight Howard and get a ring with kobe and paul

  92. Arc says:

    I think Dwight would be a perfect fit in denver. He will have shooters like gallinari, smith and afflalo surrounding him. Then you have guards like felton and lawson who are good at lobbing the ball inside and play pick and roll basketball. Next, denver has a lot of big men, like martin, andersen and even mozgov and koufos. Finally, george karl is a terrific coach. HOWARD TO DENVER!!!!!!

    • nick says:

      Denver and orlando are virtually the same team except orlando has better players. So i dont understand what your saying.

    • triptin says:

      i dont think denver can afford howard, and a trade would rip the nuggets in half, it would take 5 of those players to make a trade with orlando.haha you might offer your starting lineup to orlando and they probly wouldnt want that deal anyway.would it make orlando a contender if they traded the whole starting lineup for howard? NOT A CHANCE! try again

  93. Lakers and Bulls fan says:

    I say :
    Orlando keep Howard
    Trade Gibert Areans and Hedo Turk to Jersy for D. Williams
    Sign Caron Butler from Dallas as a free agent


    • triptin says:

      the nets arnt going to trade those two players and their oversized contracts for dwill. common guy get with it.

  94. Billy says:

    After next season I bet chris paul and dwight howard will both sign with the magic

    • Wade says:

      I sure hope so. I can’t see Orlando repeating history by letting D12 go to L.A.
      The Lakers are the enemy. (Shaq)

  95. dylan pooler says:

    I think that he is going to the Nets with Dwill and Lopez that will be a good big 3 and I think they are going to sign David West this offseason as well

  96. Kevin says:

    It’s either he’ll stay in Orlando/he gets traded, wtf man he’s not going to the Lakers. We don’t need a Dwighty, coz Drew owns him.

  97. ramy says:

    i agree with baala,
    Howard,Hedo,Lewis was the key of succes, remember when they made final with LA, jameer was out most of the play offs, hedo was handling the ball, jameer is not such a great PG, they traded arenas and this cut down hedos play making minutes, hedo was very very confortable with play making. the best thing for this team is get either C.Paul or Nash for the next season, no other way this team can make finals anymore.

  98. Thomas Robinsons says:

    I’m a huge magic fan ever since 5th grade with Shaq and Penny being the face of the franchise. Now that they are on the same scenario, looks like lightning will strike twice in orlando.

  99. Al says:

    Oh, and how can I forget the Dallas Mavs. Years and years of potential championships, only to be ousted by legitimate (San Antonio) and illegitimate (Warriors) contenders.

  100. Al says:

    In the playoffs, it’s the Magic, followed closely by San Antonio. Over the course of 4 years, it’s the Magic and New Orleans. Both teams were on the brink of greatness only to not realize that that moment in time was their peak.

  101. topo-sawa says:

    Dwight… must be awesome to see him in OKC. I hope that happens someday, OKC would get a championship probably with Ibaka and Dwight together.

  102. DAVID says:

    Bring back Pat Williams who knows what he is doing.

  103. jase says:

    IF howard goes anywhere it will be atlanta. he lives there. he was born there. him and josh smith are best friends. i mean josh was his best man at his wedding. and it would make all the sense in the world. hawks are missing a center. howard would cpmplete the hawks. call it what u will but i see howard coming back home next year.

  104. Kayla says:

    seriously! come on!! MAGIC went out to play their hardest! Atlanta knew if they can take down Dwight then if would just break the team down. The games magic played were not fair, the reffs did call alot of stupid things on Dwight! If Ryan Anderson even got a techinical you know something is wrong there. I am not saying that Ryan Anderson is a punk, but they have to realize there is so much you can take before you finally blow up. The reffs paid too much attention to Dwight and the whole magic team when they didn’t realize until game 6 that pachullia was the problem. It is pretty messed up how so many people say Magic suck when they have so much potential!! Even though Magic lost the playoffs they are still an AMAZING team!! MAGIC WILL WIN A CHAMPION SHIP AND BEAT ALL THE TEAMS THEY NEED TO BEAT NEXT PLAYOFFS!! MAGIC STAY STRONG!

  105. Tom says:

    I think the management made the most mistake. They shouldn’t let courtney lee, marcin gortat, mickael pietrus, matt barnes leave. Howard is a great defender, but the rest of the squad couldn’t make any defensive stops. I like Jameer Nelson as a person, but the teem could use a star point guard like paul or williams.

    • DAVID says:

      dont forget Trevor Ariza; geez imagine with those line up they could have won a championship by now.

  106. mary elizabeth gil says:

    let DHOW stay!! let go the rest.. get NASH.. what ever, it takes… if ever, also RIP, PRINCE & RUDY F… you guys went down with nelson before, this is the 2nd time.. dont push it!! you are not destined with him…. throw out those excess baggage, hedo & mr. zer0… peace!!!!

  107. Miaboston Celheat says:

    Dwight Howard go to Miami or Boston if you want a champion ring

    • DAVID says:

      not doable unless the Magic get something back, Bynum is the second best center in the league and the Magic will have to settle or else get nothing in return when Howard walks.

  108. DAVID says:

    Howard to LA for Bynum, it is the only hope for Magic fans left.

  109. Daniel says:

    Dwight is defense and thats it he’s completely overrated, he has NO competition at center oustide of Bynum and Bogut, which still isnt much. His his size he should be dominating like Shaq used to, but he doesn’t

    • Ruben says:

      totally agree Daniel..
      and Shaq fought with the likes of Hakeem, The Admiral, Deke, Ewing, Willis, and more.

      Howard should dominate his competition at least how Shaq in the 90’s an early 2000.

      • Shawn says:

        Howard has never had a All-Star team mate like Kobe or Wade either. If Orlando can give him a true All-Star team mate teams could not solely direct thier attention to Dwight all the time. As good as Shaq was he would not have Rings without Kobe or Wade. Shaq was smart he knew he couldn’t win with Anfernee Hardaway thats why he took the big payday in LA he knew he could go there and not have to be the teams only hope.

    • David says:

      Lets not forget Roy Hibbert. He showed this season and in the playoffs that he’ll be in the top 5 for centers.

  110. dwighthoward123 says:

    anotherthing it would be sick for d12 to go to miami but that isn’t possible and what are you talking about @Hedo Turkoglu. dwight is being perfect, hedo is the one who screwed up everything he missed game winning shots in game 2 and 4. and what do you expect the maagic to do trade hedo just like they traded vince for missing free throws last year against boston

  111. Rim reaper says:

    I think Jameer Nelson is the cork in this Orlando team. He is a good point guard, don’t get me wrong but not good enough for Howard. If Orlando could get a point guard that really likes to share the ball they could get more of a complex team not just Inside outside, and my favorite is Chris Paul. I think CP3 and D12 could make a awesome duo because Paul can get his own shot and nobody in Orlando now can do that. Or the Magic could get a second scorer behind Howard in the SG/SF spot. And also THEY NEED SIZE.

    • voice of reason says:

      if jameer leaves than dwight will bolt they are best friends and what chris is about 2 inches taller than jameer anyway

    • Starashen says:

      Nelson is a scoring guard. 2 seasons ago, he was doing exactly what the Magic needed on the team. Don’t know what happened after his injury. I still think Magic has a very workable roster. But getting CP3 would be like a match made in heaven. But there is no way the NBA owned Hornets are going to make a stupid trade like that.

  112. VintageRob says:

    Get that weak coach stan van gundy outa here he mighr b a gret tactical coach bt he doesnt knw hw to motivate his troops

  113. dwighthoward123 says:

    first of all last summer was the most outrageous free agency summer in the history of the nba there were players such as d-wade, lebron, bosh, ray allen, paul pierce, carlos boozer, and dirk and who did they add to their roster at the end of the summer daniel orton. second the magic were a better team before the trade because they would of had money for free agency in the next 2 years. also why did they get agent zero for a lot of money if they were going to keep him on the bench. also they didnt do anything in the free agency but they traded for hedo and gil which was a combine of 92 million. also the nets got deron williams and they couldn’t and last but not least howard needs to leave orlando, heck i’m from orlando and i can’t stand the fact he is in orlando because theyre always a disapointment if he wants to win a championship he needs to stop being so nice and loyal to the magic. i agree with spellcaster he should either go with chicago, okc or ny

  114. balaala says:

    Arenas-Lewis trade unexceptable.Turk-Howard-Lewis they were awesome players when they play together in the same team.

  115. Tony says:

    I think Van Gundy Should be fired, Before the trade he was having a very good team to win the NBA championship but he couldn’t do anything just because of his strategy “shouting from 3 points”.. As for Howard, I think the best team for him is San Antonio. They have a great coach and good players, all what they need is a great center to win the championship next season

  116. laupie says:

    Howard will go to the goldenstate warriors together with rick adelman.

    • triptin says:

      haha actual not a bad idea they got a good point gaurd in curry, a real good scorer in monta ellis and a good big man for dwight to work with in david lee. wow the more i think about it the better it looks. and if adelman goes there too that would be the icing on the cake

  117. kiwi says:

    The problem is Howard himself. He does not have the skills to score 2 feet away from the basket. He can dunk only.

  118. blamer says:

    FOOL VAN GUNDY he sould have used arenas instead of nelson

  119. Will says:

    Come on down to MIAMI .. We got a spot for ya ..

  120. Dwight Howard has to stop hogging the ball

  121. G.V. says:

    Man Howard in OKC would be sick… pairing him with Serge Ibaka… balls would fly all over the place everytime they’re in defense.

  122. kulangot says:

    the biggest mistake of Magic is to trade Rashard Lewis he is more productive than arenas.. He’s much bigger can use for defensive purpose aside from that hes a great 3 point shooter.. Hes also one of reason of success during two season with magic..

    Atlanta never involved in blockbuster trade they are patience during past years they trained their youngster until they become allstar like Al Horford and J. Smith…

  123. Ice Pogi says:

    Have you miss this part???
    ” It’s likely that the only way they’re getting rid of either of those contracts is if they’re included in a Howard trade. ”

    Otis Smith I thought you’re brilliant on commenting on the Heat last summer? Where did all the brain go???
    “I was surprised that he went (to Miami). I thought he was, I guess, more of a competitor.”

    Turko??? Arenas??? $92 million to Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkoglu???? Real Smart….Now how Magic can give D12 a much needed help with that contract???

    Much like a Ben Gorgon Charlie Villaneuva to me….Pray to the basketball God so you could keep the dominating Center in this ERA to stay to Orlando….D12 to HEAT not gonna happen…. What would happen to the NBA if it does???

    Good luck to D12… Someday He Will Have His own Ring…..2 and a half man are still better than a 1 man team….

  124. Brian says:

    If D12 and DWill end up on the same team with a semi-decent supporting cast I would predict them as league champions next year. CP3 gets taken to lunch every time he plays DWill (look up the history). DWill makes everyone around him better and creates his own offense. Look for the Nets to make some major moves to get D12.

    • triptin says:

      i agree with you but not the part about winning it all next year.thats crazy talk , they still got a lot of work to do but the nets is the most likely place to go. my prediction is he will end up with ether dwill in nets, chris paul in hornets or chris paul goes to orlando in that order, or he stays in orlando by himself with otis making more mistakes and grows old gets in the hall of fame and joins karl malone as an allstar who never won a championship. what a sad way to go get out of dodge dwight get out when you get the chance,

  125. HomeList says:

    LOL @ Howard going to Miami… you guys realize the Heat are completely over the salary cap, right? That’s why we’re only signing players for the veteran minimum.

    • Wade says:

      Miami is only over 8 milion and will not be signing DH12. Boston is over like 30 million and L.A. is almost 40 million so I guess thay will not be signing him either.

  126. Jake in Cali says:

    Say what you want Dwight and Otis……….HOWARD IS COMING TO LA!!!!!!!
    Furthermore, how could any self respecting manager make the Arenas trade?! Dwight deserves better and the Magic need to fire Otis Smith

  127. Baowarrior says:

    Reallly respect how Dwight still wants to continue with MAgic and not run away… ” i put oN FOR MY CITY ON ON FOR MY CITY” … totally agree tho.. he needs a better pointguard… no more shooting please.. you have the best centre big man in the game… give him 2 more supporting big guys.. like how Mark GAsol has RandolPH!! wow….. 3 big man in Magic.. plus one guy who can beat his man to the paint everytime…. than u got something going on… I say.. trade Herdo… keep Areanas.. as point and JR and trade the rest for some sick big man.. ALL the best for magic next season.. really backing this team!

    • Bullet B says:

      this is the smartest comment on here so the only I replied to. FOR ALL YOU GILBERT ARENAS HATERS OUT THERE YOUR WRONG!!!! Gilbert is still the man and the game J-Rich was suspended he showed it. He just needs minutes. I mean Nelson is not bad, but if they traded him for a big man, they would be good. And if J-Rich leaves Orlando they can put J.J in the starting lineup, or if he stays put J_Rich at small forward, trade Turk, and Jameer so there is some value for a decent big man to support Howard. And Van Gundy needs a new offensive strategy, he has Dwight trying to carry the load when he don’t have to, which leads to many turnovers when hes fatigued. Gil, JJ, J- Rich, SOMEBODY and Dwight Howard. Thats a championship lineup,

  128. James says:

    Howard will not go to Miami. I dont know if he will stay but im sure that not in Miami. Yeah nelson is not the point guard that can help D-12 win a championship. Remember when they went to the finals 2 years ago? Nelson did not play except on the finals and they lost it. Howard needs a Pg that can make better play for him. He dont need a shoot first point guard leave that job to shooting guards. Magic have way too many shooters but really what`s lacking to them is another big man that can support D-12 and a point guard that can orchestrate. I dont know how Nets got D-will and magic didn`t even try?
    They can give nelson to Utah and I think Nelson and Harris are almost same. They must get rid of Hedo after the magic I dont think any team that they will get Hedo.

    • Kevin James says:

      Hedo was a done deal 2 years ago. He was a gigantic disaster in Toronto & Phoenix.

    • Shaquielle says:

      I think Dwight will another contract to much money involved with the situation he will not go to the lakers or heat they do not have enough money Dwight need 80 million or more he will stay or go to a team like nets and a team that didnt make it not with no all stars he will go to a team where he going to be the star not with lebron or kobe even though kobe my favorite playern but most likely Dwight will stay

      • ? says:

        Let me make something straight right now. Dwight will not end up with the heat. Why would Orlando trade Dwight to the heat for weak a** Bosh? Dwight is a solid defensive player. Why would they trade him for someone who plays no defense. Makes no sense. If anything, Orlando would trade for Bynum. Replace Howard with a 7 footer whos defense is some what close to Dwight’s and the offensive game of Bynums is much better than Dwight. So that trade sounds like it would make more sense than to send him to the heat and get nothing in return. Bynum for Dwight, the contracts, money and everything would work.

      • triptin says:

        hey ? mark dude bynum is not even close to being a replacement for howard the magic will be lucky to get in the playoffs with bynum as their main star haha star hes a good player but no where near a franchise player, silly guy or girl.only place that fits is the nets!!!! or go to the hornets they got heaps of money at the moment hahha.

  129. spellcaster says:

    @nikharus: you are damn right… they got the wrong pieces when they traded… they couldve taken people way better than arenas and hedo.. these two are way over their heads… trade these two… howard can go to NY, CHI or OKC.. πŸ˜€

  130. simple says:


    MIAMI HEAT VS OKLAHOMA…. 4 – 0 !!!

    GO HEAT!!!

    • clutch says:

      actually i agree on the okc but im sorry the C’s are a matchup nightmare for the heat, paulie on lbj or wade, kg takes bosh outa the picture, and then ray is a pretty solid defender, and unless you really think bibby can step up and stop rondo, heat are done for, id recomend looking for trades now for a new pg

    • ? says:

      Where do you crack headed heat fans come from. I guess the heat will pay the fourth player on their roster one hundred million too. You heat fans are so unrealistic.

    • OKC says:

      stop trolling please

    • Starashen says:

      You are just like your name says!!! SIMPLE!!!

    • Nad says:

      There is nothing wrong with dreaming! When asked who is first person that he would like to pair with. Howard said without hesitation that would be Kevin Durant.

  131. AKM says:

    i totally agree with nikharus. why the hell would a turkish dude think he a superstar. if he was european, then he’d need to accomplished like dirk nowitzki or somthin, but turkoglu has not done anything like nowitzki and he thinks he’s a boss or somethin.

  132. Jesse says:

    Magic fan here. This season was real disappointing. If Orlando wants to keep Dwight Howard then Otis Smitjh needs to do everything he can to try and get Chris Paul. Chris Paul was trying to force a trade to the magic last summer but new orleans convinced him to stay. Chris Paul said he would come to orlando if Dwight Howard stays. I think that is the best chance to magic got at keeping Dwight Howard. Some how they got to get Chris Paul. Dwight Howard needs another all star him. Jason Richardson is a free agent. Don’t know what the Magic will do about him.

  133. Hadji says:

    I respect Howard for wanting to be loyal to the Magic but unless they bring in a great supporting cast (tougher role players on offense and defense) then Howard is better off leaving Orlando if he wants to win a title.

    Howard is the top big man in the league, he’s way above any other center in the NBA right now. There is no reason why his team shouldn’t make it to the Eastern Conference Finals (AT LEAST). It is a shame for the Orlando organization that such talent is wasted with a subpar supporting cast. Turkeglo is such a waste of money…and Arenas? He was great once (I used to be a fan) but now, he really sucks and they’re going to pay him all this money?

    $92 millions between Hedo and Arenas for the next three years? (what a waste of dollars for just crap). What was upper management thinking in Orlando? They really need to get fired immediately (upper management I mean) and trade these overpaid players.

    Howard, dude, I know you like Orlando but seriously unless the Magic clear that roster and bring you a solid supportint cast….you need to LEAVE and join an organization that is building the right environment to win a ring (teams like OKC: they built an incredible cast with small change…just an example.).

    • clutch says:

      if howardgoes to okc ima take bets that okc wins next years championship, 9 of course my bet would be that okc wins)

      • Starashen says:

        funny you should mention that. I actually think OKC might be able to win it all this year. They have the right mentality, chemistry, and role players

      • Wade says:

        Why would they need Howard when they have Perkins?

    • triptin says:

      wow that was perfect just what i wanted to say but you said it way better. bravo

  134. El Latigo says:

    I recall Otis and Van Gundy both taking shots at the Heat early in the season. Remember Stan saying “they’re pretty impressed with themselves” speaking of the Heat’s trio. Now you guys are out. Gone fishing. Next time keep your focus on your team, and your comments to yourselves.

  135. koobecafymrof says:

    Its sad that with all of Howards talent, he only gets a bit more than Bynum. Teams like the the Lakers are notoriously known for paying players handsomely, so it would seem that he may go to a team like LA [clips or lakes…he can get the cast he needs at any of those places]…it would make sense that way

    • triptin says:

      the clips, really ? lakers? you mus be drunk both teams dont fit. the nets is the most logical place.they got money they getn a new building and they got dwill. lakers are over the salary, magic dont want a trade for bynum or pau or any of them and you know kobe will be a laker till the end. clippers is just a waste of breath talking bout. they jus need to build around blake. get chris paul sumhow and you got a really good shooting guard in eric gordon, try and get an athletic swingman or wait for amenu to mature keep de andre as the center and teach blake how to swat the ball like de andre and you have a playoff team ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!! i hope howard leaves orlando or otis leaves orlando you made a big mess otis and howard wasnt gonna clean it up for you.

    • Starashen says:

      true but also not true. Bynum is limited to certain roles cause the way Lakers are srtuctured. He is only third sometimes fourth option. Dwight is the main man on Magic though. So their stats will certainly be different. I am curious to see the day when Lakers can use Bynum as their main weapon. But for right now, Bynum is exactly what the Lakers need for a 3 peat.

  136. A.K. says:

    Hate to break it to you Otis, but Howard isn’t resigning with the Magic, unless you get another star to join him and I don’t even think there’s any quality stars available anytime soon. Howard is the man, I’d like to see him with Lakers, doubt it’ll happen though. I could see him on Nets with D.Will, that would be sick. That’s my 2 cents. Lakers 3 peat!!!

    • Brian says:

      Amen to joining DWill!

    • magics fan 12345 says:

      no stars available? chris paul will be…. true PG and all they really need is another consistent scorer or closer thats what hedo was for but as we all seen that didnt happen with his off the charts 0.294 shooting percentage and below 60 free throw oh and not to mention his high scoring 9 PPG haha dwight will stay on the magic thats where he has his best shot one more player away from finals

      • GL says:

        howard with chris paul would be the best combination but the magic cant have nelson, arenas and paul on the same team. i can see arenas leaving but i dont think theyre willing to give up nelson or putting him on the bench because of paul. howard needs to leave to be able to play with chris paul

    • d3jay says:

      dr. buss does love dominating centers he took shaq from orl i can see the big man in LA kobe his getting close to the end

    • Nad says:

      Laker got bail out by not playing Memphiz. if Memphiz is keeping up their pace, they ‘ll go all the way…Watch

  137. Ray says:

    Howard will force a trade to Miami for chris Bosh, Mike Miller and Joel Anthony.

    • stephen says:

      this may be the dumbest thing i’ve read in YEARS

    • clutch says:

      ya no, that wouldnt be a horrible move for either team, buttttt heat still neat a true pg and well ya that wouldn’t help em so i dont reallly see it happening

    • Eric says:

      No, i think Dwight will go to the Nets. Williams and lopez will be a good combo for dwight

      • ? says:

        Lopez and Dwight are both centers. How would that work?

      • Tavo says:

        i dont think ny has enough money to get howard when they have to pay stoudemire, billups and carmello in their roster. they would have to waive a lot of players

    • Starashen says:

      I really can’t stand people who think stacking Superstars will win them championships. please reevaluate your B-ball knowledge. Dwight ain’t going no where. what magic needs to do is solidify their defense and work out their lineup. I think they have workable pieces to be championship competitors still. Dwight is not a guy will stack on another team like “the queen”.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Heat already have no bench why give up more for Howard.

    • sandile says:

      well since Miami r in need of a big man??? I thinj it would make sense for him to go to Mgami. W’sup Dwight

    • Eddie says:

      Will CP3 be forcing a trade for Bibby, Chalmers and Haslem? lol

  138. Andi says:

    Magic should have given Arenas more minutes than Nelson. C’mon, Arenas is a superstar! Nelson may be healthier but Arenas is a monster on the court

    • JuanDelacruz says:

      Amen. Agent Zero was the missing link in this series. Plus J.J. should really bring back his game from back when he was still a blue devil. You’re still wearing blue J.J. ! The Magic has a monster line-up too. If this was NBA 2K on simulation the Hawks would be buried. πŸ™‚

      • rhys says:

        did you actually just refer this to NBA 2k… ???? gosh theres some dumb people in this world

      • Bo says:

        I think he’s saying that on paper the Magic are good… which they are. It doesnt make him dumb to say that…

  139. moneyball says:

    the magic is boo boo, if dwight howard was smart, he would leave the magic this off season.
    but it is too early for me to care about this right now. I go the heat to beat boston and take the ring from LA in the finals.
    GO HEAT!

    • clutch says:

      sorry ud but Celtics should beat the heat with there defense…. paulie can take on lbj or wade and then we just gotta have some1 step up and stop the other…… bosh is outa the equation with kg down low to…

      • BostonTodd says:

        so true clutch, and dont forget there isnt a player on the heat roster that has a prayer of stopping rondo or shaq. la boston finals again and this time boston in 6

      • Niko says:

        Thats easy to say.. much harder to do, Wade & LBJ pretty much teamed up to take on the Celtics so i think you’ll see their true intensity this series, PP is gona need a new lung by game 3 & CB is gona make KG work hard on both ends.

        To me this is the real conf finals.

        @ Boston Todd, No one on the Heat needs to stop Shaq, he does that all by himself..

      • Usuck says:

        2 n 1/2 men and a bibby w/super MaRio is better than your whole squad…prepare to be destroyed..LOL

      • Greg says:

        @usuck dude are you for real??? i think just got trolled by you. lol. and why the hell would you have mario chalmers? LOL??? id say u are the one who sucks

      • Andrew says:

        kg,pierce and allen will have to play more minutes which is gonna wear them down chasing wade,and lebron around now its gonna come down to celts bench play and rondo

      • Usuck says:

        Greg u suck just look @ how mario chalmer gonna kill Celtics… watch and learn

  140. lambo says:

    i think he needs to go because otis is not getting it done with the trades and he deserves a better for all he did for the magic. He needs a team that can make my heat have some competition in the playoffs instead of getting pushed around by the hawks….he deserves so much more than he is getting

    • clutch says:

      bud your heat are gonna crumple on the C’s sufocating defense, although its not as top notch as it was the year they won the championship, its still realllllly good

      • Starashen says:

        I think everyone is mistaking the Heat to be too good. true they have LOTS of talent, and it is only talent that got them through 76ers (love to all those guys who played their hearts out). Celtics is a different monster. They are too experienced and can hold the Heat under control. Tough call really. But I would go with C’s in seven.

      • Niko says:

        The Heat’s D aint nuffin to sniff at & atleast were in the semis which is more than i can say for the magic…

      • Greg says:

        Heat are going down big time. Celtics have the chemistry and team work that the Heat lack in. c ya later heat aint ur season. not this time, not ever.

  141. lame says:

    wow i can’t believe it.. they are starting make a new howard trade drama.. wtf media aren’t you tired of lebron’s and melo’s?? get a life and live the man alone.. i thought this was only about how dissapointing the magic was.. it ended up being trading and stuff.. sure it will cause a trade for sure everyone is expecting that already.. but wtf right dont make it a bigger issue..

  142. The Rocker says:

    better luck next year 4 the magic

    • Law064 says:

      Yeah I feel sorry for Dwight he tried his best but those clowns around him couldn’t stay consistant another tough lost for the DPOY great season Dwight it’s not your fault. Work on those ft’s this summer so they’ll pay if they foul you next season.

  143. nikharus says:


  144. kyle says:

    very disappointing. i thought they will play against boston again in eastern conference finals.

    • Gary says:

      Yeah and People were expecting Boston vs Bulls as well. Year of the upsets is all I have to say.

  145. Jason Truong says:

    I had great expectations for the Magic this year, but was quite disappointed that they LOST! Dwight Howard is a great player and he needs a good point guard like Steve Nash to help him out if they are ever to win a championship. They need to get rid of Jameer Nelson. He is not a true point guard; he is not a play maker like Steve Nash or Chris Paul. Jameer Nelson is the guy that’s holding them back.

    • nada says:

      the only person that has to go is Van Gundy

      • al respect the game says:

        i agree

      • magics fan 12345 says:

        Hedo Turkoglu was the thing holding them back not jameer nelson hedo shot FG wise .294 and .233 from 3 point his freee throw was under 60% and averaged around 9 points a game… they need a true forward a scorer hedo ruinied there chances with his not even average shooting jameer threw in a what 27 point game or somethin close to that atleast

      • Travis says:

        The Magic need a scorer that can attack the basket and get to the line. Turkoglu is done, he was their most important player in their finals run a few years ago but he can’t do the things he is good at anymore. He can’t hit jumpshots off a pick and roll and he is always a liability on defense. And Jason Richardson needs to go too. I don’t think they will miss all the bad jump shots he takes. And they can’t win with the style of play that van Gundy teaches either. They have a good core with nelson, howard, and good role players but they are missing a proven scorer and a coach.

      • dedefr says:

        Van Gundy is one of the best coaches in the game

    • magicrob79 says:

      People don’t realise, Nelson has not taken us any where, He is a great player, but he only plays when he feels like playing anddoes not rise up for the big moments, and he does not make anyone on the team better. The finals run was not with Jameer, was with Alston. As soon as Jameer came back we lost. With CP3, D12 will be MVP, MVP of the finals, and will avg at least 10 points more then now.

  146. Keepnitreal says:

    The most dissapointing team is milwuakee, they made all these moves to not make the playoffs. And they made them last season. They need to get rid of everybody exept for Jennings, Maggete, Gooden, and salmons. Get rid of everyone else.

    • triptin says:

      id ratha have the big boget then gooden.jus sayn

    • rhys says:

      gotta keep bogut

    • Niko says:

      Really?. U’d keep Drew “Turnover” Gooden over Bogut?.

    • Andrew says:

      pfft bucks had had injuries to bogot and jennings last season bogot shoulda made the allstar team as howards back up if u look closely at there roster u will c that bogot and jennings have to be playing close to allstar staus for them to make the playoffs and maybe reach the second round with both of them not healthy this season it was gonna be a struggle magic is the most dissapointing for obvious reasons first of all i thought they would beat the hawks 4-1 or 4-2 then give the bulls a run for there money

    • koko says:

      are you kidding? Salmon is good, but he’s cancer. He’s just in the league for the money and only plays well in contract years. They need to deal him for more talent. Along with Michael Redd’s expiring contract, they have tons of money to spend this summer.