Jackson closes another door

NEW ORLEANS – Phil Jackson closed the door Thursday to returning for another season as Lakers coach even if a lockout costs the league part of 2011-12 and leads to a shortened schedule that would mean reduced physical strain.

Asked if he was open to a conversation with management about waiting until the summer to make a final decision on stepping down, and perhaps reconsidering previous statements about leaving if it appeared the lockout drags into next season, Jackson emphatically and without hesitation told NBA.com, “No.”

“You would not do it as a shortened…?”

“A piece-meal?” he interrupted. “No, I don’t think so. I think that’s a hard thing to do.”

“So you’re done?”

“Yeah,” Jackson said.


  1. go lakers says:

    i am a fans of lakers i know kobe is beter than jordan and jordan is beter than loebron and kobe is beter than lebron!!

  2. Chris says:

    That’s respectable lol, good ol philly. Maybe the lakers wont be so good anymore lol, we saw what happened to L.A. without Phil; first round playoff elimination. I believe kobe and Mj are tied for championships/rings both being at 5. If L.A. wins this year then Kobe will get his 6th(dont quote me though) and @ R4 on the balance thing thats in all sports, the best teams are always the ones that get talked about, so if phil decides not to come back if the lock out happens than the situation will still be the same

  3. RJ says:

    You don’t even need to compare Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant.

    I know another MJ who’s a better overall player than KB and it’s Magic Johnson

    PPG = 19.5
    APG = 11.2
    RPG = 7.2
    PER 24.11

    PPG = 25.3
    APG = 4.7
    RPG = 5.3
    PER 23.5

    Let the numbers do the talking.

  4. WTFPeople says:

    YA’LL GOT ISSUES!!!! This is about PHIL, not MJ vs. KOBE!!!!!!

    Phil is a great coach and deserves to retire after this season, champion or not. The NBA is a watered-down version of the 90s (and prior) due to the BS fouls and how every time a star drives to the hoop, a whistle is blown…

    Phil is NOT the greatest coach ever but is ONE OF the greats due to…??? hmm….good question…due to what???

    goes to Chicago, MJ starts winning, Phil starts winning, MJ leaves, Phil leaves…

    goes to LA, Kobe and Shaq come together, 3peats, Shaq leaves…Phil stops winning (in fact Heat and Spurs? won)…

    Phil leaves, comes back, Gasol comes in, gets accustomed, Phil starts winning…see the point???


  5. Your Mom says:

    Dude – Is there a comparison of athleticism? Because from what i know, Theres faster, Taller, Stonger, Smarter Players compared to back in Jordan time. Not saying Kobes the best, An if you have so much so called basketball knowledge. Youd know it doesnt take one person to win a finals. It takes a team, Idiots. Jordan would not have 6 Rings if it wasnt from his TEAM just like Kobe wouldnt have 5 if it wasnt from his TEAM. I must say. Its 2 different Eras of basketball. An if you put Kobe and Jordan in the same league. Kobe wouldnt have 5 rings and Jordan wouldnt have 6 rings. Its simple – Jordans the King of his Era just like Kobes the King of this Era.

  6. Terry Ruffin says:

    I think its possible for the dallas mavericks to take it in 6

  7. Smiley says:

    you idiots always forget about Jerry Sloan ..

  8. M.J.Basha says:

    Phil deserve the retirement weather he got the 12th ring or not
    he’s still the greatest coach
    about this Kobe Jordan thing, they’re from separate generations
    you can’t compare jordan to chamberlain for example ( and you can’t ignore Chamberlain’s history)
    my point is the generation that Jordan played with is not this generation, the players that he played against are not the same. another compartion, celtic in the 90s and this celtics, or cavaliers this season compared to last season

  9. Ledder says:

    the only time Lebron James get close to champions ring is when he shakes hands with KOBE BRYANT you losers GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  10. rage says:

    @Lakersince76: Let’s keep your facts straight, how many championships did he get from the Lakers? and who was the MAN when he was with the Lakers? For how many years did he play in the league? What is his career PPG for the whole 20 or so years he was in the league? Now, multiply Jordan’s career PPG with Kareem’s career PPG – mathematically it will only take MJ 2 years or he will be just in his 16th season before he can overtake Kareem’s record…For the sake of argument, please get your facts straight first…

    Also, for all people who keep thinking and looking to find some sound arguments on how to dethrone MJ of the title as ‘”BB King”, please keep it up. The more you argue, it will take at least a century before any NBA superstar will sound deserving to take the mantle…why? because all of you are essentially immortalizing MJ’s ‘GREATNESS’ by submitting info tidbits such as these…. 😉

    • Lakersince76 says:

      i DON’T DO WHAT IFS. And if you ask Magic (which I have) he will tell you, No Kareem No Rings.

    • Lakersince76 says:

      Played 18 years. Was Finals MVP at 38 yrs old. By the way. Nobdody told Jordan to QUIT

  11. greatness says:

    kobe is great and jordan is great !! wtf guys.
    different era,

  12. HEAT4BRON says:

    Numbers will show MJ is better than Kobi million times, and the last book of Phil Jackson will tell all but the truth.
    League leading scorer for 10 years, that is untouchable
    3 league MVP that is untouchable
    6 Finals MVP also this is untouchable
    Therefore even if Kobi wins 6 championship, leads in scoring more points still cant match with Jordan who took break twice and returned for onother 3 peat and average 30+ points career with less games played than Kobi.
    Kobi cant just even be mentioned in MJ caliber conversation, cause he is still a tiny baby infront of MJ.
    Numbers dont lie, MJ so far is the greatest player ever. Kobi numbers will eventually be broken one by one by lebron.
    By the way, lebron is already leading with 2 MVP at hand with kobi just one and there is no way he will be in a position at his age to win onother MVP.

    • Francisco says:

      you got it rigth man, stats are kobe enemy, they show who he really is, a great player who has played in a big market along superstars like shaq and gasol, but statistically(reality, what happened,truth) he is not even Dwane WADE, less he can be compared to LEBRON and it is insane to compared him to MJ

    • Lakersince76 says:


  13. Lakersince76 says:

    People act like Jordan did not have a great supporting cast. Other than Shaq, Jordans supporting cast was always better than Kobe’s way better. Again, why does no one compare Jordan to Kareem or Bill Russell when you talk about the best ever. Forget the position, Kareem has six rings on two different teams. And although Magic was great, there are no Showtime championships without Kareem. Jordan made it to the finals 6 times. Kareem made it to the finals 9 times with the lakers alone and including Milwaukee, he made it ten times. Jordan cant carry Kareems Jock strap. Kareem is the all time scoring leading and did it while having to wait for someone to give him the ball as oppose to being a ball hog like Mike and Kobe

  14. albert says:

    just do it! LOL

  15. Phil doesn’t know what he want’s yet… he is just saying he is retiring so that the officials will even more so thing they are going to be part of something special and help him win a 4th three-peat.

    If there is questionable officialting, it is because all of the officials are biased towards L.A. and want to be the ones to say to their grand kids – “I was there when Phil and the Lakers won the 4th three-peat”.

    Pretty simple.

    Now, if the officials don’t get caught up? It Miami all the way.

  16. mjadelakers says:

    I am not just an individual fan but i am a team fan…

  17. mjadelakers says:

    I love the laker team and i will forever be. But let’s face it mj had his time and kobe is having his time…Pls put some sense in what your typing…

  18. mjadelakers says:

    Children children, stp comparing kobe & mj coz they’re both great!

  19. ballafanatic says:

    he just needs about 10,500 more points

  20. ballafanatic says:

    Not trying to hate Kobe, I’m just saying that he has played more games than MJ and still hasn’t achieved 6 titles or more points than MJ did playing less games in his career. But Kobe’s the better 3 point shooter no doubt. Kobe has the best chance of breaking Kareem’s record if he keeps a solid pace.

  21. brhoden says:

    Guy’s Gal’s

    are you serious Kobe/ Michael both great obviously what about Jerry but for me did anyone notice Kareem at 38 scoring 40 on Sampson and Olajuwan just saying Cap gets my vote

  22. GINEBRA FAN says:


  23. David Rawson says:

    I have watched Oscar,West,Dr. J; Majic, L.Bird, M.J.. Kobe,; M.J. would not have won his rings w/o Jackson, he managed M.J, Roadman!; now Kobe and Artest (mad man into the stands into Good Guy of the year receipient.
    The man is an artist as a Pro BBall Coach. Best ever.
    The game will not be the same with out him.
    The lakers will not win without him.

  24. The truth... says:

    Kobe Bryant – The most overrated sports figure of all time.

    04,05 All alone, no Shaq, no nothin. Did nothin. got injured, but still mediocre
    05,06 35 ppg, clear ball hogging (81 points of bs), made it to playoffs but crapped out
    06,07 32 somethin ppg, more ball hogging, another early exit

    Maybe 10th 12th all time, still a great player. no where near 2nd best (dont even tell me he’s the 1st), when there are players like Magic Johnson, Wilt, Bill Russel, Bird, Pippen, Maravich, Jerry West, Julius Erving etc…

    Lebron got to the FINALS alone, something Kobe never even got close to.

    If Lebron stayed in cleveland, and maybe had a little better supporting cast, (not a pau gasol), he would have had many titles. (however, he is in one joke of a team as the HEAT)

    Whatever, call me an idiot, I know all of your childish insults. I am looking at Statistics.

  25. Halo says:

    Phil is retiring becuase he’s done, he has nothing left to prove. He wants time to focus on himself and things other than basketball. It has nothing to do with ruining MJ’s legacy. Jordan came back and played with the Wizards, and yet his legacy is still intact. I doubt Phils decision would even have the slightest dent on MJ’s legacy. MJ is MJ and Kobe is Kobe. The two are very close, I always have MJ as #1 and kobe a halfstep behind. Just food for thought, if MJ came after Kobe then MJ would probably be #2. Props goes to the 1st one, as always. Kobe has done the same damage to the league as MJ did in his time. Kobe is the MJ of our time. Not Lebron, not Wade and not any of these other guys.

  26. Malik says:

    jordan was the great at his time, and kobe was great at his time, and now they both have aged. Next is probably kevin durant

  27. Malik says:

    Notice how phil jackson led both MJ and KB to win the Finals. hehehe

  28. dave says:

    All these kobe supporters done lost their yellow and purple minds, obviously they have never seen the greatest play.

    I’d venture to say no team ever held MJ to 11 pts in a playoff game the way the hornets did to kobe.
    Kobe isn’t even 1a or 1b. Three of those championships came with him as a second fiddle to shaq, mj was always the man with a style that spawned numerous imitators. kobe is only the latest.

    the other three came from a jerry west engineered lopsided trade. it would be like if the bulls traded bill wennington for karl malone back in the day….there is just no comparison, give it up. Kobe is a fine player but no were near the status of the greatest. He even admitted it himself.

  29. crash says:

    u guys have lost your mind. Lebron James is the best NBA player ever. Next o Dr. J of course.

    • francisco says:

      he will be if he keep putting those numbers, he is like hussein bolt and michael phelps.

  30. JR says:

    For those who said KB is second great SG in history, you maybe forgetting one name, Oscar Robertson. KB might be a better closer than Big O, but I believe he’s a better all around player than KB. The only problem is I’m not sure if Big O played more time as SG or PG.

  31. Paulo says:

    fg% 497 3fg% 32.7 ft% 83.5 reb 6.2 ast 5.3 stl 2.3 blk .83 to 2.73 min 38.3 ppg 30.1…………………………..454 33.9 83,7 5,3 4.7 1.5 .6 25.3….. can u guess which is kobe and which is jordan???? thats cause jordan played those last two years when he was 38-40yrs old and lowered his stats!!!! kobe already played more games than jordan and is still 5,000 points away!!!! if kobe ever gets more rings than jordan its cause he already played more games and season than jordan.. and whose the better scorer??? jordan 30.1 ppg kobe 25.3.. 10 scoring titles vs 2!!!! similar style??? sure but not even close…

  32. rage says:

    Let’s not talk about whether championships matter between deciding whose better MJ or KB, because it’s still 6 MJ and 2 Kobe TECHNICALLY. Anybody of you Lakers fans should not dare attribute the first three peat to Kobe because Kobe was just a by-product then, twas SHAQ and his Lakers team who won that first 3peat or arguably ‘Big Shot’ Horry and his 3-pointers. Then some of you guys dare to compare KB’s winnings with the ACCOLADES of MJ and his gang?! All throughout the 6 Championships everybody has been attributing the ACCOLADES to MJ and the Bulls. Did Jordan ever needed to scold teammates so that so can win a ring? NO! He made them follow him to greatness!!! Don’t you see it guys?

    Even without championships, who’s the better shot maker? Who’s more intelligent, graceful/fluid and forceful in attacking the basket? Who’s best, graceful and most consistent jumpshooter of all-time? And, who’s made the most championship making shots of all-time? or we might say, most-championship making plays of all time?

    It’s not KB, the answer to all the questions above is 23…..mind you,,,;)

  33. Truth says:

    Kobe and MJ have 14 years experience in NBA but MJ has more minutes played than Kobe. Kobe needs to play 25 more regaular season games at 36.4 minutes/game (his career avg) to catch up with MJ in terms of minutes played. With that said, unless Kobe puts up 25 games of miraculous numbers, MJ beats Kobe in EVERY meaningful statistic (except in championships if Kobe manages to get his 6th this year). So with the same amount of playing time (in terms of minutes played) MJ did way more than Kobe as an all around player. Now, most people would say that if Kobe was always the number one option (as Jordan was) then his numbers would be closer to Jordan’s. I believe this is true because when Shaq eventually left, Kobe was putting up monster numbers. I think its safe to say that if Kobe never played with Shaq, then in those 8 years, Kobe would have been putting up 30+ pts/game for at least 4 of those seasons and may have received an MVP or two. Also within those 8 years without Shaq, Kobe would’ve eventually received his number two guy and built a championship team (like the Lakers of today). Still though, Kobe isn’t as good as MJ in terms of ability as a basketball player. He’s just not as athletic.

  34. jkads35 says:

    its sad that people are comparing kobe and mj. kobes era is different and so is mj. the fact is kobe will be ( is ) considered the greatest player if his time even if he wins ten rings or not, as mj is of his. dont make no sense to hate on the dude for striving to be the best cus thats all it is just hate. mj is great kobe is great……..

  35. NPC says:

    There is no greatest player every. Magic Johnson, Bird, Miller, Jordan, Kobe, so on and so on. They’ve all did something in there career to be name one of the greats. And later on win Kobe retire, James, Wade, Kevin Durant, Griffen, Rose, so on and so on will be name great ones not the greatest. And later on some other kid going to come in and do what all things players had done, and then do more. So no such thing as greatest player, just great players.

  36. Alex says:

    kulangot says:
    April 30, 2011 at 1:24 am
    lakers got rings because they stole player and great coach from other team.


    With this theory we can descredit Boston, for stealing KG and Ray Allen. Descredit the Bulls for stealing Dennis Rodman. Descredit Miami if they win, for stealing LeBron and Bosh. Should I keep going??

    When haters talk about the Lakers it only means….We must be GOOD! LoL

  37. Alex says:

    Kobe haters is what made him famous. I hate how people keep saying us Laker fans wish Kobe was Michael Jordan or how we say he’s the GOAT. Seriously, us true fans know MJ is the GOAT. Kobe wether you like it or not, is right behind MJ. Is he better? NO of coarse not, but I don’t give a **** we have gone to the Finals 7 times and counting in 14 years not counting this year, with Kobe in L.A. and to me that’s all I care about. 5 titles, 7 Finals appearances…..all you Kobe haters drool over that. respect the man, he’s one of the greatest of all time already and he still hasn’t lazed up his sneakers.

  38. Voice of Reason says:

    When doing the comparison with Kobe vs MJ most people like to overlook the little things, Their teammates, more importantly the front court.

    Kobe was able to win championships WITH 2 of the most dominating players at their position in the front court Shaq and Gasol.

    MJ did this with role-players.

    In the 03-04 season the Lakers lost in the Finals, the next season Shaq leaves and they fall so hard that they don’t even make the playoffs. This slump lasts 3 years 121/246 or .491 Then in the 08 season Gasol comes to the rescue and turns the team around, the very next season the Lakers win a championship

    MJ + role players = championships
    Kobe + role players = no playoffs/7th seed eliminated 1st round
    Kobe + Shaq or Gasol = championships

    Kobe is a highlight and a ball hog, MJ is a highlight that redefined the game.

  39. LakersFTW says:

    there is only one word to describe people that are talking about who’s better Michael or Kobe..
    do you all know what it is?
    the ANSWER??

    IdioticStupidityIgnorantMoronicPeople.. LOL

    and to say this is about Phil Jackson retirement.. and not Kobe or Jordan,.. LOL how lame… get a life illiterate people

  40. ROB G. says:


  41. Likwid says:


    “I wouldn’t compare them,” said (Phil) Jackson, who coached both. “I think Kobe’s as good as Michael.

    You idiots saying it’s not even close, while this man that’s the closest to both these players in terms of basketball is saying they’re the same…who’s opinion is more reasonable? The fanboys or the coach that pretty much grew up with these guys as they developed their respective games?

  42. moneyball says:

    you don’t have to hate on them though. every team earn their championships, except for the spurs in 05.

  43. moneyball says:

    LA IS MESSED UP NEXT YEAR. this is kobe’s last year for him to be a champ. wanna know why? just ask your self how many rings did mj win without phil jackson? none!

  44. AllDay says:

    Its is honorable to be compared to Jordan (23).. Thats all i gotta say

  45. Carlos Hertenstein says:

    Idiots, the text is about Phill Jackson and all of you talking who’s better? MJ or Kobe? MJ played on 80’s and 90’s, Kobe on 90’s. 00’s until today, he’s showing us he got more talent with a ball on his hands much more than anyone else in history, numbers can’t tell de universal truth, and is just about numbers a life of an MJ fan boy!

  46. Edumacator says:

    MJ and Kobe couldn’t wash out the jocks of Wilt and Russell. If you never saw NBA before the reign of Devil Stern, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  47. The Black Mamba says:

    Kobe is the best NBA player, MJ was ,but kobe is now !!! so kobe can break jordans record. no wiri and lebron sucks!!!!

  48. BSEA says:

    KOBE? has 5 rings, 3 of them were SHAQ POWERED and he was a mere Pippin to SHAQS.. JORDAN…KOBE is good, MJ was great, there is no comparisone WHATSOEVER.

    KOBE flashes his hand like jordan showing 5 rings, the difference is that JORDAN was all 5, and then left and came back to make 6, if not for MJ’s DAD, he would have 8 rings….so MJ fan or KOBE fan…..bottom line the facts are all JORDAN.

    Now everyone who is a blind KOBE fan cries about it…these are tha facts…first 3 rings….KOBE was along for the ride, he won the 4th and got lucky in a game 7 for the 5th.

  49. Heat hater!! says:

    Lebron is such a loser! he is the only star player being compared to jordan that has airballed a freethrow stupid! Lebron? back to back MVP? can even win a championship stupid!
    Dwayne Wade? he was just lucky that he won a title because shaq went to the heat! he has nothing . and he will nver be something unless kobe bryant is still playing basketball in the NBA! Wade sucks just likie Lebron!!!!!

  50. Celtics Fan says:

    I’m a celtic fan but I know Kobe is the best os the best! with or without phil kobe can win more championships.
    Im not saying Kobe is better than jordan but think about it kobe scored 81pts in a game wich jordan wasnt able to do!
    Heat will never become champions as long as they have wade or lebron they both suck!

  51. BisayangPinoy says:

    If Jordan did not retire early after winning the 3rd championship and still willing to play after winning the 6th, he could easily win at least 10 championships. Kobe is a very good player, but comparing him to MJ is way out of logic. Example: Who is Kobe where he is was a rookie compared with Jordan as a rookie? I took Kobe 9 years to match Jordan’s rookie stats!
    It’s like asking who is better, Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather?
    Jordan 5 time MVP – Kobe 1
    Do you wanna buy Air Kobe shoes?!

  52. cool herc says:

    lol @ every mj vs. kobe breakdown analysis…look those two will ALWAYS be compared. we know this. no, people won’t leave it alone. we know why, too. i don’t have an opinion on either. they were both winners, mvps, olympic gold medalists, etc. they have seen it all, done it all, sick hurt, tired, with or without help, with phil jackson who is the best at his position since red. no disrespect to all the great players in every era, like magic jerry chamberlain and others, but watching jordan in his prime in ANY era he would have been the absolute best player possibly on both sides of the floor. people say oh, what about shaq, kobe, shaq had a chance to beat jordan in his twilight and couldn’t do it with a very good orlando team and him coming back from playing baseball for chrissakes. i remember that. he beat and dominated every single great player and sadly never got to face that great houston team with drexler and olajuwon which would have been awesome to see. kobe is one of the greats no doubt and has no had any of his success come easy. news to all those haters who think he won’t win this year, i remember last year game 6 they were down 3-2 and phil didn’t blink and they won both games and the title with kobe playing horrid. they will win this year as well, it makes for good business and a legacy for phil to go out this way. anyway, i’m not even a laker fan and actually can’t stand purple and gold but greatness is greatness, when they have to flip the switch no one in the league can top the lakers in 7 games bottom line. too line, too deep, and they have no. 24. end of story.

  53. Lakersince76 says:

    Who was better Kareem or MJ?? Just asking

  54. da coach says:

    MJ or Kobe, Kobe or MJ who cares, they are only as good as the team they are in and how that plays.

    That is ultimately down to the coach.

    Hmmm, who coached both MJ and Kobe to multiple titles?

    All hail Phil Jackson,the best of the best. That is where the true praise should lie.

    It will be sad day when he retires. The man is a legend.

  55. twenty408 says:

    “oooh poor Kobe he cannot win without his daddy Phil .” Are u an idiot or somethin’…did u forget…Phil was MJ’s coach in all of his 6 Championships? Grow up already people…if ur a Kobe fan…GOOD…if ur a Jordan fan…GOOD…but don’t go around sayin’ kobe isn’t GOOD or MJ isn’t good…ya’ll need to recognize that these are 2 of the greatest athletes to ever play the game…and for those of u that say kobe isn’t even in the same sentence or conversation as MJ…WAKE-UP already…do u even know how many times they were mentioned in the same sentence ALREADY…and this by EXPERTS and ANALYSTS that know the game for a living? Quit being such an…u know what…! fans will be fans…but true fans know how to respect the game and the athletes that play it! Quit sittin’ in front of ur computer screen puttin’ these players down…can u do any better? Let ur real name be known…so we can be checkin’ the news to see if u become someone of importance!

  56. ROB_IMMORTAL says:

    Soon you will miss Kobe Bryant. There will never be such a player. He is legend. Just respect him. Hi is the best active player in the world and in 21th century. He is genius. Player with all around skills. Player who can dunk on Yao Ming. Player who can score 81 points. Player who can hit plenty of buzzer beaters. Player who can hit more than 10 3points during one game. Player who is one of the best defenders in the league. Player who has tied record for ALL STAR GAME MVP. Player who has the best shooting style in the league. Player who can dunk on Emeka Okafor playing with finger and knee injuries and huge left handed dunk. U know everyone can speak about his records till the end of the world. Because he is KOBE BRYANT.

    Why do you compare Him with Michael Jordan? Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan.
    KOBE BRYANT is KOBE BRYANT. U cant compare MOON and SUN. RIGHT?

  57. actuz says:

    all of u may have an opinion of who’s the best and even may apparently have self-judgement with Phil’s retirement. I’m a fan of Heat but I think, Phil’s touch and coaching made a lot of opportunities for young players to develop. And it’s already a legacy that He has proven his triumph in the league with 6 championships with the bulls and probably might have 6 championships in Lakers…

  58. MikaelJordan says:

    Blogs are terrible! So many stupid statments! Can’t people be reasonable? Howard is a great defender, Jordan and Kobe each have accoplished incredible things. Phil does deserve retirement, after years of service for the NBA. I just enjoy every game i can watch, and have watched for the last 20 years. I still enjoy the little and big things that happen in each game! Why only talk about the greats, who wouldnt be great without their roleplayers, staff and the fans.

    Guys, just enjoy the game, and enjoy the last season with a awesome coach and personality, wich Phil Jackson is for sure!

  59. gilbert tualla says:


  60. Phillip says:

    Jordan was very good, he patterned his game after JULIUS, you have to give JULIUS props. Magic Johnson would not have clowned like he did in JULIUS’S day. I think thats why Lebron changed his number to 6 . Hes paying homage to JULIUS. He got tired of paying homage to Jordan.

    Also, the Bulls were beat by Portland and they got cheated in game 6 of the finals, Go and look for yourself, aint no way a team is up by 17 clowning and then lose, thats just my opinion, History has already spoke. lol. Im not really a lakers fan, they will be pushed by Dallas, if Dirk plays good.

    Im going with the Heat, the boys are playing good. If they keep feeding Anthony the ball in the middle they will be hard to beat. THE BEASTS ARE IN THE EAST. Lebron is BRIZZAL, Wade is WIZZAL. They will walk thru CHICAGO also.

    HOWARD might as well leave Orlando and come to MIAMI, they would have a DYNASTY, couldnt nobody beat em. The 70 games in a season would be achievable. ALSO the Oklahoma / MEMPHIS series will be good, if Memphis slows the game down just a bit and hammer the ball inside, they will win the series. The boys got HEART.

  61. gabbgabb says:

    all of those people who hate kobe are they hate kobe because if he won 7 championship ring he will the best player ever to play the game
    come on basketball is a game that makes players great by the way a player plays, not by the number of championships he won.

  62. rain says:

    Phil is the greatest coach all time.. Kobe is just 2nd to Mj. dats why he used no. 24 jersey no., he’s just next to no. 23 .. lol. sorry lebron if only Phil can handle you, you can get your own ring lol

  63. Kobee says:

    People don’t seem to understand that MJ and Kobe are from a complete different era. Average player skill gets better each year, that’s how it works, plain and simple. The requirement to be considered best player of the league gets tougher every year, so I do think Kobe had to work harder then MJ and certainly has better skill set then MJ.

    I wish people would be realistic and actually consider the defensive skill of players these days compared to the old days before they blindly says MJ is better than Kobe.



    im not a fortune teller ok.!? im just saying, it would be fun if they would meet in the finals this year. hehe.! dont be insecure ok.??? chill dude.! 😛

  65. deadsniper says:

    i am a lakers big fan and a very big kobe fan, to talk reason i surely wished that kobe would be the best ever but no i don’t need to lie to my self and say he’s better than MJ. MJ is the best ever full stop. KOBE is definitely second but not by far. even if he gets more rings than MJ, he wont reach him. Dont tell me that the craps like lebron or some other guys are better than kobe, no way. in the NBA world there is only one truth that everyone knows, MJ 1, Kobe 2(not by far) and then the rest. Believe me i love kobe much more than MJ but this is a fact that we live in.

  66. DavidB says:

    EVERYONE.. If you would define the greatest player, it shouldnt be just about scoring.. that player should also have leadership (the big brother) and DEFENSIVE TITLES (always at the top 5 defensive player)… MJ during his time, did not copy a player or was trying to break someone’s record.
    HE WAS JUST TRYING TO WIN!!!.. unlike Kobe, all the way he’s been trying to immitate MJ, trying to break his records, trying to be JUST LIKE MIKE… of course the copycat always have the advantage because he’s the last to perform… but he’ll always be second best. He may be close to scoring but check the accuracy, how many does he always MISS..
    MJ was able to transform his team into the “greatest team” ever! (72-10) which is very remarkable (i dont think Lakers or any team can reach this).. Bottom line, you can only find the greatest player from the greatest team!

  67. MioQ says:

    The “balance” thing mentioned by other guys here has a sense good for underachieving teams’ exposure, and so business marketing. We’ll, that depends on the team owner’s vision, .. & acquire caliber players, within his money pouch, to carry the franchise into spotlight & ads, sponsors..thus making money. NBA is business men..

  68. mark says:

    Phil Jackson is a great coach, perhaps the best coach in this generation, and to win a 12th ring is a perfect ending. Kobe won’t play for another coach? are you kidding? WIth Phil retiring, the lakers can still win; same system new coach (say Brian Shaw?) Kobe can still win at least 2 or 3 more rings before he retires..i agree with you all; i’m a lakers fan but to me, mj’s the greatest and kobe is 2nd..

  69. Jeff says:

    Im tired of hearing all this junk about Kobe. 81, enough said. I wonder how many points Kobe would score if he had a chump like Craig Ehlo covering him? Few teams focused on defense like they do now and the athletic ability is beyond where the game was in the 80’s & 90’s. We can have the debate, but atleast give KB his due.

  70. kuku says:

    if i were an NBA player against those two in their primes, i think MJ is more intimidating.
    but if that happens, i think the team which PhilJackson coaches will win.
    He’s the best person to say who’s best. But to him, kobe’s as good as MJ.

  71. Felipe says:

    I’m from Brazil and I love nba since I was a small boy.
    MJ is the best ever… MJ is the Pelé from basketball as we use to say here.

    Let’s go BULLS!!! 😀

  72. Reakwon says:

    look at these arrogant people hating on Kobe Bryant, if Kobe won 10 rings Mj will never be close to him trust me on that.
    however Kobe will not win 10, he will Win 6, or 7. and when its all said and done, Kobe n MJ will be the two greatest to have ever played the game, incase ya’ll forgot, ”81”points. Kobe is the next best thing, the only reason MJ is well known is cause the dude had the whole Media Flowing him. Cut kobe some slack.

  73. kulangot says:

    lakers got rings because they stole player and great coach from other team. they dont have original player… if not for shaq he wont have three rings in his five championship so dont compare kobe to mj hes too far…

    • Lakersince76 says:

      Mike never won anything without Scottie. Scottie was one messed up call from taking the Bulls to the finals without Mike..They stole Dennis Rodman. I don’t care who wins. The stars eventually have to align for you. By the way, i believe Mike spent his time playing against people like Craig Ehlo not Ron Artest

  74. bulletloc0 says:

    The Lakers are good….but never forget the bulls of the 90’s…they were the unstopabulls, the unforgetabulls and the unbelievabulls!!!! 6 time in the finals and they’ve won 6 titles!!!
    Now to kobe and MJ…..after 14 years in the nba (both played 14 years) who has the most points??? hmmmm……Mj has 32292 karrier points….kobe has 27868 points!!!! rebounds: MJ with 6672 ——Kobe with 5154!!! steals: Mj with 2514 —–Kobe with 1653!!!! now who is better???? stop putting kobe on the same level like MJ!!!! MJ is and will stay the greatest player of basketball for a long long time!!!! MJ made over 50 points in a single game at age of 40….kobe will never play at age of 40!!! I wont say kobe isn’t good, because he is! but MJ is the greatest of all time!!! no doubt!!! kobe isn’t even the second best player of all time…maybe 5th or 6th best player!
    sorry for my english 🙂 but i think you understand what I’m talking about 🙂 Good luck for Kobe and Derrick Rose
    enjoy the playoffs 😉

    • Lakersince76 says:

      Did you check Kareems stats?? Did MJ have to defer to Shaq the majority of his career? Did MJ play against zones designed for him? Did Mike go up against the athletes that Kobe did every night? No!!!!! Mike is better but its not that wide of a gap. The difference may be two years of learning at Carolina

    • Lakersince76 says:

      Kobe didnt play much at all his first 2 years. He was 17 or 18 years old. Duh? Start from the age of 20 until 32. Mj MAY STILL HAVE BETTER STATS BUT THE GAP WILL CLOSE drastically

  75. Leschz24 says:

    8s hard 4 kobe nd d lakers dat phil will b der coach nxt season bt dats lyf., kobe wyl continue wat he does best nd dats to electrify d staples cnter nd d bsketball world….

  76. acccadrian says:

    how many times did MJ gets mentioned in this page?

  77. ginsama says:

    Kobe scores that high because he’s not giving the ball. Can you look at FG percentage. Anybody can score 30ppg if they will shoot the ball hundred times.lol

  78. Joe says:

    It takes a lot of factors to win a championship. MJ could not win titles without Phil, regardless how good he was. Phil also needs a star player like MJ and Kobe and other supporting players to win titles. My opinion, MJ is on another level. His skills and attitude are better than Kobe. If Kobe is on other teams, he would be like Allen Iverson, a top scorer in a losing teams where Bulls without Phil will probably be in semi or final division. If only Kobe learns not only ball handling skills but attitudes, he can be close to MJ. I would compare MJ to Kobe like Lionel Messi to Ronaldo, one is a genius and the other one is a good player but sometimes forces the issue too much. Ciao!

  79. MRSIRSIR says:

    Much Much Respect to Phil…thanks for all the years….wish you the best
    So lets put the Myth to bed Kobe….they thought you couldn’t do it without Shaq
    this should give you enough motivation to go get one more if we get this years championship…now how’d that taste…ahh

  80. Sp says:

    I didn’t read ANY of the comments! They are always the same rubbish.

    Kobe vs MJ, Phil Jackson vs other coaches, legacy this, legacy that blah blah blah.

    Who cares? If Jackson wins a championship this season, I will be surprised. If the heat beat Boston, i will be surprised. If atlants take 2 games off chicago, i won’t be surprised.

  81. hitman says:

    kobe and mj is the best. they played in different era,, so you can’t compare the 2.

  82. diejay says:

    Bye Mr. Phil… thanks for the Great Plays you showed us. Wether LA wins Or Not ur still Our Champ!! have a Great Life and enjoy your retirement..

  83. diejay says:

    Kobe might not be as good as MJ, but his intelligence in playing the game is better than MJ. MJ got strength and power, but kobe has his Mind.

  84. Doc says:

    Phil Jackson…greatest NBA coach. John Wooden…..greatest coach PERIOD…any sport.

  85. LakeShow7 says:

    Niether could Jordan hahahahahaha!!!!

  86. LA Fan says:


    Jordan could not win without Dally Phil either

  87. Hammertime says:

    Goodbye Phil. You have coached some of the most talented teams in the NBA and the Lakers will be going downhill soon. Nice time to leave and not threaten your legacy.. Please give thanks to Memphis for making that bogus Pao Gasol trade. That trade gave Phil some more Titles and kept Kobe in town as he would have left and the Lakers would not have been a Title contender with their remaining roster.

  88. laker fan says:

    Point Made. Sorry Phil. This ones about you. Instead of talking about whos the greatest player(Which absolutely needs discussion) let’s talk about whos the greatest coach. Take it back, let’s just say who’s the greatest coach ever(In the NBA) Because if anyone disagrees I don’t care what they have to say, they’re crazy.
    Phil your the best, you can retire when ever you want and no one will ever catch your stride, even with the hip:)
    And we all praise your work. Great job, enjoy retirement, and the hall of fame!

  89. killahBz says:

    Chris Paul will be with the LAKERS next season. He gave LA a hard fought battle. And that’s what KOBE looks for a team mate. They’ll be like BATMAN and ROBIN. LAKERS 4peat!!!!!!

  90. Realisttt says:

    Why did everyone make this whole article about MJ and Kobe when it’s about PHIL JACKSON? And to all the skeptics, if Kobe’s accomplishments can’t be recognized as MJ-esque, than no one ever will. I’m a die hard Laker fan and I say MJ is the greatest ever, but I don’t ever hear anyone elses name in the conversation for greatest player to ever play the game besides Kobe. Everyone just needs to get familiar, especially the neo-Heat fans that only like them for the “superteam” that they aren’t.

  91. mrbean says:

    Kobe is Kobe and MJ is MJ!!!! they are of diff era of the NBA they are both good and entertaining…..NO COMPARISON

  92. Cedric says:

    They will be there because they cheat

  93. Blackout says:

    Jackson decides to finally have a well earned break and here we have some people still having this Kobe-MJ debate going on. Please…give it up, it’s a pointless discussion…

    Kudos Phil!

  94. bk says:

    Chill Guys- let us take just the game first – Kobe can come close to MJ – that is abt it – immaterial of how many rings one earns. 2nd – Being a sportsman – Kobe can never come 10ft closer to MJ. MJ was a gentleman not as good as Tim Duncan. Neither of these guys caused intentional fouls like Kobe did to many players. Do you recall Artest running the whole floor to confront Kobe. Do you guys rember he stretched deliberatly hurt Yao’s Knee. Much more. Kobe is a good player – MJ a very good player and very good sportsman.

  95. laker fan says:

    The only reason that Michael Jordan would be the best is because Magic Johnson left the business which is a shame. Once they implemented the no blood on the court ruling, AIDS was no longer an issue. It should have been able to keep playing but society was too scared of AIDs people and the true legacy of the best player on earth ended and the legacy of one of the greatest men began.
    But i agree Kobe is an incredible athelete, but there are plenty of people before him that were better. But as far as advertisment dollars and skill combined, He, Jordan, and soon to be LeBron will all be in that conversation.

  96. RealNBAfan says:

    The Lakers will not win this year. YOU WANNA BET??!!!

  97. Cedric says:

    Kobe will never be better than MJ. Go back and look at the highlights of MJ compared too Kobe. Kobe had Shaq and he cryied to get a trade because he could not win by himself like he thought. MJ did not have that problem and MJ did not have three big men like Gasol,Shaq,AB.I am tired of this if Kobe did not have Gasol they would not have won. You laker fans for got yall stole Gasol from grizz because Jerry West was there. Then the next year he left. Kobe wants to be like MJ walks,talk like him. Never

  98. DJ KB says:

    It’s very ignorant when people say Kobe is not even close to MJ. Yes I have been a Lakers fan since 1979, but I was a huge MJ fan (if you liked bball how could you not be)….@ David Lee for acting like Kobe was a sidekick, you need to check your facts. Shaq was able to play in the Finals against Rik Smits, and old Mutumbo & Jason Collins! He should have been MVP! How soon we forget when in 2001 Western Conf Finals against the #1 seeded Spurs, it was KOBE no Shaq that dominated against the Spurs (a much better team than any of the Finals opponents I might add). Remember the 45 point game and all the dunks on Robinson/Duncan? That year Shaq avg 30 & Kobe 29 in the playoffs. That really sounds like a sidekick to me. Some of the Laker/Kobehate is getting ridiculous! Now MJ was the man in an era dominated by big men, but Kobe is no slouch. & for the people saying that players today are BETTER, are you serious????? The league is diluted because there are too many teams. Therefore there are players that would never have made the NBA in the 80s. They are only there because each team must fill out their roster. Most players can’t even shoot jumpers anymore. Today’s players worry about being on ESPN with a flashy dunk instead of learning how to shoot the rock. Too many crybabies (Lebron, Melo) in the league. These people left playoff teams because it was too hard to overcome obstacles. Boo hoo!! & for the people saying what about Kobe demanding a trade, do you remember the roster on that team. If Smush Parker was my starting pg, I’d want a trade too. That team was terrible.

  99. Lewis Steinman says:

    Kobe’s got 5 rings in 7 championship finals. Jordan was 6 for 6. Kobe’s not through. When he is, he’ll be the all time leading scorer in the NBA and how many ringss? What if the Lakers get Chris Paul? Kobe and Jordan are indeed comparfable.

  100. mmt69 says:

    Greg Popovich – is old and a veteran in the playoffs as well as his team(they’re struggling against the much younger run&gun Memphis Grizzlies team right now). Scott Brooks – leading the young&dynamic Oklahoma City team in their playoffs run but yet needs the maturity&experience if they want a shot of the NBA title. Doc Rivers – had proven he can get the Celtics to the finals and win some(sorry but not his year). Erick SpoeIstra – Miami’s head coach with the Big 3 on his side, still learning in moulding his team the mentality of the playoffs . Rick Carlisle – maintained the Dallas Mavericks winning form for the last 3 yrs. but always fell short to win a championship ring. Thom Thibodeau – the Bulls rookie head coach who relies mostly on Derrick Rose(basketball is a team sport not a one man show, if Rose gets injured in the playoffs don’t know where Chicago could be right now). I don’t want to be rude to other fans of any NBA team however with Phil Jackson still on the Lakers boat, winning this year’s championship is just a formality… 2011 NBA world champs – LA Lakers, period.

  101. Sagg says:

    people that compare Jordan to Bryant must never have seen Jordan play live.
    Kobe is phenomonal…but Jordan was not of this world.
    It’s not even close. Jordan dominated. Kobe doesnt dominate his team does.

  102. hello says:

    Go Clippers!

  103. Jorge says:

    Kobe better take advantage of playing under Phil Jackson, it won’t be so easy to stay let alone leave on top once he does. Kobe may be a great player but I would not put him at the same level as Michael Jordan.

  104. WinningBeforeSheenWas says:

    Kobe is Jordan 2.0, he is a taller more athletic jordan. go back and watch the tapes. Jordan was smoother than Kobe but couldnt get his limbs to do the crazy things Kobe does.

  105. kasian says:

    This year will win the Heat or Celts.
    Next year, maybe Bulls.
    2012: is time of BRYANT, GASOL AND HOWARD, the best BIG 3 of all time!!

  106. ewarrior says:

    the debate of who’s the best should b a vote between the people who knows the game best players and coaches
    fans have no clue about what makes the best
    and y does it matter who is best all the great names above and the names that will never b mentioned are respected bcuz of their controbution to the game
    none of those guys wanted to b the best player ever, just wanted to b the best they can b
    their r a lot of great players who had all teh potential in the world but never got a champion but does it take away their greatness as a indv, nah i dont think so

  107. gdog says:

    Wilt Chamberlain won by himself!!!!!

  108. gdog says:

    Bill Russell won 11 championships.8 consecutive.I guess he doesn’t belong in the same sentence with MJ and KB.
    Basketball is to broad of a sport to box it around Jordan and Kobe.If they were the greatist players ever, basketball would be in a sad state.Many GREAT players have come through this great league we call the NBA!!!!!!!!!

  109. YAHkuru says:

    What happened to addressing the subject matter? Did it not refer to Brian Shaw being the heir apparent to Phil Jackson? Stay focused people!!!!!!!! That being said, i’ve said before and i’ll say it again, if Brian Shaw doesn’t get the job for whatever reason, then certainly, Alvin Gentry (who now coaches the Phoenix Suns) should the only choice for the Lakers. Hands down!!!!! He’s the perfect fit.

  110. Whatup says:

    There’s no doubt that Kobe’s great. Make no mistake, he would not have won the rings in those years with Shaq if Shaq was not there.

    More importantly if you watched the Jordan era and you watched Kobe you know the differences. Jordan would take a game over, and that’s not selfishly like some posted, that’s as a leader an overwhelming force on the floor. Kobe took a long time to become a playmaker and share the ball by the way, it’s only been a few seasons since.

    Jordan owned the court, all the fans were awed and all the other players gave him a respect on the court like no other. Kobe, Lebron, yadda, nobody since Jordan has commanded the league or the game like him. Now did Bill Russell or Wilt or any of those guys dominate more than Jordan? That’s not something that I can say but nobody has since.

  111. Doc says:

    Phil Jackson…great coach. Should go home and relax. He’s done enough. I don’t understand Kobe/Laker haters. Doesn’t make sense to me. If you truly love basketball, you should love the way the Lakers play (with or without Kobe). The whole “G.O.A.T.” is a ridiculous point. You can’t compare different era players. The athleticism is different. The guys Jordan had to play against were not nearly as gifted athletically as today’s players are. Kobe is, right now, the best in his era. Can you imagine Jerry West, playing at his best, in the league today? He’d be a bench player. Granted, Jordan and Kobe overlap but Jordan in his prime would be very good today but not nearly as much so. It’s not like apples and oranges. It’s more like Oranges and tangerines…similar but different. Can’t declare a greatest.

  112. Kobe vs MJ says:

    I love Kobe but seriously this argument has to stop. It’s a no contest. Kobe knows it and you should know it too, MJ is the greatest and a LOT better.

    If you want serious proof, watch Game 6 of the 1998 Championship Finals.

    Lakers were lucky last year, they crawled over the line (everyone seems to forget about that). If Perkins was fit for Game 7 they probably would’ve lost. Kobe couldn’t buy a bucket in that game.

    I live in Australia and the impact of Jordan in the 90’s was unbelievable. We had a strong league over here primarily through the influence Jordan created with basketball. People used to get shot for Air Jordan’s.

    People wanted to be like Mike, no one wants to be like Kobe

  113. random says:

    Kobe wont ruin Jordan’s legacy. He makes his. Drop all the hate people.

  114. Kris says:

    For you people thinking Kobe will leave the Lakers to win a championship as completely wrong. If Kobe leaves the Lakers next year even though they are 99% chance going to win the championship this year, it will be a disgrace to the Lakers, and a pointless trade. Kobe next year regardless will get paid around $27 million, and the year after $30 million in LA, so again there is no point in leaving and it will be a huge disgrace.

    I think Kobe will have enough for a 4-peat if he continues with the players he has now, if they do win this year it is 100% sure the original players in LA will stay, if they don’t they might be putting off some players.

  115. King Pace says:

    So many haters here lol lets just say Jordan and Kobe are two of the greatest to play the game no need to hate on Kobe the man has put in work just as Jordan did. I mean you have to give the man credit he has done some amazing things throughout his career. 81 point game is insane and if you think it’s just that easy to put up 81 points in a nba game then you are crazy but you have some people who say that Kobe ball hogged that game lol just tells me that they didn’t watch that game because the Lakers were getting there butt kicked and so he took over not at all ball hogging just a great player not wanting to loose. I mean to say he is right there with Jordan can’t be wrong I mean he has broken some of Jordans records 2nd all time in 30 point games in the playoffs behind Jordan I mean come on if he plays three more season’s then there is no telling what type of records he will have but even if Kobe ends his career with more rings and break most of Jordans records people still won’t give him credit it’s like my sister she doesn’t care if Kobe breaks all Jordans records she still won’t say he is a good player or matching Jordan status because she doesn’t like him it’s simple as that. A lot of people dislike Kobe because he is cocky and what happen in denver but hate all you want the man can drop 60 on your head if you piss him off. Kobe is the only player you can compare to Jordan and if these two played again’st each other in there prime I don’t think one would just walk over the other seeing as they both have a heart out of this world and the will to win, so if Kobe isn’t better than Jordan then he has to be right behind him and seeing what damage Jordan did back in his day is saying alot to put Kobe at number 2!!

  116. KJames6 says:

    lebron is the all time best he just need these rings we are about to collect

  117. Lakersforever says:

    Kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Lakers for another championship for sure 😉

  118. Sonny says:

    Good for Phil

    and for ppl saying he only won those rings coz of kobe and mj and etc.
    look at where he took gasol and kobe together with just half a season,,, to the finals
    and where did melo/amare go

    and wat if he coached a team like warriors, cavs or whoever will he have rings
    IT is what it is, he coached mj and kobe and didnt coached a losing team without stars.

    Also for whos better kobe or mj
    MJ is MJ, Kobe is Kobe both will say the same thing if u asked them

  119. DB says:

    are we all forgetting that BIll Russell has 11 rings kobe can tie jordan but never Bill Russell

  120. kobe = best says:

    Kobe was never dumb enough to walk away from the game in his prime like Jordan, Good ole 45 went to play baseball, Kobe = best guard of ALLLLLL TIME.

  121. JonG says:

    Wilt Chamberlain is the best basketball player of all time, and this isnt coming from a old fart. This is coming from a 20 yearold who grew up in chicago a die hard Jordan fan. Once you take the time, actually look at what that man did, how athletic he really was. Its SCARY. I KNOW I KNOW, diff era. Idt he would be averging 50 PPG. But he would DESTROY the centers of todays game, the players were smaller, but it doesnt matter. Look at barkley, rodman, HOWARD. HOWARD ISNT A 7 footer. The nba made it harder for Wilt to dominate, and made it easier for MJ.

    55 rebounds vs RUSSELL

    one year he played 80 games and averaged 48 min (dk remember the exact) BEAST

    PLEASE, before you say anything, look up “pete maravich wilt chamberlain sports century” first min is about pete, rest is wilt.

    Ive SEEN videos of wilt running as fast as a guard down the court…if ANYONE here is a true b ball fan and wants to learn about wilt, email me at. Im tired of the NBA and the media not giving this man his due.

    j o n g i b 3 6 9 @ g m a i l . c o m

  122. ytsul says:

    magic johnson is good,but i cannot say he s second to mj..coz you have kareem and james worhty in the line up when he won 5 rings..but loose to chicago in 91 when kareem is retired..do yuo think gasol is better than kareem or odom better than james w.? you cannot say that magic is past his prime @ 91 co hes only 31 -32 yrs old..

  123. J8402H says:

    When it comes to MJ and Kobe, it’s really really simple. MJ left to pursue other things for two season. IF he had not left he and the rest of the bulls would have won 22 more times and we would be talking about the 8, I repeat 8 championships the bulls won in a row. So yes, Kobe is a cheap comparison compared to what Jordan has pulled off and would have pulled off period. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great player, a great great player. But nobody, I repeat nobody can hold a candle to MJ. Case Closed.

  124. juice says:

    lets not forget that Jordan took a “break” in the middle of his career AND he started playing at an older age than kobe. college ball isn’t NBA ball, thats why rookies fall apart in the second half of the season. Kobe has been playing pro ball from age 17 and didn’t get his own team until he was 26. Jordan had the run of things in chicago from year 1. Of course his career number will be better. But I know this, nobody, NOBODY has ever been better at putting the ball in the hole than Kobe Bryant (wilt and shaq dominated with size and strength, that’s not the same as skill). Jordan never droped 81, and never played as good while as hurt as Kobe.

  125. Charles says:

    Just because Michael Jordan clearly had a better career than Kobe Bryant has had so far, does not mean he had a better one than big men like Russell, Olajuwon, and ESPECIALLY Kareem and Wilt. It’s pretty amazing to me how there’s this consensus that Jordan was the best ever. I get that he was better than Kobe has been. I get that he was better than Bird and probably Magic, too. But Kareem and Wilt? Seriously? Is it because he made more difficult shots? Is it because he had better commercials? Winning can’t be a barometer, because Russell blows EVERYONE away if it was. Clearly, the two toughest guys to defend in NBA history have been Wilt and Kareem. Russell is the greatest defensive player of all-time. Olajuwon was vastly underrated offensively and defensively, but I’ll leave him out of conversation, just so people don’t get sidetracked. I’ve waited for years and years for someone to explain to me how Jordan can be considered better than Kareem, Wilt, and Russell and have yet to hear anything that made sense. Great job Nike.

  126. IssacStone says:

    Ok I’m a Kobe fan and I know that individually Jordan accomplished a long list of more impressive stats. However, what all you guys are telling me is that if Kobe Bryant gets his 6th ring this year and gets a 7th ring next year with Brian Shaw, of all people. That you still won’t admit that there is base to the argument of “who is better.”? I recall Mr. Jordan not being able to get past the Pistons or Cleveland, for that matter, when he was being coached by Doug Collins. If Kobe Bryant is able to get a 7th ring with Brian Shaw calling the plays, you can sincerely place him at the 1a. and 1b mark both having accomplished incredible feats for the NBA.

  127. Whips24 says:

    Stop comparing Kobe and Jordan… two different players at different times.. if there was no Jordan, then Kobe wouldnt be close to the player that he is today. I do hate when people say Kobe wasnt the best player on his team for his first 3 championships.. if Jordan came into the league and shaq was already on that team then he obviously wouldnt be the go to guy either. No body would ever be the go to guy if they joined a team while shaq was in his prime.. thats why kobes numbers arent as good as jordans in certain areas.. but talent whys and for the competitiveness there about the same.. Most clutch player ima have to go with Kobe.. but there about the same in that aswell.. Both 2 of the best players of all time and there will never be another Jordan or Kobe because they will be different players at different times.

  128. AnonymousFigure says:

    ok 1.. idont like the Lakers at all but you can’t say Kobe doesnt belong in the same sentence as Jordan… dont get me wrong Jordan is the greatest.. but Kobe still had years left in him and we dont kno what could happen… personally i think Dwwight would e a good fit with OKC.. wouldnt that be a very exicting team to watch?? Kobe, Pau, Dwight, CP3, and Bynum??? are u nuts??? arent these the same people complaining saying Miami’s has 2 much talent when all the have is 3 stars??? and u want 6 on 1 team??? talkin about Bias?? and were would the money to get all those stars even come from?? because they wont take low money now matter what team the play for.. the only reason Lebron took lower money to join miami is because he has other endorsements, it really didnt even matter if he took a paycut… i want to see Kevin durant win a championship in the future.. he deserves 1.. he workks too hard.as for the greatest?? Phil and Red wil always be on par.. they have different coaching styles.. same as Kobe and Jordan we wont really tell who is better until Kobe is done. stop arguing about these things and enjoy the game. Kobe has to finish first… and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of kobe.. and Lebron will be in the Dicussion 1 day simply because of stats… he was a good player.. dont hate on him because he wanted help… he didnt have nearly as much help as Kobe and Jordan did Miami isnt as nearly as good as the Old Lakers wit Kobe and shaq or The Bulls team with Rodman pippen and Jordan.. nuff said

  129. D Wade Fav. says:

    Go Wade Go!

  130. Mario says:

    Jordan is the G.O.A.T…period! Enough said!

  131. mike says:

    hahahahaha kobe has so many loyal ball lickers….jordan will always be better than kobe…not even close… u hear me …look up the career stats…just do yourselves a favor and let it go…it is what it is…we seen the best outta both guys…and jordan was BY FAR the better player

  132. mike says:

    as soon as phil jackson goes…lakers can say goodbye…phils the key to their success not kobe

  133. mike says:

    i really cant believe some of u idiots really think kobe is better than jordan…yall must not of watched mj in action or something…and how can yall say todays defenses is better than the 80’s and 90’s ….please watch some tape before u say somethin so stupid…jordan is by far the best and most dominant basketball player in history….u guys on kobes nuts wont make that different with your bs

  134. mike says:

    and to the idiot kingkobe8…the talent jordan faced was much better than what kobes facing…plus defense back then was way way way way more hardnosed and physical…kobe wouldent be able to handle it …jordan faced many of the best players of all time and still came out on top…lol only people that live in cali would say something so stupid lol…kobe will never be close to mj …get it through your thick skulls

  135. bunbury says:

    the lakers will win this year again. there is only one team that i think can beat them, and that’s Miami. but most likely they will win. “there is no worse blind than the one who doesn’t want to see” and all of you that are so sure that the lakers will NOT win it this year— disappointment will come to your door again this year.

  136. janeway says:

    Kobe, MJ discussion is timeless, frameless and foremost totally “bull”…

    MJ is a legend. He’s the reason why most of us watching NBA and wearing NIKE clothes. At times when NBA defense was at his best and the term “offense wins games, denfense wins championships” was made, Jordan was the GOAT, He set the-tone of the modern NBA and all the moves above the rim, No-look-turnaround-fade-away-jump-shots… As kids everybody wanted to be like MJ.
    He’s an icon and Kobe can do alot of commercials but who’s not remembering the Jordan/Bird Horse play for a fast-food restaurant?

    The NBA is lacking… Lacking of an icon leading it. The superstar, the leader, the person who fought fever and sickness, the clutch player ever! And we’re not talking about rings here. We talk about, a legend…
    Please, do not compare MJ with KB…

    • Jazzed says:

      Amen! When Kobe and Jordan’s stats are compared remember that Jordan spent three years at North Carolina while Kobe entered the league right out of high school. That’s a lot of points to add to Jordan’s total. Plus he was a winner in college as well.

  137. Rondal Riggins says:

    It does not matter if Kobe is better or anybody else if you try to blittle what kobe is doing right now then you are a hater no i dont think he is the better than Jordan he is winning his way just like Jordan, Kobe wants to win we can talk about this all day and say whos better Jordan did not care and Kobe dont care they are both winners there will be someone else oneday that will do better than the both of them but right now Kobe is running with it and for him to be talk about like this the people put him there and all he care about is winning Jordan would love to play Kobe now and it would be fun to see everybody has there time and right now its Kobes you can love or hate him but u have to call him a winner……….

  138. BalliZLife says:

    There is no question on who is better MJ has it in the bag, Kobe can win as many rings as he needs to but when it is all said and done Michael Jordan is better than Kobe Bryant. And who said that Kobe was second did you guys forget about Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, BILL RUSSLE (11 rings) Dr. J, Hakeem Olajiwon, Shaq. All these players were considered the best player of their time and KOBE is a great player in this time period but not of all time he might be the closest but his is still far away

  139. Kingkobe08 says:

    Why is Jordan considered the best when Mr. Russell has 11 rings. Jordan was great! Hands down but the talent level MJ faced wasn’t near the talent Level Kobe has to play against. To be honest MJ only has more hops than Kobe at this point of Kobe’s career. Let the man live. Jordan will be Jordan. Kobe will be Kobe yet the flip side is he trying to catch Mr. Russell. If you want to be the best they compare you to the best! The new generation will only hear stories about MJ’s greatness.

  140. lilrob805 says:

    So many people compare MJ & Kobe, Kobe & Lebron, MJ & Lebron, etc. MJ is one of the greatest of all time just like Karrem, Magic, West, Maravitch, Russell, Olijawon, Wilt, Bird, Malone, Stockton, O’Neal, Wade, D. Rose to name a few. Most of those players were great players in THEIR time. MJ set a lot of records and was an overall player. Kobe is matching or coming close to those records. As a Laker fan Kobe is the greatest player in this decade/time just like Jordan was in the mid 80s-90’s. Kobe didn’t start off like MJ because he had talent but a huge ego. MJ had talent but less of an ego and he let his skills speak for himself plus he got great press while Kobe has gotten nothing but bad press. I’m not saying Kobe’s an upstanding dude but he’s a great player. Same w/Lebron James he’s got talent and has many accomplishments but he hasn’t won a championship and he’s got a huge ego even if the media portrays the guy as a saint! King James, Witness, etc. C’mon people stop hating and congratulate and give credit where its due. Kobe is the greatest player active today in the NBA. MJ was the greatest player while he was active in the NBA. Same with Kareem, West, Russell, Wilt, etc. One day when Kobe gives it up Durant, Rose, Melo, James, Griffin, Howard, will be the greatest active player in the NBA and will have their time to shine.

  141. 5as1 says:

    Jordan may have never won a championship without Phil Jackson teaching him the team concept, and him trusting in that. As well Jordan was no more dominant in his prime than Kobe was in his. The only difference was Kobe was constantly criticized for being dominant while Jordan was given the world for being dominant. Kobe was dismissed as selfish and arrogant while Jordan was applauded and worshipped. Jordan had a slight athletic advantage and bigger hands, while Kobe relied on better shooting and a more well-rounded offensive skill set. Also to say Jordan could have won eight championships if he would’nt of retired is a mute point. He did retire and was probably able to continue at a higher level because of the lack of wear and tear. As well if Shaq could have recognized it was in the team’s best interest to let Kobe be number one option, then they probably could have won in 2004, and for many years to come, but ego got in the way. Shaq went to Miami and let Wade be the #1 and won a title. It seems no one remember’s the dry years for Jordan, and how his game transformed after Jackson got in his head.

  142. eddiep says:

    when Jordan retired everyone said we’d never see that again well geuss what buds where seeing it again and honestly where seeing Kobe do it against better defenses, better athletes, and in an overall more competative Leauge.

  143. Shawn Husl says:


  144. Shawn Husl says:

    its so funny how people try and out/over talk the actual number……what they meant/mean to the league, what they’ve done for the league, their style of play, what they meant/mean to their team what they have meant/mean to the opposition, OVERALL is eerily similar. take in to fact Mj started off scoring 30 and running his team as a rookie, KB started off with under 8 points playing behind an allstar and knocked EVERYONE out of his way one at a time. Defensively mj was a better pure defender, kb better on the ball……..when all the dust settles kb will have eclipsed almost every mj scoring record, have played longer (one team), and may win one more ring…….What Mj meant Kb means now….like tupac, mj’s stock rose even higher after his final retirement, because everyone knew there would most likely NOT be another……then hear comes KB…..LIVE IN THE MOMENT like someone said above……cos Lebrons numbers are exceptional but he’s no mj…….heck he still 5 rings behind kobe……….and watch how Kb stock rises when he finally does retire!

    • @Mike r u serious says:

      are you F**king serious? Jordan take a season off cuz his father got shot and killed. jordan’s dad refused to give the armed robbers jordan’s championship ring that’s why they killed him. his dad was inspiration to jordan and losing a parent cost a lot of emotional damage. how would you feel if ur dad got killed because of something you gave to him. that is why jordan retired for a season. it is not something that can fix with 4 million dollar diamond ring or ask for a trade in one radio station and then say he’s not going anywhere in another.

    • Shawn says:

      Nr 1. kobe is nowhere near Jordan as a defender, this is a FACT.
      Nr 2 Kobe hasnt taken ANY of mjs scoring records cause foe some reason he cant play well in the playoffs.
      Nr 3 PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Rings are NOT, I repeat NOT an individual achievement!!!! Thats what FINALS MVPS are for. When your the best player on your team in the finals you get the individual hardware! KOBE did not win 5 championships on his own and neither did Jordan. But guess what Mj has 6 FINALS MVPS and kobe only has 2! Get me??? If the lakers win this year (i highly doubt they will) kobe gets his 6th but so does fisher….get my point. You cant base a comparison of two players on amount of championship cause thats a TEAM EFFORT! Compare mvps, finals mvps, numbers, records etc… NOT ships!

  145. Peterson says:

    As for the best ever – Wilt.

    They had to change the court configuration because he was so dominant.

  146. Peterson says:

    And Bynum is just starting to realize his potential after several knee injuries.

    If he can stay healthy and continue to improve, he will be a dominater on the inside, keeping the Lakers competitive for several more years.

    Hell, Kobe can come off the bench 5 years from now as the Lakers still win rings.

  147. Phildo says:

    Im not living in the shadow of the past. I think MJ is still better than Kobe. I can’t even look at a move Kobe does and be shocked cause Jordan did them already 🙂 As for people who will not remember MJ, you must be living in the basement because Jordan’s jumpman logo is on everything. Kobe said that Jordan was the greatest. Phil Jackson and Tex Winter said he was the greatest. Grow bigger hands so you can pick up the ball off the dribble with one hand and shoot above 50% from the field for your career and we’ll start to mention Kobe. I like Kobe a lot, he reminds me of MJ, he makes me not completely hate basketball now, but MJ is what brought me to basketball to begin with.

  148. David Lee says:

    kk, FIRST, lakers ain’t winning this year, sorry laker fans SECOND, i’m tired of how laker fans seem to forget that SHAQ won those first three titles aveaging 38 points per game and won all three finals mvps. KOBE only has two has “the man” JORDAN had six titles as “the man” and he remains the man MAGIC has five titles as “the man” no amount of hype or redacted media coverage is going to gloss over the fact that KOBE ran SHAQ and phil jackson out of town because of his ego…and he couldn’t get the job done so he parachuted phil back in and finally got a couple of rings because the celtics had some key injuries (and ray allen missed 100 three-point shots in last year’s finals — had doc rivers benched him that game the celtics would have won the series but i digress). LASTLY, here’s how they stack up 1//JORDAN 2//MAGIC 3//SHAQ 4//BIRD 5//KOBE sorry bryant even if you play a hundred years and score more points than anyone else you’ll never get past 5 peace!

    • bunbury says:

      for the dumb kid who just mentioned that shaq won the first three championships. Let me tell you this son, Shaq will have not won without kobe. they would’ve lost to the blazers in 2000, to the spurs in 2001 and to the kings in 2002. you dont win championships by yourself. kobe aint winning right now by himself. but neither did shaq, nor jordan, nor magic, NO ONE. just ask Lebron.

  149. jay says:

    Its not about you is the best player, it was about Phil returning. Having said that people we have to put into perspective that where the NBA was at when both players started their careers, MjJ was on a down when Kobe came in and Mj was opposite DR.J, Magic, Larry Bird and others ending their careers. Yeah we had other stars but MJ was a highlight reel, I mean back then we didn’t watch a whole hour of sports center but when Top 10 came on we were alltuned in. Kobe came at a time when their was still big name stars and the commercials of them prove the point. But Jordan will have to be given the edge because he forced Pippen to get tough and he dealt with the supporting cast. Remember Detroit tried to break Jordan but he didn’t back down they pushed Pippen too but I feel if Jordan would not of been their to keep Pippen head right he wouldof broke. Kobe can’t claim that, yes he gets on his teammates but Jordan molded the 1 person he needed to win 6 rings. Plus lets not forget Jordan never lost in the finals Kobe has lost twice in the finals with better players now switch Kobe and Jordan with those 2 loses and I think we all agree Jordan would of won both. Especially the Detroit series, Boston maybe pushed to 6 games but still a win with Jordan.

  150. Peterson says:

    MJ was the not the best as he played in an era of weak teams.

    How would the Bulls have done in the 80’s against the Lakers-Celtics-Sixers in their prime?
    Throw in The Rockets for good measure and the Bad Boys of Detroit, not the weaker teams MJ rung up his rings against.

  151. TheDude says:

    Thanks for everything Phil!!!!

  152. Spencer says:

    Kobe is up there with MJ.. It is close, but none of kobe accomplishments take anything away from Jordan.. They just show how amazing MJ was. And if Kobe wins ten rings trust me he will be considered the best of all time

    • KingFaker says:

      More rings means better player. Right. All of these players are “better” than MJ: Bill Russel, Sam Jones, Tom Heinsohn, KC Jones, Satch Sanders, John Havlicek, Jim Loscutof, Frank Ramsey and Robert Horry. And Bill Russel (11) and Sam Jones (10) are twice as good as Kobe. Your logic is blinding me.

  153. happy says:

    MJ will always be better than any nobody coz all those championships he won, he won them without a dominating center/centers. The rest of the championship teams have quality centers or all star centers.

  154. JOHN6988123 says:

    lakers dont stand a chance this year ya ll r crazy please they struggled to get the first round. Go bulls D rose youngest MVP

  155. Cosdakid says:

    Bill Russel #1
    Michael Jordan #2
    Kob 5-6
    Russell had 11 rings in 13 seasons…
    jordan better career. Rings trump individual stats.
    …exception- rob horrry lol

  156. mmt69 says:

    Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant is Kobe Bryant – both have their own legacy to live up to… however behind all their greatness was a man named “Phil Jackson”. In this era on the game of basketball and for the next coming years in the NBA, no other team can ever have 3-peat championships on their franchise record without the likes of Phil… but yet again Phil Jackson is Phil Jackson… 🙂

  157. Frank says:

    Alot of these people who say that Kobe is not even close to Jordan are people who are still living in Jordans Awwww. Its almost like if in a family a father gets divorsed from the mother, Father Jordan, NBA mother, and the mother remarries Kobe and the kids look at the new step father Kobe as not being able to compare even though he maybe a better father but you cant replace the original. Kobe do what ever he wants and he has but because people cant let go of the past they wont give him that pleasure. Its time accept it Jordan did it and Kobe came and did it better and eventually someone will out do Kobe.

  158. Mike says:

    I Love everybodys comments lets talk about KOBE and JORDAN, Jordan has been one of the best in the Nba he will never be replaced because Jordan is Jordan, he is a legend and should never and will never be compared with kObe. But i f you think about it NBA is about what u do how your numbers are and how many rings you have. Kobe wins another Ring and on and on will be better than Jordan in that category and you can never take that away. Kobe was the youngest player ever in the nba to get the most points so that makes him again better then Jordan. iN General who ever gets the most point leads most charts with their records will be the best in the nBa ever. The most rings, the most mvps, the most finals mvps, the most points ever scored in the playoffs, 81 points in one game kobe had stuff like that you need to take it and compare it with what Jordan did, Jordan was actually sellfish in a way he will never have love of the game like kobe does because kobe never talks about takeing a season off trying something else but jordan did. Nd in general Kobe Is Kobe Jordan Will be Jordan. As far as Phil is concerned you might come around and compare players but Phil will never be compared with another coach because Phil is one of a kind

  159. Manyak says:

    Kobe takes MJ in all aspects. Just keep in mind you lot are watching KOBE at the END of his career. He was and STILL IS as DOMINATE AS MJ EVER WAS!

  160. Ron says:

    Stop discussing how great Kobe is, he is a good player and perhaps top 100 of all time. Let me just remind you that Kobe has won only 2 championships, him as the leader of the team. The first 3 Shaq was the leader so, he is still behind MJ 4 championship rings.
    Don’t start talking nonsense that he was a major part, because Horry also was, and H Grant, R Fox, etc. If you want yo can start giving credits to B. Wennington for MJ’s rings.
    If you didn’t get the point Kobe is to Shaq as Bill Wennington is to MJ.

  161. PR Ganster says:

    ya crazy . kobe is not old . he still have potential n kobe dont need another coach he can lead the team himself . n dwight knows he have a great oportunity alonside kobe , Griffin also knows his big chance is in the LAL .

  162. Mike LA says:

    Ahhhh yes the Kobe and MJ comparison continue…Michael Jordan is an iconic figure in sports, who has won tons of personal and team accolades, he is above the rest when it comes to global popularity, MJ is prob the most well known athlete ever to live, because of the media and the exposure he received in the 90s. So who is better MJ or Kobe? the edge has to go to MJ, due to the accolades and even the statistical figures that he put together over his career. outweigh Kobe’s stats, But the Mamba himself is not too shabby, His long career is also filled with tons of accomplishments and crucial game winners, insane offensive outbursts (2008: Kobe’s 4 or 5 50point games back to back, are u kidding me!!!) I’ll go out on a limb here and say Kobe is the most potent offensive scorer and he had a better jumper, better handles and athletically about as even(dont want to hear arguments about that, go watch young kobe vids from youtube, his moves and dunks are insane) Both players are great in their own right, but right now the edge still goes to Jordan for his overall stats and what he has done in his career. Once Kobe’s career is over and if he continues to win, i dont mind putting him up there next to Jordan’s name as the other best shooting guard that ever lived

    • Don Felipe says:

      Sigh! Finally someone’s mentioned it. It’s not only about who’s the best player in terms of playing basketball but it’s also about global popularity. Something what Kobe or anyone else could have never accomplished because MJ did it already. Before Jordan’s era only a few people were interested in NBA basketball and had known about players such as Magic, Larry Bird, or Dr. J. Than came MJ, put his tongue out, and won the contest elevating from the free throw line. In combination with Nike (ads) he became a global trademark (his tongue, his shadow figure, the #23, the original dreamteam). All of this… where does it put Kobe? No tongue, no silhouette, no number (8 vs 24… it’s like he changed his # on purpose LOL), and no more dream. Also, who lead the Bulls from out of nowhere to the first ring ever? MJ is so much better than Kobe and it’s not about the stats (alone). …. Jordan is one of the greatest sportsman ever! Period!

  163. RUA559 says:


    • BalliZLife says:

      he does deserve credit for what he has done no question about it, he will go down as one of the BEST, he is still one of the thoughest players to guard in the NBA now and in all time but comparing him to Michael Jordan and saying he is at the same level or close no but he is the closest to him but he is far away

  164. Ken from Toronto says:

    Kobe is the best player in the last 12 years period. MJ did great in his time but I don’t think the game was playing in same speed and requirements. Players today have to do the whole playing and marketing at the same time. KOBE is the best I have ever seen since MJ… In today’s game players like D Wade, Lebron, D rose and all the names much better and faster speed game. I think Lakers will repeat if they stay focus and D and play hard ball. Kobe, you will be the all time best when retire, people live in the moment!

    • happy says:

      Oh, the game back then in the 90’s was a LOT more physical than the last decade of NBA, and yeah it was fast too. You’re clearly missing out something here.

  165. warriors2012nbachamps says:

    MJ will get dwight and chris paul to charlotte, while phil be their coach

    • KingFaker says:

      Phil’s been on record the last few years as being physically unable to really continue, but wouldn’t that be awesome to get him back together with MJ in some capacity like, say, director of player personnel.

  166. Anonymouse says:

    Kobe would have struggles to average 20 pts a game if he played when MJ did. Kobe only looks so good because the current competition is so weak. Kobe could get 10 rings and he wont be even half the player Jordan was.

  167. Alexzo48 says:

    If Jackson wins his 3peat this season… He will change his mind and be back to break his record for a 4th next year… Its the nature of the beast & phil’s a monster much like kobe who will be out to chase his 7th & break a tie with MJ…

  168. blaire says:

    whoever that is, each person is always unique and for that a person who is always in the hardcourt gives a really great big deal for me..i’ve been a fan of nba …hmmmm, since my freshman year and the only dream i want is to be able to watch these guys give their best shot infront of me..and just this season when i got a chance to watch and meet them.

    it so happen that my brother texted WEEKEND and sent it to 21534 and gotcha!!!
    a big deal came along and here i am enjoying watching NBA LIVE.

    you should try this one out guys , just text the keyword WEEKEND and send to 21534

  169. 2011 says:

    respected decison. had a great run phil. you will be missed

  170. jhon says:


    • happy says:

      Better shooter? You mean attempts wise? Check the shooting percentage is that makes any sense to you.

    • Selective memory says:

      lol have you been following the game since the 90’s. broken 80% of MJ’s records? please get that out of here and come back when you want to debate about real things, not about things that happen in jhon land.

    • Francisco says:


  171. MD says:

    @R4 8 teams have won in the last 30 years. not 6.

  172. Tj says:

    Look mj is a great player but come on he played in a different era I highly doubt he would be able to dunk on howard lol come on guys let it go the man is 40 somethin damn near 50 his career is over so let someone else have the spotlight lol I’m not saying Kobe is the best player ever because there were too many greats in the game but he is top 5 for sure but when it all comes down to it you can’t go wrong either way with Kobe or Jordan they both can drop 60 on you so it doesn’t matter, and to francisco lol man ur a hater you take Kobe off of the Lakers and there goes ur championship and you said he is outdone by Lebron and Wade lol put the crack pipe down buddy!!

    • Shawn says:

      I think your the one who is on the pipe dude!- You highly doubt mj would be able to dunk on howard?????? You must know absolutely NOTHING about Jordan to say that kind of stuff! Mj played in a league that was full of excellent centers. He played in an era that should have been dominated by centers but wasnt simply because of Mj playing in it. Cmon now dude, learn something about basketball before you comment. If you can dunk on the likes of dikembe, ewing, olajuwon, robinson and shaq you sure can diunk on freaking dwight howard. Howard isnt half as good as any of those guys and is still considered by many to be the best Center in the league! What does that tell you about what kobe faces coming down the lane compared to what MJ had to deal with???

    • TJ seriously? says:

      TJ r u serious? MJ will ripped DH apart. Do u know those guys who are teaching DH? some guys name Hakeem and Ewing? they were bigger better centers than Howard and they had so many posters with mj. And That center guy in boston……..ummm….. oh yeah the real superman (one of the best centers of all time) can confirm how is it feel to get dunk by the great MJ.

      Some People are comparing and saying MJ won’t be as good as he was in today NBA cuz players are better. Then we can say the same that Kobe won’t survive MJ’s era cuz teams on that era play more physical and less rules that allow rough plays. imagine how many points MJ will score more if there are hand check rule back there. who know he might even put 10000 more points (just one of the example that MJ had to play with more physical abuses )

      forget about all rules and eras and skills between MJ and Kobe even if they are equally good the impact jordan made on the sport of basketball is so huge that kobe wouldn’t be this big the way he is today if it wasn’t for jordan. Sure There are greats b4 jordan but none had made global impact like jordan

      here is an example
      i came form small poor country in Asia. when i was playing backetball my people only know 5things about NBA. Celtics, Lakers , Knicks, Madison Square Garden and Michael Jordan. {bulls usually tag along with jordan but once he retire bulls were out of conversation but the other 3 teams still forever and ever} magic was playing in lakers, bird was in the C but no one even know or mention their names most they will say is “oh that guy from lakers was good.” but when they talk about jordan they can talk everything about jordan without repeating a single thing for all day. that’s how huge jordan was. when they talk about NBA there was only one name jordan and jordan alone. Todays around asia when you talk about NBA there is always 3 or 4 players. kobe might be leading the conversation but there is always lebron, wade, durant , (mcgrady, iverson , carter) <– {a few years ago} to tag a long with. it doesn't matter how much u hate bulls when it come to jordan he stand alone and everyone loved him. a friend told me that he came from small town in country side of china and his city know only 3 things about america. White people, US dollar and michael jordan. they don't even know NBA at that time in their town but they knew Jordan.

      let me put it this way
      if u write an essay about basketball u can take out kobe from it and still get a B but if u take out Jordan that's a certain F. Jordan impact was that huge. i don't know if young people here catch the jordan wave but if some youngster catch yao wave they know how big it was. yao moved at least over 1 billion people over night and make NBA so huge. that wasn't even half of how big jordan was. None Before Jordan made it this size of impact and so far none after him done it. That is why jordan will be greatest ever.

  173. wreckz ortiz says:

    MJ gets his first ring when he was in his 30’s.. kobe will get his 6th ring in his early 30’s..and you still think MJ is the best that late bloomer??cmon man, if MJ is still in his prime do you think he can do what he does to lebron,wade or kobe or durant??In his time the only worthy opposition is the mailman..he might be a good,good reliever for derrick rose!!

    • Selective memory says:

      LOL….that is a poor attempt at validating Kobe’s greatness. Let me ask you this. What is the age difference between Kobe and MJ in their rookie season? Plus, what team did MJ start off with compared to Kobe? What does this tell you? PLEASE THINK! Kobe started the league at an earlier age (which means that he had an earlier shot at chasing greatness) and he started right off the bat with a loaded Lakers team. He got his HoF coach in 3 years or coming into the NBA. He started out with the most dominant center of the era and top 5 ever. He had his championship team intact by year 3. Now, lets compare Jordan. Had nothing in his rookie season, or his 2nd…or his 3rd. Got Pippen and Grant by year 4, but had to wait until they devekoped (Pippen was coming off the bench for a couple of years). They also had to get other pieces around him for the next 3-4 years until the 91 season. Didn’t have his HoF coach right of the bat. Had to go through a system in its infancy that resulted in tweaking and letting MJ go off on his own at times until the system was perfected (as opposed to Kobe who started off in that perfected system). Go read about Tex and the tweaking and planning that was done to the triangle offense during its early stages. In short, of course Kobe got his rings earlier because he was blessed with his team WAY before Jordan was with his. Don’t try to give Kobe all the credit. He is good, but he sure as hell didn’t carry his team at 22 years old.

      • Francisco says:


    • KingFaker says:

      Francisco you’re sick and sad your CaBron buddy is barely even mentioned here. I guess being great isn’t just about stats (CaBron’s got ’em) but it’s about heart too. And CaBron’s heart is in his sneakers smelling up his feet. The king? Maybe a minor prince waiting for the real NBA leader to work his way back to another championship.

  174. KarlJohn says:

    Lol.Nice one showstopper. Hey siddharth, well, you cant change history mate. And thats that. Boston has probably the best history in the NBA. In this era, Boston is still one of the biggest problem in the playoffs. Lets wait and see how the game will be played. The aging Boston and the young Miami heat. In my opinion, Boston will can beat Miami but im not sure about Boston beating ATL or Bulls. If you see how Miami and ATL plays, they are the biggest prob for Boston in my view, not Miami. If you put MiamivsATL or Chi, I can bet Miami will get it. The tactics of Miami is suitable for Chi and ATL but NOT Boston. You will see what I mean. Not a hater. This is just what I can see.^^. Go Boston.

  175. Sum_Ag says:

    Kobe? To retire? Really? then come back next year after a year with baseball? ooops.. that sounds mighty familiar..

  176. Bman_Aust says:

    now ive only just got back into watching the last couple of years after it not being shown much in aust.

    Now while the lakers have benn prolly the stand out team in the west there not anymore. You have to give big ups to Pj for keeping the lakers running prettty smoothly theres comes a point in every coaches career where theres nothing left to achieve. The bloke is a legend. Let him take the time he needs. If he comes back thats great for the sport if not he leaves at the top of his game and is truly one of the greatest managers of all time.

    KB Vs MJ. Kobe is a great and he has done some great things. But you talk to anyone about MJ and they all have the same opinion even the greats before MJ say he took not just himself or the Bulls, but the entire NBA all over the world to a level that set it up for every player today.

    Today the sport is exceptionally professional but it was harder for people before it was professional. MJ made a contribution that was more than just rings or records and great skills, he helped make the NBA what it is today

  177. Zayvado says:

    IF KOBE retires go tries professional golf,tennis, maybe soccer….If the nba viewers, sells and overall competition level plummets, If in every arena the fans plead with him to return…even the president asks him to return to the league…If he then returns and then shows us basketball even greater then he ever played…doing the un-do-able on almost everyplay
    his greatness affecting his teammates to be the best in their positions, Scottie Pippen (best all-around player) Dennis Rodman (best rebounder) John Paxson (best three-point shooter) and MJ himself best player in the world. then and then only will i consider kobe to the greatest ever.

  178. Ken says:

    I do not uderstand why people are comparing between MJ and kobe. Yes, No dout about certain type of shot kobe puts in the basket is as similar as MJ was used to make. It doesn’t mean kobe can overcome MJ’s legacy. It will take several generation to find MJ type player in the NBA.

  179. KOBE vs. MJ says:

    To all NBA fans the Great Bill Russell have 11 rings.. If u compare the KB rings to MJ rings i think its not good coz honestly speaking MJ is the greatest player in the WORLD… KB maybe 2nd (debatable)

    • Paschal says:

      Good point, and don’t forget if you’re going to base it on rings, Jabaar has 6 and the all time scoring record also, but he still wasn’t quite as good as Jordan was. BTW, all 3 of those players (Russel, Jordan, Jabaar) were better than Kobe. Kobe is over rated, their frontcourt wins most of their games. Kobe shoots a bad percentage. He’s not as good as people think.

  180. showstopper says:

    hey HEAT ALL DAY, beat your second round opponent BOSTON celtics first before you and your big mouth speak. ok.

  181. Steve says:

    To you guys who say Kobe wouldn’t be close if he won 10 rings – Deny reality all you want, but if Kobe wins 7 rings, he will be the best. It’s very hard to judge a person who is still in his career with someone who is done. Kobe is still climbing the record books, Jordan is done. When Kobe is done, he may not be the best, but he might be.

    You can express your sillly, “he won’t be the best because I feel it in my heart” stuff. But hard facts may one day trump your man love for MJ. MJ was great. Maybe the best of all time, but Kobe has now taken 2 completely different teams (both named Lakers, but different personnel) to the championship, and he may match MJs double 3 peat. If he picks up a 7th, he would make a pretty strong argument as the best of all time.

    • SKB_2011 says:

      Let me start by saying that I’m a HUGE Lakers fan and a Kobe fan.
      But I have to dissagree with anyone who says Kobe can match MJ. Kobe will go down as one of the all-time greats. Up there with MJ, Magic, Bill Russel, Kareem, Bird, etc. Definitely one of the top 7 players (maybe even top 3).
      But MJ is the standard all players are measured to. Ever since the mid-90s, we’ve been looking for the “heir”. First Grant Hill, then Vince Carter, T-Mac, Kobe, LeBron, Wade, etc. Yet no one will accomplish what Jordan did.
      Defensive player of year…. the last wing player to get this was Artest in 2004 (no Kobe or Lebron)
      5 MVPs… Kobe will end his career with 1. Lebron might get another 2-3 to match that.
      6 titles…. Kobe can exceed this (I hope), but we’ll see
      +30ppg… Wilt is the only other player with this. (Kobe has 2 seasons with over 30ppg, Lebron with 1)
      Clutch player…. This is hard to quantify and all the players on the 2008 Redeem Team said they’d give Kobe the ball with the game on the line. But we’ve seen countless clips of Jordan’s clutch plays in playoffs. Kobe only has a few memorable ones (game 2 of 2004 Finals vs.Detroit, game 5 of 2006 vs. Suns, to many a few).

      Now I think the best measurement of a player’s greatness is to ask his peers. Magic Johnson (I hope no one argues with him being the best PG ever) has said it many times… Jordan is the best. And he played in era with Bird and Kareem so that’s saying something.
      Isiah Thomas hated Jordan and tried to weasel him out of the Dream Team and all-star games. Probably because Jordan was better than him and always took the starting SG spot.

      Now for the people that say Jordan didn’t have great talent around him… that’s a bunch of BS. Pippen had an MVP caliber season after Jordan’s first retirement. The Bulls won over 50 games that year and were 1 bad call away from possibly making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Kukoc was a solid all-around player. Rodman was the best rebounder ever and one hell of a defender (if you saw the 97 & 98 Finals, you know what he did to Karl Malone). Kerr was possibly the best 3 point shooter ever (and Paxson before him wasn’t too shabby). Ron Harper was a solid (and big) point guard. The Bulls played better team defense than the current Celtics because of Pippen’s on-court coaching.

      Now if you look at the Lakers first 3-peat, Shaq only had 1 MVP season. The other 2 seasons, he was coasting, always injured, missing games, coming to training camp out of shape. Shaq used the regular season to get into shape and therefore was fresh for the playoffs. Kobe was keeping the team afloat most of the time. Take him out, and Lakers would have been much lower in the seedings (if they make the playoffs at all) and would not have won championships. Kobe’s midrange and outside game, and ability to drive is what allowed Shaq to be played one on one. Without Kobe, teams would have doubled and tripled Shaq on every possession.

      My point is, no one player has won a championship without significant contributions from teammates.

  182. Siddharth Dubey says:

    The General of NBA basketball will finally step down after an illustrious career with Chicago and Los Angeles. Once he wins his 12th NBA championship this year. It’s obvious, Phil Jackson is the greatest coach the NBA has ever seen.

    By the Way, Boston fans….Red Aurbeck isn’t even close!!! back in those days, there were less teams, thus almost every team had hall of famers. This is a completely different era, a significantly more variety of players, more teams.

    Don’t compare basketball with baseball. The Yankees success is incredible thus makes then legendary, the Boston celtics of the 60’s are a hoax and if they played in this era, they would be lucky to even make the playoffs.

  183. Francisco says:

    Kobe shot in games 4 and 5 only 8 out of 28 which is pretty bad , in game 6 he shot 6 out of 16 and still the lakers won
    The lakers rely on the big men to win not in koke, any person who knows basquetball understand that, lakers success has
    nothing to do with kobe but the press and the league want him to collect the credit once again to create controversy because statistically he is miles apart from MJ and he is outdone by LEBRON AND WADE and at least 5 more players in the nba.

    • Ricardo Cordeiro says:

      Sorry men, but you don’t really see lakers games, do you?
      Yesterday i was seeing kobe and he was making big buckets and getting fouls in the right time to ice the game… He was playing pretty well, in my opinion.
      Only when i went to see the box score in my computer, i realised that he only shoot 6-16!! And normally, the lakers team never know what to do when kobe is not on court (well, except when gasol or odom are playing very well:)

      Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand because i’m not american but i’m a nba fan

      Lakers 3peat!

  184. Andre says:

    I don’t know if Dwight would be a better player than Bynum right now.

    • SKB_2011 says:

      As good as Bynum can be, Dwight would be a beast in LA.
      Bynum’s minutes are always watched, and he sometimes gets lost when he doesn’t get touches. Howard can play 40+ minutes a game and take only 7-10 shots, yet still have a significant contribution defensively.
      Also with Howard, Lakers could limit Pau’s minutes and extend his career and keep him fresh for the playoffs. Has everyone already forgotten how rediculous his level of play at the beginning of the season when he was fresh? Playing an average of 40 mpg was the main reason his production fell off.
      Trading Bynum and another (Blake, Brown, Walton, anyone not named Kobe/Pau/Odom) for Howard would give the Lakers another few quality years to win championships.

  185. thejerr says:

    scott howard-cooper , this articles fail, think we knew all this before the season started….. lol, do you get paid for an article like this? if so then i want your job…. as for MJ vs Kobe, its sad you poeple cant watch greatness anymore without hating. you guys should be excited about being able to see somone dance like MJ, Though ima have to say Jordan is still the man so far. Kobe bryant = the best OFFENSIVE performer EVER. really, you disagree? then go watch football loser, cause you cant comprehend when your watching history.

  186. ROSE THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    LAKERS vs BULLS in the finals???? what a joke…if BULLS can survive with the HAWKS how lucky they are,but with the MIAMI or BOSTON that’s impossible..and the LAKERS,you remember last season LA vs OKC kobe played that much better than this season and w/out PERK in OKC,but the okc gave them a huge problem..lets wait for the conference finals don’t make your champions in advance coz you’re not a fortune teller LAKERS VERSUS BULLS 2011 FINALS..

  187. KobeIsAMonster says:

    Phil will not come back and kobe will be forced to play with Mike Brown! XD

  188. that comment guy says:

    @Paul agreed if players stay were they developed and if not there full career but most they shall be considered great

  189. choker says:

    i sure will miss him… will there be another phil jackson legend that can coach the lakers

    hoping that it will be Rick Adelman of Rockets i think he is a good coach leading the rockets with not much roster improvements

    • KingFaker says:

      Adelbrain. No way he goes to Los Lagos. If he joins the Lakers, I’ll hate that team for the first time in my life. He’s not LA material. When he was with the Queens he was a sad sight. When he whined and whined about losing to the Lakers I lost all of the little respect I had for him. He’s with the Lakers and I’m with anyone who goes against them. Even the “king in heat” nobody’s talking about anymore.

  190. raymanster25 says:

    yeah he should retire cuz it would ruin his career if he pushed it for another year
    the only reason he has those rings a coach is because he coached great teams

    i wonder if that would be the issue if he did not have mj or kobe during those 11 championships
    think about it….

    do you think we would get 11 championships if he coached say clippers,bucks,cavaliers,timberwolves etc.,

    just sayin’..

    • SKB_2011 says:

      Name a coach that won a title without great players?
      History says some of the best coaches are Red, Pop, Riley, etc.
      Red and Bill Russell
      Pop has Duncan/Admiral
      Riley had Magic/Kareem, and Wade/Shaq.
      PJ had MJ/Pippen, and Kobe/Shaq, now Kobe/Pau

      • .... says:

        Larry Brown – 2004 Pistons that beat a loaded Lakers team with 4 HoFs (Malone, Shaq, Kobe and Payton). 2004 Pistons had what would become 4 all stars the next season (and probably the last time most of them would be an all star), but nobody who was a household name. Chuck Daly and The Bad Boys Piston before that…which also had names that would eventually become HoFs, but none that were “superstars.” Those two teams right there won with heart, team work at it’s greatest and some dirty plays (Bad Boys).

  191. jaymay says:

    can kobe won 6 MVP titles like MJ did..??

  192. Anon says:

    having a debate whos better is pointless, unless both kobe and mj are playing in the same era and at their prime then we can tell who is better. Just love the game…

  193. LAKERS VERSUS BULLS 2011FINALS.!! says:

    i hope PJ will be coming back coaching when his health is ok then i like to see him coach derick rose.!!! 😀

  194. George says:

    For All Who is debating the best player ever topic PLEASE READ

    I will place some simple facts why MJ is considered the Best Player Ever:

    1) Floor General ==> MJ has never has issues with his team mates or coach, HE SIMPLY EXECUTES. All players who played with are simply in love with him. Scottie Pippen would have NEVER EVER accepted being the shadow of anyone else than MJ.

    2) Clutch Is ON ==> and that is by far far far away from any other player. MJ is just the GOD OF CLUTCH TIME, he is ice

    3) NO 3 PTs Arsenal ==> which has been known to be the strongest weapon in the new NBA, and without such arsenal he was the best. Anticipating he will drive or pull up from mid range and no one could stop him. Tell me of one SG in current era being considered the best without a 3 pt range. Even Lebron has gone no where just because of his weak 3pt range, an area which he is on constant basis trying to improve.

    4) Defense: several nba 1st team picks, he is an agressive defender, and has won championships with his defense (steel from malone if u can remember)

    5) Records (must i start counting?) i find it hard to enumerate 🙂

    6) debuted in 1986 ended 1998 – 2 seasons of retirement ==> 6 rings in the shortest time table than anyone who has done it.

    Anyone who is DOUBTING MJ BEING THE BEST is just plain pittifull and learned basketball from the TV.

    If you currently make a poll and ask current NBA players on picking anyone (retired or current) for them to make a run at championship and we’ll see where MJ finishes.

    KOBE is great, no he is more than grest, but no where close to MJ

    Only IF….

  195. alex 1017 says:

    well mj is da best ever you cant even compare no player too him hes his own dynasty not too mention kobe is not a loyal guy he requested a trade from the lakers in the 2006-2007 and wanted too be traded too the bulls hes nothing but a wanna be mj

  196. Jbizz says:

    Look at all the haters! Laker haters! Kobe haters! If you dont like Mamba call it a Kobra! LOL either way the dudes deadly. Kobe and MJ? haha its just funny cuz picture this…Kobra ballin in those days…the time MJ was ballin…dudes are way more better today? Teams are way more better today…Y did they keep Kobra if he was like the pippen? hell shaq isnt the Jordan on the team. Ill take kareem before that lazy eye cant shoot a free throw. I LOVE LAKER HATERRRSS!!! Yall hate cuz we got the most fans…wow kobe has a group of fans on every road tripp HATERS! Not only that every team knows where the big show and play us hard each game like it is the championship. Com’on its goin down. Im from LONG BEACH CALI and Lakers are the 2011 CHAMPS. WHEN ITS TIME TO BALL AND NOT PLAY WITH TEAMS WE CRANK IT UP JUST LIKE SPORTSCENTER SAYS IT. I KNOW YOU HATERS WATCH SC IN LA. LOL! Lakers are better than the celtics who robbed us in o eight lol. im out.

  197. Kevin says:

    We don’t need Dwight, Andrew’s more then enough. I hope they either pick Larry Brown/Rick Adelman or bring back Rudy Tomjanovich (I hope he doesn’t get sick during the middle of the season) as their new head coach, I’m not confident with Brian Shaw being the head coach of the Lakers. And one thing, respect Phil’s decision :D. A 4th choice of a head coach would be Don Nelson (LOL)

  198. watcher says:

    Maybe if Phil himself was shortened he could better withstand the hours spent on the sidelines for a little longer; regardless of his custom comfy chair. Either way, the man is probably the greatest NBA coach ever and deserves to rest on his unprecedented accomplishments.

  199. philderon says:

    what makes you believe that dwight will go to LA or Boston? They are both 20M over the salary cap. The Lakers to do this they have to trade both bynum and gasol and the celtics the whole big 3 to make a possinle deal. Dwight`s contract expires next summer and there are many teams which create cap space to catch him. If the nets move in brooklyn he will join probably deron williams, the best in the league at pick `n` roll, and with a good supporting cast they will get the championship

  200. Spider says:

    @R4 you talk as if the 2011 champion title is already in palm of Kobe you are really funny saying that he will ruin MJ legacy if MJ wanted to hace at least 8 title he could so not even try to make the comparison

  201. Amor Fati says:

    Concerning R4’s little rant: so much for the casual Fan; Jeez. Also, what an example of the high illiteracy rate that plagues our country.

  202. niko m says:

    he’s already a legend. he’s done his share. Everyone should respect Coach Jackson’s decision. He’s the zen master^^,

  203. 16253465214356 says:


  204. InevitableLakerChampionship says:

    Only way Kobe wins 7 or more is if after winning this year the magic get bounced in the first round in 2012. This is wishful thinking but if D12 wants out of Orlando, A sign and trade deal for Bynum and anyone other than Kobe and Gasol is not out of the realmm of possibility. Howard only makes 3.5 mil more than Bynum so it fits plus Bynum is the only guy in the NBA that has Dwights size. Its a bit of a one-sided trade but that seems to be Kupchak’s specialty.

  205. Travis says:

    Just on the whole comparison of MJ vs anyone, but in this topic specifically Kobe.

    Firstly, comparisons are somewhat meaningless, there is no stat or measure or agreed process that determines how you place one player above another. Particularly over generations when the game played in the past is not the same game that is played today. The level of professionalism, general player skill, game analysis, rules etc are different over time. Therefore all comparisons become an apples vs oranges things.

    I think the only valid way you can compare achievements is to measure a player for his worth in his particular era. To me MJ brought the game of basketball to a global level at a rate never before experienced by any sport. When MJ retired the game feel into what I would describe as a decline, such was the influence MJ had on the game of basketball. Has Kobe enjoyed the same influence? Not by a long shot.

    People often forget that Jordan retired 1.5 seasons between his two 3-peats. As we are comparing players based on what we think is likely, I think if Jordan doesn’t retire the Bulls win 8 championships in a row, something only the Celtics have achieved and in a non modern era. Modern professional sport is by far more competitive than sport when it was only partly professional.

    Lastly it is my belief that MJ completely dominated a team sport to the point where it was he himself that made those championships possible. We can get into a lot of subjective arguments about how good the bulls teams were, but in my mind the 91 – 93 championship run was 2 great players, 1 role player and a lot of nothing else. Yet they beat teams full of great and good players. Why? Coz MJ dominated the sport to a degree that will never be witnessed again. The bulls teams of 96 – 98 were a lot more solid but if you took MJ out of that team and replaced him with the next best SG in the league they don’t even make the NBA finals. I’m not sure you can say the same of the laker teams and Kobe. Those teams have been far more robust and star studded than the bulls teams.

    Thats why I think comparisons to MJ are silly, its also why I feel MJ is the best player that ever was and ever will be. However even I admit that making that argument means nothing and is impossible to prove. At the end of the day it just comes down to what you think.

    • BostonF says:


    • David says:

      Agreed very good points well put. Noone can compare to MJ he was by the biggest player, the best player and just dominated like noone before or after in any sport

      • Chris says:

        Regarding Jordan’s value to the game posted by Travis
        “I think the only valid way you can compare achievements is to measure a player for his worth in his particular era. To me MJ brought the game of basketball to a global level at a rate never before experienced by any sport. When MJ retired the game feel into what I would describe as a decline, such was the influence MJ had on the game of basketball. Has Kobe enjoyed the same influence? Not by a long shot.”

        I think your greatly inflating Jordan’s value in hindsight. The NBA was declining in the 70’s you could almost say it was on it’s last legs. Along came Magic and Bird, Lakers vs Celtics; just what the doctor ordered and the league needed to revive itself. These two teams revitalized the game and brought the game to a global level. By the end of the 80’s the game was doing well but the Lakers and Celtics were on the decline (well mostly the Celtics) and Bird and Magic were either retired or close to it.

        The league needed someone to carry the banner and Jordan was the person to do it, but I feel that the league was once again declining. There was the Bulls but there was no one else to really challenge them. Their arch-rivals Detroit and Boston were not what they once were, their best rivals during this point were the Knicks probably. Some would call the 90’s a weak decade of basketball.

        After Jordan retired the NBA needed another star to be it’s cebnter piece and it needed it because in some parts the game had declined again, some calling it thug ball. Along came the Lakers and later the Celtics and once again the game is doing fine.

        Jordan was great but he and the Bulls did not excel until the Lakers/Celtics declined and the Pistons had seperated. Jordan lacked a nemesis ala Bird/Magic or Bill/Walt, this lack of competition is probaly what drove Jordan to retire and play baseball.

  206. Steve says:

    The problem here is with the question. Why are we always so obsessed with who’s THE BEST? Who cares? And it’s always just going to be people’s opinions, there is no way to come to definite conclusions, as people played in different eras. There are lots of greats in their own way – Kareem’s incredibly long career, most points, stylish shots, etc., Magic and the way he remade the guard position, Larry Bird’s clutch shooting, Wilt’s dominance, Bill Russell with his amazing defense, team leadership and all those championships. Just appreciate all the greats for who there are and were.

  207. CITY OF ANGELS says:


    • TrueFan says:

      Yep, and the dynasty started in Minnesota.

      City Of Angels= 11 rings

      Boston= 17 rings

      The True Dynasty and Most Storied Franchise in the NBA, your Boston Celtics.

      Now don’t let the door hit ya…

  208. vegas jack says:

    i beleave the lakers have a great team.i would take bynum over howard.he’s got more heart.if anybody would trade pau i’d say…coo,coo…yes! i would like to add chris paul to the lakers .what a team!…as far as the west go’s….everybody in the west is pretty good,and could….go….all…the….way. that being said,if your a betting man…or woman,take the lakers.let me tell you why.the lakers are like a cat traped in a corner.if you’ve noticed threw the years,when you back them into a corner,they play twice as hard.i won’t argue who’s the best.kobe or jordan…both are super and have pleased many a fan.oh yeah,when the lakers play better teams,they play better!….yes,i’ve been a proud laker fan for 42 years and this laker team is as good as they get..,.also,to all fans,give credit when credit is due.durk,durant,duncan,etc.etc.etc.there all great and fun to watch.enjoy! it’s the NBA.

    • realtalk says:

      about kobe and mj, come on guys give it a rest will u. mj is a name all by himself already no matter wat anyone else does. but u all need to give kobe his respect now…the man is one of the best to have ever played in the nba

  209. mark says:

    just because phil jacksons leaving doesnt mean the lakers are not gona be a ”playoff caliber team”. just because kobe has slowed down doesnt mean he wont put up much points next year. if you think about it hes got quite alot of injuries. and being 100 percent might make him play better ?

  210. MAGIC15 says:

    Great respects for PJ, dont really think it would matter if dwight comes to L.A, btw for all people thinking the league will change into a top 6 thing,,, NO WAY, its been proven consistently through the year that 3 superstars do not make up a good team, some teams like the KNICKS learnt that the hard way, the nets got a bargain. Teams like the lakers wont jump on this fad

  211. Jose says:

    For me… Kobe won’t be as great as MJ was. The reason the number of rings won by them (being the principal Star of the team)

    – MJ won 6 rings (yeah he had Scottie, Parker, Paxon and many others but who was the star?, who was the MVP Finals?

    – Kobe has 5 (maybe 6 this year) BUT… 3 of them are from Shaq era, where Kobe was “like” Scottie (the second star, the backup guy).

    • BostonF says:

      hmmm you make a good point there

      • Siddharth Dubey says:

        First of all,

        Kobe was not like scottie in the shaq era, he was already twice as better, and now, he’s 35 times as good as pippen is.

        Second of all

        Scottie was a good player, but could never be the best. Kobe can win by himself, he’s already done it. Scottie couldn’t.

      • Pete says:

        Yes he was…because Shaq was clearly the most dominant player in the entire NBA at that time, and Kobe didn’t become really dominant (I.e. Jordan-like dominant) until after Shaq left for Miami.

        Speaking of which, when this happened Kobe put up a domant season and the Lakers lost in the first round, while Shaq went to Miami, put a second year Dwayne Wade under his wing (in Kobe’s place) and got – shock – another title. Pursest proof that Kobe at the time was replacable, but Shaq was not.

        Also Kobe could not have won a title without Shaq anymore then Pippen could have won one without Jordan.

        Pippen wasn’t as accomplished scorer as Kobe at was at that point in his career, but in addition to Pippen’s 20 – 22 points per game over those years, he was also possibly THE best defensive and rebounding SF in the NBA at that time as well as an excellent playmaker, a better leader, and more fundamentally sound. Kobe was putting up the scoring numbers in his time with Shaq, but he was a ball-hog, an arrogant SOB, a poor leader, a not as good a rebounder or defender as Pippen was in his prime.

        Who was better is impossible to answer becuase Kobe played a different style of game to Pippen – but he was LA’s equivalent to Pippen because no matter what Kobe / LA fans like to believe, Shaq was THE focal point of that team during that time. I can guarantee you when teams played LA, their first question was “how are we going to stop Shaq”, not “how are we going to stop Kobe”. Obviously that’s changed now, but at the time Shaq was Batman, and Kobe was deifnately Robin…or maybe Catwoman.

      • 787 says:


        He had 35 ppg and didnt do squat.

        At least lebron could get to the playoffs alone.

        Kobe Bryant – the best inefficient player in league history, all time.

  212. steve says:



  213. Fan says:

    Kobe is incredible! Go Lakers. twin towers.

  214. Jeremiah says:

    Well, all I could say is that it’s about time he steps down. The NBA world won’t be so different anyway. There are a lot of teams that can compete with Phil Jackson’s Lakers. Winning his 11th Title Last Season was already beyond anybody’s expectations , and certainly, anybody’s dreams. I believe that at the level of competitiveness of the league, no one will level Jackson’s greatness.

    But if it’s time, it’s time. Besides, it was not only him that generated 6 championships for the Bulls and 5 for the Lakers… it was an entire team. So him leaving is not much of a reason why the Lakers should lose.

  215. maui atienza says:

    kobe will be joining boston next season, and so is dwight. then carmelo is joining miami hahahahaha

  216. pj4x3peat says:

    phil jackson aint done yet. he has his 4th 3peat to complete and then he is done… its gunna happen lakers will do it for ya pj 12 wins to go… 😀

  217. celticsfan says:

    If Dwight howard wants to win another championship he has to either pick the lakers or Celtics my opinion would be the Boston Celtics cuz they Rajon rondo feeding him the ball. Together it would be a tough combination to beat . Plus we got all the other veterans on the Celtics team there no way they could lose. If they do then the NBA is rigged

    • Ruben says:

      no way Howard is going to the C’s, those veterans you call, are VETERANS!!! they won’t last forever, at least one or 2
      seasons more, and they won’t be as efective they did in the past.

      Howard and Rondo??? and who the hell will be the scorer???

      Rondo barely can’t do jump shots, and Howard only can score at 4 feet of the rim, don’t think they will do only
      Alley-oops, that combination can be beaten easily for any team.

      Howard needs a supporting cast that can shoot, and adding another star that can go in the paint, either penetrating
      or taking jump shots, they will be unbeatable.

      And the only team that can provide that right now, is The Lakers

      • Pete says:

        “Howard and Rondo??? and who the hell will be the scorer???

        Rondo barely can’t do jump shots, and Howard only can score at 4 feet of the rim, don’t think they will do only
        Alley-oops, that combination can be beaten easily for any team.”


        How about Ray Allen? Paul Pierce? Kevin Garnett? Delonte West? Jeff Green? Glen Davis? You know, those guys.

      • 787 says:

        Dude, Ruben.

        Howard is scoring 23 ppg.

        He doesnt even have a good PG on his team.

        And you dont need a star to score.

        heck, corey magette could put up 20 a game, and he isnt anywhere near a star.

  218. Brix1112 says:

    Dwight is the best fit for the lakers than any other team in the league, If the lakers luckily get that not so elusive 3peat maybe next year they could trade either of gasol or bynum for a much hungier and defensive big men once they acquired howard.. And then they could trade steve, ron, and fish as well..

  219. Raymond Lim says:

    There are comments about the Lakers, Celtics, Chicago and Miami having a chance to win this season.. I think the team to look for is Dallas… although personally I am routing for OKC… i love the energy they bring to the game…

  220. Cha says:

    It’s slowly killing me. Brian Shaw, I wish you the best.

  221. Lakers are the All Time Best says:

    I agree…will all that say Phil Jackson is the greatest Coach in the NBA of all Time… Remind back with Boston and Red won who were the superstars then…Just one big man Bill Russell…It was almost Cheating back then…

    Granted having Coached MJ and Kobe is almost the same but you still have to take their egos and mold them into championship quality.

    That is what a Great Coach does takes the talent and blends the rest to make a winning Product.

    like the others…I feel in 2012 off season – New Lakers with be Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Kobe, Paul and Finally a health Bynum! Will be the start of another 3 peat 2012-15 and Phil Jackson will come back to win that 7th Ring Kobe and #13 for Phil!

    Future is bright for the Lakers….

    But present…Will be another showdown with Lakers and Celtics….Lakers in 5 games! Kobe Ring # 6 and Phil Coach of the Year Ring # 13

  222. steelkobe says:

    All these dumb Jordan Jockers are already saying no matter how many rings Kobe wins he’ll never be as good as Jordan…talk about bias, thats just sad, you idiots know that someone will take Jordans place, may be Kobe, may be someone else, but he won’t be the “best ever” (haha) for-ever. Just accept it, the guy’s been done for awhile now, Now he’s an owner. Shouldn’t all you Jordan Jockers be goin nuts over the Bobcats now since MJ’s owner of the team??? I’m so sick of this Jordan OBSESSION. The fact is, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Kobe, Russell, Olajuwon all have a case as the best ever along with MJ, there is no definitive best player ever. You wanna go with stats? Wilt’s the best, you wanna go with rings, Russell’s the best, you wanna go with versatility, Magic’s the best, etc. LET IT GO!!!

    • KObeFan says:

      You wanna go with what those same players say……….MJ is the best!

      • Ouch says:


      • steelkobe says:

        He is a great player, along with those other guys, I’m just saying drop the whole “MJ is the best ever” crap, as I said, those other guys all have their case. I’m just sick of the Jordan obsession people are runnin around with. I’m not saying Kobe’s better, I’m just sayin these people have to admit that he WILL be overtaken. Oscar was overtaken by Magic, Magic was overtaken by MJ, Mj is overtaken by…(Maybe-Kobe, Durant, Lebron, etc.) It will happen someday, and maybe its already happened. I guess it’s a matter of opinion, and I guess you just can’t win with some people/fans.

  223. THEHEATROCKS says:

    But dwight howard’s game is… so one-dimensional… he’s not like hakeem olajuwon or kareem abdul jabbar….

    • KungFu Hustler says:

      The Heat will never win unless they can get a proven big man like Howard (not Juwon). They are too much iso’s and jumpshots and don’t have any quality in the middle to clog the lane. Cleveland will win it before the Heatles. Sorry bud.

      • TFord says:

        The bulls never had a big man and won six titles. Do some research.

      • ? says:

        You cant compare any bulls team that won a title to this sorry heat team. Thats a joke!

      • Keepnitreal says:

        YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND saying cleveland are going all the way. They have nothing. NOTHING. There pathetic. They have no solid PG’s, SG’s, SF’s or anything. You just keep saying dumb stuff.You say anything you want cause the Lakers are the champs. Be realistic. Think about what you say before you say it. Go ductape your mouth up and fall off a cliff.

      • Pete says:

        Funilly enough, Miami is one of the few teams that I don’t think Dwight would fit well in.

        For a team that takes as many jumpshots as the heat do, they actually aren’t a very good jumpshooting team. With Dwight, Wade, Lebron it’d be one dimensional team – take away their scoring in the paint and they’d sit there all day long bricking jumpshots.

  224. Kev says:

    Stop comparing MJ and Kobe. MJ’s career is over. Kobe’s isn’t!!

  225. clarens says:

    i aggre with you jmoon

  226. Raging Indian says:

    Kobe will retire and play for the MLB on the LA dodgers. He will get demoted to the minor league. He will return to the nba and win a 3 peat. Then he will retire and then come out of retirement and play for the portland trail blazers. He will end his career with man diapers.

  227. clarens says:

    if he retires, the west will be up for grab next season.i dont see bryan shaw taking them to the finals

    • steve says:

      its kinda up for grabs this year isn’t it?

      • KungFu Hustler says:

        No Steve it is not up for grabs as the Lakers are still the champs until somebody knocks them out. You are wrong.

    • ? says:

      I agree with Shaw not being able to take the Lakers to the finals next year. Not in his first stint as head coach. And @steve isnt that what people have said the last two seasons.

  228. JMoon says:

    I woner how good Phil really is. What could he do with a no-talent, no-name team like the Cavs or Wolves? Think about it, dudes. He coached MJ and Kobe. Not saying he aint a good coach, but I’ll wager that coaching the two best players to ever don a jersey made it a whole lot easier for him.

    • SoWhat says:

      Other people coached those players just so you know. Why didn’t they win championships? And how many teams have won a championship with a no-talent, no-name team?

  229. Edgar B. Ducusin says:


    If Dwight wants the championship ring he should consider the team Lakers.

  230. ChaCe BlaCK says:

    AGREED…robert!!!hahahaha…LAKERS ALL THE WAY!!!]

  231. Hunter says:

    Phil Jackson, the greatest, he will be back down the road for some LA Miami showdown this next decade, I am jumping in my seat.

  232. Hunter says:

    Im a huge PJ fan and I feel he should just retire for a few years and then come back, I mean this dude is a serious competitor

    • Paul says:

      He’s leaving based on health, NBA lockout, and other stuff.
      He’ll only come stay if they make trades for Howard – but that won’t happen.
      Something ridicuous will happen such as Howard, Paul and Nowitzki together or something like that.
      That is the direction this league is going. The top 20 players in the league will be on 6 teams and every other team will be pathetic to watch and fans will only watch the top 6 teams play each other and nothing else.
      The mess started with Boston, now Miami, New York will pick up one more big piece and you’ll see what happens to the other superstars in this league – it’ll be one big stupid gang-up-on-one-team war. . . and the team with the biggest gang wins. Most teams won’t even have a top 20 player – nevermind a gang.

      • nada says:

        not necessarily true. look at OKC and Memphis! There will be new players popping up at times and new coach with new direction. Although these new trends set very bad examples.

      • ? says:

        PJ’s health has nothing to do with why he is leaving.

    • sunsman says:

      @ Paul…. Are you serious…. this super team stuff was written about too many times in the last year for you to be that ignorant. Super teams have been around ever since the NBA started.

      Secondly, how do most of you all pick the best 20 players…. stats or crunch time, you can’t put up serious stats without role players doing the little things so you can dominate the ball and only one person can take those crunch time shots per team in the star based NBA world. Therefore, there will always be another great player emerging on other teams to fill voids left. Case in point watch Ty Lawson and how he goes now that Carmelo has left, or maybe Nene. Etc

      Or look at Gortat for my Suns, lost on the bench in Orlando – goes to Phoenix and double double every night. Give him a training camp with the Suns and you might find another All Star there.

      Or Aldridge steps up when Roy went down…. what happens next year if Oden gets healthy….

      Or …. point made

  233. robert says:

    Phil will retire. In the summer of 2012 the lakers will buy out the contract of Derek Fisher and not resign Lamar Odom. Lakers will sign free agents Dwight Howard and either Chris Paul or Williams. PHil will come back and the lakers will 3peat again from 2012-2015

    • MeloGood says:

      dream on pal! Another team will will the Championship this year!

      • KungFu Hustler says:

        Melosucks need I say more.Wait I think I remember you from last year and the year before. You were one of these people on here that talked smack about LA the whole way through and you saw the outcome of the last 2 seasons. You are truly a negative person and just ’cause your team will never win as they are not even a team but an experiment gone bad and the next season they play they will be exposed as the selfish crybabies that they are.

  234. Herr says:

    Well, at least one of the two infamous duo is going away. Next up, Kobe!

    • ? says:

      Ya i know Laker haters cant wait for Phil and Kobe to retire. Then maybe your teams can start winning championships. Maybe lebron fans will finally get to see their guy win one. OOOOOOOOPS, there is a guy by the name of Derrick Rose who plays for the bulls who will make if very difficult for lebron to see a ring. Maybe next lifetime lebron fans.

  235. Abdiel says:

    I think Phil should stay another year and Kobe should stay few more years is too early for his retirement. Kobe could have more than 30 but his the best player in the NBA right now. Phil could have 60 some but he can coach the LA Laker for fewer seasons.

  236. JJ says:

    Kobe will retire this year if he get another ring…..!!!!!!!! other wise if phil jackson will leave the lakers ..!! maybe bryant will retire with him..!! regardless if he get another ring or not..!!! …!!! even with the celtics…veterans…!!!! regardless if they win another championship this year or not….!!! allen pierce garnett shaq and jermaine.. will retire…!!!!! thats a good oppurtunity for celtics to rebuild….!!! to get maybe dwight howard…. next season…. or some other stars out there…!!!! remember thats why they traded kendrick perkins and nate robinson… clear some space…!!!! not just to get veterans for another championship run..!!!! but to rebuild there team this

    • Paul says:

      Stop screaming
      and next time use CAPS when you scream.

    • JMoon says:

      howard wouldn’t fit with the celtics. He’s too wimpy and doesn’t play good enough defense. I know he won Defensive Player of the Year (why, Ill never know), but he’s NOT the best defensive player in the NBA. I can think of three, maybe four better defenders than him.

      • Champkobe says:


        If you just called Howard wimpy, you’re crazy. You realize the hits Howard takes on a regular basis could probably break your bones, and the pushes others use on howard could probably throw you ten feet into the air?

        Howard DOES deserve it, and get an intelligence boost

      • TFord says:

        This is the dumbest comment I have seen in a while. Doesn’t that crybaby Kevin Garnett still play in Boston and Big Baby, you really need to throw your computer away.

      • ? says:

        OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! Howard not the best defensive player? I have now heard the dumbest of the dumb on this website. Nothing will ever beat that stupid statement. Not even if someone said the heat are gonna win the championship this year.

      • youreanidiot says:


      • antgerm says:

        I don’t usually do this, in fact this is probably the first comment you guys seen from me, but this has to be the dumbest comment I’ve seen……………..EVER, and I’ve seen some dumb comments on here

  237. Charlie says:

    Jinkies! Phil Jackson will retire for a year then come back the next year!

  238. 787 says:

    Lakers are done without Jackson.

    Honestly, you think Kobe would play for anyone else?

    • KungFu Hustler says:

      Yes Kobe will play for another coach ’cause at the very least he is under contract for a few more years and beyond that the Lakers will still be able to compete for rings for a few years to come.

  239. stevieooo says:

    he already has 11 rings,possibly getting his 12th ring this year.no reason to continue haha plus he needs to take care of his healthy and spend time with family too

  240. jowen says:

    he’s not gonna say yes or maybe, that’ll ruin the motivation of the lakers to send him out with another three-peat.

    • MeloGood says:

      THis has got nothing to do with the Lakers playoff chances today, as really 2 other West teams are going to battle it out for West FInals

      • KungFu Hustler says:

        Hey Melosucks if you have not noticed that the Lakers are still in the playoffs and the Knicks are fishing or hanging out in the Hamptons but if you would like to still hate on the Lakers that’s ok too, just know that they will hoist the LOBT this June so continue to hate and the Lakers continue to win rings Bobo.

  241. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    Do you think that he realises he has taken this current team as far as he can take them and that next season he knows he would have to start rebuilding , so he is jumping now , too end an amazing career !

  242. James says:

    Dwight Howard is reading this now.

    • RAH says:

      Dwight Howard can read?

      • Karim says:

        I’m a little tired of the jabs at players’ intelligence. What about Howard makes you think that he can’t read other than that he’s black, bigger than you and richer than you?

    • MackDaddy says:


      Dwight aint going to LA, no way.
      Kobe’s getting older, and Dwight wants to go somewhere he can win now and for the future. Lakers have no future… certainly not any longer than 2-3 years. Look at San Antonio, great at regular season- but old lungs running out of puff when it counts.

      But Orlando better start making preparations- he’s 100% leaving.

  243. Zzanzabar says:

    What more does the man need to do, really? He has coached some of the best basketball players on the planet, won several championships and completed more ‘3-peats’ in the modern era than any other coach. If he guides the Lakers to yet another championship he could arguably be considered the greatest basketball coach of all time. His health is not the greatest so he should enjoy the rest of his life while he can.

    Neither Phil, nor Doc Rivers will be mentioned for ‘coach of the year’ again in their careers, but if you were starting a championship team those two would be on the top of your list. Tibodeau and Collins would get my vote this year because they actually transformed mediocre or losing teams into competitors, but for overall ‘old school’ coaching skills, Phil, Pop, Doc, and Karl should be considered at the top of the COTY award.

    • steve says:

      phil is already the the greatest basketball coach of all time. win or loose this year.

      • kobehater_hater says:

        dont put doc in the picture yet,too small to be compared to the likes of phil and pop

      • #TeamHeat says:

        Red Auerbach is the best coach ever. When Phil Jackson can win 8 Championship in a row and 9 Championships in 10 years, then he’ll be the best coach. Auerbach didn’t have to go to another team once his star player retired, like Phil Jackson did

      • TrueFan says:

        Phil will never be a better coach than Red Auerbach was for the simple fact that Phil never built a team from scratch through shrewd draft picks, stockpiling draft picks and genius trading, of which Red was the unequivocal Master. Jackson walked into every championship situation he’s ever been involved in. He may have won more games but he’ll never the the coach Red was because Auerbach was the complete package, the consumate basketball pro in all areas…nice try though.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Walked into every situation? Are you kidding me? Are you that ignorant? You don’t just win 3peats for nothing. You REALLY think Kobe OR MJ would really be as good as they are to this day without Phil? yeah right! Just because they are great competitors Phil knew how to put a leash on them.
        Red and Phil are both great in their own respects, but for you to put Phil down because of the situation he was placed in and made happen is pathetic.

    • tata says:

      If you were starting a team in 08 would you hire Doc Rivers after the 23-59 season in 07?

      • iamkahlil says:

        Red Auerbach had an unfair team when he won 9 rings in 10 seasons lol. He really did though. I’m not saying he wasn’t a great coach, obviously he was. But, the talent he had to work with was well above 90% of the rest of the league at that time. He had Bill Russel, Bob Cousy, Frank Ramsey, Havlicek… I think some of his credit is due to them. You have to remember that basketball was a different and some-what new game at that time. They’re ONLY competition were Jerry West and Elgin Baylor on the Lakers. And Wilt on the Sixers. I just personally think that Phil has the edge on Auerbach.

    • TrueFan says:


      Yes, walked into every situation, meaning the teams were already in place when he got there. That’s not an insult, its a fact. I never said he had no impact on the players, or didn’t play a huge part in the success of those teams. I said I couldn’t place him in the same category as Red because not only did Auerbach rack up an insane amount wins and championships, including the standing record in any pro sport in North America 8 in a row…but his insight and ability to recognize talent and most importantly, develop chemistry, in having a direct hand in actually building a team to win and then succeeding makes him a more well-rounded coach and basketball icon than Phil Jackson.

      What’s pathetic is how emotional you just got.

      And @ iamkahlil…unfair team? Really? Go google the draft of 1956 and see how Red was able to finagle getting Russell, K.C. and Heinsohn thru some slick trades and you’ll start to understand why Phil can’t touch Red…

  244. brian shaw is the heir says:

    i respect his desicion

    • R4 says:

      He know if he coaches another season. Then he will ruin MJ legacy cuz Kobe may win his seventh ring. Please to the people that think Kobe is not going to win another ring. You think nba is a sport based on balance. 6 different champion in 30 years is my prove that it same teams that win every year. Even it another team was to destroy the balance of chip winner, it will be a low watched affair y? cuz during the season they don’t talk about any other teams in the nba except for Heats, Lakers, Celtics, Bulls and throw in Spurs and Magics from time to time. And any causal fans like myself could not tell you information on teams like Warriors, Raptors, Jazz, Hawks becasue these teams and many more r not cover on tv… I’m glad Phil is allow the balance of chip winner to be destory. Let other team win the chip time to time…

      • Andre says:

        MJ is still the best ever. Kobe can win 10 rings and only biased Lakers fans will say Kobe is better than Jordan. It’s not even close.

      • SoulChorea says:

        I hate how people say “it’s not even close” when comparing Kobe and MJ. The problem is that it IS close…Kobe isn’t AS good as MJ, but he’s a VERY close second. 1a and 1b to those “biased lakers fans”, but 1 and 2 to the reasonable people. In yo FOICE!!!!

      • MeloGood says:

        Kobe will only get a 6th ring if he joins another playoff-caliber team.

      • BostonF says:

        I dont think Jackson choose to retire because of your so called “balance” lol
        He choose to retire maybe because his getting old, and coaching 82 games plus post season would tear down your body.
        He deserves retirement and relaxation weather or not Lakers win or not.

      • Heat All Day says:


        No but SORRY, you really dont’ have alot of basketball knowledge, and are probably very young. Kobes career in comparison with MJ’s is NOT EVEN CLOSE. You really have NO idea what your talkin about. Like the other guy said , Kobe could get 10 rings and he wont be better than MJ. He has ALOT more work to do to even be in the same sentence. In yo FACE LOL

      • RJ233 says:

        Your use of grammer is pathetic.

      • ? says:

        Im a Laker fan, and i would not say Kobe is better than Jordan, yet. But if Kobe is not better than Jordan, he is right behind him.

      • #TeamHeat says:

        Kobe isn’t the second best or the third best in the history of the NBA. Jordan is the best, and Magic Johnson is the second best; or Magic Johnson is first and Jordan is second. Then you have guys like Larry Bird, Wilt, Bill Russell, “Pistol” Pete Maravich. So I would say that Kobe is probably the 5th or 6th All-Time. #MyOpinion

      • maximus says:

        oooh poor Kobe he cannot win without his daddy Phil .

      • Ravi Mandalay says:

        Jackson is going to retire because he is getting older and coaching an NBA team is very stressful as well as time-consuming. He wants to spend time with his family and he feels that after getting his 4th three-peat, his legacy will be complete, although his legacy is already cemented and will last forever as it stands now with 11 Championships as a Head Coach. That fourth three-peat is what enticed him to come back for this 2010-2011 season and it would be a perfect end for a legendary coach, probably the best coach we’ll ever see in our lifetimes.

        And a question for Maximus… Has Jordan ever won a ring without Phil? Trust me. Kobe is a competitor and his will, determination, and competitve spirit will have him finishing his career with at least 7 titles, with or without Phil. And even when Phil retires after this season, the Lakers are still going to have their core team still intact. Bynum is probably going to get even better and if we can get a quick point guard, that will be the icing on the cake, although Fisher is invaluable to the Lakers, especially in the Playoffs. Lakers got the three-peat this season, NO DOUBT! Phil has only lost twice when having Championship-caliber teams (03-04 and 07-08) and has always won 3 titles in a row. There’s no reason for him to break that pattern. To all you Boston, Miami, and Bulls fans, you can hope and wish for a Title all you want, but there’s only one place it’ll be come mid-June, Los Angeles, SUCKAZ!!!!!

      • LakersWillWin says:

        People on these blogs are such losers.
        How can you still say Kobe isn’t great. Look at all these records he is about to break. He is only 2nd to Jordan in 30pt games (80) in the postseason… He has the record for consecutive 30 pt games in close out games, yeah HIM not MJ. He is tied with RAY FREAKIN ALLEN for 3pointers in the playoffs. I mean, really? Can we quit calling this guy over rated yet? Yeah, he’s no Jordan. Jordans a MONSTER, we all get it. We know, I grew up watching Jordan… Than grew up some more with Kobe, so I saw it. I get it. But give him his frikin props. You know it all losers must feel so cool behind your computer screen. Go to school get some knowledge. Better yet. go watch a full basketball game… How about all 82 every season, and every post season game

      • DRE4LA says:


      • tellthetruth says:

        Ok jordan is the greatest of all time and kobe is ONE of the greatest of all time
        im a laker fan and i love kobe and all the lakers (except Gasol pisses me offf sum times) but jordan is the greaest SG of all time and kobe is the 2nd greatest SG of all time, both are tremendous players with excellent skill, theyre hall of famers, and legends but kobe is the greatest laker of all time; Magic said it himself; jordan the greatest of all time; its been said
        stop with the comparing, both were in different decades and both were great in their prime; both had skills and flaws that im sure were better than the other
        kobe is better than jordan in a Few departments of basketball but jordan pretty much was more consistent and had more of an all-around game
        kobe said he learned about 90% of what he does in basketball from jordan; so without jordan where would kobe be?
        nobody had ever seen a scorer as dominant as jordan and nobody has seen a dominant scorer like jordan until kobe
        both have had long full filling careers and both have left their mark on the nba and their franchises
        jordan is the franchise player of the bulls and he made that franchise what it is today
        kobe is the lakers franchise player and he is the greatest laker of all time and he contributed to 5 of the lakers 16 titles
        both are greats,both are hall of famers, both are legends, and both are champions

      • Ronald says:

        “Then he will ruin MJ legacy…”? “Let other team win the chip time to time.” Let? You think a championship is given and not earned? Preposterous.

        I’m not trying to make this a comment war or anything, but on the behalf of everyone that will read your comment, these are the most IDIOTIC statements someone could make on this topic. No matter what Kobe does, nothing could EVER ruin what you are calling a “MJ legacy”. When “MJ” won, he didn’t destroy the Magic Johnson Legacy. When Magic Johnson and Larry Bird Won, they weren’t destroying anyone else’s legacy, that just isn’t how it works. Try to think about things before typing the first stupid thought that comes into your brain. And Phil Jackson isn’t allowing for any balance. He is TIRED and he is OLD and he isn’t 100% healthy. It was nothing to do with allowing balance. Jeez. I love when people have their own opinions but at least try to make some sense and present a sound argument.

      • gmoney says:

        At RJ23
        considering you cant even spell “grammar” your a fine one to talk TOOL!

    • bronzebra says:

      what?? MJ’s legacy will be ruined bcoz of kobe’s 7th ring?? are you kiddin’? even if the lakers will be the champs till kobe retires, nobody can ruin MJ’s legacy.. if the lakers get this season’s trophy, i think that will be the last.. do you think kobe’s career performance will put him ahead of MJ’s.. you’re just dreamin’ my boy..

      • tata says:

        If Kobe has 6 or more championships AND ends up being the ALL-TIME LEADING SCORER than years from now people will not even remember Michael Jordan. My

      • KB24/Black mamba says:

        i am a big fan of kobe but still i don’t think that the success of kobe will ruins the career of mJ

      • BostonF says:

        Just my opinion: After Kobe retires….Kobe wont get much Endorsement income like MJ is doing up until now. MJ still sells MJ shoes up until now. I dont think Kobe wuold sell Kobe shoes like MJ did after retirement

      • ? says:

        @MeloGood dude what are you smoking? Are the Lakers not in the playoffs? Did the Lakers just not beat the hornets? It looks to me Kobe is already on a playoff caliber team, and looking toward a sixth ring. What are you talking about?

      • ? says:

        @Heat All Day and i guess you think Lebron is better than Kobe right? But Kobe doesnt come close to MJ? Another crack headed heat fan. A lot of you heat fans tend to write a lot of dumb things.

      • JAKE WALKER says:


    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      @ SoulChorea:
      MJ No#1
      Kobe Top5-10

      As Charles tell you: I’m sick n’ tired of you guys

      • go_heat_go says:

        I´m a Heat fan and I think Kobe is as good as MJ was. He has a great chance to win his 6th or even 7th ring, he has won the most ASG MVPs, he is going to be top 3 in the all time scoring list by the end of his carrer. He only didn´t win more MVPs cause they stole it from him and gave it to Nash twice, when he avareged 20 ppg more than Nash. Saying that Kobe is not even close to MJ is absolutely crazy!

    • Tau says:

      Phil Jackson will leave behind a great legacy when it is all said and done. All good things come to an end, good luck Phil in all your future endeavours and thanks for all the great memories. I hope that LA wins again cap off a great career for both you and Kobe and Derek Fisher. As for the Jordan vs Kobe thing… who cares they are both great players that have brought a lot of entertainment value to the league and they both have the rings to show how great they are!

      • four-nine-fiftynine says:

        Well put. And both MJ and Kobe are a very distant second on the list of greatest basketball players ever. That honor will ALWAYS belong to Wilton Norman Chamberlain. If all you went by were stats, then Kobe and Jordan are just barely in the conversation, and only as an afterthought. The numbers Chamberlain put up have never been, and will never be, touched by anyone, including Kobe. Wilt was not only the greatest basketball player that ever lived, he’s hands down the greatest athlete in U.S. history.

      • Cameron says:

        Are you serious? best athlete in the U.S. history. Wilt was an amazing b-ball player, but to call him an amazing ATHLETE. He was a ‘7″1 Monster. That had little or better yet no competion in the paint. You put him against all the ‘7 fts in the league now, would’nt be as dominating. Which leads me to my other point. Jordan on paper is without a doubt better than kobe. But as a player, An “ATHLETE”. Black Mamba is better than Jordan. Kobe goes against some of the best d fences NBA has to offer. I watch mj, go look up Youtube video of jordans highlights. watch how many slower smaller White guys are guarding jordan. Try to find somebody that would be the so called jordan stopper, That so many claim to be the Kobe stopper. I mean c’mon you put Jordan in this era. He does’nt have 6 rings. Not to say Kobe would have 5, but thats just paper talk.

    • Ravi Mandalay says:

      And to those who think Jordan will always be the best or better than Kobe… Well, you are entitled to your opinion. It’s really a matter of one’s perspective, so no one is really right or wrong. And it’s hard to compare Kobe and Michael since they never played together while they were both at their primes. Jordan may have done more individually for his team, but I think that the level of competition now is much higher than it was in the 90s when Jordan was playing. I believe Kobe is a better team player than Jordan as Kobe has grown and matured into a leader and most always looks to get his team involved early on. Jordan, as I recall, would just take over the game from start to finish. One thing is for sure, these two are some of the greatest players to have ever played the game and I believe that their competitive spirit and will to win is what puts these two players on the same level and sets them apart from the pack.

      • BRON BRON says:

        Ravi, did you ever watch Jordan play? He attempted to get his team involved before he took over the game. If his team wasn’t performing the way they should, then we would take the game over to get the win. Yes, Jordan had games which he took over the game from start to finish. Have you heard the expressions “when your hot your hot” or “feed the hot hand”

        Jordan said it himself “There is no “I” in Team, but there is a “I” in win”

        R4, Do you know what a basketball is? I swear you are the dumbest person EVER!

        I’m tired of this Kobe and Jordan comparison. I think Jordan is the best hands down. At the end of Kobe’s career he will end up being the second greatest of all time. We will never know who is better because they played in different eras. Let’s get over it!

        If you want to talk about scoring, let’s not forget about Kevin Durant. If he stays on his current pace he will go down as the NBA all time leading scorer, or at lease in the top 3. Individual scoring doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t come with team success. Example – Allen Iverson

    • In yo Face dude says:

      @Heat All Day, says the guy whos a heat fan…u probably think dwade is better than MJ, how can u say MJ is WAY better than kobe, MJ was probably more consistent n athletic, but kobe is a better ballhandler and he gets things done, its not about stats, and even if u want to look at the stats….count the rings

    • srekal says:

      Magic Johnson was a better overall player, better then both.

    • gmoney says:

      oh and MJ
      6 titles with 6 finals MVP’s
      never played with anyone better than him he was always the reason the Bulls won
      Kobe 5 titles 2 finals MVP’s
      Shaq was the man taking his team to the top in the first 3 titles
      enough said comparison over!

    • R4 says:

      I understand that us fan will get mad at such comment as a fix sport but let’s be serious. No one plays the game for the love of the sport anymore. Money comes first then comes stats then next is pride. Teams do earn championship but when its the same team every year what is the purpose of having a nba with 30 teams when only 6 are able to win. Shrek the size down to 10 teams because Jazz, Hawks, Magic, Suns, and Dallas are teams that has won 50 games just to go to the playoff to lose. I could never be a fan of team that wins in the regular season and loses. That is a waste of my money point blank.

      Now for Phil at the end of the day this article is about him playing in a reduce season meaning he will not have to do much work as before to win kobe 7 rings. Let me be the first to call this first. Even though Lakers are down 2 – 0 in the series. The nba can’t afford to not have a playoff without Lakers. That would be bad advestiment for the sport because for the whole regular season they talked about kobe being the man and for the man not be in the playoff what can they talk about next. Western Conference playoff will lose rating and not be carry by TNT becaue it makes more money to run re-run of two and a half man than to show Dallas vs. OKC. Trust me. When this new CBA comes into effect nba will have more diversity in their reporter. Gone are the days when you watch NBA tv and see them talk about the same team every night because now the nba will be competitive and teams like Bucks, Grizzles, Bobcats, Wizard may have a chance to win a chip with a true hard cap salary.