Durant’s non-backcourt violation, explained

by Micah Hart

A lot of griping in the Twitterverse last night about the play above, as it appeared at first as though Kevin Durant committed a backcourt violation, giving the ball back to the Nuggets with 14.8 seconds left and down only a point. However, after the referees huddled, they reversed the original call and ruled Durant was not in fact in violation.

To clear up any controversy, we went to the NBA Rulebook:

NBA Rules 101 — Backcourt Violations

The NBA rulebook states “A ball being dribbled is (1) in the frontcourt when the ball and both feet of the player are in the frontcourt, (2) in the backcourt if the ball or either foot of the player is in the backcourt”.

You can see above that when Durant received the ball off the inbounds pass, his left foot touched the midcourt line. This, in effect, established him as being in the backcourt — meaning there was no backcourt violation. Had he landed with both feet in the frontcourt and then stepped on the midcourt line, he would have committed the violation and it would have been Nuggets ball.

In this case, the officials got together and reversed the call, and though it may have been painful for Nuggets fans, it was indeed the correct decision.


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  2. wrong call ref!! says:

    if you look carefully, the call was made when he stepped on the line the second time.. in which it case it would be a violation (backcourt)…!! right? wrong?

    • Mega Freak says:

      Sorry but wrong. When inbounding from the sideline, the recieving player can catch the ball in the back court, which he did since his foot is on the line. He never after that had both feet and the ball in the front court so he never left the back court.

  3. taliban500 says:


  4. Sagg says:

    “A ball being dribbled is (1) in the frontcourt when the ball and BOTH feet of the player are in the frontcourt, (2) in the backcourt if the ball or EITHER foot of the player is in the backcourt”.
    It’s pretty clear it was the correct call, and I am a Nuggets fan. The officials got it right and Denver got beat by a better team.

    • Brian says:

      It’s nice to see Denver fans that don’t make excuses. The rest of these crybabies could learn something from you.

  5. al says:

    OKCKD35 Joe you guys are on.

    Gary said it “The rules and video support the call. People disagreeing must be blind or illiterate.”

    The ones below checks whats happenign in your life if you can’t inteperat this, its a sign of bigger things a a miss.

    josh There was no first time as per the rule.

    Nugget Sympathizer That photo show nothing that is NOTHING the back of a guy check the left arm position in the video this photo a full half a second before durant has the ball.

    mike smith LOL see above.

    “is right foot and the ball are in the front court at that moment and so he is in the front court.”
    Learn to count to 2 as per what the rules say Both means 1 then the number after that.

  6. Samuel says:

    As a neutral I just think I should give my opinion on the controversy. The Denver Nuggets would have lost the series and possibly the game regardless of this call, they lost the series in 5 games, teams don’t lose a series in 5 games just because of bad officiating, Oklahoma had more talent, and had been together longer.

    The call was extremely tough, however the picture that is being used as evidence is not taken at a relevant moment, its not clear whether Durant is in possession of the ball, and his foot is so close to the line that it could have come into contact with the line before he caught the ball. Regardless, the distance between Durant and the line is marginal, and the call is still legitimate , the refs had a tough call to make, if Denver really deserved to win that game, they would not have been relying on a questionable back court violation.

  7. Chris says:

    Does anybody remember last year when Durant was hacked while launching a 3 in the Salt Lake game at the end of the regular season? The NBA admitted it was a mistake, it cost OKC their place in the west and forced them to match up with the lakers in the first round. Basically the NBA told OKC to go pound sand. Bad calls happen (and no calls), this recent call in the nuggets game was not even a bad call, it was just unusual. Consider how OKC was officiated last year in the no call on that play with Durant, the no calls all last year (and there were many) with Harden, and the no calls this year with Westbrook driving to the hoop. There IS major bias in the NBA in its officiating towards super stars, there are frequent mistakes, some major. I dont want to judge that refs motives, he may have been just watching KD’s back, but this one they got right, even if it was by accident.

  8. LBJAMES says:

    HEAT 2011-12 CHAMPS !!!!! oh , and it was a legal play, possession was not established in front court, this argument is dumb.

  9. OKCKD35 says:

    @ fadeawy8. I urge you to watch the video again, when he catches the ball the left foot is on the line (in the back court) pivots on the right foot, he lifts the left foot and brings it back down on the same line, at no time during this process was the left foot completely across the half court line, thats like saying a point guard dribbling the ball upcourt is a back court violation if he steps on the line,

    • KDisSoft says:

      OKCKD35 You have no clue what ure talking about because that rule is completely irrelavant. First off-it says “a dribbling ball” durant wasnt dribbling the ball when he steped in the backcourt the first time. second, it says one foot or the ball in the backcourt counts as backcourt …when he lifted his foot off the line he didnt have the ball or a foot in the back court (video above). therefore he was no longer in the backcourt. thats why this rule doesnt apply here maybe find a rule that actually does apply because according to this rule he was not in t/he backcourt or the frontcourt when he had only one foot in the frontcourt… so the real question is “WHERE WAS HE?” the interpretation of the rule counts here because if you pasue the video at around 10 seconds… you see durant has both feet in the front court as well as the ball he then proceeds to step in the backcourt, the rule says nothing about your feet having to touch the ground to be in the frontcourt so if a foot is hovering over the court it should count as being in the front court or else, by the rule book you are not on th basketball court when one foot and the ball are in the front court and the other is in mid air….

  10. Mega Freak says:

    He caught the ball in the back court and never established front court! It is NOT a back court violation!!!

  11. Boris says:

    Your momentum is allowed to carry you in the backcourt on an inbound play. KD turning, catching and sliding is momentum.

  12. fadeaway8 says:

    It was an incorrect call. The violation is in the second time he stepped on the line. Let’s say he caught the ball and his foot was on the line. Then by rule, possession is established in the back court. Then he turned around and crossed the line entirely, which means now the possession of the ball is established in the front court since both feet and ball crossed the line. But then Durant stepped on the line again, which means it is an over and back.

    The ref closes to the situation has clear view of the line, feet and the ball. And he was paying super careful attention to the play. And he called it over and back. But then a ref in the back court with less of a clear view jumped in and over ruled him. I don’t understand how you can be so sure to over rule someone who has a better view than you did. Sorry Nugget fans.

    • Wow says:

      Incorrect analysis. Both feet and the ball must touch the hardwood of the front court in order for front court to be established. His left foot was never completely in the front court, so according to the NBA rules stated above, it was NOT a backcourt violation.

  13. Ruler says:

    You guys are ridiculous. You can clearly see KD has possession of the ball in that pic. He is holding the ball with what then? His mouth? He is holding it and there IS COURT between his shoe and the line. Unlike the Manu Ginobli close up where you see NO COURT between the shoe and the line.

    It is a shame that the officiating was not better. This series should have gone the distance. But I am not sure if they can go to the video on a call like this, but maybe they can.

  14. Rim reaper says:

    Perkins goaltending and now this. C’mon

    • OKCKD35 says:

      awww come on man! still dont know why the controversy over this, clearly the first ref screwed up and the second correctedthe mistake, the NBA game time crew all agreed, everything i have seen on the sports shows agree, the video supports the call, all these nuggets fans if you need one let me know and i will send you a box of tissue to cry in so i dont have to hear you babies anymore! All the talk in the first round upset blog a month ago, and now all crying when its over, play fundemental basketball and you may have a chance, what is sad is i kind of liked the nuggets, but after all this crying from their fans i want no part of it, Nene is soft!

  15. Allan says:

    What you all need to realize is LA is the best thats all that matters if OKC get to the west finals we wont have this problem cause LA go kill them. Thats all:)

    • sean says:

      you are an idiot the lakers are not getting past okc with kobe not 100%

    • TWizz says:

      Seem like league usually has pre-determined teams for finals lol. Most likely will be Thunder vs Bulls/Heat. We will see though, maybe LA can pull it out. I will laugh if my prediction is right haha.

      Well I’m down with this blog. Can’t seem to talk long with fan boys who have the same opinion always. (not talking about you.)

      • Brian says:

        If the Finals are indeed predetermined, you know it would be Lakers-Celtics Part III.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Twizz you have to be the biggest hater i have seen on here, let me guess you are either a nuggets fan or your team didnt make the playoffs, which is it?

  16. G.V. says:

    Are you people even looking at the video? He got possesion when his foot was on the line.

  17. from the looks of it he stepped on the line which means he was back court when the ball was caught so it was not a backcourt violation ignorant Humans… Charles Barkley said it himself…and everyone knows how Blunt and outspoken he is!..he doesn’t care bout OKC do the math people and just take the “L”.. i think the denver team really has showed there true colors with there true negativity and the teams cockyness ..which backfired in there face.. maybe if they would hve came into tha series more humble then things MIGHT have been a little bit more different but they didnt instead they down the OKC thunder and pratically blame them and the refs for there loses which is sad oKC didnt complain about the tech tht should hve been called on NeNe when he pinned Perkins down on the ground..which nothing was called …and did OKC complain..not even as hardly as the denver nuggets would if you would have taken care of business there would be nuthing to complain about!…

      • OKCKD35 says:

        And in addition Nene is soft as a bag of marshmellows, he did nothing in 4 of the 5 games, wasn’t it Nene who called Kendrick Perkins a “fake tough guy” ahahaha

      • TWizz says:

        Nene did more in one game then Perkins did in the whole series. Also I remember one game where Nene made posters for half the OKC team haha. Also I remember Perkins being on the floor half the series because of Nene. Who sounds soft?

        OKC had Durant and the refs to bail them out with FT’s. But leave it to the OKC fan to say otherwise.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        HAHAHA check your facts Twizz, Nene only had one good shooting game which was game one, what happened in the elimination game? He had 6 points in the first 3 minutes, only 8 forthe game, Nene was off his rythym the entire series, Perkins ins’t an offensive player at all, he is our defensive stopper and rebounder and thats what he did, one of those games he had 17 reb, 10 offensive. How many shots did Nene have blocked? I bet he ends up on more OKC posters from this series

  18. Ex-Sonic says:

    Big deal! The ref favored the lakers all along the series and nobody said anything. It was the right call, ..End of story!

  19. iyoy says:

    kd clearly got the ball when his foot touched the line. therefore he had possession while he was in the backcourt, hence the first call of the ref was a mistake which was properly overruled

  20. zen says:

    i feel its rigged more and more everyday her stepped on the line 2ce so its backcourt

    • OKCKD35 says:

      zen, moron, show me on the rules where it says he cant step on the line twice and then you may have a point< until then quit making up your own rules!

  21. Gc3 says:

    he touched the ball with his feet in the air. wherever his feet first come down is where he estblishes possesion, which was with one foot on the line…proper call

  22. Tom P says:

    The ball was inbounded from the front court. So front court possession has been established. Otherwise OKC could have just spread the floor using the back court as well to run down the clock…which is possibly what other teams could consider doing from now on.

    • tenzorok says:

      thumbs up!
      finally someone noticing this ‘minor’ fact
      it should have been backcourt violation as soon as he touched the ball, cause the ball was front court, the player was backcourt (his toe tuching the line)

    • Jake says:

      If the ball is inbounded from the frontcourt, you can go into the backcourt to get it.

    • OKCKD35 says:


    • Wow says:

      A lot of teams HAVE been doing this for a long time. It just happened in game 2 or 3 of the Knicks vs. Celtics game, where Celtics were up 1 or 2 points and they inbounded WAY into their back court to run out the clock and not get fouled.

      And for you guys that have little to no reading comprehension, FRONT COURT WAS NEVER ESTABLISHED. Did he ever have both feet together in the front court at the same time? No. Therefore he technically received the ball in the back court which is perfectly legal.

  23. NBAFAN32 says:

    Micah Hart, you wrote this blog to clear up the controversy but you didn’t! In your blog, you never address what the rule is when his foot touched the half court line the 2nd time! The ref did not blow his whistle until Durant touched the half court line the second time.

    • Gary says:

      The whistle was blown before the 2nd time so. But that would have been backcourt.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      he addressed the rule just fine, since you are too stupid to understand it does not make it Micah’s fault, here let me copy and paste for you “The NBA rulebook states “A ball being dribbled is (1) in the frontcourt when the ball and both feet of the player are in the frontcourt”. Now once again how does this not clearly state the to establish front court posession that that ball and BOTH OF THE FEET are in the front court. I think you idiots just believe what you want to justify a loss

  24. rhainner says:

    what’s wrong with you people ?! dont be so stupid!

  25. rhainner says:

    it is really a backcourt violation. because he stepped on the line. next time, always be careful such as in that situation

    • OKCKD35 says:

      you can throw the ball to the back court from out of bounds, that is the rule, that is what happened, are these Denver fans really crying over a correct call? you wanted more BS in this series to pull out a win? is AL Davis now running your team? lol

      • srekal says:

        stop okck going by the name your a okc fan u guys still cry cause u lost to the lakers last year. stop hating on other teams if your team has won zero championships.

  26. Mega Freak says:

    It is NOT a backcourt violation. Here is why. By catching the ball with his left foot on the line, he had establised a backcourt starting position. To establish frontcourt position after that and lockout the backcourt, he would have to have both feet in the front court at the same time, which he never did. While he did wind up with his left foot in the front court he never had both feet in front court at the same time and therefore, did not commit a backcourt violation.

  27. Browntown says:

    He caught it on the line so i guess he was in the backcourt, but the KD stepped over the line for his dribble and he then stepped on the mid-court line again which makes it a backcourt violation

    • Gary says:

      Yes the 2nd step would have been a violation BUT the call was before that. That’s why they didn’t bother reviewing that part.

  28. rave cornelio says:

    i think his left foot was on the line also.

  29. rayjay says:

    errrr, except he driblled once then put his foot back on the line. this is only half the story.

    • OKCKD35 says:


      • Stan says:

        Left foot – line (twice) while right foot was frontcourt doesn’t sound like both feet in the backcourt to me. Not rocket science, kids. You cannot straddle the line, the rules say you can start backcourt or frontcourt in the final 2 minutes, but once a foot goes back, another goes forward, the next one must go forward, not line, or it’s a violation. End of story.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Stan, please show me this rule in the NBA rule book, says nothing about what you are saying based upon the information we have, or are you just making up your own rules too?

  30. Gary says:

    The rules and video support the call. People disagreeing must be blind or illiterate.

  31. Joe says:

    The rule is that you must have both feet established in the frontcourt in order to be considered in the frontcourt. In Durant’s case, he caught the ball with his left foot landing on the midcourt line before touching anything else. This means he established his position in the backcourt when he caught the ball. As for the second time he stepped on the line, he would still be considered in the backcourt since he had not established both feet in the frontcourt.

    • OKCKD35 says:


      • TWizz says:

        You sound like you are a 12 year old. Why would the league address 2 different plays, or better yet a bunch of different plays, that were all game changing in the same series? Doesn’t sound right. Need to start thinking. There were a lot of different plays in the Knicks vs Celtics series that looked fishy, but only one was addressed. So what’s the difference?

        Everything that has happened in this season has been clue that refs have something going on. Beginning of the season, “Respect for the game techs”.. A way to shut the players up. Anytime a player, coach or GM said anything about refs? A big hefty fine. The league executives know what they are doing. Doesn’t take a scientist to figure it out.

  32. Ari says:

    I refs do love to slobber all over Kevin Durant, they probably have posters of him up in their bedrooms.

  33. Russ says:

    When he first stepped on the line, that was not backcourt, as frontcourt was not established. BUT he stepped on the line again after front court was established, which means it was a backcourt violation.

    • OKCKD35 says:


      • mike smith says:

        back court violation..both feet or one feet or stepped on the line twice..it doesn’t matter because of this:

        front court established!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        quit showing the damn picture of his back, you cannot see if his hands are even on the ball at this point, it actually even looks like it is up near his shoulder, Thats is what is called “inconclusive evidence” as you cannot see if possession was established, i have never heard so much crying ever!

    • reemus6 says:

      Hate to say it but there’s not backcourt violation here. And trust me I hate to say it as my home town is Seattle, and I just watched what should have been my Sonics (thanks Howard for selling the team to someone we all new would move them out of the city!!) beat one of my fav ex-Sonics coaches George Karl (ouch!!). But still no backcourt violation.

      If you watch closely the only foot that establishes court possession is KD’s left foot which touches the line as he gains possession putting him in the back court. As he pivots on his right foot his left foot never enters/touches the front court so technically he is still in the backcourt when he touches the line again with his left. If you want to gripe about something how about Nene missing 2 dunks that could have shifted the momentum late in the 4th.

  34. josh says:

    what about the 2nd time he steps over the line. i’m all for OKC, but his 2nd time stepping on the line is a backcourt violation. Am i wrong?

  35. Sean says:

    Note: I am a longtime Nuggets season tix holder so I’m sure I see the replay through tainted eyes. The way I see it, KD indeed catches the ball with his left foot on the line. As he pivots on his right foot to head to the basket, his left foot leaves the ground, his right foot and the ball are in the front court at that moment and so he is in the front court. When his left foot again touches the ground it hits the center court line and should have been a back court violation. Notice that is when the ref motioned and blew his whistle. If the ref’s would have reviewed the play, I believe they could have and should have awarded the Nuggtes the ball. Same as game one snafu in terms of a play not reviewable having the potential to make a difference. Regardless, Nuggets had their chances and in both games 1 and 5 to put it away and they didn’t!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i understand what you are saying in terms of the call, at the same time lifting a foot does not establish your possession in the front court, in that case any time a point guard brings the ball upcourt and steps on the line it would be a back court, everyone keeps saying the front court was established but what about the same foot that never crossed into the front court, now please, they did review it, it has been dissected and all of the people who know and enforce the rule said it was legit, seems like its the fans who have an issue, wow i bet it goes hand in hand with actually understanding the rule. Read the rule layed right before you, everyone seems to be overlooking the part that says BOTH FEET!!!!

    • Stan says:

      I’m a Jazz fan, and it was definitely a backcourt violation. Devin Harris got called for it in a late-season game for us, but KD is a bigger star so he got away with it. Sad.

  36. Thunder K-Perk says:

    Enough McNugget talk. The Thunder were destined to win this series. All the statistics pointed against the Nuggets and in Game 5 they couldn’t hold a 9 point advantage. They, basically, shot themselves in the foot. Thunder!!!

    • TWizz says:

      They couldnt hold it because refs did everything in their power to help OKC get the win. Gave Duraant like 5 FT’s in the last minute… A no call on Ibaka when he did a moving screen to help Harden get a wide open 3. It took someone on Denver to mess up his ankle for refs to call a foul for him, while Durant just falls to the floor by HIMSELF and he gets call…. Durant did hit a shot or 2 at the end that I give him credit for, but a lot of the other stuff was just pure bs.

      Now I see why Melo was so valuable to the Nuggets. He got so many foul calls for being a superstar just like KD does.. This league is getting ridiculous.

      • Jake says:

        Don’t whine, the officiating was fine at the end of that game, and I was rooting for the Nuggets. KD just went ballistic that last six minutes and the Nuggets had no answer for him.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        cry cry cry, whaaaah, what about the no call at the end of game 4 when Nene pulled KP to the ground by his arms? how was that a no call in a 3 point game? what about every other game this series where Denver has taken more free throws than OKC? all i hear is the goal tend (which was a bad call but you still lost by 4, not 2 points) and the backcourt call (which was the correct cxall as they reviewed the damn play) how many times in a row in game 4 did denver come down and get free throws while hacking the cap out of us when we drive the paint with no calls, get over it, calls go both ways and Denver also hadtheir share of terrible calls in their favor. they got beat 6 of 7 games in a matter of 18 days, i think its fair to say that the better team won

    • OKCKD35 says:

      its ok the nuggets fans always make excuses, just like their coach, and down the stretch didnt denver only score once from the field? This time the nuggets almost favored from a bad call, the refs actually stopped and video reviewed the call, get over it, next time try some rebounding and quit making excuses, the goaltend call was bad and cost you 2 points, but you lost by 4, if they didnt miss 12 free throws they could have won, quit whinning, until game 5 Denver had less fouls called on them evevery game and attempted more free throws, all told Denver had 180 free throws and OKC had 172. The difference is Denver made 127 and OKC made 137. Make all the excuses you want, Denver lost repeatedly to the better team, its always funny to hear how bad denver cries, you didnt hear anyone from the thunder crying about fouls and we were being called for more than Denver.

  37. Nugget Sympathizer says:

    “In this case, the officials got together and reversed the call, and though it may have been painful for Nuggets fans, it was indeed the correct decision.”

    Unfortunately, Mr. hart, you are mistaken. The officials did indeed make the incorrect call, as Durant clearly had possession before stepping on the midcourt line. This is the second time poor officiating has cost the Denver Nuggets a crucial two points in the late game. Though I am not necessary a Nuggets man, I am truly sorry for their misfortunes.

    • NBA Fan says:

      @ Nugget Sympathizer – Actually he was on the line as he touched the ball. Also, how did it cost the Nuggets two points? It looks to me like it would have cost them a possession if you were correct. Which you aren’t.

      • TWizz says:

        From the looks of it, the ball was in his hands before he touched the line. Did the refs even go to the monitor for this? I only seem to remember them huddling. The fact that OKC got the benefit of the calls this whole series disturbs me, especially in game 5. 42 FTs attempted for OKC vs 21 for Nuggets when the Nuggets seemed like the more aggressive team on the offensive end since the beginning of the game?? Especially down the stretch, Durant was getting all kinds of calls, but it took one Nuggets player getting his ankle injured and one basically jumping over someone to get a foul call. What about the charge call on Felton on the out of bounds play where Maynor didn’t give him room to move? Refs are so one sided it isnt even funny. I see this happening a lot during playoffs, which makes me wonder if the NBA really is rigged… All this talk about Nuggets needing a superstar is because refs seem to call a lot of fouls for superstars, just like durant got a lot of foul calls at the end of all the close games. It gets ridiculous.

      • Nugget Sympathizer says:

        @NBA FAN – Actually, he first obtained possession with both of his feet established in the front court, which is clearly depicted in the photo I so kindly provided. Unless it is your opinion that either A) Durant did not have possession at the time of this photo or B) that both of his feet are not in the front court, then you are clearly mistaken. In addition, it further demonstrates the poor officiating for their refusal to review a play in which two officials had the opposite calls, and which required a freeze frame picture to determine he had indeed established front court position. And you are correct in that it cost Denver a possession, though I had originally meant two points due to the fact that Durant scored only a few seconds later. That is not to say OKC was handed the game, but the officiating certainly did not help the Denver Nuggets out at all this series, especially in the crucial closing minutes of a few games. I am not arguing that Denver is a better team or OKC deserved to lose, just expressing my disappointment in the outcome of what I expected to be a close and hard fought series. Unfortunately, most of the rants on this page are not very objective, so I expect a full page of refute when I next check this link. It humors me how OKC can continue to argue against the matter, and become so defensive in stating that “denvier cries” and “all the statistics pointed against the Nuggets.” Regardless of their incapability to get the wins they needed, that does not change the fact that this was a terrible call and that they got the shaft in two games in which they could have indeed won. And if we are going to point to statistics, chances are OKC is not going to be this year’s Western Conf. Champions.

        Here is the photo so many of you seemed to missed the first time around.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        really nugget sympathizer? your whole entire rant is based upon a pic of someone’s back? you cant even see if he has possession. and TWizz check the stats, the only time we got more calls than denver was game 5, didnt see you in here complaining about your 30-13 free throw advantage in the second half of game 4. denver lost quit crying, such babies

      • TWizz says:

        @OKCKD35 You are speaking like a typical fan boy. One half of a game doesn’t make up for a whole series of bad calls. OKC got the benefit of a lot of calls during the whole series. It doesn’t matter if OKC got less calls then Denver, it matters when they were called. OKC got A LOT of meaningful calls down the stretch in all the close games. Even in game 4, OKC was getting calls down the stretch and Denver was barely able to hold on. This whole series I got tired of seeing Durant fall to the ground and get a foul call for no reason, or if he was short on a shot refs called fouls because he is a “superstar”. NBA is a superstar league. They will always get the benefit of a lot of calls. Stats mean nothing unless you actually watch the game. Get outta here.

      • Nugget Sympathizer says:

        HA. So you are skeptical of premise A of my ‘rant.’ In that case, the series could have been much worse had you been the one out there making the calls! With the bad call aside, OKC was the expected team to make it out that round, and if Memphis pulls a win off in the next two games OKC could very likely make it to the West. Conf. Finals. They simply do not have the talent or proper mentality to take it in the west.

      • Brydon says:

        OKC is a much better team than Denver and would have won the series regardless of this call. End of discussion.

      • Stan says:

        One foot on the line, one in the frontcourt. Then the line foot moves to the line again (whistle), backcourt. You cannot straddle the line – the rules state you must be in the backcourt or frontcourt on that type of inbounds, but not both.

    • sean says:

      if you watch carefully notice how he did not establish both feet on the ground when he caught the ball so even though he was in the front court when Both feet were in play the one foot was technically still backcourt

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Twizz you are an idiot, the penalty calls in game 4 were the only reason Denver did hold on, and yes it is when they are called, 30-13free throws in the second half of that game, you are speaking like a moron, Denver had most of the calls in the entire series, as for close games if denver could actually capitalize on all of the bad calls against the thunder they could have ahd a chance to win, if anyone is speaking as a fan it would be you, the video evidence supports the call, like i said before if it were a wrong call the league would have addressed it. It wasnt so much the timing of the calls (granted the goal tend) but once again what about Nene dragging Perk to the ground in a 3 point game? Shouldnt that have been called? You can bitch, moan, whine, cry, do whatever your nugget fans do, but in all reality you lost this series by fundamentals, free throws and rebounds, get over it!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        in the opinion of a nuggets fan who is still bitter about the loss 🙂

    • Samuel says:

      The picture is not clear, we can’t see whether or not Durant is in posession of the ball when the picture is taken, his foot may have moved when he made contact with the ball. Even in the picture the distance is marginal, I wouldn’t say it was a clear decision, as you claimed. Calling such a tough decision poor officiating seems unfair to the refs who in this case seem to make at least a reasonable decision.