Stan Van Defends Dwight, Clowns Media

DALLAS — As intriguing and intense as this Western Conference first round playoff series between the Mavericks and Trail Blazers is, I must admit it is missing one key ingredient.

And that missing ingredient is a character like Stan Van Gundy.

Hear me out before you assume I’m comparing the abilities of these coaches, because I think all three are accomplished in their own right.

Both Rick Carlisle and Nate McMillan are laser-locked on trying to get their teams through Game 6 on Thursday night at the Rose Garden in Portland. And neither one of them is the natural comedian that Van Gundy is with a microphone in his face and a captive audience.

In answering a simple question after the Magic’s Game 5 blowout win over the Hawks last night he defended Dwight Howard‘s honor (yet again), while also taking shots at those of us forced to listen to him on a regular basis.

You need to see this one for yourself:

Just so we’re clear, he was not criticizing the officials.

He was criticizing the media for not seeing Howard’s side of things in this season-long debate about whether or not the three-time Defensive Player of the Year is subject to more physical abuse from the opposition than should be allowed.

That part is understandable. Maybe some of us aren’t as sympathetic to Howard’s cause as we should be. But that’s beside the point. Van Gundy has more important things to worry about than insulting us.

If the Magic can’t find a way to beat the Hawks Thursday night in Game 6, that will be the end of the line for the Stan Van Show this season.


  1. LOS ANGELES! says:

    lol and ZaZa Pachulia looked liked a good guy even though he was trying to break Dwight’s neck every foul if not for ZaZa having weak arms he would have seriously injured Dwight

    a lookback at the dirtiest players of the modern era

    1. Robert Horry – “if you cant beat em/guard em? just injure them”
    2. Bruce Bowen – “flop like a butterfly, send a flying kick to the face like a bee”

    those two are probably the only guys in the recent era who can punch a guy or elbow a guy in the face in front of a referee and not get kicked out of the game. the 3rd would be Artest and Bynum but they’re on my team so thank you Stern

  2. LAKERS!!! says:

    Shaq was hacked as much as Dwight in his early days in Orlando and the refs aren’t calling it too and he was getting the heat from the media because of his retaliations and the elbow. but Shaq realized that if they arent being fair to him then might as well as use his power/speed as an advantage so he combined a spinmove/dropstep/elbow and called it the “Black Tornado” so basically what shaq did when he got the ball is send a message to the one guarding him “don’t event think about it, coz this is gonna hurt!” maybe Dwight could learn alot from Shaq on what he did if the refs are blind to him. but Shaq’s 3 second calls suddenly stopped when he went to the Lakers though! Stern you are an Idiot!

  3. LAKERFAN says:

    all that is wrong with Orlando can be traced back to Jameer. man he’s just plainly inconsistent and sleeps on the game at the wrong times i feel bad for Dwight though he’s stuck with an inferior PG in a very real sense if Dwight was in CP3’s team my LA Team would have lost 2-4 CP3 is just freakin scary

    actually its pretty ironic that the NBA is a real sport but why do they always insist on the “RealNBA” catch phrase and putting up a poll on who will win on what and when. almost like they are mimicing WWE’s website LOL!

  4. Really Sekou? says:

    You’re forced to listen to him? Don’t interview him then or write an article about him.

  5. JMoon says:

    dwight is wimpy. He gives out way more than he gets.

  6. Amused says:

    Please, Rockets….don’t even so much as interview SVG…

  7. BHart says:

    Anyone that compares the fouls dwight gets to what paul pierce gets is an idiot. dwight has been HACKED more than 100 times more than any player in the league and none have been flagrants. and through all that he has missed less than 25 games his whole career and most of that was from a stomach flu this year. Pierce and other boston loser ruin the game with stupid little pump fake games that result in ticky tack fouls and to say pierce doesn’t complain is the biggest joke ive ever heard. ive seen him cry more tan anyone in the nba

  8. Bulls - Lakers says:

    and for you Sekou, you just complaining cause you one of those STUPID, ARROGANT media people.

  9. Bulls - Lakers says:

    Wow. FIrst of all, I just love SVG in this post. I agree 200 percent. Dwight Howard is fouled so often, and NONE of them are called. And then when Dwight is upset, he gets a technical just for rolling the ball a little to the left of the referee and walks off. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT DESERVE A TECHNICAL? Kobe, Lebron, KG, all those players SHOUT AT THE REFEREE AND CALLS THEM F*GGOTS and they don’t get technicals. How come you hear more about Dwight rolling the ball the wrong way than Kobe shouting and calling the referee a fag? ANd then you expect people NOT to complain. For all those stupid wankers that believe he shouldn’t complain, i hope some guy bashes you on the head multiple times and pushes you around multiple times and tell me you wouldn’t get frustrated. Stan is THE BEST.

  10. dave says:

    If Howard was playing for la Fakers – players would not be allowed to touch him, look at him, half of technical fouls would never be called and would earn many, many flagrant fouls

    Like in last game – kobe hits Okafur across the face – CLEAR flagrant foul 0 but this is never called if you are la faker. la fakers get called for fouls if they “kill a guy” only

  11. knuckleninja says:

    WOW, SVG backing up Dwigth as usual, I would respect the complaining if say it was Jameer Nelson or Gil copping the punishment, but it’s not, it’s dwight the 6’11” 260 pound center, either he needs to eat concrete and suck it up, or stop giving as good as he gets… and I have to agree with Sekou, they are 1 game down in the series, and SVG having a rant isn’t going to change that, getting over the “crappy” officiating and playing ball is a step in the right direction,

    I presume that a good percentage of the posts here came from people who misunderstood this article as Van Gundy bashing rather than just calling it how it is..

  12. dave says:

    If Howard was playing for la Fakers – players would not be allowed to touch him, look at him, half of technical fouls would never be called and would earn many, many flagrant fouls

  13. M1MAGIC says:

    It’s not about the fouls being called… it’s the lack of FLAGRANT FOULS being called. The refs won’t call the flagrant on Dwight for some reason — even after over 800 fouls committed on him! He has to flare and flop and fall for a FLAGRANT to be called? He doesn’t do that.. He was almost blinded in BOTH EYES without any calls for goodness sake. You all need to watch more Magic games and stop spewing garbage out of your pie holes! LOL. Seriously though, Stan is blaming the so called experts and media and they need to listen up and report the real ish. Watch some games other than the playoffs and get a clue. Whiners and crying? HAHA you children would never know how it is to get banged around night in and night out.. most wouldn’t last a season. Now fault Dwight for taking care of himself and working out to be as strong as he is. It’s hard work and shouldn’t be overlooked by fools draping over his neck and shoulders when that is AGAINST THE NBA RULES.. that is a FLAGRANT FOUL! A hard foul should not be MISTAKEN for a flagrant… but also vice versa. Why don’t you reporters analyze that for a change? Do your job and stop being scared of Stern… another hypocrite…

  14. Just sayin' says:

    At all of the people who say Dwight Howard is a dirty player, that is just ridiculous. Just because he doesn’t flop, scream, kick, and fall like the rest of them doesn’t mean he doesn’t get hurt. He has put countless hours in to the gym working on his core, which ultimately gives him the strength and balance to stand up on his own two feet. Yes, he’s never fallen to someone, but so what? Is he supposed to fake it like Zaza just to get the correct call against him?

    And Stan Van Gundy is boss.

  15. willie says:

    as with danilo’s comment… you play like sheet, danilo!

  16. willie says:

    hahaha!!!!! this is funny… serves the media right…. i would love to whack these media people as hard as i can wherever i want, and there should be a rule that they can’t react…. they just have to do their interview, and we whack them in the head,,, hahaha

  17. Shizzle says:

    Dwight Howard only swings his elbows because he thinks he’s playing NBA Jam. Stern needs to resign, he sucks and the NBA has become nothing but a league of flopping faggots since he’ taken over. I always remember a scene from the movie “The Mighty Ducks” where the coach tells one of his players to grab his eye when he’s locked up with another player battling for the puck. The kid refuses because he says he doesn’t want to cheat. Funny how a little kid refuses to cheat but all these millionare athletes have no problem cheating by flopping all over the place like a bunch pussies, i.e Derek Fisher, Jamal Crawford, Paul Pierce, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Manu Ginobli, Kobe Bryant and the list goes on and on. I know its fictional story but you gotta believe that there is integrity out there…it just doesn’t exist in the NBA.

  18. WildSchatz says:

    Dwight does take harder hits than most in the league, just as Shaq did in his day. However, if the Magic are going to complain about most of those hits that do not get called, then I believe the opposing teams can complain about the no-calls of some of the hits/actions that Dwight does to other players. He does dish out what he receives, which in individual games may not be balanced on one side or the other, but overall it does even out. The problem here is that the media portrays Dwight as the ‘villain’. Heck, if he is getting smacked while grabbing a rebound, and the refs are not calling it, then he has every right to smack back, and a call should not be made, and the commentators and the rest of the media should report it as so. Instead of eating what the media feeds you, why don’t you just watch the actual game, and ignore the commentators. Ya Dwight threw an elbow here, and pulled this guys jersey there, but did you catch what that player(s) did to Dwight? Sekou, SVG owns you and the rest of your circus we call the media. Go eat a cupcake.

  19. Juan says:

    Howard is a big guy that is why we see he’s elbows when he is about to make a point, everybody in the nba uses their elbows to play, com’on this ain’t soccer or football, Howard’s elbow lokks like he is thwrowing them at people but he is not, everyplayer when they’re about to score they move their elbows, it looks bad on Howard because he is tall. Howard gets fouled really hard, that is why he got tired and started to retaliate on the players that were doing hard fouls on him and the reffs that didn’t call the foul. Basketball is a very physical game at both ends and is hard to maintain patient and I give props to those players that don’t retaliate when they get get hit hard.

  20. Galin says:

    I think that you get it quite wrong Sekou and you do not have a sense of ironic humour. In fact the critics of Stan were against the officials, despite saying the opposite thing.

    It is not the first time you show your disgust against SVG and the Magic.

  21. megaman says:

    the MEDIA SUCKS. nuff said. even GREEN DAY SAID SO IN THE SONG AMERICAN IDIOT. The strongest and most influential force in the world besides guns and bombs are the microphones and cameras the media behold. the media today is just too powerful.

  22. Logic Man says:

    D Howard is the biggest crybaby in basketball. Shaq took much more punishment in his prime without all the whining. Time to grow up Howard (big boys don’t cry…).

  23. Jowell Chua says:

    Howard is the dirtiest player in the nba, the reason he gets so many dunks is the ELBOW, damn how can you guard legitimately someone if all the time he swings his elbow to hit you, even after every plays he still swings his elbow, what purpose? dirty player.

  24. Superman says:

    I agree, the definition of what ‘flagrant’ is should at least be reviewed. C’mon, whack a guy and get away with it? Somewhat short of being homicidal.

  25. Tuncer TUNCER says:

    This is too cheap. SVG is talking about his opinion, and whether you agree him or not, you should respect him. Discouraging him with elimination to Hawks is too cheap.

  26. BlackMamba24 says:

    NBA has fallen off thanks to David Stern can somebody take this dude off the office already? He hasn’t done anything good for the NBA. This dude is total douchebag.

  27. Vasilis says:

    Insofar as generalisations are unfair, fact is not many people like journalists. There’s gotta be a reason. You media guys better look into it (if it bothers you, that is). Having said that, there are shining exceptions and on this site one is you, Sekou. The other, of course is that great guy, David Aldridge. What stands you apart? Consistency of opinion and humane delivery. “Humane”? That’s right. Even if you’ve got something not very nice to say, you don’t go all out to crush the other guy. And, to bring me back to my first point, you don’t oscillate between “Ohmygawdwhatadude” one week and “Deadman walking” the very next.

  28. Alex says:

    First of all I like Stan van Gundy a lot because he is an intelligent man AND he is someone who is not afraid to criticize the league! Dwight Howard himself is one of the dirtiest players in the league, yes I said it! OK a have to admit he is getting fouled “a lot” BUT he is also pretty good in fouling other players! I liked it when the media said “WOW, HOWARD HAD A MONSTER GAME!” yeah maybe but he lost it! Don’t get me wrong Howard is a great defensive player but offensively he is limited, players like Olajuwon, Ewing, Robinson and even Shaq in their prime would have destroyed Dwight Howard because they were versatile in their game! By the way Hakeem in my opinion is the best center ever and there is only ONE “Superman” in basketball and his name is Shaq! Atlanta should continue doing the right thing like Boston did a year ago let Howard get his 25, 30, 40 or 50 points but watch out for their excellent shooter!

    Have a nice day everybody!

  29. Jao says:

    forced to listen? what kind of crap is that Sekou? you’re the ones who go the the pre/post game interviews and ask questions. it’s not like SVG sputed off that stuff on his own, like tweeting it or just saying it outside of media interviews. he was prompted, and he responded.

  30. whats with this “those of us forced to listen to him on a regular basis”?

    nba coaches,players etc could have gone home and rest for their next game, instead of talking to the “media” just to listen to and/or answer questions and stuff.

    whos the being forced? really..

    • sandile says:

      if they don’t talk to the media, they get fined. The media will always find what suits them. I just wish Sekou could play 1 game nd get fouled like Dwight nd then hear what he has to say.

  31. mr.A says:

    You should not be angry on how howard plays it is true that he makes a lot of technical fouls in the league (playoffs or not)
    since that is the way he played since he was a rookie up to now and hate the way he play or not he made the Orlando Magic one of the dangerous team in the league today.And the media should not just say that howard is a dangerous player(in a way that he hurts people)and make fun of him on how he shoots free-throws since we all now that he is a big man and its normal for a big man in the nba to do that

  32. Bole says:

    Finally SVG spoke up.Jeez I can’t even imagine being in Dwight’s skin.I’m sure I’d definitely go off and like kill someone who fouls me like that.
    I completely agree with SVG on this one,and I love the way he’s playing with the media.
    Anyway,I really think Dwight should get more flagrant calls,because if anyone in the league deserves it,it’s him.

  33. Rob says:

    We all know that this is really David Stern’s fault. The league office needs a better policy on flagrant fouls. I for one am not paying to see players tackled, hacked, and slapped in the head – and calling that “good defense.” If a defensive player is not going for the ball, it needs to be a flagrant foul. Just because a player doesn’t flop or fall down shouldn’t mean that it is not a flagrant foul. Too many players are good actors with the flop.

    And, Stern definitely seems to be biased against Dwight Howard. We REALLY NEED A BETTER COMMISSIONER. Stern is a loser. Someday Dwight is going to be seriously injured from all this physical abuse he takes and I think we need to let David Stern know that when this happens it will be Stern’s fault. He needs to take responsibility for the injuries his policies result in.

  34. Oliver says:

    Insulting us? Howard takes multiple blows to his head during a game and you feel insulted by this? Wow, SVG wasn’t wrong at all… Ridiculous post.

  35. Bondax says:

    Hey folks,
    did it occurr to you, that stan was criticizing the officiating by ironically “insulting” (boo-hoo) the media. It’s just cheaper as far as i know…..

  36. SS Noob says:

    Seikou Smith why didnt you try playing nba and fight bynum, zaza, k.martin and get hard fouls then tell us how it feels to
    get hard fouls, if it feels good or what? just so you know how dwight howard felt each time he got hard fouls. for you not to comment on such things, a media should have a wide area of understanding and it requires them to be open minded.

    dont say such things with stan. cuz your a media.

  37. Prince says:

    It is truly unfair to see someone as good a person as Dwight Howard being portrayed as a hot head. Other people complain way more and are much more demonstrative with their movements after call they don’t like. People see the big guy and automatically multiply everything he does by a thousand. Yes, he is a weak free throw shooter so u should foul him. But the way people attack his body is unfair and dangerous to him no matter how big he is

  38. Laker6Man says:

    Stan Van Gundy is right. We do not like the Media. the Media focuses to much on the Gossip of Sports. The Media tries to create stories. Just like creating the story of D Rose as MVP. The Sports writers are looking for the Romantic Story. Like Scott Howard Cooper covering the Lakers Series. I’ve pointed out the Lakers have lost over 50% of their Sunday Games this Season. I pointed out that the Lakers were 0-2 on Sunday in last years Finals. 4 out of the last 5 Lakers post season losses have been on Sunday. So in the last 2 series combined the Lakers are 0-4 on Sunday, and 7-1 other days. The Stats show the Lakers are most Vulnerable on Sunday, clearly. Not one Media Writer has touched this story, and it’s a real story… It’s THE story. I called both Lakers losses before hand, merely predicated on Sunday. Ask SHC. He’ll tell you I did. In pointing this story out, Scott Howard Cooper has decided to ignore it, and in stead write the Soap Opera version and paint the sexy story of the strong willed Hornets and their courageous 1st year coach. I’ve driven my point home. but it’s not the story the media wants. Nobody wants to say, “the Lakers just don’t play hard on Sunday”, because it seems disrespectful to the Hornets or the NBA in general that the Lakers are that good to take Sunday off. The Lakers have finished 57-25 3 of the last 4 seasons. Can’t we recognize a group of veterans who have found a pace that works fro them???

  39. D,J says:

    whatever.. im tired of this “dwight gets fouled too much and guys hit him” “we need to protect him” type of crap. has he gotten a single injury this year ? no. has he ever been knocked out on the court ? no. has he ever been knocked down to the floor ? i dont think so. he gets fouled a lot because he is a poor free-throw shooter and none of these guys voluntarily try to hurt him, they just have to foul him hard because he’s so powerful that its the only way to prevent a 3pt-play. when you are gifted with a 6’10 athletic and ultra-strong body, that’s the price you have to pay. its part of strategy … otherwise teams wouldnt have anything to stop him. Dwight and Stan need to stop crying about this, it just makes them look like a bunch of soft whiners.

    • Dan N says:

      totally agree!!!!!! Is applies to every players every size they all get hurts. And yeh Dwight is too strong which why they need to foul him hard (not like they tackle his neck like Rugby do). Cos he scores easily in paint if no one stop him. So whats the point of the game?? Hey.. Dwight coming.. everyone stay clear!!!?? That is why there is fouls limited per players. Well Im not againsting Dwight.. But i wanna make the points.. DW is strong… the one thats hurt is the one who stands in DW way as well. Theres is price to pay for being the best. Not just cos his BIG or they small.. is all sizes.

  40. jmjaj says:

    I don’t want to be in Dwight’s shoes. It would be very hard to run in 40 minutes and get beaten hard every two to three minutes. More credit should be given to Dwight. The NBA league should pay attention that even big men get hurt. They too can get injured.

  41. John says:

    Howard is getting slammed because he is a poor free throw shooter. League has to do something to protect the big men. If Howard touches a small forward , its a tech on him. When guys slam his head and tech or flagrant..may be a foul.

  42. kiwifan says:

    well said stan!!! its awesome how he says what no one else is willing to say. and what he says is true!!! people are always saying dwight has anger management issues or something and he’s the nicest dude in the league! he just gets beat up

  43. wadefan says:

    how did you misquote him in saying “I’m pretty sure I can’t get fined because everybody hates you guys” when you have the video right there.. he clearly said “and I don’t think I can be fined for that, because nobody out there likes you guys.” how did you actually just do that and keep your job.. sad sad day

  44. Armand says:


  45. Dan says:

    I will take up Stan’s challenge on one condition – he pays me Dwight’s salary.

    If you are paid several million a year to take shots to the head (along with playing the game you love everyday and being globally admired) I think you should put up or find another line of work.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      You wouldn’t be able to take hits like that. One blow to the head would knock you out cold. Dwight is tough, almost too tough, the hard fouls he has to deal with are allowed because the refs know he can handle it. If Kobe got a hit like Dwight did in game 5 it would’ve been like a super flagerant cause you hit Kobe man, you can’t do that.

  46. marshall says:

    you can probably tell your video production guys to be a little more liberal with the levels. got my volume cranked and I can barely hear the guy. I know SVG is not that quiet.

  47. George says:

    Stan is 100% correct. Pathetic people like the media and even the refs think that because someone is big and strong he can sustain a constant beating and that he’s not allowed to retaliate. I wish Dwight should beat up Stern :). Nah just joking. Though someone has to take action eventually. I would’t want to be in Howard’s place.

  48. serkan says:

    yeah van gundy talked like that but so what? sekou why did you offended this much?
    he is just defending his player and plus you are not representing the whole media dont forget that. so why dont you try to find out if stan is right or wrong about the fouls that dwight got suffered instead of just teasing with stan van gundy.

    • George says:


    • marshall says:

      Sekou is an employee of the NBA, not a broadcast partner like David Aldridge or Charles Barkley. Sekou is not allowed to comment one way or the other on officiating.

      • Tagausig says:

        stop it guys, Sekou was hurt, coz it’s really hurts when someone saying the truth. Its hard to accept those criticism, right Sekou?

  49. Dan says:

    Boo freakin’ hoo! It’s always the same crap, the media can say anything they want and when someone says something back they act like the little kid that got their toy taken away.

  50. FC says:

    “while also taking shots at those of us forced to listen to him on a regular basis” He’s also forced to have to listen to you during the interviews

  51. M says:

    I agree with Stan Van Gundy.

    Also, the article says he has more important things to do than insulting the media. However, it’s not like he’s making insulting the media his priority while neglecting the playoffs…he just expressed his mind during an interview. So making that point doesn’t take away anything from his focus on the playoffs. And again, I agree with him, but I still think the refs should treat hiim equally, even if he’s bigger than other players. That doesn’t give them the right to foul him hard so much.

  52. Luis Alvarado says:

    ooo swkou dont get mad!!!! you gotta admit howard get more HARD fouls than any other player in the league!

    • Pete says:

      He givesat least as much as he gets…

      Dwight Howard probably commigs more flagrant no-calls then anyoneelse in the NBA…contacntly elbows people to the head when grabbing rebound, grabs people by the shirt, shoves and throws peopel to the floor. He does it contantly, and no one ever actuall calls it, even though it is clear as day that it’s not a play on the ball.

      Dwight is a dirty player who’s probably top 10 in the league in dirty-fouls committed, but then he gets upset when he gets touch-fouled by other players and doesn’t get a flagrant.

      Check out the guys in LA and Boston – Kobe, Pierce, Shaq, Rondo – these guys are constantly getting hammered by oposing players, and how dot hey react if the don’t get the call? They get back up and keep playing.

      • WildSchatz says:

        Kobe does not just get up and continue play after he gets hit, he whines just as much as any superstar. What Lakers’ games are you watching?

      • LMAO says:

        Really? You are going to use LA as an example of good sportmanship in the face of hard fouls?

      • r13s says:

        dont give us that BS, Pierce and Bryant bitch just as much if not even more than howard when they are fouled and there is no call.

      • BHart says:

        Anyone that compares the fouls dwight gets to what paul pierce gets is an idiot. dwight has been HACKED more than 100 times more than any player in the league and none have been flagrants. and through all that he has missed less than 25 games his whole career and most of that was from a stomach flu this year. Pierce and other boston loser ruin the game with stupid little pump fake games that result in ticky tack fouls and to say pierce doesn’t complain is the biggest joke ive ever heard. ive seen him cry more tan anyone in the nba

  53. Gary says:

    I don’t like Howard and think he throws elbows but that’s part of the game in my view. Big men defend the paint and let you know what to expect if you come in it. Plus it’s not like Howard has a list of players he’s injured. He really could be doing more damage if he wanted to.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Most lethal elbows in the league!! He brings up those chicken wings like he’s about to take flight. There’s playing tough and then there’s playing dirty. I wouldnt call Howard a “dirty player”, but he and Stan should be THE LAST people to be complaining about unfair contact. If he doesnt want cheap shots against him, he needs to stop doing it to others. Otherwise, pad up like a linebacker and take the shots. The real (and first) Superman used to get hit so hard, people literally jumped on him and rode him like a bronco to stop him. Poor Shaq… maybe that’s why his leg hurts now. Taking all that abuse all those years. Toughen up Dwight…. and stop swinging those elbows like that!!!

      • gmoney says:

        are you kidding me!? have you seen how badly dwight gets belted in there? its like because he is so big its fine to grab him round the shoulders, smack at his arms and in general just tackle him. and then you get GIRLS like lebron whinge after 1 hard foul saying that anything on or over the shoulder is a flagrant……..well nearly every foul on dwight is a flagrant by “Lebrons” definition.
        the league has gone soft as it is anyway, there is no such thing as a hard foul. its either ticky tack or flagrant. but dwight gets hammered every game! and he does what big men are told to do bring the ball up to ya chest and spread your elbows. and hey if i played teams that ran 6 different big guys at me to take cheap shots i would swing back too!
        and if dwight fouled people like shaq used to he wouldnt play cos he would be tossed out every game, the league wont allow you to play like shaq did hence why dwight gets called for little bump fouls and shaq used to throw people out of the way!

      • Realpost says:

        Alot of coaches teach a post the chicken wing. It’s not illegal it’s only a way to clear your space.It’s not even the point of the elbow, it’s more like the bicep. And I can identify with Dwight, because I’m a post too, and I take alot of abuse and it just goes on. I’m about a head taller than most players and even the other post accasionally, we take alot of crap, so don’t hate.

  54. Manu says:

    Gotta love Stan!

  55. annemaxon says:

    How about a little comic relief in all of this:
    Somebody just sent me this new video with sexy sideline reporter Melanie Collins in the locker room with Danilo Gallinari! Wait– What did he just say to her?? No, it can’t be… This one tops anything Il Gallo has dared to do before! Must-see…


    SVG needs his own talk/radio show.