Hang Time Podcast (Episode 53)

DALLAS — Playoffs?

Did someone say playoffs?

They’ve never been better, as far as we can tell. You’ve seen the Hang Time Grizzlies and the Atlanta Hawks, both on the verge of pulling off first round upsets. The underdogs have been the story of the first round, so far, with lower seeds stretching series and avoiding sweeps at all costs … well, every one but the New York Knicks, of course.

But not everyone has playoff fever. What about those teams watching from the distance? The Detroit Pistons, once a playoff staple in the Eastern Conference, are on the outside looking in. But with new ownership, they’re going to get a fresh start. Pistons beat writer Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News makes his Hang Time Podcast debut on Episode 53 to break down the state of affairs for this one-time Eastern Conference power. It’s the first in our series of Lottery Looks, where we we will study up on different lottery teams during the playoffs.

We also spent some quality time with NBA.com’s college basketball and draft specialists Chris Dortch, editor of the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook. The draft process is heating up and CD sheds some light on the movers and shakers in this year’s draft class, which he grades as an average class, at best. Who is the next Wesley Matthews? Listen to Episode 53 for that and more.


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  1. nomer says:

    play hard HAWKS & MAGIC…coz both of you will not advance in east finals LETS GO BULLS

  2. nathaniel says:

    go magic you cant do it!!.,.,

  3. Not a fan says:

    Go Hawks! Beat the Magic and see you next season biggest whiner!

  4. Magic Fan says:

    Go Magic win in Atlanta and you have homecourt in the 7th game.