First-round Fabs and Flops

The ballots are just about in, and while there are still first-round games to be played, it’s not too early to see who’s bringing it in the playoffs and who left it at home.

A handful of players have risen and taken their games above the regular-season level, while others are crashing and inviting unwanted questions about whether they’re rolling down the other side of the hill. This is the time of year when reputations are born, others are made, and still others start to crumble.

We take a sampling.


Jamal Crawford. Nobody takes more crazy shots than Crawford, and just the same, nobody makes more, either. He’s playing the best ball of his career and the main reason Atlanta is pulling off a surprise.

Ray Allen. Jesus Shuttlesworth destroyed the Knicks from deep, hitting an astonishing 65 percent. Jee-zus.

Chris Bosh. Not the best, only the most consistent of the Big Three in the postseason so far. Bosh has had his way against the Sixers’ big men, but we’ll resist going full slobber until he does this against KG.

Dwight Howard. The league’s leading scorer and rebounder in the playoffs is being wasted by an inferior surrounding cast. Is he starting to look forward to 2012 free agency?

Marc Gasol. I guess he snatched all the “tough guy” pills from the cabinet and kept them away from his brother Pau when they were kids.

Rajon Rondo. After a late-season swoon, he’s finally playing like the point guard who drove the Celtics in last year’s playoffs.

Chris Paul. He’s been the best player on the floor in the Hornets-Lakers series, and no, we didn’t forget about Kobe.

That guy who coaches the Pacers. As interim coach, Frank Vogel spent much of his three months on the job hearing how Mike Brown was the favorite to take over the Pacers next season. Well, right now, the job is Vogel’s to lose. Pacers have represented against the Bulls.


Hedo Turkoglu. Not a missprint: 23-percent shooting through four games with Atlanta. It’s a long way from three years ago, when he was a major factor in Orlando’s reaching the Finals.

Tim Duncan. He. Looks. Old. And it’s painful to watch Duncan being outplayed and outhustled by players who couldn’t carry his bank shot in his prime.

Pau Gasol. How can he look this soft against a Hornets team without a franchise big man? Pau is a better player than this, and for the Lakers’ sake, that player better show up in a hurry.

Derrick Caracter. Push (allegedly) a pregnant woman? What a character.

J.R. Smith. On a team of few if any stars, he was supposed to stand out and take the load from the departed Carmelo Anthony. Instead, the Nuggets are getting 35-percent shooting and plenty of pouts from J.R.

Carlos Boozer. He’s shooting 37 percent and at times outplayed by Tyler Hansbrough. If the Pacers had pulled even with the Bulls, he’d be catching a lot of heat by now.

The Knicks. Still without a playoff win since 2001.

Your turn to add to either list.


  1. Ahmkqbn says:

    Why dont they reseed after tthe 1st round. kinda funky to have a 2play a 3 and 4 play a 5 when the 3 is more deserving of going to the conf finals. In fact they have a harder road than the 4 or the 5 to get there now… weird. its a fraud like Obamas BC… well not as bad as Obama’s BC but u know what im sayin its bad to have that happen to the team that deserves it its just weird… happens every year too seems like…,, Just like anytime you say anything about Obama’s credentils your called a racist.. just one of those things i guess..

  2. gilbert tualla says:

    KOBE………………………. ONLY ONE MVP
    LEBRON…………………… 2 TIMES MVP

  3. _Oracle says:

    If James really like to win he must first give all his millions to the poor. So he can focus on the game.If he really don’t know how to, just look at the big four of the Celtics. …If he can’t give his millions, he can beg to the Celtics to let him win. It’s better than chocking in crunch time. Miami can’t beat the Celtics. The Celtics are more focus, and their anger will fuel them to the finals.They want their revenge to my Laker team and they will get it. ..Lakers and Celtics are destined to meet again. A proper ending to the Hollywood trilogy. …

    NBA Finals: Lakers vs. Celtics (AGAIN), Once again it will reach game 7. Who will win in the series???…can’t see beyond game 6. … but i thought i see a big parade at downtown LA.. ^_^

  4. rhainner says:

    1.Dirk Nowitzki- I was impressed that his stats are improving that the reg. season.
    2. Tyson Chandler- He had the record in mavericks rebounds in the playoffs
    3.Kobe Bryant- Despite with injury he still leads the team to win the series against the hornets.
    4.Jamal Crawford- He hit a difficult shot to force the game to a 2 possession game.
    5.Zach Randolph and the Grizzlies- they notch their 1st playoff win against the best team in the west and they became the 4th team to defeat the 1st seed led by zach randolph

  5. Jason says:

    Frank Vogel for Coach of the Year! 😛

  6. Symokoto says:

    OKC to win it all.

  7. DOUG COLLINS coach of the year i mean i know the bulls coach is going to get it just because of D rose but come one Doug did it with out a superstar and an inconsistent iggy Philly has a bright future if they can get a star until then well fight for the 7th seed every year

    • Memphis 23 Equals Chi-town #1 says:

      Hey man, I LOVE Doug Collins he was our man before Phil but fill won the titles so Doug kinda faded in his limelight. Now it looks like another Bulls coach will edge him out again. I still like him and you do have a point that he as done a great job. But at the same time we went from 41-41 last year to 62-20 this year, took the best record in the NBA and edge out Boston and an arrogant Miami team for Eastern Conference bragging rights. Not to slight Doug but you gotta respect ole Tom as well. After all, Miami has a big 3 and Boston a big 4, Chicago ONLY has Rose. Agree?

  8. Lee says:

    props for memphis for taking it to the spurs and shame on dwight’s crew (except maybe for jj)

  9. Spark says:

    Even though I’m a very big Spurs fan, I’m pretty much disappointed about how their first round series has gone. If ever Memphis wins it all on Friday, San Antonio will be the only top seeded (the top-seeded at that) in the west not to advance to the semis.
    Orlando was also a big disappointment. So much for their defensive player Howard, I guess.
    While it’s too early to say, I’m predicting an OKC-LA showdown in the west, and a Chicago-Boston in the East. Kind of fits though–younger teams vs. veteran teams.

  10. Frankie J. says:

    My First-round Fabs

    Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol – probably the best 4-5 combo in the NBA today
    Mike Conley – clearly outplaying Tony Parker
    Kevin Durant – it’s obvious as always
    Serge Ibaka – I-Blocka! with an improve offense
    Dirk Nowitzki – clearly the best player of the series
    Andrew Bynum – he’s showing that he’s a very dependable player for LA
    Chris Paul – just amazing game
    Derrick Rose – the only player carrying the Bulls in the playoffs so far
    Coach Frank Vogel – did an excellent job getting his young Pacers compete against Bulls
    Dwight Howard – the only player playing well for ORL
    Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford – Hawks are winning (and surprising) because of their play
    Boston’s Fantastic 4 – late season flop, but was able to flip the switch in time
    Chris Bosh – the most consistent among Miami’s Big 3
    Joel Anthony – the no-stats MVP of the playoffs, and got some “M-V-P” chants recently
    Coach Doug Collins – the great job he did all season

    My First-round Flops:
    San Antonio Spurs – Too old? I think so
    Pau Gasol – Soft
    Russell Westbrook – Taking a lot of bad shots during the series
    J.R. Smith – he pouted a lot
    LaMarcus Aldridge – non-existent
    Carlos Boozer – got outplayed by a younger and smaller player in Tyler Hansbrough
    Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson – the players that supposed to help Dwight to make a run? Don’t work well for the Magic
    Mike Bibby, Zydrunas Ilgauskas – Miami better not start with them, as they always fall behind double digits when they are in the lineup
    Boston Celtics bench – aside from Game 4, clearly non-existent
    New York Knicks – disappointing execution of plays

    • Memphis 23 Equals Chi-town #1 says:

      Well, Frankie, I agree with your DRose Fab pick. And even as a hard core Bulls fan, I sadly have to agree with your Boozer Flop pick too. But I am really liking Luol right now and even it is was just one game, Noah came to play in game 5. HOPEFULLY Carlos will come to play against Atlanta! to be continued…

  11. Hammertime says:

    San Antonio has a few other guys to nominate as Flops. Yes, Memphis is playing well above their heads. However, Matt Bonner and Richard Jefferson are contributing to the Spurs demise. Bonner was a great 3 point shooter for most of the regular season. He also led the league with 46% accuracy. The last month or so his 3 pt game has struggled. He also is a defenisve liability. I am surprised that Pop is still using him. This “spreading the floor” theory seems to not be working. Blair has disappeared as well, but at least he gets rebounds and plays D. Richard Jefferson should be more of an impact in this series with scoring and also his athletic ability. His game is so up and down it is not even funny. No way that Sam Young should even come close to outplaying Jefferson.

  12. peter ralph says:

    The entire first round is a flop. Will there be a single 7 game series? What a contrast with the NHL. Several brilliant series. In 3 different series game 7 went into overtime. NBA should skip the first round or make it 5 games again. Clearly most lower seeds should not be in the playoffs.

  13. Lakers-CHIP says:

    The truth is this has been a hell of a playoffs and we aint even done with the first round yet.

    I love how everybody is hating on the Lakers because thats the team they are most affraid of. The past two years its been teh same story how the Lakers can’t win it this year and how Gasol plays soft and how we can’t win without Bynum. Gasol has had his way with every PF in the league and we prove that we can win without Bynum.

    Now when it comes to Kobe he will be the best player in the NBA until he retires, so as long as he has a Lakers jersey on the Lakers have the best chance of winning the whole thing.

    The Heat play one on one basketball and they will never win like that and the Bulls are too young and don’t know what to do with out Rose. The Celtics are the best team in the East and Rondo is the glue that holds that team together.

    Finals Lakers vs. Celtics (AGAIN), Lakers win in 7.

    • Hammertime says:

      The Lakers don’t scare anyone. They are lucky they drew the worst playoff team in the West. A team that is missing their second best player (David West) and has no size. The Lakers would have had a tough time against either the Blazers or Grizzlies. Dallas and especially OKC will have a great chance to beat the Lakers as they have better size then the Hornets. OKC is also younger and a lot more athletic then the Lakers. OKC beat a very good team in Denver in 5 games.

      Funny how you Laker fans want to see Boston again. Could it be that it would give you home court advantage again? The last 2 years the Lakers have been lucky to have had the home court advantage in the Finals as the teams with better records in the East then the Lakers got knocked out.. This year it won’t be the case. The Bulls or Heat will get there and handle the Lakers in 6, just like Boston did 3 years ago. That is of course if the Lakers somehow get there.

    • Usuck says:

      LAKERS?? not a chance!

  14. Ice Pogi says:

    who will deliver you to the finals???? pieRCE??? What can he do???? ahhhh i know…. 0% at the field goal and a stinking 1 point on a 50% free throw line… Vs. Miami…. I still remember it though… Good news for u!!! Haslem’s gonna play to the next round…. He’s no scorer nor a good defender…. But He has a heart… To Go With the flow…. If the celtics plays dirty again… (J O’neal,pieRCE) Expect Haslem to Join the Party…. As for Haslem …. It’s nothing to lose….. It doesn’t matter If he’s thrown out….But he will not be alone…. He’ll bring someone in Boston with him… What If Ray Allen is taken out of the series????? uhm DONE???? Good luck pieRCE fan…

    • brooks2112 says:

      dawg…i rarely git on here and say outlandish things but i read this and come up wit this question: are you dumb? yea ok paul pierce had a pretty bad game ONCE…but if u wanna talk about ppl who got taken out of game…den look at ur man d-wade…he AVERAGED like 13 points a game vs da celtics dis yr n shot less den 30% for da season against da celtics…ray allen and rondo been the ones torchin miami all yr. kg will lock down bosh cuz we all know hes da eastern confrences version of pau gasol aka a softy and kg came in 2nd for defensive player of the yr voting behind d12. miamis bench has no one…mike miller…non factor….mike bibby…super non factor…juwan howard? joel anthony? ilgauskus? mario chalmers had like 4 good games all season…james jones doesnt play defense n is only good for threes…and da same wit eddie house…celtics have the better bench wit delonte west…big baby…jeff green….kristic…and den we got even MORE reserves if need be…murphy etc….the celtics are deep and will win not even based on offense but defense buddy..all im sayin is stop actin like da celtics aint gon put in work…my guys didnt even lose 3 straight at all this yr….idk hear nething about paul pierce… dude went toe to toe wit lebron in da playoffs…i dnt wanna hear nothin….

  15. Conor O'Brien says:

    I like Eljes comment about Deng, always been a big fan of his and I think Bela is pretty spot on too. I’m a Kobe fan but he has been playing pretty poorly these playoffs, I hope he bounces back and starts to play like the real mamba. I think the Celtics will win it all, but East is going to be interesting, we’lll really get to see just how good Derrick Rose really is, and in the West I think that the Thunder are a lock, Westbrook will start taking better shots, KD has just been a beast and Perkins and Ibaka will look after any length that the Lakers throw at them.

  16. BOSTON says:

    boston winning this, it doesnt take 3 to win a ring lol, good luck miami fans u all know it doesnt take 2 guys to win the whole thing. bosh wont be a big factor in the next round and for lakers they just suckk, cant even put away the smaller hornets team who happen to not have david west on their team lool. sadd

  17. Bela says:

    can we get some love for anthony carter? with everyone getting punked on the knicks he kept game 4 at least interesting, and he’s 3rd in the pg rotation

    also what about trevor ariza? he is one of the main reasons why they’ve won two games in that series locking up kobe on d and putting up great numbers on offense.

    Thadeous Young also has played great for the sixers.

    and as far as flopulous, you have to put kobe at the top of the list i don’t care about his dunks last night he’s been playing like a bum

  18. Ejie says:


    Luol Deng. Underrated all-around player. Underrated but very much appreciated.


    Gilbert Arenas. His play is indirectly proportional to his paycheck.

    • Memphis 23 Equals Chi-town #1 says:

      Ejie my man I am wit’cha! DRose is the MVP but right now Luol is his Pippen. I can’t wait to see them in the Finals and then hear what silly mess these Beantown and South Beach knuckleheads will have to say (seeing that thier teams will be watching from home….)

  19. 24 !! says:

    WEST ITs ALL ABOUT LAKERS If spurs are out in round 1

    • OKCKD35 says:

      I want OKc to see the Lakers in the conference finals, This gives time for Kobe’s “hollywood ankle sprain” to “heal” and there will be no excuses when they lose to the young thunder team. Gave the lakers all they wanted last year and are much better and bigger this year! Thunder Up!

  20. DBBJ-MIA says:

    These bunch of Lakers fan talking BS ’bout miami cant close out games or series ’cause they lost a close game to philly, the lakers lost 2 to the hornets (without d-west) now thats a SHAME, so dont look at miami, look at your lakers that dont look too good.
    Y’all really think that because chicago and boston won the regular season series over miami, they can do it in the playoffs? you must be outta your mind, LOOK AT THE SPURS RIGHT NOW, (regular season aint got nothing to do with playoffs). PLUS chicago had to fight HARD to beat the No. 8 seed indiana, do you really think they can beat miami?? AND Boston only swept NYC because billups went down and Amar’e wasnt 100%, because if billups and amar’e were 100% on game 1 and 2 that series woulda been even right now.

    • HEATSUCK says:

      @dbbj-MIA Yes I really know the Bulls or Boston can beat them in a series. Now ask yourself can Miami beat Boston in a series, 3-1 vs Miami Chicago 3-0 vs Miami then the heat cried after the bulls beat them that last game. How is Miami so dominant and they lost to Philly in game 4 and was on the verge of losing if Iggy didn’t miss that shot. Miami is a joke and Boston won 2 close games in Boston then they really killed NY at MSG. Boston will win 4-1 then if they play Chicago it’ll be a close series. Let’s not forget the bulls beat LA twice that’s not saying anything but Chicago has a better chance than Miami. You say Chicago struggled with a 8th seed but didn’t cryami struggle with a 7th seed? Game 1 & 3 were close games. Game 4 was a L for Miami. Game 5 was another close game so the heat barely beat Philly. The Heat Suck and the band wagon fans suck even more!!!!

      • DBBJ-MIA says:

        lol So let me ask you this: Miami won the regular season series agaisnt the Lakers 2-0, does that means that if both reach to the finals, Miami would win the lakers just ’cause they won the series in regular season???

      • You're a big joke says:

        You know what dum dum ! Just shut the up ! You’re obviously a pathetic Chicago fan with no brain but you’d better get it because your Chicago bulls isn’t going anywhere. It’s not like they’re really getting tested anyway.You need to wait till they play in the 3rd round because that’s basically where it’s going to end for them if they don’t up against those coming up garbage teams.
        Talking about why the Sixers won a game ! So what ?
        If you were actually watching the game, you could clearly saw that the Sixers were the one playing with a sense of urgency and the Heat only relied upon the fact that they were the better team so for you to even argue their competitive nature only demonstrates your poverty of mind ! You clearly did not see the Lakers vs Heat season games and not to mention you know nothing about basket ball.
        They’ve shown that they can play much better and you’d better watch the Heat vs Celtics series because only then you ll finally shut the up and maybe you ll get it.

    • Usuck says:

      BOSTONSUCKS.. the end is coming for the old

  21. BostonTodd says:

    Boston all the way baby. only team in the playoffs with three legit 7footers (4 if we ever see shaq, and i think we will). only team with more firepower than miami and not to mention they have the most playoff experience out of the east with their current squad. face the facts guys it might be bostons last chance for awhile and you know they arent going down like the spurs

  22. Jack Schmidt says:

    Most Impressive:

    1) Jamal Crawford
    2) Rajon Rondo
    3) Chris Paul

    Most woeful:

    1) Tim Duncan – all the belief that he had been rested and reserved for the post-season seems to have dissipated.
    2) Turko— who?
    3) The Knicks – not even a game to their name? And most importantly they showed how these superstar ensembles are always an injury away from mediocrity.

  23. HAHA says:

    lakers all the way

  24. mpk1988 says:

    the biggest flop = hedo turkgolu

  25. D.B. says:

    Kevin Durant has been a beast on offense as usual, 30.3 ppg and 52% from three. I just don’t know how he lets his point guard take more shots than him..

    • OKCKD35 says:

      lol because the point guard always has the ball, itsn ot the KD is letting him, i am an OKC fan and i am worried after the last game that Westbrook wants to be the star, i hope he realizes he can be a star “with” Durant. If you saw KD in the huddle on the sideline he was laying into Westbrook pretty hard

    • nada says:

      I saw all OKC games during the season and that’s how Westbrook is, very selfish player who always try to be the heroic of the game. Everytime he try to take over the game, OKC loose…

  26. Chris Morgan says:

    There is no way philly can beat miami. First of all, they can’t shoot. Second of all they look scared and unorganized just like the pacers and the hornets. Listen, most of these GARBAGE teams play off emotion and as soon as reality sets in, they start to fold. “Join the ranks philly, you’re next.” “But don’t worry, help is on the way!” Someone is coming to put all IMMORTALS to the test. You’ll know them by their color, it’s, it’s, it’s GRREEENN! (iiiiiiiii, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!)

    “GREEN is like King Leonidas and the 300. GREEN will put all immortals to the test.”


    Celtics baby,
    Jus go GREEN!

    Who’s next?

  27. shut up haters who cares we’ve got our man stern and we’re not afraid to use him

  28. Fastbreak says:

    Spurs got to be the biggest flop considering the hype about their season. For all that was said about Miami, Spurs were the golden boys of the regular season, with everyone talking about the Spurs revival and how deep and talented they are and such. Looks like another quick exit…

    • Jake says:

      “the Spurs were the golden boys of the regular season.”

      You’re kidding right. If virtually any other team had won as many games as the Spurs did during the regular season they would have received twice the press.

  29. Symokoto says:

    oh, and as a round-up: the cast of Grizzlies for fabulous, the cast of Magic (excluding howard) for flopulous.

  30. Symokoto says:

    Ibaka and Roy for fabulous play. roy has been hit-and-miss, obviously, but i think his play during game 4 alone elevates him. so far i’ve been disappointed with LaMarcus Aldridge and Gerlad Wallace’s play.

  31. 3:16 says:

    Zach Randolph and Mark Gasol
    Chris Paul
    Brandon Roy
    Kevin Durant
    Derrick Rose
    Danny Granger
    Miami’s BIG3
    Boston’s BIG4
    Atlanta’s Joe, Al and Jamal
    Carmelo Anthony
    Dwight Howard

    San Antonio Spurs
    Pau Gasol
    Dallas Execution
    Gerard Wallace
    JR Smith
    Wilson Chandler
    Kendrick Perkins
    Carlos Boozer
    Amare Stoudemire and Chauncey Billups
    ALL teammates of Dwight Howard

  32. NoRemorse says:

    Come’on Duncan, you can do better than what you’re doing. The Spurs need to regroup, I hope they push this to Game 7 ^_^ GO SPURS GO!

  33. da bulls says:

    it would help if boozer would step up more, but chicago proved today that they can play without him.

    • Law064 says:

      @ Da Bulls man I live in Chicago and I was pissed they even got Boozer, now people see what I was saying about Boozer he’s a loser straight up softee. If Boozer continue to be a non factor everyone else will have to step up and help Rose.

  34. 787 says:

    top 3 fabs:

    Chris Paul (All those stats held in the reg season are bursting out)

    Zach Randolph (wow. no rudy, a crappy mayo, gj man. you gasol conly and allen. makin the spurs look like the 8th.)

    All the Celtics (faded late in the season, but came up big here and has serious momentum, and rest time)

    top 3 flops:

    The San Antonio Spurs, (losing to a team without its best player, while being the 1st seed. 07 dallas?)

    The Los Angeles Lakers, (kobe was having a bad game anyways, so even if he wasnt hurt, they would have lost)

    Carmelo and Stoudamire (yeah, new york was a great idea. hope for paul later on? nah, cp isnt like that.)

    Basically they all come from the same 3 series.

    • Jake says:

      Carmelo did have 42 and 17 in a game against the Celtics, and Gasol has hurt the Spurs more than Randolph. Plus, you can’t bash Stoudemire for not playing well with back spasms. I’ve tried to play ball with them before…it sucks.

  35. Treece says:

    If I’m not mistaken the Celtics play the Heat next.The Celtics are old and should just throw the towel in now.Although the Heat are still trying to gel as a team their athleticism surely overpowers the Celtics excluding Rajon Rondo.Personally I cant wait until they go head -to -head…

  36. Rez says:

    I think Dwight Howard should team up with Chris Paul in NO. Landry provides the spacing with his mid-range jumper, Ariza is ok at 3, and perhaps a slightly better, more versatile SG. Someone who can slash and pull up from long range. That’ll make the Hornets legit. On paper, their lineup right now isn’t much intimidating. I hope they beat the Lakers but I have to be real, they lack a more imposing big man. Okafor won’t cut it.

    • FFT says:

      OR Chris Paul to the Magic. That’ll be awesome

      • In Rose we trust says:

        the thing is the NBA will have a lockout like the NFL, but the NBA will be in an even worst state. More than likely there will be a hard cap. Guess what the lakers would be about 30 mil over it. The Majic would too. Boston would too. Thats why Miami took less money to play together. They played it smart. The Knick didn’t structure Stat well or Melo because they didn’t take less money to play together. they’ll be able to get role players though (the Knicks that is). Teams past this year Miami, Knicks, Chicago, OKC, Hornets (if they get Howard), and other teams who spent there money wisely. Sorry Laker, Celtic, and Majic fans your teams are done after this year there going to have to cut players to get under the cap. Kind of like what the Blackhawks (hockey) had to do this year. 😦

  37. Kobe Brick'Em Bryant says:

    LA will be a flop if they lose another game.

    • Hector says:

      I hope they lose the series kobe is just a drama queen if u have a messed up ankle theres no way u can play that good or especially dunk on people like that….



    • Barca says:

      the same miami that dropped a game to philly?

      • BrY says:

        yeah and the lakers that lost twice to the hornets without David West. ouch

      • Law064 says:

        Yes that Miami team that can’t finish games or a series. LMAO the heat are 1-6 vs Boston & Chicago this season. They better not let this series go to 6 games because if it does I feel that the longer the series the better chance Philly has. To be real I think and thought the heat would sweep the series but Lechoke proved again that he’s no closer just a choker. Boston 4-2 over cryami

      • msingyheat says:

        idiot dnt talk down on philly like theyre not a good team! theyve been beating the best teams in the nba throughout the season! since their rough start they went 38-28! they are a great up and coming team and you?! well youre a fool!

    • LA 3peat. says:

      the same miami that cried their eyes out during the season? the big two and a half who took the easy way out? the same team that can’t perform in the clutch? lebron who has 8 shoes but no rings? the ringless “king”?

      my man kobe has 6 shoes. and count them, 6 rings soon. miami sucks. lebron may dominate in the regular season, but he chokes when it counts most. the playoffs number 1 seed l\the last two years, not even making the finals. win a ring first AND THEN you can talk about being better than kobe and being a superstar. sorry heat fans. your team sucks.

      • Law064 says:

        I agree LA 3peat. they really need to give Wade the ball he’s a better closer than Lechoke. I’m not a Laker fan at all but for people to say Lebron is better than Kobe is crazy. How can he be better when he has no heart??

      • Gary says:

        Kobe missed the last couple three’s in game four that would have meant the win…choked. JK, a star player misses and people go crazy if they don’t like them. Also why do you guys keep talking about rings when comparing players?. Rings measure a team not individual. Robert Hoory must be better than Kobe then since he has more rings right? That’s what your basically saying. Lebron has two MVP’s, with possibility of more. Kobe has one and is done.

    • Hector says:

      Yeaaaaa i dont think heat are going to win it this year maybe in a year o two but there not going to keep the title for ten years sorry..

  39. micheal says:

    How can leave out portland Roy ..okay he only got to play two games ..But the”game” maybe one top playoff halfs performances ever ..amazing game ..
    CP3 stands alone him aganist Lakers and hes ahead .
    After win first game in Staples who says cant happen again ,,

  40. OKCKD35 says:

    what about my boy Serge Ibaka, 3 double doubles in a row with the shot blocking to add, this guy is becoming a beast before my very eyes, its scary to think he has only been playing organized ball a few years, Solid defender, great mid-range game, becoming a good rebounder and a feared shot blocker, Nene is scared to take it in the lane this entire series because Serge has been having a block party!! Give my boy some love! For most of the series he has shut down K-mart. Last night he would have had 8 blocks (3 were taken away by fouls on other defenders)

  41. fan says:

    I think Jermaine O’Neal deserves some props. He may not (yet) be worthy of a fabulous ranking but his defense has been very consistent for the celts and i read that he’s worked with a trainer to lose weight and get in the best shape possible, in order to play better and not stress his joints/knee. I read he has more blocks per game than most of the celts combined. His defense has been awesome and he’s played with a toughness that has really helped the C’s defend the pain. Plus his offense combined w his defense in game one won the game for the celtics, as doc put it. I’m so glad he’s playing well and dont think boston could do it without either of the o’neals. at this point i don’t even know if shaq will factor into the playoffs but i’m glad jermaine is looking good and playing solid D. plus he can score in a number of situations.