Could Splitter be Spurs’ curve ball?

SAN ANTONIO — Before Game 2 of the Spurs-Grizzlies series, a reporter asked San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich if rookie Tiago Splitter could get some playing time.

“Yeah,” cracked Popovich. “You could get some playing time, too.”

Maybe the members of the media should arrive for Game 5 on Wednesday with their ankles taped and their high-tops laced up.

With Antonio McDyess saddled with three personal fouls, Popovich went with Splitter at center to start the third quarter of Game 4 and he produced one of the few bright spots of the second half for the Spurs, getting 10 points and nine rebounds.

“I thought he was wonderful,” Popovich said. “I thought he did some good things out there.

“Antonio had three fouls and you need him at the end of the game to guard Zach (Randolph). We didn’t want to start Antonio for that reason.”

The 26-year-old Brazilian had seen mostly spot duty in 60 games during the regular season after he missed almost all of training camp and the preseason with a strained right plantaris muscle and never seemed to find his rhythm or a place in the rotation. But he’s excelled in the Euroleague and played in major international competitions with the Brazilian national team.

San Antonio fans had been clamoring for Splitter to get onto the floor ever since the Grizzlies’ big-man combination of Randolph and Marc Gasol had pushed the Spurs around in the series opener.

“As the series goes on, teams start making adjustments,” said Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins. “And sure enough, he comes out and is playing. I talked about him before what his game was and he played pretty decent for them. They decided to go with him and go bigger than (DeJuan) Blair.”

Trailing 3-1 in the series, the Spurs are desperate and Popovich is likely to try anything. So since Splitter wasn’t afraid to mix it up inside with the Grizzlies, maybe he’s a lifeline on the road back.

At this point, what could it hurt?


  1. suny says:

    Pop put Splitter in too late. Splitter should have started along side Duncan in game 2 & 3. I still believe the Spurs has what it takes to come back and beat the Grizzlies in 7 but they’ll probably run out of gas for round 2 and lose badly like last year.

  2. silver says:

    RJ is the biggest mistake in the spurs rotation,pop should have given more time with Hill and parker with bonner,splitter and duncan manning the lane…they’ve allowed the grizzlies to bully them out til’ game 4…Spurs are not undersized,pop just didnt had the confidence with the other bigs…next season trade RJ with fresher legs of his position…Such a bum…

  3. MK says:

    Pop screwed this one up. His is a good coach but not really an elite. He won championships before because he had a good team and not because of his coaching skills. This series is a good example. Pop is too stuborn and arrogant to listen to advice of people and try means that he is not comfortable with. What a waste. The spurs could have made it all the way to the finals if not because of poor coaching

  4. PaulC says:

    I think Thiago have a great future and he deserve a chance he already show he can play with pressure and show he can play very well. For me he have a chance of be a all-star someday. I believe popovich will trust in Splitter and he will correspond and the Spurs are going to win in game 7 with Thiago’s 30 points and 20 rebounds

  5. spursfan says:

    I think Popovich should enter with Thiago, last year he was the best player in the spanish league, he play very well, if popovich don’t enter with thiago is because he wants to lose

  6. JKey says:

    This is why I’m enjoying the Western Conference finals than the East. Much more interesting and challenging for every team. As for the Spurs, they looked the goods all year, but I agree with those who mentioned the lack of bench play. Give the kid a go and see how the game progresses. This is potentially the last game they are playing this season so have a crack.


    It’s not because I’m brazilian, but this had been a big mistake of Popovich and the Spurs organization for the whole season: underestimate what Tiago can do. Don’t do that.

  8. John says:

    If I remember correctly, there’s a guy named Rudy Gay on the injurylist. Imagine him being well and kickin in Grizzlies roster right now. Just can’t understand how a team can collapse like Spurs have. I mean to gain no.1 seed in the regular season in western confrence and lose (most likely) to a team that barely saw post-season action at all. Not to disrespect Memphis, I love their commitment and willingness to win. Young hungry team. Go Grizzlies!

    I’m even naive enough to think that Memphis would have a decent shot at KD’s Thunder’s in the next round. Something like 4-2 or 4-3 for Thunder.

  9. Pep says:

    Splitter is an ACB MVP. Spurs, a team without good post players don’t use him. Spurs coach demonstrate Einstein’s theory “there are only two things that are infinite, Universe and…” I agree with petros, Splitter was considered a better player than Marc Gasol in Spain. Thiago is a different player, not as center as Marc Gasol and less talented if we compare him with Pau Gasol. It could be a good powerful forward for the NBA. No doubt about it. I think that with a chance it could be as good as anyone in his position. And if i was the coach i’ve gived him more minutes, especially with Duncan at that level.

  10. petros says:

    In their (european basketball) careers before going to the NBA, I don’t think that Marc (Gasol) was considered a better player than Tiago. It was probably the other way round. As much as Marc has improved his game since going to the NBA I don’t think it makes much sense that he is such an important factor in this series while Tiago only gets to play a few minutes every now and then.

  11. Tenki says:

    The way I see it, this is just one case of a trend that usually happens in the NBA: international players with great careers overseas, but they seemingly struggle on the court in the NBA because of the lack of playing time (i.e. Petrovic, Fernandez). I can’t understand their teams acquiring them and not give them the chance to do what they have been doing prior to their NBA stint Look at the Washington’s Yi, who enjoyed relative success in the NBA, although we know that Yao is the main man in the Chinese team. His playing time is way above Splitter’s, considering the fact that Splitter is the best big man in Euroleague. Yi isn’t even the best in Asia (no offense to Yi, just nod in agreement), so where’s the logic?

    San Antonio has produced the finest international players the league has ver seen (Parker, Ginobili) so I have to give them credit for doing a great job scouting such players. However, a player as good as Splitter cannot contribute sitting on the bench, unless he is the head coach as well. My opinion for the Spurs is to give Splitter a decent chance on the court this series. This might be the last title run for Duncan, so they have to fix their bayonets because they are down to their last ammo. Their war isn’t over yet, but things won’t get prettier at this stage. This coming from a Heat fan.

  12. Lakers beasting out says:

    every year i read this crap about okc, houston, blazers, mavs spurs will win then lakers end up 2 rings… kobe is holing back his legs crusing threw new orleans… lakers play to competition we would have easily beat memphis becuz memphis big wont score on us as they are killing spurs bigs

  13. coyotepretty says:

    The only two major things i have questioned this year was not giving more playing time to splitter earlier on because hes not going to come out be some sort of savior at this point. The other problem i had was changing rotations later in the season with Blair coming off the bench…its almost like ever since that happened they looked different. Blair has never looked the same since February. If its not broke don’t fix it.

  14. Lucas says:

    I think is too late. As told, Splitter should be playing from the start of the season and also the series. It’s a pity…let’s see what happen next.

  15. Alvaro says:

    I am spanish and I have seen splitter play here and in Europe.
    He the best center in all Europe. he can be a 20 points , 10 rebounds center if he gets more minutes.

  16. BoNeZz says:

    Go Grizzliez.. Now i see why garnett got brought up to the convo.. but still he doesnt suck {Spursthebest!!} its like saying that lebron sucks because he doesnt have a ring.. when people argue about how many rings players have its a pointless convo but u can argue about who was more valuable to the team when they won the ring. This is just my opinion.

  17. Demer says:

    Splitter is the answer, with him spurs could dream with another ring

  18. BoNeZz says:

    Lol Garnet sucks?? You clearly havent been around that much to see garnett in the Wolves, which he led to 8 consecutive playoffs appearances.. And Rings dont determine how good of a player you are, to get a ring u need team effort, and why is garnett being brought up in a spurs argument.

  19. VOICE OF REASON says:

    i get what all of you guys are saying, but seriously….Splitter? He’s not the kind of player that can change the balance of this series. He’s a fine player and everything, but you’re all completely over-estimating this guy’s ability right now….don’t forget that the Grizz have a good coach in Hollins who also knows how to make adjustments too…it’s gunna take more than giving more minutes to Splitter for the Spurs to win this series…i’m not saying it’s impossible for the Spurs to come back (i actually think they will), i’m just saying they’ll need to make more adjustments

  20. KobeALLdaWAY says:

    Spurs have no chance at all. People thought that they are going to be impressive in the playoffs and will prob be the western champions. Hell no, thats not happening anymore.

  21. Paul J says:

    The Spur can only hope for is to stop the bleeding at the post. Tiago is tall with long arms and could be effective against Gasol/Randoph, better than the short Blair. At least a better chance at the middle. The same reason as to why Lakers is dominating the board because of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

  22. BlackMamba24 says:

    Its about time Grizzlies gets some recognizition. Grizzlies will beat the Spurs and OKC next and advance to the West finals to face Lakers.


    • SomaTheBlueMoon says:

      That’s right! Look at OKC’s full roster, does not compare to the Grizz, in my opinion. Grizz beat OKC I know twice during reg season, even though no KP, once in OKC. Grizz will definately give OKC a big run for their money. Awesome to finally see Lionell do something with this team! And no Rudy!

  23. David says:

    If you think Splitter will get Spurs over Memphis, consider this, he played in game 4 and guess what? Spurs lost by 20 points. Bottom line, Spurs just look old and slow and out of gas.

  24. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    I don’t feel sorry for the spurs at all they won before they were trying to be competitive to a team that is hungry even more hungry than them. Grizzlies never won a playoff game before let alone up 3 to 1 in a series it is not pop’s fault that is the same team that one 62 games. and it is amazing how far that carries you huh? Now think about it do those games really matter or winning 16 games in the playoffs matter? I’ll wait …take your time it’s hard to swallow.
    Hornets got swept but yet they are still in it against the team that made them look inferior in the regular season…amazing no…playoff basketball.
    Pacers only won one game in the regular season and they made themselves look just about even keel with The Beloved BUlls… amazing…no playoff intensity they simply couldnt handle the pressure (inexperience)
    Celtics won the last two easily knicks team besides billups amare and melloooooooooo are just as good as sacramento but i think sacramento has an edge on them. Playoff basketball the first two games were horrible for the celtics and they got helped from the refs the second one when they called offensive foull on melo when knicks were up one mellooooooooooooooo
    Next orlando atlanta omg Playoffs
    People we are dealing with guys who play this sport for a living and have their pride on the line as much as the other guy. If i would want to be the talk of the town i would come in 8th place and upset the number one seed oops i think its being done lol ridiculous

    • Diddy says:

      Reality is that this was a bad match up for the Spurs from the outset. Even without their best player, the youth and athleticism of the Grizzlies is unquestionably superior to San Antonio and this is where they are in trouble. Mike Conley Jr. has been fantastic. Marc Gasol is proving that the trade that most people thought was a heist back in 2008( or 2007 whatever) for his older brother was not so one-sided after all. Popovic might be getting bit by karma when he lashed out at the Grizzlies saying that they handed the Lakers Pau for essentially nothing. Doesn’t look so anymore does it Coach Pop? Zach Randolph is finally getting the recognition that he deserves after years of being labelled a problem everywhere he went. Shane Battier has brought them a great veteran presence and Tony Allen has given them attitude. My hat is off to Chris Wallace for a wonderful job with this team. I don’t feel bad for the Spurs one bit.

  25. Federico says:

    I said this before, somewhere else: Splitter would be a good help for the Spurs. I’m Italian, but I know pretty well that, back in Spain, Gasol and Splitter played against each other many times, and usually Splitter didn’t lose the matchup. Scouts always thought that Splitter was the good one, the guy with more potential, since Gasol had better hands, great strength, but he wasn’t fast or athletic. I think that Gasol could suffer Splitter pretty much. He could also give him some foul trouble. I’m really surprised that a team with such a huge scouting tradition in Europe as Spurs had to wait the fourth game in order to try this solution: this could be a game changer. Split the Gasol-Randolph couple, and all of a sudden Grizzlies are not s
    that much dangerous, expecially without Gay,,,

  26. TeamDuncan-Spurs says:

    believed!!!! not because of pride of being number 01 seed.. but because of the chance for the last push to take the fifth ring with Duncan era.. when this series over, I believed – redemption will happened.. all SPURS FANS – We will Win..

  27. MG20 says:

    Duncan should definitely retire. It’s hard to watch the way he’s been playing this season. Too slow, too cumbersome… he can’t back anyone down anymore, can’t free himself for a decent shot…. With no disprespect, he just can’t play basketball anymore…

  28. brigitte says:

    R.I.P. Spurs.

  29. NIM says:

    Hey it’s funny, you really are. As well as a complete ignorant. You don’t have to like Manu, but what you can’t do is to ignore the fact that he’s one of the most successful basketball players in history. Coming from a small country he’d won EVERYTHING possible, in Europe, the NBA and carried his national team to unprecedented victories including an Olympic gold medal, all based primarily on his IMMENSE will to win. If one had to pick just 1 thing from his game that would be his HEART and DETERMINATION.

    • SomaTheBlueMoon says:

      I’ve got to agree! I live in Memphis and am a Grizz fan but Manu (when healthy) is one of the best players who have played this game. To be (I think) the only player to win Euro Championship, NBA Championship, and Olympic Gold is “just amazing”. He is usually a down ‘n’ dirty defensive player with the offensive skills to impress, definately one of my all-time favorite players, though I hope he continues to struggle this series. GO GRIZZ!!!!!

  30. smoothd says:

    Tim Duncan and Splitter is Good. AT times, Tim Duncan is a step or two slow on Defense. Defense does win games doesn’t it.?

  31. Diego says:

    Starting 5
    Splitter at Center, Duncan at PF, Jefferson at SF, Neal at SG, Parker at PG.

    When Duncan comes out, McDyess checks in. Splitter stays… When Splitter rests, Duncan checks in. Bonner/Blair can sub for McDyess. Ginobili must play heavy minutes with Splitter. I believe they will make a good combination since Splitter is an excellent Pick and Roll player. Parker and Hill mixed well together in the backcourt. Splitter is also an excellent defender averaging 2-3 fouls per game in the Spanish League allowing opponents to score below 40% from the field, outside and inside the paint. He is an agile defender he will mix well with Duncan in the interior. Jefferson should deliver. I haven’t seen him moving well without the ball lately i know he’s good at it. Parker must rotate well not forcing contested shots. Ginobili can’t carried the load for the Spurs alone everyone must contribute. Little means could turn tides.

  32. Popovich is the Culprit says:

    Coach Popovich is arrogant, it is a coach that does not respect players.

    He did not respect players like “Defensive Demon” Bruce Bowen who eliminated LBJ in the finals against the Cavaliers. He did not respect “Big Shoot” Horry who was the difference maker in a key playoff game against the Suns. He is not respecting Richard Jefferson; Popovich has basically eradicated Jefferson’s ability to score, look Jefferson’s stats for the last dozen games – The Spurs now need his scoring ability. He never respected Tony Parker, who gave the Spurs two championships. He is not respecting Tiago Splitter now. He did not respect Ime Udoka or Richard Mason, work of Pop’s own hands, but disposed like trash. He is in blind love with Tim Duncan.

  33. Spursfreak says:


  34. it's funny says:

    Pop is a very good coach, there are some good players and role-players on the team. Allthough I would never say that Ginobili or Parker are more than slightly above average.

    But there are a couple of problems: the team had (built up over the season): arrogance. Now karma is taking over 😉 There is no player with the absolute will to win on the team. Like Kobe, MJ, Garnett… (the same reason why Miami will struggle). They are old and didn’t integrate the young guys like Splitter correctly within the season (similar problem with the Lakers, the bench just can’t get enough minutes to learn dealing with situations). Last but not least there was a big hype around the spurs. They had a nice regular season with some really fun games, fun plays good moves from Parker and Ginobili. But they are all just slightly above average without the determination.

    • SpursDaBest!! says:

      garrnet sux. only one ring his whole career he needed a deadly shooter and a Killer of a closer to help him get that one ring, Timmy on his own, Manu has the same will jus not the same talent as jordan or kobe, still Manu one of the best ever!!

      • clutch says:

        garnett doesnt suck, just a really good center can’t win games on there own, a pg sg or even a sf could, maybe, but a center can’t win on there own, they need atleast on other solid teamate, so you can’t really blame him for it…

      • clutch says:

        actually my bad, garnett is a pf, not the point though, he just doesn’t suck

  35. roy says:

    the thing is that he should have played thiago early this season. he should get more confident and used to nba. he is a great player and if i were him i would leave for another team. greg is missing a great player and i can’t understand. we can not put all the hopes in thiago because he should have played much more in the regular season.

  36. brigitte says:

    Its finito for the Spurs. Not even the Brazilian could save them. Hasta la vista Spurs!

  37. spursfan says:

    All we need is manu hitting 3 pointers parker shooting well.. all in the same game!! OMG Spurs if you loose you’re gonna cost me 100 bucks.. still can win this series.. just focus..

  38. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Ive been wanting Spiltter to Play But dont know why POP dont play him, he takes charges blocks shots, a Great Pick n Roll Player, and has Size. Blair is good just to small. This is my Fave team But i hate the fact POP plays Boner so much he only gets hot one every 6 ta 7 games. Boy can shoot lights out Posted at the 3 point line but he Damn for sure cant defend he cant rebound or block a shot. What im trying to say is BONER SUX Play More Splitter. And it aint over till its over, we get this win will sure help out our fellas. Go Spurs GO!!!

  39. gino says:

    It’s not over until it’s over. Spurs will win the series!

  40. clezio says:

    The thing is that Pop is nothing, Spurs have those titles cuz of Tim, Manu and Tony. As all of them are old, just now everybody is seeing what coach Spurs really have.

    Splitter should have been the starting Center since the first game. He is clearly better than Blair, McDyess and Bonner in almost all fundamentals (I guess only Blair’s offense is better).

    And Splitter is not a PF, he is a native Center. Duncan is best to get Z-Bo, Splitter is best do get Gasol.

  41. Adam Guerrero says:

    I Agree, Pop made a big mistake. You don’t play a 40 year old, 6-9 center against Zach and Mark, you pay blue collar big men like Splitter and Duncan. The Spurs would have won had Pop used Splitter. I’m not just saying that as a fan, but as a sports economists/statistician, all of the data says that Splitter has what it takes to get the job done.

  42. san antonio spurts says:

    from the beginning of the season, coach pop and the spurs opted to have a quick start. and that is the difference right there, if they played tiago a lot of minutes and let him cultivate his game, the spurs will not be in this situation . to hell with the number 1 seed and the best record in the nba if our players isnt ready for playoffs. but what can we do, its already done..
    as for the playoffs, pop is the one to be blamed, pop got 4 championships because of their big three, after so may years he knows damn well that his big three is not that dominant as before but still makes plays for them. the spurs not only have a good bench but a great bench. in the regular season, the spurs had a good record because of their run and gun type of offense, they do not wait for the defense to set up, parker exploits his advantage which is speed and just explodes to the basket. why change something that aint broken? they should continue that type of offense againts the grizz, why wait for the defense of the grizz to se up if you damn well know that you cant handle it? i really think pop should be blamed for the melt down of the spurs against the grizz.

  43. Jonathan says:

    yeah put on the brazilian

    spurs can win

  44. Labrat says:

    Amazing how Pop couldn’t see the elephant in the locker room early in the season. Mind boggling.

  45. Labrat says:

    Pop messed up again. example: George Hill last year. Splitter should have been put in when he was healthy early int he season but instead went with a 6-7 center who ‘s defensive liabilities were masked early on by Timmy. Timmy has run out gas and can’t help out on masking Blair’s weaknesses. I begged for the 7 footer to play early on but there were many of those bandwagoners that refused and kept saying “if it aint broke don’t fix it” Sad to say they couldn’t see the big picture.

    • Sean says:

      its not your fault, there are tons of stupid close minded fans everywhere you look, who can only see the small picture

  46. bull22 says:

    i hate the spurs but respect them, their problem is simple. its fine that they won 61 games in the regular season being a jumpshooting team to rest tim duncan, but in the playoffs they should have gone back to what got them 4 championships and thats give it to tim duncan and pound the inside … live and die with TD should be the rest of the theme for these spurs who are on life support!

  47. Jake says:

    Since all of you seem to know how to coach better than a coach with four championship rings why don’t you all go and become NBA coaches huh?

    • Sean says:

      everyone on here states their opinion and what THEY think
      i didnt see anyone say they know how to coach better than pop
      stop crying baby spurs fan because ur teams about to get eliminated

      • Arodddd says:

        Shutup dude this guys just stating HIS opinion. And this series aint over yet broo…..

      • Sean says:

        HAH another baby spurs fan crying to back up the other crybaby
        check back when ur spurs are done il send u a nice box of tissues maybe ul feel better

  48. Spark says:

    Coach Pop should have gone to this option right from the very start. Has he forgotten how george hill came up big during the playoff series against Dallas last season? That should have been a reminder that if only he will put his full confidence on his players, starter or bench, the results would have been different.
    I have to admit age has caught up with the Spurs. I’m not saying the 61 regular season wins were fluke, but truth is, they had one of the lightest schedule among the teams. I’m not anymore expecting the Spurs to go to the Finals this time. But I also never expected that they’d exit this early against the Grizzlies. So much for championship experience.

    • Jake says:

      How did they have “a light schedule.” They play in the W. conference in one of the tougher divisions. They have four games against the Mavs, Grizzlies, Hornets, and Rockets every year.

      • GMAN says:

        they had the fewest amount of back to back then any team in the league. The dallas mavericks had the most at 22. I still cant beleave how some of you are saying Tim is done. Where is your Loyalty!!! Im a Mavs Fan but there is no way i would give up on my team the way some of you have. If there still Playing there is a Chance!!! GO Get Them SPURS

  49. Law064 says:

    A total suprise that the Grizzlies are on the brink up eliminating top seed SA.. Charles Barkley was talking about the Spurs are not going anywhere and he was correct. This was weeks before the playoffs started, It’s shocking but if you don’t play hard every game then you can easily be beat. Congrats to the Grizzlies for pushing SA to the end on the ledge. 1 more step and the Spurs are done. They played so well this season but look like they’re running out of gas/confidence. Let’s see if they can stay alive..

    • clutch says:

      you really had not even the slightest hint the grizzlies might beat them, i had the whole west on upset alert, and look at this they are all goin to game 6 atleast, except okc over nuggets, but a 5 over a 4 ( saying the nuggest beat okc for ex ) isnt really an upset

  50. DJ says:

    POP should not literally bench the bench. The more they play and get used to it, our starters will have a lot of rest to save some gas on the 4th quarter, since we know they are old, period.

  51. moneyball says:

    If you are a great coach you need to believe in everyone you put on the court. You remember last year when Kobe was having a bad shooting night in 2010? Did Phil Jackson tell Kobe to keep shooting? no he believed in his players, on the bench or not. and that is something Pop can’t do.

  52. grizzmakeshistoy says:

    8 seeded team defeated top seed

    denver def seattle in 94
    new york def miami in 99
    golden state def dallas 07
    memphis def san antonio 2011

    good luck grizz on next round… beat the young thunder!

  53. Avry Harris says:

    yeah thats the same thing i been sayin all season they should have started him on the floor with tim he will get better as the game goes on he has leaders around him on the floor to help him long the way its not like this is a total young team mcdyse should have been coming off the bench not starting

    • Sean says:

      incredibly true, wouldve been a lot more beneficial to the spurs to develop splitter instead of wearing mcydess down over the season

  54. Lee says:

    this will be the last year for the spurs to win a championship, there age was expose in this series, there done, they’ll probably win game 5 but i don’t see them winning 3 straight and if by lucky they manage to pull off a miracle over the grizz, they’ll go down in the 2nd round.. tough luck.. note: Gay is out and if you saw game 2, they barely won with zach not even plying well.. i was hoping for a boston vs. san antonio in the finals before the season started, tsk, tsk.. splitter is still soft for the nba style of game, he’s a work in progress but i think he’s better than Darko.

    • Tim says:

      Is it just me or has syntax gone by the wayside? Just because the spelling is correct doesn’t mean that the word you used is correct.

    • clutch says:

      i was thinking C’s and lakers, but once it cameto about 2 weeks before playoff time i recognized, it’s the year of the upsets in the west, winner’s will be OKC or the blazers, im not gonna say i really thought the grizzlie stomping the spurs was gonna had them but i had the whole west on upset alert basically, except Okc, but u can’t really say a 5 over a 4 is a true upset anyway, excuse my typing fails however many i have in there

    • asdfsadf says:

      memphis are better without rudy (look at their record with and without him) and spurs lost game 1 cuz they didnt have their full team and lets say spurs do make it to the second round, the thunders havent beaten them yet in 7 trys so now what?

  55. MISTAFEAR says:


  56. 3:16 says:

    I think this is San Antonio’s last push for a title. Tim Duncan is getting “weak”, Manu is getting banged up and Tony is a offensive powerhouse but a defensive liability. I think with Tiago, Blair and George Hill, maybe it’s time to rebuild your roster. Make some trades for Manu and Tony and keep improving. I think Tim will retire next year unless he gets another title. I think Greg Popovich id one of the best coaches in the NBA, but you cannot win if the other team is more talented and playing better than you do. They don’t have Rudy Gay and they already beat you 3 times. Memphis in 6.

  57. NoRemorse says:

    I agree that Splitter should get more minutes in game 5, he can defend Z-Bo and grab more rebounds compared to Blair ^_^ The Spurs need to play more defense rather rely on their offense in Game 5, yeah, their offense may have won them 61 games but against the Grizzlies, they must be more physical in their Defense. GO SPURS GO!

  58. mgs41 says:

    in as much as I want the spurs to win it all the way, the reality is that they are running out of gas. They are running out of fire power. Where are those 3s? Where is the tough D? I miss Bruce Bowen. The vintage Timmy D. The consistency of Parker. Manu is still Manu but hey… Even LBJ failed to carry the Cavs alone!

    • ? says:

      I feel sorry for spurs fans who thought the spurs were going to take it all this year. Goes to show, a regular season record means nothing. But on another note, that is a very funny commercial where they show they spurs lost to the Lakers in 04 when Fisher put that shot up with 04 on the clock. Bad time for spurs fans to see the commercial over and over, but none the less, a great commercial.

    • Sean says:

      Pop shouldve rested his players more along the way and developed the younger guys so they could help out the spurs starters
      now theyre payin for it
      spurs should do some trades and get younger cuz there players are wearing out
      regular season means nothing

      • justkj52 says:

        He played his younger guys all through the season, why do you think the starters minutes are down this year. Pop is just stubborn to the point when Playoffs starts, he shortens his bench, instead of letting the roster that played in reg. season play in the playoffs..

      • Sean says:

        i said MORE not that he DIDNT do it you idiot
        and he didnt let splitter develop enough jus like EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE PAGE IS SAYIN
        or else tiago would be bangin in there right now and the spurs would not be in a 3-1 rut u moron

  59. The Hammer says:

    The biggest mistake to change Blair for Dice. DOn’t get me wrong I like Dice but with this characters you needed a character not Dice. Bad choices will cost the Spurs to be canned until next year. Pop you missed the ball against the Grizzlies because we had 3 games against them towards the end of the regular season. Unbelievable.

  60. Jp says:

    Yeah put Tiago Splitter on the floor. He can give size to the spurs.
    Put in him with Tim Duncan.

  61. maui says:

    its time to rebuild…popovich should make an adjustment..

  62. VS says:

    Tim Duncan should retire
    His days are over

    • 123 says:


    • clutch says:

      thats what a lot of us ho\thought about the C’s ;ast year and well look how that turned out….. so every one has atleast one or two good years left in them somewhere, even if i really dont care for duncan

    • Paul J says:

      Duncan is old but still competitive as forward. What he needs is a partner/center, very good rebounder ….the heart and soul of offense and defense under the basket! Pop should try Tiago at the center both Duncan and Mcdyes as forwards, a pretty tall line up to match Gasol/ Randolph. And then you have Parker/Ginobli as guards. If I were Pop I would experiment.

  63. Gary says:

    This will be the biggest playoff upset no matter who wins the series.

    • lazylays13 says:


    • Kevin says:

      Biggest Playoff Upset? Can’t be an upset if they don’t win the series…… LOL

      • draiko says:


      • Gary says:

        I’m saying that if Spurs comeback and win it’s and upset that would be pretty big considering being down 3-1, if Grizzilies pull it off it’s just a big upset for the 8th seed to knock out the number 1 team. So and upset either way. I mean come on, you really couldn’t understand that?

    • triptin says:

      the spurs have been an upset sence allstar glad the bulls took the no 1 spot from them.but those no 8 seeds are giving the no 1 seeds a big test . the celtics are gonna be fresh going into the miami series. and will be limping into thier series with atlanta or magic . still cant count out the magic they do have dwight.but i hope they lose and that will hopefully get him to leave orlando and join anatha superstar in a bottom dwelling team like the cavs or clips. that would be fun to watch.

  64. jovan says:

    The Spurs should start splitter with tim duncan that will give them the size advantage that can limit the rebounding of the grizzlies. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are getting 23 rebounds combined. in order for the Spurs to win game five they need to play better defence shot the three at atleast 40% and last but not least out rebound the Grizzlies

  65. DarlingBryan says:

    This is the biggest mistake of Pop. He should have played Tiago early on the season. Who cares about the record so long as the team improves, right?