Best in the West: Is it OKC?

There was a point in early April when the Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets were proving to be the best teams in the Western Conference since the All-Star break. Then, over the course of six days, the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Nuggets twice and beat the Lakers in L.A.

In what was expected to be a great series, the Thunder have built a 2-0 lead over the Nuggets as the series moves to Denver for Saturday’s Game 3 (10 p.m. ET, ESPN).

Best records since March 1st (including postseason)

Team W L Pct OffRtg Rank DefRtg Rank NetRtg Rank
Chicago 23 3 0.885 108.5 7 97.7 1 +10.8 1
Oklahoma City 21 5 0.808 110.8 2 101.7 8 +9.1 2
Miami 17 7 0.708 111.0 1 102.5 10 +8.5 3
L.A. Lakers 16 7 0.696 105.3 14 99.7 5 +5.6 7
Denver 15 8 0.652 109.1 6 101.1 6 +8.0 4

OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions

This may still be a great series, and no one should count Denver out. Raymond Felton certainly isn’t, as Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post tells it

Rather than curl in the fetal position after being pummeled throughout an embarrassing 106-89 loss to Oklahoma City, Nuggets guard Raymond Felton came out swinging.

Denver finds itself down 2-0 in this best-of-seven series NBA playoff series. All looks grim. But want to make Felton angry? Mention the possibility of a sweep by the Thunder.

“We’re definitely coming back to Oklahoma City,” Felton insisted Wednesday, his dare-me feistiness in sharp contrast to the sullen atmosphere of the visitors dressing room.

“We’re going home to bounce back, get these next two games, one game at a time, and make it a series. We’ll get our confidence back and be better prepared when we come back here. We’re definitely coming back.”

Those are some strong words from Felton, and he has every right to believe in his squad. But looking from the outside, one can’t help but think that the Thunder are just the better team right now.

Before the All-Star break, the Thunder had the fifth-best offense in the league. Then they traded for Kendrick Perkins and their defense improved without their offense suffering at all. With that in mind, you can certainly argue that Oklahoma City is the best team in the Western Conference.


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  1. kobe d great says:

    shut up people.. its still the lakers!!! LA vs Heat in Finals

  2. Katie says:

    Very confident about Celtics there. I too am a Celts fan but the Heat will be a serious challenge. We will need plenty of luck to get out of that one. Let’s just hope Philly get up in 7… ๐Ÿ˜‰ If we get through, I think it will be Boston East champions. If Heat get through, it will be the Bulls. To the West, after todays games, Lakers look vulnerable. OKC would be my pick at the moment regardless of whoever else gets through. I am really liking the Grizzlies though and seriously think they can take it to anyone at the moment. My pick for finals are either Bulls/OKC or Celtics/OKC.

  3. KarlJohn says:

    Im really sad to say that Kobe is really playing horrible. If Lakers wants to win Kobe better step it up cuz if he didnt do that, its a bad for the Lakers, Kobe should not show that age is an option. If Kobe dont step up then OKC for me is going to be in the Finals or Grizz while in the East, I only see Chi,ATL and Bos. Im not sure which one is going to win but I bet its one of the three team Chi,ATL or Boston. I dont hate any teams but for what i’m seeing base on their games, thats the only team that I can see stepping up.

  4. Josh says:

    the los angeles lakers are the best in the west until dethroned. and at the moment there is no real reason to dethrone them? theyre not playing particularly worse than any other team. now MAYBE in a few weeks a team other than the lakers will win the western conference finals but really, i dont see any team in the league being able to beat the lakers FOUR times. like seriously kobe wont be letting that happen

  5. adrian says:

    c’mon man , all of u vs OKC in the final, and the boston will sweep OKC for sure…..4-0, too many veterans in boston, who can beat them? Miami only got 3 star player and all of them are fucin young, i bet wade is a ring guy becoz of shaq, chicago? seriously? only D rose ? you cant win NBA tittle by just selling rose….you can only sell roses on valentine’s day…Boston only can be ebaten by last year’s Lakers, then …. OKC? yeah i admit they are the best in west area but against the mighty Boston? I DONT THINK SO….

  6. abbccc122333 says:

    If OKC is not experienced yet, when will they get experienced if not now?

  7. abbccc122333 says:

    If OKC is not experienced yet, then when will they get experienced if not now? ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. rhainner says:

    THE THUNDER is a great team but they still have lack of playoff expierence. if LAL and SAS will be eliminated in the first round, they have an advantage. if they face the mavs, and caron butler returns mavs win in 6 or 7 games! yehey!!!!!!!!!

  9. rhainner says:

    if the spurs and lakers will be swept in 6 games each, i think mavs and thunder in conference finals. iif that happens in my opinion, mavs will win in 6 or 7 games if caron butler returns. anyway, when will caron butler return in the playoffs?

  10. Playoffs? Don't talk to me about Playoffs says:

    I just love how people think they know how it will play out,,I hear the Lakers are too old Kobe is too old all this stuff about the heat and okc lol just wish there was a way to find yall when it’s all said and done to hear what excuse you can come up with why ur favorite didn’t make it lol come on guys we go this this every year and at the end it’s never what people claimed lol and in saying that it will be Lakers vs Boston for the finals get over it lol

    • Brian says:

      Boston looks good, but the Lakers need to get past the Hornets first. They weren’t expecting the fight the Hornets are putting up. (without David West, mind you)

  11. KarlJohn says:

    Lol @ Curtis T Latson. Yes , I agree with you on the west side but on the east side, look again. NYK just got demolished by Boston. They cant even win 1 game. Boston is just proving that age for them is not an option. Its all on the experience and aggressiveness. I dont think Miami is gona pull this off. If you say Miami go against ATL, I would go with ATL. ATL has pretty much more experience and aggressiveness on their side. You will see what I mean. At the west, so far, the old players are not showing that age for them is an options, they are just slowing down thats why young teams like OKC and Grizz is taking over. It really deppends on when players are going to step up.

  12. Curtis T Latson says:

    This year’s playoffs are very interesting, check this out, Miami and Chicago in the eastern conference finals, sorry Dwight and Garnett. The western conference is a bit harder to predict but it definitely going to be Okla and a good chance of Memphis being their opponent in the western conference finals, this is going to be of upsets, let’s see if my predictions come true. I have to include this, nobody wants to say it, so i will say it, Kobe is playing on old legs, he doesn’t have the stamina anymore let’s face it, he’s done, it’s a changing of the guard it’s unavoidable, the spurs stars are in the same situation, the mavericks are in the same situation, the nuggets are getting the nut cracked as we speak, the youngsters have come of age, we are going to have a lot of upsets it’s unavoidable.

  13. mmmheat says:


  14. O.J Mayo says:

    We are going to beat the spurs than go all the way im sorry also wolf gang golf wang or hang and free earl that is all.

  15. da bulls says:

    i wish i could reply notoriouss comment, but it wont let me, anyway, drose options: kyle korver, joakim noah, carlos boozer, luol deng, i could go on, plus he could just break the other teams point guards ankles, and get an and1 over 3 defenders whenever he feels like it. kid u gotta do some research b4 u leave comments like that. the bulls have some of the most underrated players in the league

  16. Michael says:

    Let’s face it, Oklahoma City Thunder has a great team but they still do not have the experience as SA, LAL, or DAL in the playoffs. If the Spurs end up losing to the Grizzlies then it shall come down to facing Dallas or LAL and I still do not see them beating either team in a series. That’s the truth of the matter. I think they are still a piece away from a NBA title.

    • Jon says:

      They got that “piece” with the perkins jeff green trade…they are evenly balanced on offense and defense with perkins and Ibaka easily matching up with bynum/gasol or dirk/chandler…they have a hardworking bench with Collison, Cook, Harden, & maynor who is great at protecting the ball. Mohammed (altho i dislike him) is another big body that they could use to foul bynum or chandler if necesarry. Spurs are too old and washed up to keep up with the speed and athleticism of the Thunder, LA is slumping and has had zero bench production in a while aside from Odom obviously. Westbrook will eat up Jason Kidd jus like he did Derrick Fisher last year. Harden can easily match Jason terry or Lamar Odom point for point off the bench. I’d be more worried about the grizz than San An simply because of physicality and depth bc OKC is a “skinny” team lol. Neither LA nor Dallas has someone who can stop Durant…if I had to put my money on any 1 person in the NBA to stop him It’d be Lebron…With all that said, MIA vs OKC nba finals…OKC in 7 games

  17. Notorious says:

    All i gotta say is.. whoever thinks Chicago is going to make it to the NBA finals obviously doesn’t understand playoff basketball. Chicago doesn’t have a second option unless you count Boozer.. lol

  18. dled says:

    (120 points)

  19. dled says:

    12 players in double digits every night? are you on crack? i dont think they average 20 points a game with 12 guys scoring 10 each!!!!!!! okc

  20. da bulls says:

    YES!! Finally a team in the west who can match up against the Lakers!!!!!!!!!111

  21. Melo Who says:

    Nuggets are getting screwed by the officials because we have no super stars to cry. 12 different guys scoring in the doubles every night isn’t as special as on guy on a team having 32 a game. to bad team work isn’t high up there on American values anymore.

    • thunderup says:

      Please please stop whining about calls. The calls have gone both ways, minus of course the one horrible potential game winner in game 1. Other than that please stop using it as an excuse. OKC is great at home, you guys are great at home. It’s gonna be a tough match up and it’s been fun to watch so far. Well…fun for thunder fans in game 2. You guys got dropped. OKC and Denver both have great home court advantages, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Nuggets do tonight what the Thunder did to them last game if they play their cards right. Granted with the level of energy the Thunder has right now I’m betting on a close game.

      But please stop crying about calls. The Nuggets are going to the line just as much as the Thunder, they’re just missing their free throws.

      Oh, and did you see the box score for game 2? You might want to look at who scored the points for the Thunder. Wasn’t just KD and Westbrook.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        and look at the fouls called, pretty even from what i see, you should be more worried about having a star to take the last shot rather than a star to whine about a call, all the no calls in the third quarter favoring the nuggets, but what did the thunder do that the nuggets cant? Show poise and close the game? Yea, thats right 3-0, cry some more melo who

  22. KarlJohn says:

    So far, for me, OKC is the best in west and for OKC fans I agree with that, but I DONT agree with you guys saying Boston can easily be beaten by the Miami heat. Thats a joke. If you can see how Boston is playing with NYC right now, u will wish that you never said that. I actually doubt Boston beating NYK, but after I saw how they brought their game face on WITHOUT Perk they are big trouble. You guys should look at the box score and check the game of J Oneal Then Check the game of Perk in OKC VS DEN. Im bought a fan of Durant and Bostn.^^. You guys shouldn’t doubt on Lakers, I bet if they put their game face on, they will be in the finals again, and it really depends on their 5 starters. Peace out.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Thunder fan here, i am lookingfor Boston to come out of the east, With or without KP they have enough size to get the job done, i also think Green will bring you guys good production off the bench and for the future, thanks for the trade!

  23. CHICAGO VS. LA says:

    I have major respect for Miami, Boston, LA, San Antonio, OKC, and Chicago. I believe any of these teams have the ability and depth to make it to the Finals. Its going to be quite a month.

  24. Fan says:

    I just hate it when people are disrespectful towards a player because they’re skilled, and maybe not as physical as other players, that’s all. Enough said. Go Lakers in game 3!

  25. Fan says:

    I agree maybe pau can share the blame with Lamar for that tip in as can any Laker big; Not putting it all on Lamar. But I think that Lamar talked about that particular tip in with Macdyess. I could be wrong. To call a player like Gasol Paulina is just disrespectful and BS.

  26. Fan says:

    Hey 787 get the facts straight. I love Lamar Odom to death. But it was Lamar who was on Macdyess on that tip in. He talked about in on the interviews and so forth. So before you hate on a player get your facts straight! You say you’re not a Spur fan, but obviously a Laker and Gasol hater. I wonder if anyone on your team is as good as Gasol. Pray tell buddy! One play, a tip in for Gods sake. I look at the whole picture!

  27. 3PeatLakers says:

    There is not a team in the NBA that can beat the Lakers in a 7-game series so just stop the madness. Time and time again the Lakers shutdown these young teams and send them home early to think about what could’ve been. The Thunder are NOT better than the Lakers. You can give a bully a blackeye with a lucky shot but what happens when you have the face that bully 6 possible more times? The Thunder are not better than the Celtics team we beat last year so why would we worry. None of these crappy teams are at the level Boston was last year so it’s easy cruising the the Finals. Last year we got past Nash, Billups/Lawson, Westbrook, and Rondo. This year the Lakers have a better roster…so what’s to worry about? Perkins moving to another team? ha! KD scoring 30 points? ha! No big man?…No problem…get pounded down low like a porn star.

    • LAin7 says:

      I agree with you…However, u gotta admit that if one team is to beat la in a series, its got to be the celtics. U cant deny that they have as much if not more experience as la and also match up well against them… That said, Im still going with the lakers for the 3peat

  28. juzray says:

    MIami And OKC in The FINALS good match up but MIAMI will win it all base on how they play right now they can never be stopped!!!!!!GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Drazard says:

    I still believe Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Sucker at the finals, cause playoffs has a different pressure than the regular season plus only Lakers, Boston, Spurs, Dallas has the ability to endure playoffs pressure cause the other team are too young to beat them.

  30. angela says:

    Yes OKC is the best in the West. Lakers looking kinda old, tired and struggling. Things change and nothing lasts forever.

  31. NoWAY says:

    The Thunder ARE good. They are talented, but it’s not time for them yet. They can’t compete with the Spurs, Mavs and Lakers during Play-off caliber games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m from the EAST. Bulls !

  32. lakersfan says:

    dont go bosting durant’s Olympic gold Kobe did the same thing and by the way when someone can play with a billion injuries and still come out in a PROFESSIONAL sport and play like Kobe night in and night out with his success I’ll put someone on his level….. everyone hating on Kobe fails to realize this fool has been at the top of the world like 5-6 yrs straight and had 2-5 injuries a season just playing through them. No one and I mean no one in a professional sport including Jordan, Lebron, or any one else in a pro sport minus Tom Brady can say they’ve done that…. when Lebron or Durant break a few few of their fingers rip their muscles and still put 30 on the stat sheet you can tell me their “better” or in the same league….

    • OKCKD35 says:

      minus tom brady who missed an entire year? and in my opinion i would rather have someone “practice and train properly” and keep their bodies healthy so they dont have to play through a series of injuries, just another thing for laker fans to cry about when they are eliminated

  33. Zap zap, don't get zapped by the Thunders. says:

    In my opinion, I believe the Thunders are able to match up with the Lakers now. Because of the addition of Kendrick Perkins and how Serge Ibaka developed into a better big man, i think they can match Gasol and Bynum now. This is going to be a tough and interesting series if the Thunders and Lakers will play again. I’m looking for to it. I think the Thunders are going to make it to the Semi Finals with the Lakers. And it might go into 7 games.

    • Zap zap, don't get zapped by the Thunders. says:

      Conference Finals* not Semi-Finals.

      • Wade says:

        No one knows who is going to win the finals until they win. With that said good luck to everyone may the best man win.

    • Melo Who says:

      Dude Thunder is a noise. It doesn’t zap people. i could tell from your post that you nothing about basketball but i figured you would at least know that much

  34. Paul says:

    My Prediction..
    @East…. MIA or BOS
    @West… OKC or LAL

    1st Round WildCard Upset…
    NOH/ATL/MEM… There would be sure at least one of the 3 will..

  35. bean town says:

    boston and okc in finals. boston in 6

  36. WHITEMAMBA24 says:

    Brian Scalabrine iis better than kevin durant.

  37. Faustonauta says:

    Like a LAL fan, I think was a very good thing avoiding OKC en the early rounds. I agree, OKC is playing better that anyone right now (excuse me Bulls). That being said, GO LAKERS!!!

  38. daniel says:

    OKC vs MIA in the finals

  39. HoopsFan8569 says:


  40. Adamz says:

    OKC Will be the best team in the NBA come next year… these older teams understand that THIS IS IT!!! OKC made a huge trade by getting kendrick perkings on their roster and now are literally an elite team. with that said I don’t think they will get by this year because these teams understand they have to get it now.. L.A understands that this is it.. regular season is a different thing… PLAYOFFS!! get really serious… But OKC will be the best team come next year… sorry Miami but thats a no for you… I don’t rate Miami and their big 3…. amazing talent but bench is garbage in my opinion…. Chicago will be better than Miami… So are they better than L.A?? not yet… Lakers understand its playoffs that matter not regular season.. these guys are old.

  41. noy-pi says:

    All yall fools dont know sh*t..keep on telling how your favorite team will do this and do that…keep on dreaming okc and bulls fans..dont count out yet the celtics,nah, or the lakers..stop complaining and just try to anticipate every game, then after the playoffs, you can talk all the crappy stuff that you want to say about the teams.. JUST ENJOY THE GAME OF BASKETBALL..stop hatin..peace

  42. J.THOMAS says:

    Wow some comments are just stupid as hell. OKC will not make the finals.. A great team but still young. Spurs arent gonna do much either cause they too old.. If anything its gonna be dallas or LA.. LA has always been weak in the first round and then bounce back.. LA vs Chicago in finals. Just remember that.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      lets see first round OKc vs Denver 3-0 OKC
      Memphis vs San antonio 2-1 Memphis
      LAkers vs Hornets series tied 2-2
      Trailblazers vs Mavericks series tied 2-2
      Lets see if the spurs, Mavs, or Lakers even make round two, wouldnt that be something OKC would have home court lol

  43. Smalic says:

    In order for OKC to continue through the playoffs Westbrook and Durrant must put up 30 point games. If oe has a bad game they will struggle. Thats alot to ask when they run into pesky defenders

  44. tata says:

    They need to get by the Nuggets before anyone else and if they are thinking about the Lakers it won’t happen. They won their first two home games last year too before being eliminated in the first round. Maybe next time Kobe gets mad he should call the ref a Schuhmann.

  45. ok says:

    okc is going to only the second round

  46. abc says:

    Dont forget the Spurs either. But I do think that Thunder will go far, dunno if the finals….. i hope finals will be OKC vs. Bulls/Heat/Magic? But lets see whtas comin…

  47. Bill says:

    No, definitely no. OKC has some incredible athletes who allow them to compete with anyone in the West. Also, they have one superstar go-to-guy in Durant. But their talent is inexperienced and their team is flawed.

    Often times they have three guys on the floor at the same time that are not offensive threats in a half court set and thus they rely on getting out on the break which they will find is close to impossible as they advance. This makes it too easy to load up on Durant.

    Everyone points to how close they played the Lakers last year in the playoffs which is ludicrous considering that Bynum was out and that Kobe was playing on one leg.

    I also get a big laugh out of how much praise Kendrick Perkins gets. I mean, if he was so great, why would Boston let him get away? Have you looked at his recent box scores? They are very weak. Finally, and most telling, look how much playing time he is getting. Kendrick is a goon, nothing more.

    Until OKC gets some form of reliable post scoring threat they will always be also rans. Also, Westbrook is exciting and super athletic but he has an erratic jumper that fails him in the clutch and he turns the ball over way too much.

    My two cents.

  48. D_Mula310 says:

    Are you serious the Thunder going to the finals is that a joke?????? HAHAHA They are going to get lucky if they beat the Nuggets but them get past the spurs yeah right. I am not gonna mntion the mavs or blazers cuz they cant get past the Lakers…Dream on. I dont see them going to the finals anytime soon. Your counting out the Lakers are we watching the same playoffs. Kobe only scored 11 points the last game and everyone say he is the Whole los angeles Lakers team!!!! They got a better overall team with gasol, bynum and odom. cant forget about ron artest and Kobe Bryant. 3Peat coming soon. Keep Dreaming Oklahoma City!!!!! But Perkins is not the answer to your championship…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      I hear a haterrrrrrr, i guess we are the luckiest team on the planet according to you, not only are we up 3-0 in the series plus we owned denver twice in the last week of the season, 5 wins in 5 tries, wow we are soooo lucky to be beating denver

  49. Chris says:

    Opinions are like @$$#0!#$, everybody has one.

  50. Jason says:

    thunder wont get past spurs, spurs vs lakers in the conference finals

  51. mmmheat says:

    um ok, Heat over Boston in 6
    Magic over Bulls in 7
    Miami vs. OKC
    Miami in 6 ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’ll bet my 2 bank accounts on this.

  52. mathis says:

    MEMPHIS is the the best. if OKC makes it far enough Tony Allen will shut him out of the series

  53. LB says:

    The Heat are the team to beat in the East. Chicago had a great regular season, but they won’t be able to hang with the Heat. The Heat are the best team in the playoffs. The Thunder will meet LA in the conference finals more than likely and it should be a great series. I say the Thunder win in 7 and meet the Heat in the finals. The finals could go either way and it would be the best series in the last decade more than likely.

  54. watcher says:

    As good as they’ve been playing, maybe next year.

  55. Voltz says:

    No one in denver can guard durant as artest can guard him

  56. Voltz says:

    No team can beat the lakers in a seven game series .. Believe me that ..

    • Paul says:

      You’re right Voltz… Because the series of NOH-LAL will be just at 5 games…. NOH at 5…. hahahahaha….

  57. jg2435 says:

    It is all about role playing and OKC has the best role playing players in the league. Every one knows there job description. They bench is deep everything looking good for the thunder.

  58. THEHEATROCKS says:

    GO HEAT! i think the Heat will be facing the lakers in The Finals. I think it’ll be a better, dramatic, hollywood-style story. BUT with a bitter ending where Phil Jackson falls in his final stand and fails his three-peat. This is what I HOPE’ll happen!!!

  59. mr.damn says:


  60. Mada says:

    @THEHEATSUCK OOH u hater just love to hate do ya. cnt wait to see how u wuld react if ur Bulls will get beat this playoffs. maybe u got excuses ready. anyway the only way u can contain Rose is by making him play D for 48 minutes, D-Wade can make do tht on him, and we all know Rose is not a good defender. u say who could stop him but he is only one guy jeez c’mon 3 against 1??? the heat lost to the bulls because just because it wasnt Wade who was closing it out but LBJ. well you’ll see what i mean when DWade and LBJ turn it up another Level.

    as for the OKC being the best in the West, i disagree Lakers are still the team to beat just because of one man and tht Kobe *Black Mamba Bryant. maybe second but they have a chance and i mean a great chance to beat LA

    Finals would be: Memphis vs Pacers bet on it!!!!

  61. Nooneknows says:

    ALL in All it will be very interesting this year i think !!!

  62. Stepper says:

    The THunder are looking good, and on any given day I give them credit to beat the Lakers….but in a seven game series…my money is on the Lakers and the zen master. He is doing his coaching as we speak for the next game….not on the bench at the spur of the moment……until he win # 16 and walk away with the title. Lakers has had the same critics for the last 3 years…and have played in more games then anyone. And watch they get more focused with each series

  63. Topy says:

    Harden’s the 3rd choice. OKC struggled with Jeff Green taking ill shots. Now that they’ve solved the problem, the bench can finally make some more shots with better efficiency.

    But I don’t see them winning it all right now. I mean, MIA and OKC are my faves, but there is no doubt that Chicago/San Antonio/Lakers are the best teams right now. Not sure about Boston though, I think they’re getting tired.

  64. adrixe says:

    I’m a big celtics fan and I think if shaq can come back for the 2nd round, they will be a force against any team they face. and the coaching and the playoffs experience they have is something you can’t beat. if shaq can’t play, then I think heat will take it to the finals. The bulls are good but they won’t win against the heat. they don’t have the experience compared to the heat. In the west, I think OKC will take it. they have the the right guys and role players that knows how to play. they have the bigs to go against the lakers and the scorers that lakers can’t guard. westbrook and KD will push the lakers to the edge and will win it at 7.

    OKC vs heat would be a good finals for everyone to watch, but if the celtics get thru the finals, I think OKC will win it all.

    I wish boston can make one last push this playoffs!

  65. Teriac says:

    I think the thunder have a good chance to go all the way to the finals. But i dont think they can defeat the eastern powers in the finals but they will put up a heck of a fight

  66. moneyball says:


  67. justdunkit says:

    easy people. everyone’s talking about the bulls and the thunder in the finals. but the lakers are still the defending west champs and the celts are still defending east champs. When they start to play like champions, sorry to disappoint you guys, but we will see another BOS-LA rematch in finals.

    • SMOOVE says:

      Finally someone talking with some sense.

      • da bulls says:

        what do u mean “making sense”? hes saying that just because the celtics and lakers were in the finals last year, theyre gonna be in it this year!!! this is not 2010, this is 2011!! shut up, stop predicting, and watch the game!!

  68. JPeterson says:


    The Thunder faced the Grizzlies 4 times in the regular season. They lost 3 of those 4 matches. For some reason, the Grizzlies know how to handle Westbrook and Durant. And in every match against the Spurs, the Thunder lost (3).

    During the regular season the Thunder beat the Lakers, the Heat, and the Celtics all on the road. They beat the Bulls at home. If they can just get past the Grizzlies or the Spurs, they will have a real shot at the championship. One of those two teams will be the biggest hurdle for them.

    The Thunder is still one of the youngest teams in the NBA. They have gotten significantly better with every season. If they don’t make it this year, watch out for them next year.

  69. NUG"SALLTHEWAY! says:

    Lets go NUGGETS in the series!

  70. NUG"SALLTHEWAY! says:

    I think in a FEW years the Thunder will be best in the west, but there to young to handle the pressure, there UNBELIEVABLE, but almost every year, the VETERANS will be the best!

  71. CertifiedLA says:

    and again, you people are wrong!
    every year, people name their favourite/upcoming/improving teams to win and to be in the finals.
    and every year you are all wrong, the lakers, boston, spurs will win it for sure! stop dreaming, the veteran teams will win, the rookies will have their time later!

    • Shelichel says:

      Just keep your ears peeled for the rumbling of the THUNDER on Sat and pay close attention thereafter ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Shelichel says:

    Is Oklahoma the best in the West? What, you haven’t heard that THUNDER? Gotta respect the youngbloods!!!

  73. Fan says:

    Sorry typ-o there. Championships I mean. Correction!

  74. Jeff says:

    For the west I still think Lakers will win, OKC may have the telent but haven’t got the experience yet,

  75. Fan says:

    I’m a Laker fan and if they lose, I won’t be making excuses, and I’ll give the winner credit! But from what I see in these blogs, the fans that make the most excuses, and talk the most trash, are the fans of teams that haven’t won any champioships! That’s the way I see it anyway. You can take it or leave it! I don’t care either way!

  76. Carlo says:

    thunder might’ve not even won game 1 if it wasn’t for the bullcrap ref calls they kept getting; and they already showed in the reg season they own the nuggets, tbh I don’t think they’re that great at all

    • LB says:

      LOL you are ignorant if you are ignoring how good this team really is. The Thunder would have won that first game regardless of the call, their late game execution is ten times better than the Nuggets. The Thunder also just played the best game of any team in the playoffs in game two, against a Nuggets team who was supposevly one of the best since the all star break. What they don’t mention much is that the Thunder beat them twice in that stretch, and the Thunder were the only team to beat them at home in that stretch. The Thunder want it more than the Nuggets or any other team in the league. Better start recognizing buddy.

  77. fan says:

    in a year or two, when those guys gain more experience and training, they will.

  78. Notorious says:

    You state.. in your comments saying whos going to guard D-rose. Well who on the bulls can guard D-Wade and Lebron..No one ?. Before you call everyone else idiots.. why don’t you consider both sides first. Also in the playoffs.. you need more then one great player to win.. who else the Bulls got that is consistent as a 2nd option.. uh..Carlos Loser ? lol what a overrated player.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      All i do is laugh at you heat fans. If you guys put your crack pipes down, you will see the bulls have a much better TEAM than the heat do. You ask who can guard Wade or Lebum. Luol Deng can guard either one, are you going to say he cant? But the heat have more concerns as to who will guard Rose who will guard Noah, who will guard Boozer. You can call him a loser all you want, fact is someone better guard him. Im not going to go back and forth with you morons. Just have the balls to show up on this website when your heat lose, because i will give every single last one of you heat fans the blues.

      • Chill Pill says:

        Dude calm down. This is just a blog. Who needs to have balls to show up on here if their team wins or loses?

  79. Mars says:

    lol @ lakers

  80. Fan says:

    What I’m reading are a bunch of biased opinions that have no basis in fact. How can anyone actually predict with certainty who will be in the finals. Hell, I can’t even predict who will win the next game, there are so many good, viable teams! And it’s all about matchups really. OKC and Miami are really playing well but could be in a matchup nightmare the next round! The team with the best focus and best all around team play will be the next champion! There’s no way anyone can say with certainty right now who it’ll be! If you can maybe you should open a psychic reader shop somewhere!

  81. HelloEveyone says:

    Cant wait to see the lakers get put out and their fans crying. What are they gonna say when they get put out. “Oh at least the lakers have more rings than your team” that of course unless your fav team is the celtics. Their will be alot of excuses lets just say.

  82. Fan says:

    To the Spurs fan that called Gasol Paulina! I bet you didn’t say that when the Lakers put a whipping on the Spurs on their court! LMAO!

    • 787 says:

      Paulina Gasol – The man who let 6’8″ 36 year old Antonio McDyess get a buzzer beater tip – in.

      Im not even a Spurs fan.

  83. James G says:

    I’ve been a Thunder fan since they’ve started. I remember when they barely won 20 games a couple years ago, and I’m so glad they’re getting recognition now.

    The young Thunder are definitely one of, if not the favorites in the West, and could be a strong contender for the title. But this has to make other franchises worried, because the Lakers/Spurs are only getting older, and the Thunder are a young team who just keep getting stronger every year.

    Thunder up!

  84. HelloEveyone says:

    lol people actually think the lakers will 3peat. They can barely beat the hornets. So what they won game 2, they really needed to especially at home, they will lose both in new orleans and then lose again in LA. If by some chance they do beat the hornets, they will NOT beat the mavs or blazers, especially the blazers who always beat up on them. Thunder will make it to the finals, they are just too good this year for the lakers. I would also say the spurs but they need to make a good run now that they have ginobli back.

  85. LAFTW says:

    lol to all lakers and doubters watch out hehehe guys hehehe 3 peat 3 peat =) lmao at okc chicago miami

  86. etunez says:

    i don’t think that the Thunder will get past the Spurs in the second round the Spurs have too much playoff experience they also have a good point guard in TP and the best power forward ever to play the game in TD then there is Manu Ginobili who can take over a game at any given time plus they have a deeper bench than the Thunder… if they do get past the Spurs though the Lakers or the Mavs will eliminate them you have the Mavs who has a complete starting lineup and bench who can be starters in other teams i think that would of been the team to beat if Butler never got hurt… then the Lakers size is too much for the Thunder yeah they got Perkins but they are not as good of a defensive team as the Celtics are…. don’t get me wrong i’d give them props if they were to beat the Spurs, Mavs or the Lakers cuz those are legit Championship contenders but they do have a good chance of going to the finals though wish them the best of luck…. i dunno why the Bulls are being brought up right now the Pacers are making them work and the reason they won both games was due to one man and he goes by the name of D Rose that man can ball but besides that there is no one else who is consistent enough to put up good stat numbers it isn’t only about scoring its about the little things that is why i am a fan of Noah’s work that guy hustles for everything we don’t see many players like him now a days… point being they need another consistent scorer cuz they will not get past the second round having D Rose put up 30+ points a game

    • al respect the game says:

      u might wanna think about getting pat memphis first buddy. it looks like dallas – warriors series of 2007 all over again

  87. La will do it again says:

    Say what you want but LA will do it again this year…

  88. BlackMamba24 says:

    Theres no way Thunder will beat Lakers. Thunder is a jump shooting team and they will suffer doing that against the Lakers. Lakers are gonna 3-Peat, and Kobe will have his 6th ring, and should retire after this.

    Kobe Bryant = Michael Jordan rebirth.

    • SMOOVE says:

      Kobe is my man but there’s never been a player like Michael Jordan and there will never EVER be. Just look at his achievements bro.. Who the heck averages 28ppg as a rookie. Not to mention he won the defensive player of the year as well. 6 championships in 8 years is just the icing on the cake, really. MJ=G.O.A.T.

      • KObE oG BYRANT says:

        it took jordan 7 yrs before he got one and if u put kobe in a bs team in his rookie season i have no dought he can do that to … 81 … 62 in 3 quarters.. he might not be jordan but he is a better scorer then jordan

      • SMOOVE says:

        Hell no man! What plane are you on sir? Give Shaq to Jordan in his rookie season and maybe he could’ve won a championship. Kobe always ends up with good team mates. Shaq, Payton, Bynum just to name a few. You tell me Kobe’s a better scorer than Jordan? Please explain to me how Jordan led the league in scoring 7, 8 straight season. MJ has the highest scoring career average in NBA history with 30.1ppg. If he didn’t play with the Wizards that would go up to about 32ppg. That is 32 points per game in every single game in his 14 year career! Kobe’s not even close, but he’s the closest resemblance of Jordan in terms of achievements and maybe even play style. Kobe averaged 7ppg in his rookie season by the way.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Jumpshooting team? you forget we have players like Westbrook who is dominant in the paint and if Fisher is guarding him, Westbrook is going to average 30 in the series, IF both teams make it, yes OKC is more of jumpshooting team, but that is because of Durant who can shoot over anyone including Artest.

  89. Thunder K-Perk says:

    I think most people are forgetting that in Game 2 neither Durant nor Westbrook had more than 20 plus points and they killed the Nuggets more so than when the two combined for 72 points in Game 1. Harden is a great third scoring option but guys like D. Cook and Maynor can also contribute off the bench. We don’t need our Bigs to do a lot of scoring. When the Thunder win big it’s always a total team effort.

  90. Bulls-Lakers says:

    lol. wow, some comments on here are just stupid. Before, you start trying to compare the match-up that the lakers have with OKC, they have to finish this series against NOH, and then most likely Dallas. Then, they face OKC, if OKC makes it through. Now personally, I am not sure about Lakers getting past Dallas, as the size advantage of the Lakers is nulled by Tyson Chandler and Dirk Nowitzki because in case you didn’t know, they are the SAME HEIGHT as Bynum and Gasol, if not taller. But even before that, Lakers have to beat NOH, which will be a long series, and could lead to an upset (UNLIKELY, BUT POSSIBLE). and btw, this article is about OKC being the best in the west, NOT about Miami, Boston, CHicago, or ANYBODY IN THE EAST. just saying. but to answer the question, a team can only consider themself the best in that conference/league IF THEY BEAT THE DEFENDING CHAMPIONS (no matter who the defending champions are at the time.

  91. Bulls /Thunder Fan says:

    The Bulls have the best defense in the league and therefore are a legitimate threat to win it all this year. IF the spurs lose first round to the grizzlies (highly unlikely), the Thunder can make it to the Finals. I don’t see the Thunder taking down the spurs, they don’t match up well with them. The Bulls win get to the Finals simply because we have the MVP of the league, drose, and no one can stop him. I can’t see the Bulls losing 4 times to the same team, coach Thib wouldn’t allow it to happen. Boozer hasn’t been playing the best, but we have another late game threat with Kyle Korver who seems to be lights out. Deng and Noah provide experience also and the Bulls also have youth. If the Finals turns out to be Bulls vs Thunder, the Bulls will win in 6, drose is better than westbrook, and the bulls defense is just too much for the young thunder to handle. The Bulls and Thunder definatly have the best home crowds in all of the NBA. This just isn’t Miami’s year, they can’t do it in the first year. Lakers just aren’t going to win 3 in a row, they don’t have michael jordan. Soon though d rose will have a legacy in chicago too once that banner goes up: NBA CHAMPIONS 2011!!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      compare stats, westbrook and rose are almost identical, add KD and we can outscore the bulls, Great offense beats Great Defense

      • QuestionMark says:

        but Great Defense creates Great offense, and Rose is much more than capable of taking it to the rim, but same goes for Durant, I will say this now, if OKC and Chi-Town make it to the Finals, OKC wins because Rose can’t keep bailing his team out in close situations, and Rose is the only one that is scoring 30+, and is the only capable of scoring 30 on his team, no matter how well Deng is playing, Westbrook and Durant are both capable scoring 30 while Harden can go on to score 15+.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        personally i think Westbrook is just as good going to the rim as Rose and here is why, both of them have mazaing quickness and handles, i would rate Rose’s ability to contort his body and finish ahead of westbrook, but at the same time i would rate westbrooks ability to leap and finish over bigger defenders over D-rose, they both have a very unique skill set which makes for good basketball, Westbrook plays great D too, hes just not getting the credit for it yet. He is one of the top dogs in the league in steals. Overall i would love to see them play each other in the finals

  92. The Don says:

    I love that every year, the playoffs begin and everyone becomes an expert. Its only the first round boys and girls. Chill the fยท”!ยทk out. Lakers take out the young in the west. And will take out the old in the East(The Cยดs) in the finals. Until something changes in the plan then come back to me. OKC very impressive, two games WOW!!! Its the begining of the playoffs, 2011 will be the playoffs to be remembered. Phil Jacksonยดs last year, will make sure he comes out with a bang.

  93. Aziz P Brimah says:

    @LakersFan actually, LA is playing the weakest team in the West. And they beat you soundly in game 1. #KnowTheFacts

  94. Aziz P Brimah says:

    I said it earlier this week… OKC is playing at a very high level that I don’t think hardly any team can match.. this is coming from a full-fledged Celtics fan. I don’t see anyone being able to match their talent, speed, athleticism, youth, intensity and competitiveness as a team in the West. If anybody, I thought it would be Denver, but…

    • Melo Who says:

      Nuggets are gonna bring it back home and pound the thunder in the next two. Which will help with confidence for the destruction of them on the Thunders home turf

      • Brian says:

        No such luck in Game 3. You’d better hope they can win 4 in a row. I don’t see how they will when they’ve lost the last 5 against OKC.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Hahaha MElo who is going to be just as scarce around here as Melo is in Denver! Please insert foot in mouth!

  95. BEAST OF THE WORLD says:



  96. Pierce says:

    Its gonna be the Thunder and the Mavs in the west finals. Thunder will handle the nuggets in 5-6 and go on and destroy the spurs or the grizzlies with that youth and energy. Mavs can handle the struggling lakers or the hornets.

  97. Clayton says:

    Best coach: Phil Jackson

    Best closer: Kobe Bryant

    Best front court: Bynum & Gasol

    6th man of the year: Lamar Odom

    Best Team: Lakers

    • mavs-fan says:

      I can name two front courts right now that have the potential to be better than that of the lakers… If they aren’t already better… And right now Gasol is playing pretty terribly

      Those two front courts are the Mavs’ (Nowitzki and Chandler) and the Bulls’ (Boozer and Noah). those are two solid front courts you shouldn’t dismiss when discussing that.

      And best coach in Phil Jackson? There’s some debating that could be done, but he is good.

      Best team in the Lakers? I don’t think they are playing like the best team right now, especially when they play a team who’s second best player is out due to injury yet they still beat the Lakers in game 1 (I’m talking about West). I think that right now, the Lakers have some changes to make in order to be considered the best team…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      The Lakers are the Yankees of Basketball, of course they will be good every year when they can afford to pay the most money for their roster. Phil Jackson has the rings but he has always had Jordan and Pippen, Kobe and Shaq, now Kobe and Gasol. you actually think Jackson would have such an illustrious career coaching in a small market? Think not.

  98. lakersfan says:

    denver is only in because of what carmelo and chauncy did when they were there period

    • Thunder says:

      Are you STUPID?
      One game behind the Lakers

      Since March 1st
      Chicago 23 3
      Oklahoma City 21 5
      Miami 17 7
      L.A. Lakers 16 7
      Denver 15 8

    • OKCKD35 says:

      this guy obviously only watches playoffs basketball lol, please disregard everything lakersfan says as it is backed by 0 stats, thank you

  99. lakersfan says:

    i hope this isnt being said because of round one because okc is playing the weakest team in the playoffs by far

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      You think the hornets are better than the nuggets. U better hope NO doesn’t take you guys to 6 or even seven. The 7th seed is giving you guys problems. This is based on the first two games. You team isn’t as good as they use to be. They fell into the 2 spot. You guys haven’t been consistant all year. Kobe can’t miss with complaining he was fouled or complains when he does foul. Just shut up an play, let the refs call the game.

    • Thunder Roars! says:

      The five seed is the weakest team? Really?

    • OKCKD35 says:

      another Laker fan in denial, the higher the seed the lower seed you play, that would make the Nuggets better than the Hornets (without david West and you still lost)

  100. the finals will be thunder-heat. Heat will win in 7 as homecourt will give heat advantage
    Go Heat!!!

  101. moneyball says:

    As much as I HATE the lakers(always) and think kobe and gasol are dirty defenders after game 2,
    I think they can take on the thunder any time they want to. But give the thunder their props, they hav’nt lost to the nuggets, who I beleive are better than the hornets. They will beat the spurs or grizzles, and then lose to LA because they don’t know how to win without durant & westbrook scoring 20 a piece. LA however, can win without Kobe or gasol scoring a lot because they won in game 2 with kobe and gasol combining for 18 points.

    GO HEAT!

  102. the finals will be thunder-heat. Heat will win in 7
    Go Heat!!!

  103. Marcos Diaz says:

    If the bulls and the celtics make it to the east conference finals, i honestly think the bulls will win that series. The celtics don’t have a point guard like Derrick Rose he can shoot jumpshots, make 3’s, get to the rim, draw fouls, there is nothing he can’t do offensively. Rondo cannot shoot the 3 consistantly. That is where the bulls have an advantage against the Celtics.

  104. wtf?! says:

    @ everybody:
    the playoffs have started and many teams are off to great starts, like OKC and MIAMI. they’ve played well in their first two games, but making it to the NBA FINALS? don’t you guys think it’s a little too early to say that? you can’t decide the best teams in the FIRST TWO GAMES? OKC is a grat team, but they’re too inexperienced. they might end up beating the spurs in a close one, but will eventually fall in the west finals to the lakers. right now, the lakers are just a little better, even though they’ve lost a game against new orleans. miami, on the other hand, is a different story. they have a talented roster with 3 all-stars, who pick up their intensity in the playoffs. but the problems are, there is not much chemistry as there could be potientally, and there are not many other good players apart from the big 3. their current team will be enough to advance out of the east, but their flaws will eventually end up costing them in the finals.

    my pred: NBA FINALS Lakers 4 – 3 Heat

    the lakers are a competitive, experienced, motivation driven team, and no one is going to get in their way for a championship this June. but the good thing for you fans is, the lakers are old, so this will be their last real chance of a title. their rebuilding process is probably going to start next year. phil’s going to retire, so I don’t think the lakers will be good enough to get a 4peat without him. in fact, kobe just might retire too.

    my prediction:
    yours will come true, but not right now.
    lakers lose in second round,
    okc wins conf. finals against blazers 4-3
    NBA Finals: OKC 3 – 4 Miami Heat
    Lebron wins Finals MVP, and silences all the doubters and haters.

  105. art says:

    Oklahoma is a good team. But i still put money on the Lakers on a 7 game series. Lakers are more experienced. Their front court is the best in the league. I will take Pau/Andrew over Kedrick/Ibaka. i would even put money on the the Lakers over bulls or anyone on the East.

  106. Literate says:

    Just watch Boston beat Miami. The real big 3 are in LBron’s & DWade’s heads. They can’t beat Boston in a series this year.

  107. anonymous says:

    miami okc in the finals no question. laker fans need to realize they aren’t nearly as loaded as these new teams that have formed this year. sure they are the two time champs but that’s because they were the best team in the league the last two years, now they aren’t.

    • Miami Heat Fan. says:

      I have OKC going to the finals unlike everyone else who have the Lakers. Lakers will not 3 peat or even make it close to the finals. It will be Miami vs OKC so FU to anyone who doesn’t think that

    • sbfern says:

      Lakers have the best front court in the NBA. This doesnt even include the Black Mamba! enough said…remember the 17-1 run? includes dominance against Dallas Spurs and Thunder at their own house. Hope you kids understand that.

      • Bullsfan1136 says:

        That’s all you got, look at the streak that followed after tha since you like to go there. Shouldn’t your best front line lead the league in rebounding if it was. Yeah, you beat the spurs bench with your so called best front line. Oh, your black mamba has missed more shots down the stretch of a game than made this season while he complains about everything these days. Quit living in the past. Yes, you guys won but this year its not going to be your team. I think all these kids and grown folks know that. The reality is, everyone laker knows that. Just hope NO doesn’t push you guys to a game 7………….

      • OKCKD35 says:


      • 787 says:

        Dirk + Chandler > Gasol + Bynum

        Sorry man.

  108. Mike says:

    The lakers are two time defending champs and still there not the favorite to win it all again thats insane. They won it last year without odom playing anywhere as good as he is now and bynum was a non factor so I think if anything there better this year than last. LETS NOT FORGET THAT THEY PLAY TO THE LEVEL OF THE COMPETITION!

    • berkamore says:

      Three guys are the key to the Lakers’ tiles hopes: Odom, Bynum and Artest. Kobe will get his but he can’t carry them by himself these days, at least not in a seven game series.

      If Odom, Bynum and Artest produce, the Lakers have a shot. If not, their 2011 playoff run will be short.

  109. Alvaro says:

    Yes it would be nice but Boston is not very consistant right now and it ll be very difficult to see Boston winning Miami and Chicago to get into the NBA Finals.

  110. Dylan says:

    yall cant be serious. okc best in the west ?? no!! they are exciting and athletic but the lakers will get past them. if bynum is 100 percent then the lakers 3 peat with not much resistance. i cant believe how many ppl think that okc can beat the lakers

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      The lakers had their three peat last year. Phil has never made it to 4 finals in his awesome career. You forget the beat down in ’08. Bynum can’t play like he did last night on a consistant basis. Your team better not split in NO cause that series can go longer that it should and you will have a rested Mavs team waiting. You don’t have the luxery of having a game 7 at home this time around especially if the Spurs, Heat, or Bulls are waiting. Good luck.

  111. Don't count out denver says:

    Please look at the way they lost first game was tight and perkins got credited for a shot that shouldnt have counted second game was ridiculously called in okc’s favor in the beginning minutes to get out to a lead folks i still say its going to be interesting i dont think you have seen the denver nuggets yet

    • Thunder Roars! says:

      OOH OOH! Call the waaaambulance!

      • Melo Who says:

        Maybe i should get the number for the waaa-mbulance from Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook. Because that’s where a big chunk of those free throw attempts come from.

      • Mega Freak says:

        LOL… Waaaambulance…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Any more excuses nuggets fans? Afflalo came back (didnt do crap) Birdman is back (didnt do crap) and you still lost (on your home floor again) haha any comments about the third quarter of game 3? Wasnt that called waaay in favor of denver? i think the refs felt bad for them and let them back i nthe game, 18 free throws in the quarter when OKC scored 15points the entire quarter? What happened as a result of that? Oh thats right another Denver loss, and this time the only thing you can cry about is what JR smith was already crying about “i was fouled by a planted player with his arms striaght up, you got to give me the fould on my last second desperation jump in to a player and throw the ball up move” Garbage garbage garbage. Didnt George Karl say this was going back to OKC tied up?

  112. Wredd says:

    The Thunder have all of the pieces to beat anyone, they just have to play it right. Ibaka is capable of 12-15ppg if he is shooting the 15 footer well, and Harden can go off and get 20 on any given night. They are not simply a transition team as many say. They run a smooth offense in the half court, based on whether KD gets doubled or not. Maynor, Harden, and Cook can all hit the 3. The Lakers don’t seem interested, but have enough talent to coast through the Hornets. Wont work vs the Mavs or Thunder though. OKC vs Boston in the finals! Imagine the story lines with all the trades. Would be great!

    • Joe says:


    • sbfern says:

      Really??!! Thunder won 2 playoff games against one of the worst road teams in the NBA… now I want to see them do that in Denver. Lakers have MORE pieces to beat anyone (including the Thunder) Kobe might not be the same Black Mamba, but he can go OFF on any game…dont forget that. Pau Gasol (or Paulina is previously stated, LMAO) is able to get double doubles in any game, so can Bynum, and Lamar Odom. Bynum has ALL the advantage on Perkins, Gasol/Odom are too skilled for Ibaka, Artest will be physical on Durant, which will affect him in later games. Westbrook is perhaps the only true player with all the advantage, but as long as Steve Blake follows him around and keep him under 25, its all good. I am not even counting Kobe on this one…He speaks for himself. Good luck Thunder…HAHA. And if you are going to make a point that the Lakers are struggling right now…Boston went to 7 games each series until the Finals and beat the Lakers in 6. So that point is not valid. IM OUT!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        that may be fine and dandy in your own head, if you look at the numbers its our bench that tore you guys up, last game our bench outscored yours 37-20, and we won by 14 on your home court, dont count your chickens before they hatch, and as good as Artest is on D, NOONE CAN GUARD KD WHEN HE IS HOT!!! last game 11-15 against the lakers for 31 points,

  113. D says:

    Ever heard of a team called the LA Lakers…I think they might have something to say about OKC making the finals…just a suspicion

    • Bullsfan1136 says:

      Yeah but if you guys are having trouble in the 1st round, things don’t get much easier. NO will play better than they did in game 2, especially at home.

    • Sean says:

      did u see how bad derek fisher got schooled by westbrook last year and chris paul this year?
      now westbrook is even better its gunna be hard as hell for the lakers to guard westbrook
      u can put kobe on him but thatl make a mismatch for who ever derek fisher is guarding

      • berkamore says:

        Derek Fisher is waaaaaaaaaaaaay past his prime. He can’t guard anybody at this point. It will be interesting to see if Jackson will actually bench him in case things get really bad. …..

      • OKCKD35 says:

        that and we all saw what happened when kobe “tried to guard westbrook” last time we played 26,6 and 7 for Westbrook, meanwhile Durant was toasting Artest.

      • bfunk83 says:

        You guys are all going off last year lmao! OKC beat LA ONCE this year a game where the Lakers didn’t even show up. There is a reason why the thunder are the 4th seed. They are not championship caliber yet! Get over it!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        @bfunk83 says:
        April 22, 2011 at 1:56 pm
        You guys are all going off last year lmao! OKC beat LA ONCE this year a game where the Lakers didnโ€™t even show up. There is a reason why the thunder are the 4th seed. They are not championship caliber yet! Get over it!

        We only played 3 times, once at the beginning of the year, Lakers had a good win, the 2nd time we had just traded away two starters and didnt receive anybody in the trade yet and you still barely won by like 3 or 4 points, the third time we were full strength and beat LA in their own building by 14, and check the box score and the minutes played and tell me LA didnt show up, thats every Laker fans excuse everytime they lose a game, tired of it. Take some notes from Kobe, wasnt it him who said OKC was the toughest matchup we faced in the playoffs? Didnt he also say westbrook is the fastest guard in the league with the ball in his hands? Yes we are a 4th seed, dont forget if San Antonio played its starters at the end of the year the Lakers would probably be the 4th seed, difference of 2 games on the year, lol and didnt you almost lose to Sacramento in overtime while fighting for playoff seeding? bfunk you are truly what gives Laker fans a bad name, once your Lakers are eliminated it will be you who has to “get over it” as OKC will be the next dynasty in the west!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Agreed, last year they won thanks to Gasol and Bynum, Green couldn’t guard Gasol even if it cost him his life, now we got Ibaka and Perkins, Westbrook will own Fisher, Thabo and Harden will atleast be able to guard Kobe better than other SGs, Durant and Artest, Durant won’t be able to score much, and Ibaka and Perkins can body up Gasol and Bynum, if Gasol is averaging like 8ppg against NO, I would like to see how well he plays against Ibaka, saying all this, I see Westbrook averaging 30 ppg and 8 asts, Durant averaging 18 ppg, technically speaking Westbrook will be doing everything.

    • Ralph says:

      We took the lakers further than what everybody expected last year, and they are tough to beat, but the last time the lakers had something to say to us, they got SLAPPED!

      (All in fun, that’s what makes things exciting)

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      If LA manages to take the rest of the games versus the Hornets I’ll consider them a possibility to making it back to the finals, but dropping the opening game on your home court says alot despite what you fans think.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @ Fact Not Fiction, again your an idiot. While its disappointing the Lakers lost the first game. If you or the team you cheer for knew anything about going to the finals three years straight, you would know its not easy. And anyone who knows anything about basketball knows the Lakers will not lose to NO. LOL your a dummy, if your gonna talk smak, just make sense is all i ask. The Spurs lost the first game to the grizzlies. No one really expects memphis to win the series.

      • Justafan says:

        Strange things happen in the playoffs.

      • LB says:

        The Lakers might not lose to NO but the real discussion is can the beat OKC? OKC came into LA a few weeks ago and outplayed them. LA does not look like the team to beat right now so I would have to go with the team to beat, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Agreed, but this happened last year to them too, Lakers came into the Playoffs playing sluggish, and then got their wake up call once Gasol tipped in the buzzer to win the series. Don’t know when and how it will happen this year, but it has to happen. Im pretty sure Lakers won’t lose to NO, but you never know what can happen. the series could go the Lakers way, 3-1 lead, or tied 2-2. but, the Lakers main problems will be after NO, whether its Portland or Dallas, L.A is gonna have trouble, Portland has Aldridge, Wallace, Matthews and Roy (even though he is not himself yet) who can score 20 each, Camby can play lock down D on Gasol and Bynum, Wallace or Matthews can both guard Kobe, and Miller can guard Fisher, or if its Dallas, which will be L.A’s worst nightmare besides OKC, Dallas actually has more size than L.A, Haywood, Chandler and Dirk, who are all 7’0 vs Gasol, Odom and Bynum, Odom is 6’10, 6”11. Also Dirk has been tearing it up in the Playoffs, Mavs also have a loaded bench, Brewer, Barea,Terry, Peja, Marion and Hawyood, the bench is solid along with the Starters. L.A will have their hands full before making it to the WCF, IF they make it, OKC will be waiting, OKC has been playing well and Im sure will run the ball down San Antonio’s throat, once they beat Denver, unless Denver causes an upset, which isn’t likely.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        @ The Heat Suck, calm down and don’t get so butt hurt because I mention LA losing. No team has been to the finals four years in a row and though LA IS capable I just don’t see them beating out some of the other teams. That’s just my opinion.

        On a different note, grow up because you continue to reply on my comments even though previously stating to not read your’s. You don’t control anything besides your TV remote and keep that close cause when LA is down in the fourth tonight you’ll want to tune out. Peace!

  114. Alvaro says:

    OKC has Perkins and Ibaka rebounding, westbrook and thabo stealing and durant, westbrook and harden scoring.
    Thunder are the best!
    Who do you think will OKC play with in the finals?

    • QuestionMark says:

      Most likely Chi-Town or Miami, unless Boston comes out of nowhere like last year, but if the Celtics do make it, OKC will have the better transition game, and I will love to see Rondo and Westbrook go head to head, same if the Bulls make it, Rose vs Westbrook, and if Heat make it, Westbrook will just run over the Heat PGs, Bosh will get shut down by Ibaka, the Heat Cs won’t get any points because of Perkins and also it will be Lebron vs Durant.

  115. Alvaro says:

    OKC has Perkins and Ibaka rebounding, westbrook and thabo stealing and durant, westbrook and harden scoring.
    Thunder are the best!

  116. Ralph says:

    I forgot to mention:
    Did you happen to see our defense last night?

  117. Ralph says:

    We may not have a single 3rd guy that can put up 20 pts, but we have a TEAM that can distribute that 20 from all over the court and that’s a little harder to stop than 1 guy.

    Let’s GO Thunder!

    Finals, here we come!

  118. TomP says:

    thunders have to beastly big men ibaka and perkin its gonna be tough for other teams to compete with them in the paint

    • QuestionMark says:

      Only other teams that can compete are Dallas and L.A, Dallas with Dirk, Chandler and Haywood, L.A with Bynum, Gasol and Odom, I think OKC has the edge though, Ibaka shows alot of energy when blocking shots, and has more athleticism than the other big men in L.A and Dallas, closest would be Chandler.

  119. SpursDaBest!! says:

    ROBOMANU Does it Again!!!! GO SPURS GO!!!

  120. luis says:

    Boston is not going anywhere, they cant win without Perkins. Yea theyre facing the Knicks, bt think about, theyre whole chemistry changed at the end of the year making it impossible to build a chemistry. i know for a fact that OKC is going to make it for the west, they is just TOO on point. and even thought the heat are only playing the sixers, for them to win by 21 with wade only playing a 20 percent game..thats a good sign. They are to dialed in, and the way that Bosh and Lebron are playing..i dont see anyone being able to beat Miami right now. I see Miami and OKC in the finals. Go Heat!!

    • steagle says:

      I wouldn’t be too quick to say Boston isn’t going anywhere, look at Rondo’s play of late – no one can stop him – and don’t forget there’s a good chance Shaq will be back at the end of the series or at the very least for round 2 against the Heat. JO has also stepped it up and is blocking peeps left and right and hitting jumpers. Boston may have fizzled out at the end of the season but they are a playoff team and they will find a way to bring all their talent together for another run. Plus they are the only team in the East to have beaten Miami so many times in the regular season. It should be Miami who is worried not Boston.

      • Bullsfan1136 says:

        I wouldn’t say the only team……………..Chicago did a pretty good job of that too.

      • Kel says:

        Agreed. People questioned Boston last year, and they were 4 points away from taking it all. Boston is still the team to beat in the East. Even when they play poorly, they find a way to grind it out and win. They have the ability to win ugly games, and that is why I believe the Celtics have a very good chance to claim banner 18 this year.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      Luis can the Heat and Thunder win a series first before you start making long term predictions? haha geez.

  121. Bullsfan1136 says:

    @ Banks……The reason why people think DA BULLS can beat miami is because they have proven that. As far as putting the pacers away, it will happen. Yes, two ugly wins but they are wins. In the playoffs its all about getting wins, period. Bulls haven’t played their best so I like our chances moving forward. The road to the finals goes thru CHICAGO whether you like it or not. Don’t worry about DA BULLS. Worry about your team if you have one in the playoffs. Is it Miami? They are a great team with 3 allstars. Lets see how it turns out.

    • KungFu Hustler says:

      Actually Skip the last time I checked the LOB Trophy still resides in LA and at this time that team is still in the playoffs so if the championship goes through anywhere it would be SOCAL. DA BULLS are actually lucky not to be down 0-2 right now. Bulls will be 2nd round losers. Congratulations on the best record though.

  122. Looooooooouis says:

    Because of the lack of consistency in the East and the youth of the Bulls, I feel like the C’s have to be the favorites from the East until someone can pose a legitimate threat towards dethroning them. Perkins or Green, the C’s find a way to win in tough situations, even though the last minute plans D’Antoni is executing, or not executing, are the reason the C’s are up 2-0.

    Although I won’t count out the Lakers, I think OKC has shown the most consistency and progression throughout the season and need to be considered a threat to go deep into the playoffs and maybe even win the West. That being said, Phil likes championships in threes and until the Lakers go down 3-0 in a series and are down 10+ points with a minute or less left in game 4, they’re my team to beat in the West.

    • Celtic Mane says:

      you are a smart man celtics are a favorite we already got 17 more than any other team we just need to win this one to have 18

  123. Kent says:

    Everybody’s getting way too caught up in the OKC hype. Denver is a great matchup for them, they both run, OKC just runs better. They get in trouble when they get in the half court because its all isolation Durant/Westbrook. Their bigs are good on D, but they cant score. I don’t see a deep run happening for this team until Ibaka develops his offensive game. Harden is a wildcard, if he doesnt show up who else scores??

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i still think its funny that a team that was in the top teir of the league offensively gets called out so often for not having scoring options, didnt this series just prove you wrong? Ibaka and Harden struggled we still scored over 105 with a W, ibaka and Harden play well we score over 105 and get a W, so why does everyone say we cant score when one person has an off night? last game westbrook and Kd combined for 44 points and we win by 16, i think some people need to do some fact checking!

  124. Rainman says:

    ur forgetting Dallas, thats the one team NOONE wants to face in the playoffs, and are goin gunder the radar.

    Dirk is playing great playoff basketball as usual (how can a guy that averages 25 and 10 for the playoffs in his career a choker? ) And J-Kidd looks young, Terry is exorcising his playoff demons, and Peja’s shooting like its 2001 again. Lets not forget what Tyson Chandler brings to teh table as well, thats 2 7 footers right there

    • Sean says:

      funny thing is dude before the playoffs started everyone was saying they WANTED to face dallas because they always flame out hahahaha

  125. Marcos Diaz says:

    If the bulls play great defense and rebound that’s all they have to do to win the series.

    • steagle says:

      I don’t think anyone is predicting Bulls will lose round 1. But if they make it to the East Finals, it will be a different story. Bulls have great role players but they don’t have multiple allstars. Boston and Miami are stacked. Veteran allstars make all the difference down the stretch in the playoffs, as we have seen for the last several years in the Finals. I honestly do not think the Bulls will be able to weather the storm for 7 games against Miami or Boston. However if they do manage to pull it off, a Chicago – OKC Finals would seem to make a kind of ironic sense, because you have two young, up and coming teams proving the old guys wrong. It would be an interesting matchup for sure.

      • Bullsfan1136 says:

        You may have a point about the allstars on the two teams. The bulls play great team BB. That is what counts. Having the best record, best defense, best rebounding, and home court thru the playoffs. All in all, they play together. Yeah, our two wins haven’t been impressive but hey they are to wins.

        Name one person on either team to stop DRose………………………………….No one can.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        i think of anyone in the playoffs the toughest matchup for D-Rose would be Russell Westbrook, not only because i am an OKC fan but i think Russy is the only other guard in the league who is as athletic as Rose, he just gets no love because he plays with KD

      • Celtic Mane says:

        @ bullsfan1136
        dwade can lebrick can and rondo can hate to hurt your feelings but your team just isnt going to cut it

      • Celtic Mane says:

        @ okckd35
        i didnt forget about you those two are the most athletic in the playoffs if the warriors made it monta would shut them both down as he is a pure scorer and one of the fastest in the league

      • OKCKD35 says:

        @celtic mane. “if the warriors made it” that is the best part of your statement. i would change it to “if they arent good enough to make the playoffs they arent good enough to affect the outcome :)”

  126. Marcos Diaz says:

    loul deng and boozer would have to step up if the bulls want to go to the finals

  127. sbfern says:

    As far as i know, Lakers are still the Champions and until the Thunder knock them off, Lakers are still the favorites. All this talk is non sense. But i guess its YOUR opinion. Im just saying, knock off the Lakers first and then talk who will make the championship games. My prediction is Boston-Lakers AGAIN! Lakers in 7 AGAIN! Chicago did really well in the regular season, but does not look like they are smart matching up with oponents in a 7 game series. Hopefully im wrong because Rose is a beast and well deserved MVP.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      Agreed. The Lakers are 3 time defending Western Conference Champs. Beat them first, then you’re the best.

    • Lebron James says:

      Me chris bosh and Dwayne Wade are the best trio evey in nba history so we will win the gold ”lol”

      • Celtic Mane says:

        oh yeah okay lebrick james aka Quitness aka Mr No Clutch aka Cant even close a already closed door aka you know what your just suck

      • OKCKD35 says:

        LaQueen, i want to take this opporunity to tell you that you look like a muppet, you cry like a girl, and you will never win a ring! I think when you joined forces with D-Wade you did form the most elite 1-2 combo of crybabies in the league. Please let me see you cry when you once again cannot close a series and lose to the celtics!

  128. David says:

    I live in OKC and as much as I would like the Thunder to make it to the finals, I can’t cheer for them.

    I’m a die-hard Lakers fan and I will be rooting for them until they get knocked out of the playoffs–which if they do, it’ll be in the west finals or the finals–or if they win the whole thing.

    If Bynum continues doing what he’s doing and if Paulina Gasol takes his tampon out, the Lakers will be too hard to beat–and I didn’t even mention Kobe or any of the other players.

    Until then, let the haters talk. LAKERS FTW!!!

    • SpursFan says:

      Paulina Gasol lmaoo, never thought of that 1 hehehe

    • thunderup says:

      David I hope you don’t openly cheer for LA or wear lakers jerseys in OKC, cuz if you do I fear for your health and safety haha.

      This year there’s 4 or 5 teams with legitimate chances and it’s gonna get crazy in the second round. I can’t wait to see the Heat and Celtics, and if everything goes right the Thunder and Lakers in the conference finals. OKC and LA both have the pieces to pull of that series and it would be awesome to watch. Also, I hope since you’re in the 405 you can find a way to cheer the thunder on if your lakers get knocked out and the thunder are still in it..

      Also, to all those ‘thunder don’t have a 3rd man’ people….Fear the beard!

  129. KD35 Fan says:

    I think OKC are doin really great after all star weekend.. and since the trade.. I think Harden step up his game.. I’ve been watching they’re game since.. and I can tell they have a great chance of winning it all.. if OKC keeps this level of game then they will be a very tough opponent for the spurs and lakers(I still put lakers over mavs, and sorry for blazers fans i just don’t think they can upset the mavs) to beat.. its been a great playoffs so far specially in west.. im sorry but east is very predictable only good game in there is celtics vs knicks.. and game two okc vs den.. OKC showed us that they are not just about the dynamic duo.. the team played great and i think denver won’t be sweep.. it will b 4-1 Its good to win your very playoff series at home.. well sweeping your opponent is a pretty good way too.. but who knows.. 4-1 thunders ๐Ÿ˜€

  130. CELTICS says:

    can miami even get past celtics first? Knicks are a tougher opponent then the sixers are and bulls are really struggling to put away pacers and if they get magics next round, good luck guarding dwight howard.
    celtics vs okc finals ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      They can and will.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        People who doubt the Lakers are just a complete joke to me. I just cant understand how you can doubt a team that has won the title two years in a row. The same song a lot of you girls are singing, is the same song you were singing last year. I dont think the Lakers can do it, the Lakers are washed up, the Lakers this, the Lakers that. Then in June, you do what you should do now. Thats right, put something long and hard in your mouth to shut you up.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        Talk trash when your team knocks out the Hornets. Stop talking about last year or the year before that. Good job to them on 2peating, but until it’s said and done everyone will be rooting for their favorite team. Quit the hating and get it out your @$* before you tell people where to put it.

      • QuestionMark says:

        This is coming from a guy named THEHEATSUCK, a immature, narrow-minded kid.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @Fact Not Fiction your an idiot!! Good job to them 2peating? First of all i didnt know 2peating was a word. I thought it was referred to as back to back. Where did you learn to speak english amigo. I dont mind people rooting for the favor team, but i can tell people who root for their team that their team sucks!! If you dont like it, dont read anything with THEHEATSUCK! And quit the hating and get it out you @$* before you tell people where to put it, ha, what, whats that suppose to mean? Dude get a dictionary and a american english teacher to teach you how to speak, then i give you permission to write to me again.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        And this is coming from a moron with a name like QuestionMark. How am i immature and im just stating facts? Sounds to me like your the immature one. You get a little butt hurt when someone talks about your team, maybe because you know im speaking the truth. It doesnt bother me when you Laker haters talk trash about my team. But maybe thats becasue we have championships to back up how good we are. Stop being a p***y and deal with it. Your team sucks and wont make it to the finals. And what makes me narrow minded?

      • rogelio10 says:

        i also wonder why everyone counts the lakers out of the championship when they have proven for three years in a row they can get there when playing at full potential i have seen every minute of the hornets and laker game and i know the lakers are not playing in top form pau gasol is playing weak, kobe had 11 points in game 2?andrew bynum has had only one good game. Ron artest has been the only consistent lakers. Watch out when all the lakers are playing well and there defense is in top form. Don’t EVER count the laker out

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        @ The Heat Suck, well moron YOU replied to MY comment so take your own advice and don’t read anything that says Fact Not Fiction. Also you say I need a dictionary and english lessons, yet you spelled favorite wrong and used bad grammer all in the same sentence, LMAO. Nuff Said.

      • SMOOVE says:

        Oh wow looks like we’re having our own playoffs right here!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Funny how you automatically think Im a Heat fan, unlike you my world doesn’t revolve around the Lakers, and that is why I hate the Lakers, because of moronic narrow minded fans like you.

  131. Cha says:

    So far in the playoffs, the only real scare for me, as a LA fan, are the Mavs and thunder. Mavs got real depth, crazy how talented they are. If only they got big al instead of Utah, they couldv’e have the length and talent to challenge LA. that would be some kind of series but they’re solid from 1 to 5. Especially the bench, they got some firepower there. OKC, they’re great, young legs and very athletic although, I still believe they’re 2-3 years away from reaching the finals just ’cause they’re too young. The Lakers may have needed 6 games and Gasol’s putback to put them away last year but come on, LA didn’t really played the same D they played after the All Star break this season.

    • QuestionMark says:

      If Butler was with the Mavs now I actually think Lakers won’t have a chance against them unless Artest starts averaging 20ppg, Kidd is a better PG than Fisher, Terry and Kobe are both good, Butler is a major scorer and Artest is a terrific defender, Dirk and Gasol are both good PF scorers and can rebound, Bynum and Chandler can both lock down the paint, also Mavs have Marion and Haywood who are terrific defenders, that being said the Mavs have more size than the Lakers, Gasol, Bynum and Odom vs Dirk, Chandler and Haywood, all three for the Mavs are above 7’0 tall, so I would say Mavs would win in 5 or 6 if Butler was playing, since Butler isn’t playing I would Lakers win in 7 in the 2nd round unless Hornets or Blazers cause a huge upset on either teams.

      • al respect the game says:

        dude dont put terry and kobe’s name next to each other. thats an insult.

      • al respect the game says:

        and i guaran-darn – tee u that lakers will NOT need to go to 7 games to beat dallas.

      • QuestionMark says:

        @al respect the game, I did not mean it like that, I meant both Terry and Kobe are good players, even though Kobe is a going down as a legend.

    • Gab0 says:

      Minnesotta would never gift Al Jefferson to a powerhouse team like Dallas.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      And we dont have the huge size disadvantage that we had against LA last year, thats how you guys wont that series, offenseive rebounds and put backs, not this year though, not with KP and Ibaka in the paint. Did you see how bad we worked LA in LA at the end of the year, and i know every laker fan is going to say “we werent trying, we were resting” plying Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, and Artest in excess of 30mpg is not resting, so no more excuses, everyone knows the Lakers fear playing the Thunder this year!!

  132. NoRemorse says:

    I still hope the spurs pull off this year. They have a great bench, and when the big three are healthy, they are a terrific team ^_^ But nonetheless, OKC is a great threat in the west especially when they’re playing at a high level. GO SPURS GO!

  133. Banks says:

    Smh @ people thinkin the Bulls will beat Miami when they can barely put away the pacers….Rose is carrying the load TOO much

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bulls can barely put away the Pacers? What about the heat having troulbe with teams under 500 all season long? The bulls are going to smash the heat. Who will stop Rose, Chalmers? Ya right. Who will contain Noah and Boozer, Ilgaskus? What a joke.

      • OKC says:

        Have you seen both team play? Have you seen the improvement of Bosh? Bulls will not smash the Heat, they have a chance, they have the advantage against the Heat but I will never count a team out that has 3 stars that can deliver big numbers every single game. CHALMERS WILL NOT DEFEND ROSE, WADE WILL NOT DEFEND ROSE, LBJ will. And that is a horrible match up for Rose. If you are a Bulls fan “THEHEATSUCK” you should wish for the Celts to beat the Heat, because Celts are more beatable, and Thib knows their system. Heat is a dangerous team right now, it is not because of LBJ, but WADE. A DWADE that is healthy, has a good supporting csst, and fired up is very dangerous come crunch time. GO OKC, BEAT LA!

      • Gary says:

        What teams would those be? They lost to Cleveland once who also put a beating on LA and Celtics(I believe). Fact is they’re lost to LESS below average teams compared to LA or Boston. But with a nonsense name like “TheHeatSuck”, I wouldn’t expect to hear any vaild statments from you.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Another ignorant hater, Season and Playoffs are different by far, Heat did beat the Sixers by like 20 pts while Bulls beat the Pacers in both games by nearly 5 pts, even though I have to say Bulls have a better chance than the Heat, but the Heat have a very good chance to beat the Bulls as well, you also forget Wade can guard Rose, who ever said Chalmers has to guard him, also even though Heat have no legitimate C to stop Noah, Noah doesn’t do much but play D and grab boards, so Noah isn’t the main problem, if Bosh, Lebron and Wade can guard Rose, Deng and Boozer properly than Heat won’t have a problem to stop them, but that is easier said than done.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @OKC I watch more basketball then you do. Id bet anything on that. The improvement in Bosh? AHHHH, no. Just wait until bosh has to go up againist the likes of KG, or Dwight, or Bynum. Can bosh really do anything with any of those guys, i think not. Bosh still plays like he wears pink panties. When the heat face a real team like the bulls or the magic or the celtics or the lakers, you will see what i mean about bosh. Just stay tuned. As for @ Gary nothing you said made any sense. You talk about valid statements. Maybe you should think about just trying to make sense before you write a comment to me.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        I cant believe how stupid you heat fans sound. @ QuestionMark, and you are a huge question mark. You can call me ignorant a hater whatever you like buddy. Fact is, i call it how i see it. And the heat have struggled all season long to beat teams over 500. Now they have a 2-0 series lead over the sixers, and you moronic heat fans think they are really doing something, hahahaha, what a joke. It doesnt matter who the heat try and put on Rose, nobody will guard him, not wade, not lebum, nobody. Then @ QuestionMark says the heat have no real center to stop Noah. Noah doesnt do much but play D and grab boards. AHHHH, i think thats all Noah needs to do you stupid dork. Then at the end, you say easier said than done. So you basically agree with what i say, the heat will have a very hard time with the bulls. Get off the website you idiot.

      • Justafan says:

        Its funny how yall are throwing the bulls in the conference finals. Did yall forget about orlando? No one ever say they have a chance and they always knock the top dog off. (Conference Finals of 09) . Plus the magic almost beat them without Dwight even though regular season and post-season i different The bulls will lose in 6 to the Magic, Lebron will finally get past the Celtics. Finals Magic vs OKC/Lakers

      • BullsFan23 says:

        Actually, the Heat don’t have a problem with teams under .500, it’s the teams over .500 that give Miami problems. Idk if you seen the Pacers against the Bulls this playoff series. They’re playing really good basketball but in the end, they’re too young and inexperienced to beat the Bulls. The Bulls are certainly not going to smash the Heat; it will be some close games. I personally don’t know whose going to win but I will say the Bulls swept the season series 3-0 and the Celtics won the season series 3-1. That’s all I’m going to say.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Im the idiot riiight.. Im not a narrowminded hater like you, and FYI im no Heat fan either, I don’t hate them, or like them, Im just saying Wade is the best player on the Heat team that can guard him, and I said easier said than done, meaning Heat can win and Bulls can win, unlike you Im not saying Bulls will win automatically, you forget how good Wade and Lebron is, and don’t just start saying they suck, look at the stats, look at what they average, look at how they play then come talk to me.

      • WillyG says:

        so…..who’s gonna stop LBJ Bosh and Wade? oh and i dont think Noah scores alot anyways?

      • Brian says:

        How are those Bulls looking right now? Oh yeah. Not too well.

      • Heat All Day says:

        Its alright guys, THEHEATSUCK is CONSTANTLY in blogs rippin on the Heat, it shows you just HOW MUCH this dude is intimidated by their ridiculous talent. The ONE constant that you WILL see with this guy, is that all the losses for the Heat mean EVERYTHING, and their wins mean absolutely NOTHING. He will say look at their regular season record against each other (when speaking of the Heat against other top teams), but then when he talks about his favorite teams, and IF they have a losing record, he says well everythings different in the playoffs. But just not if your the Miami Heat, it doesnt apply LOL. If you are the Miami Heat, you canNOT play better or differently in the playoffs, only every other team, and ALL of the Heats wins mean nothing LOL

        This guy is a complete JOKE.

  134. 20 POints? Whaaaaaa? says:

    Apparently you have never heard of James Harden

  135. Fact Not Fiction says:

    It will be Thunder vs Mavs, west finals; Bank on it.

  136. David Matos says:

    I do think OKC is the best of the west. Because of there dynamic duo in Westbrook and Durant. Plus they can knock off any of the teams that are currentlley in the playoffs. In my opioun the Thunder will advance to an NBA championship game this year against the Miami Heat.

  137. Maurice says:

    How great would it be having OKC and Chicago in the Finals already…

    the Future might be NOW!

  138. Marcos Diaz says:

    I think the chicago bulls are still the favorites because OKC does not have a third guy that can give you 20 points, but the bulls do

    • Kevin says:

      And who that would be? Boozer? The guy cant hit a wide open 7footer

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Harden and Ibaka can for the Thunder.

    • Symokoto says:

      i take it you’ve never acquainted yourself wit hthe OKC roster. Never heard of James Harden? He scores more on a nightly basis for OKC than Boozer or Deng.

      • tclell says:

        I have no idea what planet you’re on. Harden averaged 11 points this season while luol deng AND carlos boozer both contributed 17.5 ppg. They also both shot much better percentages from the field (deng 46 % Boozer 51 % Harden 42%).

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Also you have to realize you are comparing starters to reserves here Genius, since the all start break noone has socred more off the bench than Harden, look at his stats since the trade, he is giving over 16ppg off the bench. That and if you knew anything you would also know the bulls are the best defensive team i nthe league, its not always about offensive production (in which we score more PPG than the bulls), so obviously we score enough.

    • Eli says:

      What about James Harden ? He may not give you 20 every night, but still is a solid 3rd option capable of scoring 20.

    • Mitch says:

      It’s already been said, but James Harden is the answer you are looking for. I don’t remember exactly but I believe before the playoffs started James Harden was averaging 18+ points per game after the All-star break. I think that’s pretty close to 20.

    • Adrian says:

      two words, James Harden. and the fact is, is that OKC is loaded with talent and in my opinion, theyre the best team from the west. Chicago has to worry about miami above everyone else, cuz without D Rose that team would be nothing. i’ll take my chances goin with a team in the playoffs that has a roster like Miamis, look to see OKC in the finals vs. Miami

      • al respect the game says:

        actually i beleive that just might be the matchup. i gat no problems with that and i can say confidently that OKcity will win. LBJ cant hold KD.

    • Sean says:

      dont have a third guy that can put up 20?
      how many times has james harden done that?
      hes not consistently scoring that but he CAN do it

    • cody says:

      Harden had 18…

    • QuestionMark says:

      Only reason Bulls could win is because of their amazing Defense, no one besides Rose scores more than 20+ points consistently, Rose does everything for this team, Rose falls, Bulls fall, but Thunder have 2 guys that can score 20+ a night and also have guys that can score 15+ in Harden and Ibaka, I love both the OKC and Bulls , but I actually think Thunders have a better chance to win the Championship and beating the two time defending champs, L.A Lakers, OKC has a bigger edge than any other team as well and that is thanks to the fans of OKC, the fans help the team get pumped up when OKC plays at home.

    • Robert says:

      Oct 27 2010 CHI 95-OKC 106. Without Perk, Hmmm. just saying

      • case82 says:

        dec 6. CHI 99-OKC 90

        someone has selective memory

      • al respect the game says:

        OCT 27???? dude r u listening to urself. thats was the start of the season. teams have changed. bulls were not complete then. the least u could do to make any kind of sense is to check what the score of the last game they playeed was. iam guessing Bulls won that why u didnt say anything about it. get ur facts right

    • fan says:

      harden can easily

    • Joey says:

      What are you talking about.Did you see game two againts the nuggets.Four player had double digits.We got Westbrook,Durant,Harden,Ibaka,that can score double any time.The Thunder are ready for any team right now.Bring it on.

    • Maine1 says:

      Have you ever heard James Harden. he can score twenty + any time he wants.

    • AverageBallFan says:

      as much as i find the bulls entertaining, im concerned because rose is averaging 37.5 ppg meanwhile 2nd option is Deng with like 17-18ppg and booz, the bulls “gemstone free agent” is 11ppg.. Oh not to mention Rose’s 5apg and 5 to. Rose can’t do it all….. and against defence like boston idk if rose can keep it upp…. we’ll see tho.

      • Jon says:

        Here’s the thing…boston wont even make it past Miami to play chicago yo…Miami is gonna beat boston in 5 games & a veteran point like bibby is what they need bc he wont turn it over to Rondo like Lebron and Wade will.

  139. Hector says:

    Im a laker fan an as much as I want the lakers to win this year i dont know if there going to be able to put up with the thunder because there playing at a HIgh level right now……..

    • Smoots. says:

      OKC is having a nice run, but I’m sorry, I just do not see them getting around LA,SA, or even Dallas for that matter…

      • chin says:

        i agree.okc is not as good as sa,la.especialy the “KEY PLAYER” durant is not as good as dunken, kb. sorry.

      • Jon says:

        I’m a Thunder fan looking forward to the SA, LA (or even Dallas) challenge soon. I think we have the team to do it and what’s nice is it will all be settled soon. Love the playoffs!!!

      • Greg says:

        okc vs lakers in the conference finals. lakers win in 7. i still have the spurs losing to the grizzlies (weird huh?)

      • eddym77 says:

        its a little early to say but it looks like we wont have to play either dallas or san an. and if we do with the possible sweep looming we will be well rested and up for any challenge they have to offer, san an. is old with a young mix thats good but the older plrs will have to stay healthy same for the lakers the thunder are a team that can go TEN deep with scorers on the floor at all times dallas who is scared of dallas? if the thunder stay focused they will go as far as they want to scotty is doing a great job keeping these guys in moment not high not to low. GO Thunder

    • OKCKD35 says:

      How is KD not as good as Duncan? Do you even look at stats? Duncan is a great player but getting old, Kobe is a year or two behind Duncan, i would never count either of them out but to he is not as good is rediculous, you dont win back to back scoring titles by not being good.

      • King D says:

        That is a good point BUT!!! we are not just talking about scoring it leadership and motivation when KD shows that and other little things ill say he is up there with legends

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Kevin Durant is nothing but leadership and work ethic, always the first out at pre game, always pushing his team, didn’t you see that with the USA Basketball team he lead to gold, granted his career hasen’t been as long as Kobe to TD, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t up there with them. Whila Laqueen was making a media circus about his max contract with Miami, Durant, the leader he is gave up his bargaining chips and said OKC is where he wants to play. They rewarded him with a max contract, but noone heard about that. That’s what i call leadership

    • 80s90sBaller says:

      Hector is right.

      Bottom-Line: OKC Thunder is the best team in the league now and I’ve been saying this before the NBA Analysts started talking about them.

      They are young and considerably “inexperienced” but as far as Talent and Professionalism and Overall Team Efficiency, OKC IS the team to beat.

      Here is the Kicker: They are only getting BETTER.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Looks like the nuggets finally got enough calls to win a game! Free throw disparity was rediculous, how do you get 17 more free throw attempts in one half of the game (not it was the second half and once again started in the third quarter to keep the nuggets close) This time the calls continues through the end of the game, i guess you go to give them one out of six, how was that a no call on Nene at the end of the game where he is holding Perkins arm with both of his hands and pulls him to the ground? oh wait because the nuggets were up by three and that could have lost the game for them, good no call ref! now for a JR smith moment “We had a good look at the basket and i was fouled” Same crap as the last game, no call this time they win and you hear nothing about it! No more home cooking as we shift back to OKC!