StatsCube: The Knicks’ One-Man Show

With Chauncey Billups and Amar’e Stoudemire out with injuries, Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks back from an 11-point deficit to take the lead in the fourth quarter of Game 2 in Boston on Tuesday, before falling to the Celtics 96-93.

It was an amazing performance on a big stage. And how well the Knicks performed with such a depleted lineup could only make you shake your head.

But the idea of the Knicks playing well with only one of their three stars on the floor isn’t new. It’s actually been happening since they acquired Anthony.

“Right when I heard that Stoudemire was out,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said after Game 2, “I turned to Lawrence Frank and said, ‘Oh jeez, they’ve got us right where they want us right now.'”

Perhaps Doc had using StatsCube before the game, because the numbers show that the Knicks have played better with just one star on the floor…

Knicks efficiency since Anthony trade (including playoffs)

Stars on floor MIN OffRtg DefRtg Diff. +/- +/- per 48
Anthony, Billups & Stoudemire 498 108.2 108.4 -0.2 -2 -0.2
Anthony & Billups only 155 111.8 114.3 -2.4 -9 -2.8
Anthony & Stoudemire only 212 112.9 116.3 -3.4 -8 -1.8
Billups & Stoudemire only 39 107.5 110.0 -2.5 -4 -5.0
Two of the three 406 112.0 114.9 -2.9 -21 -2.5
Only Anthony 190 108.5 97.1 +11.5 +48 +12.2
Only Billups 7 87.4 61.9 +25.4 +2 +13.7
Only Stoudemire 228 107.4 104.1 +3.3 +16 +3.4
One of the three 425 107.6 100.0 +7.5 +66 +7.5

OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions

Obviously, the numbers with Billups come from too small a sample size to put much value in them. But it’s clear that the Knicks have been better when they’ve only got Anthony or Stoudemire on the floor, especially defensively, than when both are on the floor together.

There are only four Anthony-only lineups that have played at least 10 minutes together, and none of them played together for more than 6 1/2 minutes in any particular game. But overall, you’re looking at 190 effective minutes.

Billups and Stoudemire each had MRI exams on Wednesday. And as of Wednesday night, Billups is listed as “questionable” for Friday’s Game 3, while Stoudemire is listed as “day-to-day.”

The Knicks would love to have at least one of them back. But if they don’t have either, don’t underestimate what Anthony and the rest of his teammates can do. The data is pretty convincing.


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  1. BIG ACE says:

    well well well, my NY Knicks are on the rise we have two definite contracts for two players STAT and MELO with a pos. of keeping BILLUPS. we need a big man like SUPERMAN and a point like CP3. KEEP JEFFRIES AND SHAWN WILLIAMS and thats a great compliment of a team if i had my wish. its all good to dream right. the posibilities is there

  2. Rubens says:

    Don’t forget that Kniks was a team reconstructed from the second half of the season. Additionally by the unfortunate injuries, the possibility of good results were reduced until the team was finally eliminated. On the other hand, we (Kniks’s fans) hope the next season we keep the best of this team and obtain a lot much better results. In good times and bad times, Go Kniks, let’s go!!

  3. Rose-MVP says:

    Omg celtics fans what are ou taking about…u see all the world in green….Boston is up 2 shots..not 2 game…the first 2 games in YOUR HOME COURT was 1 shoot difference…NY is a new team and they have what they need to beat you…You can even dreaming about beating HEAT with this team u could beat lebron alone in game 7 or 6 but look him know there is no mo wiliams there is wade and no varajao there is bosh…if you go past NY u r going to sweap by HEAT be sure of that…Anyway championships probably goes to lakers again in a 4-2 against the bulls..

    • Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:


    • All About 18 says:

      What the heck are you talking about? Knicks got SWEPT! Heat got no chance cuz Shaq’s comimg back and we played are best basketball with Shaq

      • BIG ACE says:

        yeah we got swept with 2 top players on the bench, boston is getting old and they r dropping fast this is the last chance at a championship with these guys NY is rebuilding for the next 5 to 6 yrs NY will be a top contender in the east. GO KNICKS..

  4. melo man says:

    melo is one of the best clutch shooters in da league yea tha celtics are a champioship team but they played with each other for awhile melo nd new york are still learnin but yet they gave them celtics a scare dont be surprised wen melo ties up the series cause wen you really think of it you dont have an answer for him pierce is a good defender but melo could score in many ways nd i think melo can upset the celtics nd da nba nd make it out the first round im a big melo fan since he was in syracuse nd went 2 denver so i think this is gonna go seven games nd i think melo will be meetin lebron in the second round

    • Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

      Melo alone cant tie up the games. . . teams who go 0-2 dont come back. . .only been done I belive 16 times. . .NOT GOING TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR. . . maybe next year or the year after.. . its a fact, Boston will have to rebuild real soon too but right now NY just need to be happy they got melo and that they in the playoffs. . . baby steps. . you have to crawl before you can walk.

    • BostonF says:

      NY can be a threat next year but not this year. No chemistry!

  5. chestnutz says:

    All lakers and knicks fans.. your team will not gonna beat the celtics this time,,,, look at how the lakers are playing poorly against the hornets,, i prefer miami than those 2 because they will give the celtics the real challenge,, but i think the c’s will gonna et this again this time,,,,

    • TheGreatestFoward says:

      How poor is your team playing the knicks. Watch the wind is going to change in the knicks favor

      • Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

        not going to happen. . . we playing poorly and still winning what does that say about the Knicks playing at their prime. . Hello. . . you guys should think before you talk. . . .I would not be surprised if we sweep the knicks. . .but I give it Boston in 5 games. . .whos next? LMAO

      • BostonF says:

        Funny I just checked the wind a while ago and it said SWEEP

  6. fred forscher says:

    what team is melo on

  7. moneyball says:


  8. Fan says:

    Lebron may be playing better than Kobe this year. Kobe is the superior player in prior years.

    • SMOOVE says:

      Yeah a stat sheet stuff. But yes you do have to consider that Kobe is 32 years old and yet plays like 22. I can’t think of another player averaging 25ppg at 30 or more.

  9. julz says:

    Its funny you think the celtics will do well this year, considering they only just won the past two games by 2 and 3 points and are actually very lucky to be up in the series. but lets not forget the importance of home court advantage. C’s protected theres and im sure NY will protect the mad house of MSG! if amare comes back into the lineup im sure this series is going to be tied up 2-2. I find it funny how so many people think the knicks wont make it past this round with two young allstars but think an aging team will win the playoffs??? i think the whole celtics team is on the verge of retirement i think its time the knicks put these grandpa’s in their place! same goes for the lakers you can already see that this lakers team is not the same age is catching up with them.

    • SMOOVE says:

      Say all you want, a win is a win. Whether by 1, 2, or 3.

    • Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

      Funny how all the C’s haters were saying the same thing this time last year. . . WOW! . . .why your teams were at home Boston was smaking some A#@. . . . . Yeah our time is limited but if we play at our highest NY Cant beat us. . .and I belive we beat NY 4-0 this year during the season. . . 2 of them in your home court. . . . .DONT MATTER IF IT WAS BY 1 OR 1 AND HALF POINTS . . .a win is a win and we two up. . .Boston in 5 games we will take one in NY best belive that. . . MUUUHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

      • BostonF says:

        @julz: its funny you think thast NY can get past Boston in the first round. So did we win at MSG for how many points?

  10. moneyball says:

    lebron is better than kobe. Let me say it like charles Barkley: “I may be wrong, but I doubt it”.
    Also I think the knicks can still win. As a fan of the the heat I would rather play them than boston.

  11. Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

    Thanks Cory. . .someone with common cense . . . . . A lot of C’s haters. . . we won not playing our best . .what you think going to happen when we do play our best. . . Dumb. . . I though NY would be done in 5 but looks like its going to be a sweep . .LMAO!! Haters. . it is what it is and it is not going to happen this year for NY. . .maybe next year or when CP3 joins NY which we all know will happen.

    Yeah we palying sloppy but we up 2 games like it or not. . . .I do agree we will need shaq against MIA since it will be the playoff and everyone will be on their best game (MIA) but like last year we up for the challenge. . . even if we older than alot of other teams out there.

  12. angela says:


  13. SteveO says:

    The Celts can still loose to the Knicks. The Celts barely beat the Knicks without Billups and Stat. If Stat plays we can beat these celts 4 of 5.

  14. luis says:

    the trade was so drastic, that the knicks didnt have time to build chemistry. Melo was a superstar on one day, and now playing with to others the next. At denver he was the focal point, so his best game comes when he plays alone. Its guna take a while for those three to build a chemistry with the rest of the team just like it took till about january for the Heat. Theyll be real good next year, but as of this year, theyre not making it past the first round. and as for the Celtics, they losing in the second round against the Heat becasue as it was proven before..they cant beat the Heat without Perkins. Perkins exploited the Heats weakness of having no big man, now they have no attacking point. Itll be a six or seven game series but right now the way the heat are playing and how dialed in they are, theyres no way they guna beat the Heat. I see the Heat and OKC in the finals, thats my call

    • Cory says:

      Err…Luis, the Celtics are actually 2-1 against the Heat without Perkins this year. Everyone seems to forget that the C’s played their best basketball without Perk in the lineup. They can’t beat the Heat without Shaq giving them 10-15 decent minutes, but if he plays (big if, obviously), I see the Celtics winning that series in 6.

  15. CarlH1709 says:

    Hey Bean Town supporters, face the facts; Melo is in NY. Whether or not he was raised in Baltimore makes no difference at this point. You guys won the games in Boston. But, reading your comment makes it appear that the C’s played badly and still won as opposed to the Knicks played great and stll lost. Coming into this series, anyone expected the Cs to run all over the Knicks because they (Ks) do not play any defense. Yet, the C’s with their big 4 and championship experience had to wait until the last minute, in BOTH games, to win and did not scored 100+ points in either.. Get ready, it is just a matter of time before the winds change. Amaire almost did it by himself in the Garden and Melo took on the entire C’s team, at their place, and almost won it. Stop making excuses and give credit where it is due. The C’s have had a great run with their big 4. However, the Heat, OKC and the Knicks among others are here to challenge them. Don’t act as though those teams are not allowed to do so. Afterall, to remain a champion, you have to take on all-comers. If you do not want the competition, then move over to another sport.

  16. Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

    RUSH. . .Lakers have a hard enough tiem beating the hornets. . . so what you talking about. . they need to worry about OKC. . . . .Tired of hearing Boston Lucky. . .luck dont win games . . .last game Melo was really the only one putting up number. . one one guy dont run no show. . . . . cant stand Laker fans. . .always talking. . . Boston still has the most championships won in the NBA so if anyone should be talking it should be us. . FAKERS, cant even get past CP3 and you talk to me about Boston??? we took the season against MIA 3-1 so why would we not be able to win in the playoffs????

    • Rush says:

      You gotta miss me with the most championship talk because I wasn’t even born when Mr.Russell led ya’ll to 11 rings but I am old enough to remember the five that Kobe won and four of the five that Magic won. I’m not even a Lakers fan but I’m fan of Kobe. Don’t worry about the Hornets, they’ll be done in 5!

  17. Hector says:

    i think kobe is the best there is in the game but chris paul has been runnin all over them in the past two games and they need to find a way to stop him or this will turn out to be a very tough series. the lakers when playing at full potential can beat any team whenever they want to. they should be beating the new orleans hornets with ease by i do give chris paul his props because he has been leadig his team perfectly.

    • Hector says:

      i think no matter how good the nicks or celtics neither will be champions which is the whole point of the playoffs to prove who is the best in the NBA

  18. Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

    NY Has no chance if Boston steps it up. . .we have been playing like trash and we still up 2 games SMH. . . . .I dont even know what to say about the last two games. . .we should be winning by 10 to 15 points. . .we a championship team. . . . Melo cant do it by his self. . . . . NY WILL NOT WIN THIS YEAR. . .and thats a fact it would do my heart happy if we can sweep NY and do it in their home. . .lost a lot of respect for Melo when he draged 12 players through trades cause he wanted to go to NY. . .Yeah he say its where he from but just cuse you were born some place dont make it where you from. . . he was raised in B-more. . .He from B-More not NY. . . . .If the NBA dont do something about all these stars going to the bigger markets basketball will not be fun anymore . . . what 6 or 7 teams going after the championship?? no underdogs winning . . . .I love OKC and their movement. . . I hope they can win the western finals to battle against my Boston or Chicago in the NBA Finals.. . . Yeah I said It and I will say it again. . .

    • Rush says:

      If Boston gets lucky and make it to the finals they will lose to the Lakers again. But if some how some way that OKC make it and they play Boston, KD IS GONNA MURDER Paul Pierce or whoever else tries to guard him. Westbrook is gonna school Rondo just like he did in the USA practices before they kicked him off the team because D-Rose and Westbrook are better. I don’t wanna hear that he left on his own, he knew that he would be cut and who would turn down a gold medal. Ya’ll still gotta worry about Miami next round so stop dreaming about the finals.

      • SMOOVE says:

        Do you even know what you’re talking about? When Rondo was still in the USA camp, it was only between Westbrook and Gordon. Westbrook got lucky cause Rondo backed out. And he “schooled” him in the USA PRACTICES? PRACTICES? Really? PRACTICES? Should’ve brought my popcorn for your comedy show.

    • C.W. says:

      YOU A HATER!!!!

  19. memory dream, bayombong says:

    yah.. i think ramir is right… i thought that doc rivers did a great job on choaching during the closing peroid.. he knows his players well.. but melo is great on game2.. he did what he he suppossed to do, i just thought that he still need his teammate’s help to take off some pressure to himself..bill walker and mason jr is a joke during game 2 man.. i thougth that landry fields got more time… the ceiltics are beatable… what the knicks needs to do is play together as a team on both ends of the floor.. i really love to see miami and new york at the second round…

  20. moneyball says:

    LeBron’s still better boy.

  21. Ramir says:

    I think on the last two games, the knicks lost on the coaching side. Doc Rivers has done a great job closing the game…Hope Mike would pull some of his tricks to counter Doc..

  22. moneyball says:

    Melo is having a flasbuack of last year. He’s doing everything to win but his team is not steppin up right now

  23. jono says:

    melo is a superstar

  24. Melvin says:

    Makes sense, they are both(Stat and Melo) volume shooters or “ball hogs” if you wanna take it there. With only one of them on the floor the offense has a clear focal point, none of the indecision that comes along with having another superstar teammate. They should have won both games in Boston, be interesting to see how they come out for this game… GO LAKERS!!! #3peat