No Easy Fix For Blazers’ Roy Issue

PORTLAND — Suddenly the Portland Trail Blazers have more than just the Dallas Mavericks to worry about. Those defensive rotations, that 0-2 hole in their first round playoff series and anything else that needs to be cleaned up suddenly takes a backseat to some internal strife that cannot be ignored.

Blazers swingman Brandon Roy vented his frustrations about his reduced role after a Game 2 loss in Dallas Tuesday night, suggesting that he should have been on the floor more despite struggling mightily in this series so far.

After playing just eight scoreless minutes Roy opened up to the Oregonian:

“There was a point in the first half, and I was thinking ‘You better not cry,”’ Roy said. “I mean, serious. I mean, there was a moment where I felt really sorry for myself. Then I was like, nah, you can’t be sorry for yourself. I’m a grown man, but there was a moment there that I felt sorry for myself. Especially when I think I can still help.”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little hurt, or disappointed,” Roy said. “But the biggest thing is to keep moving, to try and keep my spirits up. But it’s tough man. I just …. I just always thought I would be treated better. That was a little disappointing for me.”

Roy’s comments have drawn a mixed reaction from fans here in basketball-mad Portland, where the Blazers’ robust and loyal following have had to deal with a multitude of crunching injuries to key players the past few years (Greg Oden).

As of early Wednesday afternoon, nearly 63 percent of the participants in an Oregonian poll voted that Roy should not see more minutes in Game 3 of this series Thursday night at the Rose Garden.

Ultimately, that’s a decision for Blazers coach Nate McMillan, who will field questions from those of us in the media this afternoon at the team’s practice facility. McMillan’s already been fined $35,000 for public comments about the officiating following Game 1. So he can’t be pleased about yet another controversy arising as his team tries to hold serve on their home court in what has been an extremely competitive series thus far.

But make no mistake, he’s in the unenviable position of having to choose between the wishes of one-time superstar (a role that LaMarcus Aldridge fills for this team now) and the reality that Roy, no matter how much the Mavericks talk about him, simply has not been effective enough in his limited minutes, to warrant any more playing time.

Further complicating matters is the fact that Roy’s situation won’t go away, no matter what decision McMillan makes in the short-term. Roy still has four years and nearly $69 million left on the max contract extension he signed two summers ago. He’s just 26, but trying to return to his All-Star form on two knees that have been surgically repaired. There is no guarantee Roy will ever return to the level he played at before.

And if that is the case, the Blazers should not be expected to cater to a player, no matter how beloved (by his teammates, fans and peers), who isn’t capable of living up to his own lofty standards, let alone those of one of the most passionate fan bases in all of professional sports.

There is no easy solution for the Blazers!


  1. BlazersFan says:

    Everyone needs to stop hating on B Roy, he needs more minutes. Game 3, got 24 minutes, 24 points, thats that. He is too sick if he is played properly and with enouogh time on the court.

  2. i feel sad for roy and he was the only person whom is realy a blazer

  3. moneyball says:

    I know i’m late to get to this but this is crunch time and it is too dangerous too dangerous for the coach to put roy in when he has been messing up. he even had a BIG chance this series and messed up. wait till thes season is over and fix your knee roy, and you’ll be ready for next year.

  4. BONDZ007 says:


    • Earn It Or Forget It says:

      “When he was healthy.” Exactly. He is not healthy right now. So his minutes need to be limited and he needs to produce with what he is given if he wants to earn additional play time. And the sooner the team loses even less play time will be available.

      You yourself have just made the case for Brandon not to be given too many minutes. “So he’s hurt and not playing the same”. Exactly.

      “Does than mean he’s done? Pretty much. Unless he produces to earn greater minutes.

      Most of your points are based on what Roy has done in the past, when healthy and is not applicable to the here and now of this series.

      “He’s not selfish enough to stay out there if it’s hurting the team’s chances of winning.” You mean like demanding to come out in game 1 rather than wasting 26 minutes for nothing and entire 4th quarter.

      Your fanship is clouding your judgment. Nate and the rest of the team do not have that luxury. It’s Brandon’s responsibility to produce. And stop complaining about play time when he’s not making good with the play time he’s being given.

  5. Open Questions to Brandon says:

    Game 1:
    Roy: 26 minutes , 1 of 7, 2 pts, 2 boards, 3 ast
    Camby: 29 mnutes, 2 of 3, 4 pts, 18 boards, 5 ast
    Playing minutes is not your problem Roy.
    Your problem is not producing with the minutes you are given. This is the playoffs, You cannot have the luxury of wasting minutes to find your game. You have to bring it with you and have it the moment you step on the court.

    Matthews only got 19 minutes. And it is no wonder when you look at his production. Same goes for him.
    Rudy a little better but still far from acceptable. Same goes for him too.

    • Earn It Or Forget It says:

      Game 1:
      Roy: 26 minutes , 1 of 7, 2 pts, 2 boards, 3 ast

      It’s no wonder Roy only got 8 minutes in Game 2.
      He did not earn it in Game 1 and continued not earning it in game 2. So he was benched.

      If you want minutes, it is up to you to earn them.

  6. Paul says:

    Roy doesn’t accept his role, and this ultimately hurts the team and chemistry. This is not a theory, it is a fact since Roy has publicly admitted he does not like his current role.
    If you accept your role, you will make the best us of your time to help the team with the minutes you get, verse trying too hard to create a case for your own individual play in hopes of gaining more minutes.
    This causes problems in chemistry because now your teammates are confused with you on the court, “Is he the number one option right now? Does he want to be the number one option? Do I play around him like before? Do I have the green light as much as him? Is he given the red light and I shouldn’t look for him to make a cut to the basket?” etc etc
    And I haven’t even gotten ino the problem surrounding coaching!
    So Roy has ruined everything for the team by not accepting his role thereby causing problems in overal chemsitry – simple conclusion, and several past examples every year for the past 50 years is proof that this problem ruins a team’s chances.

  7. GHOST says:

    Whining isn’t gonna earn you anything B Roy. Here’s a question for you: Are you gonna be a warrior or you just gonna end up among other “He was..”

  8. Trav says:

    I blame this on Portladnd because if they feel he is a liabilty then deactivate the man to let him know he cant help right now instead of giving him any minutes at all. Your basically saying your good enough for 8 minutes but not the rest.? Makes no sense, portland should of been sat him for the rest of the season period so its their own doing.

  9. T says:

    The only way the Blazers are going to make a dent in the series is to go small and run, run run. But McMillan won’t do that. He constructs his teams to play half-court basketball with good defense. The problem in Portland is that he is far, far away from having the personnel to achieve that type of team.

  10. DW3 says:

    By the way the Trail Blazers is doing the same mistakes that had crashed them since they did not drafted Michael Jordan and had drafted again a damn center in Greg Oden instead of Kevin Durant who is now a superstar. LaMarcus Aldridge is a good player but he can’t carry the Portland Trail Blazers all the way. If I were the Trail Blazers I would definitely trade Brandon Roy to a team that really deserves his talents. The team is fun of taking for granted those players that deserve to have a break either a rookie or going back from an injury.

  11. justdunkit says:

    I understand Roy’s situation because we all know that it is tough when you’re a former all star and still young and capable of doing spectacular things on the court, and yet, you are sitting on the bench watching your team lose. I don’t agree with some people here saying that Roy isn’t the old Roy. He’s still young. And he was Portland’s main man for the past few seasons. And I believe he still is. I’m pretty sure he could do the same things if he was given a lot of playing time.

  12. Budman says:

    I think he should have broke down in tears on the bench. That would have been awesome. Better yet, he should have thrown himself on the court and had a real temper tantrum. What a baby.

    He’ll have plenty of time to recover from the injuries soon enough. They only have 2 or 3 games left in their season anyway.

  13. SYDALE says:

    I’m still surprised that the doctors didn’t have a method of replacing the cartilage in Roy’s knees… But, it is what it is…

    About Roy feeling betrayed over the playing time… well as a competitor, that’s understandable…

    At the same time if he’s not being effective, then he doesn’t deserve lots of playtime…

    The thing is… Now… Dallas is up 2-0… So, there’s nothing to lose by playing your best player…

  14. DW3 says:

    I agree with MacDaddy. But the Portland Trail Blazers has taken for granted Brandon Roy in some ways. No one can bring back the old Roy but if the team spend some time to hire a nutritionist, psychiatrist and trainer (personally for Roy) who are persistent and would bring a new Roy they should do it now. Like Grant Hill, he was given a chance by the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns to revive his potentials as a player in his mid 30s. Brandon Roy is just 26 years old and could still revive some of his potentials and discover new ones. And personally Roy should get rid off his bad habits for him to be a healthy NBA player, you know what I mean. Health is the key to be successful in the NBA.

  15. quitplayin says:

    it is an unbelievable sad thing to see brandon roy- without question the 3rd best 2guard at his prime after kobey and d-wade- being sidelines at this tome of the year!!!!

    i remember this one game this year just when he came back and i think it was againt dallas were he had like 20+ and hit those great shots in the 4th , one of them a late-shotclock 3 to send the game into overtime and played for about 28-30min. this game i thought he is BACK !!!! i thought that could be his role for the team kinda j-terry or crawford like second leading scorer for a team of the bench and right there in the 4th quarter.

    but that doesn’t seem real right now. i am still not sure how far his game has degressed so far. i think if he is given time to really get to know his new body limitations he would figure it out

    …this video with the interviews and thoughts on brandon back in 2009 make it all the more sad

  16. Oregun Hillbilly says:

    Get rid of that cry baby Roy (a Huskie)! Fire Nate( former Sonic) and I wish Pual Allen (Washingtonian) would sell the Blazers. I’m tired of the Washington connection. GO DUCKS!!!

  17. lowbudgetballer says:

    Roy needs to understand that the team is trying to keep him healthy so he can prolong his career. He just came back from injury not too long ago so there’s no need for him to start getting heavy minutes. The coach is doing what’s best for both him and the team. Roy feels like he can play, so the coach plays him but not for too long because he’s still their franchise guy and protecting him is the top priority right now. Honestly though, i don’t think he should be playing at all. You can’t really do much with limited minutes. In order for him to regain his quickness, ball handling skills, shooting touch, etc., he needs to play heavy minutes. But at this point, it’s just too risky. If he gets injured again, his career is pretty much over. He’s even more likely to get injured because he just recovered and he did rush it. Not to mention its the play offs so the games mean much more. They can’t afford to lose any games and Roy right now just isn’t the same. He should rest and work hard this off season to get back to being the b-roy we all know. I honestly think it doesn’t make the team any better if roy plays because he is unable to play to the best of his abilities right now.

  18. Bela says:

    It is very difficult (especially for an All-star player) to gain any kind of confidence if you only play him 8 minutes. If Nate McMillan plays Brandon Roy with some bigger minutes i think you’ll start to see the kind of player that we remember him as. Also I see people saying go with what got you there, but they haven’t gotten anywhere, they’re down 2 games to the mavericks. Both games Dirk took over and thats why they won the game. It seems like the Trail Blazzers don’t have anyone that can take over at the end of the game. Brandon Roy can be that guy, as we’ve seen before he is not scared of the big moment.

    • Open Questions to Brandon says:

      Roy has been given minutes. Entire 4th Quarter of first game, rather than Camby who was tearing up the boards. That is why Blazer went down 2-0. To much Roy in place of someone who was producing. If Camby had been given the 4th Q instead of Roy. There is much better chance series is tied 1-1.

  19. monica says:

    roy has the heart and thats all that matters to me!! i will always love roy and i think its VERY dissopointing to see the comments that people say about roy! roy is the won that he made people scared of! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU ROY!!

  20. STAT and Melo says:

    look Roy shouuld of just rested his knees and played next year he pushing it

  21. DBBJ-MIA says:


    • Open Questions to Brandon says:

      Entire 4th Q instead of Camby and he produced what? If Roy cannot get in rhythm with that, then not enough minutes is not the issue, but rather needing/requiring too many minutes to find rhythm is the issue. Unacceptable in playoffs.

      • DBBJ-MIA says:


  22. Roy should be thankful he got a good and caring coach.. remember that idiot jeff van gundy? he played T-Mac and Yao while injured and look what happened? they all have their careers in limbo now. then that twit left Houston after the playoffs coaches like that should never be given a seat in NBA ever again!

    FU Jeff Van Gundy

  23. he should go to LA trade for Blake heck he does not need to push himself hard we got our refs covered

  24. Vinay says:

    I feel as though Brandon shold get more minutes in game, especilly at the end of game along with Miller and Aldrige. Let him along with Alridge lead this team to victory that is why you are paying him. Rest him in the first half, let him play about 5 – 10 min and let him be the player he can be in the second half because that is where the trailblazers are struggling, and it is all because of the abscence of a good floor general, not taking anything away from miller.

    -From a concerned Blazers Fan-

  25. Greg says:

    This feels very similar to the issue the magic had a few years ago when they decided against better judgement to start jameer nelson in the finals instead of sticking with the team that got them there. I love Roy, one of my favorite current players, but if youre not up to par then your minutes should reflect as such =(

  26. Lee says:

    Roy is not yet 100% or even 50, his minutes are down because he can’t even be effective when playing limited. I’m a Roy fan but his movements are still stiff inside the court. He should relax and be patient, his game will come.

  27. jdogg233 says:

    Portland is just wrong. Brandon Roy is an All-Star caliber player and he is rinding the pine. they are already down 2-0 and they need a spark on offense. they wont realize his value untill he is gone.

  28. jmoon says:

    nate mcmillan needs to give him minutes. he was the rookie of the year, and last season he averaged over 22 points a game.even though he hasnt been as good with his bad knees, if he gets more minutes, his confidence will boost. i think he is a lot better than wesley matthews.

    BRANDON ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I only own one current Blazers jersey: A Roy “Rip City” one. This is an interesting but ultimately futile quandry, as the Blazers don’t stand a chance in the West (as a long-time Lakers fan who was made fun of years ago for wearing a Kobe Bryant #8 replica jersey when he first came into the league and was touted “the 17-year old who’s going to get his @ss kicked and will be out of the league in a year” I can say this). On the one hand, a superstar wants to play and earn his $65 million paycheck; on the other hand, if he is not producing, he is not producing. Coach Mc would do good to play him intermittently like he has, earning his playing time (like he hasn’t warranted that already ,frankly, as a “C” of the team). At the end of the day, Brandon will know- when he leaves Portland or is traded -that HE wanted to give it his all, and that’s all he can ask of himself. When he leaves, nobody in Portland will question his heart, integrity or dedication to his team, his teammates and the game.

  30. BlackMamba24 says:

    I lived in Portland for about 5years and loved every minute of it, and also the team Blazers!!!1 Its sad to say but I dont tihnk Bradon Roy wll ever be the Bradon Roy we all known, Blazers needs to move on and try to get some pieces for him, maybe a trade to the Bulls.

  31. Matthias says:

    I’m sure every coaches want their injured star players to play like they played before the injury. But how should they? They always get very limited minutes and aren’t in their leader role anymore. Just look at Gilbert Arenas or Michael Redd. They’ve been two of the greatest players in their decade! Some guys were even talking about Gilbert Arenas beeing the best Point Guard in the world (what he surely was in terms of scoring ability).
    So, why the hell, their coaches aren’t playing them?!
    Just let them play, let them have them have their bad games, I’m 100% sure, those players are capable of getting back to their usual performances.

  32. SebMAGICS says:

    B ROY is a very talented player, we all know this. The injuries for Portland and their stars just seems to be haunting them every time a promising player shows up. Bill Walton, Greg Oden (perhaps the biggest dissapointment) and now of course, Brandon Roy. I can understand why Roy feels sorry for himself, because if you were to turn back the clock a few years, players were talking about Brandon Roy, Coaches were game planning for when they had to face off against him, top defenders were worrying about Roy lighting them up, and seeing him dominate the game in the highlight reels.
    It is a real shame, it looks like unfortunatley, B ROY is heading for the same fate as Gilbert Arenas, again, a player that could give you 30 on any given night, countless injuries held him back.
    But that being said, it could be the encouraging case of Grant Hill, finally playing good basketball again.
    All Portland can do is wait, till next year, and know that good players with high basketball IQ’s dont need good knees.

  33. Broy says:

    I hope he recovers fully and returns to form next year like Chris Paul did this year, or Amare a few years ago.

    It’s sad to see such skilled players have their careers cut short by injuries.

  34. Magic says:

    @Brandon Roy

    Do what Bosh and LBJ did and go sign on another team, like MAGIC, BULLS, OKC be with good players if portland does not appreciate you then show them you can be appreciated by other teams! be with the magic and play with howard along with nelson and turk! leave portland. they seem to be contended with LA and GW.

  35. Daily says:

    Roy has an 80m guaranteed contract to play basketball or to sit on the bench until he is called. Now that he can’t play very well when called on he still expects to be treated special. He bad mouthed Miller and now coach Nate is afraid to put them in the game at the same time. Whose fault is that?

    What coach sits a player who has 18 rebounds in the first 3 quarters? Any surprise you lost? Nate is a nice guy but he docent seem to know how to motivate the guys. Showing a little emotion, happiness or anger is appropriate and is part of the game… not just looking stunned and talking politely.

    Get an effective coach and get rid of Roy and maybe you can win a round!

  36. viralybet says:

    its now or never for the blazers now. give roy a chance to show his worthiness.if he doesnt do much now its alright they’re already down 2-0. if he gets his game back its all good

  37. Joko says:

    Forget “getting into rhythm.” That just equals “slow start.” Let’s get it done. Suck it up, Roy. Do you want to play or just cry on the bench. Practice, practice, practice. Get to the venue 5 hours early and practice until you’ve got your rhythm for the game. Forget resting in front of the TV with your wife and kid till just before the game. You can do that after the season. Practice. Then maybe you’ll be ready to play. If you say your knees aren’t bothering you, you have no more excuses. If you want more pt, get ready. If you can’t shoot, teach yourself how to defend. Be ready. You think anyone is going to hand something to you for nothing? You think any coach would insert someone into a game that wasn’t producing? And if your knees are really ok, and Nate says to “run” then why are you still walking the ball up the court like you’re stuck in jello? Get with it man. The only thing you’ve got left is your self respect and you’re quickly eroding that to the point where no-one cares whether or not you walk or sit for your $85M. You want to sit, just keep doin’ what ya been doin’. That’l get you a warm seat on the sidelines. You want to run, defend and make shots, then you’ll get to play. Easy as that, but it’s your choice. So stop sniveling and get out there and warm up and practice before the game. That’s what the real men do. They man up. You can too if you only will. Hey, Man Up Roy.

  38. ban says:

    and for the record, dallas, mostly are old, but playoff-experienced players. That’s why they can still kick it up a notch. It will just be interesting to see if they can go deep into the playoffs without one or two of them getting injured again.. If they play their cards right, they just might win it all. In regards to the Blazers, they got a lot of talent. Most of them can make great plays at certain points of the game, but the great plays is not consistent of being done by one player alone.

    eg, Rudy Fernandez makes mind-blowing plays but once he’s cold, the coach sits him.. same goes to any player. If Brandon was on a team that, at best, have an 8-man rotation, then he’s going to get heavy minutes being cold or not.. but with his current team, again, he should just trust the team and the coaching staff.. it’s good that he has the desire and the fire to win, but come on, if he’s professional, like any other player would, then help his team anyway he can, even if he’s sitting, cheer them, encourage and such. The best player will not win the game alone, it’s always the team. He just gets the attention before because he gets the ball a lot then. Any good player will blossom if given the opportunity and that many touches… again, just be professional.

  39. ban says:

    Well, it’s the playoffs, whatever the coach decides to do, to see who’s hot and not. The blazers have good players in all positions, doesn’t matter if they’re coming off the bench or starting, what they can contribute is what it is. Brandon should not complain and understand that he is still on the mend. If he feels he didn’t get to do anything last game then make up for it on the 3rd and so on.. he can guarantee more minutes if he plays well come game 3. Whoever comes out of this series the winner, If I was him, I will stick it out, trust my teammates and the coaching staff. He’s not the only good player on the roster. He should be professional about it. Help the team even if he’s on the bench and not on the floor.

  40. Turnerjhotblues says:

    After checking Roy’s surgery that Kobe had, I don’t see why he can’t recover, Kobe’s having a MVP year lately and has kept it up since September right after. Give Roy a chance to prove why he’s worth every penny and you don’t do that by taking out a player who made a few mistakes, it happens to literally everyone, so cough it up Blazers, don’t jinx your paychecks

    • Hester Jones says:

      Great work Sekou!!! Always nice to see you doing great.


      2012-2013: Raptors will be NBA champs

  41. NBA Laughing Stock says:

    No player deserves minutes. Minutes have to be earned every time they step on the court. Neither Roy nor Rudy has earned any minutes in the first two games. Stop all the cry baby nonsense and get yourself ready to be a force to be reckoned with from the first second you step foot on the court, or get off the court and stay off until you are. This is the playoffs; you don’t get the luxury of wasting minutes to find your “rhythm”, and getting into the game, and dialing in your shot, etc. You need to be there the moment you step on the court. If you cannot do that, then you are not playoff ready and certainly not championship material.
    Some of you come into the game so off and out of it that is pathetic. I frequently find myself laughing at your play rather than rooting for you.
    You all need to learn how to approach a game; a lesson the Lakers attempted to teach you earlier in the season. But obviously you failed to learn the lesson. I’ve been watching you fail the lesson over and over and over again all season. And now it has carried over into the playoffs.
    Good luck. You’re going to need it, because your play certainly isn’t getting it done.

  42. PortlandAllTheWay says:

    Brandon Roy is my favorite player in the NBA and i hate to say this, but honestly i think blazers shoud’ve just kept Roy out the whole season so he can come back fresh next season. Now im not saying that he will get better then he was before but still, we all knew that Roy wasn’t going to play as good as he does when he’s 100%, and the blazers were doing just fine without him. Roy is a talented player but this situation reminds me of the one Tracy Mcgrady had. One of the best players in the NBA is now just basicly forgoten. I feel bad for every player that gets an injury that ruins there career, but I just think keeping Roy out the season would’ve been the best idea and i know a lot of people wants to see Brandon Roy play the minutes he deserves.

  43. the pac says:

    I think that Portland has a better chance to win playing B. Roy. They can’t win without him!! the ending of that game was horrible, they didn’t have a closer. Am not taking anything away from L.A but he is no B. Roy! I can’t see how 63% of those people doesn’t want to see there star player get any minutes in a games changing game 3 at home!! Thats just crazy! He is the engine to there team and they will not make it out the first round without him. That is the reality of there situation.

  44. NUG'S ALL THE WAY! says:

    I think he deserves more playing time, but I don’t think he can be a baby about it!

  45. MeloMan says:

    I think the best thing for Roy and the Blazers is to trade him to the Knicks to mix with Amare & Melo. that will be one hell of a team espsecially if the knicks pick up some nice big men to complete their roster

  46. Randall says:

    I really feel horrible for Brandon. After all he’s done for this team and this franchise; he’s given hope to a team that was in the worst possible place they could be with the “jail-blazers” era.

    The injury epidemic has been terrible for this team the past 3 years and they really deserve some good fortunes. Hopefully Greg, Brandon, and Elliot can all come back healthy next season and bring that extra little bit to get Portland deep into the playoffs.

  47. James says:

    This will be an excellent series. Brandon Roy should get some minutes….but thats up to Nate….but Dallas is proving a lot of critics wrong…in my opinion this is far from over…but the Mavs have the edge right now…however things might change in Portland.

  48. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    IMO the 2nd best SG in the West and the 3rd best SG in the league when healthy should begin to think about the future, he is still young and i dnt think u gotta force urself in this one. the chemistry of the team is their and Roy wuld only disrupt tht. the LAKERS , SPURS, DALLAS will be lottery teams soon, and tht wuld be their time and they wuld battle with the new era joining OKC, DENVER and other rising young teams. but one side of me is still hoping tht he will play like the awesome player he is and win the series with Dallas and make LA make a run for their money

  49. Takeshi says:

    The answer for Portland is easy. Brandon Roy is never a bench player, he is borned to be a star, put him back in starting lineup and he is going to show you!

  50. Jack says:

    Totally agree withyou there JDOG, hes a premier guard with a caliber of doing something amazing when he feeling right, so lets hope for portlands sake that he can get back to his all-star form cause it was great to watch. Plus Portland are already 2-0 in the series so why not give him extra minutes at home where he is more likely to make shots and play better on his home soil.

  51. sin nombre says:

    Roy is a second-rate talent on a third-rate team. Terrible!!

  52. JDOG says:

    Brandon Roy is the one of the premier guards in the NBA when healthy. It certainly doesn’t hurt to play Roy more, since the Big German and Dallas are already up 2-0. Roy should put some pressure on Dallas’s guards, especially Jason Terry.

  53. Rick says:

    Not surprising that Brandon has taken this path in going to the media to complain. Earlier in the season Andre Miller started crying about not being given enough playing time in the 4th quarter and almost immediately Patty Mills minutes were cut to placate him.

  54. awesomeman says:

    Roy needs to take a lot of time off next season, or else it will be like this for the rest of his career. No cartilage in both knees, that’s not good.

  55. blazerfan122 says:

    I think the people outside of the portland area do not understand the whole situation. Brandon Roy has no more cartilage in his knees. Micro fracture surgery is not an options because the affected area is too large. The Brandon Roy Blazer fans knew and loved is gone. No amount of rest or playing time is going to allow him to be the player he was.

    Now can B-Roy be a spot of shooter and defensive liability? Yes, he can still play. But the playoffs isn’t the place “shake off the rust”. He had 20 games to do it at the end of the season. He had maybe 1 game(against Dallas), that he showed glimpses of his former greatness. But it has yet to surface again.

    Its sad to say, but the Blazers need to move on. Roy has become a cancer on the team now. No one on this team would ever speak badly about his teammates like Roy did. He was quoted saying something along the lines of being upset that Patty Mills and Rudy Fernandez were playing instead of him. He needs to go, and if in the new CBA there is a “amnesty” clause like in the last one, Roy will be bought out. The team needs to move on.

  56. Fastbreak says:

    There is two very different sides to this story.

    For one side, if your team’s starting 5 is not particularly impressive ( as is the case in Portland) there is really one easy way to get the starting job, or more minutes – impress the coach (coaching staff).Whether if be practice or in game, thats how pretty much every coach determines minutes – outside of matchup issues. Lets face it if Roy was destroying practices and showing that old swagger he had, McMillan would push him out there in a flash.

    Other side is Roy undergoing this surgery and intense recovery regiment to try and get back this season. Admirable as it may be, but in essence no surgery is going to give him back his legs. However, there is a feeling of entitlement and work/dedicaton to come back and that somehow limited minutes is a betryal and a slap in the face to all his efforts.

    I can kind of see both sides, but this series too close to experiement with a player with surgery scars still barely healed on both knees. Sorry Roy but this just isn’t your year man..

  57. OKC says:

    I really feel that Roy should at least play 20 minutes. Let him feel the situation. Let him do the same things that he did before. He has high basketball IQ so I think he will not commit to much stupid mistakes when he is on the floor. I don’t know, but I think one of the reasons why Nate doesn’t put Roy out there to much is because of Andre Miller. Miller and Roy had chemistry issues. Roy is not just an all star at his best, he’s one of the best shooting guard in the league.

  58. Symokoto says:

    yeah, im gonna have to agree with the majority of the comments here. Roy isnt producing what he was, he still is recovering, but letting him take up space on the bench helps no one. Down 2 now, there is little harm in seeing if he can warm up when given more minutes. And maybe the home crowd will energize him.

  59. Jay says:

    Basketball is about “Taking advantage of the Moment” and unfortunately B.Roy isn’t 100% at the moment. I think its better for him to rest up, train for next season and show everyone he still got mad game. There is no reason for him to get hurt and they are only in the 1st round down 2-0 to Dallas.. Hey has a big heart but needs to stay on the bench for right now.

  60. manila boy says:

    Dude not all here in the phili like BRoy we loved derrick rose than the old BRoy. i know Broy is what heck of a player but because he was bother by injury like t-mac , carter etc etc that made them a superstar to a role player

    • NormanMarz says:

      Agree, Manila boy..used to be a brandon roy/portland fan too,,but the injuries in the team, seems to be too much for them to handle..they will be lucky to survive the first round…maybe they need a rest to heal all the wounded blazers to prepare for the next season..
      i am now rooting for chicago..and will love to see the BULLS wiinning the ring after the Michael Jordan era…GO ROSE (MVP?)..
      i want to see bulls vs OKC in the finals..for a change…instead of the usual LA/Boston fighting it out..

  61. Meloaknick says:

    Brandon Roy averaged 12 points in his first season post surgery. He played 28 minutes a game in the 47 games he did play. He’s just a good, VERY good basketball recovering from injury. Next year he’ll be getting back to shape and up to maybe 17, 18 points a game after a hard summer of getting back in shape. Its all uphill from here, give Brandon some minutes to show what he’s still capable of.

  62. Com’on on guys lets…dont push BRoy go down..BRoy has proven many many times to help and won game, to help the win the game..he is great player that ived ever seen..dont undestimate the greatness…Im from Philippines and BRoy is the number 1 player in my town…his the best!!!he proved many times…lets cheer up..Go Blazers…Go Roy..SHOW them ALL the BEST that you can…win game 3 and 4 and the rest game..(huwag mo nalang intindihin yang mga taong makikitid ang mga utak..inggit lang yan sayo ang mga yan kasi isa kang superstar…you are a SUPERSTAR) ….GO ROY PUNCH THEM ALL…GO BLAZERS!!!_IDOL BROY…

  63. tata says:

    All the Mavericks did was hold home court and both games were very close. Why does the media act like there is some kind of drama? It is the job of the team with HCA to hold it or else there IS A PROBLEM like in LA or SA. Portland just needs to hold home court and win one out of the last two in Dallas. No big deal.

    • johnyhall says:

      True, but because of all the hype that have been going on for few months for mavs, they explained how wrong they are. Dallas is a talented team. However people voted them for the most likely upset in the post season because their mistakes in the past. Lets be honest, dallas has one of the deepest team in the nba, but portland (very good team if you ask me) is also a contender of winning the first round. Dallas amazed the world by proving the critics wrong. We will see the result at the third round

  64. Ant says:

    For all the praise of Nate McMillan’s coaching abilities, one thing he is terrible at is player rotations. I can completely understand Roy’s frustrations – I mean the guy did not really miss that many games. If his knees are still causing him problems then I understand the decision not to play him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Roy isn’t the only player who has been treated that way by Coach McMillan. He has a firm ‘no rookie get’s playing time’ policy which holds the team back. There are other guys on the team like Patty Mills who could easily be Portland’s version of JJ Barea (who won Game 2 for Dallas) – I mean has anyone out there seen his game against the USA at the Olympics? He lit up Kobe and crew for 20 at tender age of 19 and he has shown moments of brilliance this season, yet so far played about 3mins in this series. Everything that worked for the Blazers in the season the coaching staff have now gone away from strategically.

    Have a good look at the other successful teams – they have more than one star! Portland has the talent but not the strategy.

  65. Daniel says:

    Roy is the past, sorry to say this but I don’t think he’ll ever be the same. The blazers is now aldridges team. They are a really fun team to watch but I don’t think Roy can really contribute enough to play more minutes. But who knows, maybe next year he’ll be back to normal. And maybe if Oden stays with portland and stays healthy he might live up to his potential. Lots of ifs for portland. I just feel bad for them. Whatever, GO SPURS or BULLS or LAKERS, as long as lebron never gets a title lol

  66. Sri says:

    I like Roy. He is my hero.He is the most valuable player in our team. He should be there longer to give confidence to our team.

  67. it think mcmillan is crazy to be honest says:

    who can stop roy honeslty let him feel his way back you came up unsuccessful in your last 2 meetings what are you waiting for he is just as good a shot maker as kobe and not as good as wade in penetrating and he is very unselfish wes matthews has to go back on the bench and come in for sub for roy and go from there you will definitely see a difference it is better for the entire teamm to be honest with that talent mcmillan isn’t doing a great job the players aren’t buying in there is always one disgruntle employee but you can’t have it being the mvp in portland. Do you see the shots brandon makes on a daily basis the coach is not on par with the team the team is not happy ut roy if youd like you can go to Miami LOL we’d love your talents there

  68. Kareem says:

    If Portland wants to salvage any hope for this postseason, they will need Roy to do it. I understand being worried and cautious about his previous injuries, but when Roy was playing without those worries, he was an future superstar for the league. The times when I’ve seen him play in this series thus far, he has looked tentative and not the Roy of old. McMillian needs to encourage Roy to play his style of game during some stretches of the next couple of games. This doesn’t mean Roy has to force the issue, but he needs to play confidently and not rely on Aldridge while he is on the court.

  69. Bengzki says:

    He is just too good to be benched, in this kind of injury situations especially with an all – star caliber like Brandon Roy, the worst thing you can do is to make him even more down… Wesley Matthews showed his play when he got the opportunity to actually play, its just simple as that… Without playing time, any good damn player will just be go to waste, and as I just said, He is just that good of a player to be benched… Anyone can comeback to a serious injury, Amare and Grant Hill is just a few example of it so I definitely believe that Brandon Roy can definitely push through it… Motivations are the key here, don’t let his talents go to waste!

    • Disagree says:

      He was all-star quality, is he all-star quality at this very point in time – no – can he be all-star quality in the future – will have to wait and see. You have to play the players that can contribute now, not previously, not in the future. This is play-offs and they’re happening now

  70. B-baller says:

    Most portland fans believe that the League itself dislikes the Blazers and the entire organization. Blazer games seem to have constant officiating troubles and I applaud McMillian for speaking out about it and the Facts. When you use FACTUAL numbers about officiating there shouldnt be fines. Portland is constantly underrated despite having the only (alltime) winning record over the Lakers in the west among other things. Things like that make Blazer fans believe that the league is morally against the Blazers winning anything.

    Roy’s return last year in the playoffs sparked the Blazers to quite a comeback, but it was shortlived as the fizzled out once again. The single biggest problem is that the Blazers are uncomfortable with having the lead. They play horribly when they are up 10 -20 points as if the game is over. Roy is playing better, but he has to prove he belongs out there. Dont even get me started on ODEN, that discussion just angers portland fans.

    • lucas says:

      mark cuban is our owner and u think u have problems with the refs? we just beat yall with dan crawford as a ref and our record coming into game 2 with him was like 2-17. if u cant beat the mavs with crawford on your side than your not going to especially not the way the mavs are playing defense

    • TheHoss says:

      As a devout Blazer fan I must agree with the feelings of dislike towards the Blazers and its organization, especially when it feels as though we have proven ourselves multiple times during this, and in the bast. Many people seem to forget that the Blazers from the time of their entrance into the league 41 seasons ago have now made the playoffs twenty nine times, which includes a 21 year streak a five year streak and now a three year one. How many NBA teams can honestly say they have made the playoffs nearly 71% of their seasons? Yes there are more than just the Blazers, and they are regarded as the best in the league, so there is a sense of what do we have to do to prove ourselves? Also a sore topic with Blazer fans is why LaMarcus was kept out of the All-Star game but that is another can of worms.

      As Far as the leadership goes, you are completely correct, there is no one to keep pushing the team to continue to do what works and gets them the lead. For example game one, despite poor (in my opinion) officiating we held a six point lead with less than five to go, and instead of continuing to attack, we settled for outside shots after slowing to a stagnant offense. To advance in the playoffs past four or five games someone, whether it be Broy, L-Train, or any other player, someone needs to lead this team on the court when it’s crunch time.

  71. Luke says:

    The frustration is understandable, but he has to realize what is best for him. Brandon Roy is my favoirte player, but he needs more time to let his knees recover, realize that playing this series will hurt more than help, and come back next year with the all-star play that he is capable of.

  72. MonK3y says:

    Wes Matthews can get the job done, the Trail Blazers will really need new blood at the PG and C positions soon. NBA contracts have to be re thought, I hate to say it but 69 million dollars and he’ll never average 20 ppg in the season, it’s complicated…

    • jasperwyld says:

      On the other hand Matthews did get baited into some easy fouls and bad turnovers that the more seasoned Roy hopefully would not have, and that could have made the difference. I thought Roy should have gotten more time in game two in the third when things were on an obvious downhill slide, personally.

  73. Eric Lam says:

    When healthy, Brandon Roy is the best player on the Portland Trailblazer. If I was Nick McMillian, I would either play him full minutes (or standard minutes) or not play him at all. He is holding his team hostage with Roy seeing limited playing time. This is pretty much the same situation with Yao Ming and the Rockets. He got limited playing time due to his foot injury, and as a result the rockets struggle.
    To be honest, I feel like the Trailblazers are a really young team with the exception of Miller and Camby. I would rest Roy for the remainder of the year and see what’s going to happen next year with the new CBA.

  74. dave says:

    If Portland doesnt want him they should problaby trade him to get rid of his contract.. Im from Chicago and i dont think the Bulls wouldnt mind having a Brandon Roy… They should play him in the amount of minutes they play Bogans, and he might be more effective…

    • Carl says:

      Give Bogan’s minutes to an injured Roy, this would be the same Brandon Roy with a max contract??? I’m from Chicago and that is just insane. While it’s sad, Roy is most likely done for his carerr. His knees are shot.

  75. Daniel says:

    How do expect him to get any better if he doesn’t get playing time? And he’s still a good shooter, too and if he gets good looks on the court he can make them

    • Kyp says:

      Good question. There are probably about 170 other players in the league asking the same question (that’s not to take away anything from Roy and his talent).

    • fan says:

      he lost the speed and quickness he used to have. he cant dribble the ball and make smart moves that he once could.(not to say he is dumber, but he has limited athleticism to help him carry out on task)

    • Tado Kareen says:

      I feel for B.Roy but he needs to focus more on his lingering injuries, he must heal first. If he force his way now, he might lose his career forever.

  76. Tenki says:

    I really feel sorry about Roy’s current situation, and Portland’s dilemma. Here is an All-Star caliber player willing to play for his team, wanting to show that he is worthy of the big bucks stated in his contract. Portland in return doesn’t want him to go to waste because of his injuries, thus preserving him for the long haul with Aldridge and an already injury-plagued Oden. However, Roy isn’t buying this idea because he might be feeling that the best time for him to play is now. I can’t fault him for having such feelings because of the uncertainty of the new CBA next season, which might affect their current roster. Miller isn’t getting any younger, Fernandez wanted out during the offseason, Oden isn’t that useful on the bench, Aldridge is having the best of times of his career, Crash is in the house, and Batum is emerging as a young prospective talent. In short order, the Blazers are at its most competitive state since the Wallace era.

    Personally, I think that Roy should be given a decent chance this series against Dallas. I may be worth the risk, a risk he’s willing to take despite the surgeries he has undergone in his career. Besides, I believe that Portland is a lower-seeded team that everybody in the West are having second thoughts of playing because when things are going for them, they can be as dangerous as anybody in the NBA, not to mention that Dallas is yet to prove that they can win a playoff series and they can repeat the success that they had in 2006.

    • Rip City Ripper says:

      I agree with you 100%.Givingroy minutes won’t hurt anyone, but leaving him on the bench does do good at all. He may have lost that first step, but he still attracts the defence every time he has the ball. All i got to say is watch out Dallas, the Fans at Rip City are fuel Roy to have an amazing game!

      • SpursFan says:

        Umm did’nt Roy have his best game (post knee surgery) of the season against Dallas,just saying..

    • MackDaddy says:

      No player gets time on the court just because he wants it. He needs to earn it. Roy’s still recovering from injury, and as much as he wants to play in the playoffs (who doesnt), if he’s going to be a liability that other teams can exploit, how is that good for Portland. Until he can prove himself to the coach at training, why should be take another persons spot when they’ve done just that. Making your complaints public will not help your cause. Suck it up Roy…. when you’re 100% you’ll be given 100%. Until then, you’ll contend for minutes just like everyone else on your team.

    • JB says:

      He needs to work his way back and that is done through practice and limited minutes. McMillian is an excellent caoch and will not hold him back when ready so he needs to trust his caoch and put the time in. As for this series, its the playoffs and like evevry one else, he has to stay ready and prove to the coaching staff that he is ready. Until then, I agree with his limited minutes

    • Brooklyn says:

      We’re talking about one of the best sg in the game when he’s healthy. If he’s not 100% then why is he playing at all? I give him cradit for getting himself into the rotations. But if he’s healthy enough to play, play him . And give him the minutes he deserves. If not, im a bulls fan, id be more than happy to have him! 🙂